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  1. Team Sency

    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    Any of you filthy animals going to be out there this weekend? The Juice will be in attendance and Jeff aka FishPimp is going to put the first Hali's on The RedHeaded TV Blaster!! Fish on!
  2. Team Sency

    Saltwater Making CQ Great Again!!

    Best buds doing what we love...
  3. Team Sency

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    I keep asking my two ninja's to stop growing!!! My wife hates thought of me getting new Grundens for them since they will just out grow it in a blink of an eye. Anyone have kids rain gear sitting in closet I can purchase? Gracias!
  4. Team Sency

    Fence builders?

    So the last serious winds big bad wolfed our fence that was due to be replaced. Any of you own a fence company or have a good buddy recommendation? Have Rainier Fence quoting. Want a quality and good looking design. Don’t hardly see it, but wouldn’t one with metal posts be better?
  5. Team Sency

    Float On Boat Trailer

    Float On 8850# Tandem Axle Aluminum Trailer for sale. Electric/hydraulic brakes. One Season on new Wood/Covered Slicks. All new bearing/races and repacked. Guessing 22’-26’ boat length suited. Thanks Fellas!....$5,000 obo. Chris
  6. Team Sency

    Yeti 20 Roadie

    Yeti 20 Roadie in new condition. $125. Boom!!!
  7. Team Sency

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    Hey fellas, Live in black diamond and have few things boat wise need done. Anyone recommend trailer bearing inspection repacking place(I have used folks on maple valley highway and they were just ok). Anyone mobile? Anyone good at doing themselves and want side job? My metal fender...
  8. Team Sency

    Long shot Grady Gel Coat repair kit

    Anyone have a repair kit by chance ?? I can get one Tuesday at Jacobsens but would like to knock out way before then! Fish on fockers!!!!
  9. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Well we can’t go so thought be fun to hear some fish tails!! So picture’s 1984 and we move from Moscow Idaho to Port Angeles Wa. We were avid trout fishers and it’s now February and my dad and I are heading for first Steelhead trip on the Bogie. I was spoiled by productive troutin in...
  10. Team Sency

    Islander service?

    Has anyone shipped their Islander to them for general service? Looking at website it seems like a possible pain?
  11. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    And I thought I had Thursday the 6th all dialed up!!! Well wife out of town now and instead of meeting in Anacortes at 7am I am dropping my boys at school at 825am in Black Diamond and missing my ride.... Anyone leaving dock from Anacortes late morning or afternoon Thursday that I could...
  12. Team Sency


    Ok I am sure unfortunately it’s all about getting OLD! I’m 48 and wrapped rods since a kid. Last couple have been serious strain on my eyes to point that have to take breaks. I’m using powerful headlamp even to give tons of light. I am going to make appointment with eye doctor to see if time...
  13. Team Sency

    2015-19 GM 6.5’ BakFlip bed cover

    Came off 2016 Chev. $970+tax new. $450 OBO.
  14. Team Sency

    WTB Sage Blank

    I know another long shot.. Looking for Sage SA3106, 4100, or 4110 blank. Pretty please!
  15. Team Sency

    WTB-Cannon Magnum 10 STX-TS

    Probably a hard one to find used... And I imagine will have sale on them at the boatshow, but if someone has a lead on a used one, then please send my way. Gracias!
  16. Team Sency

    R.I.P. 007...

    Got to cleaning all my rods from the weekends trip this evening and discovered 007 met her demise! I don’t typically bring her, but this weekends crew required me to bring all my arsenal. In 1986, 14 years old, I purchased and built the 8’ Loomis one piece blank that came with a 1’ extension...
  17. Team Sency

    Saltwater WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    What a great weekend!! I knew it would be special with how the weather and the fishing was lining up and would make for great spirits for the event! What I didn't know, is that I would have to bring my boat! Tailwalker blew an engine on Thursday and that put the Juice in the game Thursday...
  18. Team Sency

    Gel coat/trailer help/ideas

    Yo fellas! I used the Edmonds sling launch last week and saw gel coat damage from the my bunkslicks(the screws holding it to bunks had come up against the boat... Any ideas on how I access the bottom of the boat to repair? Only way I can think of is to take boat to have put on a sling for me...
  19. Team Sency

