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  1. Kettel O' Fish

    Hub replacement

    85 EZ loader trailer needs new hubs. Any particular brand that stands out; obviously want something decent that will hold up for a few years in the salt...thanks so much!
  2. Kettel O' Fish

    Fishing sunglasses

    My finder screen disappears when I have my polarized sunglasses on. Anybody have an economic non-polarized option they really like? Thanks so much!
  3. Kettel O' Fish

    Marine Upholstery

    I live in Kenmore...anybody have a good Marine upholstery referral? Have a couple small'ish curtains for my buddy's Tiderunner I need made. There used to be a guy right here in Kenmore but he's gone. Thanks in advance!
  4. Kettel O' Fish

    Skagit/Sauk opener

    Anybody know anyone who fished the opener last week? Just curious if anything was caught (and released)....have seen nothing on-line about anybody fishing.
  5. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Lk Wash Cut

    5 straight days of yard clean-up....had to do something. Buddy Sam guided me out on Lk Washington yesterday...good to get out on some kind of water! Trolled small spoons, one on dr & one leaded line. Picked up three, one decent one (17"). Fillet'd & pan fried the bigger one in butter for...
  6. Kettel O' Fish

    Blackmouth withdrawls

    Severe withdrawl symptoms today. Low motivation for yard work or house projects. Dreaming of wild takedowns; 4" plug 6' off the bottom at Tin Shed.
  7. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna virgins christened!

    Patrick did a helluva a job yesterday working to find us fish...and it was work! Buddy Aaron's 40th birthday prize...tuna trip with the boys. 4 virgins were on board! All cherries were popped. The place we started (nw) was thick with tuna on Tuesday but the wind & full moon obviously scattered...
  8. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunglass holder

    Tired of setting my glasses down on the dash & having them slide all over getting eventually destroyed...anybody have an awesome dash mount sunglass holder for thier boat? Thank!
  9. Kettel O' Fish

    Sekiu slump

    Pounded hard from dawn till dusk to day only got 2 tens in. Released a couple smallish natives and some shakers and that was it. Bait has seemed to disappear as have the salmon.
  10. Kettel O' Fish

    2020-2021 Regs
  11. Kettel O' Fish

    Slippery rod handle no more!

    This product works so well; is so cheap, so easy to install and made a huge difference in the grip. Have a newer Lamiglass rod that had an insanely slippery handle/grip....brutal! Found this product & put it on; wow, problem solved. Just like brand new grips on a golf club. They claim it...
  12. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Monday Morning Bubble

    Rarely do I speak highly of the "Bubble"...lines in water at 6am; 60 fow 60' cable. Green glow splatterback squid/herring teaser on one & 3" herring aid spoon on the other....Indian nets were set out to 50 ft so couldn't go much shallower along north beach. 4 solid takes & 4 solid fish...
  13. Kettel O' Fish

    Lapush locked until Juy 3 NOTICE: The Quileute Tribe’s Stay Home Order has been extended to July 3rd, 2020. Click here to read the official statement. Lapush closure extended to July 3. Just an fyi....
  14. Kettel O' Fish

    Canada going to be iffy this year I enjoy Bamfield every year end of August. Poett Nook announced they are closed for the year....a lot of BD'ers fish there...bummer. I fish out of Bamfield..... Hoping against hope the border will be open end of August....
  15. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    Can a boat that's been sunk in saltwater ever really run right again? Friend of a friend's boat (Andy)...filled with water & sank....submerged a long time.....late December 2019. If you are looking for a boat, beware...
  16. Kettel O' Fish

    garage kicker mount

    Anybody have a better idea/solution to this? I have plenty of wall space & would love to not have to lay the motor (8hp kicker) down on it's side. Thanks!
  17. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    Bought a T8 a while back & my steering mechanism/arm contacts the fresh water flush limiting my main motor turning capacity (always something!). That said, can this bracket that holds the flush nozzle be cut, a half inch of metal added & then welded back together....I only need a bit of height...
  18. Kettel O' Fish

    Howe Sound

    Chomping at the bit to fish....somewhere. Howe Sound is 3 hrs from my house..thinking of making it a 2 day trip for winter blackmouth. Anybody fish up there & have advise on location/best tides? Bowen Island looks to be popular as is the W Vancouver beach. January can't get here fast...
  19. Kettel O' Fish

