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  1. The Right Kind

    Rod for Penn Fathom 40NLD

    Calstar 775H or XH UC 8' Predator or Raptor
  2. The Right Kind

    Are these jig for sale?

    Are these jig for sale?
  3. The Right Kind


    Get one of these with a treble if it's windy...
  4. The Right Kind

    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    18 oz sinker?
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    Amp draw depends on head pressure I believe. Instructions say max 9 amp, 10 amp fuse.

    Amp draw depends on head pressure I believe. Instructions say max 9 amp, 10 amp fuse.
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    Maybe someone with a big tank will chime in here. My neighbor has a 12v backup pump but his tank...

    Maybe someone with a big tank will chime in here. My neighbor has a 12v backup pump but his tank isn't that big. You could call Randy at BlueWater Bait Systems (714) 435-1299
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    Bait pump help

    Do you run your generator as soon as you disconnect the shore power? If so you might want to look at a 120v jacuzzi pump. You could put a reduced fitting on the output side of your strainer.
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    Bait pump help

    x3 on Cyclone. You have a huge tank for a 23' boat. Is it a PE or Bluewater? If so the inlet to the tank is likely 3/4 or 1" with an 1 1/2" outlet. So, there must be a reducer inline with your current system and I wonder if you have an 1 1/2" seacock?
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    Charter recommendation in Punta Mita (or PV)
  10. The Right Kind

    Daiwa SK jig reccomendations

    The crew on our trip made an announcement before we left the dock, "It's going to be windy, if you don't have a 300-350gr jig, go up to the landing and buy one." About 6-7 guys went up into Fisherman's and came back with hand fulls. SK 300gm Katy Perry, Colt snipper 100-120gr, SK 250gr Get some...
  11. The Right Kind

    Stash of Daiwa Saltiga SK Jigs Found Online

    I’m curious to see how this works out. I ordered a tackle bag from them last year because it was half the cost from anywhere else even with shipping. Shipped from Spain it took over a month to receive it.
  12. The Right Kind

    Material recommendation for dash needed?

    Regular Starboard is pretty soft, the place mentioned above uses ABS plastic. This material might be better than Starboard and they cut to size.
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    Quick 3 day report

    Thanks Scott, leaving on a 3 day Thursday. I’ll leave the light gear at home and bring the heavy sinkers. Dammed winds is supposed to pick up.
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    Anchor me this

    If you have a windlass it will go from the chain to the anchor. If no windlass it’s better between the chain and rope.
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    Daiwa SK jig

    What' the difference between the SK and the FK?
  16. The Right Kind

    Downvoters exposed

    You can upvote/downvote your own post if you want to.
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    Installing bait tank on deck

    Mount some fiberglass angle to the deck under the tank and screw through the tank wall into the angle.
  18. The Right Kind

    or an additive

    or an additive
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    Did Ryan say where the sludge came from or what it is? Did he recommend an additive?
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    U.C. Rods / Bubba January 16 day

    I fished with Bubba years ago on the Shogun when he worked at Seeker (2006 ?), I believe he invented the 2x4.
  21. The Right Kind

    Tooth Proof

    Owner ST-66 3/0 or 4/0
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    Do you drain the sludge at the bottom of the bowl when you change the filter? That's the water and shit the filter won't hold.
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    Trolling planers for bluefin?

    I have used planners but mostly to make bait, mackerel, bonito, skipjack, just attach the appropriate Lucky Joe, 2-6 hooks and hand line them in. We attach the planner to the boat cleat, I didn't know about attaching it to the main line of the rod and reel. Here's a pretty good video explaining...
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    no message

    no message
  25. The Right Kind

    Another flat fall rigging thread

    My friend Mike just brought one of these (and others) over to weld a treble on the bottom.
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    Waxes & compounds what are you using?

    The best write up I've read.
  27. The Right Kind

    Stereo head unit recommendation?

    Something like this could work or there's a cup holder.
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    Grant’s Ultimate Fishing Challenge

    Regurgitated Puffer = 400# Tuna, go figure
  29. The Right Kind

    Line Saver on Heavy Leaders

    I gotta ask, are you ok with your crimping job?
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    Grant’s Ultimate Fishing Challenge

    Right where they left off...limits of Wahoo =AZUaxzmBZltHjjTTtbgbb9b40kaGdirBrrW0767alYsG_v7c7gRxZVOM4i_XmE5oz-NCe_CTAZTF7TGFhFHsKKp4pQMEJILpvBwuPGJwGcVaOA4HHmQFP9Numg2ysZuRfjMsiIdmL8GE3t0v1_IydJGG4miEjNFfJ6dzdF1tMZ_-tw&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']Royal Polaris Sportfishing Hello everyone; We arrived in...
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    "Quick stop" for mackerel

    They left Sunday morning, Alijos Rocks would be my guess.
  32. The Right Kind

    Grant’s Ultimate Fishing Challenge

    Limits of Wahoo for 22 passengers on the previous trip. Go get 'em!
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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    I see it on top of each forum now, you used to be able to mark all forums read, one click.
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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    How do we mark a forum or all forums "Read" ?
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    Not SD Long Range not even close!

    A few weeks ago I sold an 80S to a guy that has a boat on Long Island NY, I hope he's getting some.
  36. The Right Kind

    Crimp for 200# Flouro

    I use Jinkai sleeves - G for 200#
  37. The Right Kind

    Bring back mrkrabs

    Bring back mrkrabs
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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    IMO not so bad, just a little difficult to navigate through the changes in locations of our favorites but it all good. What I really don't like is the box format of the classified ads. It would be better if it was like before, lineal without the pictures and be able to reply, like all of the...
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    Tinting pilot house windows

    Hey zack, check this out..
  40. The Right Kind

    Zeus Pods

    Have you read this?
  41. The Right Kind

    How long will this weather last?

    March is kite flying season, pick your days carefully
  42. The Right Kind

    Air conditioning tripping shore power breaker (2002 pursuit 3800)

    We have a motor home with two ac units. Everything except ac works on 15amp, one ac works on 30amps, to run both ac’s it needs 50amps or the generator.
  43. The Right Kind

    Penn Torque TRQ40NLD2 Silver

    Looking for a silver Torque 40nld2
  44. The Right Kind

    Bronze Thru Hulls w/ Built in Scupper

    You probably have to order the Perko bronze ones through your favorite marine chandlery
  45. The Right Kind

    PENN Torque or Fathom 25NLD2

    Thanks repo but I got this
  46. The Right Kind

    You ever felt like calling the cops?

    Hey, I posted this in the Nonsense Anything Boards How did it wind up in the Politics Board
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    7’10” H/XH blank needed

    Fishing 40# ? Some 7'6" blanks come at a full length of 7'8"- 7'10" trim as needed. We use a 2# ball for "bouncing ball" for halibut and sometimes pick up a white seabass.
  48. The Right Kind

    PENN Torque or Fathom 25NLD2

    Looking for silver Torque 25NLD2 or Fathom 25NLD2
  49. The Right Kind

    Good starter boat
  50. The Right Kind

    What would you do? Bait tank stuff

    Is this the 68 gl tank?
  51. The Right Kind

    What would you do? Bait tank stuff

    Is there any way to sink the larger tank into the deck to flush it out with the gunnels? Flush obviously looks best but bait capacity is important too. On another note, the last several years it's been all about the big BF and big loads of bait aren't necessary. Maybe find a way to add a second...
  52. The Right Kind

    How do I clean my fuel tank?

    I use one of these to clean out the black water tank on our MH Valterra A01-0184VP Master Blaster Tank Wand with Power Nozzle Actually I made my own out of PVC. Hot water and Dawn detergent should work. Drain it and dry by stuffing a towel in there, get it out with a coat hanger then leave...
  53. The Right Kind

    Next project wanted. What do you got??

    I like the looks of this hull but everything else has to go.
  54. The Right Kind

    Gyro holders

    Lots of options
  55. The Right Kind

    Gyro holders

    permanent or temporary?
  56. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Ted Cruz continues to be a trailblazer as he becomes the first Hispanic person to flee FROM Texas TO Mexico because of ICE.
  57. The Right Kind

    Bilge Vents Holes facing up
  58. The Right Kind

    GRAFTECH / AVET 16 DAY ON INDY 4/13/21

    What's the Covid testing protocol for the Indy before boarding on this trip?
  59. The Right Kind

    VISX 50 Silver New in BOX

    Your right the 50 doesn't comes with plugs, I took the plugs that fit the 20 & 30, realigned the holes and they work fine. The 70 I ground down the lug.
  60. The Right Kind

    Rust on trim tabs

    I've never used these but they look like they should work
  61. The Right Kind

    2X4 or 76 Viper

    X 3 7'6" Invictus The Viper for a 20 or 30 size reel I use a 2x4 for a 100# stick
  62. The Right Kind

    Removing bottom paint advice

    If the bottom was done properly, first step - sand the gelcoat, apply a barrier coat, prime coat and two coats of bottom paint.
  63. The Right Kind

    Rust on trim tabs

    You need to have the bottom cleaned once a month to keep the growth to a minimum. Everything underwater should be painted including the actuators and SS tabs.
  64. The Right Kind

    Impeachment, Impeachment its like a broken record

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Only days after delivering Trump's articles of impeachment to the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced they are already working on a brand-new impeachment for rising right-wing menace and future GOP presidential candidate Candace Owens. "This woman is dangerous...
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    Tower anchor light?

    Not my boat but I thought the light and antenna mounts might work for you. My all around light is mounted on the bottom of the control box.
  66. The Right Kind

    Tower Re-Install

    We got our boat in New Jersey, removed the tower, removed all the wires and cables and tower rigging, had it trucked across the country. Lots of road dirt, diesel soot, rain storms, what a mess. It cost more to take it apart and put it back together again than the difference of on road vs...
  67. The Right Kind

    Pompanette or Precision Marine Fiberglass Outrigger Poles

    My buddies boat has one broken fiberglass Pompanette rigger pole. Looking for a replacement or a full set. I think they're 15 or 16'
  68. The Right Kind

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I looks like it worked!
  69. The Right Kind

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    True. I use 3/8 BBB because that is what fits my windless. If you have a drum puller you could use any size you like, 1/2" even.
  70. The Right Kind

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    You may want to add a swivel in there, either between the line and chain or chain and anchor.
  71. The Right Kind

    28 Uniflite Salty Dog

    My father-in-law had a Salty Dog in the late 70’s-82. Cool boats, it’s still in the same slip he bought it from and going strong.
  72. The Right Kind

    Anyone have photos of live or freshly dead flyers?
  73. The Right Kind

    Gantry crane

    Does that include the chainfalls? :-)
  74. The Right Kind

    Diesel Paddy Stop

    I guess in my case it depends on the stop. If you pick up a couple fish and it drys up, leave 'em running. If it turns into a full on foamer, I shut 'em down. I've been on drifts that last for hours. Diesel carbon build up is not good.
  75. The Right Kind

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    I always swing on one anchor. Fry's Harbor is kind of a small anchorage, were there other boats in there with a stern anchor out? That would be a good reason to put out a stern anchor. Another would be if your anchoring close to the rocks or some reason you don't want to swing with the current...
  76. The Right Kind

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    Funny, I go to low gear as soon as needed and only use hi when I can't keep up by turning the handle fast. :-)
  77. The Right Kind

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Don't you think it's weird that a defence attorney from Winchester joins a fishing website to argue politics? First and only posts are on this thread. I've never heard of Winchester so I googled it. This is the first image of the town to come up.
  78. The Right Kind

    Deleting 2016 Duramax stuff

    Is this what your talking about? If so it's an easy fix.
  79. The Right Kind

    Price of Admission

    Roca Partida would be cool to see again.
  80. The Right Kind

    Always use a new rub rail

    Just put it in gear, that transom will go right back into place. Add more rub rail and your good to go.
  81. The Right Kind

    Drum Style Winch/Windlass

  82. The Right Kind

    Drum Style Winch/Windlass

    Is that spectra anchor rope?
  83. The Right Kind

    Tuna Jig?

    Vtech troll or flatfall
  84. The Right Kind

    Election Fraud - non-political

    "We must spend our time working on important things, like impeaching all these presidents who aren't in office anymore," said Nancy Pelosi...
  85. The Right Kind

    Harbor Webcams

    Does your harbor have a webcam? Post it up! Our boat is down the channel by the mouth on the left, by the launch ramp,. Hang a right at the wharf to get out. The mountains are to the east.
  86. The Right Kind

    Softening the sting.

