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  1. brice

    16' seaway

    I think that is a nice concept, but with a boat that small I would think You will need your buddy in-line or on the opposite side of you while running for proper weight distribution depending on the direction you are running into the swell. Because of that, it is highly likely your buddy may be...
  2. brice

    What can/should I do

  3. brice

    UC bent rods

    my CE1000 Wahoo does the same thing. Fun rod, but not enough backbone to be used as a heavy jigstick. Yellows and seabass leadhead rod only.
  4. brice

    What’s your way of finding kelp paddies

    I normally look for stopped boats
  5. brice

    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

  6. brice

    Best versatile/overall jigstick

  7. brice

    Trailer Bunk Carpet

    Go to home depot and get the grey stuff. Don’t overthink it. Like others have said make sure you use stainless steel staples.
  8. brice

    Hoop nets, tires/rims

    I will take the rims and nets. Can pick up tomorrow. Pm sent!
  9. brice

    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Nice job, but if that mako is 100lbs my weiner is 14" long
  10. brice

    Seeker G660xxh or 2x4

    not in a hurry but still lookin
  11. brice

    Regrip to deckhand... advice needed

    all those decoration wraps look nice but the bottom line is that tuna cord or paracord get old real fast if you actually catch fish on them with any amount of drag. My 2 cents: Heavy drag/rail use: Shrink over cord Under 40lb: shrink over cork tape. Your hands and cap rail will thank you.
  12. brice

    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    I hope it comes back at 120 miles minimum. That way, every kook that bough a skiff to go cAtCh BiG tUnA dReAmS will sell their shitty financed boat and find something else to do that will get them likes on the internet.
  13. brice

    Seeker G660xxh or 2x4

    Looking for a 660xxh. Please PM. Thanks, Brice
  14. brice

    Aluminum gas tank

    American Tanks is who you want.
  15. brice

    Need Info Please - S Ulua’s

    Good point. i meant to add that is the heavy stickbait / popper cut. not ideal for medium to light jigs.
  16. brice

    Need Info Please - S Ulua’s

    Cut the tip to a #13-14. Cut maybe an inch off the butt. Slap a 30ld2 with tib clamp on it, 80lb braid. Tuna cord with shrink tube over it. Go to town.
  17. brice

    Jig stick/Trinidad question

    That sucks. Mine is 4 seasons old and hasn’t missed a beat. my old Trinidad’s needed new bearings every season, IF they made it that long. They just let in so much saltwater. Bad design IMO.
  18. brice

    Jig stick/Trinidad question

    save your money and grab a fathom 25n. Don't look back :)
  19. brice

    Dana Landing frozen flying fish...

    That’s pretty much going rate and not a new, higher price this year. Am I missing something? How about this, you can go drive 60 miles to Clemente, stay up all night and wave your butterfly net around and catch your own. All in 15 feet of water.
  20. brice

    Robby Gordon / Boating Dynamics

    When I saw this thread my heart sank. I thought something happened to him. Robby is the man, glad to hear all is well.
  21. brice

    Seeker following

    It’s a local company that has been around a long time that is owned and run by fisherman. And they fish more than you do. Why would you want to support anyone else?
  22. brice

    Long Beach Seeker Ulua CEX 93H

    Where are these degenerates going to get another $200? The stimulus check was only for $1200 LOL
  23. brice

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Thank you for your dumb opinion.
  24. brice


    What is the design flaw with the torque/fathom star drag?
  25. brice

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    My buddy has a 26 and twin 200s were not enough. He now has twin 300s and it pushes it just fine.
  26. brice

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    you are correct. Same thing happened with the gold torques, silver internationals and probably a few others. Once Penn got their ducks in a row I believe, if memory serves me correctly, they either fulfilled the orders or offered a refund you want a penn rep to speak to an issue on behalf of...
  27. brice

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    go buy some garbage shimano, okuma, accurate or avet products instead then.
  28. brice

    Quick Cheap Dual USB Charger install

    future installers, may i suggest mounting this on a vertical surface to increase service life. installed the blue seas version (no led readout) 3 years ago, "impregnated" the receptacles with dielectric grease and still works fine.
  29. brice

    Penn Fathom Star Drag FTH30 for FTH25N (first gen)

    Like the title says. Have a 30 filled with 80 pro spec, wondering if someone wants to trade for a 25. Few trips, very good condition. Everyone knows what a star drag fathom 30 looks like.
  30. brice

    Anyone have extra lobsters?

    the dfg:
  31. brice

    Braid opinions

    In my experience, anything 8 strand and above and not too waxy. i stray away from anything 6 strand (power pro) because it tears my thumb up, but its great for a kelp cutter rig. It really doesn't matter. Any of the big brands are fine. If anyone that tells you different got told that by a fan...
  32. brice

    Spiral wrapped rail rod

    It may work, but it looks ridiculous and is a pita to deal with when transporting ect
  33. brice

    Starter Set

    I can loan you a set of hand wrapper v-blocks and a few spools of thread to mess around with if you would like. I built 6 rods on them. I may even have a drying motor to lend out.
  34. brice


    Someone needs a bulletproof sinker/flat fall reel for 250 bux!
  35. brice

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    its a good heavy jig stick reel or 40-50 bait. Fill it with 50 or 65 braid for bait or 80 for jig and pair it with a 6480h. If you want a 25-40 reel trade the 30 for a 25 and fill with 40 or 50 braid and pair with a 6480.
  36. brice

    Offshore November Hail Mary Cow BFT 4K Video!

    Metallica is going to murder you in your sleep for using their song
  37. brice

    Beat Up Seeker 6463XXXH or 2X4

    Yep, i plan on cutting one up so I don't need the hypalon/foregrip ect in good shape. I am working to reply to the pms and texts this morning thanks all!
  38. brice

    Beat Up Seeker 6463XXXH or 2X4

    Hi Barry, I’m looking for the shorter “legacy/original” versions
  39. brice

    Please dont touch my drag

    don't yell fresh one?
  40. brice

    50visx line capacity

    1200yards 130 prospec hollow with room for top shot.
  41. brice

    Offshore Dont know where this belongs....

    Ahhh, personal attacks. How very unsurprising.
  42. brice

    Delete please

  43. brice

    Offshore Dont know where this belongs....

    so you did nothing to resolve the issue with the captain/business and came to BD to ask for advice? sympathy? what is the point of this?
  44. brice

    UC 90 Mega Sarape

    Nailed it
  45. brice

    Super Seeker Catalog?

    That rod is garbage. Please ship to me for disposal. That is a fl75 “fisherman’s landing 7.5’”. Some say it’s THE 40 lb stick. Probably the best dropper loop yellow/seabass blank ever made imo
  46. brice

    Offshore Epic 2 Day on the Outer Limits. WFO BFT 9/4-9/6

    So is that a "no, I will not be on the charter next year."?
  47. brice

    Offshore Epic 2 Day on the Outer Limits. WFO BFT 9/4-9/6

    Yes, leave the poor sea kittens alone!
  48. brice

    Offshore Epic 2 Day on the Outer Limits. WFO BFT 9/4-9/6

    I for one think this post is bieber
  49. brice

    Quality fishing rods used, conventional , #4 not avail.

    i am 99% sure i will take the 270? seeker. I can come up today.
  50. brice

    15, 20 or 30lb braid for My Little Pony Rod/Reel

    Got what I needed thanks all! Except for Austin.
  51. brice

    15, 20 or 30lb braid for My Little Pony Rod/Reel

    Don’t ask LOL New/Used? cheap / free? I only need around 100-150 yards.
  52. brice

    Epoxy or Varnish or Shellac Over paracrod⁸

    Spar urethane. My 6 year old seine cord looks brand new and doesn’t feel any different than before I put it on.
  53. brice

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Was that English? Are you drunk?
  54. brice

    Yamaha outboard shifting problem

    what is your idle rpm? i know my ox66 doesn't like coming out or going into gear off idle
  55. brice

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    Stealthy catching requires stealthy voltage.
  56. brice

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    People like this are why I am grateful every single day that I have my own boat and can choose who I bring along with me.
  57. brice

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Parkers are the new Bayliners.
  58. brice

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    It’s the third and fourth hand you had been asking for when using a hand wrapper. It is the best thing I have added to the arsenal, but I am also glad I punished myself through 8 rods on the manual wrapper.
  59. brice

    “Best” finish?

    DII New UV Formula
  60. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    80m and 84h are no longer for sale or trade. They have been donated to my dad LOL
  61. brice

    My White Bottom

    This. Put a coat of insulator wax on and don’t rub it off
  62. brice

    Lowrance Autopilot Questions

    i installed one on my 23 grady. have not sea trailed it yet. grady used sae flare and hard line from the orbital to the back of the boat. the orb and pipe tees that come with the kit wouldnt work since: a- 20 yr old seastar helm doesnt use orb fittings b- could not find a female compression...
  63. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    some quick pictures of an emerald green tinted ss ulua I just finished
  64. brice

    Diamond DII Epoxy UV Formula

    okay, wanted to share my initial impression with it. First off, the pot life is MUCH longer than regular DII. About the same, maybe longer than Flex Coat. It levelled easy enough. I think we may have a winner.
  65. brice

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    i just dont get it...
  66. brice

    Rod for Fathum 40 ld2

    rainshadow 84xh or if u can swing it seeker 6480xh
  67. brice

    New Blank recomendations

    seeker 270h-8
  68. brice

    What rod for Torium 20HG

    did you really dig up a 3.5 year old post just to make a rod suggestion?
  69. brice

    UC CE900 Wahoo VS. Del Mar

    I have a 1000 wahoo and it does NOT shut off. Not the rod you want when trying to lift a big fish or bounce bigger yt. fun for smaller grade stuff though.
  70. brice

    Fish 3 times the line test

    330yft on 60 izor xxx/90 yozuri flouro
  71. brice

    Diamond DII Epoxy UV Formula

    Anyone used this new formula yet? How does it compare to regular DII as far as pot life, leveling, dry time, hardness and clarity?
  72. brice

    Boat Wax Recommendation

    3m or sea shield products for buffing, Colonite products for wax. I prefer insulator wax. But it is really all about the soap you use. If you use dish, heavy detergent or bleach, you are literally stripping the wax off the surface. This is what I have been using for the last 4 years. It works...
  73. brice

    How to cut off butt section

    If you don’t mine me asking, what rods are they?
  74. brice

    SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    not like Jose NEEDS another positive review, but here is one anyways LOL. very easy to work with, packaging is great!
  75. brice

    Questions on Seeker 540

    If you hold on to it for a few years i bet it will go up :)
  76. brice

    Questions on Seeker 540

    for that blank? ~120bux. The blue e-glass composite rods were going for ~120 bux when they did the run a couple years ago.
  77. brice

    Questions on Seeker 540

    That is all blue e-glass. Not ex. “C” means composite, which this is not.
  78. brice

    Opinions on choice of there any reason to use anything other than Fuji?