    Smoked salmon processor

    Jensens is gone. Larry's doesn't take salmon anymore. Not a huge fan of Sylvana meats smoked fish. Anybody else have a go-to smoked salmon company/processor around? Have a mess of salmon & don't want to do it myself....thanks!
  20. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Straits Shrimp

    Spectacular day on the straits yesterday. One pull & we had our 240 prawns easy...nice size too. Couldn't find any love at Hein during the soak..3 nice drive-bys & one "ping" right after hooking. Lots of bait/fish on the screen...just couldn't scrape one up. Buddy Kyle told me to cut the...
  21. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 love

    Just had to show off a piggy from A7 today....Irish Creme CK 10' off the deck in 100' of water....strong fish! Let another one go of similar ilk later; one too many fins.
  22. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    Son Ben & I and another boat ventured to Neah Fri/Sat...heard the kings were in out at Swiftsure. Weather looked perfect for my smallish boat so off we went. Had a hard time with halis Fri so switched to salmon & the action was non-stop. 95-120' on the wire with 4" spoons did the trick...
  23. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bubble (not)

    Had to try the opener hoping for something. Fished daylight to 8:30am high slack. One small bm & no keepers. 30-40 of my friends out; never saw or heard of a net. Some life on the screen but no takers. Maybe better evening bite?
  24. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 eats

    Explored 8-2 some yesterday & hit a decent bite around morning ebb...pinged 3 (one a true ripper) before landing this one. Green glow squid 4' off the deck in 80' of water was the ticket. Got down to a t shirt late the spring time weather!
  25. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Magic

    Easy peasy this morning...motored to popular location in A9...CK & 3.5" Irish Cream spoon down to 115. Great bait on the bottom. 2 fatties in the boat in 30 min....back at home at 10am. Beautiful flat water too! Days I wished it was 2 fish limit. Fresh king for dinner!
  26. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    Wow, one for the books....spent most of Friday in a blizzard & all of Saturday (we lasted only 3 hrs!) in Gale force winds. When we got back to the dock at noon the checker reported a gust of 75mph at Friday Harbor. We managed one 10.5lb fish Friday with another comparable nate release (and a...
  27. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    After what seemed like forever, launched out of Everett this morning & motored to a very popular trolling location (close to Hat)....bottom was covered with bait/fish 95-100' most of the morning. Irish Creme Tailwagger & UV white squid on the deck did the damage. Nothing huge but felt good to...
  28. Kettel O' Fish

    Dolphin 27"x8" black smooth bumper (with inflate hole)

    Found it floating in Lk Wash a couple years ago...too big for my boat. Yours if you want it...I'm in Kenmore. 27" x 8" size..inflatable
  29. Kettel O' Fish

    Warm Under Garments

    Froze my ass off hunting last week in NE Washington..doubled up long underwear & thick wool pants...not good. Looking into Merino wool or UnderArmour cold gear. I walk some when I hunt but generally, I'm a sitter which can get very cold. Does anybody do similar & have great success with...
  30. Kettel O' Fish

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Heading down 9th-11th...clamming Copalis Friday night....any intel on clam productivity/size at either Mocrocks or Twin Harbors (Copalis not open Saturday night) from the October digs? Thanks in advance!
  31. Kettel O' Fish

    Frozen tuna available

    Just a heads up to those that may be contemplating a winter/spring with no canned tuna. I drove down last Thursday & bought 250lbs of frozen whole tuna at $2.99/lb...flash frozen on the boat. Thawed for one day & then canned it all. Good quality..all fish around 12lbs. Roger says they are...
  32. Kettel O' Fish

    Automatic pressure cooker

    Anybody have a bullet proof go-to automatic pressure cooker (for canning tuna & salmon)...tired of babysitting my stove top canner. Thanks! PS Seafood Connection Dock 8 had some whole frozen albacore at $2.99/lb if you are as desperate as I am/was for canned tuna (for the year)
  33. Kettel O' Fish

