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  1. jeffdalton

    Volvo Penta Mechanic Recommendations

    Hello everyone, a friend reached out to me over the weekend and asked if I knew any good shops/mechanics to work on his Volvo Penta engine. He lives in the Upland CA area, but he can trailer it to areas in the So Cal area. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  2. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Fished a Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit on 9/16 out of Ventura. I only fish up there on these charters, so I'm not sure exactly where we fished, but I believe it was Santa Cruz on the Southern edge. We never left that spot the entire day. We had at least 1 or 2 yellows going most of...
  3. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    I fished the Condor 1.5 day that departed Friday night. We had a full load of 37 and we were on our way before 9:30. Woke up before sun up and guys were already fishing. No one bent, so I figured we were in the area simply waiting until it was light enough to spot the many kelps we would...
  4. jeffdalton

    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    Hey guys, I've been asked to find a good 1.5 day boat out of SD to take a few co-workers. There's a lot of threads on this topic, but I was hoping for something fairly current. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  5. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit 9-17-16

    I was fortunate enough to get invited to fish with the Dark Kings on their Aloha Spirit charter this past Saturday. I have fished with this group before and had an absolute blast and this time was not different. I arrived at the Channel Islands parking lot around 4am only to find a tailgate...
  6. jeffdalton

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    I'm thinking of heading to the island on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Do you think a mooring will be available in Avalon?? High School football is over and I need a break! :D Any insight offered would be greatly appreciated.
  7. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Let me just start off by saying I hate my trailer!!! Every time I tow the boat on the freeway, I stress out. I fish often and hard during the offshore season and without fail, I have issues at least one far this season I've had two breakdowns and I'm pretty much over it. Looks like I...
  8. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    I was just looking at some of the pictures posted by a local Newport boat on 976tuna and I was amazed out how small they were. It was actually kind of embarassing. There's no way in hell I would allow someone to take my picture holding a 5lb tuna. Apparently they caught 200 of these little...
  9. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Honestly this was a crappy weekend I would just as soon forget. I had to drive all the way to San Luis Obispo from Long Beach for my son's Friday night football game and after a tough loss the drive home was even worse. I wasn't in bed until close to 4am Saturday morning. :( Well after that...
  10. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    My partner Bryan and I took out FLW Bass Pro Randy McAbee Jr. and his 13 yo son Mason out for some tuna fishing out of Dana Point. We set this trip up a month ago and I guess Mason has been counting down the days. Bryan competes against Randy from time to time and the stress level was high...
  11. jeffdalton

    Green Bouy Yellows!!! 9-13-15

    Day two for my weekend consisted of taking some serious rookies out for some yellows. One of my co-workers has been begging me to take her son out fishing and honestly I was tired of fishing the tuna and a leisurely local trip was in order. I picked up Cathi, her son Braden and his friend...
  12. jeffdalton

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    I saw a funny post about how GreenHorns bring good luck. Well I have found that often times that is the case. That being said, they sure do provide some great entertainment. Last week alone, I handed off to one of my greenhorn buddies, and he immediately thumbs the spool to slow down a...
  13. jeffdalton

    Crappy Labor Day Weekend for me!

    Fished both Saturday and Sunday with two different groups. On Saturday we opted to launch out of LB and look for some fish offshore before heading to the island to fish the yellows. Picked up some great sardines from Nacho and made some macks for good measure. Things looked promising from...
  14. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana Point 267 - 209 8/28/15

    The reports had been poor the last few days and a number of good fisherman were skunked leading up to our trip Saturday. I was scheduled to take out bass pros Mike Stiles and Wes Neal on Saturday for some tuna fishing and with the lousy reports I thought I would give them the alternative of...
  15. jeffdalton

    Bluefin perhaps!!

    Quite a few good tempbreaks developing outside....the bluefin bite could get good again! My fingers are crossed!!
  16. jeffdalton

    Offshore Bloody mess on the 267!!!! 8-23-15

    My buddy Bryan has been trying to get his pro bass fisherman nephew and his kid on a good tuna bite and this year and Sunday was the day!!! We launched out of Dana Point early and there was only one boat in line......picked a really good scoop of medium sized sardines and made our way out to...
  17. jeffdalton

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    My softball buddies have been hearing about all the good fishing this season and have been begging me to take them out and put them on some fish. Two of these guys were very new to fishing and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Well I finally relented on Sunday. The 3 of them...
  18. jeffdalton

    Offshore Big Bluefin off Dana Point - 8/9/15

    My buddy Dave had been asking to put his son Austin on some fish this summer and I said I could fit him in on Sunday. We launched out of DP with my regular Bryan, Dave and Austin around 5am. Waited in line at the receiver and was disappointed to find out they only had small anchovies. Oh...
  19. jeffdalton

