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  1. The Right Kind

    Penn Torque TRQ40NLD2 Silver

    Looking for a silver Torque 40nld2
  2. The Right Kind

    PENN Torque or Fathom 25NLD2

    Looking for silver Torque 25NLD2 or Fathom 25NLD2
  3. The Right Kind

    Pompanette or Precision Marine Fiberglass Outrigger Poles

    My buddies boat has one broken fiberglass Pompanette rigger pole. Looking for a replacement or a full set. I think they're 15 or 16'
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    Tuna Jig?

    Vtech troll or flatfall
  5. The Right Kind

    Harbor Webcams

    Does your harbor have a webcam? Post it up! Our boat is down the channel by the mouth on the left, by the launch ramp,. Hang a right at the wharf to get out. The mountains are to the east.
  6. The Right Kind

    Bayrunner Baja ???

    My buddy passed away and his wife wants to sell his Bayrunner Baja. She asked me what she should ask for it but I have no clue and the details are not available because the boat is in Baja down by Rancho Leonero. She said it's a 20'er and a 50hp engine and has a livewell. These are the only...
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    White Honda

    Nice little Radon, it looks new.
  8. The Right Kind

    Mammoth Mountain Closed

    Just found out that Mammoth and all of the ICON mountains will be closed until further notice. They're expecting 6' of snow out of this storm...
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    Moonshine Humor

  10. The Right Kind

    Leader and Top Shot Storage Bags

    I have been using this bag that JB gave us for years and the zippers are about to go. It's been a good one, it fits all of my fluoro/mono materials, top shots, extra spectra, wire and crimps and various kite leaders. It has room for my Sato kit too. I've been looking but haven't found a good one...
  11. The Right Kind

    Robertson/Simrad AP3000X Control

    Cleaning out my storage I came across this autopilot control head...$75. plus shipping I'm not sure if it works but I've been told they can be repaired. SOLD
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    Limited Load on the RP

    A couple quotes from the current Jerry Brown trip reports on the RP; If your looking for limited load, this is the trip for you, at one point in the day there were only 4 fisherman at the rail, and two of those were on the kite. I don’t know if they are getting beat-up, or just enjoying their...
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    Penn 70VIS

    Can someone tell me how much 200# hollow braid will fit on a 70? The website says; BRAID CAPACITY YD/LB 2230/100 1855/130 630/200 This doesn't seem right.
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    3/4" Anchor Line

    Three strand 3/4" nylon anchor line, approximately 275' feet like new - $75
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    Alijos Rock from a Different View

    From the recent reports on the RP, a passenger took these with a drone.
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    SS Risers

    I need to replace the risers on two Cat diesels. Does anyone know someone in So Cal that can make these?
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    Mammoth Zip Line

    Longest Zip Line in the US
  18. The Right Kind

    "Something new and it's not a Nomad"

    I saw this posted on the RP reports from Taka's trip. Supposedly it out fished everything else on the troll. Got any idea what it is?
  19. The Right Kind

    "football style" handle for VISX

    I got a new 12visx and the photo of the reel showed a knob "football style" handle but it came with the long handle. Can I get the "football style" handle for this reel and will it fit on the 50visx arm? Thanks.
  20. The Right Kind

    JB Line One

    The weather and the bite continued to be excellent but many of the anglers in this group were enjoying a much deserved break from fishing and chose to spend their time playing cards and carousing in the lounge. Roy was pulling his hair out with only 4 anglers at the rail. Anyone want to take...
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    Japan Resumes Whaling Really?
  22. The Right Kind

    I've never seen Guadalupe like this...

    Pic from the RP website
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    RTIC 25% off Sale

    RTIC is having a 25% off sale on everything. Enter promo code FB25 at check out. Not affiliated, just passing along a good deal.
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    Portable Solder Kit

    I read the solder post a while back but i don't remember if anyone ever posted a video. This is a kit I put together a long time ago. I met a guy named Harvey on the Q105 back in the early 90's who was soldering a bunch of rings onto hooks. I sat and watched, helped him close the rings onto the...
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    16VISX Handle ?

