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  1. Fishnphenom

    SS SEEKER LB Green glass painted white 6470XH

    Beautiful rod. That will be the next on my wish list.
  2. Fishnphenom

    F/S Shimano Calcutta TE 200GT

    Wow!! Great reel. Good luck, that’s a great price for that reel
  3. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Calcutta 700 TE in great condition

    Hi I want to buy a Shimano Calcutta 700 TE, if someone wants to part with theirs. thanks
  4. Fishnphenom

    Super Clean Shimano CURADO 300EJ

    I’ll take that reel tomorrow afternoon if you still have it. I’ll be fishing Cabrillo in the morning and down after. awesome reel. Thx Mike
  5. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Torium 16 and Daiwa Saltiga 40

    For sale is my Torium 16 (older model) reel mechanically works well. The reel cosmetically has seen better days. $100firm Also I have a Daiwa Saltiga 40 single speed(older model) all around looks and works great $200 firm
  6. Fishnphenom

    Phenix 809 h black diamond

    Hi I want buy a Phenix 809 H black diamond inshore fishing rod. I’ll pay $190 for it, if you have one or two locally Thanks
  7. Fishnphenom

    FS: G LOOMIS BBR 965c 8'mag heavy (rare)

    Up for sale is my lightly used G loomis BBR 965c /8' Mag-Heavy Mod-Fast action 17-40lb 2-8oz. Never seen ocean water before strictly used in fresh water. This rod is the "dry finish" look when the rods were made by gloomis instead of Shimano. (Rare) I hate to sell it, but need the cash. $220...
  8. Fishnphenom

    WTB 3 rd grip rod holster pay top dollar

    Hi I'm looking to buy a 3rd grip rod holster. Want one for surf fishing Thx
  9. Fishnphenom

    F.S.: G loomis GL2 956 SWB rod reduced to $120

    Thx for the responses. Sorry no trades at the moment
  10. Fishnphenom

    F.S.: G loomis GL2 956 SWB rod reduced to $120

    up for sale is a used G loomis GL2 956 C SWB rod 3-8oz. 25-45lb 8' Never used in saltwater but would make great inshore rod. $120
  11. Fishnphenom

    WTS:Shimano trinidad 16a $380

    Great looking reel and great price. Should sale quick
  12. Fishnphenom

    FS: Shimano Curado, Trinidad 10a, Calcutta 200 te gt

    I have the following up for sale: #1 G loomis pro blue 7' hvy fast 12-25lb brand new rod with new tag. SOLD!!!! #2 Shimano Calcutta 200 Te gt used condition works great. Hard to find model. $200 #3 Shimano Curado 200 DHSV used with original box. Reel works great. $120 #4 Shimano Trinidad 10a...
  13. Fishnphenom


    Hi I'm looking to buy a talica 8 2speed or a Trinidad 16a. I have cash on had and need either reel asap. I live near long beach ca
  14. Fishnphenom

    FS Shimano Cumara 7'2" crankbait rod

    I'm selling my Shimano cumara 7'2" med action crankbait bass rod. Good shape $100 Pictures are at this link thanks
  15. Fishnphenom

    FS: G loomis BBR rod mag hvy 8'

    Selling my G loomis BBR Mag Hvy Mod fast. 8'. Rod is great shape. Old school g loomis reel seat instead of Fuji. $160 firm
  16. Fishnphenom


    Selling my 2 custom wrapped rods the 809h is brand new black on black with alps guides(deckhand style) $220. My 2nd is a custom wrapped Phenix hybrid 838MH. Alps trigger real seat and Fuji guides. (Split grip)$260 Txt if interested (714)four zero two-6eight90
  17. Fishnphenom


  18. Fishnphenom

    M1 inshore with Abu Toro 60 NaCl reel

    Nice set up. Wish I had the funds
  19. Fishnphenom

    FS: Shimano Calcutta 400 TELJV

    Selling my Shimano Calcutta 400 TELJV. Great shape, I used it 4 times this season. 10/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically since it not new. This super hard reel to find and was only made for a limited time. I'm selling the reel for $280 firm. Sorry I no longer have the box or accessories only...
  20. Fishnphenom

