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  1. Tunahead

    Offshore ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    With recent word of Commericals catching Albacore out around the 60 and memory alarms started ringing again. As one who started tuna fishing in 1960 and lived for all the Albacore years, bringing home a load most every trip....try and understand. Just this 1 3-day on Searcher we filled...
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    Wishing everyone at and on Bloody Decks HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2019. TIGHT LINES....SCREAMING DRAGS....God willing I'll be back on the rail again with ya' next year! DRIVE SAFE. LOL.....<*((()))><.....Tunahead Ron
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    Offshore Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    With a light load of only 15 we left the dock at 8pm Monday night, loaded up some small dines, (the norm now they said) and OFF we went south, starting at 65miles South Tuesday morning.Capt,Jimmy, 2nd Vince, Bryant cooking great food,a a top notch deck Crew of Scott,Matt and Luke to handle the...
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    Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone here on BD HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy New Year! Great to see so many of you still out fishing and even catching bluefin into late December, who knows January too. Your pics and reports have saved my spirits while I been dealing with a bad 90% torn Deltoid and...
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    Offshore CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Well gang, after a mountain bike vs. tree branch diversion, surgery #6 and recovery 2 months it was time to ROLL On Condor and test the repaired wing fishing. We rolled at 9 with Capt Scott, 2nd Vinny, Scott and Sam on deck and Christophf making killer food all trip long. With only 17 this gang...
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    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Be safe!

    Wishing everyone in Mexico and up here Happy Cinco de Mayo. STAY SAFE, don't drink and drive a car or to fish again! LOL
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    Well gang, since all my "family" are pretty much people who fish on boats...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Hoping you and your families have a great day today, and see you all in 2017!!
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    REMEMBER Veterans Day

    Wishing all my fellow Veterans a Great Veterans Day today and always! Most of all...REMEMBER THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR ALL.....RIP!
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    BG90's Irv Grisbeck passed away

    Just wanted to pass along some sad news I just got that former BigGame90 Captain/Owner IRV GRISBECK passed away. We've lost another pioneer in Sportfishing. RIP IRV we'll miss ya! Our sincere condolences go out to his entire family and many friends. 100's of us will remember the fun times we...
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    Offshore CONDOR 10/22 SCI backside big tuna rocker!

    CONDOR 10/22 backside of SCI We rolled at 9 with Capt Rob, 2nd Vinny, Scottie and Miguel on deck and Mike cooking great food in the Galley all trip. After a nice load of cured hot dines it was OFF w/17 for the backside of San Clemente Island for dawn. We started in the dark, some bait, 3 of us...
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    Offshore CONDOR 9/22 Yellowfin wuppin on 20lb rocker!!

    We rolled at 9 with Capt Rob, 2nd Mike, Tad and Matt on Deck and Scotty cooking awesome food in the galley all trip. With only 15 all veteran winders on the big 90ft bird, this was going to be fun. After a load of nice 4-6" dines, we tied up at the receivers for good sleep, before heading out to...
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    Offshore CONDOR 8/23 Big Tuna Trainwreck at the 43

    Well gang we rolled at 9pm w/Capt Scott, 2nd Vinny, Tad,Rob,Matt on deck and Buddy making awesome food all trip, like killer Lasagna Dinner! Many a regular like Norm, Hammer, Justin, Kevin, Mike, Stu, many more and next thing you know we got 34 hot sticks ready to go rockin'! The wind was about...
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    Offshore CONDOR Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck 8/2

    Well gang, after a nice load hot hot 4-6" dines it was OFF with Capt. Rob, 2nd Vinny, Matt and Tad on Deck and Christopf making awesome food! With only 12 onboard, this would be one of the all time kick butt, knock down fun days for the ages. Regulars like Richard, Justin, ex-Phlllies/Dodger...
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    Offshore CONDOR Trifecta Yellowfin, YT, Dorado 7/19

    Well gang, hard to imagine jumping on 90ft Condor with only 12 in July But it happened! We rolled with Capt Rob, 2nd Vinny and Tad, Matt, Scott on deck. Buddy cooked awesome food in the galley all trip. After a load of hot small-medium dines it was off on a course appx. 165deg South to work...
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    Offshore CONDOR 4 day Trainwreck @ Colnet, big yellows

    We rolled at 2pm loaded some big nice dines and OFF with Capt Scott, 2nd Vinny, Matt, Tad, Rob (welcome back) on deck and Christopf back for this trip cooking awesome food all trip. 1st we went looking of bluefin off Nados into the dark in 15+ wind and sloppy seas. Found nada and beat up our...
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    Offshore CONDOR Feb 27th 109 fat Colonet Yellowtail rocker

    Well with no trip booked til our 4 days in May trip, I decided to see how the new Titanium shoulder worked after 8 months of PT. LOL We rolled at 8 with Capt Scott, 2nd Squeeky, Matt and Jimmy on Deck and Billy cooking good eats! After loading chovies and some damn nice size Sardines it was off...
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    CONDOR Feb 26th to Colonet for big Yellows!

    HEY GANG....Condor has a 1.5 day to Colonet for Yellows, Lings, Reds Friday the 26th, with only 8 booked so far. FYI. Need more to get this trip off the dock. Other boats sold out already. Just a
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    BLUEFIN TUNA OK again in Mexican Waters! Good news!