    Has anyone changed the stock handle on the 16 to the larger 20-50 handle? If so where can they be purchased? Thanks
  26. The Right Kind

    Fly Home

    This is why I prefer the fly home option, been there, done that. Hello everyone; After we dropped off our passengers, we are headed home. The weather is not good, we have 18 to 22 knots of breeze, 10 to 12 foot seas. It’s not a walk in the park. We have 3 passengers riding the boat home...
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    Starboard Boat Doors

    I have two storage doors with Starboard frames and 1/2" gloss white acrylic plexiglass doors that come with slam latches. $75 each Starboard/Acrylic doors outside dimensions = 1 @ 13 x 23.75, 1 @ 14.5 x 23 I ordered these paid over $600 for two doors but couldn't use them (wrong size)...
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    Is it ok to post this here?

    apollochartersWords can’t explain the type of trip Chris Yamada and his group just had down here. Very seldom do you catch a super on a trip let alone 8 over 300!!!!! The biggest at 381!!!! Epic!! Captain Jay is the man!! 360,350,313,310,307,320,325,280,222,261,260...
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    And it begins...Drones!

    This has some very cool features, if your into it. I would think that all the electronics companies will be doing something like this in the future.
  30. The Right Kind

    2017 - 2120 Parker for sale

    How good are your fiberglass skills?
  31. The Right Kind

    75' Houseboat at Lake Powell $6500. SOLD

    Our kids are grown now and have other interest so after many years going to the lake, we're selling our share. This is a prime summer week in July for only $6500. If you rent a boat like this at Lake Powell it would cost more than double that for this week if you could find one available. (We...
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    Now we're talkin'

    Also announced at the show – a new model from California builder Mag Bay Yachts. Their 33 Center Console has been making waves all over North America, and she is soon to be joined by the Mag Bay 42 Express. This next step in the Mag Bay line will complement the center console, while opening up a...
  33. The Right Kind

    Engine Room Insulation?

    The insulation in my engine room is coming off and I need to replace it. What I have in there now is 1.25" thick but I'd like to use 2". I've look at WM but they only have 1". Can anyone suggest a place that might have 2", the typical foil faced material, 2#/square foot. Thanks
  34. The Right Kind

    Take Off From The Dock I thought it was going to be a dock to walk out to the peak.
  35. The Right Kind

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    I'm rigging up some Yummee's and I found this video on line. I'm pretty sure this is how Justin on the Excel rigs them. I was wondering if anyone has any rigging variations that may work better for the bluefin in SoCal?
  36. The Right Kind

    Excel Bluefin

    We left early this morning on our Pelagic two day trip so we could be on the tuna grounds by lunch. I can honestly say that the bluefin population is extremely healthy in this area. Derek was lucky enough to take this 195.8 pounder on 60 pound test with an Okuma Andros 12lla and a custom seeker...
  37. The Right Kind

    Hillbilly Farmer

    An old hillbilly farmer had a wife who nagged him unmercifully. From morning till night (and sometimes later), she was always complaining about something. The only time he got any relief was when he was out ploughing with his old mule. He tried to plough a lot. One day, when he was out plowing...
  38. The Right Kind

    Mammoth Photo Test

  39. The Right Kind

    Wahoo Limits

    The RP reports they had wide open wahoo fishing a day before they got to their fishing destination. We had limit style Wahoo fishing for our passenger today. Most of the Wahoo were in the 25 to 40 pound range, with the Dorado going 18 to 25 pounds. We ended up with limits of Wahoo (85 Skin)...
  40. The Right Kind

    Friends Helping Friends

  41. The Right Kind

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    For our anniversary my wife booked a trip to a resort on the Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica. There's a marina near by that offers sport fishing but I don't know anything about the area. Does anyone have information about the fishing or other things to do??? Who to book with? Thanks
  42. The Right Kind

    Bluefin Tuna Spearfishing Bonanza 2016

    I came across this video and thought you guys might like it. It's long but you can see that when the fish go down they're still there under the bait just waiting for the humans and boats to leave so they can get back to eating. Pretty cool!
  43. The Right Kind

    Mako Bit Bluefin???