    Offshore 267 to the 209....decent day! 8-2-15

    After fishing the island on Saturday with a few guys new to fishing, got back on track with my regulars, Bryan, my son Nick and "Tuna Belt" Dave. Launched out of DP around 5am and got our bait in a relative short time. Great bait too!!!! We always chunk our dead ones, and they were hard to...
  20. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellows 8-1-15

    I took a few friends out fishing on Sunday.....all 3 have never fished the ocean before, so I new this was going to be an adventure. One of them had to be home by 2pm, so our time was limited. I launched the boat solo and picked up them up on the dock. I had heard there were some yellows...
  21. jeffdalton

    Offshore Paddy fishing off Dana....WFO Yellows!!! 7-25-15

    Launched out of DP on Saturday with my son Nick, my good friend Bill and his 12 year old son Devan. The launch area was a zoo, as was the line to get bait. After about an hour wait, we took off in search of fish!!! Not more than 5 miles out boats were already soaking baits off the point. We...
  22. jeffdalton

    Yellowfin...yellows and Dorado off DP!!! 7-19-15

    After fishing the yellows at the island for the last few trips, we are switching gears and focusing on the local offshore scene. Launched out of DP on Sunday around 4:30 and got in line for bait. The initial wait wasn't long, but by the time we picked up a scoop, the line was back to the launch...
  23. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellows 7-3-15

    Sorry for the late report guys, but here it goes. Took my son, and two other guys to the island on Friday. We picked up a decent scoop from Nacho and made our way to the westend in fair conditions. We turned the corner and set up a drift in the cove area. Picked up a few bass and some...
  24. jeffdalton

    150 Washing Machine on Saturday - 6/27/15

    Short story, fished the 150 and Green buoy on Saturday in absolutely miserable conditions. The wind was howling with popcorn everywhere. A fair number of boats out there, but failed to see anyone hang a yellow. The sportboats were on the hook and seemed to be focusing on sculpin.....most...
  25. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellows - 6/14/15

    I was invited several weeks ago to fish a private birthday charter on the Gail Force. After fishing the 150 on Thursday with 85 guys on the Enterprise, it was a relief to fish with a small group of 20 people. Before I go any further, I have to say I really liked the crew on this boat, but I...
  26. jeffdalton

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    While waiting for my boat maintenance to be completed, all the 150 reports prompted me to take the day off and jump on the Enterprise 3/4 day boat. I knew it was going to be crowded, but when I found out I was going to be fishing with 85 other guys, I was somewhat concerned. Well, let's just...
  27. jeffdalton

    Fish Weight

    Its funny to read reports that give the fish's weight. With all the yellows being caught on the 150 it's been entertaining hearing about all fish over 30lbs being caught. Honestly, I think most of these guys fail to know how truly large a 30lb yellow really is. Most of these fish are good...
  28. jeffdalton

    Freedom SCI - 4/28/15

    Although I prefer fishing my own boat, there are times when it's nice to let someone else do all the work and I can simply relax and fish. Yesterday was one of those days.....all the reports of big yellows being caught at SCI convinced me to jump on the Freedom Monday night. I believe we had...
  29. jeffdalton

    Bonito location

    Hey guys, my wife is out of town this weekend and I'm contemplating taking my 9 yo daughter out for her first ever fishing trip. Thankfully my son Nick will be along to assist. She is obviously not ready to pull on the yellows being caught, but I would love to start her out by pulling on the...
  30. jeffdalton

    Zippo on the Shoe Yellows - Saturday 10/25

    Sorry for the late report....Sunday was very busy! Took a shot at the yellows on the Horseshoe Saturday morning and came up did most boats from what I could tell. The conditions were crappy from the get go with a steady west wind that created a speedy drift. Anchored up on some...
  31. jeffdalton

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    Took my son Nick and my regular Bryan out for some Yellowtail fishing on Sunday. We made some macks at the receiver, picked up a scoop of dines and made our way to the grounds. Fished the area producing the large yellows for an hour or so, before deciding to fish the backside of Cat. We made...
  32. jeffdalton

    Wide open Catalina Yellows and one big local toad

    Fished with my regular Bryan and our good friend Bill on Saturday. Launched early...picked up a scoop and made some macks before heading over to the backside (east end) of Cat. Set up a drift with the other boats already was slow. We hooked a few bonito, before I finally hooked...
  33. jeffdalton

