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  1. fishfish

    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    Thanks for asking the question abdiver7777......... !!! Good info
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    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    10-4 on what Brad just stated !!! Thanks Brad
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    Now I REALLY Like Alaska Airlines

    Great. Too many stupid ass emo-support animals out there !!! Really chaps my ass when i see people feeling like its ok to take their pets with them everywhere they go !!!
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    11-16-20 Prayers please for Lal's wife Barbara!

    May God bless Lal anfd his wife Barbara.....
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    Offshore Local fish...

    Awesome work there partner !!!
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    Crew fishing on party boats

    Only ok for hooking n handing off. Or if everyone has gotten they're limit and theyre done fishing.
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    A Slinger for the Slammer

    Suweeet !!!
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    Offshore Best day ever triple limits

    congrats on super day!!!
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    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    If i could only afford their fares.........
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    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Whether they have great customer service or not is not the issue. They should have never ended up for sale !!! This is unacceptable. Sorry this has happened to you my Brother. Maybe Okuma is cutting back on their QC. Just hope they dont blame this on Covid-19 like everyone else has...
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    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 30SDP

    Thanks. Found one locally at a good price
  12. fishfish

    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 30SDP

    Anyone selling a Fathom ll 30SDP ? Gerry (310)213-0160
  13. fishfish

    Penn FATHOM II 15SDCasting Special....Replacing KNOBBY Mag

    Great write-up and pics my Brother !!!
  14. fishfish

    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 15 Casting Special

    Yes...i did learn the bearing was better than on standard Fathoms. I will also buy a 30 size Fathom and try to put a better bearing on it too. Did you get a good deal on the 15 Casting Special ? If so, where ?
  15. fishfish

    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 15 Casting Special

    Just want it for small pelagics and hoping maybe it can shoot a dean or an iron pretty far. I also want to do the mod where i replace the knobby cast control with the flat one that comes on regular Fantoms.
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    United Composites RGP Terminator

    Greg.....You change rods more than you do underwear !!! A true tackle hoe !!!
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    Looking for Penn Fathom ll 15 Casting Special

    Anyone looking to sell one ? Gerry (310)213-0160
  18. fishfish

    Tranx 400A - Excellent Shape---SOLD

    I am selling a Tranx-400 in great shape. Loaded with Seaguar THreadlock 50lb. Has the longer trini arm and shimano football knob. Cover and box included with paperwork. Function is 100%. $240
  19. fishfish

    in search of Tranx 400HG

    I have a great shape TRX-400A . I have box and cover. It also has braided line . Also has longer Trini handle and knob.
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    Sold. Good used Penn FTH30LD2

    I'll take it for $200 but live down here in San Diego. With fishing picking up and all, any chance you are coming this way in the near future ? Gerry (310)213-0160 PS.....I also texted you
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    Looking for deal on Fathom 30LD2 2 spd ?

    Anyone offering one at a deal ? Gerry in San Diego area (310)213-0160
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    Mod delete today

    Thanks but i need a 2XXH
  23. fishfish

    Mod delete today

    I'd take it off your hands but i live in SD.
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    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    Thats a great deal !!! Somebody jump on this !!!
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    Offshore SHOGUN 6/9 REPORT

    Great report Greg ! Thanks !!!
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    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Holy shit !!! You guys are legit all the way !!! And on fire !!!!!!!
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    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I can definitely use it. My line of industrial construction is very slow now and has been slow for a while .
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    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    In the 90's we caught small roosterfish in Mexico and that was all we caught. The captain suggested we save a few to try for the thrills of it and boy we were impressed by the tacos that were made for us. Knowing better now, wouldnt do that again but who woulda thought !!
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    New Website format too bright? Dark mode with Google Chrome

    And lacks color and depth . Previous was better.
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    Questions on valiant

    BV2-600N for 50lb BV2-600 for 60lb
  31. fishfish

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    HOLY MOLY DUDE !!!!!! PB my ass. Its one of the biggest ever caught in CALI period....... An even bigger CONGRATS coming straight at you my man !!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. fishfish

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    I'm with you Dan !!! Thats alot of money to blow on fishing in local waters . I guess these other fellas have money to throw away. I am in construction and i work way too hard for my income to give it away !!!
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    Osprey Shares Bass with Family

    Thats frickin awesome !!!!
  34. fishfish

    Offshore 11/3-11-4 BFT

    Holy smokes !!!! You guys kicked fuckin ass !!!!!
  35. fishfish

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    This $13 a burger crap is bullshit and you all know it. Now, can all you little suck asses(and you know who you are)stop pandering to these robbery-on-the-water pricks !!! It's only going to encourage them further and cause them perpetuate this insanity into the future.
  36. fishfish

    UC 80 Predator versus 76 Predator

    I cut down the Predator US80 to 7'6". The 6" were all taken off the butt, This is best stick ive ever owned !!! I played with the Predator US76 and didnt like how fast an action it had compared to the Predator 80. I use it as a 50lb stick.
  37. fishfish

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    I love burgers on a boat but dont like to pay $13 for such a thing. So i dont get stuck in that position, please tell me the name of that vessel so i can avoid it !!!
  38. fishfish

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Thanks for your post Richard !!! Sorry about your day not turning out better . Also sorry about all these haters ragging on you for sharing your experience and telling us how YOU felt things unraveled. I dont get how others feel they need to protect the poor little reputation of these...
  39. fishfish

    Bed bugs on boats

    Absolutely unacceptable !!! With current price increases they have no excuse or reason to allow this to occur. No shame whatsoever !!! And you shouldnt have to bring repellents or defensive means to minimize exposure. They should not be something the paying passenger should have to deal with !!!
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    Offshore The San Diego - 8.14.2019 +200 yellowfin tuna

    Dont you go thinking its always like this in Southern California. Its actually RARELY like this in Southern California. That is probably the best yellowfin day the San Diego has had all year long !!!
  41. fishfish

    Fish processing prices?

    Some of you guys have more money than you know what to do with !!! Frickin amazing !!! My 2cents, they charge too damn much cuz they can i guess. Its horse-shit nonetheless !!!!
  42. fishfish


    Awesome rod !!! Somebody buy this damn thing , its a crazy deal !!! And i do not know the seller.
  43. fishfish

    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Wow Dan....Great reel review/breakdown !!! Thanks.
  44. fishfish

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Insane if it was a blue marlin !!! Yer right, highly unusual .
  45. fishfish

    Royal Star Trip Report

    Great heads-up on the RS shenanigans. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    SOLD !!! Accurate Valiant 2 speeds 600N & 600

    Priced to sell quick.......I am selling 2 reels : 1 - Accurate Valiant 2 speed 600N in Black - Like new $450 Firm 2 - Accurate Valiant 2 speed 600 in Black - Like new $450 Firm If you buy both you can have em for $800. For quick response, Gerry at (310)213-0160
  47. fishfish

    SOLD !!! 60lb Seeker Rod w/ Titanium Guides - Still available

    I am selling this new/unused Custom Seeker Build Model ESM 7660 7-1/2 ft rated at 50-80lb. Built w/ Pac Bay Solid Titanium Guides allowing for a very light-weight build. Factory version build is known as SSR 7660 but not built with the quality components this stick has. Price : $250 Text/call...
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    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Its just getting too darn expensive for the working class. Oh well, starting to fish freshwater and Mexico instead to satisfy that itch.
  49. fishfish

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Just noticed they cut down their so-called offshore rate of $175 to $160 instead of the $150 they were charging before. Ye ole hot summer cash grab i guess. AND Were they not putting onboard less than 60 people before ? Thought it was 55 or so. Packing em in there like canned sardine huh. No...
  50. fishfish

    LONG SOAK Sardines Vs Constant Bait Changes

    Long soaking bait-fishing for bluefin sucks. Boring till, if and when you get picked up.
  51. fishfish

    I’m concerned

    Seems like the player with the deepest pockets can take the lion's share of our planets natural resources. As you have stated......So very, very sad !!! As things stand today, the fish and the rereational fishermen dont stand a chance !!!
  52. fishfish

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    I am also in same boat deciding. I have it narrowed down to Okuma Tesoro or 2019 style Daiwa Lexa 400hd.
  53. fishfish

    Yellowfin due when?

    Casey, They should be available in good catchable numbers in from August thru end of September. This is typically when our local waters are warm enough to sustain them. One caveat, assuming the Mexi's dont whack em to hard.
  54. fishfish

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    Will pray to our creator for you my BD brother . Hang in there and believe and pray that you will get better. Nothing is too big for God to overcome !!!
  55. fishfish

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    I am with you Seabash. The landings have no shame pulling the shit they pull. It's a cash grab for them and they will try and get away with as much as they can. This is why I rarely hop on Diego boat any longer. I work too damn hard for my money. As we speak, I am in the middle of the Phoenix...
  56. fishfish

    Looking for a solid 60-80lb Rod

    Look at specs on Seeker ESM 7660. I have a new one custom built i let give you a deal on. It is a very light weight build with titanium guides.
  57. fishfish

    Offshore Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    Nice fish and sorry bout the food issue.
  58. fishfish

    Crew Members Fishing

    I work construction.....Truly brutal, back-busting work and I dont get tipped !!! Not ok : Crew fishing before or during any substantial amount of fish have been caught. OK : If everyone has caught plenty of fish and rail is less than 50% empty, only then can they try and fish. But at no...
  59. fishfish

    Penn Torque 2 Speed vs. Talica II?

    Penn over Shimano on this one !!!
  60. fishfish

    Blue Seeker ESM 7660 “BUT”

    Bummer...Sucks and sorry to hear that happen to you. You def handled it a little better than i might have. You'll probably get rewarded with a big fat tuna !!! Good luck !!!
  61. fishfish

    Big Catalina Yellows - 6/28

    Slayer........Killin it as usual !!!!
  62. fishfish

    7’ vs 8’ Rod for Your Yo Yo Setup?

    I prefer a 7ft6in for yo-yo. Its also is just long enough to get something away from the boat if need be.
  63. fishfish

    jigging trip to Icy Bay Lodge, AK in 2019

    WOW guys !!! What an amazing trip !!!
  64. fishfish

    15T Silver VS. Gunmetal ***pics***

    Love my Accurate reels but doggone these Maks look a little more refined and better looking !!!
  65. fishfish

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    Inflation my ass Brandon.....Why havent the Grande or Mission Belle jacked up their prices ?
  66. fishfish

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    Grande and Mission Belle havent raised their rates !!! They also chase bluefin. And for you richard.......There is good money in construction. Albeit, hard-earned, ball-busting good money !!!
  67. fishfish

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    I have been out of town working long hours and just noticed the San Diego and the Liberty jacked their prices up by an additional $25 . I dont like it !!! How long's this been changed for ? Is it cuz they're chasing the hit or miss bluefin where not everyone gets to take one home ? Will it...
  68. fishfish

    Where to go in Sierras ?

    Thanks Guys !!!
  69. fishfish

    Where to go in Sierras ?

    Thanks Stuman !!! I will def check it out ! Mike -. I have not been tracking weather up there recently but has there been record snowfall this year ? If so, how can I work around that ? Is the area still fishable at times like this ? Thanks, Gerry
  70. fishfish

    Where to go in Sierras ?

    I am taking family up to Sierras next week for 4 days . Can anyone recommend a decent place to visit that might offer cabins near some streams for some good trout fishing ??? It will be 5 of us going. Thanks, Gerry
  71. fishfish

    Catalina 6/10 - Patriot 3/4 Day

    You guys make a good team and I'm sure soon enough your son will be calling to take Pops out on fishing trips . Memories to last a lifetime !!! AND great report !!!
  72. fishfish

    G/T poopers

    change it to poppers .
  73. fishfish

    Hawaii Fishing Tips?

    Hawaii charter boat fishing is a racket I will never support !!! Probably the only place in the world that feels so entitled to keeping the catch !!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not like they charge small bucks to take you out, theyre charging top dollar !!!
  74. fishfish

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    Advice from Todd in Auburn is spot on !!!
  75. fishfish

    Overnight pricing

    I'm with you Mark. There is just so much more i can do with the money it costs to go on a 1.5 and up tuna trip. I love fishing tuna and such off our coasts and have been doing it since I was very young but its just getting too damn expensive !!!
  76. fishfish

    What have you caught on your Slammer Spinner ???

    Cool pictures Richard . You killed it !!!
  77. fishfish

    What have you caught on your Slammer Spinner ???

