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  1. afraser

    Offshore TG 80 3.5 day 6/13-16

    Highlights: Limits of bluefin of either 40-70lb or 25-30lb fish, with 1 fish at 116lb. We didn't find the fish the first night, so first real fishing opportunity was an early morning stop. Okay, there were many stops, the bluefin schools are everywhere. Just not biting much. So, this stop...
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    Offshore TR: Outrider 6/4 - 6/7

    Fantastic write up. Did they fly one or two kites on this trip?
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    200lb hollow vs 130lb for BFT on a Mak30

    That last 100 yds is for abrasion resistance, either stepped from 100 to 130 or 130 to 200. With less line out, the death spirals get the line closer to the hull of the boat and will touch it if you aren't careful. Same issue for tangles. Also same issue with other tuna, especially right...
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    What reel, what purpose, what braid…

    I personally like the hollow on everything so I can cut out nicks or splice on line easily. The end loops are nice for windons but I'm able to do an ok FG knot., just not as quick as others. I have been hesitant to use the fg knot when fishing for bigger tuna, but I just think that is inertia...
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    The bridle setup will allow you to use lighter line, get better hook to land ratios, and probably more bites as the lure action isn’t impeded by a trailing hook. Other ways work too, but the hook to land ratio is like 80-90% with bridle and a large circle hook. Only fish I lost I was sawed off...
  6. afraser

    Offshore Royal Star 3 day 5-31 Report

    Thanks for the report! Sorry to miss this weekend. Try bridling the colt snipers with circle hooks. You can fish lighter leader, get better hookups, fewer losses, and more action on the lure meaning more bites. Not saying its always better, but for the bigger fish, it certainly helps.
  7. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    We did not get a good jig bite. I think 4-5 BFT were taken on jigs, rest on bait. And they were mostly smaller bft. So, no, I didn't get to use the bridle setup on a fish. It wasn't for lack of trying...
  8. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    Fully booked boat so 28 people, as a result I fished the bow 80% of the time. We did better than most but not as good as a few. Captain Mike really helped the fleet out by calling in others to what was the only biting school in the area on Friday. It was us and 4 long range boats by the end...
  9. afraser

    Trolling planers for bluefin?

    So yet another experiment :). I notice some east coast guys using planers for bluefin trolling. Has anyone tried them out here and what size planers, lures and baits did you use? Probably will troll a #4 or #6 inline planer on a planer bridle so the planer can be removed. What about side...
  10. afraser

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day on May 13th, anyone else going?

    First trip of the year. Hopefully the bite will continue for a few more days. Might try to go "light" on tackle and rods this time.
  11. afraser

    Another flat fall rigging thread

    No assist hooks if you bridle. I gues you could use circle assist hooks on the bottom of the lure but it is unnecessary. To test this, rig the bridle, throw the lure in a trash can and try to pull it out quickly at a 90 degree angle. It sets on the edge of the trash can every time. The...
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    Another flat fall rigging thread

    So tie the hook directly to the end of the line. Then make a loop in Kevlar cord about 1.5-2 inch circle. A simple overhand knot will do. You loop one end on the top of the flatfall, then you loop the other end onto the bend in the hook. You can easily remove the loop from the hook should...
  13. afraser

    Another flat fall rigging thread

    J hooks on the assist hooks, that's what I use when fishing smaller fish. But if you're fishing over 100lb tuna, a bridled circle hook has a much higher hook to land ratio than any assist hook setup. Almost 2:1. If I can get into another heavy bite, I'll give out more detailed stats. But, I...
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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Just use a shorter version than what’s in my avatar
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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Fantastic write up. That is what BD is all about. 80% of bites on the sink and getting bit off a lot on 60lb is a perfect setup for bridling the flatfalls. I don't know why more people aren't trying it, but I guarantee you will double your bite to land ratio. You will miss a few fish on the...
  16. afraser

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    95% of my irons, 90% of trolling lures (I use 3-4 now), too heavy rain shadow popping rod, 90% of my stick baits and poppers (they aren’t cheap either)
  17. afraser

    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    3/0 demon circles, 4/0 super mutus, 8/0 and 13/0 2004s, avet 30w, carpenter wv popping rod on sale, used 2x4, Stella 14k on sale, frenzy kite, braid split ring pliers-so heavy duty, Bluetooth headphones for one ear- so nice on slow days, and smith baby runboh stickbaits.
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    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Either a vaccination or a covid test I think is reasonable. Before 2020, there were people that didn't go on trips because they were sick with some other bug. That was very responsible. Now, the whole asymptomatic issue with covid makes it worth requiring at least a test just to keep the...
  19. afraser

    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    Not too many rigs at all. I feel empty handed with less than 10. That said I think your mix is light on heavy rigs. You need at least 2 100lb rigs, especially if it’s a night bite. Personally, I have 2 100lb flat fall rigs, a 100lb bait rig, and a “stealth” 100lb rig that I put a long 80lb...
  20. afraser

    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    I think we are seeing a permanent change in our fishery. We have more baitfish and red crab then we used to have and that has attracted and will continue to hold the bft. As long as the seiners aren't wrapping entire bft schools, then the bft will continue to return. I'd be fine with hook and...
  21. afraser

    Intrepid 3 Day, April 15-18

    "losing 4", what kind of rigging for the hooks were you using? Did anyone bridle the flatfalls?
  22. afraser

    Shimano Wing Fall - Any info?

    Jeez, I thought I was being punked when I read about that lure. Wing fall? Come on.
  23. afraser

    Flat fall jigging rod lengths for 250-320 gram lures

    I have 2 dedicated flatfall rods, 1 is a custom 8 foot rainshadow rod, 50-130, so I can jig the flatfall farther, and a 2x4 as a backup. Mark your line every 50feet to 400.
  24. afraser

    which is the best ultrathin braid? maxcuatro? J9? others?

    Seems each line class has a "best" manufacturer for thinnest or highest strength. And its about knot strength not just line strength, unless you are using hollow. I use seaguar hollow threadlock for a lot of things as the 50# breaks at 90#. I've used drag that was at least 40# with it (not set...
  25. afraser

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Funny, I have the opposite experience with several of the "wasted" money items... I like the flatfalls and they work for me and others. I have at least 20 of those in all shapes and sizes, most in the 200-250g range. Also have had success with the archer spreader bars. Dedicated kite reel...
  26. afraser

    Difficulty w sardines on circle hooks

    I use the same motion I would use when using a manual can opener. The point has to go in perpendicular to the skin. Once in as far as it will go, just turn the hook into the fish without pushing it in any more. Should be real easy.
  27. afraser

    Getting very annoying, I can post here but can't open this forum to read.

    I found doing a search on google. Can't find it on my tablet any other way.
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    Tuna popping reel

    I know you said conventional but the ideal reel imho is a Stella 18k with a 20k spool on it and a 7-8 foot pipping spinning rod. It is super fast, and has heavy drag. If you want you can set up a harness for it, I use one on fish over 100lb. Under 100lb you can bring fish to the boat in under...
  29. afraser

    Wind-ons, bait leaders and flat fall rigging

    1. I either use a loop or the fog, not both. Have to get the legs just right with a loop. 2. For live bait, no swivel! Just the leader, which can be long or short depending on conditions. I always have a 20-25ft fluoro leader on one of my rods in case bft are picky, like usual. 3. Use a...
  30. afraser

    Flying fish scent

    Okay, I never noticed the smell of the flyers. How bad is it? Do they smell like some other baitfish? Mullet? Menhaden? Mackerel?
  31. afraser

    Anyone have photos of live or freshly dead flyers?

    These are great photos, but they look different than the Clemente/Catalina flyers. I'd like to see the coloring on live or freshly dead flyers from socal waters. Anyone got photos of those?
  32. afraser

    “Bridled” Nomad Cow grade flat fall design

    Yes, always, and always bridled for bigger fish. If I find all the bites are on the retrieve and I’m missing bites, I’ve missed one so far, then I might switch to upgraded single hooks on the back, but only if they are smaller fish, say under 60. But those cows swim with smaller fish too. A...
  33. afraser

    Anyone have photos of live or freshly dead flyers?

    I'm trying to get some photos of live or freshly dead flyers from clemente or catalina. Does anyone have any? If memory serves me correctly, they seem to look a lot more vibrant than the frozen ones.
  34. afraser

    “Bridled” Nomad Cow grade flat fall design

    We are all partial to what's been effective for us. As others have said, the leader is way too much for that setup. If you are using a circle hook, you don't need more than 200#, at most, as your line will be outside of the teeth. You can get away with 100. Even 60 during a daytime pick bite...
  35. afraser

    Excalibur #kite

    If you get the ok from the captain in advance, you can deploy your own kite. You will need 2 people, one to manage the kite rod, one for the fighting rod, a kite, a release clip, and probably a helium balloon from the boat. This way you don’t take up the crews time. You just have to be quick...
  36. afraser

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    With so many people fishing spectra and short leaders, I believe it is critical to get your bait away from the other lines so that the fish don't see the other lines before they see your bait. This happens in 3 dimensions. So you can opt for going deep when everyone is shallow, or vice versa...
  37. afraser

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    You could bring a bunch of rods, I know I do, but you really only "need" maybe 3 setups: 1) A 40lb setup - have 50lb braid and change leader according to what you need -20 to 50lb 2) A 60lb setup - capable of 25-30lb of drag, 500+ yds of 60-65# spectra, again, you'll vary the leader according...
  38. afraser

    RP 12-8 to 12-15 - a brief post with lessons learned.

    Ugh, 4 days of inshore fishing. Might have been a mutiny on some boats :). But if that's all there is... no choice. My biggest problem is pursuing those 5-10lb YFT when there is a chance at bigger BFT or even any bigger tuna. We did a BFT or bust trip late this year and we got 3 big ones on...
  39. afraser

    Which Braid Strengths60

    On my 30 sized reels, I usually load with 100lb hollow then top with 150-200yds 130 hollow. You can use solid for the top if you'd like. That will give you plenty of line plus higher strength and abrasion resistance at the end of the fight when you are near the boat and other fish.
  40. afraser

    Offshore Pac Queen 1.5 day trip

    That's some masterclass work bringing in a 100# bft on a #2 j hook. Way to go! Nice to see they are still around!
  41. afraser

    Offshore Aztec 11/22-25 No luck on bluefin

    they are probably still there, but below sonar with the weather.
  42. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Voyager Nov. 19-23

    The fish are there. You have to fish the kite and the sinker rig to get them.
  43. afraser

    Will the big bluefin eat the little bluefin that are hanging around?

    Had no chance to get Macks. The mosquito fleet was anchored up on the high spots at night so we couldn’t go in and get them. No small fish of any kind were caught except a few rockfish. We did get 4 big bft to bite, landing 3, all on frozen flyers. Make sure to work the flyers in and out...
  44. afraser

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    Everything you say has a point, however we also tested mono and got over 100% of the line rating with knots using the same digital scale. Clearly knot strength is superior in mono, and stretchy fluoro I suppose. If you get 80% strength out of fluoro with a terminal knot in it, especially...
  45. afraser

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    So I understand where you are coming from and I was exactly there before these recent tests. Pretty much everyone sets their drags at 1/3 to 1/4 max line strength, so breaking at 40% won’t be an issue until you get deep into the spool or crank up your drag. We used a digital scale, tied...
  46. afraser

    BFT done for the year?

    So many fish still in local waters. We had a 1/4 mil of solid bluefin 360 degrees around the boat on a trip this week around the condom. If you drift in the area with a couple of flying fish baits on kites/balloons, you will get bites. We got our when they came up boiling on the surface...
  47. afraser

    FG Knot Performance

    So a couple follow up questions... 1) Have you tested the breaking strength on leaders, is that including the knot to the hook? Especially for Fluoro, that's where I say the sub 50% breaking strength. 2) Instead of limiting to 12 feet, have you considered putting the hook at the top of the...
  48. afraser

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    Um, no. We did the tests, an engineer had previously done the tests and showed us in person. Yes it is knot strength, but unless we're fishing differently, everyone has to tie a knot to connect their hook or terminal tackle. So non-knot strength is irrelevant other than for marketing. Mono...
  49. afraser

    Reel for Kite fishing big bluefin?

    Need? no. 30 and 30w will work fine. We got a 250 this past week on a 30w but it took longer. The 50 and 80 reels definitely give you more torque and the ability to use 200# test, maybe cut the fight time down 50%.
  50. afraser

    FG Knot Performance

    So do you tie all your FG knots on the boat or beforehand? If beforehand, how to you effectively get the curl out of the line? If on the boat, how long does it take you? Also, are you using fluoro or mono for your leaders? We did a bunch of tests on a trip and all the fluoro broke at 50%...
  51. afraser

    Offshore 11/15-19 Sea Adventure 80, Big bluefin or bust

    No pics but it's the same rigging as the kite rig, but with half a 6inch long piece of pipe insulation zip tied to its back. Must have the treble hook. Also tried to be ready on the slide as it was not getting away from the boat, so it was prerigged, sitting in the freezer with the line...
  52. afraser

    Offshore 11/15-19 Sea Adventure 80, Big bluefin or bust

    I tried it on day 1, no luck, not on day 3 as we focused on the kite. No one else tried the backpack. We actually put the kite away on day 1 as the bite was on the sinker rigs.
  53. afraser

    Offshore 11/15-19 Sea Adventure 80, Big bluefin or bust

    Day 1: Lots of jumping bft and non-biting schools, 8-10 bites Day 2: Nothing. Schools were down deep. Saw a few late, but no biters Day 3: AM same as day 2, PM same as day 1 but the kite got going. So, the bad news, only 3 fish caught on the boat, the good news, 165, 250, 280lb all on the...
  54. afraser

    FG Knot Performance

    Make a loop in the end of the spectra and put it around the reel handle, tighten up slack, and you have perfect tension for tying, and a loop to use to cinch down better at the end.
  55. afraser

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    So on a recent trip we did a bunch of tests on fluoro and mono. I was shocked to find out all, and I mean all, of the fluoro under 80lb broke at less than 50% of the line rating. If you’re fishing 60 fluoro, you’re really fishing 25-28# line, sometimes 15# line. 4 different anglers tied...
  56. afraser

    Cow Reels

    . Yeah, I like the mak 20 for the lighter 80lb line specifically because it has better, smoother drag. I had way too many overruns using it as a flatfall rig. The avet 30 was much better.
  57. afraser

    life jacket rig

    Sometimes this site is just perfect. Thanks for the info!
  58. afraser

    Cow Reels

    I must have overshot. I have for an upcoming 4 day trip 2 100lb flatfall setups with avet 30 reels, can't be out of action if you get cutoff. Maybe one with SK jig and other with flatfall 3 100/130lb setups with avet 30w reels, 1 man bait, 1 for kite, 1 100# bait 1 100lb, 80lb fluoro mak 20...
  59. afraser

    Offshore Sd storm

    iwindsurf (tanner banks), windy, and the government's offshore marine weather forecast - california.
  60. afraser

    Little bluefin as live bait?

    Why not? Worst case, you get the "bait" back. I'd certainly trade a 15# bft for a 200# bft :).
  61. afraser

    Will the big bluefin eat the little bluefin that are hanging around?

    I'll use a BIG mackerel then...
  62. afraser

    Little bluefin as live bait?

    They are catching 10-15lb bluefin, so those will work. I asked the captain and he said there are bonito there too, so probably will try those first. Would prefer a skipjack or small yft, but I'll use a small jig to try and catch one of those baby bft :). Will have to tell the deckhands NOT to...
  63. afraser

    Will the big bluefin eat the little bluefin that are hanging around?

    I see the reports coming back with 10-15lb bluefin being caught in the same area as big bluefin. Will the bigger bluefin eat a 10-15lb bluefin if used as bait? No regs or other reason not to use them is there? Asking for a friend :) .
  64. afraser

    Little bluefin as live bait?

    I see that they are catching small bluefin in the same area as the bigger bluefin. Is there any reason you can't use the little bluefin as bait? Has anyone tried?
  65. afraser

    life jacket rig

    Are they missing the life jacket flyer like the kite rigged one, or are they taking them down? If the latter, maybe a circle hook would work better since you could use lighter leader.
  66. afraser

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    I will be trying it out on my upcoming trip. Why wouldn't you use it? Same as flylining. Just bring your own flyers and have them stored on the boat.
  67. afraser

    2 Day trip -- Fishing at night questions

    If there aren't many people fishing. Live bait, with a weight about 6-8 feet up, let out to depth they are seeing fish at and either hold, or put on a balloon and send away from boat. If no one is fishing, I put that in the clicker AND drop a flatfall. You can also deadstick a flatfall.
  68. afraser

    Gauging Interest - 3.5 day, Tomahawk, Oct 2021

    I don't know about next year, but if it was for next week, you could sell it out right now...
  69. afraser

    Offshore Sd storm

    Careful if you are going this weekend. The wind may be coming down on Monday at tanner/cortez, but the waves are way up on Saturday to Sunday. 6-11 feet on both days and that number is down from what was originally forecasted (was 17-20ft). I have a trip leaving Sunday that is already a make...
  70. afraser

    On the water 9 day fishing report

    Stupid drag, with cow gear. Closest thing to a cage wrestling match you get while fishing.
  71. afraser

    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Well, I can say this. We had about a 60-70% casualty rate on a late night bite (3am) on cow bluefin. I got 4 people to switch over to the bridle and they went 4 for 4 on their fish. The big circle sets better with the lure attached to it, which works like an anchor. Try it yourself by...
  72. afraser

    Circle hooks for flatfalls

    I use 13/0 eagle claw2004 ringed hooks. has them. I have to buy some for every trip as I always end up handing a few out.
  73. afraser

    Vagabond 10-day Report

    Great post, look forward to the next installment. High speed spinning reels are great for wahoo. Stella 14k with 53 in per crank and no line laying will burn those bombs back. 18k with a 20k spool is even faster.
  74. afraser

    Cow Reels

    The avet ex series is SOOO loud, and I have 5 of them! But I find them bulletproof. I used to use an avet 50, but I like to palm the spool and I can't do that for a long time on a 50. My fingers even locked in place on one particularly good trip (5 180-200lb fish in one day will do that to...
  75. afraser

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    I think I use all of the methods above in an effort to use different muscles. Definitely like the under left arm with the rod pointed down at a 45 degree angle. However, whenever I get tired, riding the pony definitely helps. Can totally rest if the fish is taking line and can use shoulder...
  76. afraser

    Offshore Cow Tipping - Aztec 3 Day 11/1/20-11/4/20

    So jealous. Fantastic catch! How did you get them? Straight retrieve, jigging, high speed, low speed, on the drop, etc.. Our trip was cancelled due to impending storm. Can't believe there are some trips that are still on the books with up to 20 foot waves predicted at tanner/cortez on fri/sat.
  77. afraser

    Circle hooks for flatfalls

    Throw the rig in a plastic trash can a few times. Pull the line quickly at 90 degrees, if the hook sticks every time on the edge, then you are probably good. The trick with the bridling, is the lure acts as a drag and actually helps set the circle hook better. I've tried the method above and...
  78. afraser

    Suggestion needed for additional setups (SOCAL 2-3 days)

    Your mxj is perfect for fish to 40lb, I wouldn't seek anything smaller unless you are just having fun. I would get a heavier setup, like an avet ex 30 or 30w spooled with 100# braid. You can fish that as your flatfall rod, or trolling rod. Or, if you must, your 80-100# bait rod. A similar...
  79. afraser

