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  1. kenzmad

    WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish

    kenzmad submitted a new listing: WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish - WTB decent suv or p/u. $5k ish Learn more about this listing...
  2. kenzmad

    Anyone need shrimp pots?

    Headed north to Lummi Island on friday. Buddy is selling 2 30” ladner pots for $50 each. Pot only, no rope or buoys. Ill drag them to kent if anyone needs them.
  3. kenzmad

    Discovery bay pot puller fyi

    ace line hauler motor #2 in 5 years shit the bed during shrimp derby. Ordered a Discovery Bay hauler. Called today and they are behind schedule. 2-3 weeks is the estimate. Staff issues are plaguing them. Seems no one wants to work. He is hiring if anyone needs a job or knows someone.
  4. kenzmad

    PSA for those on a septic system

    For starters, I own a septic system maintenance company. This is NOT a plea for work. you’ll hear about that in a sec. What I am seeing with this Stay at Home order is a shit ton of septic system problems. With more people at home all day, the systems are being taxed. The extra usage has...
  5. kenzmad

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    What the hell am I looking at here? Renton area today. No prop on the outdrive, just a rudder plate mounted. How fast do yall think she goes? Tuna ready?
  6. kenzmad

    Cast and blast Lake Roosevelt

    Been following the recent thread. Lacking newbie info. Kettle falls campground sept 25 to oct 1. They cut our season short. Wanna try for sturgeon. Know absolutely nothing about this fishery. Have hali rods. Thats what I have. Thats it. Been googling, whats the setup and bait choice up there? We...
  7. kenzmad

    Garage shop or other enclosed space needed i think.

    Current camper is rotten. 2006 s&s ponderosa. Im down to 3 choices. Sell it, scarf all the propane appliances out to build a tiny house on vacation property, or rebuild it. I dont have the space to do a skin off rebuild. Leaning this way if I can find an enclosed area that I can use over the...
  8. kenzmad

    WTB hard sided cooler. Yeti,rtic,pelican,etc. 100 or larger.

    I guess I have to say some stuff here. 206-four one nine -1061. Text or call.
  9. kenzmad

    Road trip with fishing

    Wife and I need a getaway. Putting the camper on the truck and headed east on Aug 22. Back home 8/29. We currently have no plans. Looking to camp on smaller lakes, not bringing a boat. Unimproved dry camping with some campgrounds to get a real shower and dump the tanks. Idaho, montana, Oregon...
  10. kenzmad

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Headed up to Lummi Island end of the month. Appears lings and shrimp are still open in area 18. I cant find anything in our regs that prohibits me from crossing back home. Am I missing something? Search here was not helpful.
  11. kenzmad

    Channel your inner female.....

    Got a 25th wedding anniversary coming up next month. With the current covid bs, I had to cancel the hookers. So am now looking for a good place to eat. Masks and shit. Whatever. Where to go for a once in a lifetime dinner?
  12. kenzmad

    The moment the light goes on. Searching old posts.

    Search function looking for pre made tool kits to keep on the boat. Came across a topic about spare stuff to keep for offshore fishing. This one made me go duh! I dont have one. How many of you do? “Extra killswitch lanyard, if you are knocked out of the boat while running, your partner can...
  13. kenzmad

    Newbie boat buying?

    Have a buddy thats picking out a boat for him and his family. Summer home on Lummi Island. Crabbing and water sports. No fishing. He is looking at a ThunderJet 20’ Luxor with a 115 merc. Family of 4+ friends( you know how that works). Im a 21’ with a 150 and feel underpowered at time in Neah but...
  14. kenzmad

    Freezer organizing?

    Well, loading up the freezer on Rolls’ meat sale. Hows everyone organizing their freezer? Right now mine looks a mess. Upright freezer. Bins from target or is there a better mousetrap?
  15. kenzmad

    1997 honda civic

    Was first car for youngest daughter. Good runner. Car had been hit before we got it and was never able to fix the trunk leaking. Well, did fix it, I drilled a hole in the spare tire well. Good running car with new battery, alternator and radiator. All tires have good tread with one being new...
  16. kenzmad

    Short wives, girlfriends or kids. Car question.

    Daughter is 4’11”. Looking for a good fitting car for her. F350 dually is too big. Telluride is new so our rigs are out. Looking 2012 and newer. Anyone else have a shorty that drives?
  17. kenzmad

    Arizona fishing?

    Headed to Goodyear end of February, never been to AZ before. Any guides to look up? Bass is the fish I imagine. Anything else to target down there?
  18. kenzmad

    Happy 49th Oregon!

    year before I was born but whatever. At least they learned something.
  19. kenzmad

    Free gas range and microwave

    finished the remodel. Need to get these gone. Everything works. Dont look at the Uber eats shit on the stove.
  20. kenzmad

    Damn! Wish I got seasick!

    who knew that Scopolamine was a performance enhancer? No wonder all you old folks have the patch behind the ear
  21. kenzmad

    2019 cast for kids

    didnt take many pictures. Heres a few of the perch hogline all setup. A HUGE thank you to those that donated a day to help these kids! You all are awesome!
  22. kenzmad

    Roll call for CAST FOR KIDS event!

    Who is in and signed up? Gonna do a get together at my place if y’all wanna. Some food and a tutorial on gear selection for the ESA listed yellow perch. It is a Saturday, so we can keep them . Rumor has it, Laurence may be bringing some oysters. Burgers as well. September 6th. 5:00- whenever you...
  23. kenzmad

    Ok, confused on a Neah bay reg.

    East of bonilla tatoosh line paragraph. It says, east of a true north south line through sail rock is closed. Yet MA 5 is open. Does this line extend to Canadian waters? It is not part of the kydaka closure is it? Thats in MA 5.
  24. kenzmad

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

  25. kenzmad

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone He was fun to watch and I admire him for keeping on during the rough years. His facebook reads more like a suicide note than an update. Good man dealt some shitty cards over...
  26. kenzmad

    Free appliances.

    kitchen remodel in progress. Hence the takeout boxes. Early september, free fridge, gas stove and microwave. Ice maker on the fridge doesn’t work right. Freezes ice container solid. Everything else works on all items. No pics, but a dual stainless sink and faucet as well.
  27. kenzmad

    Anyone rent rv space sekiu to neah?

    Family coming into town from Iowa and want to go fishing. August 23-25. Unfortunately this is The weekend of Makah Days. Everyone is booked up. Looking for a spot to drop a camper so we can fish. Thanks in advance.
  28. kenzmad

    Barnacles on tranducer?

    i am moored in des moines. Started losing bottom over 500’. Used a cloth to clean transducer. Noticed some barnacle growth. Tiny, but there. How much do these interfere with sounder readings. Lowrance if this matters.
  29. kenzmad

    First time for everything

    fishing outta Des Moines today. Running from 3 tree to Pt. Robinson, see something in the water. Spin around and it is a fawn blacktail with spots that has drowned. Of course, this day I happen to be fishing with the wife. How often does this happen? Deer are pretty good swimmers but this little...
  30. kenzmad

    Cast 4 Kids

    just got word the registration is open. We gonna plug the docks again this year? Sorry about the whole email string. Hi Jamie, I wanted to follow up and let you know our registration for our C.A.S.T. for kids event has opened up. The website to register is...
  31. kenzmad

    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    1800ft rambler with all hard floor surfaces. 2 big dogs. Wife wants one. Anyone have one? Was it worth the $$$?
  32. kenzmad

    Puget Sound Crab endorsement?

    with the new closures in effect. I will only be crabbing the San Juans, Eliza Island area. Do I need the PSCE? I cant find where the boundaries are.
  33. kenzmad

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!
  34. kenzmad

    Rookie shrimper with gear

    got all set up last year and ended up working instead. 4 36” ladner pots 400’ of line for each. ,,Ace linehauler. Boats in the marina in des moines. No launch bullshit. Needing someone reputable that has shrimped before to go for a free boat ride. I will be with my family. Bring yours. NWJ 218...
  35. kenzmad

    Neon tetra. There fish shit is done.

