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    WTB: Pedal Kayak.

    PM sent.
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    Saltwater East Cape Baja was fantastic! Los Barriles at Hotel Los Pescadores

    Nice write up and great trip! Los Barriles is an awesome destination and it sounds like you picked the right hotel/boats/captains!! If I may ask... what were the charges per night at the Hotel that you stayed in?? Thanks. Doug.
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    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    Great Intel!! Report was chocked full of good info and no wasted words! Thanks.
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    WTB shimano tld 30

    I have one that I'm willing to sell. It's in very good shape and is totally fishable at this time. Price is $160 firm. No braid on it, only mono. LMK if you are interested via PM. I'm in Inland Empire area-- Redlands, Ca.
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    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    Thanks for the excellent write up! It makes everyone more aware that the unexpected can happen...anywhere and anytime!! Thank God that "the right people" were onboard when it hit the fan!! Hero's, one and all!!
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    Offshore Pacifica Overnight 6/6-6/7

    Congrats on your successful trip. Great photos and great writeup!!
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    Inshore Good luck charms at Izors 6/4

    Nice triple on the double!! Dogs are the Sh**!! Way to go Allen! Good work with the balloons as well-- you can make wahoo jigs out of all that mylar!!
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    Stinger Micro Jigs by JRI Custom Lures

    How do you BD'ers plan to fish these mini-JRI's??(both heavy and light versions). What species do you target with them??
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    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Awesome fish and great job!! Priority #1 is staying alive to tell the story!!
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    Inshore Izors 6/1 Tough going

    I believe that the "red translucent worm thing" is a pyrosome. Nice job making a slow day turn into a fun day on the water! Better luck when the dogs are with you next time!! Thanks for the report.
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    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    My cousin played a prank on his younger brother when the brother got married... he took dog poop and smeared it all over the radiator of his "escape vehicle'. As the car got warmed up the newlyweds enjoyed some aroma therapy as they traveled to their honeymoon location!! Several years later...
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    Hi Charlie. Interested in the 700H. Does it have any problems?? Any guide damage or reel seat issues? Additional pictures??? Thanks.
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    What a great story!! Thanks for sharing this very touching experience!! Phil Freidman(The Voice) did an amazing thing by bringing these individuals together! Thanks to all for doing so!!
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    Inshore It's on at the Shoe 5/19

    Nice job and great pics!! I love seeing your dogs in action!!
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    Captain Rollo’s Used Tackle Sale

    Sounds more pleasant than this weekend's weather report!!!
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    Who wouldn't be proud to fish this rod!!!! Beautiful craftsmanship!!!
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    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Great read! Great pics! Great trip!!! Glad to see that you're posting again Michael!!
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    Long Beach Super Seekers / Factory Calstar GFGR770H + 765H

    I'm interested in the Calstar 770H if not already spoken for. PM me if still available. Thanks.
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    Everyone please read

    Wishing for the best possible outcome for you, health wise! Agree with other posters about taking pictures and adding prices to this thread. Most importantly, follow the advice of your medical team and make sure that you are confident in their expertise. If necessary, don't hesitate to get...
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    Looking for 2 Older Shimano 30/50's with graphite frame.

    I have a TLD 30 2 speed that I am willing to sell for $150. It's in good shape and mechanically is fully functional. LMK if you're interested via PM.
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    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    Best money spent by me was when I started taking my son fishing with me!!
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    Annoying Phenix foregrip

    I'm not sure where ABQ(Albuquerque??) is, but I know that the Phenix wherehouse in the South Bay accepts trade-in's with a 40% discount on a new Phenix rod. Why don't you consider trading in the Axis for another Phenix rod that is more to your liking.(If the drive is not prohibitive).
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    Pre-Season on the East Cape

    Great report! I thought that I was there as well!! Thanks for sharing! A trip for the family to remember!
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    I'm counting 13 jigs. ;)
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    $200.00 gift card to Bass Pro shops, too far away to drive to, what to order online? Salt Water fishing

    I received a bunch of gift cards from folks at work when I retired. I waited until their big annual sale. The whole family(wife, kids, significant others, etc) came with me and we managed to easily destroy all of the GC's in a few hours of shopping. We purchased clothes, terminal tackle, gun...
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    Storm Wildeye swim Shad 6"

    Found some in my garage today. PM sent. LMK if interested. Doug.
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    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    The only person that we are competing with is ourselves. If it works, go for it!!
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    Hello. I have a Penn 535 that I'd be willing to sell to you. It's seen very little use and is...

    Hello. I have a Penn 535 that I'd be willing to sell to you. It's seen very little use and is in VERY GOOD condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Comes with box and paperwork- I'm original owner. Price is $75 F2F. I'm in Inland Empire--Redlands, Ca. LMK if interested. Doug.
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    Congrats to all of the winners!! And a big thanks to Jerry and all of the other sponsors!! So generous of you all for sponsoring this contest again!!
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    Thanks Jerry for doing this again!! My prediction: KC-34 and TBay-24.
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    Cousins Raze 909t /Lexa 400HD Combo Like New

    What is your asking price on the reel?
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    Rpt-12-09-20 SCI Fun!

    Beautiful sunrise photos!! I imagine that the winds from the previous days created a lot of dust in the air and contributed to the magnificent sunrise. We had a beautiful sunrise also and were inland 100 miles! Great day on the water. Glad that you got out AND caught some fish!!
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    4 Dz Mason Jars w. lids and rims.

    Ok. Understandable. With all of the Covid issues presently going on, I think I'll pass. Thanks for the rapid reply. GLWS.
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    4 Dz Mason Jars w. lids and rims.

    Where in LA area are you?? I'm interested but wondering if you'd meet me part way to Inland Empire area?? Thanks.
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    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Hoping things turn around for your grandmother! GLWS.
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    11-16-20 Prayers please for Lal's wife Barbara!

    So sorry for Lal's loss. Please share with him all condolences from BD's brothers/sisters. Life is like a wisp of wind- gone before you know it. We need to be grateful for what we are given. Blessings to Barbara, Lal and to you Cory!
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    Two Harbors Catalina Island Trip Fishing & Lobster

    I am feeling more relaxed/refreshed after watching your video!! It's contagious!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Tady / Salas saltwater jigs

    I've got 15 fishable jigs that show past usage and 27 jigs that are in very good condition- many have never been fished. PM me if interested.
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    Lucky DW-1 Gone But never forgotten

    Great job Phillip!! If you catch 65 or more fish on every JRI jig that you own, you'll be gray by the time you need to hit Jerry up for another bunch of swimmers!! Something tells me there are more PB's in your future dude!! Doug.
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    Small Salas or Tadys

    Hi SBBCC. I've got about 20 or so Salax 6Xjr(or equivalent--i.e. Iron Man 5, UFO 5, Sea Strike, CP 105) in various colors(blue/white, green/yellow, chrome, fire tiger, purple/chrome) that are in VERY GOOD condition and seven Salas 6X in similar color scheme/condition that I'd part with for...
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    *** SOLD *** JRI Jig Lot (18 Jigs)

