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    Maritime Skiffs

    I have not dragged it to socal yet. Soon.
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    Maritime Skiffs

    This rig is amazing. With the BF150, the boat will get on plane at 3500, back off the throttle to 3000 at 28mph. Haven't figured out mpg yet - but should be considerably better than my old rig. Had it out in a bit of slop the other day - and handles and rides very well. Took a bit of spray -...
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    Maritime Skiffs

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    Maritime skiff thread

    Thanks guys! The rig is awesome. But I must say - the experience of buying a rig from the other coast was a trying experience at best. Went to the DMV yesterday for CF number. That was interesting. The motor should be on next week, rigging should be done a week after that - then splash...
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    Maritime skiff thread

    P210 finally got here - took 8+months. Now getting power - then to rigging - then to the water!
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    Maritime Skiffs

    I'll post pics as soon as I can touch the rig.
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Wow...that's reasonable! Where was your boat? Hilton is in Delaware and is going to choose one - but I think it will be at least $5K. I thought about flying out there and renting a one-way truck - but I couldn't justify the time away. Did you go by yourself?
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Hey Andy...the dealer I bought the boat from should be getting the rig next week. Fingers crossed. If true, rig should be here the week after that...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    AWESOME! I have to think of something once the boat gets here.
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Andy - another question, tell me more about the fish cleaning board in the stern? That thing looks slick.
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    Garmin compact reactor and pump

    which Garmin CCU were you using with this setup?
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    Garmin compact reactor and pump

    Interested. Assume unit was working when removed?
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    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    not on the the list...Calico bass. Especially on the surface iron.
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    While working at Yo's, that if one of the first things Yo did after selecting a blank - find the spline/spine. I would imagine trying to describe the process by writing it would result in a few broken tips...easy if you do it right. Finding the spline on the short stubby rods (e.g. 6455XXH)...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Andy - where did you get the enclosure made?
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    Maritime Skiffs

    One of the options I ordered is a '2-tier stern rail around the splashwell' for 550. Looks like that's one of the stainless pieces Maritime is waiting for. Dragon - if this damn thing doesn't get here soon, I'm calling you to hitch a ride on yours!!
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Good question. I don't think it was offered as an option. Probably add it later anyway though. Now if I can just get the dang thing here....
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Finally getting close to delivery time.
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    Garmin transducers

    thanks for the thru-hull info offer. When I think about putting a thru-hull ducer in, testicular shrinkage sets in...
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    Garmin transducers

    that's awesome input...thanks you guys! I think the TM185 is it.
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    Garmin transducers

    Thanks for that. Rig is a 21' Maritime - I fish around Morro Bay / Port San Luis. Rockfish, salmon and croaker. Does the TM-185 you use require an intermediary unit like the Furuno's?
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    Garmin transducers

    Gents - recently bought a GPSMAP 942XS Plus while waiting for a new rig to arrive. There is a multitude of transducers available for this unit. Any input appreciated - which ones you use, etc. thanks
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    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Payne's Sporting Goods on Redondo Beach Blvd in Gardena... what a memory. I used to ride my skateboard made in Mr. Creasy's wood shop at Peary Jr High. About 1967? Tom Payne had a guy working there...can't retrieve the name. His big claim to fame was a yellowtail he caught at SCI on 15#. I...
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    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    Interesting subject with a bit of fluff. I'm bringing a boat from east coast without a motor. Wondering now if it's easier to register in CA without the motor first?
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    1986 Robalo R1800 for sale / SOLD!

    Have a new boat on order and will be delivered in a few weeks. Taking the engine off this Robalo and installing on the new boat. I am the second owner of this Robalo for the past 10 years or so and it has served me well over the years. Had a new transom installed about 5 years ago. The boat...
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    Silaflex Magnum 90

    Dang...nice. I would get a nice coat of flexcoat over the emblem. From a 1961 catalog - PT 90 / 'Heavy action - ideal surf rod - spin or conventional - 10# to 50# Line / 9 1/2ft, (1-pc) / $34.53' - suggested list price $76.75. Expensive rod in 1961!!
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    That 70's Blank

    I agree with IronMike - I think its a Sabre. I think at some point Sabre made composite rods - glass and graphite, I don't remember blank #'s - had an 'X' in it I think.
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    Trueline 3R8

    BTW, the writing on the rod looks like Yo's.
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    Trueline 3R8

    Yeah, should be a great flyline rod for 15/20#. Best memory with that rod is a 67# albacore outside Horseshoe Kelp a few years ago with 15# on the Liberty. Took forever to get that fish in.
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    Browning Silaflex model??

