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  1. kenzmad

    WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish

    Unfortunately, no. sure woulda opened up a different set of rigs.
  2. kenzmad

    WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish

    kenzmad submitted a new listing: WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish - WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish Learn more about this listing...
  3. kenzmad

    Pacific Northwest WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish

    Looking to buy my daughters girlfriend her first car. Looking for suv any size or pickup truck. They like to camp so cargo area is needed. Budget is limited 5k. Anyone got anything sitting around?
  4. kenzmad

    Anyone need shrimp pots?

    Gone! Wow, that was quick
  5. kenzmad

    Anyone need shrimp pots?

    Headed north to Lummi Island on friday. Buddy is selling 2 30” ladner pots for $50 each. Pot only, no rope or buoys. Ill drag them to kent if anyone needs them.
  6. kenzmad

    Discovery bay pot puller fyi

    ace line hauler motor #2 in 5 years shit the bed during shrimp derby. Ordered a Discovery Bay hauler. Called today and they are behind schedule. 2-3 weeks is the estimate. Staff issues are plaguing them. Seems no one wants to work. He is hiring if anyone needs a job or knows someone.
  7. kenzmad

    Boat Trailer Lights

    Start with the main ground wire on the trailer. Common ground to all lights. Highly unlikely that every light has a bad ground. Ground trailer to truck first.
  8. kenzmad

    Spot Shrimp Season

    3 hrs really makes you think about who comes with you. filling my freezer comes first. I know they count boats, I know they count floats. Whats their formula for number of peeps per boat. Have not been checked on the water or in the marina so they dont have actual numbers on my boat.
  9. kenzmad

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Ummm. Thats a strange thing to know.
  10. kenzmad

    WTB minn Kota troller

    Bow mount or transom?
  11. kenzmad

    Time for a new pup

    Sorry for the loss of your bud. Its like losing a family member. We lost ours a year ago. This little guy is coming home in 7 weeks.
  12. kenzmad

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    Not Ideal for tuna but Bogs Boots warranty will replace boots if you are not satisfied. Do not fit anymore is a valid reason to be dissatisfied. Boots for life if you want to do the warranty thing.
  13. kenzmad

    Milestone achieved today

    Congratulations to MOM! 100 is super cool! Im screwed if I live to 100. Hope Seattle is still letting homeless camp there.
  14. kenzmad

    Bentley Rivermaster - Not Virginal....

    Find a Tollycraft site. Bet it gets snapped up in a hurry for the flybridge seating area.
  15. kenzmad

    How to stop boat leak.

    another tin vs glass thread. I will take my tin can, at least my dick wont itch afterwards.
  16. kenzmad

    How to stop boat leak.

    Hmmm, I see a minor problem. Most of us are in the saltwater. Ever seen what drinking saltwater does to a dog? Not sure I’d keep drinking.
  17. kenzmad

    2009 Lance 1040 truck camper

    shrimping is coming up. Ordering pellets and oil in the next day or two.
  18. kenzmad

    Sekiu camping

    maybe this will work since sarcasm on my end didn’t. Pm tacklejacked. Good dude with a great spot.
  19. kenzmad

    Sekiu camping

    Tacklejacked does not know a guy. He is just tyrying to keep his honey hole to himself.😂 hit him Up. Hes a good guy with a sweet spot.
  20. kenzmad

    School me on travel trailers

    thats a nice camper. We are going bigger. Looking at the Host Cascade 10.6. Thanks for the offer.
  21. kenzmad

    School me on travel trailers

    Good luck man, been looking for a new truck camper. There aint shit for sale. May have to buy new just to get something.
  22. kenzmad

    Slow motion train wreck

    21’ boat to clear a log jamb? And no one with a knife on their belt? I honestly dont know what to say.
  23. kenzmad

    SRM 12 gauge Shotgun

    OMG! I so want one. Just dont want anyone to know I have one. Those were the days...... GLWS, very rare and unique item you have there.
  24. kenzmad

    Septic pump installers refera south sound

    Thanks Siv. Next day pump replacement, take it. They seem like a decent outfit.
  25. kenzmad

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Amazing build to follow! You haven't said what color you are gonna paint it?
  26. kenzmad

    Wine barrel staves for smokers

    Hmmm, my mes 40 uses chips. Winder how I could make chips outta these. Red wine smoked tri tip sounds amazing.
  27. kenzmad

    Security suggestions

    my girl Skylar is on the Job! Rotties are the best guard dogs!
  28. kenzmad

    Saltwater Caught the elusive PSLS

    I dont have alot of dives under my belt. 20 or so. Have dove off of Lahaina Hawaii, Sucia and Matia. Hands down the best dive was the San Juans. Certed at Redondo. Horrible visibility when we dove. Juans are crystal clear, just COLD!
  29. kenzmad

    Saltwater Caught the elusive PSLS

    I think it would be like trying to fillet a cabezon. I dabbled in diving til my partner bailed. Really enjoyed being underwater. Cool pics!
  30. kenzmad

    Gas tax 2020

    so, they tax us on a refund of the tax money we didn't have to pay? Oh, how I love living in Washington.
  31. kenzmad

    Get your hip waders out .

    we have already tried this. Puget sound crab endorsement. That has not worked out well for us.
  32. kenzmad

    PSA for those on a septic system

    seriously?! Steve, you are 3 pumpings overdue. I dont know anyone that far south but someone on here should. Replacements aren’t cheap. Here in King County, entry level replacemants run $25k. Getter pumped man.
  33. kenzmad

    New freezer

    Freezers are hard to find right now in any model. I bought this frigidaire 5 or 6 years ago. King and Bunnys in Renton. Want another but they say they cant get one due to Covid. Who knows.
  34. kenzmad

    PSA for those on a septic system

    Gspot, while your post is basically true, the systems fail for a multitude of reasons. The vast majority of homes utilizing a septic systems here in the puget sound were built in the 60’s and 70’s. Plastic pipe didnt start its use until 1973. Prior to that it was concrete or clay. Hydrogen...
  35. kenzmad

    PSA for those on a septic system

    I totally agree with what you’ve said. You seem to known the biz. I cant explain it. Been ballz 2wallz since April. Some folks are thinking about it. Thats what I am trying to get across here. Be conscious of your houses usage and occupant load. Adjust accordingly.
  36. kenzmad

    PSA for those on a septic system

    GSpot, its not even the solids accumulation that is the problem. It is the lack of resting time for the drainfields. Water use for 16 hours a day. And Wdlfbio 🖕. For some reason I cant capitalize that finger.
  37. kenzmad

    PSA for those on a septic system

    For starters, I own a septic system maintenance company. This is NOT a plea for work. you’ll hear about that in a sec. What I am seeing with this Stay at Home order is a shit ton of septic system problems. With more people at home all day, the systems are being taxed. The extra usage has...
  38. kenzmad

    Any EPIRB and USCG life rafts deals out there?

    $160. On amazon. Each person gets their own.
  39. kenzmad

    Canning jars won't be shipped out until March 2021.

    Lids are available now. However, wife was in Costco today. No Kirkland tp and limits of 1 per person on paper products. Here we go again?
  40. kenzmad

    Boat Cover Help

    Call Katy. I pay less than $350/mo. Covered, with a 22’ boat in a 28’ slip.
  41. kenzmad

    Boat Cover Help

    Des Moines marina still has covered spots for rent😜
  42. kenzmad


    The way the salmon fishing has been going, they can have the damn boat.
  43. kenzmad

    Pour Concrete Driveway Work?

    Steve Ross, Ross Concrete. He did my patio. 206-920-7684. Hes a friend of mine.
  44. kenzmad

    Canning jars won't be shipped out until March 2021.

    Im having trouble finding flat lids. Seems everyone has turned into Betty Crocker. Everything but peaches got canned up this year.
  45. kenzmad

    Free Cable Spools

    Thank you. I will hit you up.
  46. kenzmad

    Free Cable Spools

    Damn! Headed to Vegas. How often do you get these? Happy to take one off your hands but i wont be available til Oct 18. Cool offer though. Many uses for these things.
  47. kenzmad

    Glowing tuna carcass...

    Easiest vasectomy ever! Most of us had to have stitches on our balls. You just get to have a tuna sandwich. Lucky bastard.
  48. kenzmad

    Wide open squid bite

    School? Of squid look like shrimp on the sonar? Cloudy like a bait ball?
  49. kenzmad

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    What the hell am I looking at here? Renton area today. No prop on the outdrive, just a rudder plate mounted. How fast do yall think she goes? Tuna ready?
  50. kenzmad

    Cast and blast Lake Roosevelt

    @Cohoho, thanks for the tips!
  51. kenzmad

    Wide open squid bite

    One of these years Ill do it. Boat almost always seems to be out of the water this time of year. These guys are available all winter right? Will be back in the water early October.
  52. kenzmad

    Cast and blast Lake Roosevelt

    Been following the recent thread. Lacking newbie info. Kettle falls campground sept 25 to oct 1. They cut our season short. Wanna try for sturgeon. Know absolutely nothing about this fishery. Have hali rods. Thats what I have. Thats it. Been googling, whats the setup and bait choice up there? We...
  53. kenzmad

    WTB hard sided cooler. Yeti,rtic,pelican,etc. 100 or larger.

    Found out it doesnt fit through the door of the camper. Didnt even think to measure it. Good thing we are taking the boat for some cast and blast.
  54. kenzmad

    FS 5x8 Utility trailer project

    I have found the guys on here will buy most anything. Im saving shaved pubes for a fire sale on knitting material. Some peeps want to know the donor. I cant say...
  55. kenzmad

    Newport Meat sale 9/11

    Short notice is hard. Any further planned sales? Super happy with what we got early on. Ate it way faster than I thought we would .
  56. kenzmad

    Garage shop or other enclosed space needed i think.

    Thanks bud, but need enclosed. Heat needed for the glass to cure.
  57. kenzmad

    Garage shop or other enclosed space needed i think.

    Not in Kent. Not in front yard and I cant drive to backyard
  58. kenzmad

    Garage shop or other enclosed space needed i think.

    Current camper is rotten. 2006 s&s ponderosa. Im down to 3 choices. Sell it, scarf all the propane appliances out to build a tiny house on vacation property, or rebuild it. I dont have the space to do a skin off rebuild. Leaning this way if I can find an enclosed area that I can use over the...
  59. kenzmad

    bra adds

    Remember your youth. Bra ads in the Sears catalogs got it done then didnt it?
  60. kenzmad

    WTB hard sided cooler. Yeti,rtic,pelican,etc. 100 or larger.

    Thanks guys. Picked up a grizzly 150 yesterday. Had no idea there were so many manufacturers of these types of coolers.
  61. kenzmad

    WTB hard sided cooler. Yeti,rtic,pelican,etc. 100 or larger.

    I guess I have to say some stuff here. 206-four one nine -1061. Text or call.
  62. kenzmad

    Scupper thru-hull fix

    I like that alot better!
  63. kenzmad

    Scupper thru-hull fix

    Derby is right here. Dry fit for hose length. Install hose on boat side, second person pushes the water side in from outside. Dont forget the nut before the two sides meet.
  64. kenzmad

    WTB 1/2 beef

    If you can work something out. Id be in for the other half.
  65. kenzmad

    Road trip with fishing

    We really dont have a plan. Was gonna do Glacier but alot of it is closed. That should give an idea as to how far we want to go. 12 hrs east is about the limit. Looking to sit in my lawn chair, drink jack daniels and watch the rod tip. Thanks all for the suggestions.
  66. kenzmad

    Road trip with fishing

    Wife and I need a getaway. Putting the camper on the truck and headed east on Aug 22. Back home 8/29. We currently have no plans. Looking to camp on smaller lakes, not bringing a boat. Unimproved dry camping with some campgrounds to get a real shower and dump the tanks. Idaho, montana, Oregon...
  67. kenzmad

    Canadian border closure extended

    We have property on Lummi Island. There are MANY vacant homes this summer. All BC residents.
  68. kenzmad

    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    You’re not alone and its not traeger specific. Gave my GMG away because of this stuff. Seems it was to a member on here. Green egg is in my future. Just waiting on seasons end sales.
  69. kenzmad

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Im on year 3 with Bobs bottom paint. 11 months of the year moored in slip I-11 in the Des Moines marina. Probably gonna have him do a touchup this year.
  70. kenzmad

    Eagle Cap 950 slide in Truck Camper

    Sum bitch, was gonna talk to the wife tomorrow. Next in line maybe.
  71. kenzmad

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Fairly certain I saw Omakese doing his thing with her.
  72. kenzmad

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    Go pro on a stick will tell you what the bottom side looks like. Im thinking you’re running different settings in the computers.
  73. kenzmad

    New boat ho available

    Any one hauling eric better have trim tabs or make him sit in the middle of the boat.😂 will keep ya in mind bud. Right now the boats in the driveway til I get the electronics thing figured out.
  74. kenzmad

    Anyone seen one of these rods?

    I cant find jack on a google search. I love old rods. Have no clue, with the technology of the era, how they went from square to round. Cool find. Hang it on the wall.
  75. kenzmad

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    You’re probably gonna need 2 of the costco carports to store that in. Sweet setup, I may have to actually go to the boat show next year.
  76. kenzmad

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    While Im with you Swanny, im not risking it. CBPA.
  77. kenzmad

    Vhf antenna for sale 8 ft

    Off topic but why the hell is Shakespeare still the goto? None of the various gps manufacturers can grab some market.
  78. kenzmad

    Reliable lift

    Yep. Used theirs yesterday.
  79. kenzmad

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Poach? Wow! Simple question was asked. Was always told y’all up north were friendly.
  80. kenzmad

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Was hoping the rules might be relaxed for us not interacting with canadians. But nope. Did find it on a border crossing site. Will just head south and put some crab in the boat.
  81. kenzmad

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Headed up to Lummi Island end of the month. Appears lings and shrimp are still open in area 18. I cant find anything in our regs that prohibits me from crossing back home. Am I missing something? Search here was not helpful.
  82. kenzmad

    It’s a beautiful morning

    Ha! Found Norms secret!
  83. kenzmad

    Channel your inner female.....

