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  1. brice

    Seeker G660xxh or 2x4

    Looking for a 660xxh. Please PM. Thanks, Brice
  2. brice

    Penn Fathom Star Drag FTH30 for FTH25N (first gen)

    Like the title says. Have a 30 filled with 80 pro spec, wondering if someone wants to trade for a 25. Few trips, very good condition. Everyone knows what a star drag fathom 30 looks like.
  3. brice

    15, 20 or 30lb braid for My Little Pony Rod/Reel

    Don’t ask LOL New/Used? cheap / free? I only need around 100-150 yards.
  4. brice

    Diamond DII Epoxy UV Formula

    Anyone used this new formula yet? How does it compare to regular DII as far as pot life, leveling, dry time, hardness and clarity?
  5. brice

    Penn 113h Bridge (3-113h)

    does anyone in San Diego have a spare bridge they would sell/donate?
  6. brice

    3/0 Senator w/ Tiburon Frame for 4/0 or 6/0

    Handle is broken. Works well. can throw in 500 Jig Masters as well.
  7. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    All rods sold or no longer available! All rods are hypalon and reel seat. ~12" rear hypalon, ~14" front. This is the good (dense) hypalon -84h 7' 30-60- Used, Batson seat, Alps XNs, SOLD -84xh 7' 40-80 - Like new, Alps seat, Batson Turbos, SOLD -80m 8' 20-50 - Used, Batson seat, Alps XNs...
  8. brice

    Rubber Winding Check Needed (~.680")

    hey guys, found out i am out of this size this morning and would like to continue a build today. does anyone have one in San Diego county? Thanks!
  9. brice

    Can we get geebee his own forum section

    so he can ask all his questions in one spot?
  10. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    One of the most personal parts of wrapping is picking the colors. I don't believe there is a thread dedicated to it, so let's see if this will gain some momentum and potentially help all of us pick colors for future builds. If not, it should be buried in a few days
  11. brice

    Seeker (SS or Black Steel) 270H-8 Blank

    **NOW JUST LOOKING FOR A SS BLANK** like the title says. Looking for a 25# blank. Thanks!
  12. brice

    Fathom reel foot/Alps triangle reel seat

    Tried to put my fathom on a rod with an alps triangle reel seat and the recess in the reel seat is too large to secure the reel foot. Any ideas?
  13. brice

    WTB Anchor Chain (30-50ft) 3/16"-1/4"

    Got it. Thanks Matt!
  14. brice

    Forecast "Turbo" Guides

    Anyone used the Forecast ST guides? Any feedback/field reports? Thinking about using them on a 93h ulua.
  15. brice

    WTB Garmin 740/740s

    As the title says. If you are upgrading your electronics, I am looking for your old 740. Let me know. Thanks, Brice
  16. brice

    Rainshadow dedicated 20lb blank recommendation

    is it the 80L? Any other suggestions welcome.
  17. brice

    Another Rainshadow 84H

    I really like this color combo, especially matched up with the fathoms. 14" foregrip and Alps/Batson hardware. I really like the way the diamond II epoxy lays up. I was only able to do 3-4 guides at a time though.
  18. brice

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C 12-30lb custom wrap

    One of the all-time ultimate 20lb sticks. 8' 12-30lb. Fuji reel seat, alps mxn guides, hypalon. $130 or trade for ??? Please PST Thanks
  19. brice

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C Re-wrap

    This will be a fun 20lb stick. I wanted to keep the original color scheme and layout. Decals from
  20. brice issues

    Has anyone had issues with them? I have a usps issue: package in same place for 1 week "in transit", supposed to be 2 day priority. I emailed them to see if they had any insight on the issue on 2/1. I have tried contacting them via phone and email for the past week with no response. Usually they...
  21. brice

    Cheating bleed through on a RCLB80M

    Laziness drove me to brainstorm of ways to keep the white from bleeding without paint, cp or multiple layears of thread. I used 1/16" wide model pinstriping tape under the trim bands. It turned out well!
  22. brice

    Hypalon in san diego on a sunday?

    Are there any shops open today that carry hypalon? Need a 12" and 14" .750" id. Thanks,
  23. brice

    Rainshadow RCJB84H

    "Sunset" More pics later.
  24. brice

    WTB 6480 or 6490

  25. brice

    WTB Seeker Pinhead SD8

    PST. Thanks!
  26. brice

    FS For Sale Andros 5ii

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I not longer wish to trade for an Avet JX and would like to sell outright. Gunmetal / Orange unit for sale. Minimal use, a few boat rides at max. Reel was taken apart, drags cal-greased, all insides coated with synthetic grease, non spool bearings packed and spool bearings...
  27. brice

    WTT Andros 5ii (grey/orange) for Avet JX

    Reel is spooled with 300 yds solid 40lb spectra spliced into 100 yds jb hollow 65lb. Pics will be up shortly. Reel was taken apart, drags cal-greased, all insides coated with synthetic grease, non spool bearings packed and spool bearings cleaned / tsi'd. It is an awesome little powerhouse...
  28. brice

    Andros 5ii vs 12ii handle arm length

    Since the 12s are out now i have a question forbthose who have both: Is the 12ii arm longer than the 5ii and are they compatible?
  29. brice

    40lb bait stick blank for straight spectra

    I searched and didn't get a definitive answer. What are my blank options for a soft tip, fast-moderate action blank that will be forgiving enough to handle short mono top shots without pulled hooks?
  30. brice

    Shimano Torium reel schematic (previous model)

    Where can I find the previous model reel schematic on your website? I am trying to source bearings for a torium 14. Thanks,
  31. brice

    The things I learned during my first attempt at guide wrapping

    - I wanted a power wrapper....I have no idea when i would have used a power wrapper. (blocks worked great, thanks John) - I epoxied all guides (9 + tip) at once. I will split them up next time (epoxy set time). - Watch your epoxied guides! I was able to take epoxy out of the wrap, but once it...
  32. brice

    WTB Torium 20

    Pls PST
  33. brice

    WTB Purple Avet SX or MX Single Speed

    PST with price. Thanks,
  34. brice

    UC CE1000Wahoo

    So? Who has fished one? Thoughts? Pics? Where can i get one in San Diego?
  35. brice

    Okuma Cortez CZ5CS NIB (Sell or Trade?)

