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  1. pukahd

    Cow chasing 2021 recommendations?

    Fishing is a rich mans sport nowdays….try logically explaining to the wife spending $400 a day for a 10 dayer. Oh and then she finds out how much of a tip was given. Her natural response is “you know how much fish you can buy for +4K?” Imagine what we would say to our wives going on a...
  2. pukahd

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    Off topic a bit but when I first started freediving / spearfishing I was a bit hesitant diving up down to 70’ on a breathhold. I asked a spearing discussion board, if starting at 50 is too old and dangerous…..their response was hilarious 😂. They though it was a joke post. I found out dudes much...
  3. pukahd

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    I’m also not retired yet, but when I do go out on longer trips there is always the chance of the “big one” and needing to get medivac’d off the boat. I never want to put the wife in a spot to wire transfer $100k to Medivac my @$$ off the boat. She’d just say just bag and tag me. This is why I...
  4. pukahd

    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    I heard from shops that in fact 100# spectra is thinner than 80#. 80 is thicker with more strands. I googled this up from another site : “JB 100 lb is a little thinner than JB 80 lb as others said, but the breaking point of 80 lb is about 150 lb while the 100 lb breaking point is about 130...
  5. pukahd

    Penn Accurate ATD vs Makaira SEA vs Penn VSIX

    Wow ! No messing around with your purchase. I went your route, but also did get the MAK15T for 60 and a MAK50 and VISX 16,20,& 30’s
  6. pukahd

    Tough question for the 20-30# range

    My 20# set up is a 900XL and a Rainshadow 9’ 1082 ? You can pull hard on these rods and it’s pretty though to break 20# fluoro. My biggest fish on the Rainshadow is. 44# halibut and 55# bluefin. Although the BF took a over a hour and 10x around the boat 😀 with a Okuma Android 5nII 30#, I...
  7. pukahd

    Ready to purge. Are these worth anything?

    Ok, the comment and feedback just made my day 🤙
  8. pukahd

    Which innovation/invention has changed fishing the most?

    GPS Plotter point and go maps vs loran and gps with waypoint highway style mapping
  9. pukahd

    Rod line rating

    Take the middle number and there you go. Follow the mono rating 15-30 as thats your leader end and i’d fish 20#. Too lite for 30 and too stiff for 15. For #20, I use 30-40# braid.
  10. pukahd

    Boat Burgers

    Back in the days when the Islander was at 22nd street, they had the best burger. I always talked about that “Islander Burger” when talks about food came up.
  11. pukahd

    Grouper hook size

    So I’m understanding that 1 grouper = 5 fish for a total 30 fish limit max for 3 days on a trip over 3 days and longer.
  12. pukahd

    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    My 1 set up would be United Composite US80 Predator (not a GP80 Predator) I have 2 US80 and 2 GP 80models For the US80 I fish 40 and 50 and in a pinch could fish 30 on it if that’s my only 1 rod. 1 reel to bring ? : Okuma Makaira 15T
  13. pukahd

    Bait Tank Issue

    I have a Pacific Edge tank 35 g or so and hardly ever have much dead bait. In my other boat I had a Kodak 32 gal tank with a 800gph pump and again, very little dead.
  14. pukahd

    Keeping bait alive in small bait tank

    I have a Cabo216 and the boat has 2 rectangular built in tanks which are great for Mackeral and Squid. But for dines, it’s a death box. Deans need a circular tank. I added a 35 gallon oval tank with a 850 Gph pump and I hardly have any dead bait even in rough conditions crossing over to...
  15. pukahd

    20# live bait rod

    Calstar 800XL or 900XL , UC US80,85,90 Mega
  16. pukahd


    These hooks are not inline and with a ring they would face to the side.
  17. pukahd


    Hucklongfin....Yes, I solder/braze my own rings on the DTX’s. You have to be very careful with the flame angle to not blow a hole in the plastic belly when brazing the middle ring. I have seen on my trip a guys rear hook disappear after the stock split ring got worn through and the hook flew off.
  18. pukahd

    Crimp kit

    I had to sleep with boxes in my bunk because of all the extras that I brought
  19. pukahd

    What does your quiver look like?

    I’m a hoochi who has 4 UC Predators
  20. pukahd


    I had issues with the short barb not sticking. Gonna try these this year. 11/0 on the 200’s
  21. pukahd

    Fluoro loops

    Bill, that’s true about the extra connection. What can it really do for you? For the life of me I can’t tie the FG with any confidence. Yes, there is a higher chance of the hook knot letting loose but the idea of spectra squeezing and hanging on at the end of the mono or fluoro makes me too...
  22. pukahd

    Fine tuning an Accurate 500N SPJ

    I’m sure the reason for the feel of gears grinding is because the reels frame is pretty much hollowed out. Meaning that weight has been removed on the inside and this is the reason why the reel is so light. There is less metal to reduce the weight and absorb vibration. I have a Valiant 500...
  23. pukahd

    Fluoro loops

    I guess the way I make my loop to loop connections are a bit different from others above. ( get a needle kit with a loop, reverse latch needle and various hollow needles) Create multiple leaders and bag the up with twisty ties. You can change a loop leader in under a minute easily.
  24. pukahd

    20x48 reliable fish kill bag

    I have that bag. Here’s the bag with (18) 10-15 lb yellows with some room for ice on top. Salt water slury on the bottom. Gave 1 away at the ramp.
  25. pukahd

    When did you decide to go custom?

    Baby steps....once you wrap the guide properly and coat it, it’s pretty difficult for your guide to fail.
  26. pukahd

    When did you decide to go custom?

    How about learning to wrap your own rods. There are some good motor wrapping setups and it’s a great feeling using something that you built especially if you are OCD as you mentioned. Stop by Island Tackle and talk to Sam or Freddy. They have a huge selection of material to get you started...
  27. pukahd

    Halco 220 Max

    Try a Magtrak gets bit 🤭
  28. pukahd

    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    After 35 years of using other company’s rods switching over to 13 UC rods was a game changer for me
  29. pukahd

    Doheny forensics

    Mullet ?
  30. pukahd

    Best Rig for Sinker Rig BFT; Shogun May 18-23; And More Quiver Questions

    During a pick bite last summer I got 2 BF 80&135 # on 60 lb / 10oz torpedo / MAK15T / CX76 Raptor
  31. pukahd

    80# Rod Suggestions

    I’d say the 76 Raptor is a solid 60# rail rod. I have it. For 80#, Raptor seems a bit soft unless your reel and drag has the stated +28lbs of drag and still have freespool . That’s why many suggest a solid 80# rail rod like the Centaur and a larger reel to handle max drag. With the size of the...
  32. pukahd

    What tool to cut off welded rings from jigs?

    Chucker o’ Jigs said: So what tools in the OPs post would you use, that would make a big difference to you. Jinkai and Nicopress tools SnapOn Soft Jaw : Fav tools for cranking down the reel seat rings
  33. pukahd

    What tool to cut off welded rings from jigs?

    2nd with the Lowe’s small bolt cutter. Cheap and cuts hooks and rings like butter.
  34. pukahd

    80# Rod Suggestions

    Centaur 76 mines is with a VISX16 for 80#
  35. pukahd

    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    So the dilemma is you have a Calstar 875XXH paired with a VISX20? Not sure about the 875’s rating. Keep it for your 80#? Keep your Penn Fathom 30 with the Terminator for your 40#. Now you have a GP76 Predator. I have 2 GP80 Predators for 50/60# Wahoo Jig throwing and 2 US80 Predators for...
  36. pukahd

    Butts and foregrips

    For my 5 rail rods, UC CX Raptor, Centaur, Viper, Viper & Invictus, Sam at Islands showed me how to build my foregrips. I didn’t like the idea of hypalon with cold shrink as it makes the foregrip huge. I build up 2 layers of cork tape and 3M cold shrink tube tapered at the top. Rod sits and...
  37. pukahd

    Season anglers need apply

    Your setups look perfectly matched. Setup #5 could be your 30#.
  38. pukahd

    Searched for a thread on mono brands preferred

    Well when it comes to PLine down to 2lb and 4lb test for trout......theirs is hella hella strong unlike any other brand. If this is the case for their lowest test, their heavier test should be test way over their railings. For the past 40 years I’ve only used PLine for fresh water and Izor for...
  39. pukahd

    Rod Reel Tackle for sale classified gone ?

