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  1. fishfish

    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 30SDP

    Anyone selling a Fathom ll 30SDP ? Gerry (310)213-0160
  2. fishfish

    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 15 Casting Special

    Anyone looking to sell one ? Gerry (310)213-0160
  3. fishfish

    Tranx 400A - Excellent Shape---SOLD

    I am selling a Tranx-400 in great shape. Loaded with Seaguar THreadlock 50lb. Has the longer trini arm and shimano football knob. Cover and box included with paperwork. Function is 100%. $240
  4. fishfish

    Looking for deal on Fathom 30LD2 2 spd ?

    Anyone offering one at a deal ? Gerry in San Diego area (310)213-0160
  5. fishfish

    SOLD !!! Accurate Valiant 2 speeds 600N & 600

    Priced to sell quick.......I am selling 2 reels : 1 - Accurate Valiant 2 speed 600N in Black - Like new $450 Firm 2 - Accurate Valiant 2 speed 600 in Black - Like new $450 Firm If you buy both you can have em for $800. For quick response, Gerry at (310)213-0160
  6. fishfish

    SOLD !!! 60lb Seeker Rod w/ Titanium Guides - Still available

    I am selling this new/unused Custom Seeker Build Model ESM 7660 7-1/2 ft rated at 50-80lb. Built w/ Pac Bay Solid Titanium Guides allowing for a very light-weight build. Factory version build is known as SSR 7660 but not built with the quality components this stick has. Price : $250 Text/call...
  7. fishfish

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Just noticed they cut down their so-called offshore rate of $175 to $160 instead of the $150 they were charging before. Ye ole hot summer cash grab i guess. AND Were they not putting onboard less than 60 people before ? Thought it was 55 or so. Packing em in there like canned sardine huh. No...
  8. fishfish

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    I have been out of town working long hours and just noticed the San Diego and the Liberty jacked their prices up by an additional $25 . I dont like it !!! How long's this been changed for ? Is it cuz they're chasing the hit or miss bluefin where not everyone gets to take one home ? Will it...
  9. fishfish

    Where to go in Sierras ?

    I am taking family up to Sierras next week for 4 days . Can anyone recommend a decent place to visit that might offer cabins near some streams for some good trout fishing ??? It will be 5 of us going. Thanks, Gerry
  10. fishfish

    What have you caught on your Slammer Spinner ???

    Just wondering what kind of success and luck my BD brothers have been having with their Penn Slammers ??? Thanks and Please do tell your stories !!!
  11. fishfish

    Braid Capacity on Slammer 5500 ???

    Anyone have any true/actual numbers on braid capacity of this reel ? ( I ask because manufacturer #'s are "off" more than they're "on" ) Thanks , Gerry
  12. fishfish

    Accurate Handle Knob - SOLD

    I have a new, Accurate knob I took off my new 2spd Valiant . Black color. $20 shipped in US
  13. fishfish

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    I am selling this combo as one unit. -Phenix Axis HAX 780 X2H Rated 40-100 In very good shape . Only owned about 2 seasons with little use. - Accurate Valiant 2spd in Black. Model BV2-600B. Like new with box. Only went on one trip with no kills. Braided Line incl. Price : $600 for combo For...
  14. fishfish

    Progressive Coupon for FH Show ???

    Anyone have a link to a Progressive coupon for the Fred Hall Show ??? Thanks, Gerry ([email protected])
  15. fishfish

    SOLD - UC80 Monster with Tranx 500PG

    SOLD !!! Selling United Composites US80 Monster 8ft (Deckhand Grip) in great shape TOGETHER with a Tranx 500PG with aftermarket Power Handle. I will also throw in the gear kit with drag washers to convert to HG High Speed. Also throwing in Tiburon trigger grip.I am not looking to seperate...
  16. fishfish

    Whats the Cali reg on filleting a fish on the water ?

    Call me out-of-the-loop or ignorant but....What exactly is the current reg on leaving the skin on a fillet when the filleting is being done on-the-water in California waters ??? Esp on tuna or yellowtail. Thanks, Gerry
  17. fishfish

    How far out are the bulk of these Y-fin ???

    Was wondering... How far out are the bulk of these small Y-fin ??? Are the overnite boats and full day boats fishing the same, general body of water ? Thanks, Gerry
  18. fishfish

    Slammer 3: 5500 vs 6500

    I am in the market for another Penn spinner. Was wondering.....Are these 2 reels using the same size bodies but seperate themselves with different size/cut spools ? I am only speculating this because the weight differences (on PENN site) indicate only a 1.9 oz difference. Thamks, Gerry
  19. fishfish

    Anyone fish the Grande lately ?

    Anyone care to share some feedback on your Grande boat experience ? Thanks, Gerry
  20. fishfish

    Considering the Chief ???

    Due to personal schedule limitations..... I am considering a 1.5 or 2.5 dayer on the Chief but wanna know..... Are the bunks plenty roomy for a 6'1" 290 lber ? Are they A/C'ed ? I heard a recent remodel took place but dont know what that all entailed. Thanks, Gerry
  21. fishfish

    Daiwa Catalina 5000H Spinner

    Looking to sell Daiwa Catalina 5000H spinner. This is the silver color edition. In very good shape with reel cover and not-in-best-shape box if you want it as well. $320 Firm Pick-up in Santee or Mail at your cost. Feel free to text for quickest response. Pics coming later . Gerry Ph (310)213-0160
  22. fishfish

    WTB Travel Surf Rods

    Looking to buy 1 or 2 travel rods for fishing off the shore for my vacation. Something similar to the Okuma Nomad or Okuma SST travel rods is what I am looking for. Thanks, Gerry Feel free to text me at (310)213-0160
  23. fishfish

    Which budget travel tube ?

    I will be taking a trip to Fiji next month & want to take 2 or 3 popping set-ups with me. Can anyone recommend a budget decent/lockable case ? (I dont normally travel via air to fish so not sure how much use I will get out of it after this trip, hence the "budget" request.) Thanks, Gerry
  24. fishfish

    Which travel tube for 3 Popping rods ?

    I will be taking a trip to Fiji next month & want to take 2 or 3 popping set-ups with me. Can anyone recommend a budget decent/lockable case ? (I dont normally travel via air to fish so not sure how much use I will get out of it after this trip, hence the "budget" request.) Thanks, Gerry
  25. fishfish

    Lookin for Accurate Rubber Power Knob......

    Anyone have an Accurate Knob kit they might wanna sell ? Thx, Gerry (310)213-0160
  26. fishfish

    Seeker SSR-7660

    Anyone have one of these theyre looking to sell ? I am also interested in the blank as well....ESM 7660, Thanks, Gerry (310)213-0160
  27. fishfish

    Shimano Shimano at FH Show Del Mar ???

    Can anyone tell me if Shimano will have a similar exhibit at the San Diego Fred Hall Show ??? I was wanting to attend their reel service instuctional . Thanks, Gerry
  28. fishfish

    No longer available - Fluor & Braid

    Someone has picked it up already on 3/3 !!! 1st one here gets... 1 - 50yd spool of Ande fluorocarbon 1 - 30yd spool of Soft Steel fc About 150 yds of 80lb green MaxCuattro braid. I live in Santee and u must come here to get it. Gerry (310)213-0160
  29. fishfish

    SOLD - Accurate Dauntless 600 2 Spd DX2

    In great shape with Accurate Extreme power handle. $480 and I'm taking a loss. (Power handle alone is $100) Gerry ph # (310)213-0160
  30. fishfish

    Accurate Dauntless 600 for a Black Valiant 600.....

    Anyone have a Valiant 2 spd 600 (in black) they want to trade for a great shape Dauntless 600 with power handle installed ??? Text me for pics Gerry (310)213-0160
  31. fishfish

    Alaska Air Miles ???

    Any of my BD brothers have any Alaska AIr miles they want to "get rid of" ? PM me, lets talk. It'll be worth your time. Thanks, Gerry
  32. fishfish

    Shimano Sedona FE or FI ?

    Is one of these the newer version or what ? If so what are the changes ? Thanks, Gerry
  33. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Can anyone tell me how to remove factory knob on Valiant 600N 2 spd ? More specifically how do i remove factory knob cap to access the torx screw visible inside ? I have a new Accurate Rubber Powe knob I am trying to install in its place. Thanks, Gerry
  34. fishfish

    ? 60/80 lb Moderate-Action Rail Rod Suggestions ?

    I am looking for suggestions on a 7'-6" Rail Rod with a Moderate-slightly Mod-Fast action. I am not a proponent of fast taper rods. Really - Just want something that will shut-off lower on the rod than most other 7'6" rods out there. Appreciate all the input !!! Thanks, Gerry
  35. fishfish

    Looking for Accurate Football Knob......

    Anyone have one laying around that is no longer needed . (i do know they're available on Acc's website, just lookin for a slightly better deal) I live in Santee. Text is best at (310)213-0160 Thanks, Gerry
  36. fishfish

    SOLD....United Composites Spinning Rod CE800 Rated 40-60lb

    SOLD I am selling a United Composites 8ft Model : CE 800 Wahoo spinning rod in very good condition . $180 Custom built with Alps Guides and EVA grip and Fuji graphite reel seat. Used it for tossing poppers on only a couple of trips. Nice parabolic action. Rated at 40-60lb. This is a 1 piece rod...
  37. fishfish

    Valiant 2 spd 600N ?

    I recently received my new 600N Valiant 2 -spd and noticed its freespool isnt as free-spinning as my 600N Dauntless. Does anyone know if there are more bearings on the Dauntless or what ? Love the freespool on my Dauntless and just wish the new Valiant spun the same . Thx, Gerry
  38. fishfish

    YoZuri Super Braid ???

    Anyone know of a tackle shop in the San Diego area that carries this stuff in bulk spool to fill up reels ??? Thanks, Gerry
  39. fishfish

    Braid Test Results .....

    Found this article/analysis on the web dated less than a year ago. Found it quite interesting ! Just wanted to share forward w/ my BD Family : Please add your feedback....
  40. fishfish

    Handles Interchangeable ???

    Can I put a Dauntless 2spd handle on a Valiant 2 spd or vice-versa ? Is that bolt-up identical ? Thx, Gerry
  41. fishfish

    Dauntless 2 Spd VS Valiant 2 Spd.......