    Shimano talica 8ii used once flawless

    I'm selling my Shimano Talica 8ii. I used it on 1 trip and caught 1 fish with it. The reel has absolutely no marks on it. Looks brand new even the reel clamp is still factory sealed still. First 1 to pay me $400 it gets it. Thx everyone (Best fishing ever)
  21. Fishnphenom

    FS: Phenix swimbait rod

    selling my Phenix 7'11 ml fast action 10-25lb mono 1-2oz swimbait rod. I used the rod twice in freshwater. It's practically new First $140 gets it. Firm on price
  22. Fishnphenom

    sold please take down

    Both reels sold thx BD
  23. Fishnphenom

    Calcutta 300TE Very Clean

    That 300 is a beauty. Haven't seen 1 that clean in a long time, good luck
  24. Fishnphenom

    sold please take down

    10ii still available
  25. Fishnphenom

    Hi What model is that zebco? Of course I'll give u ten...

    Hi What model is that zebco? Of course I'll give u ten...
  26. Fishnphenom

    sold please take down

    Sorry I'll post the 8ii tomorrow morning. They are both almost new. My loss your gain
  27. Fishnphenom

    sold please take down

    I'm selling my Shimano talica 10ii almost new and in the box. Reduced to $380. Sorry 8ii sold.
  28. Fishnphenom

    Sold please remove

    I'm selling my 2 reels together. Talica 8ii and 10ii almost new and in the box. Sold please remove
  29. Fishnphenom

    FS: Shimano Calcutta 400 TE

    Selling my Shimano Calcutta 400 te. 8.5 cosmetic and 9 mechanically. $220 firm, new handle,bale button, and spool bearings. Drags are tight and don't stick. Txt me 714-402-68ninezero
  30. Fishnphenom

    Calcutta 400 s

    Courtesy bump
  31. Fishnphenom

    Calcutta 400 s

    Will trade for my new REVO TORO NACL. I really like that reel
  32. Fishnphenom

    WTB Talica 8ii

    I have a Talica 10 ii for sale. Used on 1 trip. $400
  33. Fishnphenom

    $400 for someone's talica 8,10,12ii

    Awesome guys thx. I will look it to that site.
  34. Fishnphenom

    $400 for someone's talica 8,10,12ii

    I'll buy anyone's talica 8,10,12 ii for $400 Thx
  35. Fishnphenom

    FS:Phenix black diamond and swimbait rod

    Hi Selling my brand new with tags 8' Phenix black diamond 806L inshore rod 8-20lb mono. Light rod great for bass barricuda etc... Also have a Phenix swimbait rod 7'11ml 1-2oz lures used twice and is in almost brad new shape $180 for the inshore rod $160 for the swimbait rod Shoot me a txt or...
  36. Fishnphenom

    Shimano NIB telica 10 2 speed for sale

    Interested in a trade and $ on my side. I have a Trinidad 16na in the box lightly used
  37. Fishnphenom

    Shimano stradic 1000f and 4000f c14 for sale

    selling my stradic 1000f and 4000f spinning reels that are in great shape $100ea. Firm. sorry no box or accessories only reels. Text Or pm me (714)four zero two-68nine zero
  38. Fishnphenom

    Trinidad 16A for sale

    Dang!!! Great deal
  39. Fishnphenom

    WTB shimano Talica 10 II SPEED

    I wanna buy a shimano Talica 10 II speed if someone wants to part with theirs. I'm willing to pay $360 let me know
  40. Fishnphenom

    WTB shimano Talica 10 II SPEED

    I wanna buy a shimano Talica 10 II speed if someone wants to part with theirs. I'm willing to pay $360 let me know
  41. Fishnphenom

    WTB shimano Talica 10 II SPEED

    I wanna buy a shimano Talica 10 II speed if someone wants to part with theirs. I'm willing to pay $360 let me know
  42. Fishnphenom

    Avet 2 speed MXJ 6/4 for sale

    I'm only considering a trade for talica 10 2speed and $ on my end. Thx tho
  43. Fishnphenom

