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    Mag Bay Inshore

    Bob runs a first class operation ! Cannot wait to come down and fish with you Hoto!
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    South La Jolla 1/5/20

    Congrats! Nice grade of fish.
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    Old school jig slinger

    Allen give me a call to meet up 949 678-0116 Mike.
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    Boston Whaler Outrage 17

    Nice boat some one will jump on this for sure!
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    Side by Side comparison of mahi mahi and pompino dolphin

    But how do the eat in comparison ?
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    Montana Hunt Recap

    Nice job ! Got it done
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    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    Nice whaler!
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    1995 Blackfin 29 SF 45,000

    Nice boat wish it was diesel!
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    Done fin delete

    Is this still for sale?
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    BAJA! LA BAY Beach Front Casa for sale

    Cannot believe this place is still for sale the lot is spectacular and rare to come up!
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    Batson Rainshadow RCLB70L Pat's rod

    Wow! Awesome work my man.
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Enjoy yourself in paradise !
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    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Change out the electronics, clean up the wiring and done! again awesome boat ,right power , and a fair deal. Out!
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    G-Loomis / Curado 200 Combo

    If still available can pick up in Oc.
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    Lexa 400 + Californian 9' (907)

    Heading through your area on Friday if not sold can pick u
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    BOLA 8-25-8-26

    Your killing me wish I was there!
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    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Grant stay firm someone make an honest offer and this boat will be gone!
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    Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    Darren can you send pics of the motors?
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    Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    I would love to see the pictures of the engine room and motors.
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    toll booth advice to Ensenada ?

    Just roll on by and wave
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    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    Dang that was fast if it falls out can pick up tomorrow
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    Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    Darren I’m real surprised your boat is still available . I owned a 29 R/S for years and always regretted letting it go my boat was the “Lono” out of Dana Point. True the fuel range on the boat sucks but it was designed for the life guards in the surf and they don’t sweat fuel costs. Did you keep...
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    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    No problem at all.
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    2004 F350 Lariat SOLD

    Nice truck too bad it’s not the 7.3
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    Dana Point Action?

    Call Dave Hansen!
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    Dana Point - Any Halibut Reports ?

    Nope People's republic of California
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    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Grant tell me why this has not sold? Great boat, right power and not that many out there .
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    the end of my summer season in bola.

    Great to see my old friend Pepe!
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    Ensenada report

    Are you launching out of Estero? I have a home there and will be down next week heard tuna between the Banda and the 238. Let us know how you did.
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    2000 Ford F-250 7.3

    400,000 rebuilt tranny motor was pulled a 250,000 and totally gone through would drive across country tomorrow just got back last week from Montana and back. I could have parked it your home in Stevensville !
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    2000 Ford F-250 7.3

    2000 Ford F-250 super-duty 7.3 diesel . Super clean 2 cond owner.$7,800.00
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    Mercury 40-50-60hp 4 Stroke - NEW PARTS

    What’s your bottom price I have a 06 60 Bigfoot merc 4 stoke
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    Dana Point - Any Halibut Reports ?

    LOL! Allot of people say that but no right out of Dana Point off San Clemente on squid fishing for sea bass.
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    Dana Point - Any Halibut Reports ?

    Off Dana a couple of years back.
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    Boat Trailer Axles

    Trade for fishing with Bob Hoytt’s Mag Bay outfit “Priceless”
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    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Looks like a solid boat cannot believe it has not sold.
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    Yellowtail MIA

    Fished out of Ensenada on Sunday in the rain and managed two nice yellows and some reds. The barracuda were thick and the yellows were mixed in.
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    Bitterroot River Report

    Darn I’m back in California then having friends fly in from Corvallis tomorrow then head down to my home in Baja to visit and watch the Baja 500 . We will definitely have to meet and do dinner in Stevensville you have some great restaurants there.
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    Bitterroot River Report

    Steve I would love to meet you some time when I’m in Montana, I’ll send you a pm when I’m heading back home.
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    Bitterroot River Report