    Guess im gonna have to,get dressed up 🤬 Looks amazing.
  84. kenzmad

    Channel your inner female.....

    Just looked at their menu! Yummmm. What did ya have? Didnt know these guys were here. Top 2 or 3 for sure
  85. kenzmad

    Channel your inner female.....

    Ya, i like her and all, but not going that far.
  86. kenzmad

    Channel your inner female.....

    Taco bell it is! Taco bell it is!
  87. kenzmad

    Channel your inner female.....

    Got a 25th wedding anniversary coming up next month. With the current covid bs, I had to cancel the hookers. So am now looking for a good place to eat. Masks and shit. Whatever. Where to go for a once in a lifetime dinner?
  88. kenzmad

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    Following this as I had my 2005 150 do this the other day. Running along and almost like I chopped the throttle. Fired back up and purrs like a kitten.
  89. kenzmad

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Scaling flakey rust on the most solid piece of steel in the whole assembly is not an issue IMO. If you are talking the torsion bar “ARM” then you should be good. Pics would be good to visualize. Mine is flakey, 2005 king saltwater. Its a thing.
  90. kenzmad

    WTB: Towable tube toy

    If nobody here has one. has a nice selection. Keep in mind that some need 2 people in them to balance out. Inline ones can be solo or double. There is always the Manta Ray one. Kids will love it!
  91. kenzmad


    Damn! Its got a sunroof! Super sweet ride.
  92. kenzmad

    The moment the light goes on. Searching old posts.

    Search function looking for pre made tool kits to keep on the boat. Came across a topic about spare stuff to keep for offshore fishing. This one made me go duh! I dont have one. How many of you do? “Extra killswitch lanyard, if you are knocked out of the boat while running, your partner can...
  93. kenzmad

    Clean out Make Offer

    Ooooh! A padded headboard........
  94. kenzmad

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    Ha 🖕, I was 10, thats what they said tasted like lobster😂. You know, back when kids listened to their folks. Havent had it since. Did also hear about the skate wings being punched to make bay scallops. Not sure on that one.
  95. kenzmad

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    Mom and dad used to boil it in saltwater. Dipped in butter it tastes alot like lobster.
  96. kenzmad

    10lbs or count to 80?

    Hmm. Quick google search says spot prawns can weigh up to .26 lb head and all. That would mean 80 spots could be 20+ lbs. thats a bit over the 10lbs allowed. Hmmm, sneaky
  97. kenzmad

    Beef/Pork Sale 5/22 Portland

    Im out for this one. Definitely ready for one in june. A bit more heads up would be good. As much as I like these sales and are gonna miss them when they are gone. I welcome you folks back to selling to whom you are supposed to.
  98. kenzmad

    Here we go Week #5, Friday only Premium Protein

    Is this over? I done f’ed up and ate all mine. Need to restock but preferably not from safeway
  99. kenzmad

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    Where you at Mike? Super interested but need to look at logistics of moving it.
  100. kenzmad

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I think I may use one of the names that is on the list of folks that snitched on the businesses that they thought should be non essential.
  101. kenzmad

    Newbie boat buying?

    He is from Vancouver, has never fished before. Just looking for a crab, watersports, sightseeing boat he can run up on the beach to load up the peeps. Already offered mine up for sale to him. Waiting.... seriously looking at a 28’ Tolly to be able to weekend out in the sound and catch some ESA...
  102. kenzmad

    Newbie boat buying?

    Oh, and they want 41K for them now.
  103. kenzmad

    Newbie boat buying?

    Thanks Mike. He is looking at a new 2019. Hope the have the welds figured out by now.
  104. kenzmad

    Newbie boat buying?

    Have a buddy thats picking out a boat for him and his family. Summer home on Lummi Island. Crabbing and water sports. No fishing. He is looking at a ThunderJet 20’ Luxor with a 115 merc. Family of 4+ friends( you know how that works). Im a 21’ with a 150 and feel underpowered at time in Neah but...
  105. kenzmad

    World's Greatest Seafood Sale- By World I Mean Greater Seattle Area...

    Ok, for us novices at buy seafood😡 can you help me understand what the chart says? The headless shell on shrimp for example. All the 8/2 and 10/4s have me confused.
  106. kenzmad

    Lake Washington Troll

    Used to have a secret perch spot.
  107. kenzmad

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Fastest cows in the west. Damn thing made it from portland to Snohomish county in 3 hours, all while dropping body parts at different stops. Thats the aging I think. Thanks everyone involved. Im gonna be happy when Charlie is back up and running but will be sorry to see this thing go away.
  108. kenzmad

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Ummm, I thought this was a refrigerated unit hauling meat. And pulling it with a prius?
  109. kenzmad

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    That ones gonna sting $$$$
  110. kenzmad

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Im hauling from Oly to Kent. Someone wanna take it from there?
  111. kenzmad

    Freezer organizing?

    Top shelf of mine. Hence the question. Two lower shelves have been cleared for the anticipated filling.
  112. kenzmad

    Freezer organizing?

    Well, loading up the freezer on Rolls’ meat sale. Hows everyone organizing their freezer? Right now mine looks a mess. Upright freezer. Bins from target or is there a better mousetrap?
  113. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Holy SHIT! Just finished our first New Yorks. Not the best flavored steak I have ever had. Afterall, I seasoned it. But BY FAR the best texture and tenderness I have ever put in my mouth! New yorks are not typically known for tenderness but OMG! I cant wait to get ahold of one of the tbones or...
  114. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Im throwing a couple of the New Yorks on the weber here in an hour. Like a kid in xmas eve, I am super stoked
  115. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Im sure that is true. Now, if you could stop advertising it, we would appreciate it. Way too many people there today. Our selection would be better if you just sold to us.😜
  116. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Good to hear you are alive! Fun trip. Dually rode better coming home with 200lbs of weight in the back. Been a hot minute since I've been able to do kent to Portland and back in a half a day. Weird getting passed with cruise set at 76-84. May do this run again soon.
  117. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    @salmonking pm me your order. I do venmo, cash and can even run a credit card. We will have to wait til i get the stuff as case weights will vary some.
  118. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Sgwill and ledbed, send me a pm with box #’s of what you want.
  119. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    How does payment happen? Can peeps call in their card info for orders or is it pay for everything? Im good either way but have 4-5 peeps I'm buying for.
  120. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Was told they are sold out of the tomahawks. Im not one of the “cool guys” so i dont know for sure.😜
  121. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Im looking at friday to head down there. Anyone want me to bring stuff as far north as Kent?
  122. kenzmad

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    Not a link but a screen grab.
  123. kenzmad

    Newport Meat PNW Inventory blowout Part II

    I havent even placed an order yet. Thought we were waiting for the next opening. This one still open? I still gotta figure out what steaks I want.
  124. kenzmad

    Newport Meat PNW Inventory blowout Part II

    I can make a run down on his next sale. Im in Kent. Laurances steak looks amazing but it looks like its gonna be covered in onions.😟💩
  125. kenzmad

    Best knife

    I need to become a tattoo artist. Looks fun.
  126. kenzmad

    FREE COVID Cleanout stuff

    I’d keep the silver tackle box. If you won’t, i will. Pm me.
  127. kenzmad

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Wish the weather was nicer. Would take mine out of the marina for a spin😂
  128. kenzmad

    Whomp there it is

    Its coming. Inslee on the tv tonight at 5:30. I havebeen talking to some peeps that have said it was gonna happen as soon as Boeing was able to shut down. That happens Wednesday.
  129. kenzmad

    1997 honda civic

    Bump to the top. Its still available.
  130. kenzmad

    Neah Bay CLOSED

    Good thing we didnt grab that beer.
  131. kenzmad

    1997 honda civic

    Kent WA.
  132. kenzmad

    1997 honda civic

    Was first car for youngest daughter. Good runner. Car had been hit before we got it and was never able to fix the trunk leaking. Well, did fix it, I drilled a hole in the spare tire well. Good running car with new battery, alternator and radiator. All tires have good tread with one being new...
  133. kenzmad

    Brutha needs some support

    Never met the man. Doesnt matter. Never want to see a brother suffering. Best wishes to ya Tex.
  134. kenzmad

    Short wives, girlfriends or kids. Car question.

    Daughter is 4’11”. Looking for a good fitting car for her. F350 dually is too big. Telluride is new so our rigs are out. Looking 2012 and newer. Anyone else have a shorty that drives?
  135. kenzmad

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    Just put down my bud “Sockeye”
  136. kenzmad

    FS- Dining room set $800

    New peeps dont want it? Seems perfect for the spot its in.
  137. kenzmad

    Only turn 40 once…

    Would depend on where you are thinkin’. North, I’d be in.
  138. kenzmad

    Arizona fishing?

    Headed to Goodyear end of February, never been to AZ before. Any guides to look up? Bass is the fish I imagine. Anything else to target down there?
  139. kenzmad

    What? I can totally tow that!

    And no wiring?
  140. kenzmad

    Sportsman Show 2020

    Nothing really on the list as of now, so probably not going. But not sure I am willing to skip the scones though.
  141. kenzmad

    Breach the locks!

    Wont go anywhere. But he knew it. His little jab at Seattle for making decisions for the rest of us. I got a good laugh
  142. kenzmad

    Sad story

    Its worse. Both kids passed.
  143. kenzmad

    Missouri Breaks Mule deer hunt/Gumbo mud bog

    Very cool hunt! Id take those bucks any day. I really like the hunt recaps written on the tent wall. Easy to drag up old memories. Wife would be pissed if I wrote on the camper walls.
  144. kenzmad

    MC “BIGZ” and Duck/Goose Sticks

    Pfft! Not sure what you do with 6lbs of bacon. 20lbs sitting in brine now waiting til Saturday to get its smoke on.
  145. kenzmad

    Something wicked this way comes

    Can get the whole CAST kids on that ride. If you are running the Juans in July, hit me up. We are there every summer
  146. kenzmad

    Howe Sound

    What dates are you thinking? I may be interested in rolling with the rest of ya’ll.
  147. kenzmad

    Something wicked this way comes

    Very nice Jason!
  148. kenzmad

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    You moved. I can send you a video of me eating some and tell you how good they were.
  149. kenzmad

    2019 Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Results

    Dave, you and I should talk. Wrong time of the year to attack the masses. Pm me for phone number. By the way, I love what you are doing!
  150. kenzmad

    Happy 49th Oregon!

    year before I was born but whatever. At least they learned something.
  151. kenzmad

    Saltwater Really?

    Wheres my smiley face? I put it in there
  152. kenzmad

    Saltwater Really?

    Not condoning but, cheaper than fishing for them.
  153. kenzmad

    RIP Tunahore

    Only knew him from behind the screen. Seemed like a solid dude. Best wishes for his family.
  154. kenzmad

    The perfect use ratio... 50%blowjobs 50%fishing

    Maybe Im missing something. If I woke up 10 days in a row and 5 of them got me a blow job..... works for me.
  155. kenzmad

    Saltwater Squid jigging

    Moored in Des Moines. Gonna do my first squid trip this year.
  156. kenzmad

    First deer camp

    Who needs girly girls when there are country girls. Couldnt see the tail, rattler or bull snake? Good for her for getting out, and much more gooderer to you for taking her.
  157. kenzmad

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    Wife and ran out this morning. Ran up from Des Moines to just across the southern A10 boundary, Blake Island area. Weather forecast was for 6-8mph winds, Ha! Right at 20 mph. Water was rough, grass everywhere. Trolled for a bit but its no fun when the boat is rocking to the point you cant hardly...
  158. kenzmad

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    These spots are gone I assume.?
  159. kenzmad

    Tuna Tuesday?

    Im a devout Lesbian. I love the ladies!
  160. kenzmad

    Free gas range and microwave

    finished the remodel. Need to get these gone. Everything works. Dont look at the Uber eats shit on the stove.
  161. kenzmad

    Bad News For Westport Fishing To Save Orca's???

    Nope, not him. World wide orcas are doing fine. This group of 73ish wont screw up the population. Why they wont eat seals is a mystery to me. Would love fillet mignon and scallops every night, but it’s not available do to $. Mac n cheese makes a turd too ya know.
  162. kenzmad

    Free Beer in Westport tomorrow

    Almost a good pic. Wrong finger!
  163. kenzmad

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    Good luck. Tried this time last year and everything was booked.
  164. kenzmad

    Damn! Wish I got seasick!

    who knew that Scopolamine was a performance enhancer? No wonder all you old folks have the patch behind the ear
  165. kenzmad

    2019 cast for kids

    Never did get to meet Big Butt Marcus. Heard he had a rough day
  166. kenzmad

    2019 cast for kids

    didnt take many pictures. Heres a few of the perch hogline all setup. A HUGE thank you to those that donated a day to help these kids! You all are awesome!
  167. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    It was VERY good!
  168. kenzmad

    CAST only has 15 boats, but 40 kids

    Don’t make a special trip, but if you are stopping, I could use a few more bobbers. I have enough now but a few spares would be nice.
  169. kenzmad

    CAST only has 15 boats, but 40 kids

    There are still deckhands available for folks who are on the fence. I have 2 very seasoned perch fisherwomen. I can go solo if needed.
  170. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    You coming on friday? I have a spare daughter who will deckhand for anyone who needs one.
  171. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Super happy to have you in the mix this year. Guaranteed you will have a good time. Thank you for supporting this cause. And get here Friday.
  172. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Heads up for who’s coming Friday, wife and kid will be here so feel free to bring your family if ya want. Need a bunch of people to help eat this raw shit Laurence and Garrett are bringing.
  173. kenzmad

    Online fiberglass resin

    When I did my Trophy rebuild, US Composites was the best I found. I was using epoxy resin.
  174. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Ok im not sure who is coming so here is the addy. 27045 125th ave se kent 98030. Sure hope Ted Bundys cousin isnt a fisherman
  175. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Challenge accepted!
  176. kenzmad

    Cast 4 Kids

    Well, If he needs some help, there will be a bunch of rods to look at as an example. Great to hear he is in!
  177. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Who is in and signed up? Gonna do a get together at my place if y’all wanna. Some food and a tutorial on gear selection for the ESA listed yellow perch. It is a Saturday, so we can keep them . Rumor has it, Laurence may be bringing some oysters. Burgers as well. September 6th. 5:00- whenever you...
  178. kenzmad

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    I kmow you say its a fishing boat. Could it be a weekender? San juans etc....
  179. kenzmad

    Cast 4 Kids

    Koolaid informed me that CAST told him there are only 13 boats registered. They need 10-15 more. If anyone can help, they need it.
  180. kenzmad

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    My dad was a hard hat diver for 20+ years. Lost many of his friends. Good show. Thanks Laurence
  181. kenzmad

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Will throw this on the patio tv tomorrow night. Looks like a good one.
  182. kenzmad

    Ok, confused on a Neah bay reg.