    Waterproof tote bag

    I fish an open boat 99% of the non-waterproof bag is at the end of it's life...has anybody found a perfect waterproof tote bag with side pockets that is mid size (to fit jacket/shirt/light rainjacket in? Thanks in advance...
  34. Kettel O' Fish

    Nootka 7/24-7/27

    First time to Nootka...fished Bamfield the last 15 years. Stayed at very cool B&B floating oasis across from Critter Cove...fished out of buddy Bob's 22' Grady with good friend Mike Bos. Arrived Tuesday morning & fished the afternoon past the Lighthouse. Had a consistent bite & got 2 chinook...
  35. Kettel O' Fish

    Partsvu atta boy

    I gotta give a shout out to Partsvu. Ordered Yammy 115 oil change kit ($38) & water pump kit Monday...arrived intact at my door step Wednesday. I called Monday after ordering & asked is they could add another product.."let me look that up for you & make certain we send you the right...
  36. Kettel O' Fish

    baker lk

    Any reports from today (7/12)...3500+ socks in the lake...wondering if it's too high and/or wood in water. Thanks!
  37. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ocean Soup A3

    Fabulous 2 days so far here in Lapush with Captain, what a resource. Nice grade ocean fish Thursday and ling/rock inshore limits today. Weather looks good for tomorrow.
  38. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bubble Bust

    Fished from daylight to shaker. Saw one caught....100 boats? Although didn't count. Checker had zip with 15 boats when we got back to Everett. Buddy tells me the tribe had successful net yesterday so maybe soon, the bay will refill. Anybody have better results? Onto ocean...
  39. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 5 Min. before closing!

    Fished solo today with all my friends (literally nobody could go today). Had a solid day yesterday so kept boat in water at Cap Sante. Headed to secret spot by 9am (old man time)...low slack at noon & had to leave by noon. Cold/wet/breezy all morning & yesterday's fishy bait on the screen was...
  40. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Bloody Deck

    Just had to share the two bloody footballs from A7 this morning. Too bad it's ending!
  41. Kettel O' Fish

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Sorry for the poor pic....
  42. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater They didn't get this one!

    Buddy Aaron & I out this morning at local A9 seal hang out. Seals were thick! Hooked this guy as we were just coming up to leave. We think two seals fought over it...they let go for just a second & we dragged it in. Salvaged most of it. Gotta be something we can do to eliminate some of...
  43. Kettel O' Fish

    Roche Winner

    Buddy Bob Enselman on brother Larry Enselman's boat caught the big one. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time...bam! The net broke while netting their fish which led to high blood pressure...they did get it in. Congrats to Team Enselman!
  44. Kettel O' Fish

    Starboard Plastic

    I'm looking for 2 3"x16"x1/4" strips of Starboard plastic to mount under my new aluminum gas tank. Does anybody around the Kenmore area have some they's like to sell to me? Thanks in advance...cell # is 425-941-9733
  45. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Lk Washington Coho Counts

    Anybody know why the counts haven't been update in over a week? Heard the nets went into the lake today so probably doesn't matter at this point. Those nets can really kill a good thing...
  46. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna Mania

    Went with Tailwalker today....plowed out to the tuna grounds...first 5 minutes, triple on the troll..turned into a 7 fish stop. Two more troll/bait stops..plugged by 12:30 & on the way home. Amazing day Mr. Patrick/Rabbi Daniel. My buddies were impressed by the tuna prowess! You are a...
  47. Kettel O' Fish

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Hi all..30 gallon gas tank/1985 Tiderunner runabout finally gave up the ghost. I live in Kenmore...any suggestions/referrals on how to replace? Fiberglass or Aluminum. Anybody on the thread construct/fabricate these? Thanks in advance!
  48. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Anybody fish Baker Lake yesterday?