    Ok, it’s not under a forum listing but it’s on the pull down...thanks all !
  40. pukahd

    Rod Reel Tackle for sale classified gone ?

    Under what topic is this section under ? I couldn’t find it anywhere ???
  41. pukahd

    Rod Reel Tackle for sale classified gone ?

    I gave up searching as I couldnt find a confirmation, but is the rod reel for sale classified section not available anymore or am I not looking in the right places ?
  42. pukahd

    Topshot Options

    I make all mines. Look up on YouTube you’ll see a lot of how to’s but I like to make mines like John does with Trophy Tackle. I always have about 4 of each of 40,50,60, on every trip. Buying them would be pretty $$$
  43. pukahd

    Topshot Options

    For me it’s all loop to loop 40 and up with 1/2 spool of FC. I want the least amount of connection failure possibilities matched with spectra same size or slightly higher than the FC. ex 50lb spectra to 40f, 50s/50f, etc..
  44. pukahd

    Surface Iron - all spectra

    When I’m on the bow throwing surface or Yoyo’n my head is on a swivel. If I see someone coming down the rail with a squirley fish heading my way and I’m out a ways, I’ll skip my jig in so fast to stay out of trouble. Up and down yoyo’n and see someone coming down, I’ll scram when they about 4...
  45. pukahd

    New Classifieds Section

    I also gave up after looking for the classified rods and reels fit sale section at every drop down. Where is it ?
  46. pukahd

    advice and opinion on Accurate Bv2 500N and 500 vs Penn Torques 15XN and 25N 2spd

    Get a 2 min spool spin with the Penn15XNLD2
  47. pukahd

    Scopace not working anymore-

    I also freedive and get seasick when diving in murky roughy water... haha me. Jump back in the boat, take off wetsuit, puke and go back in.
  48. pukahd

    Scopace not working anymore-

    I’ve been on my boat, overnites & multiday trips and I always get sick when it’s bumpy. Last year, I was introduced and read a posting about the Classic Relief Band. My buddy has the newer high tech model and that thing doesn’t give you a strong zap zap as the Classic model. I tried it last...
  49. pukahd

    Am I paying too much? Or not enough?

    Cost of blank $120-$150x2, guides $50x2 cork tape $30 + reel seat:hypalon $45, plus to wrap $10 a guide about $90 each .. coat .. you have a good friend
  50. pukahd

    Surface Iron - all spectra

    This is what I changed over to recently. 65 solid served to short 60# hollow to loop. Haven’t had a chance to throw this set up. No speed bumps. 60# Loop leaders packaged up with 10’ of 40/50# mono leaders.
  51. pukahd

    Surface Iron - all spectra

    The most controversial question... what knot are you using to connect spectra to mono ? I use short 6’ mono to a Pena but a lot of people like the FG
  52. pukahd

    Wahoo line choice...

    You don’t need a 2 spd for bombs but with a iron, there still is a chance to hook tuna. You need speed and the way to pick up speed is with a tall spool say a 4/0 or Baja Special size spool with atleast 5:1 gears. 4:1 will a tall spool will also do. I use a 600N and 600NN with 6:1’s
  53. pukahd

    Guadalupe isle updates ?

    Search up topic : Guadalupe fishing 2021
  54. pukahd

    Jig stick set up

    Had the Calstar 90J, 4>T100J’s, Harnell, Super Seeker Ulua 10’ with a Tranx500PG,HG, Newell 332’s and sold them all. Now throwing UC US90-9’ and 100-10’ Monsters with Trinidad 20a’s and never looked back. Incredibly light set up that can throw tiny 32g jigs, stick baits, large poppers to 7x/45...
  55. pukahd

    Guadalupe isle updates ?

  56. pukahd

    Guadalupe isle updates ?

    Are there any updates regarding Guadalupe reopening ? I heard rumors that the crazy increase with permits fees make it pretty difficult to add to a trip. I read on a other post that it’s the standard $400 plus now a $75-$100 per angler per day additional charge.
  57. pukahd


    I’m still on Sal’s FHS Intruder waiting list since when they first debuted 😥
  58. pukahd


    What about having it trucked ? I have 10, 12foot sections of steel rods in tubes delivered to me all the time. In fact the max length to airfreight overseas is 120”. Not sure why domestic carriers limit items to 108”?
  59. pukahd

    What’s your favorite rockfish lures

    My own tied fly’s or a Diamond Jig
  60. pukahd

    Best place for reasonably priced lead sinkers ?

    Jer Dog took care of my order in a few days. With the prices of lead now days in any tackle shop, he has unbelievable prices.
  61. pukahd

    Tuna popping reel

    8’ Raptor for throwing poppers with a Tranx500PG.... wow..
  62. pukahd

    Tuna popping reel

    If you throw a Raptor you’ll last a few cast. It’s a railrod with walls that are thicker than a conventional blank and it’s heavier. Tranx500 on a +100 lb tuna? ..,ok but if you hook them in the 130 lb class and up, it’s going to be fun for the first 20 min when it’s look at me, yahoo ! and for...
  63. pukahd

    30# rod choice for fly lining / casting sardines

    I have the UCUS90 Mega and feel that it more like a 20# rod compared to my Calstar 900XL which is a excellent 20# rod The GP90 Mega is just a bit stiffer than the US90 for 30. I pulled on my buddy’s GP85 & GP90 and they feel pretty much but tiny bit stiffer than the US90. Currently 30# I’m...
  64. pukahd

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    This one looks realistic
  65. pukahd

    Homemade Wahoo Bombers

    130 #/ 150 # Fluoro 6 and 5 oz heads 8/0 Jobu
  66. pukahd

    Calstar GFGR 875xh - 50# or 60#

    Take the middle number between the ratings and there you go.
  67. pukahd

    60-80lb rod options

    These are 2 different beast, 60 and 80 Raptor CX76 60# Centaur CX76 80#
  68. pukahd

    Step up, but similar

    UC US80 or GP80 Predator. I have 2 of each models that replaced my 800XH. This is my 50# bait and wahoo set ups. The GP is slightly stiffer. I’d say for what you want to do, pull on the US80 Predator, US85 Wahoo, US90 Monster or US80 Tilefish US90 Monster previously used a Tranx500 on it for...
  69. pukahd

    '64 Garcia Ambassadeur 8000

    There are alottttt of Facebook Garcia Ambassaduer groups and these guys are hard core collectors globally.
  70. pukahd

    Homemade Wahoo Bombers

    Picked up some heads, WTP skirts, collar tape, eyes, glitter, Flexcoat. Drilled out the bottom hole to fit a long crimp snug for a fluoro crimp. Filed off the collar, added shrink tube to make a flat surface. Material cost with a $3 Jobu 8/0, blade, swivel, skirts is about $11 each. (Without...
  71. pukahd

    who brings different #50 and #60 bait setups?

    Now days with the big bluefin around even on tuna overnite trips, I always bring the 60#. On my last 2 trips on a 1.5 and 2 dayer the 60# was used for the sinker rig with a 10oz torpedo a few hundred feet down for tuna up to 80-135# for a few of us. I also always bring 50# but have that ready...
  72. pukahd

    Wahoo Rod/Reel Question

    To Steve K, not as much as you guys. My last trip was a 2019 RP 10 dayer. Got a few on bombs but unbuttoned way too many. I planned going into that trip with my intention was to go fluoro but ended up using wire. I’m going all in with fluoro this Nov on a 10 dayer. To Lou , As far as a 8’ rod...
  73. pukahd

    Wahoo Rod/Reel Question

    Jigs setup UC GP80 Predator / BV600N UC GP80 Predator / BV600NN UC US100 Monster / BV500 UC US90 Monster / Trini20a
  74. pukahd

    Reviews of Tern 600XN - thinking of buying

    I use the 600NN single spd for just wahoo bombs because there is a slim chance of hooking a tuna on da bomb vs 600N 2 speed for the Raider type of heavy iron where there is a chance to hook a big tuna. As far as single vs 2spd for vertical jigging ? If there is a chance of hooking a large...
  75. pukahd

    Reviews of Tern 600XN - thinking of buying

    I have never used a Tern but I think the TernXN is wider than the ValNN For the NN line capacity is no issue but with a narrow spool your jig speed will be faster even with a lot of line out. I use the NN just for wahoo as I need a lot of speed and don’t need 2spd.
  76. pukahd