    Richard, Awesome catch but...... What species ? Where ? What bait ? Thanks !!!!!
  78. fishfish

    3 year old pro

    No way !!! That lil dude's an animal !!!!!!!!!!
  79. fishfish

    Offshore My first yellowtail ever - video

    Bluefin can show up and disappear so, so quick AND unexpectedly !!!!
  80. fishfish

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Fluorcarbon : Yozuri Topknot or Seaguar Blue Label Knot : RP knot or Albright
  81. fishfish

    Sold thanks bdddddddd

    Ultimate , No Joke Popping set-up !!! You'll have no worries fishing this combo !!! Lucky buyer will have the best of the best !!!
  82. fishfish

    Hawaiian blue marlin on PENN Slammer III spinning reel

    What the heck ??? Thats some crazy shit there no doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!! Props to Penn FOR SURE !!!!
  83. fishfish

    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Bitchin catch on any size line.....but 30 ? Wow !!!! Was that a 'dine fish ?
  84. fishfish

    United Composites 80 Predator (Blacked out)

    You cant go wrong with this stick. My all-time favorite.
  85. fishfish

    New rainshadow 80xxh BLUEFIN railrod

    That thing's a beast !!! Its an all-business killing stick !!!
  86. fishfish

    Offshore Indy 3 day

    Expensive boat, been there.
  87. fishfish

    Recommended San Diego Charter?

    A private charter will cost you about TWICE the amount (of that $300pp) because thats the "private" going rate . I hate crowds too, shoot, we all do !!! I just cant afford going the "private" route.
  88. fishfish

    Seeker Hurcules 70m SOLD

    Hercules kicks ass bigtime for sure !!! Strong and lightweight rods !!!
  89. fishfish

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    960,000lbs...Which is almost 1 mil lbs of Bluefin tuna. OR 20,000 50lbers being released back into our local waters.
  90. fishfish

    Which reel.

    Okuma Tesoro and for 25/30 you probably dont need a lever drag.
  91. fishfish

    What have you caught on your Slammer Spinner ???

    Beautiful specimen there Tony !!!
  92. fishfish

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    Talk about wide-open !!!! Wonder what they've been feeding em ???
  93. fishfish

    What have you caught on your Slammer Spinner ???

    Just wondering what kind of success and luck my BD brothers have been having with their Penn Slammers ??? Thanks and Please do tell your stories !!!
  94. fishfish

    Braid Capacity on Slammer 5500 ???

    Thanks Lance. Appreciate it Brother !!!
  95. fishfish

    0r trade Mint Daiwa Isla 5000H

    Did you finally sell this reel ?
  96. fishfish

    Braid Capacity on Slammer 5500 ???

    Anyone have any true/actual numbers on braid capacity of this reel ? ( I ask because manufacturer #'s are "off" more than they're "on" ) Thanks , Gerry
  97. fishfish

    Penn Fathom 40ld2 options

    Sweet !!!
  98. fishfish

    Accurate Handle Knob - SOLD

    Sent you a new PM today Fri 4/26
  99. fishfish

    Anyone got info on popping in Fiji?

    Last year, I fished Astrolabe Reef near lighthouse down near Kokomo's Resort(Ono Island) for about 5 day trips. Regarding large fish : We chased GT's but lost one at color . It inhaled a Heru Skipjack Popper on 200lb leader and still bit thru leader. I was blown away. Also caught & released a...
  100. fishfish

    Accurate Handle Knob - SOLD

    On second thought...... I might have a second knob to sell . I will know tomorrow for sure.
  101. fishfish

    Offshore Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Cory, You got 20 years on my 52 but I am sure you'd kick my ass on the rail any day of the year !!! I am not surprised you did so well. Keep on killin 'em....
  102. fishfish

    Offshore 4/20 Poseidon full moon bluefin bite

    Sounds like a tacky ass operation . No thanks !!!
  103. fishfish

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    Go Fathom. It will outcast the lever drag Avet for sure. Or.... Have heard good things about the Okuma Tesoro too (another star-drag). Either of those 2 you can't go wrong. Maybe getting the one that offers a better deal will help you decide. Good luck
  104. fishfish

    Accurate Handle Knob - SOLD

    I have a new, Accurate knob I took off my new 2spd Valiant . Black color. $20 shipped in US
  105. fishfish

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    The landings could build a double decker parking structure there too. Probably a bad idea cuz then they'd wanna charge more for trips to recoup every penny of that. Expensive enough already for us working class folk.
  106. fishfish

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    Check out Daiwa Lexa 400 HD
  107. fishfish


    Maintenance and's all part of doing business. I'm sure they are prepared for such things.
  108. fishfish

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    I dont think the Landings care enough to get involved with all that business. Would be nice though.....
  109. fishfish

    Reels: oldies but goodies-Some 500's gone

    Mike is practically giving away that bulletproof Squidder at $25 + shipping. Perhaps $40 incl shipping would be a more suitable price.
  110. fishfish

    Aztec - Interesting Load Change

    And this is the same reason I wont fish the New Loan. They pack 32 anglers on that 65' vessel. No thanks to them too !!! Shameless Mo-fos !!!
  111. fishfish

    Aztec - Interesting Load Change

    Stupid move. Just shows they're all about the $$$. Just wont be my $$$.
  112. fishfish

    2.5 vs. 3 day trips

    Regarding fish cleaning.... On a 2.5 dayer you are still given the option to have the land processors prep your fish. You dont have to have it done on the boat, its just an option. Its highly likely that at least one of the processors will be there in the am when you arrive. If not(which i...
  113. fishfish

    2.5 vs. 3 day trips

    If you go the 3 Dayer route there are some advantages if the fish are closer than 60-80 miles out. If they are, you'll likely get to fish a bit before dark. If they are further you might not fish them that same departure day until the following morning(just like a 2.5 day trip would be doing for...
  114. fishfish

    Pulling @ Pulley Ridge (Lengthy and Pic Heavy)

    Awesome report !!! I have to ask though.....In the 3rd pic you show those black Valiants with nice aftermarket handles......Where can i find those handles ??? Thanks, Gerry from San Diego Feel free to either respond here. Or Private Message me here. Or [email protected]
  115. fishfish

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    Reel no longer available . Contact me if interested in Axis for a good deal.
  116. fishfish

    2 New Custom Rods $175 each

    2 graphite beautifully built custom rods for about $300 ??? Wow, someones gotto jump on this soon. Crazy ass deal. I dont know this guy either !!!
  117. fishfish

    Bushman (Ken) does great work.

    Can anyone confirm......Is the Bushman still making rods ? If so, anyone have some contact info. Thanks, Gerry
  118. fishfish

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    On eBay I am selling only the reel for $500. Here it's the combo for $600....a much better deal.
  119. fishfish

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    I dont go to OC or LA unless work forces me to go north . If i do, I wont know till it happens. I might be up there next week but not sure till then and I bought the reel last year & I dont perfectly recall what lb braid it is, all i know is that by feel it seems a pinch thicker than the 65lb...
  120. fishfish

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    I believe its 80lb YoZuri Superbraid.
  121. fishfish

    Report from San Diego for Sat

    SLAYIN AS USUAL !!!!!!!
  122. fishfish

    Penn Torque 2 950 Spinning Reel

    That should do the job juuuuust fine. Congrats on the new rig !!!
  123. fishfish

    Dispersing a Crowd of Sea Lions the Canadian Way

    These things have multiplied beyond the numbers they should be at. Control is needed.
  124. fishfish

    Hawaiian yellowtail wanted!

    Amazing and very interesting Steve !!!
  125. fishfish

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    I am selling this combo as one unit. -Phenix Axis HAX 780 X2H Rated 40-100 In very good shape . Only owned about 2 seasons with little use. - Accurate Valiant 2spd in Black. Model BV2-600B. Like new with box. Only went on one trip with no kills. Braided Line incl. Price : $600 for combo For...
  126. fishfish

    Scheduled trips

    Some boats might offer add'l shorter trips only if : -Longer trips do not get filled and they make two 3 day trips out of a 7 dayer -Charter doesnt fill or gets cancelled For the most part, by now they have their scheduled laid out in front of em. So yeah, i would schedule now, esp for prime...
  127. fishfish

    SOLDShimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle Popping Rod

    Thats a deal for a strong ass spinner !!! Def Bluefin worthy !!!
  128. fishfish

    Family Emergency have to put off sale

    Fine piece of machinery there........GLWS !!!
  129. fishfish

    Bomber polarized glasses

    Like Frank said above....Lift are nice for the $
  130. fishfish

    Stolen Yeti Cooler 65Qt - Beware

    If you havent already..... Keep an eye out on Craigslist, and phone apps such as OfferUp, Letgo, Recycler and others.
  131. fishfish

    New drone

    BITCHIN !!!
  132. fishfish

    Back to Back to Back Largemouth Bass (video)

    Love you guy's fishin skills !!! Kickin ass and takin names as usual !!!
  133. fishfish

    My first multi day fishing trip

    Whats your budget ? Want the best boats ? Or middle of the road ? or Budget boats ? Usually best boats are 100+ footers but def more expensive. If everyone doesnt have their sea-legs you might wanna go with a max of 3 day from what you've asked about. Book soon...the better boats fill long in...
  134. fishfish

    Progressive Coupon for FH Show ???

    Anyone have a link to a Progressive coupon for the Fred Hall Show ??? Thanks, Gerry ([email protected])
  135. fishfish

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Not many of us see the value in a 1.5 day trip that ends up costing you at least $500 after all the peripheral fees are factored in i.e. fish clng, galley tab, tip, minor tackle and of course the $340-$390 fare. Sadly,not in my budget any more. I'll leave that to the "upper-class".
  136. fishfish

    Popping Rod vs jigging Rod

    Typically the popping rod is a longer 8'-9' rod made to cast poppers and other surface(or near surface) lures . They are also made to have a slower, more medium action. Jigging rods are usually 5'-6' in length used to fish much deeper water with jigs of many different styles.
  137. fishfish

    Rod and Reel for 3/4 Boat Trips

    Jump on that Sabre. Great deal and you can always sell it later on(easily) if you want to go more expensive. That rod will kill absolutely everything your average 3/4 day boat will throw at you.
  138. fishfish

    Today at K&M Sportfishng:

    Killin it !!! AWESOME !!!
  139. fishfish

    Finally got a Largemouth bass! Then another, what a day!

    Holy Moly !!! Private pond fishing at its finest.
  140. fishfish

    Philometroide Seriolae Worn in Yellowtail and Whiteseabass (video)

    DISGUSTING SHIT !!! Its time to look at this stuff alot closer.
  141. fishfish

    Freshwater Campbell Lake

    Good job Pops !!!
  142. fishfish

    Help with 40# reel

    What Eric above said......
  143. fishfish

    Coronado Island Jan 5th

    Awesome report Howie and thanks for sharing youre personal difficult times with us here on is appreciated my BD brother. Wish your wife a speedy and full recovery and good job on keeping her hooked up as the 2 of you continue fishing for many more years to come . God bless ya !!!
  144. fishfish

    15% OFF on EBAY.....Today Only DEC. 28, 2018!

    Just got me a new laptop.... hehehe !!!
  145. fishfish

    Dauntless 600

    Dont quote me on this but i believe the Valiant 2-speeds are pushing the Dauntless out-the-door. Dauntless is built stronger though, thats for sure.
  146. fishfish

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Yes Vic, they slide up n down freely and no cutting line to install. You'll love 'em. I bought many years ago and just have a handful remaining. Time to order some more.
  147. fishfish

    SOLD - UC80 Monster with Tranx 500PG

    SOLD....... Thanks Lance ! Thanks Jeremie..... Hope you kill some with it. Pleasure meeting you my BD Brother !!!
  148. fishfish

    SOLD - UC80 Monster with Tranx 500PG

    If I recall, about $70 with washers.
  149. fishfish

    SOLD - UC80 Monster with Tranx 500PG

    SOLD !!! Selling United Composites US80 Monster 8ft (Deckhand Grip) in great shape TOGETHER with a Tranx 500PG with aftermarket Power Handle. I will also throw in the gear kit with drag washers to convert to HG High Speed. Also throwing in Tiburon trigger grip.I am not looking to seperate...
  150. fishfish

    Avet HX Raptor 3-Speed and custom UC 80 Raptor

    Top notch stuff there. Buyer will be will be very happy !!! GLWS....
  151. fishfish

    Accurate dx2 500,600,600 narrow

    Built like tanks !!! Somebody will snatch em up.
  152. fishfish

    Shorter trips during the December Timeframe

    Historically, nothing worthy here in Socal in mid-late December on a 2 - 3 day trip. However....If you want to roll the dice and plan a visit here anyways you might get lucky on a shorter trip as they are still unusually biting now.
  153. fishfish

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    It depends, esp when some boats do there best to nickle & dime you to death. I try to follow.... 10% for bad service( this one i struggle with ) 15% for satisfactory service 20% for great service
  154. fishfish

    Offshore Aztec 2.75 11/8-11 lots of 50-60lb bft and a couple bigger ones

    Great report ! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience !!!
  155. fishfish

    United Composites Spinning Rod Advice want a moderate action or fast action ? Moderate is better for poppers and such . I suggest US 80 Predator (8ft).
  156. fishfish

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    They all do about 8 = 12 knots an hour
  157. fishfish

    Nacho lost at sea for 49 days.