    Only 1000 released into the lake..curious is anybody went out...(and caught?). Going to wait until the count is 5000+ til I go
  49. Kettel O' Fish

    Ilwaco/Neah opener

    Any news on how fishing was yesterday on the opener?
  50. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Epic Lapush

    Big lings..decent halis, big rocks, calm sunny ocean. What a day. Thanks Steve for a great trip. ...
  51. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Fatty

    Released a 20+lb nate this morning...picked this guy up about an hour later. Some quality fish out there.
  52. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Blackies

    Arrived at 9am...done by 9:15am....pretty good fishing this morning. Buddy Mike in the pic. (he's 6'7" so does no justice to fish size!) Seahawk (herring aide) & Cookies/Cream spoon dragging mud in 135' of water. One had 2 7" horse herring in it's belly. Bummer it's gonna storm for a week...
  53. Kettel O' Fish

    Garage butcher

    I have a pretty shot up spike bull elk (skinned & ready to go)..anybody know of a home/garage butcher who could bone it/burger it for cash? Thanks!
  54. Kettel O' Fish

    Johns River

    Any reports from John's River since it opened?
  55. Kettel O' Fish

    Lake Washington Rape

    It's bad enough the bastards string their nets from the bay to the lake...but running 7 boats & gillnets in front of Kirkland (about the only Sportsman sanctuary) is just plain fucked. Sorry for the language but I am pissed...they get first early dubs on the run...they wreak hacov on the entire...
  56. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bam at Barkley!

    Should probably be in the BC section but...figured you may want to hear some good salmon news after a sometimes lackluster season around here. Leaving driveway (8/17), noticed oil coming from kicker drain plug (as I was leaving for week long trip)...called around; Cascade Marine in Mt Vernon...
  57. Kettel O' Fish

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Short of cutting my non-insulated Xtra-Tufs down (to ankle height) so my feet don't boil...does anybody have a perfect solution to summertime (hot) bootwear? I've used duck boots in the past but not great support. Thanks in advance!
  58. Kettel O' Fish

    Mukilteo BS

    Paid $15 to launch at the worst ramp in the state yesterday. My passengers paid for parking their car... (I didn't realize for 4 hrs only.. $8 total). Came back at low tide...4-low to pull boat out..barely. Passengers had $30 parking ticket on wiper. Really Mukilteo?? Wrote Mayor a nasty...
  59. Kettel O' Fish

    Mukilter BS

    Paid $15 to launch at the worst ramp in the state yesterday. My passengers paid for parking their car... (I didn't realize for 4 hrs only.. $8 total). Came back at low tide...4-low to pull boat out..barely. Passengers had $30 parking ticket on wiper. Really Mukilteo?? Wrote Mayor a nasty...
  60. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA9 Report

    Buddy Mark with a slabber from Possession this splatterback squid down 130' of wire. Lots of bait...big herring in belly. 21'lbs gutted at Edmonds scale. Very good bite from 7-9am today....
  61. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Baker Lk Opener

    Read about the lake opening yesterday...called buddy (Captain Tobin) & off we went this morning..showed up around 5:30 at the grounds & game on immediately. Constant action until we ended with a triple around 9:30am. Lots of drive bys..lost fish & just lots of FISH! So much fun after last...
  62. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Baker Lk Sockeye

    Emergency opener today July 6..limit raised to 5per person..2-pole endorsement ok...6694 fish in lake...
  63. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/2-3

    Quick report....drove down Saturday morning early with son Ben. Hoping intel would be good from Friday but dismal reports. Did see the two caught Friday by Thatsbait out deep (thanks for that!) so decided to head west until I found fish. Happened on a boat at 220' with a fish on...he hollered...
  64. Kettel O' Fish

    Quill attack!

    Had a great day at Lapush 3 weeks ago with Carrie's bait boy. One of the "black bastards" stuck me on the upper nail/skin connection (not sure what you call it)....3 weeks this area was painful/infected...thought is was just the venom. Yesterday at Westport, I feels a sting in the finger & here...
  65. Kettel O' Fish

    Where to start Friday?