    Wanna come down in april for the M’s game. Where is a nice Hotel for me and the Boss?
  36. kenzmad

    New World Cat?

    @wdfbio, had no idea they made these.
  37. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    Most of you know about this summertime fishing event. Several of you have donated your time and boat to help this foundation. This is the first fundraiser that they have done. If anyone could come, it would be fantastic. I will be there. Some of the auction items are incredible...
  38. kenzmad


    Flying out April 18 for a 4 day trip with the wife. Have never been, huge country music fans. Booze and food too. Anyone been there.
  39. kenzmad

    I need a new top!

    Nwjet, similar to north river. Boats in DesMoines marina. Can pull if needed. Need new Canvas.
  40. kenzmad

    Alaska or BC for anniversary?

    24 so not a big one. Next one is gonna be expensive. Salmon, kings and silvers. Kings preffered.
  41. kenzmad

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    as I said, free pellet smoker GMG Daniel Boone. This thing has issues. Wont reliably cook overnight. Wont light without a torch assist. Done with it. Bought a Masterbuilt for smoking. Doont get me wrong, when it cooks right, there is no better food. Just dont trust it any more. 4 years old, no...
  42. kenzmad

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Hasnt been tried since that I know of.
  43. kenzmad

    grinding burger

    grinders out, deer is in the freezer. Wanna do some beef burger. Looking at 50+ lbs. What cuts are you guys doing? Thinking chuck and sirloin but open to suggestions.
  44. kenzmad

    Generator FREE!

    free Generac 6250 generator. Needs a new carb or rebuild. Shitty gas! This thing cant have 5 hours on it. I switched to bigger and propane powered. Get it out of my house.
  45. kenzmad

    True dat!

  46. kenzmad

    Best boat for weekends?

    Thinking about hanging up the fishing dream. Switching over to weekend trips to the San Juans. 2-6 people. 3 couples if it matters. Looking at Tollycrafts and uniflites. Dont even know what to put in a search engine since I don't know who made what. Have current 30' moorage so if it will fit...
  47. kenzmad

    Free tank. Fuel, water?

    this was on a utility trailer I acquired. 36" wx24" tallx 8" deep. My calculations put this about 30 gallons. Free to good home.
  48. kenzmad

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    shopping for a 4-6hp outboard for my youngest daughters boat. Tried an old merc but want something new. Who has the best prices? Not super brand loyal so whatever.
  49. kenzmad

    WTB utility trailer 4x8 or 5x10

    no title needed, have one from an old trailer. Not a piece of shit either. Need to haul about 1000 lbs of stuff for camping and around the house stuff.
  50. kenzmad

    Homeowners insurance?

    after 22 years with 0 claims, pemco has decided to increase my rate from $1200.00 per year to $2500.00 per year. Their explanation was that there is a trend in my area for claims. Need to shop around. Who do you all use?
  51. kenzmad

    Lummi Fish Supply 4/21/18?

    headed up to check on property on lummi island. Stopping by Lummi fish on the way out. Anyone need anything from there brought down to south King?
  52. kenzmad

    Clam digs done feb 3?

    normally there is verbage about future digs but nothing I can find on WDFW website. Wanna take some friends to long beach later in February.
  53. kenzmad

    Scuba octopus and dive computer and 3 steel 72 tanks

    scubapro mk17/s555 octopus and oceanic veo 250 dive computer for sale. Not really sure how many dives on these two items. I bought these a few years ago when I thought my buddy and me were gonna get into scuba. Less than 10 dives for sure. Tanks are old for sure but had them gone through by...
  54. kenzmad

    Winterizing a moored outboard boat?

    this is my first year of mooring my boat. Yamaha 150 outboard. The motor is kept tilted up and out of the water. I know some water stays in the motor. How do I prevent this water from freezing this winter? I can pull the boat, but really want to leave it in the water for occasional use this winter.
  55. kenzmad

    Drowning explained

    I try to post this up every year. Not sure if I have done it here though. Its that time of year when we are on the water. Here is some good info on spotting someone who is drowning. Stay safe and bring em all home The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the...
  56. kenzmad

    Bird deterrent when moored?

    Boat should get splashed at the marina in 2 weeks. Needing something to keep the bastards off the canvas. Was looking at the spider thing. What are you all using?
  57. kenzmad

    South king county to Bellingham on friday

    making the run to Lummi Island on friday. Anyone need anything hauled north?
  58. kenzmad

    Where are the stickers?

    old rig left with the BD stickers on it. Need new ones for the new ride. Cant find any on the BD swag link. I have a bunch of little ones but want to do the big one again. I am just a tard or are they not on the site anymore?
  59. kenzmad

    We all need this.

    Maybe this will shut up those that know more than us.
  60. kenzmad

    Roofer needed

    18x24 patio cover. Need it sheeted and roofed. 2/12 pitch. Currently has polycarbonate over tongue and groove pine. Getting pissed at leaks. Anyone do this or know someone?
  61. kenzmad

    1999 f350 crewcab 7.3 4x4

    Bought a new ride so this one needs to go. '99 f350 crewcab 7.3 longbox 4x4. 215,000 miles. Set up for camper hauling. Torklift tiedowns, airbags, rancho 9000 shocks. Truck is running 35/12.50/17 toyo tires. Highest rated big tire that I know of. Also, a set of vision, 19.5 wheels and tires...
  62. kenzmad

    Get off your Damn phone!

    405 northbound in the tukwila area. Grey? Ford with a bd sticker on the rear canopy window. I was in my septic pumping truck. Blowing the air horn to get you to notice me alongside you. Trying to give you the salute as you exited to 167. No dice, you were just blaa blaa blaa on your phone. Well...
  63. kenzmad

    Girl scout cookies?

    anybody down here in south king county have a kiddo selling cookies? I always buy 25 boxes but my niece isnt in scouts anymore.
  64. kenzmad

    Doing business with Carles_sterlin

    So, he had some shit stolen from his boat. Asked for us to sell him some excess. I offered a pay it forward offer of 10 new or nearly new flashers for free. He accepted my offer and we met today. Jist of the story is, He drove an hour to my house, left with 3 flashers, dropped off some cash and...
  65. kenzmad

    Clam digging friendly hotel/motel long beach?

    wanna head down for the digs but need to clean our catch. Any tips on where to go?
  66. kenzmad

    You are doing yourself a huge disservice!

    if you aint doing what chef patrick tells you. Crab stuffed chile rellonos are the shits giggle.
  67. kenzmad

    2 free pressure canners.

    picked these up from a BD'er a few years ago. He gave them to me for free under one condition. Use them for canning, not for scrap metal. I guess I would like to ask the same. One is a Burpee Aristocrat, the other is an All American. Both will do 2 stacks of tall pint jars. Neither comes with...
  68. kenzmad

    Canning tuna newbie

    between 3 of us we have about 50 lbs of tuna to can up. Gonna do 1/2pints. How many jars do we need? Interwebs is all over the board on this.
  69. kenzmad

    Saltboss gone?

    need a kicker bracket done but their website appears down. Are they gone?
  70. kenzmad

    Boat insurance heads up

    got my renewal from safeco, $171.00 increase with no claims or anything. New policy was gonna be $810.30. Figured I would try and get ahold of Pete over at Anchor Marine. Seems he is not there anymore but worked with me to draw something up. Seems I was seriously underinsured. Got a brand new...
  71. kenzmad

    Drywall, popcorn ceiling guy?