    Good lord! Ok, wasnt planning on heading east unless the coho quota has been met in Neah.
  183. kenzmad

    Ok, confused on a Neah bay reg.

    East of bonilla tatoosh line paragraph. It says, east of a true north south line through sail rock is closed. Yet MA 5 is open. Does this line extend to Canadian waters? It is not part of the kydaka closure is it? Thats in MA 5.
  184. kenzmad

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

    Ok everyone, i talked with Greg, he's right, but its not his. The search continues...
  185. kenzmad

    Crab Quesadilla

    Who doesn’t love a simple quesadilla? How do you get the moisture out of the crab?
  186. kenzmad

    Kill or no kill

    Well, Vance is active tonight, never had marlin, but sword/sailfish are phenomenal. Cant be too far off id imagine.
  187. kenzmad

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

    Shit, if anyone has tackle, read your messages
  188. kenzmad

    Kill or no kill

    Dead, grill and, well I am the septic dude, so I will deal with it in the morning.
  189. kenzmad

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

  190. kenzmad

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone He was fun to watch and I admire him for keeping on during the rough years. His facebook reads more like a suicide note than an update. Good man dealt some shitty cards over...
  191. kenzmad

    Full kitchen

    Ya, I’ve got a 12’ long galley kitchen, gonna be 25k before this is done. Pity you guys with bigger kitchens.
  192. kenzmad

    Full kitchen

    In the middle of a remodel as well. Damn! Kitchens are expensive.
  193. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    Looks like the appliances are spoken for.
  194. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    Fire wood.
  195. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    Stove is natural gas.
  196. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    Sink is already out. Can come and look anytime you want
  197. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    @hawksfan75, 69 1/4” to top of hinges. @mikedynp, yep, double sink, kitchen remodel sucks. I am having custom cabinets built. When we were shopping, Cabinets to Go seemed to have the best price.
  198. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    And you can see I am equally out of Jack and Coke.
  199. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    Crap, forgot pics.
  200. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    kitchen remodel in progress. Hence the takeout boxes. Early september, free fridge, gas stove and microwave. Ice maker on the fridge doesn’t work right. Freezes ice container solid. Everything else works on all items. No pics, but a dual stainless sink and faucet as well.
  201. kenzmad

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Age old saying “ My house, my rules”. Should be easy enough.
  202. kenzmad

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    A bit more info is needed here. Like maybe the recipe?
  203. kenzmad

    Cast 4 Kids

    Thank you to all that have done and have committed to doing this event. Would venture to guess it has become or will be one of your favorite days on the water .
  204. kenzmad

    Aluminum Boat - Anode Type - Which One is best?

    For a reference point on zinc life. I am moored year round and change hull and tab zincs 2x a year. Tab zincs are almost gone, hull zink has some pitting. Zinc on underside of engine mount 1x per year.
  205. kenzmad

    Anyone rent rv space sekiu to neah?

    Dude! Right on! We will drive into neah to see if any of the roadside spots are available. Back to you if not. Thanks brutha
  206. kenzmad

    Anyone rent rv space sekiu to neah?

    Family coming into town from Iowa and want to go fishing. August 23-25. Unfortunately this is The weekend of Makah Days. Everyone is booked up. Looking for a spot to drop a camper so we can fish. Thanks in advance.
  207. kenzmad

    Lowrance LGC-12w gps antenna

    I know where ya live. I’ll take it. Bearing? Wheel?
  208. kenzmad

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    Skipping kings this year. Headed to Neah end of August with family from Iowa. Hoping quota is met so we can have Neah to ourselves and run to Sekiu.
  209. kenzmad

    Aluminum Boat - Anode Type - Which One is best?

    Moorage kills my trim tab anodes. Replacing twice a year and should probably be three times. Hull anodes are pitted but still mostly there. Saltwater is a mean bitch.
  210. kenzmad

    Aluminum Boat - Anode Type - Which One is best?

    @Omakase, he hooked me up
  211. kenzmad

    Barnacles on tranducer?

    i am moored in des moines. Started losing bottom over 500’. Used a cloth to clean transducer. Noticed some barnacle growth. Tiny, but there. How much do these interfere with sounder readings. Lowrance if this matters.
  212. kenzmad

    WDFW Fish Checkers @ Neah Bay

    I know we agreed to this but, I had one check me at the 10th street launch in Everett. Seems I had a chipped blackmouth.(6lbs). She wanted the head. Problem was, I was in the Bayside Blackmouth derby and I wasnt giving up the head til weigh in. She finally agreed and I won a flashlight, she got...
  213. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah Bay for newbies

    Neah is my favorite place! Ashes to be scattered there one day. That being said, I refuse to buy their pass. I am spending enough money there already. Seems Big Salmon should give these out to people who moor there. Ice, fuel, moorage, cabin rental I am spending several hundred dollars for a few...
  214. kenzmad

    First time for everything

    fishing outta Des Moines today. Running from 3 tree to Pt. Robinson, see something in the water. Spin around and it is a fawn blacktail with spots that has drowned. Of course, this day I happen to be fishing with the wife. How often does this happen? Deer are pretty good swimmers but this little...
  215. kenzmad


    Spent the afternoon on the water to watch the Freedom Fair Air Show in Tacoma. The sound of the Harrier and the F-15/16?, with hammer down was the sound of America.
  216. kenzmad

    Black Cod recipe?

    Ha, was on a westport charter a few years back. Caught a few, deckhand said they were garbage fish and he uses them for dog food. Didnt kmow what they were til i got home and googled them.. Smoked is supposed to be amazing.
  217. kenzmad

    Metabo electric impact wrench

    Just a few more ft lbs of torque and I’d be on this. Have to torque lugs to 450, it takes a bit more to break them loose.
  218. kenzmad

    Lake WA perch question

    Come to this. You’ll catch fish Should be a few of us there again this year. Search the forum for past years posts
  219. kenzmad

    Cast 4 Kids

    just got word the registration is open. We gonna plug the docks again this year? Sorry about the whole email string. Hi Jamie, I wanted to follow up and let you know our registration for our C.A.S.T. for kids event has opened up. The website to register is...
  220. kenzmad

    Lake Sammamish Perch Derby-MAY 18

    Hmmm. Always thought Sammamish would hold bigger fish. Good for you for doing what you do. I have a question though. 10-14”fish are very common in Lake Wa. What’s different about Sammamish?
  221. kenzmad

    Crab open dates wtf

    Go through this every year. Do a big campout party up on Lummi. Trying to get dates to those that have to request time off is impossible.
  222. kenzmad

    Beat This Local Knowledge (Pic Heavy)

    Cant think of a better days work.
  223. kenzmad

    BD’er potty training

    I wanna go back to when it was ok to drop your pants to the ankles. Was a much simpler time
  224. kenzmad

    WTB kitchen fridge

    Very soon I will have a whirlpool side by side for free. Currently using it. In the middle of a kitchen remodel and getting all new appliances. Ice maker is fuckarood but replacement parts are available. About 7 years old.
  225. kenzmad

    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    Well, there is this...
  226. kenzmad

    Tactical Strike heading to the Hali holes

    Just when we think we're are doing our share, you show up. Thanks alot!
  227. kenzmad

    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    1800ft rambler with all hard floor surfaces. 2 big dogs. Wife wants one. Anyone have one? Was it worth the $$$?
  228. kenzmad

    Puget Sound Crab endorsement?

    Sounds about right! Thinking I'm fishing salish sea. Different rules
  229. kenzmad

    Puget Sound Crab endorsement?

    with the new closures in effect. I will only be crabbing the San Juans, Eliza Island area. Do I need the PSCE? I cant find where the boundaries are.
  230. kenzmad

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Very few marinas in the area and zero private docks. Not sure how a flyover with a nuetral party to actually count boats isn’t happening. Shit, they do it to count the wolves we dont have, may as well do it for the fish we dont get.
  231. kenzmad

    launching 26 ft sled next saturday in the canal near hoodsport

    Never launched at Triton Cove. Have seen it though. Nice Ramp with a smaller parking area.
  232. kenzmad

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!
  233. kenzmad

    For Sale Ex Condition 2016 24 foot Northriver Seahawk

    Glws, however, what make/model is the portta pottie? I haven’t been able to find one that fits under the seat.
  234. kenzmad

    Next Tow Rig?

    Isnt that the port side?
  235. kenzmad

    Finally building

    Hopefully, there is a different meaning to this than what I am envisioning
  236. kenzmad

    Beer flash

    As I told Erik, I’m im. Day after my birthday so ya’ll can sing to me.
  237. kenzmad

    Rookie shrimper with gear

    Between Garrett, Laurence and the dueling Eriks, I think I’m in good hands. Well,hopefully no hands but......
  238. kenzmad

    Eatin’ good part 2

    While I love a grilled tuna steak, I cannot get myself to like raw or rare tuna. I know, I may get my account deleted for this but it is what it is. Wife orders seveche and it grosses me out. Sesame grilled tuna is still one of my favorites
  239. kenzmad

    Rookie shrimper with gear

    got all set up last year and ended up working instead. 4 36” ladner pots 400’ of line for each. ,,Ace linehauler. Boats in the marina in des moines. No launch bullshit. Needing someone reputable that has shrimped before to go for a free boat ride. I will be with my family. Bring yours. NWJ 218...
  240. kenzmad

    Eating good in the neighborhood

    Yep, made 2 after seeing yours. 1 1/2” holesaw. If I do it again, I will use one made for metal to reduce the amount of sanding to smooth them out.
  241. kenzmad

    Neon tetra. There fish shit is done.

    Shitty punctuation. Neon Tetra, there, fish shit is done. Meaning its a fish topic and i wanna go see a ballgame.
  242. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids 7 Sept 2019

    Have not done the Foss one but there used to be a Bainbridge Island one. Kids love sharks! They dont know they arent baby great whites. Humpy season this year. We caught a humpy on our trip. All the bass guys were talking about the illegal king. Spots on entire tail was their evidence.
  243. kenzmad

    Outboard input

    Something simple as a loose/corroded ground will cause this. Dont just check connections, check cable itself.
  244. kenzmad

    Again boat crash

    Moored at DesMoines, did July 4th on the water once. Never again! Gps, Radar on my boat. At least 10 others out there with no nav lights. I can see you, but most cant. Add alcohol and......
  245. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids 7 Sept 2019

    Pshh, 97 civic, air down the tires, drive under and air back up. Easy peezy. On a side note, Ashley is gonna send me the registration link in June. I will put it up here once I get it.
  246. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids 7 Sept 2019

    If needed, I’ll run the kids Honda Civic over and drag Slap Shot to the ramp for you.
  247. kenzmad

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Sorry Garrett, gone already. Apparently, its close to gold!
  248. kenzmad

    Lead melt April 13th info

    I’ve got right at 60lbs of lead I’m not going to use. If anyone needs some, its yours. Im in Kent.
  249. kenzmad

    Lead melt April 13th info

    I’ll weigh it tomorrow. Have some lead to donate if anyone needs some for the pour.
  250. kenzmad

    Split a bulk order of cooking pellets?

    Theres a guy on HuntWa that does bulk buys. He’s always looking for folks.
  251. kenzmad

    Neon tetra. There fish shit is done.

    Wanna come down in april for the M’s game. Where is a nice Hotel for me and the Boss?
  252. kenzmad

    Camper repair

    What brand of jacks? Attwood? If so, I can bring my remote over and see if it works. Fresh battery in remote? Mine died a few years ago mid camper removal
  253. kenzmad

    Drowning explained

    Bringing this back up. 70*this week, be safe all
  254. kenzmad


    Bout f’n time someone gets the boot.
  255. kenzmad

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    I’d eat those perch over salmon any day!
  256. kenzmad

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    So, in laymans terms. Wife says you can have hookers and blow in the living room. All that will stop if the hookers make it into the family room. Security (nets) will keep them in the living room to enjoy. Maybe Im missing something, but security seems like a good idea to keep on having fun.
  257. kenzmad

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Found it! This is from when we got back home, but this is right at 50lbs. Im on the left, alooooot of years ago. As I said earlier, there were 3 fish over 50 that morning in CQ.
  258. kenzmad

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Wish I had a copy of the 50# king my brother caught at CQ, 1989 I think. Coho resort had him up on the wall. His fish was the smallest of the 3 50#’ers to hit the docks that day. Other 2 were over at Olsens or Van Ripers. Fishing was good back then.
  259. kenzmad

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    Seems Norm pulled the trigger too soon.
  260. kenzmad

    Westport thieves

    My experience is you just free up a hand. No flashlight needed if the work area is lit up. We cant stop them. They are up when us working folks are not.
  261. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    This year he was rocking some sort of Sponge Bob Square Pants lobster boat. Still did a fine job. Thats him on the top left of the photo. Cant remember boat brand. Interesting ride for sure.
  262. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    I can vouch for this. Watched Lawrence dock his boat with swapped steering lines. Not a scratch.
  263. kenzmad

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    May have a bathroom for ya. Will be in touch soon.
  264. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    There are more than a few on here that participate. Pic is all BD’ers except for the cabin cruiser.
  265. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    Damn dude! Shoulda chimed in earlier, always great to meet new people!
  266. kenzmad

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    You aint closed! Right job, right $$$$ will get those doors unlocked.
  267. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    The wife and I will be there. Cocktail hour starts at 5:30
  268. kenzmad

    Stopped by ACI today

    We have all forgot to pull the downrigger balls in. Imagine forgetting to put the bow scoop up.
  269. kenzmad

    Anybody with a snow plow?

