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  1. dbar

    Offshore Thursday 6/10 upper 9

    Swordy for sure!!!
  2. dbar

    Offshore 5/18 9 Mile Bank and Coronado Canyon

    Thanks for the report all info is good info. And a GIANT THANK YOU for your service!!!
  3. dbar

    Inshore 4/28 lajolla 15 year anniversary

    Happy Anniversary, me and my better half celebrated our anniversary yesterday.
  4. dbar

    100# rigging advice

    I have 2 HXW Raptors and both are filled to the top with 100# JB Hollow core. I splice in my own loops and make my own wind-on leaders. The needle kit and wind-on jig are not that pricey and you can YouTube the videos on how to do all the necessary splicing and rigging!!!
  5. dbar

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    Get the kit from and watch a video on YouTube and practice with a few old jigs. I use my kitchen butane torch which works perfectly for doing the job of silver soldering.
  6. dbar

    Came across this jig website

    Have a custom Captain America Z-Bar from there and if your lucky you can get one of Randy Steel's irons there. Of all my Irons and I have many from over the yeats my Steel baits are by far my favorite.
  7. dbar

    Link to DFG Mex fish declaration

    Surf Doc is in someways still out there killing fish. When Sluester passed away, Trish gave me an old broken rod that was out in the garage. Took it to ECBT and had them fix it so everytime I go out on the water SURF DOC and SLUESTER are riding co pilot!!!! BTW this old GUSA blank is still...
  8. dbar

    100lb. braid recommendations

    Same here anything 60# and up, just go with JB Hollow and loop to loop connections, 50# and under I like sufix 832 with an RP knot
  9. dbar

    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    We lost one alot closer to home during the last full moon, but that was before the 3-1/2 weeks of shit weather locally.
  10. dbar

    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    We have been fishing more now that we are slowing down with the car racing(both boys are Track Champs), plan on seeing alot more post from us!!!
  11. dbar

    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    You have no idea Mike, he is getting huge and his brother towers over me now lol
  12. dbar

    Any Thresher Shark reports?

    I was out looking south of where your talking about, didn't find what we were looking for or see any sign.
  13. dbar

    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    My boy and I went out at O'Dark thirty looking for fish. We hit La Jolla hoping for a shot at some yellows, with none showing on the meter or on the surface. We booked it north and looked for some bottom critters. We went home just shy of limits(could have stayed longer and got limits for...
  14. dbar

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    I really like MudCrutch, Tom Petty's band from before the Heartbreakers, but they never released the stuff until after the Heartbreakers
  15. dbar

    Turkey Talking

    Due to Covid there will be no turkey hunting this year, all birds must wear masks which takes away from the ability to see if it has 5 oclock shadow or beard. Thank you for your understanding!!!!!
  16. dbar

    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    Yellowtail, almost year round, fish um deep on dropper or yoyo, fish um up high with flyline or surface iron. Taste great fresh and they fight good.
  17. dbar

    Furuno Radar-$400

    I'll meet you immediately with cash
  18. dbar

    What CnC irons do you use

    I have and use Steel Baits, Oct and Z-bars of these the Steel Baits are by far my most favorite.
  19. dbar

    SD bay 2/6

    3-way swivel 15 inches of 20# flouro to a #2 live bait hook with a snell and about 5-1/2 inches to a #6 treble stinger hook. 10#(easy breakaway if snagged) test about 10 inches long to a 3oz mini canonball sinker Try to fish a moderate drift of about 1-2mph
  20. dbar

    SD bay 2/6

    Haha different spot this time and that wasn't my first post, just first post in a long time, been on BD since 2004
  21. dbar

    SD bay 2/6

    Took my 2 youngest kids out for a Halibut/Lobster combo trip. Well half of the trip went as planned. Our first drift produced a legal Hali, followed by 4 more shorts and a few spotties until the sun went down. Part 2 of our trip wasn't productive at all, the bugs just weren't crawling for us...
  22. dbar

    Room for 1 maybe 2

    You'll be pulling out as we are dunking the boat, gonna hit our Halibut spot late afternoon until dark then drop the hoops in for some bugs, good luck out there!!!
  23. dbar

    Coronado, Point Loma and the Bay

    Haha its getting darker as they grow old, how ya doing old friend?
  24. dbar

    Coronado, Point Loma and the Bay

    Yes sir I'm very happy with it so far, near shore, the bay or quick trips to the island on the not so shitty weather days it will do just fine for the kids and I. The thing is in emaculate condition for her age, someone really loved this boat and took great care of her.
  25. dbar

    Coronado, Point Loma and the Bay

    Here is a picture of her in the driveway
  26. dbar

    Coronado, Point Loma and the Bay

    Took our new boat out for a shake down to see how it runs and what needs to be changed. Boat ran great and only has one issue that needs to be addressed to be to my standards. Tons of bait between the channel and hotel del, but we didn't find anything under it, just birds chrasing on it. Went...
  27. dbar

    What’s your favorite nados boat

    San Diego
  28. dbar

    Arizona Deer/Javelina/MT Lion camp 2021

    Sounds like good times!!! Btw Hi Honey I'm Home, back only on BD ditched all other social media platforms.
  29. dbar

    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    Great job dad, teach them young!!!
  30. dbar

    Offshore Mission Belle 9/10 fish report

    It happens even to the best of fisherman, if it was easy it wouldn't be fun!!!
  31. dbar

    Tribute 1.5 leaving friday night

    Who is on it? I will be on board, it will be the trip from yesterday that I pushed off for a week. So glad our fleet is finally a go, just in time for a hopefully epic season!!!
  32. dbar

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    Its a go from Gavin, now Wooten just needs to approve the Sporties protocol and we can run. Friday The 12th is the earliest we will get out, so hopefully all the boats are a go this weekend coming up!!!!
  33. dbar

    Saturday the 6th, deep pockets

    San Diego area and its this Saturday June 6th I have no problem traveling to anywhere in So Cal
  34. dbar

    Saturday the 6th, deep pockets

    Name your price, I need to fish
  35. dbar

    Saturday the 6th, deep pockets

    I have had a trip canceled that was going to run on the Tribute 1.5 day for Saturday which also happens to be my Birthday. Was planning this trip forever and I'm totally bummed about the decision made today for our sportboats. You thought your normal boat hoe paid good for a trip, you've...
  36. dbar

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    I listened to the whole thing, what a bunch of useless pieces of shit!!!!! I'm so pissed right now!!!!!!
  37. dbar

    Offshore 5/31 BFT Report

    Nice fish congrats
  38. dbar

    I'm ready when ya need a hoe

    Doin good Mike, hope your doing alright as well my friend!!!
  39. dbar

    I'm ready when ya need a hoe

    Anyone needs a boat hoe I'm down, have plenty of cash, plenty of gear, plenty of on the water Knowledge and I understand boat hoe duties. I have owned three saltwater fishing boats and understand fully what to do on the water. I'm set on gear to chase anything found from here to Cabo, so I'm...
  40. dbar

    Few rod&reel combos

    Avet Jx gold on custom wrapped gusa 80 MegaMag Avet Lx gold on custom wrapped gusa 80monster mag 2 Penn 6/0 trolling rigs on factory wrapped rods Call or txt for pictures and prices 760-315-6751 I know what I paid for them and I know what there worth used if your just trying to lowball dont...
  41. dbar

    no limits but first double for dad and even better for my son

    I shot a triple of pigeons 4 years ago in the valley, Brian was there and so was Caleb. Glad you had some fun.
  42. dbar

    Coming to a track near you......

    Yea he made it back on track quick. We thought he would have done much better, but he got caught up in the turn 1 havoc . See ya at the track!!!!!
  43. dbar

    Coming to a track near you......

    Nice if you were in El centro this past Saturday, I was the guy who had the son that came over looking for Bobby after the race. My kids at an early age all already have their favorite drivers, fortunatly they don't cheer for anyone in the pony's.(they better cheer for someone next season)
  44. dbar

    Coming to a track near you......

    Nice my youngest loves Mark, I have to watch him in the pits, because if he sees Mark he will just take of running for him. Mark knows the car I bought very well, he raced against it and its previous owner (who introduced us to mark) Mark is a really great guy. And Caleb my 7 year old likes to...
  45. dbar

    Coming to a track near you......

    Ok among all the hobbies my family has(fishing, hunting, building guns, camping and going to every race track around) we have picked up a new hobby, sure to be our most expensive one yet. The DBAR family now owns two race cars (pony stock cars) that will be seeing track time starting in march at...
  46. dbar


    Congrats Sean.
  47. dbar

    Laguna buck 11-3-13

    Nice one!!!
  48. dbar

    D-16 deer

    Congrats on the ML meat hunt.
  49. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    Thanks and per ca law I hang the tag the second I lay hands on a deer, before any pictures are even taken, btw I didn't have my phone and the pics had to wait until I got home to start butchering it.
  50. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    No problem bro, I know my pictures aren't the best either. Plus most people don't count the eye guards, the way I see it if I have to count it for dfg I'm counting it when I brag.... LOL
  51. dbar

    Henry Mountains Utah Buck

    Dude you are my new hero!!!!
  52. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    Well I'm counting the eye guards as points, since the are almost 2" long and look at thet right side of the picture it has a crab that adds 1 more point to that side. Including the eye guards that would be 3x4. But call it what you want,
  53. dbar

    dead deer

    Nice buck!!!!!
  54. dbar

    Opening day D16 one young buck one old buck

    That's what I'm talking about! !!!!
  55. dbar

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Sean it might be I took 4 pictures when we got it to the truck, I didn't have my phone on me because it doesn't work where we were at. Or I would have taken a pic of the blood spray from its head, it was a strip of blood SPRAY about 8 feet long that 150 grain SST just blew the shit out of the...
  56. dbar

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Thanks guys!!! I would have had her use the AR15 too, but she wanted to use the same rifle I shot my first deer with. That rifle has created some very good memories and hopefully keeps making more as the years go on!!!!
  57. dbar

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Only this time its my Daughter Zoe who drew blood.(her first deer ever) While we were hunting and climbing over a rock pile she dropped my .308 right on the scope. It knocked the zero out because at 150 yards she was aiming at the vitals and hit the deer through the head. I don't care about the...
  58. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    6.5 Grendel aka .264LBC
  59. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    I'm counting the eye guard's as points and east county north of the 8.
  60. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    Thanks guys!!!!!!
  61. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    It did this 4X3 Muley Buck in at 170 yards. Yep having him mounted, my biggest deer to date.
  62. dbar

    Gun Porn

    Custom built 6.5 grendel pieced together by yours truly.
  63. dbar

    My new toy - 6.8 X 43 SPC

    Nice looking rifle!!!!
  64. dbar

    9/15 Monster Idaho Buck

    Holy shit that's nice!!!!
  65. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    Good one.......soda out the nose fucker
  66. dbar

    New scope for the .264 AR

    Looking good bro!!!!
  67. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    I have no desire to know about his fleshlight I hope it was tree squirrel not a groung squirrel.
  68. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    Yea real lucky, it was like one of your uncle Gary's 1142 yard without a range finder skill shots!!!! That's just gross, I hate when dogs do that shit!!!!
  69. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    Yea I can't wait to shoot Bambi with one!!!!
  70. dbar

    A-17 Hunt

    Nice job!!!!!
  71. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    I hope not!!!! No, but the squeeker did and got his due reward!!!!!!
  72. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    80yards 123grain sleeping pill with the new Grendel build.
  73. dbar

    Maximum rounds?

    Yes 10 round mags are legal, but due to the fact I have four 5 round mags I will just use a 5 rounder.
  74. dbar

    Maximum rounds?

    Ok after calling Dfg and Dfg law enforcment, it has been made clear that if it is not stated in the big game book how many rounds you are aloud (which it is NOT) then it reverts to penal codes, which in this lovely state it is aloud 10 round maximum per magazine. So I am ok to use my 5 or 10...
  75. dbar

    Maximum rounds?

    What is the maximum number of rounds your mag can hold for deer hunting and/or coyotes? Are 5 round mags legal or do I have to pin one to only hold 3?
  76. dbar

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    Dang dude wish I had the money I'd jump on this thing!!!!!
  77. dbar

    It's finally done!!!!!

    Thanks Yep its scary accurate, at 12.4#'s its kinda heavy. I'm going to add the mono-pod to the buttstock so it will be right about 13lbs when it gets the last of the goodies. look into the grendel its a bad ass round.
  78. dbar

    It's finally done!!!!!

    Thanks guys!!!!! Feels so good to finally be done!!!!!!
  79. dbar

    It's finally done!!!!!

    .264LBC aka 6.5 GRENDEL It's been a long slow build every piece thought out and ordered over a long 7 months. Almost every single part was at one time sitting in a bin at Big Shot gun store, they were kind enough to give me a spot in the back to store parts. Some parts I paid them in advance for...
  80. dbar

    Big Shot guns and ammo!! Finally a customer service based local gun shop!

    Of course I did I hang out there quite a bit buddy, I agree with what you said about Noahs, I hang out there at big shot the same way I hung out with Kevan!!!!
  81. dbar

    Big Shot guns and ammo!! Finally a customer service based local gun shop!

    Told ya homie!!!! Best place in town by far!!!!!!
  82. dbar

    Poway , getting a new indoor shooting range...

    Dan they are definitely not the most friendly place in town, I have found them to be very short and slightly rude myself. You want to get the best customer service and friendly people in san diego hit up Big Shot on mira mar. I have been dealing with them exclusively, in fact I have my own bin...
  83. dbar

    6.5 Grendel, .223 stripped upper, bolt, mags.

    I'm sure no upper needed, but if ya don't find a buyerb for both I'll take the BOLT
  84. dbar

    6.5 Grendel, .223 stripped upper, bolt, mags.

    Hey buddy I know what ya paid for the bolt, ill take it off your hands for the same price :D I wouldn't mind having and extra.
  85. dbar

    Getting close......

    Yep gonna go full postal on bambi Nice I just put some money down on the optics Bushnell Elite-Tactical 3-12x44 FFP with the G2DMR retical, Need to get a 20 MOA Base for it.
  86. dbar

    Getting close......

    Yea the ballistics on it are awesome, it may also see some long rang match compitition.
  87. dbar

    Playing in the man cave

  88. dbar

    Playing in the man cave

    Nice, I'm going to build a loading bench for my new AR. Grendel Ammo is hard to find, and with a good hand load I should stay sub-moa beyond 200 yards easy.
  89. dbar

    Carl at work...