    400 sq ft, popcorn ceiling removal, skim coat and texture needed. 1963 home so if asbestos concern is an issue, I will remove popcorn. Maybe just overlay with new drywall. I am in Kent. Anyone do this?
  72. kenzmad

    Selling my Trophy

    i reluctantly am going to sell my Trophy. Everything about getting it was incredible. There were so so many of you that helped in some way in me taking ownership of her. Some of you were super helpful, some were critical, and some were just plain assholes. I appreciate each and every one of you...
  73. kenzmad

    1st Hawks game. Parking recommendations?

    going next sunday for my first game. Any tips on where to park or just park somewhere and walk? Oh ya, fish! There, its fishing related.
  74. kenzmad

    Freshwater Lake washington perch 2016

    as usual, my annual perch report. Took the wife and girls to lake washington for one last trip before school starts. Right at the edge of the milfoil. 17'fow. Put 93 fish in the box. Released at least 50 more little ones. Not much for size this year, most in the 7-8" range with a couple over...
  75. kenzmad

    School me on fuel flow meters

    reading online gives me a headache. I have an hds10 and a 2008 150 yamaha. I want to put a fuel flow meter in. Current fuel guage sucks ballz. Reading, flowsan vs lowance is mind numbing. Looking for current burn rate, fuel level and distance to empty. Who is better? Flowscan or lowrance? Its a...
  76. kenzmad

    Mooring at des moines?

    thinking about keeping the boat in the water here. Where to venture to for food and drinks? Have fished and boated most of the state but never in the south sound. Figured we would use it more if it was in the water already. Boat turns into an attraction for others so we need some p,aces to go...
  77. kenzmad

    Saltwater Tuna virgins day at Westport 7/25

    Once upon a time there were 6 guys that had been talking about catching tuna. Bro inlaw finally made it happen on Marks 29' guatelupe. Rolled into Westport on Saturday afternoon. Had made plans to go to the PSA meeting at the museum. Couple of barley pops and I was finally ready to meet some of...
  78. kenzmad

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    Headed to Westport to fish with Mark the end of July. Really don't want to drive home after fishing all day. Can I keep them on ice overnight? Maybe frozen jugs so no water with them? Really have no idea on how to deal with them. Will be vac packing them the next day once I get home. Am I good...
  79. kenzmad

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    getting ready for my annual lummi island camping trip. All my pots are fishing in 125'. Thinking of setting a couple in 250' just to see whats there. Are crab a depth orientated critter? As a diver, I see most fish/crab around the 65' mark.
  80. kenzmad

    Vinyl wrap?

    having some welding done on my pump truck that is going to burn the paint and lettering I currently have. Thinking of doing a large wrap or logo to cover everything up. Anyone have any experience in the vinyl biz? Logo is gonna be about 14' long x4' tall
  81. kenzmad

    What is going to happen to Sekiu?

    if the salmon closure takes place, what is going to happen to Sekiu? The Mason family just bought Olsens with plans on improvements. I remember the glory days of people everwhere walking the town, fishing kings and silvers all summer. Sure hope they can weather the storm.
  82. kenzmad

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    i have a feeling this post is gonna go kinda sideways but here goes. Neighbor is losing his house and was gonna throw this away. I think someone may need it more than the dump does. Charger included. Seems to work fine. I rode it around for a bit. Gonna post it up on crigslist unless someone...
  83. kenzmad

    BD and Ipad troubles

    i can only view the site when my bookmarks are open. If I close the bookmarks, the screen gets scrunched up with no verbiage visible in the threads. With my bookmarks open, it looks normal. Any ideas? It is only here at BD.
  84. kenzmad

    Anyone here do pest control?

    these fucking little ants are driving me bat shit crazy. Tried the home depot stuff, borax and honey. Need someone who knows this atuff
  85. kenzmad

    Want to hire. Labor job for young guy

    i own a septic tank cleaning company. Need someone to ride shotgun in the truck this summer. Digging, dragging hoses, pumping tanks. Typically 40hrs a week. $15.00/hr to start, $20.00/hr if you are good. Not looking for full time, mainly a high school/college kid hom for the summer. June to...
  86. kenzmad

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    I put on a huge party in July up on Lummi Island every year. Dates of the shindig hinge on the opening of MA7 south. Any clue as to when wdfw is gonna announce the dates?
  87. kenzmad

    Overnight rv in westport?

    looked through some old theeads and it seems it is a no no. Anything changed in the last year? Couple of us coming down for a charter this summer and would prefer to have the camper on the truck. If not, I will just grab a room for 2 nights.
  88. kenzmad

    Towing a boat?

    watching the current episode of rugged justice. They stopped a boat for towing another boat. Dude was apparently BUI, but the reason for the stop was towing. I cant find it. Is there an RCW that says we cant to a boat to shore?
  89. kenzmad

    Fin - ass- city?

    Saw your ride on rugged justice tonight sporting the bd sticker. Who owns it?
  90. kenzmad

    Fetha styx gone?

    Saw this on another forum. This is from their website.
  91. kenzmad

    Painting a car hood?

    Who here is a a painter? Looking at buying a car that needs paint. Gotta be a bruther that does this for a living or on the side.
  92. kenzmad

    WTB good used car for daughters first

    looking for something in the $2500 range. Decent used car for a first time driver. Anyone?
  93. kenzmad

    Generator to loan

    Anyone in need of a generator to keep the freezer cold let me know. I have 2 hondas and 800 and a 2000. Wont run the whole house but will keep the food cold. I am in Kent
  94. kenzmad

    Buying tuna in westport?

    Dad always bought tuna when I was a kid. Is there anyone selling tuna? Whole or processed?
  95. kenzmad

    Time for the Annual call for boats for Cast 4 Kids

    Like last year, we could use a few more boats for the event on Lake Washington Sept 12th. Anyone needing a good time on the water let me know. Free BBQ after plus a picture with your kid for your wall.
  96. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah bay 8/21-8/23

    Spent the last 3 days chasing pink meat at Neah bay. Fishing was poor to piss poor. 2 guys, 21 hours total and came home with 5 3-5 lb silvers. Released 20 other wild fish again 3-5 lbs. fish are little! Fish checkers confirmed that the coho are super small this year and hard to catch. Bite was...
  97. kenzmad

    Am I reading this right?

    Neah is open for 2 kings and 2 silvers starting August 16. Release wild coho but keep native kings?
  98. kenzmad

    Run from neah to compass rose?

    Headed over this weekend. If water is good 20-21 knots. Dont want to go get my chart. Whats the run time? I am thinking hour and a half to two.
  99. kenzmad

    Eggs anyone?

    Headed to neah bay on friday. I dont use them but would be happy to save for anyone that does. Let me know.
  100. kenzmad

    Some of us dont want to sell our boat!