    I have abused both Alps and Fuji with no failures that I didn’t deserve. I do like the matte gunmetal SiCs though.
  79. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    working on an emerald green tinted ss ulua. decided to try some jtob on this one for the first time. there is definitely an art to it. i cut off at least 6 wraps as i kept 'learning' the technique :)
  80. brice

    Rod holders 1” clamp on

    I think I have what you need. Pm me for my cell #
  81. brice

    Furuno 582L sounder

    i have one in san diego as well.
  82. brice

    Show me your blackman boat

    More pics and specs please. That thing is bitchen!!
  83. brice

    Seeker blanks - ***BLUE***

    this blank is made with flags of blue e-glass
  84. brice

    Seeker blanks - ***BLUE***

    black steel may not have been the best choice of words. what i really meant to say is that it is blue e-glass. Super bitchen blanks none-the-less. I wrapped one for a buddy and he loves it.
  85. brice

    Seeker blanks - ***BLUE***

    Who told you these are cex blanks? Just because it has blue glass and it’s a composite blank doesn’t mean it is a cex. This is a regular black steel with blue e-glass that seeker did a few runs of a couple years ago. Still cool blanks though. Good luck with sale!
  86. brice

    Penn 113h Bridge (3-113h)

    does anyone in San Diego have a spare bridge they would sell/donate?
  87. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    84xh is pending sale as soon as i can get shipping cost confirmation
  88. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    bump. can ship the 84xh and 84h, 80m is pickup only. couple pms replied to. would also entertain trades for vhf radio, vhf antenna, inverter, deep cycle battery, squid crowder, who knows?
  89. brice

    3/0 Senator w/ Tiburon Frame for 4/0 or 6/0

    Handle is broken. Works well. can throw in 500 Jig Masters as well.
  90. brice

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    That looks like crankcase oil, not lower unit oil.
  91. brice

    Seeker ESM 7660 for Brian

  92. brice

    Show me your blackman boat

    So does this, but this is a BLACKMAN thread ya goober...LOL
  93. brice

    New ph d8 ct 25-50 $190

    Nothing except the color of the s glass. Green s glass is now special order in quantities too large for seeker to store (must be stored frozen)
  94. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    also entertaining trades for??
  95. brice

    Fabric vs. Hardtop on T-Top??

    really nothing more to be said (unless you want a cracked tower and hogged out mounting holes)
  96. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    Good morning. A few offers, lower than I was willing to take. Back up!
  97. brice

    fathom 12 vs 25n

    get the fathom. no other reel comes close for value in that price range.
  98. brice

    fathom 12 vs 25n

    12 has less line capacity, cranking power, drag and rate of retrieve. The 12 is best at 15-20. Not a dedicated 25lb rod. The 25n (lever or star) is versatile, the 12 is not (for saltwater).
  99. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    thanks! Grab all three before New Years for $500 (pickup only)
  100. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    I can ship :) Buyer for the 84xh has opted to build his own, so it is back up for grabs.
  101. brice

    OR TRADE? Rainshadow Rods (84h, 84xh, 80m)

    All rods sold or no longer available! All rods are hypalon and reel seat. ~12" rear hypalon, ~14" front. This is the good (dense) hypalon -84h 7' 30-60- Used, Batson seat, Alps XNs, SOLD -84xh 7' 40-80 - Like new, Alps seat, Batson Turbos, SOLD -80m 8' 20-50 - Used, Batson seat, Alps XNs...
  102. brice


    You guys are ridiculous.
  103. brice

    Super Seeker 270-8 and 270H-8

    Thanks all. I apologize for not getting back to this sooner. Unfortunately, you guys are pretty far north of me. Picked up a factory 270h-8 local to me. Now just looking for a slightly more local 270-8 (unless we can meet in Oceanside area)
  104. brice

    Help...Ulua model differences

    if you cut that cex blank the entire rod building community on bd, me included, will find you, and we will kill you (in my best liam neeson voice). trade ya for a regular ss ulua 10' blank!
  105. brice

    Penn senator combo 114H

    i pm'd you a few days ago regarding this
  106. brice

    Rainshadow rcjb 84h....yo-yo rod?

    i have an 84h or xh to sell if you want. pst for pics
  107. brice

    Penn senator combo 114H

    if he wants the rod, i would take reel for the right price (assuming the bent lugs dont mean the frame is bent)
  108. brice

    Interesting Study on Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Published in 2004) w/support from Capt. Norm & Bruce

    Dafuq you talking about? It’s on a public website that has a link to download a .pdf for free. What Bieber are you trying to pull here?
  109. brice

    best casting reel for 100lb straight spectra

    i dont think fishing a fathom 30 or 40 sized reel is "light" for 80 to 100 lb fish. big difference between 80-100lb fish and 100-175 lupe fishing. even then, the go to 60/80lb line class reel at lupe is the 40ld2.
  110. brice

    best casting reel for 100lb straight spectra

    80-100lb fish? fathom series will get it done. 30ld2 or 40ld2 depending on what leader you are fishing. both reels hold about the same capacity. my heavy popper setup is a ss ulua and 30ld2. this is connected to a 200+ bft
  111. brice

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    ^^^ 0.25 mpg right there ^^^LOL
  112. brice


    this 226 grady has been in my family for almost 15 years. i dont think im ever going to get rid of it. best head sea riding boat i have been on for its size. 150 gallons of fuel. can camp out for a few days on the water no problem. and i cant seem to kill the damn motor.
  113. brice

    UC CE80XF for Jack

    really like that color combo. great job.
  114. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    pro wrap color fast size d.
  115. brice

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    7000 psi in tension, shear, and bending?LOL
  116. brice


  117. brice

    Kite set ups

    i just put 1200 yards of berkley pro spec 130 on a 50visx with PLENTY of room left for a top shot if one so desired
  118. brice

    Grady White 228G w/ Yam F250

    no other boat in this size range will beat the head sea ride of a grady. good luck with sale.
  119. brice

    HOW DO YOU TELL FLEX COAT is adequate?

    bieber hopeless...
  120. brice

    Flat fall - Shimano factory hook replacement

    again, show me one example of a Shimano flat fall failing :rolleyes:
  121. brice

    UC Rod 60#

    super seeker 6480xh
  122. brice

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    show me ONE Shimano 250g split ring or assist hook failure please
  123. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    one more in-process before epoxy
  124. brice

    Rod to pair with Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    seeker 6480
  125. brice

    Rock cod outfit? SOLD please delete.

    i have absolutely no need for it, but i want it. someone buy it before i am forced to!!
  126. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    will post photos when done. osp3x
  127. brice

    Rubber Winding Check Needed (~.680")

    good morning Johnny. see you in a bit.
  128. brice

    Rubber Winding Check Needed (~.680")

    hey guys, found out i am out of this size this morning and would like to continue a build today. does anyone have one in San Diego county? Thanks!
  129. brice

    BFT and the damage done

    wet sand and re-coat. if u were closer i could help. non-issue
  130. brice

    Rod blank damage

    pull on it until it breaks. if it doesnt break you are ok. i do this with every blank before i put effort into it.
  131. brice

    Green tinted Seekers for sale or trade

    how much for the black socks with the red trim?
  132. brice

    NON - Smokers

    SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR :starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5::starwarskid5:
  133. brice

    Seeker (SS or Black Steel) 270H-8 Blank

    now lust looking for super seekers
  134. brice

    Boat fire at Dana Landing Marina, 60ft 5/8/18

    bad company pacifica
  135. brice

    Rod for 40NLD2

    I'm a seeker guy, so ss6480xh. bitchen combo
  136. brice

    T-Top and T-Top Rod Holders

    next in line for rod holders. can pick up tomorrow
  137. brice

    Can we get geebee his own forum section

    so he can ask all his questions in one spot?
  138. brice

    How do you have your Fathom 40NLD2 set up?

    my fathom 40ld2s took ~525 yards of prospec
  139. brice

    Fathom 15 clamp??

    you got the aluminum one, right?
  140. brice

    Pump 1 a/p pump

    sob, I just bought a used one.
  141. brice

    Build up fore grip?

    the rail doesn't really care though, that was the reason for my question. you said you wanted to increase the diameter "for the rail", not your hands.
  142. brice

    Build up fore grip?

    why do you feel it needs to increase in diameter in order to fish the rail?
  143. brice

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    One of the most personal parts of wrapping is picking the colors. I don't believe there is a thread dedicated to it, so let's see if this will gain some momentum and potentially help all of us pick colors for future builds. If not, it should be buried in a few days
  144. brice

    Fathom 2spd help!

    why don't you do some research like Steve eluded to above.
  145. brice

    More Soft Steel line testing results

    damn, that is thick line.
  146. brice

    Avet MXL 5.8 - Gunmetal - $140

    good deal for someone! wish I hadn't just bought one for full price!
  147. brice

    Seeker (SS or Black Steel) 270H-8 Blank

    **NOW JUST LOOKING FOR A SS BLANK** like the title says. Looking for a 25# blank. Thanks!
  148. brice

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    you sure about that?
  149. brice

    Identifying rod

  150. brice

    Seeker Black Steel Rod 6480H

    ill take it. cant pick it up for a week but will paypal you money. pm sent
  151. brice

    Precision Marine Radon/Anderson/Wilson

    they pound in head sea of anything more than 1-2ft (as do all davis/radon/wilson/anderson)
  152. brice

    Seeker jig stick 8

    I'll take it pending on location. pm sent.
  153. brice

    Precision Marine Radon/Anderson/Wilson

    hopefully you have good dental insurance, you will need it
  154. brice

    Ken’s fixed my Fathom 40LD2 drag issue!

    sooo....what was it?
  155. brice

    Rod blank identification please

    Going to check resistance between id/od?
  156. brice

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    was that the issue?
  157. brice

    Backordered VISX

    I am more interested to hear what issue is causing the backlog.
  158. brice

    Rod for penn fathom 40 2 spd

    go xxh on the rainshadow if you go that route. the xh isn't enough for heavy 60.
  159. brice

    Who made this?