    Hopefully the rescuers didnt piss him off by waking him up........
  158. fishfish

    My baby brother comes from Ireland...homeguard LJ YT

    Awesome......Good job helping him out !!! You made his trip very memorable and you made a fishing buddy for life too. CONGRAT !!!
  159. fishfish

    Igloo 120qt. Cooler (excellent condition) $40

    Sent you a pm. #2 in line. I am in Santee Thx, Gerry
  160. fishfish

    Whats the Cali reg on filleting a fish on the water ?

    Shit...I guess noone really knows !!! OK, Got it !!!
  161. fishfish

    Whats the Cali reg on filleting a fish on the water ?

    Allow me to break it down more specifically. Tuna or yellowtail.
  162. fishfish

    Offshore Fish processing reccommendations

    Used em all before and they all do about the same job. For me now, its either 5 Star or Sportsman . The other one always seems to charge me a bit more.
  163. fishfish

    Whats the Cali reg on filleting a fish on the water ?

    Call me out-of-the-loop or ignorant but....What exactly is the current reg on leaving the skin on a fillet when the filleting is being done on-the-water in California waters ??? Esp on tuna or yellowtail. Thanks, Gerry
  164. fishfish

    Expired Transderm Scop patches

    You're a genius Laurance. I will see if my doc will write the same script.
  165. fishfish

    Epic 5 day memorial trip over Labor Day

    Wow....Such an amazing story. I'm pretty sure Kyle was there, right by you & pop's side. He was definitely part of your charter, perhaps unaccounted for physically but present in all the many other ways. This trip was made so memorable because of his presence. I say he was in full-control and...
  166. fishfish

    30/40 # mono help

    When i did use Soft Steel......Was the absolute best !!! Never had it tested but felt stronger than others and quite ideally limp for our bait-style of fishing. Now just use straight Braid to Fluoro .
  167. fishfish

    Cosmos built 30,000 rods?

    Cosmos is the name of his tackle shop on Western Blvd in Hollywood or West LA. Near Santa Monica Blvd as i recall. He used all the popular name brands in terms of rod manufacturers. He also used to have the absolute best deals on reels too.
  168. fishfish

    Cosmos built 30,000 rods?

    I havent been to his shop in years but as I remember very clearly.....His rods looked awesome and the dude was a machine. He was goin non-stop when I'd be in his shop. I thought this guy had to be on drugs to work so non-stop but his quality was on point so he def couldnt be strung out.
  169. fishfish

    Offshore Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    I'm with you 100% . If it was posted as a Bluefin trip and I'd a said something for sure. Unless there was a weather or other valid reason to not chase bluefin I think its bullshit. I say you guys are owed a partial discount on your next trip. Probably wouldnt hold my breath on that but I'd ask...
  170. fishfish

    Lingcod on Slammer III 4500

    From Bigeye tuna to an impressive lingcod catch....WOW Steve !!! Congrats !!!
  171. fishfish

    Thoughts on the Grande for 3/4 day

    Not a bad full-day operation at all. For an extra $5 you can request a bunk. Crew is OK and food was good. Captain goes the distance and does his best to get you on fish. I went about 2 weeks ago and killed the YT . There were a couple dead-heads on board but seem respectful of paying passengers...
  172. fishfish

    Just fished the chief

    And this is why I wont give them my money.......Fuck that !!!
  173. fishfish

    Offshore Aztec 2 Day Sept 15-16 first time.

    Great report !!! I also agree with some of your concerns regarding $$$ on some things . This shit flat out pisses me off but they see it in my tip. Fuck that type of BS. Been on the boat also and yes, a decent middle-of-the-road operation.
  174. fishfish

    Cow on the Thunderbird!

    You are a true Slayer-ess !!! Awesome catch and CONGRATS BIG TIME !!!
  175. fishfish

    best performing 20#-30# braid for spinning reels?

    YoZuri SuperBraid or Slick 8 by Power Pro
  176. fishfish

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    7'6" is the sweet-spot !!! (Just a little less selection in that dimension). Had to cut down some 8' sticks 6" off the butts to give me what i want.
  177. fishfish

    San Diego full day yellowtail

    Negative on the bunks. I too wish this boat had 'em.
  178. fishfish

    Offshore Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    Anyone know if Captain Joel Ralston has run any trips for the Excalibur yet ?
  179. fishfish

    Mag Bay Lodge 8/20-22 San Carlos BCS

    Joe, Whens your next fishing trip ? Gerry
  180. fishfish

    Will this setup work for flatfall?

    Fish it just like it is and ask for forgiveness later IF(Big Giant IF) you make someone lose their fish. Just hurry up and get out there before its too late.
  181. fishfish

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    I like Accurate reels and have owned many over the years BUT having said that I feel its OK to use an open forum such as this to voice your personal opinion. We are grown men and will support whichever companies we choose to regardless of most peoples likes or dislikes of particular products...
  182. fishfish

    How far out are the bulk of these Y-fin ???

    Was wondering... How far out are the bulk of these small Y-fin ??? Are the overnite boats and full day boats fishing the same, general body of water ? Thanks, Gerry
  183. fishfish

    Yellowfin bite...

    How big are these y-fin being caught here now ?
  184. fishfish

    Raiders US80 Wahoo

    Another absolutely beautiful wrap but....... Can anyone tell me what is the ideal line rating this blank is to be used for ? 60lb ? 80lb ?
  185. fishfish

    Slammer 3: 5500 vs 6500

    Are those 2 reels the latest models ? As in the Spinfisher VI .
  186. fishfish

    New Braided line finger protection.

    Sorry, meant to say "discount shipping " for BD members
  187. fishfish

    New Braided line finger protection.

    Have a BD discount shopping promo code so we can give these a whirl ? Look interesting for sure !
  188. fishfish

    Slammer 3: 5500 vs 6500

    I am in the market for another Penn spinner. Was wondering.....Are these 2 reels using the same size bodies but seperate themselves with different size/cut spools ? I am only speculating this because the weight differences (on PENN site) indicate only a 1.9 oz difference. Thamks, Gerry
  189. fishfish

    Attn: Jumbo Guys!

    WOW...Sounds like a crazy exciting day !!!
  190. fishfish

    Excaliber fish counts?

    I was lookin at a doin a trip on the Excalibur recently but didnt like the answers given to my questions when calling the H&M office. I'll spend my hard-earned money elsewhere for now thank you.
  191. fishfish

    San Diego Shops that carry bulk Pro spec?

    As Bill said.......Dana and I think Anglers Choice but AC wants an arm & leg on line normally.
  192. fishfish

    CBDs in Mexico?

    Mexico does not care what US laws allow us to do in the states. 2 entirely different countries with different laws.
  193. fishfish

    4-5 year old Flouro, would you still use it?

    In dark, house temp environment.....You're GOLDEN !!!
  194. fishfish

    Anyone fish the Grande lately ?

    Anyone care to share some feedback on your Grande boat experience ? Thanks, Gerry
  195. fishfish

    Another Saturday at San Clemente Island / 8/11/18 Report

    Not only are your reports awesome but your pictures/mapping skills are amazing !!! Keep em coming and thanks for the continued education !!!
  196. fishfish

    Overnight vs 1.5 Day San Diego

    If its tuna and exotics you want then your best chances are fishing from a San Diego(SD) based fishing landing. If its a general good time you want catching some likely smaller species(occasionally large) & fishing at a local island and not so much possible boat ride during the length of your...
  197. fishfish

    Tern it up! TwinStarDrag Update!

    Great looking reels and like all other Accurates....Solidly built to last !!!
  198. fishfish

    BNIB Avet Raptor 3 speed in silver

    Very,very nice reel !!! Tuna Killer for sure !!!
  199. fishfish

    Excaliber fish counts?

    They also dropped a 2.5 dayer that was scheduled to go out early next week. Looks like theyre still trying to get their shit together in more ways than one.
  200. fishfish


    May God bless all involved here. You all are doin his work and it does not go unnoticed by our creator !!!
  201. fishfish

    Excaliber fish counts?

    Im also wondering about their most recent trip results . Anyone have info ?
  202. fishfish

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    Joel had a successful Captains career at the Landings about 10-20 years ago. He was also the previous owner of the Relentless which historically was quite the fish killer back in the day.
  203. fishfish

    Considering the Chief ???

    Thanks but i hear they have tiny bunks and no A/C down below. I am tall and weigh 290lbs and prefer a cool sleeping environment. Can anyone confirm or deny ?
  204. fishfish

    Considering the Chief ???

    Their office is always gonna try and bs you to sell you a trip. Lookin for some non-bias, real world feedback from some of my BD brothers here instead.
  205. fishfish

    Excaliber fish counts?

    Anyone on here ride her yet ?
  206. fishfish

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    Heard from HM office that Joel is one of the guys operating it. Office said it depends on the specific trip. Nothing set in stone on who's runnin it on any given day . Oh well...... Bummer !
  207. fishfish

    Considering the Chief ???

    Due to personal schedule limitations..... I am considering a 1.5 or 2.5 dayer on the Chief but wanna know..... Are the bunks plenty roomy for a 6'1" 290 lber ? Are they A/C'ed ? I heard a recent remodel took place but dont know what that all entailed. Thanks, Gerry
  208. fishfish

    Excaliber fish counts?

    Anyone on here ride her yet ? Feedback anyone ?
  209. fishfish

    New Law Prohibits Sale Of All Billfish On U.S. Mainland

    Great info !!! Call me ignorant but does this include Swordfish ?
  210. fishfish

    Excaliber fish counts?

    Check 976.....It shows around 90+ fish for first maiden voyage of 2.5 day trip. I am wondering if the staterooms have A/C cuz their facebook video of first trip shows a darn fan on floor of stairwell of aft berths. I am also wondering if Ralston ran first trip as they were sayin he would ...
  211. fishfish

    Tranx 400...

    A decent quality and lightweight 7'6" to 8' rod would make for a well balanced , versatile set-up.
  212. fishfish

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Jess...You are a class act in how you handled this. I probably wouldnt have been so nice. Sorry this happened to you. Thanks for letting the board know how this operation conducts business.
  213. fishfish

    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    OK, I'll bite........ 50% tip my ass !!! I dont think so !!!
  214. fishfish

    Slammer 5500 or 4500

    If active non-stop casting go light w/ 4500. If you mainly cast & sit back waiting for a bite go heavier with a 5500 because it will be a more versatile reel if ever you develop a need for other bigger tackle fishing.
  215. fishfish

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    I was serious about youtube. There are many honest product reviews on YT. Some reviewers will flat out tell you a particular product is not a wise purchase. They also discuss some product limitations and proper applications for the respective item. Not everyone is out to get you/your money. If...
  216. fishfish

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    Youtube has many great reviews !!!
  217. fishfish

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    Very thorough breakdown again John !!! Wow !!!
  218. fishfish

    2 x overnight trips vs 1 longer trip?

    And this casino example is why i suggested to do 2 - 1.5 dayers. Chances are you will score pretty well on at least on of these two seperate trips/times.
  219. fishfish

    2 x overnight trips vs 1 longer trip?

    This time of year between July and early October most overniters and 1.5 dayers are fishin "generally" the same area. If you are able to make it to Diego at 2 different times I would go with the 2 - 1.5 dayer option. This way you get to fish these areas at two different times. Sometimes a lull...
  220. fishfish

    Torque Silver ?

    Gold sucks but Penns are awesome .
  221. fishfish

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    Awesome.....thanks Mike and John !!! Appreciate it mucho !!!
  222. fishfish


    UC Predator 8ft (cut down to 7-6 for a preferred action)
  223. fishfish

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    By any chance....Anyone know if the handle arms are interchangeable between these 2 reels of the same size ? Not a fan of the bright gold handle arms in the Slammer series. Perhaps I can swap arms on a Slammer for a Black VI arm instead.
  224. fishfish

    PENN SSVi: First Look

    Love your reviews and thanks again John but how's this compare to the Slammer 3 series build-wise ? Thx, Gerry
  225. fishfish

    United Composites spinning rods?

    That whole line is nice....yes.
  226. fishfish

    United Composites spinning rods?

    Very solid and light rod line-up with parabolic action if thats your taste. It is mine. You cant go wrong with a UC product.
  227. fishfish

    Best 80 -100 lb reel

    Budget ?
  228. fishfish

    Torque Silver ?