    I have both the Silaflex PT-70 and Browning/Silaflex version. The # looks like the # that is on the Browning version of the PT70 - assume the rod is 7'? None of the Silaflex's I have handle anything beyond 20# line very well. Though I did take a PT70/Mag and fished 25# line on BFT of 40/50# -...
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    Trueline 3R8

    The glass sure looks like Truline. If there is no marking on the butt section, perhaps the rod was cut from the butt - about a foot would include the marking? The glass looks on the thinner side. Maybe something in the LM8 or similar?
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    Maritime Skiffs

    curious - what are you going to get?
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    Maritime Skiffs

    The latest from Maritime...another 6 - 8 week delay to late FEB. Raw material issues and Covid. I put in the order 07SEPT20 with 11/12 week delivery. New orders are being quoted 25 to 30 weeks. I just hope I have the rig before season starts...
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    Primarily.....Per se.
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    Garmin plotter/fm, autopilots

    Thanks for that. Very much appreciated.
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    Garmin plotter/fm, autopilots

    Gang...was wondering who can explain the difference between the GPSMap, Echomap and the Striker lines. I'm leaning toward the GPSMap and Echomap, but still researching. Also looking at autopilots. Lot of input from Simrad AP44 owners, but looking at others - Lowrance Outboard Pilot and Garmin...
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    sportboat name changes

    Not that long ago, there were two converted oil rig crew boats - Bright and Morning Star (BMS) out of H&M (I think?) and the New Image (NI) out of 22nd Street Landing. Both were 90 or 100' and hauled ass. They were some of the last boats to be run with complete disregard for fuel consumption...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Andy - let me know how your rigging is going on your 20P. When my rig gets here, I have to start all over. I'm going to keep the FF, but getting a new plotter. I like separate units. I see a little anchor roller - did you put it on yourself?
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    Speed master 20ii!

    What kind of freshwater reels are you looking to trade for? I have small Calcuttas, Revos...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    By the way, any you guys with the Patriot type console - have an eisenglass enclosure?
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Thanks for the previous thread. A couple of things I did with the order. The rig is being towed cross-country, so I opted for the twin axle trailer. I also got all the ss railings offered. I was initially against the wipers - but decided, yes - there are times when not having to manually...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Thanks guys! That's great to hear! I too looked around for a while and couldn't find a reasonable one - so ended up ordering a new 210P early SEPT/2020. Lead time was 11-12 weeks. Good orders at Maritime is 24/25 weeks now! I have a newer BF150 waiting for delivery of the 210P...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Curious to see how many BD'ers have Maritimes. Would like to hear how they like them? thanks
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    Penn 825 Downriggers

    Any of you guys know if there is anyone that can work on these? thanks
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    Clean center console

    I will have an 1986 18' Robalo CC with a ~2005 115 Honda for sale soon. Will post when ready. Not sure about price yet - but should be attractive.
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    Boat transport question

    Reel Kahuna - can I ask who you used for the transport?
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    Golden Gate Salmon Limit off Rocky Point

    Once shakers hit the deck - mortality is high. Should try not bringing them onboard. I keep them in the water and release.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    thanks Russ...its a good read. I'm for it. But there are 50% who will believe it - and about 50% who will not. No matter how true or false it is.
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    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    I was there last DEC. At the tuna area, lots of seals making bait fishing a challenge - but no sharks. Inside the island fishing for yellows was a different story. The GW were patrolling the shoreline waiting for the seal pups to venture out and BAM. The yellowtail hooking was good - but we...
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    Morro Bay / Port San Luis-Avila