  270. kenzmad

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Silly chevy’s
  271. kenzmad

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Have you checked on a skidsteer to rent? Probably nothing available right now. At least I know your neck of the woods is off my list of places to service this week.
  272. kenzmad

    New World Cat?

    @wdfbio, had no idea they made these.
  273. kenzmad

    WTB Livingston

    Pm sent
  274. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    Most of you know about this summertime fishing event. Several of you have donated your time and boat to help this foundation. This is the first fundraiser that they have done. If anyone could come, it would be fantastic. I will be there. Some of the auction items are incredible...
  275. kenzmad


    Well, I personally involved with the huge numbers. Been my drink forever
  276. kenzmad


    Flying out April 18 for a 4 day trip with the wife. Have never been, huge country music fans. Booze and food too. Anyone been there.
  277. kenzmad

    Worst Shot Ever..

    Missed 2 different does this year shooting off shooting sticks sitting in my blind. 80 yards standing broadside during muzzleloader season. Whitetail does dont get the blood pumping. Cant explain it. Only deer I took was with an offhand quick shot at a moving deer. Go figure.
  278. kenzmad

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Back atcha Brian. Merry Christmas to all The Bruthas
  279. kenzmad

    I need a new top!

    Nwjet, similar to north river. Boats in DesMoines marina. Can pull if needed. Need new Canvas.
  280. kenzmad

    Alaska or BC for anniversary?

    24 so not a big one. Next one is gonna be expensive. Salmon, kings and silvers. Kings preffered.
  281. kenzmad

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    Damn, maybe I should call off Robodad on the grill. Nowhere in the reviews i read said anything about this issue.
  282. kenzmad

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    And yet, I had a taker!
  283. kenzmad

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    Shit! Mes 40 arriving in a day or 2.
  284. kenzmad

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    Gone! I think
  285. kenzmad

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    as I said, free pellet smoker GMG Daniel Boone. This thing has issues. Wont reliably cook overnight. Wont light without a torch assist. Done with it. Bought a Masterbuilt for smoking. Doont get me wrong, when it cooks right, there is no better food. Just dont trust it any more. 4 years old, no...
  286. kenzmad

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Marriage is strange. Pick someone when you are mid 20's to spend the rest of your life with. We all change as people. I am not the same dude, she is not the same chick. We have however, made it 23 years. Dont go to bed mad is an old one. It is true. Get the shit out early, they are way better...
  287. kenzmad

    Plumbing fitting needed

    A pic of the other end of the hose would help. Regulator end.
  288. kenzmad

    Plumbing fitting needed

    Damn, I dont know. Is there a propane thread to IP coupler? If so, convert to IP and then any gas shutoff valve and then Back to propane thread? Try
  289. kenzmad

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Hasnt been tried since that I know of.
  290. kenzmad

    Area 7 waters

    The stretch from Cypress to Sinclair to Lummi can get a bit sportys as well.
  291. kenzmad

    Diesel heat

    Disable the tip over feature and it is good to go!
  292. kenzmad

    Heading to Wyoming

    That picture of the rainbow is awesome! That is why we venture out into the woods. There are not many people that have been above a rainbow. Thanks for sharing your trip. Fantastic time even with no critters.
  293. kenzmad

    Off we go on an armed camping/hiking trip.

    That Ericas bed there in the back? Good luck bud!
  294. kenzmad

    Night clamming tips

    As said above, a blinking light for your dashboard to help find the truck. Bicycle aisle at freddys will have the red blinky lights for the back of the bike.
  295. kenzmad

    2007 1-ton dodge dually 6.7L diesel

    Some bitch, paid 2x that for my newer ford. Yours is a good era truck. Lots of people looking for them. Good luck!
  296. kenzmad

    Boat Pictures

    My girl. One of the last conversations I had with Dad
  297. kenzmad

    Need trailer brakes

    While I agree completely. Make some sense outta this shit Seems 3000k lbs is the threshold. (3) Brakes on all wheels. Every vehicle shall be equipped with brakes acting on all wheels except: (a) Trailers, cargo extensions, semitrailers, or pole trailers of a gross weight not exceeding three...
  298. kenzmad

    grinding burger

    Deer is already processed. Thinking beef burger that ain't Safeway shit burger
  299. kenzmad

    grinding burger

    What happened to the last 1/3rd of the Serrano?
  300. kenzmad

    grinding burger

    grinders out, deer is in the freezer. Wanna do some beef burger. Looking at 50+ lbs. What cuts are you guys doing? Thinking chuck and sirloin but open to suggestions.
  301. kenzmad

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    Damn! Sorry. I am complacent, moored in Des Moines. I leave rods and electronics out. I guess I expect my slipmates to play nice but didnt really think about theft from the water. Seems like alot of work to me.
  302. kenzmad

    T9 2016 kicker electric start stuck on

    No, but Ain't boats fun?
  303. kenzmad

    Generator FREE!

    Gone! Pending pickup tomorrow
  304. kenzmad

    Generator FREE!

    free Generac 6250 generator. Needs a new carb or rebuild. Shitty gas! This thing cant have 5 hours on it. I switched to bigger and propane powered. Get it out of my house.
  305. kenzmad

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho Reports

    11 was slow again today. Fish in the boat within 1/2 hr of putting gear down. Not a bump for the next 2 hours. Early morning seems to be the best. Bite turns off arounf 8:00. Didnt see any nets flying either, but there were only 5-6 of us out there this morning.
  306. kenzmad

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho Reports

    11 was slow today. One at 7:45 and nothing the rest of the day. 4lbd'er should eat good. Just dodnt know what the rest of the family is gonna eat.
  307. kenzmad

    High on shrooms

    Have not pickled any. Saute to remove some water. And vac pak. May try canning some this year.
  308. kenzmad

    High on shrooms

    Great job getting the kiddos out. Cant wait myself. Try to put 40lbs in the freezer every year.
  309. kenzmad

    Everett derby lodging

    Kicking it around as well. Run from Des Moines to A10. Sorry, cant help on the lodging. Just pitch a twnt and say seattle kicked you out if they ask.
  310. kenzmad

    Mushroom Thread

    Then you aint ever had a garlic mushroom burger using Chanterelles.
  311. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Well, back home, boat cleaned up and ready for the next trip. The group of BD bruthas that showed up today was incredible. There were many fish caught, I would conservatively say that collectively, we boated 300 fish today. This made the day or year for 25+ kids today. This event has been a...
  312. kenzmad

    True dat!

    Soon, not on this though. Cabin cruiser is our plan.
  313. kenzmad

    True dat!

  314. kenzmad

    fishing Coho without the downriggers ??

    At first light, run the center rod straight out the back with just a coho fly, no weight in the prop wash. Fuckers act like marlin trying to get it.
  315. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Pm sent
  316. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Pm inbound. Been fishing here for years
  317. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    2 dozen should be plenty. You only want a 1/2" size chunk on the hook anyway. Most worms can be cut into 3 pieces. After you catch one, fillet it out and use a strip with the skin still on. Little bastards love to eat each other. Perch meat with skin stays on the hook way longer than a worm does.
  318. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    WOW!!! Great job guys! Confirmed with Auburn sports that they will be delivering 30 dozen worms. I picked up 12 dozen more. Will be handing them out at the ramp
  319. kenzmad

    Will one of you guys buy this!!

    Kinda what i am looking for. Weekender. What are the " other options " you have
  320. kenzmad

    Guess what fish

    Not sure what you have there but, caught a 8". Sanddab with 45' of wire out in 380'fow the other day in ma 11. Drug the rod down like seaweed does.
  321. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Unless you are are hanging with a wmba team, you dont blend with shit!
  322. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Seriously though, I know little perch are not what WE want, but the action is fast. Trolling for Cutts/Kokanee is what I want to do, these kids may not have the patience for that. Half of the fun for them is the boat ride. Hell, i wanna ride in a bass boat! Should be a good time at the bbq for...
  323. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Dont think I havent been tempted. Not fishing if you dont have bait or a lure right?
  324. kenzmad

    fishing Coho without the downriggers ??

    Granted, there were more fish 25 years ago, but no one used riggers for coho. 4oz banana weight, cutplug herring. 2 out the side, 2 out the back. LONG,SLOW turns, but it caught fish.
  325. kenzmad

    Missing Somthing

    WTF is TFUTT? Even my teenage daughter doesn't know
  326. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    This is all great news guys. I am on a worm hunt tomorrow. Probably cant buy from auburn sports since most of their inventory is donated to us anyway. Using a small strip of perch meat works just as well and it stays on the hook better. Just dont seem to get the bluegill and smallmouth on it...
  327. kenzmad

    Best boat for weekends?

    Very similar to the 28' bayliner cierra 2 slips down from me. May have to drop the 3rd couple from the scenario. Im too old for that shit anyway.
  328. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Sorry about your buddys old man. But I do have to ask. Younsaid there will be 8-10 at the bbq. What is the prodedure for splittling the 7 baked beans? Thats like what? 3/4 of a bean for each of us?
  329. kenzmad

    Saltwater Westport-tailwalking it

    Start it like a lawn mower
  330. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Who is going to the pre fish bbq? Got some slaw to make and need to know how many weenie washers will be eating.
  331. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    She is all yours. You best be on your game.
  332. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Damn kid, got her schedule reworked. She is back on the market as a deckhand. She aint missing this event for nothing.
  333. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    @Duramax2500, kid has to work, so pick up waterdog as a deckhand.
  334. kenzmad


    I know bob ( omakase) is good, but I want the navy's bottom paint on my boat.
  335. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Waiting on kids work schedule to come out. Should know more tomorrow or friday.
  336. kenzmad

    Best boat for weekends?

    Just thinking something in the 26-30' range. Something like a floating hotel room. Want to spend the weekends on it. Not a live aboard. I have several Ranger tugs on my pier. All of them have complained about lack of speed. 26-28 tolly, 30' bayliner cierra seem to fit the bill, kinda. Just not...
  337. kenzmad

    Best boat for weekends?

    i think I will give Mr Allen a call. See if he is using it next weekend.
  338. kenzmad

    Best boat for weekends?

    Thinking about hanging up the fishing dream. Switching over to weekend trips to the San Juans. 2-6 people. 3 couples if it matters. Looking at Tollycrafts and uniflites. Dont even know what to put in a search engine since I don't know who made what. Have current 30' moorage so if it will fit...
  339. kenzmad

    Looking for small 4 stroke

    Ask about 2. Bet they go lower.
  340. kenzmad

    Looking for small 4 stroke

    Chris, i would be happy to jump in with you if you want to try a 2 motors deal somewhere. Maybe give Auburn Sports a call and see what kind of deal they would do. I want a 4hp, brand not an issue. New or used.
  341. kenzmad

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    The way Bob explained it to me was, zinc is more noble than aluminum, my boat is aluminum. All they would have found was a nearly new zinc anode and a corroded boat on the sea floor. I am no expert, but after running factory zincs for years and they were still in good shape, and now replacing...
  342. kenzmad

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Bob AKA Omakase sent me here for replacements. Aluminum is what he has me running. 2 years in the marina, his paint, his anodes. Plugged in all day, every day. No issues. Trim tab anodes corroded 3x faster than hull anodes.
  343. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    I have a request from my youngest daughter. She is 17, and was my deckhand last year. Since this is her sisters year to be the first mate, she wants to jump ship. She is asking if any of you need a deck hand for the event. Doesn't matter whose boat, she will show you and your kids how its done...
  344. kenzmad

    Safeway hiring

    Hope your Safeway is better than ours. Youngest daughter is a courtesy clerk. 8-10 hrs a week, most shifts end at 11:00 pm.
  345. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    In jest I know, Guys here will attest, there is no shortage of fish. We try and do our part to control the population. At anchor for 4 hours, 100 fish is not unexpected.
  346. kenzmad

    Lake Sammamish Perch Derby 9-15-18

    Looked at the website. Nothing to say about the prizes for the different categories. Youth or adult.
  347. kenzmad

    Free tank. Fuel, water?