    I have been beating up a 20-40 pound stick for a little while. no issues so far.
  160. brice

    Who made this?

    yep. 20 bux in the Phoenix bargain bins. I don't think Phoenix actually makes them though
  161. brice

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    take them off (i believe there are (3) on those motors?)and blow through the inlet/outlet while plugging the other side. ZERO air should pass. if you hear/feel any air escaping you have a tear in the diaphram
  162. brice

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    how old are the low pressure pumps?
  163. brice

    Spectra for surface iron

    80 spectra. use a coated type (ie pro spec and not power pro 7 strand)
  164. brice

    Backordered VISX

    Penn, When will we see the 16 silver and 50 silver back in stock?
  165. brice

    Backordered VISX

    this is getting a little ridiculous. when are reels going to be back in stock on the site? What manufacturing or supply chain issue is causing the delay?
  166. brice

    SSCLBF 756 mystery blank

    any identification (sticker/Sharpie) on the id of the blank?
  167. brice

    I heard they sued after this accident...

    pretty cut and dry. the tin boat is a vessel not under command, and has the right away. (unless some intercoastal waterway big boat law applies, as I'm not exactly sure where they are)
  168. brice

    seeker osp paired with Penn 30visx

    yep! You are right. my bad.
  169. brice

    seeker osp paired with Penn 30visx

    that isn't enough rod for down there for an "all in 1 rod", sorry. it's an 80lb rod really...
  170. brice

    Heading down to Bahia Asuncion

    I hate you.
  171. brice


    (disclaimer, I will always buy penn, regardless of results, because penn)
  172. brice


    this is a perfect opportunity to have a very scientific side by side comparison of both reels. as others have stated, set both drags at the same value, set each handle at the same orientation (pref 90* to angle of resultant load, ie drag pressure) and do a static test of how much force is needed...
  173. brice


    not true at all. you have parasitic power (torque) loss from friction in the gear train. increased gear mesh (helical cut) also increases the "smoothness* of the transition from tooth to tooth and results in a more fluid power transfer.
  174. brice

    Brand New United Composite 1000 Del Mar

    How straight are the guides on the blank?
  175. brice

    WTB. West coast Calstar

    I have a 10' rod rated 10-20lb. It's a seeker though. I would sell it for $400.
  176. brice

    WTB. West coast Calstar

    Hi, are you still looking?
  177. brice

    Super Seeker 6480h

    Just fyi, rod is sold. Thank you Everett!
  178. brice

    Rainshadow for 40-50#

    I just finished building an 84xh that I would be willing to sell. Pm me for details
  179. brice

    Can you tie a dropper loop type knot in braided line???

    Spider hitch is what you are looking for. At least 8 turns.
  180. brice

    Rain shadow opinions

  181. brice


    Please stay in Alaska.
  182. brice

    Seeker rod

    Wish I lived closer. Are you coming down to San Diego any time soon?
  183. brice


  184. brice

    Terrafin is crap !

  185. brice

    New flying fish

  186. brice

    Release the small tunas guys

  187. brice

    O2 Sensor Joint 1997 OX66 225 EFI

    My 98 ox66 has the style on the left. Are you going after 02 sensors for your rough idle?
  188. brice

    What's your go to wax for the boat??

    Colonites Insulator wax. To cut/buff, 3m imperial finishing compound then finess-it on a foam pad.
  189. brice

    Fathom reel foot/Alps triangle reel seat

    Tried to put my fathom on a rod with an alps triangle reel seat and the recess in the reel seat is too large to secure the reel foot. Any ideas?
  190. brice

    1998 OX66 225 EFI high idle

    Jason, did you check the neutral interrupt switch? Starboard side of motor, integrated in you shift linkage. When was the last time you did the low pressure diaphram pumps? Does it idle high and rough or just high?
  191. brice

    New 60lb rig??

    Ss6480xh and fathom 40ld2
  192. brice

    Brand New with case Fuji TS 1440

    Thanks again Jason. Nice meeting you.
  193. brice

    Brand New with case Fuji TS 1440

    As I said in the pm, I'm in!
  194. brice

    If you had 1000 to spend on a FF/transducer.....

    Furuno 628 and the 600w transducer with temp.
  195. brice

    WTB Anchor Chain (30-50ft) 3/16"-1/4"

    Got it. Thanks Matt!
  196. brice


    Falcons 33 Pats 24 Thanks!
  197. brice

    Rod holds

    Text sent. I'm interested.
  198. brice

    1-14-17 - No Halibut, New Boat Report

    Best hull in its class. Can't go wrong with the quality of a grady.
  199. brice

    Penn Fathom 2 speed Drag Problem

    and how full was the spool for those stated drag values?
  200. brice

    Forecast "Turbo" Guides

    Anyone used the Forecast ST guides? Any feedback/field reports? Thinking about using them on a 93h ulua.
  201. brice

    What did i find?

  202. brice

    What did i find?

    Almost looks like the armature off a generator
  203. brice

    Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    Da fuck did you do to that poor blank?
  204. brice

    United Composite 900 Del Mar

    Too bad you are not in sd.
  205. brice

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    I can't wait for the jetty anglers to start yelling that I am running over their lines in the middle of the channel now. brilliant!
  206. brice

    A couple Rainshadow prototypes

    Bill, How long is the glass section of the tip? Thanks,
  207. brice

    New Yoyo Stick (maybe 2)

    Yes!! Sign me up for 2 of each immediately!
  208. brice

    New Yoyo Stick (maybe 2)

  209. brice

    New Yoyo Stick (maybe 2)

    Batson, Any chance at making 8' versions of the 84h and 84xh? Thanks,
  210. brice

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Socal sunrise
  211. brice

    San Jose del cabo

    You probably will not do much trolling. Bring some zukers though if you want. A few raider jigs as well. If you want, bring a bulk spool of 60lb for the captain. Those guys like regular izor.
  212. brice

    San Jose del cabo

    40, 60 and 80 lb rig. Flouro from 40-130. Super mutus from 2/0 to 8/0. Rubber bands and some 2,4,6 oz sinkers
  213. brice

    Are Billfish Protected on LR Trips?

    Smoked marlin tacos with queso Fresca ando salsa quesero is extremely tough to beat. I always try to whack a striper each year to send to the smoker.
  214. brice

    Replacing top shot with braid

    What about a bimini to bimini?
  215. brice

    Comparison of RCJB84H and RCJB84XH

    I am wrapping an 84xh for 60lb. 84h is a great 40lb blank. I wish they made it in an 8' version!
  216. brice

    Batson Rainshadow RCJB84XH, Guides

    Yes. They are fine
  217. brice

    Bulletproof 30 size troller?

    I know this is an old post, and while I do love the tld 2 speeds, do NOT put them in a harness. I have broken two tlds this way (50w and 30w)
  218. brice

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    No you have not.
  219. brice

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    Trying to look through a conventional pair of 14s on the water is extremely difficult. I personally wouldn't want to look through anything more than a 10.
  220. brice

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    Non-stabilized, Baker Marine's product for 350 is hard to beat.
  221. brice

    Yummee trolling speed

    Just make sure there is no marker above your bait and you are fully dragging it in the water (preferably 2-300 feet behind the kite)
  222. brice

    Rainshadow RCJB84H vs. Calstar

    This is 18-20 lbs of drag.
  223. brice

    Recommendation for 30lb blank

    That's a 20-25lb blank
  224. brice

    Inshore Fishing - Best electronics????

    I do not buy in to chirp at the lower end of the market. 600w furuno setup for me.
  225. brice

    For Casting Big Poppers For Big Tuna - Talica 20 or Avet HXJ ?

    Fathom 30 or talica 12. Both reels mentioned are way too big.
  226. brice

    Recommendation for 30lb blank

    Rclb80m or ss6480
  227. brice

    Rainshadows RCJB84h and XH and the new RCJB10H 2 piece jig stick

    Bill do you have any 10h blanks on hand?
  228. brice

    Poor free spool on squall 12

    Hope you are joking about the spool tension knob. All that you do is side load the axial bearings.
  229. brice

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    Freespool, as in whose spool spins the longest after spinning it, does not mean a thing as far as castability. All that means is that you have x ammount of inertia that is trying to continue spinning after being spun. If you are really worried about getting every last inch if distance (it is all...
  230. brice

    Is anyone fishing?

    I always post reports to make sure at least 100 of my best friends are there to share the bite the next day.
  231. brice

    WTB Garmin 740/740s

    As the title says. If you are upgrading your electronics, I am looking for your old 740. Let me know. Thanks, Brice
  232. brice

    Rainshadow dedicated 20lb blank recommendation

    is it the 80L? Any other suggestions welcome.
  233. brice


    Great blank. Get a bigger reel!
  234. brice

    Another Rainshadow 84H

    Josh - What product do you use? I would love a product with the finished properties of DII and and pot life of flex cote. (disclaimer, i have no long term experience with DII)
  235. brice

    Best bait caster REEL

  236. brice

    Another Rainshadow 84H

    i would say 10 mins without any viscosity change. I definitely like the working properties over flex cote though. definitely feels more pliable (but still hard) when cured. Only time will tell.
  237. brice

    Another Rainshadow 84H

    I really like this color combo, especially matched up with the fathoms. 14" foregrip and Alps/Batson hardware. I really like the way the diamond II epoxy lays up. I was only able to do 3-4 guides at a time though.
  238. brice

    Are these even Phenix Blanks?

    I bought one from from day at the docks (20-40) and haven't had any issues so far. So is it a phenix blank or not?
  239. brice

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C 12-30lb custom wrap

    Thanks!! I hate to part with it but the urge to wrap another is too great :)
  240. brice

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C 12-30lb custom wrap

    Bump. The flash is making the red in the guide wraps look brighter than It actually is here.
  241. brice

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C 12-30lb custom wrap

    One of the all-time ultimate 20lb sticks. 8' 12-30lb. Fuji reel seat, alps mxn guides, hypalon. $130 or trade for ??? Please PST Thanks
  242. brice

    1500 dollar budget

    you absolutely CANNOT beat fathoms for the cost. fathom 12 for 20lb, 25n for 25/30lb, 30ldII for 40lb. If you can, wrap some rainshadows (will be around 150 bux a rod) 80xl, 80l and 84h
  243. brice

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C Re-wrap

    This will be a fun 20lb stick. I wanted to keep the original color scheme and layout. Decals from
  244. brice


    I'll take both. Where are you located?
  245. brice

    Super Seeker Blanks

    I am local and interested in the 80h
  246. brice

    Flip flops

    Olu kai. Thank me later
  247. brice


    Great yoyo blank! Nice clean work!
  248. brice issues

    Has anyone had issues with them? I have a usps issue: package in same place for 1 week "in transit", supposed to be 2 day priority. I emailed them to see if they had any insight on the issue on 2/1. I have tried contacting them via phone and email for the past week with no response. Usually they...
  249. brice

    Weather App

  250. brice

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  251. brice

    Rainshadow Blank Recommendation

    I just built an rclb80m and consider it a heavy 30/light 40. Great blank
  252. brice

    Braided fishing line

    In my experience, for local fishing (kelp cutter rigs / bottom fishing exempt), it is not necessary. That being said, I use spectra backing on all my rigs so I can change my mono top shots without re-spooling each reel every-other time I go fishing. Short top shots, less than 30-50 yards, will...
  253. brice

