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  1. Statistico

    Hayward Ultra Pool Sweep

    The sweep works well. It was replaced when the pool was redone. Included is 36’ of hose, and suction pressure gauge for installation. Asking $70 PM me if interested joe
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    Cooling System Parts - 2003-2007 Dodge Ram w/5.9

    I recently replaced these cooling system parts on my 2006 Ram with Cummins 5.9 l Diesel. This was preventive maintenance at approx 106,500 original miles. There was no malfunction of the parts. They are original Dodge and Cummins parts. The bearings are solid (no free play). Included are water...
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    Drone - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

    SOLD DJI Phantom 3 Drone ( advanced model) Included in the sale is the drone, as shown in the photo, 1 battery, extra props, prop protectors, charger, controller, and camera. The drone will be in the original box - instructions included. It has seen little use. The battery appears be in very...
  4. Statistico

    Braid or mono top shot

    I agree almost totally...something I may be missing. Had to think about reel rolling but think it keeps the tiptop guide ring appropriate to the fish. In reality you have a crew member helping with the rod sliding on the rail so the crew guy should do that. Good job Jim. Great to hear/see you on...
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    I’ve used the Mustad 94151 hooks on ss wire where the damned leader comes back spiraled and fucked up. Makes it easy to toss the leader less removing the ss ring. I’ve had some seriously bent with fish mysteriously lost. As of now, I use Trokar J hooks in 2/0 and 3/0 sizes and use titanium wire...
  6. Statistico

    My 10 yr old son made a catch and cook video

    That’s what life is all! That was an awesome video! Your son gets a big atta-boy for his performance before the camera. Dad gets an atta-dad for raising such a delightful son!
  7. Statistico

    Pac Bay Wrapper/ Dryer Motor Question

    Call Squidco...619-222-8955. they have sold them for years and should be able to shed some light. Ask for Joey. They carry parts for the PAC Bay. Joe
  8. Statistico

    Dolphin Motel Update with Photos

    Dolphin Motel Update I just left the San Diego Sportfishing Assoc. landing and took a couple of photos of the construction and progress of the new hotel. it appears that the hotel is affiliated with Hilton. A google search will probably give a ton of information although I’m not sure of...
  9. Statistico

    Mario's Fish Processing Help

    Call Sportsman’s Seafood around 10am most days. The restaurant won’t be open but Pancho or Manny should answer. 619-224-3551. If it doesn’t work, PM me. I’m not affiliated with them business wise. Joe
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    Gone xx

    Come get them
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  12. Statistico

    Anchor, chain, and rope xx

    Sold. Thanks Hector.
  13. Statistico

    Anchor, chain, and rope xx

    Price reduced to $50
  14. Statistico

    Gone xx

    Still available...
  15. Statistico

    AVET EX50 side plate

    Still looking. I don’t have faith that Avet will ship anytime soon...from a reliable source.
  16. Statistico

    AVET EX50 side plate

    I’m looking for an AVET EX 50 SDS left side plate for a right handed reel. Needs to be the silver/grey color. PM please. Thanks Joe
  17. Statistico

    Anchor, chain, and rope xx

    Claw anchor (5kg) rated for up to 22’ boat. There is approx 12’ of galvanized chain (3/8” I think), and about 80’ of twisted nylon rope (3/8” I think). $50 contact via PM I’m in San Diego
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    Gone xx

    Updated some prices.
  19. Statistico

    Gone xx

    I have the following for sale. See the photos. I will discount for buying multiple items. Will sell all for $150. Please contact me via PM. I’m in San Diego Donated
  20. Statistico

    ProGear 545 and CS501

    The two reels are in very good condition. The 545 comes with one handle...your choice. Asking $165 for the 545, and $125 for the 501. Questions please PM me. No low ball offers please. In San Diego. Prefer pickup here, but can ship on your nickel.
  21. Statistico

    Okuma Makaira 30II Sea X

    Reel is sold pending pickup. Thanks T!
  22. Statistico

    Okuma Makaira 30II Sea X

    Okuma - Makaira 30II Sea Mechanical and cosmetic condition is 10/10. The reel was taken from the box and never fished. It has approximately 700 yards of spectra (can’t remember if 100lb or 130lb. This would work well for kite/balloon/bait on large bluefin tuna or yellowfin tuna. Comes with box...
  23. Statistico

    Hi there...I think you contacted me via eBay about the AVET 50. I thought I recognized the...

    Hi there...I think you contacted me via eBay about the AVET 50. I thought I recognized the screen name fyermn from BD. If you would like to chat about it, give me a call at 619-823-9910. Joe
  24. Statistico

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    American Angler - Jan 2008 16 day. This was a Ken’s trip with both Sam Patella and Brian Kiyohara on board, backed up by Bill Cavanaugh and Ray Lopez, and the rest of the AA crew. A blissful trip... and Turtle Bay Sea Bass on the way home.
  25. Statistico

    Flying Gaff

    Sending you a PM
  26. Statistico

    Flying Gaff

    I have one but am in San Diego. If SD is doable, I’ll send a photo and details. I’d like to sell it and will make the price very reasonable. Joe
  27. Statistico

    Offshore So, I went fishing again...

    Funny Kevin...Steve stayed at our house Monday night and he took 3 of my #1 Hayabusa hooks. Your recommendation worked well for me. Good recommendation there!
  28. Statistico

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Spinning rod...just turn the rod over and use the rail. Not my cup of tea, but it works. Then have fun when you get the business from the never, never guys. At 73, I refuse to give in. Neuropathy, heart failure, and other ailments won’t stop me, but I faithfully use the rail and my go to guys...
  29. Statistico

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I’m with you Kerry! So sad that this has happened to such an energetic and ambitious young man. Keeping the faith that this works out for him, as many others are...pulling for him.
  30. Statistico

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Got messages from Jim’s wife midday. Wonderful news , and I quote, “I got to peek in, for just a quick minute. The nurse assures me he should wake up just fine!” Hope he has a dream of being hooked to a big one. Get well OUR very special friend!
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    So, I’m going fishing

    Steve will be after this Tail’s big brother.
  32. Statistico

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    Bump for a very nice truck
  33. Statistico

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    Send a PM with phone number or email for contact. Thanks, Joe
  34. Statistico

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    Still have it. It has been in the family for 25 years and has been a great utility truck and economical transportation backup as well.
  35. Statistico

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    Bump for a price reduction.
  36. Statistico

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    SOLD See Photos 1993 Toyota pickup 2wd 5 speed standard tranny Original owner Never in a crash Runs great...I’ve hauled up to 1500 lbs. 127,680 miles on speedo... AC works great Recent paint job with new window/windshield rubber Upholstery in good tears Tires about 75% Bed...
  37. Statistico

    Accurate Pit Ball Clamp

    Thank you Al. Just as I thought. Just going to use a metal reel seat and use lighter drag.
  38. Statistico

    Accurate Pit Ball Clamp

    I will use the clamp on a 665NN reel. The studs can’t be used because of on center width of the studs. Really narrow for a decent rod with a reel seat. Thanks for the responses so far I’ll check the Tiburon clamp...don’t know if it requires the studs or if it hooks to the reel base feet.
  39. Statistico

    Accurate Pit Ball Clamp

    Oops...that is Pit Bull I am looking for this clamp. I know I can purchase from Accurate, when they are available, but am hoping a fellow BD angler may wish to part with one. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Joe
  40. Statistico

    Looking for transport from Los Cabos airport to Cabo san Lucas

    We have used TransCabo the past 3 years. Out trip was in the San Jose zone so $24pp round trip. Very reliable at the airport and right on time for pickup. They are identified as the orange shirts (blue pants) guys. Ours was a shared ride but the others in the van were staying close by. They ask...
  41. Statistico

    WTB Ocean City 610 10/0 big game reel

    I have a 6/0 size. Complete with box. It’s in nice condition. Joe
  42. Statistico

    The American Angler Captains

    Yes, bow - starboard
  43. Statistico

    The American Angler Captains

    I talked with Lori a couple of weeks ago to see if Sam Patella might fill in on occasion. She said probably not, but did mention other probables. Cameron and Taro were both mentioned. I will miss Sam a bunch as I would Brian if he was ever out of the picture. It was fun at HB or Clarion watching...
  44. Statistico

    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

    To my delight, I received this photo from good fishing buddy Bill. While using a Torque 40LD2, a 50lb Izor XXX mono top shot, and a Shimano 200gm (non glow) flatfall, he landed this beautiful BFT. The fish was caught on the Spirit of Adventure. Weight at the landing, after gill and gut, was 187...
  45. Statistico

    14 cu ft upright freezer

  46. Statistico

    14 cu ft upright freezer

    Thank you Ryan.
  47. Statistico

    14 cu ft upright freezer

    i have a Kenmore upright freezer for sale. It is 14 cu ft and is a frost free model. It has temp control and operating function on the outside of the door. There is a lock on the door but I haven’t found the key. I’ll look for it. I purchased it new from Sears in 2010. The freezer has been...
  48. Statistico

    Chest Freezer - 7 cu.ft.

    Sold to Ryan. Thank you.
  49. Statistico

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Air bags were my first thought. I can’t say from experience, but a good trailer builder should be able chime in on air bags, and help to solve a problem like yours. Be patient and think it through. With all the boats on land, there will be a solution. Good luck and please report if you get a...
  50. Statistico

    Chest Freezer - 7 cu.ft.

    Sale pending to Ryan.
  51. Statistico

    Chest Freezer - 7 cu.ft.

    Sold to Ryan Chest freezer 2 yrs old. Works great. Low energy consumption. Some cosmetic damage to rear corner but has no effect on working condition (see last photo). Freezer is in San Diego. $100 Send a PM. Your phone contact would be helpful. Thanks....Joe
  52. Statistico

    Splicing a 150/200 yrd braid to an existing spool

    latch or loop needle - $13 4’ 44# ss wire ($0.25). $13?
  53. Statistico

    Splicing a 150/200 yrd braid to an existing spool

    I would do a Bimini to Bimini with a 3 loop cats paw for solid to solid. It is a little more bulky, but you won’t see it very often...or, hopefully very often. Yes, it is feasible. If you do a hollow sleeve, nail knots are a good way to get things tight. Making a double in each end of the...
  54. Statistico

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    I saw this from yesterday.
  55. Statistico

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    This is from a question asked in a Ca Fish and Wildlife publication from June 5, 2013. The following refers to game brought in from “out of state.” It was specifically about bringing cow cod, etc from Mexico. Answer: It is unlawful to import or possess birds, mammals, fish, reptile or...
  56. Statistico

    Fuel surcharge in 2018?

    Uhhh...Brando? Good call by Steve about the surcharge. I don’t hold my breath that things won’t change. Island closures have soured some, and tacking on another cost (if not the straw) may slow the camel. Tight lines.
  57. Statistico

    Which Phenix/Calstar for 40lb set up?

    I’m leaning toward Calstar 700h or equivalent. That fathom 40 would go well with Calstar 700xh. If fishing over reefs you need stopping power. Personally, I use a Torque 40 ld2 with a Calstar 770h as a yo-yo outfit. You never know what might be lurking. I am somewhat biased because I only...
  58. Statistico

    Need help choosing at boat/captain at Palmas De Cortez

    See if Mario Cota is still working at Palmas. Call and ask. He was one of the most sought after captains over the 20 years that we had a place there. His boat (cruiser) was the Fresh Catch. A long time friend and a very pleasant person. I once met a couple on a flight back to San Diego and I...
  59. Statistico

    Casio G-Shock choices

    I have been using the Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300 for at least 7 years. I replaced the first watch because the case was showing wear and tear. Nothing wrong with the operation though. I put a new band on it and gave it to one of my favorite deckhands. The replacement bands are expensive. It...
  60. Statistico

    Favorite crew photos

    American Angler crew with Jay Love’s 178# BFT (taken on a sardine). Great owners and always a caring crew.
  61. Statistico

    XTRA TUF stretching

    I have a nearly new pair of Xtra Tuf boots that are a bit small in the instep. In a perfect world I would be able to bend over and more easily get the damned things on. at 71, things don’t work like they used to. I’m wondering if some sort of a stretcher along with prolonged gentle heat would...
  62. Statistico

    AA report

    An internet frenzy here. I don’t think Steve will have enough gear...can’t really believe he is only bringing 23 rod/reel combos. And “fisholic”...not sure we’ll leave any sardines for you and Ken. It’s just fun hearing all of the excitement. From the reports I’ve read, the fish at HB are...
  63. Statistico

    Keep the 06 Dodge Cummins healthy

    I would like to find someone local to San Diego to do some maintenance on my tow vehicle. Hopefully this would be a very knowledgeable person that could replace water pump, belt, hoses, and tensioner on my 06 Dodge with HO Cummins. Any good refs would be much appreciated. Please contact via...
  64. Statistico

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I took a drive to the launch ramp area today. Here are some photos of the latest. They have lifted a bunch of the launch ramp (large chunks of serrated concrete).as can be seen in one of the photos. It looks like a big project now.
  65. Statistico

    140 pound yellowfin on International 16VISX

    Yea doubt in my mind that the reel, commanded by Wes, would handle that fish. Good job Wes and VISX.
  66. Statistico

    Penn VSX vs VISX

    Go to the Penn Reels forum “World of Penn” on this site. Tunanorth should be an excellent resource. He is very responsive. My analysis is: probably a top on the vs and it is heavier. Good luck with your research Dan. Joe
  67. Statistico

    Spirit of adventure

    No wifi on the SoA. No reports online by their office. Hold good thoughts...but they are top notch. Just talked with a fellow/friend from SoA and we are betting on wahoo limits. Just a feeling. Joe
  68. Statistico

    Best World Series, ever.

    You can say that again. The Dodger offense was scary down to that last ground ball out. I’ve been watching baseball for over 60 years and have never been so entertained. The Astros are just plain tough to beat such a good Dodger team!
  69. Statistico

    Over rated tow weight?

    The unfortunate thing, as I see it, is that you have exposed your concern for it ok to do this based on 7,000 lbs. Should you tow under your stated conditions and you have an accident (research sees your post here) you could have big problems. Please be road wise...not otherwise. Joe
  70. Statistico

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    My Christmas present has arrived. Just bought the 20 VISX to go with my recently purchased 16 VISX. I spooled it with 100 solid (460 yds) and topped it with 130 hollow (150 yds). I’m excited about letting A friend use it when I take my naps, hi, hi.
  71. Statistico

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    After one splice, buy new solid. One connection ok with Bimini to Bimini. Uni to uni only in an emergency...IMHO
  72. Statistico

    ATD 30 w/ 130 Spectra rod match

    My ATD 30 goes to my Calstar 7465h. The rod is a bit short for today’s fancy but it works very well. A stud of a rod. I also use another 7465h with my ATD 12. I use my 2 x 4 (s) with my Cal Mod Penn 30, and perhaps the ATD 30. I’ve used the 2x4 with an ATD 50 and Avet 50SDS as well...
  73. Statistico

    old school harness guy, trying to learn the rail

    I was on a trip with “Don” who hooked a big one. That fish stayed on the surface for 80% of the fight. He would have needed a few friends to help if he had not had his harness. Very few fish that I’ve seen swim that far from the boat for that long. I guess it’s better to have one and not use it...
  74. Statistico

    DYI gaff for the surf

    Remington gaff...model .38 or .45. Really tough question because of safety. Getting close to the teeth of a larger model is very dangerous because of the power in the tail. It seems that just letting the incoming waves float it up the beach slope is the best idea for safety. I hope you have the...
  75. Statistico

    RV A/C interior ceiling leak -- who best to work on it?

    Thanks Kurt. To some it’s sharing useful info. To others it’s a game for fame. I guess you get more likes with distorted humor than with sharing useful information...Not that I care about fishing for likes. Joe
  76. Statistico

    RV A/C interior ceiling leak -- who best to work on it?

    Is water collecting on the roof while the AC is running? Are you running it during humid conditions (supposed to work during higher humidity but that causes more water from condenser). Have you checked the AC trouble shooting from the manual? How about a YouTube query? Probably needs to be...
  77. Statistico

    Marauder mystery?