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Yes, this really is an advantage. You can change to a zebra pattern or different glow color or weight in no time without having to retie or recrimp the bite leader.
  80. afraser

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Mainly based on fish size, so fish over 50-60lb, yes. Under, I will fish with assist hooks. The smaller flatfalls are mostly for smaller fish that sometimes mouth the baits, so again assist hooks.
  81. afraser

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    More drag, less strong reel. The clicker will stick on the HX, and I've seen them freeze up on bigger fish (only once, saw a makaira 15 do it too). But the people I know that have HXW and normal cow reels definitely favor the cow reels. I rarely have trouble with the Avet ex pro reels and I...
  82. afraser

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Swivel at top of bite leader , I guess I could use a 300# window but I haven’t found it necessary. Basically I reuse my cow windon leaders that are too short by themselves, then add that bite leader. For hooks the 2004 Hooks are my go to hooks down to 8/0. The 13/0 and 11/0 hooks are strong...
  83. afraser

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    I can see the point of the 200lb braid being more supple than the kevlar. Likely to lose it on a fish, but that is ok. I might do the pepsi challenge with that on one of my flatfall rigs. Might be worth doubling some hollow 200 as an option too, putting one strand inside another. The...
  84. afraser

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    You get that on the drop, jigging, retrieve, or deadstick? I have the zebra in 320g sliver and glow, similar to yours in red and glow. Red is gray below 30 feet anyway so I don't think that will matter. Why a 10 turn san diego? On heavy line, I don't think I go over 5 and 7 otherwise.
  85. afraser

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    Avet 30 will serve your needs much better than the raptors. Bulletproof. I own an avet HX raptor and it is not as good as the avet 30 ex for these fish.
  86. afraser

    Flouro or mono for flat fall leader

    Bridle the flatfall with a large ringed circle hook, use kevlar cord, like in my avatar, or the swivel split ring suggestion above. You'll get a corner of the mouth hookset everytime and very little chance of getting chewed off. At night I use a 13/0 eagle claw 2004 hook. Daytime, a 9/0.
  87. afraser

    Offshore 10/28 Tomahawk 2 Day

    Nice trip! Doesn't like like a slow trip to me. Bluefin are hot and cold, so any action is better than a slow trip! We've watched school after school of non-biting bluefin, literally acres, all on the surface, no biters. Were they running 1 or 2 kites? And did you notice any difference in...
  88. afraser

    Offshore Outer Limits Big BFT Slay Fest - Video

    If wasn't on a trip on Wednesday, I'd be looking to get on that boat. Cow land!!! Thank you for taking the time to make the video. I hope I have the will to do the same on our trip.
  89. afraser

    Offshore First ever Tuna trip EPIC!! 2.5 Pacific Dawn Oct. 23-26

    That is about the best you can do on a trip. Now you have to hope the next one is half as good. Did you put your rods on the plane or were they already in SD?
  90. afraser

    Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

    Stay bluefin, stay.... Trip in 6 days... Awesome report and super congrats on a flatfall super. I was feeling sick reading your story just thinking of that connection knot. I thought you were foreshadowing. Happy to hear you got it. Any other tips on how they were biting the flatfall...
  91. afraser

    Offshore Tanner 10/25

    Anyone else just dying at home.... 8 more days until trip. Please stay bluefin...
  92. afraser

    Offshore The GoPro Goes Under Water into Yellowfin Frenzy! (40 Sec Vid)

    Thank you! That is awesome. And I thought my crab trap video was cool! I have noticed when trolling with a camera that there are many, many more fish than we think are there. When you get a missed bite and then the fish comes back for it, usually its a different fish. Saw this over and over...
  93. afraser

    Offshore 10/23-26 Pacific Dawn 2.5 day

    Add 10% for weight on gilled and gutted. Excel captain has tested this out numerous times and it comes out right. So... 225! way to go!
  94. afraser

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    Use 200-300lb kevlar. The easiest attachment is to first make a loop in the kevlar, tie it off so it is about 1.5-2" of doubled line. Then you put the loop on one end of the lure. Then for the hook, you simply fold back one loop over the doubled line and then put the hook through the opening...
  95. afraser

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    I just got all the parts, so I'll be putting 2-3 of them together to try out. That and a bunch of flyers...
  96. afraser

    Where are the Yellowfin being caught these days?

    use marine traffic or vessel finder and you can see where all the boats are, cross reference with 976 or the landing reports and you know who's catching what where. Or splurge for fish dope or Billy K's plan.
  97. afraser


    Some of us are the wrong people to respond. I bring 5 complete cow setups that I use on long range trips. 2 for flatfalls, 1 for sinker rig, 1 for kite, 1 for heavy flyline. I've toying with getting another to have a big bait rig ready to go. Right now one of the flat fall rigs doubles as...
  98. afraser

    Offshore Killed them at Tanner

    That is one hell of a trip. I hope to have one half as good in a week. I do have a question, why oh why were you using 80lb fluoro leader in the dark with a flatfall? I suppose you had a decent bite leader or you were very lucky to bring those fish to the boat. I think they recommend nothing...
  99. afraser

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    Thanks to all for posting great information. Going out on a 4.5 day in 10 days, hope they stick around. Kites, balloons, big bait rigs, sinker rigs, flat falls, will try them all.
  100. afraser

    Offshore Late Report 10/22 Tanner

    SLLUUUGGGG! Nice fish, great write up. Thanks! Any reason you weren't sending out 2 flyers at a time? You don't need an electric reel for the kite, but it does help if you are in run n gun mode. Maybe 1 kite and 1 balloon rig.
  101. afraser

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    Any bites on the retrieve with the bridle?
  102. afraser

    Lower banks long range

    If I was on a longer trip I’d want to be going after the local bft. Legit chance at a super cow, even a 4.
  103. afraser

    Popping Gear

    Whatever reel you buy, make sure it gets at least 47 in per crank or more. If you buy a Stella 14k, more like 53in percrank, you won’t be sorry, and you’ll have that reel for a long time. I’ve caught tuna to 85lb on this reel, some over 70 in less than 3 minutes. Spool with 50lb hollow...
  104. afraser

    Offshore Bluefin on the squid at Tanner Banks - 10/21 and 10/22

    Nice! How'd you measure 150 feet, just pulls? I use a sinker rig like this but tie on a balloon once I get to the depth so I can get it a little away from the boat.
  105. afraser

    Offshore 10/18 WFO Footballs near the 371

    Are these like 5lb or 10lb footballs?
  106. afraser

    Offshore Foam on Flying Fish Rigging - No Kite or Balloon

    I have yet to fish this, but I've tested it on a yummy flyer and it works. I tie two lightly inflated animal shaping balloons in a cross on the top of the flying fish which has its wings pinned out, secured with clear rubber bands. Floats normally. Looks normal from below. I'm not sure...
  107. afraser

    Cow tuna jigs

    Absolutely they will chew thru kevlar. Seen it too. 2 assist hooks, 1 chewed thru, 1 still in the fish. But that's with full tension. With bridling, you don't have that issue. Not foolproof, but probably will get your lure back as well as the fish. Not seeing any pulled hooks or chewed...
  108. afraser

    COVID testing after my Intrepid 10-day

    That's one step away from a burkini... just saying :). When on or preparing for a longer trip, here is my plan, YMMV: 1) Stay out of the galley. Quick meals by myself or with the same friend or two all trip. You want to hang out, do it on the stern when underway or up top, just be outside...
  109. afraser

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    My favorite 30lb setup is my 50# setup with 30 fluoro leader. Avet sx raptor on a 8 foot UC rod. But that’s only if there are 50lb fish around. For straight small stuff it’s an 8-12lb bait rod spinner with 20lb test. Nothing like handing that one off with a 15lb tuna attached to it.
  110. afraser

    10 Stupid Things to NOT To Catch Fish - by Larry Brown

    Forgot to squeeze the last crimp, done that. Didn’t do enough wraps on windon leader, done that. Fish light wire to it’s breaking strength for wahoo, cause they can’t bite thru wire, right? Use sunscreen that isn’t scent free or don’t wash it off your hands well. Seen that happen. Use a really...
  111. afraser

    Cow tuna jigs

    A BFT will chew through spectra, use kevlar cord instead, same stuff used for tying assist hooks. I have lost a lure while still catching the fish with 200lb spectra. Still worth it. Also you don't have to use ringed hooks, but I find they get the corner better. Easy way to test this is to...
  112. afraser

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    We got a floating empty artillery shell or something on one trip. Did not improve luck. I do look forward to getting on a trip to try putting a few 5lb YFT in the tank for bait. I still think the bigger bft will like them...
  113. afraser

    Big Bluefin tackle

    I'd spend a $1000 for a cow, a super cow for sure. I already spent that in trips and tackle just trying to get another cow after losing the last 2 (sawed off and undergunned). That said, if you buy used gear, you can definitely get a cow ready setup for around 500-600, not a $1000. Used avet...
  114. afraser

    Offshore 9-27-20 Grande

    Now they're spoiled :). You did tell them it's not always like that, right???
  115. afraser

    Select that rod carefully...

    I'll never use the wrong rod again. I got burnt not having a rod long enough to easily go around the bow (went pling on about the 10th time around). I was using an ugly stik tiger jigging rod (only 5'3, but rated for 200# spectra, but that's a joke). Worked great until I had that fish of a...
  116. afraser

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    No, you tie the swivel to the end of the leader, then split ring swivel to lure. Or you could substitute a solid ring for the swivel. The only point of the solid/split ring setup is to quickly change lures without having to cut your leader, which is only 3 feet. I use this same connection for...
  117. afraser

    Offshore Another good fish

    This is definitely the year to have your own boat.... Nice catch. All 3 bites on flying fish?
  118. afraser

    New Islander trips

    27 and 31 passengers per trip. I sure wish there were more boats with limited loads this year. I'd happily pay 50% more for an 18-19 person load trip.
  119. afraser

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    I like 1/2-1 inch on the bridle. I think if it is too short, it might affect action, but haven't tested it. The longer it is, the more often the circle hook gets the corner too. Also, bluefin will chew thru spectra, been there. Still got the fish, but not the lure. Use kevlar cord, same as...
  120. afraser

    Offshore 1.5 Day 9/24, Big Dorado on the Popper

    Defrosted bluefin last night caught last summer. Still perfect. It was served as sushi and sashimi, so it would have been easy to tell if it was off. Thick vacuum sealed bags from 5 star frozen on site last a long time.
  121. afraser

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    Large flatfalls, I like to bridle them, like my avatar, only with a shorter bridle. Hook to land rate is super high.
  122. afraser

    Time to sell California to Mexico

    40mil people, we are going to have some disagreements... Just go fishing for a while.
  123. afraser

    Small surface iron rod. What do you use?

    I've been using Daiwa coastal rods, they make them in spinning and conventional. I use the spinning rods for light irons. Great distance. Would be overmatched on fish over 30lbs though.
  124. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Voyager first timer 5 day!

    I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure none of the boats' TVs have "cable"
  125. afraser

    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    Great pics. Where's the story or details? Balloon flyer bite or something else???
  126. afraser

    Offshore 3.5 Day on the Islander - Video - Part1

    I like these videos best, where you see the whole process, rigging, baiting, bite, then the fight. Only thing missing was seeing a school of boiling fish!
  127. afraser

    Flat Fall question

    In addition to better landing ratios, bridling your flatfall is cheaper. Tie big circle hook to end of 150-200# leader, loops on flatfall with Kevlar cord. Need a different flatfall, just unloop Kevlar fun hook and add new flatfall. No need for multiple hooks rigged on each flatfall.
  128. afraser

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Can’t wait on long trips. Had my finger swell up 50% and that’s was after using h peroxide and neosporin. Only antibiotics worked at that point, captain had some. Bring your own, and other above mentioned meds. Take extra care not to get cuts at the beginning of the trip. No cinching knots...
  129. afraser

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    Thanks for reposting. Glad they were biting. Had so many foamers result in no bites that sometimes I'm shocked when they do bite. Times like this where you want to horse the first one in to get the second one before they sound.
  130. afraser

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    More boats should offer limited loads. This filling the boat up with 28 or even 35 people plus crew is not ok. I’d like to see a few bigger boats with 18 or less. Otherwise take the appropriate vitamins, stay out of the galley, and you should be fine.
  131. afraser

    Offshore BFT Foamers ???

    Anything broken the spell on the BFT feeding on the microbait? I would guess the frozen flying fish would do it. Or a very small lure. How micro was the microbait?
  132. afraser

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Love the 10 things not to do list. Here are a few to do's: 1) Use a ringed circle hook. Don't set the hook, when you get bit, move your drag up to maybe 1/4 of strike. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 strike after 5-10 seconds, then to strike after the initial run. If it's really running, you will have to...
  133. afraser

    GT knot tutorial.. It's in this article. Maybe it's just a spectra tag end, but there are definitely 2 lines of spectra leaving the figure 8 in the gt knot in the photo. Wouldn't a rizutto finish work better also?
  134. afraser

    GT knot tutorial..

    I think I read the article where this knot was reviewed and a picture of it shows double spectra leading into the knot which of course would make it stronger than the other single line knots. Maybe it ties better than the other knots even with doubled spectra. So the 100% thing isn’t just the knot
  135. afraser

    GT knot tutorial..

    One of the key issues for knots are sharp bends in the fluoro. This one has at least 2 sharp bends. It is unlikely this is a stronger knot if both it and the fog are tied correctly, but maybe the double bend from the figure 8 keeps the braid from putting too much pressure on any single bend...
  136. afraser

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    I like a reel that I can fish 80 or 100# on, that way I can go "stealth" at 80 and still have the power. Avet 30 ex does that for me, with heavier drag and very durable. I have 4 of them (2 30 and 2 30w), never had a maintenance issue. The 30 is good for both bait and flatfall fishing.
  137. afraser

    Offshore New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    I bought a bunch of white masks just to keep the heat down. I’m bringing extra on my trip next week.
  138. afraser

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    I promise I'll make up for this post with a fish report next week. Meanwhile, I'm going fishing 4 days next week and I already have 100+lb of bluefin in my freezer. With the thick bags from 5star, the bluefin was as good this week as it was when I caught last year. Anyway, I don't have an...
  139. afraser

    Offshore New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    I feel your pain. Had a 4+ hr fight on 50lb with a 300+lb fish using an avet jx raptor and a 5ft ugly stik rod, lost it at gaff.
  140. afraser

    Offshore Yummy Flyer vs Dead Flyer for Bluefin (video)

    Outstanding! Now if only you had some of the blowups on film, those are amazing. Keep the camera rolling!
  141. afraser

    Offshore New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    I say that was a damn fine report. Getting bit on 50-60# during the day is a key takeaway as is bringing 6-12oz sinkers. Thank you for the detail. Was anyone chumming up the macks or were they just on the chew? Also, were there many people getting bit by bigger fish and not getting them?
  142. afraser

    Offshore Rod and reel type

    I like to see techniques and tactics that worked/didn't work. Unless it is exceptional, the rod and reel is not that important. But whether pink or clear fluoro worked, or 40 or 60lb worked, that is useful. Also size and type of lures, and sometimes hooks and hook placement. Could also...
  143. afraser

    Try this site.

    Try this site.
  144. afraser

    Offshore Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    What’s your favorite way to fish sinker rigs? Let line out, hold for x seconds, ? I have no good solution which is why I ask.
  145. afraser

    Best way to hook Flying fish?

    Second way except with point facing the tail. That's the best practice that I've seen.
  146. afraser

    Offshore Big bluefin first try

    The 4 string kite sounds like overkill. The regular square fishing kites with a helium balloon behind it work great. Not party balloon tank helium. I've probably put that one out about 50 times, so I'm not exactly an expert, but I've done it enough to be comfortable with it. I also have a...
  147. afraser

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    If you are going on a boat, be prepared to wear the mask. There is no way to stay 6 feet apart on a boat, so the only way to minimize any infections is if EVERYONE wears a mask. If one boat goes out and 50% or more of the passengers end up with this virus, then ALL of the boats will get shut...
  148. afraser

    Offshore Big bluefin first try

    So, everyone says use a short kite rod, at least that's all I've read. I've had much better luck using a longer kite rod, maybe 7 feet. You can move the kite out of the profile of the boat better to catch more wind, and you can use the rod's length to quickly pump the kite into the air. Mind...
  149. afraser

    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Fantastic! I hope everyone heeds the boat distancing thing. That was a key observation. That combined with chumming. If you are low on helium or just want to save your balloon, you can do it. Pass your line through a ceramic kite ring, rig terminal tackle normally. Then rubber band the...
  150. afraser

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    And that's why I fish the bow. Unfortunately I think I will have a lot more company now. Also, how can they say 6 ft of rail space per angler? You can only count one side of the boat and the stern, or just the stern if you are on anchor.
  151. afraser

    Offshore Bloodydecks Condor 6-11

    Friends don't let friends fish 40lb on the sinker rig :). Just kidding, nice catch and report.
  152. afraser

    Advice on fishing small circle hooks

    If you look at fish hooked with smaller hooks, often the hook pierced the jaw instead of going around it. The circle hook essentially works like a can opener, so it doesn’t need to be as sharp as a j hook. The problem with a j hook is when the fish comes at you at an angle that causes the hook...
  153. afraser

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    Reduce the load, raise the price. Are there any of these trips now? Normally it is just to have more space, but at least some of us would prefer to go on trips with less than 20 right now, let alone 30. Im sure the demand is there.
  154. afraser

    Offshore Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    Nice! What did it weigh? Your reel should be fine if it was a raptor. I used a Jx raptor on a similar fish and fight, reel did fine.
  155. afraser

    What is a good small spinning reel, 3000 size, with high gear ratio?

    I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything really fast. Best I found was the abu Garcia rocket 3500, but it only has 40 in per crank. This is for inshore fishing.
  156. afraser

    3.5 day trip recommendations

    I would rent a 100lb setup, or borrow one. Buy one if you can. 3.5 days means you will likely have opportunity at bigger fish at gray light and at night with a flatfall. It can double as your trolling rod. I’ll put it this way, I bring 4 100lb setups and an 80 for my “stealth” bait rig, 2...
  157. afraser

    Long casting rod and reel

    I have brought surf rods on trips before. Sometimes they are quite useful. Long casts to bluefin that sink out, casting poppers to nightjacks, and reaching kelps that are beyond the reach of others. I think I have 2-3 10ft rods that I routinely bring. I have a 10' daiwa coastal salt pro that...
  158. afraser

    BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Party Boats have the green light to run NOW!