  90. dbar

    Getting close......

    .......To finishing the Gun my Daughter Zoe and I will hunt deer with this season. We are hunting with an Ar15 and sending the pictures to Dianne Feinstein to show her AR's are for hunting with!!!! Parts in hand Are.... Barrel/ Blackhole Weaponry 24" .264LBC (6.5 Grendel) HandGuard/ Midwest...
  91. dbar

    Posting with a heavy heart

    That sucks Mike, I'm very sorry for your loss!!!!!
  92. dbar

    Burned up my points

    I burned all my points to put me and my daughter Zoe in for G13 as a group for her first year hunting deer, yep she's 12 finally and I'm going to watch her wack a fricking deer this year, because we got our first choice. G13 is basically shopping with a gun, pretty sure I can find her a doe to...
  93. dbar

    30.06 and .243 for sale

    How many rounds trhough the .243?
  94. dbar

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    LOL He broke one of the spinners off, I just completely took the rest apart for him. In all reality I was testing his welds, they needed to be better. Oh yea and if I cant break the welds, I'm calling the artillery (kurt snd the fitty) nothing stands a chance!!!!! Btw you missed a good shoot...
  95. dbar

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    It was 6.99 a box I ordered a 100 rounds. After shipping it came to .43 cents a round. I normally dont shoot the steel case stuff, but at that price I bought some for the kids to plink with in the yard. We went through over a thousand rounds here at the house last weekend, so I could use a...
  96. dbar

    Great service

    Customer for life!!!! All my uppers&lowers will come from them!!!!
  97. dbar

    Great service

    The crack is on the left side of the receiver halfway up the part your buffer tube threads into, which to me looks like the weakest part of any receiver. Its just a hairline fracture, so I dont think I could really get a pic of it. The thing is, there wasn't any question of who put it together...
  98. dbar

    Great service

    I just wanted to share my experiance today. It started yesterday after we. ad a shoot party here at the house. After we were done shooting Dave noticed a crack in my lower receiver. Now remember I just finished this gun about two months ago so I only have about 1500 rounds through it. I was...
  99. dbar

    .223 ammo

    Ummm I can get factory loaded ammo m855 and xm193 for .62 cents a round, brass cased. And I would think most guys here that watch closely for ammo on sale can do the same. Not trying to burst your bubble , but I dont think anyone would pay that for reloads.
  100. dbar

    turkey hunting

    Ohhh we have a fucking funny guy!!!!
  101. dbar

    Duck Club Membership Available in the Salton Sea Area

    Worth every penny, the best club in the vally hands down!!!!
  102. dbar

    youth/ladies bow

    Gone!!! Want it for Zoe!!!
  103. dbar

    A22 Goes Premium

    Fuck this shit, I'm burning my points already so I can put my daughter on a doe this year. I'm going to put me and her as a group together. I guess Im only bow hunting bucks early season on a d16.
  104. dbar

    Anyone use an AR handle scope?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  105. dbar

    7-1/2 size shot

    The shot is actually for mike&pat moss new members of the lgr&g club, thats my mom and step dad. Mike wants to load some stuff to keep up with you guys :-). Me and my daughter missed the last sporting clays but made the foogy one last month with mike. nope just 7-1/2s thanks though Its for my...
  106. dbar

    Anyone use an AR handle scope?

  107. dbar

    Anyone use an AR handle scope?

    Gay!!! Get a flat top!!! Still missing the gripPod and flip up sights, otherwise finished.
  108. dbar

    7-1/2 size shot

  109. dbar

    7-1/2 size shot

    Great link thank you!!!! Lead for trap & skeet.
  110. dbar

    7-1/2 shot

    Looking to get some so I can liad some shell's.
  111. dbar

    7-1/2 size shot

    Im Looking to buy some to reload with.
  112. dbar

    looking for AR barrel

    5.56 16" barrel or 14.5" Could use a gas block and tube also. Shoot me a pm if ya have one ya want to get rid of.
  113. dbar

    looking for an AR barrel

    Prefer a 14.5" or 16" in 5.56 Also need a gas block and tube pm me if ya have anything you want to part with.
  114. dbar

    Range report- new 6mm woa upper

  115. dbar

    Rattler(mojave green) in Ramona in January?????

    Found this guy in my front yard about an hour ago? So cold he couldn't even rattle. Who ever say Greene's aren't this far south are full of shit, this bad boy had just shed its the prettiest green I've ever seen, if anyone wants the skin it's in my freezer for ya!!!
  116. dbar

    Jeffs first

  117. dbar

    Nice Buck for my Son

    WOW!!!!!! Congrats that's a beast!!!
  118. dbar

    Texas 2012 - Whackin and stackin

    Wow nice job!!!!
  119. dbar

    Good karma

    That's a really nice buck!!!!
  120. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Hahaha Carl was caught on film taken a dump in the woods LOL
  121. dbar

    7.62X39 vs 5.56 upper????

    Ok so I'm going to build an AR, yea I know I've always said I don't like AR's. After buying the Colt M4 for my wife and kids I like that you can shoot a lil carbine all day for almost nothing. So now I want one for myself, but still want to shoot it for very little money. Online I can buy bulk...
  122. dbar

    Two Guys that can shoot.

    Very cool, Congrats to both young men!!!
  123. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Seriouslly if it wanted me I'm sure I wouldn't be typing this I had no clue there was one hanging out around here again, it seems like one will make itself know for a few weeks then move off for 6-8 months and show back up. There is deer here year around so there's going to be cats off and on...
  124. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    If I catch it trying to eat one of my pets I'm not going to take the time to get a permit and hope it comes back. If anything is eattin my Damn goat its me....Mmmmmm birria When I was a young man (about 1980) the neighbor shot a cat that was about 150#'s it killed 3 of her goats before she...
  125. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Last year I saw a cat on EP and it was waist high and almost black really large and dark, more like a panther!!!!
  126. dbar

    Sat 11/3 Wister area

    Still beats what I was doing.
  127. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Short legs and little feet make my Dick look bigger!!! Dickhead!!!! The kids haven't been allowed outside without the dogs since we've moved in here, I've know there was cats, but this one was really close and I never knew it was there. When my kids are outside I keep a close eye on the...
  128. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    What we need is to have is an open season on these over populated cats!!!! I'm not saying kill them all, but they are way over populated!!!! Regulated thinning of the heard is "Game management" we need to manage these cats....just saying!!!
  129. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Are you joking? That's a big Fucking track dude, the cat that made it is well over 125#'s!!!!
  130. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

  131. dbar

    love opener

    Good stuff Sarge!!!
  132. dbar

    When Does A-22 Reopen?

    Good job Dan!!!
  133. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Was up on my back hill looking for a 3X3 my neighbor said he saw. I would like to get a look and see if it's the same one who was in my front yard two years ago, if it is he has to be huge by now. Saw a ton of fresh sign in the bedding area but no deer. On my way back to the house I came...
  134. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    Yea right buddy!!! But I did watch you shoot your first Banded Duck(Gadwall) at Falling Feathers Ranch, my dog retrieved it!!!
  135. dbar

    Remembering Stan "SurfDoc" Stutzka ** Picture/Story Thread

    The last time I saw Stan was to give him some proin(stop leak) for his dog.
  136. dbar

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Yea Mike I wish I could be there to say good bye!!!
  137. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    Worth every penny!!! I have never, let me repeat NEVER been to this club and come home without limits!!!! A really cool group of members and laid back attitudes around the fire pits at night, I would jump all over it if I had the dough!!!!
  138. dbar

    Seasons done for us....

    Your killing me Carlos!!!! Nice job by the two of you Congrats on some fine deer!!!!
  139. dbar

    The anti duck hunt

    Nice job bro!!!
  140. dbar

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    He was one of the true good guys for sure!!! RIP Bro!!!!
  141. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Doug and Ryan are going after chukar still, I'm not going to go this trip though. And yes we will have poles with us at the river. Probably take a lot of wildlife photos of the beavers and musk rats too LOL
  142. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Plans changed I'm skipping out on the chukar this weekend Damn it, but will be heading to the river on the first will be taking the dog the daughter and the boat.
  143. dbar

    took a little detour

    Nice looking strap!!!
  144. dbar


    Nice healthy Doe, Congrats!!!!
  145. dbar

    First deer

    Congrats bro!!!
  146. dbar

    Ed Z's article in todays SD U/T

    My feelings towards Ed are well documented on this site a few years back, when we had a few email arguments over the date of the dove opener being changed. We don't care much for each other LOL But yea that's an ok article, to bad it wouldn't do shit for this state even if he gets to take the...
  147. dbar

    Sluester, I think Gunner has more Brown than you thought.

    I may just be in the mood for one(male), if the price is right LOL
  148. dbar

    Sluester, I think Gunner has more Brown than you thought.

    Funny dickhead!!! Besides all the doves I shot this year were on piles of bird seed :D :2gunsfiring_v1: Hey was it your buddy I met while I was out hunting near Julian? If so he's a cool dude, way cooler then you are LOL
  149. dbar

    Sluester, I think Gunner has more Brown than you thought.

    Hey I know a guy that lives in Ramona LOL
  150. dbar

    Sluester, I think Gunner has more Brown than you thought.

    Nice looking pups, what's he gonna want for them?
  151. dbar


    Awsome pics!!!!
  152. dbar

    Come on clean up your act!!!

    When I think of Sean and his hunting skills only one thing comes to mind...... .... Wile E. Coyote super genius
  153. dbar

    Last hunt in X9a

    Go get um Mark!!
  154. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Sit halfway down the mountain and when Cody makes them fly off the top of the mountain, you skybust as they fly overhead........ ..... Dickhead LOL
  155. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Which mess, the shooting at my house or the chukar?
  156. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    I'll be gone the whole weekend hunting chukar, Sorry.
  157. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    I'm probably not going to hunt spoonies until, we have some weather up north. Just don't really care for early season ducks much, waders and heat don't do it for me ;) we should get together for pheasant though!!!
  158. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    I have a GSP he is better at ground birds than flyers, he does duck fine, but he is art in motion when it comes to ground birds. Plus it's the whole high desert camping and unlimited Jack wabbits that go along with the Chukar. And I need the F'n exercise!!!!
  159. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Yea on the 20th so two and 3/4 of a week Geees
  160. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Until Chukar season, I can't wait!!! Doug, Ryan and Me & Cody(my dog) are going on our 2nd annual Chukar trip. It's going to be an every year thing :) Might take Caleb this year.
  161. dbar

    Heading out tomorrow

    Oh Sean, how many deer did you see and not kill?
  162. dbar

    CANADA 2012

    Once again I'm jealous!!!
  163. dbar

    Still in the hunt

    Awsome stuff!!!!!
  164. dbar

    My First Hunt

    There are different types of hunting. You should try them all. Wing shooting stupid lil doves can be way more fun than reaching out to drop something with a rifle. Decoying ducks are a ton of fun to shoot when they commit to your decoy spreads. Then there is Carl's favorite, Hog...
  165. dbar

    Barrett draw

    Yea talk to ya at the wedding, see ya there tmrw evening. I know you already know, but the blind on my boat was supposed to go on Ali's boat :)
  166. dbar

    Where's Carl?

    No self respecting fish would put Carl in its mouth!!!!
  167. dbar

    Happy Birthday Marcus

    Happy bday
  168. dbar

    Barrett draw

    I know a guy that has a 14' duck boat with a 20hp fourstroke Merk on it that could get the day off :) Oh yea the boat has a cool lil blind built on it too if that helps ;)
  169. dbar

    Nice archery elk!

    That color on the rack is just bitchen!!!
  170. dbar

    I can't wait till....

    I'll let ya know once we cook some up, might have some ready to eat Saturday morning if ya come out to cut some wood :)
  171. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    It's a big one, maybe 36" at the base. Come cut what you can before I call out the guy from town to buy it.
  172. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thanks Mark, I've only seen them spar twice. This time was cool cause I knew I was gonna take one of them home when it ended :) Shoot me a pm if ya want it soon otherwise it will end up going to a someone who will resell it. Thanks Doug, compared to last years buck he is small. Last years...
  173. dbar

    I can't wait till....

    Have you ever been around Carl and free food? He'd eat tickburger turds if they were free LOL
  174. dbar

    I can't wait till....