    Can anyone give model, maker, age of this marauder type lure. I have obtained 2 through a friend. Any idea how they work? Thanks in advance. Joe
  78. Statistico

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Just added the 16visx to my quiver. I fell in love with it as I held it for the first time. The shop where I piuchased loaded it with a 550 yd spool of JB hollow 100lb, topping it off with 50yds of 130# ProSpec hollow. Put a loop on the end and we all pulled separately to test drag smoothness...
  79. Statistico

    Need East Cape Recommendations and Info

    Palmas de Cortez had rooms designed for 3. Great hotel. Hector still serves at the bar. Have fun.
  80. Statistico

    Does this Catch more fish or fisherman

    Needs a baby rattle on the back. Heck, I’d try it. Maybe in the 10th wake.
  81. Statistico

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Not to sideline the Mak/Penn discussion...I have been considering both in the 16 size...but how does the Talica 25II fit with these two reels? I know it is a bit more $. The weight of the Tac25II is listed at 33ozs.
  82. Statistico

    Five Star Fish Processing

    SOL? You heard a 5-Star employee use that acronym? Very doubtful pgangler. Was there a problem with the shipping airline? Was there insurance on the shipping that would benefit the tangler involved? You might be surprised.
  83. Statistico

    Five Star Fish Processing

    I seriously hope you deal directly with Drew. I don’t think I’ve met a more energetic and inspired person working on boats or on the SD docks for the 58 years I’ve fished boats from San Diego and Mission Bay landings. What I have a difficult time I haven’t heard Drew’s side of things...
  84. Statistico

    Mono topshot? Strait braid to leader?

    Another thing about short flouro topshots is how unforgiving a rough water day can be. You should hear the POP on a fish breaking off with a serious hull slap. Keep in mind that tooth abrasion is a huge factor, but tail wraps, side abrasion of the boat, and the all mighty tangles can be heart...
  85. Statistico

    G. Loomis Pelagic 84-30C for Sale

    These rods are great light line weight sticks. I have the 20, 30, and 40. They are feather light with a ton of backbone. A great bait rod for school yft, dorado, school sized bft, and yellowtail. Good luck with the sale. Buyers should love them. You should share your fishing experiences on...
  86. Statistico

    Calstar 900m or Phenix PSW 909xhj

    The 900m is a good stick once a fish is hooked. Good power and fairly fast action. Most want a softer rod for casting. I've had mine for 4 years. It replaced a GG90J. The 90j was getting harder on me as I was approaching 70. I've fished the AA a lot. Taro T. (now of the Liberty) loved casting...
  87. Statistico

    The Tax Man

    Right Jay...the designated decoy. Good point buddy!
  88. Statistico

    Trading fish for caned

    Getting the All American canners ready. Did they make money doing the canning thing...I say yes. As much as their processing? I say no. Dock side canning goes back as far as I can remember...maybe the 1960s. Another example of free enterprise. I'm taking a ton of 94151 hooks and rigging with...
  89. Statistico

    Video: PENN International VI series reels

    I have a pre 2012 16vs topless. What will be a good braid comparison for that reel and the new 16visx?
  90. Statistico

    SX Raptor not much usable drag.

    Could be the Belleville washers have one or more missing (should be 4 washers), or are set in the wrong direction. They are on the spool shaft. They can make a big difference in drag pressure. If new, take it back and have the dealer check it out. Or, Schematic at...
  91. Statistico

    Newell Penn master mariner narrow spools and base, newell penn 99 spool

    I think you would have more luck on EBay. I've sold several #49 and #349 reels recently. They all went to the East coast. I know about the EBay fees. Just a suggestion.
  92. Statistico


    Bump...price change
  93. Statistico

    Sold.- Calstar 700H Spinner

    Reply to Peter...check your email. Joe
  94. Statistico

    tuna feathers-SOLD

    Prices lowered and a bump.
  95. Statistico


    40 ohm output speakers/max output 80w. Seem to be good for patio when dining on your great fish tacos. Pickup in San Diego. $15 Joe [email protected]
  96. Statistico

    tuna feathers-SOLD

    Prices lowered...and a bump.
  97. Statistico

    tuna feathers-SOLD

    I have several packages of used trolling lures. These are mostly standard sized feathers and tuna clones. The packages, except the jet heads have either 6 or 7 pieces. Please don't ask to split the packages. Price is $20 for 1 pkg, $35 for 2 pkgs, $15 for each additional pkg when all are...
  98. Statistico

    Sold.- Calstar 700H Spinner

    Like the title says 700H Calstar Graphiter Spinning Rod Factory wrapped- excellent condition-very clean Rated 30-80 pound Retail is 290.00 plus tax @ 8% ( 23.20 ) = $313.20 Great Rod for throwing poppers and stick baits for the Bluefin $195.00 and it's yours Pickup in San Diego
  99. Statistico

    Wellcraft 18 with Yamaha 4 stroke

    Is the outboard 2005 also? Trailer tube or channel.
  100. Statistico

    Cedros and Skiff Trips

    Which website are you using Luke. It doesn't look like vessel tracker. Thanks, Joe
  101. Statistico

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but a great social part of the Accurate trip is the card game "31." A good idea would be...bring 10-15 "one dollar bills" as this game requires them. Of course if you are a consistent winner then you won't need as many. Steve was a finalist in this years...
  102. Statistico

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Someone might want to check with tha port district. Unless I'm going blind, I just drove by a flashing road sign on Shelter Island Drive that stated "all 10 lanes would be open during construction." I hope someone didn't put a zero in there as a joke. I checked the parking lot as well. They...
  103. Statistico

    Thoughts about San Diego launch ramp closure

    There is additional launching in east Mission Bay with access from Sea World Drive. It's only 5 min +/- more time to the ocean from there. Also a ramp at Clairemont Dr. next to the visitors center. The time period is 10 months. That would mean completion in March 2018...a loss this summer. If...
  104. Statistico

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    There is additional launching in east Mission Bay with access from Sea World Drive. It's only 5 min +/- more time to the ocean from there. Also a ramp at Clairemont Dr. next to the visitors center. The time period is 10 months. That would mean completion in March...a loss this summer. If the...
  105. Statistico

    mexican waters closures ??

    Not yet. BUT, hopefully past practices will give us access. My contacts from the LR fleet give a flip of the coin. Joe
  106. Statistico

    Birthday Party - On the New Sesforth

    Slow rock fishing. Nice weather though. This guy showed a photo of a 58lb yellowtail he caught recently in the La Jolla kelp area. The thing had a skinny belly or would have been over 60lbs
  107. Statistico

    Birthday Party - On the New Sesforth

    i had the chance to go half day fishing today. To my surprise we had a birthday party. A great young man...Fati had his 94th birthday on board this morning. What a treat to see this young man still fishing his heart out. See the photo of birthdsy boy with Captain Brian Castleton.
  108. Statistico

    I hate eBay

    Nice stuff Steve. Very good prices. Joe
  109. Statistico

    Promar Landing Net

    Dale, Are you still interested in the net?
  110. Statistico

    Promar Landing Net

    No plans to head to Vista area until March 28. If I still have it, I'll let you know.
  111. Statistico

    Promar Landing Net

    SOLD I have a lightly used Promar net for sale. I sold the boat and don't have a need for it. I believe it is model LN 501 P. Good to use for larger halibut, seabass or dorado. You would have to take a look to verify the model. The net is 30"x28" and the handle 54". It is in...
  112. Statistico

    Outrigger hardware

    Will do meebo. I have a set of fiberglass poles that would go with these holders. Not fancy poles but the work well. I'll let you know mid morning today (Sat). PM sent Joe
  113. Statistico

    Outrigger hardware

    Sale pending with Shawn
  114. Statistico

    Seaguar flouro specials?

    Does Seaguar offer any flouro specials at Long Beach or Del Mar. I think they may in conjunction with show tackle vendors. Any info is much appreciated. I'm looking for Premier in 100 and 130#. Thanks, Joe
  115. Statistico

    Calstar 770xxxh components

    I'm looking for components that Calstar has used on this rod. Tip I believe is 14. I think there are 8 guides as well...turbo/sizes??? Reel seat brand and size? Thanks for any info you can provide. Joe
  116. Statistico

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    Some nice discussion here. It looks like Mrs. Clause has things covered with a 15LD2 under the tree. Thanks guys for your healthy ideas. Joe
  117. Statistico

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree!

    Fathom 15 LD2. I hope it's on the list.
  118. Statistico

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    What is the drag arrangement in the Fathom. Does it have a duel drag system?
  119. Statistico

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    i just bought a Penn 25NLD2 and am thinking about another...maybe the 15ld2. What are the pluses and minuses between the Penn and the Avet other than a steep price difference? Thanks Joe
  120. Statistico

    FS Calstar GG90J

    Transferred from Boating mistake... SOLD...thank you Jim. Custom wrapped gg90j. Deckhand style...cork tape. SS ring guides, black wrap with some gold inlay. $165 or best offer. Pickup in SAN Diego. PM for questions. Joe
  121. Statistico

    Outrigger hardware

    Yes...on the gunwale or other flat horizontal surface. I'll try a photo again
  122. Statistico

    Outrigger hardware

    I have a used pair of the deck mount outrigger holders (Perko 451-1) and the matching outrigger pole holders. These retail for over $300. I would like to get a fair price of $75 for them. They are 100% usable...only need a little polishing. Send a PM for any questions. Joe
  123. Statistico


    I'm sorry that I am over the BIG tuna. I'd be all over these SS rods. This time of year should provide a number of buyers. Good luck Milo.
  124. Statistico

    Options for fixing a loose foregrip

    How far from the grip to the first guide? If several inches, move wind check up, apply two part vertical epoxy to space between grip and first guide wrap, slide grip to first guide. Apply epoxy in space left between grip and reel seat and slide the grip back. Slide wind check back to the grip...
  125. Statistico

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    What??? Source? I'm going to the landing in the morning...hope it isn't so! Sara works very hard and would be sorely missed!
  126. Statistico


    Those SS rods are great. They should find a good home!
  127. Statistico

    For Sale : Progear CS551/Diawa Lexa 400

    Price drop on the Progear 551 to $130...
  128. Statistico

    For Sale : Progear CS551/Diawa Lexa 400

    Progear price drop to $130. The reels are in very good condition. I am the original owner. They are spooled with spectra (no topshot) that I believe to be PowerPro 65#. I am asking $130 for the Progear CS551. The Lexa sale is pending. It is the high speed model (PWR-P) The rod clamp for...
  129. Statistico

    What is make and style of this guide?

    Yes, it is a custom wrap. Problem is, the flex coat covers the guide foot up to where the side braces connect with the foot. Thank you for your input. Anyone else on the chrome finish? Does the ring color indicate SIC, Hialoy, etc? Joe
  130. Statistico

    What is make and style of this guide?

    I'm trying to identify this guide by brand and style. SIC? Any help is much appreciated. I know, it needs cleaning! See photo. Thanks, Joe
  131. Statistico

    Looking for "old gold" metallic thread

    Just found a thread that looks like the color. Metallic bronze. Thanks a bunch for the tip. Joe
  132. Statistico

    Looking for "old gold" metallic thread

    I just picked up a couple of Calstar custom wrapped rods. These are for personal use. After talking with fishing friend about the thread he said "old gold." The thread is probably Gudebroad thread and looks to be a deep gold/brown metallic. I'll post a picture that may help. If you have some...
  133. Statistico

    New tow rig recommendations

    I have an 06 Ram with Cunnins 5.9. Bought it new with auto trans and 3.73 rear end. Even though it has a cat converter, it gets great mileage when towing and, great (23mpg) when highway driving at 1700 RPM. Best vehicle/truck I've had and I'm 70 years old. I love it!
  134. Statistico

    Top Gun 3.5 day report

    Fish of a lifetime...and rental gear...what a combo. Great story and great catch. I like it!!!
  135. Statistico

    Capt. Sam Moore at the helm on the Intrepid

    Another kid...not so much so Cameron Cribben. Lots of you know Cam from the American Angler. Cam is Mike Lackey's son in law so Cam's fit with the Vagabond is a no-brainer. He, like others, is married so time at home is important to him. I know he has run the Vag this summer. The thing...
  136. Statistico

    23' Lupe Diaz Pange

    Offer, pending payment...
  137. Statistico

    23' Lupe Diaz Pange

    23' Lupe Diaz Panga For Sale Sold...thanks for looking
  138. Statistico

    Offshore 7/12 skunko report

    Where is the 312???
  139. Statistico

    Keith (maximus) got a new sled

    Year built 1992 according to NOAA National fisheries site.
  140. Statistico

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Who said she needs have a sense of humor? Slack off dude!
  141. Statistico

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Sarah Saraspe on the trip? Who gets to be her tutor. That is if she is on the trip? That trip will be a trip! Lucky guys! X2
  142. Statistico

    Top Gun

    Cam is working as relief on the San Diego at Seaforth and word is he will be on the Vag as well. I know he ran a Vag trip a couple of weeks ago.
  143. Statistico

    Anyone want to fight?

    Are these the same guys that did the exploding bike seat prank when bikes were being stolen?
  144. Statistico

    Newell Graphites?

    Ken's for sure!
  145. Statistico

    Shimano Tranx 500PG paired with ??????? HELP!!!

    I have the HG. I can't say from experience about the PG, but I'd bet it would be better for bait. The spool is small diameter so check the inches per turn to get an idea of what jigs/iron/etc. would work best. I use my high speed on a Calstar 900m and really like the combo. I fish mine with 65...
  146. Statistico

    Planet's Coming Home

    Ya...Dr. Yarnold! It will be great to see always. Staying for awhile? Hope so.
  147. Statistico

    Taros" Boat:

    What??? Dat bot in Washington? Just kidding. Getting a bunch together won't be hard. Someone come up with a catchy charter name, post it up here, and hold on for some real/reel response. Taro would be totally stoked with that support.
  148. Statistico

    Need auto body shop referral

    Lowell, I had some serious damage repaired after a crash about a year and a half ago. I used Rancho Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego. My Dodge Ram Truck received the utmost care while there, and that the mechanics and body shop guys did a fantastic job putting it...
  149. Statistico

    Outstanding Customer Service from the companies that support our passion.

    The processors are great...we all have a favorite...thanks to Sarah, Sean, and Ryan. I spend time at Squidco as a buyer, and just enjoying Joey, John, et al. I know, from a good amount of experience, that Joey goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable, find them the tackle, rods...
  150. Statistico

    Guadalupe wahoo??

    Have seen them caught in normal years...August and Sept. Not a ton of them though. I'd bring a trolling set up for them, and a couple of Marauders or Cowbells. The couple that I got were at the southeast corner of the main island. You never know.
  151. Statistico

    Boat hull repair help?

    Try emailing Mark Bowman at Monsoon Yachts. [email protected] Mark has done great fiberglass repair for me.
  152. Statistico

    Wahoo Reel.

    Agreed Steve, but I just get the guy next to me to shift it for me...just kidding of course. I have fished the 40 torque LD2 and caught a number of wahoo with it. I think you saw a few of those last summer. Good thing about the fathom or torque is the low speed is 2.5 and the reel has a fairly...
  153. Statistico

    Fiberglass repair master

    i was prepping my "Lupe Diaz" panga for the fishing season and, to my surprise, I found a separation in the glass at the top of the transom. I was prepared for bad news...water under the glass. I have used a great fiberglass guy, Mark Bowman, in the past for repairs and did not hesitate to call...
  154. Statistico

    Braid capacity for Torque 40 NLD2

    I did leave a quarter of an inch from the top of the spool for a bit of a mono top shot. Maybe 1/4 inch would make another 100 yds. Thank you for the feedback. Joe
  155. Statistico

    Braid capacity for Torque 40 NLD2

    I just filled my new Torque with 80lb Izor solid and it only took 400yds. It is properly filled with tension. That seems much different than specs on the box. Am I missing something? Thanks for the input.... Joe
  156. Statistico

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    Saw the AA after a trip to Alijos. 3 yellows between 75 and 80 lbs came aboard on that trip. One is on the wall at "Mitch's" at Pt. Loma Sportfishing and was caught by Dr. Paul (Planet) Yarnold. Those fish have BIG mouths!
  157. Statistico

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    American Angler.....8 day Catchy Tackle...June 5 Spirit of Adventure....5 day (18 pass.).....August 14 Spirit of Adventure....8 day (20 pass.).....Sept 23 Spirit of Adventure....9 day (20 pass.).....Oct 19 Catch some!
  158. Statistico

    Can you Name this Knot??

    . At the hook? Looks like a doubled "cinch knot"
  159. Statistico

    Hollow to flouro connection

    Bring some limes. Steve has a special technique for the juice. Seriously, you will enjoy Steve's wit and candor, not to mention the "gin and tonic."
  160. Statistico

    Wahoo Bomb Heads

    Try trolling torpedos but one end is larger than the other. They can be seen on eBay in 4, 5, 6, 8oz, etc. I've made many successful bombs with them.
  161. Statistico

    American Angler vs Independence

    No head(s) downstairs on AA. There are a couple of staterooms upstairs next to the heads. Hope this helps.
  162. Statistico

    American Angler vs Independence

    And what about the boats Harry. Kevin is a gentleman. No need to embarrass him!
  163. Statistico

    Departing Sunday 1/10....

    I had to look a couple of times for Steve...yep, there he is (without his cap). Not much hair anymore. He's under the fishes gill plate and next to Andrews hip.
  164. Statistico

    Remove wire/cables from below deck?

