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    Garmin transducers

    Gents - recently bought a GPSMAP 942XS Plus while waiting for a new rig to arrive. There is a multitude of transducers available for this unit. Any input appreciated - which ones you use, etc. thanks
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    1986 Robalo R1800 for sale / SOLD!

    Have a new boat on order and will be delivered in a few weeks. Taking the engine off this Robalo and installing on the new boat. I am the second owner of this Robalo for the past 10 years or so and it has served me well over the years. Had a new transom installed about 5 years ago. The boat...
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    Garmin plotter/fm, autopilots

    Gang...was wondering who can explain the difference between the GPSMap, Echomap and the Striker lines. I'm leaning toward the GPSMap and Echomap, but still researching. Also looking at autopilots. Lot of input from Simrad AP44 owners, but looking at others - Lowrance Outboard Pilot and Garmin...
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    Maritime Skiffs

    Curious to see how many BD'ers have Maritimes. Would like to hear how they like them? thanks
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    Penn 825 Downriggers

    Any of you guys know if there is anyone that can work on these? thanks
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    Morro Bay / Port San Luis-Avila

    Well, it's official. Both Morro Bay ramp and Port San Luis sling are shut down. So are the piers. Time to start looking for sand crabs I guess...
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    Buying tackle in 1960's

    You old farts remember buying tackle at these places? I used to see the Silaflex rods at White Front and wonder if I would ever be able to afford to buy it. The $2 - 3 combos were tough enough let alone $50 for a rod!! I used to buy stuff at the White Front on the corner of Torrance Boulevard...
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    New LoAn report - 26/28SEP 2 day

    I was fortunate to be invited to a 2 day charter on the LoAn. There were a few things I thought were worth sharing with you all. After a consensus, we decided to fish at SCI. Since there were only 17 of us, catching enough for everyone was easier than for 25 or 30 passengers. We were all...
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    Offshore BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    anybody hear if BFT showed up behind SCI yet?
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    Furuno FCV-585, FM-4000 and Lowrance 5300

    Hey guys - trying to figure out how to network the three units. Any of you guys have the same/similar equipment and networked the units? thanks K
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    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 101 (LH)

    Good Condition. Fully operational. Slight deck rash on top only. $200/OBO
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    Shimano Calcutta Conquest 300

    Good condition. Fully operational. Deck rash on top only. $250/OBO
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    Furuno Navnet GD-1710C

    Bought it used to install on my boat - and bought a simpler unit. Powered up just fine - but has been sitting inside for over a year. Comes with a GPA-017 and power cord. Open to offers. Located in SLO county - but drive to LA area regularly.
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    WTB...Furuno FCV-585 mounting bracket and locking knob

    Hi - if any of you have this unit and flush mounted the unit, perhaps you still have the console mount and knob? If you are willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks Ko
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    Furuno FCV 585 / mount

    Hi...if any BD members are using a Furuno FCV 585, and have the unit flush mounted, I am in need of a console mount and knob. If you have one and are willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks ko
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    Power Rod Wrapping machine

    Hi - looking for a power rod wrapping machine in good condition. Please let me know. Thanks! email - kkikuchi(at)
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    AA 12 day / some afterthoughts

    As I come down from the buzz of being on another long trip, I would like to share some thoughts. The ride down to the buffer zone was the usual long drawn out affair - 3.5 days of getting acquainted, reacquainted, trying to learn new names (I absolutely stink at this) and sharing all the...
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    Royal Star - 19JAN / 05FEB

    The last time I had been on the Star was when it first went in the water with Dave Kagawa running the boat. So, I had been looking forward to fishing this boat with Randy for many months. Absolutely the best big fish bite I have seen at Clarion - or any of the other islands for that...
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    Jack Plate

    Hi - looking for a jack plate to fit a 150 Merc/Opti on a 18' Robalo. I am leaving this coming friday (Jan21) on a 15 day - and returning Feb05. If I do not see anything before I leave, I will respond after I get back. Thanks.