    I see OK TO KEEP BLUEFIN TUNA IN MEXICAN WATERS AGAIN as of today. Catch limit is 2 per day or 6 max on a longer trip. Hell the bluefin may be headed for Japan by now OR hanging around in cooler water offshore...WHO KNOWS? Anyway this might make things very interesting the next few months and...
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    Offshore CONDOR Cortez blood, sweat, tears fun time 10/22

    We rolled at 9 with Capt Scott, 2nd Vinnie, Mike, Squeeky, Frank on deck and Billy making awesome food all trip. Many a regular like Eugene, Tom, Bill, Doug, and many more would make this a fun-smack filled trip. After a big load of 3-4" Anchovies (growl) we were off for the Cortez, ETA 7am. We...
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    Offshore CONDOR Wahoo Thursday pics

    Just in at of 3 of 5 wahoo on Condor decked Thursday including Norm Engle's 47lb JP skinny, and Capt Scott conned one on too! LOL Figures we trolled and dumped the tackle store at them tuesday, then they bite Thursday...Oh well that's fishing! LOL Down further-75miles NICE FISH...
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    Offshore Condor 9/22 rockin' good time off Baja Limits Dorado,48 Yellowfin

    We rolled at 9 with Capt Scott, 2nd Vinny, Mike, Tad, Matt on deck and Billy cooking awesome meals, like Pork roast dinner all trip. Many a regular, hot sticks like Norm w/son Mark, ol' Tuna Captain and neighbor Tommy Holland (helped us to the diamond lane) with son Eric (US Army Apache Pilot...
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    Offshore CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Well, damn the fishcounts, time to get 21 hot sticks on Condor and put the wood to some tuna! LOL We rolled at 9 with Capt. Scott, 2nd Vinny, Capt. Mike, Tad, Matt and deck, and Billy cooking awesome food all trip. Many a Condor regular, my sidekick Norm Engle, ex-Dodger-Phils pitcher Kevin...
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    Offshore Condor 7/23 Yellowfin, YT, Dorado out SW rockin funtime

    Well gang after shoulder replacement 3 month epic, hoping to fish by fall, I amazingly felt capable of winding on something to see if my new titanium shoulder would work. It did. Good to get on the ocean again!! LOL We rolled with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike,Tad, Chris,Simon on deck and Billy making...
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    Offshore CONDOR 12/10 Cortez fun time ripper last dance

    We rolled at 7 with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Mike2,Tad and Matt on Deck and Billy cooking awesome food in the galley all trip. Although doomsday reports from internet buffoons about swell and weather, we rolled w/29 veteran tuna guys, got a load of nice dines and off to the Cortez. The swell was...
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    Offshore CONDOR=WOW what a season it was 2014 in PICS

    A lot of rockin' fun people caught one helluva lot of fish on Condor in 2014! From our May 111 Yellowfin, 154 Bluefin to 95lbs surprise to the last rocker late October, this was a season to go down in history. More than all the fish, all the great people who became friends and fished together...
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    VETERANS DAY TODAY=Always Remember

    To all my fellow Vets, have a great and meaningful Veterans Day Always remember those who gave their all, and for them we will fish and honor!
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    Offshore CONDOR HaloweenEve Ripper=Dorado Limits 10/30

    WOW what a trip with a LL of 23 we rolled Wed.nt with Capt Mike Roman, 2nd Mike2, Tad,Matt,Chris on Deck and Billy making great food all trip! After a load of big dines, off to start at 80 miles Thursday morning. Frankly, all hit and miss, lot of paddies, few holding, few jig strikes, some meter...
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    CONDOR LL trip Wednesday nt. 10/29 going light!!

    OK gang, you want to fish a likely wide open bite for Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado, maybe a few Wahoo in the mix like today and the past 3 weeks? Here's your shot! A ltd load trip this Wednesday night 29th on Condor back Friday 6am. Only 2 booked and Scott will GO even if a few more get booked by...
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    Offshore CONDOR Trainwreck4 3D Bloodbath Dorado, Tuna, big YT Riot

    WOW another Trainwreck we rolled at noon 10/10 with capt Scott, 2nd Mike Mike2, Tad, Matt on deck and Billy cooking supurb meals all trip. Armed with FMM and now Excursion Permits lets load up with big dines and GO FISH! Since many of us caught big bluefin going back to may, and more our last...
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    Offshore CONDOR LD Trainwreck 3, Yellowfin, Bluefin bigYellowtail

    Well, if the last 2 "Trainwreck" trips with 22 Guys and 2 Ladies wasn't insane enough Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends, #3 was shaping up to be just as insane. We rolled with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Mike2,Tad, Miguel on deck and Billy making awsome eats like handmade BlueCheeseBurgers for...
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    Offshore CONDOR 1.5d 8/5 Yellowfin Tuna Limits bloodbath lunacy!

