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  1. SmellyJelly

    WTB: Newell P-322F

    New or used Lemme know!
  2. SmellyJelly

    WTB: Seeker Rod Blanks

    Looking for White Tiger or Super Seeker blanks in the following: F100 Baby Ulua TNT DM me.
  3. SmellyJelly

    14ft Aluminum Boat with 2 Motors - $600

    Selling as a package deal. The deal is worth the motors alone. Looking for a quick sale as Im moving. The boat will need to be restored as there is a leak through the rivets. It's not a bad leak. Can be resealed or re-riveted. Ran fine when it was running (two years ago). No trailer...
  4. SmellyJelly

    WTT - TN40N for TA12ii

    Only looking for a trade. Great condition used TN40N for TA12ii. Looking for 8.5cos/10mech and up. Straight up trade. Has clamp and spectre. Hopefully yours does too. Thanks
  5. SmellyJelly

    Tradition, 22nd St - 5am Full Day Limited Load Wed August 19th

    Where: 22nd Street Landing When: 5am-5pm Wednesday August 19th Details: Freelance trip Max Load of 18 125 per person fishing offshore/ Catalina (might be fuel surcharge if we go less than 18). Get outta the crowd with this limited load trip onboard the Tradition...
  6. SmellyJelly

    FS: Like New Factory Super Seeker 6470 Spinning

    Seeker Super Seeker SS 6470-7' S Spinning Rod 30-50 lb. Retails $300. PRICE: $240 Orange County / LB Area
  7. SmellyJelly

    FS: Pro Gear YTS 454 w/ Clamp

    Real good condition in Gunmetal color. Will come with rod clamp/screws. Spins great and drags are good. Needs line. Mech 9/10 Looks 8/10. $160
  8. SmellyJelly

    WTB: Trinidad 40N

    Looking for a good to excellent condition TN40N. Will pay whats reasonable ... PM me your offers.
  9. SmellyJelly

    WTB Shimano TN20a

    Loc in OC.
  10. SmellyJelly

    WTT: Shimano TN16NA for TN16A

    Looking for a straight up swap for a TN16A. 16NA been used 3 times and caught 2 fish. Great condition some light scuff marks no scratches/boat rash. Comes with box/papers. Looking for same condition or better.
  11. SmellyJelly

    WTB: BLANKS - Super Seekers CJBF70H and CJBF80H or 7-9ft Misc?

    Specifically looking for the models above. If you have any Super Seekers or Calstar Graphiter blanks in the 7ft-9ft range shoot me a PM and if I like it maybe ill get back to you LOL
  12. SmellyJelly

    WTB: Shimano TN20A, TN16NA, TA12ii

    Let me know. New or like new condition.
  13. SmellyJelly

    Newell Reels for Sale: P332, P338, S220

    P332: $220 4-stack P338: $150 S220: $100 All have carbon drags. Pick up in Irvine, CA. Will not ship/meet up/or paypal. (714)8six5-6one73 Mark
  14. SmellyJelly

    Shimano Jigger NR 2000 (TN16N)

    Recently serviced by Shimano with upgraded gears (6.2:1). Some light scuffs otherwise in great condition. 9/10 Cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. Comes with Tiburon Rod Clamp. $260 OBO.
  15. SmellyJelly

    Newell P Series: 220F, 322F, 332F; 533N/522

    Here's a chance to own some classic so cal fishing gear. These are all the fishable sizes. All have excellent freespool. P220-F: $160. Upgraded bearings / carbon drags with drag grease P322-F: $200. Upgraded bearings / carbon drags with drag grease P332-F: $200. New in box with...
  16. SmellyJelly

    Question about installing 3M cold shrink

    I have a couple rail rods Im building and its the first time installing cold shrink. I have the 9" piece. My question is: Does the cold shrink shorten or lengthen when it's being installed? I want to get this thing exact since im shaving down to get it flush with the hypalon.
  17. SmellyJelly

    Fishing SUCKS!!

    Its late August and the fish aren't biting anywhere. Rockfishing blows plus theres no sardinas. What gives?!
  18. SmellyJelly

    Avet 2-Speed MXL Purple

    Here it is almost new MXL PURPLE Mounted once and never fished. Cosmetics 9.5/10 Mechanical 10/10 Has 500+ yards of 55lb Saltiga Spectra $255
  19. SmellyJelly

    Purple MXL 6/4

    This reel has been mounted once out of the box. 10/10 mechanical and cosmetics. All original paperwork included. Spooled with 550yards of 55lb Daiwa Saltiga braid. $280. Im located in Riverside/OC. PM me if youre interested.
  20. SmellyJelly

    Custom 10ft SS-Ulua Composite

    Been lurk'n in the shadows of this board for some time and wanted dip in and post. This is one fresh off the rod dryer. This thing is a beast. Almost demands respect by the one wielding it. Can't wait to see a monster yellow on the business end of the stick. Specs- Blank: Super...
  21. SmellyJelly

    Anaheim Lake 10/10/06 PM

    Hit up the local pay lake to make a dent in the trout population w/ some friends. Then the bad news came....the spillway/inlet wasnt pumping any water :confused: . So we changed plans and decided to fish catfish instead (bummer). Well long story short we got (3) limits in about 1.5 hrs worth...
  22. SmellyJelly

    Anaheim Lake Opener 09/29/06

    Well folks for most of the So. Cal saltwater crowd the year is coming to an end and this means only one lake suburban trout fishing. Fished the inlet area for limits for 3 people. Bait used was n/c and also rainbow p/b. We HAD to use straight 10lb to get these fish so I...
  23. SmellyJelly

    Is there only one SQC?

    Ive only been to one Squidco down in San Diego off of the 5 (close to Nat. City) but i do recall a few people mention that theres another near the landings. Can anyone clarify this?
  24. SmellyJelly

    Online Matrix (Not the Movie)

    I really dont know if this has been brought up in the past on this board but Id like to share something to the members what i found while searching on eBay for prices on xBox consoles. I was browsing the threads when one particular aution title came to my attention - "Get an xBox for ONLY...
  25. SmellyJelly

    FlouroCarb Whos using ?

    Im a use and abuser of this stuff. Anyone else? what knots?
  26. SmellyJelly

    5/11/03 - 'Chubby II - WAY down UNDA (the rockpile)

    The "cut out the f*ckin foreplay and gimme my report!" version - Ok so i went out on the Chubasco II w/ 22 other peeps and here are the results: I GOT: 3 - On the Fly-Lined ( 3/0 Gama. and 1/2 oz egg) :) 1 - 6x Jr. (Scrambled Egg) :D The Boat Did: 37 - Almost all on the Iron (...