    Reviews of Tern 600XN - thinking of buying

    Jgonzalez7 , here it is Valiant 600N Blue & 600NN Red both with 6:1 gears
  77. pukahd

    Reviews of Tern 600XN - thinking of buying

    I have a Valiant 600NN single speed that I picked up cheap also just for wahoo bombing. It’s really narrow and I can’t even put on a clamp around a small reel seat on a Predator. Spool is the width on my thumb. XN is more narrow than a NN ?
  78. pukahd

    Line-Knot testing machine

  79. pukahd

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Walt, Cubeye, Zimezoom & Ripped, thanks for revisiting this posting. I took information from all you guys to make my tester. Walt was right about not using a spring scale, mines went ka-pow ! there went my 20yr old Manley. I got the recommended from Walt a AWS TL-330 with its “peak hold”...
  80. pukahd

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Over the wooden dowels, why not add a few yards of heavy spectra and just connect to sample line with a simple knot. Any tension will stop slipping off the dowels and you only need a few wraps of sample line.
  81. pukahd

    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    There is a distinct difference between the 7’6 and 8’ Predator models with the 7’6” a bit softer. I feel the US 80 would max out with 50# but the GP 80 would be ok for 60#. For 60#, I have and prefer a true rail rod, CX76 Raptor with a MAK15T / 60 hollow loop to loop 60 F. Last summer on the...
  82. pukahd

    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    T.Bui did a great comparison post
  83. pukahd

    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    Oct 2020 / 1.5 Dayer Endeavor / US80 Predator / Accurate BX2 500 / 50# spectra / 40# F / 86# and 92# BF
  84. pukahd

    PENN 20VISX vs 30 VISX

    Left to Right, MAK50, VISX30, 20, 16 and MAK15T
  85. pukahd


    Haha in any Super Bowl pool the 2 worst no chance ever winning numbers are always 8 and 8!......guess what #’s I had ??? 8&8. Thanks for the fun and chance, it’s all in fun.
  86. pukahd

    Mono v Fluoro

    I’m so bored I’m making wahoo bombs for Nov. All on hold till WTP decides to send my skirt material. After receiving my payment and no update, I called and they said I will get my envelope in 2 weeks! I said dang ! hurry up as I have a trip in 9 months !
  87. pukahd


    Haha Lou, make em, break em, fish em and just enjoy your trip! Or just say F/it and throw bombs and jigs. What boat / trip will you be on ?
  88. pukahd


    If the correct hole was used in the Nicopress then it should bottom out and the pressure should be the same across each crimp?
  89. pukahd


    Lou, I think you mentioned on a different post that you use #2 crimps with 25# ? #2’s are very large for 25# wire in my opinion. Maybe it’s just my preference, but I like my crimps to fit snug. I use Knot 2 Kinky 35# using #1’s. Even with 25# it would still be a little loose. Too large a crimp...
  90. pukahd

    Respectfully buying stuff Classifieds

    I have sold and bought reels from many guys here on BD but for me, I never mail out or purchase any reels with a mail order from a private person. Mines were always meet in person. Many times, I meet them half way from where the are coming from. Not a single incident with any transaction...
  91. pukahd

    Last seasons fluoro

  92. pukahd

    Replacement handle for a TranX 500

    I used the Trinidad20a handle and it fits the 500. There are 2 holes in the handle and I was unable to use the last hole. This is because on a cast the handle would engage the reel. In that case you can say bye to your jig. The shorter hole was perfect but it’s only about 1/2” longer than the...
  93. pukahd

    USe a ring or swivel on wahoo bait leaders?

    Lou, I cant see without a magnifier also..haha $5 at Harbor Freight
  94. pukahd

    USe a ring or swivel on wahoo bait leaders?

    I use the Knot 2 Kinky brand as it can be used repeatedly.
  95. pukahd

    USe a ring or swivel on wahoo bait leaders?

    Lou, here’s their actual size for a better reference. #1 sleeve, 35#, 1/0 If you want to crimp vs the knots and haywire, this Nicopress tool works great on the tiny sleeves.
  96. pukahd

    USe a ring or swivel on wahoo bait leaders?

    I use both tiny a$$ #1 sleeves and Mason rings or the smallest swivels. I’d say rings for lighter up to 35# wire. No wire sticking out to poke the deckhands.
  97. pukahd

    Calstar 700xh vs 7400xh

    I think the 700XH it’s a little light for 60#. Sold mines. Wait for more responses. I never pulled on the 7400XH For 50# I use a UC GP & US 80Predator and 60# a UC US76 Raptor
  98. pukahd

    Calstar 700xh vs 7400xh

    I had the 700XH and it’s a 50# rod. What line are you planning to fish ?
  99. pukahd

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    Thanks for this Boeshield info. Actually, I had never used anything on any of my reels spools. I just picked up a Sato Line winder and I’m going through my oldest reels. I have a few cans of CorrosionX that I used on my reels external parts, but I guess I’ll get some Boeshield also. Thanks again !!
  100. pukahd

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    Probably not...losing a fish but it hurts the resale value. Shoots guys will even turn down a sale for even not having a box !!
  101. pukahd

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    Pulled of spectra for the first time after 15 years and ugggg... Spray Boeshield ? How about a wax ? Any suggestions
  102. pukahd

    Passing quarantine time with Newell’s

    I always heard stay away from the “C” series but I took a chance.... should have listened... had “C”rap Corrosion issues. My P,G and S series were all fine.
  103. pukahd

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    Penn Torque 15XNLD2 for 30# with a UC90 Mega Accurate 500 for 40# with a UC US80 Predator - The Penn Fathom or Torque 25 would be a excellent choice for 40#
  104. pukahd

    Just got some new VISX reels plz help

    I have the VISX30 and VISX20. Both of the reels have the same spool height but the 30 it is a slightly wider version of the 20. When playing with the flat fall type of fishing mostly in the dark and dropping deep like up to 500’ why mess with line capacity with a 20 and go with a little more...
  105. pukahd


    VISX 30 UC 76 Viper or Invictus
  106. pukahd

    Newell reel discussion

    I was a Newell and Jigmaster fan from the 80‘s and thought those reels were the shitz which they were at that time. Then came the first line of reels with large gear boxes that extended past a standard round side housing. Thought that was hype but understood it was to handle the larger 5:1...
  107. pukahd

    Honey Calstar West Coast

    For my eyes, they clearly look like a light green wrap that has faded. Not white at all.
  108. pukahd

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    This is what I had and still have a few : Still remember the model numbers from the 80’s like they were my kids..but to remember passwords from last week...can’t remember s$&@! 196-6 196-7 270-8 220-8 670 665 970 700M 700H 700XH 800XL 800M GX90 900XL best ever 20# 900L 660H 6465H 6460H 655XH...
  109. pukahd

    Shimano Trinidad 20 A bearing questions ?

    Trini20a bearings right out of the box for about a minute and a half. Spins great. I’d just keep em clean and add some TSI321
  110. pukahd

    Reel Clamps

    Back in the 80’s with the Shimano TLDs I had a friends TLD with no clamp lift up / bend the rear reel foot almost pulling out. Heard of older stories of reels pulling out and smacking the guides on its way out off the rod. With the modern bigger 2 spds there is so much torque generated it could...
  111. pukahd

    Penn baja special, Newell L533-4.6

    Thanks for the BHS. I tore it apart and it was so $%@%@ clean and perfectly lubed and oiled !! You took excellent care of the reel. Thanks
  112. pukahd

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    I absolutely luv my Baja Specials and 4/0 for rock cod jigging, along with my hose clamps to keep the nostalgia vibe :)
  113. pukahd

    If you could only have ONE

    My 4-50# wahoo bomb and iron rods. 2 US80 and 2 GP80 Predators
  114. pukahd

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Of all my new fancy reels, my go to for halibut drifting is my Penn 501 with Newell spacer and spool. The Ole Penns have the tightest clicker for drifting of all the reels.
  115. pukahd

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Penn 4/0 converted with a Newell YTS narrowed kit and 4:1 stainless gears. Those bearings can still spin my spool for 3 minutes.
  116. pukahd

    Shimano Trinidad 20A (pretty much new)

    Thanks Nick and don't forget to check out the UC 90 and 100 Monsters 🤑
  117. pukahd

    Spin time

    My old school 4/0 YTS can spin 3 min
  118. pukahd

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?
  119. pukahd

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Shogun overnite from LA Harbor $45 Norm, Ted, Johnny, Jayson, Mason, Monte....this was from a 5 dayer from San Pedro....82' or so...$595
  120. pukahd

    Davies launch trailer stolen

    Thats what I was always fearing. What to do with a boat if my trailer / truck was stolen? I would be fk'd! Tie up to a dock where for multiple days? Try to find a trailer available ?
  121. pukahd

    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    I "heard" guys on a trip add up the cost of fuel, bait, parking, wash down, ice and truck gas and divide by # of participants. Thats what I "heard". On my boat, everyone knows that I and only I pay for all cost. Everyone rides for free 😃 I dont want to get busted the DFW officer and get called...
  122. pukahd

    Is it still summer?