    OFF we go again with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Mike2,Tad and Miguel on deck. Billy cooking great eats in galley! After a big load of small-med dines it was on a slow ride, where 2nd Mike parked the big bird behind North Is. Nados before heading further off shore. Mike shutdown about 4am, an area...
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    Offshore CONDOR 7/17 Big Yellowtail/limits & Nice yellowfin fun time

    Off we go again on Condor, Light load of 25 veteran anglers with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Mike2, Tad, Miguel on deck and Billy stuffing us silly in the galley. Left at 8pm, load nice load of med. dines and off to a spot about 42 miles down where some horney purpletail raspatuna had been biting...
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    Offshore CONDOR July4th 350+ Yellowfin,Yellowtail Trainwreck2

    WOW Trainwreck2 LL of 24 left early and loaded chovies, tried to make macks at recievers,Pt Loma and Nados for little. Off on seas of glass with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Mike, Miguel and Tad on Deck and Billy making awesome food in the galley all trip. We started at 80mi. 6am, trolled quite awhile...
  34. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    WOW, god I'm a wreck, but here we go...We rolled at 5pm with 26, Capt. Scott 2nd Mike, Mike,Tad & Miguel on deck, and Billy cooking awesome food all trip. We loaded unreal great bait, big dines, spanish macks, med mack and pedal down to start around 120miabout 9am. We trolled, went by some...
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    ONE SPOT opened today on Condor=Memorial Day Wknd 2.5D

    HEY GANG...1 spot opened today on CONDOR 2.5 day just FYI $485 incl meals and permits Lv Friday 5pm back Monday about 6-7am. Memorial Day Weekend LL of 28 Available now at 9am Wed. Book online at Should be a rocker. See you all Friday.
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    Offshore CONDOR 10/22 Non-stop ripper for Yellowfin to 35,Limits of YT to 24, 9 Dorado

    Well, having said see you next year and calling it a season a week ago after our 2.5 for some up epic battles with big bluefin to 65lbs...WHAT THE HELL-ONE MORE! SO down to the boat they dragged me, kicking and screaming all the way!! LOL We rolled with a light load of 23 with Capt Scott (HAPPY...
  38. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 2.5Day Oct12-13th Big Bluefin, Limits YT, YF, Dorado TRAINWRECK

    WOW WOW WOW what a trip...we rolled with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob..Mike2..Billy on deck and Christophe making supurb food and snacks the entire trip. After a big load of HOT dines and meeting we're GOIN YARD down about 130M where the big bluefin bite has been going on and also fish out and down...
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    Offshore CONDOR goes Yard 120mi 10/2 for Yellowfin, Dorado and Yellowtail Limits

    WOW what a trip, I feel like a trainwreck so here's a quick report. As owner, Capt. Scott Meisel had a death in the family, (our sincere condolences to the family from all of us) old friend and veteran skipper Rick Podolak jumped on the big bird for our trip, with 2nd Mike, Rob..Mike2..Billy on...
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    Offshore CONDOR 3 DAY Yellofin, Bluefin Tuna Trainwreck 2ND Post Attempt

    After filling the tanks and slammer with big hot dines we rolled south at 1pm on seas of glass. Capt Scott,2nd Mike,Rob..Mike..Billy on deck, Christopf making awesome food and snacks, sashimi and other delights all trip! Rather than do a crap shoot for a few bigger bluefin out west , we elected...
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    Offshore CONDOR Labor Day 3 day Yellowfin, Bluefin TUNA TRAINWRECK

    WHEW where do I start we left with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob, Mike and Billy on deck (who stayed up to 3am just to filet the 1st days tuna catch!!) and of course Christopf cooking awesome food all trip. This trip was planned in June for a LL of 24 regulars/veteran winders and we rolled with 23...
  42. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR Kick=butt Bluefin, Limits Yellowtail, Wild Dorado ROCKER!!

    WOW another wild one, with a full load of 37, many regulars, Norm, Tom, Stephen, others 8yr old Paul and dad from Arizona, newbies using conventional reels upside down welllll it got wild at times!! We rolled a 8pm with Capt Scott,2nd Mike, Rob,Mike2,Billy on Deck and Christopf...
  43. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR Rain rocking YT Limits, big Dodo,and Bluefin blues 7/9

    OOPS this was fishing yesterday July 11th.....sunny, cloudy, rainy, flat seas.....OK here we go... Well gang after a couple hrs of PT on the knee I bolted for SD and ran into Spike in the FL lot leaving on the gun (and back w/nice fish) got checked in and headed down to rig up on the boat. We...
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    Offshore CONDOR Crazy Wild Yellowtail Limits in tough weather 6/25

    Well it was time to get the 2nd CONDOR trip off the dock Monday night with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Mike2..Tad and Bill on deck and Christopf making good eats in the gally at 8pm. The good news, a full stb.tank of hot big dines left from Sat...the bad news at the receivers....anchovies only...
  45. Tunahead

    Offshore CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    WOW what at trip on the newly refirbished CHIEF with Capt Chris Randal, 2nd Shawn, Jeff,Dave,Zar on deck and Ian cookin good eats in the galley. We rolled with a full load of fuel and bait at 9pm in a stiff breeze and rolling sw swell, and bottom line we're GOIN YARD down 160+ where bluefin...
  46. Tunahead

    CONDOR good news, & get well 2nd Mike

    Well gang thanks to Norm and dh Mike some good and better news... from the decks of CONDOR....... 1. 2nd Capt Mike had a heart attack few weeks ago but after surgery is doing GOOD! WISH YOU A SPEEDY RECOVERY MIKE!!! (we're taking ya off Red Bull and putting you on carrot juice) :rofl: 2...
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    Just wanted to wish all my fellow VETERANS a Happy Veterans Day and be sure to remember those who gave their all in battle. Ron-SP4 84B20 US Army 66-68
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    Offshore WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!!!