    2nd in line if first buyer falls through.
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    AND always "on point" as well!! Steve is one of a kind--wise beyond his years, always willing to share his knowledge, excellent teacher/lecturer, and a genuinely nice guy!! He brings a lot to this table!!
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    What a slug Phil!! Very nice! I'm glad to hear that someone is pulling some beasts from Neptune's backyard!! Jerry... you've managed to create magic again!! Can't wait to get on the water and try my new jigs out-- season seems like it is rapidly evaporating before our eyes!! Stay healthy...
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    Rainshadow JDGLB 80M

    Very nice work!! You'll have no trouble finding that rod in the rack on party boats!!
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    52 Swimbait lot $30. PM if Interested

    Your math may be off...I counted 72 baits! Even better deal!! GLWS.
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    7/24- Izors and the flats

    Way to break in the new yacht and get the skunk off!! Congrats!!
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    I've enjoyed your posts and have found them to be very educational over the years. Glad to hear that they will continue, and that the 'large chunk" was NOT cancer!! Heal quickly Scott and stay healthy during this crazy Covid thing!!
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    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Nice bag and great variety!! Glad to see that you've still got the right mojo Corey!! Hope that your whole family enjoys those delicious fish dinners that will be coming their way!!
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    DW-1 Jigs

    Hey Phil!! Thanks for the info on these new JRI's! This gives me something to look forward to doing once the Covid 19 crisis settles down... if ever! What a crazy year so far!! Stay well and be safe out there. Hey Phil, have you had much experience with the JRI 35 jigs thus far this year...
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    Offshore Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Thanks for the details on the hook switch out! We miss your reports-- write-ups without pictures would be FAR BETTER than no write-ups from Erik whatsoever!! Please re-consider posting more often!!
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    DW-1 Jigs

    Hey Phil!! Long time without posts!!! Glad to hear that you are well and still slinging!!! Who better to break in Jerry's newest fishkiller than YOU!!! It's no surprise that JRI has another winner in its collection. Do you have any comparisons that you can make for us concerning the new...
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    Blacked out Rainshadow

    Pictures of the Rainshadow??? Thanks.
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    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    Great day on the water!! Keep it up!!
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    Kitty in the yard!

    Not much humanity out and about these days to scare them critters away!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Rpt.-The Origin of my "Tunaslam"!

    Always enjoy your posts Corey!! It is even better knowing that you've weathered the "storm" of illness in your family!! Tight lines and good health with lots of fish mixed in to you and yours, once this Covid 19 thing resolves!! Doug.
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    Rpt.-Sat. 03-21-20 Izor's, 105, Shoe and PV.

    Glad to hear that your wife is progressing so quickly and positively! You can now fish guilt free and without concern about her status when you arrive home! Nice Sandbass too! Thanks for the report!
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    Moving out of state selling all my rods

    It might help to post prices on all rods, if you have decided to sell separately.
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    Finding Some Cool Jigs Lately

    Fire Iron was, I believe, a nock-off of original Iron Man Lures/Fish Trap lures. They catch fish! The copper back jigs are rock cod jigs.
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    WOW!! Nothing better than instant gratification!!! Thanks Jerry and Jamie! Can't wait to try my '35' out-- using a medium retrieve!!!
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    Hi Jamie. How do you/Jerry recommend swimming the new 35's?? Slow retrieve, fast retrieve, medium retrieve...??? Thanks in advance.
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    RPT-Wed.-02-26-20 105,Shoe,PV

    Great to hear that your wife has improved so much that you were able to wet a line Corey!! I'm sure it felt wonderful to not spend every waking moment wondering how to deal with all of these life changes!! I'll keep sending prayers your way. Doug.
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    Everything you need to catch lobster.......Except the bait

    Was a pleasure doing business with you Jay!! Great seller and highly recommend to all BD'ers!! My son plans to pick up the other item in the near future. I sent a text to you with details. Thanks and tight lines!!
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    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful news Cory! We are all praying for you and hope that her recovery continues. Rehab is no picnic, but with lots of support, your wife will surely be successful. You know this from your own experience! Prayers continue for both of you!
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    Update-02-03-20 The Power of Prayer!

    Best news yet!!! You were due for some good news and .... wow this is wonderful!! We will all continue with prayers and holding space for the best possible outcome for your wife. Thanks for the update Cory.
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    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    Thank you!! Sending PM as requested.
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    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    Final Score... Chiefs 31 and 49'ers 20. WOOHOO!! Thanks for doing this Nunyabizness1!!
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    YES!! Thanks for making the Super Bowl 1000x more interesting for all of us Jerry!! Congrats to all of the winners!!
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    So sorry to hear of your wife's troubles. Prayers are with both of you. Holding space for a miracle!!
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    Im in!! Score is KC 31 and San Fran 28. Thanks for doing this Jerry!!
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    JRI 4 in dark metallic green
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    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    I've got the Chiefs with 34 points...lets hope that is at least ONE more point than the 49'ers score!! Good luck to all and most of all...thanks to BD and Nunyabizness for making the Super Bowl more watchable!
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    New format makes it very difficult to determine which pictures go with which written descriptions, when using the classified ads. It would be nice to separate the written descriptions associated with the pictures, so that one could tell which goes with which!
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    After watching the video for the Umpteenth time, I've gotta say that your son has excellent "quick twitch" reflexes!! Had he been any slower at bringing his left shoulder forward and moving his face back... WOW!! Thank God that he's young and speedy!!!
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    If I may ask... what was the cost of your day on the water with this outfitter? Thanks in advance.
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    Where to sit on a sportboat?

    Check out Bass pro shops xmas/Black Friday deals online. They have a folding tripod seat that is pretty comfortable and is light and easy to pack. It's on sale for $10 I believe.
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    Offshore More Local Tuna Than I've Seen All Year / 11/15 & 11/17 Report

    Great pics and nice quality!! Thanks for sharing. Hoping that this predicted storm is a mini-cloud burst also!
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    Report: Tomahawk 2.5 day , Nov. 12-15, 2019

    WOW!! Nice fish!! Way to show the world that we're not all washed up after 50-something!! Flex those biceps!
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    Thank you Veterans

    Thank you all for all of our freedom!!!!
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    Sand bass and Halibut spots in San Diego?