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    I have a hand pump one that takes forever to get all the oil out. Anyone have a powered one they recommend?
  20. Team Sency


    Just a hodge podge and trying to de hoard!! $200 obo.
  21. Team Sency

    WTB Cannon Tourny Mag 10 Downrigger

    I’m guessing a long shot...any Scotty lovers have one of these sitting in garage? Figured I would try used before getting a new one.
  22. Team Sency

    Maui Jim’s

    Kanaio Coast-$249 new...asking $125. year old and warn a few times....protect those eyeballs!!!
  23. Team Sency

    Neah Slip for May

    We most likely are done with Neah May fishing, but have slip paid for. Slip is for a single boat, so nice not to have to share. Let me know if interested...chris
  24. Team Sency

    Neah Bean Bag?

    Anyone see a bean bag on the road leaving Neah this morning? I left it on the roof!!! Damn me!!!
  25. Team Sency

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    We thought had Cape booked for that day.... Anyone have reservations and not going now?
  26. Team Sency

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    And fresh off the big blue will be Neah Hali on the BBQ!!! Can’t wait and look forward to tipping a drink or three back with many of you fine folk!!
  27. Team Sency


    So FishPimp picked up an 11’(SA 4110B)Sage King Crusher from Hoghunter last year. Couple of the eyes needed replaced so figured I would give it a rod make over....
  28. Team Sency

    Sortimo boxes

    I have 5 of these. I thought I would somehow use them for fishing, but never found a use for them. Cleaning and organizing and thought see if anyone wanted them before I chucked em. Happy New Year you fish killers!!
  29. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Another rod and reel that doesn’t get love. I will take better pics, but assume most know what rod and reel this is. $350 obo for the combo.
  30. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    ***SOLD*** Never used. Jason’s rear tuna cord wrap. Titanium guides. ALPS Seat. Killer Blue Tuna Machine. $400 OBO. ....yes need better Talica not included.
  31. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    So my Yami took a dump on me in August. Magic Mike Stryker took apart and the harmonic balance assembly was toast. New one, oil pump, gaskets, and back in business. Out at Grady Prick Derby....she bites the dust again. After original short block purchase and all parts......the moral of...
  32. Team Sency

    Looking for small 4 stroke

    Anyone by chance have a solid running 2.5hp or 4hp 4 stroke they might like to sell? We have a 90 year old family friend with an old tender with a long in the tooth motor. Thought suprise him with a repower. Thanks in advance....Chris
  33. Team Sency

    Used MR2 Islander for sale

    Cosmetically in fair condition(one main rash)/solid mechanically. $250 OBO.
  34. Team Sency

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Hey gang! So I get the oil change box kits each time and they are kinda spendy(I get from Jacobsen's and that might be my first mistake). Anyone have a place they get better pricing or do something different that is more cost effective?? Thanks in advance! Chris
  35. Team Sency

    Dildos by Yamaha!

    So I bought 4 of these when only need two...I knew this, but liked having 4...buuut turns out that having on starboard side could break something on motor. So...I have two available that we’re used once. They cost $60 each so will take best offer. They are by far best way I have seen to...
  36. Team Sency

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    Anyone La Push bound that could deliver a package for me to Patrick? Or if have a seat Saturday I would bring myself!
  37. Team Sency

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    I figured one of you might have had a good experience with a quality on/off road go kart for kids. A few weeks ago, my lil dude lost control of his Suzuki 70 and 10 stitches later there is no talking his mom out of it being sold. We have a 50cc Quad, but looking for something that is a blast...
  38. Team Sency

    Misc rod/reel and reel

    Just sitting and will never be used. $50 rod/reel. $40 reel. OBO.
  39. Team Sency

    Navionics Chip to buy or borrow?