    So we fish for salmon! I have a couple open seats for friday 8/7 for a humpy trip outta everett. Bring your gear, use mine, whatever. Any takers? Boat leaves the dock at 0600. If you get there at 0601, let me know if my stern light isnt working. For those that are coming up from south, you can...
  101. kenzmad

    To those hauling a truck camper

    I have a 99f350. Srw pickup that I have an S&S 9.5' camper mounted on. I know I am pushing (exceeding) the weight limits of the rated gvw of the truck. Sometimes 1000lbs over. I have been hauling this camper around for thousands of miles since 2006. Yellowstone, montana, neah bay etc. i got...
  102. kenzmad

    New sport in Westport?
  103. kenzmad

    Anyone heard from Blackmouther?

    Have a couple of questions for him but he doesnt seem to be on here anymore.
  104. kenzmad

    Pt defience shark dive?

    Wife bought me a scuba dive into the shark tank at the Pt Defience Aquarium. Big ole lemon shark died. Has anyone been there recently? Has the big shark been replaced? Itching to get in the water soon.
  105. kenzmad

    Cedar planked candy salmon

    Had a request for this over on the sockeye thread. When done right, this will give you a hot smoked candied salmon dinner. I wont take credit for it, I got the recipe from a pack of cedar planks from 10 years ago. I would love to give credit where credit is due but I have no idea whose recipe...
  106. kenzmad

    Trader Joes special salmon

    read this in the newsletter they send out. Apparently, Chum is a nickname of this species of salmon. At $7.99/ lb, someone thinks they are getting a deal.
  107. kenzmad

    Coming soon to washington

    Have personally, been lipping a seabass and had a seal come grab it outta my hand. This was in Neah Bay. Only a matter of time before this happens here.
  108. kenzmad

    WTB 2-6hp outboard

    Looking to get my daughter a decent outboard for our jon boat. Short shaft, 2 or 4 stroke
  109. kenzmad

    Neah 4/26-29, anyone?

    We will be there. Cape campground. Any of the bruthas gonna be there?
  110. kenzmad

    Girls of the night in westport cant hold a candle to The Ladies of........

    Cant wait to hear this coming out of on of the cabins at The Cape. Whos it gonna be?
  111. kenzmad

    Vacmaster 215?

    Ok, the new vacuum sealer showed up today. Added oil and started vac packing shit. I did some leftover eggs and taters, I did some leftover perch from dinner tonight. I also vac packed the tv remote just to see. I also vac packed my smartphone ( the touchscreen still works in a vac bag by the...
  112. kenzmad

    Quality matters vacuum gone?

    Cant find them on the WWW. Finally ready to pull the trigger on a vacmaster 215
  113. kenzmad

    Bastards tried!

    Had boat pulled in front of the house last night. Drive by it this afternoon and notice the kicker is turned. Asswipes tried but didnt get through the carraige bolts on the bottom.
  114. kenzmad

    Ford chevy or dodge? 1 ton dually shopping

    Its time to replace the 99 f350 powerstroke. I haul a camper and want a dually for safetys sake. Looking at 2007-2011 crewcab diesel longbox 4x4. Who has what and what are your likes and dislikes?
  115. kenzmad

    Last minute photographer needed

    Buddy of mine, his son wants to pop the question to his girlfriend at the platform at Cape Flattery. I am looking for someone that can "happen to be there" when this happens. He is planning late this month or early next. This is all weather dependent. Anyone on here up for this?
  116. kenzmad

    Bait truck at the Everett 10th st boat ramp

    When they are there, I try and get my herring from them. Nothing like fresh caught herring. Well today, i get a dozen from him along with some snacks. I am handed 2 white bags. One with the snacks and one with the bait. Throw everything in the fishbox on ice and head out. Time to deploy gear...
  117. kenzmad

    Anyone gonna be in 8.2 or 9 tomorrow?

    Wife and i are headed up in the morning. Ch 16 and 68 Kenzmad
  118. kenzmad

    Rod re wrapping. South sound?

    Let dad use the boat and he locked up the salmon rods in the fish box. Condensation has infiltrated all the wrapping on the guides. They are chalky white now. 2 lamiglass and 2 ugly sticks. Who does rod wrapping or repair here in the south king county area?
  119. kenzmad

    Freshwater Lake washington perch outing

    Spent today with the wife and kids out on the lake. What better place to be on an 85+* day? Went to our usual spot, anchored up and let the slaying begin. My two girls were fish catching machines. I was so busy unhooking fish and baiting hooks, i only got one picture with a perch in it. If yas...
  120. kenzmad

    Cast For Kids, boats needed!

    I put this out every year. Sept 6th at Gene Coulon on Lake Washington. As of right now, we are 15 boats short of being able to take all the kids out. This is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is a 1/2 of a Saturday. If anyone can help that would be great. Would sure hate to leave...
  121. kenzmad

    New fire pit!

    There is a guy over on HuntWa that is building these in his spare time. Anyone looking formone, they are really nice! Think Ugly Bayliner of firepits.
  122. kenzmad

    Mooring in Des Moines?

    Seems there a few spots left. Any issues with it being a HOT marina? Looking to store an aluminium boat for the season.
  123. kenzmad

    Ace line hauler pic?

    Crew member took this out the back of the boat while crabbing in MA7. Thinking about sending it to Ace. What do ya think?
  124. kenzmad

    19th anniversary. Dinner ideas. Looking for wow factor. Update! Not good.

    Title kinda says it. This woman has put up with my shit for 24 years. Looking for a good dinner, seafood preferred. Money is not a consideration. Seattle to tacoma.
  125. kenzmad

    Saltwater Crabbing MA7 7/17-7/21

    Did our annual camping trip up to the northern san juans. About 40 of us up there this year and 17 crab cards. 7 pots in the water every day from thursday to sunday. 2 pulls per day. Fishing 120' on 5 of them and 165 on two. All told for the weekend 156 fresh dungies hit the hot water this trip...
  126. kenzmad

    Wierd topic. Pumping of sewage from a boat?

    I have a customer with a beach house in federal way. This house is only accessible by tram from 225 above. They used to get their septic pumped by a now out of business company. They would come in by boat and pump it out. Their tank is 500 gallons. Are there any mobile marine people that do...
  127. kenzmad

    S. King county contractors?

    Need a patio cover built here in Kent. Looking for someone to do it. Freestanding, 17x24 exposed rafters. Not sure if I have asked here before or not. Need to get this project started soon. Post need to be in before I can pour concrete.
  128. kenzmad

    New project? Will i lose my ass on it?

    Current ride is a 21' tin boat with a 2005 yamaha 150 4stroke. Looking at buying this pursuit that has a 225 on it. Thinking of swapping motors and selling the pursuit. Guy wants $16000. For the pursuit. I am thinking if I can swap the motors and offload the glass one for 12500. I would come out...
  129. kenzmad

    For those staying at The Cape......

    We were there for lings last weekend. Almost every campsite had standing water in it. Fire pits with 2" of water around them. It was frigging ridiculous. Maybe half of the sites were dry enough to use. Hopefully this dry weather takes care of that but if it starts raining, bring your boots...
  130. kenzmad

    Glass float critters and cleaning

    Ok, so some of you know I found a glass float off Neah Bay yesterday. This thing still has the ropes on it. There are some interesting looking things growing on it. Anyone know how to clean all this crap off but not hurt the rope? Also, I dont have any idea if the things growing on it are from...
  131. kenzmad

    Looking at this years regs, ?