    .... Tonight's dinner. Smoked Venison Polish Sausages, thanks to Jim's country smoke house(619-249-9631) I had that whole buck made to some sort of sausage. Country sausage, salami, chorizo and polish sausage.
  175. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thank bro!!!
  176. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thanks Nate, he man I just had a huge tree drop last week if ya need some more oak!!!
  177. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thanks Bill, having the kids involved is what makes it so fun. Its a whole family event when a deer comes home, Brian was here while the wife and kids were helping with the butchering. Heck yes we'll go just let me know, a half day trip or twilight trip with the boys would be a blast!!!!
  178. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Sounds like a plan, just give me a shout you've got my #. Unfortunately the pond is totally overgrown with moss so we can't take the boys fishing again :(
  179. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thanks Mike!!!
  180. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    thanks bro!!! How goes the quest for you and Jared? Thanks man, It was easier to do since they were more concerned with who was tuffer, than what was happening around them. When the fighting was done they walked right to me :)
  181. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thank bro, Zoe is almost a Damn teenager, Caleb is in school and in a couple of years gonna be old enough that I'll let him hunt. They grow up quik, Heck my oldest son just brought my grandkids out to visit. Yes I'm a grandparent already, but not so old that I can't still have lil ones running...
  182. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    About 6:50am I watched the group of them, few Doe's and the two Buck's from the moment there was enough light to see. It was just a stalking/waiting game, I'd close a few yards and they would spar their way closer, slowly but surely we ended up close enough to each other. The spot and stalk...
  183. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Oh I got a ton of thumbs up and a few dirty looks while we were butchering it again. If the neighbors don't like it, they don't have to look towards my property when they drive by.Driving by the owner of near by park said they are having a deer problem with their orchard, so it looks like I'm...
  184. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Two years ago my archery buck was at 58. I practice a lot and a lot farther then that...nice to have a lot of land. 60 or so is pretty much the max I'll shoot at a deer, depending on conditions and the alertness of the deer. These two bucks had absolutely no clue so I was confident in the shot.
  185. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Of course there are pics with him and the deer, him and Zoe got to stay home from school to help butcher it :) Fresh venison days are like a national holiday, so the kids are excused from school. Btw this thing had more fat on and in it than any other I have ever seen!!!!
  186. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Thanks guy's!!!!!
  187. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Filled my D16 with this lil guy(100ish#'s), I watched him and a lil bit bigger model sparring for a while. The bigger of the two wouldn't give me a shot so I took this one at 60 yards, shot was right on the money and the Rage 2 blade had him piled up in 40 yards. I'm sold on the Rage broadheads...
  188. dbar

    1st Bow Buck.....A-22

    Very nice Steve!!!!
  189. dbar

    Fucking Lions Again

    Funny dickhead!!!!!!
  190. dbar

    Rifle questions

    Another vote for the .308
  191. dbar

    Fucking Lions Again

    I got this today in an Email alert...... August 6, 2012 (Santee)--A mountain lion has been reported in the 10700][/B]block of Princess Arlene, a residential neighborhood in Santee. Incident Page Network indicates that San Diego Sheriff and animal control officers are conducting a search of...
  192. dbar

    hunting close to home tis year

    Besides if you shoot one in your yard that treehugger Dana will cry bloody fucking murder!!!!
  193. dbar

    hunting close to home tis year

    In my yard!!!!!
  194. dbar

    hunting close to home tis year

    Any time!!!!!
  195. dbar

    hunting close to home tis year

    Oh heck no, but they are only bedding down about 40 yards away from the target you just came and sighted your .06 in on.
  196. dbar

    hunting close to home tis year

    Hey dickhead those are the ones from my back hill, if anyone is shooting them it's me!!!!!!! I have them on trail cam on the back hill and know where they bed, ground blind material!!!!!
  197. dbar

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    Mike and family best wish sent!!!!!
  198. dbar

    Dog question

    Anytime!!!! Glad its working out!!!
  199. dbar

    Dog question

    Well she stop leaking yet :)
  200. dbar

    Dog question

    Stan check your voicemail, give me a call I will drop it off on my way to work or on the way home.
  201. dbar

    Mission Trails

    I don't own a quad, so not me. Besides I don't hunt, I kill shit so if there wasn't a dead deer on the back you can guaranty it wasn't me!!!
  202. dbar

    Dog question

    BDr's always help each other out!!!! Heck I had one hook me up with a plane ticket to see my sick gma thanks Mercerm!!! It's what we do !!!!!!!
  203. dbar

    Dog question

    Stan, I have some proin for my dog, your welcome to have some I still have your # ill call ya when I get off work!!!!
  204. dbar

    Bazarre foods

    My wife is dieing to try some with a lil yuzu.
  205. dbar

    New Trail Cam

    Nice!!!! From the Ranch we met each other at?
  206. dbar

    going into the army

    X2 Jim's country smoke house 619-249-9631
  207. dbar

    Eating Rabbits

    I also eat them during the summer months. I clean the whole rabbit unlike Steve, only once have I tossed one out due to thinking something might be wrong with it. The way I see it if it looks and smells good then cooking it will only make it even better. BTW the way my wife does it Is put the...
  208. dbar

    Poult Check

    Last trip up in the hills, Doug and I saw a ton of poults in the area I hunt. Sorry no pics
  209. dbar

    Lost my best friend

    That totally sucks!!!! So sorry for your families loss!!!!
  210. dbar

    Colt M4 Ops

    Dave you know my wife & daughter, They would both beat the shit outta me for bringing home a pink gun. Well I haven't heard anything bad, so I'm gonna go buy it for them. Heck I may even shoot a yote or two with it in the yard.
  211. dbar

    Colt M4 Ops

    Out of pocket would be about $300 for the ops version of the M4 brand new in box. Any jamming or other issues that might make it a pita for the wife and kids?
  212. dbar

    Colt M4 Ops

    WTF Nobody has fired one ?
  213. dbar

    Colt M4 Ops

    Don't really Care for Ar's or 22's, but my wife shot an Ar in 22 and liked it plus my kids love to shoot and 22 ammo is cheep for them to shoot. So what do you guys think about the M4, good or bad opinions welcome. BTW I'm asking because I can get a screaming good deal on a new one.
  214. dbar

    Mtn scouting report

    Yep this year I'm definitely hanging a treestand on my property and two on public land.
  215. dbar

    Mtn scouting report

    I saw a nice legal buck in velvet last weekend on public land and a really decent buck in velvet in my front yard a week ago :-)
  216. dbar

    ca is up

    Nice draw!!!
  217. dbar

    ca is up

    You know where the house is come on by!!!!!!!
  218. dbar

    Sheep and elk......

  219. dbar

    Sheep and elk......

    Don't worry Sean you can save some from hunters next year LOL
  220. dbar

    ca is up

    Slam dunk!!!!
  221. dbar

    ca is up

  222. dbar

    ca is up

    Yea my group has 5-6 more years before we'll draw our zone, Congrats on the good draw
  223. dbar

    ca is up

    How many points for the x zone?
  224. dbar

    ca is up

    not what I was trying for, but nothing wrong with D16 I have a buddy who put in for there. Big deer in that unit!!!
  225. dbar

    ca is up

    D16 for my group
  226. dbar

    Fur or feathers sept 1st

    Fur......I can't remember the last time I was this excited about Bow season. Been shooting the bow every night and I had Bruce quiet it up last weekend. It's never been so quiet and I've never been so accurate this early on before an archery opener. I let my archery tag walk last year, when I...
  227. dbar

    New state record boar weighing 733.51 pounds shot in coast range

    I heard yeti is like bald eagle, kinda chewy?
  228. dbar

    New state record boar weighing 733.51 pounds shot in coast range

    Carl's uncle Gary shot a double on some that big, it was a 2200 yard shot that killed both. He got them after crawling through some brush tunnels for 3 miles and then hiking another 5 miles up hill and then he dragged them both out by himself.
  229. dbar

    coyote jerky! *****warning not as TRoB graphic as last time*******

    Oh I see I'm barely on hear anymore, so ya have talk shit!!!! And for your info fuggers I shotgun'd a yote here in my yard, look back through my posts from a year or so ago. Nice shootin with the new gun Bill!!! BTW I'm after the Bull coot again this year, so I may even shoot out to 150...
  230. dbar

    Archery demo time again 6-7-12

    I'm gonna be working or I'd be in again.
  231. dbar

    Santa Ysabel Preserve Youth Hunt

    Very nice!!!!
  232. dbar

    Looking to buy a 20' - 21' Gregor aluminum boat

    I have had my old Gregor 21 down as far as the 390, good solid boats for sure.
  233. dbar

    What Happened to TOF?

    Maybe Steve(ilovecalicos) will chime in he was one of the moderators over there. But it seems your right it appears to be missing this morning, of course I haven't been to that site for awhile so no telling how long it's been gone.
  234. dbar

    Final day of Turkey Season (gun)

    Nice job!!!!! Leave a few for the rest of us would ya LOL
  235. dbar

    hunting areas sd county

  236. dbar

    First Turkey

    Good job Dan!!!
  237. dbar

    Another One Bites The dust

    Good stuff!!!
  238. dbar

    Bow Poll

    I'm with Orion, I shoot the cam and a half on a Hoyt and love it!!! Replace the fuse string with a winners choice and tune it yourself. IMHO any idiot with half a brain and a Simi decent memory can tune their own bow. I have put thousands of arrows through my AlphaMax and I'm not trading her in...
  239. dbar

    CBH poll

    As you know my broke ass, was out of work for two years. And every extra penny I had I spent to get tags and drive my ass up on the hill. Now that I'm back to work I barely have time to do anything and pretty much just got caught up on all my bills I collected while I was out of work. I will get...
  240. dbar

    Dropped a Jake.....

    My 2 1/2 year old is the biggest pain in the butt. My 4 month old is sooooo easy. Ahhh the terrible two's. LOL. Enjoy them dude he'll be a mouthy teenager going through puberty before you know it :D
  241. dbar

    Dropped a Jake.....

    Thanks Steve, Not nearly as big as your birds, but with working nights 6 days a week anything legal was getting dropped!!!! Yea Dan, He's a lot bigger than the last time you came by. How's your lil one doing?
  242. dbar

    Moutain lion

    Kill em all!!!!
  243. dbar

    Dad's Mount

    Looks good!!!
  244. dbar

    Dropped a Jake.....

    He was shot about 20 yards from where last year's Archery Buck got shot. Zoe missed out on.a couple long beards on the Junior opener, she hasn't gone back up since then. Yea Logan is getting huge, you should see Caleb now :D I sat there and could have caught three birds with my hands they...
  245. dbar

    Dropped a Jake.....

    Thanks guy's!!!! They taste better than store bought one's, the dark meat is really dark compared to butterballs, but I like it a lot more than store bought stuff!!!! Sean he's talking up a storm now and being a typical 18 month old pain in the butt :)
  246. dbar

    Dropped a Jake.....

    Second and final trip out for Turkey this season due to even though he's small he had to get dropped!!!! BTW he was shot on public land, the pic was taken once I got home.
  247. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    Actually I can run anything, but a crane!!!!! I wasn't threatening anyone, I was offering a hand to a good friend to do work he doesn't do. And Brandork anytime your ready .......... ANYTIME!!!!
  248. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch Membership Available

    This is the best club IMHO......I have never, let me repeat NEVER failed to shoot a limit from FF. Hey Bry you know I was a concrete finisher by trade before I learned to operate, so if you want to buy the mud ill put it down and finish it for ya. I have no problem taking care of shit for ya...
  249. dbar

    Brothers First Bird

    Sweet!!! Putting people on birds is better than killing one yourself sometimes!!!
  250. dbar

    Turkey Success!!!

  251. dbar

    Private property..or not??

    I have the occasional turkey or deer cross my land. If I catch you tryn to take one off my land you can GUARANTY I WILL SHOOT and only once will I shoot over your head.....just ask the mother Fucker that was using my land to sell his dope. Could I get in trouble for shooting over someones...
  252. dbar


    At 8oclock this morning me and Zoe got our new licenses and I got my tags. I put in for the draw with my group and walked away with my archery tag. This new system is actually pretty cool. I didn't like it at first, but it is actually a lot easier....just handed the lady our old licenses and...
  253. dbar

    Dan Richards needs our help !

    Yep that's the one I got from him, but hey he at least responded right?
  254. dbar


    Let me be the first to say Happy BDay Steve, I hope it's a good one!!!!!
  255. dbar

    Junior Turkey Hunt

    Yea you looked like you were on a mission to get somewhere. I hope you and Josh have a great season!!! BTW early Happy B-DAY, in case I forget to say it Thursday!!!!!!
  256. dbar

    Junior Turkey Hunt

    You are not allowed to speak on Turkey threads, go kill one then we'll talk. BTW Zoe has killed one turkey on public land for the last two years in a row, how many years did you try before you gave up? LOL This year is going to be tough with the hours I'm putting in at work...12 hours a night...
  257. dbar

    Junior Turkey Hunt

    Good stuff Steve!!! Did you pull into the Ramona Arco am/pm right behind me and my daughter yesterday and then drive back out real quick? I thought it was you but didn't get the chance to say hi because the person drove right back out, like they were looking for someone. Public land hunting...
  258. dbar

    I Shouldn't Even Bother With Reading Comments

    No doubt!!!
  259. dbar

    I Shouldn't Even Bother With Reading Comments

    All those two guys had to do was call me and Zoe we'll handle those flying rats for um :)
  260. dbar

    I Shouldn't Even Bother With Reading Comments

    Well I thought it was very informative, I didn't know they were tough LOL Some of those idiots just need a good old fashioned country boy ass whoopin!!!! Just like I tell my kids"i wasn't just slapping you in the head, I was uncrossing some wires that had obviously got crossed up in your head" :D
  261. dbar

    I Shouldn't Even Bother With Reading Comments

    The liberal media at its best, they pulled a bunch of comments from Frank and Myself down to show only the Fucking treehummpers side of the story!!!! If they can't argue with it I guess they just remove it!!!!
  262. dbar

    looking for custom duck and goose lanyards?

    I made my own just like the ones above, go online a Google how to make them it's super easy!!!!
  263. dbar

    No lil red cup

    Hey that condom wasn't on the Bullcoot when I dropped it off, looks like Carl was the one who picked it up for you LOL Sorry I missed it, but me and the wife needed to get out together for some us time away from the rest of the world!!!!
  264. dbar

    My finished buffalo mount

  265. dbar

    Youth hunt - scum attorney

  266. dbar

    Camo patterns in socal

    Realtree AP For me and it seems to work just fine I hunt everything that runs, jumps, or flys.
  267. dbar

    Youth hunt - scum attorney

    I sent him a nice little email about how he should leave the youth hunt alone and how kids that hunt and fish are less likey to get involved with drugs or gangs. What a douche bag!!!!!!
  268. dbar

    new to the forum

    Nice Deer pics!!!!
  269. dbar

    new to the forum

    Welcome just remember to stay away from that Carl guy, he's kinda gay!!!!
  270. dbar

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    I wish I didn't have to work or I'd see you there, my wife may take our kids up all in camo. I did send off the email blast that Doug Streed sent me a link for, with work so busy that's about all I will be able to do unfortunately. BTW Steve nice to see you finally made your way over to the...
  271. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    Funny guy aren't we????? Damn Mark you missed out on some killer grub, the wife totally out did herself again!!!! Maybe I can get her to make some more for the K&G party at Sluesters place!!!
  272. dbar


  273. dbar

    Dude doesn't mess around....

    Yea in this state your gonna get busted and the crook is gonna be out in an hour,..... ...unless he's trying to break into this house.....if I don't blow a hole in him, Zoe will and mommy's a pretty good shot now too!!!!
  274. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    Oh shit your killing me!!!!
  275. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    You gonna come by for the race to cheer her on???
  276. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    You have obviously never been to a local short track race!!!! God I miss Cajon speedway!!!!! I come from a stockcar family, my uncle used to race and the whole family use to go watch, back in the day racers were tough mother fr's there was ways one of my family members fighting in the stands...
  277. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    Carl is more than welcome to come he's been here before!!!!
  278. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    You close enough you should just go to the race again!!!
  279. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    ....... At Casa De Dbar!!!! Sunday the 26th is the 500 and the will be a party here at the house for those that want come by. Party starts at 9am and goes till when ever. There will probably be some shooting going on after the race is over...depending on how much booze has been consumed...
  280. dbar

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    Prayers sent!!!!!!
  281. dbar

    They punish Poachers in ID. !