    I think its already gone but if not, I will hit you up.
  348. kenzmad

    Free tank. Fuel, water?

    this was on a utility trailer I acquired. 36" wx24" tallx 8" deep. My calculations put this about 30 gallons. Free to good home.
  349. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Haha! Single screw, fiberglass and a mono hull. Do you even know how to run this? I have extra bumpers for ya!
  350. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    The event has loaner vests for all the kids. Not for the parent though, so have an extra or 2 on board.
  351. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Seriously? 9 now!? Check the first post to see who is in this year. Solid bunch of guys on the list.
  352. kenzmad

    Suzuki 150 problems

    So, are you saying the motors were 1 month out of warranty on the first issue? If so, somone should be able to get it covered.
  353. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    I will grab a couple dozen worms for each boat from here. You guys are kicking ass! Right now, we have 8 of you guys coming!
  354. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Hit me up. I have the secret to catching the ESA listed Yellow Perch.
  355. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    That should handle most. I wont be towing, not sure if Eric would be. I have street parking for a few if needed.
  356. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Hmmm, sounds great! Not sure which night would be better. Remember, we are all gonna be hooked up to boats. Your lawn available for parking?
  357. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    I live across the street from you. How the hell are you at the ramp in 20? Is it a tin vs. glass thing?
  358. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Was hoping to get my 2'itis outta the way before this year. I feel a bit uh, inadequate hanging with the big swinging dicks out there
  359. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    This is my 10th,11th? Event. Anyone have questions, pm me or call 206-419-1061
  360. kenzmad


    23rd or 24th anniversary weekend. Get to get my nails done and have a sranger rub all over me. So, no, wont be able to go
  361. kenzmad

    Any one missing a Yamaha 9.9

    I am, but not a HOT one! Actually looking for a 4-6 short shaft
  362. kenzmad

    2003 mercury 9.9 bigfoot

    Need a short shaft. Going on a 14' jon boat. All you dudes with your big long shafts need not apply. Looking for someone with a short one.
  363. kenzmad

    WTB - Half sheet of Starboard

    I would split a sheet if needed. I have a project or 2 as well.
  364. kenzmad

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    My thoughts as well. Is it still considered an internal combustion engine?
  365. kenzmad

    Freezing Crab meat

    As said, shell, lay it out on a sheet pan, freeze til firm and vac lack. Doesn't squeeze the juice out. Snip the corner of the bag when thawing. Prevents bag from pulling juice out of crab meat.
  366. kenzmad

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    You is? Or who is?
  367. kenzmad

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    Shit, lived in Kent for 25 years, keep the boat in Des Moines marina and have never heard of these guys. Will be making a trip over there in the next week.
  368. kenzmad

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    shopping for a 4-6hp outboard for my youngest daughters boat. Tried an old merc but want something new. Who has the best prices? Not super brand loyal so whatever.
  369. kenzmad

    Westport Tuna Sunday July 22

    And when he says immediately, he means it. Like you shoulda had a bait ready to go 20 minutes before the troll rod goes off
  370. kenzmad

    New stickers, something missing

    You girls and your silly red stickers.....
  371. kenzmad

    Septic Installer Kitsap County

    I got nobody over there
  372. kenzmad

    WTB utility trailer 4x8 or 5x10

    no title needed, have one from an old trailer. Not a piece of shit either. Need to haul about 1000 lbs of stuff for camping and around the house stuff.
  373. kenzmad

    View Fireworks From Boat

    Went to see the airshow today. What a bust. 1 biplane circled for 10 minutes, formation of 4 planes were next. They circled for 10 minutes. That was it. Saw more commercial jets from seatac than airshow planes. Water was rough as shit headed over, laid down nicely by 4:00.
  374. kenzmad

    View Fireworks From Boat

    We keep the boat in desmoines. Last year we did the airshow over commencment bay and anchored outside of quartermaster for the fireworks. You can see vashons over the hill behind you, des moines to the east and tacomas in front of you. Long ass day on the boat though. We are headed out for the...
  375. kenzmad

    Saltwater Bubble

    Sweet fish, but sweeter knife skills! Fillets look awesome.
  376. kenzmad

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Get her all loaded up and we can take it down to the treatment plant and weigh it. I also ran a srw for years. Yellowstone and back, neah, too many times to count. Bought a drw last year. No comparison. Wont ever haul with a srw again.
  377. kenzmad

    Looking for a Kent area fence builder

    Estate fence did ours a few years back. Gates still close like new.
  378. kenzmad

    Metabo Cordless grease gun

    I have the Dewalt. 32 grease fitting under the truck. One charge does them all easy. The long hose basically makes it a one handed deal.
  379. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Thanks Laurence, you know I will be there!
  380. kenzmad

    Homeowners insurance?

    after 22 years with 0 claims, pemco has decided to increase my rate from $1200.00 per year to $2500.00 per year. Their explanation was that there is a trend in my area for claims. Need to shop around. Who do you all use?
  381. kenzmad

    Saltwater Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    Sorry Robo, didnt mean the thread jack. Moral is, if you cn get the man that taught you out just "One more time". Do it. Please.
  382. kenzmad

    Saltwater Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    Kinda weird this topic comes up today. Learned tonight my Dad passed today. He taught me to fish for everything. I dialed it in as the years went by. He would still drag a cut plug behind a banana weight out at Sekiu. Thats how he learned. Old school still worked by the way
  383. kenzmad

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    Of course they are there! I just picked up my ladners last weekend. Surely not at sale price though
  384. kenzmad

    Need a kill bag stitched up

    Earl down at Foam Rubber City in kent. Restitched my entire boat top for $150.00
  385. kenzmad

    Spring cleaning at the Smith house

    I'll drive Eric over!
  386. kenzmad

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    Shrimpin' on Cinco de Mayo. What could possibly go wrong?
  387. kenzmad

    Cruise to eat

    Fondi's Pizza in Gig Harbor. Dock the boat, grab an Uber and eat up!
  388. kenzmad

    Cruise to eat

    Boathouse 19 has a ton of guest moorage. Tides in gig harbor should be fine this time of year. Super busy in the summer.
  389. kenzmad

    Lummi Fish Supply 4/21/18?

    headed up to check on property on lummi island. Stopping by Lummi fish on the way out. Anyone need anything from there brought down to south King?
  390. kenzmad

    Long shot on furuno 1623 Radar

    Im running the 1622. Not sure if the harness is the same. Gonna be pulling the boat on friday from des moines marina. Im in kent if this will work
  391. kenzmad

    Clam digs done feb 3?

    Thank you. Thats what I was looking for.
  392. kenzmad

    Clam digs done feb 3?

    No, I see that. I am wondering if they are considering any future digs in February.
  393. kenzmad

    Clam digs done feb 3?

    normally there is verbage about future digs but nothing I can find on WDFW website. Wanna take some friends to long beach later in February.
  394. kenzmad

    Scuba octopus and dive computer and 3 steel 72 tanks

    scubapro mk17/s555 octopus and oceanic veo 250 dive computer for sale. Not really sure how many dives on these two items. I bought these a few years ago when I thought my buddy and me were gonna get into scuba. Less than 10 dives for sure. Tanks are old for sure but had them gone through by...
  395. kenzmad

    WTH is This-Martin Tackle Co Seattle Wash it says......

    Looks to me like the very early version of the 3 way swivel.
  396. kenzmad

    Hope you have your antifreeze in

    No kidding, mines in the water and havent used it in 2 months. Soon as this remodel is done though.......
  397. kenzmad

    Freshwater Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    Super happy to see ya'll still talking about this. These kids kinda stick with ya. And Doug, I am in the middle of a remodel, will get your plaque to ya soon. Cant even get to it right now.
  398. kenzmad

    Winterizing a moored outboard boat?

    Good info gents. I think I will go with the " drop the motor when it gets cold" approach. Boats only 20 minutes from the house so no biggie running over there.
  399. kenzmad

    Winterizing a moored outboard boat?

    this is my first year of mooring my boat. Yamaha 150 outboard. The motor is kept tilted up and out of the water. I know some water stays in the motor. How do I prevent this water from freezing this winter? I can pull the boat, but really want to leave it in the water for occasional use this winter.
  400. kenzmad

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    6 buddies headed out with Mark tomorrow. Be walkingthe docks by 3:00 today
  401. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    I will usually fillet a bag full so they can have a dinner. I do it as we fish, but I do have my daughter there doing the unhooking and baiting so I am free. Most dont fillet, and god only knows, the bass guys dont kill anything
  402. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    But.... it is gonna look like the Boat Show out there.
  403. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    I have a very real issue here. I have a feeling 2'itis is probably going to be a situation for me on Saturday.
  404. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    I will bring the super top secret bait (worms) for everyone. The kids get a rod and reel before the event. Bring a couple of extras for your crew or the parent to be able to fish. Small hooks, split shots, and a small net since a smallmouth or two are caught as well. Make sure you have an...
  405. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Cannot thank you guys enough! Cant wait for the event! You guys are awesome!
  406. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Norm and Mike, give me a call at 206-419- one zero six one. And Thank you for helping.
  407. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    I will call them tomorrow on boat need. As far as where to fish, I have you handled on this. Just need an anchor and a couple of trout rods. I will have bait for anyone from here that comes. I have my spot and there is plenty of room for boats. Perch are easy to catch
  408. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Thank you Lauence! Would hate to leave any kid on the dock. Thank you Kdub, hope to see ya at the lake. Feel free, anyone to give me a call for info. Guarantee you one of your favorite days on the water!
  409. kenzmad

    Saltwater heading to san juans next week looking for info

    Friday harbor ice cream shop has like 72 flavors. Tennessee whiskey is my favorite. Have fun, go slow, the whole area is beautiful. Enjoy the scenery.
  410. kenzmad

    Saltwater South puget sound salmon report

    Im thinking a few of the posters on this should probably head on over to Ifish. They seem right up your alley
  411. kenzmad

    Possible seat or two Sunday

    Sum beech! Too bad I'm helping the wife plant flowers!
  412. kenzmad

    Sockeye area 7 worth trying?

    Been thinking this for years. We have property on lummi is,and where they do the reef net fishing. Wondering if a flasher and red hook would work. Headed up in a few weeks. May try it
  413. kenzmad

    Sea trial fail

    Its really not too bad.
  414. kenzmad

    Drowning explained

    Stole your video to share. Scary stuff right there
  415. kenzmad

    Drowning explained

    That was horrible to watch! Unreal how that kid went unnoticed.
  416. kenzmad

    Drowning explained

    I try to post this up every year. Not sure if I have done it here though. Its that time of year when we are on the water. Here is some good info on spotting someone who is drowning. Stay safe and bring em all home The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the...
  417. kenzmad

    Back Yard Firepit

    Try roasting nutter butters. Never eat a smore again
  418. kenzmad

    No Yeti products for me

    No go for me. Thanks for the heads up.
  419. kenzmad

    Non-skid for tin can gunnels

    I laid skateboard grip tape on the deck a few years ago. First real warm day, the adhesive released and the tape peeled off. Now, there is a stripe of dirt stuck into the glue that wont come off.
  420. kenzmad

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    Look, I fished with him once. Was ordered to listen to him then. Now it's voluntary.
  421. kenzmad

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    E 11 for me. Where are you?
  422. kenzmad

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    Covered. WLked the docks and there is a ton of different ideas, but all boats had bird shit on them Des moines marina. Got my bottom massaged at Bobs place a couple of weeks ago.
  423. kenzmad

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    I can just set this on top i guess
  424. kenzmad

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    Boat should get splashed at the marina in 2 weeks. Needing something to keep the bastards off the canvas. Was looking at the spider thing. What are you all using?
  425. kenzmad

    Too funny

    You show this to the Warden? I think not!
  426. kenzmad

    Salmon for Soldiers - Looking for Captains & Crew!

    Looking at the website. Fishing is done in MA10 but launch is Everett. Bit of a run. If forecast is good, not so bad but what happens if weather is crap?
  427. kenzmad

    Butt or not...

    Nice skate! Rare for sure. My biggest is 37lbs. What did that one go? Cheeks are good eats
  428. kenzmad

    Spare Head Unit w/Internal GPS that I can borrow next week?

    I have a lowrance globalmap 5200 with navionics card you can use. Not sure if you have the power cables though. Im in Kent
  429. kenzmad

    Fuel Tank Sealer/Coating

    Only time I did it, I acid washed, then coated with Marine Tex. Still going strong as far as I know.
  430. kenzmad

    The Juice is getting evicted!!

    I do store stuff at funwheels. No inside storage option. Gravel parking lot
  431. kenzmad

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    If ya don't have a 12 digit #. How can the state make you change it. Warranty issues come up with the boat and you now have a HID that doesn't match the manufacturer. How would that work?
  432. kenzmad

    Where are the stickers?

    Ali stepped up big time! Thanks brutha.
  433. kenzmad

    South king county to Bellingham on friday

    making the run to Lummi Island on friday. Anyone need anything hauled north?
  434. kenzmad

    Where are the stickers?

    That would be awesome! Tuna sticker is like 11" long. Ones I have are like 5" long
  435. kenzmad

    Where are the stickers?

    old rig left with the BD stickers on it. Need new ones for the new ride. Cant find any on the BD swag link. I have a bunch of little ones but want to do the big one again. I am just a tard or are they not on the site anymore?
  436. kenzmad

    We all need this.

    Maybe this will shut up those that know more than us.
  437. kenzmad

    Wldlfbio, here is the cat you seek!

    $284k and they put the helm on the wrong side of the boat.
  438. kenzmad

    Adding another boat for Thursday thru Sunday!

    Nope, dont do it. Did it last year. Gonna cost me a shit ton of money
  439. kenzmad

    Bottom paint question

    Krylon glossy black rattle can
  440. kenzmad

    Roofer needed

    Metal roof it is. Gotta guy lined up. Thanks guys
  441. kenzmad

    Roofer needed

    18x24 patio cover. Need it sheeted and roofed. 2/12 pitch. Currently has polycarbonate over tongue and groove pine. Getting pissed at leaks. Anyone do this or know someone?
  442. kenzmad


    Watching this one. Little bastards keep popping up in different places every few days
  443. kenzmad

    Any Stihl dealers?

    Wards powershop in covington is one.
  444. kenzmad

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    2015 f350 dually. 22k on the odometer. Not telling the new owner about the BDsticker in the rear window. Gonna let him find out for himself when he is driving down the highway.:finger:
  445. kenzmad

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    Fucking dealer offered me $2000 for it
  446. kenzmad

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    Bought a new ride so this one needs to go. '99 f350 crewcab 7.3 longbox 4x4. 215,000 miles. Set up for camper hauling. Torklift tiedowns, airbags, rancho 9000 shocks. Truck is running 35/12.50/17 toyo tires. Highest rated big tire that I know of. Also, a set of vision, 19.5 wheels and tires...
  447. kenzmad

    Get off your Damn phone!