    I haven't heard of Local Dorado's in Nov ever !.. the warm water still looks like summer.
  123. pukahd

    Looking for Wind on leader supplies

    Look up in YouTube "Trophy Tackle Windons" and see John's detailed videos of how to splice your own loops and servs. Easy step by step videos.
  124. pukahd

    Lure bag for tadys

    I got a few sets of these. 3 rolls for $20
  125. pukahd

    Looking back in the 70's

    Found some of my old BassPro Shops catalogs from the 70's. Intl 6's.......1400 yards of 6 lb = 1.5 lbs of drag ? Then CalSheets steps it up to be able to fish 40#
  126. pukahd

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Its sorta like nose hooking a for large tunes to enhale this rig just like a dine or Mac.
  127. pukahd

    Shimano TranX500 HG w/box

  128. pukahd

    Question on Wahoo Bomb colors

    I like the 6oz versions as they sink faster
  129. pukahd

    Question on Wahoo Bomb colors

    Last Nov at the Rocks, I did well on Black/Purple. but I had seen guys get em on greens, pinks, reds......
  130. pukahd

    Andros 5a2spd skipping

    I hear it's the gears....not dawgs or drags. I have had my Andros5II as my 20lb reel for about 10 years or when it first came out and its a awesome powerful reel. Never had the gears slip even on large yellows with a tight drag, but I heard it was a Metaloid issue. I abuse and leave my Andros...
  131. pukahd

    Torque 15ld2

    Took mines apart, cleaned bearings, and blew them out with a can of keyboard air. Add TSI321 and bam! almost a 2 min spool spin.
  132. pukahd

    Socal Arsenal

    ok I want to play Calstar GX90 / 15# Rainshadow 1082-9' / 20# / Progear Calstar 900XL / 20# / Okuma5nII Calstar 900L / 30# / Saltist 30T Calstar 800M / 30# / Saltist 30TH UC US90 Mega / 30# / Torque15N UC US80 Predator / 40# / AccBoss500 UC US80 Predator / 50# / AccBoss600N UC GP80 Predator /...
  133. pukahd

    Socal Arsenal

  134. pukahd

    San Diego looking to split gas/beer day trips

    Be careful...
  135. pukahd

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    UC US90 Mega Penn Torque 15NLD 40 Izor spectra 30 Seaguar / Saiko / Blue fluoro
  136. pukahd

    Small circle hooks... what works??

    Got 2 of these 2 weeks ago on reg #4 Mutu Owners with 40# and heavy drag. Both hooks locked in the corner.
  137. pukahd

    Calstar 700XH vs Calstar 770H

    700XH is a definite 50lb rod. Kinda soft for 60lb. Compared to a US 76 Raptor for 60lb
  138. pukahd

    super thin low density hypalon

    I use skinny hypalon on all my rear and some foregrips
  139. pukahd


    I get travel insurance for my trips from Bob Dawson Insurance for additional piece of mind to cover my booked 10 dayer next year.
  140. pukahd

    Estimating depth while fishing

    Just go to the park and run off your line and make 100,200,300,400' marks. In the photo pov to sidewalk is 400'. Hooked multiple tuna at over 400' in the past.
  141. pukahd

    Anyone get bit on 40lb+?

    We had 14 bait fish all 80-125#, 1 FF and 3 kite. I got mines on 40 flyline and 60 sinker rig. I think all bait fish were on 30 and 40 flyline and 2 others on sinker with 50/60#
  142. pukahd

    Anyone get bit on 40lb+?

    My buddys son also got his on 40#
  143. pukahd

    Epic Service

    I went down there last a few years ago to drop off my reel for a bearing issue and Justin came out to greet me. He asked me if I want to see the shop...didn't expect to get the grand tour and see everything from repair to how the Valiants were machine to make them lighter.
  144. pukahd

    Anyone get bit on 40lb+?

    I got these 2 last Wed on 40 # and 60# on a 1.5 dayer off the Cortez Bank.
  145. pukahd

    How do you mackerel fish at night?

    Way back in the 70/ 80's my dad and I would go to Hermosa Pier and bring a camping lantern. Those were those white gas Coleman lanterns and tie a rope and dangle it about 10' from the water. Picked off mackeral every visit. Best bait...mackeral strips.
  146. pukahd

    Patent Attorney recommendation?

    Thank you Shawn !
  147. pukahd

    Patent Attorney recommendation?

    Would anyone have a recommended Patent Attorney contact that they have dealt with previously ?
  148. pukahd

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    My first priority are to prevent cuts from spectra and on my right thumb from blistering. I used tape in the past but have found these finger compression sleeves worked even better. I was given a few to try on a 10 dayer and they lasted all trip while ripping spectra through my fingers and tying...
  149. pukahd

    Marking rods?

    Slap roll of tape near the butt and u can pick out your rods fast. My buds use different color or pattern electrical tape.
  150. pukahd

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Baby Butt cream. A&D works great to close up cut fingers. Hey it will reverse a baby's diaper rash a$$ in minutes and it will heal your cuts just as fast.
  151. pukahd

    Fathom 25NLD 2 spd vs. Torque 25NLD 2 spd

    I have both US100 and 90 and I throw the JRI3, 45's and DW1 with a Trini20. I find that the 10' throws these irons with more power and distance but must remind all these guys wanting any 10' jig stick its a lot more work than a 9' 😁 if you have not yet mastered throwing a 8 and 9' rod. Also...
  152. pukahd

    Fathom 25NLD 2 spd vs. Torque 25NLD 2 spd

    Mines is set up also on either my UC US100 and US90 Monster's
  153. pukahd

    Fathom 25NLD 2 spd vs. Torque 25NLD 2 spd

    These Torques spin great....
  154. pukahd


    I just make em up with various Knot2 Kinky Titanium wire gauges and hooks and individually packed for fast access. Nicopress crimper and triple entered wire
  155. pukahd

    Shimano service center Irvine awesome!!

    I ordered parts from their Shimano online site and they arrived the next day. Found the same parts from another online site and was advised shipping in 14 days. Also, check out the Close Out section. Flat Falls $8
  156. pukahd

    Thoughts on Talica 20ii

    After experiencing a larger BF with the TAL25 with 100# I ended up selling it and replaced it with a VISX20 and never looked back. The low gear of TAL at 2:3:1 is still too high vs a 1:4:1 of the VISX. MAK20 is even slight lower at 1:3 or so. I suppose you can send it to Cal Sheets for Lower...
  157. pukahd

    Looking for part # TGT1304

    Looks like guys have been hunting for this part since 2014 !
  158. pukahd

    Looking for part # TGT1304

    Don't know if they have the older part. I ordered 3 handle parts and it came next day. If not on the skematic, call them....if they pick up the line.
  159. pukahd

    40NLD2 Blueprint or Blueprint plus?

    I have the Torque15N, 25N and 40 2spds and the VISX 16, 20 & 30 All reels right out of the box spools will spin for 2min with a full crank. Set heavy drags with no binding.
  160. pukahd

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Does color matter ?? I did good on a dark rainy day with Black/Purple but guys with bright green and pinks did equally good. I even hooked while tuna were around a shiny lively purple/blue skipjack that got destroyed by a hoo. I like messing with colors so I used a black quick clip, like a paper...
  161. pukahd

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    First new fancy stick was in 77' Sabre 196-6 that I wrapped myself. Inherited my pops Maroon Plate Penn 500 Jigmasters with a plastic spool held down with hose clamps.Later, I went high tech and got a Newell 99 kit with spool and bars. Added nail polish to the outside of the spool to keep from...
  162. pukahd

    UC new lineup, worth it?