    So my Axiom Pro ended up shipped with no chip... Anyone have a Navionics + or Platinum they are not using that I can borrow for Hali or buy? Gracias
  40. Team Sency

    Auto pilot install advice

    Starting on the install of Ray Evo 150.... The sensor.....says 3’ min away from compass. Can it go on the roof? Best spots(shows bow, but don’t have great open flat spot for it). The ACU...says vertical. Can it be mounted in my box that has rest of my electronics? I think have good spot...
  41. Team Sency

    Maui Jims

    Time to thin the heard! 1st-Kanaio Coast-matte soft black frame w/neutral grey lens($249 retail). Week old...$175 obo.....***SOLD*** 2nd(now first pic)-World Cup-matte green stripe rubber frame w/Maui HT lens($229 retail). 2 years old. 10/10 condition $129 obo. 3rd-Waterman-titanium color...
  42. Team Sency

    Hodgman XL Neoprene Chest Waders

    Used 2 times and just don’t use them. Cabelas shows $79.99. $40 obo.
  43. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    Ok!!! I’m being super indecisive on ducer selection....running Axiom Pro with 1k sonar Grady 232 Gulfstream. I am comfortable installing transom mount and the TM 275 seems clear choice for that. Thru Hull I have had suggested B275, 265, and 175. All 1k and I am not educated on them to...
  44. Team Sency

    Couple little projects

    So I need to find a shop that can make me a new stainless bar that goes on the fold down seat on back of boat. Apparently I have been feeding the crew to well and it is bent! Also, where think I can find these LED rope lights? And while at raw water washer hesitates and never gets to...
  45. Team Sency

    Freshwater Chrome for the Holidays

    I know most are making Tuna fishing trip sound tracks..... But we are lucky to live in an area that has so many awesome opportunities.... Looking like a solid season a head...
  46. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12RV

  47. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    ****SOLD**** Axiom 12 with Navionics, 600w Sonar, Chirp, Sidescan, Downvision, 3D, and the RV-100 ducer. Used 2 times. Got green like for bigger one so this one needs a new home. $2,500.00 OBO...price reduction... ...$2,225.00 OBO.
  48. Team Sency

    Islander MR3 and MR2

    So that damn Fishpimp got me kinda itching for the TR3. I could make another rod to match it, but I struggle fishing two knuckle busters at once as it is. The MR3 is blue and I'm thinking $450.00 OBO to start. The MR2 is gold, and thinking $350.00 OBO to start. I only want to sell one of...
  49. Team Sency

    Air rifles?

    So the boys have reached that age where the Red Ryder BB gun is on the Christmas list! I don't know a ton about them. I have one, and the boys love shooting it, but it is pump and they are not strong enough to pump it(I know...more pushups!). I'm sure I am missing it, but I don't see much...
  50. Team Sency

    The Juice Lives!!

    So in July I had a failure at 620 hours on my starboard Yami. I limped it in to the dealer and their prognosis was catastrophic failure and would give me $500. New 200's would be a month plus out and at a spendy tune. I was so back and forth, but better judgement prevailed to call it a...
  51. Team Sency

    Cabelas Vacuum Sealer

    Selling sealer with 2 boxes of 15"x50' Cabelas bags. $175 or best offer. *****SOLD******
  52. Team Sency

    New Reliable Kill Bag-30"x72"

    Never been used. $363 from Amazon....asking $300 or best offer.
  53. Team Sency

    WTC Boat Entry Available

    So the Juice starboard engine is out of commission so I am unable to enter her in the WTC(parked her for season). Fortunately one of the brotherhood had room for three of us so we are still getting to partake in this awesome event! So now I am seeing if anyone wants my spot and save me from...
  54. Team Sency

    2007 Yamaha 150's

    Testing water to sell my 150's(25" shaft). Roughly 620 hours. Just starting to explore this, but am open to a motivated buyer. The 200's I want are in stock and can be installed fairly quickly. Let me know if in the market...chris
  55. Team Sency

    Okuma Andros 5s

    Bought last year and only used a few times. Has a couple minor boat rashes. Filled with #40 PP(505 yards). $220 OBO.
  56. Team Sency

    Misc gear

    Misc stuff sitting in garage. Pricing OBO. Shimano Trinidad 200-$75 Northriver Special Rod w/Ambassador 6500-$100 Lamiglass Bass Rod-$50 Batch of flashers-$50***SOLD***
  57. Team Sency

    2 Loomis BBR 966C for sale

    *********SOLD********* Two of these for sale in good condition. $125 ea. OBO. Fish on!!
  58. Team Sency

    Saltwater Tour De Juice....Neah.