    Seems there was a statement in years past that allowed everyone to continue to fish til the boat was plugged. Cant find that in the upcoming regs. Only thing close is that you cant continue to fish once the ADULT portion is retained. Am I missing something?
  132. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah bay bottomfish trip 2014

    15th annual bottom fish trip. Once again, Dad got to go with us. He is 71 and I hope there are a few more trips out with him. Ran to Tatoosh on Friday to try and fish outside. We got out and did put one ling in the box but the wind shifted to an east wind and it turned snotty in about 10...
  133. kenzmad

    Lat and lon for washington bouy?

    Is there a place i can find the gps coord for a particular bouy? Specifically the bouy off tatoosh that is just off duncan and duntze rocks.
  134. kenzmad

    Gonna put this out there. Pipe jigs

    Headed to Neah on thursday for lings. I will have 12 heavy pipe jigs(34oz) and 12 (16oz) pipe jigs when i get there. What i do not lose to the rocks is free to any BD member who is staying for the Hali opener. White ford f 350 with a canopy, staying at the Cape. Will be a blueish f250 with me...
  135. kenzmad

    1st go pro camera. Any tips?

    Just got my gopro 3+ today. Going to mount it to the arch to film the rear deck while fishing. Readingthe manual has my head spinning. Pretty sure it is written in english but I still dont understand what it is saying. Any tips on settings or such? What to use for editing as I dont think...
  136. kenzmad

    Nautical charts? South king county

    Looking for a chart of neah bay. Who has them in south king county? Sportco, auburn sports?
  137. kenzmad

    Neah, April 24-27? Who is gonna be there

    Staying at the Cape in an RV. Who else is gonna be there?
  138. kenzmad

    South King County contractors?

    Looking to do a patio cover this spring/summer. 16x24 exposed rafter freestanding. Looking for a contractor that will work in Kent. Anyone?
  139. kenzmad

    Ok, 2 things I need help with....

    First, how to keep the inside of the windshield clear on the foggy damp morning rides. Outboard, so no heater. Second,how to store an automatic inflatable PFD? Had 2 inflate themselve in the boat during the offseason. Moisture in the air dissolved the bobbin. 21' aluminium boat, no cuddy to...
  140. kenzmad

    Boat towing company sekiu and neah bay?

    Looking at boat us and vessel assist and cant find anything for the coast. Who, if anyone offers towing (other than USCG) for the area of sekiu and neah?
  141. kenzmad

    Safety talk?

    How many give the talk. Life jackets are here, fire extinguisher is here before departing. I am going with the "you must wear your inflatable" this year. Too many stories of people falling overboard. How many have the safety talk with friends and family onboard?
  142. kenzmad

    Who has the Robalo at funwheels storage in covington?

    I keep my septic truck there and saw you pull out the other day. BD sticker in the back window of your Ford truck.
  143. kenzmad

    What does lead cost these days?

    I have a line on about 100 lbs od lead. Old rigger balls and ingots. This is from a scrapper dude I know. What should i expect to pay for it? I have no idea where to even price it out at. Thanks in advance.
  144. kenzmad

    Project boat anyone?

    Found this on another forum. Looks like a nice platform.
  145. kenzmad

    Die hard blackmouth fisherman.

    This dude trolled all day in the pouring down rain today on the Hood Canal. Pic taken through spotting scope lens. The weather was horrible today with unrelenting rain and a little wind. He wants them more than I do.
  146. kenzmad

    Human skull in crab pot in westport

    What the hell?
  147. kenzmad

    Cord wrapping gaff handle

    Going to wrap the gaff this weekend. How do you finish it off? Half hitches all the way down. Was thinking of using the torch to kinda melt the last half hitch together. Using 550 paracord.
  148. kenzmad

    Take a warrior fishing and the asshole mercer island police

    We did the warrior event today on Lake Washington and it went fantastic. Everyone caught fish, and the water was flat. After all 20 or so boats were back at the dock for the VFW to present the Colors and for us to do the bbq, who pulls in? Mercer Island pd in their RIB. They have one of the...
  149. kenzmad

    The reason I fish.....

    Someday, on a green dragon qcove and a splatterback hootchie.....
  150. kenzmad

    Fresh oysters in the shell?

    I am in Kent. Where can I buy 2-3 dozen fresh oysters around here? I have a craving and i cant seem to find any.
  151. kenzmad

    Free! Kids playset.

    Built this about 10-12 years ago. Kids have outgrown it. You take it apart so you know how how to put it together. Swing set beam is weather checked and should probably be replaced. p
  152. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids and Take A Warrior fishing event on Lake Washington. Help needed

    We need help guys and gals. Here is the email I got from them today. If you have a boat come do this. I will take you to my perch spots so you can catch fish. Dear Boaters, We have two great events coming up in the next few weeks – The CAST event for disabled kids on Sept. 7th and the Take...
  153. kenzmad

    Open seat for thursday aug 29th salmon trip

    Fishing shipwreck out of everett on thursday. Leaving Kent at 0500. Meet me here in kent or the 10th st boat ramp. Off the water by 1600 to avoid most traffic on the way home.
  154. kenzmad

    Whats the latest you have had someone back out on you?

    This morning, truck is pulling out at 0600 for a humpy run with some new to the salt people. 0400 I am notified that they wont be able to make it. is this some sort of record for the least amount of notice? How the hell do you fill an empty seat at 4 in the morning? Fishing sucked at shipwreck...
  155. kenzmad

    Stacking downriggers. How to?

    I fish two riggers on my boat. Want to try stacking. Is it as simple as keeping the two rods 15-20' apart? Which rod gets the flasher? Which rod is furthest from the boat? Thinking lower rod with flasher 15' from clip and upper rod running a spoon or brads cut plug 25' from the clip. Am i on the...
  156. kenzmad

    Tuna newb. Anyone want to pop my cherry?

    I know, i have been told not to go tuna fishing or you will get hooked. I wanna try it. I know i shouldnt but i wanna. Never done it before so i am gonna need some schoolin on how its done. Self employed so can go during the week if need be. Drink like a fish but not while fishing. Never been...
  157. kenzmad

    Saltwater MA10 8/10 no joy

    Fished just north of Eagle Harbor, plenty of boats, no fish. Didnt see a net out once. We ran 4 rods, 2 down for kings and 2 up for humpies. Hooked one dogfish in the fin and that was it. No shakers, no nothing. Where are the humpies? Im getting tired of waiting. They are my fish to please the...
  158. kenzmad

    Olsons resort gone?

    Is olsons still in biz? Their website isnt there anymore.
  159. kenzmad

    Saltwater Area 10 humpies.

    Did the cast 4kids event this morning in eagle harbor. Ran up north a bit and did manage to pick up 1 humpy. Not one other fish caught that we saw. Pretty slow still but the little girl i was hosting was as happy as can be. Cant post pics as im not sure her mom wants her picture on the www...
  160. kenzmad

    Humpies off of Alki?

    Got a Cast for Kids event on Saturday. Anyone heard if the humpies are in yet. We only have about 3 hours to fish before the bbq so I need to spend my time wisely. If the humpies arent in yet, we will probably go after dogfish. Any word?
  161. kenzmad

    Cast for Kids Bainbridge Island

    Got an email from them today that they are short on boats for July 27th. Waterfront park 8:00 fish the kids for about 4 hours and back for a bbq. Let me know if you can help and i will hook you up with the people in charge.
  162. kenzmad

    Finished radar arch courtesy of Uglybayliner

    As most of you know Steve built an arch for me. We designed it to provide a spot to mount radar in the future. Well the future is now. I looked at different manufactured radar pedestals. I wanted to mount a spotlight up top as well. I couldn't really find what i was looking for so I called on...
  163. kenzmad

    The tuna are here!