    Any idea what the protocols are for the overnight boats? Apparently they have a long list of things to comply to in order to run.
  159. afraser

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    40# blackwater is like 50# of most other lines, both in strength and thickness. Fish 50# fluoro at least. They will bite 60 premier, which is more like 50# of other fluoro. Still a great fight, sooooo close. I've been chasing one to make up for the 300# or so fish I lost at gaff 2 years ago...
  160. afraser

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    At least some of the boats should run with lighter loads and corresponding higher prices. Reduce load by 1/3, raise price by 50%, same money for the boat. I can't see getting on a boat with 32 fishermen and another 8-10 crew.
  161. afraser

    Advice on fishing small circle hooks

    I usually use the ringed demon circles in 3/0 size. They are considerably smaller than most 1/0 and 2/0 alternatives. If they fish are over 100#, I'm using meatier hooks though. Pretty much I use unringed 4/0 super mutus but leave the knot slightly uncinched so there is a small loop. At...
  162. afraser

    Offshore Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

    I did the exact same thing 2 years ago, but it was on 50lb. Lost inside of long gaffing range. They only had one long gaff so they waited, it dove around the bow and ping...
  163. afraser

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    It would NOT be a deal maker for me to have to wear a mask. I so much want to go fishing that wearing a mask is no big deal. But if it’s not required, currently, that would be a deal breaker. Masks don’t protect the wearer, they protect everyone else by reducing the distance the virus travels...
  164. afraser

    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    How much did that weigh? Nice to hear you he bait is working.
  165. afraser

    Offshore 5/28 BFT Biters

    MORE!!! That was awesome. Finally we get the bite on film. How quick did you have to deploy the kite once you had them on sale near. I need to know if I have to practice this to ge5 my timing down :).
  166. afraser

    Offshore Bluefin on Reel Hard

    I'm always a big fan of using a small balloon 20 feet above the bait. The balloon will lightly set the hook so by the time you reel tight, it is already in place. I noticed this when I fished the bobber balloon for YFT. Never missed a hook set.
  167. afraser

    Offshore Bluefinn 5/27/20 Down and Tight

    Great post, don't know why more people don't share numbers. The fish move anyway, just gives a better idea of what conditions to match.
  168. afraser


    You have to mark your line at least every 100, I do 50 marks too. Put rod in trolling strap, with dry line, and use hand pulls to count line while boat is moving. Once you get 200 feet out you will need to adjust drag so it doesn’t go out too fast. You want to pull the line off the reel not...
  169. afraser

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    That is a fair price. They are close to a fish per bait. Most of us would spend that for 150-350lb bft.
  170. afraser

    Offshore BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    I love how we are all so jaded now that 115lb bluefin aren’t jumbos anymore! Nice catch!
  171. afraser

    All corona news is not Bad

    I was at least hoping for a corona 12 pack story or something...
  172. afraser

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    I actually like several of these!!! I am so chunking this year, or next if that is the case... I haven't had them go with the small coltsnipers, but I will try again Don't put your fluoro leader on the reel. I have 1-2 rods set up with long leaders that wrap around reel handle and then hook...
  173. afraser

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    There is no need to close ramps if people practice social distancing, that is the key. You have 10x more chance of getting it at the grocery store. Eliminating this activity has nothing to do with flattening the curve. Don’t pay in/accept cash, or if you do, spray it down with alcohol based...
  174. afraser

    FG vs RP

    I know I’ve said it before, but the easiest way to tension the line is to tie a loop on the end and secure it somewhere, I use the reel handle. It’s also easier to tension the knot with a loop on the end.
  175. afraser

    FG vs RP

    If your leader goes onto the reel, how do you avoid memory so you aren’t using coiled line? I still use windons so I don’t have to put much of the leader on the reel. It’s either that or I’m tying 15+ fg knots on the boat, which just takes too long. Or is there an especially good fluoro...
  176. afraser

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    There is also a corona virus in cows that has been transmitted to dogs and turkeys. Just saying it could jump to humans in the US too, albeit it would be different than the covid19.
  177. afraser

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    No, this is a coronavirus just like the other coronaviruses MERS and SARS. Mers came from close contact with camels (insert funny joke here), Sars from a cat. Lots more coronaviruses in other animals. Covid19 will not be the last coronavirus we see, and the next one could start in any country...
  178. afraser

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    This virus comes from close contact with a particular animal. Animals aren’t countries. It could easily start in the US as there are many other corona viruses. China did Drag their heels a couple of weeks , but then they did us a favor with their lockdown. They gave us extra time , we should...
  179. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Honestly, I almost never use low gear, even for cows. If you have the right technique, you don't need it. Only when I need a break AND I have the fish settled down into death spirals do I use it. But then you have to be ready to switch quickly if the fish turns toward you. You just have to...
  180. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Yeah, but it's really about abrasion resistance. Your 30# is more like 15# if the fish tail wraps, crosses other lines, or line crosses the fish to the other side of the mouth. If you have 60, and lose 15# of strength, you still have 45#. You CAN pull harder than you think in perfect...
  181. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Queen and Tomahawk reporting big BFT in their counts

    Which 1/0 or 2/0 circles are strong enough and big enough to handle a larger bft, say 150 or so?
  182. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    which 1/0 circles are best for 120# bft? I always thought the 1/0's were too small to have enough purchase. Also, never drop on "bigger" tuna with 30#, that's a no-no. Min 40#, realistically 50-60#. If I can get a bigger bait, I drop with a long 80# leader.
  183. afraser

    Long Range shutdown?

    long range trips have 30 people tops on them. If they reduce it to 5-7 day trips (for Big bft or alijos), then you probably don't have a lot of increased infection chances. Takes 2-8 days to show symptoms. How many people would you come in close contact with during 7 days? It's more than 30...
  184. afraser

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Yes this is an issue. That said, unless you are staying in your house for the same 15 day period, you will probably come into contact with more than 40 people. Maybe have an agreement that everyone self quarantines 5-7 days ahead of any really long trip.
  185. afraser


    Yeah, you're not getting it. For catching viruses in general, what you say is correct. However the Covid19 virus lives on surfaces up to 2 days, so all of the products touched by the cashier were first touched by the customers, then you touch all of your products again. I'm 99% sure you don't...
  186. afraser


    The 2 million number is accurate, but you come into more contact with people at the grocery store than you do on a boat. Just do the numbers. 200 people came before you in the check out line and the cashier touched every item they touched, then touched yours too. That's well more than the 40...
  187. afraser

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    I've put a lot of thought into this and frankly, you have much more risk going to the grocery store than you do going on a boat. With 32 people on the boat, let's say 40 with crew, you only have 40 people that you come into contact with. Now if one has it, you will get it, but then they should...
  188. afraser

    single hooks for snipers

    Or you can use a circle or J hook attached to the line and a very short bridle to the front of the lure. Even better action. Works if you are fishing for 60# and up tuna.
  189. afraser

    cow tuna sardine hooks

    I use the 2004 most often as well. The 8/0 and 9/0 are my favorites for large sardines or similar baits. If I have to go with a small hook but for big fish, then its the super mutu 4/0, ringed and unringed (for bft). For flatfalls at night, the 13/0 ringed 2004 hooks are awesome when bridle...
  190. afraser

    Alabama Rig/Jig combo

    For which application? I sometime use a mini spreader bar with 8 squid and a chasebait that works well on YFT, top 5 lure I've tried. I tried a lure with 3 100g hookless coltsnipers in a line and 1 chasebait for bft for no hookups. Still want to try that one more.
  191. afraser

    Cow jig reel?

    Don't like the clicking sound of the avet 30? I got used to it, especially since I think it has the best handle. I prefer this reel to the mak 20 for jigs. I usually have 2 rigged up for flatfalls or pl68s. The mak 20 actually has too good of a freespool for jigs IMHO. Great for bait, but I...
  192. afraser

    And then I woke up...

    My wife makes fun of me as I have these nightmares all the time about forgetting to bring gear on a trip. Or not being able to find the hook or lure I need. I forgot a bundle of rods upon leaving the boat once. Fortunately they called me before I got far. I think I’ve mentioned forgetting...
  193. afraser

    Which 100lb Pink Fluorocarbon?

    Pink is less visible in off color or green water. There was a test in one of the fishing magazines and it was clear. In SF bay pink outfishes clear flouro 2:1 or better.
  194. afraser

    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    I have 2, both filled with 50lb threadlock, which breaks at 90#. Used up to 22# of drag without breaking, more during near empty spool on a 300lb class bft, which broke when the fish dove under the boat at gaff and the line touched the hull. I strongly suggest upgrading to pro ex handle if...
  195. afraser

    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    We are all so spoiled... But yes, if you spend the time to upload a photo, please say how it was caught. 30 words won't kill ya.
  196. afraser

    372 Super Cow caught on lower banks.

    Kite? Big bait? Sardine? What was used? We all want to know....
  197. afraser

    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    How come they never say how the fish are caught? Saying they caught a big fish is nice, but it would be more interesting if they mention how it was caught, what bait, time of day, hook, line size, drift/anchor/run-n-gun, maybe even a description of the fight. Are they biting on top or with...
  198. afraser

    Kite set up

    The mak 20 is setup fine. You need heavy leader, 10 ft of 200+ Fluoro or 300 mono. You can use a regular 2 speed reel for the kite. I’ve done it many times and you aren’t dependent on electricity or a drill. Bringing in the kite is easy. Personally I prefer a small balloon marker 20-30’ft...
  199. afraser

    Offshore Fishing for bluefin in a war zone

    It's only when you have a fighter jet buzz you at what seemed like 200 feet (we could see what the pilot was wearing, it was that close), twice, that you realize how close you are. That night we also saw explosions on SCI, big fiery ones. After 5-6 seconds, I'm like, where's the sound, then...
  200. afraser

    Weird hollow loop tag issue

    I've never had the end of the spectra pop out on an endloop and I would not fuse it to add bulk, keep it clean- maybe resnip the end if you can. Only reason I can think this would happen is it is slightly too long, but it shouldn't affect performance. Now if it is coming out in the middle, not...
  201. afraser

    Offshore 11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Even though it was a little harsh, I have to agree, someone should have stepped up. The captain can fish anytime. I mostly go on these trips ONLY to try to catch one of the big bft so to give up a chance at reeling in a super cow, that is a missed opportunity that someone else would have...
  202. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Great, so I got from your post that you can keep 10-12 of them in a tank. Thanks! That's good info. I hear what you are saying about it being difficult, but the kite is difficult, and was considered far fetched. According to a story I heard, one of the first times it was tried on the RP...
  203. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Perfect! Yeah, already cleared that idea with the captain, but wasn't sure on the longevity in the slammer. Maybe that is the best solution, certainly the easiest. I was just thinking of making an external tank with several tuna tubes in it that would be filled with water from either the hose...
  204. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Yeah, I saw these, I guess it's a good product, but the pump is like $15, the plastic "sock" is a couple of dollars at most, the only thing special is the flow regulating nozzle, and I think I could have that made in a 3d printer for $10 or less, but they charge $150 for each of these. If I had...
  205. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Why use a hook instead of bridling? I don't like the bridle buddy system as I don't like that it pulls the fish's mouth open a bit.
  206. afraser

    Offshore 10/27 The San Diego, YFT Skipjack.

    Were any of the skipjack small? Say 5lb or less?
  207. afraser

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    You have a point, it will affect the bait. Still, no point if all you do is get to watch them swim away after you hook them. You have to match the bait for sure, but you can make it work on 60#, certainly 50#, definitely not below 40#. Go with short top shots, 8-10feet, tied to braid, no mono...
  208. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Thank you. If I was rating answers, that would be the best one :). An example of the very thing I asked about. I will have a man-bait rig ready to go, but the skipjack and BFT are not in the same area, so that really doesn't work. I plan on bridling instead of hooking it in the back or...
  209. afraser

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    The best way is to have a rotating time period, 20-30 min, and whoever is up then gets to fight the fish. I personally don't mind sharing the fish, especially if there are only a couple caught, but I don't want to share fish if people aren't catching because they are using 30# line. Nothing...
  210. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    So question 1, will skippies or small yft stay alive in the big tanks on a big sport fishing boat? I am hoping to catch a couple of small ones and bring them to the big bft grounds. Has anyone tried this yet? Question 2, if they won’t stay alive in the tanks, is there a way to rig up a few...
  211. afraser

    Its go time - 6 day trip leaving 10/26 on The Gun

    Just 1 100lb rig? Too few, especially if you fish local for the big BFT which just came up again.
  212. afraser

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    Right, longer, deeper, OR shorter.
  213. afraser

    How many set ups?

    Only 13? No problem. You need a minimum of 3 wahoo rods, 2 jig, 1 bait, and a minimum of 3 cow rods, just in case the bite is short, so you are at 6 and haven't even started to fill out the quiver. If you are popping or surface iron fishing, you'll probably be over 13. There is plenty of...
  214. afraser

    Oct 12-19 Searcher trip report

    Thank you for the writeup. I've wanted to go to guadalupe, but have never been, but it's as much to see the sharks as the fishing. If I was planning a pure fishing trip, then it seems the boats would be better of targeting the local yft and bft, which are bigger than the fish at guadalupe.
  215. afraser

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    I went on a trip where they went with 12, so if they want to make the trip a go for next year, they might "invest" in it this year. I found myself alone fishing during the day at the bank for several hours during the day, or maybe with a 1-2 other anglers. Wait, they took out the...
  216. afraser

    Fluorocarbon for wind-ons for Cow fishing

    So if the water is less than clear, pink will actually disappear better than clear. In fact, in green or murky water, clear fluoro is actually quite visible, although you are not likely to find that on a long range trip. So fluoro breaks based on diameter. So if you have a good manufacturer...
  217. afraser

    Bring it or leave it at home...

    There's a difference between a 25 and 30# rig? Just change the leader... And bring the heavy gear... on any trip.
  218. afraser

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    So, I don't know why all the negative feedback. Honestly, if it isn't harming anyone else and/or the captain/crew says no problem, then of course you can troll it. Use your judgment as to when and where. Remember the boat sometimes makes sharp turns, so you either need to be longer or deeper...
  219. afraser

    Offshore Dont know where this belongs....

    Come on guys, the owner or captain of the boat has to make the angler whole. It's not even a question. The easiest way is to offer a couple of trips to more than offset the cost, since that doesn't actually cost the boat anything. The captain/owner can figure how to deal with the deckhand if...
  220. afraser

    Offshore YFT on San Diego Full day trip

    100% they will be around on the 26th... I have a trip on the 28th. But seriously the water is still warm and we don’t have a lot of storms yet and there is plenty of bait, so there will not be a big change.
  221. afraser

    Offshore PQ 1.5

    That's about right. Pick a good bait, handle bait with care, hook bait appropriately for the situation, use right size hook, line, leader, and don't cast in the middle of a bunch of lines. All that adds up to higher catch ratios. I was on a trip recently. Went up to the captain and said: it...
  222. afraser

    Offshore 10/14 Big bluefin Tuna still at sci

    Music to my ears!!!! Now, about that next trip....
  223. afraser

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    No wonder the sharks attack hooked tuna, they’re pissed off and hungry
  224. afraser

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    So if it was straight braid on top, which one? JB has been the problem for me. Even at 100 hollow. It sticks once it gets a little used. The jb 80 is a little better. I have several line types that I tried on spinners, but I’d rather just go to what works that has already been tested. As...
  225. afraser

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    Alright just to be clear, I am fully stocked on the spinning popper rod side (I have 3 outfits, all with stellas). But I have an extra 10' conventional rod and the hx and hxj raptor reels already, both with 100# spectra. I don't like the way they cast with straight spectra despite the magic...
  226. afraser

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    Okay, I'm asking what mono to use assuming I want to cast my HX or HXJ raptor (both have magic cast) without dealing with spectra backlashes. Magic cast does not stop backlashing. That means that the mono will need to be 75 yards or so. That said, which line and what lb test?
  227. afraser

    Spinner set-up for 'lupe

    50lb threadlock, you can put 25lb of pressure on fish, or more, especially during the death spirals. It breaks at 80-90lb. I've brought 80lb yft to the boat in 3 minutes with that line using a spinner and a 10' rod. Of course that was on a stickbait with treble hooks, so maybe that helped.
  228. afraser

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    So I have an avet hxj and hx, and I'd like to rig one of them up to cast lures to the bigger bft and not have so many spectra backlashes. What is the best mono line strength and type to use at a top shot for casting? I was thinking 60 lb mono of some kind, or should I be using something else...
  229. afraser

    What size top shot for casting poppers on conventional?

    So I've used 100% braid, but the overruns are just too tough to deal with in braid, especially when casting in a run and gun format. If I switch to a mono top shot, what should it be (lb, brand, length), assuming I am fishing a popper or stickbait for the bigger models? Will be on an Avet HXJ...
  230. afraser

    Spinner set-up for 'lupe

    I've had no windknots so far with the 50, and opening it up for windons is not a problem either. Of course 80 will be easier, but you get more than 450yds of the 50 on it, just in case Mr. Big gets ahold of your lure.
  231. afraser

    Spinner set-up for 'lupe

    This is the killer all around setup. Can be used for bait, bombs, popping, jigs, etc. I have a similar one. Although I have it on the 10' black hole rod, which casts stickbaits and poppers ridiculously well. Use seaguar 50 hollow, breaks at 90lb, and you have a setup that can handle fish...
  232. afraser

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    It does work perfectly for cows, but most tuna eat small jigs the same, they inhale them. So if you are using a popper or large stickbait, it might not work as well. Maybe even very large surface irons too. If you ever watch underwater videos of tuna feeding, they always inhale the food and...
  233. afraser

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    You don’t need the quick clip, there is already an easy release. You loop the lure on first, then with the other end of the Kevlar, you bend the end loop backwards so it’s parallel with the line, and pull the line thru it to make a slip knot. You put that over the hook. To remove you simply...
  234. afraser

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    Great report, by the way, when lifting a fish on the final death circles with a spinner, you can gain more line if you hold the spool on the lift. You can let go if the fish takes off.
  235. afraser

    Come on Saturday

    Don’t sit on the rail. If you do, at least wear a body cam...
  236. afraser

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    What would be a good split then??? I think 97 for commercial and 3% for residential is not reasonable. How about 50/50? More if its all hook line commercial, but the purse seining should be outlawed.
  237. afraser

    Offshore 2.5 this weekend. Any point to bringing 50/60?

    If you fish bft at night, I'd bring 80 or 100. If it's calm 50/60 is tough to fish during the day, but if the big ones are around 60 is the minimum.
  238. afraser

    Offshore Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Thanks for the update. That is great info. I usually fish floating stickbaits and the yft can't lay off of them. I might have to mix it up with a few more poppers. Are you adjusting the size to match the hatch, or just using the same size popper? I have them from 4" to about 12" and...
  239. afraser

    Offshore Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    So did you try anything else, or only the popper?
  240. afraser

    Offshore Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Nice! Can't wait to do it myself. Although you can sneak up on the schools better if you have a longer rod to cast from farther away. I personally use a 10' rod and 50lb spectra with a high speed spinning reel. Did you only use poppers or did you try stickbaits or iron too?
  241. afraser

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    I've only caught about 6 fish this way, and only 1 cow. I did hook another cow on this rig but was sawed off by someone not following their line (everyone that caught a fish in that bite caught a cow, so I'm pretty sure this one was too). I missed one bite on a retrieve that I recall, but I...
  242. afraser

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    That point is fair. It does make it harder for people far away from coasts to buy fresh fish. But that's kind of the point too, where you live determines your local resources. Lot's more beef available in Texas. Lots. I was using actual research studies that show that although recreation...
  243. afraser

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    You are actually agreeing with me. Commercial fishing didn’t make you well off, it only supported you and your family. Recreational fishing jobs would be just as supportive but they are 30x more numerous. It’s not better economically, it doesn’t benefit society more than recreational...
  244. afraser

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    It was rhetorical. No need to over analyze
  245. afraser

    American Angler Ken's Custom Guadalupe Island Report Version 2

    "emotionally spent" tuna? I never thought to ask them...
  246. afraser

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    Maybe we are talking past each other. The value for a ton of tuna is way higher when fished recreationally compared to commercially. It's more than 30 to 1 according to the research out there. We don't have an unlimited supply of tuna, so if we were trying to maximize the economics, we'd...
  247. afraser

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    Actually, I don't think commercial fishermen should be allowed to make a living using nets. Hook and line? Fine, single lines, and hooks. Then you at least preserve most of the school. The problem with seining is it wraps entire schools most of the time. Plus they contribute way fewer...
  248. afraser

    Offshore New Lo-An 10/3-10/6 Happy Birthday Adam

    Great report. Watch the ibuprofen, if you take that much they need to do a kidney check on you after 4 weeks. There is no need to go down to 15#, 30# is fine, you just need lively bait, short leaders, and tail or butt hook the bait.
  249. afraser

    Offshore Looking for jumbos

    Sea adventure 80 has some big bluefin trips this month at hmlanding.
  250. afraser

    Offshore Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    Any top water lures tried?
  251. afraser

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    I’ve written about a couple of times, pic in profile. Easiest method is use a length of Kevlar and make a loop on each end, end, and loop it on the lure then onto the hook. Allows for quick changing of lure without retieing,
  252. afraser

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    I use 11/0 or 13/0 ringed eagle claw circle hooks tied directly to the end of the line with the flatfall bridled, attached to bend of hook. Far superior hookup and hook to land ratios on big fish. The multiple hook rig will work but you are more likely to get bit off and the lure action will...
  253. afraser

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    You get better action on the lure, more hookups, and a higher hook to land ratio if you bridle the lure with a large circle hook. Try to keep the bridle at or under 1 inch long.
  254. afraser

    Has anyone fished skippies for the cow BFT?