    Thanks for chiming Penn. It is appreciated. Thanks to you too MarkT for the accurate representation. Well spoken !
  229. fishfish

    San Diego -Tackle Shop

    Tackle shops......Charkbait or Squidco or Dana Landing or Anglers Choice Landing with good tackle shops..... Fishermans Landing, Seaforth Landing.
  230. fishfish

    Braided Line - Replacement

    Hard to tell what caused that break cuz it couldve also been caught up against some sharper edge or bend on the anchor that wasn't too smooth a surface to begin with. Too many variables to try & guess at why it broke at 40 instead of closer to 80lb. I change mine at least every 2 years and I...
  231. fishfish

    Okuma pch rail rods

    When will these rods available ??? Thanks, Gerry
  232. fishfish

    Vagabond Got Um

    Holy Mother of Tuna God !!!!!! Also cant wait to see the Rangers catch !!!!
  233. fishfish

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Not many fish for a 4 dayer but BOY were they all quality fatties or what !!! Woulda had my PB if I was smart enough to be on that trip......WOW !!!
  234. fishfish

    2 new hats

    Awesome caps !!! I am just not a hat-wearer but 100% someone will snatch em up !!! GLWS Rob .....
  235. fishfish


    UC US80 Monster.....the graphite version(not composite as in CE series). This one is lighter and stronger than the CE800 Monster.
  236. fishfish

    Best fitting rod to cast a popper

    A decent spinner outfit. Dont go to cheap cuz you might regret it. If you indicate a budget you will get good recommedations here.
  237. fishfish

    Line recommendations? Lexa 400. Thx!!

    Or the rather new YoZuri SuperBraid. It is my new favorite.
  238. fishfish

    Line recommendations? Lexa 400. Thx!!

    50lb or 40lb Braid is fine. Fluorocarbon leaders ranging 12-30lb is about right. You have a very versatile outfit. It cant do it all but it can do most things u need it to. Enjoy !!!
  239. fishfish

    Fishing Tackle Mods, Tips and Tricks

    I use the grip-n-hook on most my reels. It allows most my rigs to have a trigger grip. How awesome is that...
  240. fishfish

    How deep are Bluefin tuna???

    Another tool in our pocket never hurts. Great thinking !!! I guess if you're relatively straight up and down the markings can def give you a good idea how deep u are. That is assuming the current isnt pushing too hard and away.
  241. fishfish

    Mix Lure Lot: Irons, Major Craft Glow, and Popper

    I'll pick up your Nomad Popper. Gerry...I live in Santee (310)213-0160
  242. fishfish

    Daiwa Catalina 5000H Spinner

    Looking to sell Daiwa Catalina 5000H spinner. This is the silver color edition. In very good shape with reel cover and not-in-best-shape box if you want it as well. $320 Firm Pick-up in Santee or Mail at your cost. Feel free to text for quickest response. Pics coming later . Gerry Ph (310)213-0160
  243. fishfish

    Offshore Domination on the Dominator

    I coulda, shoulda and really woulda joined you guys if i had more sense !!! Congrats Bob !!! Gerry
  244. fishfish

    Offshore Dominator 7/10 Report

    I'm jealous of your trip !!! You guys SLAYED them tuna !!!
  245. fishfish

    Anyone fish the UC GUSA 80 Monster?

    The CE800 Wahoo was actually to whippy to far down the blank for me. I love my UC's but sold this one . Although i love parabolic and less faster rods this Wahoo was too soft for 40lb service. Gerry
  246. fishfish

    Where's the money ?

    Please guys....Stop defending this normally great operation. Shit does happen and when it does happen someone has to be held accountable. At least thats how the real world operates. For example : When you screw up at work, you get disciplined or fired and thats how the cookie crumbles. If this...
  247. fishfish

    Offshore Yellowfin Off La Jolla 7/8

    Good goin kid and never forget ....Dad always knows best !!!
  248. fishfish

    YFT Real close

    Uhh dun got em hooked now !!!!! Showin em a good ole time.
  249. fishfish

    Spinning Reel and Rod ?

    Okuma Azores or Shimano Saragosa are also tough great priced spinners .
  250. fishfish

    Penn Clash 4000 spinning reel

    Still sellin Clash reel ? Please let me know at (310)213-0160 Gerry
  251. fishfish

    Island Bluefin

    Holy are def the man !!! Much respect and many props Sir !!!!!!
  252. fishfish

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Thanks for the helpful and very interesting post Gary.
  253. fishfish

    Cedros Sportfishing - 6 days

    Always a windbreaker & sunblock.
  254. fishfish

    Cousins 75H 7’6

    GLWS Nice and inexpensive stick with amazing action !!! Whoever buys this thing will love it. And No, i dont know the seller.
  255. fishfish

    WTB Travel Surf Rods

    Looking to buy 1 or 2 travel rods for fishing off the shore for my vacation. Something similar to the Okuma Nomad or Okuma SST travel rods is what I am looking for. Thanks, Gerry Feel free to text me at (310)213-0160
  256. fishfish

    Anyone fish the UC GUSA 80 Monster?

    This is my iron stick. Good 30lb & solid 40lb stick. Nice moderate action and nothing fast about it. One of my fave UC rods no doubt. I fish mine with a Tranx 500.
  257. fishfish

    Meiho Akiokun 480 Organizer

    I'll take 2 of these off your hands. I live in Santee. Gerry (310)213-0160
  258. fishfish

    Which budget travel tube ?

    Thanks to all the DIY replies but not goin that route. After you buy the glue,pipe & fittings youre up to at least $40. (And no I wont be using/needing the glue down the road.) Looks like Plano has some decent ones at $50 - $70. I'll look at those.
  259. fishfish

    Which budget travel tube ?

    Prefer a manufactured one . I am a Pipefitter and can easily make one but dont have the time or the desire to put one together with my trip around the corner.
  260. fishfish

    Sea Adventure 80??

    Great skippers and decent vessel but they gotto stop hiring little kids as deckhands !!!
  261. fishfish

    Which budget travel tube ?

    Thanks but looking for something smaller. Appreciate the suggestion anyways !!!
  262. fishfish

    Which budget travel tube ?

    I will be taking a trip to Fiji next month & want to take 2 or 3 popping set-ups with me. Can anyone recommend a budget decent/lockable case ? (I dont normally travel via air to fish so not sure how much use I will get out of it after this trip, hence the "budget" request.) Thanks, Gerry
  263. fishfish

    Which travel tube for 3 Popping rods ?

    I will be taking a trip to Fiji next month & want to take 2 or 3 popping set-ups with me. Can anyone recommend a budget decent/lockable case ? (I dont normally travel via air to fish so not sure how much use I will get out of it after this trip, hence the "budget" request.) Thanks, Gerry
  264. fishfish

    How big of fish on 40# set up?

    When paired with the right rod, probably no bigger than 100lbs if lucky and all things work in your favor. Better suited for fish up to 60lbs.
  265. fishfish

    Rod selection for Dauntless 600 2 speed

    I, too have the same set-up as Jim above but I have it in the 50lb slot.
  266. fishfish

    Mike Morris Update

    We are counting on you to pull thru Big-Time Mike !!! You will rise above as your creator has .
  267. fishfish

    Terez rail rod xh or ?

    I, too would be interested on feedback from someone familiar with these rail rods. Anyone ???
  268. fishfish

    Moving my new ride to SD

    Congrats !!! She sure has a nice rear-end and hopefully handles as beautiful as she looks.
  269. fishfish

    Lookin for Accurate Rubber Power Knob......

    I never called them. I am in no big rush to find one here on BD or elsewhere to save a buck from what Accurate wants for these knobs. I found one already( a while back), now lookin for another.
  270. fishfish

    Lookin for Accurate Rubber Power Knob......

    I need it for my new Valiant 2 spd 600. I dont care for the shitty knob they come with. This would be a mod. I already did one of my Valiants like this but now I wanna do the other as well. I am looking for the accurate footbal knob that fits BOTH the Dauntless and the Valiants. This knob is a...
  271. fishfish

    Lookin for Accurate Rubber Power Knob......

    Anyone have an Accurate Knob kit they might wanna sell ? Thx, Gerry (310)213-0160
  272. fishfish

    Shimano 100lb plus tuna on a Terez tzc70H with Torium 20hg?

    Fathom 25NLD2 = 19.6 oz Fathom 30NLD2 = 20.0 oz For less than an ounce difference you will be able to carry 135 yds more of 65lb braid which you will need every bit of if you are hoping to land 100lb tuna. My 2 cents.....Go w/the 30 size all the way !!! (Note: Many of these tuna are caught on...
  273. fishfish

    Seeker SSR-7660

    Anyone have one of these theyre looking to sell ? I am also interested in the blank as well....ESM 7660, Thanks, Gerry (310)213-0160
  274. fishfish

    Price of fish sold to markets

    I'm with Free Bill 100%. When it comes to fishing in the Hawaiian Islands....They have not & never will get my business. I wonder why these "sportfishing charter operations" arent just commercial fishing themselves. Perhaps it is more lucrative for them to capitalize on the naive,gullable and...
  275. fishfish

    ViSX16 or Tac20ii

    Talica - Old technology Penn - the latest & greatest technology
  276. fishfish

    WTB Seeker SSR 7660

    By any chance... You still have this blank available for purchase ?
  277. fishfish

    Shimano Shimano at FH Show Del Mar ???

    Can anyone tell me if Shimano will have a similar exhibit at the San Diego Fred Hall Show ??? I was wanting to attend their reel service instuctional . Thanks, Gerry
  278. fishfish

    Reasonably Priced Custom Rod Builders in Southern California

    If your willing to make the drive you probably wont beat his prices. Cosmos Sports (Fishing Tackle) in West LA. He is fast,cheap and puts out beautiful rods. I havent been there in a while but heard he is still kicking butt !!!
  279. fishfish

    Best braid

    Havent tried it but apparently old news i just recently learned.....Seaguar Threadlock 50lb whick breaks at 90. AND Highly-reviewed Yo-Zuri Superbraid which is one of the newest lines out. I have about 6 spools of it but havent tried it either.
  280. fishfish

    Rockfish on a Halco popper Dana Point

    Rockfish on-the-popper ? WOW !!!
  281. fishfish

    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    Wages have gone up and cost-of-living has gone up BUT Long range Fishing trips have gone way-way-up !!! Just my $.02
  282. fishfish

    Need help with spectra colors..

    I'm just of the thought that things underwater (at least for the top 40ft) should blend in w/ the natural environment so I prefer blue. Deeper down things(colors) really start changing .
  283. fishfish


    I have mine on a 8' UC Predator cut down from bottom to 7'6"....Light and awesome action. Its my 50lb outfit for yo-yo & bait.
  284. fishfish

    Avet HXJ 3-Speed

    Sweet ass reel Lance !!!
  285. fishfish

    BEST SPORTFISHING WEBSITE Tackle Recommendations San Diego

    Long Range fishing is gonna cost you kid !!! In the thousands easily !!! Shoot, Maybe you have tons of dough $$$ Think about crawling before doing marathons.
  286. fishfish

    BEST SPORTFISHING WEBSITE Tackle Recommendations San Diego

    Ask your questions here.... First describe what type of fish you want to target ? How long of a trip(s) are you wanting to do ? What is your budget per each rod/reel set-up ? What is your budget for each day of fishing ? Also you might want to specify which type of fishing EXACTLY you want to...
  287. fishfish

    Blue/Silver and Black Valiants Now in Stock!

    Now them are some great looking reels !!!
  288. fishfish

    No longer available - Fluor & Braid

    Someone has picked it up already on 3/3 !!! 1st one here gets... 1 - 50yd spool of Ande fluorocarbon 1 - 30yd spool of Soft Steel fc About 150 yds of 80lb green MaxCuattro braid. I live in Santee and u must come here to get it. Gerry (310)213-0160
  289. fishfish

    SOLD - Accurate Dauntless 600 2 Spd DX2

    In great shape with Accurate Extreme power handle. $480 and I'm taking a loss. (Power handle alone is $100) Gerry ph # (310)213-0160
  290. fishfish

    Backordered VISX

    I also saw longer on Penns website ??? Interesting........
  291. fishfish

    Accurate Dauntless 600 for a Black Valiant 600.....

    Anyone have a Valiant 2 spd 600 (in black) they want to trade for a great shape Dauntless 600 with power handle installed ??? Text me for pics Gerry (310)213-0160
  292. fishfish

    Penn Torque LD2's in silver??

    Gotta have that silver to stay more market competitive. Silver is the most neutral reel color possible. It blends well with most colors. Gold on the other hand......a bit gaudy for many to overcome. Come on Penn. Take note of your increased sales of the new VISX reels in silver. You cant...
  293. fishfish

    Which UC rod for fathom 40 2-speed?

    What Julio said.......Whats your application ???
  294. fishfish

    Alaska Air Miles ???

  295. fishfish

    Dauntless v Valiant

    As Accurate has expressed to me.... " They both contain the same ARB but they've designed the Valiant to not have/need any anti-reverse dogs. " The belief basically being that the dogs are a redundant feature that you really dont need when having such a dependable ARB design. I personally...
  296. fishfish

    Alaska Air Miles ???