    Thanks for the good suggestions. I hadn't considered the soap idea so I'll see if I can get that to work. I won't start fo a couple more weeks, but when I do, I'll update this with successes and failures. Thanks again, Joe
  165. Statistico

    Remove wire/cables from below deck?

    It is time to do some re-wiring from the console to the battery location near the transom. I have the engine control cable, hydraulic steering lines, 10ga. power line (+ and ground), bilge line, bait line, and maybe some stuff there from way back. They run through a tube under the deck. I'd...
  166. Statistico

    Getting Out Of The Harbor?

    We sat it out for 9 hours with Sam Patella around 2008 (early Feb) and finally left the harbor around 11 pm. We watched the Super Bowl game at the bait barges using rabbit ears that electrician/captain Brian Kiyohara rigged. At 7 am the next morning it was still very nasty!
  167. Statistico


    Great for all concerned. Bill is a heck of a knowledgable fisherman. Looks like he is on Saturdays trip.
  168. Statistico

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    Brian and Sam can't afford to blemish a reputation that is stellar. Over the years that I've fished the Angler I've never felt unsafe or compromised as a customer. They go overboard to maintain their clients and to give them confidence that their standard of operation within the fleet is the...
  169. Statistico

    Happy Holidays and go get those cows.

    Here here, Andre. Happy holidays to all and great fishing for the "cow" season!
  170. Statistico

    Reel Servicing needed.

    Ken's is as good as it gets! Beyond that (in San Diego), Squidco or Dana Landing will do an excellent job for you. I give Doug at Dana a big thumbs up for his dedication. He will give you detailed info on your reel's condition.
  171. Statistico

    Calstar 7400 xh too much for Talica 16ii?

    Don't recognize 7400 xh. I may be wrong, but a Calstar ???? Xh would be heavy, heavy, heavy. Maybe you are talking 7465 xh. Not a match, in my opinion, for your Talica 16.
  172. Statistico

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    My Penn 16 is a VS. I don't think Penn has made this gear combo for 3 or 4 years. I bought it new to get the higher (high speed) gear ratio with the goal to cast jigs to boils and have a fairly high speed retrieve (5.1:1 I think). I went through Ken Corwin and had Cal put in his 1.1:1 low gear...
  173. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day - 11/1 - 11-9

    Emmaresomebiguns for sure. Small boats shouldn't get close to them. 80'-110' of mammal are BIG!
  174. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day - 11/1 - 11-9

    Thanks Steve. I always hope to experience these times...along with the hall pass and the Tanquary al.
  175. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day - 11/1 - 11-9

    Thanks Jay!!! You have been one of my best long range friends! I always think of you, my special friend.
  176. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day - 11/1 - 11-9

    What a surprise this afternoon would be. During the 6th day of this 8 day trip our captain (Brian E.) came on the PA and stated that a few killer whales were playing, or doing something strange up ahead. We actually cruised with 2 pods during that half hour or so We were searching for tuna...
  177. Statistico

    Trailer question

    Make and material of the trailer? Are you releasing the boat from the rear of the trailer. If not, the boat is floating the trailer. Can't think of how a steel trailer would float otherwise. Release tow straps and let side guides keep the boat straight. Start motor and warm it some, then...
  178. Statistico

    Question: "ashy" build-up on rods

    It happened to several of my rods a couple of years ago. The night before I noticed it was very foggy. Also, the rods were on the upper deck so unlikely related to bleach. The fog may be coincidental, but maybe not. I can't remember what I did to clean them, but my gut feeling is lacquer...
  179. Statistico

    What's been the goto wahoo trolling lure this year

    Cow Bells have worked well for me. Of course marauders are the most popular. Don't forget the large Catchy Spinner...
  180. Statistico

    Sunday conditions?

    Some are weather-wise and some are safe!
  181. Statistico

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Judging from the way the pectoral fins are set on the fishes side, I'd bet it is a black. Pectorals on a black can't be a swordfish.
  182. Statistico

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    You have to be kidding. Try the rocks just south of Pilot Rock. Love GWS dragging float tubes around there...big what taste delicious?
  183. Statistico

    SOA 8 day

    I'm in a bit of a quandary as far as RS is concerned. Looks like they left the 13th and were catching 75-125 lb tuna within a day's range. The Lupe perhaps? But fish reports say the next day they are fishing along the coast waiting for the weather outside to come down. So? Anyone care to...
  184. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    Just got a report...SOA had a great first day of fishing at Alijos. They didn't have much time to sip those $ beers. Go get em!
  185. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    Always great to see you Kevin Hope the start to your winter brings a lot of snow and safe driving in Colorado.
  186. Statistico

    3 guys need help

    Shannon, Are you asking about this fall/winter? If so, PM me regarding fishing the Spirit of Adventure. I can also give you some good info for the future. Thanks, Joe
  187. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    SOABD Yes a buck a beer for domestic beer....a great deal! Joe
  188. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    The Spirit of Adventure is scheduled for an 8 day trip leaving H and M landing on November 1 and returning the morning of November 9. There are still a couple of spots available. Targeted species include tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, and mahi. Other species could be grouper, halibut, and white...
  189. Statistico

    Rigging Catchy Spinner Bombs half a dozenCatchy Spinner bombs I need to rig. What type and size hoh

    A+ Milo. Now I know how to correct my bone head mistakes.
  190. Statistico

    Wahoo thoughts

    How about the spider hitch...another way to double the line to hook. Caught some big tuna on dumb shit small gear using the spider hitch. Out.
  191. Statistico

    26oz Catchy Spinners

    An option...Check with John White at Dana Landing Tackle. He is a very reliable source on this stuff. 619-226-2929
  192. Statistico

    26oz Catchy Spinners

    Check with John White at Dana Landing Tackle.
  193. Statistico

    23' Diaz Panga and Pacific Trailer

    Nice boat and a great price. Looks clean as a whistle! Bought mine from the plant in La Paz in Feb 1993...before Lupe had to close in LP and move to Los Barriles. Not a "super panga." This one is known as commercial. Same hull mold, but doesn't have the deck cap, fuel tank, has cross...
  194. Statistico

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    Great way to record an epic bite. Not suggesting finding fish...just for memories. DJI Phantom 3.
  195. Statistico

    Crimp or knot

    3 turn uni for 100 and 130. 4 turn uni for 80. Crimps for 150 and 200.
  196. Statistico

    Need plumber in San Diego

    I need a plumber in the San Diego area to replace a shower mixing valve and perhaps a tub. Please send a PM. Thanks, Joe
  197. Statistico

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    Give the fish to charity. Write off what you paid for processing. Ex: 40% return on a pound of fish implies multiply $0.75 (or what you paid per lb.) by 2.5. The value is about $1.88 per lb. of processed fish. This assumes you paid for the processing. Maybe argue something along these lines...
  198. Statistico

    Sewer Pipe Reline (San Diego area) help please

    i was just informed by a plumber that I need 83 ft. of sewer line redone with the an epoxy lining. The pipe is clay and had 4 intrusions by tree roots. Access to the line is very good. Here are a few questions: 1. Does the entire line have to be done or just at the intrusion points? 2...
  199. Statistico

    Penn Torque TRQ 300 Lever Drag

    Now that you two have hijacked this, I'll just go have a happy new year. Plus, walked by the landing this a.m. Didn't look good that the AA was sitting in the Indy's spot. Ouch on broken stuff!
  200. Statistico

    Penn Torque TRQ 300 Lever Drag

    Aw...anything for you Jimal. This is just what you need...
  201. Statistico

    Penn Torque TRQ 300 Lever Drag

    Penn Torque TRQ 300 LD in excellent shape. There are a couple of very fine scratches (see photos). The reel was only used twice. No line. $275 or reasonable offer. Will ship to US on your dime. PayPal ok See photos... Please send PM if interested. Joe
  202. Statistico

    RIP Mario, Sportsman's Seafood

    RIP were always helpful, friendly, and dedicated to your customers. You will be remembered!
  203. Statistico

    BD web site virus problem

    Yikes! Not that I've seen, but will be checking!
  204. Statistico

    Indy at the Potato Bank

    I hear similar reports from the Angler and another boat.
  205. Statistico

    Offshore Tanner Bank 10/24 - BFT/YT/RF

    Very nice size to the BFT. Congrats!
  206. Statistico

    Dorado fish processing question

    Statistically speaking, this thread is sick. Whether it be Mario, 5Star, or Fisherman's, they can't afford to make you sick. Don't bring filleted fish to them. They don't want it. There are so many uncontrollable variables that a generalization here is beyond stupidity. If I bring the best...
  207. Statistico

    JX Raptor : Number of Belleville washers

    I just took the JX Raptor apart. This one has 4 Belleview washers. I changed the configuration to )((( and the drag curve changed for the better. Much happier. I think it previously had (((( config. Joe
  208. Statistico

    JX Raptor : Number of Belleville washers

    I have found them for SX, MX, and HX Raptors. I haven't found a schem. for the JX Raptor.
  209. Statistico

    JX Raptor : Number of Belleville washers

    Anyone know if it is 4 or 6, and the position. )( )( () ?? Any help is much appreciated. Joe
  210. Statistico

    Oven-Baked Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi (dorado)!

    Yum! Lunch tomorrow for practice...then full on this weekend. Tried it with wahoo?
  211. Statistico

    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    A boat without potable water is a huge concern. If they ran out of water, or if the water maker didn't work, perhaps the Coast Guard should be notified. Just saying!!!
  212. Statistico

    Video - hurricane Odile in San Jose Del Cabo (Baja)

    Just saw this on Baja Pony Express. Very revealing of the devestation. Link below.
  213. Statistico

    Need some info on a new truck

    Thanks a bunch!
  214. Statistico

    Need some info on a new truck

    I was involved in a fairly serious accident on Thurs night. We seem to be ok, but my truck was fairly badly damaged. The other 2 vehicles not so lucky! I can't move the boat...UGH. First, there is a chance of a total loss. The truck is a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 2WD with a Cummins 5.9 diesel. In...
  215. Statistico

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Good point jaydawg. I would call the comparison a false analogy because of so many characteristic differences between these fish. Your comment is well worth consideration.
  216. Statistico

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Fish with swallowed hooks stand a better chance of surviving in the water than in a kill box. Just saying.
  217. Statistico

    Heading to East Cape Monday 9/22 - 9/27

    News 10 San Diego today at 5 AM says Cabo airport closed until at least 9-22. Military aircraft supposed to help getting people out. Hope that isn't the case for all traveling there. Of course this is Sept down there.
  218. Statistico

    Question for owners of a JX 6/3 Raptor

    New??? Has someone messed with the spring washers on the spool shaft? This is a reel with a sensitive drag curve. Be careful to set the drag to perform in a particular way careful pushing the lever forward on a larger grade fish.
  219. Statistico

    Hurricane Norbert's effect on central Baja

    Some of the vados in this area are actually named after storms that caused severe damage to the road through the low spot.
  220. Statistico

    Hurricane Norbert's effect on central Baja

    Since we watched Norbert as a storm effecting our off shore trips over the weekend, and early this week, I thought I'd post this photo of the storms effect in central Baja (between Guerrero Negro and Santa Rosalia). It may be better suited for a Mexico forum, but it's a good photo that many...
  221. Statistico

    is Norbert going to ruin my rtip?

    Some are weather wise and some are other wise! Bruce Smith is as good a captain as there is. If you go, he will make it worth it, and safety is very important to him.
  222. Statistico

    Searcher 3 Day, August 22-25

    Nice account Steve. Lucky guys aboard that got to share your company!
  223. Statistico

    7 day early November

    I'm thinking about a 7 day trip early Nov. What spots would be good at that time and what might the targeted species be. Anyone fished that type of trip during that time period? Joe
  224. Statistico

    Penn torque star drag reels????

    Great info. Thanks a ton for the responses. I'll check the gear ratio. I'll probably keep it if the gearing is 5.4 or 4.8. Joe
  225. Statistico

    Penn torque star drag reels????

    Is there a way to tell if it is generation 2? The reel is at least 2 years old. In the process of changing to the torque 40LD2 an the 30LD2. Joe
  226. Statistico

    Penn torque star drag reels????

    I have a Penn Torque 25 star drag that is black and gold. I understand there has been an evolution of these reels. The reel I have has Torque 25 on the side B, N, etc. Not sure of how to advertise it. Any help would be much appreciated. Joe
  227. Statistico

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Well...if you think that said owners/operators of the "long range" sportfishing operations don't know these spots after fishing them for 30 or more years, then you don't hold much credibility in a discussion like this. This has turned into, it seems, a war of words between those that have either...
  228. Statistico

    Tranx or Lexa for light jigs

    I have the high speed Tranx and the lower speed (power) Lexa 400. As stated, the wahoo fishing is fun with the Tranx. Putting pressure on 30-35lb BFT with either reel (compatible 8 - 8.5 ft. rod) worked this old man. I'd hate to try an 80lb. BFT with either reel at my age (68). Joe
  229. Statistico

    3 day, Mini Long Range

    Hey Steve and Jay, Who pulled the Angler horn cord when you passed us? Fun fishing for sure. We didn't have anchovies...only large and lively sardines to go with a slammer full of the pesky medium sized sardines. We had quite a few mackerel and that was the ticket for many of the larger...
  230. Statistico

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    I was a teacher for 35+ years. This thing stinks of an issue that teachers faced and most kids faced...un-noticed, Danny takes something out of the backpack of Dorothy "do right." Teacher tells class that everyone must stay after class until the culprit fesses up, and returns said item(s). 34...
  231. Statistico

    Please Send Comments Regarding the Request By the CBD to Close Bluefin Fishing in the US

    Just looked at the "Center for Bio. Diversity" website. They went after the Atlantic BFT a couple of years back with limited success, and now they are sporting a link about the 2013 population decline (report) of Pacific BFT that they claim to be. 96+%. Their lack of their total success should...
  232. Statistico

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    I may have missed the organization behind this, but would, very much, like to know. ??A non governmental organization?? Federal Register/Vol. 79, No. 142/Thursday, July 24, 2014/Proposed Rules So..."a non-governmental organization, has petitioned the U.S. Department of Commerce to promulgate...
  233. Statistico

    John Collins knot

    Yep...I guess that I'm careful about how it cinches down. Doesn't look right, cut it and redo it.
  234. Statistico

    John Collins knot

    John Collins is a very experienced fisherman and crew member of several long range vessels. I trust his advice a TON. I use the JC exclusively for the mono-spectra connection that isn't a hollow type (up to 60 lb). 100 percent "pull through?" How are you setting drag? Watch the video and then...
  235. Statistico

    Three fun days on the Islander!

    It was a great trip Kevin. Captain John Conniff and his crew made it seem like an 8 day or short 10 day as far as the galley and other amenities. Charter master's name is Fred and he had some great perspective on what a fishing trip should, give-aways, good people, a few...
  236. Statistico

    trip report - spirit of adventure 6/16-21/2014

    Is Dan still working in the galley of the Spirit? Great report always!
  237. Statistico

    Seeker black steel or Calstar graphiter???

    I think it is a Calstar 760M. Thanks for your input...Mike and Steve.
  238. Statistico

    Seeker black steel or Calstar graphiter???

    Epoxied gimbal. Was there a Black Steel that was rated 40-80? I think they now make the 6460xh at 50-80.
  239. Statistico

    Seeker black steel or Calstar graphiter???

    Thanks Mike, Here is a photo of the transition. You probably need to enlarge it significantly to see the change. Thanks Joe
  240. Statistico

    Seeker black steel or Calstar graphiter???

    I built a rod a few years ago but didn't include a blank designation. The blank has a grey color, turns to the grey with black, then goes to all black the last couple of feet at the tip. It is a 6' rod that I believe was rated 40lb. To 80lb. Hope someone can help identify it. Thanks in...
  241. Statistico

    Elec-tra-mate 600 w/Penn 6/0

    I have an Elec-tra-mate for sale. The motor assembly comes with a Penn 6/0. The case has some cracks (as is typical for these), but the assembly is fully functional. I am asking $125. The unit is in San Diego. Please send a PM if interested or if you have questions. See photos below Joe
  242. Statistico

    Canvas Industrial Sewing Machine

    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD Thank you for looking. I have a Singer 491 industrial sewing machine. The machine is fast and can sew multiple layers of canvas, etc. I have used it for rod covers, reel covers, Sunbrella projects, etc. Send me a PM if you have questions or are interested. Photos below...
  243. Statistico

    Batteries - where to buy and quality

    Costco uses Interstate batteries, as I found out, so that was my choice. Thanks for the quality replies. Joe
  244. Statistico

    Batteries - where to buy and quality

    Time to replace batteries. I use 2...a starting battery and a deep cycle. What are you using and where do you buy them? Thanks a bunch. Joe
  245. Statistico

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Agree with fisholic regarding Ken's. Ken's knowledge is great, although you'll have a hard time finding guys more knowledgable than Rick Maxa and Doug Kern at Fisherman's Landing. Squidco has good stock on terminal tackle, but get hooks early if you need to buy some...anywhere you choose to...
  246. Statistico

    Penn jigmaster & Penn Surfmaster

    Surf Master 100, 150, 200, 250?
  247. Statistico

    American Angler June 17th 5 day, what do you think we will be fishing?