    My back yard on Monday morning ! The creek in the back is way high and not fishable right now.
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    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Bump for a solid rig! Cannot believe no one has stepped up? This boat will be gone soon.
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    2018 Fujinon Techno-Stabi 14x40

    2cond in line if there still available
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    Offshore WFO tails - 04/05

    Pretty much the same out of Ensenada for me never seen such a volume of fish. Was done with limits by 9:00!
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    Bitterroot River Report

    Hi neighbor my wife and I have a home in Victor off Indian prairie loop! And yes it’s been a tough winter but things are starting it melt.
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    BAJA! LA BAY Beach Front Casa for sale

    This place is incredible! The Johnsons are personal friends of mine and they have put way more money into this place then they are asking. The lot is one of a kind and these do not come available that often. Some one will score an awesome place with views of the Sea of Cortez forever.
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    Local Pond Turned On Today...

    Irvine rocks!
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    Reduced Custom Chris Craft from builders of Cabo and Magbay Yachts

    Glad to see it go to a great new owner! He will be stoked!
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    18'boston whaler outrage

    Bump for a great boat and a solid guy! Getter done Chad!
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    19’ Seaway

    Bitchen classic boat for sure! Some one restore this and be stoked! And rare find too.
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    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    How much for the pair?
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    No More Bi-Annual CA Diesel Smog Checks

    Gotta love it registered my 05 gmc for $382.00 for life in Montana !
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    Chargers vs Cheifs.....

    Right on!
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    Reduced Custom Chris Craft from builders of Cabo and Magbay Yachts

    Someone needs to step up it’s a heck of a deal!
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    Looking for a 15' Montauk in good condition.

    Yes it’s at my home in Ensenada at the moment
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    Reduced Custom Chris Craft from builders of Cabo and Magbay Yachts

    The boat is an incredible vaule as I know first hand. It is a gem and turns heads at all the ramps. Some one will enjoy the time and quality put into the build and fit. The replacement cost on this is double what it’s listed for. Lucas be patient the right buyer will come along my friend.
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    Phenix Crankbait Rod XG740 $90

    Were are you located ? Will pick up
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    2007 Boston Whaler Montauk 15'

    Just fished mine last week ran 68 miles down in Ensenada
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    Sena 30K

    Mark would you take 180 cash?
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    Reduced Custom Chris Craft from builders of Cabo and Magbay Yachts

    Lucas hope all is well with you and your family hope you killed allot of fish with the boat
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    Todd Gas Caddy 28 gal

    Will you take $300? Will be passing through San Diego on Friday and again on Monday
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    Custom phenix 806. SOLD!!!!

    Working up in Hollywood off sunset could pick up tomorrow
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    4' VHF antenna

    I would love to have for my 15 whaler can pick up . Mike
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    2015 amato panga

    Nice ride won’t last long!
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    sold SOLD S O L D

    Len if down in OC I would take them or meet half way?
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    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Wow awesome home and a fantastic price won’t last long
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    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Just closed escrow on a 12 acre ranch in Victor just south of Missoula and have the big creek running through my property and have some awesome pools in it and cannot wait to wet a line!
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    Smart tabs small boat trim tabs

    I’m in Anaheim if not sold I’ll take them
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    1983 Skipjack Flybridge 24' - $5,800 - Price Drop $5,000

    Good deal for the right person I personally know the seller and is a straight up guy and is willing to deal on this boat to get it gone. Some one will score on this for sure!
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    1983 Skipjack Flybridge 24' - $5,800 - Price Drop $5,000

    I’ve seen this boat and with a little tlc it will make an awesome set up! Priced right.Good luck with the sale.
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    WTB 15ft whaler

    I have a pristine 15 montauk 2007
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    Phenix Ultra Swimbait Classic 711ML

    Mike I’ll take it for 155.00 can pick up any time. Mike.
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    Mercury Outboard - Mechanic

    Any reclamation’s in OC?
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    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    Steve well said my friend!
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    **SOLD** 2006 Diesel Powered Blackwatch 26 Flybridge Sportfisher