    Squid in LB area

    Fishing the island this weekend and was wondering about squid availability. Any thoughts?
  34. jeffdalton

    Offshore 209 Paddy Tuna - 9-22-14

    Took 3 tuna rookies, including my good friends son who had never fished the ocean before, fishing on Saturday. Heard the bait situation was mostly mackerel out of Dana so made the call to launch out of Oceanside....turned out that was not the greatest decision. Picked up a scoop of what...
  35. jeffdalton

    Offshore One Stop Paddy shopping....Tuna and dodos 9/14

    I wanted to put my son Matt on some more tuna, before he departs for college next week. My regular Bryan, my two boys Matt and Nick and I got a later start than normal out of Dana Point and we just missed getting our bait before the cattleboats pulled up. We had to wait and our concern was...
  36. jeffdalton

    Offshore Epic Tuna Fishing on the 277!!!! 9-6-14

    Sorry for the late report guys, but we fished on Saturday with my regular Bryan, his nephew Brett and long time friend Greg. Before I go into details, let me say this was by far the best tuna bite I have ever seen on my boat or any boat for that matter. On to the details. We launched out of...
  37. jeffdalton

    Offshore Tuna time on the 267 - 8/30

    The surf was fading for the weekend and my surfer buddies wanted to pull on some tuna. My regular Bryan, Dave, Brett and I launched out of DP and picked up a nice scoop and and half of medium sized sardines. All the reports indicated the 267 was doing well the last few days so that would be...
  38. jeffdalton

    Battery issues

    I just took one of my batteries out to clean and when I hooked it back up I have no power. I have a '96 Parker with a two battery set up. I'm guessing there's a breaker of some sort that I tripped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  39. jeffdalton

    WFO Catalina Yellows - Saturday 8/16

    Decided to take a break from the tuna fishing and took some friends to the island for some yellows. I fished with some novices, but we managed to put at least 20 yellows on the boat and lost at least 10 more. We fished the frontside west of IG and never left that spot. All fish were caught on...
  40. jeffdalton

    Offshore Loaded up on Tuna - 181 and 209 8/9/14

    Launched out of Oceanside on Saturday with my youngest son Nick, and friends Bryan and Mike. Picked up a mix of dines and chovy and set a course for the 181. Just short of the high spot we find some birds working. Positioned the boat and toss some baits....seconds later Bryan is on! Bryan is...
  41. jeffdalton

    Offshore Sunday 182/Paddies YFT and YT

    Decided it was time to attempt to put my two boys on some tuna and tail this summer before football starts back up for Nick and Matt heads off to his first year at UCLA. My buddy Bryan came along as well. Both boys are used to fishing bass with me at the island, but due the fact they have no...
  42. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/28 - Tuna, Dorado, and Yellows on the 181

    Launched out of Dana Point Saturday morning at 5:30am and picked up a scoop of dines and made our way offshore with a crew made up of two newbies, Dave and Mike, and my regular crew mate, Bryan. Made the long run to the 181 via the 209 and paddies were non existent for the most part. Finally we...
  43. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana Point, 209 and 181

    Launched out of Dana Point early Sunday with 3 friends on a offshore mission. The conditions were rough thanks to the wind the night before and the paddies were extremely difficult to find. We fished a few near the 209 for nothing and made our way towards the 181. After much traveling, we saw...
  44. jeffdalton

    Offshore Short of the 1010...boat problems!

    Decided on Thursday to leave my boat at home and jump on my buddies bigger 26ft Sea Swirl. Left SI around 3am and made our way down in lumpy conditions with morning sickness from the evening winds. At greylight, I climb up to the leaning/chair post on the hardtop in search of paddies and we...
  45. jeffdalton

    Offshore Mexico advice

    Thanks to all those with the helpful advice, but I have a question with respect to the visa requirements. I don't want to risk losing my boat over the lack of visas, but I also don't want to waste a bunch of gas heading out 24 miles and cutting back into Mexican waters. What have your...
  46. jeffdalton

    Offshore What do I need to have to fish in Mexico?