    Some memories of an epic season...let the pictures talk! Have a great holiday season and winter everyone! THANKS FOR A KICK ASS GOOD YEAR!!! Tunahead ***MANY PICS FROM OTHERS AND OTHER TRIPS FOLLOW ON ADDL PAGES!!*****
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    Offshore Ocean Oddesy Haloween Kick butt trip 10/31

    "It's never over until WE say it's over": Bluto was right. Had to do 1 more. Time to get back on the 85x25 Ocean Odyssey after many moons ! We rolled with Capt Rick, 2nd Shawn, Aaron, Matt and Jimmy (the bait Nazi off SA80) LOL and awsome cook Jeremy in the gally. The trip cost of $325...
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    Offshore CONDOR 250 fish trainwreck 10/19=WILD

    Well, with ROB the infamous head deckhand of 7 seasons on Condor saying so long, moving to Pennsylvania, it was time for a bunch of regulars to do 1 more trip. Capt, Scott, 2nd Mike, ROB, Mike and Tad on deck and the infamous Christoph in the gally and the gang, many longtime Condor regs, ol'...
  51. Tunahead

    Offshore PacStar WILD ONE 3.5 day Oct.7-11th

    Well gang we rolled with a LL of 19 Veteran and then some anglers, with Capt. Tyler, 2nd old friend Rick S., Jason and Jordan and deck and megachef Tommy in the galley. BAIT best all year, cured 9 days big dines and wild lively! As Capt said the area at 60-70 miles or so had been worked over...
  52. Tunahead

    PACIFIC STAR 3.5 DAY LL of 20 Oct 7-11th

    HEY GANG...since Chris and Jimmy havn't yet....we got a great Jimmy's Trip Limited load of 20 3.5 day trip on Pacific Star Sunday nt. 9pm Oct.7th returning 6am Thur. Oct. 11th for a great price of $745 including meals, and excursion permit. Great bunch of 6 winders so far and 14 spots left...
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    Offshore CONDOR 200+fish Grand Slam trainwreck 9/6

    Well off again with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob,Chris and Mario on deck and Mike in the galley with 33 hot sticks ready to rock. We rolled up in the zone at 90mi and dump the jigs in about 6:30am and GAME ON. We picked away a jig strike here, a paddy there, and then THE ONE the paddy from...
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    Offshore CONDOR 260+fish trainwreck 9/21 way down

    Well gang, we bolted at 9pm sharp with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob and 2 more Mikes on deck and Christoph in the gally, with many a hot stick regular...Norm, Kevin, Tim, Tom, Steve, Rick, Todd (off Freelance) with GF Jeanette (who caught her 1st dorado) fathers and sons from El Monte and...
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    Offshore CONDOR=Grand Slam carnage 8/7 insane!!

    Well, where do I start, got to FL 3:30 unloaded to boat, no parking so found a spot on street=free a block away. Checked in, went down and rigged up, went below for a nap, man it's HOT today! Left at 9pm with Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob & 2 Mikes on Deck and Christoph in de galley. Rode on rails...
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    Offshore CONDOR, Dorado, Bluefin,Big Yellows 7/19

    WOW...wild one. Old Tuna Head took a bad fall on the down to deck step, but fished til dark, beat up=ankle on ice let's get this done. Got to the boat at 4pm, Capt Scott had been surfing, taking a nap so I walked on eggs got rigged up, went below and did same. LOL We rolled with 34 as couple...
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    CONDOR 35+BF=Wednesday night trip??

    OK GANG....Condor up to over 35 Bluefin and 30+ YT at 10am today with very light load on the big 90 footer. Fish are closer to home now! I'm only one booked so far for tomorrow night 7/18=Thursday 1.5 trip! Boat leaves at 9pm tomorrow night from Fisherman's Landing. See ya! WHO WANT"S TO SLAY...
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    Offshore CONDOR=Limits of nice YT again 7/12

    Well gang, we rolled with only 10 veteran winders Wed. night at 8pm with Capt. Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob & Mike on deck and Christoph the mega cook and off we went on seas of glass to the zone 100 miles south. Dumped the jigs in about 7:30, then paddy 2 Tim from Whittier nailed a nice JP Yellow...
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    Offshore CONDOR 48 Yellowtail for 16 tough winders

    Well gang, the forcasts said the wind and swell were coming down. RIGHT! So we rolled off the dock Monday night with Scott off it was Terry (off Prowler) 2nd Mike, Rob and Mike on deck and Christof in the galley. Great buddy Norm (who talked me into switching from Wed to...
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    CONDOR 1.5 Tonight 6/25 and Wed 6/27 for tuna/YT

    HEY GANG...the weekday warriors are at it again already booked on CONDOR tonight fishing for bluefin and yellowtail tomorrow, only need a few more to GO as of 7:50am this morning. 8pm departure so we get on the paddys and find some fish early tomorrow. GO! Another trip Wednesday night for...
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    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    Well gang somehow we did it,we got a whopping 12 winders on 90ft CONDOR Friday night for a GO to get this season started, and all I can say is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We left at 8pm(orig 6pm) so a few more could make it with Capt Scott,2nd Mike, Rob and Mike on deck and the Frenchman Chirstoper...
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    CONDOR tonight for BF and YT, big hits today