    Congrats on the sale walked down last week and looked real hard at your boat. The person that bought her will be very pleased.
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    Simrad GO7 FOR SALE

    Is it complete all wiring and transducer .thanks Mike.
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    A recent project SeaDek from Blue Seas Fabrication

    Do you have kits in the same color for a 2008 15 whaler montauk
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    Our Last Trip To Bola With A Boat

    Allot to be said about hopping on a panga glad you made it back safe I know the feeling.
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    23 CC Parker Yamaha 250

    Dillon that's how it's done right there! Good luck with the sale. She'll go quick.
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    Offshore 302 report, lost cushion

    Nice boat I think I recognize it! Nice talking to you today I'll get you hooked up and make another one.
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    Simrad small boat electronics package

    I'm in Ensenada can I check out? Mike.
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    How much?

    How much?
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    "Sold" Please delete Blackman Outerbanks

    That's the way to keep a boat! Glws.
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    Offshore local Socal pig...

    Congrats! Nice yellow
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    Mag Bay 33 Hull 16 Build Thread

    0-8 by fintastic posted Dec 5, 2016 at 11:15 AM0-8 by fintastic posted Dec 5, 2016 at 11:15 AM
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    Spotted bay bass in Ensenada MX???

    The fishey is alive and well in Play de Estero!
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    Chris Craft Scorpion Rebuild

    I bet you did!
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    Chris Craft Scorpion Rebuild

    Nice job just sold my Chris Craft and know I'm going to miss her!0-8 by fintastic posted Dec 5, 2016 at 11:15 AM
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    Boat Covers

    Maurice in Capo beach great guy next to Dick Simon (949) 240-3229
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    SOLD.....pls. DELETE...MAKAIRA 10SEA Brand New with New 65lb J-Braid-$399

    I'll be in Hollywood on Thursday $625.00 and I'll take the whole combo
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Sold Luke enjoy my friend! Please remove the ad.
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    Avet EX-30 FS

    Joe is the reel still available
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    Winchester model 1300

    Offer 350 for all located in Tustin
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Have a pending sale but will let you know if something changes
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    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    I them I saw the boat going down the 73!
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    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    I loved mine she was called HEAVY METAL!
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    Blackman vs. Crystaliner

    Bob said it well.And you know why the stern is so low to the water? It's designed so when the life guards do a body recovery they can literally slide the person into the cockpit with ease,that's the only bummer is that you fish with wet feet all day because the scuppers are so low and the...
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    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    Great boat loved mine best setup for towing/fishing Baja !
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    Blackman vs. Crystaliner

    I owned both including your boat when it was "Lono" and really no comparison . Totally different boats
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    Cabo Cuddycon 216

    My bet it's gone, gone, gone!
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    SOLD 2005 Blackman Billfisher. REDUCED PRICE! $69,500

    And I would have taken the boat where ahe sits! Dave good luck with the sale some one will be stoked!
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    2000 Shamrock Walk Around

    Bump for a clean ride!
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Don't want to list with a broker some one make me an offer!
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Thanks for the offer Derek looks like we are neighbors ! But I want to sell her and move to another direction but any time you would like to stop by and see the boat I'm just off 17th and Newport above Foothill high school . Hold tight your ride will sell we just need to be patient .
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    SOLD 2005 Blackman Billfisher. REDUCED PRICE! $69,500

    Dave let's make a deal! I have a home in Baja and would love to fly down and see your boat- I have the perfect center counsel and want to go back to another Blackman I had an 89 26 with a in board gas and was an awesome ride
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Over 6,100 lbs that's the reason I had a 7,500 lb trailer made just for the boat
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    Straggler iron restorations

    3 in 1 is deadly for big tuna, caught several big eye back in the day over 180 lbs my father inlaw was taught how to rig by Lenord himself.
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    Straggler iron restorations

    Nice I still have a few my father inlaw was good friends and use to fish with Lenord Straggler back in the day.
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    Cabo Cuddycon 216