    Sold off all my Calstars, Seeker for some UC's and never looked back. For my 15T /60# I use a 76 Raptor but can use my GP80 Predator. Raptor for bait and GP80 for yoyo/wahoo bombs
  163. pukahd

    Which reel next, Mak20ii or Mak16ii?

    Get the set, just have McDonalds for dinner for the next few months. Covering 130,130,100,80,60
  164. pukahd

    seasickness help
  165. pukahd


    I have 2 UC GP80 Predators with a Valiant 600N 6:1 for iron and a Valiant 600NN single speed for da bombs.
  166. pukahd

    Bv2-600n set up

    I have the both a 600N Boss and Valiant. Boss with 50# bait rod / UC US80 Predator Valiant 6:1 gearing 60# for Wahoo Iron / Yoyo yellow on a UC GP80 Predator. Also picked up a BV600NN single speed for 60# wahoo bomb set up with a UC GP80 Predator
  167. pukahd

    Knot question

    Springer knot..with 20-
  168. pukahd

    Penn visx16, 20 or 30 for BFT rod

    When mentioning trolling for BF, would you be trolling a Yummy Flyer or Dead flying fish on a kite/balloon ? If so don't mess with line capacity and a chance to latch on to a 300lb'r. Go with the VISX 50 as you will already be down 200 yds. If you mean to troll for schooly tuna. I haven't heard...
  169. pukahd

    is there a reason to pick VIS over VISX ?

    I had Talicas 16,20,25 and sold them for Mak16 & 20. Made the decision to sell them off and now I'm happy with the Visx16,20,30.
  170. pukahd

    Sold Accurate 400 Fury

    * Sold
  171. pukahd

    UC Rod for Mak 15T, Predator vs Raptor

    I like the Predators so much I have a Raptor, Centar. My 15T matched with the Raptor
  172. pukahd

    Shimano Talica vs Accurate Valiant

    Right on...I have a.. MAK15T 60#-Raptor VISX16 80#-Centaur VISX20 100#-Viper VISX30 100#-Viper MAK5O 130#-Invictus
  173. pukahd

    Shimano Talica vs Accurate Valiant

    Just throwing it out there as a 3rd about a Makaira 15T ? 50/60# killer
  174. pukahd

    VISX30 flat lug harness

    dangit...I had them with my 16 and 20 but maybe it's still in the 30 box.... Update, nothing in the box and I bought it new. Found and ordered the parts from the Mysticparts website. Thanks
  175. pukahd

    VISX30 flat lug harness

    Does Penn make the Flat replacement block to replace the 2 lug harnesses ? I have no need for the lugs as they get in the way. Would the VISX20's fit the 30 ?
  176. pukahd

    Rail Rod for LR trips

  177. pukahd

    Which rod for a 50visx?

    UC 76 Invictus
  178. pukahd

    To tie or crimp titanium leader wire

    Crimp crimp crimp Pre rigging each wire size and counts. Crimping made the process move fast with the right tool.
  179. pukahd

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    I heard issues of the Okumas gears slipping when turning the handle from a friend. It wasnt a drag issue. He kept complaining that the reel jerks and slips when under pressure when fighting a tuna. I took his Metaloid 5II apart and took a look at the new drags.Took it all apart. Cleaned up each...
  180. pukahd

    2 stoke question

    compression check is a must
  181. pukahd

    Question about the Newell kits for Squidders

    Heres what I was talking about with a Steel or Chrome Plated bridge ?
  182. pukahd

    Homemade cod flys

    Over the years, I have tied hundreds of cod flys to pass out on my annual cod charter to target big reds out of Ventura. 8/0 circles using long thick bucktail with heaps of glow tinsel. The packaging was just a joke for everyone on the charter.
  183. pukahd

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    Just use a longer top shot of leader ? Instead of a 5-6' leader use 15'
  184. pukahd

    Question about the Newell kits for Squidders

    Ok speaking of vintage. Wasnt there some kind of a special production run of the Jigmaster 500 with a stock "steel"bridge plate vs the standard "brass" bridges. I heard the stock steel bridge plate models were kinda collectable ?
  185. pukahd

    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216 Call these guys. They have the drawings and dimensions on the original fuel tanks. I purchased mines for something like $950. Fits my 89 Cabo like a glove. Pulled my tank and and there were pin holes all over the tank.
  186. pukahd

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Last nite I visited the BPS in Ontario and wow their inventory was wiped out. I asked a employee if they got looted ? I was told with a short staff and no deliveries they are out of everything....this was through the entire store not just the bass section. It wasnt for a lack of shoppers, the...
  187. pukahd

    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    Picked up a "few" packs of WTP Mylar material..
  188. pukahd

    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    I got a few with black and purple bombs last Nov. All below are homemade except for 1 Jimmys.
  189. pukahd

    Kodiak 30g poly tank capacity

    1.5 scoops all day for Sardine. I blacked out my tank and it made a huge difference.
  190. pukahd

    (Montauk related) 14 gallon West Marine bait tank questions

    I had 2 Montauks and both were outfitted with Kodiak 32 gallon poly tanks. I ran if I can remember Rule 850GPH pumps.1000 was too large. I used paint for plastic and painted my tanks black and then a sprayed them tan. Baits circled and lasted all day. 1 scoop is perfect but I had taken on 2...
  191. pukahd

    Used 800 H

    There's a butt cap over the rear gimbal. Where are you located ?
  192. pukahd

    Used 800 H

    I have a 700H Calstar custom wrapped $ 150
  193. pukahd

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    I had 2 Montauk Whalers a while back and as many of you know, they are lower back killers and the pound. Those boats bunny hop, meaning the constant bow going up and down like bunny would hop. But as soon as a what was called a whale tail was added, the bunny hopping of the bow stopped ! For a...
  194. pukahd

    Penn Visx 20 or 30? Here's my posting.
  195. pukahd

    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

    I just received my VISX Intl50/30 handle and it fits my 16 nicely.......
  196. pukahd

    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

  197. pukahd

    20VISX handle fit on a 16 VISX ?

    Thanks !....I just ordered one.
  198. pukahd

    20VISX handle fit on a 16 VISX ?

    Went online to look for a VISX20 handle and cant find anything....By the way for the $$$ spent on these reels, the clamps look really cheap. What happened to the QC on that part ?
  199. pukahd

    20VISX handle fit on a 16 VISX ?

    Picked up 3 VISX's. Question : Would the 20 VISX handle fit on the 16 VISX ?
  200. pukahd

    United composites rod

    Let's see. I have 4, 8' Predators for da hoos but any stiff rod would do...
  201. pukahd

    Makaira 20IISEa sold

  202. pukahd

    Used 4-stroke

    Glenn, are your motors 2 strokes?
  203. pukahd

    Calstar 700XH custom

    *** Sold ***
  204. pukahd


  205. pukahd

    Used 4-stroke

    Looking for a used 4 Stroke25" preferably Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki with gauges 150-200 hp
  206. pukahd


    I marked my spectra at 100' Mark's with a 10in black sharpee mark. 200' 2 wide Mark's. 300' 3 Mark's etc. I did mark 50' spots in between but later realized 50' Mark's blow too fast. You will be surprised to hit the 300' mark within seconds. I hooked a 180 lb'r and brought in a BF in over 400'.
  207. pukahd

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    That's it she's done...anyone selling a 4 stroker 🙄
  208. pukahd

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    Pulled plugs and oh no...1 cylinder had a milky look. Compression check and found 1 cyl putting out 60 PSI? Throwing a hail Mary and ordered a head gasket. If its the rings then its finally done. Replaced this same gasket a few years ago and used marine anti seize on all bolts. Should be a fast...
  209. pukahd

    South Shores or Davies Ramp open ?

    I wanted to run my boat on Sat as it's been sitting for a while. Does anyone know if the South Shores or Davies ramps are open ?
  210. pukahd

    Cabo216 Repower question

    I have a Cabo216 and I want to repower from my 200 Suzuki 2strokersmoker to a 4 stroker. Im looking at Honda and was thinking about a 150. I was then told it would be too small and I'd need a min of 200. The batteries have been moved forward under the driver seat. With the current Suzuki...
  211. pukahd

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    I will check the plugs tomorrow.
  212. pukahd

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    Yes, the oil reservoir is full and always filled 100% after every trip to the top.
  213. pukahd

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    I have a 200 Suzuki 2stroker and my boat has been sitting around unused for a year or 2. Gas tank filled 100% with 91 Chevron Super Unleaded. I add fuel stabilizer for every fill up. Today, I went to clean up the boat and it started instantly. Restarted over and over and it cranked over...
  214. pukahd

    UC RCX76 Viper

    1 yr old UC RCX 7'6" Viper **** SOLD ****
  215. pukahd

    What freshwater Mono-filament are you using?