    In Kent anyway. Didnt know the tuna migration ran through the Kent area.
  164. kenzmad

    Outta shit to do to the boat

    21' northwest jet 150 yamaha prop. Had ugly bayliner build me an arch, bought an hds 10 from Bigkahuna,bought a furuno radar from Blackelk, had uglybayliner build me a radar mount for the radome and the go pro light i bought from Lion11. What the hell do i do now? Boat just needs a sirius...
  165. kenzmad

    Sirius antennae?

    Simple question, what antennae are you guys running? I need one.
  166. kenzmad

    Bananas on the boat?

    I have a strict, no bananas, no banana pudding, no banana bread, no banana anything on my boat. I am not superstitious, but i will not cross paths with a black cat and friday the 13th is a bad day. What are your guys superstitions on your boat?
  167. kenzmad

    Setting a mooring buoy?

    Looking at setting a buoy in a protected bay off Lummi island this summer. Would be hanging a 21' tin boat on it during the calm summer months. Thinking a 24" square concrete block set into the mud should work. Heavy chain on the bottom with lighter chain coming up to the buoy. Sound right? Any...
  168. kenzmad

    Any HuntWa members here?

    If you are a Hunting Washington forum member, please pop on over there. One of our members was killed in Afghanistan the other day. There is a donation drive going on to help support his wife and two young kids. If you are not a HuntWa member, join up if you want. It's a good site.
  169. kenzmad

    Gaffing Lings?

    The way I read it, I can't gaff anything but dogfish,butts. Why do the charters get to gaff lings?
  170. kenzmad

    64 MB sd card? Anyone?

    Trying to transfer my gps spots over to my new unit. I need a card that is 64mb or less. The GPS unit won't read anything larger. Anyone close to me (Kent) have one I can borrow? Or, where can you buy a small card, it has to be full sized though, no micro sd cards. He'll, I would even give your...
  171. kenzmad

    Root beer curly tails?

    Berkeley quit making the power grub in rootbeer. Who has a replacement? I know white works but root beer was my best color and I need some.
  172. kenzmad

    New throttle and shift cables.

    I need new cables. Is teleflex the only one who makes these? If not, who makes the best? Thanks in advance.
  173. kenzmad

    Caribbean cruise?

    The wife want to go next winter. I have never been on a cruise. Which cruise line is best and why. Looking at doing a 7-8 day cruise. Not sure if the boats have rod holders off the stern or not. But the warm air sure looks nice.
  174. kenzmad

    stopping galvanic corrosion?

    I have a couple of places where my stainless bolts are starting to corrode the aluminium around them. I am going to remove them and better isolate them from the aluminium. How do I stop the existing corrosion from spreading or will it stop once the metals are separated? The worst spot is on my...
  175. kenzmad

    Tin boat bow boarding ladder?

    I am looking for a bow boarding ladder. I saw one online a while ago that mounts under the anchor rest. It telescopes out and down to allow people to climb aboard. I can't seem to find it again. Anyone have any ideas as to where I can find such a ladder? Nw jet 218 lightning (similar to the...
  176. kenzmad

    kicker prop coming out of the water

    I have NWJet tin boat. Fixed aluminium kicker bracket. Extra long shaft merc 8hp. When trolling in the swells the propcomes out of the water. Is there something out there other than a jackplate that can lower the motor? I figure it needs to be lowered 6" or so.
  177. kenzmad

    Transferring waypoints from unit to unit?

    Going to be buying a new gps unit in a month. If I save my existing waypoints to a sd card does it erase them from my unit? I will be giving my current gps unit to dad and I would like him to have all my spots to use. Oh by the way it is a lorance global map 5300.
  178. kenzmad

    FBR herring helmets? I'm not sure how long these have been around but I just heard of them. any of the bruthas use these things in the salt? seems the herring spins real nice. just curious if this is something else to add to the box.
  179. kenzmad

    knots for seabass?

    since we are talking knots, how does one tie up a dropper loop(or whatever they are called) for fishing seabass. every charter I have been on has a shrimp fly on top of a jig or something. how is this knot tied 3' above the jig?
  180. kenzmad


    dont forget these things come out after the first good rain of the fall. should be any day now........
  181. kenzmad

    Saltwater MA 9 is dead I think

    Went out today with Steve"uglybayliner". We had lines in at shipwreck at 6:50 am. we could do this thanks to the floodlight on the new tower. One fish to the boat 6-7lbs (ME) at 0900. 2 other bites all day one stuck for a second, the other was just a driveby. nary a shaker but Steve is one of...
  182. kenzmad

    tomorrow, one of the nicest things ever built will be here.

    :finger:I have a little birdy that told me, one of the coolest things you have ever seen will be posted up here. I wont tell what it is but I own it. will use it on friday and it is badass. wait til tomorrow. steve, aka uglybayliner may have something to do with it.
  183. kenzmad

    pics of boat trailers

    long story short, I stole my trailer out from under my tropghy and put my Northwest jet on it. I am having issues loading the boat solo. I have to power it on using alot of throttle to hold in position. I want to see some of the bow stops and winch cable pylons that some of you tin boat guys...
  184. kenzmad

    seal deterrant?

    I am thinking of using rubber bullets for the glock to help with the seals. slingshot has not been too effective. any good source? seeing 10bucks for 5 rounds. before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, we are allowed non lethal methods for seals going after a fish on the hook. had a nice one...
  185. kenzmad

    This guys an idiot darwin almost did us a favor. dipshit.
  186. kenzmad

    Qcove flashers for sale

    I had a chance to drink the koolaid while in sekiu a week ago. I am in the market for a new green dragon flasher. None anywhere to be found right now. My fishing pard, while trying to untangle a fish i had on and his flasher cut my line. We both watched the flasher disappear. Into the depths of...
  187. kenzmad

    derelict crab pot sekiu wa

    found a pot floating in the shipping lanes 9/21. red painted gas can as a bouy with the name S. Welch 588-6905 on the bottom. 70-80 feet of line with a blue danielson pot on the end 700 feet of water. no luck on the internet locating this person. just curious as to where this pot was lost...
  188. kenzmad

    what radar?

    having an arch built. just did the sekiu thing and now I am looking at radar. I have a lowrance 515 sounder and a globalmap 5500 gps. I can hook up a radome to the sounder. what radar system would you recommend? I have room on the dash to add another display so that would work also. I dont fish...
  189. kenzmad

    sportco open sunday?

    Anyone know if sportco is open sunday? Phone recording says mon thru fri. I know that aint true.
  190. kenzmad

    Bean Bags

    Just a FYI for you guys. I used Foam Rubber city to restitch my boat top and I noticed he was selling bean bags. These are bigger than standard bags but not huge. double thick bottoms. he will make them out of marine vinyl or another rubber type material used for tonneau covers. $75.00. just a...
  191. kenzmad

    restitching a boat top X3

    ok, this one seems to be working. My three year old top has come apart at the seams. I need to find someone who can go over all the seams on my top. no repairs needed but all the seams have been stitched with cotton or something. need to be redone in nylon or whatever you should use. I am in...
  192. kenzmad

    Cast for kids 9/8/2012

    Saturday the 8th of september, there is a Cast For Kids event at Gene Coulon park on Lake Washington. you simply need to show up with your boat and the kids will ride with you. There is a parent along as well. These are disabled kids of which many have not fished before. they will be outfitted...
  193. kenzmad

    custom windows?