    In terms of application.......Can someone edumacate me on some of their differences ??? I am ready to buy another Dauntless but a bit intrigued by the new larger 600 series Valiants. Thx, Gerry
  42. fishfish

    Valiants and Lupe sized Y-fin ???

    Anyone have any feedback on the larger sized Valiant 2 spds(600N & 600) being up to the task of Lupe-sized Yellowfin ? OR Are they too light-bodied a 2 spd ? Thank, Gerry
  43. fishfish

    Line Capacity on Dauntless 600 or 600N

    Can anyone tell me their real-life line yardages put on either the 600 or 600N Dauntless. (I am fully aware of the companies specs but seem to suspect they arent always too precise for a variety of reasons). Please tell me type of braid used also. Thanks, Gerry
  44. fishfish

    Shimano Twinpower 8K vs 10K vs 14K ......

    Was wondering, Do all three of these spinners have the same exact size reel body with the exception of the spool being cut deeper as they get higher in model # and and with the exception of the 14K having a faster gear ratio ? Thanks, Gerry
  45. fishfish

    Shimano Feel of Trx400 vs Trx500 ???

    I havent had the chance to feel the size difference in hand of the Trx500 and the newer Trx400. I currently own a Trx500pg but am considering swapping out for a Trx400 . Is the Trx400 a 2/3rd size reel of the larger Trx500 or is it substantially smaller? I have seen the specs and have learned...
  46. fishfish

    How big are yellows on 3/4 day trips now?

    In the last week or so....Anybody have an idea on how big the yellowtail have been averaging on the 3/4 day boats here in San Diego ? Thanks, Gerry
  47. fishfish

    Advice on freezer type requested ???

    I am getting a new freeezer for my fish but wondering which type is best for my vacuum-packed fish ? My last was a chest-freezer but got all iced up and didnt care or have ability/time to defrost like you're supposed to do annually. Also dont like how things get buried in a chest freezer...
  48. fishfish

    Which freezer....Frost-free or Defrost type ?

    I am getting a new freeezer for my fish but wondering which type is best for my vacuum-packed fish ? My last was a chest-freezer but got all iced up and didnt care or have ability/time to defrost like you're supposed to do annually. Also dont like how things get buried in a chest freezer...
  49. fishfish

    Tony Reyes Trip in Summer?

    Can anybody offer advice or insight on what its like fishing a Tony Reyes trip in August or September? Is it unbearable ? Too darn humid ? OR Is it do-able ? Thanks for your advice ! Gerry
  50. fishfish

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    For years I have always heard that Hawaii based fishing charter operations keep all or most of the catch taken on their trips. Just wondering but it seems like they charge a decent amount to take folks out fishing for a day....... Is this amount to little to sustain their business? I am...
  51. fishfish

    New Shimano Stradic FK 5K Spinning Reel

    I am selling this new reel w/o box. Too small for my need. It is 100% New !!! I will post pics later if site allows me OR can text me for pics. PRICE : $160 Gerry at (310) 213-0160
  52. fishfish

    Penn Clash 5K VS Penn Clash 6k ?`

    Are these reels using the same body but with different size spools ??? Thx, Gerry
  53. fishfish

    Shimano Body SIzes on Saragosa and Sustain FG

    Does a 6k Gosa have the same size body as a 6K Sustain FG? Just hard to find a store locally that has em both in same size. Thx, Gerry
  54. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    In real-time, in real-life...Can anyone tell me if Daiwa Ballistic 4k actually does hold more line than the Stradic FK 5k ??? I have read the specs on both reels and own the Stradic FK 5k but I am considering the Daiwa Ballistic 4k cuz the specs say it hold a bit more. I cant find the Daiwa...
  55. fishfish

    WTB - Shimano Stradic FK 5000

    Looking for this reel in good - great or new condition at a good price of course. LMK please.... Gerry text at (310)213-0160
  56. fishfish

    Yellows on Abu Toro Beast 60HS

    My new Abu Garcia Toro Beast thoroughly impressed me these last 3 days while fishing it onboard the Shogun. I have it paired up to a Black Hole 761MH Challenger Bank custom rod. This set-up absolutely slaughtered the Yellows while fishing for 12-25 lb class fish. This reel is alot more...
  57. fishfish

    Report-Shogun 3 Day Walker/Martin Aug 8-10

    Just returned this morning from 3 dayer on Shogun. Fish Count(as best as I recall): YT : 230 YF : 8 Dorado : 150 Food was top notch....Plenty and great tasting. Crew members were helpful during the most critical times of tangles . Great group of gentlemen from the Walker/Martin Group. Trip...
  58. fishfish

    FS - New ProGear V30 in Black (View Pic)

    SOLD I have box and all the goodies it came with. Also has beefier, higher quality football Accurate knob instead of hollow feeling football factory knob it came with. Never fished. Reel also has been given the "Alan Tani Treatment" for increased free-spool. This reel is better than new ...
  59. fishfish

    United Composites US76HP 40lb Custom Rod

    I am selling a New, Never fished Custom Built United Composites US76HP Casting Rod. It is a 40lb set-up. It is a Dual Helix, all-graphite blank from the United Saltwater Series . It was built with EVA Grips, Fuji graphite reel seat and PacBay Titanium DP Casting Guides. Extremely Lightweight and...
  60. fishfish

    Honest VW repair guy in San Diego???

    Anyone know of any decent repair places for VW cars in Diego Area? Thnks, Gerry (310)213-0160
  61. fishfish

    Which guides for 40-50lb Spinning ?

    Just looking for recommendations on which guides to use on a 40-50lb spinner outfit? Perhaps Fuji or Alps.....but open to all suggestions really. Thx, Gerry
  62. fishfish

    Looking for United Composite US80 Predator Blank.....

    I am in San Diego and I am looking for a US80 Predator blank to purchase. Trades are also welcomed. I have a New Saragosa 6000 Spinner and a New Custom built UC US76 HP 40lb rod I am willing to figure a trade on. Gerry at (310)213-0160) for faster reply (text or call is fine)
  63. fishfish

    Anyone have UC Blanks/Rods in San Diego?

    Before I make a purchase....I am am looking to feel (and maybe buy) 2 UC blanks in San Diego. I am specifically looking for a blank or complete rod in the models: US80 Predator and/or CE800 Wahoo. I have looked high & low in SD and no luck. I have tried all tackle shops and landings in SD...
  64. fishfish

    UC Blank Rating Question?

    In trying to select a United Composite blank for a Rod Build, Can someone advise me........ Do the CE composite line of blanks generally fish at the low or high end of the recommended range? AND DO the US graphite line generally fish at the low or high end of the recommended range? Thanks, Gerry
  65. fishfish


    Clink on link below......No release dates but a glimpse into Okumas future around the corner. Some info on: Metaloid Spinner Metaloid Round Baitcaster Makaira Spinner Komodo Baitcaster...
  66. fishfish

    BassProShops - July 4th Free Shipping

    Today only....I noticed Bass Pro shops is offering free shipping with no minimum !!!
  67. fishfish

    How to edit title on post???

    I am unable to edit a title on a classified post i have going....Any advice? I tried the thread tool dropdown tab but it only give me the "Add a poll" option...... OR How can I inquire about this directly with BD staff? Thx, Gerry
  68. fishfish

    Spot Open on Shogun 3 Dayer

    SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>> Looking to sell 1-spot on 3 Dayer aboard Shogun this coming weekend 6/25. Price $925 Text or call Gerry at (310)213-0160
  69. fishfish

    Metaloid Spinner???

    Is this spinner becoming available soon ? As in the next 2 months perhaps...
  70. fishfish

    FINS 40G Braid???

    Anyone try this stuff yet? Gerry
  71. fishfish

    Video-Catching a Blue Marlin by the Tail???

    Check out this crazy-ass video......dated May 3 2016
  72. fishfish


    Can someone educate me and tell me what this species is called over here in the mainland? Thanks, Gerry
  73. fishfish

    How Heavy for Alps XN Titanium Guides?

    Just wondering how heavy a saltwater stick would you use the Alps XN Titanium guides on ? Lookin for lighter 50-60lb guide recommendations... Thx, Gerry
  74. fishfish

    WTB: Handle Knob for 30lb reel.....

    Anyone out there have a football knob they wanna sell? Gerry Also txt at (310)213-0160
  75. fishfish or bad?

    Anyone use this website for reel purchases? I think it is in Asia but crazy low reel prices? WTF !!! Probably too good to be true but here it is if someone wants too gamble a few bucks to test its legitimacy.
  76. fishfish

    AR Dogs for BX2-30

    Is it possible to install double Anti-Reverse dogs on the BX2-30 reels? If yes, will Accurate perform this mod? Thx, Gerry
  77. fishfish

    Bull Shark eating GT at his feet!!!

    I ran across this crazy popping video from Australia I think...... Check it:
  78. fishfish

    WTB: AMTAK Virtus RIngLock Guides Hvy....

    Anyone have available some American Tackle Virtus Heavy RingLock guides(NIRLVH)? (I know I can easily order them online but just trying to save a buck or two in hopes of getting a better price than usual sources). Thx, Gerry
  79. fishfish

    FS: Penn Conflict 5000 Spinning Reel

    SOLD..................................................... For $80 I am sellin a Penn CFT5000 spinning reel. It is in great shape! Prefer pick-up in San Diego (pay an extra $10 for shipping). Ready to go with 40lb Power Pro Slick Braid For faster response...text me at (310)213-0160 Gerry
  80. fishfish

    Phenix Axis blank color???

    When I order a Axis blank from Phenix is it dark blue like their factory-built Axis rods or is it black in color? Thx, Gerry
  81. fishfish

    Shimano Question on ratios of Spheros vs Saragosa???

    On Shimano's website they show the "line retrieve per crank" as being right about the same(40") for both 6000 class reels BUT the actual gear ratios shown are considerably different? Spheros= 4.6:1 & Saragosa=5.7:1 Shouldnt this difference make for a much bigger gap in "line retrrieval...
  82. fishfish

    Azores Spinning Reels???

    Anyone have any experience/feedback using these new Okuma spinning reels? I am debating over the Azores 55 vs Penn Clash 5000.....
  83. fishfish

    Is Penn making silver Torques 2 spds soon?