    My friend sent me this photo but didn't know the details. Anyone know the story? This fish looks huge!
  44. The Right Kind

    Wedge Jet Ski

    Where the hell was this guy going?
  45. The Right Kind

    Inventor of the back-up-sensor

    I bet you think it was Ford, maybe GM, how about Chrysler?no, then how about Mercedes Benz??? No!! it was a Chinese farmer!! Most of the newest cars have a Back-Up Sensor that warns the driver before the rear bumper actually comes in contact with something. Most people probably think that...
  46. The Right Kind

    PSL Hoist...Bluefin Tuna

    This video of a large BFT swimming through the PSL hoist area was taken last week. He ran into the break wall and was kicking up sand as he swam away. Kinda makes you think that there may be more close to the beach.???
  47. The Right Kind

    New Tackle Storage - Boat Outfitters

    After seeing some of the outstanding cabinets Boat Outfitters have done for some of you, I decided to update the one on my boat. I went on their web site and nothing quite fit the space I have, so I took some measurements and sent them to Matt at Teak Isle. He was quick to get back to me and...
  48. The Right Kind

    HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

    I ran into a friend at the show that has made the switch to HI-SEAS fluoro as the other brand we have been using was having trouble getting heavier line. The boat we both ride has made the switch too. It seems to have the same diameter. I plan on trying it on my next trip, 130# Quatro . I talked...
  49. The Right Kind

    Expired Flares ?

    I came across this electronic flare in a magazine. It sure looks like a great alternative to the pyrotechnic marine flares we've all used for years and have to replace every 3 or so years.
  50. The Right Kind

    Afunday Spencer 74 underwater in Puerto Rico

    What a shame! I saw this on another site and thought I'd share it here.
  51. The Right Kind

    The Game Has Changed!
  52. The Right Kind

    Godzilla El Nino

  53. The Right Kind

    CA Fishing Licence 12 Months from date of purchase

    I read that a new bill is being introduced to make a fishing licence valid for 12 months from date of purchase just like Mexico. Also the age to get a licence will be 18 instead of 16 and other things...
  54. The Right Kind

    Extra Large Center Consoles

    I've been seeing a trend for these east coast center consoles getting bigger every year. 57' Blackwell (not really a center console) Single 1800hp Man diesel Click on this photo for more... 53' Hydra Sport - 2200hp
  55. The Right Kind

    American Angler

    Did anyone notice that the AA got 2 fish over 300#'s in the same day? Looks like the fishing is getting better down there from all the reports. 2/1/15 Posted on February 1, 2015 by AA Bridge We finally got our break today as we got to stay in one place and pick away all day. It started out...
  56. The Right Kind

    Best of Web 4 - HD

    243 videos + 337 sound effects + 126 work hours
  57. The Right Kind

    SB Sandspit

    Another one, 6 or 7 guys take off on the same wave down the line and no one makes it...
  58. The Right Kind

    Offshore 43 Spot 7/26/14

    We fished the 43 spot on my buddy's dad's boat yesterday, a 33' Bertram. He has a dock in front of his house in Huntington Harbor, pretty nice to just drive up in the driveway, load your gear in the boat and go. We left the dock at 9pm and after getting three nice scoops of sardine from Nacho's...
  59. The Right Kind

    Mag Bay Yachts

    What's the story? I see your up to something Barrett, twin outboard center console or a twin diesel express?
  60. The Right Kind

    Free Gaffed Opha

    What happened to the photos Wahoodad posted? Is there a reason its now gone ?
  61. The Right Kind

    Sometimes It's just hard to

    ...go to work. St Patrick's Day swell On my way to the job site I had to watch this... I got to the site, set the crew up and by the time I got back to the beach it was blown out.
  62. The Right Kind

    Squider Jr.