    SouthBayKiller's article hits it on the head! Use 3/8 ounce leadhead and 3 inch plastics with the color orange in it. If you want significantly more bites, buy some frozen, whole squid and cut strips to put on your leadhead/plastics rig. Like the article says... you need water movement to...
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Great idea Chris. I'll try to run them down at Fred Hall Show in 3/20. Thanks.
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Thanks Bob. Any background history on these jigs? Manufacturer, etc.? Thanks in advance.
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Does anyone have any historical information on "DIX" jigs?? I believe that they made many brass jigs in the "old days". Alot of them look like wahoo jigs as well-- single free swinging hook. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Thank you very much for your detailed description of this complex process Jerry! I'm amazed by the purity of your jig compared to the "competition". But in reality, I'm not that surprised, when I think about your obsession with perfection in your creations--be it JRI jigs, Wahoo bombs, or...
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Thanks again for all the replies. I'm learning lots from everyone! Have any BD'ers used or had experience with "Dix" jigs? They seem to have a nice paint job in general, and may be made of brass as well. Anyone with experience with these?? In my experience, Hackers were the worst at breaking...
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Thanks for all of your replies. Sealskinner(Mike), I'm wondering if the issue that I had about 20 years ago with several brands of jigs breaking very easily when they hit the deck, was related to the quality of the "pot metal" that was used. How has this be remedied?? I don't seem to have...
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    History of Brass Jigs??

    Like many here on BD, I love my jigs. The other day while looking over my collection, I began to wonder which companies have made brass jigs over the years. I'm aware that the Tady 9 was made with brass in years past. Several other manufacturers have used brass in the making of their jigs--...
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    Offshore 10/9 Wide the F*** Open.

    You Da Man Michael!!! Your fishing prowess is only exceeded by your generosity/kindness to others!!
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    Offshore San Clemente Bluefin Mon 9/23/19

    Congrats!! Patience pays off!! That first picture of the bluefin on deck is PERFECT!!! It looks like it has been staged--with blood strategically placed in its surroundings!! Have you ever considered becoming a gourmet chef at some fancy-dancy restaurant?? You could plate a mean enchilada!!!!
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    Offshore Sat— Mon Tuna report.

    Way to perform under family pressure, Michael!! Great Pictures!!
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    Offshore 4 weeks of chasing pointy nosed fish in So Cal / 9/2-9/22 Report

    As usual, an excellent read!! Thanks for sharing and for teaching me a lot about fishing the swordie!! Beautiful pictures as well.
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    8 day Indy trip for $1,900

    Agree Greg!! Painful decision, I'm sure, but the right choice when it comes to your health! There will be plenty of fish to catch when your health is 100%. No need to take risks. And I agree with Surfgoose, that your decision was very unselfish to the rest of the fishermen! Get well soon!!!
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    Offshore Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

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    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    I'll pick the Kansas City Chiefs... since nobody else has yet!
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    Offshore The Four B's at San Clemente Island / Saturday 8/3 Report

    Once again... nice going!! The makers of the sub walker lure should give you royalties, since you are single-handedly increasing sales of that lure by 2000%... or more!!!
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    Selling All My Gear - All Sold - Thanks And God Bless

    Sorry to hear that health issues are forcing the sale of your fishing gear! I've learned a lot from your comments/input over the time that I've been following BD. Hope your health issues are fixable and you are back on the water soon. Doug.
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    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Glad that you are back fishing, writing and posting, but MOST OF ALL... glad you are well!!! Keep it up!!
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    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna 7/10

    Nice Fish Michael!! Keep it up!!
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    Thank You BD- titan05

    Great to hear that you are on the mend!! Keep goin' on that road and listen to your doctors advice! The fish will be waiting for ya when you are ready, Jim.
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    Offshore Long loop out of Newport Beach. Bluefin and yellowfin report 6/29

    Thanks for the report-- always learn something from your info! Was the Yo Zuri that you were using a "sinking" or a "floating" model?? Do you have success with either type lure or do you use one type exclusively?? Thanks.
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    Cory update Thursday

    Best of luck with everything Cory. Prayers for your speedy recovery!!!
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    Offshore The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Nice Job Michael!!! Once again your good Karma returns to you!!! PM sent.
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    Coronado Island Yellowtail. 4/24

    Nice haul Michael!! Keep it up!! Doug.
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    Calcutta 400 gold

    Yes. I've got two Calcutta 400's(not 400S- no level wind) that I'd be willing to part with. They haven't been fished in a long time, but were in perfect working order when I last messed with them. I'd prefer to send you pictures via cell phone, since I have such a difficult time uploading...
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    Navionics webinar on targeting bass on deep water structure now on YouTube

    Thanks for posting this Erik. I missed it when live. You are an excellent teacher!! Would you ever consider taking an individual fisherman or two out on your boat for a private tutorial ??
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    Candybar 150’s & Tady C

    I'm confused... the top picture is for reference and the bottom picture is the actual jigs that you are trading???? Or....??
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    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    Way to salvage a rough day Eric!! Nice quality too!!
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    Excellent seller and very easy do do business with. Highly recommend!! Thanks Tim!!
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    Fred Hall Shows - SD or LB

    Agree with above advice--- Long Beach is bigger, more sellers, more crowded, usually better deals.... more fun.
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    SFValley Fishing Swap Meet

    What is the weather prediction for Saturday?
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    Thank you Jerry for devoting your precious time and your resources to this contest!! I will continue to support your products at my tackle store with my purchase of the BEST SWIMMING JIGS ON THE PLANET!!! YOU DA MAN!! And CONGRATS to all the winners!!!
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    I'm in too! Thanks Jerry!!! Pats 35 and Rams 13.
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    Pretty remarkable week of wintertime fishing / Yellows and Bluefin

    thank you Erik, for the excellent summary of a great winter trip!! You make it sound so easy that you convince me that I need to go!
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    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    Many years ago, my son learned to fish salt using an Abu-Garcia round baitcaster-- 5500 in believe. We fished mostly inshore initially, but when it came time to transition to offshore fishing, he easily adapted to using a standard conventional reel. He had very little trouble with backlashes...
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    Albackore backpack and reel bag

    Any rips or zipper failures on the backpack?? Does that include the 5 Plano boxes seen in pictures?? Thanks.
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    Ten Essential Lures -- Which?

    If only room for 10 jigs in a medium Plano box: 8.5 inch Orange/Black Marauder, 2 Cedar plugs- natural color, Petrolero 8-10 inch marlin lure, Brass JRI/etc. yo yo iron, Triple thick Kastmaster jig in Silver/Black prism, Pink/Silver Halco Roosta popper in 6 inch, 2 surface irons THAT SWIM...
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    Free Processed Fish (kinda) BF-Dorado-YT

    Sent PM. Check your PM mail. Thanks.
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    What's a hot bait?

    Maybe "bad fish Karma".... Consider changing some habits while on the water like: Helping a fellow angler that seems less experienced and is also having trouble with "catching". "Hook and Hand" to an inexperienced angler or child. Share some fluorocarbon with...
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    Which surface JRI?