    PLine Green. Their 2lb is crazy strong !!!
  216. pukahd

    San Diego Boats opening

  217. pukahd


    *** Sale Pending with 5 on waiting list **
  218. pukahd

    San Diego Boats opening

    Shogun ultra limited for this weekend
  219. pukahd


  220. pukahd

    1976 - 1990 Bass Pro Shops Catalogs and items from the 17

    Items from the 76' catalog
  221. pukahd

    Reel selection for bft

    haha, I hooked a 180 lb BF last year from around 400' and it was rough. Viper, Tal25, 100 MC spectra, 200lb mono. Realized too late that the Talicas low gear are too high at 2:3:1. This year picked up a MAK20 then sold it and now for 2020 I'm going with a VISX30 for my FF set up as dropping down...
  222. pukahd


    Meet 19mm Ling Ling
  223. pukahd

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    Today at Redondo Harbor..water was a brown color, but the boats, jetskis, kayaks and paddle boarders were out in force....6' haha
  224. pukahd

    UNited Compsite Rods

    I kinda like UC's
  225. pukahd

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Haha, Ok why do I have 4 Predators ?...I built 2 more just for wahoo. You could use any rods for hoo's, Long / short. I had so much fun casting for those scrappy guys. I loved the Predators power, lightness, thin blanks and recoil. I have titanium guides on 1 of the US's which mentally is a tiny...
  226. pukahd

    * Gone

    ** sold **
  227. pukahd

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Within the last 10 months or so, I picked up and built : UC US 90 Monster UC US 100 Monster UC US 90 Mega UC US 80 Predator UC US 80 Predator UC GP 80 Predator UC GP 80 Predator UC 7'6 Raptor UC 7'6 Centaur UC 7'6 Viper UC 7'6 Viper UC 7'6 Invictus
  228. pukahd

    IISharp and Copycats 38 and 44's

    w My post is already on the Vintage board? I hear same stories how Jimmy ? / Tady made the Copycats to get some revenge against IISharps. In fact at Yo's Tackle the Copycats were right next to the IISharps.
  229. pukahd

    KR Spinnerbaits from the 70's

    Any Bass guys remember the KR Spinnerbaits ? These were the $hit at Vail Lake !!
  230. pukahd

    IISharp and Copycats 38 and 44's

    Got these from Yo's Tackle back in the early 80's. I heard the Copycats were a joke or a pissed off version of the II Sharps. Dont know the reason for the feud but both these brands worked great on the Horseshoe Yellows back then. These could be the Copycat of the Tady C as the C's had 2...
  231. pukahd

    ABU Garcia collector wanted

    I have a few 70's ABU's 1500c's, 2500c's, 5500, 5000c and a 2500c from Japan that were imported from Sweden BNB from 1998
  232. pukahd

    Tuna 50# & 60# set ups

    I like to fish my UC's at their lower end of the ratings. US 80 Predator 40lb GP 80 Predator 50lb US 76 Raptor 60lb I'd say your Talica12 50lb and Torque40 60lb. For 60, take a peek at the UC/GP Raptors
  233. pukahd

    Vintage Penn YTS

    My +40 year old 4/0 Penn / Newell Yellowtail Special conversion with stainless 4:1 gears and bridge..she spins like a top for about 3 minutes
  234. pukahd

    Anyone hear of this virus?

    haha found this one on the net
  235. pukahd

    Long Range Travel Insurance

    Bob also insures some of the Long Range Boats out of SD. No brainer insurance for me at 55. Im in it for a Medevac and trip incidental accident coverage. Medevac coverage on your own is $25k-$80,000 and must be paid in full before the copter is sent for you. Imagine calling the wife to transfer...
  236. pukahd

    covid-19 and sport boats

    My plan. Toss out the bunk supplied pillow and wool blanket and spray my zone with 91% alcohol. Lysol smells bad. Bring a light weight sleeping liner cover that sell for $16-$25. Never know which way the boat blanket was used with the previous person. Sneezing, cough, fungus feet side snuggled...
  237. pukahd

    Alternative to FlexxRap

    I was given these to try on my fall 10 dayer and all 5 lasted 6 days of fishing. Especially after guiding the spectra being ripped back on to the reel with my 6:1, they stayed on and didn't wear out the elastic.....and very inexpensive
  238. pukahd

    Bed bugs on boats

    Yuk, I'm sleeping in my emergency blankey
  239. pukahd

    New UC RGP Predator 50-100 Rod Question

    I Like the Predator so much I have 4 2-US80 and 2-GP80
  240. pukahd

    Favorite brand flouro?

    200 lb mono is all I use
  241. pukahd

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I have 2, GP80' UC Predators that I'm building as we speak. The only issue is that the 600NN is so narrow that the clamp wont fit around the reel seat. For the Valiant 600N. it fits the Alps reels seats no problem on the Predator rods. I also have 2 US80 Predators for bait that I mount on the...
  242. pukahd

    Wahoo trolling set up

    Any troll rod with non rollers if using spectra / mono. Larger spool diameter reel for cranking power. Advice from a deck hand last fall to troll a 50 size reel. I trolled a 30 size reel in high gear all the way and couldnt get enough cranking power to bring the hoo back fast enough to the boat...
  243. pukahd

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I'm gonna use a Accurate Valiant 600nn 6:1 single speed filled with 400 yds of 80 MC. Set up on a GP80 Predator. No need for 2spd. Tight tight drag and narrow spool for my bomb fishing. On a 2nd outfit for my Raider iron hoo rod. I'm using a Accurate Valiant 600n 2spd just in case a tuna...
  244. pukahd

    Live Bait Tenders

  245. pukahd

    40 Lbs Reel recommendations

    I use the Tranx500 and Trini20 with 40/50lb paired with UC's US90 and 100 Monsters for throwing iron. Last fall on my 10 dayer, I used the Talica12 to throw iron and still could thrown the JRI3's about the same distance as the Trini20.
  246. pukahd

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    US90 Mega -30 US80 Predator -40 US80 Predator -50 Tuna GP80 Predator -50 Wahoo GP80 Predator -50 Wahoo US7'6" Raptor -60 US7'6" Centaur -80 US7'6" Viper -100 US90 Monster -50 US100 Monster -50
  247. pukahd


    oh my.....I'm gonna pull on them and maybe stick with the 80 Predator for my 40. Thanks!!
  248. pukahd

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Last year mid 2019 (video date when uploaded) my buddys were on a overnite charter out of SD and when daylite came the tuna bite was on full speed. Out came a passenger with 1 sock on stumbling on deck with no boots and slurring incoherently. He started throwing out the salt and pepper shakers...
  249. pukahd

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    I had heard to be very careful and wash you fingers after applying the perscrip patch. Heard story's that it can temporary blind you if you wipe your eye with that stuff with your fingers.
  250. pukahd


    I have 2 Predators that I took to Guadalupe last fall. Used them for 40 and 50lb. Bite was tough on 50. Got 2 on 40lb and love how the Predator handled 40 on a very tight drag with 21#'s. I'm gonna try the new GP80 Terminator for my 40 set up to replace the Pred. Also will try a GP80 Pred. Will...
  251. pukahd

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    haha...never noticed that connection 🤮
  252. pukahd

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    I have a 22ft'r and take the boat out and never get sick no matter how rough the seas are "IF" in driving. In my own boat or someone else's boat, I get sick and puke till I'm dry heaving IF I'm not driving. Once at the spot I'm good to go all day even with the ride back in any boat on any day...
  253. pukahd

    2020 Fred Hall LB

  254. pukahd

    New Accurate Valiant BV-600NN $350

    Thanks Ty. Filled it with 400 yds of Maxcuatro 80# going on my UC Predator for wahoooooo
  255. pukahd

    If You Only Had One Jig

    JRI3. Mint Gold White
  256. pukahd


  257. pukahd

    Do I need a 30lb live bait setup?

    I have 3 that I switch around for 30lb Wahoo bait.: 900L with braced guides local : US90 Mega 9' long range : 800M 8'
  258. pukahd

    Long rods artificial only charter.