    I've never seen a skippie in a YFT stomach, but they sure eat them.
  255. afraser

    Has anyone fished skippies for the cow BFT?

    Since we fish for cow YFT with skippies all the time, has anyone tried it or seen it tried on these big bluefin? Might need to catch the skippies or little yft somewhere else and put them in a tank, but it would seem these bft would not pass up such a nice meal.
  256. afraser

    Offshore Techniques for cow bft?

    So I'm likely going on a trip at the end of the month and I'd like to discuss what has been tried and not tried for the jumbo bft. Obviously this year drifting with a live or recently dead flyer on the kite/balloon has been great. It worked last year and now everyone seems to be getting it...
  257. afraser

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    I gotta say, that is overkill on the wetsuit for the flyer. Either use a long balloon, not fully inflated, or a strip of a dark pool noodle and rubber band it to the top. The bait will stay straight up and float with nothing on the side or underneath the bait.
  258. afraser

    Offshore SCI 9/27 Big BFT & a Marlin!! 4K Video

    Now THATS a video, got the bite and the key parts of the battle. Awesome job. Any idea why so many missed hookups? That was crazy. It’s not like the flyer is moving fast.
  259. afraser

    Big Bluefin Or Bust Trip Departing Sunday September 29th on the Thunderbird

    Are you fishing a kite with a balloon or just a straight helium balloon? If just a balloon, how high are you rigging the balloon?
  260. afraser

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    Those balloons used for making animals are great for floating a dead flyer out. Don't even need to blow it up, just barely fill it with air and rubber band it to the top of the flyer, works well in testing...
  261. afraser

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    Other boats use the 20-30 minute limit on rotation, especially near SCI, while others fish the kite for you and just call out numbers when bit. Personally, I'd prefer to fish the rod myself, including for the bite, and just go with a rotation, but you do whatever the captain says upfront.
  262. afraser

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    I thought I came up with that pro tip. I have the same setup exactly. Super easy. To count your line, take off all hardware and put rod into trolling straps, let the line out by counting it one foot at a time by pulling it out by hand under slight drag. Mark every 100 ft to 4-500. It will...
  263. afraser

    FG knot tips

    So I didn't see this before, but I accidentally came across an easier way to tie this knot with just 2 hands. Make a loop with a simple overhand knot in the end of your spectra, put the loop over your reel handle and tighten it up. You can do the over under with the fluoro in less than 30...
  264. afraser

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Yeah, on the hook with a lot of people is tough. Especially if wind and tide are together. I would still try "casting" perpendicular off the bow and trying to get the bait to run far away from the boat before it got back to the stern. You should be able to get 100-200 feet away before getting...
  265. afraser

    Wow!! Purple Zucker(?) Wahoo

    There's a wahoo in the video?
  266. afraser

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Thank you for the report. I think you have to mention the brand of hook when you mention size now. I fish the 3/0 demon circles by mustad and they aren't much bigger than a size 2 in other hooks. I also don't cast anymore, I just hook the fish differently if I want it away from the boat...
  267. afraser

    Offshore Grande 9-13

    The crew was fishing because it was slow, so more people would catch fish. As long as they hand off its a bonus. Last trip I was on, I thought we were having a pretty good day, I had caught or handed off 4 or 5 fish, my roommate did the same. When I remarked to the captain that we were doing...
  268. afraser

    Offshore Anybody Fishing Blue Fin This Saturday?

    Buy frozen flying fish in San Diego, bring a kite, helium tank, and 36" balloons, fish a rigged flying fish on top of the water near san clemente island. If you put your line through a solid ring and attach the ring to the line with a rubber band, you can attach your balloon to the solid ring...
  269. afraser

    Offshore EPIC Aztec 2-day Report 8/26-8/28

    Never let go of a rod until the other guy says "got it"
  270. afraser

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    Almost always the balloon will be on the opposite side of the drifting baits. It won’t go as far as the kite.
  271. afraser

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    So I tested out one of those long shaping balloons, just putting a tiny bit of air in it floated a yummy flyer perfectly. Rubber band that to the back of a natural flyer should work too. I also have a half dozen of the yummy flyers with the folded wings and chin weights that I picked up in a...
  272. afraser

    Offshore So, I went fishing again...

    I use the 3/0 demon circles all the time on fish to 80lb. Never a problem but then again I’m not using 20 lb of drag. If the bigger fish are around, I switch to the 4/0 super mutus, which will catch 300lb fish. For decent bait, I switch to 6/0 super mutus, and at night nothing less than 8/0...
  273. afraser

    Success Sportfishing with 5 Super cow BFT's..

    Pool noodle float? Or something similar? Is that what's in the picture above?
  274. afraser

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    Since there are at most 2 kites on the boats I’ve been on and only 2 people fishing, is it effective flylining a flyer or a yummy? How would you fish them.? I’ve thought of a few ways. I was thinking of using a heavy duty popping cork in front of the flyer and a thin balloon on top of flyer to...
  275. afraser

    Success Sportfishing with 5 Super cow BFT's..

    Okay how would you fish them.? I’ve thought of a few ways. I do bring a kite so if the boat only flies one I will ask to deploy. I’m sure I can find a volunteer to help. However how to fly line? I was thinking of using a heavy duty popping cork in front of the flyer and a thin balloon on...
  276. afraser


    Thank you again. Great info, and rest assured it’s not proprietary info. Seems like they only used one kite? Just ran two baits off of it. Live or dead flyers? I think I saw you say they were live, but wasn’t sure. I’ve fished fresh dead just bobbing on the surface and they work great. No...
  277. afraser


    Awesome, just awesome. Going out on a 3.5 day on 15, I pray we don’t have yellowtail on the menu. You said you had 2 bait rods for flying fish, how are these fished? I personally hate the idea of a handoff but I understand it. Then everyone gets to fight these brutes instead of chasing...
  278. afraser

    Sea Adventure 80

    So, I’ve ridden a lot of different boats and the sea adventure 80 is one the best non-long range boats. More staterooms, 10 for 20 people, more rod storage including a 40 or so rod rack right at the tackle box Station , which is as big as the ones on the largest long range boats, a second level...
  279. afraser

    Best price for Seaguar Floro Premier?

    Stop whining about it not being a report. It is related to our fishing and anything in chit chat gets fewer answers. I’ve tried. If it helps other anglers, I say ask away. Buy fluoro online but out of state.
  280. afraser

    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    I two oz torpedo is about the right length, but it doesn't "swim", so it. Maybe worth a try though. Paint it up, put on a hook.
  281. afraser

    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    HIgh speed poppers, stickbaits, or lures that splash will often cause a reflex bite in foamers. If you cast ahead of the boat, you will not be able to reel fast enough, so cast at an angle so you are reeling perpendicular to the boat slide, then you get the most speed when retrieving. I tried...
  282. afraser

    Poppers on “The Slide”?

    Actually the way to do this is before the slide you let your popper out past the trollers. When they say wind in the trollers, you reel in at the same time. You should avoid the bait fishermen this way. Works best when the captain turns the boat before stopping.
  283. afraser

    Crew Members Fishing

    When the boat is sliding up on a school, the rule should be, cast and move down the rail, that way everyone gets a prime cast and doesn’t block others. You can easily get 6 to 8 casters then. The only problem is too many anglers want to wait too long or simply can’t cast far and block the cast...
  284. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 6/26-6/30

    Well, let's just say that the 1.5 day right before this trip was better, and that was slow. Saw more bft schools than I care to count. They were up on top and foaming every day. Every day. Temp was 66-70 degrees. Yes 70. I casted directly into foaming schools using several stickbaits, 2...
  285. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80, 6-24 to 6-26, bottom of the 9th

    They usually start about 3:45 or 3:50pm, depending on which day of the week it is. In reality, it was overcast, so as soon as it got a little darker, don't recall the exact time.
  286. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80, 6-24 to 6-26, bottom of the 9th

    1.5 day, not expecting too much, but boy are there are a lot of non-biting bluefin schools. We got a couple of smaller yellowfin on poppers and stickbaits, other than that we got bupkis all day. As it got later in the afternoon, we started to pick up a bluefin here and there, mostly that...
  287. afraser

    Too many rods?

    With less fishing time, you often need more rods to maximize your chances, mostly so you don't have to rerig. I bring like 14 on a normal 2.5-4 day trip. 4 cow rods (2 for flatfalls, 1 for bait with weight, one for bait), 3-4 popping/stickbait rods, 1 light long casting rod, 2-3 40-60 rods...
  288. afraser

    Line to leader system?

    Why cast? There really is no need. Either shoulder hook, back hook or butt hook your bait, swing him out gently and make sure he runs the direction you want. If he swims the wrong way, hold the spool until he does swim the right way, then let him go. Light tension from thumbing the spool...
  289. afraser

    Line to leader system?

    . Don’t put the leader on the spool, that works too. You can get 3 rod lengths if you wrap your line around your reel and hook near the tip. You still have two bends in the line but nothing like putting the inserted fluoro on the spool.
  290. afraser

    Offshore Aztec 6/18

    50lb Yellowin, mmm, sounds like it's time for popper fishing!
  291. afraser

    Sea Adventure 80, 1.5 day, Mon 6/24, BFT, going for sure

    I am on this trip and since they were nice enough to make it a for sure go, I thought I'd pass it along here. Only 2 of us so far, will probably be less than 15 total is my guess, but they are going for sure already. Fishing for BFT. Mike got 29 100-130lb BFT on a 1.5 day just this week...
  292. afraser

    Top Gun 80 Sun 6/23- Wed 6/26 anyone going?

    Sea Adventure 80 has a 1.5 day that is a guaranteed go on Monday. Then a 3.5 day after that with a couple of spots left. I'm on both.
  293. afraser

    Line to leader system?

    Agreed, it is all about how well the bait swims. When I hook a bait, clearly the skin around it changes color, it is darker around the hook puncture. I try to use 4/0 super mutus when the bigger fish are mixed in, just cause, but they do put a big hole in a bait. A thin bridle in the back...
  294. afraser

    Line to leader system?

    So couple of questions, which has more effect on a bft bite: the visibility of the larger hook or the fact that the larger hook puts a bigger hole in the bait and slows it down? I've been hooking a lot of baits in the shoulder and back to hide the larger hooks, but perhaps there is a better way...
  295. afraser

    Offshore Bft jig rigging

    This is exactly when it is a problem, when the line rubs across the teeth, especially on big fish. On fish under 100lb, it's probably not going to matter. Assist hooks dangle above the lure too on the drop, so they don't increase hookup on fish in that situation, but they would help on the...
  296. afraser

    Offshore First trip for the mustang

    2 5/0 trebles, they aren't getting away.
  297. afraser

    Offshore Line to line knot vs. Swivel for mono to flouro connection

    Only benefit for a swivel is when you have an anchor point close to the hook. So putting a swivel below a weight or a balloon helps minimize fluoro twist and keeps it less visible.
  298. afraser

    Offshore Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    I avoid the CF by fishing the bow with bait, usually requires waiting for 30 seconds or so for boat to stop. It's great until 5-6 other people start figuring out that trick. Either that or a back hook or belly hook a bait and have it swim away from the crowd until the drift finally pulls him...
  299. afraser

    Offshore Bft jig rigging

    I lost a jig using 200# spectra to a 200lb bft, I did not have it doubled though. I switched to kevlar assist cord, no problem on the next fish. I also saw a bft bite through one of two assist hooks on jig.
  300. afraser

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    If anyone wants to join, we will be targeting bft on a 3.5 day on June 26 on sea adventure 80. The same group has been going out for about 5-6 years now and we’ve gotten bft the last three years. Kites, flyers, flat falls and bait. Some giveaways but you must bring you paper, rock, scissors...
  301. afraser

    Quick Royal Star Three-Day report

    Hey, what was the best technique with the sinker rig? Slowly let it out? Hold it at a certain depth? Wind and stop retrieve? Also, how do you keep the circle hook from sliding through and catching the bait in the side? I've resorted to shoulder hooking when using mutus, but is there a...
  302. afraser

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    Yes, that sounds right. I was just saying we also found the larger grade YFT, that is, bigger than 100# in US waters too. I caught the only one on the school and it was 75# but the captain said there were much bigger ones. The schooling bft this year seem to be in the 60-80lb category though...
  303. afraser

    Offshore PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    If night or gray, go big on the hook, at least 10/0, I use 13/0. Drop to 9/0 during the day if you want or if there are only smaller fish. Use 300lb Kevlar assist hook line or bft will bite off your lure. My avatar has a sample pic, I use a shorter attachment line now, about 1 inch after...
  304. afraser

    Offshore Top shot or not

    I stopped casting baits , I just swing them out about 20 feet, so I’d rather give the bait the lightest line to pull which means no top shots, shortish fluoro leaders and hooking the bait in the back or butt. The bait will swim much further than you can cast, every time.
  305. afraser

    Fish Report May 31-June 3, 2019

    Couple things about the setup in the video. One, I usually let the weight hang. I will often shine up weight too to get it to sparkle a bit in the water and if it is dangling it will move more, and if that's not working, I'll use a very dull weight. Two, it's the same adage as before, follow...
  306. afraser

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    I'm down for one of these trips. I'd rather do one (or 2) long bft trips than a yft cow trip right now with only HB open as a major target now. Have to find some more options, they are out there. At least with the bft, you know you don't have to run 4 days to get to them. I do like topwater...
  307. afraser

    Looking to fill a void in my arsenal with an Avet Raptor. But which one?

    I fished the JX raptor at 25lb of drag for 4 hours on a fish, so it can handle it. Put 50-60lb spectra on it and you will have enough line for all but demon fish, and I mean cow sized demon fish. I now have 2 of these reels, both filled with about 500yds of seaguar hollow 50. I had the large...
  308. afraser

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Made my day, I know it wasn't fun, but the story will live on longer than if you had an average or even just a good day. Wide open on brown trout, one of the funniest lines I've read in a long time.
  309. afraser

    Offshore PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    Great report, did you notice if they were on small bait? I've had luck casting the colt snipers into boils, but you really have to get to them from a distance, so a long rod, lighter line, and a nice casting reel. Also, if those flatfalls were bridled with large circle hooks, then you get one...
  310. afraser

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    If you want to increase the hook to land ratio on the big bluefin, bridle the lure with a large circle hook, 11/0-13/0. 90% of bites are on the drop, so this method is superior to the assist hooks or multiple j hooks in terms line chaffing. Everyone that's tried it has landed their fish or got...
  311. afraser

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    I'd have a 50-80lb 8 foot UC rod that shuts off mid way and an avet hxj raptor with 80# braid, preferably with the pro handle. You can fish it down with a 40# leader or fish it up to 100 or 130# leader for flatfalls. I'd rather have 2 rods, but if I had to have 1. Personally for the...
  312. afraser

    Spinning reel for YT, tunas

    I would suggest a conventional unless you are going on a private boat. In my experience, the kids always put the rod on the rail at some point, which would make conventionals a much better option. You don't need to cast, just teach him to hook the bait in the back and the bait will swim away...
  313. afraser

    Offshore Top shot or not

    For most fishing I use about 8 feet of fluoro, maybe 10. For bft I’ll start with 18-20 feet and fish it to about 10. It’s all about giving the bait less bulk to pull, but bluefin will shy away from a shorter leader. No need for a top shot, really. You can do it, and it might help with pulled...
  314. afraser

    $2000 to catch a 200 Pounder

    12/0 hooks are for the little fish... Seriously though, I use a 13/0 ringed eagle claw 2004 hook (from when bridling my flatfalls for fishing at night or gray. During the day I drop it to 11/0. I bring extras on my trips for other people as it really helps improve the hook to...
  315. afraser

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    So could we safely assume they would sell out of soft plastic replicas as well if they made them? I was trying to talk a manufacturer into making perfect replicas of the California flying fish and selling them for 40 or 50. I bet they would sell a lot. Any thoughts?
  316. afraser

    Which Circle Hooks for Bluefin???

    Demon circle 3/0, no ring. Tie and SD jam knot and don't cinch all the way tot the hook. Less metal to reflect. I have found a difference in bites between ringed and non-ringed hooks for BFT. For bigger fish, I switch to 4/0 super mutus, no ring again. If you have mackerel for bait, or...
  317. afraser

    Anyone ever used a zwing on one of the LR boats?

    They clearly work for wahoo on the east coast so I could see that working, but I’d like to try it on the bft that don’t want to come up. What color was attracting the makos? I’ll try the other color.
  318. afraser

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    I’d book an extended bluefin hunting trip. Without the buffer zone option it would likely be a better shot at a cow than a LR trip. Have to let the anglers work the kite though, if they want. The crew only option on that reduces the fun.
  319. afraser

    Shogun 13/7 in January sponsored by Integrity Expedition Gear

    Better off doing a 7 day bluefin only trip when the flyers are around. They don't do those, but you'd have a better shot at a cow and it's right in our back yard, no 8 days of travel. I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat, especially if they are going to fly 2 kites with fresh dead or live...
  320. afraser

    Anyone ever used a zwing on one of the LR boats?

    I was buying something else and came across the zwing, again, and thought it might be useful for trolling lures at depth for bluefin. Don't need a downrigger arm or anything, just drop it over the side (with some padding), and send lures or trollable baits down. We've used shower curtain...
  321. afraser


    As long as you have wind, and it's not in the same direction as the current, there is no reason a balloon should tangle with the flyliners. If you have light wind, use a bigger balloon, or two (aka the dolly parton rig, makes for good conversation...) You will then be able to stay far from the...
  322. afraser

    What would you bring. 3 day May 31-June 2nd??

    take 2 flatfall rods or one flatfall and one sinker rig rod. I got caught with just one flatfall rig in a short bite. First one got bit and sawed off and didn't have another rod to drop in right away. Bite lasted 5 minutes. It was the only school that bit that night.
  323. afraser

    Shogun 13/7 in January sponsored by Integrity Expedition Gear

    66 YFT in 7 days of fishing is not what I'd call doing "extremely well" unless they are all cows. With 15 people, that'd be 4.5 fish per person in 6 or 7 days of fishing. I'd consider that a slow trip. Maybe still worth it for the fly/fly aspect though.
  324. afraser


    I think fishing bobber balloons, like a few other techniques, like fishing the slide, should be done on a rotation basis. Only 3 max for bobber balloons. I mean, you can do 4 or 5, but you have to really work together and that doesn't happen often enough. To do multiple balloons, it helps if...
  325. afraser

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    How exactly did you have the drag set high enough to have the rod ripped out of your hands? Or did something happen to cause a change in having the drag off? I'm just trying figure out how it is possible. Maybe the drag accidentally was kicked into gear?
  326. afraser

    Shogun 4 day 4/16, who's going?