    Phillip AKA "MuyMacho" wrote up a very nice and comprehensive post on the JRI's that you'll want to review and maybe save. He fishes them a lot, so his descriptions are based upon experience!! Do a search and you'll find it all in his post.
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    1-5-day fishing gear for sale

    Is there a picture of the "Heavy Iron lot, 40+", or am I missing something??? Maybe already sold??? Or is the lot with the flat falls and colt snipers, the heavy iron lot???
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    Offshore Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Thanks for posting this great report and pics/vids!!! Makes me want to dive in... literally!!!
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    NICE YT's!! Were all fish on the single hook JRI 2's or do you usually use the jigs with treble hooks, Phil?? You are causing me to add a new item to my FHSLB wish list!! Looks like you detest the "mint/white" color. Waste of paint!! LOL!!
  122. D

    Tady candy bar jigs

    Hey Phil. Thanks again for your willingness to share your hard earned expertise in jig selection/jig fishing. Soooo many subtleties, so little time!!! In answer to your question Phil, no I didn't pick up any JRI 2's at FHS. Thats the only type of JRI jig that I dont have in my garage...
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    Asymmetry is a very good thing, when it comes to surface iron, isn't it?
  124. D

    Tady candy bar jigs

    Fishdoggary is a true artist!! He can make a "beaten up, piece of crap jig" look like a Picasso painting with his magic!! I've not had great success throwing the Candybar jigs that you have pictured above, Jeff. I've had better luck with the original Candybar jigs(obviously) and also the...
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    Hey Phil!!! How's it goin'?? Hope all is well with you! My season has been good- had a few of those "shoulda been here yesterday" type days earlier in the year but overall having fun. How about you? Catchin' any BFT with those surface jigs or poppers?? That would be quite a handful, huh...
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    Thanks for your suggestions and comments. I'm a JRI fan as well. Just couldn't resist buying these jigs!! Any more suggestions or comments?
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    CBDs in Mexico?

    I've got a bum shoulder also, and have been using acupuncture treatments just prior to departing on my Mexico trips over the last several years. It has worked well, and is guaranteed NOT to land you in a Mexican prison! You also might consider using the over the counter Lidocaine patches that...
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    Tady candy bar jigs

    Hi everyone. I have several questions for all of you knowledgeable jig slingers. I recently picked up several of the Tady-made Candybar 112 jigs for a great price. Do these jigs need any modifications to swim their best?? Would "wiring" these jigs improve their action?? What is the most...
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    Rpt-Sat.-08-11-18 A local Bass Frenzy!

    Thanks for the excellent report and photos.
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    Adding to a new lot

    I'll take them if you will accept $15 shipped. PM me if interested.
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Great deal!! Thanks for the heads up!!
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    What are you looking to trade for??
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    Just bite already...

    Gotta stop letting guys bring bananas on board those trips!!!
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    Albacore bags are back

    WOW!! They look identical to the Albakore tackle backpack-- even down to the lunch box!! What is the price point on these and what do they charge for shipping?? Thanks for the "heads-up".
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    Double Stamped Salas Light 6X Jigs

    I'll keep you posted!! Thanks. Tight lines this season as well.
  136. D

    Double Stamped Salas Light 6X Jigs

    Thanks for the response Phil. I'll have to dust one off and give it a try!! Hope you are well and stress level has diminished somewhat since our last visit at Fred Hall Show LB.
  137. D

    Double Stamped Salas Light 6X Jigs

    Any intel on this topic?? Anybody??
  138. D

    Double Stamped Salas Light 6X Jigs

    What can you Jig experts tell me about these jigs?? Are they all good swimmers? What has made them so desirable,other than their rarity? What historical information can you BD experts share with me concerning these hunks of metal? Thanks in advance. Doug.
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    Gamakatsu Value Packs

    Just got my order from Rob today. Fast shipping and item exactly as described. Rob is a stand-up guy!! Reliable seller!!
  140. D

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Thank you Phillip for educating me on MANY, MANY points concerning surface iron fishing!! You were sooo generous with your time and knowledge! If Karma exists, then you should catch many "personal bests" this coming season!!! It was a pleasure meeting you at the show on Wednesday and again on...
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    The best part of Fred Hall

    Deserving of Olympic Gold!!
  142. D

    Gamakatsu Value Packs

    I'll take them. Let me know preference for payment. Doug.
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    Sacramento fishing meeting ideas

    California and other states sell lottery tickets to support our school budgets, etc. What if our fishing community sponsored "fishing lottery tickets" to help balance our state budget for Fish and Game Wardens, and other expenses. Prizes could be a variety of items: rods, reels, terminal...
  144. D

    Hi Jamie. Just received a PM from MUYMACHO/Phil concerning purchase of JRI Jigs at FH Show in...

    Hi Jamie. Just received a PM from MUYMACHO/Phil concerning purchase of JRI Jigs at FH Show in LB. He advised me to contact you concerning this purchase and advised me to ask you if you'd give me the expired discount on said JRI Jigs, and allow me to pick these up at FH Show in LB on Wednesday...
  145. D

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Thank you for the breakdown Phillip!! It was very enlightening. Got my $$ ready for the LB show!! See ya there!! Would you list the deal that you are offering on JRI Jigs at the FH show?? Thanks. PM sent. Doug.
  146. D

    Spectra for surface iron

    Thank you David for this information. It will make my decision less daunting!!
  147. D

    Spectra for surface iron

    Here are a couple of surface iron yellows on spinners the first was 42.5# the second real problem landing either one.....sorry about the double photos Fishybuzz... what rod do you pair with your spinning reel?? I'm considering going over to the "Dark Side" but haven't found the right...
  148. D


    Thank you Jerry for making the Superbowl much more interesting again!! It's no wonder that your JRI jigs are the hottest ones on the market!! Not only do they swim like crazy, but they've got GREAT KARMA on their side!!! Here's hoping that you experience the same kindness and generosity that...
  149. D


    Thanks Jerry. I'm in also. Score... Pats 38 Eagles 27
  150. D

    WTS: 28mm Cork puppy reel seats

    Hi Kevin. I was wondering what types of reels these cork puppies will fit?? Will an old silver Daiwa 40T, 30T work with this puppy?? What rod would be compatible with the 28 mm size puppy?? Thanks iin advance. Anyone with experience with this size cork puppy, is welcome to chime in also...
  151. D


    Try to hook up with a seasoned veteran of fishing. That will shift your learning curve dramatically!!
  152. D

    WTB: Graftech GIS80M 15-25lb rod

    Thanks for clarification Mark(aka Hucklongfin). My rods are definitely older model rods, and thus, they may be heavier than what you are looking for Coleman. I'd say they fish 25# better than 20#, and 15# is a real stretch IMO. Hope this helps.
  153. D

    WTB: Graftech GIS80M 15-25lb rod

    I've got two GIS80H's that are, interestingly enough, rated at 15-25#. I believe that they are the same blank as the one that you are interested in, but not sure. Others that are more knowledgeable concerning the history of their rating system may chime in and clarify. Let me know if you are...
  154. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Wow!! Ancient history!! I'll have to check my garage stash later today and will get back to you on availability.
  155. D

    Glow in Dark flatfalls for FAIR price

    I purchased a bunch of these same jigs from Mike a few months ago and was very pleased. Mike is a great guy and a VERY knowledgable fisherman. He is very honest and fair with his merchandise! His "flat falls" look and swim JUST LIKE the Shimano brand-- in fact I couldn't tell them apart when...
  156. D

    Bay water related skin issue?