    Well, it's official. Both Morro Bay ramp and Port San Luis sling are shut down. So are the piers. Time to start looking for sand crabs I guess...
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    Saltwater Bennett’s time capsule

    brochures from the local landings and a copy of WON.
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    Buying tackle in 1960's

    Gary Implom...used to own/run a boat out of Redondo Beach. I'm trying to remember the name of the boat....Pursuit? The other boat was the Reel Special run by Homer Lightfoot. I rode the Reel Special a lot. Rock cod trips to Hidden Reef. I remember watching Homer opening the door to the...
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    Help me ID this old jig stick

    Have someone grab the end and put a bend in it. If it's really parabolic - chances are it's a Harrington Harnell. If it was a 10' rod - it'd be worth a bunch! Check that - just saw the pics of the blank with the cork tape off. Yup - looks like a Sabre. 196-8 maybe?
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    Buying tackle in 1960's

    You old farts remember buying tackle at these places? I used to see the Silaflex rods at White Front and wonder if I would ever be able to afford to buy it. The $2 - 3 combos were tough enough let alone $50 for a rod!! I used to buy stuff at the White Front on the corner of Torrance Boulevard...
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    Offshore Fun day on the Speed Twin guys are old.
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    Penn Fathom-Meter 865 Electric Down-riggers

    Sorry - just noticed you are in Carlsbad. Do you ever make it up to the LA area?
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    Penn Fathom-Meter 865 Electric Down-riggers

    Hi - where are you located? thanks Ko
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    Yeah...I remember Mark. Charlie used to bring him fishing.
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    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Interesting nobody mentioned Leon's first shop....Cork 'n Tackle on Western Avenue and about 170th St on the Gardena side of Western. He had that shop before going to work for Sabre. I bought my first custom rod from him in the late 60's. A noodley Fenwick steelhead rod of 9'. Used to fish...
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    Vintage Truline Rods

    I have caught bass and yellows on Vivif and Hoochy Toads. The vivif tended to have a stiff tail - so to give them better action, the tails were shaved - looks like your grandfather used them and thought the same thing. Talk to Matt Salas about the O.Pop jigs.
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    Any pics of label of Silaflex pt magnum series

    Too bad these Silaflex rods are so old. They are going to be like gold - when the bait switches back to anchovies.
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    Any pics of label of Silaflex pt magnum series

    Which Silaflexs' do you have? I think I have a full decal on PT60/PT67/PT70 Magnums I you still need to see what they look like?
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    Charlie has a brother - Don. He might still be around? He worked for an aerospace processing firm. Charlie used to come out fishing on the Fury in the early 80's out of Ports O Call when I was on deck. I have a signed book of his around here somewhere...
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    New LoAn report - 26/28SEP 2 day

    Robert - we initially went in with 50/60#, but got wiped out. After that, we were using nothing less than 80/100#. Less bites, but had a prayer when you got a bite. We had one of the bait fish up to gaff on 80# topshot - but for some reason the spectra (100#) parted. We got a real good look...
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    New LoAn report - 26/28SEP 2 day

    I was fortunate to be invited to a 2 day charter on the LoAn. There were a few things I thought were worth sharing with you all. After a consensus, we decided to fish at SCI. Since there were only 17 of us, catching enough for everyone was easier than for 25 or 30 passengers. We were all...
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    Calstar Grafighter 800H and Calcutta Explorer bag

    Interested in your 800H, if you still have it. I'll be in LA the week of 30SEPT. Will contact you again before I leave for LA.
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    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    Dang...some of you fellas is old. Nobody mentioned the 'Star of Malibu' - with the ferry boat 'Wae-we-go'. I can still hear the guy on the PA announcing the arrival of the ferry at the pier. Also met Sammy Davis Sr fishing on the pier once. Did not know his kid was the famous Jr at the time...
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    Offshore Nuthin But FREEDOM- 1.5 Tuna 9/09/19

    Sherm - good to see the fish bit after we left. We were done - but Greg told us you guys were coming - and kept telling us to keep at least one going until you guys got there. We were wiped out. Good to hear it worked out for you guys.
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    Defiance Yellowtail special 2009 the water or on land? Assume around SD?
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    Offshore 6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Ryan (name?) - awesome. Life is about maximizing odds. I find in my life there are two things you cannot beat....genes and odds. There are always exceptions - most folks spend too much time trying to be one. This bluefin fishing now has many similarities to the bluefin we used to catch every...
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    Bradley, Bradley...who used to have magical powers, We all know he was into golden sh^%$#@...