    How about 9 and 10' rods only fishing bait and iron. I'm ready : UC90 and 100 Monsters for iron heavy and lights. Woo Hoo yoyo'ing with a 10' !! UC90 Mega and Rainshadow 9' for baiting.
  259. pukahd

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Ahhhhhh ABS Sporting Goods in Inglewood. I met Roland Martin there doing a bass seminar.... There was Ardens Tackle shop in Rowland Heights which was the go to for Bass Pro Shops tackle price goods and prices.
  260. pukahd

    Batson Cold Shrink

    Here are the handles that Freddy at Island Tackle did for me. Skinny hypo tapered with cold shrink tube
  261. pukahd

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    Alps regular and titanium guides. Sam at Island Tackle set me up with all the guide selections
  262. pukahd

    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    Here's part of my UC's Not shown are the 90 and 100 Monsters for iron and Viper Mega 90 for 30 / Accurate 400 *Predator 80 for 40 (luv this setup for the Guadalupe tunees with a heavy drag / Accurate 500 Predator 80 for 50 / Accurate 600N Raptor 7'6 for 60 / Penn TRQ40 Centaur 7'6 for 80 / Talica20
  263. pukahd

    People who fish dark braid

    I was on a 10 dayer and we stopped at Guadalupe for only 1 day. The crew recommended to use a black marker for the first 10-15 feet on the white spectra. I complied and brought in 2. 75% of the other passengers didn't even get a bite.
  264. pukahd

    Powerbait trout?

    On your bait rod, this is all you need
  265. pukahd

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden boots

    My 2 cents...Xtra Tuff for narrow feet and Grundens for wide Fred Flintstone feet. I love my Grundens.....yabadabadoo !
  266. pukahd

    Anchor line. here you go.....
  267. pukahd

    What scale for setting drags

    I have 2 Manley scales that are both over 30 years old. Left 1 on the boat for 10 or so years recently, Wd40'd it and it's good as new. Consistent readings for all drag settings and knot testing.
  268. pukahd

    Replacement for finger wrap tape

    On my recent 10 dayer a friend gave me some of these slip on finger sleeves. Wow what a difference !. I reused 3 pieces on 2 hands for 8 days of cranking and guiding in my spectra wahoo grinding. No build up of the sticky stuff on spectra from the finger wraps. Kept my fingers nice and cut free...
  269. pukahd

    XTRA TUFF Comfort for long days? For my pops

    I switched over to Grundens ...Deck Boss model which is a short style. I have wide "Flintstone" feet and I always had problems getting my foot out. Grundens was the best move with a added Dr Scholls Heavy Weight insoles
  270. pukahd

    Yes or No?

    You dont need it even in the winter at the islands.
  271. pukahd

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    I'm gonna switch over on my next trip to try Sportsman.
  272. pukahd

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    On our 10 dayer the purple Mag Trak got bit constantly on 2 troll rotations. 1 even bit when letting the line out.....unfortunately all 7 hits all fell off except for the 8th which a shark ate the hoo and took the $80 bye bye. Others got bit on the good old orange black Marauder and the DTX. 1...
  273. pukahd

    Reels of choice for uc ce900 mega and ce900 monster

    I have US90 Mega and a US90 Monster. Slightly stiffer rods than the CE I think. US Mega paired with a Accurate 400. 50 spectra with 30 flouro top shot. US90 Monster with a Tranx500 or Trinidad20a. Both filled with 80 Maxcuatro and 50 lb mono top shot for chucking light JRI's and 7X's.
  274. pukahd

    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Top it off with your favorite knot connection and FLIP the entire spool on to a reel on to a reel and back on to the original reel using a shop line winder packed tight
  275. pukahd

    Knot Pullers for Spectra and Hooks - $20 - $30 (Models A and C Available)

    Could you extend the discount code offer 1 more day ??
  276. pukahd

    RP 11/1-11/11 part 3

    Blaine nice fishing with you. You have great jig casting technique. I ended up with 2 of the Guadalupe tuna one which pushed 60 lb and 3 wahoo's. 1 bait and 2 on homemade bombs with black and purple direct tied with 130 flouro getting bit the most. Photo of my toenail polish heads drying in the...
  277. pukahd

    UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    Legit seller. Met up with Jordan a few months ago. Straight up seller.
  278. pukahd

    Need help for UC 40lb 50lb rod

    Last week returning on the RP 10 dayer, I brought 2 UC 8' Predators for the Guadalupe Tuna. Fished 40 and 50 on each rod. Got a +60 lb'r on 40lb flouo served on to 60 hollow. #1 home braized ring Owner Circle hook in the corner. Measured my drag with a Manley scale and I was pulling 21 lbs of...
  279. pukahd

    Accurate Tern 600N

    I'm bringing my Valiant 600N with 6:1's for wahooooo on the same trip
  280. pukahd

    Tiburon tranx 500 clamp for tiburon Trinidad 20A clamp

    I have a Tib Tranx500 clamp and it fits my Trini20a. Haven't tried to mount it on my UC 100 yet. Are u sure it wont fit your Trini ?
  281. pukahd

    SKB 7200

    Sent you PM
  282. pukahd

    Suzuki 225 2stroke

    Shoots. I have the same motor but a 200 and I'm looking for a used lower end.
  283. pukahd

    Quick change clip

    Anyone use these clips to quick change bombs and iron for wahoo?
  284. pukahd

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Can you post a picture of this interesting set up ?
  285. pukahd

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Here's my set up right after a 180lb'r hit the deck. Nothing was stressed. Chaffing spring, nail knots, solid rings or crimps.
  286. pukahd

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    My buddy lost his 90 lb'r right at gaff when the stock rigging unraveled.
  287. pukahd

    Offshore A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    I feel sorry for the next passenger sleeping in that bunk with their blanket tucked under their neck. Unknown to them which side was up or down where those rotten feet were snuggled up in.
  288. pukahd

    Travel Insurance into Mexico

    I booked on a 10dayer coming up and have always been curious about what if ? What if I get hurt 400 miles south on a long range boat or even on a over nite boat and needed to get medivac out immediately? What if I need to cancel due ? Or get hurt on the boat and cant fish for x amount of days ...
  289. pukahd

    UC 800 mag, mega or monster..

    I have a Mega90'-9' and it's the $hit for 30# I have now retired my 800M in the racks and is now my back up 30.
  290. pukahd

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    Hmm sounds like my 5 dayer last year...
  291. pukahd

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Talk to Steve about his drone's to use on boats.
  292. pukahd

    Alternative Tube Baits

    I took a seabass type of banana head jig head and smashed the head on its side to flatten out both sides with a heavy mallet. Works perfect for me. Maybe try using a big vise to squeeze the sides flat ?
  293. pukahd

    Wahoo Bomb/Jig Storage

    Cant beat the price for 3 bags.
  294. pukahd

    No harness Lugs let’s see what you do

    For me no matter how large of a tuna, I'm not throwing $+1500 rig into the drink. I'd rather hold on and tighten down the drag and have a slugfest tug a war till something breaks.
  295. pukahd

    Supreme 8 day...

    What size wire were you guys getting bit off on?
  296. pukahd

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Try a JRI3...that puppy wiggle and waggles incredibly
  297. pukahd

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Well I know you said Calstar but dont overlook UC but want a 8' 30# / 800m or UC Mega80,85,90 40# / 800h or UC Tilefish, Monster 50# / 800xh or UC Predator
  298. pukahd

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    Thanks all for your ideas and comments.
  299. pukahd

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    Sorry for asking. Thanks for all the responses.
  300. pukahd

    I’m not saying it’s wrong....

    Isnt that from a Shimano made Grappler Rod ad ? Based on their own 2 products they should have fired the wedding photographer.
  301. pukahd

    Long range 6 day trip to guad, next week.. setup rec

    A Tranx500 with 50 is a bit under gunned. Sure you will eventually get the tuna in but that tiny spool and single speed baitcaster, you would not want to burn out on that trip with that Tranx. If these are all your reels that you have then Talica16 with 50 and Talica 25 with 60 Look at what...
  302. pukahd

    40lb set-up suggestions

    Back in the day....H rods were considered 50# 700m 40 700h 50 700xh 60 With a 2spd 700m 30 lb H 40 lb XH 50 lb
  303. pukahd

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

  304. pukahd

    Bait fishing with 9’ rod?