    Finger Bankin 1/2/16

    I have an idea. Delete all the gayness of getting picked up and get this back to a fish report. Great job bd dudes!
  254. brice

    Fish Report: 1/2/2016

    What shimano setup did you use to catch the sculpin?
  255. brice

    Boat guides or rollers for 80lb mono glass blank

    He asked about an all mono setup, so that is what I advised.
  256. brice

    Boat guides or rollers for 80lb mono glass blank

    All roller for 80lb mono troller hands down.
  257. brice

    Cheating bleed through on a RCLB80M

    One more. I really like this color combo. This will be my heavy 30/seabass stick
  258. brice

    Cheating bleed through on a RCLB80M

    Good to know FatCat. I knew people had to have done this in the past. The only person that I found had previously used this technique was a guy on the NERBS facebook page. I will definitely be using it again.
  259. brice

    Cheating bleed through on a RCLB80M

    Laziness drove me to brainstorm of ways to keep the white from bleeding without paint, cp or multiple layears of thread. I used 1/16" wide model pinstriping tape under the trim bands. It turned out well!
  260. brice

    some christmas projects

    Cool. Waterjet?
  261. brice

    Going to try white again

    So I was determined to cheat on my latest build. I put 1/16" pinstriping underneath the trim bands and it worked well. I'll post some better pictures when it's done drying
  262. brice

    Jigstick blanks

    Check out the uc line. I have a ce1000wahoo and really like it
  263. brice

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    My mom and my fiance
  264. brice

    Stringari photo collection

    One of my neighbors in santee has a yellow hulled 18'. Bitchen rig.
  265. brice

    30 lb 8 foot anchovy rod recommendations please

    Resurrecting this thread. Just found a pacificstik p791c for $20. Awesome stick!!
  266. brice

    SuperSeeker 6470H

  267. brice

    Rod Bond

    I use the "that looks about right" method.
  268. brice

    Selling some vintage gear

    Do you have any blanks?
  269. brice

    Major hurricane Patricia Heading towards Puerta Vallarta

    This is a HUGE one. Currently cat 5 with 160kt recorded winds and will remain a cat 5 @ landfall. ITS TIME TO GTFO. Stay safe guys.
  270. brice

    Offshore Why Wahoo Are Hard to Catch

    Cool video. If you want to put more pressure on the fish after the strike (drive hook in), palm (hit) the spool as the fish is running.
  271. brice

    Andros 12iia vs Fathom 40nld2

    Fathom hands down.
  272. brice

    What rod for Torium 20HG

    seeker 270h-8 or 6480
  273. brice

    SMB 10/10 - Hot as hell, bullets

    Bolitos. THE bait for big tuna down south. Also make killer marlin bait. Very hard to keep in tuna tubes.
  274. brice

    Hypalon in san diego on a sunday?

    Thanks. Fishermans landing was the ticket.
  275. brice

    Tuna Belly

    Separate (shave) the thin membrane from the belly meat. Cut the fins off: Score the meat and season however you want (Olive oil, salt, pepper, red chili flake, garlic powder, minced garlic, chili powder, sesame oil and ponzu): Grill on foil: Enjoy!
  276. brice

    Mystery Challenge

    Very, very nice. What side thread?
  277. brice

    Hypalon in san diego on a sunday?

    Are there any shops open today that carry hypalon? Need a 12" and 14" .750" id. Thanks,
  278. brice

    Astros Axis Phenix

    Love that color combo jt. Flawless epoxy job as well. What product do you use?
  279. brice

    Rods and Reels for Sale - Phenix, Penn, etc

    I will take the 6480. Only problem is that I am in san diego :(
  280. brice

    Race to Louisiana-Win A Trip

    in thanks!
  281. brice

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    Brice entered.
  282. brice

    This guy stole my lingcod bait!

    Nice report. How deep when you got the hali?
  283. brice

    Rainshadow RCJB84H

    Thanks guys. I'm a little bummed out. I just came to the realization that I built this rod with eva grips. How long can I expect them to hold up for 40lb duty?
  284. brice

    Rainshadow RCJB84H

    This blank is sick. Going to make a great heavy 40lb tuna / yoyo / heavy seabass rig.
  285. brice

    Toad yellows in La Jolla

    Sonar fish or on the anchor?
  286. brice

    Rainshadow RCJB84H

    "Sunset" More pics later.
  287. brice

    Will we see YFT over 100lbs?

    I don't know much, but I do know this: If you are in an area catching 3-25lb yft, you will not be catching a 100lb yft.
  288. brice

    Seeker CJBF 100 Jig Stick

    Problem solved :)
  289. brice

    Ensenada Mordida

    He hadn't made it to club Paris yet.
  290. brice

    WTB 6480 or 6490

    Bump. Interested in ss6480 or black steel 6480s. No h's, sorry.
  291. brice

    WTB 6480 or 6490

  292. brice

    WTB Seeker Pinhead SD8

    PST. Thanks!
  293. brice


    Whichever company you go with, get glass lenses. I am very hard on sun glasses and if I did not have glass lenses my MJs would have been destroyed 5 years ago.
  294. brice

    Live bait reel?

    This will be your chovie / light live bait setup. Get a star drag (torium 14 sized) and thank us later.
  295. brice

    United Composites question

    i use the 1000wahoo as my 40lb stick.
  296. brice

    United Composites Jig Rod Blanks

    i like my 1000wahoo
  297. brice

    Lever drag for 40#

    Fathom hands down. The others listed don't come close (drag profile and thrust bearing being the main 2)
  298. brice

    FS: Shimano torium 16 with upgrades.

    what is plastic on cast?
  299. brice

    Avet JX 6/3 OR FATHOM 25N 2 SPEED

    I have figured it out. And IMO the drag curve leave a lot on the table. And did i mention no binding?
  300. brice

    Avet JX 6/3 OR FATHOM 25N 2 SPEED

    Robert, The drag on the penn reels are a no contest vs the avets. A much more linear drag curve with positive incremental engagement. The reels feel solid in the hand and bearing free spool is on par with avets.
  301. brice

    Avet JX 6/3 OR FATHOM 25N 2 SPEED

    Fathom hands down. A few steps above the jx
  302. brice

    Offshore 2 Day on the Legend

    christ dude.....
  303. brice

    FS For Sale Andros 5ii

    SOLD! Thanks Ken!
  304. brice

    Help Us Name Our Mascot!!

  305. brice

    FS For Sale Andros 5ii

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I not longer wish to trade for an Avet JX and would like to sell outright. Gunmetal / Orange unit for sale. Minimal use, a few boat rides at max. Reel was taken apart, drags cal-greased, all insides coated with synthetic grease, non spool bearings packed and spool bearings...
  306. brice

    Offshore BFT at the point 6_24

    So will I be getting a debit on the cash I threw in for the trip? :D
  307. brice


    84H for a dedicated 40lb rod. Can fish 50 too.
  308. brice

    UC CE1000Wahoo

    Here is mine static tested with 15 lbs. Interesting blank. We'll see how she does
  309. brice

    WTT Andros 5ii (grey/orange) for Avet JX

    I am open to colors. Pls "start a conversation" for offers
  310. brice

    WTT Andros 5ii (grey/orange) for Avet JX

    Single speed - you add cash. 2 speed - I add cash.
  311. brice

    WTT Andros 5ii (grey/orange) for Avet JX

    Reel is spooled with 300 yds solid 40lb spectra spliced into 100 yds jb hollow 65lb. Pics will be up shortly. Reel was taken apart, drags cal-greased, all insides coated with synthetic grease, non spool bearings packed and spool bearings cleaned / tsi'd. It is an awesome little powerhouse...
  312. brice

    Andros 5ii vs 12ii handle arm length

    Since the 12s are out now i have a question forbthose who have both: Is the 12ii arm longer than the 5ii and are they compatible?
  313. brice

    Andros 12-II Update

    Kenji- Is the handle any longer from spindle to grip than the 5ii?
  314. brice

    Andros 12-II Update

    Kenji do u have an andros 5ii? Can u get a side by side comparrison of the 2?
  315. brice

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  316. brice

    California Bluefin Tuna Regs (video )

    Haha GREAT video Hardcor. Way to pull the googans out of the woodwork too. I laughed out loud.
  317. brice

    40lb bait stick blank for straight spectra

    Thanks Bill. Rod build #2 coming shortly. Since you have experience with this blank, would you recommend 8 or 9 guides (excluding tip top)
  318. brice

    40lb bait stick blank for straight spectra

    Bill- do you think this blank is too stiff for a dedicated 40lb stick? It is rated 40-80
  319. brice

    40lb bait stick blank for straight spectra

    Forgot to least a 7' rod
  320. brice

    40lb bait stick blank for straight spectra

    I searched and didn't get a definitive answer. What are my blank options for a soft tip, fast-moderate action blank that will be forgiving enough to handle short mono top shots without pulled hooks?
  321. brice

    Offshore Close range BFT

    It sure is going to be an interesting year...
  322. brice

    Orange County Sportfishing Show May 30 and 31 by Pacific Coast Sportfishing

    I will be woring this weekend :( can someone buy me a pheniX seconds blank in 30-60 if they have any?
  323. brice

    Shimano Torium reel schematic (previous model)

    Where can I find the previous model reel schematic on your website? I am trying to source bearings for a torium 14. Thanks,
  324. brice


    I have one I could possibly sell / trade. Pst me.
  325. brice

    The things I learned during my first attempt at guide wrapping

    It is not hard. Just follow observation #2 from my list and save yourself some panic :)
  326. brice

    The things I learned during my first attempt at guide wrapping

    - I wanted a power wrapper....I have no idea when i would have used a power wrapper. (blocks worked great, thanks John) - I epoxied all guides (9 + tip) at once. I will split them up next time (epoxy set time). - Watch your epoxied guides! I was able to take epoxy out of the wrap, but once it...
  327. brice

    newbie need some help

    buy a torium 16 or torium 20, a 7'-8' 20-40lb rod off of the fishing classifieds forum on here (~$250). Spool it with 25lb mono and jump on a 3/4 day boat. or this:
  328. brice

    planer boards

  329. brice

    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    old school...bimini to worm knot (mono). double albright (flouro)
  330. brice

    Calstar GF 100j, 6485 L, Shimano Clarus rod + More!!!

    if you ever make it down to san diego i'll take the shadow stalker
  331. brice

    deckhand job

    My advice worked for me when I was searching for my first deck job (In 2004, on this site). Maybe things have changed.
  332. brice

    deckhand job

    Dear sir M1BMF, If you are serious about finding a deck job, put some effort into it. At the very least an intelligent post with a half-assed resume. Thanks, The internets
  333. brice

