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  1. mackereljoe

    Limited production non-glued and greased drag reels

    Just wondering if it's possible for Avet to make a limited edition reel with the drag washer not glued? Buyers can grease it themselves if desired. Thank you.
  2. mackereljoe

    Too good to be true, internet deal.

    Why is this popping up in google shopping search.
  3. mackereljoe

    Triton 6/27/2018

    Fished 3/4 day aboard Triton out of San Pedro. Good bait sardines and chovy. Went straight to the backside and start catching Calico in the morning and Skipper went looking for yellowtail. I tried using Iron to maybe get a yellow no luck but cudas and per the skipper he only saw 1 breezer...
  4. mackereljoe

    Torque 25 line capacity

    Need to know actual line capacity for the torque 25. Penn website list the same capacity for the 25 and 25N. Thinking of loading 300 yards of #65 sufix 832 and top it with at least 100 yards of #80 braid. Appreciate any info, thanks.
  5. mackereljoe

    Okuma Rockaway Surf Perch Rod

    Where can a pull on one of this rods? Seems to have excellent reviews from the striper guys for pluging and even whipping fishermen from Hawaii. Appreciate any help.
  6. mackereljoe

    Inshore Fishing with Sportsking 9 Oct

    Spent a day with Sport King out of San Pedro. Skipper Bruce picked up good looking and nice size sardines and fished Rocky point most morning trying for YT, no luck. Looks like a few sportsboat and a dozen or so private boat have the same plan. Pickup a few bass and Bonita. The dogs are...
  7. mackereljoe

    Pro Gear's outstanding service

    Had a little hard to disengaged and rough free spool on a V22 and sent it to progear Monday afternoon and got it today all fixed and very smooth. Even got a reel cover with it. Don't know what was the fix or replaced but it felt so much smoother than I expected it would be. Thanks Pro Gear!
  8. mackereljoe

    1.5 day aboard the Eclipse 28 March

    Finally the boat underway after 3 canx trip. Weather forecast as windy with 9 to 11 foot swells. This is a Sav-on tackle sponsored trip with only 16 of 28 available onboard. The plan was to get squid at Catalina and fish Santa Barbara Island and back to Catalina to try for WSB. Got the squid...
  9. mackereljoe

    Inshore rods to match the upcoming Komodo 450?

    Will Okuma have any plan to produce a XXH SCT or Shadow Stalker Inshore rods? I currently fished SS XH with #30 Sufix 832 braid and short fluoro leader and feels to the limit already bouncing rat yellow and bonito.
  10. mackereljoe

    Okuma Spinning Rod

    Looking for a Okuma spinning rod 8' to 9' (1 piece), the Shadow Stalker 8.5' XH but spinning version will be perfect. It will be for live bait and flinging under 60 gr metal jigs. Thanks.
  11. mackereljoe

    Seal beach shore fishing

    Plenty of life in the bay today. Using #3 pearl swimbait in chovy color. Hooked 2 Leo and a dozen specs and sandbags. 2nd Leo finally tweaked my back, took about 30 minutes to get her in for CPR.
  12. mackereljoe

    Force air heater help

    House heater refused to ignite. Sensor is clean and the igniter glow but don't ignite. Before I call a tech, checking here if maybe a simple igniter replacement may solve. I removed the igniter and seems ashy. Thanks for any input.
  13. mackereljoe

    Catalina Sportboat trip 11/7/2015

    Trip aboard Ahra-Ahn coming out of Berth 55 Long Beach, 29 passenger. Picked-up anchovy (small) and large sardines from the bait barge. The water is pretty clear as usual at seastate 1, we fished west end of Catalina, the first 20 minutes, hooked 3 yellowtail, landed 1st and third, the second...
  14. mackereljoe

    cattle boat fishing

    Went out on extended 3/4 day trip onboard western pride yesterday it's one of those over the limit load, at least 83 people. Pick up about a lot of scoop of small chovy. Troll with marauder all the way to Catalina, skipper wants ono, no joy. Continue port side Avalon, metered some fish. I...
  15. mackereljoe

    Drag setting according to spool line capacity ring

    Just wondering if there's a guide estimate for drag according to the capacity ring in the spool. For instance if I have a #5 set at full spool, by the time it's at halfway will it be around #10? Appreciate any simple math if available. thanks.
  16. mackereljoe

    Heavy spinning rod store in LA/OC

    Looking for heavy spinning rod for #30/40 mono and I can't seem to find a tackle shop that might have them near Long Beach. There are plenty of #15/20 rod. The only thing I found that might be doable is a Penn Mariner with wire guides rated 20-40. Not sure if it will hold once I'm into the...
  17. mackereljoe

    Car overheating problem

    My daughter's 2003 civic ex automatic is overheating and coolant overflowing from the reservoir. Checked fuses under the hood and under dash, looked good. Direct connected the radiator fan to the battery, it worked. Replaced the temperature switch and replaced the thermostat. Oh hell...
  18. mackereljoe

    Newell PR533 5.5 and Avet EX40

    Both SOLD. Thanks John. Newell PR 533 $150.00. Excellent condition, spooled with 300 yards #65 spectra and 120 yards #30 maxima. Avet Ex40 $225.00. Excellent condition, spooled with #80 spectra (300 or 400 yards, i can't remember), top with #50 mono. Pick-up only please (Long Beach/or if...
  19. mackereljoe

    SARL 3/24/2012

    Drove to SARL for relaxe trout still fishing, fish from 9-3. Stop-by the front office and ask what's currently the hot and his tip was nightcrawler with love sauce. Bought that and went to the small pond since the big pond is already very crowded. No taker for the hot tip. Tried some lipripperz...
  20. mackereljoe

    Inshore fishing tackle recommendation

    Looking to get a friend a going away gift, budget of around $250. He'll be transferring to Tampa Bay area. An avid fisherman, but normally just fish inshore type and only uses spinning reel outfits. I'm looking at getting him either a Shimano Spheros or Daiwa Coastal reel and the rest will go...
  21. mackereljoe

    Accurate Boss 197 broken gear shaft handle screw

    Tried to remove the screw but it snap and piece of screw still stuck in the Gear Shaft. Any idea how to extract that piece? Or should i just order the 2 parts? Hopefully Accurate still have in stock since it's the first version. Appreciate any help.