    Any intel from commies as to where they've been fishing Westport? Would love to stay close to the beach but will go deep if looking forward to a viscous king take down! Been way too long.
  66. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Rosario

    Excited to get my boat back from the shop (in 4 weeks!)--re-done floor (had delaminated from a previous fix)...headed toward Salmon Bank yesterday morning...1/2 way across buddy says "hey, water coming in"...oh shit; turn around, turn pump on & head back to ramp. Sure enough, the guys who fixed...
  67. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Wish I could say they were jumping in the boat yesterday...couldn't find anybody to challenge the forecast with me so thought I'd give it a try. Fished 3 popular Rosario Straits locations from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Had one good one on--lost it 1/2 way up. A couple drive-bys. That was it. Stuck...
  68. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally hit the jackpot

    Plugged the boat today by 11:30. 3 stops..Appears others did well too. 40 miles due west. Tailwalker Charter is the shit. Awesome Captain Patrick and Deckhand Daniel..thanks for the great trip. Side-note: Firstmate Stephanie (she is one tough cookie!) was the hot ticket today--outfished us all!
  69. Kettel O' Fish

    Sooke BC 8/19-8/26

    Fished Sooke 8/19-8/26 (cancelled Bamfield trip due to 30" max. size limit). Stayed at Sooke Harbour Marine Resort--3 bed/3bath condo; with US discount only $160/night. This is luxury fishing compared to tents at Poett Nook! Nice dock, locked gate, nice well lit cleaning stations. Typical...
  70. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 8-11

    Called WFDW yesterday requesting King limit be raised to 2 for me today (60% of quota left--only 2-3 solid weeks of king season left!). Answer was no-have to review last weeks data. That said, drove down last night with friend Mike Bos; launched at 6 & followed fleet 22 miles from Buoy 8 NW to...
  71. Kettel O' Fish

    Bamfield Screw Job

    Anybody else have a trip planned to Bamfield/Barkley in August? Bam, size restriction imposed 8/1/15 out 1 mile into the ocean--nothing over 30" can be kept (that's about 14lbs--painful memories from our 30" restriction in the 90's). I wonder how many vacations this is ruining; not to mention...
  72. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport 7/13 Open seat

    Giving some thought to heading down tomorrow morning early..winds look light. 2-man boat--have open seat. Anybody else got a hankerin to whack a king? Text me at 425-941-9733 or PM...thanks! Kurt
  73. Kettel O' Fish

    A11 Dolphin Pt

    Any news from Dolphin Pt? I usually hit it on the 1st & sometimes did well....
  74. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater I-5 Springers

    Fished Wed/Thurs from Portco down to the RR tracks along with many others....picked up two including this one by buddy Mike Milner on Wed. Skunked Thursday (although we saw quite a few fish get caught)...many boats at Portco launch were skunked Thursday as well--even the guide boats were having...
  75. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally a Fish!

    Uncle's 74th birthday today. Norwegian Pt at am tide change. 135' down (on the deck) with 3.5" cookies & creme spoon. Let another nice fat native go earlier at Pilot. Drive by at Tin Shed on the way in. Zero bait but a few scrappers around...
  76. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Eve Fishing

    Snuck out Christmas Eve with a couple buds with the promise of being home at 2 (ya, right!). Well, we fished through 1pm & went 4/7 including a couple strong long line releases. Skies cleared when we got there & the wind amazing morning in the San Juan Islands....
  77. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Had a short business engagement north Monday so decided to hook up the boat & head to Anacortes (actually just a good excuse to hit the opener); had to fly solo as all baitboys were working or busy (I never understand this!)....arrived 9am at the ramp--one side was blocked with logs (wind...
  78. Kettel O' Fish

    Garmin 240 fishfinder

    I have one & it is still working perfectly. Does anybody have an old dead one they'd like to sell me for parts? The section screwed onto the back that receives the bolts (to hold the unit to the mount) broke--can't find that particular piece anywhere...thanks in advance! I can be reached at...
  79. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA 9 Blackmouth

    Buddy Dan Tobin had the hot hand Friday. Irish Creme 3.5" tail wagger 8' off the bottom at a very popular fish hole Friday morning. 4 keepers by 10am--I won't get beat up on weight so I'll say they were "hefty"....All fish had large herring in bellies. Thank god the dink coho are gone & the...
  80. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    Pretty quick bite this morning in front of the ferry. 50-60' down...limits (4) by 8:30. Heard good reports up & down the east shoreline (from shipwreck to Richmond Beach). Appears the rain has brought some in! Took my buddy Rory out this morning--fresh coho on the Q tonight.... Green hot...
  81. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/28

    Drove down from Seattle--launched at 8:30..poles in water by 9:00. Lost one one coho & landed one king--fished until 3; then in. Fished all around the casino/ocean shores area from 40-90'; no bait & not much life. Heard from others it had been good Sat/Sun but not so today. Did hear of a few...
  82. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/11-12