  297. fishfish

    Alaska Air Miles ???

  298. fishfish

    Alaska Air Miles ???

    Any of my BD brothers have any Alaska AIr miles they want to "get rid of" ? PM me, lets talk. It'll be worth your time. Thanks, Gerry
  299. fishfish

    Valiant bv2-800 line and rod setup

    Will, Is the ARB in the Dauntless series a different and more inferior bearing as compared to the ARB in the newer Valiants ??? Ger
  300. fishfish

    Whats better

    BV-500 is a 1 speed reel......Talica 2 spd is as you wrote, 2 spd. A BV2-500(2-spd) is probably more comparable to the Talica 2 spd. Of those 2 I like the Accurate. I have owned both and now use the Accurate.
  301. fishfish

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    If the operation changes their schedule and if their decision to change comes at a cost it should be at the cost of the operation, NOT the customer. If they don't reverse/refund ALL the charges please do tell the operation's name so other folks think twice about patronizing them in the future.
  302. fishfish

    Furbag Lunch

    That shark can turn on a dime.....incredible !!!
  303. fishfish

    Your first memory of fishing?

    -Living in LA and as a young kid not knowing any better.......catching buckets of bonito on Venice Beach Pier. -Fishing King Harbor for bonito and sneaking around King Harbor boat docks for opaleye.
  304. fishfish

    Shimano Which Trinidad A handle for Tranx 300 & 400?

    I used the Trini 14 handle but went a bit longer with a Jigging World aftermarket Tranx handle. Jigging World is an online tackle retailer in the East Coast.
  305. fishfish

    SOLD....United Composites Spinning Rod CE800 Rated 40-60lb

    I am at work now but yes, I can get you that info later on today after 3pm. No problem
  306. fishfish

    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    I had a Dauntless 600N 2spd - Loved it but just sold it to buy the new Valiant 600N 2spd. Much more compact and lighter BUT have not fished it yet. The jury is still out ! I also just got the Dauntless 600 wide/standard version. Havent fished it but looks like a winner since I am sure it will...
  307. fishfish

    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    How bout the new 600N 2-spd Valiant ?
  308. fishfish

    Shimano Sedona FE or FI ?

    Is one of these the newer version or what ? If so what are the changes ? Thanks, Gerry
  309. fishfish

    Handles Interchangeable ???

    Thanks. I did that.
  310. fishfish

    Need a new YO YO rod help needed

    The UC US76 Predator was also too fast for my liking.
  311. fishfish

    Need a new YO YO rod help needed

    I was also looking for a 7ft6in Yo-yo rod and enjoy the UC rods quite a bit. I also tried a UC US76 HP and didnt care for the action, too fast. The UC US 80 Predator is listed as having Mod-fast action and feels great but wanted a 7'6" rod so i took off 6" off the bottom and felt amazing. I live...
  312. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Thanks for all your help Fellas......Problem solved. I didnt notice the shaft had a threaded screw on one end so i can insert the knob thru.
  313. fishfish

    Handles Interchangeable ???

    Jus dont care for the factory power knob on the new Valiant 2 spds. Prefer the large football knobs on the Dauntless Series.
  314. fishfish

    Need a new YO YO rod help needed

    I tried the 7'6"ft UC US Predator and was a bit to fast for me as I too dont like back-breaking rods like Calstar. I then tried a 8ft UC US Predator and took 6" of bottom and just love it and want another. Good luck with your search Derek !!!
  315. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Thanks Kub. I will work on this tomorrow again, for sure !
  316. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    OK Fellas..... I was able to take off factory handle off of new 600N 2 spd Valiant BUT now how do i get the new steel shaft into the knob itself ? What am I not seeing here ? Thanks, Gerry
  317. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Thanks fellas for all the advice. I will give it all a shot !
  318. fishfish

    Tranx 500 hg

    Great deal....If you factor in normal retail sales tax and braid cost this is actually about a $200 savings. Someone buy the darn thing, you cant go wrong !
  319. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Thanks guys BUT how in the world do i unscrew that cap/cover ? What type of tool do i use ? AND Is it reverse thread direction ???
  320. fishfish

    budget spinner

    Penn Clash 5000. You dont need bigger.
  321. fishfish

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Can anyone tell me how to remove factory knob on Valiant 600N 2 spd ? More specifically how do i remove factory knob cap to access the torx screw visible inside ? I have a new Accurate Rubber Powe knob I am trying to install in its place. Thanks, Gerry
  322. fishfish

    Spinning reel recommendation

    Depends....what you wanna spend ?
  323. fishfish

    Huge Bluefin taken on 13' boat by handline. Video

    Them cats are the real deal !!! Thanks for the video .
  324. fishfish

    Race Point 200

    Looks like a Bluefin slayer Greg !!!
  325. fishfish

    budget spinner

    Penn Clash 5000. Strong,light and at $150
  326. fishfish

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    For trips, the FHS can offer some "show specials" BUT keep in mind the better peak dates will probably already be booked by the time the show rolls around. Depending on location you might save $2-400 on some packages but these might not be prime dates. If possible, I say book earlier to go...
  327. fishfish

    1-7-18 Winkles on the Dolphin = Good Fun

    Amazing !!! Looks like Daddy's little girl is hooked on fishing for sure !!! Good job taught em well !
  328. fishfish

    Looking for Accurate Football Knob......

    Thanks Jim. Just found one mins ago.
  329. fishfish

    Looking for Accurate Football Knob......

    That part SKU# off Accurates website is : B-5736 It could be blue or green also.
  330. fishfish

    ? 60/80 lb Moderate-Action Rail Rod Suggestions ?

    Thanks Guys. My main fishing on this rod will be 60lb w/an occasional need to bump it up to 80lb if need be. The 7-7 Raptor felt a bit to fast for me when i felt it off the rack. Currently my 60lb is a Phenix Axis 780X2H but feels a tad to fast even though I took 2 inches off the bottom to slow...
  331. fishfish

    Melton’s Has Seeker OSP Rods

    Can anybody tell me if these are fast action or moderate action or somewhere in between? Thanks, Gerry
  332. fishfish

    ? 60/80 lb Moderate-Action Rail Rod Suggestions ?

    I am looking for suggestions on a 7'-6" Rail Rod with a Moderate-slightly Mod-Fast action. I am not a proponent of fast taper rods. Really - Just want something that will shut-off lower on the rod than most other 7'6" rods out there. Appreciate all the input !!! Thanks, Gerry
  333. fishfish

    Offshore Grandsons First Offshore Trip

    Looks like he may be taking you out one day !
  334. fishfish

    Looking for Accurate Football Knob......

    Yup. The rubber football knob but not the arm.
  335. fishfish

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    I agree on that Black !!! That silver/red combo sucks. Maybe a silver/green, silver/blue, or silver black at least . At a min a second standard color choice would be in order besides that silver/red.
  336. fishfish

    Looking for Accurate Football Knob......

    Anyone have one laying around that is no longer needed . (i do know they're available on Acc's website, just lookin for a slightly better deal) I live in Santee. Text is best at (310)213-0160 Thanks, Gerry
  337. fishfish

    WTB Black Accurate BV2-500 or BV2-500N

    I just bought a Valiant 600N in Black and learned the Blacks are quite rare. If you dont find it here on BD try Tackle Direct online or Meltons. Good luck !
  338. fishfish

    SOLD....United Composites Spinning Rod CE800 Rated 40-60lb

    Iron also but mainly poppers. It casts exceptional !
  339. fishfish

    SOLD....United Composites Spinning Rod CE800 Rated 40-60lb

    SOLD I am selling a United Composites 8ft Model : CE 800 Wahoo spinning rod in very good condition . $180 Custom built with Alps Guides and EVA grip and Fuji graphite reel seat. Used it for tossing poppers on only a couple of trips. Nice parabolic action. Rated at 40-60lb. This is a 1 piece rod...
  340. fishfish


    Thanks Alex
  341. fishfish


    Alex , What make of 80lb braid did you use to get 500 yds on the reel ? Thx, Gerry
  342. fishfish

    Merry Fishmas!

    And THAT is what fishin is all about !!! You are teaching him well Pops .
  343. fishfish

    Valiant 2 spd 600N ?

    Thanks Will. I will take it out soon to give her a whirl. If any issues I will buzz you. Appreciate the support !!! Gerry
  344. fishfish

    Valiant 2 spd 600N ?

    I recently received my new 600N Valiant 2 -spd and noticed its freespool isnt as free-spinning as my 600N Dauntless. Does anyone know if there are more bearings on the Dauntless or what ? Love the freespool on my Dauntless and just wish the new Valiant spun the same . Thx, Gerry
  345. fishfish

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    Grundens look very nice to me !
  346. fishfish

    Help me name this girl

    Lightning....for that white streak shootin down her cute face !!!
  347. fishfish

    BOTH SOLD Thanks BD!

    Great Xmas prices on 2 very nice custom rods !!!
  348. fishfish

    Penn Clash 5000 BNIB-SOLD

    Somebody buy this darn thing cuz he's giving you an extra spool with braid loaded and ready to go. If I didnt have one already I'd a been all over it !!!
  349. fishfish

    WTS Big Boy Set-up

    They both look new Greg. Big Bluefin Special there !!!
  350. fishfish

    Favorite spectra

    Dont really have a true fave but under 100lb I like Jerry Brown Solid in blue. You might wanna look into YoZuri's new SuperBraid....Heard many good things about it just cant seem to find it in stores where I live(only online).
  351. fishfish

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    Atta boy and nice write-up too !!! Dad taught you well. Always be thankful to him !
  352. fishfish

    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    You can wait for the FHS, BUT dont expect alot of the better/prime boat prime dates to be available then. I made that mistake years ago and had to settle for "lesser" boats.
  353. fishfish

    Offshore 11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    From the looks of the first pic looks like you were accompanied by a very bright full moon that night !!! LOL
  354. fishfish

    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    Considering Dad's age and your Bro's caviar tastes, you might want to look at boats that are in excess of 100 ft. The larger vessels in our San Diego fishing fleets are usually the nicer, more comfortable and roomier/safer ones . Just keep in mind though, these bigger boats will cost you more...
  355. fishfish

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    In comparing Dauntless to the newer Valiants.......Do the Dauntless have the ARB configuration WITH the newly added washers(as in the newer Valiants) Or WITHOUT the washers ???
  356. fishfish

    BEst cordless power drill

    You wont go wrong with Milwaukee. Amazing customer service if it ever does break.
  357. fishfish

    29 people on a 65 foot boat should not be called limited load

    For the less experienced it can be a bit confusing since "limited load" in most situations would imply a roomier, uncrowded experience HOWEVER in SoCal sportfishing all it means is that you wont be fishing on top of each other as you normally would on a full open partyboat. It really becomes a...
  358. fishfish

    YoZuri Super Braid ???

  359. fishfish

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    Thanks Will. Looks like only the standard colors have been made for now.
  360. fishfish

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    Will, Do you know if you guys have made any diff color BV2-800 or 800N other than standard red/slvr scheme ? Gerry
  361. fishfish

    Offshore Epics November catching on Jumbo BFT limits!

    Holy Cow !!! That deck picture looks like the return of a 16 dayer !!!
  362. fishfish

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    Damn Greg....You and Mark have an "early bird" Santa !!! Its barely Thanxgiving !!!
  363. fishfish

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    Do both 800 and 800N come with permanent harness lugs ?
  364. fishfish

    YoZuri Super Braid ???

    Anyone know of a tackle shop in the San Diego area that carries this stuff in bulk spool to fill up reels ??? Thanks, Gerry
  365. fishfish

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    Check the classified adds here. They got reels... Mak 30, Talica 20, Acc DPX2-50 AND Invictus rod, Centaur rod. Good luck !!!
  366. fishfish

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    Right on Mark ! You have enuf stuff to open up your own tackle store now. LOL
  367. fishfish

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    This is your chance boys ........ Ordered me a Valiant 600N 2 spd for the holdays. Can't wait to use it on these Bluefin !!!
  368. fishfish

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    Looks like these will be another big hit for Accurate !!!!
  369. fishfish

    Valiant 800 and 1000???

    Rick, Where did you here these are even being made ?
  370. fishfish

    Slammer III 6500 or 7500...

    Me, I'd go for the 6500. It still can hold a substantial amount of line and it would likely get more use than a larger spinner. If you are absolutely 100% ONLY going to be targeting larger 100+lb fish then I'd go with the 7500 but I'm sure you will have bigger non-spinning stuff for the big boys...
  371. fishfish

    Offshore O95 11/16

    BITCHIN !!!! Love that on your T-top .
  372. fishfish

    Playa San Rafeal & Punta San Francisquito Beach Fishing

    Amazing shots !!! and great write-up.
  373. fishfish

    Offshore O95 11/16

    Thanks for the report Joe. Please dont get all flustered up by all the negative comments. You know theres always gonna be a thousand different opinions no matter what. I believe it was your right not to tip and people can say all they want cuz they were not there. Please, continue the reports...
  374. fishfish

    Valiants and Lupe sized Y-fin ???