    Bradley, Bradley...who used to have magical powers, We all know he was into golden sh^%$#@. Limerick wars will live forever.
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    Offshore BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    anybody hear if BFT showed up behind SCI yet?
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    Reliable Kill Bag - 48"

    Sorry forgot while in LA last week. Left you VMX.
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    Reliable Kill Bag - 48"

    Do you ever get up to LA?
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    rod holders for rails

    HI...I'll be in LA next MO/TU and maybe WED. If you still have them - I will buy them from you. If you send me PM, we can xchange #'s. thanks
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    Airmar TM260 Transom Mount Transducer

    Hi...interested. I have a Furuno FCV-585, need to know what all is involved with changing the plug.
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    ISO: CC boat to fish solo

    Keep looking and I am sure you will find one to your liking. I have an old R1800 Robalo - which allows me to go either fresh or salt water. Where I am, we have lakes or the ocean within 15/20 minutes. I started with a Merc 150, started to eat injectors, replaced it with another Merc 150 - and...
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    Furuno FCV-585, FM-4000 and Lowrance 5300

    Hey guys - trying to figure out how to network the three units. Any of you guys have the same/similar equipment and networked the units? thanks K
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    Yup. I was a dock rat in the late '60s. What a great place Pierpoint was. Fished on the barge - Davy's Locker (?) to start with. After going on the 1/2 days a few times (Matt Walsh and Pierpoint), I became a pinhead on the Freedom. I recall four skippers sort of rotated on the three big...
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    Furuno Navnet GD-1710C

    Hi....sorry just saw this. No....sold a while back.
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    Commercial Salmon Gear

    HI....let me know when/if you are ready to split up lot. thanks.
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    West Coast Sardine Fishery that you're retired, you need to get all your pics and put them online somewhere and share!
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    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    Ray Montera was the guy running the boat relief for Steve Giffin...I think.
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    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    Funny story. I was working on the Fury out of Ports O Call at the time. Around late May, early June and the Albacore were starting to bite. Most of the fleet were into the fish about 60 miles on a 180 or so out of Point Loma. Danny was getting the Mustang ready to go to San Diego to start...
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    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    Dang....names I had not heard of in a long time. Read somewhere Pat Jackson is still alive in San Pedro somewhere? Tom Verner - wasn't he a good welder? I did not know Eddie personally, but I did fish out of Pacific in between going out of Pierpoint in the late 60's early 70's. Albacore...
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    WTS: Double Axle Trailer for 17-21ft boat

    HI...would like to discuss if still available. Ko
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    Sea Star HC5345 w/ Tie Bar & Tilt Helm

    OK, much do you want for yours? And what kind of shape is it in? thanks
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    sportboat name changes

    additionally, there was a similar boat Mike Frank ran out of 22nd St Landing. New Image. He was running 3/4 day trips - and going as far as San Clemente. That boat was probably one of those, I'd bet. This would be late 1980's.
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    sportboat name changes

    Zaida and Jackie...the Zaida rings a distant bell, but don't remember where. I do recall fishing on the 90' Bright and Morning Star on a 2 or 3 and 3/4 day trip for albacore and bft out of H&M, I think. And yes, it was narrow! I remember the first meeting in the galley - after we got settled...
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    WTB Calstar 775xh

    I have a used once 775XH. Send me a PM.
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    Newell Parts

    Hi...if you will take $50, I'll take them. I have parts to complete reel. Let me know please.
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    1988 Bayrunner Baja 21