    Avet 2 speed MXJ 6/4 for sale

    I'm selling my Avet MXJ 6/4 2 speed reel. I used for 1 trip caught a couple of yellows on it. It's purple in color loaded with new 50 braid. $260 firm with box and DVD Text me 714-four zero two-68ninezero
  44. Fishnphenom


    Im selling my Shimano Calcutta 300te it's in great shape 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Sold!!!please delete thanks
  45. Fishnphenom

    Shimano/Phenix rods for sale

    Selling some of my rods Shimano cumaras $120 ea. they are all used but well taken care of. These are the original blackish grey model 7'4 hvy 12-25lb mono fast action 7' hvy 12-25lb mono med fast action 7'11" med fast 12-25 lb mono extra fast action 7'2" med hvy 12-20lb mono extra fast action...
  46. Fishnphenom

    WTB Trini 14a

    I have one for $300. Has some scratches but works great. Let me know if your interested. Pulled out a couple of yellows on it on Father's Day
  47. Fishnphenom

    Wtb psw 809H or 760H rod

    Will you take $200 for it? Let me know what is reasonable Thx
  48. Fishnphenom

    Wtb psw 809H or 760H rod

    Hi I'm interested in buying both these rods or 1 of them if anyone is interested in parting from them. Phenix black diamond psw 760h or 809h Thx
  49. Fishnphenom

    Shimano reels for sale plus 2 rods

    Thanks guys for the replies
  50. Fishnphenom

    Shimano reels for sale plus 2 rods

    I am selling my Shimano Calcutta 250 DC sold Shimano Calcutta 300 TE $220 Shimano Antares version 2 from Japan with bigger power handle $180 (very similar to the Calais 200 ASV) Shimano Curado 300 E $160 pending Shimano Calcutta 820 XF rod 8' 15-30lb 3/4-2oz $60 not Washington made Calatar rod...
  51. Fishnphenom

    Will u take $200 for the rod

    Will u take $200 for the rod
  52. Fishnphenom

    Phenix PSW 806L

    Will you take $200. I'll be in HB tomorrow morning
  53. Fishnphenom

    Phenix and Shimano rods reels

    Hi BD members I have fishing rods and reels that I'm selling to fund a home project I need to get done. Here's the link of what I have and thanks in advance.
  54. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Phenix rods reels for sale

    Hi BD selling some of my gear check it out thx in advance
  55. Fishnphenom

    Wtb shimano calais 200a deep spool

    I am interested in buying a deep spool for calais 200A. I can trade my wuffle spool straight up if someone wants to do that Thanks
  56. Fishnphenom

    Trevala, Crucial, Cardiff 300, Curado 300E

    Hi Ben I am intersted in the Curado 300 e if u still have it. Do u have any pictures of it? I live in bellflower too. My email is [email protected] Best regards Mike
  57. Fishnphenom

    Phenix ultra MBX 707 ml for sale or trade

    I am selling my Phenix ultra MBX 707 ML fast 8-17 lb mono cadting rod. I want $160 firm, also I am willing to trade For a shimano cumara 7'2 mh fast casting Shimano curado 300e or ej I'll pay difference Shimano calais 100a Phenix ultra MBX 707 mh or 700mh Gimme a text for faster...
  58. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Stradic 1000F c14 with extra spool in box

    Thanks for the offer but im looking for curado 300ej or shimano cumara 7'2" mh
  59. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Stradic 1000F c14 with extra spool in box

    I'm selling my shimano Stradic 1000f c14 spinning reel It's lightly used and includes an extra spool and box with all accessories. $150(price reduced) I willing to trade for Curado 300ej I'll pay the difference on my end Give me text if your interest, for a faster response (714)402-6890 Thanks
  60. Fishnphenom

    Shimano cumara 7'6" spinning rod

    Hi I am selling my shimano Cumara 7'6" med fast action 8-14lb mono(spinning rod) $160 Thanks for checking it out
  61. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Crucial 7'6" spinning rod m/h fast tip