    Just wanted to know if there was an truth to this rumor??? Anyone know??? Thx, Gerry
  84. fishfish

    Shimano Calcutta 400D -- Used

    Sellin Shimano Calcutta 400D in good condition with custom counter-balanced power handle. Reel has 50 lb braid. Has minor boat rash sideplate. Sellin for $200 firm. Prefer local San Diego sale. Otherwise shipping is $20. Will text pics if you text me(310)213-0160 for them otherwise will put...
  85. fishfish

    UC80 Wahoo Blank ???

    What ideal lb test category do you rate this at ? 60lb? Anyone own one? Any feedback? Thx, Gerry
  86. fishfish

    Overflow Parking Costs???

    Anyone remember what it costs to park at the overflow lot, across the street from Fishermans landing on N. Harbor Drive? Thx, Gerry
  87. fishfish

    Lookin for a condo rental in Maui???

    Wife and I are headin to Maui and having trouble finding a condo rental for Feb 18 thru Feb 28th....Any advice my fellow BDers over at the islands??? Thanks, Gerry from San Diego
  88. fishfish

    Penn and 2016...What's new???

    Any body know what Penn has comin down the pipe for 2016? Clash Spinners..... How about 2spd Lever Drag Torques in different color offerings??? Do tell please what you may have heard of. Thanks.
  89. fishfish

    Shimano Any new Shimano reels in 2016?

    Just wondering if anything new might coming for 2016??? Reels or rods???
  90. fishfish

    Maxel Star Drag anyone???

    I am refering to their new Maxel Star Hybrid Reel: Anybody try/fished/own this new reel??? Appreciate y'alls feedback.... Gerry
  91. fishfish

    Shimano Calcutta D's Parts Interchangeable???

    I am wondering if I can install the star from the 200D drag ass'y onto a 400D drag ass'y ??? Its a long story as to why/what..... Thanks, Gerry
  92. fishfish

    How to seperate frozen fish?

    My so-called "frost-less" chest freezer has perhaps lost its seal and allowed mosy of my fish to lump up together in one solid clump. Any advice how to seperate all my costly vac-packed fish packages? Sure dont want to defrost, of course. Able to break some apart with a small 2x4 and hammer but...
  93. fishfish

    Shimano Evair Boots - Used

    Sellin for $30 Used - Size 12 but with plenty of use-time remaining. Bought on here but didnt fit. Email at [email protected] OR text at (310)213-0160 Thx, Gerry
  94. fishfish

    Tribute 2.5 Dayer 10/29/15

    This is an Okuma and Soft Steel Charter limited to only 22 guys on an 80ft vessel. Hoping more fellow anglers sign up as there is only 7 of us on trip as of today. Probably not happening if no more sign up. Should be great trip as yellowfin and yellowtail are biting well for multi-day trips...
  95. fishfish

    Tribute have bunks or staterooms ???

    Just wondering how this boat is set-up? Can you reserve room or bunk? Any recommendations? Thanks a bunch, Gerry.
  96. fishfish

    Can you Vac-Pac my fish for a fee?

    Goin out soon and lookin for someone to vac-pac my catch for a fee? (I would use a processor but they are closed when i get back in evening and i have to work next morning) Let me know....I live in San Diego. Thx, Gerry (310)213-0160 or [email protected]
  97. fishfish

    How big are those yellowfin???

    Anyone know how big the y-fin and yellows are on the 1 & 2 day trips right now? Thx, Gerry
  98. fishfish

    Lookin for SDTone......

    Anyone know how I could make contact with SDTone??? I have a reel I need his help on. Thx, Gerry I PMed here a while back with no success.
  99. fishfish

    Is Cali Fishing License Good for full year???

    Did the regs change to a full year from actual date of purchase??? Ger
  100. fishfish

    Any BDers on 3 Dayer aboard Indy Aug 28?

    Just wondering if any of my BD brothers will be on this trip? Gerry
  101. fishfish

    Any BDers on Aug 28 3 day aboard INDY ???

    Just wondering if any of my BD brothers will be on this trip? Gerry
  102. fishfish

    Where to buy DX2-500 ???

    Where can I get a deal on a Dauntless 500? Already placed post in classifieds. Thx, Gerry
  103. fishfish

    FS: New MXJ Raptor in Black

    New in Box... MXJ Raptor in black(hard-to-find) plus 500 yards new 65lb Daiwa J Braid -- $400 firm Pics below.... Gerry at (310)213-0160 OR [email protected]
  104. fishfish

    WTB - Accurate DX2-500

    Lookin to buy a Dauntless DX2-500(black spool/black handle) new or good used condition. Also have new Avet MXJ Raptor in black willing to trade plus $ if interested . Gerry (310)213-0160 OR [email protected]
  105. fishfish

    Booyah Fishing Shorts???

    Anybody try these yet? Lookin for feedback.... Gerry
  106. fishfish

    Chomp Poppers???

    Anyone try these poppers yet? I see em on ebay quite regularly. Thanks, Gerry
  107. fishfish

    Shimano New Heavier Flat-falls???

    Who is carrying the newer heavier flat-falls now? When will they be available everywhere else? Thx, Gerry
  108. fishfish

    Lookin 4 Avet MXJ Raptor in Black......

    Anyone sellin an MXJ Raptor in black??? Thx, Gerry. 310 213-0160
  109. fishfish

    Lookin 4 Avet MXJ Raptor in Black......

    Anyone sellin a new/used/good condition MXJ Raptor in black??? Thx, Gerry. 310 213-0160
  110. fishfish

    Looking for SEI Trigger Clamp.....

    Anyone looking to sell an SEI Trigger clamp . Its the black plastic type that bolts on for Deckhand Style rods. Charkbait stores are both out of em for now. Thx, Gerry (310)213-0160 OR [email protected]
  111. fishfish

    FS - Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 w/ Braid

    SOLD - New in Box Penn Fathom FTH 40 two-speed. Never used! It is loaded with 500 yards of (very thin) 100lb Jerry Brown Solid in Blue. Did not go 80lb cuz the JB 100lb is actually thinner than JB 80lb. 600yds of this braid cost $130 on ebay. This reel has never seen the water!!! Gerry at...
  112. fishfish

    FS - 2 Half day trip passes along w/ rod rental.

    These passes are for Point Loma Sportfishing. Selling gift certificate for $60. As indicated, they also cover rent rods. Gerry at (310)213-0160
  113. fishfish

    Penn Custom Shop & TRQ40NLD2 ???

    Perhaps our BD brother Steve can answer this: I thought the Penn Custom Shop was already allowing folks to order a custom TRQ40NLD2 ??? Anytime soon??? Thx, Gerry
  114. fishfish

    Handlining a big Amberjack......

    Who needs a nice 2 spd reel when this fella down under shows how to handline a big jack......
  115. fishfish

    Help w/ guide ID ???

    Was wondering if anyone knew which type Fuji SIC guide these are? They came off a 9 ft stick made about year 2002... I have a full set of 12 pcs with them all having the Fuji/size stamp and I do recall them being SIC ring material. The pics is a size 25. Thanks for the help, Gerry
  116. fishfish

    Distance between Bait Barges in LA Harbor???

    Anyone know what is the mileage between Nachos and the San Pedro Bait Bait Barge??? Thanks, Gerry
  117. fishfish

    Where --- Grip N Hooks ?

    Anybody know where in San Diego I can find these trigger-grips called GripNHooks ??? (Squidco is out and not sure if getting more) Thanks, Gerry
  118. fishfish

    Shimano Reel Clamp for Cacutta 400D ???

    I asked this question bout a year ago and I'll do it again........ Anybody know of a clamp that'll fit the Calcutta 400D ??? Thx, Gerry
  119. fishfish

    Alps Winding Checks...Where???

    Does anyone carry Alps Dimple Winding checks in San Diego or Orange County? (I chkd Squidco and they do not) Also lookin for Fuji GRC Gimbal Butt caps? Thx, Gerry I can order online I know but was curious to know if available at brick/mortar?
  120. fishfish

    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    I am lookin for a rod builder in the San Diego area that might have a little time on his hands. I have all the components for two rather basic builds. Gerry [email protected] OR (310)213-0160
  121. fishfish

    Freelance Rod Builder Wanted @ San Diego

    I am looking for someone that has the time to build me a couple of rather basic sticks in North or Central San Diego....Anyone out there? Thanks, Gerry [email protected] OR (310)213-0160
  122. fishfish

    Freelance Rod Builder Wanted-- San Diego ???

    I am lookin for someone(with time) to build me a couple of sticks in San Diego.... Anyone out there? Thanks, Gerry [email protected] OR (310)213-0160
  123. fishfish

    Freelance Rod Builder North County Wanted???

    I am lookin for someone to build me a couple of sticks in North County San Diego....Anyone out there? I guess Central San Diego is good to..... Thanks, Gerry [email protected] OR (310)213-0160
  124. fishfish

    Lookin for 1-2 for Catalina Trip(Carpool from Oceanside)...

    Fishing from Long Beach(LB) May 23 on friends 2901 Striper. Boat located in LB slip. I live in Oceanside and want to share drive from O'side to LB. We are the pushing out the slip for Catalna at 5am. Cost is $120 p/p plus bait and we all help out with scrubbing the vessel clean upon arrival...
  125. fishfish

    Best Time for San Quintin Fishing???

    Trying to plan a trip down here to fish at ideal time of year....Any suggestions??? Thx, Gerry
  126. fishfish

    Pac Bay Minima Guides???

    Can I use these Pac Bay Minima 4 Model T guides on a 25 lb saltwater casting build??? Thx, Gerry 12........
  127. fishfish

    SOLD: Graphite USA SW70MH 7' Casting Rod.....

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an "Original" 7 foot Graphite USA Model: SW70MH 15-30lb Rating. Extremely light with Fuji SIC guides, hypalon grip and Fuji Trigger Reel Seat. Ready to fish at.......$120 Will insert pics later on today..... Feel free to call/text me @ (310)213-0160 OR...
  128. fishfish

    SOLD...United Composites Blanks

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decided to go in different direction so now looking to sell 2 - New 2015 Model United Composites DHX Dual Helix Saltwater blanks. These are some of the thinnest and strongest blanks out there!!! To date....These are limited run blanks. For reference I've attached the...
  129. fishfish

    Which type Ultralight EVA Grips is Shimano using???

    Anyone know which type of EVA material Shimano uses on their Terez rods??? It seems like this is an ultra-lightweight type of EVA..... Can some please educate me/ help me on this? Thank You Mucho, Gerry
  130. fishfish

    Pac Bay Titanium DP Guides???