    Drove down early Friday morning & headed north into 55-60' of water Casino area (broken record) around 9am. Naked whole herring at 24' was the ticket. Slow at first but bite came on around 11 & we were done quickly. Back out early Saturday morning--glad I left the boat in the water! Long...
  83. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juan Opener

    Arrived to a full parking lot at Washington Park at 6am...ran to Eagle where there were 200 boats--didn't see a net fly. Ran down south to Cypress & picked this one up past the buoy....CK-Green/while glow on the deck behind green/glow hot spot flasher. Only bite all day. Saw one other caught...
  84. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bloody Deck Brothas

    Answered a call-out from Clockwork for a deckhand yesterday. Up at 2:30am (way too early for this old fart)--to Covington by 4am, to Westport by 6:30am....Bar wasn't bad--a little chop/swell heading out to 300 ft sw of WP. Bite was good for a couple hours--then waned. Ran into 270' with...
  85. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Who needs Turkey?!

    Long tradition on Thanksgiving to fish for Chinook the morning of (weather permitting). No wind, a bit of fog & then sun. Warm too for the end of November. Me & the Bubbster put 4 in the box in short order. Match the hatch as they say! Find bait/find fish!
  86. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater November Magic

    Have seen no November blackmouth reports so here goes. Spent the first week of November in the mountains chasing elk--yes, filled my cow tag. Put in at Edmonds Friday 11/8. My uncle popped this nice 10-12 lb'er but we had to pound the bottom to kill 3 hatchery--only one native release...
  87. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Great Opener

    Been down with a lame kicker the last week. Found these two (and two smaller ones) this morning in front of Picnic Pt--(no secret spot) just before high slack at 9. 9 & 11lbs (yes, scale weighed). 40-50' down with UV white squid and white lightning CK--28" leader with herring teasers. Kicked...
  88. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Good day today in A10

    Pretty good bite this am in N. A10. Both were smokin hot Kingers--combined with the wind & flying solo, it was an adventure. Looking forward to calmer seas tomorrow! I love my Irish Cream sandwiches!
  89. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Straits!

    Nothing like a gorgeous day out on the water today with buddy Aaron--went 7/8 with 2 native release (one low teens) & one long line release. Great action from 8-11am on a pretty strong ebb. All fished stuffed with candlefish. CK & spoon 6' off the bottom. None of these fish were over 8lbs...
  90. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juans

    Have waited anxiously for the next weather/wind break--yesterday was it. Very good low ebb at 11am. Fished a very well known spot close to Anacortes & went 3/4. Nothing big but a beautiful day on the water.....Standard small fare 6' off bottom in 110ft....checker had 19 fish for 10 boats with...
  91. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Beautiful day in Paradise (A7)

    Fished a couple familiar areas today with usual hardware fished at usual depths during usual tide changes. Went 3/4 today with one native release. This one was over 10 and under 15--the one we lost was similar. The others 6-8. What a spectacular day today--saw plenty of fish caught & lots of...
  92. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7

    Started slow today but once the tide started ebbing, the bite came on. Nothing big--5-10lbs. Kept 4 hatch's; one nice nate release. 3-4 21'-ers. Burned through my 3rd punch card. Epic 2012 & a very good start to 2013. If anybody is old enough to remember Charlie White (Salmon...
  93. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juan Trophy

    Fished Friday/Saturday out of Anacortes. Went 4 for 8 with one 15lb nate release and 2 10's kept (Fri). Not hot fishing but certainly worth the trip. My buddy Bubba nailed this 20lb hatchery king Saturday--barely got it in the boat as my coho net wasn't nearly big enough (has been replaced...
  94. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Possession Plunder

    Traditional Thanksgiving day fishing--leave boat in water at Edmonds & pray for a nice day. Arrived at Edmonds at 9--water flat. Incoming tide so off to W. Poss. I put a 3.5 Irish Creme Coho Killer on, buddy a green/white coho killer. He proceeds to catch 3 in a row. All around 7lbs...
  95. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tin Shed