    I was told they were doing 50kts
  87. The Right Kind

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Louis Vuitton, the Original Box-Maker
  88. The Right Kind

    Five Star Fish Processing temporary closure

    Copy and paste - same as Soda said =AZWHfeDVQGze3fXVcsXyLgXUbj278gQ8WR7oJmH-4GFpXIzoFKmRxqf8Jerz0S18BoWjmMGPl8VkSmza6B5-PC8qSk0lQi58yKz_RzPbLM8wlYNNwtr19Lt_DBUAIIXuz6_LU2bmoTS_BODmvwkVloZy&__tn__=kC%2CP-R']Five Star Fish Processing is in...
  89. The Right Kind

    Election Fraud - non-political

  90. The Right Kind

    Royal Polaris Location

    chopa chucks We've made puffer and small trigger fish that were great baits If there’s bait there, Roy will find it!
  91. The Right Kind

    Royal Polaris Location

    Lucky angler was Wayne Tanimine, caught on the kite. Wayne has had a great trip so far, he’s caught a Bluefin over 200 pounds, a Yellowfin over 200 pounds, and his personal best Yellowfin, over 300 pounds. But Wayne is not the only lucky person on this trip. Lloyd Henry, has a Bluefin over...
  92. The Right Kind

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Trump supporter or Antifa? Or just an opportunist?
  93. The Right Kind

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Protesters inside the Capitol. This is going to get interesting !
  94. The Right Kind

    parker 23 tower

    That looks awesome. One of the best looking rocket launchers I've seen in a long time.
  95. The Right Kind

    Boat Haul Out

    You might check with the boat yard your taking it to. I think Ventura boat yard and Tony Athens both have trailers.
  96. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I bought a small Cabin by the lake with my $600.00 stimulus check
  97. The Right Kind

    Guadalupe fishing 2021

    I think he may have been talking about having to check in and out through Ensenada = Lost fishing time but I could be wrong.
  98. The Right Kind

    Tying Double Uni Knot for braid to leader knot

    This is a good video for braid to mono/fluoro connections
  99. The Right Kind

    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    Cetane Does off-road diesel have sulfur in it? Yes! But in today’s ultra-low sulfur market, most off-road diesel is below 15 parts per million. If your equipment requires ultra-low...
  100. The Right Kind

    Softening the sting.

    Did you cancel or was the trip cancelled?
  101. The Right Kind

    LR boat Cruising speed

    13' @ 10 seconds o_O 23kts of wind - yipee ki yay cowboy It looks like you might get it on the way home too. I'll take the fly home option
  102. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That's it, I'm done. I'm changing parties!
  103. The Right Kind

    Which fuel sending unit to buy?
  104. The Right Kind

    Bayrunner Baja ???

    My buddy passed away and his wife wants to sell his Bayrunner Baja. She asked me what she should ask for it but I have no clue and the details are not available because the boat is in Baja down by Rancho Leonero. She said it's a 20'er and a 50hp engine and has a livewell. These are the only...
  105. The Right Kind

    Really tough dirt stain on nonskid deck

    X2 on the Soft Scrub w/Bleach The white bristle in your pic is pretty soft. Try the blue one.
  106. The Right Kind

    Surfing News

    Check this out...35' electric wakesurf boat Looks totally legit! :)
  107. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Bloomberg gives $18 million to DNC in lieu of starting his own group to beat Trump
  108. The Right Kind

    gelcoat spray gun

    What gun did you get? I have several but mainly for fine finishes and primers. I've used them all for gel coat over time but never got a finish that didn't need some polishing. I'm using a SATAminijet now, great gun. Just order whatever tip orifice and needle for the product your spraying.
  109. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    There were 29 major Democratic presidential candidates in the election. This was largest field of presidential candidates for any American political party since 1972. Joe Biden is the best they could come up with? Pretty sad! Tulsi Gabbard could at least talk in connective sentences and is nice...
  110. The Right Kind

    Ranch Squid Beds

    Pt. Conception lighthouse 8/16/20
  111. The Right Kind

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    If you use a high heat oxy/propane torch black flux is best but using a low heat butane torch white flux works fine, imo. Description: All-purpose Black Brazing Flux An all-purpose, high-temperature flux for use in silver brazing. Formulated for applications where the work is subjected to...
  112. The Right Kind

    Which rod for a 50visx?

    How much 200# spectra will you get on a 50? I'd fill it with 130 and fish it on an 76 Invictus
  113. The Right Kind

    White Honda

    Nice little Radon, it looks new.
  114. The Right Kind

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures (1) From 2001 to 2017, a quantity of natural areas equal to the size of a football field disappeared to development every 30 seconds in the United States, constituting more than 1,500,000 acres per year. Proof...
  115. The Right Kind

    Strataglass/Eisenglass recommendation

    Anchor Marine Canvas in Long Beach
  116. The Right Kind

    Window caulking question

    Black silicone. Clean the gap around the glass, mask both surfaces (glass and fiberglass), fill the gap with black silicone, squeegee with a soft flex putty knife or plastic squeegee removing excess sealant. Remove the tape before the sealant takes a set. It takes some practice to get the timing...
  117. The Right Kind

    20VISX handle fit on a 16 VISX ?

    I got a couple from John too, also a 50 and 70. Good people to deal with.
  118. The Right Kind

    20VISX handle fit on a 16 VISX ?

    1379677 024 050VIS The clamp I believe is cast Stainless Steel, very strong, works fine.
  119. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Messy, Sorry but your shit just isn't that funny! Keep trying though you might figure it out, but in the meantime we've got this button I'll use until you do. Ignore
  120. The Right Kind

    Bottom paint swim step brackets ?

    Mine are SS no paint just zincs. They’re easy to clean without paint.
  121. The Right Kind

    Offshore Ventura and Channel Island boat ramps ?

    The ramp at SB is chained up but the Boat Launch Hotdogs/Market caught fire this morning.
  122. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Are you sure he wasn't just reading one of "CHUNKSTER'S" posts?
  123. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Hookers and blow? how can I afford that, I own a boat. :)
  124. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I feel stimulated! We received our Trump money this morning.
  125. The Right Kind

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    Transducer Spacer...I don't get it? The whole purpose of a low profile ducer is to eliminate drag or cavitation. Please explain.
  126. The Right Kind

    Test for Covid-19 before you board

    Don’t feed the trolls!
  127. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    405 in LA at rush hour
  128. The Right Kind

    Trailer Tie Downs - Looking to upgrade

    I had these Boat Buckles on a trailer, worked great.
  129. The Right Kind

    Mammoth Mountain Closed

    No pond skimming with 40". Maybe in August. My buddies wife (excellent skier) wants to get some skins for her ski's and do some hiking. I hope she doesn't.
  130. The Right Kind

    Offshore Ventura and Channel Island boat ramps ?

    SB ramp is closed too, chains across the ramps. Plenty of slipped sail boats went out yesterday. They haven't closed the open ocean, yet!
  131. The Right Kind

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Today the ramp is officially closed. There a few boats out today hopefully they’ll be able to get their boats out.
  132. The Right Kind

    New electronics on 2520

    How's the boat treating you Dave? Have you rebuilt the engine, how many hours on it now?
  133. The Right Kind

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Are My Testicals Black? A man is in the hospital suspected of having the Coronavirus, he's in bed wearing a mask and gown. A nurse comes in to give him a sponge bath. The man asks, "are my testicals black?" She says sir I'm here to wash your upper body and feet. He says it again louder "are my...
  134. The Right Kind

    Getting the Boat and Gears ready

    Looks good! My buddy has the Tanacom 750 battery packs. They're pretty nice, attached to the reel, no cords and one can last the whole day maybe two. I need a new spot light, is that a wired remote or ?
  135. The Right Kind

    Long Range shutdown?

    Sorry for your confusion, we were talking about you.
  136. The Right Kind

    Support long range fishing now

    Our cancelled trip, was scheduled to leave Friday. I’m rolling my deposit to next year as most are. Some of the guys have suggested to give some of our deposit to the crew. Hard time for everyone.
  137. The Right Kind

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    Netflix Ozark is a good series The Irishman if you haven't seen it
  138. The Right Kind

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish
  139. The Right Kind

    Long Range shutdown?

    I was thinking the same thing! He'll be lucky to make it 10 year the way he's going.
  140. The Right Kind

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    20 -30 pound fish and lots of sharks, ouch... As far as Yellowfin, it was a tough day, and the bite was very slow. The Yellowfin we did get were all school size fish (20 to 30 pounds). The sharks beat us up pretty good this trip, so we are going to lick our wounds and north.
  141. The Right Kind

    Long Range shutdown?

    I’ve never used the IGNORANCE button so much. I wish all of this political bullshit could go back to Allcoast. Ali, Jason please make this site politics free again!
  142. The Right Kind

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    SB boat ramp is open in fact there’s no one at the kiosk to take your money. The parking is free through this pandemic. I haven’t seen the harbor patrol for days, the office is closed to the public. The CG boat is tied to the dock. I would think if you want to go out you could but the wind has...
  143. The Right Kind

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    I just received the notice... Dear Friends and Anglers, As was expected, I am sure by most of you, we are cancelling the April 3rd No-Kaki trip due to the Covid-19 virus. The following is a list of options for you: 1. If you wish us to do so, we can refund your money for this trip. 2...
  144. The Right Kind

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    We find out tomorrow if our 18 day trip in April is cancelled. Can't imagine he'll say it's a go, and that's ok by everyone I've talked to, plus the fishing down there has been off this year. A few stand out fish but mostly 20-30 pounds and lots of sharks.
  145. The Right Kind

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Bow pulpit and swim step might make these not the right fit but a good fit for the rest of your needs especially for the price.
  146. The Right Kind

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    G-Spot...When's your trip to Hawaii? Are you still going?
  147. The Right Kind

    Bent strut

    Bronze of SS? How badly bent? It will most likely need to be removed and have the shaft checked too. I've bent a few props over the years but never bent the strut or shaft. Did you drop the boat off the trailer?
  148. The Right Kind


    I have a boat, need I say more? Also prepping gear for an 18 day trip in April that likely won't leave the dock.
  149. The Right Kind

    Long Range shutdown?

  150. The Right Kind

    Long Range shutdown?

    Word is that the Coast Guard has no plan to impose any restrictions on the fleet at this time but I believe that could change any time. Flights returning from Cabo are a go at this time, so my ride down, fly home is a go as of today. 👍 I've got my tackle packed and ready to go!
  151. The Right Kind

    Long Range shutdown?

    The coast guard is meeting with the industry this afternoon. I can't imagine it will be business as usual. We'll know more tomorrow.
  152. The Right Kind

    Mammoth Mountain Closed

    Just found out that Mammoth and all of the ICON mountains will be closed until further notice. They're expecting 6' of snow out of this storm...
  153. The Right Kind

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    The JB trip left yesterday, let's see how they do. Generally there a quite a few seniors on this one. Apparently they are the only one's fishing for a few weeks.
  154. The Right Kind

    Marine speaker recommendation

    See if you can get your money back... IMHO JL audio and wet sounds are the only two real options if you want quality and power
  155. The Right Kind

    Moonshine Humor

  156. The Right Kind

    Marine speaker recommendation
  157. The Right Kind

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Hey Steve, I remember that long trip we did 30+ years ago on the Q105 where a guy got on board looking pretty pale. Went to his stateroom and no one saw him again until we got off the boat and everyone on board, passengers and crew, got sick before we got back to port. That sucked! I have an 18...
  158. The Right Kind

    Where to find port windows

    You might need to cut it out a little larger but this might work. If you remove yours it might have the manufacturer's name somewhere. Check out the Bomar portlights too.
  159. The Right Kind

    Custom bench seat
  160. The Right Kind

    Leader and Top Shot Storage Bags

    I have been using this bag that JB gave us for years and the zippers are about to go. It's been a good one, it fits all of my fluoro/mono materials, top shots, extra spectra, wire and crimps and various kite leaders. It has room for my Sato kit too. I've been looking but haven't found a good one...
  161. The Right Kind

    Cleat install without through bolt

    Does it look like this?
  162. The Right Kind

    How to Change Post from “For Sale” to “Sold”

    When I tried this the only option is create poll
  163. The Right Kind

    Video of Running into a Gale in the Straits of June De Fuca

    How well does the wiper work on the Strataglass? No scratching?
  164. The Right Kind

    1000 Hr. Service?
  165. The Right Kind

    Wrap or Paint which is it

    What is the proper care for a wrap to get the most longevity out of it? My neighbor had his hull painted a medium gray, it looks awesome like brand new, but the first day he took it out someone T-boned him and it was an expensive repair.
  166. The Right Kind

    Cow jig reel?

    50T and 30T with high speed gears and a Baker Topless frame has been working for me!
  167. The Right Kind

    Safety Class

    You may want to post this on a different forum, try these;
  168. The Right Kind

    latest post ,thread buttons

    New Post? At the very top of any page put your cursor over the FORUMS tab. HOME ARTICLES FORUMS RECIPES SHOP LOCAL KNOWLEDGE FISHDOPE I believe everything you need is there.
  169. The Right Kind

    Robertson/Simrad AP3000X Control

    Cleaning out my storage I came across this autopilot control head...$75. plus shipping I'm not sure if it works but I've been told they can be repaired. SOLD
  170. The Right Kind

    DIY Tuna Tail Mounts

    I like it with a bunch of them together, a school of giants.
  171. The Right Kind

    Good stabilizing binoculars

    How about great binos for half price?
  172. The Right Kind

    Limited Load on the RP

    A couple quotes from the current Jerry Brown trip reports on the RP; If your looking for limited load, this is the trip for you, at one point in the day there were only 4 fisherman at the rail, and two of those were on the kite. I don’t know if they are getting beat-up, or just enjoying their...
  173. The Right Kind

    Cant post up any pictures!