    Anyone have any feedback on these for 30-50lb saltwater use? Thx, Gerry
  131. fishfish

    WTB: AmTak Virtus Lite Titanium Guides???

    Anyone lookin to sell a set of these guides? Gerry at [email protected] OR (310)213-0160
  132. fishfish

    FS: Phenix Axis 8 ft 25-60lb Factory Rod

    Selling Great shape ...........Phenix Axis HAX-820H 25-60lb 8ft Factory Rod Only used on 1 trip. Price : $160 New in store is $260 Pictures up tomorrow. Gerry from Oceanside Contact me at....... [email protected] or (310)213-0160
  133. fishfish

    Which guides for 20-30lb rod???

    I prefer Fuji but want advice on which light guides for a 25-30 deckhand style set-up? Thanks, Gerry
  134. fishfish

    FS: Shimano Trinidad 20a w/Custom Knob

    I am sellin my great condition Trini 20a(w/clamp) with black eva custom knob. Extremely light dots/nicks. Function 10/10 .....Exterior 9/10.............$360 Will post pics later . PM me OR If you wish, you can text me for pics(310)213-0160 but give me time to respond. Thx, Gerry in Oceanside,CA...
  135. fishfish

    Penn Talon Reel Clamp....Where???

    Anybody(especially Steve) know where can I get one of these in the States without breaking the bank by getting it from overseas??? Heres a link:
  136. fishfish

    Okuma Hippo Grip ???

    Anybody know where I can buy/find one of these reel clamps??? Thx, Gerry
  137. fishfish

    Which size reel seat for Andros A12 reel???

    I am trying to find out which size reel seat for the Andros 12SIIa ??? Perhaps the same size as the Metaloid 12's ??? Either way, I dont have either..... Anybody know??? Thanks, Gerry
  138. fishfish

    Alps - Matte Finish Centra-lock and rubber coated TRI-RB Reel Seats?

    Can someone direct me to where I can buy the Alps matte finish Centra-locks(w/window) AND the new Alps rubber-coated TRI-RB reel seats? Thanks, Gerry
  139. fishfish

    PHD-760H....What is optimal rating for this rod/blank ?

    Question for any PHD-760H users : Is this truly a 40-50lb or 30-40lb ??? I am wanting a 7.5ft blank that is 50lb ideal with occasional 40lb service. The 760XH feels a bit stiff and feels like it'll do 60lb as well. I normally prefer mod-mod/fast blanks but really dig the light,strong feel of...
  140. fishfish

    Paracord for Custom Rod Handle???

    Anyone ever use paracord to wrap a handle as opposed to tuna cord? Paracord is now made very durable and sun resistant. Any comments/advice appreciated. Thx, Gerry
  141. fishfish

    Which 8' United Composites blank for 40lb surface?

    I have my eyes on these two blanks US 80HP or US 80 Monster for a lightweight deckhand style rod. They spec out very closely.....I felt the slightly fast action on the HP but not a huge diff. comparing to the Monster. Any advice from my fellow BD rod builders??? Thanks , Gerry
  142. fishfish

    ? Tiburon TC20 Reel Clamp ?

    Anyone know how wide the stud centers are on this clamp??? I wish I could find out all the centers on there sm, md , lg reel clamps. Thanks, Gerry
  143. fishfish

    ???PSW-809XHJ -Deck Hand Question???

    If you own this exact factory rod..... Can you please tell me how long overall is the (deckhand) handle ??? Thx, Gerry
  144. fishfish

    Anyone fish the Fathom 40 2spd LD yet???

    Just lookin for feedback from guys who have fished this reel. Anyone??? Thx , Gerry
  145. fishfish

    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    Talked to J & H and they said my Sept/14 pre-ordered Andros A-12SIIa will not be comin in to them till at least end of February now!!! WTF? Sound like nice reels but sure dont like gettin jerked around like this! Looks like Okuma is doin the old FH SHOW two-step! Maybe I'll give Penn my money...
  146. fishfish

    ? Phenix PHD-838MH ?

    Is this a 20-25lb blank or more like a 25-30lb blank OR higher? Thx,Gerry
  147. fishfish

    ? Phenix PHD-838MH ?

    Is this a 20-25lb rod or more like a 25-30lb rod OR higher? Thx,Gerry
  148. fishfish

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    Lookin to buy this to see how well it really works. Besides ebay where in San Diego can I buy this?
  149. fishfish

    Device to clean,spool braid?

    What is the name of the consumer device used to unwind your fishing line and wash it or just to transfer it to another reel? I believe it is operated with a standard hand drill motor. Thx,Gerry
  150. fishfish

    Weight of Seeker SS-CLB806H Blank?

    Anyone know the weight of this blank? Thx, Gerry
  151. fishfish

    WTB: Handle Arm for Trini A(10,12,14)

    Lookin for the handle arm of the smaller trini a reel. Thx,Gerry [email protected]
  152. fishfish

    SS-CLB806H vs 270H-8???

    Are these two blanks the same blank? If not what is the difference please? I saw a rod on the rack at Fishermens Landing and it was labeled SS-270H-8 but just cannot find this blank on any Seeker SS Catalog listing..... Thanks ,Gerry
  153. fishfish

    Looking for: SuperSeeker CLB806H - 8' (270H) Finished Rod

    Lookin for a finished rod using this blank. Preferably Deckhand style. Anyone have one available? Thanks Gerry [email protected]
  154. fishfish

    Makaira Rods Waranty???

    Can someone please educate me and tell me what is this limited lifetime warranty about ??? Thank You,Gerry
  155. fishfish

    Shimano Trinidad & Torium Handles Interchangeable ???

    Are these handles interchangeable? Thx,Gerry
  156. fishfish

    WTB: Trini A Handle Arm(10,12,14)

    Lookin for the Trini Handle arm without knob or possibly w/ knob(depending on which type knob is on it. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Gerry
  157. fishfish

    ?Phenix PHD-809XH?

    Is this blank/rod more of a 40lb stick or 50lb stick? Thx, Gerry
  158. fishfish

    Shimano Trini A's Handle Length Question???

    Regarding Trini A's : Do the smaller Trinis(10,12,14) have a shorter handle length than the larger Trinis(16-30 sizes)? If so, what is the difference (or how do they vary)? Thx,again,Gerry.
  159. fishfish

    Okuma Rep.....When on Andros A 12 sizes???

    Any Okuma reps have updates on arrival/timeline on the 12 sizes??? Thx.
  160. fishfish

    Shimano Change out Tranx gears???

    Is it simple/possible to convert a Tranx from lo(PG) to hi gear(HG) and vice-versa? Just wonderin..... Thx ,Gerry
  161. fishfish

    Shimano Tranx come with reel seat clamp?

    Does the clamp come w/ reel when purchased? Thx, Gerry
  162. fishfish

    WTB....Shimano Tranx PG or HG...

    Anyone sellin one? Gerry [email protected]
  163. fishfish

    Shimano Tranx Handle fit same as Trini A Handle???

    I was wonderin if these handles/arms arms are interchangeable ? Are they the same handle or built differently? (Note: I was specfically thinkin bout puttin a TN20a handle on a Tranx reel.)
  164. fishfish

    Video-Automated Lift Pole Tuna Fishing???

    Wow! Never knew this type of automation existed? Ingenious way to reduce workers comp cases! How does the mechanical arm know when to reset or recast? It even jerks around the jig. Interesting and Crazy!!! Check out vid link below...... Thinkin its Aussie!
  165. fishfish

    Anyone get the new Andros 12 a yet?

    Just wonderin if any have been distributed yet?
  166. fishfish

    Whatever happened to Capt. Jim Slivkoff from AA???

    I remember fishin on the American Angler when he was Capt......Where did he go to?
  167. fishfish

    Lake Henshaw???

    Anyone fish Henshaw in last couple years? How is it? Is the lake actively giving up fish? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Gerry
  168. fishfish

    Where to take cheap Mini-Vacation with wife???

    Was wonderin where I can take wife to for about 4-5 days with perhaps a lil fishin thrown in there??? Keep in mind ....I did say cheap. Thnks, Gerry Note ...Was thinkin/hopin Sierras but realized many places are frozen over.
  169. fishfish

    Video: Mako eating Sea-Lion Locally.........

    Check it ....heres an old video I ran across on Truline passengers gettin a good view of a slaughter-fest at a local Island.
  170. fishfish

    ? Penn Warranty Centers ?

    When I take my Penn reel to a warranty service center in San Diego, that being Fishermans Tackle or Anglers Choice, do they send the reels out OR is there an in-house service arrangement taking place??? And , on average what could be the turnaround time ??? Thanks, Gerry.
  171. fishfish

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    Anyone know how this last trip made out???
  172. fishfish

    Penn Dura Drag???

    What makes this drag system unique or different than others?
  173. fishfish

    Okuma Dual Force Drag???

    Can someone educate me as to whether the Dual Force Drag system has drag washers on both sides of the spool similar to some Accurates or is it somehow different? I could not find a clear definition of the Dual Force Drag system online....just discovered that both the Maks and new Andros A's...
  174. fishfish

    Shimano What's new for Shimano 2015 ???

    I heard there might be some new Offshore reels comin out in 2015....Is this true??? Can any Shimano reps chime in here?
  175. fishfish

    Why didn't the Dominator fish this year???

    Just wonderin cuz I had a great trip on em last year.
  176. fishfish

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    For any Okuma rep : Any updates on a release date for the new Andros A 2 speeds ?
  177. fishfish

    Shimano Calcutta 400D Reel Seat Clamp???

    Does anybody make a reel seat clamp for a 400D Calcutta? Thnx,Gerry
  178. fishfish

    1.5 Day Fishing Voucher For Sale

    I have a 1.5 day trip voucher from Fishermans Landing I am sellin . Price = $200 Call/Text me at (310) 213-0160 FYI....I live in Oceanside and work in Kearny Mesa
  179. fishfish

    Lookin 4 Phenix PSW-808MH

    I am lookin for a PSW-808MH used gently or like new. I prefer to trade a 1.5 Day pass out of Fishermans Landing for it. OR Let me know price, might buy. Call/text at (310)213-0160 Gerry
  180. fishfish

    WTT- 1.5 Day Voucher for PSW-808MH

    I have a 1.5 day voucher from Fishermans Landing that I'd like to trade for a Phenix PSW-808MH. Also consider sellin pass for $220. Gerry ----- Call/text me at (310)213-0160 OR [email protected]
  181. fishfish

    Shimano Question on New Saragosa 5000 and 6000???