    FIRST OFF!!!!! To be a citizen you have to speak Fucking English, that is one of the prerequisites to becoming a citizen!!!!! So if they don't speak English why/how are they in this country!!!!
  282. dbar

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    Boys won't want to date her when they find out how crazy her dad is and how many guns he owns!!!!!!!!! Honestly it would be cool if she found an outdoorsman type young man, she knows how to hunt and fish and when he sees how good she shoots...... he won't have the balls to Piss her off or...
  283. dbar

    Lab pups

    Wasn't recon from the last time?
  284. dbar

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    She was hooked on a new bird Saturday when those flights went over the club :D
  285. dbar

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    Gonna start scouting heavyily for her in the next couple of weeks!!!
  286. dbar

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    Saturday was slow at fly off, so Zoe started by sluesing two Ruddies. Then she managed to drop a hen bootlip in the deeks. Tons of teal in normal fashion....Fucking fast and low. She managed to get her first teal, a nice drake GW that ended up being her favorite of the she took a pic...
  287. dbar

    Falling Feathers Update Jr. Hunt

    She got a gaddie hen and a S&C spoonie drake this morning......will post full report when we get home.
  288. dbar

    Falling Feathers Update Jr. Hunt

    Here earlier in the day can't take pics of the whole limit but she added one more teal. Pics in the morning of her limit and hopefully a few snows too !!!
  289. dbar

    Went to the river - got ducks 01-28 & 29

    Nice shooting!!!!
  290. dbar

    Salton sea jan 28th

    Beats what I'm doing by far!!!!
  291. dbar

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Kurt the ignore feature on BD is now my best friend!!!! Until Dumbass ends up gone like Carl's uncle he will remain on this list, the Fucking idiot has absolutely nothing to say that I want to hear!!!!
  292. dbar

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    I know of 4 DFG incidents that happened to regular people this year, in which the DFG just straight out right Fucked people over!!!!! I have NO RESPECT for the game wardens anymore, and they will know longer get any info or co-operation from me. It's a shame that I feel that way, because they...
  293. dbar

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Are you sure your names not Gary? I see a pattern starting to emerge........lie and cover it up with bigger lies!!!!
  294. dbar

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Ok Dumbass, your the biggest Fucking.liar I have ever seen on here....yes even bigger than Gary was!!!! You need to pack up and move on, nobody wants to hear your bullshit anymore!!!! And aren't you the same Dumbass "pro yote hunter" who got run off of Jesse's hunting website when you got...
  295. dbar

    Goose hunt

    Good stuff!!!
  296. dbar

    Whoa, contest rules

    Oh yea forgot to put scattergun on the list!!!!
  297. dbar

    Whoa, contest rules

    Shit I believe in ohio, you can't use a rifle at all....... blackpowder, and archery equipment only.
  298. dbar

    Rotations Pet Food presents - Caption Contest Ending Jan 30, 2012

    Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!!!!
  299. dbar

    Gorman Pig Hunting

    Not that I know of, I saw MB a few times this year and he never said anything about getting them back
  300. dbar

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    I feel your pain!!!!
  301. dbar

    Gorman Pig Hunting

    Carl's uncle has a son!!!!! LOL Oh you forgot to mention the 798 yards shot without a rangefinder!!!!!
  302. dbar

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    You should see what happens when you take him offshore!!!! YFT will boil right on the side of your Striper and they won't touch a Fucking thing you toss into the middle of the boil!!!! If anyone else had of been on board we'd have killed um!!! LOL
  303. dbar

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Hey Carl you didn't tell me your uncle's son (aka) your cousin was on BD to take up the slack since your uncle isn't allowed on here anymore LOL
  304. dbar

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Holy Fucking Shit, I just about woke up the whole house reading this thread. Some people are just plain dumb, reminds me of the good ol days when Carls uncle was still around here LOL
  305. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch Youth Hunt

    Zoe's in, she's been waiting/talking about it all year!!!!
  306. dbar

    Shot a few geese

    I knew I smoked to much of that Damn weed when I was younger, I guess it is catching back up to me in my old age!!! LOL
  307. dbar

    Shot a few geese

    Now that one spoony is my kinda shooting LOL The only thing I know about goose calling is absolutely nothing at all. The only one I have ever shot was a pass shot goose last year at Falling Feathers, I see the guys next door at Carl's club shooting them and I hear them calling. If I had a ton...
  308. dbar

    Field Test | Bucket List Ranch | Lookout, Ca

    Nice looking place to wack some honkers!!!!
  309. dbar

    Shot a few geese

    Nice shooting!!! As far a the calling.....word through the grapevine is nobody down there has the geese down ike you do!!!! And from that video I believe them!!!!
  310. dbar

    once again.....

    I want a blue-wing super bad!!!!
  311. dbar

    once again.....

    I also shoot yotes and big game, fowl hunting can be even more fun than either of those at times!!! I don't care how big/small or if it flys,crawls, runs or hops, I like to shoot anything!!! If you like decoying predators, than you'd love decoying ducks!!!
  312. dbar

    once again.....

    Actually me and stairman are wednesday partners down there, we did some work for Bry so we could hunt a few Wednesdays. i have managed to make it twice and Doug hasn't got to go yet :( . It's the end of the season, But I believe Bryant may do some weekend hunts and wednesday hunts as well....I...
  313. dbar

    once again.....

    I'll measure them in the morning for ya!!!
  314. dbar

    once again.....

    Actually yes there was a few less :D I was shooting like you today Bill, I couldn't hit shit!!!! Especially if it was cupped and in my face?!?!?!
  315. dbar

    once again.....

    I shot a limit at Falling Feathers Ranch!!!!! I took me till 1pm this time, but I still have shot a limit every single time down there. I missed ya Doug, even tried to get that homo Carl to take your spot, but Nobody could sneak out on a Wednesday with me.
  316. dbar

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec. 19th, 2011 at 5pm

    Thanks Montauk Tackle Co. And BD Staff, Fed-ex just stoped by and the shirts fit perfectly!!! I'm gonna have to hop on a few albacore trips this year to pimp the new swag!!!! Thank again, Dbar
  317. dbar

    Dry aging ducks

    Never even heard of it, but let me know how it works out. I'm always up for new ways to prepare food!!!
  318. dbar

    Swamp Limit Back to Back Ringer Edition

    SPEEDY little ringers are just as fun as a good teal hunt!!! Nice shooting Jack!!!
  319. dbar


    Look dude it's public land , somebody is ALWAYS going to be pissed off at someone else!!!!! He may have been using deeks that the birds didn't want to land in that day and seeing you shoot stuff just pissed him off, don't worry about it and next time ask him...."since you suck so bad...ya want...
  320. dbar

    waterfowl ammo

    I have been shooting X-pert steel by Winchester, but my one trip this year I bought Kent fast steel. I don't really notice any difference between the two. So whatevers cheaper between the two from now on.
  321. dbar

    Nice shot...

    Nice on the band, shitty bout the coon!!!
  322. dbar

    Whats your desired amount of pins on a bow sight?

    I have 4 pins that go as follows 1-20 and under 2-30 3-40 4-45 out to 80 I use the G5 LX which has 3 fixed and 1 floating pin.....turn the knob on the sight to any yardage in bettwen 45-80 and shoot accurately to your target!!! I have a short draw length and fairly low bow speed, so a guy...
  323. dbar

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    I can't even express how good it makes me feel to say I know you guys, cause you guys are Fucking awesome for making this happen!!!!!!..........Mad props to all who were involved or donated!!!!!!
  324. dbar

    sheep report

    Congrats Nate, that's a true trophy!!!!!
  325. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    I just saw a picture of the hunt, two words........FUCKING Awesome!!!!!
  326. dbar

    Evil black shotgun....

    Ok maybe for the police or military, but around your house.....not really the need to switch from buckshot to slugs. A normal tactical shotgun is plenty around the house!!!
  327. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    That's awesome, I gave Bry the address, he'll be swinging by. Edit: the Dbar you rock list of people..... ...Bryant, Bill, Ali and Jason You guys Fucking Rock!!!!
  328. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    Right On!!!!!!! You and Bill are Very Good People!!!!! I wish you would have said something when I was leaven, I would have left my Deeks out at 11 for them to hunt over!!!!
  329. dbar

    Evil black shotgun....

    You can already fit 7 into most home defense style shotguns, so why all the extra weight and bulk for just three more rounds?
  330. dbar

    Evil black shotgun....

    Something that cool will never be legal in this state. That thing would hold a hell of s lot of buckshot!!!!!!
  331. dbar

    2011 Review

    Kitchen looks good, hope the boy doesn't look like you then he'll be good looking too!! LOL Doesn't sound like that bad of a year to me, Congrats on the baby dude!!!
  332. dbar

    XDM 40, thoughts?

    Well I use mine for deer, but I'm sure it would fuck a person up too!!!!
  333. dbar

    Hunting near San Diego

    Good luck on your quest!!!!! Local hunting spots are closely guarded secrets by those that have them, and a guy with one post asking for them probably won't get much in the way of help. But your local national forest office will have some maps, add Google earth to the mix and ya should be able...
  334. dbar

    XDM 40, thoughts?

    Corb there is not really much difference between the 9mm and a .40, but you'll find more ammo for a 9mm and it will be cheaper than 40 ammo. Both will kill an intruder just as dead, if ya really want to stop someone shoot a .45
  335. dbar

    Falling Feathers Spoonfest with a plus....

    Last year the gaddies were pretty Damn dumb. We had some cupping and committing at 250 yards above the deeks. It was bitchen to watch the sprig work the deeks, just needed Zoe with me and she could have f'd them up good!!!! I hope I can get some to work that good for her on the junior hunt!!!!!
  336. dbar

    Falling Feathers Spoonfest with a plus....

    LOL I heard about the wallet thing from Dewey LOL Good times by the fire brother, next trip down I'm bringing a crock pot full of the wife's venison chili. And I'll bring that Doug guy with me!!!!
  337. dbar

    Falling Feathers Spoonfest with a plus....

    Nice meeting you too!!!! Yea his phone was f'd up, I think it got drunk and drowned itself or something LOL He was at the club drinking at the campfire, eattin some bomb ass smoked turkey!!! All worked out well!!! Cya down there again sometime soon!!!
  338. dbar

    Would you....

    Wall hanger for sure!!!
  339. dbar

    Swamp Limit

    Nice shooting Jack!!!!
  340. dbar

    Falling Feathers Spoonfest with a plus....

    Unless you were a lone teal or 4 today!!!!! I couldn'thit one of those to save my life today!!!!
  341. dbar

    Falling Feathers Spoonfest with a plus....

    First two birds into the spread were pintails and I doubled them with a quikness, then the next few birds in the deeks were more pins and I couldn't even shoot their assess!!!! These things decoyed like you wouldnt believe, it was a shame to have to let them fly back out!!! Finished out...
  342. dbar

    Nice Rack

    False advertising LOL Nice mount though!!!!
  343. dbar

    New to Forum From Florida, Pic Heavy

    Good stuff!!!
  344. dbar

    Tent that fits in back of truck?

    Mike was right I have one and have been using the same one for over 15 years, I love it and couldn't imagine anything that is as quik and easy to use!!! Holds up well in all conditions even snow!!!!
  345. dbar

    What you should know about wolves coming into California

    SSS Anyone see the Urban Coyote show on last night? Now change that over to wolf's and see how long before neighbor hood kids disappear like cats and dogs!!! Kill them all!!!!
  346. dbar

    Which 40 should I get?

    Mike you haven't been by the new place, grab Rick and come over and you can shoot my Sig and we'll have a bbq
  347. dbar

    What you should know about wolves coming into California

    All wolf's and coyotes should be shot, while we're at it let's add big cats to that list of shoot on sight!!!!!!
  348. dbar

    Which 40 should I get?

    I'm a Sig fan myself... I have a 226 in 9mm and it blows away the two other 9mm's I have by far!!!!!
  349. dbar

    Vermontster you must have.....

    Don't remember the thread your talking about, but I believe he has 80 acres to hunt. I'm using some of my tax return to have her go and have it processed. Should be about 500 total. Small price to pay for my daughter to have one up on the old-man!!! And yes its setup for kids, not for you or me!!!!
  350. dbar

    Buying online, whats the process now?

    Left you a voice mail, if ya have any ?'s call me it's super easy!!!! If it's not a handgun you can start the paperwork without the gun in hand, only handguns needs to be here before your start the paperwork!!!!
  351. dbar

    Vermontster you must have.....

    Just give me a call dude, the cops have given me a free pass to target shoot around here. Not like it really mattered we've been shooting here since '76 and that won't ever change as long as I'm alive....even if they told me not to.!!!!!!!! Zoe is going on a fenced hunt so she doesn't need...
  352. dbar

    Vermontster you must have.....

    Don't know just gotta get out before the season ends, can't really plan anything with the hours I work, which changes day by day as they see fit!!! I wish I had set hours then I could plan shit out.
  353. dbar

    Vermontster you must have.....

    You too!!!! Now that I'm done with bambi if I can sneak out..... You want to ride the meathog and try our luck on some flying liver LOL or we could hit up the club. My wife needs to see that boat in the water once at least so she can justify having it take up space in the yard LOL
  354. dbar

    Vermontster you must have.....

    .....A good tag-soup recipe by now!!!! LOL This is the first tag I have ever had to eat, so I don't know how to eat it in style LOL The funny thing is I don't feel bad about eatting it, cause Friday morning I could have filled it!!!! I was at full draw at 40 yards on a yearling Doe and...
  355. dbar

    Oh Shit Sheriffs

    I wish I had the time to duck hunt so bad!!!! I have a few hours each day to hunt and then it's back to work!!!! These hours are killing me!!!
  356. dbar

    Oh Shit Sheriffs

    yea buddy Pretty sure I've seen why LOL
  357. dbar

    Oh Shit Sheriffs

    He was one of the coolest cops I've met, that I wasn't already friends with!!!!
  358. dbar

    Oh Shit Sheriffs

    At my house for gun shots fired, with a helicopter and two squad cars LOL They saw my shooting range and left....he said I'll put you in the computer as target-shooters so we don't have to come back out next time :) God Bless America and the Ramona Sheriff dept!!!!!!
  359. dbar

    hunting locations in so cal

    WTF homo's a guy is barely on here cause he's working so much everyone has to be a smartass?!?!?!
  360. dbar

    Duck hunting locally

    Looks like s fun shoot!!! Me and my lil man stopped in at your buddy bills place the other day, really nice people with a neat shop!!!!
  361. dbar

    Epic Christmas and after Christmas gift

    Glad your mom's doing good, two bands in one day is frickin in heard of!!!!!!!
  362. dbar

    I have a kids bow to donate

    GPaul that is a wonderful thing you have done, maybe good karma bless you ten fold!!!!!
  363. dbar

    sheep report

    Good luck!!!!
  364. dbar

    Another duck report.....