    Had some other things come up that kept me from a report. So usually on a 4 day, you get 3 days of fishing, but the Captain put us on yellowtail the first day until dark. Lost my favorite surface iron, but we did catch a good number, 30-40 I think. Then we motor on to the bluefin grounds. Most...
  327. afraser

    Shogun 4 day 4/16, who's going?

    The nice reports made me pull the trigger. Should be one of the only boats going that far and with nice bait (one would hope). Seems it sold out, anyone else going?
  328. afraser

    What's the bait like now?

    Going on a trip on the Shogun this week, anyone know what the bait is like?
  329. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    Wait, you make catcalls to underage girls? That seems okay to you??? WTH is wrong with you? You like getting on a boat with a captain that drinks 6-8 beers on a trip? How about a taxi like that too? Some people have no [email protected] sense. You really think Mike is a "good" captain? So be it...
  330. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    I didn't take fish back because we didn't leave until late the next day. In my experience, if it isn't frozen when you fly, it isn't going to be good when you get back home. I would have taken them to the resort, but it was our last day and that was the only available day.
  331. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    When you tell the truth, it isn't flaming. Maybe he drank to excess that day and it caused all the other problems. Maybe some people enjoy being ridiculed, perhaps you do too. Maybe people like it when the captain goes around to the other customers on the boat complaining about another...
  332. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    Maybe you like being yelled at by someone who is drunk and takes chances with your life and that of your kids. Each to his own I guess. And it doesn't matter where the controls are when the captain isn't using them. There's a reason he can't keep a mate on the boat...
  333. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    Yeah, nothing like fishing next to rocks, breaking 6 foot waves with a captain lit on 8 beers that endangers everyone by leaving the control tower. You're right, no reason to be pissed off.
  334. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    I thought about it, and now I believe I have to mention it. Captain threw 6-8 beer cans down from the tower at the end of the day. I didn't see the mate drink any, but possibly. I believe it contributed to him coming down from the control tower when we were close to the rocks. Probably...
  335. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    The crew wanted them. The mate was decent so why not? Released the marlin. If we were staying longer would have kept them. Guess they need a flash freezing and shipping service in Cabo....
  336. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    Four of fished on the Renegade Mike boat for a full day offshore. Mike was very reasonable with the lunch,picking some up for us at a normal price. However, somehow he forgot the licenses, but offered to pay half the price of the higher priced ones at the marina. all good so far. Went to...
  337. afraser

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    Actually, that is almost a great idea. They use kites for aerial photography, called KAP, why not tow a kite with a camera that has wireless transmission. Should get way more viewing time as no battery is needed for flying. I have a kite the flies almost straight up, so that would actually...
  338. afraser

    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Flying in is fine, It's flying out that is the question. Just wanted to be clear what I was asking. Cabo has special rules that are different than other mexican airports.
  339. afraser

    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Last time I went through cabo they made me check a fishing rod in checked baggage (instead of carry on- it was very small), but I don't remember if the fishing reels had to be in checked bags. If so, I won't bring high end spinners.
  340. afraser

    Foamer Rig Options

    Like Choate said, you can simply "walk your tuna" in the direction you want once the death spirals have started. Just do it before the top of the turn and lead him a bit. It's actually not difficult, aside from holding 28# of drag or more.
  341. afraser

    Identifying your rods

    You can order tape in custom colors too, eg your favorite sports team. Or pick an unusual or bright color. Once had a similar rod left to me when someone walked off with my much better rod. Not entirely sure it was accidental, but the tape reduces the chance. Way easier to find all 10 rods...
  342. afraser


    The big long range boats are doing several 3 day bluefin trips this spring, independence and intrepid are two of them. I’d book one of those as the experience will be top drawer and they have more bait capacity.
  343. afraser

    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Rocket launchers on Excel (and Indy), why doesn't every boat have these??? I second the smooth ride on the intrepid, but all of the big boats are good for that. Fly/fly or at least ride/fly trips on some boats. Getting beat up for 3-4 days is never fun, although the wahoo bite at the stones...
  344. afraser

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    The sound of an avet reel when a big fish takes a bait, before the drag is set. Also, the pro handles on the avet reels, even have them on my sx and jx raptors! Easy to hold, easy to use with heavy drag. Fishing gloves, man they make a difference in a long battle. The in line cameras are...
  345. afraser

    Foamer Rig Options

    You will have more opportunities with a high speed spinning reel for running and gunning. As was mentioned, they make a harness adapter for spinning rods. The high speed spinning reels are faster than all of the conventionals that are castable (I think only the tallica in the billfish version...
  346. afraser

    Best fishing in Cabo late March?

    I will be in cabo the last week of March and it seems to be between seasons. I’m not too interested but in bottom fishing, but it isnt clear if offshore or inshore would be better for a group of 4. If offshore would it be better to go far offshore or to the finger banks? We would prefer...
  347. afraser

    Fish 3 times the line test

    Does almost count? We touched the leader so I guess it counts in some circles. Last summer, 250# + bft on 50lb test, 4 1/2 hours just outside of gaffing range 3 times. Had him laid out on the surface just couldn’t reach him with anything more than the longest gaff so they waited for the next...
  348. afraser

    Best organizing ideas?

    Might I suggest A trash bag for dirty clothes. Keep it sealed. Shoes or boots stay in hall. I put clothes in 2.5 gal ziplock to keep them organized. I like rigging up top. So much saner. I do have a spreadsheet for which rod gets which reel, leader, hooks or lures. Easier to figure that...
  349. afraser

    Which braid would you rather use?

    Unless it is JB line, in which case the 80 is stronger than the 100, and larger in diameter. So exactly why is it called 80???
  350. afraser

    RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19, Part 4, Lessons learned

    I'll tactfully pay attention until I feel the need to resort to bribes :) Sometimes, you just aren't doing the right thing. Had that happen on one trip. Couldn't get bit. Finally asked for help after switching lines, hooks, rods, etc. Trick was using a bronze hook with no ring. The fish...
  351. afraser

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    All you have to do to avoid the [email protected] on larger boats like the excel is to have a slide rotation. No reason 4-5 people can't go in on the slide, especially if they cast diagonally off the stern. The problem is having 10 or 15 go in. The main reason the excel does so well, is it has so...
  352. afraser

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    No fishing the slide? Why? The trip costs $5-$6k, what are we worried about losing a $50 lure? Or a single wahoo? Misplaced concern in my opinion. Let’s get as many people hooked up and then work out the tangles. Most people are good at avoiding tangles. If you are fishing tuna and...
  353. afraser

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    So, I put a camera down with the intruder lure last year. They get hit way more than they hookup. I have video of both tuna and wahoo hitting the lure and not getting hooked up. They hit the back of the lure. It was clearly a strike as the line is no longer straight. Not sure if there is...
  354. afraser

    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    For bft to 60lb, I use unringed hooks and just don't cinch the knot all the way down so you leave a loop. Personally, I like the mustad demon circles in 3/0. Pretty large gap and the 3x are still pretty thin. I am not missing a lot of bites with this setup and haven't had a straightened hook...
  355. afraser

    If one was to use an avet sx raptor for light to medium setup?

    I bought an sx raptor when they first came out and it has been my go to bft reel for anything under 80lb and is my wahoo bait reel. So it is overkill for halibut and ling but it will work. I have 40lb hollow and I upgraded the handle to the pro version, it’s bigger than the reel, but it’s very...
  356. afraser

    The hate is real

    It's about time this debate reignited. It must be winter... For every job there is an optimum tool. For long casts into the wind with topwater lures while the boat is moving, like chasing porpoise or moving schools, nothing beats a 8-10 foot spinning setup. Works great for wahoo bombs too...
  357. afraser

    Are there any 6-8 day late spring trips targeting BFT?

    Seems like most of these trips are going to alijos, but yft are usually scarce then and wahoo nonexistent. I’d really like to find a trip that will target bft, assuming the big ones return, especially since most of the lr boats have so much bait capacity and will fly 1 or 2 kites. I’m skipping...
  358. afraser

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Must be biting, it’s almost 10am and no report??? Not like we aren’t checking twice a day to see what’s happening ...
  359. afraser

    Lighter Leader and Bigger Tuna - Rail Tips and Equipment - Newbie Questions

    The short fore grips are harder to use the rail for sure and the longer ones make it easier to lift the fish as the fulcrum is farther down the rod. But it can and has been done. It doesn’t much matter what line size you have, but more the size of the fish compared to the line and rod. An...
  360. afraser

    Anyone ever used pre-rigged deadbaits for trolling?

    On the east coast, most trolling that I've seen is done with pre-rigged weighted ballyhoo with a sea-witch on the nose. Catches everything from Marlin to dorado. Has anyone tried any of those in our waters for YFT or BFT? You can buy them frozen, prerigged, so maybe worth the effort???
  361. afraser

    If you had to start over...

    Stella 14k and black hole 10 foot rod. Outcasts everything else I own. Glad I have it but wish I had it sooner. Fishes poppers, stickbaits for tuna to 150lbs and is a great wahoo rod with 53 inches per crank. Fastest reel on the boat most of the time, enough to cast ahead of the boat and...
  362. afraser

    First Long Range Trip Looking for Tips and Advice Please!

    I switched over to those fishing shirts by huk and other companies. They are light and the long sleeves mean less sunblock. Gloves! I wear a half finger glove on one hand and a full glove on reeling hand. I feel I can put twice the pressure on a fish. With spinning gear, 2full gloves. Plus...
  363. afraser

    Light line super?

    Wait, owner makes a super mutu in 3/0? I only see them down to 4/0.
  364. afraser

    Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing but Not Long Range

    With boils like that, I"d have to cast topwaters to them. Yellowfin that are busting on top will take a stickbait over a live bait much of the time. The not being allowed to flyline the bait would also be a tip killer IMHO. No problem them keeping the fish.
  365. afraser

    What technique to stop overruns us8ng heavy flat falls?

    I call BS on this. We have thumbs? Seriously, thumbing the spool with a 500g, which I said in my post, still results in small overruns. Just one spools worth, but it’s annoying and.results in having a lure that falls and is stopped, with thumb pressure. I’m looking for a constant rate of...
  366. afraser

    What technique to stop overruns us8ng heavy flat falls?

    I was reading someone’s post about which reel to buy and I recalled my experience using a mak 20 for flat falls, which resulted in constant small overruns. Mostly because it spins so freely, I’m constantly having to thumb the spool or the side plate to take out the overrun. Any suggestions on...
  367. afraser

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    The wahoo and top water fishing really take up the bulk of the room. 3-4 trays for stickbaits and poppers including two deep trays which also carry all of the giant trebles. A couple trays only have 5 lures in them as some of them are very large. If it wasn’t so much fun paring the top water...
  368. afraser

    2019 Bluefin Trip(s)

    Mid June has been consistently producing and so has late july and late September. Fish the full moon so the bait comes up, otherwise it and the bluefin May stay too deep. July and later is best for fishing the flyers on the kite. A multi day on the vagabond on a trip with good anglers woulD be...
  369. afraser

    What was your fish of the Year?

    Lost a 250# bluefin after 4.5 hours getting it to almost gaff range 3 times. Also on a 5'3" ugly stik jigging rod and an jx raptor with 50lb line. Nearly spooled in first 60 seconds. Turned him with 50yds of line max left after a 450-500 yd run. We chased him (on a sport boat, not a private...
  370. afraser

    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    I think we are agreeing that the trips should target big fish. But, I've been on enough trips where we've had 5+ days of catching big fish. Why not take 2 hours after that to catch a little grouper or other table fare? I don't see the point of sacrificing 2 hours of table fare fishing for 2...
  371. afraser

    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    I totally get the wanting to catch big fish on these trips, but I've been on trips where we caught big fish for 5-6 days, off and on, and the captain didn't want to waste 2 hours of trying for big fish. 2 hours? Really, that's a sacrifice? The beauty of going after grouper, aside from being a...
  372. afraser

    Spectra brand weights

    So, the specific gravity of fluoro is 1.77 (water is 1) and mono is 1.15, which is why fluoro sinks faster. Meaning it also has more weight than mono. But obviously, having a refractive index similar to water is what makes fluoro invisible and beneficial. Finally, it's the drag that really...
  373. afraser

    Short Range Boat Recommendation w/ individual staterooms

    Bluefin: Aztec, Vagabond, Pacific queen (3-4 staterooms) General: Sea Adventure 80, Shogun.
  374. afraser

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    Only way to tell is to put it in the water with bright sunlight. If you can't see a difference in the line, then you've done a great job tying the knot. I've yet to be able to do it myself and I'm pretty careful.
  375. afraser

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    I have to test, but I think crimping provides an advantage in stealth that a knot does not have. When you crimp, you don't disfigure the line at all, when you tie a knot, even when wet and done well, it still changes the shape of the line ahead of the knot, so the line is a little more visible...
  376. afraser

    50 or 65 braid for Yellowfin Popping

    50 hollow seaguar, breaks at 90lb or so. Lots more line on the reel, I can vouch for the line strength as well.
  377. afraser

    Fantasy of Throwing Jigs without Wearing Myself Out

    When looking around for fish I will often send the popper out well before the slide and start only after the boat is out of gear. End up with a 150yd "cast".
  378. afraser

    Fantasy of Throwing Jigs without Wearing Myself Out

    I have an hxj raptor 2 speed on the rainshadow rod. I don't like fishing poppers with conventionals as you really have to make sure the line is tight on the reel for the next cast. A tranx would work better, but you have less line capacity, maybe use the seaguar hollow 50 which breaks at 90#...
  379. afraser

    Fantasy of Throwing Jigs without Wearing Myself Out

    The rainshadow 10' rods are heavy. Maybe the brand new ones are better, but I had 2 of them (just one now), and it wore me out way more than any other rod I have, and I usually bring 3-4 10 foot rods so it's not the length. Okay, they are mostly light rods, but the 10' black hole blank would be...
  380. afraser

    Offshore Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    That looks like prime topwater fishing conditions. Was anyone fishing topwater lures?
  381. afraser

    14 day trip report.....

    Best 14 day trip plan right now? I'd say alijos for a few days, then cortez bank for YFT and BFT. Limit out on wahoo, YT, yft, and bft.
  382. afraser

    Mutu Hybrid?

    I don't know, the mustad demon circle in 3/0 has been my secret weapon for picky bluefin under 100#. The hooks stick ridiculously well and haven't deformed yet. Deckhands have a hard time getting them out. I had 5 baits and 5 bites one morning last week using these hooks on 40 and 60lb fluoro...
  383. afraser

    What to do between noticing you are crossed and the arrival of a deckhand?

    I don't think a fish is that important unless it is a fish of a lifetime so I'm not cutting my line if half a spool is soaking. In most cases, just unwrap, but loosen drag to freespool so you don't put any tension on the line if a bite happens. If you both have a fish, you go the other way and...
  384. afraser

    Offshore Aztec 2.75 11/8-11 lots of 50-60lb bft and a couple bigger ones

    Showed up early to avoid chaos driving through LA. I hear locusts are on the way. Boarded 10am for 11am departure. Boat loaded massive amount of bait, I brought a light load (for me) of 9 rods this time, 4 cow rods and a 40,60,80# rig, + 2 popping rods, used all but one cow rod. Straight to...
  385. afraser

    How to rig jumbo squid for BFT?

    So, I usually use 1 or 2 glow sliding sinkers, 1-2 oz each with a single large circle hook for 1lb squid (about 14-18" long). Question is, should I be using heavier weights, another circle hook, switch to J hooks, switch to a dropper loop, or pin the weight ahead of the squid 2-3 feet? Not...
  386. afraser

    learned a few things

    The ramp up doesn't work, you have to fish light drag. I broke several off with 20# and 30# titanium that chewed through. I would suggest fighting them like a king mackerel. You let them run, and bring them in with less than 10# of drag. With bait, you have less worry about having the hook...
  387. afraser

    DAMN about 3-4 boats with limits of BFT today 11/5

    Vessel finder shows they are at cortez and a little in from cortez. Tempbreak shows there is a nice plume of warm water there and to the north, with much hotter water closer to SCI and south.
  388. afraser

    Super Cow Bluefin

    Were there a lot of casualties? Curious what line/leader people were fishing during the day. At night, its straight rope, but what do you drop down to during the day drifts for bait? I plan on 80 or 100 seaguar premier which is a little lighter than other brands, but maybe 60 too? Anyone...
  389. afraser

    Super Cow Bluefin

    I couldn't wait any more, just booked a 2.75 day trip to target them. Guess, I'll definitely bring the cow gear now. I'm guessing the assist hooks were upgraded, or did those stock hooks actually hold up?
  390. afraser

    What's a good bunk on the Aztec?

    I just booked a 2.75 day this week to try for one of those cows, and now super cows, but if I remember correctly some of the bunks are super small and some are extra wide. The landing did not know which. Can anyone make a bunk suggestion? Much appreciated.
  391. afraser

    Considering a 2.75 trip on Aztec, need some info

    So I went on this boat last year and can't remember details and I might go on the trip this Thursday. I had a tiny bunk last time, can someone recommend which ones are the good ones? Last time the guy from the landing said they were all the same and they clearly were not. Also does anyone...
  392. afraser

    Intrepid 14 day Nov. 6-20 Roll call

    Good luck guys! Had a great time on this trip a few years ago. Hope you do well.
  393. afraser

    Wahoo bomb colors

    I use a fast reel (53"/crank), but I do find the color makes a difference. I've seen specific colors work better than others including blue/silver (especially at HB), dorado green (Alijos), orange and red (alijos). That said, I have the rainbow in bomb colors (blue, red, black, yellow, purple...
  394. afraser

    Try video on the troll

    Here a few
  395. afraser

    Those huge poppers and stick baits made for GT

    Some of the expensive lures actually do work better. Smith baby runboh, straight tied, no split ring or swivel, has the best action of any lure I've fished. Similar to a Shimano Orca, but with better s swimming action. Got a 72# yft on the porpoise near SD last month, so you don't have to go...
  396. afraser

    Offshore Conquest on the New Lo An

    Anyone fish the bigger squid? Considering going out and would like to know what is or isn't working.
  397. afraser

    Offshore 10/2 didn't suck, WFO Skippies and YT, and a bonus

    Is it really November???? Nice catching.
  398. afraser

    Offshore 17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    I think there’s something to that match the hatch thing...
  399. afraser

    Offshore 17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    Can someone just make a realistic plastic flyer that we can use already... Clearly these flyers look much different than the existing plastic yummy flyers. The ones around san clemente and catalina are darker, more like a sardine, and larger than the yummy flyers. I'd have no problem paying...
  400. afraser

    Try video on the troll

    I was reading another post and it reminded me of how much fun it was to watch the troll after the fact using a waterwolf (or similar) camera rigged 3-5 feet ahead of the trolled lure. If you use a wire leader, it is easy to attach to the front of the leader with a couple of split rings. A...
  401. afraser

    DTX Minnows

    So... it sounds like the design shape is good, but need to be more durable. Maybe if its a little heavier it will stay down better. The 2 that I have seem to pull to one side a bit, so I just trolled on that side. No one hooked up, so I can't judge catching effectiveness. I do think bigger...
  402. afraser

    Offshore 17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    I think we are in violent agreement. If you troll the flyers, angle them, if you are fishing frozen flyers drifting or on anchor, you should have them rigged flat. I watched the Vagabond crew get dozens of bites on cow sized tuna while drifting because they were hooked up already or were just...
  403. afraser

    Offshore 17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    The frozen flyers should lay almost flat, especially since you want it to sit and bounce on the surface when you are not moving. The rigging above seems to make the flyer hang at an angle, which is ideal if you are trolling.
  404. afraser

    Offshore Epic Trip on the Poseidon 10/24-10/28

    Wait, you had near limits on day one and still wanted to fish another day of YFT? Those fish will be around every year, the BFT will not. The key to BFT fishing is a good bait AND letting him soak a long time, like 200-300 yds long. Do not recast a new bait unless your current bait isn't...
  405. afraser

    Sea Adventure 80 reviews? 2.5 day 11/2

    This is one of my favorite short trip boats (less than 5 days). Staterooms for 20 people, big bunks otherwise, and like mentioned before, very wide and carries lots of bait. They will fish for smaller fish to appease some of the customers, which I actually don't like if the big fish are around...
  406. afraser

    17 over 200!