    I am looking to buy a shimano crucial spinning rod 7'6" m/h fast tip with the eva spit grip. I want to catch some spottys and Halis in the bay Thanks for your help
  62. Fishnphenom

    used reels for sale

    yeah just click my photo bucket link and it has all the picture of the reels thanks for the reply
  63. Fishnphenom

    used reels for sale

    Hi I am selling some of my collection of saltwater reels: Shimano Curado 300E $130 has some chips and scratches but works great~~~sold Shimano TLD 20 II speed $150 in great shape comes with box and its goodies~~sold daiwa SL30SH $50 Penn Senator 114H 6/0 with Calstar 6455H custom trolling rod...
  64. Fishnphenom

    A Shimano Curado 300ej handle

    I am looking to buy a Shimano Curado 300EJ handle if someone has one to sell I'm interested. Thanks in advance
  65. Fishnphenom

    Used Shimano Curado 300e

    I am selling Shimano Curado 300e it was used for fishing saltwater. Cosmetically It has chips and scratches, but mechanically it's super smooth. It was tuned up yesterday and is ready to fish. I am asking $140 for it, send me your email address if your interested in pictures. Sorry local...
  66. Fishnphenom

    Calstar trolling rod and senator combo

    I am selling my Calstar trolling rod 6455 H with a red Penn Senator 114 HL high speed light. Both are in awesome shape and rod has roller guides. Asking $160 for the combo. Thanks
  67. Fishnphenom

    2 used daiwa reels for sale sl20sh and sl30sh

    I am selling my daiwa SL20SH and SL30SH bait caster for $50 ea. They in great shape and I also have 2 used custom wrapped cal star rods 196-7 (10-20lb) $100 and a 220-7(12-30)$150. I have a bait runner and a TLD 20 2speed too. Thx
  68. Fishnphenom

    Used Shimano Curado 300e

    Hi I'm selling my shimano 300e has some boat rash, but mechanically is great. I am asking $180 sorry no box, just the reel Thx
  69. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Calais 200 ASV spare spool

    I am interested in buying a shimano Calais 200 ASV spool. I have the waffle spool. If u wanna just trade, it's brand new. Thx for the help
  70. Fishnphenom

    Phenix bass rods

    I'll take the Phenix if it isn't sold
  71. Fishnphenom

    Used Shimano Curado 200e7 box and all

    I am selling my last Shimano Curado 200e7 it comes the original box warranty card and all paperwork. It has a couple of small scratches but works like a dream. I am selling it for $100. I need the $ to buy a new rod. Thx for the support
  72. Fishnphenom

    An 8' Phenix black diamond rod ml with a fast tip

    If anyone has an 8' Phenix black diamond ml fast action for sale, I am interested Thanx in advance Mike
  73. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Curado 200E7

    Sounds good. We can meet up whenever you are available I'm heading out there tonite if u want me drop by just give your phone and we can set a place and time Thanks again Mike
  74. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Curado 200E7

    I have used shimano curado 200e7. It has no box and a little boat on its top I'm asking for $90. Local deal preferred.
  75. Fishnphenom

    Wtb curado's.

    I got an 200e7 if you are interested $90 no box tho
  76. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Curado 300E

    I'll buy it for that price If u haven't sold it thx
  77. Fishnphenom

    Phenix Ultra MBX bait casting rod

    I have my Phenix Ultra MDX 707ml fast action rod for sale. It is a 7'7" split grip rod that used lightly since I have too many rods. I am asking $140 local pick up or $160 to your door and I do PayPal. Thx for checking out my thread.
  78. Fishnphenom

    Looking for new shore fishing spot

    I have been LMB angler most my adult life and I just got into shore fishing. I live in Cali near Long Beach and fish all those beaches and jetti's.My buddy and I slam a lot of flatties and spotties but are looking for a new honey hole. If anybody has any spots near long beach we greatly...
  79. Fishnphenom

    Newport Harbor

    Thats pretty sick. I wanna try out that bay with a float tube. I heard there is a lot of legal flatties there
  80. Fishnphenom

    Shimano Crucial CRCS7'11"XH - NEW!

    I take that rod from your hands if you still have it. Thx in advance