    Nice shooting Bill!!!
  365. dbar

    I got school'd today......

    Yep was a great day in the field with her, Merry Xmas to you too Tony!!!! You can borrow Zoe's redrider to practice with iron sights if ya want LOL You still have a week left to get it done!!!
  366. dbar

    I got school'd today......

    Merry Christmas to you too brother!!!
  367. dbar

    Quik limit

    They are fun , but a two bird limit comes really quik!!!!
  368. dbar

    I got school'd today...... my 10 year old Daughter!!!!!! As most of you know my Daughter Zoe loves to wing shoot. So when I came home with those bandtails yesterday, I got talked into going again this morning with my hunting buddy(Zoe) in tow. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later and today was the day she...
  369. dbar

    Quik limit

    Of Bandtails
  370. dbar

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec. 19th, 2011 at 5pm

    Wow Thanks Montauk Tackle Co. And BD Staff for putting on the contest!!!!!!
  371. dbar

    Ducks in the I.V.

    WTF DBar'd it, I'm no sky buster!!!!!! Nice bird bro, but now I need to teach you how to shoot!!!!
  372. dbar

    A Wake-Up Call For Hunters??

    The only hunters we can use more of are juniors, they will carry on the sport. As far as I'm concerned we don't need anymore adults out in the field, not enough public land around here to support more hunters!!!!!
  373. dbar

    Why kill Yotes?

    The only good yote is a dead yote!!!!!
  374. dbar


    My .308 is a Tikka and they are very light, just ask anyone who has held it(alot of guys from this forum) and my guns recoil is very light. If you have shot an older .06 than the felt recoil from a newer model .308 will be almost nothing.
  375. dbar

    30 pt DOE??

    The only rack I want to see on my Doe's is DD and there better not be any fur or were gonna have to shave it!!!!!!!
  376. dbar


    My choice for good quality at a value price would be a Howa. They are the same as a Weatherby Vangaurd, I have a vanguard and its a very good shooter!!! It's not as good as my Tikka, but a fine second gun which shoots sub moa with the right ammo.
  377. dbar

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec. 19th, 2011 at 5pm

    Screw the non-skid deck, I need non-skid boxers, cause this may just cause a skid-mark!!!!
  378. dbar

    New addition to the man cave

    That turned out awsome!!!
  379. dbar


    Well at least ya have a spot that has a good number of Deer, that's mote than half the battle right there. It may just be your year!!!!
  380. dbar


    I Love my .308!!!!!! The bigger question is what do you plan to hunt? Deer, Pig, Elk, Moose? I shoot 150grain Hornady SST's and every Deer hit has dropped within 40 yards, 3 of them fell right where they stood when they got shot. I would have no problem with this same round on pigs, but for Elk...
  381. dbar

    SD County youth turkey hunt poll

  382. dbar

    website to watch thee game

    Thanks for the pm's and web sites guys!!!
  383. dbar

    website to watch thee game

    I've seen it before anyone have the website addy to watch the games and fights?
  384. dbar

    Lunar eclipse tomorrow morning

    I'll be home!!!
  385. dbar

    Lunar eclipse tomorrow morning

    Dude just go to Bishers and buy some LOL
  386. dbar

    Notes to myself.....

    Ok SKYBUSTER!!!!! See ya at the club!!!!!!
  387. dbar

    Notes to myself.....

    I know, I'm holding out on a prime piece of private land until I really need it. This piece of land butts up to a girl scout camp, and the lil girls have been fattening up the deer for me, my buddy says that I should be able to fill my tag as soon as I come down his driveway :D I would really...
  388. dbar

    Notes to myself.....

    Joe got his buffalo, how big? And holy carp your having Carl come down too???? Guess I will have to come and see what this guy is made he is supposed to know a thing or two about fowling.
  389. dbar

    Notes to myself.....

    Dude they had issues at work and I had. Till noon to be at work. Made a super quik run to the hill for 3 hours. Got to work and was told to be back at 11pm cause they still aren't ready. I would have much rather been at the club, but had short notice and even shorter time to hunt. If I would...
  390. dbar

    Notes to myself.....

    1. After you see 6 deer and stalk to within 50 yards from 600+ yards away stop!!!!!! 2. If your within 50 yards of deer don't Fucking move, no matter how small your shooting lane is. 3. Most important of all......when you were stalking 6 deer and can only see 2 of them, the other 4 deer...
  391. dbar

    Killin Shit 12/2 - 12-4

    I hope your right, you have the best place in the valley bro!! Blind 11 is in my dreams nightly, all I keeps seeing in Gaddies dropping out of the sky!!!!!
  392. dbar

    I found my dream job

    I know a few people that would love that job, two of the live in this and Zoe!!!!
  393. dbar

    Killin Shit 12/2 - 12-4

    Damn Bry.....some nice straps there buddy!!!!! Were the snows shot at Falling Feathers? I miss my Wednesday job I had last year, making sure shit died at Falling Feathers Ranch. I took care of shit during the off season so I could do it again....wouldn't ya know it I had to get a frickin job...
  394. dbar

    From a Dogs Perspective DVD Contest

    Here is my Monster.........
  395. dbar

    Sick and Dying Snow Geese...

    Sounds like cholera, the avian version will cause birds to actually fall from the sky.
  396. dbar

    North end of the sea

    That's a nice bunch of birds!!!!!
  397. dbar

    5.5 more days!

    Nice!!!!! Max points?
  398. dbar

    Some nice bucks Utah style

    Yep been putting in for a unit with deer like that in it. Hopefully we'll draw it in the next 5 years!!!!
  399. dbar

    5.5 more days!

    You draw in Calif?
  400. dbar

    d'OH Eddy...

    Ya just never know where they'll be.
  401. dbar

    Why would I want a .300 WSM?

    .308 Winchester with a 180grain partition and GOOD SHOT PLACEMENT will drop anything in N. America. Sure there are better rounds on the bigger game, but nothing beats good placement with a solid slug!!!!!!! And if you haven't practiced shooting at 600 yards on paper and can't hit it every...
  402. dbar

    Looking for Hides in SD

    If/when I fill my A22 tag I will pm you. Wish you would have put this up earlier I tossed out the skin from my buck about two weeks ago. If I can't help you out I'm sure someone around here will be able to. Does it have to be deer or would a coyote skin work? The last one of those I shot had a...
  403. dbar

    A-22 Buck Down!

    Good stuff buddy and to have your son with you.......well I just don't think it could have been a better day!!!!!
  404. dbar

    Question about kids and hunting

    My daughter has been hunting since 9 years old and she had got her first bbgun at 8 years old. She never showed must interest before 9, but boy once she wanted to hunt she has been murder on the critters. Caleb just got a redrider for his fifth bday, and has been shooting it everyday since he...
  405. dbar

    Solo, Public Land, DIY back home

    I dig that drop tine!!!!
  406. dbar

    No Branches This Time

    He looks bigger in the pic you put on bd than the one you sent to my phone. Congrats again bro!!!!!!
  407. dbar

    Still looking for firewood

    Bry I have a ton on the ground just needs to be cut. How much you need and I will hire someone to cut that amount before I sell the rest.
  408. dbar

    Happy "F"ing Birthday Frank! (ConSeaMate)

    Happy bday dude!!!!
  409. dbar

    A Tale of Two Tags

  410. dbar

    G13 tag filled! First deer!

    Congrats on your first deer, does are great eatting meat enjoy.
  411. dbar

    Back from Texas

    Nice trip!!!! Looks like you guys wacked em good!!!
  412. dbar

    1st hunt for Ducks

    Nice job buddy!!!! I knew you'd be killing a few when we talked....kooks like ya did quite good!!!!
  413. dbar


    No f'n turkey because some dumbfuck was chasing them around and Fucked it up for everyone, but we ended up in the valley and shot limits of Dove for me and Zoe.
  414. dbar

    D16 Smashed today

    Do you want me to come with you carrying absolutely nothing, it might just work LOL.
  415. dbar

    Elk rifle in the ER, me...semi o.k.

    That sucks man, glad you didn't get hurt worse.
  416. dbar

    couple quackers

    Holy shit Dude your killing the shit outta them ducks!!!!
  417. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    yes he is still around, even after the arrow I shot at him. yes he did a ton of fat everywhere!!!!
  418. dbar

    high high to ultimate low

    Dude I shot at a 3x3 and had three hairs on the fletching and no real blood , a tiny blood trail that dried up super quik. The biggest deer I have ever even seen and I lost it......I can feel your pain brother!!!! Btw the 3X3 I was gonna shoot yesterday, I'm sure was thr 3x3 I shot at so...
  419. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Yep and I'm all about, the legal explosive rounds for dropping shit on the spot. Not to mention they group really good out of my gun. Dude imagine the explosion a fitty round would make with a .50 cal SST.
  420. dbar

    gotta love brad

    The first line says it all!!!!
  421. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Yep but you don't have to track an animal, just go pick up what's left of it right where you shot it.
  422. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Nope .308 Hornady 150 grain SST. I hit high and wasted a whole strap when the round exploded on his spine.
  423. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Nope I haven't been out there this year waiting for a good push from up north then I'll head down, if work allows it.
  424. dbar

    D16 Smashed today

    Yes I did read the long story I just posted up
  425. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Ok so I have found a new spot that has a ton of Doe's and it is seriously only 10 yards off a main road. I found it after a took a shot on a big 3X3 with my bow during A22 season. So I've been hunting really light on the gear and carrying minimum stuff. This Ares with all the Doe's had to have a...
  426. dbar

    D16 Smashed today

    I didn't plan on shooting anything, I was totally un-prepared.
  427. dbar

    D16 Smashed today

    No there drag marks from dragging the Fucker just over a mile to the truck.
  428. dbar

    D16 Smashed today

    My heaviest Deer to date. Worked all nite long and went to take a look this morning of coarse I shoot one have to leave for work in 2 hours with no sleep since yesterday at 3pm. So you get the story tmrw. Big fork on one side and looks like the missing one on the other side was shot off earlier...
  429. dbar

    saving deer....

    Sexy legs there Mikey!!! Glad to hear you'll be out in the field again soon, give me a call when you'd heading out.
  430. dbar

    Shipping gun to myself?

    For once I'd day go with Carl's advise LOL taking it with you is your best bet, just remember no ammo, all ammo has to ship via ground!!!
  431. dbar

    Two Firsts and my own

    Very nicely done!!!!
  432. dbar

    Ugh.... of all the years....

    Call me Dude, we'll get that tag filled!!!!!
  433. dbar

    Ha! Tommys on TV!

    You may not eat your own cooking Tommy, but I'll be over in a few looked good to me!!!!
  434. dbar

    No dink...D16!

    Nice buck bro!!!! Good sized for these parts!!!!!!
  435. dbar

    saving deer....

    What you laughing at fugger? Jealous? How's the knee coming along?
  436. dbar

    saving deer....

    The blood is on the other side, 150grain sst out of a .308 left a fist sized hole. I was watching this lone fawn wundering where it's mommy was when I saw this fugger creeping up on the fawn. Well if I can't eat the deer neither was this yote, 250 yards out wasn't far enough away from me...
  437. dbar

    saving deer.... yote at a time
  438. dbar

    Mexicali Pheasants with Best of Everything and Carl

    Looks like a great trip, even if you had to bring Carl along. LOL
  439. dbar

    Dr. Fowl.......

    ........Happy B-day brother :D
  440. dbar

    Project 2000 new rule - FYI

    Of course Sean give me a call and bring Ryan over so him and Caleb can play.
  441. dbar

    Project 2000 new rule - FYI

    Just give me a heads up, I'll make sure I'm around.
  442. dbar

    Project 2000 new rule - FYI

    Or you could just come to my house to site in!!!! Only catch I get to shoot every gun you bring over, like Kurt and his fifty :) I think Kurt should come by to site something in again ;)
  443. dbar

    Put 1 in the dirt...

    Nice one!!!
  444. dbar


    Well where's the report? I saw eleven doe's yesterday!!!!!!!!!
  445. dbar

    Were can I buy 5lbs of venison?

    Bishers.....the Ramona store will have some if people are having theirs butchered there..............enough said!!!!
  446. dbar

    FREE *** youth hunting pants and a hat

    Mike PM me if no-one gets them I'll swing by, pretty sure I know how to get to your place by now ;)
  447. dbar

    Decent duck hunting!

    Nice morning shoot bro!!!! You at the club on the North end of the sea?
  448. dbar

    chuckar and jacks the long version

    Thanks for the invite, me and Ryan agree it should be an annual thing.
  449. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    Yea but Carl's gay!!!! Not sure I'd feel comfortable with that guy around my poor dog, he maybe into animals too!!! I feel sorry for any crippled bootlips that he gets his hands on next weekend LOL
  450. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    You invited a homo?
  451. dbar

    My 1st half of A-22

    Dang Well you still have the second half to fill the tag, I need the second half too(my first half went pretty much like yours)
  452. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    Yea right if anything I fetch up Zoe's birds for her lol I do most of the work when we hunt, she just has to pull the trigger. Doug had something that probably made Cody feel better, he left a whiskey and coke where Cody found it andthen drank about half if It, you know what neither me or Doug...
  453. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    Thanks for all the compliments guys, and yes we were beat by the time that pic was taken. Only put about ten miles in distance and who even knows what elevation on our boots. Just got a call from the wife who has all the kids with her. You made Zoe sick she's tired, dizzy, stuffed up sinus...
  454. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    Cody is by far treated better around here than Iam. He gets to snuggle with my wife on the couch nightly(like I could ever get that close to her), he sleeps in bed with Caleb every night(Jake sleeps with Zoe so they each have their own dog). He defiantly has it good around here. He got a few...
  455. dbar

    RRmatey..... as soon as I heal up, we gotta get back out there.