    Even the Sea Adventure 80 had 7 over 200 and lost a couple over 300 at the boat. I would think a 7-8 day trip targeting them big bft might have a chance to eclipse the cow record. Load up with big and average sized squid, big macks, and a maybe a bunch of flying fish and it would be game on...
  407. afraser

    What angle are you working on?

    Seaguar thread lock hollow for 50#, jb for 40, 60, 80,100, 130# hollow. The jb 40 is reserved for my very small reels, sx raptor Stella 8k, but I do like the seaguar 50 for med to heavy applications on medium reels. I use it on my jx raptor and Stella 14k, but I might switch my other wahoo/med...
  408. afraser

    What angle are you working on?

    line and lure saltwater conditioner and I think the other one is reelsnot. Not sure which is better, I used the line and lure on the spinning reels and the reelsnot on the conventionals, but couldn't tell a difference. I don't believe either degrade the line, some conditioners do. So far it...
  409. afraser

    What angle are you working on?

    I use the 50lb hollow on the medium rods, not the heavy ones, but I did fight a 250# fish for about 4 hours on that 50#, got it to just about gaffing range twice. Ultimately, the line broke when the line touched the boat (rod was too short). Worth having as an option though for fish under 200#...
  410. afraser

    Sharing a lure that brought me Bluefin Success plus a few pics from SoA 6day

    For distance and bigger gear you can tie on a torpedo sinker and put the hoagie lure on 3-4 feet back. The it will sink better and you can cast it farther.
  411. afraser

    Casting Clinic

    Or you could learn how to hook your sardine so that it swims away from the boat. Casting is a great skill, but at least half of the time the sardine is dazed when it lands it seems. Unless the fish are biting on the splash, this works great.
  412. afraser

    Long Rod cheating

    Get a 10' black hole rod and add line conditioner to your line to really cheat, you will really be able to cast far. I tried the line conditioner and it toned down the wind knots and I think it made for longer casts. For fish to 100lb the 10' rod is not a problem (caught a 72lb yft last week...
  413. afraser

    Offshore 70-100lb yft on porpoise in us waters

    They were orcas, the water was Caribbean blue and 78, the "fish" was full of dolphin, and I was using a banjo minnow. We were just outside of the tres Marias.
  414. afraser

    Offshore 70-100lb yft on porpoise in us waters

    We were on our way from SCI to fish the runt yft and came upon a school of porpoise in US waters (9/27). Captain didn't see much, but I cast a topwater stickbait into the melee and a 72# YFT crushed it, coming out of the water. Brought it to the boat in 5 minutes or so and the rest of the boat...
  415. afraser

    Offshore FISHING FLATFALLS BD 09.30.2018

    Mark your line to 400' at 100' intervals. If you are at 45 degrees, you are essentially at 2/3 of your line out (divide by 1.4 if you want to be exact). If you are at more than 45 degrees, get a heavier lure. If you are less than 45 degrees, say 30 deg, then subtract 15% (or 1/7) of the amount...
  416. afraser

    Where but fresh large squid in San Diego

    I would like to bring a bunch on a trip but I don't know the region. Is there any place close to the sport boat landings to buy the larger squid, fresh or fresh frozen? Thanks!
  417. afraser

    4.5 Day on the SA80 10/17-10/22

    I'm already going on the 4.5 day trip starting this sunday. Mike McDaniels is the captain of the boat and should be driving for both trips. I bet we will be targeting the bft for part of this trip as the weather just came down and the fish have been relocated.
  418. afraser

    Offshore 9/21 SCI - 2 In The Box By 8:00 AM - Flat Calm Conditions

    Bout time someone returned to SCI this week. Way to go! Any chance you can let us know about whether they are marking the same volume of fish as before the weather came up or if they mark larger fish too?
  419. afraser

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    Well I tried to go light last trip and of course I was missing the small lures that the fish wanted. Never again :). An example of the madness, I just bought a deps 250 to try on the bft and yft next week. I'm not crazy, I bought it used. Have to rerig the hooks, I think maybe just a large...
  420. afraser

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    Better off fishing SCI and local for big bft, yt, dorado and schoolie yft. No wahoo, but then no 4 days of travel.
  421. afraser

    If you had 4 fishing days out of SD, where would you fish?

    Obviously the captain makes the call, but where would you want to fish over 4 full days? Seems the bft reports from SCI are quiet (the Vagabond hasn't reported its last trip- anyone know about that one?), maybe with the fish moving a bit north toward Catalina I last heard. And the yft are kind...
  422. afraser

    Popper Jig Choices

    Well, the one I fish looks like an Orca in the floating version, but it doesn't fully float with big hooks, and I usually fish it with a retrieve stop motion using just the reel. 1/2 crank, pause, 2 cranks, pause, etc. If it gets here in time, I'm going to try one of those deps slide swimmers...
  423. afraser

    How often do you recharge your Flat Falls?

    Was that during the day, gray, or dark? And was it a smaller version or the 250g?
  424. afraser

    Popper Jig Choices

    Most success with a popper for yft was with the heru skipjack 120, and 150 when I wanted to keep the little ones away. 120 seems the right size. However, I have way better luck with a flashy stickbait. YFT are usually suckers for those fished on top. As for bluefin, I only got one small one...
  425. afraser

    How often do you recharge your Flat Falls?

    I charge mine every drop with a high power black light. Then again, I also move away from other anglers so who's to say what the reason is. It does seem though, when the school wants to bite, the glow jigs get bit more. When its a pick bite, the non-glow jig might be just the little...
  426. afraser

    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    If you tighten the drag too much at the very beginning, before you are sure you are clear of all other lines or fish, you are likely to have the slower moving line and will more easily get sawed off by a crossing line with a fish. Keep it to 15-18# of drag until you've gotten the fish clear...
  427. afraser

    Offshore Roll Call Sea Adv 80 4.5day Sept 23

    Anyone here going on this trip? One spot opened up so I grabbed it. Only 22 on this trip for 4.5 days. Hopefully we can spend at least 2 days chasing bft instead of 4 days of chasing 5lb yft that are better for bait than for keeping. I personally would like a bit of redemption for losing two...
  428. afraser

    Anyone own the new Avet HX 5/3 Raptor?

    The raptor series is not as tough as the ex series. Use a 30 or 50, not the wide, for dropping flatfalls. If you put the rod on the rail you shouldn't get too tired, besides you should be jigging the lure at the target depth.
  429. afraser

    Offshore Local Yellowfin (late report and important tackle recommendation)

    Thanks for the write up. Yellowfin love the poppers and other topwater baits.
  430. afraser

    How to make wahoo bomb heads bite resistant?

    Seems every trip I come back with heavy teeth marks in the torpedo sinkers I use for the heads of the wahoo bombs that I make. Is there a really hard epoxy or some other surface treatment I could use on the lead portion of the wahoo bombs to make them a little more bite resistant so the wahoo...
  431. afraser

    Rod and reel for 200lb+ bluefin?

    I would not throw in with less than 80# line if you are fishing bait and there is a chance of big fish. I spent 4+ hours on a fish because I went in with the "heavy" gear 50lb spectra, 60lb fluoro. Mind you, the captain did initially say they were small fish, so a lot of people went in with...
  432. afraser

    When They're Eating Micro Bait. . .

    Maybe run all teasers but tied to a larger circle hook which is in front of the teasers. Either that or all teasers and an assist hook down the middle. Then you don't limit the size hook you can use. Also, you can rig a torpedo inline maybe 2-3 feet ahead of the baitball, which will allow a...
  433. afraser

    Flatfall techniques

    I think it'd be worth having the 500g just in case the current is strong. That way you can keep the lure in the strike zone longer. But it still seems the reports show that the 250g is working better in regular current.
  434. afraser

    Line Conditioner?

    Has anyone used one that they liked for spectra or fluoro? I'm hoping this will help with wind knots that I get from not using a swivel on my stickbaits (if I use the swivel, the action is less).
  435. afraser

    Stuff I've learned

    1) Don't get pissed at losing a fish, even if it was someone else's fault. You will catch more fish and losing a fish once in a while is part of the experience. That said... 2) Don't be an ass and throw in right next to someone who is hooked up. If you hook even a skippy, you will saw them...
  436. afraser

    Stock vs After Market hooks on flatfalls

    That was the best info on how these lures work. Thanks for sitting at the bottom of the pool! You just have to have the courage to let the spool run without touching it, or just barely touching it.
  437. afraser

    Which boat can be chartered for a 3-5 day BFT trip in 2018?

    I know its late in the year, but if I wanted to put a charter together for a 3-5 day trip to target the bigger bluefin, which boats might have availability for this year? Probably late september to mid-october. I see a couple of boats that have completely unfilled spots for a couple of of 1.5...
  438. afraser

    Most 300lb,200lb,and 100lb YFT Caught in a Single Day

    I think if some boat decides to dedicate 7 days to fishing the bluefin at SCI with frozen flyers and flatfalls, the 300 lb fish on a trip will be higher than any previous trip including long range trips. The fish are there, we saw them on the sonar. There are private boats that have caught 2...
  439. afraser

    Leader Length Redundant Dumb Question

    If its a pick bite, I'll use 20-25' for bigger fish or bluefin. Otherwise, I'll fish 10' or so. If it's schoolies, you can keep cutting until about 5 feet. You should worry more about other people's lines near your bait.
  440. afraser

    New Braided line finger protection.

    The real test is how does the product react with fish slime, sunscreen, and repeatedly getting wet, not to mention the spectra. Do you use it on your right thumb which touches the spool and how does it affect the feel. And does it become slippery, eg does it make it harder to hold onto the rod...
  441. afraser

    If you had one reel

    The mak 20 or the avet 30 are both fine. You won't get spooled with either if you set them up with 100# hollow with 100 yds of 130 spliced on top. The avet 50 sds if you want straight 130. Just make sure to set your drag to 28-30 at strike and you likely won't use half the line even on the...
  442. afraser

    Rod recommendation for casting small sardines/anchovies

    Unless the fish are boiling where the chum goes in you really don't need to cast. You need to direct your bait to swim the right direction. Either a belly or a back hook will work, but you keep your rod tip close to the water so the bait swim away from you instead of down. Swing the bait out...
  443. afraser

    How to set up your flatfall rig

    While the line is dry put rod in trolling straps and let out the line behind the boat while it is going by pulling it out by hand one foot at a time. Don't use a flatfall, use a heavy torpedo sinker. Stop at 1,2,3 and 400 feet and mark line with permanent black marker. I do 8-12" inch marks...
  444. afraser

    Flatfall techniques

    For every other type of jig, you are probably correct. For the flatfall, where 90% of the bites are on the sink or while jigging, the circle hook is better. But I'd either put the circle hook in the front bridled or on an assist cord tied from the front or the back. A 7/0 super mutu is too...
  445. afraser

    Topgun80 - Historic 17 Cow BFTs 3.5 day report

    So, 1) Do it before it gets wet, it is easier, 2) I just did it last trip with a black sharpie, it works, just takes a couple extra passes with the pen.
  446. afraser

    Topgun80 - Historic 17 Cow BFTs 3.5 day report

    While boat is moving, put an easy to reel jig on, put the rod in trolling clips with enough drag to barely let line out, and count out the feet, stop the line at 100 ft intervals and mark with black permanent marker, 1 line for 100, 2 spaced lines for 200, etc. one person can do this easily...
  447. afraser

    Bg80 big BFT

    That's how you do a trip! Since shimano doesn't make a 500g flatfall that I know of, what brand were you using?
  448. afraser

    turn left or turn right

    If the bft were a permanent fixture, then I can see turning left. But these big bft are a relative novelty. They might be gone in a few years and they weren't here 5 years ago. I've been on enough trips catching lots of yt or yellowfin or even wahoo. They are great fun, but why not target the...
  449. afraser

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    I tested several other glow lures. Not conclusive but I had bites on the standard flatfall and none on two other similar glow lures including a heavy falling lure. Also, big circle hooks rarely pull. If they set, you pretty much have to cut the line to lose the fish.
  450. afraser

    Offshore Islander 2.5 day August 8th-10th, 2018

    There should be two kites flying if you aren't moving fast or are drifting. It isn't hard to get them to separate. Either move the balloons slightly to opposite sides or use a little weight on opposite corners. For drifting it's as simple as one in the bow and one in the stern. 20 minute...
  451. afraser

    Offshore Islander 2.5 day August 8th-10th, 2018

    I guess the cats out of the bag with the frozen flyers. Classic match the hatch. Now why don't any of the yummy flyers look exactly like these flying fish we are using???
  452. afraser

    Avet Pro EX 30/2 line capacity

    I brought a 206# bft to the boat in 5 minutes on an avet 30 ex with 28-30lb of drag (although 2 pulled gaff shots necessitated a total of 15 minutes of fight time) on 100lb line. The avet 30 is a bulletproof reel for me. Less maintenance than others, fewer problems. Maybe a little chunkier...
  453. afraser

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    I use a minimum 130 on bite leader, but I use a circle hook, so it is less of an issue. If I was fishing J hooks, I'd be using 170 or 200# bite leader. These fish have bitten through 130 with j hooks, so why take that chance?
  454. afraser

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    If I signed up for a trip 24 hours before it was to go and it only had 8 people on it (and it had been that way for almost a week), but when I got to the dock there were 20, I wouldn't be happy. Everyone has to make a living, so I get the point of bringing in additional customers (why not do it...
  455. afraser

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Fair enough, but why not make the trip a guaranteed go at 7 people if you know you are going to make calls the day of the trip? Maybe make the calls 2 days before so you can more comfortably guarantee the trip is a go. Like I said I called twice, latest at 5pm, even asked the landing to...
  456. afraser

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I believe the drags froze and the line buried into the reel as a result. All of the fish caught were 180-220 so it was probably in that category too. I can't count how many times Mike reported fish under the boat, a truly excellent job of captaining that day and night. I personally dropped...
  457. afraser

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    So I buy most of my ringed hooks form guy, including the 13/0 super mutus that I use to bridle the flatfalls. If you want to catch more big bft, don't use j hooks, use a large circle ahead of the lure. On the drop or jigging it is 2x more effective at landing fish hat bite the lure. Note if...
  458. afraser

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    This trip had 7 on it and was not going to go at 5pm the day before It was due to go. I called twice. Offered to buy 2 tickets if they would be guaranteed to go and go for bft at least one day, but that was a no on both counts. If it ran with 20, then they weren't all full paying clients...
  459. afraser

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    I almost went on this trip, but hey couldn't guarantee it was a go and they didn't commit to bluefin fishing. Sorry for your trip. Mi won't go on that boat I guess.
  460. afraser

    Offshore Flatfalls

    Braid split ring pliers will easily open the heaviest split rings. People borrow mine all the time. If you are getting bit more on the retrieve then your jig is not fluttering correctly and you are missing bite opportunities. Put heavy hooks up front and it will flutter better. As for the...
  461. afraser

    Offshore Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    It was an open party trip. If you want to catch yt, there are dozens of options now. 3/4 day boats catch more yt. If you want to catch big bft with a crew that really knows how there are only a few options. Two trips ago they caught 16 the first day then 12 the next. That was pretty much...
  462. afraser

    Offshore Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    oh it was almost an epic trip, until a few complained that 11 bft over 180lbs each was not fun fishing. Went for a 3 day on the vagabond Great crew and generally a fun group, but I'll never understand why in the middle of great cow fishing, with even better sign, people want to leave and...
  463. afraser

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Not bit on the retrieve. As I said, 95% of the bites are on the sink or jigging, so I'm not worried about the retrieve. The tuna swim 30+ mph, I can't reel that fast, so they are going to swallow the lure. If they don't get the hook, they won't feel it either, like they might with a j hook...
  464. afraser

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    Mini bait-o-matic lure in purple (4.5" I think). It dives and wobbles and its small. It catches when other lures don't.
  465. afraser

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    pros: the fish can't use the lure as leverage Cons: no bite leader, lower hook to land rate Best way to maximize fish landed is to use a short bridle circle hook. 80% hook to land rate in fish over 100# assuming you are using 100lb line.
  466. afraser

    Anyone ever used a deps slide swimmer in saltwater?

    I've been looking for a replacement for my favorite stickbait that has been discontinued and came across the deps lures which have a similar side to side swimming motion. Are these lures able to handle heavier fishing such as for tuna? Or do I need to rig some assist hooks off the front...
  467. afraser

    Bridle set up flat fall OK for smaller tuna?

    The majority of the fish are taken on the drop or when the lure is jigged. There is maybe a 5% chance you get bit and the fish doesn't swallow the lure, in this case there is no hook to stick them so they are likely to come back. These lures are small. Tuna down to 10Lb will swallow them...
  468. afraser

    Offshore 2.5 Day Gear Recommendations

    The 4/0 super mutu is the ticket. It will catch 200lb fish. If you have a decent bite or you are fishing big fish only and have big baits, maybe go to a 6/0. I fish no rings with bluefin. They can see the reflection of the hooks better with the ring I think. Just don't cinch your line down...
  469. afraser

    Offshore 2.5 Day Gear Recommendations

    That's about what I'd bring. I'd only have one rig for 25-40lb fluoro, just change leaders if you are sure there are no big fish, hint: there are. I won't go in with less than 60 if there is some sign of big fish, 80 is obviously better. Have to have the 100 for fishing at night or in the...
  470. afraser

    Bridle set up flat fall OK for smaller tuna?