    And by all means take medical advice from a guy named diseasescrotum. LOL!!! Swami's ironic comment may be the wisest comment of this whole post!! Get an expert opinion, not mine!!
  157. D

    Bay water related skin issue?

    Yes. As Dan(Knot Keely) said, it is spelled Mycobacterium and is a weaker member of The family of bacteria that includes the Tuberculosis bacterium. I agree with others who have recommended that you see a Dermatologist FIRST to determine what might be causing this skin condition, rather than...
  158. D

    Public Service Announcement

    Jim. I haven't had the honor of meeting you, but have enjoyed your sharing of knowledge and experience concerning salt water fishing! Many, many of us truly appreciate the time and energy that you have put into being a BD moderator. Please continue to add your expertise to this site. We will...
  159. D

    WTB Chrome/Yellow Jigs

    Jigs in the mail earlier today!! Win some JP's with 'em!!
  160. D

    WTB Chrome/Yellow Jigs

    Sorry for the long delay in posting promised pictures. I always have a hell-of-a-time getting pictures posted on this site. You can hopefully make out the diff. types of flat metal jigs made by Tady in the early days. If any of you interested parties want better pics, leave your cell phone #...
  161. D

    WTB Chrome/Yellow Jigs

    I did some digging in the garage "fishing black hole" to see if I had any flat metal tady's that would fit your description above. I found two Tady 2's that were yellow/chrome and one Tady 22 that was Green/Chrome. I'll attempt to post a picture of these lures, with a few more recognizable...
  162. D

    Fish Taco Chronicles

    Congrats Ron!! Now let see ya do it again next issue!! Nice Yeller!!
  163. D

    Really Funny Stuff

    Great post and video!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  164. D

    Who wants lead? Trade for?

    I attempted to send message and photos to your phone, but messages and photos were "blocked". Is the phone # you gave in your PM correct??
  165. D


    Unable to view images.
  166. D


    I'm interested in all of remaining knives in your picture-- if you'll ship. I'll pay shipping, of course. What is your price for group?? Thanks.
  167. D

    Caivo Jigs

    How do the smaller version of the Caivo jigs swim?? Do you guys that use them fish the smaller 2.2 oz. jigs when the fish are on smaller baits or do they tend to swim better at faster/slower speeds than the 3.2 oz jigs?? Would you compare them to a Tady C, or a 7X jr, or Kicker 15 light or...
  168. D

    Caivo Jigs

    Thank you Chris and Phil for that info. It's nice to hear that a jig manufacturer has finally decided to make jigs that swim THE MAJORITY OF TIME as opposed to doing so on rare occasions!! I wish that the other nameless manufacturers would take a hint and realize that they'd sell alot more...
  169. D

    Caivo Jigs

    WHAT A CACHE!!!! I hear that the 3.2 oz. model swims most enticingly. Care to share your wisdom about "what characteristics make one Caivo jig swim better than the next"??? When you guys are confident enough to purchase jigs by the zillion, you must know some of their secrets!!! Please share!!
  170. D

    I need a Mexican getaway...

    Surfgoose's post is "on the money" from my experience!! I'd also throw in the idea of signing up with a trip sponsored by "Lets Talk Hookup" radio station or a similar program/venue. My son and I have been going to East Cape regularly for years, and started our adventures by signing up for a...
  171. D

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

    Entered. Thanks BD and Accurate!!!
  172. D

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

  173. D

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    Hot shower, hotel room, KY jelly, wet towel, hot towel, mid position between my knees o_O......... damn man, these responses are enough to make me take a second look at what I posted. LOL Couldn't stop laughing as i typed up my earlier post!!! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything.... or...
  174. D

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    I had a 3 piece travel rod freeze up on me while vacationing in Mexico. Wasn't gonna get it home unless I separated it, since I didn't bring a rod tube with me-- just the travel case for this rod. I brought the rod in the shower with me and took a long, hot shower while in the hotel (Hmmm)...
  175. D

    Cabo! Do You Take Your Own Gear?

    As bas13 said, it is typical for airlines to charge $50 for each "item" over standard luggage each way. That means $50 for rod tube, $50 for ice chest, etc. Bring a large back pack and pack your clothes in the pack and put your fishing gear in the empty cooler going down. On the way back...
  176. D

    'De Facto' Surface Iron Jig...?

    Please inform "the uninformed", which model # of the Caivo jig line is most productive for surface iron fishing?? How is it fished?? Retrieve speed?? Thanks.
  177. D


    A really bid THANK YOU to you Jerry. You made the game more interesting for all of us BD'ers.!!!!
  178. D

    Lexa hs-p with Graftech rod

    Are you willing to split up? If so, what are your asking prices??
  179. D

    Hooked a big one, ended up in Urgent Care

    Probably good that they dont make a gerbil lure, or you may have been talked about for weeks by the ER staff!! :)
  180. D

    Phenix rods for sale

    Please post pictures of handles as well. Does the 809 xhj have a "deckhand handle" vs. reel seat?? Is it X-wrapped vs Hypalon handle?? Similar questions concerning the SMX. Thanks.
  181. D


    I can vouch for Marty as an honest man and a great seller. I just purchased a rod from him this weekend-- rod was/is as described. He is easy to work with and an all around pleasure. Don't hesitate to buy from him if this Calstar is what you are looking for!! Doug.
  182. D

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    BD Outdoors: A place where you'll find opportunities to learn, teach, laugh, make friends and experience more of the great outdoors!
  183. D

    FS: Phenix PSX 908 Abyss

    What are the line class ratings and specifications on this rod? Thanks.
  184. D

    FS/FT Seeker G220

    On 6480... reel seat or cork tape/deckhand style??
  185. D

    WTB Shimano TLD 15/30s or 20/40s

    I've got a few of each size that I'd part with. Let me know if you still need some. Doug.
  186. D

    Cal Star 6485L with Spinning Guides

    What is the line class rating for this reel?? Thanks.
  187. D

    Knots- braid to floro

    My vote is for the RP knot/John Collins knot.
  188. D

    Lexa 400PWR-P with power handle

    Nice meeting up with you today John! Great guy and excellent seller. Reel was even nicer than described. John takes excellent care of his stuff and is a true gentleman!! The virtue of "honor" is NOT DEAD!!! Thanks for a great transaction John!! Doug.
  189. D

    Lexa 400HS-P with power handle in Excellect Condition

    Just purchased a reel from John. He is a great seller and a nice guy. Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. Thanks John!! Doug.
  190. D

    Lexa 400PWR-P with power handle

    What is the gear ratio on this reel?? thanks.
  191. D

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Congrats to you and your team!!! That was a great write up AND will make an even more memorable TV show!! Savor the memory!!!
  192. D

    Lead Heads

    Would you separate the weedless heads and sell them alone?? If so, how many of them are there, and what is your asking price?? Cost of shipping??
  193. D


