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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Like many here on BD, I love my jigs. The other day while looking over my collection, I began to wonder which companies have made brass jigs over the years. I'm aware that the Tady 9 was made with brass in years past. Several other manufacturers have used brass in the making of their jigs--...
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    Hi everyone. I have several questions for all of you knowledgeable jig slingers. I recently picked up several of the Tady-made Candybar 112 jigs for a great price. Do these jigs need any modifications to swim their best?? Would "wiring" these jigs improve their action?? What is the most...
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    Double Stamped Salas Light 6X Jigs

    What can you Jig experts tell me about these jigs?? Are they all good swimmers? What has made them so desirable,other than their rarity? What historical information can you BD experts share with me concerning these hunks of metal? Thanks in advance. Doug.
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    Wahoo Bombs for sale---ALL SOLD.

    I'm selling three separate groups of Wahoo Bombs. Each group has 6 bombs in it. They vary from 4-7 ounces in weight. Most are brand new and have never seen water, but a few are used. Some have been wired and others have no leader at all. Please see pictures. I'm asking $40 per group of...
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    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    PRICE DROP PRICE DROP!!!! I've decided to sell a bunch of Wahoo trolling lures that have been sitting in the garage for waaaay to long unused. Face to face transactions are always the best, but I'm willing to ship ON YOUR DIME. Depending upon your # of lures purchased and size of lure, I'm...