    Are these spinners the same reel but with different size spools??? Thx,Gerry
  182. fishfish

    Okuma Website to include New Andros???

    To any Okuma Reps: When will Okuma update their factory website to include the new A series Andros Line-up???
  183. fishfish

    Where the LA & OC overniters fishin???

    Can anyone share with me where the overnite boats out of LA and OC gettin into tuna at??? Was wanting to take the young one but wont consider if its a very long run...... Thanks, Gerry
  184. fishfish

    Handle for Shimano Calcutta 400D

    Sellin for $25 pickup or $30 shipped Check ebay link for pics:
  185. fishfish

    Andros 5II, Seeker Hercules, Seeker Blue, Daiwa Saltist 20H

    Sellin: SALTIST...Sold Okuma Andros 5II for $220.....Great shape w/tool packet/paperwork, gently used. SOLD Seeker Hercules SHS-80H for SOLD.... Also Great shape,Casting, 30-60lb, used twice only . Seeker Blue Lightning Seies II BCBW 709-7 T for $60....Casting, 20-30lb, with trigger. SOLD...
  186. fishfish

    When on new Andros A's ?

    I forgot where I saw it but when again are the new Andros A's comin out ?
  187. fishfish

    Line Cap. On New Andros 12II A?

    Seems like the new Andros 12II holds substantially lots more line than some other "12" size reels e.g. the Talica 12. Did I read or interpret the #'s correctly? Andros 12II A : Holds 560 yds of 80 lb braid while, Talica 12II : Holds 355 yds of 80 lb braid Thx,Ger.
  188. fishfish

    Jig Strike and RSW???

    Just wonderin....What are the chances of the Jig Strike havin an RSW onboard ? Just had a friendly discussion w/ an old time fishin buddy and we werent sure how they handled things on this vessel? Any and all info welcome..... Thanks
  189. fishfish

    Which ties do u use to secure your rods?

    I've been using these cheapo velcro ties to wrap my rods together for years now and was wonderin if anyone out there has anything stronger/better you can recommend my way??? Thanks, Gerry
  190. fishfish

    Fished Y-fin with Conflict Spinner....Nice!

    For first time used my Conflict 4000 to catch a couple of 15-20lb yellowfin tuna. Lots of fun and the reel handled it beautifully. I'm ready to push it more now! It was too easy!
  191. fishfish

    Offshore All Day Trip Report on the Black Pearl - 8/30/14

    Went out Sat out of Helgrens for my 1st time. It was a 5a to 5p trip...fare= $120....friendly crew....friendly passengers but just too darn crowded for a 65x19 vessel as they boarded w/44 total. Galley accomodates 16 and bunks were not available to us with or without an additional fee. Catch...
  192. fishfish

    Which poppers for local Tuna?

    Any advice for which inexpensive poppers to purchase for first time popper?
  193. fishfish


    Anybody use these being sold on EBAY??? I guess if its WFO anything would work huh? Thanks, Gerry
  194. fishfish

    New Fathom Lever Drags Comin Soon?

    Are these new Lever Drags still comin out on Sept 1 As I believe I previously read? If so, where and when will they be available on this or any specific date? Website,storefront? I guess what I'm gettin at is...What will be the fastest way to get my hands on one ASAP cuz I have a 3 dayer...
  195. fishfish

    Where Can I Buy Penn Carnage Spinner In San Diego Area?

    I live in North County Diego but anywhere in Diego (or even OC) would do? While on the topic maybe you can touch on the difference of these these two models. From what I know the main diff is one is all glass while the other is composite right? Thx, Gerry
  196. fishfish

    How big are the yellowfin w/in 30 miles?

    Can someone tell me an average size of the y-fin w/in 30 miles or so , so that I can gear up accordingly. Thanks,Gerry
  197. fishfish

    Penn Ally Rod???

    Just wondering .... Anyone know, What is the weight of the 15-30lb Penn Ally Spinning Rod? Thx, Gerry
  198. fishfish

    Spinner Wanted?

    I know this is the wrong section but allow me please....Just wonderin if any of you Rod Maker/Artists had a spinning rod you wanted to sell in the 15-30(or 40lb) designation at 7-8ft. Thanks you! Gerry
  199. fishfish

    Wanted Spinning Rod 15-40lb........

    I am lookin for a 7 to 8 footer. Anyone have one to sell close to this rating?
  200. fishfish

    WTB: Lookin for 7-8ft Spinning Rod 15-30lb

    I am lookin to spend only upwards to about $100 tops. Thx, Gerry
  201. fishfish

    New-Loan changed landings..........

    Just noticed the New Loan went from Point Loma Sportfishing over to Fishermans......When did this take place?
  202. fishfish

    New Andros a Reels....Shielded or Sealed Bearings?

    Which type of bearing protection will these reels have....Sealed or Shielded ? AND Will they have a thrust bearing? Thx, Gerry
  203. fishfish

    Pat's Tackle in Vista,Ca............

    Stopped in their today for some line and just remembered how helpful Pat and his crew can be. Just forgot how they are always full of useful, technical information for their customers. Nothing like a Turners or big sporting goods type store, they give you the time to talk shop with them. Just...
  204. fishfish

    Grunion....Where in San Diego???

    Can anyone recommend a productive beach in Diego or better yet North County Diego for Grunion? Thanks,Gerry
  205. fishfish

    Salt X, SaltAway or Corrosion X....Which one?

    Just wonderin' if anyone has good reason to prefer one over the other? My application would be for reels, post-fishing trip. I normally just f/w rinse only. Thank you, Gerry.
  206. fishfish

    Phenix AXIS Rods???

    Any one know when these blanks will be available?
  207. fishfish

    1- Spot open on Islander 2.5 Day Charter

    I am trying to sell my spot with Islander this weekend. Sat,Aug 9 - Tues Aug 12 . Total cost will be $650 It is $100 off the schedule price as this is the hit I'm willin' to take from givin it up. Call me or text me ASAP!!! Gerry at (310)213-0160
  208. fishfish

    1- Spot open on Islander Charter 2.5 Dayer

    I am trying to sell my spot with Islander this weekend. Sat,Aug 9 - Tues Aug 12 . Total cost will be $650 It is $100 off the schedule price as this is the hit I'm willin' to take from givin it up. Call me or text me ASAP!!! Gerry at (310)213-0160
  209. fishfish

    1-Spot on Islander 2.5 Dayer this weekend.....

    I am trying to sell my spot with Islander this weekend. Sat Aug 9 - Tues Aug 12 Total cost will be $650. It is $100 off the schedule price as this is the hit I'm willin' to take from givin it up. Call me or text me ASAP!!! Gerry at (310)213-0160
  210. fishfish

    Gettin' a 700lb Bluefin on your

    I thought that t-top would collapse! Hell of a well built t-top I'd say! Check it....(go straight to 2:44 to see it comin over the side)
  211. fishfish

    Best Temperature for Frozen Fish???

    Just wonderin if anyone knows what is best the best temp to keep our vac packed tuna at? Just trying to prolong its frozen shelf life of course.....Thanks
  212. fishfish

    Lookin for Tickets for San Diego Tourist Destinations.........

    Have some relatives in town and lookin for discounted tickets on sights and tours around San Diego.... Anyone have tickets such as these they want to sell??? There is 4 people in our group. Thanks,Gerry. email at [email protected]
  213. fishfish

    Fishermens Processing Discounts???

    Are there any coupons or discounts out there available for fish processing over at Fishermens Processing? Thanks
  214. fishfish

    Grunion Runs and DFG.......

    Do the DFG wardens actually bust people when fishin grunion without a license? I have vacationers over for a few days and they want to give it a whirl.
  215. fishfish

    Offshore Top Gun 80....3.5 Dayer Report

    Just returned today (6am) from a first time ride aboard Top Gun 80.....Great Tuna fishing !!! Great hook-bait Dines, super weather and extremely helpful crew. Food was awesome and bunks were cool and comfy. What worked was 40-50lb line/leaders with 2/0 - 4/0 live bait hooks AND blue/chrome...
  216. fishfish

    WTB: Rollaway Bed

    I am lookin to buy a Rollaway Bed in fair-good condition. Gerry [email protected] Text/call : (310)213-0160
  217. fishfish

    Smitty's "Long Range Series" Fish Fighting Belt

    Like new Smitty Belt...It is the "Long Range Series" model New online is $109 + tax = $118 Sellin' for $75 After today - be out of town till next Monday Text at (310)213-0160 [email protected]
  218. fishfish

    WTB: 3000 size Spinning Reel

    Anyone sellin a 3000 size spinning reel I can use in saltwater ($40-60)? Thx, Gerry
  219. fishfish

    WTB: Half Day Trip vouchers...

    Anyone sellin fishing vouchers ? I need 4 (or less) for vacationing visitors comin into town and just tryin to save a little money. San Diego or Orange County is fine. (3/4 day ok too). Thx, Gerry [email protected]
  220. fishfish

    WTB: Penn Battle 3000

    Anyone have one to sell? Gerry
  221. fishfish

    Tony Reyes Fishing?

    Are they still up and running?
  222. fishfish

    Akona Womens Quantum-Stretch Jumpsuit Wetsuit 7mm - $80

    Selling : In very good condition...Womens Akona Quantum-Stretch Wetsuit It is 7mm thick at Size 11/12 Selling because fits a tad too tight. Used only 2-3 times. Feel free to phone at (310)213-0160 Price : Firm at $80 ......New it would cost $250+ For Pictures: Text me or email at...
  223. fishfish

    Killin the Fish -- Locals Style at Cook Islands
  224. fishfish

    Momoi Diamond Braid???

    Anyone try this stuff? Feedback?
  225. fishfish

    Wanted: Trini 20 A Reel Clamp

    Anyone have one that fits the 20A....I'll even buy the cheaper graphite type so longs it fits. Thx, Gerry.
  226. fishfish

    Where to buy Universal Shimano Reel Clamp?