    PM sent. Still interested in Seeker Inshore and Talica Spinner.
  194. D

    FLATFALL JIGS $5 each

    Just picked up a bunch of Mike's knock-off flat falls. He's a super-nice guy and is selling these flat fall type jigs for a GREAT PRICE!!! These jigs are the spitting image of the Shimano Flat Fall jigs-- they look like they have been cast in the same exact jig mold! Only difference that I...
  195. D

    FLATFALL JIGS $5 each

    Hi Mike. Sent a PM about the flat falls.
  196. D

    Wtb p series newells

    PM sent on P220F for sale.
  197. D

    Seeker BSC 870 labeled 15 (20) 25

    In my limited experience, the seeker blanks are softer and more forgiving than the same model # Calstars, Penns, etc. They tend to fish at a lower line rating than the same model # made by another manufacturer. I'd follow the line rating recommendations listed on the blank, rather than using...
  198. D

    Tips On Labeling Your Reel Line

    I tend to forget what line is on what reel also, and have resorted to writing the info down in a spiral notebook that I've got in the "fishing room" at home. I'll usually describe the rod/reel combo in enough detail so that I can recall "which line goes with which model". If you've got...
  199. D


    Yes. Thanks Jerry for making a rather slow Super Bowl game morph into something interesting!!!!
  200. D


    Thanks Jerry and others!!! Please count me in. Panthers= 31 Broncos= 16
  201. D

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    What is the line rating on the Seeker custom blue lightning??
  202. D

    WTB Used Shimano TLD20's

    Hi Chad. I've got a lightly used TLD 20 that hasn't been fished since it was completely gone through by Shimano factory here in S. Cal. Mechanically it works perfectly. Cosmetics show light marks from use but NO rust or corrosion anywhere. It's ready to be put to use now with no problems...
  203. D

    Wahoo Bombs for sale---ALL SOLD.

    Groups # 1+2 spoken for by Jeff/Gooch. Group #3 spoken for by Stan.
  204. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Jim and any other interested parties: Items left include the following: 10 Inch Sea Boz at $28 each new-- One All Pink; One Blue/Pink/Silver (two items total) 8/5 Inch Sea Boz at $25 each new--One Brown/Green/Silver (one item total) 7 Inch Sea Boz at $20 each new--One Dorado color; One...
  205. D

    Wahoo Bombs for sale---ALL SOLD.

    :D:D:DI prefer to dangle my genitals over the rail until the Hoo is securely attached, then with one quick pelvic thrust I swing him onto the deck and club it until it is unconscious. Less blood that way and no gaff marks on that tasty fillet meat!! Where else do you think that I got my user...
  206. D

    Wahoo Bombs for sale---ALL SOLD.

    I'm selling three separate groups of Wahoo Bombs. Each group has 6 bombs in it. They vary from 4-7 ounces in weight. Most are brand new and have never seen water, but a few are used. Some have been wired and others have no leader at all. Please see pictures. I'm asking $40 per group of...
  207. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Tom. Your jig/lure was dropped off at post office yesterday-- expected delivery day is Monday/Tuesday. Your tracking # is: 9505 5110 1299 5318 4595 98. Doug.
  208. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Tom. Payment received via paypal. I'll be sending package out today and will give you tracking # later today as well. Thanks and tight lines. Doug.
  209. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Tom: I just sent "request for payment" to email address given above. I'll need your mailing address so that I can send your package. I may not get to post office until Saturday tho. Thanks in advance!! Doug.
  210. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Hi Tom. The 8.5 inch purple/black ninja wahoo jig is available. I was able to squeeze it into a "small" size USPS box so the cost of the item with shipping will be $31 with paypal gift or $32 with regular paypal. I'm assuming that you'll want it shipped, but if interested in picking up item...
  211. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    They are still catching Wahoo in SD area and Northern Mexico according to private boaters write ups. Go get em'.
  212. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Bump with price drop on all items. Thanks to all previous buyers!!!
  213. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    All PM's replied to. Original post updated with assist from Unknown Fisherman!
  214. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Sorry squidrrz. Yozuri Orange/Black back 10 inch is sold. Doug.
  215. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    Status of lures as of 945 PM on 10/29/15: Lures spoken for thus far: 7 Inch Megabait Sea Boz silver/pink/blue and 6 Inch Megabait Sea Boz Purple Ninja by Mark. All 4 of the 10 INCH Yozuri Bonita's have been sold. Thanks Austin!! One 6 5/8th Inch Yozuri Bonita in Tony Tiger Pattern with double...
  216. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    To Minijigslayer: Yes. I've got 4 of the yo-zuri 10 inch Bonita's for sale. See last picture above. Colors include Purple/black back (eggplant color), Green Mackerel pattern, Orange/black back, and Tony Tiger pattern with Gold belly/orange and black stripe back. Price is $40 each and I'll...
  217. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    All PM's replied to. Lures spoken for thus far: 7 Inch Megabait Sea Boz silver/pink/blue and 6 Inch Megabait Sea Boz Purple Ninja by Mark.
  218. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    PM sent to OD Billy. TO ALL: I'll be away from computer access until 7-8 pm tonight. I'll answer questions and PM's as soon as possible thereafter. Doug.
  219. D

    Marauders, Yozuri Bonita, Megabait Sea Boz

    PRICE DROP PRICE DROP!!!! I've decided to sell a bunch of Wahoo trolling lures that have been sitting in the garage for waaaay to long unused. Face to face transactions are always the best, but I'm willing to ship ON YOUR DIME. Depending upon your # of lures purchased and size of lure, I'm...
  220. D


    I'm a bit unclear... are you offering all three of your above reels for one 400D or 400TE, or are you offering only one of your reels for the shimano 400D or 400TE??
  221. D

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    signed up. Thanks.
  222. D

    Graphtech 12-20, 8 foot $65

    I'm interested in the Graftech rod. I'm in the IE. How can we meet up to make the transaction??
  223. D

    WTB: Narrowed Penn 500 / 506 or Penn 501

    I've got 3 Penn 501L's in box, with tools and in very good shape(no corrosion, black side plates). I've also got 2 Penn 505HS's in similar condition, but only one in box with tool. I've got an older Penn 500 with red side plates and spool in very good condition as well. I'm willing to sell...
  224. D

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

    I'll guess 83.3 pounds.
  225. D

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    BBBBB-Bad to the bone!!!! Ouch!!
  226. D

    Wahoo lures

    I'll take the 5 gold raiders if still available. Send me a PM with details as to how you'd like payment and cost for shipping to S.Cal. Thanks. Doug.
  227. D

    Tons of rods for sale Calstars and Seekers...

    Sent you a PM and paypal deposit. Thanks Ron.
  228. D

    Tons of rods for sale Calstars and Seekers...