    Nice boat tough time to sell take it from me but the season is coming up and won't be long for my boat and yours to sell.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Derek thanks for the bump and I agree hang tight it's the time of year as soon as the bluefin show up the phone will be ringing off the hook!
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    Comment by 'fintastic' in media '0-6'

    A work of art for sure!
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    SOLD 2005 Blackman Billfisher. REDUCED PRICE! $69,500

    Go to my add and you can see the build and more photos
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Thanks for the kind words Henry I cannot believe it has not sold.I am going to get ready to fish her for sea bass and put it back on the market later later in the season.
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    SOLD 2005 Blackman Billfisher. REDUCED PRICE! $69,500

    My boat and $15,000.00 cash? Built in Cabo,s facility with the same attention to detail. Has a 250 hp four stroke Yamaha and sits on a brand new Pacific trailer. Can send you more photos if you like.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    116 gallon that's going to give you about or over 500 mile range also what's nice is that it has the Yamaha digital gauge that gives you speed, mph,gph,fuel consumption and fuel tank reading it's reall slick.
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    I have an awesome 21 custom Chris craft make me an offer
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    You know I could not tell you but Barrett at magbay yachts might know
  118. F

    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    I agree people that see the boat are blown away by the attention to detail and quality of the build. Someone make me an offer I'm ready to move to another venture.
  119. F

    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    A week ago in my driveway where I keep the boat. Some earlier pics of the inside showing the wiring were from Barrett but that's because it was easier than climbing in the center counsel let me know if you'd like to come see it in person you would really be impressed as all that see it at the...
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Gary it's the 4.2L yamaha with a manufacture date 10/11 the blue is the led lights in the cup holder! Have you seen Barrett's build post on the boat? It's on this ad and it shows the boat build start to finish pretty amazing to say at least.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Gary it's seems to be 55 gall bait tank that yes is in built into the helm seat. It keeps bait perfect and the new owner could put autopilot in and have it all interfaced with all the electronics.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Gary the ride and handling is incedlble on the boat and with the electronic shifting on the outboard it makes docking and turning a breeze. I really like that it adds a great dive platform to the boat also. I need to move on and hate selling her but I know some one is going to put the boat to...
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Thanks for the offer but I've had a24 Skippy back in the day and they are nice boats but I'm looking to sell. To answer your question the boat is originally listed as 21.3 but it's a lot bigger now with swim/outboard platform along with the custom bow pulpit.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Thanks, like I tell people the replacement cost on this boat is way over 100k the work,time and material is unbelievable. Some one will be stoked to have her I'm bummed but I have other obligations or I would take it down to my place in Baja and fish her.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Thanks it's a pretty incredible boat for sure!
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    Thanks it's an incredible boat that rides like a tank. Barrett did a unbelievable job and the build is second to none! The boat is so close to how Mag Bay builds and designs their new boats some one is going to get a awesome boat at a fraction of replacement cost.
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    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    This Boat is immaculate and turnkey! Over 900 build hours from Barret, check this thread: Asking $52,000.00. Mike 1 (949) 678-0116 -2017 7,000 lb custom made pacific trailer. -250 horsepower...
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  153. Chris Craft Sea Hawk

    Chris Craft Sea Hawk

    For Sale
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    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Congrats bro I know the new one will be even more sweeter! Now on to selling mine !
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    WTB....Radovcich, Crystaliner, Pacifica etc....

    Look at black beard you won't find a nicer one!
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    I have one for $700.00 and it's adjustable with a spare brand new tires and bearings
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    Pacific Skiff 23HT

    Nice boat I had a 23 "Heavy Metal" so now that it's only 20 ft how much? And with no trailer
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    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Bon boat might be back on the market! Send me a message
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    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Jeff it was a pleasure meeting and buying the boat from you! You are a first class individual ,Look forward to talking to you in the future.
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    New to me Crystaliner - Beyond Stoked!