    It's working for me!
  174. The Right Kind

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    I would be surprised if a 48' boat doesn't have a generator. Most yachts start the genie before they untie from the dock and run until they plug back in to shore power. The 12v system is most likely the backup.
  175. The Right Kind

    Looking for a mobile mechanic for a 3208 320hp caterpillar

    Have you tried Quinn Caterpillar? I'm not a fan of the one and only Cat mechanic we have up in my area but I would think there would be a couple in Long Beach that aren't assholes.
  176. The Right Kind

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    At the top where the banner is that doesn't move, put your cursor over FORUMS and drop down to the bottom.
  177. The Right Kind

    Penn 70VIS

    John at Trophy Tackle loaded 1000 yards of hollow 150 with room for more. I'm sure he could have gotten 1000 yards of 200 with less room on top.
  178. The Right Kind

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    I’ve got a few of their coolers, good product. It’s better to order them through Amazon. I ordered a reel from the east coast the week before Christmas, took more than two week to get here. Busy shipping time and bad weather can slow things way down.
  179. The Right Kind

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Round 'em up and euthanize. Most of America doesn't see the sea lion as a nuisance because they don't live by the beach. I don't see wild horses as a nuisance because I live at the beach. Why would you want to kill wild horses, overpopulation? Can't see it from my house!
  180. The Right Kind

    BD Freezes

    Still freezes for me, on my laptop and Iphone
  181. The Right Kind

    Bait tank lid and more

    I like it! Are there drain holes in those bins? It seems they will fill with saltwater on sloppy days.
  182. The Right Kind

    Prototype rod rack

    It wouldn't work in my garage, I have 8' ceilings. It looks like you need 9'+ to take a 7' rod out of the rack.
  183. The Right Kind

    NEW NOMAD DTX220 Minnow

    What about this one, 4X and comes in an 11/0? Owner 4112-219 11/0
  184. The Right Kind

    NEW NOMAD DTX220 Minnow

    I havn't used these but they look like they would work. Owner 4102-199 Single Replacement Hook 3 X, Sz9/0 Zo-Wire Tin, 3-Pack
  185. The Right Kind

    Intrepid December 10th, 10 day cancelled

    We had some wonderful sunrises, and can’t forget about the sunsets. Weather has been beautiful, with just enough wind to fly the kite. The key ticket to getting a bite, 50 to 60 pound fluorocarbon short top shot.
  186. The Right Kind

    16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson Make him an offer!
  187. The Right Kind

    OC Tuna report - 6 day Island aboard the Royal Polaris

    Now I know why my rods aren't wrapped, my wrapper went FISHING! Looks like a great time!
  188. The Right Kind

    Penn 70VIS

    Can someone tell me how much 200# hollow braid will fit on a 70? The website says; BRAID CAPACITY YD/LB 2230/100 1855/130 630/200 This doesn't seem right.
  189. The Right Kind

    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?

    This is a killer deal...
  190. The Right Kind

    Black Friday heads up

    It says 200 on the Pelagic site, the new ones are 220. Still a good deal on the 200's
  191. The Right Kind

    Fuel flow meter?
  192. The Right Kind

    Air Dock installation

    Did you get a full frame kit? I looked into these when I had a trailer boat but never got any feedback from owners about them, I got a bag instead. There's one in my marina but never saw it while being filled.
  193. The Right Kind

    28' Carolina Classic 2002

    Straight shaft or Jack shaft? It hard to tell from the photos, bottom paint?
  194. The Right Kind

    New To Crimping

    Hey Darin, crimping is pretty easy, you'll have it down in no time. Most guys will use knots up to 130 and crimp 200 and above. I sometimes crimp 100 & 130 but mostly knots. So you really only need three sizes of crimp, G-200, I-130, J-100, some guys use 300# for leaders F. I don't use chafing...
  195. The Right Kind

    Bay of Island Kingfish Guide - Suggestions?
  196. The Right Kind


    That's the one Rich was using, it was gettin' 'em pretty good until he lost it, ouch. I like how the magnet under the lure holds the hook up in place.
  197. The Right Kind

    No harness Lugs let’s see what you do

    I've never thrown one overboard but I've seen a few go over in my years. The crew never used the lugs because the clip was too big to fit in the hole. When the reel is empty there's a few ways to clip it onto the backup without the lugs. I depends on the reel but around the crossbar is easiest.
  198. The Right Kind

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Cameras at all of the common areas, galley, hallways, aft deck, fore deck, connected to a display in the wheel house so the crew on anchor watch can keep an eye on all areas of concern. Pretty standard on yachts. And a watch alarm so no one falls asleep.
  199. The Right Kind

    3/4" Anchor Line

    Three strand 3/4" nylon anchor line, approximately 275' feet like new - $75
  200. The Right Kind

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The Conception is a Seaway built out of 4x8 sheets of plywood and fiberglass, very combustible. There's a 42' lobster boat by me in the harbor that caught fire after a couple days at sea. The exhaust through the deck caused the deck to overheat, glowing embers in the plywood. An hour or so after...
  201. The Right Kind

    Friend wants to fillet his own fish; where in S.D. ?

    I have friends that do this, the only place I know of. You get a lot of looky loos when cutting 100 # BFT.
  202. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Marine Exhaust Fabricator !!

    The obvious answer is the Cunnins wizzard Tony Athens at Seaboard Marine but you will not like the price,
  203. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Marine Exhaust Fabricator !!

    I had a couple fabricated by this company, perfect fit, quick build and very reasonable.
  204. The Right Kind

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    There's a lot of fishing boats in HH so there's probably a lot of people dumping fish carcases, good luck singling out "that guy". I've got to think it's nothing compared to having a slip next to a commercial lobster/crab boat though. They get trash cans full of rock fish carcases and leave them...
  205. The Right Kind

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    Keel Guard would have saved it...
  206. The Right Kind

    where to buy Fraser Mariner binos ?

    I bought a pair on Black Friday several years ago (great deal). It took almost 3 months to get them. They build them when ordered is what I was told. If you find a pair in a shop your lucky.
  207. The Right Kind

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara Harbor is unique to all other marinas as far as I know., Rarely do people return their slip back to the city when they sell a boat that leaves the harbor, they sell the slip separately. In order to get a slip you have to buy it from a previous owner. Therefore the city knows they...
  208. The Right Kind

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    I got mine yesterday too $275 for a boat I sold last year ??? $712 for the boat we have now and here's the clincher... $568 for the slip we rent from the city
  209. The Right Kind

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    I got one of these, it will start anything with heavy duty clamps Cost more money than most others for a reason...
  210. The Right Kind

    Boat rage

    So this is what a drunk boater and sexual assailant looks like? Be safe out there this holiday weekend, they're everywhere.
  211. The Right Kind

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Gary Vanderlike's Asshole Invitational, I won Asshole of the year award, Spike. Well deserved too! :) Jesus, Girth, Gary, Ty, & Jack Webster 3-day trip, BFT up to 200lbs I was on this three day trip with you guys back in the early 90's wide open on the jumbos. No 2 speed reels, guys were...
  212. The Right Kind

    Do you have to keep all the fish you catch?

    I ask the crew if they want a fish, it seems they always do.
  213. The Right Kind

    Best way to fix my dash

    Best way is to glass it in and gelcoat, starboard is too soft IMO This stuff looks like it would work, I got some samples at the same place I buy Starboard and plexiglass.
  214. The Right Kind

    Best Way to Remove Boat ID #s

    3m citrus adhesive remover
  215. The Right Kind

    Soldering Split Rings???

    Hopefully you hook a lazy fish
  216. The Right Kind

    Starboard Boat Doors

    Sold the storage boxes, two Acrylic doors are still available
  217. The Right Kind

    Trailer Without a Home

    Ask your mechanic, a lot of times they need a trailer to pick a boat that's in a slip. He probably already has one but you never know until you ask. It might be worth a service or two.
  218. The Right Kind

    6:1 Wahoo speedster

    Hey Gary, have you fished the Tern for wahoo yet?
  219. The Right Kind

    Alijos Rock from a Different View

    From the recent reports on the RP, a passenger took these with a drone.
  220. The Right Kind

    goofy dates

    Everything I see is from 2006
  221. The Right Kind

    Bait pump recommendation

    X2 on the Cyclone
  222. The Right Kind

    wahoo rigging ?s

    I fished with this combo a couple weeks ago with 25# mono and a bass rod (thanks John and Mike) what a blast!
  223. The Right Kind

  224. The Right Kind

    RP - on a BFT bite...

    I'm on the next RP trip, I doubt we will fish these on the way down but we've done it before. Just caught a few for the galley. Maybe on the way home. Just added a few more flatfalls to the box.
  225. The Right Kind

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    OK since you figured it out....can we start with the jokes? What website were you using? Have him send you proof...if its you with a pile of almonds in from of you, send money!
  226. The Right Kind

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    So I thanked to my buddy this morning and asked about his symptoms, he said the same thing Chote said “no symptoms”. He found it because he has regular check ups and blood work due to hereditary concerns. His was from bluefin tuna lots of bluefin!
  227. The Right Kind

    going to be in NZ for 3 weeks in december Guides?

    You didn't mention the dreaded sandfly.
  228. The Right Kind

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    I don't know for sure but next time I see him I'll ask.
  229. The Right Kind

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    I have a friend who ate so much tuna, 4-5 day a week, he has mercury poisoning. He doesn't eat tuna much anymore.
  230. The Right Kind

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    Yes, Danny usually does all the scheduling. He’s probably fishing.
  231. The Right Kind

    Best time to fish puerto Vallarta yft

    Osuna's have a boat that would work for that.
  232. The Right Kind

    Canvas and isinglass place that comes to marina???

    Anchor Marine Canvas in LB
  233. The Right Kind

    Rod Holder Rocket Launchers for Top of Pilothouse

    Dan Shannon - Stainless Specialist email: [email protected] phone: (805) 415-0623 I believe he's still in Morro Bay, give him a call.
  234. The Right Kind

    Get the tape measure

    The pilothouse and caprail come out of the mold as one piece and then fastened to the hull with pop rivets and urethane sealant. If you look at the video at 3:15 where he measures the stern seats you can see up under the gunwales that the pilothouse and cap rail where not mounted on the hull...
  235. The Right Kind

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    How much are these mythical jewels selling for at the show?
  236. The Right Kind

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    This boat has lived is the water it's whole life. I thought it had to fit in your shop? For sure the trailer won't fit .
  237. The Right Kind

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    Bill 805-637-6898 $20K
  238. The Right Kind

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    My buddy is selling his Radon, it’s in Oregon. He’s got it rigged for crab and salmon (and towing). Not sure how long it is, used to be the harbor patrol boat.
  239. The Right Kind

    Stereo system for a Davis Cortez Crank it up!
  240. The Right Kind

    No SoCal love for aluminum PH's?

    You can't do good fiberglass work when there's permafrost on the ground. Almost everyone in Alaska can weld.
  241. The Right Kind

    1977 28' Ricky Scarborough

    Nice job! What kind of power? I like the name too.
  242. The Right Kind

    SS Risers

    Thanks, I tried Tony but he's out on a sea trial, I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I was hoping someone here on BD might know someone more local that can fabricate them. The one in the photo is made by Greenwater Exhaust in Texas.
  243. The Right Kind

    SS Risers

    I need to replace the risers on two Cat diesels. Does anyone know someone in So Cal that can make these?
  244. The Right Kind

    Mammoth Zip Line

    Longest Zip Line in the US
  245. The Right Kind


    Jamie, I checked out the link you posted for UC looking for a new 80# stick and came across the Xtreme Composite Trope. You seem to know a lot about UC rods, has anyone ever bought or used a 9'6" Gladiator? Xtreme Composite Trope MODEL LENGTH ACTION LINE PC MSRP RCX76 INVICTUS-UB 9'6" Fast...
  246. The Right Kind

    "Something new and it's not a Nomad"

    How did those treble hooks hold up?
  247. The Right Kind

    "Something new and it's not a Nomad"

    I saw this posted on the RP reports from Taka's trip. Supposedly it out fished everything else on the troll. Got any idea what it is?
  248. The Right Kind

    Best organizing ideas?

    It ALL fits right here! The LOChness Monster.
  249. The Right Kind

    "football style" handle for VISX

    I got a new 12visx and the photo of the reel showed a knob "football style" handle but it came with the long handle. Can I get the "football style" handle for this reel and will it fit on the 50visx arm? Thanks.
  250. The Right Kind

    Costa Rica trip report 1-2019

    Nive report! We've stayed at the Andaz there in Papagio Bay and fished out of the harbor, beautiful place. Are those Dorado tied up? I've never seen that done before.I must be to keep the mess to a minimum.
  251. The Right Kind

    PSL ~ Ooops

    The seas were 18'+ with gale winds from the southeast through the weekend. We had gusts to 60 mph and higher across the mountain peaks, that will get it done!
  252. The Right Kind

    PSL ~ Ooops

    My buddy had a 50' sailboat on a mooring there 15+ years ago. A gnarly storm came and sent 14'+ waves through the moorings. He wasn't on board at the time and harbor patrol and the water taxi refused to take him out to his boat. All he could do on shore and watch it sink. If your on a mooring...
  253. The Right Kind

    JB Line One

    I was wondering if he's one of the 4 guys fishing or playing cards. This same charter one time had 11+ fish over 300#. I talked to one of the crew after this trip and he said they had two over three and had just pulled a third through the gate,. He looked around the deck and there was only one...
  254. The Right Kind

    JB Line One

    The weather and the bite continued to be excellent but many of the anglers in this group were enjoying a much deserved break from fishing and chose to spend their time playing cards and carousing in the lounge. Roy was pulling his hair out with only 4 anglers at the rail. Anyone want to take...
  255. The Right Kind

    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    Congrats on the personal best! How big? 60+?
  256. The Right Kind

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    My buddy bought a 285 Conquest Pilothouse last year from a dealer in Washington. It was a '17 that didn't sell, almost no hours, no trailer and he got a killer deal on it. He bought a new trailer and towed it home to SB. I didn't ride in it but I helped him launch it and took a tour. Very nice boat!
  257. The Right Kind

    WA Pilothouse build

    3/4" ply is too thick, by the time you add glass to both sides you'll be close to 1". Use 3/8 or 1/2". Check with your local glass shop to see what gasket material they have to accommodate the tempered glass. If you use foam, use some 1x doug fir or strips ply at the areas where you will mount...
  258. The Right Kind

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    80# seems to be the new 130#
  259. The Right Kind

    Hurricane salt tackle

    HOOK UP!
  260. The Right Kind

    San Elijo lagoon project

    Why or how did they kill those halibut?
  261. The Right Kind

    Old friend, new friend, and Jerry Brown

    It's nice to see Jerry is still kickin' it. I fished with a few trips with him when he was in his early 80's. When I would call him to order line we would talk for a long time, he's a talker!
  262. The Right Kind

    Boat Lettering Recommendations?