    I'll take the Shimano Calcutta, the Seeker Inshore, and the Calstar 700M, if still available. PM sent.
  229. D


    Thanks Jerry and John for making the game more fun, and congrats to all the winners!! Good Karma to you, Jerry for this coming fishing season and thereafter!!
  230. D

    tady 4/0

    Thanks to all and especially to Daniel for your very well thought out explanation concerning "light" versions of our numerous yo-yo jigs. Anyone else care to comment on this topic of "lights"? I was also wondering if any of you jigging experts in BD cyberland have any comments to make...
  231. D


    Thanks for entering me into the raffle/prize drawing!!! Final Score: Seattle 20 vs. Patriots 16. Good luck to all, and a big thanks to Ponch!!!
  232. D

    tady 4/0

    Steve Carson's response concerning the "Tady 4/0 light" brings up a question that I've had for many years. Dont mean to be a thread jacker, but I was wondering if some of the other "light" versions of our classic yo-yo jigs are useful/effective surface jigs or just an attempt by jig...
  233. D

    FS: REELS accurates, shimano, daiwa

    Hi Ray. PM sent on several rods.--- Teramar, Terez 78xh-FL. Thanks.
  234. D

    FS Saltist 2 Speeds

    I recognize that your post stated that you'd like to sell as a group... but if you do separate the lot, I'd be interested in the "35", depending upon what the reel looks and performs like! If you separate the group, give me a pm. Doug.
  235. D

    WTB Salas PDQ's

    I've got a few of each model that I'd be willing to sell. I'll have to dig around in the garage to find 'em tho. I'll get back to you with quantity and price as soon as I find these lost treasures!
  236. D

    12 Iron bodies (new)

    I'll take 'em. Pm sent.
  237. D

    Halco Max 130

    Charkbait online store has them for a very good price. I'm sure that their San Diego store has them as well. Orange County store has them too. Good luck.
  238. D

    Daiwa saltist ld30 2speed bnib

    Pm sent on reel. Interested in a trade for a Shimano 30-2 speed reel?? See PM.
  239. D

    Spottie and Calico swimbaits and war baits slayer heads/jigs

    It was a pleasure doing business with you Scott. Thanks for the plastics and leadheads. To all BD'ers who dont know Scott... he's an honest guy selling things at a very fair price. Never dealt with him prior to this transaction-- would certainly do buslness with him again!!
  240. D

    Eds jigs and jo jo jigs

    Would you consider selling the jigs for $36 shipped($30+$6 for small UPS box at post office) and NOT ship them in the plano box?? I dont need the plano box. You could easily fit all jigs in a small post office UPS box. I'd ask that you would wrap them well, so they dont get beaten up in...
  241. D


    Pm sent on Salas 7x's and 5x's.
  242. D

    Diawa LD20 2 spd.. for sale

    2nd in line if other buyer falls through. PM me.
  243. D

    Daiwa saltist 30t seeker black steel g665

    2nd in line for the combo at $150 if Eddie changes his mind.
  244. D

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    I was on a 3/4 day trip with some friends. Several of the passengers had brought children-- various ages,from 6-15 approximately. About noon I walked up the side of the boat to get an outfit with heavier line, since we were going to switch from fishing kelp to bottomfishing. As I grabbed my...
  245. D

    Davey's Locker Raincheck passes

    PM sent. Payment via paypal sent.
  246. D

    Davey's Locker Raincheck passes

    I'd love these passes for $125, but would love some reassurance that the landing will still accept them, in spite of the fact that they are dated 2010. Is there an expiration date for raincheck passes?
  247. D


    what are you asking for the 6480's?? Pictures?? Thanks.
  248. D

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    black granite series
  249. D

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  250. D

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    Yeah, that set of upper dentures imbedded in the yellowtail are mine. Just hand 'em over and shut up.
  251. D

    Friends of Rollo BBQ this Sunday - Free tickets courtesty of Let's Talk Hook Up

    Hey Ali! Count me in for 3 adult tickets, if they are not already spoken for. Thanks to Pete Gray and LTH for the freebies!! Doug Hay plus two other adults. Thanks again!!
  252. D

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    There are consequences for watching waaaay to much of the olympics on the tube!!
  253. D

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    The art of using a Push Pole-- what not to do!!
  254. D

    Advice on getting bit

    In a word....Karma. Sometimes when you are studying every detail of your technique, you cant find an answer. I'll never forget a trip I took on the Searcher quite a few years ago. It was a plunker bite and few anglers were getting hookups. I certainly wasn't one of the lucky ones!! There...
  255. D

    Daiwa Bass Reels

    Just got the reels today Travis. They were just as described by you, and in fact looked better "in person" than they did in your photo's. Thanks. Shameless bump for an honest, pleasant, genuine human being. Good luck with your other sales Mudshark!!
  256. D

    Daiwa Bass Reels

    pm sent on 300 and 253.
  257. D

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    Damn swordfish ate my pet goldfish, Nemo!! Last meal he'll ever choke down!!
  258. D

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    Mabu takes the lead in the Somalian Winter Olympics Decathalon event with his "course record" 12 minute mile in the Swordfish trot. Next event will be Pirana Noodling-- which Decathalete will have the most digits left after our next event?? Tune in tomorrow at 3pm for the exciting conclusion.
  259. D

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending January 16th, 2012

    And these two "one of a kind" babes actually have "handles" that get stickier when they get wet, just perfect for the marine environment that we sportsmen spend so much time in. Try one or both soon at a dealer near you.
  260. D

    Rods and reels

    PM sent concerning Calcutta te 400
  261. D

    Kencor Panga rod

    Hi Ray. I'm interested. PM sent. Doug.
  262. D

    Wahoo Trolling Lures

    PM sent concerning lures on Page 5&6.
  263. D

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    Accurate Girthy enough to choke any fish!
  264. D

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    Seasoned deckhand, Woody, was the ultimate professional. Here he is with long range angler, Red Pitts, making suggestions as to how deckhands prefer to stabilize their rods while using the rail to dominate a big beast!! "It doesn't hurt having the right equipment as well", he declares.
  265. D


    Any interest in a C4X 8 footer in very shape, that needs guides replaced and rewrapped?? Let me know.
  266. D


    Free bump for a nice guy with some nicely priced stuff. Just wish you were closer Sam. From my perspective, his gear looks to be well worth the asking price. Good luck Sam. Doug.
  267. D


    PM sent on all feathers, M and M rod and box of Misc. stuff/$20.
  268. D

    Tyrnos sales

    Care to share with the rest of us where the sales are going on for these tyrnos reels??
  269. D

    Phenix Rods Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest Ending July 31, 2011 at 5 PM

    Mike, an accomplished musician, quickly grew tired of playing the bass guitar, and decided to try another species.
  270. D

    Phenix Rods Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest Ending July 31, 2011 at 5 PM

    Musician: "When I put my thumb into his anal pore like this, this creature can reach the high notes with ease... but for some reason, his mouth keeps gravitating towards my crotch!!"
  271. D

    Gusa, Pelagic, Pluton, shimano and more

    Please post pictures of Torium. I'm interested if not beat up too much.
  272. D


    Hey Oscar. Nice meeting you this afternoon. It was a pleasure doing business with you!! Hey guys, Oscar's gear is exceptionally clean and well cared for. He seems like an honest man as well. I'd gladly do business with him again. Free bump for a good guy. Thanks again Oscar. Doug.
  273. D