    Alright Will. i am keeping my eyes and ears peeled. If I miss it , I will be bugging you soon enough. Thanks, Gerry
  375. fishfish

    Braid Test Results .....

    Found this article/analysis on the web dated less than a year ago. Found it quite interesting ! Just wanted to share forward w/ my BD Family : Please add your feedback....
  376. fishfish

    3 day Shogun and Vagabond trips

    Before you go on 6 or 7 dayer I'd advise you to do a 2.5 or 3.5 dayer to make sure with 100% certainty that you are ok with being away on the water that long, not everyone is. The shorter trips allow you to build your tackle and equipment up to 6 day requirements too.
  377. fishfish

    Handles Interchangeable ???

    Can I put a Dauntless 2spd handle on a Valiant 2 spd or vice-versa ? Is that bolt-up identical ? Thx, Gerry
  378. fishfish

    Dauntless 2 Spd VS Valiant 2 Spd.......

    In terms of application.......Can someone edumacate me on some of their differences ??? I am ready to buy another Dauntless but a bit intrigued by the new larger 600 series Valiants. Thx, Gerry
  379. fishfish

    Valiants and Lupe sized Y-fin ???

    Anyone have any feedback on the larger sized Valiant 2 spds(600N & 600) being up to the task of Lupe-sized Yellowfin ? OR Are they too light-bodied a 2 spd ? Thank, Gerry
  380. fishfish

    Line Capacity on Dauntless 600 or 600N

    Can anyone tell me their real-life line yardages put on either the 600 or 600N Dauntless. (I am fully aware of the companies specs but seem to suspect they arent always too precise for a variety of reasons). Please tell me type of braid used also. Thanks, Gerry
  381. fishfish

    8.0 ft Rods for 60-80lb. Topshots

    I have the same US80 Predator you have but want to to get a UC US80 Wahoo . The UC US80 Wahoo seems a little heavier on the tip but feels stiffer and more powerful down the blank . The Wahoo is probably better on fishing the bigger baits where the Predator's tip is light enuf to fish lighter...
  382. fishfish

    F/S Penn Slammer 3 7500

    Killer deal Greg !!! GLWS
  383. fishfish

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    Great report for an AMAZING TRIP of a lifetime . Congrats on your effort and following success....WOW !!!!!!!!!!
  384. fishfish

    250 Flat Fall Jig "The Glow Jig" !!!!!!!!!!!! Great price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please clarify.... As i understand there are 2 differently rigged (strength-wise) Glow Jigs. "The 250g Glow Jig" is rigged with 400lb line WHILE The 250 glow jig IN THE SET is rigged with 300lb line Correct ??? Thanks, Gerry
  385. fishfish

    Shimano Twinpower 8K vs 10K vs 14K ......

    Was wondering, Do all three of these spinners have the same exact size reel body with the exception of the spool being cut deeper as they get higher in model # and and with the exception of the 14K having a faster gear ratio ? Thanks, Gerry
  386. fishfish

    Shimano Feel of Trx400 vs Trx500 ???

    I havent had the chance to feel the size difference in hand of the Trx500 and the newer Trx400. I currently own a Trx500pg but am considering swapping out for a Trx400 . Is the Trx400 a 2/3rd size reel of the larger Trx500 or is it substantially smaller? I have seen the specs and have learned...
  387. fishfish

    Question about Dauntless 600N.

    Just curious but would the wider 600 Dauntless(Not the Narrow 600N) be ok for the Lupe Y-fin ???
  388. fishfish

    WTB Vacuum Sealer

    I rather pay more for something decent and not have to hassle returning it .
  389. fishfish

    Best Casting Mono??

    SOFT STEEL'll see.
  390. fishfish

    Black and Gold Torque frame/end plate swaps

    Great look my man !!!
  391. fishfish

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    Jay, I am coming up as soon as Jim can schedule a weekend trip. By the way, hows that new boat of yours workin out ?
  392. fishfish

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    J.....Why am I not surprised that you killed them bugs again (and the fish) ? She might be hooked on fishing for good now . Several nice lobster dinners to follow I'm sure .
  393. fishfish

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    That video : Smooth as glass conditions together with great fishing....Cant beat that in a million years !!!!! NICE !
  394. fishfish

    Eastern Fields Papua New Guinea With Salty Water Tackle

    OOC !!! Out Of Control all the way !!! Thanks for gettin me all wound up right here right now !
  395. fishfish

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    Thats a Big 10-4 Jason !!! I'm a whining little Biatch about the drive up there. But as Jim puts it....."Its about time you(Gerry) make your annual pilgrimage to fish with the LA/Catalina Catcher-Men ". I will get up there cuz it looks like you guys are always killin it up there no matter the...
  396. fishfish

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    I can see your continued investments on your umpteenth boat is really makin her come together real nicely Capt. Jim !!! Just make sure them millenials cover their fair share when you take 'em out "in style" and put 'em on good eats everytime !!! Looking forward to having the pleasure of riding...
  397. fishfish

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    There you go again. Not all of us can afford the weekly outings on the water.
  398. fishfish

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    Looks like you guys are on a roll lately !!! I am jealous !!!
  399. fishfish

    Five Star Fish Processing

    Sorry this happened to you. I also was the recipient of one of their "boo-boos". I will give another processor my business/$$$ moving forward. Thanks for sharing your bad experience with us here on this brotherly forum so we can all learn from each others misfortunes .
  400. fishfish

    12 month fishing license bill dies

    I just dont buy one any more. I refuse to give my hard-earned(construction career) money to a corrupt system run by a bunch of self-serving 2-faced politicians(Lorena obviously included) . I just will take my chances till/if things get better. The DFW is poorly staffed anyways so I say odds...
  401. fishfish

    Offshore LIMITS (60) Bluefin 90-160lb on the Ranger 85 1.5 day

    Slaughterfest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job.
  402. fishfish

    Offshore New Lo-An nails big BFT 8/31

    Holy Moly !!! That Markus is no joke . He takes his line-of-work dead serious and he totally knew how much that fish meant to the angler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very respectful and honorable move/save. I've never been on the NLA but he'll be gettin my money soon.
  403. fishfish

    Which freezer....Frost-free or Defrost type ?

    Thanks guys but i went with the (Lowes) 16.6cu ft. Frigidaire Frost-Free Upright. Will keep you updated on performance.
  404. fishfish

    How big are yellows on 3/4 day trips now?

    Thanks tmitch760, my Santee Brother !!!
  405. fishfish

    How big are yellows on 3/4 day trips now?

    Thanks J for the reliable info !!! Much appreciated .
  406. fishfish

    How big are yellows on 3/4 day trips now?

    In the last week or so....Anybody have an idea on how big the yellowtail have been averaging on the 3/4 day boats here in San Diego ? Thanks, Gerry
  407. fishfish

    Which freezer....Frost-free or Defrost type ?

    Matt.....Which model and make did you buy ?
  408. fishfish

    Neat Trick

    Simple solutions for the average guy...... Wish it applied to me. I am a 3x all day long.
  409. fishfish

    Advice on freezer type requested ???

    I am getting a new freeezer for my fish but wondering which type is best for my vacuum-packed fish ? My last was a chest-freezer but got all iced up and didnt care or have ability/time to defrost like you're supposed to do annually. Also dont like how things get buried in a chest freezer...
  410. fishfish

    Which freezer....Frost-free or Defrost type ?

    I am getting a new freeezer for my fish but wondering which type is best for my vacuum-packed fish ? My last was a chest-freezer but got all iced up and didnt care or have ability/time to defrost like you're supposed to do annually. Also dont like how things get buried in a chest freezer...
  411. fishfish

    Offshore Sauerfish uses "Wicked Tuna" tactic, breaks my jinx

    What a prime example of "teamwork" !!! Great story of the one that DIDNT get away for years to come. Amazing !!!
  412. fishfish

    Offshore Condor Sportfishing

    Great report Greg !!! Always willing to share the knowledge. THANKS!!!
  413. fishfish

    Tony Reyes Trip in Summer?

    Can anybody offer advice or insight on what its like fishing a Tony Reyes trip in August or September? Is it unbearable ? Too darn humid ? OR Is it do-able ? Thanks for your advice ! Gerry
  414. fishfish

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Prayers for you and your family Mikee. Take a hold of Gods hand as he carries you guys thru this wild journey my Brother!!! He aint letting go of you guys' hands...I promise !!!
  415. fishfish

    San quintin yellow fest

    Wow Jim ! You slayed 'em.
  416. fishfish

    Catalina Yellowtail report question

    Its amazing/sad how many boats are catching/keeping these babies !!!
  417. fishfish

    The New Avet G2 Series

    - Titanium Red(or Rose or Cherry) OR - Platinum Red (or Rose or Cherry) OR - Titanium Wine -Titanium Merlot OR -Platinum Merlot -Platinum Wine Good luck to all !!! THX, Gerry
  418. fishfish

    Offshore 100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Awesome Catch on the right tackle...CONGRATS !!!
  419. fishfish

    Fred Hall Show; SD vs LB?

    Ditto on what others said........Live in Diego but always make it to Long Beach show !!! Lots more to see and do at the L.B. show. Make almost a full day of it - You wont be disappointed !!!
  420. fishfish

    Offshore Aztec tanker BFT at Tanner 11/7

    Wow !!! And in November ??? Absolutely amazing !
  421. fishfish

    Penn Torque Star Drag in black

    only funky gold
  422. fishfish

    BUGS WFO CAT IN 180FT 11-3-16

    Awesome haul. Enjoy the good eats !!!
  423. fishfish

    Offshore Ethics In Fish Count Reporting

    Good report Tonto. Sorry about your bad experience. Dont give them your money in the future. Honesty is always the best policy. Better luck next time!
  424. fishfish

    Offshore Choppy out but the fish are biting!

    All I can say is Awesome pics with an awesome report and an awesome Mom !!! May God bless you.
  425. fishfish

    Use of Poppers

    Abusaade.......You might want to mention if you will be casting with a spinner or a conventional reel. Obviously , you can cast lighter poppers with a spinner with much greater ease. You will need heavier ones for the conventional reels. Also, how much are you willing to pay for a popper...
  426. fishfish

    Popping Rod Setup: What length butt grip do you prefer?

    I am 6'1" and I use a 17.5" rear grip on my 50lb spinner and feels great. I do think you should factor in your arm length. I do like Black Hole rods but feel like their factory builds are short in their fore/rear grips. Possibly made to conform to average Asian/Korean stature perhaps? I am just...
  427. fishfish

    Offshore Doesn't Get Much Better Than This - 10/22

    Nice job AGAIN Capt Slayer !!!!!
  428. fishfish

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    May God Bless you Gary!!! Be strong and will pray for your full recovery !!!!
  429. fishfish

    Offshore W/O @ 209 10/22

    WOW....You are the Man !!! I am jealous cuz I wish that was me darn it !!!!
  430. fishfish

    Offshore Ali Saves The Year - YFT On The Tuna Jihad!!!

    Frickin Awesome !!! That Ali is the real deal no doubt !!!
  431. fishfish

    Offshore Shake down and eviction notice...

    DIdnt anyone tell ya.....the Sporties own the ocean. Or at least them SOB's think they do !!!! I like the idea of trolling a jig around 'em and givin 'em the finger as you pull away. Seriously tho......Sorry they did that to you ! Scumbags !!!
  432. fishfish

    The New Avet G2 Series

  433. fishfish

    PENN Slammer III Spinning Reels: new for 2017

    Sounds like a great reel. Sounds like a good step up from my Clash and that I enjoy so much !!!!
  434. fishfish

    Best Long Range Boat

    You have been given some great advice from the Fellas here . Keep in mind tho that most wi-fi capabilities are nothing like land-based systems. You will get intermittent wi-fi signal at best from these vessels. If you need good wi-fi you will need to invest in a satellite wi-fi hot-spot...
  435. fishfish

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    I definitely woulda made a mess of my wetsuit by shittin/pissin all inside of it. Wow!!! Lucky survivor indeed. Looks like the shark wanted what was inside that cage at whatever cost.
  436. fishfish

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    During my visit to Maui a couple months ago....... Due to this greed, I chose NOT to support this type of charter operation. Had tons of fun spending my $$$ on other activities.
  437. fishfish

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    Thanks Guys for all your is appreciated. Its my personal opinion but I just wish that the angler chartering a vessel in Hawaii should have the option to do as he wishes with his catch. If he catches it, it is his business what he chooses to do with it. After all he has paid for the...
  438. fishfish

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    For years I have always heard that Hawaii based fishing charter operations keep all or most of the catch taken on their trips. Just wondering but it seems like they charge a decent amount to take folks out fishing for a day....... Is this amount to little to sustain their business? I am...
  439. fishfish

    Which reel?