    Hopefully limits of BFT. That could happen in a couple of days on a good bite. Have a great trip...the AA is as good as ever. Joe
  248. Statistico

    Rock Cod Depth

    SDfishkiller has it spot on. Technically the 50 fathom line is set by the Feds and, as i understand it, the DFW would use those defined line segments. A lot of bottom is less than 50F, but are west of those lines so???who knows if they would cite a person fishing in 280 feet west of this...
  249. Statistico


    Has Cal made any mods to this reel...low gear, drag curve, etc?
  250. Statistico

    Elec-tra-mate 600 w/Penn 6/0 (Reduced Price

    Tim, I can't find the PM. I am sending you a PM. Joe
  251. Statistico

    Elec-tra-mate 600 w/Penn 6/0 (Reduced Price

    Back on the market... I have owned the reel for a couple of years and have only used it a couple of times. This includes the Penn 114 Senator shown in the photos. The power unit functions as it should. The motor is very powerful. There are some cracks in the plastic case. This is typical...
  252. Statistico

    For Sale - Newell S533-5.5

    Sold...thanks Tim I have a lightly used Newell S533-5.5 for trades. The line is out of season so needs to be replaced. No spectra as far as I can remember. I would like to get $165. Pickup in San Diego. I can ship at your expense and will accept Paypal. Please contact me through...
  253. Statistico

    Super Seeker 6480H for sale

    Super Seeker 6480H SOLD.....SOLD......SOLD
  254. Statistico


    Ok...this guy (six fathoms) is a good friend of mine. I met him on a long range trip on the American Angler in January of 2006. He has a heart of gold. If he says he responded to the direct email message from BD, that is the truth. I know he could have responded directly with the info as a...
  255. Statistico

    48" 52.7lb Halibut

    Massive!!! Go get another one.
  256. Statistico

    Which trip would you choose of these for your very first long long range trip?

    Ken's trip on the AA is as good as it gets. You would have a great crew...and Ken is extremely knowledgeable, an absolute gentleman, and very helpful for the group. I'd say great give-a-ways as well, but you are going fishing so... I've been on at least 7 of Kens long trips and have really...
  257. Statistico

    which lexa 400?

    I just bought a pwr model to use with anchovies. It worked nicely casting the chovie. I also tried it with a couple of jigs on the surface. It is too slow for my liking as far as surface iron is concerned...of course that speed is ok if you like cranking faster. I have a high speed tranx and...
  258. Statistico

    Lake Jennings today

    I had a wake-up knock on the door from friend Gary (my area UPS driver) an look at his two largest trout from Lake Jennings today. He only fished for 2 hrs.
  259. Statistico

    What type of Reel to pair with Calstar GF 770 H

    Agree w/16VS or 16VSX. The ATD 12 is pricy, but I use the 12 on one of my 770H rods. Haven't bought a Mak yet. I think SteveK said Avet HX Raptor. I use the HX Raptor on the 770 H for wahoo...bombs or jigs. Call Ken's Custom Reels (Oceanside) and ask Ken Corwin. He is as good a source...
  260. Statistico

    Rod holder/carrier, wasn't sure where to post

    I didn't think of countersinking them. The reel stands are chromed brass so too deep a countersink could pose a problem breaking through. You could give that a try. Using pan head screws that are lower profile would be worth looking as well. Joe
  261. Statistico

    Rod holder/carrier, wasn't sure where to post

    Jonny, I did. I actually got a good deal on Penn stands (had to cut the down for this plan) and made one with six of them. I didn't look at other manufacturers. The PVC glued together easily and is fairly strong as strong goes for PVC. When I made one with metal I screwed them into a wood...
  262. Statistico

    Hello Jeff, This provides 4 reel stands...the attachments for your reels into the reel seats on...

    Hello Jeff, This provides 4 reel stands...the attachments for your reels into the reel seats on the rods. Turn the rod (guide side inward) and tighten the reel seat on the rod. You will have 4 rods attached to the devise with the guides facing inward. This way the guides are not outward and...
  263. Statistico

    Rod holder/carrier, wasn't sure where to post

    See photos at botom I experimented with these awhile back. The purpose of the design was to keep the rods in a position to avoid guides hitting each other and at the same time be able to transport the rods. I actually made one from pvc with a 4 way fitting. From the 4 way fitting, I used 4 -...
  264. Statistico

    1/2 Mexico rock cod?

    Call the H and M office and ask to talk with Rick. Rick's days off, I think, are Wed and Thurs. He is the man to have the answers... unless you go straight to Tim Green. Rick talks with the captains nearly every morning so he should know. I hope this helps. Go get some. Joe
  265. Statistico


    Squidco...Joey, Dinero, Josh, and Kyle make it a very personal place...can't believe how Joey remembers names. Dana is a great resource for expert rigging (John W.), very good product knowledge (John and Bubba), charitable support of local events (Steve), and Doug repairing and servicing reels...
  266. Statistico


    I am having trouble getting away for a fishing trip. Wife says that I have to get some advice on our swimming pool wiring and redo it. Any certified electricians (BDers) that could do such a job and that needs the work? Please send me a PM if you know someone or are that someone. Thanks, Joe
  267. Statistico

    Hi John, The total amount for the 2 rods including shipping is $450.00. $200 each for the rods...

    Hi John, The total amount for the 2 rods including shipping is $450.00. $200 each for the rods and $50.00 for shipping including ins. Once we make a deal, it is final and the rods are sold as is. The shipping cost is based on shipping to 99201. If zip is different, please let me know-might...
  268. Statistico

    Seeker Black Steel 6463 3xh

    Sold...both rods with roller guides are gone. Thank you Robert. Joe
  269. Statistico

    VIDEO!!!! long range trip on the intrepid

    Great video. The whale shark was an awesome addition. Ugly sharks when they are ripping away at your fish.
  270. Statistico


    Every time I open BD, and check remember me, I have to give my name and login the next time I want to open BD. Happening on my iPad What should I do? This just started since all the work was done on the site. Tnx in advance Joe
  271. Statistico

    Rooster fiver 12/26-31

    Nothing on Facebook or RR3 site regarding ETA. Steve...can you help?
  272. Statistico

    Rooster fiver 12/26-31

    Go get em Steve. Keep the reports coming.
  273. Statistico

    Fukushima Radiation Poisening the Pacific

    I just received this link from an Oceanographer friend. It is probably one side of the argument of damage to the Pacific Ocean, but it is food for thought. See what you think. Joe
  274. Statistico

    Is it legal to sell sport caught fish in Mexico?

    I think it violates the principle that if a Mexican can do work, then foreigners are not allowed to participate in that work. Check with Pesca for the rules, and then you might try Immigration. You would at least need an FM 3 and a work permit for Mex.
  275. Statistico

    Help with "Bed Bugs"

    I am very grateful that you have given good advice. I'll probably have to move on this tomorrow. I think the landlord needs to know if heat is used, but that may not be a legal requirement. If something is damaged, I'd like it to be on his dime even though pest co should be insured. I'll...
  276. Statistico

    Help with "Bed Bugs"

    I am hoping that a BD member might be helpful with this problem. It appears that my daughter's house has them. She found a couple in her bed this morning. She and her mother are a bit freaked out by the bugs. An exterminator came to her house this afternoon and gave her the bad news, and the...
  277. Statistico

    pulled the hook....

    I think the actions of the fish at the bite can be a determining factor. Those fish that strip line under free spool and keep going when the lever is pushed forward tend to be better hooked. A fish that eats the bait in a squirrely manner will not pull the hook as hard and thus less of a hook...
  278. Statistico

    WFO Reel Case (large) Repair

    I have had a WFO reel bag for several years. A couple of years ago one of the plastic buckles on the handle strap broke and made the bag all but useless. So...I went online and found some aluminum buckles for replacement purposes. They were under $5 bucks each so I bought 4 to replace all...
  279. Statistico

    Aluminum boat with pin holes

    Thanks for all suggestions. We'll be working on it this weekend...barring rain. Joe
  280. Statistico

    Aluminum boat with pin holes

    Thanks Ali, Would attaching a zinc to a metal surface help as well? Joe
  281. Statistico

    Aluminum boat with pin holes

    We have a Smoker Craft that appears to be suffering from electrolysis. We'd like to see what others have done to extend the life of the hull. The boat is used exclusively in the bays in San Diego. Thanks in advance. Joe
  282. Statistico

    Roll Call for SOA 11 day 10/23/13

    X2 Steve. Chatted with Bill at Charkbait in SD today. Great guy!
  283. Statistico

    Heartbreak on the Spirit of Adventure

    No Jackpot...whoa, fish of a lifetime I'd guess!!! Nice table fare though.
  284. Statistico

    Heartbreak on the Spirit of Adventure

    Just returned on Saturday (a little late on the post) and wanted to share an event that happened on the S of A. This isn't anything bad, but it is a disappointment of sorts. We were in a great bluefin bite the first full day out...approx 90 miles ssw from the point. Fish from 30 - 70 lbs were...
  285. Statistico

    Fighting belts?

    I had the top of the line Braid setup. I had it for 6 years and did nothing with it but adjust the waist as I grew. Traded it back to the store where purchased for a full refund. There is one very good use for the harness setup...a big fish that stays on the surface. A friend had a 298 that...
  286. Statistico

    Swordfish on a 1/2 Day?!

    Saw a photo on facebook from RJ. It's for real! Joe
  287. Statistico

    Swordfish on the New Seaforth

    I received a facebook message that was a report from RJ (captain). He is showing a picture of a small Swordfish from yesterday. Wow, I had to read it three times. Joe
  288. Statistico

    Touch Screens

    I have the stated, rough water can make it frustrating. Also, wet hands don't agree with smooth movement of position, on a map. If you are driving a 60 footer, I'll bet you will love the touch screen. Small boats, it can have its disadvantages.
  289. Statistico


    Great boat and crew. Mike Keating is as fine a gentleman as you'll find. Brian Evans runs the boat for Mike and has vast experience as a long range captain. Brian is a fish hunter and does very well finding fish. As mentioned earlier in the thread, the stateroom config is different. The...
  290. Statistico

    Tribute "taking on water" 9/16

    Went half day fishing on the New Seaforth yesterday afternoon. Saw the Tribute dock around 10:30. Passengers unloaded normally. No one seemed upset. The word was...a problem with the water system to the bait tank. I'd say that Mike Pritchard handled the situation in a professional and safe...
  291. Statistico

    penn 30sw

    Hey Bear, How are things? I hope life is treating you well! Are you looking at the Makaira reels. I have a couple on my radar. Your Penn looks really nice. I'd say worth the price! joe
  292. Statistico

    Penn 155- 15# reel?

    The 155 was the reel of choice of the landings for rental tackle. It succeeded the Penn 25. These were great anchovie casting reels and were a 20lb reel used by tons of fishermen into the 1980s or maybe later. Some fished them with 15lb and as small as a #8 live bait hook for touchy yellows...
  293. Statistico

    Big, Really Big!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's a great area to get em. I've seen some large dark spots cruising along the beach by the light house there. Great photo and a beautiful rooster!
  294. Statistico

    Where to fish in the end of October?

    You have good opportunity for tuna all along the East Cape. Yes, they have a couple of tourneys out of CSL, but those guys target the big blue and black marlin. Many huge blue marlin have been landed from the 88 fa spot to the Gordo banks but they aren't publicized like Cabo marlin...
  295. Statistico

    Whats your average haul? Trying to get an idea on what to expect for processing

    The processors can set you up to make donations if you have more than you want or can use. The crew may want some as well. I'd call Sarah (if she is your choice) to see if there are charities that can use it. I saw a charity take a bunch off of the Spirit a couple of weeks ago. My choice has...
  296. Statistico

    Where to fish in the end of October?

    Georgegav, From Palmas Bay Area of the East Cape you can reach the Cerralvo Island channel where the tuna/wahoo fishing can be very good, and the point near Bahia de Los Suenos (muertos) can be good for pargo and amberjack. You can also make the run to the Gordo banks from Bahia de Palmas. A...
  297. Statistico

    looking to buy a couple new accurates. retailer/online recommendations?

    Try Ken's in Oceanside. 760 967 7335. I believe he uses Izor or Blackwater.
  298. Statistico

    Cows and other big ass fish

    This looks like questions for fishy and wahoo dad. The makaira reels are state of the reel is perfect, but you won't be sorry if you get a 30 and a 20. Joe
  299. Statistico

    San Quintin Report - 8/21 - 8/24

    Great story on your trip...I'm going to book with them soon. How was the fishing from the private boat w/guide?
  300. Statistico

    GO TJ!!!!!

    Geeze...I don't see your age in your profile Bill. You're dad per team. The kids coached at the corners. That was before "travel ball" took center stage and all of a sudden each kid had two coaches in the dugout. This was a most enjoyable day watching LL baseball, Nascar, and the...
  301. Statistico

    Boat vs. Top Shot ???

    To the white spectra guy...good for him. If he knows how to fish the drift, then everyone can see where his line is. The 15 guys that end up on the bow when one gets a bite are perilous to everyone...especially anyone that is butt hooked and winds in to get a bite and save a bait. OMG...get...
  302. Statistico

    Possible tropical system developing this week/weekend off the Baja Coast

    Good update site for the Pacific weather without looking through a bunch of NOAA stuff is It has the tropical update, computer predictions, animations, and detailed info from NOAA. The site us used by residents of southern baja for the progression of storms. Good bookmark!!
  303. Statistico

    Have any boats been to Alijos lately?

    Two hours and the Excel left? Sharks??? Must have been iffy conditions. Good to hear about the hoo.
  304. Statistico

    Looking for a good Avet screwdriver

    If you are talking about the hex drive screws, I bought mine at Ace Hardware. It's a nice tool that fits easily into a tackle tray. Take your reels and get the correct fit. I'm sure others have similar drivers. Joe
  305. Statistico

    Puertecitos Dorado and a Golden Grouper

    That is a beautiful fish. Nice variety fishing. Congrats!
  306. Statistico

    Thoughts on 690J vs 900M for iron.....

    Borrowed a friends 900m last October for use on an 8 day trip. I had plenty of fish to pull on with it...mostly yt at Cedros. It was amazing how much pressure can be used to hurt the fish. The key was to keep a lot of bend in it and not get in a hurry. It didn't take long for these fish to...
  307. Statistico

    Just scored Skipjack 20' open

    Looks like some real fun when you launch her. Good luck!
  308. Statistico

    Outboard diagnosis help? (with video)

    Is the fuel tank getting enough air through the vent? A coil failing?
  309. Statistico

    LR prices went up next year

    Just checked my next long trip on my boat of choice. The price increase is 9.7% and the site still indicates the fare doesn't include permits/taxes, possible fuel surcharge, gratuities, and jackpot. Maybe the site hasn't been completely updated. This operation hasn't raised their basic fares...
  310. Statistico

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Trying this again with Pix. Good luck Pepe Photos In order, Distant shot of Fisherman's. Pt Loma access to Indy Material on access ramp to Indy Steepness of ramp to Indy Closer shot of Fisherman's Access ramp to Fortune, Prowler, Shogun, etc. Access ramp to RP, Star...
  311. Statistico

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing problem. I'll try again...
  312. Statistico

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    OOPS See post 133 Took several pics this morning. After looking at access ramps I can see a case should be made for safety. All ramps at Fisherman's Landing were steep, the access ramp to the Indy was steep and dangerous, and the H and M ramp was steep. Photos In order, Distant shot of...
  313. Statistico

    WTB penn squidder, 501 and 505

    Jigmasters? Squidders 140, 145, 146?
  314. Statistico

    150 lb BFT on the Excel today

    Soooo nice. Looks like an Avet JX.
  315. Statistico

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Another the Indy or boat of choice office and discuss it with them. Perhaps the crew will give more assistance. I see, on a regular basis, the AA crew helping with carts that have personal gear during the unloading process.
  316. Statistico

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Harddrive...point made. Contact the Fisherman's Landing office and discuss your concerns. They manage both Fisherman's and Pt Loma.
  317. Statistico

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    30 degrees? Rise of 10 ft to every 17 ft of run. I doubt it on the Pt Loma dock. Contact the Fisherman's Landing office if you have a concern. They handle both landings. AND, be careful next trip. We aren't getting any younger.
  318. Statistico

    Offshore 1 Paddy 3 Species Killer Day

    Kids just wanna have fun. Great to see all those smiles!
  319. Statistico

    BFT on Iron?