    WTB Torium 20

    Pls PST
  334. brice

    WTB Purple Avet SX or MX Single Speed

    Thanks Jeff. PM sent. Any others?
  335. brice

    WTB Purple Avet SX or MX Single Speed

    PST with price. Thanks,
  336. brice

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    there is the slightest kink in mine. It will be un-noticeable once wrapped.
  337. brice

    Shimano New Shimano TN16A vs used gold Shimano TN16

    Any saltwater tackle shop should have carbontex drags and the dc spring.
  338. brice

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    hard to beat $60 phenix blanks!
  339. brice

    Shimano New Shimano TN16A vs used gold Shimano TN16 the upgrades are extremely easy to perform.
  340. brice

    Shimano New Shimano TN16A vs used gold Shimano TN16

    16/20/30 are all the same internals. Unless smething changed with the A line
  341. brice

    UC CE1000Wahoo

    Thanks Bill. Waiting for a call back from Squidco when they get more in. I'll report in after i pull on one.
  342. brice

    My latest creation

    Killin it.
  343. brice

    UC CE1000Wahoo

    So? Who has fished one? Thoughts? Pics? Where can i get one in San Diego?
  344. brice


    I need some clamp-on rail mount rod holders. If anyone from the san diego area is heading down please let me know.
  345. brice

    Randy Penny's Personal Seekers F.S.

    pardon my ignorance, but who is Randy Perry?
  346. brice

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    So you spent the $$$ for 40-50 gallons of boat fuel, truck fuel, bait, and Mexican licenses. You had to cut your trip short and "risk it all" over 25$/person. Was it worth it?:rolleyes:
  347. brice

    Go to rod for local

    While my teramar 8' mh doesn't have the best action, I have it paired with a torium 16. It pulls double duty as my 25lb bait stick and 40lb backup jigstick. This combo in both load-outs has killed A LOT of fish (for a very reasonable price.)
  348. brice

    What kind of fish is this?

    talked to the DFG volunteer at the ramp this afternoon about your catch. Very cool specimen. It must have been eating too much red crab :)
  349. brice

    They're Baaaaaaaaaaaack..........And We Dodged a Bullet!

    Yes, because being asked if you are abiding by Mexican law while fishing in Mexico is scary.
  350. brice

    Okuma Cortez CZ5CS NIB (Sell or Trade?)

    Perfect 20lb reel. Drag is SMOOTH (smoother than my Toriums with carbontex). Never been used. $110 shipped or trade for ??
  351. brice

    Black marlin aboard the El Matador 02/25/2015

    that is a healthy looking specimen. nice job on the quick fight.
  352. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    So here is the final model. A stock Andros 5ii handle is 2.75". This is .75" longer than the stock handle (3.5" from axis center to axis center) and the same length as a torium / trinidad handle used on the outer lug. I'm going to cut the first batch out of 6061. I will put the break in it...
  353. brice

    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    Still have the gps? Would you be willing to ship it?
  354. brice

    Fujinon Stabiscope 12x40

    how old are they? has the motor ever been replaced? has the locking mechanism been replaced? has the cage been replaced? Thanks,
  355. brice

    looking 4 a smooth 20lbs class reel...

    I have one of these (NEW) for $90 shipped to your door. PM if interested. I bought it for the GF but she ended up with a spinning reel.
  356. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    I use solidworks. I will update this thread when i waterjet, tap and bend it.
  357. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    Something like this (0.750 longer)
  358. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    I don't think I need to have a debate with you whether or not I think the handle is too short. Anywho, I'm just going to make my own. Stay tuned.
  359. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    handle is too short for any application, especially a 2 speed capable of fishing 40lb with a 6:1 gear ratio.
  360. brice

    Andros 12ii handle interchangeable with 5ii?

    Okuma, Will the handles be interchangeable? If so, how much longer will the 12ii handle be than the 5ii and when can we order one?
  361. brice

    Longer handle for Andros 5ii

    Robert / Bill- How much longer is the handle from spindle centerline to grip?
  362. brice

    Longer handle for Andros 5ii

    I like the reel, but it is in definite need of more torque. Who is going to make a longer handle?
  363. brice

    Okay, who is going to make a longer handle for the Andros 5II??

    I like the reel, but it is in definite need of more torque. Who is going to make a longer handle?
  364. brice

    Rod touching the rail

    ^this. Stop caring about the IGFA. if you don't like their rules, make your own organization for YFT (that is what all this drama is about anyways) and have at it. Use as much rail as you want. Put a bicycle seat on the rod and ride it into the record books. :D
  365. brice

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Roca Partida. Nothing Like sitting on the pick and chunking for 400lbers
  366. brice

    California wants to overregulate your tackle box

    They have already banned lead in waterfowl sports. This does not surprise me. I believe they tried to do something similar before. Remember the steel sinkers being marketed?
  367. brice

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    and i i bet superzoo would kill 10 bft, 10 yft and 10 albacore on an overnight in us waters if given the chance. get a clue dude.
  368. brice

    Offshore Anybody in o'side or dana w/ a boat and a Flying Gaff desperate

    one license plate, one isis terrorists head, and a twinkie.
  369. brice

    Okuma's new Metaloid Reels catching local YFT

    300 yds of 40 spectra, 100 yds of hollow 65 short top shot of mono
  370. brice

    Torium 20, Fathom 25H, Saltist Black/Gold 35H ??????

    torium 16. torium 14 is limited to 20lb (maybe 25). Drag washers are tiny.
  371. brice


    tortilla fish. (local los cabos name). good for trolling for roosters.
  372. brice

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    agreed. tighten quotas on commercial fishing. don't drag sport fishing into this mess.
  373. brice

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    I always knew mexico was ass-backwards (that's why i love it) but this takes the cake. banning the take of a sport-caught fish to promote the conservation of a species is like telling a fat chick to get skinny by doing a few crunches each day. i hope something got lost in translation here...
  374. brice

    Reel advice - 30#

    to that I would say: i bet you guys fish a lot of vertical jigs and troll.
  375. brice

    HELP>>>>My Seats are Browning on top.

    get new cushions, store out of sunlight when not using the boat. Any sort of chemical or abrasive will break down the vinyl and although they might look better for a short while, they will disintegrate twice as fast after application.
  376. brice

    WTT MY Torium 16/20/30 Alan Tani handle for your FACTORY handle

    i got really busy with work and dropped the ball on the trades. i will talk to the people i was talking to earlier again tomorrow. no inherently negative reason for the trade. i bought the reel with a power handle and I don't like how much offset the grip has normal from from the arm. personal...
  377. brice

    Reel advice - 30#

    just get a torium. skip the trini.
  378. brice

    Baker Binos

    for conventional binos bakers are my favorite as well. get the eye cups.
  379. brice

    WTT MY Torium 16/20/30 Alan Tani handle for your FACTORY handle

    Must not be beat up. Must be in San Diego. No shipping. Thanks.
  380. brice

    Bimini twist question.

    35-40 turns (braid) / 22-25 turns (mono) are more than enough wraps of each respective line type. if 50 wraps makes you more confident in your knot then so be it. the first 3-5 or so wraps are the most important anyways...
  381. brice

    Wooden gripe finishes

    linseed oil is terrible. it will turn the soft grain black.
  382. brice

    Looking for a kite

    just buy a boston big game. new they are under 50 bucks.
  383. brice

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    bad line or you are tying it wrong. it is a ~85-90% knot which means it should break at around 100 lbs for 40lb line.
  384. brice

    Stingray -edible?

    thats a pretty small stingray. must have only been a few days old. they grow to ~100lbs within the first year. Are you sure you didn't catch a batray? batrays are usually a brownish-tan color and a lot smaller and rounder than their stingray cousins.
  385. brice

    Whats the best stabalized image binoculars

    the techno-stabies are decent. I never liked the Frazers due to their narrow FOV.
  386. brice

    lost gaff to fish

    LOLif you are losing a gaff to a 40 lb tuna then you should probably take up golf instead
  387. brice

    Freespool Comparison

    you will never be able to compete with star drags in the casting department; especially with light baits. there is just too much inertia associated with a LD. also, i love my andros 5ii but the drag profile will not work with line under 30lbs. it is way too steep.
  388. brice

    Looking for Suggestions on Single Speed 40 lb reel

    good ol' torium 20. the torium line is by far the best bang for your buck in a modern reel.
  389. brice

    fishing straight mono
  390. brice


    I deckhanded for Oscar when I was 15. I cannot remember the 2nd's name but he was a younger guy as well. He was one of the nicest captains I have worked for. Delta, if that boat ever goes up for sale PLEASE let me know, I would like a shot at it.
  391. brice

    Line Setup for Bluefin Tunas (or Island Yellowtails)

    you need the stretch. Spectra+short flouro is only an advantage when fishing the kelp line.
  392. brice

    Weather this weekend...

  393. brice

    talica 12ii equal?

    i would love to see a size comparison between the andros 12ii and tac12ii before i pull the trigger. does anyone even have pictures of the andros 12ii?
  394. brice

    tuna cord grip

    I did my first one a few weeks ago. I painted on a coat of classic coat to the roughed up blank and start wrapping. Finished off with a turks head and 1 coat of spar urethane.
  395. brice


    i was in there today. friendliest staff i have ever seen for a tackle shop. a+
  396. brice

    Smoooooth Drag Ceramic Bearings

    if you ship i will take a set. located in san diego.
  397. brice


    can we say blowout? *edit* annnnnd another td seahawks LOL
  398. brice

    this oughta make ya sick......

    if you think people have done THIS for 5 thousand years, you might want to do a little searching:rolleyes:
  399. brice

    this oughta make ya sick......

    that almost brings a tear to my eye. that is rape.
  400. brice

    I am interested in a boat partner, I have a 22 foot grady White Seafarer in Newport.

    partnerships can be challenging. but how else should he break it down? why are you even posting in this thread if you in fact do have a 60' bertram?
  401. brice

    mako / marlin magnet

    they don't make a difference.
  402. brice

    Chief 2.5 day Questions!

    drop the trips to 1.5 day (min time to fish colonette) and you might have some more takers.
  403. brice

    Whale Watching Forum?