    Quick Google search came up with these in your areas. My T-shrit guy is now doing vinyl wraps and does the lettering for all the boats in the boat yard.
  263. The Right Kind

    Useful Modifications

    It was a 1997 2520 DV with an I/O diesel. The dealer, Blue Porpise Marine, did it. They didn't do such a great job so I redid it, gelcoat, ran a 3" pvc as a chase for the fuel lines, controls and bait tank hoses, removed the SS ledger and glassed in a lip made of balsa core fiberglass. I called...
  264. The Right Kind

    Useful Modifications

    I had a cabinet builder friend of mine make some shelving out of starboard that screws to the underside on both sides of the house. I cut a hole in the deck and gelcoated the inside for a fish box. I was able to get between 15 +19, 20-35# albacore in it with an ice slurry.
  265. The Right Kind

    If it’s possible, is it worth it?

    Those pipes look almost as bad as your avitar
  266. The Right Kind

    fishing yacht joyride?

    Do you remember this one? The Conception There was a bad storm that night, I thought for sure he would take it south of the boarder
  267. The Right Kind

    Rod inserts

    Do you mean flush gunnel mount rod holders? If so, make sure you get ones that are welded not just pressed together.
  268. The Right Kind

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    You must really hate cockroaches :) Dumped the Intrepid trip for half price and jump on this one! Good luck Soda
  269. The Right Kind

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    Have you ever fished with Don Burnside before? If not your in for a surprise. He fills two dock carts with his shit, FULL. Whatever you need he has it. He's on your trip right? He usually goes on both of the JB trips.
  270. The Right Kind

    Santa brought it, so I experimented on wife's engagement ring.

    I gotta say, that whole pile in the first picture looks like a mess and the second doesn't look much better. I've never seen Hybrid Mutu's, is that the way they looked out of the package?
  271. The Right Kind

    Japan Resumes Whaling Really?
  272. The Right Kind

    Anyone in need of rings from Roscoe

    You know you don't have to order 5000 each, just enter the quantity you need. Best to call them.
  273. The Right Kind

    Socks, what do you wear?

    Gotta be Aftco tighty whitey! I'm a commando guy myself. TMI?
  274. The Right Kind

    How to solder solid rings
  275. The Right Kind

    Reel Choice?

    ↑ just upgraded to a 3x7osp and a black man 50 Please, I'll admit it, lack the inside jargon. What is this? I think I must want one? I don't speak Spinner but I'm pretty sure he was referring to a Seeker OSP 3X and a middle aged black man. Seeker doesn't make an OSP 3x5
  276. The Right Kind

    Instrument panel switch ID tags

    Trophy shops do engraving, look for one near you.
  277. The Right Kind

    Ad41p-a fuel filter

    Do you have a Racor/Parker pre fuel filter/water separator? If so you may not need the 860874-7.
  278. The Right Kind

    Isinglass Long Beach

    If you don't roll up the isinglass ask him about EZ2CY. It's much more clear and last a lot longer.
  279. The Right Kind

    Isinglass Long Beach

    X 2, took my boat from Santa Barbara to have him do mine.
  280. The Right Kind

    I've never seen Guadalupe like this...

    I know you never see conditions like this on the east coast but the Pacific does look like this sometimes, especially this time of year. It's been a lake out there the last week or so.
  281. The Right Kind

    I've never seen Guadalupe like this...

    Pic from the RP website
  282. The Right Kind

    RTIC 25% off Sale

    I got a 45 last summer and a 145 when they first came out. That thing is a beast but fits perfect in the bed of my truck. I like that they have drains on both sides.
  283. The Right Kind

    RTIC 25% off Sale

    RTIC is having a 25% off sale on everything. Enter promo code FB25 at check out. Not affiliated, just passing along a good deal.
  284. The Right Kind

    Starboard and caulking

    Fit the starboard with fasteners and mask the perimeter. Remove the starboard, put a bead of silicone around the inside of the taped perimeter and let it dry. When it's dry (an hour +/-) reinstall the starboard. Trim the silicone as necessary and remove the tape. Good luck.
  285. The Right Kind

    The biggest fish I have caught from my jet ski!

    Nice! So how much did it weigh when you got home? It looked bigger than 18kg to me.
  286. The Right Kind

    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    The arm is longer and the handle is bigger. Best upgrade you can do for the 16. It seems to me they should come from the factory with the bigger handle. edit: Great reel!
  287. The Right Kind

    Need Panga in Samara, Costa Rica

    Get ahold of Rick, he can set you up right in Playa Samara
  288. The Right Kind

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    Capt called his code guys, they said with all the wind we've had the water rolled out there. Lots of fish but no bitters. I'm ok with wherever the captain says we're going, we'll catch fish.
  289. The Right Kind

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    Thanks. Our change of destination gives us four days of travel and two days of fishing, I wish we had a couple more days.
  290. The Right Kind

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    I'm on the Seeker trip leaving tomorrow. I was told we're going to the Ridge, that the fishing at the Lupe sucks right now, more sharks than tuna. The tuna showing up on the Ridge are the same size without the grinners plus the chance of wahoo. See you on our return.
  291. The Right Kind

    Just bring it all...

    Not my call but if it happens I’ll be prepared.
  292. The Right Kind

    Just bring it all...

    Our trip leaving Thursday scheduled for the Lupe just changed to the Ridge due to poor fishing. Wahoo and tuna with a variety of everything else is on the menu now. Glad I got a heads up so I can add wahoo gear to my box.
  293. The Right Kind


    Thanks John
  294. The Right Kind


    Tell me about the handle upgrade. Penn or ?
  295. The Right Kind

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Your gonna need a drain plug in the bow of that bass boat :)
  296. The Right Kind

    Help with putting together a basic CRIMPER KIT (100-200lb mono)

    You should be crimping those long aluminum crimp three times with the pliers your using. A long time crew and master rigger once told me when I asked about using chafing gear said "if a tuna can break 200# IzorLine, he deserves to live". Your teflon tubing doesn't look right either, take a piece...
  297. The Right Kind

    What’s a good app for checking waves

    Yep, my rule of thumb is anything under 13 seconds is wind related and not too comfortable, anything 13 seconds or over is usually a ground swell and manageable, the longer the intervals the better. It starts to whitecap at about 12-13 knots of wind.
  298. The Right Kind

    Ever have a battery explode?

    I had one blow up when I hit the start button, big bang. What a mess, luckily it was contained. It was an old battery on a charger, my guess a shorted cell.
  299. The Right Kind

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    How did "YOUR" patty get in MY OCEAN. If i see you fishing it again you better split fast, I know where my gun is! :2gunsfiring_v1::Death_To_Above:
  300. The Right Kind

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    Is this what your talking about?
  301. The Right Kind

    donkey? is it the right term

  302. The Right Kind


    Upgrade! Very nice. Are you keeping "Got Bait"?
  303. The Right Kind

    What tool to cut off welded rings from jigs? or
  304. The Right Kind

    How to solder solid rings

    Galvanic potential of common metals. Source: Solar Professional Check out this chart, Platinum being Noble and Zinc/Magnesium Active (anode - like sacrificial zincs we use on our boats) Look where silver and bronze fall on the chart. Granted, the silver solder we use is not 100% silver. Bronze...
  305. The Right Kind

    boat trailer wash down

    There is NO washdown at Shelter Island and a lot of other ramps. Garden sprayer might work if it's really important to you.
  306. The Right Kind

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    My friend caught this one this morning on the Endeavor, tape out at 295. There were at least five more laying on the deck in other pics.
  307. The Right Kind

    Amtrak to San Diego to long range boat ?

    Uber is an app on your smart phone you set up an account with your CC. When you request a car you can ask for an SUV or whatever.
  308. The Right Kind

    Amtrak to San Diego to long range boat ?

    We took an Uber from the airport to the landings once, the guy was driving a Suburban.
  309. The Right Kind

    Amtrak to San Diego to long range boat ?

    My wife's sister lives in SD and she's taken the the train a couple times. I takes like 6+ hours from SB and that was just to Encinitas, lots of stops. She not sure about taking rods, you should call Amtrak.
  310. The Right Kind

    Drainage for Parker 2120

    Sulfur and battery acid smells like rotten eggs, check your batteries.
  311. The Right Kind

    Leaving Your Boat Unattended // The Double Shackle ?

    My experience...I did a job for the Nature Conservancy at the adobe house in the middle of Santa Cruz Island. I loaded up the contractor, my crew and equipment to do the the job onto my 25' Parker and across the channel we went. I anchored up at Prisoners launched the inflatable and unloaded...
  312. The Right Kind

    Kite on downrigger?

    If your having trouble getting the kite to fly in clean air behind your boat, the downrigger is going to be a problem. Maybe you could use it on the flybridge?
  313. The Right Kind

    Excel made big bait at home.

    The BF are eating mackerel right now.
  314. The Right Kind

    Installing Rails

    What are "nylon locking washers"? Are you through bolting it or just screws? I would through bolt using Nyloc nuts and 4200, no need for 5200 or lock washers.
  315. The Right Kind

    What paint to use for Outriggers

    I've used single phase automotive paint, it hold up great. Chevy white.
  316. The Right Kind

    Portable Solder Kit

    There is no liquid, it's probably just seperated like paint will. Stir it and you should be fine. Those pen torches are worthless. Start applying the solder as soon as the flux starts to disappear.
  317. The Right Kind

    Best way to renew a passport?

    Check into Global Entry, gets you through customs quicker and TSA pre-check.
  318. The Right Kind

    Flatfall techniques

    My buddy got a 240 about a week ago on this one with an Owner 9/0 Offshore and a spider hitched 130 mono for leader at 50'.
  319. The Right Kind

    8-18-18 Marlin behind Santa Cruz Island

    Truly an exploratory trip. I caught my first marlin just outside the kelp beds at Yellowbanks fishing for yellows during the El Niño of ‘83. We’ve been doing at least a couple exploratory trips every year since. Sometimes we find ‘em sometimes we don’t. Good luck in the tournament.
  320. The Right Kind

    8-18-18 Marlin behind Santa Cruz Island

    Thanks for the report Frank. How far off the island were you?
  321. The Right Kind

    Portable Solder Kit

    I was told the black was for high heat like you use for brazing with gas torches. If the white flux gets too hot it disappears, it works fine for butane torches and silver solder though.
  322. The Right Kind

    Portable Solder Kit

    I read the solder post a while back but i don't remember if anyone ever posted a video. This is a kit I put together a long time ago. I met a guy named Harvey on the Q105 back in the early 90's who was soldering a bunch of rings onto hooks. I sat and watched, helped him close the rings onto the...
  323. The Right Kind

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Get a slip, problem solved.
  324. The Right Kind

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Your fucked. Storage yard!
  325. The Right Kind

    Shitty days of fishing is better than a ticket

    It's the new gestapo state/world we live in. We stopped at Pelican Bay to BBQ before we made the crossing back to SB, While on anchor we were boarded by the Park Services, Fish and Wildlife and then the Coasties offering to do a "courtesy inspection". I asked them if they would come back after...
  326. The Right Kind

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    I have the same problem at our driveway approach, I even removed it and replaced it with a new ramp with less angle. Still scraped. Like others have posted, get larger rims and tires, change out the ball mount before you back in to lower the tongue or maybe a lift kit for your trailer? Those...
  327. The Right Kind

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    I thought we were talking about filling a Mak 20
  328. The Right Kind

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    Can you backup this statement with some proof please?
  329. The Right Kind

    Need Braid in Sacramento, Any Suggestions?

    80# is overkill for a 30 top shot. 50 or 65 would be better. Order online and start winding, tight
  330. The Right Kind

    Marine speakers

    If your boat is on a trailer take it to a car stereo shop near you. I'd recommend looking at WetSounds speakers and amps, built for the marine environment.
  331. The Right Kind

    16' Radon rebuild and stretching

    Stephen, didn't Harold Davis work at Innovator too?
  332. The Right Kind

    General discussion BB Swivels

    I order directly from Spro but they're not s/s. AFW makes s/s swivels
  333. The Right Kind

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    100# spliceable hollow to the top If you get a break or nick in solid you're screwed, tie a couple over hand knots and hope for the best. In hollow you just cut out the bad spot and splice it back together 100% connection, it take about ten minutes and your fishing, JMO
  334. The Right Kind

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I just don't trust spectra tied direct to hooks, jigs or hardware no matter what knot you use, it's too skinny and slick. It's best to have mono or flouro connected to the spectra first. Live and learn.
  335. The Right Kind

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I read through most of the posts but I never saw how Travis lost the fish. Was he spooled, did the spectra or leader braek? My guess would be the connection from the spectra to the swivel. When fishing in the dark use the heaviest gear you've got, 50+. Also dumping water, (salt or fresh) will...
  336. The Right Kind

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    My last two trips the message from the office said... Dear Angler, We are very excited to announce that your trip will be heading to Guadalupe Island to fish for larger Yellowfin tuna and Yellowtail. This will require that we check-in to Ensenada both on the way to and from the island before...
  337. The Right Kind

    R.I.P. George Radon

    I used to buy resin and gelcoat from George. He made the mold for the 17' and maybe the 19' if I remember correctly. RIP George
  338. The Right Kind

    Rare 2520 with twin I/O considering diesel conversion

    Which 4 cylinder diesel are we talking about? What HP?
  339. The Right Kind

    16VISX Handle ?