    Going on the Tribute Monday. As I looked at the surface and yoyo "thing a ma jigs", I pulled a blue and chrome out and put it in the arsenal. Never know.
  320. Statistico

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    Right on Fishty! It is, for a lot of the guys that do this all the time, about the experience. What a great bunch of new friends that are made and then the on going lies about how big those fish were. I like Will's idea...I limit my tags on a per day basis. Enough used early to bring a few...
  321. Statistico

    Tribute....Oct 24 SOLD OUT...who's on?

    Well stated Steve
  322. Statistico

    Offshore 7/25/13 302-hidden

    Always nice to connect. Congrats on the catch.
  323. Statistico

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    I do appreciate what you are saying. 8 day trips are a tough thing. Sometimes the yellowtail is the only thing in town. These guys communicate from different places and, if the sign is good, they will try to be there for the best interest of their passengers. There is a variety of...
  324. Statistico

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    Geeze...who said it wasn't a good grade. Talk to the most talented AND most experienced captains and they won't drive away from biting fish. There are two sides to the coin. 8 day trips are not "big" fish trips...per say. Big is good, but catching is the idea on shorter trips which most...
  325. Statistico

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    A couple of years on the Angler we were out of tags...bluefin, albacore, and yellows..don't remember what happened the last couple of days, but we turned the stern over to the crew during afternoons and watched them yank, crank, and bounce a few. It was the "Zuker" sponsored trip and did he...
  326. Statistico

    Tribute....Oct 24 SOLD OUT...who's on?

    Wow...was that fast. Must have been David Choates give aways of some of those signature rods. Just kidding on that one. I'll bet that is one of the quickest "FULL" bookings in Seaforth's archives. Let's hear from those that are going. joe
  327. Statistico

    Place to get line in SD

    Squidco is a great option. I'd give them a call with your needs to be sure they have it. Sometimes this time of year they run short on popular sized flouro...and certain hooks. Good luck on your trip. Joe
  328. Statistico

    Oceanside areas

    Am meeting a buddy for lunch at Oceanside harbor. We thought we'd do some surf casting first. Are there any good spots that have decent access from a parking area? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Joe
  329. Statistico

    avet ball bearing problem.

    A common problem with the crank bearings, especially if you have been pulling lead from depths or yoyo jigging.
  330. Statistico

    October recommendation.. 3.5a 2.5, 3 or go for more and which boats rock it

    Good fishing that time of year. You just never know what will be nearby and what a longer trip will get. 5 days is great for Cedros...the Lupe is probably not an option. It may be a year where dorado are still close, yft are in the cards, and BFT may still be around. I'm scheduled for late...
  331. Statistico

    Overnight on the Sea Adventure II - looking for intel

    Try the other website...Allcoast. Click the link to fish reports. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on H and M. I think that they post all of their boats reports. Not saying that the reports are accurate, but have no reason to believe they are not. Joe
  332. Statistico

    5 kidnappings

    Great brings back many memories and makes me want to do a trip down Baja way again. Thanks for sharing such a time consuming project. Your creativity is awesome. Joe
  333. Statistico

    Best Deck Hands!!

    Bobby...aka "Bubbles" The guys on the AA are very special! But, don't forget Lori in the office. Things always start with her. The other boats in long range fishing have great crews as well, or the crew members wouldn't have jobs for long.
  334. Statistico

    Tribute sportfishing

    X2. Looking forward to the Oct. trip with Steve, wahoo dad, et al.
  335. Statistico

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    Ok...let's look at the average half day fishing experience for a crew member/captain... Get the bait. The calicos are biting and the best offering is anchovies. Well, there aren't any anchovies to be had. Load on some sardines that are 8 to 10 inches...oh by the way, watch out for the...
  336. Statistico

    Big bass and Thresher

    I fish the panga that I had built in La Paz, BCS. When I brought her back I repowered with a Suzuki 115. Sure would like the space of a Bertrem.
  337. Statistico

    Spinning reels for offshore

    New acquaintance Dom fished on an April/May trip on the American Angler's 14 day trip. I didn't take a close look at the spinning reel, but he had two or three Wahoo on bait using the reel. He was all smiles and he showed that it could be done. I've used a Shimano Saragosa 18000 on an 8 day...
  338. Statistico

    Big bass and Thresher

    Good fishing buddy Mike fished with me yesterday out of Mission Bay on my panga "Pasatiempo." We made squid in hopes of a white seabass. No luck on the seabass, but we did hook and land a small thresher shark. What fun to see that tail thrash the surface. Mike landed it on 25 lb. flouro...
  339. Statistico

    Any boats check out mag bay in the Spring?

    Cold water I'd guess.
  340. Statistico

    Get ready for a whopper of a hurricane season

    Let WX Dunn give us a perspective.. Always interesting to see his analysis!
  341. Statistico

    Return trip from San Jose Del Cabo to San Diego

    We have had cell coverage at Cedros Island. Can't say the same further south. Sat phone is the best, and as said earlier single sideband. If you have a HF ham radio for receive, there is a daily maritime net (Chubasco) with weather along the Baja coast. The freq. is 7.192 MHz LSB at 7:30 -...
  342. Statistico

    plug holes from kicker motor bracket

    3M 5200 for an adhesive. Use either fast set, or the regular set (probably 4-5 days). Very strong and permanent. The also make 4200. Not permanent but good stuff. Home Depot has it...or West Marine. My choice for your application is 5200.
  343. Statistico

    San Diego Bay 3/15

    The fog wasn't bad most of the morning. Had to use the GPS back to the marina after the wind picked up. Good numbers of spotties for the weekend.
  344. Statistico

    San Diego Bay 3/15

    Met my good buddy Jay at Chula Vista Marina this morning. We fished from just before 7 until 11:30. We had about 60 fish between us with Jay catching a few more than I did. I clicked a couple of photos of Jay and fish. He had a really nice spotfin croaker in addition to several nice sized...
  345. Statistico

    New trailer!

    I decided to buy a new trailer about a month ago. My boat was on a very nice trailer but it wasn't a good fit from being to wide to being out of balance. The new trailer was custom designed and built by FE Trailers in Lakeside just east of El Cajon. I worked mostly with Vic, but also with...
  346. Statistico

    Sliding Glass door panels

    Two glass panels for an 8 ft sliding glass door. No aluminum frame. Panels are in San Diego (pacific beach). PM me to get a time and address. FREE
  347. Statistico


    Check with DCGreg in this forum. He has one advertised.
  348. Statistico

    E Z Loader Trailer

    Sale is pending until new trailer is finished...around Mar. 1
  349. Statistico

    Sortfishing boat "San Diego"

    Hello all, I do a lot of fishing on long trips each year. I woke up yesterday with fishing in mind so I threw some terminal tackle together, grabbed a couple of rods, and headed toward Seaforth Sportfishing. I chose to go on the San Diego. I must say the rock fishing was excellent, but the...
  350. Statistico

    american angler sports chalet trip!

    Hey KC...fished with you on the Tib trip on 2011 and have chatted with you in the office several times. I'll be on this one. I've done Ken's for the last 6 years and didn't this year. It looks like my good friends have had the hands full. John Wilson has a 278 and here's hoping that Jay...
  351. Statistico

    Panga for sale in the East Cape

    I just saw this in the Baja Pony Express and thought I'd share it. The boat isn't mine. I did import mine so I could give you some info if you decide to buy one in Mexico. 22’ Panga, center console, 65 HP Johnson with bimini, outriggers, marine radio, depth finder...
  352. Statistico

    Mas baconas Marla IV, feb 2-4

    Bonanza for sure. Great photos and great catch!
  353. Statistico

    E Z Loader Trailer

    I just spoke with E Z Loader in Arkansas. The gentleman that I spoke with indicates the trailer is rated at 5100 lbs. That is according to the VIN number. He described the trailer 100% according to their records.
  354. Statistico

    E Z Loader Trailer

    The trailer has brakes. Brakes and hubs were serviced last season. The title is current and there are no liens. I have owned the trailer since I brought my panga out of Mexico in 2007. I believe the rating is at least 4500 lbs. It uses 14 inch wheels and tires. I will have to check the...
  355. Statistico

    E Z Loader Trailer

    SALE PENDING I have an E Z Loader trailer for sale. The trailer will accommodate boats from 21 to 23 feet. The bunk arrangement is adjustable and there is a swing-away tongue. It is in good condition and very serviceable. I have ordered a new trailer that will better fit the width of my...
  356. Statistico

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Fishybuzz with another Super

    Yo Fishy. That fish sure looks tall! Another very nice fish.
  357. Statistico

    j or circle hooks for hoo's ?

    No doubt you'll get hoo bites on your heavy bait rigs. Those get cut off fairly often so it can get a bit costly losing the larger circles. You'll know if you see others getting bit off. That's a good time to put the wahoo setup into action. Also, keep your eyes peeled close to the boat...
  358. Statistico

    Hello questions from a newbie

    The boat can make a difference. There are long range boats from 85 ft. to about 124 ft. The larger boats have more amenities, but if it is fishing you are into, the boats all do about the same. Sponsors may have gear to let you try. Tiburon's trip on the American Angler allows anglers to...
  359. Statistico

    Lobster Report Card Return... Try It On-Line

    Thanks a ton...very easy and convenient!
  360. Statistico

    to buy or not to buy

    I do an AA long trip each year and usually a couple of 10-12 day trips. I know their gear very well. I have my own, but have friends that use theirs. The boat will take very good care of you. They do use Sato crimps, but there will be those that do the nail knot or served connections during...
  361. Statistico

    Huell Howser Dies

    I always enjoyed the Calif Gold episodes...especially finding the center of California. RIP Huell.
  362. Statistico

    to buy or not to buy

    Boat gear is very adaquate for a trip like yours. Not sure which boat you chose, but the RS, RP, AA! Intrepid, Indy, and RR3 should have the terminal tackle to go with the rod/reel combo. You can save money by buying on board by not buying a bunch of stuff you won't use. One thing I would do...
  363. Statistico

    West Marine Price match - fail

    I'd have to disagree on expertise. Sure, some of the employed are less than highly experienced, but they try to keep employees that are very knowledgeable in each department. I usually shop at the WM in Point Loma and have some contact, on a regular basis, with guys like Dan Hart, and a guy...
  364. Statistico

    Best Cow Reel

    Same question here...why not the ATD 50 T?
  365. Statistico

    Bottom Paint

    I have a nearly full gallon can of West Marine bottom paint. It is the marine blue color. I'd like to get $25 for it. I'm in San Diego. See photo. Send a PM if interested.
  366. Statistico

    Girly 2x4

    Beautiful work Bill.
  367. Statistico

    Hey Guys I would like you opinion

    From the sounds of all the "tourista" involved, and all of the "I'm not trying to say something negative", this guy sure did a good job if making a fool of himself and did a great job of being the naysayer. The world has a sample of people that have no "half full" in their thoughts. This guy...
  368. Statistico

    Yacht Delivery Captain Needed: Ensenada to SD/OC.

    The guy that runs Sea Tow in San Diego is really good. They call him Bubba. Call Sea Tow. I think he is still affiliated with them.
  369. Statistico

    Truline thread colors

    Thanks to all replies. I looked at the colors in the bright sunlight. The dark color is black. It isn't really collectable as it's a C4X-2, but the price was right at $0...a gift from a friend. The thing is wrapped and most of the blank refinished. When I did the blank section just above...
  370. Statistico

    Truline thread colors

    I have a 2 piece Truline that needs wrapping. It has a cork butt that is missing a couple of cork rings. I would like to make it nice again so here are my questions. 1. Is there a source for the rings. The blank is about 3/4" od at the base. 2. The colors that are still there are red...
  371. Statistico

    New Gudebrod Thread

    Beautiful work as always Jim. It's amazing that a fishing rod can be this nice!
  372. Statistico

    Unloading fish

    No comment also...
  373. Statistico

    They are growing a new DNA-altered saltwater fish

    The video is quite interesting. A very important point, according to the narration, is that the fish are sterile. I wonder how they can be sure that all fish remain sterile.
  374. Statistico

    AA 12 day Jan7-19

    I'm not on the trip, but it was a great choice. The guys did really well in last years environment. A couple of friends that will probably reply are scheduled for your trip. Pat, and shoulder sling Steve will be a kick for sure. Have a great time!!
  375. Statistico

    Shimano TranX 500 PG

    Thanks Chad. Nice meeting you. I hope your move will only bring success for you. Joe
  376. Statistico

    Interview with a SD Sportfishing Legend

    One of my greatest moments came when I did a 5 day on the Spirit about 3 years ago. Joe was on the trip. Now if you want to go back a ways, I fished with Joe Dunn on the Sea Biscuit at Mission Bay Sportfishing in the 1950s. He almost wore out that old wooden hulled boat. I remember Joe...
  377. Statistico


    My god, when is this going to end?
  378. Statistico

    Huge Wahoo caught on Palmas de Cortez boat

    Saw one brought into Martin Verdugos several years ago by a couple from Canada that went 132 lbs. They were fishing out of their tin boat and thought they had a marlin with a broken bill. There was a wahoo caught by a father/daughter fishing from a panga out of Cabo that went 182 lbs a few...
  379. Statistico

    Big Tuna on the Gordo

    Yes Fishy, you are right on. I'd say around the 300 lb. mark. I almost used your photo as an example of what it might be. Another photo (above) and the fish looks much bigger than the tuna door opening. Sorry to see that the measurements weren't there. By the way, yours was VERY nice! Joe
  380. Statistico

    Big Tuna on the Gordo

    I'm not sure what G-Spot is using for his estimates, but when I look at the data that Mike Lackey used to estimate the super-super-cow the 86" is for 400 + lbs. Not saying that G is wrong. These fish are all different so it is hard to say. I know that the fish caught at the lower banks off...
  381. Statistico

    Big Tuna on the Gordo

    IF you ever need measurements, cut some pieces of line and wrap it to establish a girth and another to establish the length. I'd say, by the size of the tail, that it is in the high 2's or low 3's. The sickles are quite long as well. Take a look at some of the fish on the long range boat...
  382. Statistico

    How are the sleeping cushions on the Excel?

    I have a painful left shoulder that started on a 15 day as I sleep on my sides. I thought it was just a thing with the left shoulder but now the right shoulder has the same problem after a couple of trips this past year. I don't think it is as much the cushion as the rising and falling of the...
  383. Statistico


    I always get a better seal when I rub the seals with olive oil. Any cooking oil would work. Also, be sure the seals are clean of any food residue. A pair of extra seals is a good idea if the oil doesn't improve the seal. I also get the fish very to freezing on the surface. The...
  384. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure with 200 wahoo

    I think they were talking about the 13 fathom area. Don't know for sure though. There is a lot of area that is fished between the 13, the 23, and Uncle Sam Bank.
  385. Statistico

    Captain Ray Lopez does it all!

    Yep...good comments Kevin. Now the AA has a huge fish on board. 353 lbs. as it was posted here in another thread and as was reported by Sam this morning on "Let's Talk Hookup."
  386. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure with 200 wahoo

    Wow, what a trip the guys on the Spirit's 11 day had. Their final count was right at 200 wahoo. What a sight on the deck at H and M landing. Hopefully someone will show us a photo. Left my IPHONE at home this morning.
  387. Statistico

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Very nice Fishy. Sure makes you look short!! BIG FISH1!!!
  388. Statistico

    Captain Ray Lopez does it all!

    I had a chance to chat with Sam Patella and a few of the AA crew on Monday morning. What a team those guys make. I was stoked to see that Jordan was working the trip. Had a chance to say hello to Ray, Bobby, Cameron, Andrew, Taro, Greg, Paul, and Mr. Lopez (Ray's very proud dad). I watched...
  389. Statistico

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    Here it goes...the RP arrived on Monday. Mario and 5 Star were given verbal commitments from passengers before the boat left either by phone or by word of mouth. As I saw it, one of them lost 2 of 4 commitments and the other lost 1 of 2 commitments. The "MAN" ran the trip. If you don't know...
  390. Statistico

    Premade wind on leaders

    I like making my own BUT...when you consider the quality that BASIL puts into these, and the cost of buying the flouro, spectra, glue or crimps, needles, etc, etc, his topshots are a very good deal. If you under estimate your needs, the crew will make another one or two at a reasonable cost...
  391. Statistico


    The USS Ronald Reagan is about as long range as they get... seriously, they all have issues with rough seas. Friend Steve just returned from a trip on the Excel and having been on just about every boat in the LR fleet he said that it was bumpy. I remember that boat sitting out a day in Mag...
  392. Statistico

    Do you use the Palomar Knot?