    ICAST predictions?

    how about a little info on the new berkeley line... nanofil???
  274. D

    50% off revo toro 50

    Anybody out there that has a Revo Toro 50 and would like to enlighten the rest of us as to how much you like/dislike it?????
  275. D

    Swag, $200 giftcert, assorted raffle wins

    Free bump for a great seller!! Thanks for the Item #4 that just arrived today in the mail!! I also want to thank you for an excellent job of packing the "goods" so as to ensure their safe arrival. Doug.
  276. D

    Jerry brown 50# & Power pro 30#

    PM YOU!!! I have to laugh!! When YOU PM'd me and asked me if it was ok if you sent both of the product on one spool, what was my reply???? I told you emphatically NO, DO NOT SEND ALL THE LINE ON ONE SPOOL!! And what did you respond??? "Shoot, its too late. I already put both lines on the...
  277. D

    Jerry brown 50# & Power pro 30#

    Just received the package you sent in the mail. I'm still in shock as I write this reply!! I cannot believe that someone would stoop sooo low as to put both sizes of braided line on ONE PLASTIC SPOOL-- and wrap them SIDE BY SIDE!! I'm wondering how in the world I'm gonna get them off the...
  278. D

    Swag, $200 giftcert, assorted raffle wins

    Pm and payment via paypal sent to your email address. Let me know if/if not received. Thanks. Doug.
  279. D

    Swag, $200 giftcert, assorted raffle wins

    PM sent on Item #4-- mixed bag. Condsider it sold.
  280. D

    Bunch of rods and reels, Trini's, GUSA, Loomis

    Could you post pictures of the Baitrunners?? Thanks. If any easier, ok to send to my PM
  281. D

    japanese premium seaguar flourocarbon

    Would you please clarify if these bulk spools are: fluorocarbon leader material vs. fluorocarbon line Thanks.
  282. D

    rods for sale

    pm sent. Possibly interested in 2 spinners and the Inshore conventional.
  283. D

    G Loomis 964 GL2 Swim Bait Rod

    What are the "specs" on this rod?? Line class rating, etc.?? Thanks.
  284. D

    Shimano reels for sale

    pm sent on Calcutta te 400
  285. D

    Misc. tuna feathers

    PM sent yesterday. Did you get it?? I've gotten no reply from you yet. Let me know. Thanks. Doug.
  286. D

    Shimano Waxwing Jigs $14!!!

    Hi Aaron. I spoke with your brother yesterday, as you suggested. He'll be seeing you today apparently and will be delivering those waxwings to you to hold for me. Thanks and let me know when you can make the exchange. Pleas check your pm. Doug.
  287. D

    Misc. tuna feathers

    I'll take them for $40 if you will ship. Let me know.
  288. D

    kencore swimbait rod and daiwa sealine

    Private message sent. Check your PM. Pictures of the daiwa 40 reel and Quantum rod??
  289. D

    shimano tekota 700

    Hi Manny. Check your pm. Message sent.
  290. D

    shimano tekota 700

    Got your pm Manny. I'll send the requested info tonight. Thanks. Doug
  291. D

    shimano tekota 700

    Hi Manny. I'm sending you a pm concerning Tekota 700. I've got two and willing to sell one. Check pm.
  292. D


    What Shimano reels do you have for sale?? What are the spec's on the Phoenix 805 rod??Prices on these items?? Thanks.
  293. D

    Seekers Graftech Berkley Rods

    Does the Graftech Wallbanger fish best using #15 test, or is it like earlier models that Graftech made, and fish #test at upper limit of recommendations(20#)?? Thanks.
  294. D

    Which East Cape Resort for me and the spousal unit?

    My son and I just got back from Rancho Leonero a few days ago. We went with the "Lets Talk Hookup" organized trip. What a blast!! I've been to Punta Colorado and several times to Loreto in past, and Rancho Leonero was BY FAR superior. The fishing was excellent, the food was scrumptious and...
  295. D

    Some Rods and Reels

    Im interested in Graftech rod. PM sent. Doug.
  296. D

    Penn Baja Special 113HN

    I attempted to contact you by email at the address you supplied via hotmail, to no avail. I wasnt able to get it to accept the message. ?? Please check your Bloodydecks private mail site or contact me at [email protected] Thanks. Doug.
  297. D

    Penn Baja Special 113HN

    PM sent on reel. I'm local. Would be willing to meet for exchange.
  298. D

    Calstar, Graftech, Newells, Penn Squidder

    Please post pictures of Graftech. Thanx.
  299. D

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    What is your asking price for the Graftech GS80L??
  300. D

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    What are the specs on the two graftech rods and the All star rod?? Thanks.
  301. D

    Shimano Tekota

    I have a Tekota 700 (two of them actually). They haven't been used since being serviced by Shimano. One is in very good cosmetic shape and the other is fair to good shape cosmetically. Both are in very good mechanical shape. Let me know. Doug.
  302. D

    "Auction Fund Raiser - Here Right Now - Click Here!!!"

    #31 Two 3/4-day passes from H & M Landing - Min bid $80 (value $160) I bid $80
  303. D

    "Auction Fund Raiser - Here Right Now - Click Here!!!"

    I'll bid for the following: Item #11--$40 Iem #12---$60
  304. D

    custom ss cjbf 70h with tiburon qc 7540 combo

    Hey Ray. Looks like you are back online. Hadn't heard from you regarding the jigs for several days. Hope your family is healthy again. I'll be down in S.Diego later this week. We can meet and exchange $$/jigs if you're available. PM me if interested. Send your phone # with PM and I'll...
  305. D


    Hey Ray. Still haven't received anything from you via email or pm. I tried again to get hold of you both via email and pm but it's not accepting my messages. If you are still trying to get in touch with me, let me know on this board. Thanks. Doug
  306. D


    Hi Ray. I"m ready to send you $$ for the jigs. I just need you to send me your address and to estimate the cost of shipping of the package. I'm at zip code 92374. I'm having trouble returning your email and am having trouble using bloodydecks pm's as well. I guess nobody would mistake me...
  307. D


    Consider these sold, if you are willing to ship them. I'll pay for shipping charges. Where are you located in S.Cal?? Do you use paypal?? If you want a cash handoff, let me know. Doug
  308. D

    Cobra Fish and Dive Kayak

    Hi Mark. I have a Hobie that is a tandem. I got it several years ago, and it, like your kayak, has been collecting dust as well. It was made to be propelled by "pedals" that are attached to the hull... but there is a problem with these pedals. They are at the bottom of the bay in Long...
  309. D

    wtb 501 narrow

    I've got a stock penn 501 with black sideplates, no corrosion, and no "problems" with it cosmetically or mechanically. It's been used on a few trips... but well cared for over the years. Let me know if interested. email at [email protected]