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  1. jaydawg77

    Fort Bragg Fishing Advice

    Guys, going camping on the beach near Fort Bragg. I'm planning on fishing off the rocks and perhaps on a boat if I'm lucky. What kind of gear should I bring and what is there to catch? Seems like rockfish, salmon and halibut would be possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jason
  2. jaydawg77


    Fishing today, minding my own business at a local lake with my wife and kid. Some old lady walks by and smugly says, "You can't fish here" and keeps on walking. I blurted out to her that fishing was allowed in the area and she of course kept on walking. My blood was boiling though. Nothing...
  3. jaydawg77

    Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach Sweet. Is Laguna going to ban beachgoers next?
  4. jaydawg77

    Ironic "The Navy said they've been operating in Southern California for 40 years or so, and they haven't seen any harmful effects," said Michael Jasny, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council's marine mammal protection...
  5. jaydawg77

    Furuno 582L Display Mounting Bracket

    Guys, looking for a mounting bracket for my 582L unit and knobs as well if you have them. Hit me up if you have one laying around. Thanks! Jason
  6. jaydawg77

    Shop Small Business this Saturday!

    ATTN: So Cal BD members - Shop Small Business this Saturday with Melton Tackle! If you have a personal American Express card (excludes Amex corporate and gift cards), you're in luck! Shop in-store with Melton Tackle this Saturday, November 24th, make a purchase over $25 and receive a $25 credit...
  7. jaydawg77

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    Guys, a buddy of mine is trying to sell his very clean and well equipped 26' Skippy, Ladylove. This boat is a real head turner and the Volvo has been well maintained by a well known local mechanic. A nice change from the normal blue/white color scheme that you see on most 26 footers. Boat is...
  8. jaydawg77

    Melton Tackle / Excel 6 Day Trip - July 21-27

    Guys, Just a heads up - the Melton Tackle trip is coming up and we still have space available. The fishing is looking very promising and there will be tons of raffles and giveaways. Anybody that has been on our charters knows that our giveaways are second to none! The trip leaves Saturday...
  9. jaydawg77

    Fiberglass Electronics Box

    Looking for an overhead fiberglass electronics box in good condition. PM me if you have one for sale or trade. Thanks, Jason
  10. jaydawg77

    Crystaliner Center Console

    Been working on getting the Crystaliner in shape for the upcoming season. She was at Crystaliner for some fiberglass repair on the swimstep and then went to West Coast Marine for 900 hour service and now is back at Crystaliner to get bottom paint stripped and reapplied. Among the new items to...
  11. jaydawg77

    65 Gallon Offshore Bait Tank - SOLD

    Guys, I'm selling a 65 gallon Offshore Bait Tank. It's in good condition and has pretty much every upgrade you could get on an Offshore Bait Tank. Dual tinted acrylic windows with starboard frames, two Precision Marine Rod Holders, Precision Marine Bait Net Holder, two teak tool holders...
  12. jaydawg77

    30 Degree Lee's Stainless Rod Holder - New

    Up for sale is a Lee's 30 Degree Medium Duty Rod Holder. Never installed, in perfect condition. Best price I could find on eBay was north of $70. Your price: $55.
  13. jaydawg77

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Nautic Insight + Transducer

    Guys, ended up going another direction with my fishfinder. I have a Lowrance HDS-5 Fishfinder/GPS Nautic Insight with 50/200 transom mount transducer. This is a refurb unit and taken out of the box twice, never installed. Note: I'm selling this personally and not sold through Melton Tackle...
  14. jaydawg77

    19' Precision Center Console

    Not my boat, but just came across this on Boat Trader and looks like a pretty good deal. Jason
  15. jaydawg77

    Grundens Sale - One Week Only

    Guys, save 15% on all Grundens foul weather gear and accessories through 4/1/12. Use coupon code GRU12 during checkout at or stop by the store for the same deal. Just be sure to mention this at the counter. Also if you buy anything Grundens IN THE STORE (through 4/1), we'll also...
  16. jaydawg77

    Too good to be true? Boat for $50!
  17. jaydawg77

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    Guys, have a nice offer on Seaguar Fluoro Premier - for every spool or coil purchased, get a FREE Seaguar Shark Tooth. These things are perfect for keeping the line ON the spool and the cutter is always there when you need it. Note that Fluoro Premier comes in spools up to 130 and then coils 150...
  18. jaydawg77

    Transom Bait Tank - Good Deal

    This looks like a good deal on a little transom mount bait tank. $50. Not affiliated, yada yada
  19. jaydawg77

    Shimano Sample/Demo Sale is Here!

    Guys, Melton Tackle made a HUGE buy on Shimano saltwater show samples - rods, reels, jigs, bags, etc. etc. We wanted to give BD members first crack at this sale before we promote it sitewide. Some of the models have very limited stock so act quick.
  20. jaydawg77

    Shimano Trinidad DC Blowout

    Guys, we got the good guy price on Shimano Trinidad DCs. The good news - These things used to retail for up to $789.99. Retailers offered a great deal on them for $499.99 which was great. Well, we have upped the ante and scored a great deal from the folks at Shimano. $349.99 + Free Shipping in...
  21. jaydawg77

    Melton Tackle Labor Day Sale

    Guys, Melton Tackle is holding a labor day sale. This is running through 9/8/10. Some solid savings on premium quality tackle! This sale is intended for online purchases but will also be honored in our Anaheim showroom for BDers that are in the area. Make sure you mention this offer to the guys...
  22. jaydawg77

    First Shipment of Shimano Trinidad A Reels Arrived!

    Guys, just wanted to give you the heads up that we just received our first batch of Trinidad 16A Reels. The 20A and 30A reels are en route and arriving on Tuesday. The Shimano Trinidad A Reels are smaller and pack a whole lot more punch than their predecessors. I have had a chance to fish these...
  23. jaydawg77

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Guys, just got our first shipment of Shimano Waxwing Jigs. Free ground shipping when you buy $50 or more of the Waxwing Jigs. Must use coupon code WAXWING at checkout to redeem. PM me with any questions or problems. Shimano Waxwing Jigs from Melton International Tackle Thanks! Jason
  24. jaydawg77

    Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Blowout

    Guys, scored a great deal on some Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader at the ICAST show. Save up to around 40% on the clear fluoro. Free shipping when you order $50 of the clear (sale) and/or pink fluoro but you must redeem coupon code YOZURI-BD at checkout for free shipping or mention it...
  25. jaydawg77

    Boat Cover

    Guys, I am looking for a boat cover for my 21' center console (w/t-top). Anyone have one that's laying around that they want to sell? Looking for function over looks here. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks, Jason
  26. jaydawg77

    Some sweet striped marlin photos

    Taken by my friend, Alex Bernhard. I'll let him fill us in with the info - location, etc., but he's quite the photographer, eh?
  27. jaydawg77

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Guys, we have a nice deal going on some models of Seaguar Fluoro Premier. We scored one heck of a deal from the folks at Seaguar and we're passing the savings your direction. Up to 40% off and if you enter coupon code SEAGUAR-BD at, we'll knock off another 10%, bringing you to...
  28. jaydawg77

    Let's See Your Lures

    Okay guys, let's see your lures. Marlin, tuna, wahoo or bass lures, doesn't matter. I'll get this started with some of my Coggin lures. I've added quite a few more of Steve Coggin's creations to my arsenal, so I'll add some pics of those soon.
  29. jaydawg77

    Leaning Post on Craigslist - Good Deal

    Guys, I know some people have been looking for a leaning post. This one seems to be a good deal if it hasn't already sold. Not affiliated with seller yada yada. LEANING POST