    I was looking through my old reels and came across a Squider Jr. I remember catching a lot of albacore, halibut and salmon on this reel. Super easy to service so this reel was always well maintained. When Newell stated making reels the Squider took a back seat but I always took it as a back up...
  63. The Right Kind

    A Retirement Story

    One day a man decided to retire... He booked himself on a Caribbean cruise and proceeded to have the time of his life, that is, until the ship sank. He soon found himself on an island with no other people, no supplies, nothing, only bananas and coconuts. After about four months, he is lying...
  64. The Right Kind

    Boat Launch Follies

    Have you guys seen this one?
  65. The Right Kind

    Fishing in a MLPA

    With the federal government shut down they decided that NOAA and the National Marine Sanctuary are non essential programs. It might be a good time to see what's biting in your favorite closure. :)
  66. The Right Kind

    Texas oil rig + lighting = revel

    I just saw this shot and thought it looked pretty cool!
  67. The Right Kind

    Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official Teaser

    Which do you like best? #1 or #2 #1-Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official Teaser - #Who Am I Just GuessRoxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official Teaser - #WhoAmIJustGuess - YouTube #2-Pro France 2013 Unofficial teaser - #Who Am I Just Smell Pro France 2013 Unofficial teaser - #WhoAmIJustSmell - YouTube
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    Black Angus Bull

    I recently spent $6,500 on a young registered Black Angus bull. I put him out with the herd but he just ate grass and wouldn't even look at a cow. I was beginning to think I had paid more for that bull than he was worth. Anyhow, I had the Vet come and have a look at him. He said the bull was...
  69. The Right Kind

    Some Fun Little Waves......

    Tasmania South // Surfing Videos on MPORA
  70. The Right Kind


    I saw this post on the Duramax forum and thought it looked pretty cool. MasterCraft-Duramax Mastercraft + Duramax (Project started) - Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum
  71. The Right Kind

    My Battery Blew Up

    I went down to the harbor to run the engines and check things out. Port engine starts no problem, turn on starboard engine, hit the start button and BANG. Shut everything down quick. I opened the hatch and a plume of toxic fumes comes out. WTF! These batteries are sealed and have no way to add...
  72. The Right Kind

    "86 Correct Craft Fish Natique w/tralier $850.

    The Washington guys should be all over this one. Boats: 1986 Correct Craft Fish Natique with Trailer - Spokane, Washington
  73. The Right Kind

    End of the road

    I think this was this week???
  74. The Right Kind

    If you like boats...

    Here's a link to Oracle Team USA for your reference: ORACLE TEAM USA - Fun on Foils - YouTube
  75. The Right Kind

    Who needs fins?
  76. The Right Kind

    WTB-Super Seeker 6463XXXH

    I'm looking for a Super Seeker 6463xxxh. Prefer a custom rod wrapped full length and ringed guides. What do you got?
  77. The Right Kind

    An Idaho GENTLEMAN (Who's who?)

    An Idaho gentleman walks into the bedroom with a sheep on a leash and says... "Honey, this is the cow I make love to when you have a headache." The wife, lying in the bed reading a book, looks up and says, "If you weren't such an idiot, you'd know that's a sheep, not a cow." The guy...
  78. The Right Kind

    Re-wrap a Seeker

    I have a 6463xxxxh with roller guides. I'd like to remove them and re-wrap with ring guides. Can someone tell me the size and amounts I need of each guide for this rod? Also, I want to wrap a 6463xxxh, do I use the same size and amount of guides for this blank? Thanks
  79. The Right Kind

    Shark attack

    Great whites attack seal off Santa Cruz Island By PETER HOWORTH NEWS-PRESS CORRESPONDENT Last Sunday at noon, Andy Perry, deckhand on the commercial lobster boat Fifty One Fifty, saw a 12-foot great white shark attack and kill a 200-pound seal off Fraser Point, at the west end of Santa...
  80. The Right Kind

    WIFI on board LR boats

    Who's next? "Royal Polaris to offer WIFI to our passengers beginning June 15, 2013!! details coming soon."
  81. The Right Kind

    Dear Dr. Phil

    Dear Dr. Phil, When I retired, I could hardly wait to spend time enjoying my favorite pastime – fishing. I bought my own little fishing boat and tried to get my wife to join me, but she just never liked fishing. Finally, one day down at the Bait & Tackle Shop, I got to talking to Sam...
  82. The Right Kind

    Off Shore Bait Tank 110 Gallon

    Off Shore 110 gallon bait tank. Used but in good condition. Asking $750.
  83. The Right Kind

    Storm Bay, Tasmania

    I don't know, what do you guys think? I don't think this wave is surfable no matter how hard these guys are trying! The best the Southern Ocean can produce
  84. The Right Kind

    New definition of THICK & HEAVY

    SICK!!! Biggest Teahupoo Ever
  85. The Right Kind

    The Prefect Holiday

    Someone has to much time on their hands! The Perfect Holiday
  86. The Right Kind

    Disaster at Spot X

    My buddy was out at the Islands in Dec and caught some pictures of a boat getting swamped by a big set at low tide. The National Parks Service made them tow it off the beach and I think they got it done pretty quick but it was a total loss. Within a couple weeks he had a new/used boat. I heard...
  87. The Right Kind

    455lb Yellowfin!!!!!!!!