    I am in North County San Diego....Anyone know where I can buy one of these in either OC or SD. Just need it to fit a Trini 20A and doesnt have to be the original style it normally comes with. Cheap graphite style will be fine Thanks, Gerry.
  227. fishfish

    Looking for Trini A Reel Seat Clamp

    Want to buy a clamp for the Trini 20A. Even if it is a graphite replacement clamp that fits....Doesnt have to be the original Trini A type. Thanks, Gerry.
  228. fishfish

    Shimano Trini White Knob Replacement >>>>>>>>>>

    After too much online research came up with this.... Its an EVA handle off the Shimano (Spinner) Sustain FG 6000/10000 Series. Fits and feels great!!!!!!! Did it on the 20A but parts fit on any Trini A reel.
  229. fishfish

    WTB : E-Z Weight Sliding Sinkers

    Anyone have some they want to sell me??? Gerry
  230. fishfish

    Excursion Permit for Fishing Mexico?

    Anybody know where can I go online to learn/educate myself about an Excursion Permit for fishing Mexican Waters on extended (multi-day)trips??? Thanks, Gerry.
  231. fishfish

    When to buy an annual Mexican Fishing Permit???

    If you are doing at least 2-3 truly long range trips (3-16 dayer) per year is it fiscally wise to buy your Mexican Fishing Permit for each year? Do you buy one? Is this one permit all you need to cover you to fish Mexican waters? Is an Excursion Permit also a different type of fishing permit...
  232. fishfish

    Shimano Are knobs on Trini 10A and Trini 20A the same size???

    I'm trying to do a eva knob install and have this question above? I cant stand the white knob on my 20A any more! Thanks! Gerry
  233. fishfish

    Mexi Permit Bought for Fishing 2-4 day Trips???

    Here's the deal.....I am reserved and fully/partially paid on 3 and soon maybe 4 - 2.5 to 4.5 day trips between now and October . Last year I chose to pre-purchase my Mexican Permit online and was able to use it on 2 of the 3 trips I went on(I think a 1.5 and a 2 dayer) BUT on my 3rd trip(2.5...
  234. fishfish

    Hook Sharpener???

    Which hook sharpener do you recommend? Thx, Gerry.
  235. fishfish

    Anyone use a Calcutta Fishing Belt from West Marine?

    Any good? Decent? Just need it for 1.5 to 4 day trips ? Lost my old one. Thx, Gerry.
  236. fishfish

    Shimano Terez Casting Rod VS Terez Waxwing???

    Is one of these a better constructed blank or what is major difference? Thx, Gerry.
  237. fishfish

    Shimano What u caught on your Calcutta 400D???

    Any big uns???
  238. fishfish

    Any Updates on the new Phenis Axis Line????

    Comin soon right?
  239. fishfish

    Larger T-Knob on Andros 5 II???

    Where can I get one of these done or purchased for self install?
  240. fishfish

    Where can I buy Shimano Talica 20/25 II Handle?

    Short of driving to Shimano's Warehouse/Service Center in Irvine ....Anyone know where I can get one of these? Thanks, Gerry.
  241. fishfish

    WTB: Talica 20/25 2-spd Handle

    Anyone have one they want to sell with or w/o knob??? Gerry
  242. fishfish

    WTB: Seeker Hercules Rods SHS-70M

    Lookin to buy this factory rod new or very good used condition. Thx,Gerry. Contact me at [email protected] for fastest response.
  243. fishfish

    Looking to buy Talica 20/25 Factory Handle???

    Anyone have one they want to sell with or w/o knob??? Gerry
  244. fishfish

    Phenix PSW-700H Factory Casting Rod - $200

    $200----Slightly used and taken out once or twice max....Wont be able to post pics till tomorrow. I' ll be available for to meet with interested parties this weekend only from Sat evening to Sun evening as I travel out of town for work during weekdays. Thx. Gerry from Oceanside ...Feel free to...
  245. fishfish

    WTB: Talica 20II or 25II factory handle

    Lookin to buy this handle with or without the knob. Thx. Gerry from Oceanside.
  246. fishfish

    Shimano Swapping out knobs on Trini and Talica???

    Will the knob off my Talica 12II fit onto my Trini 20A handle??? Thank you!
  247. fishfish

    Which is your favorite braided line under 70 lbs?

    Just wondering what my fellow BDers are using on the lighter stuff under 70 lbs or so?????
  248. fishfish

    Casting hollow spectra???

    What's your experience with this? Does solid cast much better?
  249. fishfish

    Izorline Spectra....How many strands/carrier is the solid line?

    I am considering buying the green variety but wanting to know if it is 4,6 or 8 strand of the solid variety? Anyone know?
  250. fishfish

    Shimano Handle Options for Tal12II?

    Just wonderin the options out there available for this Tal12II reel?
  251. fishfish

    Shimano Whats your best catch with a Trini 16A or 20A?????

    Just wonderin what you're best catch has been with the 16 or 20 size Trini's?
  252. fishfish

    Phenix Axis Line???

    When will we know more info on this new line up of Phenix rods??? And when might the factory rods be available fpr purchase?
  253. fishfish

    Seeker Hercules 80H Rating???

    Is this blank more of a 40lb or 50lb blank??? Thx, Gerry.
  254. fishfish

    Shimano New Trini 20A Included Clamp???

    Does a new Trinidad 20A normally come with the rod clamp in its box? Thanks, Gerry.
  255. fishfish

    Ocea Jigger Reels?

    Anybody try these reels? They spec out heavy compared to our trinis but like their gear ratios?
  256. fishfish

    Looking to buy Trinidad 20a......

    Anyone want to sell a Trinidad 20A out there? Thx, Gerry from O'side. (for quicker response email is [email protected])
  257. fishfish

    Penn Torque 30 - 4.8:1 gear ratio

    New Reel Never Been Used with 4.8 gear ratio. All paperwork ,tool, clamp paperwork included. Box is worn a little but reel is new.....$350.
  258. fishfish

    WTB - Seeker Hercules Rod 80H or 80XH

    Looking to buy a finished rod , factory rod, or blank for Hercules 80H or 80XH if available??? Thank you Contact me here on BD or at [email protected] Thanks , Gerry.
  259. fishfish

    WTB - Penn TRQ25N in black......

    Anyone have one to sell? Buzz me on here or txt me at (310)213-0160, Gerry.
  260. fishfish

    Blue Braid ???

    What is your favorite solid Blue braided line??? Thx
  261. fishfish

    Question on Phenix Blank PSW-809XHJ

    Because the Letter J in this Model# 809XHJ denotes it is a jigging blank... Does this then mean it is designed to be a slower action or faster action? Anyone know? (Note: Please dont confuse it with the PSW-809H-XF which is obviously and simply stated as being extra fast.)
  262. fishfish

    Question: Penn TRQ25N Owners

    I just purchased a Torque 25N in Black and it doesn't have the model name and number engraved on either of the sideplates. It just has the Penn Made In The USA logo on one side engraved, that's all! It looks real plain! I also own a TRQ30 and it has these nice engravings displaying model...
  263. fishfish

    Shimano Baitrunner 4000D

    Selling a Shimano Baitrunner 4000D. In excellent condition. hardly ever spent anytime on the water! Filled with 50lb braid......$80 PM or text me at (310)213-0160 Thx, Gerry. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  264. fishfish

    Shimano Curado 300e

    Selling a Shimano Curado 300e with both stock handle and power handle. Reel is in great shape and is currently loaded with 50lb braid. Little nick on side, otherwise I'd say its like new!. $160 I live in Oceanside. PM me or txt me..........Thx, Gerry. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  265. fishfish

    Selling : Seeker Inshore Series Spinning Rod

    Factory Seeker Inshore Series Graphite Composite Spinning Rod. It is a Model BCSW 807-8' (8 feet)..rated 12-20lb . In good condition, Selling for $100 Brand new price - $200+ Thx, Gerry in O'side at (310)213-0160
  266. fishfish

    GUSA 80 MAG

    Original GUSA 80 MAG 8ft Custom Rod with fuji trigger real seat and black Perfection Guides. 15lb-30lb Moderate-Fast action. Great at casting lighter baits! $100.
  267. fishfish

    Which 2spd is a better caster...JX-Raptor,TAL-12,or Mak-10Sea???

    I'll be fishing bait predominantly offshore,summer 2-5dayers. For local So Cal pelagics..... Any feedback or advice???
  268. fishfish

    Hunting Boar with Monkeys???

    Check it out...looks crazy!!! Looks like the monkeys f..k 'em all up and they end up runnin around in circles! Then the hunters get 'em!
  269. fishfish

    Andros 5II VS Talica 12II???

    Which of these reels would you rather use for 40lb on trips up to 5 days???
  270. fishfish

    Shimano Talica 12 II Line Specs???

    On the Shimano website the #'s for braid do not make sense(not believable)! Can someone please tell me how much 50lb braid and maybe 65lb braid this reel really holds??? Thx
  271. fishfish

    Penn TRQ-2spd Reels....Not on Custom Shop???

    Does anyone know why Penn is not offering the customization of their new Trq-2spd Lever drag reels on the Penn Website????? I see the Torque star drag reels on there but not the 2spds???Thx You out there Steve???
  272. fishfish

    ANDROS 12II & ANDROS 16II.....Any Updates???

    With the Fred Hall Show around the corner.......Before some of us go out and buy some similar size reels to the Andros 12II & 16II . Any More Recent updates on when they might be available? OR Any info like weight, line capacities that you could send our way??? Thank you. Gerry from O'side...
  273. fishfish

    Reel Sizes???

    Is it safe to assume that all Accurates Spool sizes are the same when looking at the # 400, 500,600 etc etc ??? As an example: the BX-600N holds the same amount of line as the DPX2-600N right??? Thx
  274. fishfish

    Aftermarket lowering gears of Avet Reels???

    I thought I read somewhere that there is someone out there who's able to lower the "low" gear on avet's 2 spd reels even lower than their stock low gear ratios??? For example: Lowering the JX Series low gear from 3.8:1 down to 2.0:1 or lower........ Thx, Gerry.
  275. fishfish

    PSW-700H or PSW-760H???