    Don't use a flat fall out of the package. At a minimum change the hooks. For the bridle setup, just use a smaller hook and keep the length of the bridle under 1.5 inches. I'd use at least a 4/0 super mutu, just in case you hook a larger fish, you will at least have a chance. If you want to...
  471. afraser

    Pacific Queen 7/13-7/15 Trip

    Your braid twists with the death spirals and at the end of the fight the twists stack up. It is worth using a swivel to a bite leader for me, although it is 2 more points of potential failure. I'm sure that was art of the problem on the 250lb or so fish I lost at gaff too, but that was on...
  472. afraser

    Flat Fall Rigging

    Make a loop, overhand knot, pull tight. Same on other end. 300 should work. Overall length 1.5-2 inches.
  473. afraser

    Flat Fall Rigging

    I would use minimum 100lb. Personally in the dark and gray, I use a bite leader anyway (130 -150lb fluoro) as the line may run across the fish's mouth during the fight, eg. when he flips over or surfaces. My last fight, I felt the fish turn over at least a half dozen times and he came to the...
  474. afraser

    Offshore Just returned - Condor 1.5 day

    You mean like the kevlar leader on the assist hook on the lure you have pictured? It is the same. When the lure drops, on lures rigged with assist hooks, the hooks are above the leader, as is the kevlar cord. In daytime, I might drop to 8/0 or 9/0 hook. Keep the kevlar to 1.5 inches. Plenty...
  475. afraser

    Flat Fall Rigging

    Someone suggested I post a photo and an explanation, here you go. Here is a photo of the bridled flat fall. I tie a loop in each end of a very short Kevlar leader, ends up about 2 inches long, and loop ends around lure than the hook. You can quickly change the lure if you want. I use 11/0...
  476. afraser

    Offshore Just returned - Condor 1.5 day

    Here is a photo of the bridled flat fall. I tie a loop in each end of a very short Kevlar leader, ends up about 2 inches long, and loop ends around lure than the hook. You can quickly change the lure if you want. I use 11/0 or 13/0 owner circle hooks, but you can use smaller ones for smaller...
  477. afraser

    Offshore Just returned - Condor 1.5 day

    2 for 12, damn. If you want to make it 80% hook to land, bridle the flatfalls with a large circle hook. If everyone would switch to this method, there would be a lot more success.
  478. afraser

    Flat Fall Rigging

    Cut off the assist hooks. You could upgrade them, but really, the best method is to bridle the flatfall. Tie your leader directly a large circle hook, ringed preferably, and tie your flatfall to the bend of the hook with 250lb + kevlar cord. 8 for 8 so far that I know of. You'll hook more...
  479. afraser

    Offshore Pac Voy 7/7-7/8 BFT, YFT, YT...Video and Pics

    Nice catch. Bridle your flatfalls with a large circle hook when fishing in the dark or gray. Way better hook to land ratio, especially on bigger fish.
  480. afraser

    Need rod suggestion for avet jx raptor

    Hopefully I can lean on the collective knowledge on this board. I'm looking for a new rod on the off chance I hook a big fish using this reel again, I'd like to find a rod that can handle 25# of drag, use the rail, and is very light. Preferably 7-8 feet long. Mainly this is for tuna under...
  481. afraser

    Offshore On water report: Tomahawk on COWS now

    Try a larger sardine, 4/0-6/0 circle hook, 1/4-1/3 down from head hooked in back and get the bait way away from the boat and other lines. Go to bow early, drop in early on stop, or wait until most people have moved past the stern and steer the bait away from the other lines. I've hooked 2...
  482. afraser

    50# 60# reel advice

    Avet jx raptor, it's the narrow version of the LX, so easier for jigging. Will hold 500+ yards of hollow 50. Enough drag to reel in a 250lb tuna. Also still on sale I think. Get the power handle added for $10.
  483. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Failure was on the spectra where it touched the boat. It was also very twisted from all the circles which lowers the line strength too. Probably could have added more drag at end of fight, but.... Line held for 4 hours, so no complaints on that. I made the leader and it held up, short glued...
  484. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Both actually, most people came up to watch since most of us know each other. That and it was clearly a big fish and the only bite of the day to that point. Some people continued to fish. That's how I caught a 145# bft a couple of years ago, when someone else was fighting his fish.
  485. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Went on our annual trip on SA80 for 3.5 days. Always a great group, and the crew was as good as always. They really worked overtime to fix some boat issues and never had a doubt things would go smoothly. I got to the boat early so I could rig the many rods and reels I had (one for each...
  486. afraser

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    A few more things to ponder Top shot vs no top shot Short fluoro vs long fluro leader Butt vs nose vs back vs collar vs shoulder hooking Slow vs stopngo vs fast retrieve on bait Poppers vs stickbaits vs surface iron Spinners vs conventional ( of course) Long rod vs medium rod for casting...
  487. afraser

    Finally got a Bluefin...American Angler

    To increase your hook to land ratio (like to 80%), bridle your flatfall with a large circle hook, 11/0 or better tied directly to line, attach the flatfall to the bend of the hook with 250# kevlar cord.
  488. afraser

    Flat Fall sink rate

    I'd be more worried about getting a loop around a finger and then a bite since you have to have your hand on the bail to flip it over (and I use spinners frequently, I know its an issue). If you get a fish running before you flip the bail, you have to actually lower the rod tip while you flip...
  489. afraser

    Reel for flat falls

    What you could consider is a 7-8 foot rod so you can lift the flatfalls a bit further when you jig them at the right depth. Either that or match with a slow pitch rod. I prefer avets, like the hx, hxj raptor with the larger handles, or a 30 ex. The 30 is a bit big, but it is bulletproof and...
  490. afraser

    Flat Fall sink rate

    I suggest testing your line and lure. Drop it for 10 seconds, while already in the water, count the number of cranks up to the surface, usually 36" per crank or so. For a 250g flatfall, it was about 10 feet for every 6 seconds in freespool. And yes if you put your thumb on the spool, the...
  491. afraser

    Swivel or not for poppers and stickbaits

    That is one possible reason, but that is not the problem. Having looser than normal line resulting from popping is more likely the cause, especially when combined with some line twist. If I eliminate the twist with a swivel, maybe that does the trick. The question is where to put the swivel.
  492. afraser

    How much weight is lost from bleeding fish

    From the captains on the Excel, they said after extensive testing they found the fish to lose 10% for being gilled and gutted, but how much weight is lost from just bleeding a fish? I was guessing 2%, but not sure. Humans have 7% blood by weight and I'll assume it is similar with fish, but you...
  493. afraser

    Offshore 976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    Nice trip, thanks again for the report. What is that small silver lure? I don't recognize it.
  494. afraser

    Swivel or not for poppers and stickbaits

    So, after too many wind knots, I'm considering using swivels on my poppers and stickbaits. Question is, put the swivel right on the end of the line with a split ring attached to the lure or put the swivel 2 or 3 feet ahead of the lure? Personally, I've found I get better action with a straight...
  495. afraser

    How did you last get Spooled?

    A few years ago had a near spooling on a mid range spinning outfit. Turns out the bluefin were a bit bigger than expected. Hooked a good one on a long soak and I guess I had the drag set too low. You know that sound when the drag is whining at high speed? Well it was doing that and then it...
  496. afraser

    Offshore Fathers day on the Freedom

    Well maybe a Little deodorant would help out your fellow fishermen :). The wheel says your next trip will be great. Maybe have the deckhand bait you up or take a hook and hand. Sometimes just getting started, even with help, makes all the difference.
  497. afraser

    Offshore Fathers day on the Freedom

    Maybe you are using sunblock or deodorant that isn't washed off completely ? Good bait, clean hands, and a good attitude will get you an average number of bites.
  498. afraser

    Offshore Tomahawk/187 Jigs 1.5 day late report

    What size line and circle hooks did you have to use for the bite?
  499. afraser

    Using flat jigs

    So for trolling, yes you can use circle hooks if you target a fish that tends to swallow the bait as opposed to mouthing or slashing it, eg wahoo. I've watched video of tuna biting on the troll, they always turn after the bite. But the flat falls are in a different category as they mostly get...
  500. afraser

    Offshore Tough 2.5 day trip on Sea Adv 80 this weekend

    Had high expectations. We ran 200 miles south in an attempt to get in on the bft schools that were being targeted by 3 long range boats, but by the time we got down there the fish turned off. Bluefin, go figure. Lots of schools, none wanted to play. So after 4 hours of fishing and only 1...
  501. afraser

    Using flat jigs

    Large tuna always inhale the entire flatfall jig, even on a fast retrieve. No way anyone is reeling at 40 mph, so the tuna always have time to inhale the lure, and if you look at underwater videos, they usually change direction after they bite. I suppose if the tuna swims at exactly the same...
  502. afraser

    Spinners on the Rail?

    A little light??? Wasn't it at 14#? :) Very good effort and a great catch though. You started off a nice bite! I did notice last year that you had your drags set much higher though :). I would highly recommend against using a shoulder harness from a standing position (sitting in a...
  503. afraser

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    The lure trolls under the prop wash, so it is in blue water even when close. It does pull a lot of drag at 8 knots. You have to use a heavy reel. I almost have it in strike on an Avet 30. Also, a marauder trolls right below and sometimes in the prop wash. Put a waterwolf camera on the line...
  504. afraser

    Does A Longer Rod Always Mean A Longer Cast?

    I've bought 2 different daiwa coastal rods and I think they are great for this application. I have the 10' rod for casting surface irons and colt snipers. 20# line with some 60# spliced on the front for harder casting. 100yd casts are common. You will have more trouble bringing fish in on a...
  505. afraser

    Using flat jigs

    Once you try this you'll never go back. The evidence is 7 for 7 on the fish that I've seen hooked on this rig. It works well. Not necessary for small fish, but better than assist or j hooks on fish over 100lbs.
  506. afraser

    Using flat jigs

    Circle hook bridled 1.5 inches in front of lure, which is tied with Kevlar to the bend in the hook.
  507. afraser

    Any Reason NOT To Bring 9' Surf Spinner on 3 Day?

    Ditch the mono and go straight braid with a shorter leader, 5-7 feet. You will be able to cast further than most and your bait will swim well with no mono to pull around. You can catch fish to 30lb or so with no real problem. Might take a while, but it will be fun. The deckhands always...
  508. afraser

    Tips for Fortune 2 day (6/18 - 6/20)

    Fish the bow, boat drifts stern first.
  509. afraser

    No. of anglers on boat - How important?

    In order of importance: 1) Does the trip fit my schedule 2) Do I know the crew or anyone on the trip? 3) Is the trip a good value and targeting the fish I want? 4) How full is the boat? I do not like combat fishing, even with 31-34 friends. I'd rather pay more for fewer people...
  510. afraser

    Pacific Queen long rod storage

    easy storage on PQ, I believe the sides don't have an overhang.
  511. afraser

    Avet jx raptor or penn torque 30nLD2

    I recently bought the avet jx raptor, had the larger handle put on. With the current 10% discount on avet and only an extra $10 for the pro handle, it seemed worth it and its about $180 cheaper than the penn, which looks great as well. Spooled with seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb which breaks...
  512. afraser

    Flat fall - Shimano factory hook replacement

    Use a 1.5-2" bridle. Tie your leader directly to a 9/0+ circle hook, use kevlar to tie flatfall to bend in hook or loop it on. Corner hookup every time. And yes it works on the retrieve, we don't reel nearly as fast as a tuna swims, so they swallow the jig plus some line every time. This...
  513. afraser

    PV vs long range

    For that short of a trip, take the PV trip. However, there are fly/fly trips that leave out of cabo after 3 days of traveling from/to SD. You can either ship your stuff to the landing and have them load it or bring it to Cabo if you don't have much.
  514. afraser

    Yet another flat fall question...

    Braid doesn't have abrasion resistance. I use loop to loop or FG knot connections for at least 4-5 feet of fluoro plus the 2-3 feet of bite leader. Or you can just use a circle hook and then just use 7-8 feet of 100-130# fluoro straight to the hook or lure (depending on if you bridle the...
  515. afraser

    Live bait rod preference

    Ugly Stik tiger rods, regular or jigging, work just fine and won't set you back more than $70 each. I use the100-200lb jigging rod as my live bait rod that has 40# spectra. If you hook your bait right, you don't need to cast far.
  516. afraser

    Offshore Awesome time on the Tomahawk Sportfishing!

    Nice! Great write up. Did anyone toss poppers, irons, or other topwater lures at the foamers?
  517. afraser

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    what size hooks are recommended for this lure for trolling for bft? 9/0 or higher? Also, how much success has there been with bluefin with this lure? I have the medium and large version of this lure in sardine pattern.
  518. afraser

    Picking A Bait

    just a larger sardine that was overlooked because of a red nose and/or body
  519. afraser

    Picking A Bait

    Always try to catch the liveliest bait. I will intentionally put my hand in the bait tank quickly to see which bait reacts most. That's your winner. Tuna have no problem catching a lively bait. You want yours away from all the rest. I would also consider a bigger slow bait it just has to...
  520. afraser

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    The boats give out exactly 30 tags? Since when? Okay so how many fish does 1 dorado count as? It says 2=5, not 2.5 per fish, so if you have 3 dorado on a multi day, does that count as 6 fish? No one ever discussed this on a boat that I've been on.
  521. afraser

    Best Split ring pliers

    For heavy split rings I've used the braid pliers. Very good easy care too. Feel more like a prodessional tool than any other split ring pliers I have
  522. afraser

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    There is no way to tell what fish is going to bite, even in a school of yellowfin. Plenty of tuna species swim together as do other fish. No way to tell for sure.
  523. afraser

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    I once got 6 fish over 180lb in one day about 4 years ago. Since we were generally cutting off anything other than cows, I kept 1 of those. I caught 16 fish over 180lb that trip and 1 120lb fish that I caught on a jig, so we kept that one as I wanted the jig back. Think I kept 4 total...
  524. afraser

    6/7 Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day

    On the trip, party of 3. Full boat, guess I'll be fishing the bow throwing top water lures. At least 2 of us will be up early dropping flatfalls.
  525. afraser

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    Personal limits, but I'm still doing C&R or hook and hand. There is no guarantee that the fish you hook is the same species you limited on, unless you kept 30 fish on a long trip somehow. I'll switch to just popping or jigging if I have to, but no way I'm calling it quits just because I...
  526. afraser

    Are they catching any mackerel for bait in sd?

    last year we caught macks while the boat was at the bait barge. Are they catching any this year yet?
  527. afraser

    SoCal Bluefin Leader lb test Recommendations

    I've fished flatfalls with 11/0 and 13/0 circles on the front, the lure tied to the bend in the hook, and with 11/0 J hooks on the back. The J hook didn't stick on the one bite I got on it, the circle hook was perfectly in the corner on the 2 fish I caught on it (and went 3 for 3 on other fish...
  528. afraser

    SoCal Bluefin Leader lb test Recommendations

    Anything over 30, I'd use circle hooks or heavy leader as bluefin have teeth. Big bft will bite through 200# spectra, happened 2x that I saw. Generally, 30-80lb BFT, I'd go with 40# fluoro and a 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook. Over 100lb I'd go with 80lb fluoro and a 4/0 super mutu circle. For...
  529. afraser

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Always a fun read! Sorry you didn't get a cow. This was not the best year for those anyway. Better chance getting a cow bluefin. Anyway, fishing late with a big bait works. If you are alone or just 2 of you, you can even put the rod in the trolling clips and leave it in freespool with the...
  530. afraser

    Slow pitch jigging rod for cow bft and flatfalls?

    Just wondering if this type of rod exists and would it be worth it fishing flatfalls or other slow fall jigs for the big bluefin on the west coast? Up to 250lb bft. Never fished spj style, but willing to try it out if it will fish the lure better than straight yo yo jigging.
  531. afraser

    What is a good length

    Depends on the bait. Small bait, consider shorter leaders like 6-8 feet. Normally, I start my leaders at 15 feet and fish them down to 8 (or 5 in a hot bite). If you use the leaders for bigger fish, eg over 150, consider changing the leader or at least looking at it to see if it is stretched...
  532. afraser

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Tops for me has to be the time I loaded all my stuff on the boat for 3 day trip. I was all happy, sitting in the boat relaxing on the way to the bait tank, but I put my hands in my pocket and realized I forgot I left my car in line in the parking lot waiting for a parking spot. Told a...
  533. afraser

    Offshore Awesome fun on the Liberty

    Gray light should mean big hooks and 130-200lb leaders. I'm guessing no one had big hooks j or circle. Would have been nice to land at least one. Don't even drop a flatfall in the gray or dark if you don't have 11/0 hooks and 130lb bite leader.
  534. afraser

    Best beginning LR trip?

    IMHO take a couple of the cheaper 2.5 day trips or a 3.5 day before july. You will have a shot at big bluefin. If funds are tight, I would not take one of the long range boats. They are super nice and have more creature comforts, but when I was 16, I couldn't care less about that. Go during...
  535. afraser

    Flat Fall jigs

    If it isn't daylight, use a bigger circle hook. Dark or graylight use a 10/0-13/0. Lure works like a sea anchor and will help the hook set in the corner. Tuna bite and turn, so as long as you come tight, you should have a hook up, even on the retrieve.
  536. afraser

    Several Questions, Seeking Input

    I've fished poppers with up to 5/0 trebles (yes, they are crazy large) on both the Excel and the Intrepid, never a problem. Cast right into porpoise, no problem. I believe I have video doing it from the stern as well, so just depends on how crowded it is ( you fish the upside of the current if...
  537. afraser

    Does color really matter?

    Min 130 Fluoro for wahoo jigs. Fluoro is much harder than mono. I fish 150 clear fluoro, usually knotted, fewer loops for wahoo teeth to catch on. Also color for jigs absolutely matters. I have some of the fastest retrieve reels (up to 53"/crank) and the right color makes the difference, not...
  538. afraser

    How to fish the Yummy

    You'll make what, max $200 off of this? You are better off giving it away for free with registration and then remarketing to those people with actual products/services. Kind of misleading if you don't actually have any content available in the thread. At a minimum, your title should say...
  539. afraser

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    Has anyone tried to add weight to the back (or front) of the jig after switching out trebles for singles. I was trying to figure out why the action would be reduced and the only thing that makes since is more drag or weight. Could use either lead tape or split shot on the back.
  540. afraser

    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Rig the circle ahead of the lure, tie lure to bend in hook with Kevlar leader, corner hookup every time.
  541. afraser

    Getting spooled? throw it in with a back up rod!

    I've seen 3 backups go in, twice. There really is no drag from the fighting reel at that point, you are simply waiting for the fish to swim the direction you want or the boat chases the rods down, which happened both times. One was a tuna, the other ended up being a manta ray. I personally...
  542. afraser

    Meat preservation advice from Wicked Tuna

    Get the fish bled then get them cold quickly. Flash freezing while vacuum packed is best, which is why I pay for processing on all big fish, local or long range.
  543. afraser

    Long range Reports

    Satellite trajectory was changed this year. Only communication is between boats. On our trip this year, captain couldn't even call land. A bit disconcerting despite there being 2 other boats nearby.
  544. afraser

    how much spectra is enough

    450 yds will work in 95% of big fish situations. There are those 5% that it won't work (demon fish, giant fish). I fish a reel with only 450 yds of 100lb and that has worked on cows, but never encountered the demon fish on that setup.
  545. afraser

    Shipping rods from CA to PV

    I've flown united several times with the bazooka rod tube set at about 80". Charged for one extra bag, $50. Bring the united sporting equipment page if you must.
  546. afraser

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

    I would carry one heavy popping rod on these trips. If you find a school on bait but they aren't hitting the cabillitos, they will take a stickbait or a popper. I fished the islands on a superpanga (it was a 4 hour ride each way from punta mita) and we slow trolled live bait through heavy...
  547. afraser

    Braid Advice for Spinning Reel

    I've had trouble with JB 100 on spinners and sometimes JB 60 too, mostly a wind knot issue. Use a swivel and the 50# threadlock and you will be better off. For bigger fish, use 80lb JB, which is actually stronger than 100lb (and larger diameter).
  548. afraser

    Ronz Lures for Bluefin

    They work on the east coast because the bluefin feed on sand eels. Might work, but I'd rather stick to stickbaits, poppers, flatfalls and a few high speed jigs. I have tried the ronz lures on smaller YFT, yellowtail, and dorado, they work, but at a slower rate than other lures. Maybe I'm not...
  549. afraser

    Need help on poppers

    Cabo 120 reels are not very fast, so keep that in mind for your popper fishing (something like 40 in per crank or less, not the 50 often listed, I measured it). They can work, but you really have to crank to make them work. Really tough if you are running and gunning, and having to reel while...
  550. afraser

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    There is really no reason to use a spinner for bait unless you either have small bait, or you just want a change. I use one all of the time for tuna up to 80lb. The trick when you let line out is to hold the line by putting your right index finger on the spool while you hold the rod in your...
  551. afraser

    Deep Diving Plugs for Wahoo

    Thay are difficult to reel in while a long range boat is still driving. You can also try putting a 1-2lb trolling weight, with wire, ahead of a lure that doesn't dive. They make prerigged trolling weights for wahoo trolling, very common on the east coast.
  552. afraser

    First big game reel, why not an Avet?