    Three turn uni for 80 lb. and up, 4 turn uni for 50 - 60, and 5 turn uni for lighter stuff. Great knot and very fast to tie. I've used the San Diego, Miller, and Irwin knots. They are all very good knots but the strength is very dependent on a double through the hook eye on the heavier stuff.
  393. Statistico

    Dana Landing lost dog

    Any luck with your security cam? The pugs are a ton of fun around the market. Hope this all works out for you!!!
  394. Statistico

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    Brandon, Your definition of small is subjective. You should be here to see the holdings of Mr.__________ . Between the Point Loma, Fisherman's, Parking, and Seaforth businesses and the boats he is involved in, he is well above many businesses that we call small. My 2 cents worth.
  395. Statistico

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    Correction...Tim Eckstrom was on Let's Talk Hook-up this morning. What an appeal for pity. He went on and on about how they are there for fishermen, not being unfairly competitive, and expressed dismay about Ed Zieralski (outdoors editor of the UT San Diego)being a long time associate and then...
  396. Statistico

    Offshore Rat yellows and a big supprise on the nine

    Looks like you had plenty to talk about on the way back. Good ??? fish.
  397. Statistico

    Marlin goes nuts and jumps into boat

    Wow, with all that water in the cockpit they probably were in a timed race to get the black it looks like. Great video but that could have been a real tragedy. Nothing like a fishing injury and the 60 day DL.
  398. Statistico

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Update...I received a message from John this afternoon. His surgery went well and the doctors gave him a couple of months of recovery. He shared a bunch of stuff about our trip on the Spirit...mostly what we long range guys chat about. Just wanted to let those that know John that he is...
  399. Statistico

    Red light camera Point Loma

    Sometimes these cameras go off for some sort of operational check. I had it happen at the same intersection along with another car. We stopped and discussed it and took each other's info for support in case a ticket came as a result. No ticket arrived. The photos are read by a police...
  400. Statistico


    Wife just won her pool at 24-0 for the first half.
  401. Statistico

    Tiburon auto shift reels

    How about Fishy and Jimal (Titan 05) listing their stuff. I'll bet Jim can keep up with David. That would be an interesting comparison. No, on second thought, that would take a lot of work over sipping on some cool ones and a good cigar. Joe
  402. Statistico

    Tiburon auto shift reels

    Oh my gosh...these reels are great. I was a naysayer to begin with, but after a couple of 140 lb +/- on the SST 6 I can truthfully say they work. I got into trouble on this individual in particular...when I said a lot of people don't like them. I talked to Skip (Tib rep) about...
  403. Statistico

    Tackle for 11 day

    I like Steve's post on this. Also, there is a bit of mis-info on hooks. You will use 6/0 sized hooks, etc. Big difference between 6 and 6/0. I'm sure that was just an over-site. I think the idea of a third heavy rig is a good idea as was previously mentioned. You should have some time to...
  404. Statistico

    Monday Night Blackout...

    What??? I just read this... The San Diego Chargers announced this morning that they have sold enough tickets to lift the local blackout for Monday night’s Chargers vs Denver Broncos showdown for AFC West supremacy. The team, sent out a release a few days ago saying they needed to sell...
  405. Statistico

    ATD 12 for 10 day?

    Great for Alijos larger tuna. A lot of guys will use lighter gear but it is nice to have solid gear...especially if sharks are there. You don't say when your trip is. On a 10 day the rocks are a possible stop. That gear would work on the areas off of Mag Bay, BUT there have been some big...
  406. Statistico

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Good to hear from John. As I said earlier, he showed no anxiety and suffered through what must have been a lot of pain without a complaint that I heard. John is correct...the charter group (has been together for about 10 years) is a very special group of guys. There are no egos involved so...
  407. Statistico

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Ouch...there must be some complicated damage there. He took the pain like a trooper. Tough part was getting to the head. If you communicate with him, please give him my best on the surgery. Joe
  408. Statistico

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    Nice Steve, Was it a wooley bugger he used? Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Joe
  409. Statistico

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    I just returned from the Davis charter (8 day) Sunday. A bit on a fish report below. I met John "Red Beard" on the trip. John suffered through an injured lower leg and ankle the last couple of days of the trip. As I understand it he went out during the night to recover a few fallen rods and...
  410. Statistico

    one more rod for a 14 day HEAVY ROD

    My selections are Calstar 770 xxxh, Calstar 770xxh, (2) Seeker 2x4, (2) Calstar 7465 xh, and Calstar 770 h and 700 xh for wahoo. As Jay "fisholic" stated, and I agree 100%, it is the combination of rod, reel, line, and angler (+ ocean conditions) that dictate how these are set up. Keep in mind...
  411. Statistico

    Latest Bait Condition for LR Fleet

    Just returned from the landings (9/28). I talked with an acquaintance as they brought fish up from the RR III. He indicated that the bait was terrible and that they had to make bait twice on a 6 day. Trying to be objective, I asked Andy Cates (captain) and he said that making bait could be...
  412. Statistico

    Rods-How many is too many?

    For 8 day trips or less a maximum of 2 30 lb., 2 40 lb. 2 50 lb., 1 60 lb. and a troller. For 12 or more days, 2 for jigs or making bait, 2 for 80 lb. , 2 for 100 lb., 2 for 130 lb. , 1 for chunking and 1 for big baits. It works for me. Joe
  413. Statistico

    Latest Bait Condition for LR Fleet

    Excel guys suggested bringing Megabaits or from a maker of a similar type. Poppers were in the discussion also as successful and a good thing to have.
  414. Statistico

    Latest Bait Condition for LR Fleet

    Just returned from the landings. Talked to a few guys that were on the Excel trip. Their report, that reflects about 7 days ago, was poor bait and only about a third of what they should carry on a trip like they were on. The good news was they caught 800 fish and fished jigs a lot.
  415. Statistico


    Check the squelch setting. You need to let more signal through to hear most anything. Coast Guard is probably putting out megawatts of power. Good luck.
  416. Statistico

    Indy's Back with Big Bluefin

    Good point Blaine. I also have a couple of HX Raptors and an SST 8 to use. Not to tempted to tax myself with 40 lb. though
  417. Statistico

    Best Season for Catching Big Yellowtail at the Rocks

    Friend Rick K. caught a 65# on the Loomis/Kadota trip 3 years ago...early June. I saw 3 over 75 caught on the Angler during the same time frame. One of them is the mount in Mitches. AA's website shows these on June 12, 2009... Bob B. 79.2 lbs Yellowtail, 3rd place: Paul Y...
  418. Statistico

    Indy's Back with Big Bluefin

    Put the Penn 16VS back and packed the Accurate 12 ATD. Hope it gets a chance!
  419. Statistico

    Indy's Back with Big Bluefin

    They caught those on 9/16. Hope they stay put for next week.
  420. Statistico

    Progear 501 drag washers

    I used them on a bunch of fish on 8 day trips...bluefin and yellowtail. One had a very sticky drag when I hooked a fish so I decided to have a look. The surfaces seemed to be ok so I did a light grease (wiped them after applying) and re-assembled. The drags now are as smooth as silk so I'm...
  421. Statistico

    Progear 501 drag washers

    Ken's is great!! Thanks
  422. Statistico

    Progear 501 drag washers

    Thanks for the suggestions and the chart in particular. I opened one up today to inspect, cleaned the washers...5 I think...applied a light coat of Cal's grease, and reassembled. There is some looseness in the star when the drag is completely backed off. Don't know if that is due to the...
  423. Statistico

    Progear 501 drag washers

    I have 3 reels ... cs501, cs501, cs551 and would like to replace any drags that are showing wear. I called Squidco about replacements but found out that they have to be made by modifying some existing drags. I am hoping that there is a way to get them without having to cut them. Any help is...
  424. Statistico

    The Facts

    Well said Jimal!! x2
  425. Statistico

    Hopkin's Jig

    Thanks for the ideas. I have some silver solder but only have an oxy-acetylene torch and a map gas torch. I may try to braze a ring like you mentioned.
  426. Statistico

    Hopkin's Jig

    I have been using a titanium wire tie to the Hopkins as there is no ring. Other suggestions about this connection would be much appreciated. Joe
  427. Statistico

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Not sure of the maker on the latches but call San Diego Hardware for that. Finish is spar urethane.
  428. Statistico

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    I have been working on this box for a couple of months. I usually give away some sort of woodworking project on the various trips I make. This box was a give-away for the Danny Kadota 8 day from June 11th on the American Angler. The lucky angler was Rob G. The box was made with his input...
  429. Statistico


    I can't think of a better CM than Ken Corwin. Ken always works with people very closely to help them understand the concepts and be tackle prepared to catch fish. In addition he has no ego about what a great fisherman he is...just Ken.
  430. Statistico

    Evolution toward releasing cow tuna?

    Nice reply Jim. I am sure they will survive since you use a 10 ft. rod and a Newell 338. Zip...Bang. Seriously, you have some great info. Keep up the good work Jim.
  431. Statistico

    Donation Fish

    I have the fish processed and rotate it through my freezers. When I get back from a trip I do an inventory and take the processed fish that I am replacing with new stuff to the charity. That way I get the advantage of using the fish, the processor gets my business, and if I don't use it...
  432. Statistico

    Offshore Fishermans landing no warranty on custom rods,,,

    Just started to read this thread. I am not surprised that Doug would make this right for his customer. Doug has always gone the extra mile to show and describe his products...a very knowledgeable fisherman and business person for sure. The other guys at the shop (Rock Cod et al) have also...
  433. Statistico

    Dueling Claytons tonight...

    Bit the bullet and just got Direct TV. Kept Time Warner though. Go Pads.
  434. Statistico

    trailer modification

    I talked with the owner at Squidco a few weeks back. Nice guy and personable. Can't say anything about the quality of work or dependability. Joe
  435. Statistico

    Shimano Saragosa 18000F

    Calstar GG90J Thanks for asking. You interested? Shoot me a PM.
  436. Statistico

    Calicos off of Pt. Loma 4/5 a.m.

    Just returned from a trip to the Pt. Loma kelp. The current wasn't doing the right thing, but we gave it some time and got a couple of nice ones. Fishing buddy Jay (fisholic) connected with this nice bass at about 3 lbs. Catch and release of course!! See the photo.
  437. Statistico

    Shimano Saragosa 18000F

    This is a Shimano 18000 F spinning reel. No line included. The reel has been used just one time to catch a 30 lb. bluefin tuna. It was serviced just after the fishing trip. Everything about the reel is tip-top. Asking $245 if picked up in San Diego. Shipping and insurance to continental...
  438. Statistico

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Spirit of Adventure 9-30, AAngler 12/7 maybe, AAngler 4/30/13, , AAngler June 2013 Joe
  439. Statistico

    Now this is fishing...and hunting

    Osprey getting dinner. See the youtube video at<wbr>nA3LtXnNIto?feature=player_<wbr>embedded
  440. Statistico

    leaving early

    I've returned a couple of times a day early. I didn't really think about the consequences because I live in San Diego. At the end of the second trip I remember some of the guys struggling with changing their air plans, getting a motel for a day upon return, and then a couple of guys mentioned...
  441. Statistico


    To check out the American Angler, look at the recent thread (8 pages long) in the long range section to get an idea. The title is "American Angler Review." The boats you mention are great operations. You can't go to far wrong on any of them. Joe
  442. Statistico

    American Angler Kadota 8 day...Ready?

    It looks like the Indy is at the rocks. Their report from yesterday stated that the water on the way down looked good, but they didn't find fish. Yellowtail, it appears, are going off...where ever they are.
  443. Statistico

    Tropical Storm Aletta

    A good website to watch, as we approach the Pacific hurricane season, is It gives several pictures and tracks of the storms and their predicted paths. The map above might be from the site. Good info Chris.
  444. Statistico

    American Angler Kadota 8 day...Ready?

    Chris, I didn't receive anything from Danny. I will ask if he has the video and see if he will let me play with it. I'll have my computer on the trip. As you remember, we were busy dawn to dusk. I'll send you a PM when I get some info. I did a video of the long trip I made in February...
  445. Statistico

    American Angler Kadota 8 day...Ready?

    Saltphisher...Bob, Good to hear the great news. The trip will be better if you are there. Everyone missed you last year. Wish Jimal was going. Health issues that are just a bummer.
  446. Statistico

    American Angler Kadota 8 day...Ready?

    Less than a month to prepare. Hoping to see many of the guys back this year as well as some new guys to the trip. Danny does a great job of keeping things exciting. Who's on board? Joe
  447. Statistico

    This must hurt

    Ouch! Hope it didn't hit the femur.
  448. Statistico

    San Diego Bay for bass and a butt

    Fished San Diego Bay with friend Jay. We had 63 spotties (released) and one nice butt. Fun day on the water after starting at a minus 1.5 foot tide.
  449. Statistico

    Aluminum Bayrunner Open

    It sure shines. Good luck on the sale.
  450. Statistico

    favorite cow tuna blank?

    770xxxh, 2x4, and 7465xh...probably in that order. How are those rods coming Steve? Getting ready for the knife? We're all pulling for a very succeussful surgery and a quick return to the fun. Joe
  451. Statistico

    Chovy on light line

    I still have my Penn 25s, 26s, and 140s. I've never tried a two speed reel for anchovies. I bring a couple of penn 26s and a progear 501 for such occasions should they occur. Also have others like these. Can't remember much about anchovy fishing except that my casts were less dedicated to...
  452. Statistico

    American Angler Review?

    The AA had me a bit confused going into this past season. Paul C is on the Intrepid after returning from Costa Rica. There is a new Paul working in the galley...former army ranger and very well traveled... and a very nice guy. I assume the '"new" Paul is returning. Of course we miss Paul C. Joe
  453. Statistico

    American Angler Review?

    Averaged 4 trips a year for the last 7 years on the Angler. Always a great vacation and I have met some very special friends. As above...the crew is awesome. Some of the awesome crew that may have not been mentioned are Cameron, Jordan, Bobby, Andrew on deck, Greg, Whitney and Paul in the...
  454. Statistico

    Commercial fishing dorado

    Not to mention the so called by-catch of marlin. Great documentary.
  455. Statistico

    lost check with LR boat

    Harddrive has a great point. It may have been as simple as the boat's office sent it to the landing office and forgot to note it in the trip's ledger. My boat of choice turns checks over to the landing office and it does take time...sometimes as long as 10 days Follow up on who cashed it and...
  456. Statistico

    Rods and Reels for sale

  457. Statistico

    Garage Sale

  458. Statistico

    What the hell...Padres and Fox Sports??

    What's up with the Padres. I heard today that John Moores has taken the Padres back and he is balking at the TV package. Our family has Time Warner and they and AT and T have already had trouble with the TV package. Now it looks like Cox and Direct TV might be shoved back also. Anybody know...
  459. Statistico

    October 8-Day to 'Lupe?

    I was on the Angler about 4 years ago. Caught bluefin and albacore offshore, then went to Cedros, then back off shore to Guadalupe. Captain was Brian K. and we didn't stay long. Anchored before daylight next to south island, chummed for an hour or so, then left for greener pastures. There...
  460. Statistico


    Line at 37 kg. That's about 80 lb. test. That is awesome!
  461. Statistico

    Salami question

    Frank, Kite fishing will require a larger reel (50W) because of the amount of line out when the kite bait is bit. If it is your rig and you don't mind a back-up then go with a 50. I use a 50 wide for the salami also. You can get away with a 50, but putting the rig at the end of a back-up rig...
  462. Statistico

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Fish Girl...Sarah...didn't know you were a pb young lady. Martha Farnum C/O 1959, PB Jr. High 1962, MBHS 1965 and off to College Vines Rexall Drug a ways back...of building corner of Cass and Garnet... McCoys Shell...Shell station Garnet and Dawes....class mate Steve McCoy...
  463. Statistico

    Don catches his first cow...220 lbs

    I was able to shoot this episode on my gopro hero. Don is a great guy that loves the experience of long range more than actually catching. He does like the catching part though. I have shared this with several fellow anglers. The trip was Feb. 3 - Feb. 18 aboard the American Angler. It...
  464. Statistico

    Indian announcement today

    I've heard nothing but the finest complements about Chris Randall. I hope your experiences are very positive. Joe
  465. Statistico

    fishing the chunk

    I guess we will have to work that out. Getting ready Jay? I still have some topshots left to make. Tight lines and bring some'll need it hi, hi.
  466. Statistico

    fishing the chunk

    Great point on the distance from the reel. Depending on the current, the chunk will rise in the current after it reaches a variable distance from the boat. The idea is to have your chunk follow the chunk chum. The chunk chum follows a rather linear sinking pattern so you want your chunk in...
  467. Statistico

    Cutting trips short....???

    so let's break that down per day. $103,000.00 divided by 14 days equals $7392.00 per day. for us it is $321.00 per day. ,so if they cut back and come in one day early that is a savings of $14,000. Now, how about the Port District's cut, and the bait company's cut, and the landing's cut, and...
  468. Statistico

    Is your Autopilot Reliable???