    We will have to hookup and hunt one day soon, I have a killer quail spot too so we can smash some for sure.
  456. dbar

    RRmatey..... as soon as I heal up, we gotta get back out there.

    Yes those things are very frickin hard to hunt!!!! Yesterday was me and my daughters first time after them, and yes plan in a lit of rock hoping!!! I had the benefit of having my dog along though!!!!
  457. dbar

    Want to go Rabbit hunting, but where?

    Clean them yes, cooking wife doesn't let me cook dude, that's her specialty and she cooks wild game up like its going out of style. Mmmmm wabbit stew :)
  458. dbar

    Quail opener 2011

    Nice job!!!!!!
  459. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    ....Daddy and Daughter do a Double limit on the oversized Rock Quail and oversized Bunnies. We had to work at it all day for Chukar limits, the Jack's were everywhere though so they piled up quik. We would have tried to add quail to the pile too, but we ran out of daylight, as you can see by the...
  460. dbar

    D13 Buck - God blessed me today

  461. dbar

    Want to go Rabbit hunting, but where?

    The next two weekends are booked with, chuckar and Deer. Maybe we could sneak you in this Sunday night. If that doesn't work than it will be a couple weeks. I told Zoe and she's excited to hunt with another girl. Zoe has an extra gun too, her lil .410 isn't being used right now. Pm me your #...
  462. dbar

    Want to go Rabbit hunting, but where?

    How old is your daughter? My ten year old daughter hunts and could use a non-boy to hunt with :) you could come shoot some here at my house, it's not really hunting more of wait at dusk for them to step out and shoot them kinda thing.
  463. dbar

    First cat encounter...

    One caused a Poway school to go on lockdown yesterday!!!!! Lots of sightings that I know of and even reeking terror in heavily populated areas like Poway and Alpine. I've seen three of the Fuckers this year myself, none in range unfortunately!!!!!
  464. dbar

    wish me luck

    Sounds like its gonna be a fun trip!!!!
  465. dbar

    Antelope Crossing

    Cross-traffic can kill!!!!!
  466. dbar

    Mikayla's first Elk

    Great post congrats
  467. dbar

    Now this is archery practice!

    Ok guys bring the materials over and we can make one to well over 100yards or more. He'll I'm thinking one for the archers down below and one for the rifle guys on the back hill. We need a Clay thrower around here too!!!!
  468. dbar

    Hey Dave

    Look at the .325wsm Browning chambers some guns in this round. At 300yards it hits as hard as a a .338 win mag, but comes in a short action shell :) after my AR30 in .338 lapua I may have found my next gun to buy.
  469. dbar


    I would have been fine from my treestand but I could stay in it with the wind, this was spot and stalk.
  470. dbar


    .........What rangefinder do you use, cause mine cost me a Deer on thurs. I have the Nikon Archers Choice and it wouldn't range with the cold weather. I miss judged the shot and cleanly missed about a foot over the back of a Deer because of it. I know you said yours messed up too, just...
  471. dbar


    Yep that would be the one, thanks Frank!!! If I was still hunting it would have been just about straight under my feet .
  472. dbar


    Anybody just feel one, whole house just jolted here!!!!
  473. dbar

    perfect hunting conditions

    Working on the Dam project(San Vicente) should be busy for awhile, but you know how quik shit can change!!!!
  474. dbar

    perfect hunting conditions

    Makes it easier to stay awake when the tree is swaying.. :)
  475. dbar

    perfect hunting conditions

    I'll take anything but that spike tmrw. Time off work is at a premium right now and no telling when or if I'll get another chance to hit the hill. 6-7 days a week at work doesn't leave time to wait for antlers to walk by, if it's Brown its down!!!!!!
  476. dbar

    perfect hunting conditions

    I'm heading up in the morning, not gonna let this good weather get away without sitting in a tree at least one day.
  477. dbar


    I just got off the phone with him, he should be going home tomorrow. He seemed in really good spirits. Speedy Recovery Brother!!!!!!!
  478. dbar

    First cat encounter...

    I saw my third one this year, in as many different spots, so It's not the same puma. This one was a really dark brown, almost black in color, it was also the biggest one I've seen. Dave you know where I went, it walked right across the face of where we talked about in broad daylight...
  479. dbar

    First cat encounter...

    Yea all you fuggers were laughing at me last year when I got stalked. I know of more than 15 cat sightings in the last 18months, two of which I have personally seen myself this year and let's not forget I was Fucking stalked last year!!!!!. Funny I'm not seeing shit for deer this year and...
  480. dbar

    A-22 Opener 9/3

    Good seeing ya this weekend, tell Jared to brush it of and stick another one to put in the freezer. Thanks for the burger on Sat, good chit bro!!!
  481. dbar

    Best compound bow

    Here's the deal I shoot a Hoyt and so does a.few of my other buddies, but it my not be right for you. Go to a shop, shoot all the bows in your price range and let the bow pick you.
  482. dbar

    No deer reports?

    I needed to close another 40 yards on a spot&stalk to seal the deal tonight but I ran out of daylight.
  483. dbar

    Need Firewood

    Looking like CL ad coming soon, I thought one of you BDrs would have jumped on it by now. Dave I'll see what I can get on CL and try to save some for you and Raully, should be able to get what I want for just the downed tree and save the other one for you two.
  484. dbar

    Need Firewood

    Yep I want a case of Chester xpert steel and a half dozen of two different types of decoys, total is just a hair over two hundy. Want to make a trade to one person for the whole thing. What they do with the wood afterwards I don't care, a guy could trade for a hunt with bry and sell the rest and...
  485. dbar

    Need Firewood

    I will trade some cut your own Oak, the whole Damn tree for some Ammo and Decoys. There is a ton of wood that fell on this one tree and I have another tree I have been wanting to put on the ground for awhile, so you can walk away with a shit load of wood for around 200 bucks worth of stuff...
  486. dbar

    Looking to trade

    You jealous? Oh I know you don't want just any wood, you want the meathog LOL
  487. dbar

    Looking to trade

    Come on by, tons of wood round here lol
  488. dbar

    Buzz worm and quail brood....

    I have a few nice groups of quail here at the house, was a good hatch for sure!!!! Zoe got a new 20ga and we are gonna lite them up on the opener!!!!
  489. dbar

    Buzz worm and quail brood....

    I have a few nice groups of quail here at the house, was a good hatch for sure!!!! Zoe got a new 20ga and we are gonna lite them up on the opener!!!!
  490. dbar

    Looking to trade

    Anybody want to cut the oak for Bryant a big tree just fell here a week ago. 200 bucks will by you three to four cords of wood come cut it up and give bry his and keep or sell the rest
  491. dbar

    where can someone buy some danner hunting boots

    You need too come by Mike will be here in about twenty minutes and bringing guns and his new bow. Shoot em up party at dbars house, since ur my neighbor stop on in!!!!
  492. dbar

    What is the best bolt action

    Hard to beat the action on a Tikka, smooth as silk!!!! I absolutely love my Tikka and it won't kill you to carry all day long either. My best bud just bought one too, after he borrowed mine last season and killed his first deer ever with it, he just had to have his own.
  493. dbar

    Just when I thought I didn't need any more rifles....(KURT!)

    Buy one.......then you'll need reloading dies for it and I can use them LOL
  494. dbar

    HUGE NEWS!!!!!!

    Good luck brother!!!!
  495. dbar

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Happy bday Maggie
  496. dbar

    New to Santa Rosa area. Need help finding area to hunt!

    Holy shit you will probably never get someone to give up that kinda info ever again. Mad props to Tony........most people would never give up spots like that!!!
  497. dbar

    looking to trade

    Just look on for a good used one. Should be able to find something good for cheep and keep the gun and recurve
  498. dbar

    A-22 Tags

    I have a rifle and a bow tag. Hope to fill both again this year. If I ever see someone poaching I'll call on um for sure.
  499. dbar

    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    OMG I'm so sorry to hear this, Jim was a great guy!!!!! RIP Bro........... Tight lines forever!!!!!!
  500. dbar

    she had babies in her

    Eaten it many times, super boney. This one is pretty shot up, she was coiled up when I shot. You can she some of the embryo's falling out of her belly.
  501. dbar

    she had babies in her

    Glad its dead, I killed a few in one shot on this one. Fucker was in the front yard where my kids play. Sorry Zeke the skin is F'd up I haven't forgot about ya though
  502. dbar

    Broadhead target

    Well I'm tied up this weekend, how about two week ends from this one coming up which would be the 20th. Gives me time to fire proof the target area and clean up the yard. We could throw some clays too if ya want. Maybe bring a few of the other guys from bd over too.
  503. dbar

    Broadhead target

    Well you want to do it with bows or guns or both?
  504. dbar

    Broadhead target

    Went by bruces today and checked out the targets, will pick up a 3d one Friday.
  505. dbar

    Broadhead target

    I have had issues with my bow since I changed strings. Took it to willowcreek and Jim fixed some cam lean problems and during this whole problem period I shot a ton of arrows at both the bag and my broadhead target. Well my broadhead target is now junk, I have just about got my bow perfectly...
  506. dbar

    Where are the hogs?? 7/23 - 7/24

    That map is a joke, there was pigs in those areas two years ago. Next time you see someone spot 619_557_5262 that's the # for cnf dispatch. They will also respond for illegal target shooting on cnf land. Fyi it is illegal to target shoot in that area.
  507. dbar

    Airboat rebuild part 15

    Looking nice dude, should be a bad ass flying liver killer by the time the season gets here!!!!!
  508. dbar

    Medical MJ and crime

    I'll chime in, and yes while work tests random so I don't smoke, I do have my MM card. I seriously doubt its stoners who are ripping shiit off. Tweekers are your average eveyday thieves, stoners are sitting in front of the boob tube watching the cartoon network, eatting a BOX of peanutbutter...
  509. dbar

    Hey Sean......

    Not really he killed my veggies first, victory is our homemade live trap....we have caught about 12 critters in it since the 4th of July (mostly bunnies with a few sqweeks in the mix). BTW I have a ton of quail roaming around, it was a good hatch for sure. The opener will be limits for me and Zoe.
  510. dbar

    Hey Sean...... aren't the only one who can kill small game. I got this lil garden wrecker in a hole where my only bellpeper plant once stood. He couldn't have gone after one of my many cucumbers, or cantaloupe lil bastard killed my only frickin bellpepper plant. Well it cost him his...
  511. dbar

    Squeaks from the inside out

    Nice dude, you know how I feel about those lil bastards!!!
  512. dbar

    Damn Hogs

    Tell ya what just to help you out..... If you pay for my flight out there and back, I'll take care of that damn oinker for ya!!!!! Btw I won't do this for any reason but to help you out..... I will get no satisfaction out of it, other than the fact that it will no longer be bothering you!!!!
  513. dbar


    I'm calling photo shop LOL
  514. dbar

    New hunting partner?

    Congrats dude!!!! They get easier the more you have. My wife is talking about number eight right now,,,,, shit number seven just started walking!!!!
  515. dbar

    Knee Cartiledge

    Highly over rated stuff, pain killers are way better LOL
  516. dbar

    Deer eats bird?

    I've seen cows eat pigeons before, on more then one occasion!!!!
  517. dbar

    A couple of bunnies for my boys

    Cool stuff!!!
  518. dbar

    Who wants a pig?

    Come cut some up, I'm back to work twelve hour days so no time for me to do it for ya!!! Your welcome to cut all you want brother!!!
  519. dbar

    One day too early!

  520. dbar

    Who wants a pig?

    Hey damn it I just saw this!!!!! Next time you get a good eatter bring it by when you come cut up your firewood, my creek is dry and I want that tree gone as soon as you and tim can get out here!!!! I have a few other smaller trees I want cleared out too!!!!
  521. dbar

    It's hot in the valley

    There wasn't enough guys to keep them moving good!!! And they have been shot at recently for sure they were high flying. Dave made the best shot of the day!!!! I'll let ya know before the next shoot :)
  522. dbar

    It's hot in the valley

    That's pretty much the way we cook them up and hell yes their good!!!!!
  523. dbar

    It's hot in the valley

    It was totally fun for a morning thing!!! And i wasn't the only redneck, Dave, doug, Brian and Ryan were with me :) I don't know why it said it didn't post and then did each of the three times I try'd oh well.
  524. dbar

    Squab shoot

    5 guys wacked the sqwabs today
  525. dbar

    It's hot in the valley

    Squab hunt 5 bd'rs down here :)
  526. dbar

    2011/2012 Hunting Contest

    Im not saying shit bout bunnies and sqweeks. I put a ton of feathers on the ground though.... 60 ducks, and 30 other feathered critters....... No time to really hunt anyhow going this weekend before work starts!!! Then it's balls to the wall on the 11th for at least a year :)
  527. dbar

    2011/2012 Hunting Contest

    I'm out!!! Two deer, plus over 100 other critters and a guy with 5 kills beats that. I'll keep my kills to myself this year, have fun boys!!!! Pray you end up on Hatchets team or be on the loosing team..... Go hatchet :) New job starting in July so won't have time to hunt this season anyhow.
  528. dbar

    local pig hunting

    Nope. :finger:
  529. dbar

    local pig hunting

    Carl the only brush cave I kow of is your bunghole!!!! I know where pigs have been, but where they are..... I'll keep that to myself!!!!!
  530. dbar

    Archery newbie

    If you don't go to Bow & arrow shop, than the only other place would be willowcreek archery in escondido. Either of those two shops are yourself a favor and stay away from the guy near Miramar.
  531. dbar

    hunting locations

    Dickhead!!!! Btw momma has a late night planned tonight, tmrws trip ain't gonna happen!!! Oh yea sure you want tell sell that spot you saw that buck in yesterday with me???? He was a fuckin mounter for sure and still in velvet...... Biggest local deer I've ever seen and he's still growin!!!!
  532. dbar

    hunting locations

  533. dbar

    hunting locations

    What Dave said buy maps...... Noone is going to tell you their spots!!!
  534. dbar

    CA results are up

    No reason you should eat that doe tag!!!!
  535. dbar

    I finally dropped the cash on a deer stand

  536. dbar

    CA results are up

    D16 for my group Plus OTC A22 for me We'll have to wait another year for G6 :(
  537. dbar

    Thank You!