    A set-up for Bluefin sounds great and all but the Bluefin bite we had this year was a bit of an anomaly. Normal-sized tuna are caught every year but not Bluefin of this unusual size.. Since that 820MH is a 20-45lb rod and that Proteus is a 20-50lb rod and he prefers baitcaster reels Maybe he...
  440. fishfish

    Las Arenas Area near La Paz

    Thanks for the honest , unedited report. Many are afraid to piss other folks off in what they say. I appreciate it and def love the pics....Awesome!!!
  441. fishfish

    Offshore Freedom to San Nic

    Dickhands fishing......Not good is right !!!
  442. fishfish

    Good boat for 1.5/2 day?

    X3 or the Condor or the First String
  443. fishfish

    Offshore Caught my first tuna ! YFT 6/29

    You always gotto eat the cherry !!!
  444. fishfish

    Rod selection help

    Might want to mention what size line tests you will be fishing..... 20lb, 30, 40?
  445. fishfish

    Shimano Tranx opinions

    Its the big daddy of saltwater baitcasters !!!
  446. fishfish

    Daiwa Catalina / Isla Gone?!?!?

    I heard that if you ask nicely that Daiwa Service center in Cerritos,CA will service the Catalina. Let me know cuz I havent tried doing this yet. Thanks and good luck, Gerry
  447. fishfish

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    Maybe a Black Hole rod like a 761MH Challenger Bank. Thats what i use for my baitcaster. Strong and ultralight.
  448. fishfish

    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5.

    Capt Bob and Capt Scott are my king of guys!!! They take their business seriously and want everybody to catch fish no doubt. I had my best trip ever on that boat about 2 years ago .
  449. fishfish

    Several rods- Free to good home. All spoken for

    May God bless you Blaine !!!
  450. fishfish

    Offshore Liberty 9/15... Wow!

    I say FUCK DEADHEADS !!! and to the unprofesional boats that allow them on!! Cheap-ass, ratty-ass stowaways!!!
  451. fishfish

    Finally going down to San Diego to fish the San Diego

    Or the 2nd day on the Liberty 3/4 day out of Fishermans Landing. Not far from Seaforth Landing......maybe a 5-10 drive further south over Nimitz Blvd. from Mission Bay/Seaforth. Do report your trips please!!! Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  452. fishfish

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    Thanks John for always being a great source of info here on BD !!!!
  453. fishfish

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    How's the overall size and line capacity compare to that of the Shimano Tranx? Thx, Gerry
  454. fishfish

    Offshore Old Glory August 30th is AIS indeed and some newer radios are equipped w/it and some are not.
  455. fishfish

    Shimano TranX 400

    I would also like a 400 Tranx. Unfortunately, Shimano probably isn't too worried about it with their already extensive line of available reels worldwide. Maybe some distant day perhaps....
  456. fishfish


    United Saltwater Series Dual-Helix All Graphite US80 Wahoo Awesome blank/rod. My next rod for sure. Tons of backbone. Lucky buyer , whoever picks this up !!!!!!!
  457. fishfish

    Offshore Old Glory August 30th

    keith, I just press the little arrow or boat symbols and it tells me name of vessel. I can check on it throughout day or week to see where most vessels are concentrated. Not all boats have this technology but it still gives a good snapshot or good info on where most vessels are focusing their...
  458. fishfish

    Offshore Old Glory August 30th

    Boat location is really no secret. Play with this website and you can monitor many boat's location all day and all year.
  459. fishfish

    Grande or Tribute

    I am also not a fan of the Tribute. Tiny galley and my overall crew experience was not like many other vessels Ive been on. Bunks a bit tight but I am also 6'1 300lbs. Just not a good fit for me in more ways than one.
  460. fishfish


    Wow...Sounds like such an adventure. I have been to Southern Siberia but your trip sounds so much more interesting and adventurous!!! Looking forward to your full write-up. Thx, Gerry
  461. fishfish

    Catalina 8/28

    Atta boys Slayers !!!
  462. fishfish

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    All I can say is this guy has it goin on from all angles . You da Man Bruh. Always killin the fishies !!!!!!
  463. fishfish


    Do you fly into Vladivostok to start your adventure there? Thx, Gerry
  464. fishfish

    Revo toro beast 60

    I got the Toro Beast paired up to a Black Hole Challenger Bank 761MH custom rod. Makes for an extremely light set-up w/tons of power.
  465. fishfish

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    In trying to find a "middle ground".......Perhaps a 8 or 9 day Fall trip in Diego. It will be a bit cheaper than a 10 or 11 dayer.
  466. fishfish

    Komodo 450

    According to the OP....Sounds like Savon Tackle in LA area has them(Santa Fe Springs to be exact).
  467. fishfish

    My first United Composites rod

    Which EC model did you buy Mr. David?
  468. fishfish

    Daiwa BG 5000 Saltwater: First Look/Review (image heavy)

    Another excellent and thorough product breakdown by Mr Tuttle !!! Your work and time is appreciated.
  469. fishfish

    FS - New ProGear V30 in Black (View Pic)

    Sold just a bit ago. I will update post.
  470. fishfish

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    Mike.... Just talked to the wife (Reg Nurse) and she said to look up Adrenaclick(generic) and it will be lots cheaper. Here a couple informative links... AND...
  471. fishfish

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    Its a racket and they know that the unfortunate people who are in regular need of such a product (to potentially save a lfe) will have no choice but to continue buying it, regardless of price. Personally.....At times I order from non-US pharmacies to save lots of $$$ cuz our Pharma Industry...
  472. fishfish

    Shogun - Drinks and Ice

    Just to confirm Soda Pop.......I was on the Shogun about 3 weeks ago and they have cans and Ice but no soda machine like I also prefer.
  473. fishfish

    New Shimano Stradic FK 5K Spinning Reel

    Sold and gone to SoCalBeachBum.
  474. fishfish

    Offshore Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    WOW, WOW and WOW !!! If that aint an adventure of a report, I dont know what is. You sure you not a professional writer or novelist??? Great reads !!! I had to freshen up my pop during my time enjoying this true real-life adventure. Thanks a million Mr Cory !!! Keep up the reports and shared...
  475. fishfish

    La Jolla 8/20 My boys first time out

    I bet you couldnt chase him off your boat with a stick now Pops. So, So Awesome !!! Great Job findin em YT !!!
  476. fishfish

    New Shimano Stradic FK 5K Spinning Reel

    I am selling this new reel w/o box. Too small for my need. It is 100% New !!! I will post pics later if site allows me OR can text me for pics. PRICE : $160 Gerry at (310) 213-0160
  477. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    Perfect , perfect ! I was hopin it'd be an easy swap out! Thx again John for helping me make an informed decision on my next reel for the umpteenth time !!!! Much appreciated, Gerry
  478. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    Thanks John for all the good info.....I was more concerned about installing a bigger knob. Can you tell me if its a simple removable threaded knob? Or does it have to be drilled out? Thx, Gerry
  479. fishfish

    Huge 269-pound bluefin tuna on PENN 50VSW at the 43

    WTH !!! AMAZING !!!
  480. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    Thx John. I read that linked page to your article/post on Stripersonline. Good reads!!! After learning about all the real-life line capacities I think the 5k is what I want. Now to find a good deal on one. Any clue if the 6k handle will fit on the 5k reel? Thx, Gerry
  481. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    Maybe Clash 5K will do me .
  482. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    Thx John but Clash 4k holds same amount of line as Strdic FK 5k. I need more line capacity but do not want to step up into the capacity and size of a GOSA or SPHEROS.
  483. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    Thanks for the helpful info John. I bought a Stradic FK 5K but its just a tad too small(line cap) for the rod I am tryin to pair it up to. Seems like Daiwa Ballistic 4K is a little bit bigger than Stradic 5K at least line capacity wise. I had a GOSA 6K(5K) before but to big for my taste. Wanting...
  484. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    That is exactly what i was wondering. AND....Is the Ballistic a bit bigger in size or is just the spool a bit bigger? Thx, Gerry
  485. fishfish

    Penn Clash 5K VS Penn Clash 6k ?`

    Maybe I shouldve been more clear.....I was more interested in the actual size of the reel bodies...comparitively. Is one body bigger than the other....5K vs 6K.
  486. fishfish

    Penn Clash 5K VS Penn Clash 6k ?`

    Are these reels using the same body but with different size spools ??? Thx, Gerry
  487. fishfish

    Black Hole Challengers - Game time!

    Still havent crossed into the dark acid side......something tells me there wont be no goin back!!! I think my next heavy rig will have to be acid style!!!!
  488. fishfish

    Shimano Body SIzes on Saragosa and Sustain FG

    Does a 6k Gosa have the same size body as a 6K Sustain FG? Just hard to find a store locally that has em both in same size. Thx, Gerry
  489. fishfish

    Size? Stradic FK 5000 VS Daiwa Ballistic 4000

    In real-time, in real-life...Can anyone tell me if Daiwa Ballistic 4k actually does hold more line than the Stradic FK 5k ??? I have read the specs on both reels and own the Stradic FK 5k but I am considering the Daiwa Ballistic 4k cuz the specs say it hold a bit more. I cant find the Daiwa...
  490. fishfish

    UC RCP-70XH-C For 50lb rig

    To my surprise....Charkbait also carries some UC blanks. Just call their to find out if they have the one youre lookin for b4 makin the trip there.
  491. fishfish

    Black Hole Challengers - Game time!

    Yup me too !!! I pulled on em a couple years ago at Fred Hall, was blown away and said "OK - I'll take two of these right here right now! " Would like to add an 8fter(like you got) to my quiver soon !
  492. fishfish

    Black Hole Challengers - Game time!

    Oh shit are ready !!! Congrats. I really like my BH rods.
  493. fishfish

    Donation: Tor 20

    Good lookin out Joe....U da man and God bless !!!
  494. fishfish

    Offshore Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    Amazing....Absolutely Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  495. fishfish

    Sunline Fluro

    What is Seaguar STS ? Is that their low end standard f/c?
  496. fishfish

    Offshore New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    Them are some bigger model y-fins from all the others I've seen. Nice !
  497. fishfish

    3-day in 3 weeks.

    I leave on 9/6 on the Intrepid for a 3 dayer too. Thats still 3 weeks away. Things can change a bit in that time. I hope they do cuz otherwise yer right...nuttin but small fish of any specie.
  498. fishfish

    Penn Torque 30LD2

    Sounds like a heck of a deal...... Might want to mention if Gold or older Black.
  499. fishfish

    Which 9ft UC rod for Shimano Tranx?

    I use an US80Monster w/ my Tranx and lovin its balance.
  500. fishfish

    Need 3 D WIDE BOOTS

    Forgot to mention that I use diving lycra "Beefier Socks" cuz they are thin and they allow my fat feet to slide easier in/out of boot. I struggled with regular socks terribly before.
  501. fishfish

    Tuna eats Seagull

    stupid bird.
  502. fishfish

    Offshore 8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    Thanks for : - Sharing you awesome experience - A great, detailed report - Reminding me that even when we feel down and out that God will always be good!!! Keep them reports coming....
  503. fishfish

    WTB - Shimano Stradic FK 5000

    Looking for this reel in good - great or new condition at a good price of course. LMK please.... Gerry text at (310)213-0160
  504. fishfish

    Thoughts on Phenix Axis HAX-720X3H

    If its any help, I have a HAX-780X2H that I fish 60lb on . I also prefer a touch softer rod action than most.
  505. fishfish

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    Def no to San Diego unless you do a 8-11 day in fall but even then its a lot of traveling(24-48hrs) to the more productive areas.
  506. fishfish

    Shimano Stella 5000 sw

    Do your research cuz i think the 6k is same body as 5k but deeper spool. Not to sure tho.
  507. fishfish

    FS black hole 10'6 nano HEAVY

    Bump for a good honest seller. He did me right recently.
  508. fishfish

    Yellows on Abu Toro Beast 60HS

    I agree with you Chris.
  509. fishfish

    Yellows on Abu Toro Beast 60HS

    I didnt take any pics Fishkilla but yup, it killed them with ease. Thx.
  510. fishfish

    Yellows on Abu Toro Beast 60HS

    My new Abu Garcia Toro Beast thoroughly impressed me these last 3 days while fishing it onboard the Shogun. I have it paired up to a Black Hole 761MH Challenger Bank custom rod. This set-up absolutely slaughtered the Yellows while fishing for 12-25 lb class fish. This reel is alot more...
  511. fishfish