    Raymarine s1000...has been a great unit for 2.5 years since I purchased it.
  469. Statistico

    Raymarine s1000 Autopilot

    I have a used Raymarine s1000 Autopilot for sale. I changed my GPS/Chartplotter/Sounder and had trouble getting the pilot to work after the install. I ordered a new pilot and installed it and the new one still didn't work. After a couple of calls to SIMRAD support, it got the new one...
  470. Statistico

    Custom Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs - Christmas Special

    Great gear for a holiday present. Happy holidays Larry, Joe
  471. Statistico

    Elec tra mate reel

    I am interested in the 6/0 sized Elec tra mate. I believe the model is 612 sportsman. Send me a pm if you are willing to part with one. TNX Joe
  472. Statistico

    VHF Radio (Standard Horizon Eclipse)

    This radio works great. You would have to find a mounting bracket (I have one from another radio that you can have). This radio does not have the distress button. See photos. The radio is in San Diego. I'd like buyer to arrange for pick-up. I'm asking $35. PM me if interested. Joe
  473. Statistico

    Garmin GPSMAP 178c

    Sale Pending to Louis
  474. Statistico

    Garmin GPSMAP 178c

    I have a used Garmin 178c that is in very good condition. It was a popular unit when these were introduced. As can be seen in the photo, the unit comes with the power cable, transducer with cable, mounting bracket and the video box. There are about 300 way points stored in the memory. No G2...
  475. Statistico

    adapt simrad NSS 7 to garmin transducer?

    I just purchased the Simrad NSS 7. I have heard that the Garmin 50/200 khz transducer can be adapted to work with the Simrad. Problem is cutting the wires from the Garmin transducer to connect with a wiring adapter that Simrad can provide. I spoke with Garmin support earlier today and the...
  476. Statistico

    1st Super Cow,already!

    Hey David, Great news. I hope that Wayne had a shot at it. I'd love to see him get a big one. Did they go to C I or H B? I'd bet C I with a fish that size. Good for them. Steve K says hello by second hand info. Joe
  477. Statistico


    Great photos. It is very cool when a guy isn't so stuck on fishing that he can't get the whole picture of "Long Range Fishing." The injury is something that I think of constantly. A couple of years ago I grabbed a door jamb and had the door close on my middle three fingers. Fortunately the...
  478. Statistico

    Your choice for catfish

    Don't tell anyone, but small marshmellows are the killer bait. They stay a bit off the bottom and I have had great success with them. Of course stink bait, mackerel, livers, etc work will also but are hard on the wife's nerves. Joe
  479. Statistico


    Reel sounds interesting. I'll be in touch... Joe
  480. Statistico

    Video of Mike Keating discussing fishing the ridge and below This is a GoPro camera capture of Mike Keating discussing fishing over the next couple of days. He discusses the 23, Thetis, Morgan, etc. Lumpy that he refers to is Justin Fleck on the Excel. The Excel was on an 8 day over the...
  481. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day

    The jackpot was a mute point on that fish. Captain said two anglers landed it so it was disqualified. Sad, but true.
  482. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day

    The camera is a GoPro. This was my first time using it and the learning curve was a little steep. I used the head strap mount...only problem is when you hit the shutter button to start the camera you can't tell if it started. Also, the angle is a bit tough to judge unless there is a good guy...
  483. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day

    I uploaded a video to youtube of the first day at Benitos, catching yellowtail <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>...
  484. Statistico

    Sanding Fluoro For Insertion Into Spectra...?

    Ask Basil about the point on the flouro/mono. He makes his topshots so that a high lift won't let the point protrude out of the spectra. If it does, you have a bad slip situation that won't go away. The topshot has to be replaced if it happens. Basil does it as a double connection so that...
  485. Statistico

    My first 7 Day! What Boat for a First Timer?

    You have a great experience awaiting you. I can't speak for other crews, but the AA has the finest young men that could work a trip. They are very knowledgeable, very fair about giving help, work the boat to it's finest condition, and bend over backwards to help in every way possible...
  486. Statistico

    Cedros or Guadalupe?

    Great question. If it were me, and I were taking a camera, I'd go to the Lupe. If yellowtail is your thing, Guadalupe has some fantastic fishing for the tails. You get some freedom from tuna fishing at the south end of the island if the current isn't right by having the north end pinnacle...
  487. Statistico

    Offshore Long Range trips

    Great info from the guys. The crew doesn't work for an operation if they don't have great expertise. The boats that would best suit me (and I fish one of these all the time) would be the Royal Star, American Angler, Vagabond, Independence, Red Rooster, and, the big boys...Royal Polaris, Excel...
  488. Statistico

    What Rod would you match to an ATD 12 topless?

    Acolades for my good buddies Jimal and Steve K. In my humble opinion, the 12 is to small for big tuna and to big for small tuna. To match it with a rod is a crap shoot betting on a crap or a hard way number. I'd fish the 12...which I have for a trophy late in the day when my hands and arms...
  489. Statistico

    Vagabond Reviews

    I would not catorgize the Vag as the best, but I'd say one of the very best on the chase for fish. I check the dock counts on a regular basis and, I can say from a very educated basis, Mike Lackey does as well as anyone that works hard. I fish the American Angler and if I had to go with...
  490. Statistico

    Narrow Frame for Newell 533

    I spoke with a fellow about Newell reels today. He said that a fellow makes narrow frames for the 533. Any help on who and where would be much appreciated. Joe
  491. Statistico

    Spiral Guide Design?

    What?? No Angler trip of 10 days in Feb. 2011! Only Angler trip in Feb. this year was Ken's Custom Reel trip (14.5 day) and this angler was not on it. Please update the info Acu. Joe
  492. Statistico

    Wire & hook preferences for wahoo live bait rigs

    I agree with ThunderMdr. If I go with flouro or mono, I use a spider hitch for a double at the hook. Wire is 44 lb. and a haywire twist. Wahoo are on another planet. What you think will work is a crap-shoot. In Feb, I was fishing wahoo and when the bait got more than 40 - 50 ft. from...
  493. Statistico

    Accurate vs. Makaira

    What does the CNC machine have to do with quality control? The tolerances that are necessary are more a function of the quality of the stock that is being machined than the actual milling of the frame. All reels have failed...Penn, Shimano, Accurate, et al. The fisher-person has a...
  494. Statistico

    AVET HXW...Gold

    SOLD I have an AVET HXW (two speed) for sale. The reel is in mint condition. The strike drag is rated at 22 lbs. and the full is rated at 29 lbs., and the reel has full free spool. $300. Reels are 10 cosmetic and 10 mechanical. If interested I have the same reel in Silver and the...
  495. Statistico

    cheap diesel oil changes San Diego

    Great thread... I have a Cummins 5.9 and have used the dealer for oil changes at 5,000 mile intervals. They charge approx $60 for the service. Sometimes they have specials that might be a low as $27. I assume they use quality oil as specified by Dodge. Am I wrong doing this service? Or...
  496. Statistico

    All tackle aside...

    Good info on the mugs and cups. I always bring crystal light in the single serving size. Drop the contents into a water bottle and you are good to go. If the ice machine has crushed ice, that makes a great cold drink. I've seen a couple of boats using Cool Aid and the sugar content, as far...
  497. Statistico

    Saragaso spinning reel question

    John, Thanks again. I will try the 9 foot model. I was a somewhat curious about the length...especially for tuna. The smaller grade shouldn't be a problem, but the fish from 60 - 100 lbs. will be a hoot. I think I mentioned fishing "hook less" poppers. I just like to see them blow out on...
  498. Statistico

    Zuker's 8 day in June...who's on the trip?

    Kevin, I was in the man cave a bit ago getting my clothing and reels packed. What irony! Jim Hall knows what my mission is on this trip but, just to be fair, here it is. I just ordered a Shimano Sargasso spinning reel. Beefy spin reel I just arranged for a good friend..."Rod Doc"...
  499. Statistico

    Long Range Fishing book by Bill Roecker

    My impression of the book is A+++. Bill has been there and taken those photos. If you ask him a question he knows the spot and names of the areas. Thanks Bill for the great photography and detail about those fishing spots. Joe
  500. Statistico

    Saragaso spinning reel question

    John, Thanks for the analytical info. I have chosen a Calstar GF GG9H for the rod. It seemed heavy on the tip and is long enough for throwing a popper a long distance. I will try this setup for live bait fishing for local tuna, albacore, and bluefin and hope that the islands fish don't hate...
  501. Statistico

    Saragaso spinning reel question

    I am looking at the OTI website, but they are talking about a two piece rod. I don't like that concept. The line class numbers look good though. I'd like to know what makes this rod a good popping rod. One post in this thread mentioned a fast tip. I'm not sure, but I have an urge to use a...
  502. Statistico

    Saragaso spinning reel question

    Great reply. I was thinking about a seeker 6480H with spinning guides. I will look at your rec and see what I can find out about my goals. Again, thanks for your input. Joe
  503. Statistico

    Saragaso spinning reel question

    I plan to fish trips up to 8 days and have ordered a Saragaso 18000F for tuna up to 100 lbs. I know it will be a battle, but I'll use a sit-in harness with the Braid delux belt. My question is...what rod to build for that purpose. I would like something that is fairly long for casting...
  504. Statistico

    Getting back into long range fishing on the Intrepid

    IMHO you have great reels for the summer trip. You didn't say much about rods, but going with matching Calstar or Seeker rods is a great idea. Study ways to make spectra connections on the lighter line/spectra. Blackwater's website has some great info about doing connections with 60 lb...
  505. Statistico

    Boat sunk in the driveway...ouch

    Hello all, We had a fire hydrant blow in front of the house on Apr. 1. No April fools. The water filled my boat to the gills putting all electronics under water. The best I can tell, the autopilot, radio, both GPS/fishfinder/plotters were damaged, a bunch of wiring, etc. My question...I'm...
  506. Statistico

    Zuker's 8 day in June...who's on the trip?

    Great group the years I've done the trip. The more the merrier. I guess, if we have to, we will have the tailgate at the Dolphin. Only problem is crossing that busy street after a few Bloody Marys. Maybe we can get the police to cordon off the street for our function. Time is getting...
  507. Statistico

    Zuker's 8 day in June...who's on the trip?

    Ok, I forgot...Steve will be spending the night here...mi casa. I guess I'll have to give him some good advice about the office when Jimal isn't aboard. Tough to say, but I'd guess Steve and I'll get into a bit of trouble that evening. Gin and tonics go a long way to making up some good fish...
  508. Statistico

    Zuker's 8 day in June...who's on the trip?

    It looks like we will have a great time. Sorry to hear that Steve K. won't be with us. I was looking at tackle for the trip yesterday and wondered if I need any trolling feathers...hi, hi. One of Zuke's special models made our private yacht trip to the Lupe fantastic. It was the only one...
  509. Statistico

    American Angler Sport Chalet Trip - 5/28-6/5

    Ok, you guys will scout the bft and albies for our trip. Hoping that Jimal will be on board the June 15 trip. I hate it when there isn't a hall pass for the office. We are looking at a ton of changes to this long range fishing. I will share with you when we chat. To soon for everyone to...
  510. Statistico

    Zuker's 8 day in June...who's on the trip?

    Hi guys and gals???. It won't be long before we head south. I'm looking forward to the great times we have had the past several years. Let's get this thing rolling... Joe
  511. Statistico

    Canyon Reels

    I fished with a friend from Delaware that brought one for a long range trip out of San Diego. He was very disappointed with the promises made about performance. We were fishing for cow sized tuna...200+ lbs. and he couldn't get enough drag on their 50 sized reel to slow down a sardine. This...
  512. Statistico

    Daiwa sl30sh

    I just looked at a terrible schematic on Daiwa's website. There are a few washers that they list as bearing washer B, bearing washer C, ball bearing collar 8, and drag spring washer. I have all the parts, but which is which? There is a bronze looking washer in the mix. I know what the...
  513. Statistico

    Seeker 1x3 and the ATD12

    I pulled on the 1x3 at the LB show. It seems to be a great rod...and I think an ATD 12 would be a great match. My ATD 12 is set up for 100 lb. and I have been using a Calstar 770 H but am thinking about building one of the 1x3 rods with turbo guides. Joe
  514. Statistico

    KK-Pono Wahoo Bombs

    I saw them work on the Ken's 14.5 day trip in Feb. Great product!
  515. Statistico

    Medium Range Clothing

    The wash down idea is a good one. I think the bibs are useful when you return to the dock and fish are being moved around. I have a pair of bibs and always sweat a ton when I wear them during a trip. They sure do save blood and guts on your clothes. I always take them, but hardly ever wear...
  516. Statistico

    Looking for Real world wisdom on Served wind-ons

    Which do most of you prefer...Sato crimps, nail knots with nub, or bow string serve? I will say that I've only had one failure on the Sato crimp system and that failure was on a single crimp. I'm not sure whether the crimp broke or if it wasn't crimped correctly. I use two crimps now and that...
  517. Statistico

    145 lb. on a Tib sst 6

    Great Jay. Glad to hear you are coming. I offered John $15 worth of twisted wire leaders, 50 yds. of cut-off spectra, and a straightened Hoodlum J hook, but he countered with $20. Hi, hi. Actually, John and I will travel to the Long Beach show Wed, or Thurs. I'll have cash and interest. Joe
  518. Statistico

    AVET HXW for sale

    Price reduced to $325 each.
  519. Statistico

    Late March to early for Alijos ?

    I spoke with Norm K. last year after that trip. "We had really good fishing." Water was very cold when we passed the rocks a week ago. Water temps might be a good thing to watch. Pepe
  520. Statistico

    AVET HXW for sale

    Reels no longer available.
  521. Statistico

    145 lb. on a Tib sst 6

    Ok amigo, I forgot to pay at 5 star yesterday. It is on my agenda for the Long Beach trip. I had forgotten you marred the rod is. It will be ready, also, when I pay the heffe! Joe
  522. Statistico

    American Angler home a day early

    We were very satisfied with our catch...except that Jack still wants a tuna at 300.5 lbs. We did have a mechanical failure so it was time to get on the way. The water pump that feeds the water maker failed and after putting another pump on, it also failed. We had about 500 gallons of fresh...
  523. Statistico

    145 lb. on a Tib sst 6

    Hey Jay, Nice to hear from you and the others that viewed. Yes, we will be on the trip again. The Angler left it off their schedule until a bunch of us said thumbs up. Give Lori a call. Love to have you on the daily wagers. John won this year by 3 points. They were first wahoo of the day...
  524. Statistico

    Tip Amount

    And...if the trip goes out light. While I don't have a sincere number, the boat of choice here is 15% +. The guys that help out on the Angler are as good as they get. I'd guess they get paid minimum wage for 12 hours a day. After that the tip is essential for these guys to have a ton of...
  525. Statistico

    145 lb. on a Tib sst 6

    I didn't think much of these reels after hearing conflicting reports about the shifting and thus the loss of fish. Well, I think differently now. The Tiburon sst 6 reel is spooled with 60 lb. JB with 50 lb. Izor mono on top. The hook was attached with a spider hitch (doubled the last 18...
  526. Statistico

    Super Seeker 2X4 & 80#

    David, I respect your view totally. I have been a fan of both blanks over the years. Good that you gave an update on the progress of the two new Seeker models. I guess I was a bit surprised to hear someone say 1x3 and 3x5 the other day at a local tackle store. If the 3x5 gives a 5 in the but...
  527. Statistico

    Super Seeker 2X4 & 80#

    I still have my Black Steel series rods...xxh, xxxh, and xxxxh. Those rods were stealth on cows in their day. They are short, but the bend and pressure they exert is incredible. I use the "old school" xxh for trolling and a back-up bait stick. The damned thing might be a 3xh???, but with...
  528. Statistico

    American Angler home a day early

    What a great trip and a sensational group of guys. We gathered at the dock outside of Pt. Loma Sportfishing Association on 3 Feb for the annual Ken's 14.5 day junket. The fever was running high after hearing the reports from the previous two AA trips. We boarded about 2 p.m. and were clear of...
  529. Statistico

    AVET HXW 2 speed (not raptor)

    I am thinking about selling two of these reels. They are very lightly fished with very little rail rash. I have the boxes and printed materials. No line. Has anyone sold or marketed one lately? How much is a fair price on these reels? Pepe
  530. Statistico

    Need input on a 80# rod

    Agree with the 770H or 770xh. I use the 770H with a tricked out Cal mod using 100 lb. I don't have the xh, but do have the xxh and xxxh. Joe
  531. Statistico

    Fuel Surcharge??