    Was considering offering this up once the weather stops fucking raining every day. Big back patio with a nice fire pit area.
  448. kenzmad

    Get off your Damn phone!

    Yup. That would be you
  449. kenzmad

    Get off your Damn phone!

    Today, 2:30ish. Grey hair and grey beard. Talking on bluetooth in cab phone. Sticker in bottom left corner of canopy window
  450. kenzmad

    Get off your Damn phone!

    405 northbound in the tukwila area. Grey? Ford with a bd sticker on the rear canopy window. I was in my septic pumping truck. Blowing the air horn to get you to notice me alongside you. Trying to give you the salute as you exited to 167. No dice, you were just blaa blaa blaa on your phone. Well...
  451. kenzmad

    My boat's bottom is getting the spa treatment

    Nice! I aint far behind you in line
  452. kenzmad

    Girl scout cookies?

    Well then, we need to hook up. I will get a shopping list from the kiddo
  453. kenzmad

    Girl scout cookies?

    anybody down here in south king county have a kiddo selling cookies? I always buy 25 boxes but my niece isnt in scouts anymore.
  454. kenzmad

    Trigonometry quiz

    Math with letters? Wtf?
  455. kenzmad

    Doing business with Carles_sterlin

    So, he had some shit stolen from his boat. Asked for us to sell him some excess. I offered a pay it forward offer of 10 new or nearly new flashers for free. He accepted my offer and we met today. Jist of the story is, He drove an hour to my house, left with 3 flashers, dropped off some cash and...
  456. kenzmad

    Must have Salmon Gear

    Picked these up from Hawksfan a year or so ago. Never used them. I already have too much shit. Yours if ya want them, free.
  457. kenzmad

    Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Crusted Albacore Tuna

    Sweet! Needing a new recipe.
  458. kenzmad

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    As posted on facebook. Cat Sratch Fever
  459. kenzmad

    Clam digging friendly hotel/motel long beach?

    Just getting prepared. Not sure when Long Beach will open
  460. kenzmad

    Clam digging friendly hotel/motel long beach?

    wanna head down for the digs but need to clean our catch. Any tips on where to go?
  461. kenzmad

    You are doing yourself a huge disservice!

    Well? What was your take on it?
  462. kenzmad

    Post op check in

    Speedy recovery for sure. Offer still stands if ya need a sitter. Even in her hospital bed we can all see...... you married up! Great news on her recovery!
  463. kenzmad

    You are doing yourself a huge disservice!
  464. kenzmad

    You are doing yourself a huge disservice!

    if you aint doing what chef patrick tells you. Crab stuffed chile rellonos are the shits giggle.
  465. kenzmad

    2 free pressure canners.

    Nice to meet both of ya. Both canners are gone
  466. kenzmad

    Canning tuna newbie

    I am gonna use jars this go around. I do have the vac 215 but it is hit or miss on folks as to whether it will do retort bags.
  467. kenzmad

    2 free pressure canners.

    Both are gone pending pickup this weekend!
  468. kenzmad

    2 free pressure canners.

    Either day works. Just prepping for the superbowl.
  469. kenzmad

    2 free pressure canners.

    picked these up from a BD'er a few years ago. He gave them to me for free under one condition. Use them for canning, not for scrap metal. I guess I would like to ask the same. One is a Burpee Aristocrat, the other is an All American. Both will do 2 stacks of tall pint jars. Neither comes with...
  470. kenzmad

    Canning tuna newbie

    between 3 of us we have about 50 lbs of tuna to can up. Gonna do 1/2pints. How many jars do we need? Interwebs is all over the board on this.
  471. kenzmad

    Saltboss gone?

    need a kicker bracket done but their website appears down. Are they gone?
  472. kenzmad

    Boat insurance heads up

    got my renewal from safeco, $171.00 increase with no claims or anything. New policy was gonna be $810.30. Figured I would try and get ahold of Pete over at Anchor Marine. Seems he is not there anymore but worked with me to draw something up. Seems I was seriously underinsured. Got a brand new...
  473. kenzmad

    Reference for Bottom Paint

    Just got on his list today!
  474. kenzmad

    The Other Pink Meat

    Dry aged is great! Land Of Magic in Logan Montana has the BEST steak you will ever have! That being said, read your thread and only came away with this little tidbit. "Charlie's meat is the best around"
  475. kenzmad

    Drywall, popcorn ceiling guy?

    Thanks guys, not sure when this room was added. Only room with popcorn and it was an addition. Got a pm to call back tomorrow. Gonna be a whole room redo so i can be a bit messy
  476. kenzmad

    Drywall, popcorn ceiling guy?

    400 sq ft, popcorn ceiling removal, skim coat and texture needed. 1963 home so if asbestos concern is an issue, I will remove popcorn. Maybe just overlay with new drywall. I am in Kent. Anyone do this?
  477. kenzmad

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all on here. Be safe, know your limits, and have a happy New Year!
  478. kenzmad

    Never thought this would happen

    Damn man, thats a tough one. Sorry for you and yours.
  479. kenzmad

    Selling my Trophy

    i reluctantly am going to sell my Trophy. Everything about getting it was incredible. There were so so many of you that helped in some way in me taking ownership of her. Some of you were super helpful, some were critical, and some were just plain assholes. I appreciate each and every one of you...
  480. kenzmad

    Hawks/Carolina ticket

    Wheres it at? Section?
  481. kenzmad

    1st Hawks game. Parking recommendations?

    Cool beans! There is 2 of us. Let me know if this works neighbor
  482. kenzmad

    1st Hawks game. Parking recommendations?

    going next sunday for my first game. Any tips on where to park or just park somewhere and walk? Oh ya, fish! There, its fishing related.
  483. kenzmad

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    There are alot more options. Chexk out
  484. kenzmad

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    I have the GM Daniel Boone. Nothing but problems with it. When it works right, the food is fantastic. Cant trust it to cook overnight without shutting off. Have had mine for about 4 years. Maybe they are better now? Worst $1000.00 i have ever spent
  485. kenzmad

    Looking for an asphalt guy

    In my neighborhood there is a company Roads Paving. No experience with them,mjust see them around
  486. kenzmad

    1998 Nissan

    Shit, I'm headed out hunting for the week. This is exactly what I am looking for for my daughters first car. Will check back next week and see if it is still for sale
  487. kenzmad

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    Hell, If Brian is gonna fuel her up, I will sit in the rear bean bag just to make sure no one is chasing us
  488. kenzmad

    Saltwater Westport 9/16 Well it finally happened

    No ice? Why werent the fish iced in the fish box? Got a trip booked with mark soon but the lack of fish care in that pic has me concerned. Hopefully they were iced after the pic was taken
  489. kenzmad

    Saltwater Exotics

    I was invited to fill an open seat for this trip. Had turned down several offers in the past because of work. This time, no way. Super stoked to go out and slay some tuna. Welllll, apparently, I suck at this fucking game. No fish for me. Watching the guys and gal do their thing taught me alot...
  490. kenzmad

    Wednesday (14 Sept) Roll Call...

    Im in as well. Apparently gonna eat a fish heart and get humiliated for being a rookie. Bring it! You're only a newbie once, right?
  491. kenzmad

    Freshwater Lake washington perch 2016

    Lake wa perch is easy. Fish any shoreline that has milfoil. Fish right at the edge of it. Typically 17-20' deep. Half a nightcrawler til you get a few, then fillet one out and use a small piece of perch meat as bait. Coffee can of cat food dumped over the side gets them to congregate under the...
  492. kenzmad

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    How did this get by all you guys? Dont we have someone in charge araound here?
  493. kenzmad

    Stinger Bar/hitch extension

    I have one that is like 30" long. It is 2 1/2" square tube though
  494. kenzmad

    Freshwater Lake washington perch 2016

    as usual, my annual perch report. Took the wife and girls to lake washington for one last trip before school starts. Right at the edge of the milfoil. 17'fow. Put 93 fish in the box. Released at least 50 more little ones. Not much for size this year, most in the 7-8" range with a couple over...
  495. kenzmad

    School me on fuel flow meters

    Well, shit. Really good info here. Sorry i didnt chime in sooner but the fucktards tried getting my kicker last night so I have been out tweaker proofing( I hope). Need to verify what I need to run off the nmea. Always wondered what that screen on my hds10 was for. Thanks a ton guys!
  496. kenzmad

    School me on fuel flow meters

    reading online gives me a headache. I have an hds10 and a 2008 150 yamaha. I want to put a fuel flow meter in. Current fuel guage sucks ballz. Reading, flowsan vs lowance is mind numbing. Looking for current burn rate, fuel level and distance to empty. Who is better? Flowscan or lowrance? Its a...
  497. kenzmad

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    First and foremost, prayers sent to the family. Now, what a double edged sword. Seems he did right by wearing his pfd. May have cost him his life. What so do you do? I wear an automatic pfd since i may be knocked unconsious when being thrown from the vessel and may not be able/have the ability...
  498. kenzmad

    WTborrow scotty mount puller

    I have one but it's the old style plug. Welcome to it if it will work
  499. kenzmad

    Mooring at des moines?

    Thinking more about taking folks out on the water and going to have lunch/dinner somewhere. Evening cruise type of stuff
  500. kenzmad

    Mooring at des moines?

    thinking about keeping the boat in the water here. Where to venture to for food and drinks? Have fished and boated most of the state but never in the south sound. Figured we would use it more if it was in the water already. Boat turns into an attraction for others so we need some p,aces to go...
  501. kenzmad

    They tried...

    Damn Eric, that sucks ballzz. Where was this at?
  502. kenzmad

    Skok fishing

    Saw this one a couole of years ago. Sad to see the kids involved with the snagging er "fishing" for the kings. Circle of life i guess
  503. kenzmad

    Need ideas-crab pot repair

    If you can wait a month, I am gonna be retiring a couple of pots with this lid design. Gonna haul them to the dump.
  504. kenzmad

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    Dude we had on the boat admitted he gets motion sickness watching 3d movies. I am thinking he should have chewed his patch rather than stick it behind his ear. Pills worked wonders for everyone else onboard. Its good to know a pharmacist i guess
  505. kenzmad

    Saltwater Lucky day for us. Tuna, Saturday 23rd

    Good for you guys. You were the lucky ones. Fishing was tough for sure. Nice back breaking ride in though
  506. kenzmad

    Saltwater Tuna virgins day at Westport 7/25

    Once upon a time there were 6 guys that had been talking about catching tuna. Bro inlaw finally made it happen on Marks 29' guatelupe. Rolled into Westport on Saturday afternoon. Had made plans to go to the PSA meeting at the museum. Couple of barley pops and I was finally ready to meet some of...
  507. kenzmad

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    I will write one up soon.
  508. kenzmad

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    Going to the meeting was pretty cool! First time attending one. Next time I will remember to bring a beer with me. Thanks to the 3 captains for sharing their thoughts. As a tuna virgin, it was nice to here some tips. Met a couple of ya for the first time.
  509. kenzmad

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    Every $3.00 is a gallon of gas, so, yep
  510. kenzmad

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    Gonna be my first PSA meeting. Looking forward to it. Is there a stripper pole to dance on?
  511. kenzmad

    a cod question.

    Only cod we have ever caught we in over 700 fow. Not sure you can even target them in the san juans with the 120' rule in p,ace
  512. kenzmad

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    Don't know him yet. He's a friend of my bro in law that is in the group of us. Will know him in a couple of weeks.
  513. kenzmad

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    Gonna walk the docks at some point and check out the boats. Any of you dipshits gonna be there? If so, where? Would like to put faces to fake names. July 23/24 for me
  514. kenzmad

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    Ok, thanks guys. I feel much more at ease now. Now, can I vac pac and freeze before canning or is it best done fresh? Most is gonna be kept to grill but want to can some as well.
  515. kenzmad

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    Ya so I have heard. Should I put the For Sale sign on the boat now?
  516. kenzmad

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    Headed to Westport to fish with Mark the end of July. Really don't want to drive home after fishing all day. Can I keep them on ice overnight? Maybe frozen jugs so no water with them? Really have no idea on how to deal with them. Will be vac packing them the next day once I get home. Am I good...
  517. kenzmad

    Give the Salute tomorrow

    Wont be in area 7 til the 9th but id I see ya, I'll salute ya
  518. kenzmad

    Oil change for Father's day.

    They actually do enjoy this kinda stuff. Pretty soon they will be driving and are gonna need to know how to change a tire themselves. Good job Dad for getting them out there! Daddy daughter time is the best!
  519. kenzmad

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    Got 1800' of leaded line headed my way. Not sure how I am gonna divide it up. Have 8 or 9 pots to redo. At least 2 will have 300' on them just to see. Probably wont have to worry about the assholes without a pot puller checking these ones for me.
  520. kenzmad

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    getting ready for my annual lummi island camping trip. All my pots are fishing in 125'. Thinking of setting a couple in 250' just to see whats there. Are crab a depth orientated critter? As a diver, I see most fish/crab around the 65' mark.
  521. kenzmad

    Stolen Hewes ditched in A-Town.

    Co pilot has a headache tonight
  522. kenzmad

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce makes eating crow tolerable. Got a chuckle outta this one
  523. kenzmad

    About deck fish boxes

    Have used the transom fishbox as a livewell for perch. Lost a few on the freeway when making an evasive turn. Got home and had to try and fillet out a bunch of live spiny fish. Wont do that again.
  524. kenzmad

    Finally got to use the decent device .