    Awesome boat I was the second owner and rebuilt her 15 pulse years ago! Original name was Lono! Caught a ton of albacore on that boat. Enjoy she will treat you right.
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    SOLD 2008 Boston Whaler Montauk 150 SOLD

    Still available? Let me know thanks
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    SOLD 2008 Boston Whaler Montauk 150 SOLD

    I would like to check out give me a call at (949) 678-0116. Thanks Mike .
  163. F

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    No response I think it's sold if not (949) 678-0116 Mike.
  164. F

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    Jeff is your boat still for sale?. Let me know,Mike.
  165. F

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    Stragglers 3 in 1 single hook 150 lb piano wire caught many tuna back in the day!
  166. F

    WTB Crystaliner/Bertram/Blackfin

    Cool that boat was my old RS " Lono" with the newer Yanmars she should perform well!
  167. F

    WTB Crystaliner/Bertram/Blackfin

    There are two for sale in Newport Beach 29 and a 33rs
  168. F

    Calcutta rod(mint condition)

    I'm in Tustin have 70.00 bucks will meet ?
  169. F

    1999 KenCraft Challenger 206 w/150Hp Evinrude Etec...B.E.S.T. Warranty

    Steve how was the rear seating removed? Did it take fiberglass /gelcoate to fix? Still have my offer I could come up little more .thanks. Mike.
  170. F

    1999 KenCraft Challenger 206 w/150Hp Evinrude Etec...B.E.S.T. Warranty

    Steve would like to take a look at your boat . I'm a cash buyer and my budget is at 18,000 want to be upfront let me know thanks. Mike.
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    1998 WORLD CAT 266SC, HONDA 130 4 STROKES, UNDER 700 HRS., $35K

    Terry I have a house in Estero Beach and will be down this weekend would like to stop and see if I can. Let me know if that's possible . Also do you know my friends Jimmy and Berny in Baja country club? They also live there and are great friends of mine.
  172. F

    300 Blackout Complete Rifle Viper PST 1x4x24 Scope 200 Rounds Of 300 Blackout Ammo

    Raul nice talking to you, cannot wait to hook up next week and see my new hog killer!
  173. F

    300 Blackout Complete Rifle Viper PST 1x4x24 Scope 200 Rounds Of 300 Blackout Ammo

    Love the set up 1200 cash lets get it done name the ffl and I will meet.
  174. F

    WTB 28' precision flybridge with diesels.

    You missed the boat there was one that just sold !
  175. F

    Crank Kills! 6/30

    Now that's cool! F the tuna! Nothing beats a great calico bite!
  176. F

    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Travis there are allot of good boats to go out on in Ensenada Louie 4 reels and a couple out of Marina Coral look at the forms on this site for info my house is only 20 minuets from Ensenada and the fishing in the bay at my home is fun and easy to launch. Let me know on my offer it still stands...
  177. F

    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Travis I saw that you and your wife will be in San Diego for your Bday. If we could do a deal on your boat I have a home in Baja 3 miles south of the boarder by Ensanada you would be welcomed to use the boat down there if you'd like that's were I would be storing it. The yellowtail fishing in...
  178. F

    SOLD...Precision 28’ Twin-Diesel Flybridge

    Tom would love to check out your boat let me know how and when. Mike.
  179. F

    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Travis I'm still here with that offer if you have not sold yet. Mike.
  180. F

    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Thanks for the reply what's the storage fee? Maby I can pick up that to make a deal let me know? You can give me a call @ (949) 678-0116 thanks again. Mike.
  181. F

    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Travis 10,000.00 cash and will pick up? Let me know thanks Mike
  182. F

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    Pat gave you a call but no answer hope all is well give a call if you can
  183. F

    Fishworks International Pants - Size 34

    I'm in tustin can pick up ASAP let me know (949)678-0116 thanks Mike
  184. F

    reduced!26 blackman billfisher $51000

    Some one buy this boat there is no cleaner one on the west coast!
  185. F


    Kevin I would still love to stop by and see my old boat, I belive your docked at basin marine.
  186. F

    wtb truck shell

    I have one for an 07 chevy duramax short bed teal blue that I want gone!
  187. F