    Thanks for the reply. I called Penn parts department and was told it won't be in stock until late September, maybe. Bummer for me, my trip is in the middle of September. But I'd still like to know if the larger handle will even fit on a 16.
  340. The Right Kind

    16VISX Handle ?

    Has anyone changed the stock handle on the 16 to the larger 20-50 handle? If so where can they be purchased? Thanks
  341. The Right Kind

    20/0 hooks

    The Mustad 20/0 is my go to hook, no off set or sharpening necessary. I also like the Eagle Claw L2045R 20/0 and if there are no sharks around the Owner Super Mutu 14/0 is a great hook.
  342. The Right Kind

    Lewmar Sprint 1000 repair referral

    I went through the same thing last year, it was the reversing relay mounted next to the windlass. Check all of the connections first, these things are pricey. save the old motor.
  343. The Right Kind

    Looking for a new wahoo reel

    The new Accurate "Tern" looks like it will be a good one...the TX-500x...$300.
  344. The Right Kind

    ???Video tour of a Tackle box??????

    Nice box! To me it looks to be top heavy, especially with the rocket launchers mounted so high. Make sure you lash it down to something, maybe to your lower box loaded with weights. Have fun!
  345. The Right Kind

    2320 vs 2520

    The Pounding Factor...I bought a new Parker in '97 with a diesel and it didn't pound like some people post about. I though WTF, maybe they just don't know how to plane out the boats engine/outdrive based on the sea conditions. Then I read this in this thread and it all came crystal clear...
  346. The Right Kind

    Where's the money ?

    Gotta pay for those new engines some way :)
  347. The Right Kind

    San Diego. Wash out

    My friend fishes SD a lot in the summer and carries his own water and pump in the back of his truck to flush and wash down. Something like this...
  348. The Right Kind

    Underway in the dark off Point Loma

    A good way to learn how to use the radar is to leave it on during the day and compare what’s on the radar to what you see. Learn the settings.
  349. The Right Kind

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Rumor is they caught an albacore while fishing for yellows west of Avalon.
  350. The Right Kind

    How to Rig for Trolling

    I'm like Fishy, I like all mono in the water but when in BIG fish territory I use 130#. I've caught some nice tuna when trolling for wahoo. I use a double San Diego tied to a snap swivel, it looks like a giant hangman's noose but it doesn't really matter.
  351. The Right Kind

    Boarding Policies

    The RP boards by 50% deposit and it's all good. The crew takes your gear out of the carts and onto the deck. While they're doing that, your allowed to board with one tackle box and put it wherever but can't put a second bag up until everyone is on board, just like Brad suggested. In the old days...
  352. The Right Kind

    Marine refrigerator

    My norcold went south and the model is discontinued. I took it to several refrigeration guys and they all said get a new one. The problem is that the shape at the back fit the hull but all the new model's wouldn't fit. Went online and found the part number for the refrigeration unit. A lot less...
  353. The Right Kind

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    I got a couple of these for my birthday to use in the motorhome but they look perfect to use on a LR trip.
  354. The Right Kind

    Dock side bait pen

    Is the company Baitball bait receivers still in business? There are a few of them on my dock coated with growth inside and out.
  355. The Right Kind

    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    This sea chest came from Parker on a 28'er. Connect anything anywhere with one thru-hull.
  356. The Right Kind

    Replacement windshield options?

    Any plastic fabricator should be able to make one for you, just take the old one in so they can match it. Here's a list of some in your areas...
  357. The Right Kind

    No. of anglers on boat - How important?

    Another factor is the length of the trip. On the shorter trips passengers will be at the rail 24/7, on the long trips after a few days of catching, passengers tend to take a break after a few fish or take a break to get out of the sun for a while or just relax and wait for the conditions to...
  358. The Right Kind

    Custom bait tank

    Is it pressurized? Nice work!
  359. The Right Kind

    Very cool video about Tuna..

    Was that a Bubba Blade?
  360. The Right Kind

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    Wow! I hope he's OK and makes a speedy recovery. I know how much he loves LR fishing but take care of your health first. I'd hate to hear of anything health wise going bad on the trip.
  361. The Right Kind

    Where to spool line

    I don't know how far you are from this shop but I'd trust these guys for sure. I've fished LR on some of their charter trips and they know what they're doing. Hi's Tackle Box 40 Chestnut Ave South San Francisco, CA 94080 (650) 588-1375
  362. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Call the phone number "Richard" posted.
  363. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Is Rudy going to hook you up? Nice looking box if so
  364. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Hey Don, were your ears burning?
  365. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Long Range box

    This is the box or one like it that Richard Vantine was referring to. I always knew him as Rudy.
  366. The Right Kind

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Is this what it looks like Rudy?
  367. The Right Kind

    Chicken or Egg - slip first then boat or other way round?

    If you find the right boat, your dream come true, don't wait for a slip, buy it. You can always do the guest slp thing until one comes along. Who knows, maybe you'll like being in SD harbor or Mission Bay.
  368. The Right Kind

    32 Albemarle Express or 31 Cabo Express

    Albe = 11' beam Cabo = 12'5" beam Wider is better.
  369. The Right Kind

    What trips are you on this year?

    Do you make your own guaro?
  370. The Right Kind

    Royal Star Cancels Mazatlan Trips

    It sounds like you never rode the Q105!
  371. The Right Kind

    Ceramic ring sizing

    You might find some useful information here... This isn't the way it's done on the LR boats though, never had a need for the rings.
  372. The Right Kind

    Ceramic ring sizing

    Is this what your asking about?
  373. The Right Kind

    Under water lights

    My neighbor just put 6 of these in his boat. They look pretty good, no bonding necessary and you can do any repairs to them without a haul-out.
  374. The Right Kind

    Fly Home

    Some of you guys crack me up. Since when is heading straight into 25 mph winds and 12-14' sea relaxing? Bouncing off your bunk and slamming into the upper bunk, no one shows up for dinner and you can't go out on the decks. Shit the crew can't even get their work done. I guess some of you have...
  375. The Right Kind

    Gday fellas

    Oh believe me, I smothered that crap all over any exposed skin, wore long sleeves and pants after I figured out what the hell was eating me.
  376. The Right Kind

    Gday fellas

    To be honest, I couldn't do it. Everyone says they're good when fresh, but I don't eat the bait :) We've been on the south island for just over two weeks. We got home last night. This was our second trip, last time October in the north island and a little in the top of the south island. Really...
  377. The Right Kind

    Gday fellas

    We’re in NZ right now. I’ve learned all about “White Bait”. A bit stormy at the moment.
  378. The Right Kind

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.
  379. The Right Kind

    Fly Home

    This is why I prefer the fly home option, been there, done that. Hello everyone; After we dropped off our passengers, we are headed home. The weather is not good, we have 18 to 22 knots of breeze, 10 to 12 foot seas. It’s not a walk in the park. We have 3 passengers riding the boat home...
  380. The Right Kind

    Boat Outfitters Contest Tackle Center Arrived Today :)

    They made a custom tackle drawer and box for me a few years ago and recently made matching doors. Great people to work with.
  381. The Right Kind


    WOW. I knew he had a bad ticker but I thought he was doing much better. Sorry to hear this. He was always there to help me out with my small personal fiberglass projects and never charged me. He will be missed! RIP
  382. The Right Kind

    WiFi again?

    It's looking real good! Bill got his first over 300, congrats.
  383. The Right Kind

    WiFi again?

    Did you see that Dr. Edwards lost his rod overboard...again? I've fished with the Doc for years and this is at least the second time he's lost a rod overboard and Holi-e-Mackeral has retrieved (snagged) them both times! What are the chances of that? The first one the knot on the spool or should...
  384. The Right Kind

    Cal Sheets??

    Back to the original question...JMO, but I think you should save your money. It's your first long trip, take the rods and reels you have and use them the way they are. Once you get a feel for the game you will most likely want to leave the Tiagras at home, get reels more suited for the task and...
  385. The Right Kind

    Diesel exhaust grime from big trucks on boat.

    Simple Green or Dawn dish soap
  386. The Right Kind

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    And poof he’s gone...again!
  387. The Right Kind

    My New Parker build

    Surg, I was always told that putting batteries inside the cabin was a no no because of hydrogen gas released by the batteries, even seal batteries. I see that a few guys are doing this for weight distribution or for lack of space for additional batteries. I looked at the CG website but I don't...
  388. The Right Kind

    Starboard Boat Doors

    I have two storage doors with Starboard frames and 1/2" gloss white acrylic plexiglass doors that come with slam latches. $75 each Starboard/Acrylic doors outside dimensions = 1 @ 13 x 23.75, 1 @ 14.5 x 23 I ordered these paid over $600 for two doors but couldn't use them (wrong size)...
  389. The Right Kind

    Little help or thoughts on SeaRay 340 Sportfisher

    IMO...old and under powered. Otherwise it could be a good opportunity to get the feel of a bigger boat at a good price. Have you ridden in this boat before?
  390. The Right Kind

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    I remember that day, Mike accidently put his 80 ATD kite reel on an 865xh. About an hour into it and that fish was kicking his ass! Beefy finally finished it off for him and as I recall it was about a 270.
  391. The Right Kind

    Is it ok to post this here?

    apollochartersWords can’t explain the type of trip Chris Yamada and his group just had down here. Very seldom do you catch a super on a trip let alone 8 over 300!!!!! The biggest at 381!!!! Epic!! Captain Jay is the man!! 360,350,313,310,307,320,325,280,222,261,260...
  392. The Right Kind

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

    apollochartersWords can’t explain the type of trip Chris Yamada and his group just had down here. Very seldom do you catch a super on a trip let alone 8 over 300!!!!! The biggest at 381!!!! Epic!! Captain Jay is the man!! 360,350,313,310,307,320,325,280,222,261,260...
  393. The Right Kind

    For the tackle whore in you

    Did you put a bend in them? I would think these are made specifically for those Guadalupe tuna and local bluefin. Just a thought.
  394. The Right Kind

    28 Albemarle or 28 Carolina Classic - Questions

    I'm sure you've done your research but I remember reading this on THT... I owned and ran the albemarle 99/2001 seasons Great rough water vessel awesome trolling great fish raiser.Had twin counter rotating volvo duo props cruised 27-28 knots I hated to chunk in this boat we would run out through...
  395. The Right Kind

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    Was Josh Temple involved?
  396. The Right Kind

    And it begins...Drones!

    This has some very cool features, if your into it. I would think that all the electronics companies will be doing something like this in the future.
  397. The Right Kind

    How many yards of 200# spectra on a Penn Int. 80ST

    200# is on the reel to the bait. If the wind is light there will be a lot of belly in the line but if the wind is 15kts + it's all good!
  398. The Right Kind

    Setting up a kite reel

    65 or 80
  399. The Right Kind

    Repower: removing engine beds?

    Diamond blade on a grinder.
  400. The Right Kind

    i need of a new windshield?