    I own a Phenix Blk Diamond 700H and have fished 40lb on it and after observing its behavior(parabolic) it seems like maybe it would fish 30lb class very well also. For this reason I am thinkin about trying/buying a PSW-760H cuz it just felt a little bit stronger and maybe faster actioned. Is...
  276. fishfish

    Avet JX Raptor vs Penn Torque 30

    I'm really considering to sell/trade my Penn Torque 30(4.8-1 gear) for a JX Raptor because of the slight increase of line capacity and taller reel. I like my Torque 300 but was really wanting a slightly taller and narrower reel... I will toss mainly bait and occasional iron. Is the JX Raptor...
  277. fishfish

    Yellows at SCI!!!

    Looks like Brandon Hayward got into some yellers at Clemente. As per 976 tuna. Check it.
  278. fishfish

    Which Phenix blank of these is slower action???

    Can someone please tell me which blank of these two is slower in action.... Between PSW-809XHJ (Black Diamond) or PHD-809XH (Hybrid Black Diamond) ? I'll be fishing mainly iron using 50lb mono but occasional 40lb??? Thx, Gerry.
  279. fishfish

    AR bearings on Fathom & Torque Reels

    Can someone tell me if...There's any difference on the AR bearings between the Fathom series and Torque series (conventional/casting)??? Thx, Gerry.
  280. fishfish

    Question on Shogun Skiff Trip???

    How many skiffs does the Shogun take with her? Do they rotate use of limited skiffs and while some guys fish onboard (the big boat) while awaiting your turn on a skiff ? Thx, Gerry
  281. fishfish

    Whats goin on with the vessel Freedom?

    I thought I heard someone bought it and will continue running it???
  282. fishfish

    What is your favorite make of solid Braid???

    What braid do you trust in??? I like Sufix and cortland blue. Up to 50lb test I ask cuz it seems most guys are goin hollow after 50 or so. Thx fellas
  283. fishfish

    Most line capacity...Andros 5II or Penn Torque 25N

    Was wonderin if anyone new which of these holds more 50lb Braid??? Thx
  284. fishfish

    Shimano New Style of Talica Coming???

    Considering the fact that Talicas have been around for several years now(6yrs?)....Can anyone tell me if Shimano is coming out w/an improved or newer line of similar type reels in the near future??? Not to take anything from their current,great performance?
  285. fishfish

    Whats a Custom Rod Costs Nowadays?

    I havent had a custom rod built for me in about 6-7 years and I was wondering what it goes for now??? Assuming we're talkin about a $100 blank w/ middle of the road guides and reel seat ....What can I very generally expect to pay nowadays? Thx, Gerry from Oceanside.
  286. fishfish

    Shimano How long is foregrip on Terez 70H

    Can someone tell me the length of the Terez Casting 70H please? Thx,Gerry.
  287. fishfish

    China's Ruthless Shark Massacre!!!

    I was browsing when I saw this video and pics of what China is killing off. Whale sharks included! Pic of Massive Whale Shark Steaks: Video here:
  288. fishfish

    Where to send for reel service?

    What is the Okuma factory address to send in my Andros for warranty/service? I am in Oceanside,CA. Thx
  289. fishfish

    What's your 8ft combo look like???

    I am lookin for an 8ft stick to pair up w/ my new Penn Torque 30 and was just wonderin what y'all 8ft set-ups look like?
  290. fishfish

    Any New Goodies @ Fishing Show

    Does anyone know of any new goodies being intro'd at next months Fred Hall Fishing Show??? For example: rods,reels.tackle etc.etc
  291. fishfish

    Braid Cap. On Mak 10 Please?

    Can someone please tell me the correct capacity numbers on what the Mak 10 reel holds? Thanks!
  292. fishfish

    Anyone Fish A Phenix PSW-809H or PSW-809XHJ???

    Just wondering if anybody has used either of these two blanks or factory rods? And does the XHJ feel like a considerably heavier action stick? I'm lookin for a heavy 40-50 lb stick I can really pull on as I'm a big guy and for a change dont want to fear a longer stick possibly bustin on me. Thx...
  293. fishfish

    Which kind of leader for tossin iron?

    For you guys fishin spectra backing.....When you are yoyoing or tossing iron/lures---Are you tying on a leader of mono or fluorocarbon? I've been doin the f/c in the past but since its kinda a reaction/impulsive bite , maybe it doesnt matter. Thanks for chimin in fellas!
  294. fishfish

    2014 Spiral/Acid Rods Anyone???

    Coming into the new year, I was just wonderin how many of my fellow BDers have actually become new proponents/ users of spiral wrapped rods recently??? I am looking to purchase 2 or 3 new rods in the next couple months and I still wonder if this was just a passing fad or do guys still use 'em...
  295. fishfish

    Gearing On Upcoming Andros 12II???

    Does anyone know what the gearing(ratios) might look like for the new larger size Andros coming out? Thx.
  296. fishfish

    Which type line actually weighs more...Braid or Monofilament?

    I've always wondered which material of the two actually,physically weighs more? On bigger reels adding more of one over the other might allow for a lighter reel that is going to be fished for many hours in hand all day, ya know? Just a thought , thats all.
  297. fishfish

    Anyone use or own a Phenix PSW-760H?

    What do you think? I was wondering if it would fish 50lb leader with heavier spectra backing(65-80lb) OR is it more of a 40lb stick. I'm trying to find a stick that might double duty as a yoyo and surface iron somewhat while staying under 8 ft. I wanna fish 50lb leader most of the time. Thx, Gerry
  298. fishfish

    WTB---Phenix PSW-809XHJ

    Anyone have one to sell? Thx , Gerry from Oceanside
  299. fishfish

    Anti- Reverse on Andros 5II???

    My Andros 5II handle seems to have at least a 1/4" to 3/8" backwards this normal and expected or is something wrong? Its been like this since the day I bought it. Appreciate your input guys ,Thanks...Gerry.
  300. fishfish

    Just bought a Penn Torque 30....WOW!

    What a nice reel! Came with 4.8 - 1 gearing from previous owner. Just like new. It'll be my new surface iron reel and occasional backup bait rig when I need to get a fin bait out quite a ways. Any advice fellas?
  301. fishfish

    Arrival of New Okuma Andros Reels.....When???

    To anybody affiliated with Okuma, Just wanting to inquire as to when the new Andros 12 2spd and 16 2spd reels may become available.... 2013,2014 early,mid,late???
  302. fishfish

    Lowest to Water Long Range Vessel?

    Which San Diego Based, (Larger) Long Range boat sits the closest/lowest to the water? Thx
  303. fishfish

    Is the Eclipse down for the remainder of the year???

    Just wonderin cause I was just about to book a trip for October....Anyone know??
  304. fishfish

    How big are the Yellows offshore???

    What is the average size of the yellows being caught offshore(1- 1.5 day range)??? Thanks
  305. fishfish

    Polaris Supreme 1.5 Day Trip???

    I noticed the Polaris Supreme is runnin 2 - 1.5 day trips in July......Never been on this vessel and looked into it and noticed the cost and they're askin $575 for these 1.5 dayers, WOW!!! I know its 24 passengers but holy cow are blow-jobs included in this rate? Thanks but no friggin Thanks!!!
  306. fishfish

    Black Diamond Blank VS Abyss Blank

    Anybody know what the design/structural differences are (finish aside) ??? OR Are the actions just different???
  307. fishfish

    WTB - Phenix PSW700H

    Anyone selling a PSW700H? I'll pay a fair price. Thx, Gerry.
  308. fishfish

    WTB: 7 Ft 40lb Phenix Rod or Similar???

    Lookin for a rod to pair up w/ my new Andros 5 II.... Anyone sellin a light 40lb stick?
  309. fishfish

    Who has Phenix Abyss Rods in San Diego???

    Just wonderin who carries Phenix Abyss rods in San Diego County.....Anyone know???
  310. fishfish

    Cranking Power on Torque VS Fathom???

    Apart from material differences .....Do the gears differ in design resulting in different cranking power on these reels??? Thanks, Gerry.
  311. fishfish

    Looking to buy light 40lb rod....

    Anyone have a 40lb rod that maybe a Phenix or something comparable(w/reel seat) they're lookin' to sell ???. 7' - 7'1/2 ft. Thanks, Gerry.
  312. fishfish

    Okuma Makaira Rods???

    Anybody have experience or info on the Okuma Makaira rods???
  313. fishfish

    Which Okuma Rod for 40lb???

    I was wonderin which model Okuma Makaira rod you guys recommend for 40 lb bait? I really like the cost and how lightweight they are for a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed product. Thanks for any/all input, Gerry.
  314. fishfish

    Mex Permit give you discount???

    If I buy my own annual mexican fishing permit it true the landings will give you some kind of discount on trips fishing mex waters??? I'm figuring on fishing anywhere from 10-14 days in mex waters this summer/fall season.
  315. fishfish

    Smallest 40# Reel You'd Use???

    Can you guys chime in on what would be the smallest size reel you would consider using for 40# topshot? Nowadays I mainly fish only up to 2-3 day offshore and island trips and I just cant recall the last time someone got spooled out there. One of the mini-winches I was considering was the...
  316. fishfish

    Any Update on Fathom Gear Possibilities???

    I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here ,But....It is May 2nd now and I was just wondering if there is any new information we can be told about on what Penn may or may not have in store for us w/regard to lower gear offerings for the Fathom family. I am looking forward to purchasing something...
  317. fishfish

    San Diego Not Fishing Tomorrow?

    Anyone know if Capt Ryan is running the New Seaforth tomorrow??? as the website says that the New Seaforth is runnin 3/4 day instead. Thx
  318. fishfish

    Need Disney Tickets......

    Lookin for a good deal on Disneyland tickets. Gerry from O'side.
  319. fishfish

    Any BDer's On Aztec tomorrow night???

    My wife and I will be onboard the Aztec tomorrow night Friday Sept. 7 - fishing Sat the 8th. Just looking to meet fellow Bders whom may also be goin. Thx,Gerry from Oceanside.
  320. fishfish

    Where's Capt. Bill Cavanaugh???

  321. fishfish

    Any deals ever on Phenix rods?

    Does Phenix or their distributors ever have sales on Phenix Factory Rods??? Just wonderin soIcan save a buck or two. Thx guys.
  322. fishfish

    Trolling Artificials @ Catalina

    I was wonderin....When it comes to Yellowtail, Why dont I ever hear of fishermen either attempting or having any success trolling X-rap style baits around Catalina or SCl ??? I hear of yakers doin well sometimes @ La Jolla and boaters trying w/'em at Coronados and Mexico of course but just not...
  323. fishfish

    Max Length of Air-Travel Rods.......