    Winchester 94. 30-30

    Let me know if your interested in selling? Legal through an ffl of corse.
  188. F

    Selfish People

    So sad it's a permanent solution to a tempory problem.
  189. F


    Would love to I have my eye on another one in Dana but not as clean as Lono but who knows.
  190. F


    Kevin is your boat the old Lono ? If so I owned it years ago and loved it.
  191. F

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    I cannot belive this boat has not sold! Chad has gone through dialed this boat in and is very meticulous on all ares from top to bottom.Some one wil get a great boat at a fair price. These boats speak for them selfs.
  192. F

    WTB 3/4 ton diesel

    I have a 07 duramax all re done can send picks
  193. F

    Bait casting reels

    Let me know if still available
  194. F

    20 ft panga with 4 stroke

    Screw the boat how much for the 57 rag top?
  195. F

    24 Topaz CC

    I rebuilt her from top to bottom great boat!
  196. F

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    Sweet boat I owned a 29rs "LONO" and loved it looking for another interested but priced a little high good luck with the sale killer ride if not sold let me know
  197. F

    LA Bay.....where to stay?

    Diaz for shure talk to Cubasco!
  198. F

    WTB tires for my beater 4runner

    I have a set of Toyota Tacoma alloys two tires are ok other two are bad free if you want them.
  199. F

    New enclosure....

    29RS had one for many years "Lono" was my boat great platform to fish from!
  200. F

    Another Seabass Tanker 05-27-13

    Good job bro wish I was there to see it ! Congrats on your fish. We have to get out there soon.
  201. F

    Buying a boat for Baja

    I have a 24 toaz in Ensanada with a diesel it might be too much but an awesome boat in the La bay! Take a look at my ad
  202. F

    load range e dodge ram tires

    Good deal they won't last!
  203. F

    anyone recommend auto paint shop oc or san diego

    Go see Tom @ specialty coach works in Capo beach great guy and will work on the pice and his paintwork speaks for its self
  204. F

    Boston Whaler

    Go the 15 the ride is a world better than the 13 I had both l loved my 15 but had a 70hp on it!
  205. F

    DPMS Panther AR15 with xtras

    Still posted is it available ?
  206. F

    AR10 / .308 (Sold)

    Jason is it still available let me know Mike
  207. F

    AR10 / .308 (Sold)

    Jason is it still available ?🐗
  208. F


    give the guy credit for trying! LOL
  209. F

    9.7# Calico Bass at West Cove in the dark!

    I was fishing Catalina last month and did the same thing,caught it at night and was the largest calico I have ever seen! Let the old boy back in ASAP ! Did not get any pics I just wanted to get him back to his home.
  210. F

    Any Mulege or Bahia de Los Angeles reports?

    Good post Pescador Jim! Like he says I hate guys that have all the answers too!.
  211. F

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Wow good luck! By the way did I say pilot house?
  212. F


    Fucking pigs!!!
  213. F

    18 Gallon Billy Pate Gas Tank

    Cool tank had one in my 13 whaler good luck with the sale it's well worth it!
  214. F


    Call Tracy at Doheny Building Material in Capistrano Beach, He has a clean skippy and wants to sell it
  215. F

    3n1's anyone gots?

    Great jig ran with wire deadly for tuna!
  216. F

    Black Friday Special for 18' Gregor CC

    Clean boat! folks should jump on this deal!
  217. F

    Open Invite for Thanksgiving

    Very cool! God bless good people! do not know you guys but thats class act.
  218. F


    Mike I have a shimano trinidads tn 20?
  219. F

    Pacific V2025 Not new but new to me

    Boats are a tank, I owned "HEAVY METAL" for three seasons and put it to test and never failed me. Mine was a 23 and was a fishing machine. Good luck with her and kill lots of fish!
  220. F

    Ever Accidentally Hit any marine life ?