    OK Gang we only need a few more to GO on CONDOR tonight. Norm and I and some of the usual suspects are booked to GO! Let's get this light load trip off the dock and slay some fish!!! Royal Star got 12 Bluefin, 12-30lbs and over 100 Yellowtail on kelps by 11am today. THE FISH ARE THERE! LET"S...
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    Offshore Boiling Bluefin at 70-80mi on AA today

    Brian K. on AA reported schools of boiling 12-20lb Bluefin at 70-80 miles from San Diego this afternoon. Even though our 1.5 on Condor got cancelled tonight for not enough people, as did some others, maybe we can get some boats out and get this thing busted loose soon? Condor and Prowler have...
  64. Tunahead

    CONDOR 1st 1.5 day for tuna/yt Tues night 6/12

    OK CONDOR GANG....let's get enough to GO this tuesday night 6/12 with Capt Scott and Mike and bust this sucker loose hopefully south on some tuna and paddy yellowtail? Norm and I= booked. LET"S ROCK!!! BOOK ONLINE AT: Some football bluefin, and a 60lb'er busted off...
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    DODGERS SWEEP ROCKIES...bring on the...

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    Offshore Bluefin spotted on Searcher at 200mi Friday

    Aaron first spotted jumping bait followed by a nice school of Bluefin tuna around 20lb size at 200 miles from San Diego headed north Friday on the way back from Cabo on a nature trip. HELL YA!! Go to to see his report. :appl:
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    Offshore Tunahead to build retirement boat..follow the tuna

    I've had it driving to San Diego, chasing tuna, sitting on the troll for hours on end, I've decided to retire all the way and build my own house boat and FOLLOW THE TUNA, fish when I want to! LOL Now I'll be able to troll from the pool, or with a beer on the lower rail!! I'm having outriggers...
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    400lb Mudshark caught in Costa Mesa

    WOW kicked my ass , 3 hours on 20lb with a trout rod, took me 1/4 mile up and down the Baker/Bristol canal, almost took me down for the big one, ran home to get my camera and the PELICAN sweeper got my mudshark...damn city! :rofl:
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    MAGIC JOHNSON Group buys Dodgers

  75. Tunahead

    INDIAN 2.5d Colonet/San Martin Birthday Bash

    Well, the weather may have been 82F and sunny here in OC at noon Thursday and a nice drive down the coast seeing sets lined up at San Onofre made it even better. A birthday bash for Indian regular Charles with 18, I could not pass up, so OFF we went at 3pm Thur for Punta Colonet and San Martin...
  76. Tunahead

    INDIAN rough day on the ocean 1/18

    TRUTH in reporting...howling winds to 25-30kts, confused seas and big swells, and a bunch of small fish! Not forcasted by any sites! All our other trips have been calm! LOL We rolled off with Capt Chris, 2nd Scooter, Zar on deck, Ian in the galley and lots of regulars Alex, Jeff, Charles...
  77. Tunahead

    Offshore INDIAN Lots of big fish at Finger Bank Jan 4th

    Just got back, Chris will post a report later. We SMACKED some Big Reds and Nice Lings and all the rest on INDIAN today the 4th. Flat seas, little swell or wind and 82F at the Finger Bank. Here's the fish...says it all. THANKS TO CHRIS AND CREW!! We were the 1st boat off from the San Diego...
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    MELE KALIKIMAKA from the West Coast Gang

  79. Tunahead

    INDIAN 2day Carnage at Colonett 12/17-18

    WOW what a fun trip. We rolled off the dock with 18 ready to rock veteran winders Friday night with Capt.Chris Randel, 2nd Scooter, Zar on deck and Ian cooking up good eats the whole trip. Many regulars Randy, Pat,Charles,Dennis, Larry, Mike,and more. After bait and fresh oven baked pizza it was...
  80. Tunahead

    INDIAN Rockin the Finger Bank 11/23

    Well gang, like a slot machine we hit the jackpot with an awsome 78F+ sunny hot day on flat calm seas on INDIAN with Capt.Chris Randel,Shawn and Zar and Ian in the galley. Many BD'ers on this one, and many regulars and long time no see guys TOO. Young Mathew from Carlsbad with dad in tow, slept...
  81. Tunahead

    INDIAN Red Limits at the Finger Bank 11/9

    Well gang with a big storm approaching, what better way to spend another remaining 75 degree day off Baja than fishing with Capt Chris Randal on INDIAN, with Shawn,Zar and Ian in the galley and 16 real rocking fun winders, including many old regulars Dee,Mike,Brian, & more. After picking up a...
  82. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

    Well I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but IT GOT BETTER! We rolled off the dock at 6pm Capt Scott,2nd Mike, Rob and Mike2 on deck, Tad back in the gally and after bait, meeting it off pedal down for our start about 125mi south. Few paddys into the morn KAHWEEEE BIG Dorado 20-25 Rocked...
  83. Tunahead

    CONDOR Wed. nt Oct.26-Light Load to GO

    HEY GANG we only need 4-5 more to make CONDOR A GO this Wednesday night at 6pm fishing Thursday the 27th down 120mi where we've been slaying the Yellowtail,Dorado and YF/BF Tuna. Can't beat fishin' a 90 footer with light load of veteran anglers! GO! Just FYI...HOT TIP! CALL FISHERMAN"S LANDING...
  84. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR Limits YT,3YF,2BF Rocked em!