    I'm towing the boat down to SD Friday night. In case we plan on crossing into Mexican waters, what do I need to know as far as boat permits and licenses? Your expert advise is greatly appreciated. Also, my apologies if I posted this in the wrong section. Thanks in advance!
  47. jeffdalton

    Offshore 14, 209, 181 Dodos and Yellows

    Launched out of DP around 5:30 and made our way in snotty conditions toward the 14. A few miles outside the harbor, my bait pump starts acting up. Without going into details, we managed to save enough bait to salvage our day. Fished the 14 then downhill to the 209, and out to the 181 and...
  48. jeffdalton

    Offshore Scored a few, lost a few

    Launched out of Dana Point Saturday morning. Fished the 209 and surrounding areas. Found a good paddy loaded with jumping dodos....put 2 on board and lost 2 others. Hit a few others after that initial paddy, but no takers. My 2 boys had football at 1pm, so it was a short day of fishing. One...
  49. jeffdalton

    Offshore DP to the 181

    Short story: Despite numerous boat problems we caught fish. Long story: Took the Stealth Stix Crew out for a day of paddy hopping. Launched out of DP around 4:30am and made our way to the 181. About 2 miles out the first of many problems began. I notice my deck's floodlight had broken off...
  50. jeffdalton

    Offshore Yellowtail Bonanza

    The conditions were looking good off San Diego and I decided to take the Junior Stealth Crew for their first Offshore trip. One of my regular guys brought his 6 year old grandson as well. We launched out of SI and after picking up a generous scoop we were on our way. Based on some "inside"...
  51. jeffdalton

    Lockjaw on the Flats!

    Fished Monday with my youngest son Nick with the fleet on the HB Flats. We had fish on the meter the entire morning, but they simply wouldn't bite. Tried a few more areas for the same before my patience ran thin and decided to call it a day. I checked the sportboat counts later in the evening...
  52. jeffdalton

    Cuda and Sandbass on the Flats!

    The barracuda and sandbass have been biting pretty well on the flats so my son Nick and I wanted to get in another day of local fishing before I switch gears to the offshore scene. Picked up a scoop of dines and chovies from Nacho and we were on the grounds by 6:45am. The fishing was slow at...
  53. jeffdalton

    Giant squid!

    The giant squid have made a showing locally so the boys and I decided to do a little twilight fishing. We left the dock around 8pm and found one boat working that evening. Made a few drifts before we hooked our first squid. I handed the rod off to Nick and he was on his first giant squid of his...
  54. jeffdalton

    Wide Open Cuda!

    Went out Monday with Mike and Anthony for some cuda action. Left Davies around 5am and after picking up a scoop of mixed sardines and chovies we made our way to the Flats. As we cruised around looking for the fish, we enjoyed some sausage links cooked up on my new barbeque. Sure beat the hell...
  55. jeffdalton

    Catalina 7/2 - 7/3 One missed opportunity

    Decided to take one last trip before the Get Bent Battle of the Sexes trip on the 11th. The original plan was to head to SCI and fish the yellowtail/seabass, but the wind was up early and I opted to play it safe and head to Cat instead. Arrived in Avalon around 4:30am and picked up a good...
  56. jeffdalton

    Catalina 6/23/09

    The original plan was to load up with squirts and head to SCI, but one of my buddies backed out and that left just me and my other buddy Anthony to foot the gas bill so we opted for Cat instead. :rolleyes: I phoned the LB Carnage on Monday and they stated they were unable to get bait the...
  57. jeffdalton

    Catalina Bassin 6/3/2009

    My softball buddy Anthony has been bugging me to take him fishing for quite some time so I finally relented and told him to be at my house at 4:30am with beer, food and of course gas money. The fact that he was on time earned him points for another trip. He did some other things during the day...
  58. jeffdalton

    Catalina 4/18/2009

    Little League has been taking up all my time for the last 2 1/2 months, so I decided to take advantage of the Spring Break reprieve and take the boat to Catalina. My oldest boy had some school work to do, so his brother Nick and I made the trek alone. We hooked up with my buddy Mike and his...
  59. jeffdalton

    Offshore 209 Tuna 9/18/2008

    I've been trying to talk my boss Neal into taking a day off and chase tuna with the Stealth Stix crew. He finally gave into the temptation and we took Friday off to do some fishing. Joined by Brian a regular crew member, the 3 of us launched out of Dana at 5am. That was our first mistake. You...
  60. jeffdalton

    Offshore Slammed the YFT on the 182 9/9/2008

    I took the Stealth Crew out for a weekday tuna trip out of San Diego on Tuesday. We Launched out of SI at 5:30 and made our way to the 182. We stopped on a number of paddies for nothing. We made it to the 182 and immediately saw a few boats working the porpoise. We got in front of the pod and...
  61. jeffdalton

    Offshore Wide open Dana dodos 8/16/2008

    Put together a crew of friends and fished out of Dana Saturday morning. Launched the boat at 4:30am and after waiting in line for bait another 20 minutes or so we made a trek in the direction of the 209. Our first paddy was of the smaller grade, but of course everyone is anxious to wet a line...
  62. jeffdalton