    Just got back from dropping off my rudder and prop at aaa propeller,hit a whale shark at La bay! last month.
  221. F

    2000 BOSTON WHALER 16 DAUNTLESS, Very clean boat DEAL

    Looks clean pm me and we can talk about a cash offer
  222. F

    Newell g220f and Kencore 880M08X

    Steve call i will buy 949 678-0116
  223. F

    lg tile saw

    send me a pic
  224. F

    Rod & Reel

    I have 100.00 call me @(949) 678-0116
  225. F

    Dodgers vs Pirates Sun May 2nd

    i got $130 cash you game?
  226. F

    good volvo diesel mechanic/shop?

    Ray at outdrive exchange in Costa Mesa
  227. F

    10 hoop nets

    I give you 150.00 and will pick up asap
  228. F

    14' Achilles w/ 30hp

    Such a deal! some one should be all over it! sorry but that was my wake that tipped your dingy over.
  229. F

    WTB Volvo 209 dp

    Ray at outdrive just did a re-power with a 200 hp volvo diesel and did a great job.
  230. F

    14' Achilles w/ 30hp

    Dream on in this economy you are high!!
  231. F


    I got chills cannot wait till the season starts
  232. F

    WTB 28' Topaz or Albemarle

    I have a 25 Topaz that I just totally re done With a Volvo diesel with 4 hrs since re build.
  233. F

    BRAND NEW Hobie Mirage Revolution kayak..

    Bryan I am a tile contractor in Orange County Ca.Let me know if you are still interested?
  234. F

    wanted!! 23ft. caddy cabin

    Have A 24 topaz center counsel with a cuddy cab. Powerd by a 200hp volvo diesel that was just dropped in and totally rebuilt and re-wired. Interested?
  235. F

    Anyone Know of a Good Kawasaki Jet Ski Mechanic in Orange County ?

    Yes I know the ex head mechanic from mission motor sports, his name is Jeff his cell is (714) 657-6626. He is half what the big shops charge,let him know Mike referred you.
  236. F

    Shimano Calarus and custom bass rod

    Hit me with what you want. Have a ton of stuff!
  237. F

    CZ 9mm or 40 cal.

    Have a 2075 rami in 40 cal.
  238. F

    Custom calico bass Vans

    I want a pair!
  239. F

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    Doug right on! you could not have said it better!
  240. F

    7oz Super Krocodiles

    have 12 in different colors let me know ,plus they are set up with solid rings with single and treble hooks
  241. F

    Straight Inboard?

    Have a 24 topaz with a freshly built volvo diesel with o hours on it. Totally re-wired and gone through top to bottom. Interested?
  242. F

    Driving Down To Cabo (Part 2)

    You are figgin nuts!
  243. F


    I purchased my 24 topaz in New Jersy and flew back and rented a U-Haul and towed it back, what a drive! but I flew back sea trial the boat and made the deal.
  244. F

    Need a Tile/Flooring guy

    John I am a licensed tile setter for almost thirty years currently doing a job in San Marcos. Call me if I can Help You. 949 678-0116 . Thnks Mike.
  245. F

    Directv in Baja?

    Yes you can I have a place in Ensanada and thats what did.
  246. F

    Removing Outdrive

    Call Ray at outdrive exchange in Costa Mesa
  247. F

    Need to settle a bet What pulls harder...

    Yellow fn tail
  248. F

    What do you think about a .243

    I agree with Scott, when you get to pigs you cannot be over gunned. I shot My last Russian hog with my 500 AHR and dropped it in his tracks!.
  249. F

    Looking for secure boat storage ... Loreto - La Paz

    Bob how have you been! This is Mike Bauer Geno,s Friend. I have a 24 topaz center counsel and would love to bring her down to Mag Bay. Shoot me an e-mail and we can talk. Thanks Mike.
  250. F

    Offshore 3 Days at sea......07/13

    What a tank!. I had a 23 Pacific skiff called HEAVY METAL. Love your boat.
  251. F

    What is the deal with diesel at the corral?