    What is the max length of rods or rod-tube that most people take on airplanes when traveling to fishing destinations in Mexico or Panama??? Is there a max normally that most airlines charge w/o incurring an extra freight expense???Thanks Fellas. Gerry from Oceanside.
  324. fishfish

    Catalina with Capt. Dave Hansen........

    Went out with Captain Dave Hansen to West End of Catalina. Fished the humps area for limits on bocaccio and nice assortment of various other rockfish. All fish caught on thawed squid. After we had our fill of bottom fishing Capt. Dave proceeded to take us down the backside and put us on an...
  325. fishfish

    Where Can I buy Ghostshrimp in San Diego?

    I need to pick up some ghostshrimp for a fishing trip....where can I just go buy some ? I am in O'side but more than willing to drive into San Diego to get some. Thanks guys. Gerry.
  326. fishfish

    Splicing chain???

    I just came across 2 used sections of anchor-chain...And I've been wanting to add more chain to the anchor line of a 30' Seaswirl. Is there a good ,secure way of connecting these two sections of chain together??? Is a (cold-shut)repair link or a quick link even a consideration??? [BTW - the two...
  327. fishfish

    Lower Banks???

    When the Long Range Vessels are headin to the lower banks...what area are they referring to ? and how many miles south are they? Thanks,Gerry.
  328. fishfish

    Where for Bluegill in San Diego???

    Can anybody suggest a lake where the bluegills can bite pretty good - in San Diego County? I live in O'side and I would love to get the wife in a good bg bite?
  329. fishfish

    Where in San Diego is this???

    Check the video - I would love to try this spot to put the wife on some fish. Where's this at??? We strictly catch and release.Thanks,Ger from O'side.
  330. fishfish

    Offshore Morro Bay Dorado???

    I just recv'd my weekly Western Outdoor News today and apparently some fella caught a Do-Do on the troll up there!!! Holy Cow!!! I never knew they traveled this far north in such cool water. How often has this happened???
  331. fishfish

    WTB: 150-200' (Used)Anchor Chain 1/4"

    I am lookin to buy some 1/4" anchor-chain for my windlass.'Bout,150-200'. Thanks.
  332. fishfish

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    Hey fellas, I dont know if this was mentioned on this forum already but here it is again just in case you missed it - The families of the deceased anglers that were onboard the Erik that tragic night are asking us to support their efforts in retrieving the bodies that may have gone down w/...
  333. fishfish

    For Sale - New Daiwa 30TH Reel

    New Daiwa 30TH has never seen or touched water. Never used. I just dont have the box anymore. Its full w/65lb spectra. I might have the little minor accessory bag and manual that came w/it. Great reel for a jigstick! $100 Thanks, Gerry. Buzz me at (310)213-0160.
  334. fishfish

    Questions on Newport Landing???

    I've never taken a boat out of Newport Landing and was wonderin' ......How is parking arranged there for fishermen? Is there a pay lot,street parking??? Thanks for your feedback fellas.
  335. fishfish

    Questions on SCIsland Closures???

    Why is it that when I see online (on the SCI website) that when the island is closed- there are still reports of boats on those same days having fished those closed areas??? Do people just fish there irregardless of what the website says and just hope they dont get kicked off or what???
  336. fishfish

    Siwash vs Treble Hook

    Why/When do you choose to use either Siwash hooks or treble hooks when fishin iron ??? Surface or Yo-Yo.....YT,Hoo or Tuna does it matter??? Thanks for your input guys.
  337. fishfish

    2 spd for Casting Iron Anyone???

    I was wonderin does anyone use a 2spd for casting surface iron w/ a longer rod??? I was considerin a Daiwa Saltist STTLD35-2SPD for my new jigstick since it has a pretty decent freespool even though it is lever drag. Any opinions fellas??? Thanks,Gerry.
  338. fishfish

    Anyone use one of the Jaws blanks?

    I am considering getting a 7ft 40lb Jig and Bait Stick made up......I searched and couldnt find much info or feedback on this make. Any suggestions or advice? Also-which Jaws blank # for 40 lb? Thanks,Gerry.
  339. fishfish

    Okuma-Andros vs Avet SX Raptor ???

    I am lookin' to buy a small and light 2 spd - 40lb bait reel.....Any suggestions on these two contenders I am considering? Can they handle 40lb leader w/spectra backing or would I be maxing out the drag too much? Thanks,Gerry
  340. fishfish

    What happened to the vessel "El Dorado"

    As I recall , I think she used to be out of Queens Wharf or Pierpoint....Anybody Know what became of her?
  341. fishfish

    Ensenada Boat gets Yellows & Barries 2Day

    According to the Azteca , 8 pack boat, caught 8 yellowtail and 100 cudas @ Todos Santos Island today , the 30th March,2011. Assuming its accurate , maybe things are turnin around down below?
  342. fishfish

    Which Power Handle for Calcutta-300TE?

    I am trying to put a power handle on my CT300TE and I'm havin a difficult time! I purshased a TGT1119-handle and star drag is rubbin on handle and increased handle thickness changes the amount of tightening I can do on nut. Any advice fellas?
  343. fishfish

    Which East Cape Resort for less boat ride?

    Does it make a difference which resort one stays at when visiting the East Cape area when it comes to reaching the "fishing grounds" during summer? OR, Is it all the same and fish are scattered and plentiful this time of year regardless of resort location. Our targeted species is yellowfin and...
  344. fishfish

    How long is a full day of Panga fishing?

    Wanted to know typically how long is a full day of fishin at East Cape? I wanna take the wife down south this year but she doesnt want to make it a loong day she says? Maybe I should try and book half day trips w/ her instead??? Any advice fellas???
  345. fishfish

    Which baitcaster for wife???

    I was wantin to get my wife a 300 size baitcaster . She will need some casting braking feature since she is still dialing in her castin skills . We fish the local islands and she will be flingin live-baits and light plastics w/it. I was thinkin Shimano Cardiff,Curado or Calcutta. Any ideas...
  346. fishfish

    Power Handle for Cardiff 300 ???

    I was wonderin if there is a power handle for the Shimano Cardiff 300....I know there is one for the Cardiff 400 but this is a bigger reel. Thanks for replies.
  347. fishfish

    Feeding Big Bluefin Boatside Video !!!

    I happened to run across this video on youtube of a couple of guys feeding big ass bluefin right up tight to the boat......Holy cow man!!! Is this some kind of tuna pen up in Canada somewhere or what??? Here's the link...
  348. fishfish

    Straight Inverter or Inverter w/Charger???

    We are looking into buying an inverter for my partners boat and we were wonderin...Do we need an inverter w/o or w/ a battery charger all in one unit for his boat??? (He has dual outboards w/ dual batts and no generator on board) We will need enuf AC power to occasionally run a microwave and...
  349. fishfish

    American Spirit vs Graftech Rods

    I am wanting to buy an inexpensive cork-handle jig stick (40lb) . I was thinkin American Spirit or Graftech....Are these still in production and if so, how do their constructions and price differ. Where can these be bought at also? Thanks,Gerry
  350. fishfish

    Rod Work Needed In North San Diego

    I am in need of rod work in the Carlsbad area....anybody doin this?
  351. fishfish

    Courtesy Slips In San Diego?

    My partner and I want to take his boat into San Diego for a week during the summer tuna season. The boat has its slip in Long Beach year rd. but we were wonderin' if there were some kind of pay courtesy slips or temporary slips in Diego so that we can have somewhere to keep the boat 3 to 4 nites...
  352. fishfish

    Offshore What happened to all the Bigeye Tuna???

    Lookin back,it seems that the bigeye tuna have pretty much disappeared in our Southern Cal summer catches....Have they been overfished commercially or is it just a cyclical thing on our side of the Pacific???
  353. fishfish

    Mobile Welder for Boat in L.B. Needed....

    My partners needs a weld repair on his boat's hardtop. It is 1.5" aluminum tubing. The boat is in the water(in slip)near Marine Stadium(Long Beach)... Anyone got any recommendations on mobile welders. Thanks fellas.
  354. fishfish

    Trip Planning Help to Islands Needed...

    I need some more schooling please ---- When you guys are at Catalina or Clemente to "fish the gray" in the the early morning - Are you traveling out to the islands the night before and spending the night there? OR Are you guys actually travelling at night to get there just in time to start...
  355. fishfish

    Bait Motel/Receiver Help???

    Can anybody give me advice on how to possibly make a mini receiver/bait motel (2-scoop capacity)for some overnight and 2 night trips that may require this kind of set-up? I would like to make something out of net material so it is more stowable vs a container/poly-drum type. Material sources...
  356. fishfish

    Separate Fin bait from Squid???

    I need education please....Regarding live bait ; Am I supposed to separate my dines and chovies from my squid ??? Thanks for your help guys.
  357. fishfish

    Perch at Sand Bass Spots?

    When I here some of you guys talk about perch being one of the species caught along with the sandies - What kind of Perch are we talkin' about here??? Thanks for the education Fellas.
  358. fishfish

    Ca Fishing License

    Can someone tell me where I should be buying my fishin license this year please? Online or at a tackle store? Any pros or cons either way? Thanks,Gerry.
  359. fishfish

    Long Range Fleet Permits???

    I was curious...I've always wondered,but does our San Diego Based Long Range Fleet (and other landings headed down south) pay an annual fee to Mexico to be able to fish in their waters or what? How does that all work? If so, what kind of money are we talkin 'bout here? (I'm not referring to the...
  360. fishfish

    Buffer Zone??????

    Can someone please educate me on telling me what the buffer zone is? Was this area off limits to San Diego's boats only until recently or what? Thanks Guys.
  361. fishfish

    Rod Builder Needed In North San Diego

    I am located in Oceanside and I am looking for somebody to work on a couple rods I own. Any recommendations? Thanks,Gerry.
  362. fishfish

    Reverse 1 1/2 day trips ???

    Can someone please tell me what these Reverse 1 1/2 day trips are all about??? It sure doesnt appear the fishermen are gonna benefit from this time scheme too much... Thanks,Gerry
  363. fishfish

    Which Boat Ramp in San Diego?

    Hello fellow anglers! We are unfamiliar w/ Diego's options on where to launch from. Years ago we used Shelter Islands Ramp, but is that still available? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks, Gerry.