    Well gang somehow we managed to round up 19 veteran winders by Mon17th-fish-18th and GO GO GO again on Condor. With Capt Scott, 2nd Mike, Rob and JJ on deck and OH we got Sandy in the galley as Tad on vacation already LOL. After bait and meeting it was pedal down where we threw the jigs out...
  85. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 10/11 YT Limits , Bull Dodos

    What a trip! We rolled off the dock at 6pm with 17, Capt. Scott, 2nd Mike, JJ and Rob on deck and Tad in the galley. After loading dines and a brief meeting it was pedal down to the paddy zone starting at 110mi. Our 2nd paddy was a HOUSE with easily a thousand yellowtail under it, and everyone...
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    OK...I'm not goint to deny anyone's right to unwind here if they had a bad trip on whatever boat....but I thought I would share a FEW FACTS from 3-4 very well known Tuna Boat Owners/ Captains that gave me some cost per trip input going offshore. OUT OF THE GROSS PROCEEDS OF A BOATS TRIP...
  87. Tunahead

    Offshore BigGame90 2.5 day ROCKIN GOOD TIME Aug 15-16

    We rolled off the dock sunday night with Capt Mike Jewitt, 2nd Brad, Jake,Brian and John and Deck and Cook Jeff and Worley making good eats in the galley, for the area about 75miles out southwest. We awoke to lots of jumping bluefin but again, few biters. For some 21 of us, some bluefin would...
  88. Tunahead

    Offshore BigGame90 Rock&Roll Paddy Yellows,etc.7/30&31

    Well gang with a full of beans group of mostly BG90 regulars JC,Dan, Mike & many more we left the dock Fri.nt with Capt.Mike Jewitt, 2nd's Dave,Brad & Jake,John,Jake2 on deck and cook Jeff and lovely Amber in the Galley we were OFF for the area 110-120 south where the jumpers and paddys had been...
  89. Tunahead


    Having friday off too, no way I was going to sit around, and with the tuna bite still scratch at best down south, just to easy to drive 12 mi to Long Beach from Costa Mesa and jump on BG90 with Capt Mike Jewitt, 2nd Brad, Brian and John on deck and new cook Jeff making some awsome eats all day...
  90. Tunahead

    BigGame90 to Cat in search of ghosts and other cirtters 5/14

    Well, with 2 new hummin diesels now completed in BG90 it was time to get the old gal off the dock for an overnight to CAT with 25 veteran winders. Arriving at 1am it was tough going finding, let alone making squid. Hitechangler Danno got the trifecta in the wee hours snagging the lone 1 squid, a...
  91. Tunahead

    Offshore BigGame 90 3.5 Day Sacramento Reef, Geronamo & San Martin Islands Rockin Roller

    Wow what a trip. We left Thurs night with Capt Mike, 2nd Aaron, Brad, Bryan,John on deck and Jake in Galley on a 3.5 day Doc Ski charter with Rocky, Diane, Mike and the Boyz from Long Beach, many others from as far away as San Francisco and Modesto-a more hearty bunch of veteran rockers you'd...
  92. Tunahead

    BigGame 90 2day to the outer reaches of Island Space 11/5-11/7 Rockin!

    Well gang with this tough to take 80's weather and the ocean like a lake we rolled off the dock at Long Beach Marina SF at 8pm with Capt Mike Jewitt, 2nd Doug, Brad and Brian on Deck and Jake the Snake in the galley on seas of glass. Not ready to join a parking lot and scratch bite at SBI we...
  93. Tunahead

    FREELANCE Rockin' the Bonies and Co's at CAT 10/2

    Well gang after a couple more shoulder sugeries and too much onshore PT it was time to get on on Freelance again after year or more with Goofy & Chad on deck, Devo at the Helm and we rolled for Cat with a full of beans bunch of regular winders and kids of all ages. We started just west of Goat...
  94. Tunahead

    Offshore BIG GAME 90 San Clemente Isl. 2day April 24th-25th

    Well gang, gotta tell ya after 4 shoulder surgeries and 15mos off the water it was GREAT gettin back out with Capt Mike Jewitt,2nd Justin,Brad,Brian,Josh on deck,Megacook Jake on BG90. We rolled for the backside of Cat where but a few scoops of squirts were made and it was off for San Clemente...
  95. Tunahead

    FREELANCE 3/29 CAT-Bonies,Barries and Funtime for ALL

    HELLO SPRING! Rolled off the dock at 7am with Capt.Damon Davis, Chris,Chad,Kane,Jose on Deck and Randy in the all new refitted FREELANCE galley and it was OFF to CAT with a full load of Chovies. 1st stop was a wide open RIPPER Barracuda bite where we caught and released a gazillion shorts (or...
  96. Tunahead


    Hey gang, FREELANCE SKIPPER NORRIS TAPP is in surgery at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach today as I type for a serious intestional problem, and of course ALL OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH HIM. Anyone, everyone who'd like to WISH NORRIS A SPEEDY RECOVERY can email him at [email protected] and...
  97. Tunahead

    South Coast MPLA Next Tuesday FEB.10th-Huntington Beach

    HEY EVERYONE...our South Coast MPLA Guy Norris Tapp (Freelance Skipper) heading up the group to save our island sportfishing, wanted me to let you ALL know THE NEXT MPLA MEETING is next Tueday Feb.10th in Huntington Beach from 5:30-7 at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Hotel at 21100 Pacific Coast...
  98. Tunahead