    I like the idea. Can we get a Sail boat and Trawler forum as well? Maybe a forum for those individuals who don't really want to fish but just love being outdoors and witnessing all of the ocean's natural beauty; especially how wonderful sea lions are.
  404. brice

    Dominator real report

    wow lol great story but could you please use some periods next time its hard to read without them anyways the dominator is a nice boat that anthony and frank know their stuff okay i have to got o work now but please use some commas and periods next time okay?
  405. brice

    East county SD public land pig kill

    whatever... anyways, got this at the 9 yesterday
  406. brice

    7.62X54R Spam can ammo

    wasn't meant to be a dig at ya. You're helping people save 10-20 dollars overall per can with less wait time. If you have friends with rifles that shot 5.45x39 and want to do a group buy let me know. I can always use some more milsurp.
  407. brice

    7.62X54R Spam can ammo

    is it this stuff? i should have gotten with you on a group buy on 5.45x39 :)
  408. brice

    Report form the Condor Crew

    when/if the remaining bft move on and if the yft don't move up the line then all we will be left with are yellows and dorado. fishing on the inner banks right now sucks. have to drive 80 miles to find scratchy (at times good) tuna fishing. that is what he was talking about.
  409. brice

    yellow tail people are keeping

    Nardo- Shut up and slip away into the shadows. Your comments are a hypocritical and an idiotic.
  410. brice

    WTT Newell 322-5 for Torium 14-20

    Reel is gone to Aleguzzler. Thanks for the swift trade Gene! Enjoy the 322!
  411. brice

    WTT Newell 322-5 for Torium 14-20

    forgot to mention that it has the aluminum spool
  412. brice

    yellow tail people are keeping

    shut up Tues the libs are getting butthurt.
  413. brice

    yellow tail people are keeping

    I can catch 5lb yellows on horse sardines with 6/0 hooks all day long.
  414. brice

    yellow tail people are keeping

    So you're saying that you would not keep any fish on a fishing trip within two day range? We all wish that the kelps were holding bigger grade fish but that is not always the case, especially around the tuna grounds.
  415. brice

    Stolen gear, please be on lookout

    Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure they got some older Sabre Troll Rods too. plj46- I just filed one. thanks.
  416. brice

    WTT Newell 322-5 for Torium 14-20

    have one possible trade but communication is spotty. so BUMP!
  417. brice

    Stolen gear, please be on lookout

    All I really want back is the okuma/seeker combo. By far my fav. 40lb setup.
  418. brice

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Summer Species Photo Contest ends August 26th

    My 330 YFT Would love to get my hands on this reel. Especially since half my gear just got stolen out of my garage:madfire:
  419. brice

    elliott yachts

    El Tigre is by far the coolest one ever made. Low slung and wide.
  420. brice

    Stolen gear, please be on lookout

    Had some rods and reels stolen out of my garage last night near El Cajon -Accuplated (all gold) Penn 500 on Seeker Black Steel jig stick -Okuma Titus Gold TG 20S filled with 65lb spectra/short 40lb topshot on Seeker American Series (orange blank) 30-80 lb; had "Brice's Rod" sharpied near upper...
  421. brice

    WTT Newell 322-5 for Torium 14-20

    New bearings, carbontex drags, 100 yds of 50 spectra. Pretty damn good condition, minimal rash. six one nine seven four two nine seven nine five
  422. brice

    Found the schooling OPAHS

    you're not a very good troll...
  423. brice


    weather sucked, fish bit yesterday.
  424. brice

    Help on Set Up for Trolling on Blackfin 29

    like ali said, those tlds (in the exact size) are my go to san diego trolling reel. congrats on the deal!!
  425. brice

    Help on Set Up for Trolling on Blackfin 29

    buy 4 used senator 4/0s off of craigslist on whatever rods. spool up with straight 60lb. congratulations you now have 4 rigs to catch anything within range of your boat! outriggers aren't needed depending on the amount of white wash your boat throws out at trolling speed. if you can find clean...
  426. brice

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    C'mon joe, give him a break. We all know he meant to say 'quality and persistence.':rolleyes:
  427. brice

    My patience is wearing thin......

    i'm not sure where your boat is but i use Memo at Hoffman Canvas. He has done all my work for me over the years on the charter boats. Reasonably priced and pretty good quality. 619 584 8699
  428. brice

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    what people don't realize is that freespool, while it is dependent on bearings and reel build, is also very dependent on momentum. A heavier spool will freespool longer all other variables held constant than a lighter spool. A heavier spool is also harder to start rotating which will result in...
  429. brice

    5 kidnappings

    excellent video. this is why i love baja.
  430. brice

    Offshore producer overn Fuckin ass clown skipper on producerwhat happened tighter last weekend

    i guess they don't require an IQ test to be a heavy equipment operator?
  431. brice

    Torrey Pines cluster F Bed Thread

    i always wondered what the fascination was for giving away free, current, zone specific dope to people you don't even know. is the hope to make yourself seem more knowledgeable/popular?
  432. brice

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 6/19

    I too have become a fan. Thanks a bunch.
  433. brice

    Made in China XtraTufs: Just how bad are they?

    No, I will not consider Shimano's boots. Please don't suggest them :) I have worn out my USA made XtraTufs. They lasted me close to four years of hard use. My question to those with the China made boots is: How often do you use them? How are they holding up? Any noticeable differences from...
  434. brice

    There Just Might be a little issue with the WR Mako...

    did you use the rail at least?
  435. brice

    PB calico

    in before bass naz....oh nevermind, too late
  436. brice

    Fish SJD or Cabo?

    Dutch- without a doubt fish SJD. The big guys should be here soon.
  437. brice

    Rubbing Compound or Restorer?

    It all depends on the amount of oxidation. Light oxidation can be taken off with many cleaner waxes ect. Heavy oxidation will require a heavy cut. Extreme oxidation needs a wet sand. If you use a cleaner wax on an oxidized surface all you will be doing is cutting a small layer of oxidation and...
  438. brice

    Oceanside makos

    make sure to gaff them in the gills or tail, and never right behind the dorsal.
  439. brice

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    mackerel sushi is actually quite good. :confused:
  440. brice

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    my PB halibut, and a Calico on the plug thanks for the chance!
  441. brice

    New revo inshore not going in gear?

    it's a very common problem with the revos
  442. brice

    Time for an Upgrade

    they didn't take water over the transom. they hit the reef.
  443. brice

    Are seabass really GAY, if so does that make squid gay too?

    you found this year old thread and replied to it just to reference a beasteality clip?
  444. brice

    2013 sheep head regulations

    yes, yes you did.
  445. brice

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    We call her Muffy. Found her in the desert three years ago.
  446. brice

    Relentless Auction Jan 11

    Cool looking boat. too bad its glass over ply...
  447. brice

    2012 Seabass Review (video)

    cool video gary. take me with you!:rofl:
  448. brice

    'Pile Produced - Sat 1/5/13

    wow! what a riveting response, 4bruce. Yes, in fact he "did he said in so cal" The rockpile is located 30 miles southwest of "did he said in so cal" so i can see where you could have becamed confuse.
  449. brice

    Interested in your comments

    Why don't you guys stop bashing the "elitist" IGFA and start your own West Coast Yellowfin Organization. Problem solved. The IGFA rules work for every other species for everyone else in the world, so why would they change it for a minority group of individuals with a very niche angling method...
  450. brice

    2012 Video year in review

    great video. makes me want to get a yak! jealous!
  451. brice

    New IGFA YFT Record

    400lb yft tuna don't eat jigs very often. just sayin....
  452. brice

    New IGFA YFT Record

    how dare you put logic into this Magneto.
  453. brice

    New IGFA YFT Record

    ya know, there is a difference between main line and a leader, right? he clearly stated, as does the igfa rulebook, the the main line (including backing) must test under 130lbs. That means no 130lb class momoi, izor ect. This also means no 130lb labeled backing. The leader breaking strength...
  454. brice

    New IGFA YFT Record

    here we go with the horseless, butt hurt long range crowd.....
  455. brice

    New IGFA YFT Record

    except it was not IGFA legal. the all tackle IGFA world record yellowfin is now held by rojo and crew. congrats guys!
  456. brice

    Premade wind on leaders

    x2 basil is the only one i trust for pre-made wind-ons
  457. brice

    Chame Pino contact info

    let me know if you need help contacting chame.
  458. brice

    I'm so pissed I can't sleep 1:15 am

    you put navigational hazards in the middle of the BIG bay, someone almost takes out their running gear in your poly-prope, and you're mad? :rofl:
  459. brice

    La Marina Inn in San Jose Del Cabo

    i love la marina. i would highly recommend it to anyone.
  460. brice

    Isn't it time for these?

    you released em, right?
  461. brice

    Offshore Bluefin spotted on Searcher at 200mi Friday

    judging by the shorts i would hope mid-80s:rofl:
  462. brice

    Just heard on lets talk hookup, 400+lbs yft

    congrats to russel, harry jr. and crew.
  463. brice


    congrats! that's my very good friend (and old deckhand) on the right.
  464. brice

    New Rancho Leonero boat

    have a safe trip down the line guys!
  465. brice

    TJ or Tecate ...driving to Ensenada

    no brainer.....Tecate.
  466. brice

    Indian announcement today

    while this scenario works for 99% of the workforce, captain/crew are paid per trip. If you to work out hourly wages for the industry would be comical. We do it because we love it/are shoehorned in the industry
  467. brice

    Talica 25 Low gear

    we have two super cows on the talixa 25's. 312 and 330. I love the gear train and drag. If the new frames fix the bending problem these reels will be a great little powerhouse.
  468. brice

    Talica 25 Low gear

    i heard the new frames are supposed to fix this problem though.
  469. brice

    Talica 25 Low gear

  470. brice

    Talica 25 Low gear

    good luck. the frames like to bend/reel seat rivets break at around 20 lbs in the harness anyways.
  471. brice

    How's Cabo end of June

    it's okay...
  472. brice

    Another Super cow!

    This time aboard my sled. First super cow for the boat at 312. Pumped! As you can see we're a bunch of hardasses :rofl:
  473. brice

    Pino's Pangas/San Jose Del Cabo Report 8/31-9/4

    Nice meeting you on friday O! When is your next trip down this way?
  474. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    Kyle- Sounds good man! I'm pretty sure I saw you at the East Cape Bisbee's. I was fishing on a friend's boat. Wayne- Ronny read your reply and said you aren't allowed on his boat anymore. ;) Dick- A Melton LRS 65T 6'6" 30-80. I'm pretty sure they use calstar blanks. O- Sounds good! It's...
  475. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    Hey O- We were walking bullets around the outer. Pepo is my good friend and also my fishing deckhand on the santana. Truly an awesome 3rd gen fisherman and great all around guy. See you down here next weekend. Come by and say hi! Slip S-3. Right in front of the Container/Marina office
  476. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    thanks brotha. i just noticed i bent the reel seat. hah i am going to move the boat to san lucas around that time for the tournaments. you have my number, right? give me a call!
  477. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    To say it was hot would be an understatement. I just finished off my second gallon of water trying to rehydrate:rofl:
  478. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    Thanks guys. We really didn't think it was a 'good' one until after the second hour. Fork length was 77", girth was 68". Some specifics on tackle for those who care: Talica 25 spooled with 60lb Izorline, 80lb Yozuri leader, 4/0 Owner Super Mutu. The reel got pretty hot but I was definitely...
  479. brice

    NFILC-Super Cow Tuna!!!