    Thank you for staying the course. Its the least we can do for our fishing future. I have always had to use 2 2lb halibut weights to the fishies headed back home. Good for you!
  525. kenzmad

    Need access to Press Brake

    Not sure what they charge but they are in Kent.
  526. kenzmad

    No matter how bad your day is

    in Bangkok!
  527. kenzmad

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    Although I have never been a boat ho, I do own a boat. Nothing pisses me off more than finding trash hidden behind seats, in the tackle trays etc. there is a trash can onboard. Fuck, the usable space on the boat is only like 15'. Walk the 5 steps and put the trash where it belongs
  528. kenzmad

    Lake WA Perch in mid-June -- help needed!

    I am not sure I am ok with chtucker talking about his junk with my name in the same sentence.:gayfight: I do have quite abit of knowledge on the perch fishing in Lake Washington. Hit me up if ya want. This closure shit is gonna really piss me off if we have to cancel our Cast for Kids event in...
  529. kenzmad

    BD BRUTHA HOOD ...Rocks

    E:appl: absolutely fantastic group of guys on here
  530. kenzmad

    Vinyl wrap?

    Ain't met a a titty that didn't cost me $$$$. Sometimes it is worth paying though.
  531. kenzmad

    Vinyl wrap?

    Any link to vances nipple? I wanna see it.
  532. kenzmad

    Vinyl wrap?

    Good lord benjamin, your website needs work.
  533. kenzmad

    Hey brutha!, I have a septic tank cleaning truck that is getting some welding done on the tank...

    Hey brutha!, I have a septic tank cleaning truck that is getting some welding done on the tank that is gonna screw up my paint and lettering. I am thinking about a vinyl sheet to cover the paint burns. Off hand I am thinking it needs to be a sheet that is 14'lx4't. Thinking a blue diamond plate...
  534. kenzmad

    Vinyl wrap?

    Pm headed to bejamins inbox in a minute. I thought i remembered someone from here doing this.
  535. kenzmad

    Vinyl wrap?

    having some welding done on my pump truck that is going to burn the paint and lettering I currently have. Thinking of doing a large wrap or logo to cover everything up. Anyone have any experience in the vinyl biz? Logo is gonna be about 14' long x4' tall
  536. kenzmad

    What is going to happen to Sekiu?

    if the salmon closure takes place, what is going to happen to Sekiu? The Mason family just bought Olsens with plans on improvements. I remember the glory days of people everwhere walking the town, fishing kings and silvers all summer. Sure hope they can weather the storm.
  537. kenzmad

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    Gone pending pickup!
  538. kenzmad

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    i have a feeling this post is gonna go kinda sideways but here goes. Neighbor is losing his house and was gonna throw this away. I think someone may need it more than the dump does. Charger included. Seems to work fine. I rode it around for a bit. Gonna post it up on crigslist unless someone...
  539. kenzmad

    Trailer Swap Completed

    I may be wrong here but I was under the impression that you want the bunks to extend to below the transom. Could create a "hook" in the hull. Maybe thats just with rollers. Thinking through my fingers right now.
  540. kenzmad

    BD and Ipad troubles

    Yeo. Working fine now.
  541. kenzmad

    BD and Ipad troubles

    Doesnt do this on my Iphone. Weird stuff happening.
  542. kenzmad

    BD and Ipad troubles

    i can only view the site when my bookmarks are open. If I close the bookmarks, the screen gets scrunched up with no verbiage visible in the threads. With my bookmarks open, it looks normal. Any ideas? It is only here at BD.
  543. kenzmad


    We will be there Friday for opening night. I love the M's early in the season. You know, when there is still hope
  544. kenzmad

    Anyone here do pest control?

    these fucking little ants are driving me bat shit crazy. Tried the home depot stuff, borax and honey. Need someone who knows this atuff
  545. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Can you wear bright red lipstick? Just kidding, seems we have been talking about different issues. Shoplifters and shoppers are different people. I see your links would absolutely apply to confirmed or suspected shoplifters. I still do not see the validity of stopping a law abiding shopper...
  546. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    I get that but..... If it aint written, I do not comply. See,we here in Washington have resisted and so far have prevented illegal DUIcheckpoints and such. Seems if you give a little courtesy, they want more. We still get to have 13,17,30 round magazines in our guns. Personally not interested...
  547. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    On a side note. I really sucks that as a citizen of the USA, I have to be super versed in the laws to prevent me from being hooked up because of the percieved gray area.
  548. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    I dont read into this statute as allowing any sort of use of force/stopping to question a lawful customer from leaving a building after purchasing a product while being there.
  549. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Not trying to be a dick here Tambs. I read it as it is written. I try to not be part of the judicial process so I am not up to par on the black/ white / gray areas. 9.16.020 RCW 9A.16.020 Use of force—When lawful. The use, attempt, or offer to use force upon or toward the person of another is...
  550. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    I am not a lawyer but here is my $0.02. 9a.16.010 is for use of force in a lawful detention. 9a.16.020 1) is for law enforcement 2) pertains to felonies 3) pertains to preventing injuries 4) pertains to trespassing 5)not getting off the damn plane or train or out of a vehicle 6) pertains...
  551. kenzmad

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Costco, I show reciept. It is in their membership agreement. Everwhere else, I will not. Fryes, you get spit out of the cashier line right to the dude that wants to check your reciept. Walk right on by. Wally world, the old guy cant keep up with me at a walking pace. My opinion is if I come from...
  552. kenzmad

    Westport babysitting

    Not a Westport guy. What dates are you looking at? My girls 14&18 would love to do it
  553. kenzmad

    Want to hire. Labor job for young guy

    You would think but its been 3 years running with no takers. Kids these days.......
  554. kenzmad

    Workers needed

    Home depot is your friend. Working fricken fools for $15.00/hr
  555. kenzmad

    Coast Guard Auxiliary Boat Inspections Saturday

    Thanks for the tip on this, but, I will leave this task up to the active duty men that have the final say. See you guys in Neah Bay next mont for our annual meet and greet on the water. Thanks for being there for us.
  556. kenzmad

    The next station is....

    Welcome to Neah Bay. Cant wait to show you my life jackets and bid you a good day. Seems thats the extent of the encounters I have had with coasties out there. Thanks for not messing with the good guys. Thanks for what you do, we need you.
  557. kenzmad

    Pull the Plug???

    MA7 is my destination. Anyone have any coords? Or pics with clear backgrounds would do as well.
  558. kenzmad


    Ed over at Modern Heating did mine. Good dude
  559. kenzmad

    Want to hire. Labor job for young guy

    i own a septic tank cleaning company. Need someone to ride shotgun in the truck this summer. Digging, dragging hoses, pumping tanks. Typically 40hrs a week. $15.00/hr to start, $20.00/hr if you are good. Not looking for full time, mainly a high school/college kid hom for the summer. June to...
  560. kenzmad

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    You can sling launch on the rez and motor over. I roll out two 4'x50' rolls of chainlink fence and beach launch. We have a mooring bouy I tie up to. We are on the east side. Lane spit drive. Big vacant beach lot that those of us without waterfront property own.
  561. kenzmad

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    This party has been going for 40+ years. First dad had it and now I do it. 50+ family and friends for a week. Last year counting everyones crab cards, 175 cooked up dungies in 4 days. Happy kids right here.
  562. kenzmad

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    And Howard, if you are up there, you should stop by our beach.
  563. kenzmad

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    Almost every year the Lummi Nation dock is empty of all crab pots when we get to the ferry dock. We know they are fishing. Last year the dock was piled high with pots. We actually got to crab before they did and it was a banner year for us. Coincidence? I am really hoping for a July 14 opening...
  564. kenzmad

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    I put on a huge party in July up on Lummi Island every year. Dates of the shindig hinge on the opening of MA7 south. Any clue as to when wdfw is gonna announce the dates?
  565. kenzmad

    R&R an outboard - not mine

    Alright,for tonight, I am gonna say my ass got handed to me. Will check in the morning, too scared to go outside in the dark, might be someone outside stealing my kicker
  566. kenzmad

    R&R an outboard - not mine

    Thinking this probably has to do with Pops. Not sure why you would take off either red or blue. Silver in the center is the only way to remove to install on another outboard. One bolt and the whole thing drops off. Bolt it on the new outboard. No need to even bleed the system after that
  567. kenzmad

    Outdoor Room Contractor Needed(recommendations)

    Built this with a buddy 2 years ago. Grilling in the rain is fun now. 24' wide x 18' deep. $1900.00 for the wood package. $1500.00 for the polycarbonate roofing. Sound bar for music, lights and a tv coming this spring
  568. kenzmad

    MK tile saw for sale

    You ever get to the south end? I am in kent. Have a paver project coming up this summer
  569. kenzmad

    Please help! Want non ethanol fuel at Edmonds????

    Done! Thanks for the heads up on this
  570. kenzmad

    Split some StarBoard?

    Shit Eric, with those baseball mitts you call hands, you did really well. Looks really nice!
  571. kenzmad

    Anybody have Carfax? Anyone know someone at Sunset Chevy in Sumner

    Quick run of the numbers assuming an odometer change puts the current mileage around july 2015. Not sure where its been sense then but.... Imwould walk from this one.
  572. kenzmad

    Split some StarBoard?

    Is this sheet a regular 4'x8'? I might be interested. How many $$$$ are we talking?
  573. kenzmad

    Overnight rv in westport?

    Reading past threads about guys getting ticketed for power napping in their rigs. Just really looking to crash for the night after fishing all day. Was hoping there was a dirt turnout or something a guy could get a decent nights sleep
  574. kenzmad

    Overnight rv in westport?

    looked through some old theeads and it seems it is a no no. Anything changed in the last year? Couple of us coming down for a charter this summer and would prefer to have the camper on the truck. If not, I will just grab a room for 2 nights.
  575. kenzmad

    Hali gear and salmon flashers

    How many flashers are there? Give me a price for the whole lot. May want to talk with you about the shrimp gear as well
  576. kenzmad

    The question . . .

    I'm In, Hawks 35 panthers 28
  577. kenzmad

    A little bit of "WTF?" for mid winter

    So, he has a guy whose job is to jiggle his balls while singing about ducks? Some bitch, never even thought about that during the whole " what would you do if you won the powerball" discussion.
  578. kenzmad

    Catching tuna.

    Interesting reading if ya actually type in
  579. kenzmad

    Fiberglass help please

    I have enough mat and resin here that you can have. You will need a roller and maybe a couple of brushes. Im with most on this fix. Use resin to glue it back together. Fiberglass mat on the underside. Ignore the fracture line on the topside. Whoops, all I have is poly resin. You want to use...
  580. kenzmad

    WTB Reasonably priced AR

    Heres one from a dude on Huntwa,187498.msg2485013/topicseen.html#new
  581. kenzmad

    Bacon Explosions

    Aka "fatty" pack em with hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. What could be bad with basting sausage with bacon grease? Good eats for sure
  582. kenzmad

    CQ Reservations

    Flat calm and fog in the morning, wind does pick up in the afternoon. Run back to Neah fairly close to shore. Seems to be a windbreak that forms and the run in isnt too bad. Still pick your weather windows though
  583. kenzmad

    CQ Reservations

    Same here. I fish Sekiu every year but not from Sekiu. Neah is a ghost town that time of the year.
  584. kenzmad

    Towing a boat?

    watching the current episode of rugged justice. They stopped a boat for towing another boat. Dude was apparently BUI, but the reason for the stop was towing. I cant find it. Is there an RCW that says we cant to a boat to shore?
  585. kenzmad

    Whatever happened to Glad Wraps hump day threads?

    Would be the best 8 second ride I have had
  586. kenzmad

    Are your lights up yet?

    Not up yet. Started toying with this laser light setup from home depot. Not sure how to employ this device in the arsenal. First pic is with it pointing at patio table. Second is with it pointing at front of house. Last is pointing it at my truck.
  587. kenzmad

    RV sales and/or service?

    No help from me on this but wanted to let you know this made me laugh. Good luck in your search
  588. kenzmad

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    stairguy, where did you get your lights. Rocking Hawks colors seems pretty cool.
  589. kenzmad

    I married right.. but I bought a Ford - doh!

    Your other half is definately a keeper! I am in the process of buying a new truck and am going to miss my '99 7.3. Of all the rigs I have owned, this one will be the only one that I will be sad to see go. If all goes well, it should be on the classified board within the next month.
  590. kenzmad

    10 year anniversary what to do

    Usually not a fan of internet grammar police, but I have to ask..... What message would you suggest? This could open up a huge ass can of worms
  591. kenzmad

    Plumber and appliance repair needed

    Got a buddy that works for Appliance Hospital. His name is Ray, he can do side jobs. Pm me if ya want his cell #. As for the hose bib, its easy. Head to Mclendons and they will hook you up. But, I am wondering, why if you have hot and cold at your house, why were you looking for someone at...
  592. kenzmad


    Have boat and generator. Absolutley no knowledge of squidding. Would be open to splashing the boat on sunday if anyone with gear and knowhow want to go. Pt defience, redondo or alki.
  593. kenzmad

    Need Xmas ideas 6 and 13 yr old nephews

    What time of the year for the camping fishing trip? Cant beat Neah Bay for seabass/lingcod in April. Hell, I may even give up a couple of #'s if the little ones are fishing. Calm waters and lots of fish
  594. kenzmad

    A big Boil

    When are you thinkin'? I might be in
  595. kenzmad

    Fin - ass- city?

    Saw your ride on rugged justice tonight sporting the bd sticker. Who owns it?
  596. kenzmad

    Muzzleloader bullet remover

    What make of muzzy? Breech able to be opened or does it have to come out the barrel?
  597. kenzmad

    Freshwater Lake Washington Coho?

    When fishing lake sammamish, a herring wrapped kwikfish behind a fish flash works. If it works there, it should work in lake wa.
  598. kenzmad

    Fetha styx gone?