    Report-Shogun 3 Day Walker/Martin Aug 8-10

    Food was excellent Jim !!!
  512. fishfish

    Limited load

    Sounds like desperate, shameless measures to me !!!
  513. fishfish

    Report-Shogun 3 Day Walker/Martin Aug 8-10

    Marlin busted braided line .
  514. fishfish

    Report-Shogun 3 Day Walker/Martin Aug 8-10

    Just returned this morning from 3 dayer on Shogun. Fish Count(as best as I recall): YT : 230 YF : 8 Dorado : 150 Food was top notch....Plenty and great tasting. Crew members were helpful during the most critical times of tangles . Great group of gentlemen from the Walker/Martin Group. Trip...
  515. fishfish

    Offshore Overnight on Pacific Queen

    Nice catch Darryl. And time to update that dorado avatar huh ? killed it BIGTIME !!!
  516. fishfish

    FS - New ProGear V30 in Black (View Pic)

    SOLD I have box and all the goodies it came with. Also has beefier, higher quality football Accurate knob instead of hollow feeling football factory knob it came with. Never fished. Reel also has been given the "Alan Tani Treatment" for increased free-spool. This reel is better than new ...
  517. fishfish

    United Composites US76HP 40lb Custom Rod

    I am selling a New, Never fished Custom Built United Composites US76HP Casting Rod. It is a 40lb set-up. It is a Dual Helix, all-graphite blank from the United Saltwater Series . It was built with EVA Grips, Fuji graphite reel seat and PacBay Titanium DP Casting Guides. Extremely Lightweight and...
  518. fishfish

    Alan Hawk's web site

    I have also just recently corresponded with him on his contact page. Maybe plug in you conversation and end with hitting enter on keyboard......maybe that'll work?
  519. fishfish

    3 Day on the Royal Star

    You're good but you can do away with one of the smaller outfits or one of the longer jig sticks. I take 5-6 outfits on 3 dayers and dont use em all normally.
  520. fishfish

    FS abu Garcia revo toro beast 60hs

    Check you Private Messages
  521. fishfish

    Temple Reef R-13 and R-11 Jigging Rods

    Good price for such nice high-end stuff there. If anybody is unsure of these rods, google them and learn that these are the real deal!!! BTW...I dont know the seller.
  522. fishfish

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Ron...What I have learned to do is wrap each individual vac-pak of fish with foil so that they cant stick to each other. What happens in many freezer is eventually moisture will find its way in the freezer and things covered in plastic will start to stick together. Even using the thicker 5 mil...
  523. fishfish

    75 lb Yellowtail

    A stray from them New Zealand pigs.....WOW!!!
  524. fishfish

    Shimano Calcutta 400D Reel Clamp

    Looked for one many times last couple years....couldnt find one. Stubborn and determined I tried many obvious and not so obvious possibilities and no luck !!! Sold the reel after all. Good Luck !
  525. fishfish

    Black Sea Bass--Ventura pier catch/killed

    I agree w/ Brian. They were a bunch of dipshits!!! Wish they'd have gotten cited!!!
  526. fishfish

    Honest VW repair guy in San Diego???

    2008 Passat 2.0T Need Diverter valve swapped out.
  527. fishfish

    Honest VW repair guy in San Diego???

    Thanks Aluminator but tryin to stay down here.
  528. fishfish

    Offshore Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    I really doubt those Mexican Seiners abide by the rules they're mandated to follow as much as the American Fleet does. My distant Brethen just dont give a damn!!!
  529. fishfish


    I love how those baitwraps look but I have to give the nod to these realistic decals because BOTH sides are addressed.....Big DIfference !!! KInda like buying a car w/ only half a paint job. Cost savings perhaps...
  530. fishfish


    Does this decal cover top and bottom? ff NEVERMIND...scrolled down and saw the vids
  531. fishfish

    Phenix reel covers

    shucks..just ordered some
  532. fishfish

    65 lb vs 80 lb braid

    Even 100lb is fine.
  533. fishfish

    The New Pro Gear Violators

    It matters to me. I dont want that stupid crap on there!!! And no...the new ones wont have it written as from what the owner told me at a function recently.
  534. fishfish

    Okuma Makraira Spinner: Okuma Goes Beast-Mode Preview

    John, Gonna do a write up on the Metaloid spinner soon? Thanks, Gerry
  535. fishfish

    Honest VW repair guy in San Diego???

    Anyone know of any decent repair places for VW cars in Diego Area? Thnks, Gerry (310)213-0160
  536. fishfish

    400 size 2 speed

    Agree 100% with hucklongfin above
  537. fishfish

    Which guides for 40-50lb Spinning ?

    Just looking for recommendations on which guides to use on a 40-50lb spinner outfit? Perhaps Fuji or Alps.....but open to all suggestions really. Thx, Gerry
  538. fishfish

    Looking for United Composite US80 Predator Blank.....

    I am in San Diego and I am looking for a US80 Predator blank to purchase. Trades are also welcomed. I have a New Saragosa 6000 Spinner and a New Custom built UC US76 HP 40lb rod I am willing to figure a trade on. Gerry at (310)213-0160) for faster reply (text or call is fine)
  539. fishfish

    Offshore Overnight New Lo-An 7/16

    What time is dinner again? Great report !!!
  540. fishfish

    Offshore Sunday Morning Bluefin report

    Can everybody spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!
  541. fishfish


    Thought it was some abbreviation for a another big fishing show or something. Thanks Hoss!
  542. fishfish


    What is OKA ?
  543. fishfish

    Anyone have UC Blanks/Rods in San Diego?

    Before I make a purchase....I am am looking to feel (and maybe buy) 2 UC blanks in San Diego. I am specifically looking for a blank or complete rod in the models: US80 Predator and/or CE800 Wahoo. I have looked high & low in SD and no luck. I have tried all tackle shops and landings in SD...
  544. fishfish

    UC Blank Rating Question?

    In trying to select a United Composite blank for a Rod Build, Can someone advise me........ Do the CE composite line of blanks generally fish at the low or high end of the recommended range? AND DO the US graphite line generally fish at the low or high end of the recommended range? Thanks, Gerry
  545. fishfish

    Islander 1.5d 7/19-21

    Alot of folks are jumpin on the lower priced 1.5dayers. They just figure they probably arent goin to consume the $ diff. you are gonna be payin for meals. It is also likely they will be fishin the same general area. Good luck and hope you get out.
  546. fishfish

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

    How about the new Metaloid spinner dated to be out in 2 weeks?
  547. fishfish


    Check J anH Tackle website for posted release dates.
  548. fishfish

    Need 3 D WIDE BOOTS

    West Marine blue boots with slight white trim fit my wide foot . I believe Gill makes these for them. $60-70
  549. fishfish

    Maxcuatro: 350 yds of 65 lb.

    Check yer pm(private message box)....I will buy it. I am in Diego. Gerry (310)213-0160
  550. fishfish

    Black hole challenger bank 7'6" mh or 8'h

    No on the 761MH, Too light but might handle barely. Definitely go the 8ft H or the 731H which I also have.
  551. fishfish

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    Love that music paired up with the video !!!! Thats a fresh one if I've ever seen one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  552. fishfish

    Gulf of Chiriqui Today

    Enjoy the great eats !!! You guys earned it .
  553. fishfish

    Gulf of Chiriqui Today

    Awesome and CONGRATULATIONS !!! How did you catch this beauty? Bait? Lure? Troll?
  554. fishfish

    Should I keep her?

    Dont give it a second thought....Definitely a keeper. No need to measure this one !!! Just start her off slow, otherwise she'll be lovin that expensive multiple-day stuff. .
  555. fishfish

    Offshore Caution - Proud Dad Post - 7/9 LJ Fish Report

    Moments like that....Thats what we live for huh?
  556. fishfish

    Metaloid Spinner???

    Thanks Gary. I will look at that. Yer right , looks like the Metaloids do show a date of Aug 1 on J&H.
  557. fishfish


    I dont know !!! Darn it.. I want one of them and maybe one of them Metaloid spinners. Anyone have release dates?
  558. fishfish

    Offshore Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    Thanks Captain!!! Coming from a professional as you, we must be in for a memorable season. If you are taken aback then I sure as hell better be. Appreciate your time!!!
  559. fishfish

    Offshore Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

  560. fishfish

    BOLA 4th of July annual trip!

    Pm'ed you once more
  561. fishfish

    BOLA 4th of July annual trip!

    Private Messaged you....
  562. fishfish

    The roosterfish of my dreams on surfishing

    Que increible !!! Ustedes comen como reyes por alla .
  563. fishfish

    BOLA 4th of July annual trip!

    Lourdes Awesome !!! Does your group rent a panga there or do you bring a boat? Gerry
  564. fishfish

    Shimano Which jig stick for tranx?

    Yer right BiggetyBones cuz Shimano would lose that market share to the new Okuma Komodo hands down. Hopin for 400 Tranx as well. Would like a baby brother to accompany my standard Tranx.
  565. fishfish

    WTS UC US Monster Spinning Rod Reduced $240

    Great deal !!! Whoever get it will be happy. I felt it and feels real strong. GLWS Somebody will snatch this up real quickly Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!
  566. fishfish


    Where do you see that info on a Andros 12S IIN ??? Same BLOG ?
  567. fishfish


    Clink on link below......No release dates but a glimpse into Okumas future around the corner. Some info on: Metaloid Spinner Metaloid Round Baitcaster Makaira Spinner Komodo Baitcaster...
  568. fishfish

    In line hooks for 1.5-3oz poppers

    I use VMC In Line Hooks. Spelled just like that "In Line" as 2 words. They are cheaper than other brands but look just as strong. You'll like 'em.
  569. fishfish

    Fuel surcharge-Fuel rebate

    I'm with you Dan....Wishful thinkin' but very well-spoken !!!
  570. fishfish

    PENN Rival level-wind reels: new for 2017

    Congrats Penn on a super price point !!!
  571. fishfish

    BassProShops - July 4th Free Shipping

    Today only....I noticed Bass Pro shops is offering free shipping with no minimum !!!
  572. fishfish

    Offshore 3.5 day report on Sea Adventure 80

    You did it!!! You planned, prepared and it all came together!!! A big CONGRATULATIONS is in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  573. fishfish

    Metaloid Spinner???

  574. fishfish

    Next Gen Getting it done on the AA.

    You created a little fishing machine now!!! Aint that just awesome!!! Fruit didnt fall far from the old tree huh? Congrats !!!
  575. fishfish

    New record BFT 269.7

    King of all Spearos!!! Huge Congrats !!! Please , how 'bout some juicy details.
  576. fishfish

    Offshore One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    So frickin awseome!!! So darn close...what a bummer !!!!!!!!!
  577. fishfish

    Maximus - still a gag order?

    Oh no worries there mullet......It will all come out in the end. It always does....Like it or not. Still wish them the best!!!
  578. fishfish

    Maximus - still a gag order?

    I'm with you walkerman. Some of these men sound like a bunch of little girls!!! This is what its like having a business open to the public!!! Still hoping they(Maximus) are able to recover fully from this in every way possible.
  579. fishfish

    Offshore 240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    Holy Cow!!!.....or should I have said "Thats a Hella Cow"!!! I bow down to thy great trio of greatness !!!!!!!!!! Must've felt incredible !!!
  580. fishfish

    Best SD boat for overnight trip

    X2 on what Slater told ya!!!
  581. fishfish

    Bluefin Popping Rod

    I'll help you break them rods in Greg!!! My pleasure indeed !!!
  582. fishfish

    Makaira spinner

    Even with the rotor all the way up on the still has a bigger gear box. Sure looks nice though!!!
  583. fishfish

    PENN Slammer III Spinning Reels: new for 2017

    Look like nice reels, just might grab one. Penn sure does love that gold color though BUT at least we have a black knob to swap out and minimize the gold bling. Definitely looking forward to seeing n /feeling these!!!
  584. fishfish

    Hoping they come back...

  585. fishfish

    Ensenada Report

    Nice, nice, very nice!!! You killed it !!!
  586. fishfish

    Offshore Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    Great report and awesome catch!!! I'm jealous...
  587. fishfish

    How to edit title on post???

    OK..Thx SOld Item after all.
  588. fishfish

    Thank you but sold item after all.

    Thank you but sold item after all.
  589. fishfish

    How to edit title on post???

    I am unable to edit a title on a classified post i have going....Any advice? I tried the thread tool dropdown tab but it only give me the "Add a poll" option...... OR How can I inquire about this directly with BD staff? Thx, Gerry
  590. fishfish

    Shimano Max Cuatro

    65lb Braid on those reels will still provide you plenty of line. You're good with standard PP and yes , I am pretty sure the Max is gonna break at a lower poundage than standard PP. The material composition itself varies but only slightly, not to mention that Max costs substantially more. Save...