    The talica passed the 3hr panga torture test. 330! Thanks to my friends Nicholas and Pepo for letting the gringo tag along. ;)
  480. brice

    The REAL DEAL Report - San Jose del Cabo: 7/20-7/29

    why did i even reply to this thread... don't come to los cabos. fishing sucks. ....i'm going back into hiding.
  481. brice

    The REAL DEAL Report - San Jose del Cabo: 7/20-7/29

    we missed quite a few big tuna bites in early/mid july on the mammals and killed a couple nice ones (and a lot of little ones). had some bad luck mid july with some nice tuna coming unbuttoned around the iman area, at least one a morning. the 28th and 29th was a pretty good show on the...
  482. brice

    The REAL DEAL Report - San Jose del Cabo: 7/20-7/29

    big tuna on the beach as well as big pargo/cabrilla on the bottom. and blues in the canyon....RIGHT NOW. are we talking about the same place?
  483. brice

    Offshore Hiddenbank to the BFT at the 230 - 7/23

    an option would be to start using 2 meters like an icom ic-v8000, de-neuter it and use either very high bands or very low bands. that's what we do down here to keep the seiners off the mammals. then again there is always 'that guy' :ashamed: that wants to be the hero and start yapping.
  484. brice

    Offshore Hiddenbank to the BFT at the 230 - 7/23

    ya think? they use scanners and listen to private boaters all day long. giving out numbers/locations over the radio is a quick way to get your fish wrapped.
  485. brice

    East Cape swordfish

    Congrats to my good friends Daniel, Perico, Chato and Chilango for their back to back broadbills. First one went 240 and was a very quick fight. The 340 was hooked on 30lb with a 100lb leader and went 2.5 hrs. Awesome!
  486. brice

    Cow Town 12 -15 and 17 Team Ana Maria

    congrats on the trip guys. here's a pic for ya.
  487. brice

    Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

    Anyone fishing it?
  488. brice

    problem with my floscan, bad mileage

    i lo' da' viroment
  489. brice

    No Thanks.

    YouTube - SWTH - Climbing a 1768 ft radio tower!
  490. brice

    Offshore 9/11 Hidden report, sinking vessel rescued

    can you say dry rot/de-lamination? glad everyone is okay
  491. brice

    This made me sick to my stomach

    i like turtles YouTube - Zombie Kid Likes Turtles
  492. brice

    marla's the osuna brothers tournament winners

    hey i see lulu! u guys taking care of him danny? congrats on the win guys.
  493. brice

    177 pound OPAH

    lol awesome
  494. brice

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    finally someone with a clue:rofl: owner/operators are a rare breed. expecially six pack operations. There are are few guys that make a decent living but I have seen MANY come and go. Back when fuel was cheaper I would assume it was possible to net some dough but one major mechanical problem and...
  495. brice


    that isn't anything new. You had contact with another vessel in foreign waters. you are required to check in at the customs dock.
  496. brice

    Ever caught a fish with a jig in its mouth already?

    Keith- we boated a mako a few years ago with the same thing. Huge long line hook lodged in its liver. Had a blue come into the slick with it's lower jaw missing and still looked healthy. Mako wrapped up in long line sawing off it's pectoral and looked healthy. These sharks are bulletproof
  497. brice

    Boat SAFER--Take the TEST !

    lets hope .gov actually goes through with this one
  498. brice

    the san diego ripoff

    not when they don't fill them out
  499. brice

    Offshore 8/28 267 Shark test pics

    Glad you didn't get hurt out there. "Cappy" should know better than to bring a live mako (even that size) onto a boat.
  500. brice

    Toyota in deep shit again

    maybe said prius owner is an attention whore
  501. brice


    By the way, I still have my Windsong shirt :)
  502. brice


    truly an awesome person. i was 14 years old when i was deck handing on the windsong. charlie albits got me the job. he was liked by everyone. i am honored to have worked with him. godspeed oscar.
  503. brice

    die antwoord

    lol these guys are rad.
  504. brice


    i worked with oscar when i was about 14. Still have a shirt. I saw the boat up in hunington not too long ago. What is wrong with oscar?
  505. brice


    well i know where i'm going tomorrow. thanks
  506. brice

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    he responded!! <form name="edit_form_user_comments" id="edit_form_user_comments"> </form> <table id="profile_comments_table" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="commentsTableFull "><td style="padding-bottom...
  507. brice

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    Psh....somebody else is trying to slam him for his selfless attempt to rescue that poor BSB from the ocean Channel Comments <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="commentsTableFull"><td...
  508. brice

    Funny Sort of Story

    :frehya2:high def requires tracking 3 satellites(= 3 sea tels). mostly reserved for bigger yachts.:frehya2:
  509. brice

    account receivable, nowhere to be found

    only if it comes with a free stick of ky
  510. brice

    account receivable, nowhere to be found

    welcome to 1099. god i hate it
  511. brice

    Aluminum tower refinishing

  512. brice

    Aluminum tower refinishing

    I have a 52 Hatt with a wiped out tower. Past super duty rubbing compound/insulator wax/alumiguard. It have heard there is a chemical process you can use to reseal the Al after resurfacing it. Does anyone know where I would source the materials?
  513. brice

    boat hits jetty in oside

    He will have to pay for salvage so i'm guessing no.
  514. brice

    2012 Super Chief Pickup by FORD.

    i think i just puked in my mouth a little. no wait, a lot.:supergay:
  515. brice

    Volaris Airline

    i highly recommend them. take the bus from santa fe depot (downtown san diego) to the tj airport for $15. Don't forget to get your mexican visa at the airport ($25 or $40, can't remember) sit at one of the bars and wait for your flight.
  516. brice

    wave piercer pierced

    Whaling controversy aside, the captain of the bat-mobile got what he wanted. "The former Earthrace boat - now known as the Ady Gil - was captained by Aucklander Pete Bethune and had four other New Zealanders and a Dutchman crewing it. Mr Bethune said before his departure he would...
  517. brice

    Need Help!!! Please check this website! Baja 1000 Site.

    hey carlos do you know joe moore? tell him brice says he's a douche:rofl:
  518. brice

    Do you know the rules of the road?

    YouTube - two cruise ship collide <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  519. brice

    not a yellow but just as much fun

    like veil. don't even have to cook it. bear grills that b*tch
  520. brice

    Swordfishing Videos

    Oh SH*T it's Bad Dog!!! World renowned Mola Mola fisherman! That guy is a badass.
  521. brice

    Question about getting sawed off.

    hah tunnel vision+crew asking for customers rod= tug-o-war for said rodLOL
  522. brice

    Caught fishing without a license.

    the law needs to be changed. if the angler is on shore and can produce a license, even if it means walking back to his truck with the officer to grab it, should be okay. OR, how abut a database similar to the DL process. DFG sends you a letter in the mail each year asking for your renewal...
  523. brice

    After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament November 28th

    x10000 Was it worth it? Bisbees cancels days due to weather. Any? reason that a local tournament like this couldn't have been postponed until tomorrow? '
  524. brice

    Paddy hopping in the winter

    damnit, i might have to buy a print. thanks a lot for posting that link, jerk:1041677399:LOL
  525. brice

    Our First PV Cow!!! Nov 19-21

    Great report! Looks like it's heating up down there. Did you happen to see what the water temp was? I'm sure you already know but billfish turn their stomachs inside out regularly when hooked. Nice Blue!
  526. brice

    That's some cool stuff. Anyone know where the term "Nantucket sleigh ride" originated?
  527. brice

    Black Friday Big 5 exclusive BDer coupon

    wondering as well?
  528. brice

    watch your stuff at mb!!!

    there are a couple homeless guys that live around there. i'm down there almost every day, all day so if you want pm me with what was taken and i'll keep my eye out for it.
  529. brice

    Baitfish of the world?

    now why would you say such a crazy thing.
  530. brice

    Mexican permit cost?

    as an individual you cannot personally purchase a daily mex permit. conapesca will have the cheapest prices on weekleys/yearlies but you have to go downtown and deal with that whole process.
  531. brice

    Big 500 lb Thressher off Miami 4/17/2009

    the shark attack pictures are disgusting. who the f*** puts that crap on their charter web site? this guy is a tool.
  532. brice

    Fun at Dana Landing while at blood drive.

    i REALLY wanted to see that thing crumble when the weight was put on the trailerLOL
  533. brice

    WON 2009 Tuna Tourny Video

    great video! thanks
  534. brice

    Lewmar windlass fleming help

    that's it. bind the windlass with a chain/rope around the wildcat and tie it off to a cleat so you can loosen the top of the capstan without turning the windlass.
  535. brice

    Lewmar windlass fleming help

    there should be a "star" shaped hole either in the middle or on the side of the top of the capstan. use your star key that you still have to unscrew it (haha yeah right) or jam crap in there until you can turn it. (3/8' or 1/2' drive extension with a couple flat head screw drivers works pretty good)
  536. brice

    Tricked on Halloween

    Tricked On HalloweenVideo damn allergies
  537. brice

    Record marlin mount

    yes they can. but it will never be THAT detailed. if you have the opportunity to examine a 'cpr' mount vs a hand laid mount it's night and day.
  538. brice

    Wheres the Sharks???

  539. brice

    Offshore waves were big

    please don't
  540. brice

    this is my quick intro - let the blood flow !

    is this the guy drifting the mouth of mission bay jetty yelling at boat traffic to move because it's screwing up his drift?
  541. brice

    saltist v.s. torium why?

    we have a fleet of toriums (6 16s, 6 20s, 4 30s) used as the charter rods. i would never buy another reel for san diego live bait fishing (or jig casting)
  542. brice

    how is fishing out in la jolla kelp

    it's impossible to fish there right now in a big boat. we had 5 swimming with the jigs trolling for bone. anchor up and instantly mobbed by 5+ fur bags and 10+ cormorans unbelievable
  543. brice

    Shimano 50W To Big?

    50 sized reels are way too big for sd. 30 is pushing it. i would get 2 30 sized and two tld 25's for the corners.
  544. brice

    Hi, I am a new chick, hence my SN

    wait what?
  545. brice

    Orcas at La Jolla

    was anyone else out there for the little show yesterday?? I think i counted 5 (2 adults, 3 kids)
  546. brice

    Offshore W. BFLY 080109 How Big Is This Fish

    125. smoke it, get some mexican cheese and salsa. excellent tacos.
  547. brice

    Fish I.D.

  548. brice

    Killed it

    there are a lot of blues this year for whatever reason. fish structure(read banks) rather than temp breaks. good luck.
  549. brice

    Blackjack Charter San Diego

    it's a real nice boat. fish it in late july/august. request capt jack or me, we'll put you on some fish.
  550. brice

    $150 For An Overnighter?