    Saw this on another forum. This is from their website.
  599. kenzmad

    New 2013 Mercury 300XXL Verados $12500

    Is this the same email you got back? There are a few things that set off my radar in reading this. I am not looking for a motor but there is just too many flags for me to feel comfortable.
  600. kenzmad

    New 2013 Mercury 300XXL Verados $12500

    I have responded, lets where this goes.
  601. kenzmad

    New 2013 Mercury 300XXL Verados $12500

    12k off new price? Hokey deal for sure. Think I may bite just to see how the transaction plays out
  602. kenzmad

    New Washington boat builder

    Crazy watching that boat turn. Not much lean and the pontoon hits the water. Must be like driving an Indy car. Wonder how one could configure one as a fishing vessel?
  603. kenzmad

    Painting a car hood?

    Who here is a a painter? Looking at buying a car that needs paint. Gotta be a bruther that does this for a living or on the side.
  604. kenzmad

    WTB good used car for daughters first

    That sounds like a good little runner. Kid doesnt want a stick shift and insurance is considerably more on a sports car than a 4 door. Thanks though
  605. kenzmad

    WTB good used car for daughters first

    looking for something in the $2500 range. Decent used car for a first time driver. Anyone?
  606. kenzmad


    So sorry to hear this. Projects can wait, family is where the focus needs to be.
  607. kenzmad

    Time for the Annual call for boats for Cast 4 Kids

    Got a phone call from Jay tonight. Still need 4-5 more boats. Hate to leave any kids on the bank for this event
  608. kenzmad

    boat storage?

    I am paying $100.00 a month for a 75' spot in covington. Dont keep the boat there but it is an rv storage lot
  609. kenzmad

    San Juan islands and 53 pounds of molly

    Well, that should put the " coasties are dicks" argument to rest. Good job gentlemen
  610. kenzmad

    Generator to loan

    Anyone in need of a generator to keep the freezer cold let me know. I have 2 hondas and 800 and a 2000. Wont run the whole house but will keep the food cold. I am in Kent
  611. kenzmad

    Kicker mounting

    Check out for a fixed bracket. I am on uglybayliners list but may go this route as he a busy dude. As far as tierods go, i am still looking myself.
  612. kenzmad

    Pon Pon Powers out.

    If ya want to run up to Kent, you can grab my 800 honda genny
  613. kenzmad

    Buying tuna in westport?

    Haha, no worries. I am gonna try and make a run down at some point and pick up enough to last us for the winter. Thanks for the offer though!
  614. kenzmad

    Buying tuna in westport?

    Dad always bought tuna when I was a kid. Is there anyone selling tuna? Whole or processed?
  615. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah Bay 8/17-8/26

    Saw you guys vac packing as we drove by. White ford with camper at the end of the campground.had the camper off the truck
  616. kenzmad

    Saltwater Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Oh, and title should be " fishing with Dad"
  617. kenzmad

    Saltwater Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Great report! Seems I missed one hell of a trip! You know Dad is smiling down, proud of what he made you into. Great job in honoring Pops!
  618. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah Bay 8/17-8/26

    You guys did WAY better than us. Congrats! Was that you camped at the cape across from the showers?
  619. kenzmad

    Time for the Annual call for boats for Cast 4 Kids

    While I absolutely agree with this statement, thats not what this event is about. This is disabled kids getting to go fishing. All manners of disability, doing something they wouldnt, couldnt do otherwise. Looking forward to it almost as much as my deckhands (daughters) are.
  620. kenzmad

    Time for the Annual call for boats for Cast 4 Kids

    Have you signed up on the website yet
  621. kenzmad

    Time for the Annual call for boats for Cast 4 Kids

    Like last year, we could use a few more boats for the event on Lake Washington Sept 12th. Anyone needing a good time on the water let me know. Free BBQ after plus a picture with your kid for your wall.
  622. kenzmad

    Need tuna cords

    Well, hell, even I know better than to start off like that. Hows this feel from the BD bruthus?
  623. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah bay 8/21-8/23

    Intel we heard was Makah Bay. Us and 3 other boats went round and round. Talked to all of them on the raidio. NADA was the word I got. Fish checkers told me that 2 kings were brought in on Saturday. Headed back inside to chase silvers out in the shipping lanes and then in closer off wadaah.
  624. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah bay 8/21-8/23

    Spent the last 3 days chasing pink meat at Neah bay. Fishing was poor to piss poor. 2 guys, 21 hours total and came home with 5 3-5 lb silvers. Released 20 other wild fish again 3-5 lbs. fish are little! Fish checkers confirmed that the coho are super small this year and hard to catch. Bite was...
  625. kenzmad

    Eggs anyone?

    Sorry to say, fishing sucked! 5 3-5lb silvers for 3 days of fishing. One hen with 3"long skeins. Probably not worth the drive. Sorry guys
  626. kenzmad

    Dad update - bad

    Now have 4 inflatable PFDs onboard. Wear it or get off MY boat. Thank you Laurence.
  627. kenzmad

    Am I reading this right?

    Holy Ballz. Can they not get anything right? Big Salmon Facebook saying "come get your 2 king salmon" wdfw release clearly says 1 of your 2 can be a king
  628. kenzmad

    Am I reading this right?

    Jesus! This is a pain in the ass to follow. So now, i have some closer options. Swiftsure and umatilla may get a look see. Called the Cape today to inquire about campfire status and their recording said all cabins booke for the month. Hope they didnt give away my campsite
  629. kenzmad

    Am I reading this right?

    From Big Salmon Facebook page Will be having a chat with them on friday when I get there.
  630. kenzmad

    Sad Time for Texas

    Clint, does your brain read what your fingers are typing? It takes a special type of asshole to tread on what we have going on up here. Why the hell are you even on here? This has been a fun read watching you get your ass handed to you on every reply. Keep em coming
  631. kenzmad

    Am I reading this right?

    Thats what i thought but this threw me Beginning Aug. 16, the regulations revert back to those prior to the two-day chinook opening in Neah Bay. I am assuming they closed because of quota. Seems the above sentence could be a little more clear
  632. kenzmad

    Am I reading this right?

    Neah is open for 2 kings and 2 silvers starting August 16. Release wild coho but keep native kings?
  633. kenzmad

    Run from neah to compass rose?

    Headed over this weekend. If water is good 20-21 knots. Dont want to go get my chart. Whats the run time? I am thinking hour and a half to two.
  634. kenzmad

    Eggs anyone?

    If the water treats us nice we want to make a run on saturday down south. Taking an ocean newbie with me so the forecast needs to be right. I will be back on Sunday evening. I will vacpack them for ya. I am in Kent, where are you located?
  635. kenzmad

    Eggs anyone?

    Aznnite your first in line, delta your next. Silver eggs only or are humpy eggs ok as well. Need to load up on some "neighbor fish"
  636. kenzmad

    Stainless Rod Holders for Fish_Kid

    Tower is doing awesome! And yes, I need a new kicker bracket. Pm headed your way
  637. kenzmad

    Eggs anyone?

    Headed to neah bay on friday. I dont use them but would be happy to save for anyone that does. Let me know.
  638. kenzmad

    Stainless Rod Holders for Fish_Kid

    Free time!? I am still trying to get on the books for the new kicker bracket.
  639. kenzmad

    Little help here

    Wrong section. Probably get more views on the main board but, i used a stainless washer and a figure 8 knot on the bottom of mine
  640. kenzmad

    Another BITCH about the state stealing money

    I dont care who you are, that some funny shit right there!
  641. kenzmad

    Dad update - bad

    Damn Laurence, so sorry to read this. Your family is in our thoughts.
  642. kenzmad

    Some of us dont want to sell our boat!

    So we fish for salmon! I have a couple open seats for friday 8/7 for a humpy trip outta everett. Bring your gear, use mine, whatever. Any takers? Boat leaves the dock at 0600. If you get there at 0601, let me know if my stern light isnt working. For those that are coming up from south, you can...
  643. kenzmad

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

    Starboard rear may have a fish on as well. No one there to reel it in?
  644. kenzmad

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

    Wonder where that from? No reg #s that I can see
  645. kenzmad

    How do you share position info?

    Wow, really? You are gonna interject logic into this discussion? Gps has created an entire generation of people who cannot navigate water or woods without battery power
  646. kenzmad

    New gas tax kicks-in on Saturday

    Add this 7 cents to the 37.5 we are already paying. Refineries here in our state and we arent even close to the cheapest gas nationwide. Fuck me, podunk Iowa is cheaper than us. Every 7cents count. Every 14 of those equals a dollar. When does it end?
  647. kenzmad

    If you could only troll at 4 mph what lure would you use for Albacore?

    Oh, to be young again. Really wish you could talk to 45year old you. He would have some advice for you. Good luck man, talked with you a bit about this earlier. Not sure how you guys walk around with brass clanging like that
  648. kenzmad

    Sharked on a Bait stop.

    Very cool. What kind of sharks are they?
  649. kenzmad

    Crab Sour Cream Enchiliadas

    Wife is Celiac so we are GF as well. Mission now makes a GF tortilla that looks,tastes and feels like a flour tortilla. Local Safeway carries them.
  650. kenzmad

    Another Vacuum Sealer

    Eric, I have the vacmaster 215. For the cost of the bags (and maybe a loin or two) you can come use mine.
  651. kenzmad

    To those hauling a truck camper

    Ok, pulled all 4 wheels this morning. Only one of them had any issues but it is BAD! Way worse than I thought. 7of the 8 spokes have cracks in them. Waiting on a few tire dealers to get back with me on availability of 17x10 steel wheels. Seems no one makes them. For now, i will run my 19.5s and...
  652. kenzmad

    To those hauling a truck camper

    Camper comes in at 4000lbs with all my crap in it. Truck has a max gvw of 9900lbs. So, i am at 2k over truck gvw. Ford rates the gvw on tire weight rating not axle manufacturer rating. I upped the tire rating as well as added airbags, sway bars, rancho 9000 shocks, ceramic brakes with slooted...
  653. kenzmad

    To those hauling a truck camper

    Ride sucks ballz. Stiff sidewalls offer no flex. You feel the "thump thump"if you run over a pinecone in the street. Changing lanes is scary. You have to actually steer to the lane you want to get into and when you cross over the line, you have to steer back to keep lane position. These things...
  654. kenzmad

    To those hauling a truck camper

    I have a 99f350. Srw pickup that I have an S&S 9.5' camper mounted on. I know I am pushing (exceeding) the weight limits of the rated gvw of the truck. Sometimes 1000lbs over. I have been hauling this camper around for thousands of miles since 2006. Yellowstone, montana, neah bay etc. i got...
  655. kenzmad

    New sport in Westport?
  656. kenzmad

    Pulling the trigger on NR 25 OS Build

    I have nothing to add here except, Ducky, that was one of the coolest videos I have ever seen! Way to go dad!
  657. kenzmad

    4th of July Puget Sound Deadly Accident - Drinking and Boating Don't Mix

    Looks like the jury didnt buy his defense.
  658. kenzmad

    Who is running for tuna Sunday (12 July)

    That would be a clowder of cats. Just sayin'
  659. kenzmad

    Mooring in Westport, how safe is your equipment?

    Not about westport but was told at Neah, they were after downrigger balls. Leaving rods and stuff behind but swiping the lead
  660. kenzmad

    It's busy out there....

    Walmart freeway!
  661. kenzmad

    It's busy out there....

    Is that the Bubble? Holy balls! Looks more like Lake Wa Sockeye
  662. kenzmad

    Saltwater WP Tuesday & Divine Intervention

    Nice job on the fish! Scary shit with the truck! Had a similar thing happen to me. Bombing down the road at 50mph. Stop at the light. Turn into the liquor store parking lot. Grab a bottle of Jack, step on the brake to put the truck into drive and rupture a brake line. 3 brake pedal presses from...
  663. kenzmad

    Anyone heard from Blackmouther?

    I did. Just gonna play the waiting game now i guess.
  664. kenzmad

    Anyone heard from Blackmouther?

    Have a couple of questions for him but he doesnt seem to be on here anymore.
  665. kenzmad

    What knot for braid to dacron backing on downrigger?

    I would go uni, but lets see what the others say
  666. kenzmad

    Any interest in fresh Sockeye?

    Call his ass out. Someday someone else may want to do business with him.
  667. kenzmad


    God damn kids find a way into our hearts. Know your your pain, gonna feel it again soon.Sucks bad, i know. Sorry man.
  668. kenzmad

    Fresh kings available now too!!

    Dude! I am gonna need a second job if you keep posting this stuff up here.:D Whats the average weight of the fish?
  669. kenzmad

    Wanted: small engine repair

    There is also Wards power shop in Covington. Dont expect a quick turnaround though. Just picked up my genny from the, and there was like 75-100 lawnmowers in there.
  670. kenzmad

    Pt defience shark dive?

    Wife bought me a scuba dive into the shark tank at the Pt Defience Aquarium. Big ole lemon shark died. Has anyone been there recently? Has the big shark been replaced? Itching to get in the water soon.
  671. kenzmad

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    And it stayed like that throughout the cook.
  672. kenzmad

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    Yep! Exactly. Grill should be smoking good before the fish goes on. Fish went on right after this.
  673. kenzmad

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    And dont baste with the marinade. It has had raw fish soaking in it
  674. kenzmad

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    Crap, sorry. Marinate for 2-8 hours. The longer, the better. I will update the recipe
  675. kenzmad

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    Had a request for this over on the sockeye thread. When done right, this will give you a hot smoked candied salmon dinner. I wont take credit for it, I got the recipe from a pack of cedar planks from 10 years ago. I would love to give credit where credit is due but I have no idea whose recipe...
  676. kenzmad

    Any interest in fresh Sockeye?

    Give me a few and I will put it up on the main board
  677. kenzmad

    Any interest in fresh Sockeye?

    Good eats right there