    Nice sorry I had to miss it this year!!!!
  538. dbar

    Help with choosing my first hunting shotgun

    Nova and be done with it!!!!! I've run 10,000 plus rounds through mine no probs.
  539. dbar

    Tree Stands

    I know an area full of BIG CATS to hang a stand I pulled mine from there last week...... No deer sign but plenty of cat tracks still in the area!!!!
  540. dbar

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Yep there are some really big fish in that Lil mud hole ;)
  541. dbar

    New hunting buddy

    Congrats to you and momma!!!!
  542. dbar

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Thanks again everyone!!!! I spent the day with family and had a great time!!!!
  543. dbar

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Can't ask for a better afternoon with my kids
  544. dbar

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Taken the kids fishing standby for pics :)
  545. dbar

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Thanks guys!!!! Just kicking with the family!!! Mike I have to do something wensday sorry bro I can't make it. phone only works in town now so will Check in when I can
  546. dbar

    Pig Report

    Good chit bro!!!!
  547. dbar

    Airboat rebuild part 2

    Yep I'll worry about the hull on mine if and when something bad happens then. Can't wait to see your finished boat, its coming along nice Bill!!!!
  548. dbar

    Airboat rebuild part 2

    Is the frogspit plyable or will it crack if ya hit something hard? Whats it set ya back per gallon? My boat is brand new, but if its plyable might be good preventive maint. For leaks ;)
  549. dbar


    Right on Nate!!!!
  550. dbar

    Welk Resorts Timeshare

  551. dbar

    bearkiller's member

    Welcome aboard!!!!
  552. dbar


  553. dbar


    Thats him thanks bro!!!!
  554. dbar

    Welk Resorts Timeshare

    They do have a stocked lake to fish on the resort. I have never fished it, but heard the fishing is good!!!!
  555. dbar


    Not sure, but he'd know who does!!!! You know where you can shoot that ammo lol He knows someone that has enough land to board them cheep ;) at one point when I was a kid, my parents had 14 horses here :)
  556. dbar

    Welk Resorts Timeshare

    Week 6 (first week in feb) Unit 349 Maint. Fees. Aprox $750 a year I'll let it go to another BD Member for $1500 otherwise I'm going to list it for $2500 We have been useing it for the waterparks, which is a blast during the summer!!! We haven't had a chance to stay in the unit, but...
  557. dbar


    Doug.....the guy that did the hunters saftey course at Deno's house is the only one i know locally that hunts on horseback!!!! Maybe Deno or Tim will chime in with his phone number?!?!
  558. dbar

    Almost ready for Africa!

    Lookin foward to the money shots!!!!
  559. dbar

    Texas hog hunting outfitter?

    Thanks looked at the place, looks perfect!!! I'll take a look and see thanks man!!!!!
  560. dbar

    working the dogs at the river

    Funds just wouldn't allow it bro!!! It was the river or my hunting lic. & tags for 2011. Tags were a no brainer!!!! I was thinking about you guys all weekend though!!!!
  561. dbar

    Cody - Rest In Peace Buddy

    Damn Brent that sucks!!!!
  562. dbar

    Texas hog hunting outfitter?

  563. dbar

    Texas hog hunting outfitter?

    Yea kinda looking for word of mouth. Google doesn't tell ya what a guy thats been there can!!!!
  564. dbar

    Texas hog hunting outfitter?

    Thanks will do!!!
  565. dbar

    Texas hog hunting outfitter?

    Ok my mom wants to go to texas and hog hunt with a rifle in Oct. She left it up to me to find a ranch, guide, ect. She also wants me to go with her and do it together, as a mother-son hunt. She has shot many guns and isn't afraid to pull a trigger, so it would be cool for us to do...
  566. dbar

    Thanks Tommy & Junior

    The Abablone is the shit!!!!! Watching the Allstar Race eatting some right now :) Lastnight we had the Softshells ;) If any of you guys haven't been by to checkout the deals on seafood your just plain dumb, Tommy has the SHIT!!!!!
  567. dbar

    Well it was only a matter of time........fucking rattlesnake bite!!!

    Glad its gonna be alright!!!!!
  568. dbar

    Indexing nocks on arrows

    Nate, I have that same fletching jig and yes that Az. Jig is the shit!!!!!! Really I'm not to worried where the cock vain is, all my arrows fall in a 9" paper plate at 70. Inside that they are way deadly. The arrows will go where I want them to, but getting string jumped can fuck up even the...
  569. dbar


    Nice one!!!! 3 teams this year Hatchet, team1 and team2
  570. dbar

    Best Hotdog in San Diego????

    Found a waldos chili dogs, use to be woodies. Thanks!!
  571. dbar

    Best Hotdog in San Diego????

    Damit man!!!! Didn't you read the first line of this thred? LOL
  572. dbar

    Best Hotdog in San Diego????

    They have a good snap when you bite it type dog?
  573. dbar

    Best Hotdog in San Diego????

    If your going to say something stupid it applies to you too!!! Yes thats what I'm talking about, but with a good quality dog. Not just good fresh fixin's, but the whole package!!!! Who's got the best dog guys????
  574. dbar

    Best Hotdog in San Diego????

    Let me start by saying Carl keep your yapper shut!!!! Ok who makes the best dogs in town? Seems no-one in town makes a good hotdog just the fast foodshit style..... But no-one makes a good natural caseing snap when you bite into it Hotdog!!!! Who knows a place that has good dogs???
  575. dbar


    I'm over the Lapua going with the .416 instead.
  576. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch

    Congrats on the gun!!!!
  577. dbar

    The calm after the storm

    Glad your doing ok Carlos!!!!! Nice pic's
  578. dbar


    Here's what happens when a board redneck has some fun!!! Took us 15min. to find this piece. And both pieces were put back together for the crows LOL Hope you enjoyed seeing the carnage as much as we do shooting them :)
  579. dbar

    Military goes lead free....

    Now these F'n treehugers have even got their hands on our armed forces ammo? WTF?!?!?!?!? Lets take the most superior ammunition metal away from the most superior armed force in the world????!!!! I don't give a shit if a range on a military base is toxic.... No- one should be walking around...
  580. dbar

    Try it on yourself

    Good one!!!!
  581. dbar

    Airboat rebuild part I

    Can't wait to see the finished project!!!!
  582. dbar

    Washington State turkey

    Love the lite color on the first birds tail-fan!!!!
  583. dbar


    Good stuff!!!!!
  584. dbar

    Hunt for Mr T

    Way to go Ross!!!!!!
  585. dbar

    Lunker Bluegill

    My 4 year old Caleb with a nice gill from the local fishing hole. Have to love the country life, with hunting & fishing right out the front door :)
  586. dbar

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    If you knock you'll be fine...... I pitty the guy who doesn't knock though!!!!! Yes she's ok now!!!!! Like how that dead dog landed the first hunting report LOL wasn't really a hunt :)
  587. dbar

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    You have to have cats when you live out here!!!! Rats, mice will fuck up a cars wireing and hoses if left alone...... Gophers are also a big problem that cats help with!!!!!! This Yote was seriously trying to get in my front door!!!! If I had a doggy door it might have been shot in the...
  588. dbar

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    If there are new BD outdoors 9" bumper stickers I'll take 3 one for each of my cars!!!!
  589. dbar

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    Nope it was scratching at the door, thought it was one of my dogs till i opened the door!!!!!!
  590. dbar

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    20 yards with a 3" # 3 it didnt stand a chance. Fucker got two of my cats first though!!!!!
  591. dbar

    New tag system

    I'm sure if you bring the fitty up here we could send you home with plenty of firewood :) My son was on that hunt last year, he said that place is stupid fun and loaded with big elk!!!!!
  592. dbar

    T-Shark gear......

    ....... Just in time for the season!!!!! I have an older penn 80 single speed on a stand-up rod(also comes with a chair rod) take the Reel and both rods for $250 and I'll even throw in three rigged Bait-o-Matics...... ..... You can be on the water with everything you need for the big boys!!!!!
  593. dbar

    New tag system

    With some good hot days the creek should be dry in two to three weeks. As soon as the creek goes dry I want to drop it. We'll drop it into the dry creek bed so it easy for you guy's to work on.
  594. dbar

    New tag system

    It would be really cool if a few of us BDr's landed some good hunts!!!! Hey Nate my creek has just about quit flowing, You and Tim still want some Oak? I'm about ready to drop that big tree i told you about.... The main trunk of the shit you cut up before!!! Your going to need a splitter!!!!
  595. dbar

    New tag system

    Thanks man and good luck to you too!!!!
  596. dbar

    New tag system

    Sean We(me,doug,dave,mike and mikes son chris) put in for a hunt up north. Orion the A22 is still otc until next year. It wont be long before it goes to the draw though, I for one wouldn't mind if they put out less of them and went to draw!!!!!
  597. dbar

    New tag system

    I don't like it, but i've never been one to like change!!!! Got my bow tag and in for the draw :) hope we get drawn for what we are after in the draw ;)
  598. dbar

    Strike 3...done for season!!!

    Nice job!!!!!
  599. dbar

    Honker having a bad day...

    Last time it will do that LOL
  600. dbar

    Happy Easter

    Now lets all go shoot a bunny!!!
  601. dbar

    Easter turkey

    Nice going...... IMO the jakes eat better than toms!!!!
  602. dbar

    very interesting bow speed study

    I'm not sold on speed either, give me an accurate bow!!!!
  603. dbar

    bird no 2 dead

    It is an old winchester i belive and he kills alot of shit with that old gun. More than some of my buddies that have newer guns!!!!!!
  604. dbar

    bird no 2 dead

    Nice bird Doug!!! Glad I could come over to see how the pros de-feather a turkey :)
  605. dbar

    Which rounds do I use in a 9mm pistol?

    X2 on what Dave said!!!!!
  606. dbar

    Hot on the trail of a poacher!

    Well if it makes you feel better...... No-one missed you!!!!! Knowledge is code for shit/piss/cum huh? On a higher note.....I heard they miss you down at the "Brass Rail"
  607. dbar

    Who needs an adventure pass?

    You have my new # yet? If not pm me and ill get it to ya!!!
  608. dbar

    Great idea.....

    I would like to start a new TV show called "Take a Vegan Hunting". It would be great to watch one Vegan's journey through each of the main hunting seasons( deer, pig, dove, turkey...etc) Now that would be a fuckin show I'd watch every week !!!!!!!!!
  609. dbar

    Who needs an adventure pass?

    Liar you quit because turkeys are smarter than you are and you just couldn't take the pain anymore LOL
  610. dbar

    I'm no Robin hood, but....

    I practice at 70 and I'm able to put all 6 from my quiver in a 9" paper plate everytime....... But shooting at a sqweek I was put in my place.... 40 yards it string jumped me twice..... Just enough to make me hit 3" low both times. I should have been able to pit that fuggers eye out at that...
  611. dbar

    First blood!

    Congrats to the young man on a fine kill!!!
  612. dbar

    Dougs new pet

    Doug woke up to find he had a new pet LOL So he brought it by to show it off!!!
  613. dbar

    NO gobble.... Nada.....

    At least you got out!!!
  614. dbar

    Well shit...

    Yea right im behind on my dues and when i cant even pay my bills.... The dues are last thing that will be getting payd. Gas,electric,water,property taxes, homeowners ins and alot of other stuff is way ahead of fucking dues...... Maybe if they could put my ass to work they would see some...
  615. dbar

    Well shit...

    Job was finished in a month & a half :(
  616. dbar

    Well shit...

    I hope your not unemployed as long as I have been!!!!!!! Still no work in sight going on two years now!!!!
  617. dbar


    Archery birds are truely a prize!!!!!!
  618. dbar

    Gobble GOBBLE!

    Very nice bird mark!!!!!!
  619. dbar

    My RedNeck Family....

    Yes he is getting big fast, it's been almost two years since you have seen him. How ya been Mike? Hope everything is going ok.... Say hi to Rick for me!!!
  620. dbar

    My RedNeck Family....

    Dude I have a new # I'll pm it to ya!!!!!
  621. dbar

    My RedNeck Family....

    Yep is good to spend time with the kids doing this kinda stuff.... We also build bird houses for tweety's to nest in. Nope that Dog will never change..... Thank god!!!!!!
  622. dbar

    My RedNeck Family....

    Some pics of our homemade trap... It works on a counter balance system and it works great. Someone showed me how to make these when I was just a boy.... And I passed it on to my young-ins :)
  623. dbar

    My RedNeck Family....

    So just for fun I showed the kids how to build a live animal trap. Today it was sprung,here's what happened.......we gave the yard wrecker a chance to earn it's freedom.......the squirrel didn't make it to the bushes though!!!!
  624. dbar


  625. dbar

    A quick from the heart post....

    So me and my best bud Mike wacked a double on the Turkeys yesterday....... My Brother introduced me to my buddy Mike many years ago..... Well yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my brothers passing away.......I wish we could have showed you the dead birds bro!!!!!!!! My brother loved Pantera...
  626. dbar

    Double Down.....

    Let me know when, I know an area in the archery zone that holds birds. I need to get out with the bow, have to keep the 1 a season streak on the archery birds going.
  627. dbar

    Double Down.....

    Yep me and mike only had to walk a half mile to get ours..... Not the 6 miles you had to hike in!!!! Glad you stopped by yours was way prettier feathered then the birds we shot. Thread jacker LOL Didn't take it wrong bro... congrats on the long beard.
  628. dbar

    Double Down.....

    Nice Mark But for the record my whole reason for going out was to put mike on his first ever bird......Then there was still a few birds around so I went ahead and took one too, they were shot about a half hour apart. After 3 years of trying mike has his first Turkey,the size of the birds wasn't...
  629. dbar

    Double Down.....

    I may just be near your place soon :) I'll pm ya when I know I am going to be by.
  630. dbar

    Double Down.....

    Yea standing in my front yard.....not pitting the field pics up.... They show to much of the area!!!!!
  631. dbar

    Double Down.....

    ..... Public land Jake double.... For me and mike!
  632. dbar

    My Daughter has...............