    Buy a gently used avet 30 or 30w (if you are cow hunting). I think I have 4 of them (2 each) and no trouble with any. Less trouble with salt than the HX raptors (have those too). You can send an avet in for cleaning 1x every 3 years and be fine. 30s will hold 600+ yds of 100lb jb line, the...
  553. afraser

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Hilarious!!! Have you ever been on one of these trips??? If you are having a trip like that, they cut off everything under 200 at the boat, which the started after day 1 on our trip. I believe I kept 4 of the big fish and lost a lot of hooks :). C&R, it still works...
  554. afraser

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    I sent out a 5lb skipjack, I got back a 25lb yft hooked in the mouth on a 7691 hook. Crew saw the whole thing. Maybe a shark ate part of it and the yft ate the rest? I don't know. Didn't catch any sharks otherwise, so I can't say for sure that is what happened.
  555. afraser

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    33 is a nice trip, but not close to a record. That has to be over 50 right? I've been on a 40+ trip and that wasn't near the record I was told. I think I was the only one that didn't get a cow on that trip, but did get 16 fish over 170 or so. By the 7th or 8th day in a row of catching big...
  556. afraser

    bluefin tuna behavior

    The last few years they started biting more in May-July, but last year they started even earlier and they are STILL biting (3 fish over 100# on 1.5 trip this week on PQ, plus half the fish 50-70lb). Mid-June would be my best bet, take a 3-5 day trip during that time. If you are a private...
  557. afraser

    A couple of underwater photos

    The lure is being trolled and is under fairly high tension, very hard to reel in straight in high gear. Maybe 15-18lb of drag? The line is bent because the fished knocked it off course on the strike. If a fish hits the lure and doesn't get hooked, every line will look like this one, which was...
  558. afraser

    A couple of underwater photos

    All missed the lure or just watched it. No drag taken on either of the bites. And yes the wahoo ws upside down.
  559. afraser

    Jig/Popper setups

    One cast and retrieve the conventionals are fine, but after several casts and retrieves your line is not laying correctLy, there are light wraps or even loops in it and the line is all too one side, even on a narrow reel. You can't just push the line with your thumb to keep it on track, you...
  560. afraser

    Jig/Popper setups

    Back brace is not a good idea, I've done that. I never have back problems and using that harness nearly killed my back during the fight. It needs to be used while sitting, not standing. And yes check the drag while wearing the harness. 40lb is completely doable.
  561. afraser

    Jig/Popper setups

    Just make sure you test your drag ahead of time so you know how much you can put on the fish. Had a guy take over 2 hours on a fish because his drag was set at 18lb or something. Minimum mid 20's, I set the drag in the high 20s or low 30s
  562. afraser

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    I've trolled the dark purple a few times with no hookups. However, since I had a trolling camera on the line, I could see fish strike it twice without getting hooked, one wahoo, one tuna, even caused the lure to change direction. I wonder if there is a better way to place the hooks or...
  563. afraser


    Recreational fishermen do not put a dent in the tuna fishery, not even close to comparable to the commercial fishery. Why are we still catching "wild fish" for commercial food? We don't allow that on land anymore. We still allow hunting, with limits, for personal take of food, which is akin...
  564. afraser

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    Important note, there is no kite jail on the Intrepid. They fish the kite for you and hand you the rod once bit. You can continue to fish a regular bait until then. Best of both worlds unless you like to fish the kite (which I do). Can't count how many times the kite fishermen are told their...
  565. afraser

    Slowest trip in 5 years

    Your post, intentionally or not, is very misleading. I was there, so this is how it actually happened. There were 3 boats leaving the same day for the bank. Excel departed SD and arrived first and HB, then the RR3, then the Indy, which is pretty slow comparably. Indy anchored in a spot that...
  566. afraser

    Slowest trip in 5 years

    Went on the Red Rooster, great crew, great service, great accommodations. However, the fishing was just sloooooow. Went straight to HB, no stopping along the way, I know a lot prefer that, but with bluefin biting, fish at guadalupe and fish at Alijos, I would have preferred a break in the 4...
  567. afraser

    Which landing is the red rooster?

    I've never been on the boat before, which landing is the boat at?
  568. afraser

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    Sure, but I sign up to catch quality fish in good numbers and we will still go long Bluefin are considered better quality table fare, but I'm not sure I know the difference. Still, why skip biting 100-300lb fish to go look for other 200lb fish, especially if you still get to do both? We have 8...
  569. afraser

    Rainshadow rctb 80xxh

    I'll tell you in 3 weeks, I just had one made for a cow trip, but it was delivered directly to landing so I haven't seen it. Was told it was like 770xxxh only longer, we'll see. I personally kept it at 8 feet so I can use it for better flatfall jigging and for keeping the bobber balloon line...
  570. afraser

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    I'll take the frozen. All sushi is frozen. It comes out great if you use a processor. I'd rather have it preserved in initial state than 5+ days in the RSW (the fish I had last year that was 8 days in the RSW did not come out well). I happen to be on a flyback trip, so the only option is on...
  571. afraser

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    Has everyone been watching the reports this week? Yesterday there were boats with 40+ 100-200lb bluefin in local waters. If the bite continues, should the long range boats take a day or half a day to stop on the bluefin grounds? I mean compared to the last reports at Hurricane bank and the...
  572. afraser

    Spectra question

    Double the solid, put 5 feet into hollow, I pull the loop out and put the spool with the hollow thru the loop, then pull it back tight. Some then serve the end of the hollow, but I think that is unnecessary unless you use 1 braid that stretches more than the other
  573. afraser

    RR3 post T-day roll call, Moffat trip

    So final day of packing for me as I leave for socal tomorrow. Who else is on this trip? I started putting tackle together but I swear somehow my tackle box shrunk!
  574. afraser

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry that story was so good. Definitely praying for shrimp on my upcoming trip.
  575. afraser

    Bluefin cows still biting in local waters

    23 bluefin over 160 with 7 still hooked up, 1.5 on Aztec
  576. afraser

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    Okay, not a "reel", but there should be custom molded reel handles to fit your hand, especially for larger reels. I would bet a fair price point is $60-75. Easy to do with today's materials.
  577. afraser

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    Okay, for some time now, I've been asking avet for: HXJ raptor (or a castable ex 30Narrow) with a very high and a normal gear (eg. 8:1 and 4:1), so 60+ inches per crank in high and a normal fighting gear for "low" with drag in excess of 35#. Avet says no one else has asked for that.
  578. afraser

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    No, but a drone will take your sardine out for you a lot easier than a cast :).
  579. afraser

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    Chandeliers don't seem like they attract tuna. I've tried them many times and have not been successful yet. I've had better success with the chunk or a dead squid than a chandelier. The single bait on a bobber does work, very well. But sometimes the bite shuts off of the bobber. I thought...
  580. afraser

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    On the off chance wind and tide are exactly aligned, I agree the bobber balloon will be difficult to use. This has happened maybe 2 or 3 days when I've been fishing on anchor. If the wind is blowing hard, it is also difficult to use the bobber balloon, but can be done if you reduce the size of...
  581. afraser

    Wahoo leader question

    Why not just use circle hooks and 12" leaders? Should be long enough to stay away from the teeth. Circle hooks clearly work, often see wahoo caught while tuna fishing, then again often the straight fluoro gets the snip.
  582. afraser

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    3 was usually the limit the boat's I've been on have stated. But it isn't hard to do 4 if people agree to use different size balloons and people wait for the swing of the boat to deploy their balloon separate from anyone already out. For example, if there are already 2 medium balloons out...
  583. afraser

    Bluefin cows still biting in local waters

    Just in case you can't wait for you long range trip, both the Aztec (7 fish 160 to 225) and the New Lo-An (5 fish 140-200+, I have no affiliation with either) have caught multiple bluefin cows over the last couple of days. If I wasn't going on a trip in 9 days, I'd be on one of those 1.5 day...
  584. afraser

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    I see two ways of doing it. One, just like a single bait, but 7-10 feet below with maybe 2 or 3 feet legs for the double trouble. Or, put a weight just above the double trouble and then set the baits down 10 or more feet below the balloon. I'm not worried about tangling with bait fishermen...
  585. afraser

    Looks like the RR3 found a few at the bank

    No supers, but a few cows and plenty of high 100 fish it seems. Complete kite rotation on day 1. I'm not saying I'm ancy, but....11 days and counting. Last few days to buy gear I don't need. Intrepid is also there and picking away at cows.
  586. afraser

    Catchy Tackle 15 day on the Intrepid.

    Where do you catch those tuna with the silver muzzle? Seem to always find them on the Intrepid... Thanks for the report! What size weights were working the sinker rigs or was it all over the place? Also, were you the only boat in the buffer zone? I found that with multiple boats...
  587. afraser

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    3/0 hooks are not 80lb hooks, use the 4/0 super mutus, no ring for stealth. Hook the bait in the back or shoulder and you minimize the hooks visibility
  588. afraser

    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    This is sure way to lose customers. Doesn't matter if you are "right" or "correct", if you can make it right for the customer without actually hurting your business, eg. a credit on an unfilled trip, then you really should.
  589. afraser

    Intrepid weights in....

    Sure would be nice if they said how they caught them in the reports. I mean, don't they know we are living vicariously through these reports !&!&!#&! :)
  590. afraser

    Circle hooks on jigs search "bridle" and it is about a page down in the searches
  591. afraser

    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Most boats will allow you a credit (all or partial) toward another trip that isn't full, that way they don't lose money. That's the human thing to do. I wouldn't ride a boat again that did the total stiff arm.
  592. afraser

    Circle hooks on jigs

    Thanks for the input. The hooks at the back are better for little fish. A circle hook in the front is better for big fish, especially tuna and on the drop. Give it a try, you'll see.
  593. afraser

    Circle hooks on jigs

    The one in front is most likely to end up in the corner. Test it out, it is 100% in the corner if the fish bites on the drop. How do you put the circle hook on the back? With assist cord so it swings freely or just with 1 or 2 split rings.
  594. afraser

    Circle hooks on jigs

    So for flatfalls, I have had good luck rigging a circle ahead of the jig but I'm wondering if it might not improve the hookup rate to have a second circle hook on the back, especially in low light conditions. Clearly, the preferred hook is the leading circle hook, but on a retrieve, sometimes...
  595. afraser

    Change out hooks on iron for long range?

    So I have a bunch of new iron, both heavy and surface, and I'd like to know if I should switch out the stock treble hooks for use on long range, assuming we are targeting wahoo and yellowtail with these (I will definitely change out those for large tuna). Any suggestions on how to decide...
  596. afraser

    Let the Listing Begin

    I really think it is worth trying a circle hook ahead of the jig, maybe even a second one on the back too. 13/0 or bigger. That should help minimize losses on the jig.
  597. afraser

    American Angler off the water report

    Best sunset picture I've seen in a long time. Great report!
  598. afraser

    Hurry up and Wait

    Which long range boat doesn't board by booking number??? I've got #20 on an upcoming Trip, I expect to board 20th. Crazy to do it any other way. If a charter master books the boat, then he is on the hook for the money, he should get to board first along with people he brought in the charter...
  599. afraser

    Big Fish

    The 200lbers are blowing out on the lower banks??? Dare I say it, sounds like a great opportunity for another cow on the popper!!! Why oh why didn't I take the earlier trip... 3 weeks to my trip on the RR3...
  600. afraser

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    Popperfest! No bluefin, but the topwater action on the 40-60lb yellowfin was outstanding. No love on metal, even though they were eating anchovies. Cast into the porpoise, the tuna will find your popper or stickbait. Contrary to what Andre said, I was EXPECTING there to be tuna with the...
  601. afraser

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    2 rods? I'd feel like a monk. I'll cull it to 7-8, but with fish all over in size, can't show up with just two. 7 is the final number. Dropped 1 40, 1 100 and the light spinner. I will come unprepared for a foamer that has either 60 or 200lbers so the two popping/stickbait rods must stay...
  602. afraser

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    I have a 16 day trip in 3.5 weeks, but I just could not stand the local reports any longer. Sundowner of bluefin to 100lb today on the Aztec, half the boat bent at once. Anyone been on the Aztec fishing for these bluefin in the last two weeks? I realize it is an evening and morning bite, but...
  603. afraser

    Let the Listing Begin

    Seems like we should all go with Andre and borrow something from him :). Make one rig for each, bring fluoro in 40, 60, 80, 100, 130, 150/170/180 and make what else you need on the boat. It won't be much. 5 100lb leaders 5 130lb leaders 1 80lb leader If you are popping 2-3 100-130 casting...
  604. afraser

    Why don't we bridle our big baits and kite baits?

    Especially with the skipjack, is there a reason we don't bridle them other than it is more difficult to do? Even macks on the kite, maybe we should bridle those too?
  605. afraser

    Best Raptor for yo-yo: HX or HXJ?

    Hxj gets almost 400 yds of jb hollow, so plenty of line. I have both reels and its way easier to yo yo with hxj.
  606. afraser

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Worst negotiating technique. PO a country you want to cooperate with over something relatively small. If we aren't careful China will become Mexico's main trade partner. That would be a disaster, and we'd definitely lose access then.
  607. afraser

    Fitness for cow trips

    I keep a 25lb weight at my desk. Finish a task, pick up the weight. Can't stress enough the need to improve grip strength. I keep one of those near my desk too, maybe I'll put one in the truck too now that I'm within 4 weeks of my trip. The cardio is obviously needed. I like that the deep...
  608. afraser

    Offshore 10/24 Big some big BFT on the Aztec...

    So no kite, just the greenstick? I bring a kite now just in case the boat doesnt have one.
  609. afraser

    flouro mono

    I agree, the SD Jam knot uses the least amount of line. If you have a short leader and don't want to replace it after every fish, this knot will let you keep your leader for more fish. But if you are fishing cows, might want to change the leader anyway after each one.
  610. afraser

    flouro mono

    I like the SD knot, 5 turns is good in heavy leader, 6 in 100 premier. The SD knot, if tied right, allows the tag end to stay inline with the main line. Bend the tag back until it is parallel with the main line. It has to be more stealthy this way. If the 3 turn uni tag end lays parallel...
  611. afraser

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    sooo, it looked like a slow wind in, is that right? Just to get the lure working and no faster? Also, which single hook did you put on and it it better than the treble?
  612. afraser

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    Either a small bit of tac glue or a nail knot would do it for sure, at the insertion point. Still, the line is doubled, and wrapped around the hollow once (could be done several times).
  613. afraser

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    So how about doubling the insert? And maybe making the loop big enough to pass the reel (end of main line) through it, that way the line goes inside of the hollow line, out and around the hollow line, then back into the hollow. I have no way to test, but it would seem impossible for it to come...
  614. afraser

    Popping knot

    Has someone tested to see which is stronger/better: 1) FG with hitches 2) FGwith risuttto finish 3) FG with 1-2 hitches, thn risutto finish 4) Any of the above knots, with glue I would tend to think having the FG and risutto pushing against each other would create a weak spot in the...
  615. afraser

    old school harness guy, trying to learn the rail

    If you sit on the rod, you don't necessarily have to "take it out" to move. You simply walk/move quickly with it in the same spot, a bit like having a very heavy stick horse toy, you know, one that weighs 30lb or more (from the drag). And if the fish is away from you taking line, don't forget...
  616. afraser

    Let the Listing Begin

    If I have to limit to 12, then I'm borrowing someone's rod for bait fishing! I also prepare a list of rod, reels, and likely lures, hooks, and leaders. Best to do all the leaders in advance for loop to loop so it takes less time on the boat! 2 100# popping rods (stella 18 and 20k) 1 100#...
  617. afraser

    loop to loop

    You have to change the loop over time??? I have never done this, some rods have the same end loop for 5 years. I also take care to only pick the top shot loop when I'm undoing the cats paw, 1 time only, why more?, it doesn't improve strength enough to matter. Your weak spot is the knot to the...
  618. afraser

    old school harness guy, trying to learn the rail

    Don't let go until you say "got it?" and he replies "got it". My son has gone on trips with me and now at home when we pass the ketchup, we do the same thing.
  619. afraser

    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    Because they don't swallow the lure on many strikes as it is in the air half of the time. Would work fine if you trolled it without skipping. Anyway, 300-400lb leader should mean no worries on chaffing.
  620. afraser

    old school harness guy, trying to learn the rail

    Don't forget you can sit on your rod butt while putting the rod on the rail and gain a lot of leverage once the fish is up and down. Just one more fighting position to minimize wear on specific muscles. I fought one cow with this technique that happened to be in the shade the entire fight and...
  621. afraser

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I have no complaints about either the eagle claw 2004, which have never bent for me, and the owner super mutus, which haven't broken for me, but I've seen both fail. I personally have been going to no rings the last year, tied with a small loop in the line, and I honestly don't know if it made...
  622. afraser

    have you tried trolling Yummy Birds/flying fish?

    They need to be trolled to the side in clear water, so the captain has to point the boat perpendicular or even slightly with the wind. It can work behind the boat, but it is much more effective to the side. 50% of the time in the air, make sure it is really skipping. The fish will follow it...
  623. afraser

    What I learned on my last 10 day

    Gotta love a yellowtail pulling 25# drag and straightening a big hook. I swear fishing those things on heavy drag is as close to a cage match fight as any fishing can be. And how did you get spooled on a talica 25? Doesn't it hold 600 yds of 100# and have a 45# max drag!?! Seems more like a...
  624. afraser

    Red Rooster tackle rack area, anyone have a photo?

    I'd like to see the layout of the existing racks so I can see what the best plan is for me to put my tackle box somewhere given that I have boarding number 500 or might as well be. Maybe by looking at the rack, I can tell if it worth it to bring a stand and put my tackle box on that, like is...
  625. afraser

    Red Rooster tackle rack area, anyone have a photo?

    I believe this is an older video before they extended the tackle rack. I saw two of them and they both had shorter racks.
  626. afraser

    Daiwa Saltist 8000 WAHOO SLAYER

    So I can put 50# of drag on my Black hole surf rod, should I need it???
  627. afraser

    Red Rooster tackle rack area, anyone have a photo?

    They redid the tackle rack recently I believe and there are no photos that I can find online of the tackle area. Not on the boat website, not in videos, can't find them. Anyone have a photo of it? Thanks!
  628. afraser

    Daiwa Saltist 8000 WAHOO SLAYER

    Some manufacturer or aftermarketer has to make a 2 speed reel that has 1 very high gear and 1 normal gear, like an avet hx with 8:1 and 4:1 speeds. And the HX does not get 47" per crank, more like 42" unless they are filling