    Pompanette bought out American Marine who made the windshield for Cabo and many other manufactures. I had them make a new windshield for my boat several years ago, made it taller than the original. Give them a call, I think you can make a template of the mounting surface with dimensions and send...
  401. The Right Kind

    Furuno 588 with b260 problems

    Your installation looks clean! The only thing I would have done different is to install it more towards the bow. I like it about a foot or two just back from where the bow rises out of the water when on plan. A lot less water disturbance up there. In the stern there can be a lot of bubbles and...
  402. The Right Kind

    Boat of the day - ALBEMARLE 29 EXPRESS

    Look at this shitty boat without a bow rail! What were they thinking? And that low freeboard in the stern??? Looks like a death ship Truth is east coast guys don't necessarily fish the bow, just spinners in the stern.
  403. The Right Kind

    How many yards of 200# spectra on a Penn Int. 80ST

    I originally put 1200 yds of JB hollow I then took off about 200+ yards. I use it for a kite reel and sometime when you have to reel really fast to take up the slack line at the initial bite, it's pretty easy to high stack it. 1000 yds leaves a little room for human error.
  404. The Right Kind

    Comment on Okuma Andros 12SII

    I have an Andros 12slla and have caught a lot of wahoo with it. You don't need to shift into low gear, I can grind them in with it in hi. I used it at Guadalupe on an 8' Predator with 60# too. No issues with the reel at all.
  405. The Right Kind

    Paint Help

    A few things you might try first are Soft Scrub, Bar Keepers Friend and Magic Eraser. If none of those work try acetone. Most likely paint will wear out and peel since it will be walked on.
  406. The Right Kind

    Paint Help

    Have you tried to aggressively clean it? It seems odd that you would want to paint it because of scuffs, especially inside the pilot house.
  407. The Right Kind

    Inserting & Glueing

    Just to recap what Bill has said, he uses a nail knot so there is a serving on the connection. I won't put a leader in the water without some sort of serving.
  408. The Right Kind

    Inserting & Glueing

    One and done! I did one for a friend with a short insert and glue, he hooked a good one and the thing came apart. Maybe I didn't do it right but I'm sticking with what has worked for me for years.
  409. The Right Kind

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    All of this BS over what amounts to less than $50? If the OP read the terms of payments he would have noticed he was subject to a $250 booking fee. "All cancellations are subject to a $250.00 non-refundable booking fee or 10% of the cost of the trip. No exceptions." Pretty standard wording...
  410. The Right Kind

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Just do a little search of the OP if you really care to find out which boat. Your reservation will be confirmed with a 50% deposit. Cancellations must be in writing and received at our office at least 90 days prior to departure on a 3 to 8 day trip; 180 days prior to all longer trips. We...
  411. The Right Kind

    50 vs 30 size

    That 3x5 is a beast! I have an 80 on mine, just lay it on the rail and turn the handle.
  412. The Right Kind

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    I got a RTIC 145 to replace my old Igloo 124. This is my second RTIC, I also have Yeti’s and even a Bonar. I like the price of the RTIC vs others. Good value IMO.
  413. The Right Kind

    Blanks in Santa Barbara

    They don't have shit in stock at HLS, try Eric's in Ventura. He has a good selection and can order whatever you want.
  414. The Right Kind

    2017 - 2120 Parker for sale

    How good are your fiberglass skills?
  415. The Right Kind

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Yep, one of the few places around that rent a room by the hour.
  416. The Right Kind

    Penn 30SW & 50SW Bluefin set up

    Your on the right track. Take the 130# spectra off the 30 and put it on the 50w then top it off with more 130. Fill the 30w with 100# spectra to the top. For the KITE reel you want straight spectra and nothing heavier than 80#, 65 is good. Good luck
  417. The Right Kind

    moving the anchor roller on a 2520

    You could modify your pulpit to something like on this Cabo.
  418. The Right Kind

    Parker 2530 Rocket Launchers WTB

    This was done quite a few years ago but they do great stainless work. They make the railings for Catalina Yachts or used too. Send them a copy of my pics via email and ask for a quote with your specs. (562) 435-5233
  419. The Right Kind

    First Custom Pilot House on a 177 Tahiti Skiff

    It's really looking like an Anderson/Greenough now!
  420. The Right Kind

    Parker 2530 Rocket Launchers WTB

    I had this one built by Riley Marine Services in Long Beach
  421. The Right Kind

    For Sale: Rancho Buena Vista ($21M)

    600 acres and 2100' of beachfront for 2-3 Mil? Sign me up! My buddy sold his house on the beach right next door a couple years ago. Not sure what he got for it but he told me it cost over 1.5 to build if I'm not mistaken. There are some very nice houses there now owned by gringos. It doesn't...
  422. The Right Kind

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    I took these pics years ago when this post started while cleaning up after a LR trip but never got around to posting. Thanks for updating...Gotta love the Penn reels Just the Internationals Back row - 80S, 50 SW, 50S Front row 50T - 2 speed w/Barker frame and 4:1 hi gear, 30T 2 speed w/Barker...
  423. The Right Kind

    Old radon

    That looks like the boat Donnie built for himself to use up at Lake Nacimiento. You should call him and ask... 805 692 2170
  424. The Right Kind

    Isinglass Question

    Anchor Marine Canvas 6400 Marina Drive Long Beach, CA 90803 Phone: 562-598-7771
  425. The Right Kind

    Intrepid Izorline 16 day Part 2

    Congrats on your personal best Rick.
  426. The Right Kind

    the tsutaoka charter on the marla IV, january 2018

    Got it, when we were on the boat it was just a big V-berth in the bow.
  427. The Right Kind

    the tsutaoka charter on the marla IV, january 2018

    Nice report as usual Alan. Congrats on the big fish, is that your personal best? I have ridden this boat a couple times with Scotty and Roberto so I know the boat but I gotta ask, where do 8 people sleep on this boat?
  428. The Right Kind

    Affordable radar for a 24 foot boat?
  429. The Right Kind

    Chaos at the Ridge!!! 2017 "Redneck Rodeo" | 7-Day | Royal Star

    Nice Video Big Nasty! :appl: What was in the purple bag that went overboard?
  430. The Right Kind

    75' Houseboat at Lake Powell $6500. SOLD

    Week 28 is usually the second week of July, this year it's the 10th. Wednesday to the following Tuesday. We drive up on Tuesday, sleep on the boat in the Antelope Marina then take off in the early morning. Antelope Marina is new and real nice, plus it's up lake so it saves you a couple hours of...
  431. The Right Kind

    75' Houseboat at Lake Powell $6500. SOLD

    Our kids are grown now and have other interest so after many years going to the lake, we're selling our share. This is a prime summer week in July for only $6500. If you rent a boat like this at Lake Powell it would cost more than double that for this week if you could find one available. (We...
  432. The Right Kind


    The culprit IMO... They were able to get more than a few of my favorite local spots closed forever. Now they're going for the whole world and it's working.
  433. The Right Kind

    Ventura Fire

    I don't think you've been here in a long time. We've had the Tea Fire and Jesusita Fire which have pretty much cleared the foothills in the last few years but there's still a lot to burn no doubt.
  434. The Right Kind

    Ventura Fire

    This sucks! I have a lot of family in Carpinteria and I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure my sister in law's house burnt down last night. They live on a big avocado ranch up Rincon canyon and last I heard the canyon was on fire. Huge evacuations, my mother in law called at 5 this morning saying...
  435. The Right Kind

    Keeping a log book! Who else keeps one?

    I got one of these when I got my current boat in 2004. I has everything in there. Before that I just used a note pad. It's cool to look back...
  436. The Right Kind

    Flouro/spectra crimps
  437. The Right Kind

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    If it's really that important, the fleet needs to get together and launch their own satellite and park it right over The Bank. That is, if Mexico still lets the fleet fish in their waters. Personally I think they should have never offered internet service.
  438. The Right Kind

    Now we're talkin'

    Also announced at the show – a new model from California builder Mag Bay Yachts. Their 33 Center Console has been making waves all over North America, and she is soon to be joined by the Mag Bay 42 Express. This next step in the Mag Bay line will complement the center console, while opening up a...
  439. The Right Kind

    16' Complete rebuild w/ Coosa

    Looks great! A buddy of mine once asked "what was the difference between rebuilding an old boat and buying a new one?"...his answer...about 50 bucks.
  440. The Right Kind

    Mounting Gaff Holder Under Gunnel

    To me it looks like the gaff holders are made of Starboard, if so no tape or adhesive will stick to them. Maybe screw them to a small block of teak and glue that to the gunwale. 4200
  441. The Right Kind

    old school harness guy, trying to learn the rail

    I thought this picture was a pretty good example of what Bill is talking about.
  442. The Right Kind

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    WOW...what's next, a supermodel girlfriend?
  443. The Right Kind

    Engine Room Insulation?

    Good call, I'll call them tomorrow.
  444. The Right Kind

    Engine Room Insulation?

    Thanks, I saw that but unfortunately it comes in 32x54" pieces and I need 33x34" in most of the areas.
  445. The Right Kind

    Engine Room Insulation?

    The insulation in my engine room is coming off and I need to replace it. What I have in there now is 1.25" thick but I'd like to use 2". I've look at WM but they only have 1". Can anyone suggest a place that might have 2", the typical foil faced material, 2#/square foot. Thanks
  446. The Right Kind

    The Tax Man

    Hey Rick, are your going with us on the Seeker trip again? There's a real good chance we're going to catch some sharks :)
  447. The Right Kind

    The Tax Man

    I just got a text from Jonathan that Pleger (on a shark research vessel) got a 200 lber yesterday on the kite. Break out the heavy line! I'm leaving Friday, wish us luck.
  448. The Right Kind


    I like the Carolina bow flare! Just wondering, what's up with the 2x6 around the roof?
  449. The Right Kind

    Swell reports?,34.419,-119.707,4
  450. The Right Kind

    Looking for pricing on a Hard top or radar arch

    Some of the best welds I've ever seen and he's close to you. SD Fabrication Inc 37728 110th St E Littlerock, CA 93543 Contact: Steve Devoll Title: President Phone: 661-944-3910
  451. The Right Kind

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    Long before there were MPA/MLPA's the no fishing reserve at the southeast corner of Anacapa has been enforced, just like the one at Avalon. We were drift fishing yellowtail west of the reserve when we hooked something big. My buddy was pulling hard on 30# but couldn't budge it. We were drifting...
  452. The Right Kind

    Offshore Cowlifornia

    Catch it on bait? :)
  453. The Right Kind

    Take Off From The Dock I thought it was going to be a dock to walk out to the peak.
  454. The Right Kind

    Is there a way to predict drift strength?,currents,2017-07-05-12,37.139,-122.783,10,m:eHyacKZ
  455. The Right Kind

    Not fishing... African Safari

    Abercrombie & Kent are top shelf, you'll have a great time, we did! I'm taking time off next year from LR to take my wife back to New Zealand. Happy birthday.
  456. The Right Kind

    Royal Star taking the summer off after July 17th?

    Private charters, they don't list them on the schedule.
  457. The Right Kind

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    Any other rigging techniques? I'm liking the treble stinger with wire.
  458. The Right Kind

    Hurricane effects?

    What about currents? Check out this link for the currents off the east coast, I would think that strong current moving up the coast is the gulf stream. There's a good one out by Guadalupe too.,32.972,-70.181,5
  459. The Right Kind

    Hurricane effects?

    We were at Guadalupe last year when the remnants of a hurricane passed through, lots of rain and moderate wind. Take a rain coat. The fishing was still very good.
  460. The Right Kind

    Excel and 5 star

    No shit! with 32 passengers all going to one of the three. Three scales on deck, ten guys from each processor down there handling the fish. The deckhands trying to sort out who's tag goes where. The passangers standing at the top of the dock just watching the mayhem. I just don't see it but...
  461. The Right Kind

    Excel and 5 star

    You know that "boatside" unloading of your fish into the slush bins has been around for more than a decade, don't you? 5 Star started doing it long ago, nothing new here. All that processing magic happens away from the docks. Come back after you have a few long trips under your belt and give us...
  462. The Right Kind

    Decal removal help

    You already have the decal off now you need to remove the adhesive. This is the best one I've used. 3M Citrus Adhesive Remover
  463. The Right Kind

    Fish finder recommendation for Santa Cruz

    I did a little shopping for you,,, Furuno FCV588 8.4" Fishfinder...
  464. The Right Kind

    New 2320 cabin door improvements.

    Looks good. I always wondered why they don't make the door slide. I had a 2520 and that was next on my list of modifications but sold it before i got around to it.
  465. The Right Kind

    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    And anchor it up outside of Cedros
  466. The Right Kind

    Excel and 5 star

    Me too, pick up the deck hose and wash the blood away so no one slips while the deck hands are busy helping other passengers or help gaffing when their screaming for a second or third gaff when we're in a wide open bite. Good stuff. I have my own boat and enjoy all the shit that comes with the...
  467. The Right Kind

    Excel and 5 star

    On the long trips RSW is not an option so C&R is always good. If it's a trophy, freeze it whole and weight it at the landing. The processors will filet it but it won't be nearly as good as the RSW fish and it will take days to thaw. It's not good to gill and gut a fish that goes into the slammer...
  468. The Right Kind

    Permit for Guadalupe

    I'm not at all an expert by any means and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was told we can only fish in the areas below Red Cinder Cone or Goat Canyon on the south east side. North of there is for the shark tours and research. No ground fish, no calico bass, only tuna and yellowtail. When...
  469. The Right Kind

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    Hey Ali thanks for the detailed description. Any chance you can post a picture of the bottom? I take it you stick the hook through the tail like you would on a plastic swimbait? In the video they say to use a wood bead and a rubber band so when bit the bait slide out of the way. Is that...
  470. The Right Kind

    Mag Bay 33 Hull 16 Build Thread

    Can you snap a picture of this outside the hull? I like it!, what all drains into it? Decks too?
  471. The Right Kind

    How to make a Yummee Flying Fish "Cow Tuna" Kite Rig

    I'm rigging up some Yummee's and I found this video on line. I'm pretty sure this is how Justin on the Excel rigs them. I was wondering if anyone has any rigging variations that may work better for the bluefin in SoCal?
  472. The Right Kind

    Excel and 5 star

    Is it, or are you just "That Guy" ? Entitled and special?
  473. The Right Kind


    My buddy has been trolling these for years right along with the Marauders, no skipping but he trolls them way back. They catch tuna and wahoo.
  474. The Right Kind

    As requested, Okuma updates...

    Is this a 3/0 or 4/0 size reel ? it's hard to tell by the picture. It would be cool if Okuma made a reel to fill the void left when Shimano decided to stop making the TN40. I just re read the whole post and see you said TN 20 & 30 size. When they make a 40 size...
  475. The Right Kind

    UC CX 76 Centaur

  476. The Right Kind

    mexican waters closures ??