    Perfect 20lb reel. Drag is SMOOTH (smoother than my Toriums with carbontex). Never been used. $110 shipped or trade for ??
  36. brice

    Andros 12ii handle interchangeable with 5ii?

    Okuma, Will the handles be interchangeable? If so, how much longer will the 12ii handle be than the 5ii and when can we order one?
  37. brice

    Longer handle for Andros 5ii

    I like the reel, but it is in definite need of more torque. Who is going to make a longer handle?
  38. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    I like the reel, but it is in definite need of more torque. Who is going to make a longer handle?
  39. brice

    WTT MY Torium 16/20/30 Alan Tani handle for your FACTORY handle

    Must not be beat up. Must be in San Diego. No shipping. Thanks.
  40. brice

    Stolen gear, please be on lookout

    Had some rods and reels stolen out of my garage last night near El Cajon -Accuplated (all gold) Penn 500 on Seeker Black Steel jig stick -Okuma Titus Gold TG 20S filled with 65lb spectra/short 40lb topshot on Seeker American Series (orange blank) 30-80 lb; had "Brice's Rod" sharpied near upper...
  41. brice

    WTT Newell 322-5 for Torium 14-20

    New bearings, carbontex drags, 100 yds of 50 spectra. Pretty damn good condition, minimal rash. six one nine seven four two nine seven nine five
  42. brice

    Made in China XtraTufs: Just how bad are they?

    No, I will not consider Shimano's boots. Please don't suggest them :) I have worn out my USA made XtraTufs. They lasted me close to four years of hard use. My question to those with the China made boots is: How often do you use them? How are they holding up? Any noticeable differences from...
  43. brice

    Another Super cow!

    This time aboard my sled. First super cow for the boat at 312. Pumped! As you can see we're a bunch of hardasses :rofl:
  44. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    The talica passed the 3hr panga torture test. 330! Thanks to my friends Nicholas and Pepo for letting the gringo tag along. ;)
  45. brice

    Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

    Anyone fishing it?
  46. brice

    No Thanks.

    YouTube - SWTH - Climbing a 1768 ft radio tower!
  47. brice

    Aluminum tower refinishing

    I have a 52 Hatt with a wiped out tower. Past super duty rubbing compound/insulator wax/alumiguard. It have heard there is a chemical process you can use to reseal the Al after resurfacing it. Does anyone know where I would source the materials?
  48. brice

    Do you know the rules of the road?

    YouTube - two cruise ship collide <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  49. brice

    Tricked on Halloween

    Tricked On HalloweenVideo damn allergies
  50. brice

    Orcas at La Jolla

    was anyone else out there for the little show yesterday?? I think i counted 5 (2 adults, 3 kids)
  51. brice

    Emergency Contact Information for BCN, BCS and mainland down to Rocky Point

    Hopefully this can help some of you guys out one day if needed. All our riders/chasers carry a copy of this now during Baja Rides/Trips. There is also a word document for download at the bottom. Baja California Heres the list of Baja Emergency Contact numbers.. how to dial them&#8230;etc...
  52. brice

    Project Shitbucket: True Line TJ Buggy Build

    And welcome to my hobby: rock crawling I would like to thank Tony Cortes at True Line Wheel Alignment in El Cajon for letting me do the buildup there! Thanks Tony! College Student, no money=a very slow build Had fun with it like it was. Now it's time to go bigger, lower and longer...
  53. brice

    MB Spotties

    Took a break from doing absolutely nothing on the Viking today to do a little WFO spottie fishing. Drop-shotting 5" Gulps. Also exploded my new to me Newell 332 by spooling it up too tight. :( This was the biggest
  54. brice

    Regarding my post about Pacific Coast Sportfishing

    It was not their(PCS's) fault that my photo's ended up in the mag without my permission and the issue has been resolved. They are a great publication and wouldn't do something like that. I apologize to Bill and all of PCS for the way I reacted and not contacting them first. Case closed.
  55. brice

    Some pics from my recent Cabo to SD trip

    I usually don't get pics of my trips down there but i invited my dad to go this time and he took some. Mexican Navy My workplace in the summer/fall Catching sierras, look-downs, and ladyfish off the dock of the outer marina. First morning. On the finger bank. Loaded with marlin. There...
  56. brice

    Check out what came in the mail today!!

    Oh yeah:beerbang:
  57. brice

    Offshore Trip report 8/3

    Had a 3/4 offshore trip today. kelps are starting to hold outside the 9 in the deep water trench. 6 yellows, busted 4 or 5 off 1 big striper (180-190) released give it a couple'll go off out there
  58. brice

    Offshore The smelly white meat is here 7/2

    295 limits for 7 by 10am...had to pull the jigs out of the water....still nailing 'em at 12 kts Im brice btw i work on the osprey out of dana landing in mb