    Did you guys see this? We need more details!
  88. The Right Kind

    Shimano Tranx

    I heard about this reel on LTH this morning. He said it would make a great wahoo reel. What do you think? Available in two different gear ratios. 4.6-1 = 30''/crank 6.6-1 = 43''/crank 8 ball bearings not affiliated...
  89. The Right Kind

    Shipsterns.... HUGE!

    These guys are phsyco.... I can't believe they actually try and ride this stuff.
  90. The Right Kind

    Seven Ghosts Indo Tidal Bore Discovery

    Have you guys seen this one?
  91. The Right Kind

    Best Accurate for Wahoo?

    It's time for a new wahoo reel. I've been using a Newell 533 and Shimano TN 40 for casting jigs for years. I got a gift certificate from my local tackle shop for Christmas and thought I'd use it towards a new reel. Which Accurate is a proven wahoo killer?
  92. The Right Kind

    Helmet Cam?

    I saw a couple of pictures with the guys on the Intrepid wearing a helmet cam. David and David. Looking forward to the footage. Youtube?
  93. The Right Kind

    Spooling a new reel w/spectra

    I bought a new Shimano Curado 200 for freshwater, casting lures. Can you recommend using spectra with a top shot or straight mono or ??? How would you guys spool up this reel? Thanks
  94. The Right Kind

    Wide Angle Transducer

    My transducer took a dump and I need to replace it. This is the third one I've replaced since I've owned this boat, it's the 525st. I'm looking at the new 1kW wide angle 25* cone but they're a lot more money than a basic 1kW ducer, like $5-600 more. They're SS not bronze so that's part of the...
  95. The Right Kind

    Rodman 28 WA

    Does anybody know anything about these boats? It looks like a good one. National Liquidators - 2004 Rodman 28 WA, 28 ft. - National Liquidators
  96. The Right Kind

    SIC Guides

    I just had a rod wrapped with SIC guides and my rod builder suggested I don't use crimps for my connection. He said a crimp might damage/crack the guide. It's a 100# rail rod. What do you guy think about this? Am I OK to use Sato crimps with these guides?
  97. The Right Kind

    Offshore Fishing Mexican Waters out of SD

    We were fishing offshore down in Mexican waters this summer out of SD, three days of fishing. I didn't know if we should fillet our fish and ice 'em down like we normally do or keep 'em whole until we got back into US waters and then fillet. I know it's illegal to fillet in Mexican waters, but...
  98. The Right Kind

    Bluefin Killin' Machine

    I saw this boat is now for sale. You might remember the story behind this boat. "Boat has some damge from hitting a tuna pen." National Liquidators - 1987 Viking, Convertible
  99. The Right Kind

    Seeker Charters

    I'm on a trip sponsored by Seeker, do they provide loaner rods like Accurate provides reels?
  100. The Right Kind

    Guest Slip in SD?

    After seeing all of the great reports coming from the south I've go to get my boat down there and get a few before it's over. I'd like to leave the boat down there for a couple of weeks so I need to find a 35' guest slip. Can you recommend a marina in SD? Thanks in advance
  101. The Right Kind

    New Top

    I'm kind of new here, that is I don't post much but I thought I would share my winter project with you. It might help someone that has this type of top. I bought this boat in New Jersey 4 years ago and it needed a new top then. Pipewelders in Florida made the original tower and top. I got my...
  102. The Right Kind

    Archer Products at the FH Show?

    Fred, will there be anyone selling or showing your products at the Fred Hall Show?
  103. The Right Kind

    Dead Great White

    Dead Great White A dead Great White washed up on a secluded beach with some net around it's tail. Can I cut the head off and take it home for the jaws or is this against the law?