    Just took my buddies 54 Bertram down and had to wait a few hours to get only 500 gallons, would not sale us any more. Fedo is rationing it right now. Good luck!
  252. F

    Dorado Tattoos!

    Charles, hows it! I want to get some work down and it will be my first at 49 years of age I thought it was about time. GIVE ME A PM with a contact # so we can hook up. Thnks Mike.
  253. F

    Custom Spreader Bars "Canyon Machines"

    Tim love your product!. I would love to fish them in Baja. I have a home down there and spend allot of time on the water. Give me a pm so I can order a few set ups. Mike.
  254. F

    Offshore SW 04 July

    Max I would stay local and fish safe another day. You make the call!
  255. F

    TONY REYES 6/23 - 6/27

    Cool! I will be down there 7/21, cannot wait!
  256. F


    Thanks Tommy for a real professional info , keep it up!
  257. F


    My 24 Topaz kicks that boat ass! P.M. me and I will tell you about her.
  258. F

    Grilled Carmelized Onions

    Been doing that for years. You cant go wrong with onions!.
  259. F


    Right on!
  260. F

    Monday slow, lots of blow

    Right On! love the fresh tartat.
  261. F

    I need a bigger boat

    Right on I launched at Dana at about 2:00 and was hooked up at 3:30.Landed about a 250 lber and I am done!
  262. F

    what state's are you hunting

    Colorado for Elk, I have A friend that has a ranch in Colorado and has about a 900 head of Elk should be a blast! I hunted in Salmon Springs Idaho last year and killed a nice 5x5. Will go back to upper Up Mic. to shoot Pig.
  263. F

    Best Mothers' Day Gift Ever

    Prayers sent from here Bro. Will say one when out on the water tomorrow.
  264. F

    rules in Mexican Waters

    You do not need a permit anymore. I have a home in Estero Beach for 9 years and have 3 wave runners down there and have never once been harassed by any one. Just watch out for the surf coming out of the bay,its allot of fun but I have saved allot of people from drowning! The run out to Punta...
  265. F

    Hunt Africa or a double rifle 470NE?

    Oky Man said it all! 375 H&H is plenty of gun.I personally have a 416 Taylor,500 AHR, and my baby,585 over kill! . Good luck on your hunt!
  266. F

    looking for tile installer - glass tile backsplash

    Call me @ (949)678-0116 my company is new Wave Tile and stone and we do allot of glass tile installs. If I can help you out great. I can send you a installer or give you some tips on trying it yourself! Mike
  267. F

    Wish us luck tonight WSB on Old #7

    GO GET THEM! With out trying who knows.Wish I could go but have to work, let us all know how you do!
  268. F

    Anchor Chain

    Bluefin Curly is right on! I run with the same rule and anchor all over Catalina and Clemente and never had a problem.
  269. F

    Catalina Report 3/18

    Hey Ray hows it going on HEAVY METAL! this is Mike the original owner of your boat.Nice to see you using her.Call me next time and we can go over together and put the hurt on the seabass. Mike
  270. F

    SEEE YAAA!!! Going hog hunting!!!

    Hope you getbthem I just got back from shooting a 380 lb russian boar! good luck.
  271. F

    RaGing Russian Boars!

    Just got back from an awsome pig hunt in upper Michigan. Here are some pics!!
  272. F


    Can some one tell me were I can go to shoot A big bore riffle in SoCal? I use to go out to Irwidal but now is closed. I have a new AHR 500 and am getting ready to go on a hunt. Thanks.
  273. F

    New hoop-net davit

    Dave I live right up the street off Old foothill and drive by your house all the time! I have a 24 Topaz center counsel and usally keep it down at my place in Baja,but have it here for buggin and seabass season.One time I will stop and say hi but I would like to get some info on your guy to make...
  274. F

    Baja Robbery

    Randy good coment ,I think that like any place there are good cops bad cops.Bottom line is you have to play smart and safe always look over your back.Be cool and kill fish