    I just bought diesel for my truck. The prices have increased significantly over the last month. I paid $3.45 a gallon. Is the price the boats use as a standard on red dye diesel $3.00. If they keep going up consistent with oil prices, I'm thinking about packing some extra bucks for my...
  532. Statistico

    Johnson 6 hp outboard

    Motor is sold. Thanks for looking....... I have a 6 hp short shaft Johnson that is late 1990s (97 I think). It's in great shape although it could use a replacement water pump for good maintenance. I used the motor on a small Avon RIB shore boat at the East Cape in BCS. It always ran great...
  533. Statistico

    Times are tough

    Hey Mike, Do you still have the 533 models? It was great meeting you last week. Joe
  534. Statistico


    Garry, Good point. I guess that I will read Bill R's report before I get on an Eckrsrom report. I have a ton of respect for Tim's talent, but when I can't get beyond the first line I suffer. The Royal Star is as good an operation as there is. Pepe
  535. Statistico

    Long Range Mentors

    I will go with Joe Dunn...back to the late 1950s, Manny Silva, Bill Pool, Dan Sansome, Brian Kyohara, Sam Patella and Mike Keating. Not necessarily in that order, but I learned the basics from Joe Dunn. Pepe
  536. Statistico


    I will not read the Royal Star reports from now on. What the hell is Ecktrom's problem with just giving the report. Pepe
  537. Statistico

    Power Handle

    I have a couple of Avet reels that I'd like to upgrade to the power handle. The first is one of the early 50 SDS reels, and the other is an HXW. Can these reels take the newer model handles? Thanks in advance, Joe
  538. Statistico

    going from JX to SX raptor?

    I have recently acquired the JX and SX raptors. I originally spooled the SX with 65 lb. PowerPro spectra and was a bit disappointed with the capacity. I spoke with Ben Secrest from AVET and he said that the SX will hold almost the same capacity as the JX. So I pulled the 65 lb. from the SX...
  539. Statistico

    Mario's Fish Processing

    Mario is the man. He has the guys that can do as good a job on the cuts as anyone. I may have had Mario do nearly 4 tons of fish over the past 5 years. That sounds like a lot, but I do 4 or 5 trips a year. I have never had a slanted experience from Mario. I even own some of his World Famous...
  540. Statistico

    What boat?

    I just read Jay's (Fishholic) post and I must say that those boats are very lucky to have such a talented fisherman on board. Jay says it like it is. If he says they are great operations, they are. I sometimes miss him on the trips where John 2244 and I take him in our individual side bets...
  541. Statistico

    canceled trips....

    The good guys are hurting as well. I frequent one of the best operations...service wise...and they have shortened their schedule a bit. I noticed that they had to cancel a trip and in the future are going to cut one of their long trips after the holidays. The guys on the long trip will...
  542. Statistico

    Penn Jigmaster with Accurate and Tib mods

    I have a nice jigmaster with Accurate and Tiburon conversions. The reel is black and was just serviced by Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside. The reel has line...spectra but with line, the price is + $40. Send PM for photos Price without line is $140. Pepe
  543. Statistico

    Three Weeks

    Bruce, You are very kind to give such great tips. Leaving on an 8 day on Sunday. I hope to use some of them for some great fun. I have a bunch of the original MegaBaits that I have wired. Any suggestions about wire and wahoo? Pepe
  544. Statistico

    SX Raptor (gold)

    PM sent...Jose
  545. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    I was thinking the same thing Bruce. I heard a rumor that there were some super cows weighed at the Pt Loma Association landing. Any truth to that? I'd guess it may have been Cortabenia at PV, but who knows... This might get to 100 posts. Thanks to all that made an attempt to answer the...
  546. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    Jimal, When and where is the next FH exhibition. Hopefully it will be a long run out with a circle hook and a flat pass, and a score for a big one. What about PhotoShop?? Pepe
  547. Statistico

    November / December Big fish questions

    My largest on a 30 TLD is 186#. I had it spooled with 80 spectra and about 75 yds. of 130 on top. The fish did a long run out. Bill Cavanaugh was on the trip and kept saying, "you're ok." Then I was down to about 3 layers of spectra and Bill taught us an incredible lesson. Load the rod to...
  548. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    My gosh Garabaldi, a lot is relative. I agree. The problem I have is everyone that I've asked has had the same response...lose to many fish. This isn't a statistical analysis...only what I've heard. I find it amusing that Choate says the same thing. I agree that a small sample size requires...
  549. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    David...I have heard this from a lot of people. I'd think the mid-sized tuna (90 - 160 lbs.) and wahoo would be the fish that would make using the sst difficult. They can be unpredictable as hell. Pepe
  550. Statistico


    An amazing experience...we hooked a hoo at the East Cape a few years back. The water was really rough and it bit a marlin lure. The lure was rigged with 260 lb. mono. My buddy that had never landed one put the gaff in it and when it hit the deck...I'm all the way at the bow bit...
  551. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    I'm afraid that JGS SD is on target. Maybe there will be such a thing in the future. I'll use the Penn VSX ... 5.2 high speed and 1.17:1 low with a Calstar 770 xh and spooled with 100 lb spectra and 130 at the top. I think that Cal has this thing really fine tuned and with some luck it should...
  552. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    My original post queried 100 lb PLUS tuna. My intention was fish up to ...perhaps... 175 lbs. One thing I'm afraid of is gear ratios over 1.7:1. I have a great Baker 30 that has a 1:1 gear which I love, but casting it is "no way Jose." The Avet HX is 2:1 in low and I've heard that it is a...
  553. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    I am looking for a reel that will work for bait fishing for 100 lb. plus tuna and still works for casting at boils with heavy jigs. Any advice is much appreciated. Pepe
  554. Statistico

    Any Word on the LUPE?

    Last private boat that I heard of lost all of their bait in Ensenada. They had to make squid at the Island. They caught fish, but it was tough. Actually the water temps look to be around 70 degrees. Joe
  555. Statistico

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    Randy, Find a might learn to spell and use grammar that you missed in your kindergarten class... as well!!! Go read, if you can, another post so you can fulfill your need to be an idiot! NFM
  556. Statistico

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    I'm sorry my friend. If you fish out of H and M, Fisherman's Landing, or Point Loma, and you get to the dock, you will be very frustrated by not being able to lock your stuff in your vehicle. When I go LONG RANGE, I take nothing LESS than 4 thousand dollars of rods and reels. Security in...
  557. Statistico

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    My last post was moved...I have no idea why. Those of us that park at the landing depend on security of our vehicles. I have spoken with several people that work at the landing...or have a business at the landing...or that just go fishing for more than a day or two. The daily rate is now $7...
  558. Statistico

    Parking problems (Point Loma)

  559. Statistico

    AA's 5-day 7/22-7/27 Ken's Custom Reel

    Hey Jay, That was a nice looking BFT. Good report and glad to see that you had a hard time getting all that JP money in your pocket. Ken's trips are always great and guys like you help make it that way. Hope to see you on a trip soon. Joe
  560. Statistico

    American Express in Los Barilles ???

    A couple of years ago...Chapitos market took credit cards. Tio Pablos did the same for meals as did the other restaurant (Otra Ves) down the street. You need to ask about the exchange rate to be safe. Had a place there and did business with them as I needed to use credit. There are ATM...
  561. Statistico

    What exactly is it?????

    Can't wait for you're next pathetic post!
  562. Statistico

    Crew gifts at the start of a trip

    Good for the US Army...Give your son my total support. I hope the sand bass continue on the chew...I'd guess they are off the IB area or the bull ring. We could do the bass area, go to the islands and hope for a bft or two, then hit Point Loma Seafoods for anything we don't catch. I am...
  563. Statistico

    Crew gifts at the start of a trip

    Not a chance amigo...back in San Diego and hope to do some bass fishing on Sunday...interested??? Joe
  564. Statistico

    Crew gifts at the start of a trip

    My crew of choice...___ get's a personal touch throughout the year. They are very dedicated to making things work and do their best to make the angler feel important. The captain(s) of choice just don't have to do this; but the things this crew can do are absolutely amazing. I want...
  565. Statistico

    Going in for HUGE surgery tomorrow at Tri City Medical center

    Hey Kristi, KM6W writing to say "best wishes" and give us a report when you are good to go. Joe
  566. Statistico

    Tired of Getting Ripped Off by Rental Car Agencies

    My info is a bit out of date, but here it goes. I had a property about 1/3 mile north of Palmas. Sold it a couple of years ago. Cabs in the Los Cabos area are not cheap. It always seemed to me that the price of a rental car/jeep worked out to about the same cost as the taxi/bus deal for a...
  567. Statistico

    Cows and a BX2-50

    I can say from experience that the AVET 50 SDS does a great job on fish over 200lbs. Many of the long range boats use the AVET gear and it works great. Like any other reel, maintenance is a must. After catching3 cows on a trip, I opened the 50 SDS reel that I used for those fish and there...
  568. Statistico

    Zuker's 7 day

    I think Jimal is practicing "PhotoShop." I'm sure it will be a great account of the various details. Justin, I sent you a PM. Joe
  569. Statistico

    Zuker's 7 day

    Jimal...when will we have the report...a long report. Pasatiempo
  570. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    4 limes in the mix. I hope the "Titan" will bring a few from the supermercado...just in case. I can't wait to see the 8 day catch. Those sandbaggers probably released a hundred of those 20 - 40 lb. bfts...hi hi. I hope they leave room between the cones to fit all of Dad's fish. Looking...
  571. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Yep, the limes. I just checked the trees in the backyard and none there so it goes to the top of the list. Sure hope the ice machines hold up under all the pressure. Joe
  572. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    OMG..Titan, I was so tired that the game last night was a dream. Sorry to hear that the Titans were a couple of hits short. I had a CIF pass for the game, but I was so tired of thinking about the trip and trying to blank the day's teaching out that I fell asleep. If the reports are close to...
  573. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Dang Steve, he's bringing some gin for the tackle boxes. Nothing like having the stuff where you don't have to go up and down those stairs. Plenty of hooks and jigs in my stuff. Have those cedar plugs that Jim likes so much. I think one is still stinky with some of his albacore blood. Jim...
  574. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Hey Steve, Good report on the tip. I asked the guys about the tips they get, and they said the highest percentage seems to be on the 5 day trips. My starting point is like yours on a trip like this...I go $300 (unless I somehow get the JP) and go up from there. If I get JP money, all goes as...
  575. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    I couldn't wait for the face-off. Here is to the best team. I'm looking forward to the softball final. It looks like Torrey is in the final game. I am going tomorrow. Joe
  576. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Hook and Cook um. Jim, how was practice today? Joe
  577. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Learn names and get friendly...these guys, for the most part, have fished together for a number of years. Great group so don't be shy. I think captain TITAN will show you the ropes...literally, not figuratively. There will be some sort of yellow tape stretched all over the boat...hi hi. That...
  578. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Oh my gosh...I could make that trip if...??? Shucks, .... off to help the grand kids get ready for the tagged catfish tourney. They will be working against the pros so I should give them a bit of support and confidence. El Matematico, Joe
  579. Statistico

    Alijos Weather

    Last year in June we had about 15 kts of wind from the north, a nice 4 ft swell from the northwest, and a south swell at the same time. Brian Kiyohara left after about 8 hours to head to Cedros. We got some at the rocks, but the boat wouldn't hold against the swells. Uncomfortable fishing and...
  580. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Cerveza will be iced and the collalpsible bass will be on the chew. If we can, I'd like to BBQ some wahoo from the Feb. Ken's trip in the afternoon. Yum. Joe
  581. Statistico

    Alijos - If you could take one rod only?

    My best may or may not go to the rocks...depending on fishing reports and pressure from other boats that may be or have been there. If you go, expect anything from school sized tuna to as large as 140 lbs. Not sure this early in the season about the tuna, but I spoke with Norm...
  582. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Good to hear that you are on board Steve. What about the Tanq..... Where is Jimal??? Joe
  583. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Hey there, We have to get the yellow tape to section off the office. That chore goes to Jimal. Then we have to do the early and late watch...that goes to ??? Ok, I will do that. The fore and aft dinner arrangements go to Steve. Set the bar in an open position and keep the sabiki rigs...
  584. Statistico

    Fish processing

    Who is the new guy on the block? I have watched this evolve and I can say that Mario has given me verrrrrrrrrrry personal service. I would guess he has processed at least a couple of tons for me. Don't jump to conclusions because a fisherman doesn't post every minute. Mario cuts fish to...
  585. Statistico

    Trolling Lure

    Milo, I have a blue and purple model. I think they are about 15 - 20 years old and may have been early Braid lures. Joe
  586. Statistico


    I saw one made of PVC. Sorry that I didn't take pictures. The bases for each stand were symmetrical pieces about 4 inches coming from a SSS tee. Then two pieces of PVC upward to a coupling that was filled with epoxy with space for the clamps to fit. I can't remember if there was another...
  587. Statistico

    ProPulse Prop

    Sale Pending...Used Pro Pulse 4 blade prop that fits OMC shaft and engines that use 13.25 inch props. Adjustable pitch. As seen as West Marine. Asking $45. PM me if interested. Joe
  588. Statistico

    12 gallon Tempo above deck tank

    Sale is pending...Tank is in good shape. Has OMC fitting. Is an on deck tank. Good for smaller boats that want more range. Asking $25. PM me if interested. Joe
  589. Statistico

    Kayak Seat

    Sold...Great kayak seat. Good condition. Asking $25 PM me if interested. Joe
  590. Statistico


    I came across this stuff on EBAY. I haven't seen anything posted about so I'll ask if anyone has had experience with it. It seems to ship from Australia and be made in China. Colors are black, green, blue and yellow. Anyone have any experience with, or know much about it? Thanks in advance...
  591. Statistico

    American Angler - best operation in the fleet

    Ok friends, where will the after hours party be? E, or F??? I'd have to go overboard...not literally...and say Lori, Sam, Brian, Ray, Taro, Jordan, Cameron, Bobby, Paul, Greg, Nate, and Barry are beyond belief. I am looking forward to another great season with these good friends. Joe
  592. Statistico


    Don, Oh my goodness...I want all of those reels... Just kidding, but that 349 looks mint. The tib sst 8 is a done deal. Let's meet for bkfast soon Joe
  593. Statistico

    Still looking for the Tiburon sst 6 or 8

    Ok, I am a bit compulsive. I need one of these...I think. If you have a good one and want it to have a good home, shoot me a PM. Joe
  594. Statistico

    Tiburon sst 6/50

    Still looking!
  595. Statistico

    Tiburon sst 6/50

    I would like a smart shift tiburon 6(US) if the deal is fair. I know these reels are in demand. Give me a shout with a PM Thanks, Joe
  596. Statistico

    Tiburon SST series reels...question

    Great responses for all. I did chat with Ken Corwin and he said that some of the hardware has changed but the quality seems to be as good as before. I would still like to hear from those that have purchased the newer models for any things to be concerned about. Joe
  597. Statistico

    Tiburon SST series reels...question

    I have looked at these reels for some time. Fishing buddies fish with them a bunch. It just clicked in my that these reels would be awesome for wahoo, and lunker yellows from the yoyo. I have heard that these reels, used, are few and far between. Actually, I am looking for a 6/50...
  598. Statistico

    Antique Lures me with info Joe
  599. Statistico

    Antique Lures

    Do you still have the stuff?
  600. Statistico

    Kite rigging

    Steve...PM sent Joe
  601. Statistico

    Kite rigging

    I'll talk to Lori about the room situation if you'd like. You are definitely correct about the office...especially in a good bluefin bite. I'll send you a PM about the room situation or you can check with Lori as well. Joe
  602. Statistico

    Kite rigging

    Thanks Steve. I am fishing with Jim on a June 7 day on the Angler. He is such a kick...especially when the fish are going crazy and he can't find a rod long enough. I love Jim's makes a trip a true vacation. I'd love to hook up with you. Joe
  603. Statistico

    Kite rigging

    Thanks Steve, I talked with Titan on Thursday and he said you gave some great suggestions here. The trip is on the AA. I go on the Ken's 14.5/16 day each year as well as two or three others of shorter duration. I know the guys on the Angler make them for a good fee/tip. I think they get $9...
  604. Statistico

    Kite rigging

    Hi affectionados... I am getting ready for a long trip in February. I have a kite rig dimension for sardines but I need to get your advice on rigs for squid and flying fish. I hope to get your connection advice at the line end of the rig, the hook connection, hook sizes, and the lengths of...
  605. Statistico

    OMC binacle control and cable

    I have a binacle throttle and shift control, and I think the control wire harness for a 70 hp Johnson...circa 1992. These are free for the taking. I am in San Diego. PM me if you are coming...I'll give you the address. Joe
  606. Statistico

    Eclipse Hoop nets

    Sold-Sold-Sold Joe
  607. Statistico

    Mile Marker 8000 lb. winch

    Bump...another price reduction
  608. Statistico

    Tow Straps

    Bump...price reduced
  609. Statistico

    Tow Straps

    I have tow straps that were used for pulling boats out of the water and across the beach in "Baja". The 4 measure 15', 25', 25', and 30'. All are in great shape. I'd prefer to sell them as a package. New they are approx $110 for the 4. I'd like to get $45 for the bunch. Pickup in San Diego...
  610. Statistico

    Mile Marker 8000 lb. winch

  611. Statistico

    Mile Marker 8000 lb. winch