    Great friends...great times...
  59. Team Sency

    Freshwater LK Sawyer 3 Peat

    Champions 3 years running...
  60. Team Sency

    Thanks Chad(Masterchief) for electronics

    I wanted to say thanks to Chad for letting me borrow two sets of electronics. Several people offered to help me out while I wait for my new gear to arrive....very cool and much appreciated...Thank you! This gave me much greater peace of mind and made for a more enjoyable trip to Neah...
  61. Team Sency

    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    Time to thin the herd... 4 pairs of Maui's. Guy Harvey-$125***Sold*** Stingray-$75 Rimless(2 pair)-$100 each***Sold*** ----O.B.O. Adding pair of Kipahulu(Marlin frame)-$100.
  62. Team Sency

    Spare Head Unit w/Internal GPS that I can borrow next week?

    Hey fellas! Does anyone have a spare chartplotter with internal gps that I could borrow? I sold all my old gear and as luck would have it, my new gear will not show up in time for Hali opener. I know long shot, but thought would check.
  63. Team Sency

    The Juice is getting evicted!!

    My boat storage at 4 Corners in Maple Valley is closing down and The Juice does not want to live on the streets! Does anyone In the area or do you know someone that has an open rv spot in garage that I could rent? Thank you! Chris
  64. Team Sency

    WTB Stainless Burnewiin Mount

    Anyone have one or two they aren't going to use and open to sell for $$ cheaper than me going to the store?
  65. Team Sency

    Garmin GSD 22

    ******SOLD****** GSD 22 for sale. $150.00 OBO. Also have Airmar P66. $100.00 OBO.
  66. Team Sency

    ICOM IC-302 VHF Radio

    ICOM Radio for sale. $100.00 OBO.
  67. Team Sency

    Help! Need Tasty Tuna App recipes!!

    I just got put on app notice for the game! Tuna thawing and thought I would ask for a tasty and easy recipe. I have only cooked it a few ways and thought try something new. Thanks in advance.
  68. Team Sency

    Freshwater Chrome for dinner!

    Jeff(FishPimp) and I got a hall pass to bring some Chrome home for dinner....
  69. Team Sency

    Lamiglass Tri-Flex 9'

    Lami Tri-Flex for sale. $225 OBO. Thinning the herd.
  70. Team Sency

    Garmin 7212 Chartplotter for Sale

    The new electronics bug has bitten me!! I am selling my 7212. Looking at $1,600.00 or best fair offer.
  71. Team Sency

    Garmin 7212 Chartplotter for Sale

    The new electronics bug has bitten me!! I am selling my 7212 to help fund the new gear. Looking at $1,600.00 or best fair offer. If act now, I will even throw in the GSD 22 with it!!
  72. Team Sency

    Propane Smoker for sale

    Smokey Mountain Series propane smoker for sale. Used handful of times. $100.00 OBO.........Sold!!
  73. Team Sency

    Shimano Calais 201A for sale

    Used limited times....mechanically 10/10 and cosmetically close to 10/10 as well. Filled w/20# PP. $250.00 OBO
  74. Team Sency

    Tin Temptations...

    For those with an affinity for tin!!...
  75. Team Sency

    Trailer parts local??

    So I powered the Juice on and bent this. 6 Robblies my best bet local to have something in stock so I can fix fast? Got Neah this weekend.
  76. Team Sency

    Garmin sonar trouble shooting..anyone have spare ducer?