    Thanks again wouldn't have been possible without you!!!! She deffinately earned this one with all the running up hill LOL Nothing better than hunting with your kids for sure!!!! Thanks Cary your gonna be watching those boys of yours doing the samething pretty soon!!!!
  633. dbar

    Test from phone

    Yea I thought they should all be in velvet about now, this guy has hard spikes though. Had to trade in the windows phone for an iPhone, but yep I can do it all from the phone now. Home web was turned off today!!!!!
  634. dbar

    Test from phone

    This was taken Sunday and the deer still has hard antlers.
  635. dbar

    East county looking for pigs and Scouting Turkey 3/19/11

    Thank God for PopUp Blinds :D And the Nova has been totally underwater more than once so no problem there either :D
  636. dbar

    5th annual "Kill it and Grill it" party

    Thanks for hosting such a great party Mike!!!!! Great food, great to put faces to names and all around good times :D Next Party I'll pass the trophy off to this years Top Killa!!!!! Pheasant, Javalina, Antelope, Elk, Duck, Wahoo, Tuna, YellowTail, Venison, Cheesecake(Thats just what I ate...
  637. dbar

    My Daughter has...............

    Thanks Everyone !!!! Honestly though all We had to do was call, chase and shoot....somebody did the scouting for us...thanks Bro!!! . . And Mike just cause we moved and sold the striper doesn't mean I forgot how to chase the T's...Pm me if ya want a hand during the run this year
  638. dbar

    PICS from Sluester's Kill and Grill Party March 19, 2011

    Good times great food and cool people...... Thanks Mike for hosting was a blast.
  639. dbar

    Jr. Turkey Hunt

    If you think public land is hard now..... when the birds are still stupid, go again in three weeks after they've been shot at for awhile ;) I hope you get your son one.....theres nothing like seeing your Kid Drop a Bird :D
  640. dbar

    My Daughter has...............

    .................. Dropped a Turkey 2 years in a row :D WE worked our ass off today to seal the deal!!!! I'm a very proud Dad and getting ready to have a good dinner :D Yesterday we had birds at 30 yards twice and for one reason or another she couldn't make it happen. Today after a ruff start...
  641. dbar

    Not yet, but close....

  642. dbar

    Not yet, but close....

    Twice this morning Zoe had birds within 30 yards .....just couldn't close the deal. Hopefully tomorrow she can put one on the ground.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  643. dbar

    Someone saved a few deer

    Real Funny Arnie!!!!!!
  644. dbar

    phone pics?

    nomore home net everything from the phone to save money. Going on year and a half no work.
  645. dbar

    phone pics?

    Ok so how do you get pics from a new HTC phone loaded here? Everytime it goes to the attachments page to load the pic and I get stuck on that page after the pic loads and I can't submit the post. Who knows how to do it with out getting stuck on that page or how to have it bring that page up as a...
  646. dbar

    Wilderness Unlimited Vs. My Country Club

    WE ALL KNOW WHICH CLUB I LOVE :D .............. FALLING FEATHERS RANCH.... BRYANT'S CLUB(aka DR FOWL) Not sure about openings right now though, but you could do some weekend hunts or better yet if ya have Wensdays off pay to shoot then I NEVER went home without limits on a Wensday!!!!!!!!!!
  647. dbar

    Snake Gaitors wanted

    Hey Kyle, My best bud Mike wears them and swears by them....he won't go in the field without them....never found out if a snake could get through them, but I'm sure they would help if not completely save a Trip to the ER.
  648. dbar

    BD Hunters party!!

    When Kurt says he's bringing it by I'll give ya a shout!!!! Normally I get a bunch of people that what to come by and shoot right before Deer season :)
  649. dbar

    This makes no sense to me

    I do belive that Archery in city limits is OK...........But Broadheads on an Arrow are NOT Ok..........At least thats what I've been told.
  650. dbar

    The list

    PATO CHILI is what I'm bringing......... I maybe there a little late though gotta take Zoe on a Turkey run first thing in the morning!!!!!
  651. dbar

    Wm. Heise turkey hunt for juniors

    If I wasn't already going to be out in the field with Zoe trying to get her another turkey, Id go to the park to have some fun with the ANTI's!!!!!
  652. dbar

    BD Hunters party!!

    Cool Pics.....Like how me and lil man have the same haircut? LOL It was cool to see old faces and put faces to some of the names!!!! To the guys I talked to about it.......shoot me a PM any time ya want to come by and throw some lead or arrows!!!
  653. dbar


    Hey I remember who your talking about!!! I showed him and his buddy afew spots in a way to say thanks for protecting our country!!!!( two very nice guys!!!!) I think his buddy was from Ga.!!!!! He should hook me up with a pup!!! LOL See what he wants for 1 of the chocolates our get his # for...
  654. dbar

    Got My Self A New Toy

    I thought you liked longer A2A bows? Looks nice.....if I didn't love my bow so much I mught take a look at that one!!!!
  655. dbar

    New hunter on the way.

  656. dbar

    Contest Awards Party, headcount

    Well it sounds like a bunch of kids are going to get First Class Lessons on how to cuss and drink............should be a great time LOL Glad I'm not the only one bringing Rug Rats :)
  657. dbar

    Just bought my first bow

    As Far as shop's go........Bow & Arrow shop and WillowCreek Archery are the only 2 I'll go to!!!! Bob seems to have prices set about 20% higher than the 2 shops I mentioned.
  658. dbar

    Bill to increase fines for poaching

    Seriously?????????? I'm with Dave....Quit giving a free fuckin ride to the boader jumpers and they won't have to find ways to RAPE the working man for more money!!!!!!!!!!
  659. dbar

    New hunter on the way.

    I hope all goes smoothly for you, momma and the new baby.......Don't forget the pics when she comes :)
  660. dbar

    Contest Awards Party, headcount

    Your kidding me right? My wife is now going to do something else and I have the kids!!! So I'll be there with a 10 year old, a 4 year old and a 4 month old baby!!!....So all you Mother fuckers better bring your they can play with the Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See Ya Sat...
  661. dbar

    Here are some hunting pics

    Nice pics!!!!
  662. dbar

    My Taxidermy that I have done

    Thats some cool chit!!!! And I too would love to see the step by step!!!
  663. dbar

    A face to the name

    Good stuff!!!!!
  664. dbar

    9mm shopping

    X2 My sig 226 is my favorite handgun to shoot and very accurate for a handgun!!!!! Never had a single problem with it ever!!!! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  665. dbar


    OH FUCK THATS FUNNY!!!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl:
  666. dbar

    Turkey Seminar Saturday?

    Well I should be there with Zoe to get her in the Draw for the Hiese Park hunt!!!!1
  667. dbar

    Just bought my first bow

    They are the samething I shoot basicly, I shoot an AlphaMax and the TurboHawks spec's are Identical!!! Congrats on the purchase and Hope to see some Dead Deer Posts this season coming up!!!!!
  668. dbar


    It just could!!!! BTW how ya been? It's about that time of year, you should be seeing me and Zoe on the roads looking for "Thunder-Chickens"!!!!
  669. dbar


    Well I still think its Gary!!!!!!!!! AKA(Carls Uncle)....................................... Don't even get me fuckin Started on how bad He fucked me over with that thread...............I did alot of HARD FUCKIN FOOTWORK only to have Gary fuck it all up with one thread on this...
  670. dbar


    Carl's Uncle is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................. ......and with a new screen name too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  671. dbar


    Nice and congrats!!!!! I wish we had deer that damn big here!!!!
  672. dbar

    Good way to end the season

  673. dbar

    Hot on the trail of a poacher!

    Hey Where do I fit into all this?????????:rofl:
  674. dbar

    Just bought my first bow

    So which Hoyt did you get? and congrats bowhunting is very addictive!!!!!!!
  675. dbar

    last trip of the year...

    Nice Job Bill!!!!
  676. dbar

    I'm taking up bow hunting...

    Ok she's got a fine body....Nice ass titties and all the goods...... But do ya think she has any hair on that muff? Cause if theres even one hair on that thing.......the whole package is ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No reverse Hitler or heart shaped cut outta that shit, it needs to be perfectly...
  677. dbar

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    Well Crap I pick up and drop off my daughter all the time with firearms in the truck. Specially in the next few months during Turkey season ....we both hunt them and picking her up from school and then running to the house eats up too much time when ya can't shoot past 4pm!!!!!
  678. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    I'm ok with the Calloused finger....Carl's the one with baby soft hands :rofl: I don't even want to know what your Ammo Bill is on a trip like that :2gunsfiring_v1: But I'm guessing its more than my local yearly duck allowance LOL
  679. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    HeY dickhead I saw to how to Video you made on your brothers pole, with your lips.....BTW the lipstick was a nice touch!!!! One day soon, I will have a shoot like the bottom one!!!!! I'm telling you, I have that kinda addictive personality....that will make it happen in the next few years!!!!!
  680. dbar


    I knew this was coming....every dang year you stack these fuggers up like this around this time of year.............. Nice work................. even if your on Team Homo!!!
  681. dbar

    Beatdown in the IV

    Yea I'm down to go too.....I've seen what On means at your place :D when they lift on in groups of 100 at a time................
  682. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    I'm guessing you guys were sitting right on the X.....I would love to be in that position, but I was right inbetween the X and the roost so it was low flyers from A to B that I shot at :D I used to pass shot Ducks too when I first started out, now its decoying birds that are in your face or...
  683. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    Well I sure wouldn't mind being there when that pic was taken!!!!!
  684. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    Ok so heres the deal on last nights Dinner.......... ..........HOLY SHIT WAS IT GOOD!!!!!!!! Tender(at least the breasts were) and full of flavor....the wife made a Mushroom Gravey to top it of with and it came out FUCKING AWSOME!!!!! IF ya Don't belive me that it was good Doug will...
  685. dbar

    The list

    Stairman(doug) Will be there too!!!!
  686. dbar

    Extended Goose

    Nice Dude we only got one yesterday. They be learning to fly just out of range already!!!!, But theres always at least one stupid Bird in every group :D
  687. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    One of the reasons I love my wife so much is she could make a dog turd taste like fillet mignon. She is a really awsome cook and she truely knows Med Rare on waterfoul or its ruined. So I'm sure it should be fine but I'll let ya know!!!! Another reason My wife is great I got to go shoot...
  688. dbar

    Beatdown in the IV

    Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! Thats Killer!!!!!! I watched a ton of birds flying around your place, some even came out over us, but way to high by the time the were overhead!!!!
  689. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    Thanks Guys!!!!! Your right I will never forget seeing it go down and hearing it SPLASH way harder than any duck!!!! Mallards hit hard, but that Goose hit really hard :D Haveing it for dinner tmrw, the wife has it in a homemade sauce overnight(already heard about the taste, thats why its...
  690. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    LOL Doug Heard it too and said the same thing for sure gunshots!!!!!
  691. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    Thanks Man and No it wasn't a Zon Gun.......It was a three shot burst in not so perfect order of a shotguns three rounds being fired....I would bet both my nuts on it, with a reach around too....I'm that positive!!!!
  692. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    White as in Geese and Red as in Blood!!!!! I got a call that said "Geese are dieing you need to get your ass to the club" So I asked the wife for a pass and got it :D Hit Falling Feathers at 0'dark thirty and snuck down to the area we had been told about and had a few flights go over within...
  693. dbar

    Looking to buy your silver

    What are ya giving for Troy oz Bars? I may have a bunch for sale if your paying the right price!!!!!
  694. dbar

    HR 308 pending

    I've never had to do that before. It has always come up as a link and opens in a new web page. Quotes are showing up wierd too???? And about a a month ago the whole way the pages load changed, it use to have avatars on the left hand side of the thread now its over the top of the threads????
  695. dbar

    HR 308 pending

    Thanks for the PM got it. I don't know why, but when anyone pastes a link on BD I only get it as TXT not as a link. Maybe I pissed the bosses off and they'r messing with my settings LOL
  696. dbar

    HR 308 pending

    Email me the link Please Kurt!!! For some reason all the links just come up as F'd up txt for me on BD ?!?!?!
  697. dbar

    Open Range is being TRASHED

    This makes me only that much more happy that I can Shoot right on my own property!!! We shoot Clays, Rifles, Bows and even Kurts Fiftey made an apperance on my land!!!!
  698. dbar

    The list

    I have a couple in da frezzer....want um? :D
  699. dbar


    Nice Job Matt!!!!!
  700. dbar

    The list

    Ah the ole rice breast..... While I have found it in almost every type of Duck....The ole hollywood mallards seem to have it more than the others.... I have heard if you cook it enough they are still edible, But Toss all the ones I find with it!!!!!
  701. dbar

    Contest Awards Party, headcount

    Me and the whole Family :D Me, Nicole, Zoe, Caleb and the Baby!!!
  702. dbar

    Hey Jim......

    Look ahole ya knew what I ment,........f the spelling
  703. dbar

    Hey Jim......

    Those anti-Gun/Hunting fucktards over there just piss me off!!!!!! When the Civil war hits and there stores are all closed I'll still be eattin meat while those ToFu eatting fucktards won't be able to have their normal Latte's and Tofu meats!!!!!!! Idiot Fucking KaMi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  704. dbar

    50 Caliber riccochet to the head...

    Well I still don't belive it :D
  705. dbar

    Youth Turkey Hunt reply

    The Sluester Nails it!!!!!!!!
  706. dbar

    Spring Speck Hunts

    Oh Ok!!!!! I wish I had the money to go!!!! As I remember the guys that hunted with him last time did very good!!!!
  707. dbar

    Spring Speck Hunts

    Sounds like a good time, but this will probably get pulled for advertising. Wish I had the Cash I'd be all over it for sure!!!!!!
  708. dbar

    Youth Turkey Hunt reply

    If he doesn't get drawn I maybe able to help you out with that!!!!! See ya up there and we'll talk about it :D I'm bringing the whole family(wife, kids, baby and maybe even a dog up) LOL
  709. dbar

    Meet the new gun ship

    Oh you guys are alot quieter than the big ass Helo's that fly straight back and forth down the 8 fwy. Those guys used to shake the frickin house when they went over.....glad I moved. BTW Dave Thanks for helping keep us safe here at home!!!!!!!!!!!! My son Is On A UH-60 JayHawk for the USCG...
  710. dbar

    Youth Hunt At Falling Feathers

    Nice to meet you too!!!! They had too much fun, I won't be allowing much of that kinda fun very often LOL I have a reputation to live up to LOL