    Not positive but I don't think they've figured this whole mess out yet? – The decree establishes the general rules, effective immediately after its publication (Dec 7, 2016), but the specific details of its operation and management will be decided during the various meetings and discussions...
  477. The Right Kind

    Excel Bluefin

    We left early this morning on our Pelagic two day trip so we could be on the tuna grounds by lunch. I can honestly say that the bluefin population is extremely healthy in this area. Derek was lucky enough to take this 195.8 pounder on 60 pound test with an Okuma Andros 12lla and a custom seeker...
  478. The Right Kind

    Flat fall set up

    Excel Facebook... We left early this morning on our Pelagic two day trip so we could be on the tuna grounds by lunch. I can honestly say that the bluefin population is extremely healthy in this area. Derek was lucky enough to take this 195.8 pounder on 60 pound test with an Okuma Andros 12lla...
  479. The Right Kind

    SoftSteel 15 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Nice report Doug! The fishing has been tough this year for sure but I know you guys make the best of it. Did you get that hot tub set up? I'd love to see pictures of that.
  480. The Right Kind

    Latest From Shogun At Guadalupe

    Hey Rick, I'm sure you're totally prepared and have read the Shogun report... "If you are on an upcoming trip bring 20 – 60# setups" Good luck!
  481. The Right Kind

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Steve and Mark, you seem to know all about this stuff... Which boats offer Fisherman's Processing pick up boat side? The Indy, RR, Excel, Intrepid, AA ? Does 5 Star offer boat side off load at any boats or landings? I know some of the boats at Fisherman's landing do but not all, especially if...
  482. The Right Kind

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Yes No To the original poster, have you asked your crew to help bring your gear up from your stateroom and help load a cart for you? The red shirts are there at the top of the dock to help push carts up the ramp, I would think if you slip one a twenty they might even help you push it all the...
  483. The Right Kind

    R P on fire

    RP ready to hit the dock
  484. The Right Kind

    LR Giant YFT videos

    This pic gets my blood flowing...
  485. The Right Kind

    Windshield question

    I ordered a new winshield from these guys, they can make it any size you want. I had them make mine about 6" taller than the stock one that came on the boat. or...
  486. The Right Kind

    "That Guy" roll call

    I've got a Yeti story...
  487. The Right Kind

    Channel Islands Fishing and camping

    McGrath is right between Ventura Harbor and Channel Island harbor. I think it's closed right now so check before you go.
  488. The Right Kind

    Fishing spots from Port San Luis.

    You might want to post your questions here... or here...
  489. The Right Kind

    If you had 1000 to spend on a FF/transducer.....

    I'm a fan of the Furuno products and this one would fit your boat nicely under budget.
  490. The Right Kind

    R P on fire

    Sunday am weather and current permitting.
  491. The Right Kind

    Hillbilly Farmer

    An old hillbilly farmer had a wife who nagged him unmercifully. From morning till night (and sometimes later), she was always complaining about something. The only time he got any relief was when he was out ploughing with his old mule. He tried to plough a lot. One day, when he was out plowing...
  492. The Right Kind

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    "I'm getting a 7'6" UC Invictus wrapped right now" I thought you were looking for a reel for the rod your having wrapped right now which is a 130 - 200# rod, right? I have one and fish 130 - 180 on it. I don't think a 20 size reel would be best choice for this rod. You probably already have...
  493. The Right Kind

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Not a fan of the wide reels for bait fishing.
  494. The Right Kind

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    I think you should try what you proposed (without the elbow) and see if it works. Just use a longer semi-rigid hose that will go all the back of the tank, not all the way in case water gets in there. What have you got to lose? I'm not sure this is the right stuff but something similar that can...
  495. The Right Kind

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    If your looking for a reel for an Invictas you would use the 30 or a 50. IMO, a long range quiver is not complete without a 50 size reel. When the bite goes wide open on giants, you'll be happy you have one.
  496. The Right Kind

    Safety strap for reel while bait fishing

    It seems like Joe is always hooked up, no idea why he would use it.
  497. The Right Kind

    "That Guy" roll call

    Got any extra spectra? Notice how there's only a few guys at the rail.
  498. The Right Kind

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    I think I forgot something once but I can't remember what it was?
  499. The Right Kind

    What is the best helm chair?

    I got one of these when they were having a warehouse sale a few months ago. I really like it.
  500. The Right Kind

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    It depends on the time of day/traffic, it could take longer. It's about 100 miles and if there are two of you, you can go in the carpool lanes, it's much quicker.
  501. The Right Kind

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Another option to releasing fish or handing off, ask a crew member if he wants a fish. They are out there all the time but they don't always get to bring home fish. You get to wind it in and they get to eat it. Win - win
  502. The Right Kind

    Wanted: project boat 30-36'

    30' Wilson
  503. The Right Kind

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    - I am a “lefty” do they provide left hand reels or do I need to buy it / rent it elsewhere? If yes, where? You will be hard pressed to find left handed loaner reels, if you have 40-50# reels or heavier you should bring them. - What about terminal tackle (rigs, sinkers, leaders...
  504. The Right Kind

    Window housing repair

    Mark Plastics (marine windows) at 951-288-6351
  505. The Right Kind

    Mammoth Photo Test

  506. The Right Kind

    Wahoo Limits

    The RP reports they had wide open wahoo fishing a day before they got to their fishing destination. We had limit style Wahoo fishing for our passenger today. Most of the Wahoo were in the 25 to 40 pound range, with the Dorado going 18 to 25 pounds. We ended up with limits of Wahoo (85 Skin)...
  507. The Right Kind

    Boat cover

    If you've got the room this might be a good alternitave.
  508. The Right Kind

    Calstar 7470 Rail Rod Series

    Good to know, mine is at least 4 or 5 years old.
  509. The Right Kind

    Any one see this

    My Buddy had his new F250 Power Stroke stolen last week right in front of his house on a quite little street. At 4 am his wife heard some noise outside and woke him up to hear his diesel truck fire up and speed away. They called 911 and about a half hour later the cops spotted the guy driving...
  510. The Right Kind

    Best Galvanized Paint

  511. The Right Kind

    New trailer tires

    It's almost impossible to find a D rated tire in 14". Kumho Radial 857 is the only D rated tire I've found, it's for big rig truck trailers. I run them on our tow boat (Mastercraft), much better than any others I've used.
  512. The Right Kind

    Quick advice needed

    Does he have a passport? I've heard good things about the Liberty 3/4 day boat, 5am to 5pm.
  513. The Right Kind

    Double duty: trolling and dropper?

    Not a whole lot of trolling at Guadalupe. The 30 would work fine for dropper loop. I use a Mak 20 with 100#
  514. The Right Kind


    Probably too late but I sent you a PM.
  515. The Right Kind

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Roll Call

    I meant a guy yesterday that's on this trip. I was supposed to be doing a job walk for a remodel to his house. When he saw I was wearing a shirt with a tuna on it he asked if I was a tuna fisherman. The job walk turned into 30 minute rap about fishing. Jim Isaac, you know him?
  516. The Right Kind

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    Ok, here's my thought...the last couple years with three boats fishing the Lupe on a regular basis and occasionally a fourth (the Apollo) and no more than two boats there at a time from what I can tell by the reports, the fishing was pretty damn good. Now with at least 4 more boats with permits...
  517. The Right Kind

    What ever happened to that guy Josh Templeton

    Christopher Columbus! He sure could spin a good story.
  518. The Right Kind

    Calstar 7470 Rail Rod Series

    I have a 7470xh and have caught a few fish on it, more of a parabolic bend to it. The 770's bend towards the tip more.
  519. The Right Kind

    Radar domes, outriggers, fuel polishing system etc

    Just curious, is this the fuel polishing system your selling?
  520. The Right Kind

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    A sea chest would be nice. Just one through hull for all of your saltwater pumps. I believe this is an option from Parker.
  521. The Right Kind

    Where to find wooden tackle box hardware???

    I've made a couple boxes in the past and used the Sugatsune STF 40 draw latch, small profile and very strong. I also had House of Stainless make me some SS corners but I didn't use them.
  522. The Right Kind

    Floating Docks

    Can you post some pic? 10+ years ago I made one out of 8" PVC and by the time I bought all the materials and my labor this would have been a much better deal.
  523. The Right Kind

    The adventure begins

    This should be a trip of a lifetime for you with only 14 guys on board. I fished with this charter several years ago and had an awesome trip. I caught the fish in my avatar with these guys. Good luck! ps...if you want to fly the kite you have to ask, most of these guy are strictly bait fisherman
  524. The Right Kind

    16 year old photos that I found

    Sam, Jeff Dubois, Jesus, Bacon, Brian Sims, Jack Webster and John Kline That boat produced a lot of fine captains.
  525. The Right Kind

    Suggestions on tower for my Boston Whaler Check out image #14
  526. The Right Kind

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    That's funny, I was thinking the same thing about you guys using north up on a plotter and can't read a compus.
  527. The Right Kind

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    Course up! When I'm going to a waypoint on my plotter I don't want the cursor on my starboard or port, I want it aiming right at the pointy end of the boat. I know which way is north, I have a compass for that.
  528. The Right Kind

    Mexico Island Closers

    Have to be? There's nothing like it! When I'm on the beach all i think about is getting back out there.
  529. The Right Kind

    Opening in PV on the Success

    Nice! I'm sure Steve is stoked. Is that his personal best?
  530. The Right Kind

    Opening in PV on the Success

    How was your trip David? Catch any big ones?
  531. The Right Kind

    Two bank battery system...which ACR and charger should I get?
  532. The Right Kind

    Cabo 35 refit

    Wow 500hp out of a 3208, I din't know that was possible. I think his 375 hp's a kind of small for that boat, he should take your advise to up the hp.
  533. The Right Kind

    Solid Weather in DP

    This is why the Intrepid stayed tied up at the bait barge instead of heading south on their 15 day trip. SE winds gusting to 42 mph,
  534. The Right Kind

    Opening in PV on the Success

    The buffer zone around the Tres Marias Islands is where the multi day boats out of PV fish. Home of the Giant Yellowfin Tunas.
  535. The Right Kind

    Opening in PV on the Success

    As soon as I saw Tim post this I checked air fares and found round trip flights from LAX on those date for $215. I've never seen them this cheap! Trip Summary Traveler 1: Adult$215.68 Booking Fee$0.00 Trip Total: $215.68 Get price alerts Price Guarantee Only 7 tickets left at this...
  536. The Right Kind

    Cabo 35 refit

    It's got squid on the bottom! That's messed up they cut the wiring, that's just being lazy. What HP are the 3208's?
  537. The Right Kind

    Need binocular advice

    Steiner safari My wife and I went through the same dilemma a few years ago when we went on an African safari. We had weight restrictions with our luggage and found the Steiner to be great for vision and light weight. I wish I had taken my motion stabilized binos though.
  538. The Right Kind

    Just like the good old days before the drought

    What kind of board did you get? I'm a Burton guy myself, 169W Custom.
  539. The Right Kind

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

    I've fished with Stas a few times, never saw him take a knee.
  540. The Right Kind

    The nicest bait pen I have ever seen.

    I don't have anyplace to mount a davit and this thing will sink to the bottom without it. Plus I have a hot dock, electrolysis would kill this thing in one season. Nice design though.
  541. The Right Kind

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

    Perfect! Add a rock cod plate to the fore grip and it's golden.
  542. The Right Kind

    family fishing boat

  543. The Right Kind

    Outboard for Bayrunner

    My buddy had an 18' we took to Baja a lot. His had a Merc 55 if I remember correctly, plenty of power.
  544. The Right Kind

    Crazy fish

    My buddy got a Kamikaze in the dark. We both drop in a puffer right next to each other in the stern and follow our baits in the current to the bow. Just before we get to the bow, he gets picked up. The fish does a couple circles then swims to the stern and runs into the boat. Before he can wind...
  545. The Right Kind

    Long Range Tackle Box

    Very nice box! How much dose this box weigh?
  546. The Right Kind

    Long Range weather forecasts

    I hate wind! RP report... Parts of the day, we only had 2 anglers fishing, and they were on the kite. It was tough on our group to stay at the rail, with big seas and 25 to 30 knots on top of that. But we all survived to fish another day. We are hoping that the weather will come down...
  547. The Right Kind

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    To me it sounds more like the way the fish was treated on the boat. Gil and gut fish turn out way better than just bled.
  548. The Right Kind

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Paint remover will loosen the latex carpet adhesive, then scrape and clean. I use lacquer thinner after the remover for clean-up but water works with some removers. Be sure to cover the floor below.
  549. The Right Kind

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    On a couple trips to Clipperton we were using Rainbow Runners as kite baits (no flyers) They got bit fine. We loaded up the tanks every day with them. The last day of fishing at about 4 in the morning, Choat's son Matt hooked a 200#er on a tangled up skipjack that started a wide open bite on big...
  550. The Right Kind

    Marlas Super cow!!!

    Ataboy Scotty! That looks like a great trip.
  551. The Right Kind

    Thailand, Indonesia fishing.

    Indo's pretty fished out, they used dynamite to fish inshore. It really fucks up the reefs. It looks like you've got him covered though. I took a Marauder and a couple feathers to troll between islands (surf trip). We caught tuna, wahoo, barracuda, rainbow runner and a bunch of fish off the reef...
  552. The Right Kind

    Izorline Fluorocarbon?

    I've used the Izor 50# flouro, it's a little stiff like Blackwater
  553. The Right Kind

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Chopa = Mother-in-law fish, when she asks you for some fish give her the chopa :)
  554. The Right Kind

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    What happens when there are 4 different color Intruders being trolled at the same time? 4 fish or one particular color gets bit and the rest don't?
  555. The Right Kind

    Fluorocarbon Source?

    Did you try calling Jerry Brown? I'm not sure if this number still works but worth a try...541-855-7127 Wait, did you mean you need 2500 yards of 400# Fluoro?
  556. The Right Kind

    Fluorocarbon Source?