    Dana dodos 8/9/08

    Sorry for the late report, but here you go. My buddy Brian wanted to put his two nephews from Lake Isabella on to some exotics. We launched out of Dana at 4:30am and got in line for bait. I'm used to launching solo out of Davies in Long Beach, so it was nice to have Brian there to assist and...
  63. jeffdalton

    Catalina/Paddy Hopping 8/2/08

    Based on a tip from Nick on the Dee Dee Marie we made a run to a spot on the backside of Catalina in hopes of catching a yellow or two. We were soaking baits by 6am in a ripping uphill current, but we couldn't get anything to go. There were numerous other PB'ers in the area along with a few...
  64. jeffdalton

    Catalina Saturday 7/19/2008

    Took my two buddies Brian and Greg to the island Saturday morning for some seabass and yellow fishing. We left Davies around 2:45am and turned the corner of the East End around 4:30am. The crossing rather sucked due to the residual lump from the winds in the afternoon and the south swell...
  65. jeffdalton

    Catalina Seabass and Yellows 7/12/2008

    My buddy Mike and I decided to head to the island early Saturday morning to target some exotics. We left the dock around 2:30am and rounded the east end around 4am. Apparently the squid fishing was very poor that evening and we were fortunate to get one of the final scoops from the Carnage. I...
  66. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellows 6/9/08

    I told my boss Neal I needed a day off to go fishing and he promptly said he did too and we invited along another co-worker Brian and we made plans to fish the island Tuesday morning. I made a few calls to find out the squid availability and found out the squid boats I use on a regular basis...
  67. jeffdalton

    Wide open island style 4/29

    I decided to take a much needed day off on Tuesday and do a little solo island fishing. I woke up to a dense fog and needless to say I wasn't too happy. I decided to wait it out and thankfully around 9am I was able to begin my day. I launched the boat and I was on my way. As soon as I...
  68. jeffdalton

    PV Bassing 2/8/2008

    My wife was going on a three day cruise with her girlfriends this weekend, so I thought I would take Friday off and do some solo R & R on the water before taking care of 3 kids all weekend long. I had to take the little one to daycare, so I wasn't on the spot until 9am. The weather was...
  69. jeffdalton

    Catalina 12/15/2007

    My boys and I hadn't been fishing in a couple of weeks, so with the beautiful weather we decided to give it a go. I woke the boys up at 5am, but my oldest complained of a sore throat so that left just me and my youngest boy Nick. We picked up a scoop of sardines from Nachos and we reached the...
  70. jeffdalton

    Horseshoe Rockfish/Lingcod/Mako

    It was a busy weekend for youth sports, but I wanted to do a little fishing, so I decided to take my youngest son(my oldest had a major school project) and my friend Mike out for a little rockfishing. We started out making a few macks at Nachos around 12:30pm, before heading out to the...
  71. jeffdalton

    Catalina Saturday 10/27/2008

    With my boy's football games canceled for Saturday, we decided to take advantage of our free time. Woke up, gassed up and made it to the bait barge by 5:30am. Began attempting to snag mackeral at the Long Beach Bait Company Barge, with little success. I think the operator was a little annoyed...
  72. jeffdalton

    Catalina 9/30/2007

    The yellows were biting fairly well during the week, so I hoped to get in on the action. Launched out of Davies at 4am and was making mackeral at Nachos by 4:30. For whatever reason the mackeral were a no show at Nachos, but my buddy Mike was on his boat "Empty Spaces" and he was catching a...
  73. jeffdalton

    Catalina 9/18/2007

    Since the fog killed my plans on Sunday, I took the day off and made a solo run to Catalina. I got an early start in hopes of making mackeral at Nachos. I was very disappointed when I discovered that the bait barge lights were shut down. Now what? I had to wait until 5:45 for the lights to...
  74. jeffdalton

    Fog ruins Catalina plans

    I had planned on heading over to Catalina Sunday morning to target the yellows. After filling the gas tank, I launched out of Davies around 3:45am. Shortly thereafter, I began attempting to make macks at Nachos. The macks were nowhere to be found, but the anchovies were thick. I was snagging...
  75. jeffdalton

    Catalina sunday morning

    I plan on heading to the island Sunday morning to chase the yellows. Anyone heading over can reach me on channel 69. Give me a shout and we can exhange information.
  76. jeffdalton

    Offshore Catalina Yellow 9/9/2007

    I had a small window on Sunday, so my two boys and I took the boat over to Catalina for a few hours of fishing. Our day started at 3:15am with trying to get the boys out of bed. After gassing up, we made it to the dock by 4:20am. We were supposed to be there at 4 to buddy boat with my friend...