    Morning gang! Anyone have a spare working garmin ducer I could borrow to see if it is my ducer or black box that is not working? I have a green blinking light on the black box, so I am getting power. I live in Black Diamond and work in Bellevue. Thanks in advance!
  77. Team Sency

    WTB Garmin GSD 24 & Airmar TM 260

    My sonar stopped working in Neah this weekend...I will trouble shoot to get it working but figure might as well use as an excuse for an upgrade.... I know long shot, but seeing if anyone has an GSD 24 and/or TM260 that looking to sell. Thank you, Chris
  78. Team Sency

    Shimano Talora/Triton Combo

    I had the hot hand at the Ocean PSA meeting last weekend! Shimano Talora TLA-86M-2 Rod. $79.99 at store. Shimano Triton 200-G reel. $89.99 at store. $120 for combo. Boom!
  79. Team Sency

    Outdoor Room Contractor Needed(recommendations)

    Ok. So out our back yard sliding door is a pretty large cement slab that does not have any cover. The sun in the summer makes it hard to be out there when the kids are outside playing. We have a guy coming to give us a quote to build an outdoor room/cover and the thought is to have it be...
  80. Team Sency

    Nets for sale

    Cleaned and organized the garage this weekend and Mel thought I should get rid of some stuff. I had a couple trips where I was down the road and was like FRICK!!!...Forgot the net(Sportco won't let you return if used it). I only need one so looking to sell 2 of the three: Frabill...
  81. Team Sency

    When Tuna get finicky??

    So my sniffles have all cleared up...thanks to a dose of massive tuna catching yesterday!! That works better than Airborn!! So the morning bite was red hot and then slowed down before got rolling again in the afternoon. So leading to my question: when it was slow...we would have jigs out...
  82. Team Sency

    Weather Tech floor mat-Ford Super Duty

    I have a weather tech floor mat that fits the current super duty's and may fit the older ones. It is the kind that goes from the driver to the passenger side and covers up the carpeted tranny hump. Is in good shape and just going to dispose of it unless someone here wants it. I am in Black...
  83. Team Sency

    WTB Cannon Swivel Base

    Hey fellas! Anyone have a spare one? The con to deep fishing with heavy balls is it cracked my base and need a new one. Let me know if have one to sell and $$. Thank you! Chris
  84. Team Sency

    Port motor troubles on The Juice(2007 Yamaha 150's)

    I thought before giving in and taking her into the dealer and me to the cleaners, that I would see if any good ideas to try first. The last Saturday of Hali in Neah: All done and heading in from 72 squre and along the ways I realize the port motor is about 700-900 less RPM's than the...
  85. Team Sency

    Neah Hali second opener-Shanty @ Cape

    We booked the shanty for the two openers. The second we have the wives coming up and a BD brother hooked us up with a cabin for that weekend. So before we cancel the shanty, does anyone want it? A month out!!!!! Can't hardly wait!!
  86. Team Sency

    Super Bowl grub?

    Laurence inspired... What grub is being cooked up today? Share recipe if like! Traegering ribs at the moment...sum twice baked potatoes and stone cooked Tuna jalepeno sliders!! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???!!!!
  87. Team Sency

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    To you folks that like to fire up some tunes when at the fishing grounds. What is your theme song to fire up the crew before battle? For the Juice....Kenny Wayne Shepherd..Blue on Black. Oh and since Halloween....Aliens scares the crap out of me the most and 1000 Grand Bars are delicious!!
  88. Team Sency

    Pink Lightning

    My wife really enjoys Halibut fishing and has not been able to make it the last two years due to availability of someone to watch our lil guys. She was set to go one day, of my annual Neah Bay Halibut trip last week, and I thought be fun to put a rod together for her. I got it done just in...
  89. Team Sency

    Pink Lightning

    My wife really enjoys Halibut fishing and has not been able to make it the last two years due to availability of someone to watch our lil guys. She was set to go one day, of my annual Neah Bay Halibut trip last week, and I thought be fun to put a rod together for her. I got it done just in...
  90. Team Sency

    Impulse 40/40 help needed(I know long shot!)

    I have sold my dad's old Striper and he has a Impulse 40/40 Loran C/Fish Finder. The new owner is going to use it as a fishfinder only and use a seperate GPS. The problem: My dad did not have the power wire and can't find it. I found a store that has the two prong mic plug so that I can...
  91. Team Sency

    Xmas present wish list?