    I have a nw jet 218 lightning, I am thinking about having my side windows redone to have a wing window installed. it gets awfull warm in there on the hot summer days. where should I look for custom window work? I am in Kent WA
  194. kenzmad

    Freshwater just got done filleting 128 fish

    Yellow perch that is. Took the girls and 2 of their friends out on lake washington. 4 hours and over 200 fish caught. My ass is tired of cleaning fish. Trging to post pics from my phone. Not working.
  195. kenzmad

    Van ripers?

    Looking at heading over on the 19th of Sept. burn ban willing, does van ripers have fire pits for the rv sites? I have never stayed here before but have heard alot of good things about them. Sucks that you can't make a rez on an rv site.
  196. kenzmad

    Launching at pt defience?

    going to a family reunion on saturday in Gig Harbor. never launched out of pt defience. need to be at the reunion at noon. what time should i launch to be there in time and what kind of wait times can I expect at the launch. boat runs at 35mph and i will be solo at the ramp.
  197. kenzmad

    Who flipped me off today?

    I-90 issaquah F350 towing a utility trailer. my passenger wanted to know why you flipped me the bird. I didn't see the BD sticker in yur rear window til after you passed. sorry I didn't return the salute :finger::finger:
  198. kenzmad

    grinding herring?

    I want to chop up some old herring to use in the bait cans for crab. I have tried a food processor and I made a huge mess of the kitchen. using frozen herring. should I just chop it up real fine or is there a better way? blender maybe? wife is gonna be pissed , I can feel it.
  199. kenzmad

    what are my chances of getting on a charter

    after what happened in westport this year, will I be able to get on a charter boat ever again? I wanted to take the wife out for salmon but I dont know if the charter fleet has a blacklist or not. I would hope not but I dont know.
  200. kenzmad

    any one have a HTC Thunderbolt?

    I just got a new extended range battery for my Thunderbolt yesterday and I dropped my phone today and broke my lcd screen. gonna get a new phone tomorrow. anyone need a new battery and case? BTW, i dont ship
  201. kenzmad

    parker reef in July?

    We are headed to our property on Lummi Island at the end of July. I have tried for a couple of years to catch a king either off Pt. lawrence or from Parker reef. I have had zero luck. I normally fish the ocean for salmon. typical setup is a green qcove flasher and a herring or a green...
  202. kenzmad

    tsunami debris report

    thought that maybe a thread on this might be wanted. post up any debris and the lat/long of it. lets help keep the bruthahood from running into this stuff.
  203. kenzmad


    I saw a bag that had 50-100 feet of rope packed in it as a throwable. I can't find it now. Anyone seen this and if so, where? It's not a CG approved floating throwable, more like a bag of rope you can throw with some accuracy.
  204. kenzmad

    Would you tattle on a charter boat?

    If you were on a charter boat and the boat took 3 halibut over its limit(including captain and deck hand) would you talk to WDFW? I don't have any actual proof other than me and my buddy's word. said boat was high grading butts and dumping a couple of the smaller ones back after they were...
  205. kenzmad

    westport motel?

    looking to crash 2 dudes for 3 nights for charter fishing. where to stay? Havent fished westport in 20 years or so. dont need anything fancy, just 2 beds to crash on
  206. kenzmad

    Saltwater neah 4/20-4/23

    friday,saturday and monday, the wind blew. we either had a NE or NW winf d. made the straights a mess. Sunday was sweeeeet. zero wind and zero swell. fished duncan rock, 6 keeper lings, went down towards hobuck beach and finished off the last 30 fish we needed. pic of the trophy is from sunday...
  207. kenzmad

    GPS help

    I have a Lorance Globalmap 5200. I am trying to figure out a way to draw the Bonilla-Tatoosh line on it. I have Bonilla Pt marked as a waypoint. I know I can do this once on the water by selecting Go To, but was wondering if there is a way to draw the line on the screen?
  208. kenzmad

    source for rootbeer jig bodies, 8-10"?

    where do you guys find the big scampi jig bodies online? I need white and rootbeer 8" to 10".
  209. kenzmad

    Makah Tribe is brilliant

    Contacted the Cape Motel to make reservations for our lingcod trip...Makah Tribe tore down the motel. It may be available by May 7th. What were they thinking? No lodging for the Ling opener and may have rooms for the halibut season. Dumbass's. We will be there with the rv but what about the...
  210. kenzmad

    neah 4/20?

    we will be at Neah bay on 4/20 til monday 4/23. staying at the Cape. Motel was torn down so we will be in the trailer and the motorhome. look for the Northwest Jet 218 Lightning probably on the c dock. Jack and coke in the campground for all.
  211. kenzmad

    front hidden hitch'08-'10 ford superduty

    I have a brand new,never installed Curt hidden hitch for the front of an 08-10 ford superduty. I ordered it, let it sit for 6 or 7 months. realized it is not going to fit my '99 superduty. no returns after 90 days. I hate the endless crap that comes with posting on craigslist. I live in Kent...
  212. kenzmad

    BD hoodie

    just recieved my order for some salmon shirts,stickers and a hoodie. what the hell? the screenprinting on the hoodie is almost invisible. dark navy hoodie with a dark brown salmon. t shirts look awesome but the hoodie, not so much. just sayin' jamie
  213. kenzmad

    PSA membership? how to?

    I want to become a member of the renton psa. the website does not include any membership info. how do I get onboard? jamie
  214. kenzmad

    9/11 for all the tough guys out there

    see if this don't bring a tear to your eyes. think about what you do and who you will leave behind should something happen. be safe. click on the red arrow jamie
  215. kenzmad

    See anything wrong with this picture?

    90 degree day. saturday. Lake washington, newport ramp. ass loads of people waiting to launch their boats. I was in the load zone and watched this clown for 10 minutes. what do you think he did wrong on a busy launch?
  216. kenzmad

    CAST for Kids. anyone gonna be there

    Doing the CAST for Kids event tomorrow at Gene Coulon. Any BD'ers gonna be there? jamie
  217. kenzmad

    what vacuum packer?

    anyone use the Cabelas vacuum packer? Is it worth the money? My Costco Foodsaver is toast and I need to replace it. What do you guys recommend? jamie
  218. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah Bay 8/24-8/27 not good!

    We fished out ront of Neah Bay on the 25th. nice water, few fish. boated a 8lb hatchery silver and had to turn loose a few natives. Friday comes and the fog is thick. 30 seconds after putting out the center rod with a coho fly on it, it goes off. 4lb hatchery in the net. that was it for the coho...
  219. kenzmad

    "J" bouy sswiftsure gps coordinates?

    headed to neah tomorrow. want to hit the south side of swiftsure. anyone have the gps coordinants of the "J" bouy? none of my charts have the coordinants. jamie
  220. kenzmad

    show me your torque tab

    I have been having a hard time getting my torque tab adjusted right. I am running a 150 yamaha on my 21' NWJ. I have hydraulic steering. under power, the boat steers eaisier to the left than it does to the right. steering doesn't pull to the left though. I tried the "turn the trailing edge of...
  221. kenzmad

    alki boat ramp bitch

    Ok, we did the alki boat ramp. in and out no problem. seems there was about 15 empty spots at noon. my bitch is the parking. all spots are back straight in not angled in the direction of travel. all spots are at a 90 degree angle to the road you are driving on. picture this parking l l...
  222. kenzmad

    alki or ot defiance 8/20?