    Hi....will the boat handle a 150 Honda? Thanks
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    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    As Steve wrote - "Schnautz" seems to be similar. When you get to must show your cards and yell as loudly as possible.....'FOLD 'EM BITCHES!!!!'. The rest of the table (henceforth, Bitches) will wilt immediately. I understand your concern with 'getting really expensive'. I think I...
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    Calstar BT 90J

    I wonder which 9' rod these were modeled after - the Roddy BR90 or the Lamiglas 6909? For fishing surface iron - I think the 6909 was the better choice.
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    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Wow. Lots of great input. I think you will do fine on this trip. Of all the boats and trips I have been on - this Accurate trip on the AA is by far the best. After reading through all the input - I did not see anything about the incessant card game that will be going on through the entire...
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    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 101 (LH)

    Good Condition. Fully operational. Slight deck rash on top only. $200/OBO
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    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 300

    Good condition. Fully operational. Deck rash on top only. $250/OBO
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    Furuno Navnet GD-1710C

    Bought it used to install on my boat - and bought a simpler unit. Powered up just fine - but has been sitting inside for over a year. Comes with a GPA-017 and power cord. Open to offers. Located in SLO county - but drive to LA area regularly.
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    Promar Landing Net

    Hi...I'll be in LA the week of 12DEC. If you still have it, let's talk. I will be near LAX - not far from you. I'll PM you my cell#.
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    Offshore Gary Nordbye

    Wow. Slowly but surely all the old timers are leaving us. I'm not sure how many boats he ran - that I fished on. One thing was for sure - when Gary was on the boat, there was very little misbehaving from passengers - or anyone else! One of the more memorable trips for me, was Gary running...
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    Furuno FCV 585 / mount

    Thanks, Edgar. Yeah, I think I saw that one - appreciate that.
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    Furuno FCV 585 / mount

    Thanks, Gary. Let me know. If you find it, let's talk. Kohei
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    WTB...Furuno FCV-585 mounting bracket and locking knob

    Hi - if any of you have this unit and flush mounted the unit, perhaps you still have the console mount and knob? If you are willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks Ko
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    Furuno FCV 585 / mount

    Hi...if any BD members are using a Furuno FCV 585, and have the unit flush mounted, I am in need of a console mount and knob. If you have one and are willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks ko
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    20 gallon fiberglass bait tanks blems

    Hi - interested in 20GAL units. Can you PM me? Thanks
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    Departing Sunday 1/10....

    Hey Steve.......I'm going to knock!! See you Sunday. Kohei
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    Agree completely. Just discussing the subject of alleviating/minimizing line twist on a spinning reel. Maintaining a stationary spool is the optimal way to alleviate line twist.
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    HI - if you've ever watched some of the FW bass guys on TV, instead of using the drag on the reel, they reel backwards when the fish wants to take line. There is applied pressure as long as you are holding on to the handle and reeling backwards only when the fish wants to take off. There would...
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    Spinner for cow Tuna

    I think as a challenge - it's great. The key is to fish a very tight drag, on a reel that can handle it. But no matter what you do, bigger fish that take drag will twist the line. Not as noticeable on braided line, but definitely twists. Line twists one direction when casting, then twists...
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    WTS Truline " 36 "

    Hi - I will be in LA next week, TU to WE. If you still have it, interested. Just want to make sure - it is not cut? Will send PM. K
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    For Sale: Lamiglas 528

    Hi - is this still available? K
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    Offshore Osborn Bank on the Black Pearl - Limits BFT

    What landing is the Black Pearl fishing out of now?
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    Fishing net $25

    Hello - where are you located? Ko
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    Furuno 582l $250

    Hi - do you still have this unit?
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    Any fishing out of Morro bay, 1-30-15?