    Good am ebb tide--hit tin shed at 8am. Bite came on at 10 until we left at 1. 7 BM to the boat--release 3 nice natives; kept 4 hatch's. Coho killer/irish cream tailwagger 42" behind a green glow hot spot flasher fished just off the deck in 150' of water. Lots of bait. Sunshine. Love November...
  96. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Possession plunder

    BM was excellent Thurs/Fri at possession. Tide was only 4ft. out but didn't seem to matter.....Tin shed, 140ft down, irish cream 3.5" tailwagger behind green hot spot flasher 10' off the bottom. What an amazing year so far--this is just the capper! Ranged from 22" to 9lbs. Limits (4) each...
  97. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds 10/1

    In the water at 4:30p; limits (4) by 5:30. Epic high slack evening bite. All cookie cutter 6-7lbs. One release & a couple others missed. Ended with a double. They are still here & Sekiu #'s looking strong last weekend. This show isn't going to end anytime soom. Broken record--green...
  98. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA10/Edmonds

    Fished Area 10 today out in front of the Pt. Wells oil docks 60-90 ft down. Epic day with 2 doubles & 14 fish on (to 12lbs). Green hot spot flasher with green splatter back squid was the ticket for us today. One of the bigger males had 3 salmon smolts in it's belly (pretty good size!)--have...
  99. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Grind at Ukee/Bamfield

    Confirming Seattle Guy's Ukee trip. Arrived 8/17 to cleaning tables with lots of halibut but only a few smaller salmon (or none mostly). Contrary to last year when there was a waiting line 10 deep with happy fisher's coolers brimming with big kings....Had to prove to ourselves the bad rumors...
  100. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/22,23,24

    In the water early Friday am--headed south to wind turbines--trolled north (with current). Limits by 8am with take downs every 20 minutes or so. Biggest was 20. All caught slow trolling whole herring in 50ft of water down 28-32'. Same scenario Saturday am only caught one a bit bigger--maybe...
  101. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6-21

    Started at daybreak this am. We slow trolled whole herring naked (always trolling north with the tide) at 30' in 50' of water 2-5 miles south of the s. jetty. Hooked 8-9 & kept 4--biggest 21lbs. Two other boats I am fishing with limited--same place; same method. They are here! Wifi issue...
  102. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Dolphin Pt

    Up at O'dark thirty Friday morning for A11 opener. Arrived at grounds around 5:45 am--about 5-6 other boats. Flying solo due to a couple late cancellations. 3.5" Irish Creme spoon 5' behind a green Hot Spot flasher (my MO) in 140' with 150' of cable out--bam, rod goes down--damn nice tugger...
  103. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater pilot pt

    Sorry for the lack of porn. Caught a couple small ones & one 7lber Saturday at Pilot Pt. so back out on the boat yesterday solo (sunday) for one last trip (knew it would be blowing today). Lost one right off, then quiet for a bit. Then, 9am the bite came on & within 20 minutes had these two nice...
  104. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tide Pt Limits

    Limited & back to the dock at 10:30a yesterday. Nothing big (Mike holding the fish is 6'6"--does them zero justice). Checker estimated 13 & 16lbs... One at tide change just north of Tide Pt. The other an hour later at the south end of the drift. Both on the deck in 115' of water with 125'...
  105. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Reiter Runner

    Ran up to Reiter this am--nobody fishing the creek mouth (about 10 cars in the lot). Dropped my 1/4oz pink jig in at 7:30a & whamo--nice bright 10lb summer run. Great fight (compared to the winter counter-parts). Saw a couple others caught down below. Water real high--about 2.5' of...
  106. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6/23 & 6/24

    Started fishing Thurs at 9am--drove by a lot of boats at Buoy 8. Put in a mile south of Ocean Shores & trolled north. Hit one nice 15'lber & released another nice native. Pounded the hell out of the area & saw very little being caught. Tangled with one crab pot & got lucky to get everything...
  107. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Dolphin Pt--Skunked

    Fished Dolphin Pt hard this am through the morning high slack at 10am. Dragged flashers & spoons in the mud. Saw nothing, caught nothing. 6 other boats appeared to be having the same luck. Some bait & fish showing on the screen at times but no activity. Always have done well the first week...