    Offshore APOLLO Colonett Yellows,Limits of big Reds/Lings ROCKER

    HELLO 2009 and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! After shoulder surgery in September DAMN it's good to be BACK ON THE WATER. After good friend MikeeDaGuy couldn't go and willed me his spot, along with HTA,Mark.Kyle for Christmas (or get kidnapped kicking and screaming anyway) I was forced to go on a 1.5...
  99. Tunahead

    BIG GAME 90 2day Turkey Trot ROCKER

    Got to the landing about 6, all the usual suspects were already there, Ace,Jason,Mark,Ralph,Mike and many more BG90 regular die hards. We rolled out of Long Beach with 27 ready to ROCK winders, none more than me after shoulder surgery and off the water for 4 months. With Capt Mike Jewitt, 2nd...
  100. Tunahead

    BigGame90 Bustin Albacore in a scratch bite-July 4th 2.5 Day

    Well gang, with 5 days off, what better way to spend 2.5 days than jump on BigGame 90 with Capt. Mike Jeweitt,2nd Dave, the deck bros Brad,Aaron and Tyler, and Jake & Jeremian cookin good eats in the galley! After loading up 35 veteran winders, and a nice load of dines/chovies it was OFF for...
  101. Tunahead

    FREELANCE SANDIE time on the Huntington Beach FLATS

    WOW...we rolled off the dock on a beautiful summer morn with a half load of 45 rockin Moms,dads,kids of all ages, for a LL Ext.3/4 day 10hr trip on FREELANCE out of Davey's Locker. After loading all the tanks with NICE chovies and dines, it was OFF to area off Huntington Beach, about straight...
  102. Tunahead

    FREELANCE Hot damn fun time at CAT Ext Day 6/22

    Arrived at 5:30, my sidekicks HTA & Lowtide Joe were already there and ready to rock on a steamy 70+ already clear day. We left on the 6:30-6:30 extended day, loaded up with big dines/chovies w/Pamela Rose and it was OFF to Catalina, most of the way over in dense fog. We slid in around the...
  103. Tunahead

    BigGame 90 2.5 Day Fathers Day Rocker!

    Well gang, arrived at 6pm to find so many famaliar faces and veteran anglers you'd think we were leaving for a LR trip, my neighbor Clay, Ray and Phillip (last fished with them at Benitos for big yellows) Jimi,Matt, Owner Irv Grisbeck and son Rusty, always barefoot legendary Capt. Dave Williams...
  104. Tunahead

    BigGame90-OVER Weekend new 2.5 day trips added***

    Hey Bloody Deckers...Irv and Mike just ADDED 2 great over the weekend 2.5 days hopefully fishing for Albacore and paddy yellows in July. Trip 26A departs Thurs.nt.July 10th-9pm returning Sunday July 13th 6am Trip 34A departs Thurs.nt.July 24th-9pm returning Sunday July 27th 6am Both these...
  105. Tunahead

    FREELANCE-BassProShops Barracuda RIPPER Sun June 8th

    WOW..all I can say. Having been all but "ordered" (ae:invited) by veteran Skipper Norris Tapp and long time friend and stern "fixture" Sergio to jump on the 2nd of several BassProShop's Charters at 6am Sunday, soon joined by other familar local faces and sponsors George from BassProShops, Dennis...
  106. Tunahead

    BigGame90 Tough Day at Cat 5/31

    OK..sometimes I get accused of reporting a trip as great fishing, and getting trashed by some who caught little fish... (I get blamed for everything on the 90 anyway-LOL ) so HERE...this last Saturday...just flat SUCKED. OK? Arrived at 7:30 knowing we had a full load of 58 (45 or so showed) and...
  107. Tunahead

    BigGame 90 Seabass, Yellowtail weekend

    OK, first of all, I'd like to take a moment an pay tribute to my many fellow Veterans who gave their ALL in Viet Nam, and those in other wars too. Let's not forget what Memorial Day is REALLY all about. Now, the fishing. BG90 had a charter Friday, and bottom line the White Seabass showed and...
  108. Tunahead

    Tide Change 3/4 day HOT TIME AT CATALINA May.18th

    Well, after double cortozone shots in a shoulder needing OP soon, I was in no condition for an overnight Friday night, but thankfully hopped on Johnny Jordan's TIDE CHANGE for "therapy" at Cat by Sunday. After loading up on some nice chovies, we headed for the frontside of Cat on absolute seas...
  109. Tunahead

    BigGame90-Santa Barbara Is. Muthas Day Rocker

    Well gang, with little time left Wednesday, we decided it was time to have a good old MUTHAS DAY trip on BG90 as Capt Mike Jewitt was just itchin to get a boatload of veteran winders and make the 1st trip of the year to Santa Barbara Island. All the usual suspects came, HTA-Dan, MIkee, Eddie...
  110. Tunahead

    BigGame90 MUTHA'S DAY trip-Maybe? May 11th

    Hey gang...we've got about 10 hard core winders so far, need 20 to get off the dock this Saturday Night with Capt Mike Jewitt on BigGame 90 out of Long Beach Marina Sportfishing. IF you'd like to join us MUTHAS call562-598-6649 to book. TWO can go for $199..helluva BRING MOM and wind...
  111. Tunahead