    Yeah, Virg's does 2 dayers - similar to an overnight, on the Princess. Leaves Saturday morning and comes back Sunday night. Great fishing around Big Sur.
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    Chunking for Big Yellowfins

    I always use the heaviest stuff I can get away with. I usually have a 200# rig setup for chunking. You can get large hooks with swivels attached to reduce twist - but I have not used these. When the crew has been throwing over a nice chunk line, or after the crew's been throwing guts and...
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    Talica 25 Line Class

    I love the 25. Used it last year - and found the low gear too high. Had Cal change the low gear to 1-1. Worked flawlessly on this years trip. 130# hollow and 130# topshots on a GF775XXH. I think it holds about 350/400 yds of 130# - which to me is plenty. Also have an Accurate Plat TD30, but...
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    Penn 30T left side plate and frame

    Hi - I am looking for a 16S left side you have one?
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    What's everyones favorite big bait rig?

    Favorite salami rig.....770XXXH, Penn 70VSX (blueprinted), 200# JB hollow, 200# blue Izor topshot. I use 7691DT in a 9/0 - 10/0, as I like setting the hook. Going in a few weeks on the counting days.
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    Newell 300C

    Sorry did not see sold post.
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    Power Rod Wrapping machine

    Hi - looking for a power rod wrapping machine in good condition. Please let me know. Thanks! email - kkikuchi(at)
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    Spreading Sickness on LR

    a recent trip is the second time some type of bug made the rounds on the boat. Crew and all. It's been over two weeks - and I am still trying to get over it. Does make me consider getting a flu shot. Although being sick sucks - the 'being on the trip' part eclipses this. As long as my...
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    AA 12 day / some afterthoughts

    Well, my fishing partner and I decided to try every boat there is - but after going on most of them, RS and AA have pretty much spoiled going on the rest. You know, you would have looked good with a Mohawk.....with the center part all spiked up!
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    AA 12 day / some afterthoughts

    As I come down from the buzz of being on another long trip, I would like to share some thoughts. The ride down to the buffer zone was the usual long drawn out affair - 3.5 days of getting acquainted, reacquainted, trying to learn new names (I absolutely stink at this) and sharing all the...
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    On the water After Action Repot: Excel 8 Day.

    Dave!!! What's up buddy? You can afford a tough trip here and there - you had a good one on the long trip earlier this year. You going on a long one this coming season? We plan to be in New Orleans first quarter of next year - intend to look you up. Kohei
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    Line Winder- Sato Heavy Duty

    Please let me know if the deal does not go through. Thanks
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    Shimano Calcutta 250

    is this reel sold yet?
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    Sato Line Winder with line counter $300

    Hi - do you still have this? Thanks.
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    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    David - you were great to fish with. Your excitement was absolutely contagious. Hope I get to go next year - and you too!
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    Royal Star - 19JAN / 05FEB

    The last time I had been on the Star was when it first went in the water with Dave Kagawa running the boat. So, I had been looking forward to fishing this boat with Randy for many months. Absolutely the best big fish bite I have seen at Clarion - or any of the other islands for that...
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    Royal Star/Braid Products - 15 Day Trip - 1/21-2/5/11

    Hey you guys!! one from Fairfield, one from Nipomo and one from Fontana. See you all down at the landing on Friday.
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    5 Star with Royal Star Fish

    The competitive atmosphere is making everybody better. WOW.
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    Jack Plate

    Hi - looking for a jack plate to fit a 150 Merc/Opti on a 18' Robalo. I am leaving this coming friday (Jan21) on a 15 day - and returning Feb05. If I do not see anything before I leave, I will respond after I get back. Thanks.
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    Sato crimp kit

    how much are you asking?
  135. N

    FishingTackle Equipment

    dibs on the 80S. PM Sent.
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    brand new Xtra Tuff boots

    still available? do you take paypal?
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    Al Rich! Hope all is well, and good to see you are still fishin'. Used to fish with you on the Searcher with Yo. Had lots of great trips!!!
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    Jerry Brown Hollow-Core 130lb/1200 yards Red

    ooops. Forgot to ask - is it hollow?
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    Need experienced opinions!

    All three are nice boats. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the three. Resale may be a consideration - in which case the Grady Whites do seem to keep their value longer. Good luck - hope you enjoy the heck out of your new boat.
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    Sato Crimp Kit

    Hi - If you still have the kit, I am interested. Please either call or email me and let me know. email - [email protected] cell - (310)418-2401 Thanks. Ko