    LOL 150 is a great deal these days. fuel IS going to go back up to 5$ a gallon. mark my words. whatever you do don't ask for the price on an OVN for our boatLOL :(
  551. brice

    What would a pair of used like new Fraser-Volpe cost?

    i haven only used the fraser's a couple of times vs the stabis 'a whole buncha times' so i can't comment on that. i can say hands down i like the fujinon's better though. maybe i just haven't used the FVs enough to get used to them. have you used both?
  552. brice

    What would a pair of used like new Fraser-Volpe cost?

    if you do end up looking at the fujinons, the thing to check for (read, the part that breaks) is the engagement ring actuated by the switch/knob on the side. if it is hard to actuate then it is on it's way out. there is a fix for this issue when it breaks, but it's expensive.
  553. brice

    Gyro Binoculars - recomendation

    agreed. that is my favorite pair right there. and don't underestimate a good pair of conventionals. Our Baker Marines are hands down the best conventional binos i have ever used. Baker Marine
  554. brice

    What the F is this?

    that thing is awesome looking!!!
  555. brice

    The Pursuit

    the islands are kind of a special situation. without the sport boats out there they are unfishable due to furbags.
  556. brice

    The Pursuit

    how to deal with sport boat dickheads A. Grab two trolling outfits B. Tie on two deep diving plugs C. Troll around sportboat dangerously close D. Hookup?
  557. brice

    Which month for Tuna

    hehe i'm just jokin ;)
  558. brice

    Which month for Tuna

    you don't have a spot for February
  559. brice

    Just because its legal...

    The 90 minute figure is not from me, it is from my marine biologist buddy. I don't really have any evidence to discredit his statement since all my fights (if memory serves me correctly) this year were under the 90 minute window. He said that the majority of the fish he has tagged after fighting...
  560. brice

    Just because its legal...

    I wouldn't really be opposed to a thresher card. also, some tips on catch and release This year i caught and released the most threshers ever in my short career as a captain. Between me and my boss we released 27 (all healthy) threshers. Kept one 300+ lb male. One day it reminded me of marlin...
  561. brice

    La Paz, Cerralvo and Espiritu Santo

    OH MY GOD! that needle fish is HUGE!!! LOL awesome pictures
  562. brice

    just so ya'll know

    you should follow your own bio description kid.
  563. brice

    Sand Dab Parasites

    for the sand dabs-- head/fin/tail them on the water chill them in a cooler for a while to let the meat firm up. Peel the skin off of them by putting your thumb in their stomach pouch and separate/push the skin off each side. cooks up like trout. delicious
  564. brice

    Favorite T Troll Spread

    The bigger ones (say over 300) are 100% territorial. We had a 600+ come into the slick last year while a little 80lber and a blue were swimming around. I have never seen sharks tail walk until then. A couple pups will come in here or there but almost all the big ones we have raised have been...
  565. brice

    any info on the fishing in PV in july??

    LOL that was a great little excerpt. and pretty accurate:hali_ruahahaha:
  566. brice

    what is this

  567. brice

    what is this

    not a mud marlin
  568. brice

    What is up with the weather?

    two weeks of crappy weather and counting. Hopefully we get a break soon. Great week to do boat work though! 70* and light breeze :)
  569. brice

    MR> T 5/3

    you have got to be shitting me. you can't be serious with that statement. That is even more uninformed than saying makos eat sea lions. good job on the males.
  570. brice

    yes, I am spamming you, get over it.

    feed them cat food(my macs only like fancy feast...bastards) and/or canned tuna. throw a couple bugs in the receiver. will keep it super clean.
  571. brice

    Bait pen

    round plastic IMO. drop a couple bugs in as well. keeps the pen sparkly clean.
  572. brice

    Funny Stuff

    remember the drone missile bobbing around the west fly (i think, can't remember exactly) approx. 4 years ago? that's hilarious btwLOL
  573. brice

    New Website Launch for El Gato Dos

    looks great!
  574. brice

    Second Station Tower

    you're going to put a tower on a 19' center console?
  575. brice

    anyone know what this is?

    ur a gay fish.
  576. brice

    6-packs out of SD????

    second for dana landing. i'm kind of biased though
  577. brice

    What happened to good old days for YT

    Over-sport-fishing my ass. THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE. remember when the ALBACORE DIDN'T SHOW UP ON THE BANKS FOR +/- 10 YEARS?? Yellowtail are a pelagic species. They might show up at the islands, they might not; but i guarauntee they will be on kelps during the season. Settle down, it's...
  578. brice

    24' Skipjack Custom...what do you think??

    can't go wrong with a skipjack. but those faralon cockpits are ugly as sin IMO. Solid boats though.
  579. brice

    which school do you come from?

    i think it's really funny to me when people name off the type/model of rod/reel/line/hook ect when they talk about fishing albacore, yellowtail, ect. i fish with what is in front of me. (except for tournaments) so i guess i'm in grp 1 to expand on fishnfool's statement, some of the best...
  580. brice

    Old School on the Alma G

    there is no use arguing with this dummy jbarto. he can't even make up a coherent sentence, let alone make any sense in said sentence. If you ignore them maybe they'll go away? (or back to the trout fishing forumLOL)
  581. brice

    Old School on the Alma G

    probably linen (looks like it) pretty bitchen idea. good job
  582. brice

    Need help! Boat Charter

    couple nice boats at dana. ours being one of them :)
  583. brice

    Tuna in April?

  584. brice

    Surface Boil pics

    ^ that picture is classic. LOL ^
  585. brice

    Cabo Saftey????

    no trips to El Toro and you should be fine.
  586. brice

    Bone Fish in Back Bay

    says the guy with the bloody short billed spearfish pictuteLOL
  587. brice

    Bisbee forum/Marlin in Cabo/Fish stories

    Better chance of winning playing craps. There just aren't that many big fish down there. Comes down to who drags a skippy/jig over one at the right time. I like the Los Cabos tournament. Bunch of different categories (big fish, release, tuna, wahoo, dorado). Much more fun IMO That being said...
  588. brice

    BD does AK 2008

    cool vid.
  589. brice

    Fred Hall Del Mar

    when is it? next weekend?
  590. brice

    maybe I am just delusionally tired...

    holy shit that was funny:rofl:
  591. brice

    volaris questions

    sorry, i can't help you there. i have always taxi'd it from Airport>border, walked across and then had a buddy pick me up.
  592. brice

    volaris questions

    nope. don't even get off crossing the border. it's a pretty good operation they have going.
  593. brice

    San Felipe 250...

    i'll be in town racing the Bar Miramar 100LOL
  594. brice

    San Felipe 250...

    i'll be cruising around in this. come say hi if you see me!
  595. brice


    the sad thing is that the closures really aren't about sustaining the fishery. If they were concerned about that there are much better ways of approaching the situation. They just don't want us fishing.
  596. brice

    Pig Salmon Grouper

    that looks like a breeder. hopefully you let it go:rofl: nice bocaccio
  597. brice

    Venice Offshore-Mako Madness and Stud yellowfin.

    don't know how i missed this one. congrats on the mako. that's a nice one!
  598. brice

    Looking for a T Shark Expert

    i hate downriggers. more of a PITA than they are good.
  599. brice

    Brazing question

    get a buddy with a tig machine. i wouldn't trust a ss to silver solder connection. that's just me though...
  600. brice

    How Did Bloodydecks Start?

    well back in the days of the buddy board... oh nevermind.....:hali_olutta:
  601. brice

    Salt Water Angler Logbook Study

    can someone post a pic of one of the forms?
  602. brice

    Salt Water Angler Logbook Study

    i wonder if it is the same log book that we have to fill out as captain's on charters?
  603. brice

    Rockfish and short fish in Mexico answers

    wait....i'm confused. what is "beautiful" about a black sea ass?
  604. brice

    San Diego Anglers 2009 Bay Tournament results

    awesome. thanks again to everyone who helped put this on. John, thanks for letting me fish with you!
  605. brice

    San Diego Anglers Bay Bass Tournament this Saturday (24th)

    good tournament today. i got the opportunity to jump in last minute and i'm glad i did. we ended up 19th. thanks again john!!!
  606. brice

    Avet blues differnet shade

    lol. :urno1:
  607. brice

    Avet blues differnet shade

    i'm sorry, but that is BS. None of our trinidads or internationals are different shades of gold. Just mediocre QC
  608. brice

    New Trend in Japanese Style Jigging

    depending on where you have the pictures hosted, all you need to do is click the edit post button on your original post and transfer that format onto other forums. It won't work if you have the images downloaded to that site, though(like you had). If you do that you would have to go back and...
  609. brice

    New Trend in Japanese Style Jigging

    hah. you posted an attachment link as your url for the [ img] [/ img]. right click the pics on the other forum and get the address to the picture, not the location on the board. that should fix them. and alt+f4 just closes the browser window for people that don't want to get fooled.
  610. brice

    How long will the squid stay around?

    x2. i've said it before and i'll say it again. worst thing to happen to our fishery in a loong time
  611. brice


    lol. thanks for the laugh.LOL anywho, they will be here shortly. It doesn't cost much to go exploring for threshers though...
  612. brice

    Weather Links for any Region

    Jason- The SDCOOS Current link is broken. Here is the correct link. :: San Diego : Data ::
  613. brice


    Theres the secret. You must have Patsey banging them togetherLOL
  614. brice

    NO Excuse Shark Reel?

    The guys fishing big makos out here aren't trolling. Ever. Also, we don't blind fish for that exact reason (mis-match in gear/fish). It's pretty bitchen standing ten feet from a 900+ lb free swimming mako!
  615. brice

    NO Excuse Shark Reel?

    our 80w has a stand up bent butt
  616. brice

    Squid Time

    you have go to be shitting me....already? somebody shoot me :shithappens: worst thing to happen to our fishery in a long time.
  617. brice

    NO Excuse Shark Reel?

    I have never liked Avets. For record hunting we use an 80W on a cut down unlimited stand up rod. For medium to large stuff a straight butt'ed 50w. All others (200 and down) a tld 25.
  618. brice

    Center Console Charter in Cabo

    these guys are pretty cool. Marlin Masters Sport Fishing - Cabo San Lucas
  619. brice

    Looking for Carpe Diem Captain Info

    I know Jeff pretty well. My buddy Santana has his number. I'll get it today.
  620. brice

    Got a License - you will need TWIC

    awesome. more hoops to jump through :shake: thanks for the heads up.
  621. brice

    New organization

    good luck.
  622. brice

    Emergency Contact Information for BCN, BCS and mainland down to Rocky Point

    Hopefully this can help some of you guys out one day if needed. All our riders/chasers carry a copy of this now during Baja Rides/Trips. There is also a word document for download at the bottom. Baja California Heres the list of Baja Emergency Contact numbers.. how to dial them&#8230;etc...
  623. brice


    saw all you guys weighing in. i was running a charter on the osprey jr. congrats to the winners!