    We have a family picnic in port orchard. We want to take the boat this year. Which ramp should we launch out of. Distance to port orchard isn't my concern. Which ramp won't be full up when we launch around 9:00am? Would hate to drive all the the ramp and not have any parking available...
  223. kenzmad

    Neah Bay 8/25-8/29

    Who is gonna be there? I have not had the pleasure(?) misfortune of meeting any of the brothers here. I will be there with the wife and 2 girls. I am in a Northwest Jet 218 lightning, white with a grey top. not sure what slip they have me in yet but will find out soon.shouldn't be any other...
  224. kenzmad

    Salmon Eggs who wants them

    headed to sekiu on the 24th for 6 days. I cant guarantee anything but does anyone want the eggs of the fish we catch? I do not fish for steel so I have no use for them. prefer someone close to me (I am in Kent) but if anyone wants to come pick em up thats cool too. kenzmad
  225. kenzmad

    Olsons or Van ripers?

    Headed to Sekiu on the 24th for 6 days. I had always moored at the Coho til they went private. Now using Olsons. Never have tried Van Ripers. I am not staying there as we have a campsite already but just looking for moorage for a 21' tin boat. I know that neither will reserve a slip. any...
  226. kenzmad

    What kind of fish is this?

    It was caught by a buddy of mine last weekend on the Chewuck River out of Twisp. I am thinking small Chinook. What say you guys? kenzmad
  227. kenzmad

    Time to respool. what line?

    need to respool 4 ambassdeur 6500 reels for salmon fishing. I always spool up with 15lb test. what line manufacturer do you brothers recommend? trolling for silvers and pinks mostly but do some catfish fishin' in june. I do not want to put braid on as I don't like how it slips out of the rigger...
  228. kenzmad

    Lummi Island Labor Day?

    We are going to be up at lummi Island over labor day weekend. What is gonna be running up there at that time? I think the pinks should be done by then but what about the silvers? we have property on the island but have never been up there this late in the year. kenzmad
  229. kenzmad

    Sekiu, tips for avoiding pinks?

    We are headed to sekiu in august. How do we avoid or minimize the frickin humpies? I have tried everything I think. Only running coho killers helps but damn, when there are that any in there it is hard to not hook one. They are fun for the girls and we will target them to round out a limit but...
  230. kenzmad

    Help me, my kicker motor is in the shop!!!

    We are headed for lummi island on tuesday and the kicker motor is in the shop. NWJ "trolls" at about 2.8MPH with the yamaha 150 at idle. I want to get into the king fishing but this seems too fast for kings. should I troll with a bucket behind the boat or what. I will be headed for parker reef...
  231. kenzmad

    need 2 new crab pots

    shoulda put this in the need new balls thread but I need 2 new pots. I am looking for the ones that are wrapped with the stainless mesh. all rings are wrapped with rubber but the main part of the trap is stainless mesh. I have 2 of these already and auburn sports doesn't carry them anymore. any...
  232. kenzmad

    I need new balls

    who has the best price on 12lb rigger balls? Auburn sports want $49.99 each. I haven't bought balls in awhile so I was just a bit shocked at the prices. I am in Kent. looking for either 10lb pancake or 12lb round. leaving for the San juans on tuesday so I need to find some soon. kenzmad
  233. kenzmad

    8hp merc 20", need 25"

    I have a 2005 merc 8hp 4 stroke in a 20" shaft. I need a 25" for the Northwest Jet. extension kits start at 9.9hp and go up from there. what do I do. The kicker only has about 10 hours on it so I really don't want to get screwed on a trade in. If I have to, I will trade up, but that is a last...
  234. kenzmad

    Freshwater palouse river catfishing 6/2-6/6

    Headed over to Lyons Ferry with a great group of people. we only put 6 in the boat but some other boats really put the hurt to the kitties. My youngest daughter caught the biggest for our boat 7-8lbs. picked up this guy outside of othello on our way home weather was nice over the weekend...
  235. kenzmad

    Saltwater Neah Bay 4/28-5/1 good fishin'

    I know............ no pics or it didn't happen but I did take my camera but left the battery on the charger at home. But here goes anyway. 3 of us fished on thursday and friday. the fourth showed up friday night and we all fished on Saturday. Total for the trip was 17 lings,30 seabass, 2 large...
  236. kenzmad

    12"X12" Bennett trim tabs

    I have a set of trim tabs with all the hardware and switch and the pump. These were used for one season. bought a new boat and it came with its own set. This is a complete trim tab setup but the hoses may not work for your boat as they were cut to fit mine. Thinking the first $200.00 kenzmad
  237. kenzmad

    I am f'ing hiding from my family

    They are out in the kitchen right now argueing about how th f'ing Easter bunny gets into the house. I have had it. I am coming to you guys and hoping something worthwhile is on here to read. Fuckin' rabbit kenzmad
  238. kenzmad

    Neah bay April 28-may 1? anyone going

    I have not been a member here for a full year and have not had the privilege to meet any of you guys. are any of you going to be in Neah Bay next weekend? I will be in a white NW Jet 218 lightning. We are staying at the Cape. kenzmad
  239. kenzmad

    Interpreting the wave forcast

    I am having some difficulty with the wind and wave forcasts. Going to Neah Bay on the 28th for 4 days. What should I be looking for as far as swell height and distance to be able to get outside Tatoosh? I have never looked at the #'s before, I always stuck my nose outside of Waadah and if it was...
  240. kenzmad

    Best all around anchor

    I am going to be buying a Miller Marine anchor nest next week and I want to put a good anchor in it. Do the CR anchors work well for fishing in the salt? I want to be able to anchor for halibut as well as Lingcod. Some anchoring in sandy to gravel bottoms and some in the rocks. I will also be...
  241. kenzmad

    artificial sanddabs

    found these at Cabelas. They are out of stock but they can be found elsewhere. I ordered some up. we will see if the lings like em come April. Hogy Flatfish
  242. kenzmad

    Brads cut plugs for salt use

    I am looking at picking up some of Brads cut plugs for use in sekiu this year. I only fish the salt for salmon. give me your top 5 colors and maybe your favorite flasher color to go with them. I currently use a green flasher almost always with maybe a red on on occasion. normally pull 1 rod with...
  243. kenzmad

    New bottomfish regs for neah bay - Am I correct?

    With the new regs in place, I have a question. Since greenling are considered bottomfish, if I catch a few for ling bait, I must count them towards my bottomfish limit right? Same with sanddabs? heres the press release. February 2, 2011 <!-- RELEASE HEADLINE --> <CENTER>Aggregate bottomfish...
  244. kenzmad

    hooking Main motor to kicker issue

    I have a NWJ 218 lightning with the extended transom. kicker bracket is attatched to the transom of the boat and sticks out 18". extended transom sticks out 36". how would I tie these 2 motors together for trolling? EZ steer will not work as the angle between the two is too great and would not...
  245. kenzmad

    Field and Stream tip

    This is from page 63 of this months Fiels and Stream "salmon secrete a fear pheromone that gets on your line when they're hooked. If you don't cut your leader down and rerig after landing a salmon,the others will smell that pheromone on the line and won't touch it" any truth to this? I have...
  246. kenzmad

    New to BD but not to creating BD's

    Long time lurker here. I love the site! I am new to the aluminium boat scene though. I recently switched from a 21' trophy to a nwj 218 lightning. I live in Kent,WA and am looking for a good anchor for the boat. I do saltwater lings, seabass and salmon, Lake WA perch, going to be headed to the...