    If you don't need it immediately, when the Fred Hall show rolls around most of the shops have deals like buy 2 or 3, get one free, even on line.
  557. The Right Kind

    Long Beach to Santa Cruz

    Watch the weather but I think it's going to be nice next week. Above Pt. Conception can get real nasty quick. If there's a lot of wind, pull into Cojo just below Conception or Governments, it's a great anchorage to wait out the weather. That area is good for halibut and shallow water rock fish...
  558. The Right Kind

    Long Range chunking for tuna

    Personally I hate chucking, shark, shark, shark, and repeat... On a trip a few years ago fish were boiling around but no one was getting bit on bait. My buddy takes his 100# sardine stick with a 6/0 and pins a chunk on, bam, he's bit and lands a 180# fish. He did it all wrong!
  559. The Right Kind

    Where you at?

    There's two boats fishing side by side right now at Clarion, one is the RP, the other just says Fishing. It might be the Indy or RR3.
  560. The Right Kind

    Long Beach to Santa Cruz

    SB to Morro Bay to Monterey unless you can make it across the bay to Santa Cruz
  561. The Right Kind

    San Diego lodging Tons of parking and you can leave your boat in the water at their private dock.
  562. The Right Kind

    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    When you book a trip of 14 days or longer, your booking a trip to catch a fish of a lifetime, GIANT Yellow Fin Tuna. I really like what Roy Rose says in this report; Another error I have seen (and one that I personally hold to be the most egregious) is the use of 100-pound test or less. If...
  563. The Right Kind

    Crimping 100lb & 130 Single barrel or Double

    You don't need a kit, those kits come with crimps you'll never use. I like the Jinkai pliers and crimps. Just get the crimps you will be using; J for 100#, LI for 130-150# and G for 200# with the pliers you be into it for less than $75. Most people will use a good knot up to 130#...
  564. The Right Kind

    New Trailer Axles
  565. The Right Kind

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    The three trips I did with Keith, we just gave the charter master our money and booked a flight. I didn't go this year but Jeff took over our charter so he would know. Edit: just heard from Jeff, he said they did have to bring permits with them. He got them for everybody and included them and a...
  566. The Right Kind

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Yes, included unless something has changed this year. So does the Journeyman and the Osuna's boats.
  567. The Right Kind

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    So the Apollo doesn't provide the Mexican fishing licence? Does the Success?
  568. The Right Kind

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Congrats on your personal best and first cow!
  569. The Right Kind

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    Take your pick... the more LED's the brighter it will be
  570. The Right Kind

    SD Bay Macs?

    Check out Fish Dope :)
  571. The Right Kind

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Tip $$$$$ The guys on this trip are HIGH rollers, expect to tip the crew 50% of the cost of the trip :)
  572. The Right Kind

    Strictly Wahoo Fly into Loreto and get over to Mag Bay.
  573. The Right Kind

    Just one more drift . . . Sunday

    Sometimes the best fishing is in the MPA. Nice fish!
  574. The Right Kind

    Kelpcutters for tiny motors?

    Up in Santa Cruz the life guards inflatables have these on the OB.
  575. The Right Kind

    2520 Volvo D6 Repower Results

    Did you make that drip tray over the engine yourself? Looks good!
  576. The Right Kind

    Zombie Rockfishing For Cows - part 3

    Is Drew back on the boat for good or was this a cameo appearance?
  577. The Right Kind

    Hooks for guadalupe

    Regular 3/0 Mutus and Troker TK619
  578. The Right Kind


    Sorry I sold the boat in 2003 but the hatch is right where you drew the circle, it's a hatch like on your passenger seat. There's a bulkhead in there as i recall. I cut a hole in the middle of the bulkhead to get into the next compartment back. I called Parker to get blueprints of the...
  579. The Right Kind


    I put a small strainer like this in the wheel house drain. Saved a lot of stuff like screws, hooks and small sinkers from getting down there. Mine had a hatch.
  580. The Right Kind

    Current bait situation-Super small bait

    I've had experience with the small baits available now on a recent Guadalupe trip on the RP. The crew gave me a couple promo packs of Trokar J and circle hooks in the 2/0 size. They said this is what's working because of the small bait. After pulling three hooks I switched to 3/0 Mutus and...
  581. The Right Kind


    I'm with you Tim, I found these 18W like yours that are as bright as my 500w 120v Halogens. 2 for $14. I've had them for over a year and sill going strong. Amazon... Signstek 2*18W CREE LED Flood Light
  582. The Right Kind

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    Drone insurance!
  583. The Right Kind

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    Who needs a kite! I can see it now...a long range boat sits on anchor with fish boiling on the chum baits just outside the fly lined baits. Not a breath of wind. Deploy the drones! The drone captains, three 15 year old kids, launch two drones off the bow, port and starboard, two midship port...
  584. The Right Kind

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    It's Trump's fault! I was told she's moving to Canada with Whoopi. :) I've tried them all, Anthony's, Mike's, Mario's, Five Star and Fisherman's. Anthony's was great, really fast turn around with foam lined cardboard boxes but Five Star set the bar for service. Good luck to Sarah wherever she...
  585. The Right Kind

    Anyone know what this "iron" is?

    My buddy had a bunch of these. Wahoo lure from the 90's. I believe they were made by a guy in the Oxnard/Ventura area. They came out about the same time as the Doc'Ski Bombs did. They worked great, I don't know why he stopped making them. I'll ask my buddy if he knows the name. You should post...
  586. The Right Kind

    Friends Helping Friends

  587. The Right Kind

    Offshore Ranger 85 2 Day Late report

    Did they have squid on board or did you stop to make it? I was hoping they have it in the receivers for us private boaters.
  588. The Right Kind

    Sato crimps or whip finish

    No, they're tapered on both ends. I don't think they would have been around all these years and landed tons of fish if they damaged guides. Easy, sano connection.
  589. The Right Kind

    it happened!

    Great! Who needs jigs or bombs and expensive high speed reels, just stand at the rail dressed like this and wait for 'em to come flying over the rail! :)
  590. The Right Kind

    Gear recommendations

    I've fished with Captain Keith a few times, he prefers you use the heavy gear, 50 size reels. Even when fishing the reefs you'll be targeting those fuckin' pargo and will want your heavy gear to get 'em off the bottom. Remember your target species is Giant Yellowfin Tuna. Take some hooks...
  591. The Right Kind

    Wahoo Reel Choices

    202# Wahoo...I don't think a Trini 16 would have worked on this one :)
  592. The Right Kind

    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    ??? Florida doesn't have any tackle stores?
  593. The Right Kind

    Bait Tank Sales & Installation

    Tom, do you make a pressurized tank?
  594. The Right Kind

    ANDERSON CUSTOM BOATS; Post 'em up! this a friend of yours? Whats the story?
  595. The Right Kind

    No more Braid tackle

  596. The Right Kind

    Catch a cow in PV...

    He posted this on the Mexico board... Holi-e-Mackeral Holi-e-Mackeral Location: Orange County, CA Name: Jeff Boat: Royal Polaris - sold the boat Messages: (1,805) Likes Received: (505) The trip cost is $ 1,800/angler, that cost includes the tip... Tight lines, Jeff Holi-e-Mackeral, Aug...
  597. The Right Kind

    Going to Rancho Leonero soon, any words of wisdom?

    I always take a soft cooler like this... You can put it in your checked luggage on the way down and fill it with frozen fish on the way home. I stop at the cerveceria on the way to the Ranch to fill up on Pacifico, saves on your beverage bill...
  598. The Right Kind

    Headed to Costa Rica for 2 weeks.

    You'll need to travel from Nosara to find the boats, hopefully you'll have a car. To the south check out Kingfisher Sportfishing at Playa Carrillo, Rick is a buddy of mine and I've fished with him before. To the north, your on your own there but...
  599. The Right Kind

    No more Braid tackle

    There's a reason they still have a stash, the hollow ones with a rattle are junk. This one, the "thru wire" design didn't quite go all the way through. A 30# YF broke it. The one Fishy was using was the early models that were solid and would hold up to giant yellow fin tuna just like the old...
  600. The Right Kind

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    Where are you staying? I don't know about sharing a charter, maybe the resort or the place where your staying can hook you up with another couple. There are smaller boats for around $450+ for a half day. Check on line, that's how we found our charter and walked the docks talking to captains and...
  601. The Right Kind

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    Mike, We're in Costa Rica right now. It's the low season now but when you get here it will be prime time. We looked on line and found a few operations out of the marina here at Papagayo. We chose Victory (a Cabo Yacht) but all six or so of them seem to be good and they're all friends with each...
  602. The Right Kind

    California boaters survey request. Smells fishy to me

    I got the survey too but because my ocean boat is documented and only asked about vessels registered in CA, I have two. The main one is only for freshwater and they asked a lot about the delta and other fresh water lakes when I said I'd boated there recently. Odd survey.
  603. The Right Kind

    Maui in October It seems that the hot charter boat changes from time to time but I think Start Me Up sport fishing is the top boat right now. When we were there they wanted to leave extra early (in the dark) to make bait and make the long run to the fish. Others where just...
  604. The Right Kind

    Outrigger Question

    Oops, thanks Tom.
  605. The Right Kind

    Outrigger Question

    Pompano and Precision both make outrigger bases like this. Pompano are chrome plated brass and Precision are SS. I believe they are the same size though.
  606. The Right Kind

    Trinidad TN20a

    I took a TN20 filled to the top with spectra to Guadalupe a couple weeks ago, it worked make bait. Virtually no surface action, all bait fishing. One guy caught a tuna on a popper but no YT on the surface, a few were caught on the yoyo. This could change though, we were only there for...
  607. The Right Kind

    Recommendation PV
  608. The Right Kind

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    Andaz Papagayo Resort - a concept by Hyatt We leave Sunday from LAX at 8 am direct flight to Liberia. Probably rent a car. We've stayed at Playa Conchal close to the Flamingo Resort but that was quite a ways away from the Papagayo Peninsula. I'm a tuna guy but wouldn't mind the inshore stuff...
  609. The Right Kind

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    For our anniversary my wife booked a trip to a resort on the Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica. There's a marina near by that offers sport fishing but I don't know anything about the area. Does anyone have information about the fishing or other things to do??? Who to book with? Thanks
  610. The Right Kind


    Have you ever loaded up the stern corner and tried to wake surf behind the 26? I accidentally left one of my trim tabs down when leaving the harbor once, listed to the port big time but the surf wake was about four feet!
  611. The Right Kind

    UC Raptor

    Old school Penn 16 and 20 w/Baker frame.
  612. The Right Kind

    UC Raptor I was at Guadalupe 2 weeks ago, used the 8' Predator for 60# and 7'6" Raptor for 80#. Mostly used 60# for fish to 105#
  613. The Right Kind

    UC Raptor

    United Composite RCX76 RAPTOR 50-80 lb 7'6" MOD-FAST $493.00 It says 50-80 lb but I believe these are under rated and can fish heavier line. That is, usually if a blank says 50-80 it's a good 60# rod but this one is a good 80# stick.
  614. The Right Kind

    Santa Cruz 9/3-9/5

    Nice report Matt. It's cool you got to fish/dive the whole weekend with your pop. You never hear about stars like your dad doing outdoorsy stuff like this especially spending the night on a small fishing boat. Usually it's a mega yachts. :)
  615. The Right Kind

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Nice details Andre! How was the bait making? I was told we will be catching Tubes.
  616. The Right Kind

    Offshore ToadsToadsOnly Strikes again this time the whole crew was bent

    Just FYI, that reverse prop will work, you just shift and throttle in reverse. Shift forward to go in reverse. Nice haul!
  617. The Right Kind

    Malibu Tackle 3-day on the RP.

    RP loads by number, first to pay 50% of the fair loads first and so on down the line. Charter master is #1. The YF in the counts came from Guadalupe but there are large YF where you will be fishing, SCI. Some have to drop down to 40# to get bit but if you can get bit on 50+ you have a better...
  618. The Right Kind


    Those Boston kites fly better than any I've used. The sock sometimes drags in the water making it difficult to start flying especially in light wind, but once it's up, the sock keeps it from flying in circles. We were out at Clemente yesterday and almost all of the kites were the Boston kite.
  619. The Right Kind

    Mag Bay / Sd Fishing Fleet

    "30 customers, 150fish/day is 450fish" Man I'd sure like to have been on that trip! I've never heard of a SD LR boat with 450 wahoo but if you say so it mush happen all the time.
  620. The Right Kind

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    How is it you think this rod can handle 50#s of drag but a 700xh can't? To me it looks like this rod is not very efficient, it's bent all the way to the reel seat.
  621. The Right Kind

    Smoking On Sportboats

    I'd pay extra for a non smoking charter. I hate it when the cook steps outside the galley door and lights up. Take it to the stern!
  622. The Right Kind

    Vagabond Aug 25-28.

    August 21, 2016 Quality Fishing by Jesus Companioni Another day of very impressive quality tuna. Again, 60 to 80 pound average with a little more bluefin in the mix. We drifted on a very nice school of fish for a period of time this morning but today was a different day and the fish did not...
  623. The Right Kind


    Awesome pictures of outstanding catches! How was the Vodka? :)
  624. The Right Kind

    Bluefin Tuna Spearfishing Bonanza 2016

    I came across this video and thought you guys might like it. It's long but you can see that when the fish go down they're still there under the bait just waiting for the humans and boats to leave so they can get back to eating. Pretty cool!
  625. The Right Kind

    Cal 80 Narrow

    $400 bucks! Where do I send the check?
  626. The Right Kind

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    Not the origanal but the one with pictures. Pretty sad some LR boats can't find their own fish.