    FREELANCE-Boni's,Bari's and Bass at Cat-May3rd

    Rolled into Davey's Locker-6am and hooked up stern corner fishing buddies Miguel and Richard and let the real smack began to fly. LOL. Off at 7am, and after loading a big load of nice dines/chovies at Newport Bait Co-barge it was off on seas of glass for the East End of Cat with about 40 eager...
  112. Tunahead

    BIG GAME 90 San Clemente Island 4/19 Rocker

    Pulled into LBMSF and promptly met by the "Sashimi Bros." at the gate, and we were the only ones there at 8pm? By 10 we were up to 41 ready to rock winders, fathers/sons and lot of BG90 regulars. The neatest part, good friend and longtime deckhand DOUG..who go his capatain's license last year...
  113. Tunahead

    BigGame90 2day-San Clemente & Cat Wild One

    What better way to kick off the season than "assemble" 28 of your closest friends and veteran winders and blast off with the always fun Capt.Mike Jewitt,2nd Steve (Tracer)Brad,Jeramiah,Rob on deck and Jake in the Galley for 2 days of "exploratory" fishing on BigGame90. We blasted off at 9...
  114. Tunahead

    Must be Spring? Fog,Drizzle,Squid,WSB...

    Am I alone? Ever notice it happens every year? I woke up at 3AM today...that cold chill and eerie fog seeping through the crack in the window I left barely open..that know the one? What is it? Why am I up at 4AM reading stories on White Seabass,Boiler Calicos and Fat Albacore off...
  115. Tunahead

    BigGame 90 trip this wknd-Rescheduled!!!

    The 2 day BigGame 90 trip out of LB Marina Sportfishing has been cancelled due to high winds/swells coming. The NEW dates for same 2 day trip are Fri.March 28th-Sunday the 30th Check in 7pm-leaving at 8pm. NOTE: MOST of the people that were on this weekend have rebooked but word is there's about...
  116. Tunahead

    FREELANCE-Cat Ext.3/4,Fun,Sun and 3 B's

    Well gang, what better way to bust loose the season than rollin' to Cat with skipper Norris Tapp on the "Big Ride" Freelance on an extended 6-6 3/4 day on a beautiful flat sea morning! We headed straight for the banks off the east end where we did many drifts for some nice rockfish, and as the...
  117. Tunahead

    FREELANCE Sculps,Bass and Big Cabbie-Released

    Well gang, after a day at the lake re-affirming trout fishing isn't my calling, time to roll out with Skipper Norris Tapp on FREELANCE out of Davey's Locker for a beautiful 78 degree day off the beach Saturday. We anchored up outside the pipe on a decent pick for quite a few tasty sculpin. One...
  118. Tunahead

    Happy Birthday WAHOODAD?????

  119. Tunahead

    BigGame 90 2.5 Day ROCKIN' COLONETT-Jan 18-21st

    We rolled off Friday Night on BigGame to Punta Colonett with Capt.Mike Jewitt, 2nd Tony Saldivar and DH Dominec (off Mardiosa), Jeremiah and Dave(off Vagabond) who just flat ROCKED on Deck, and the one and only Jake in the gally with great food par usual. To say this was a trip to die for would...
  120. Tunahead

    Rockin Indian again on the Finger Bank

    Managed to duck in another INDIAN trip to the Finger Bank before the rains for some more real decent Reds and Lings. Randy and Todd were the Captains this trip as Chris on vacation in Mexico. Slow in the morning then we went wide open on a couple of ripper rockpiles in the afternoon. Great boat...
  121. Tunahead

    Offshore INDIAN Rockin' the Finger Bank-Dec.15th

    I had such a great time in November on Indian I HAD TO roll out again Dec.15th to the Finger Bank with Capt.Chris Randal. After filling the tanks with nice Dines,Chovies and having fresh frozen squid TOO off we went, the boat ridin' on rails on seas of glass. After 2 cups of boilerplate coffee...
  122. Tunahead

    Offshore BigGame90 2.5 Day -Foamer and roamers..few biters...

    Well...GONE were the "gimme" bites of a few days ago..and after Captain Mike Jewitt and 2nd Danny Strunk (ex-Premier)drove all over the Butterfly Friday..we suprisingly got a fat Yellowfin on the troll...then over a big meter mark, ON... THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP...Danny's young son JACOB...
  123. Tunahead

    BigGame90 5.5 Day Labor Day ROCKER to Cedros

    We blasted off Wed.the 29th and headed 1st for the Albacore grounds where a snotty/choppy grey dawn awaited us...we managed to put some better grade THUGS in the hold, and the plan was to head to the Lupe, until a couple boats there said not all that great so we headed SE direct for Cedros. On...
  124. Tunahead

    FREELANCE LL-Ext day 3/4-August 11th at the Flats...

    Hey gang...just to "stay in shape" for an upcoming 5.5day I rolled out with Veteran skipper Norris Tapp on Freelance Saturday off the Huntington Beach flats. As the tide starting coming in late morning..the Sandies,Calicos, and log Cuda started filling the sacks. Some big ones were lost to a...
  125. Tunahead

    BigGame90 5.5 Day Labor Day ROCKER???

    Hey gang...TUNAHEAD here...any BloodyDecks members on our BigGame 90 5.5 day ROCKER coming up August 29th-Sept.3rd... We've already got serious winders and asst.tackle-ho's HTA,BigGabe,JC, Mikeedaguy,SixpackMike,Joe,BigMark,the 2 Georges,Lowtide Joe, Warzon. Ace, John, some Tunahead and MANY...