    I have two little dudes that are going to make out like bandits next week! I still love getting presents with the best of them and thought be fun to see what is on others wish list. My list: Fusion Stereo, AIS Radio, Tuna Blank, Shimano Metanium Steelhead Reel, Guided Steelhead Trip, or $$...
  92. Team Sency

    1991 21' Seaswirl Striper

    My dad is moving and has his 1991 Striper that he has not used in years in the garage and does not want to move it down to his new home. He has been fishing with me, and does not have the desire to repower and bring her upto date. It has the original 150HP Evinrude that did run the last time...
  93. Team Sency

    Fall Project-Tuna Bait Rod....Blank Suggestions?

    I just finished rebuilding my buddies Dad's rod and figured be nice to have a fall project to work on while watching some Football. I have been using some of my Loomis jigging rods and I am quessing they are not the ideal rod for live bait(to stiff). I have pretty much only used Loomis and...
  94. Team Sency

    Saltwater Great trip out with Pops

    Morning all. I don't normally post a report as there are already tons of great fish killing reports; and well, I am usually beat on the Monday after! I felt compelled this time because had a really nice trip with my dad and my buddy Steve. My dad has moved down to Woodland, and although that...
  95. Team Sency

    I Give you........Gladiator!!

    Inspired by the amazing work I have seen from many of you I thought I would share a rod I completed last week. I have built the occasional rod since I was in Junior High and am a hack compared to the amazing work I have seen here. The stats: Sage SA3106 Blank Extra Select Cork Rings ALPS...
  96. Team Sency

    Help Needed-Out of Thread!

    I am half way done with a rod and really happy with the color combo and like a dumbass didn't pay attention that my underwrap threadspool is almost gone. It is Gudebrod 9602, which is a Matte Metallic Silver. I can not see anything like it available from either Prowrap or Bullard. Does...
  97. Team Sency

    Work Sharp product review

    I am not the greatest knife sharpener in the world and always keep my eye open for a gadget that makes it easier for me to do a good job at it. I like the FURY when out in the field, but yesterday I purchased the Work Sharp and was very impressed with it. Very easy to use and actually was fun...
  98. Team Sency

    Bunk trailer advice

    Worked on trailer brakes today and noticed that my carpeted bunks trapped some little rocks that caused some pitting on the bottom of my Clorox Bottle. Are there plastic bunk options that are for fiberglass? Did not get thru gel coat, but is bugging me big time and debating having repaired...
  99. Team Sency

    Online boaters education class?

    Time has caught up with me and it is time to get my boaters education card. Does anyone have a recommendation from the approved on line classes?
  100. Team Sency

    Cleaning out closet-4 Rods.

    ***Sold*** Lamiglass CG90DR-9', 15-30lb, 3/4-4oz Salmon rod. $65. Fenwick FS89C-8'10", 15-30lb, 1-21/2oz Salmon rod. $60. Shimano Trevala TVC-60H, 6', 65-200lb. $130. Lamiglass BFC6080-6', 30-80lb Halibut rod. $90. Spoken for. All 4 rods have been used very little and have been...
  101. Team Sency

    Garmin 3210 - Sold

    .........sold...... I have a Garmin 3210 MFD for sale. It would come with the external GPS antenna and cables. $900 obo. Thanks guys, Chris
  102. Team Sency

    Time for new truck.

    I am in the market for a new truck and wanted to see if anyone had some feedback. I have been towing with a Tundra and want to move to a 3/4 or 1 ton(getting 7 mpg while towing). I rented a Chev 3500 Duramax and got 10.71 miles per gallon average towing to CQ and back in October. I liked...
  103. Team Sency

    Cannon Mag 10HS Downriggers for sale-$700 o.b.o.

    I have two Cannon Mag 10HS's for sale. Both are in great shape and have been recently serviced. They also both have the new boom ends and come with the swival base. $700 o.b.o.
  104. Team Sency

    Freshwater Tough go on the Peninsula

    My buddy Jeff and I set out to fish the Hoh and Bogachiel this past Wednesday and Thursday. We could see that the weather was going to be iffy, but had the time off and figured what the heck. We have had decent success on the Hoh this time of the year, and it is really nice to be on the river...