    I luv to fish belly hooked dines with a 9' rod for 20 and 30 lb. Everyone asks what the big deal with a 8' vs 9' answer a few feet more distance and a more gentle longer cast for the tiny dines. I see guys whip out a strong overhead cast about 15' out with their 7 and 8' rods and see their...
  305. pukahd

    Go to Reels for fishing Guadalupe island

    Reels are important but all brands will do fine. Your main concern would be rod selection.
  306. pukahd

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Tucker's Endeavor charges $5 for filet and cuts out the collar and belly of each tuna. None of our filets had any gaff holes which were all cut out. Our yellowfin on our trips meat was incredible ! Full limits in a few hours. Also, every single tuna was spiked and bled without anyone asking...
  307. pukahd

    Bed bugs on boats overnite boat ever change out the pillow covers ? I always suspected that the covers never ever get replaced with a fresh one.
  308. pukahd

    Bed bugs on boats

    So when using the wool blanket how do you know that the part you snuggle with near your neck wasn't use to keep someone's nasty fungus foot warm ? Or if the pillow was used by the previous user who sweated profusely. I wear a hoody to sleep with and never use the blankets.
  309. pukahd

    Wahoonista Question

    Here's my arsenal for my 50 and 60 lb for my upcoming 10 dayer. 50 surface : US 9' Monster / Talica12 50 surface : US 10' Monster /Trinidad 20 50 bomb : Calstar 700XH / Penn 40 Torque 50 Raider : UC 8' Predator / Accurate 600N 6:1 50 bait. : UC 8' Predator /Accurate 600N 5:1 60...
  310. pukahd

    Ok, so what is your favorite reel for throwing surface irons and why?

    I have 2 set up using a UC US90 and US100 Monsters throwing 80 MC spectra and very short 50lb mono top shots. Local > Tranx500HG and a Trinidad 20. Long range > Talica12's The Talica12 can really throw iron from the tiny snipers, sniper plugs up to 45's, 7x's just about as far as I could...
  311. pukahd

    Trinidad 20a and 14a smoothness gone after one trip?

    I'm pretty sure it's the bearings. Just a tiny tiny bit of corrosion can give it that ticking feel. Could be the bearing on the gear side.
  312. pukahd

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    Save your money and not spend it at Waste Marine. This place is located right behind Waste Marine in San Pedro. Incredible prices on everything....but cash is king.
  313. pukahd

    Another Guadalupe Question - YFT on lures?

    I'm taking my US90 Monster with a lever drag Talica12. 2speeeeeeed yee ha ! I'm also bringing my US100-10' Monster to play with using a Talica 12. Lotsa fun options on a 10 dayer. 80 lb Maxcuatro - 50/60 mono I can throw iron with the Tal12 almost as far as my Tranx and Trinidad20 Now, a star...
  314. pukahd

    Offshore Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    We were on the 43 on Sat. Around 1pm or so there was a big whale breaching and crusing around the boat for a while
  315. pukahd

    Setup Suggestions Requested for 50-80 rig

    I took my rods to the park and marked off 100, 200, 300' with a black marker. Dropping a 250g will hit the 300' mark pretty fast. Let it fall out of gear on a slack line and count to 10. In gear and swiftly rip the rod upwards. As its sinks count to 10 and do it again. It's a lot of work...
  316. pukahd

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    I have a 22' Cabo with a cuddy but prefer to sleep on the deck. Wrap yourself in a tarp, it gets pretty warm inside. We do this a few times in the winter while bug diving. I would definitely spend a few bucks and get a mooring. I can't sleep on anchor very well but its doable. We use to just...
  317. pukahd


    If you look closely there is a color diff between my older ones with the hooks on them. I think the blow out stock that I picked up at the Turners booth were backroom stock or cosmetic blems that couldnt go on the shelves. Most of them have some sort of color issue, messed up sticker and some...
  318. pukahd


    ......oh wait.....when the fish see the word "SHIMANO" stamped on the lure it tells them this is a $$$$ lure and it must taste good !
  319. pukahd

    Tiagra 16 for flat falls

    I wouldn't mess with a 16 size reel. I would use the larger 25 or 30 size. It's nice to have a light reel to hang on to but if you hook a big boy the taller spool will really help pick up line back on the reel a little easier. I use a Talica 25 with 100 on a Viper for the night time Flat Falls...
  320. pukahd


    Picked up a bunch at the FredHall show and cut off all the rings and hooks before replacing them with Jobu's and new solid rings. The ones with the hooks I've had for over 20 years I think. They might be the originals but are there differences with the originals vs the newer Raiders?
  321. pukahd

    Setup Suggestions Requested for 50-80 rig

    You never know what's out there now days. 20lb -200lb BF running together. During the day the bite can be very tough.All show no go. At nite big tuna come through under the lights. I was on a 1.75 dayer last weekend and got a 180 lb BF on a SK and broke another off on a Flat Fall down 400'. I...
  322. pukahd

    Kill em' all big and small

    Also, it's the price for a trip which many wife's will compare a $160 yellowtail 3/4 trip vs buying a 2-10 lb yellows at the market. Gotta bring home fish to justify a next trip from the wifey......
  323. pukahd

    Colt Snipers, Hookup and Newell Reels at Bob Sands Tackle

    When can I pick up my JRI Intruder....was told in May some would be available. I was put on the waiting list at the FHS
  324. pukahd

    Tranx 500 line options

    I have both and filled them with 80 Maxcuatro. I use about a 8' piece of either 40 or 50 lb mono. They are mounted on a US90 and US100 Monster. The Tranx500HG casting is incredibly easy vs the Trini20 which needs a little more feel to control.
  325. pukahd

    Offshore Long loop out of Newport Beach. Bluefin and yellowfin report 6/29

    How much fuel did you guys burn run and gun style round trip ?
  326. pukahd

    How do you stop swimbaits from splitting open

    You dont blast it with a torch until it turns red. Use a lighter for a few seconds. Doesn't take much heat to melt plastic. The hook will be fine
  327. pukahd

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    T100J T90J Super Seeker Ulua-10 Sold them all off when I discovered the United Composite 90 and 100 Monster.....increased casting distance and all day stamina throwing those rods all day.
  328. pukahd

    How do you stop swimbaits from splitting open

    Heat up the hook and it will melt the plastic around the hook
  329. pukahd

    Surface Iron Reels- Recommendations?

    I'm 54 and fish 9' and 10' UC Monster jigs sticks all day long. I have used a Saltist 30, Newell 332, in the past until I tried Shimano. I now have a Trinidad20 on my 10' and Tranx500HG on my 9'. For us old guys you cant beat the Tranx for distance !! and all day capability. I can launch the...
  330. pukahd

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    I had the T100, T90J, SS95H, and sold them all after getting my hands wet with a US90 and US100 Uc rods. I'm in my 50's now and with the 90 Monster with a Tranx500 I can throw 45's. 7x's and JRI 3,4,7 alllll day long. The blank is super light. I can get more rod speed and awesome loading power...
  331. pukahd

    6:1 Wahoo speedster

    Took my Speedster baby out for her test ride to yoyo some 6xJR's and JRI66's and I have noticed the easy of cranking in the iron at full speed. I normally yoyo'd with my Boss 600N, YTS, or BAJA Special and after a few heavy grinding deep drops I get winded. With my Valiant, I could crank all...
  332. pukahd


    I have had my Boss 500, 600N for about 15 years or so and I'm not the type to baby my reels. Like all my reels, I spray them with water and leave my reels on the rod for the entire season and sometimes leave it on the rod for years. I have had zero corrosion especially normally with my other...
  333. pukahd

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    The single knob handle on the Tranx 500 is designed to not spin around and engaging the reel which would result with hearing a pow !!! and saying bye bye to a jig.
  334. pukahd

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS cowboy reel has 4:1 stainless gears and bridge. The knob is oversize black knob. Does this qualify for the YTS status ?
  335. pukahd

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS

  336. pukahd

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS
  337. pukahd

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS

    Spray out the old grease with carb cleaner, grease gears with Cal's Grease and apply a few drops of the best $hits on the bearings and shaft.....TSI 321
  338. pukahd

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS

    Spins like a top for almost 3 min. Newell bars, reel seat and spool. Stock it hard and spray with the garden hose and leave mounted on the rod for years at a time. After years and years of abuse, this reel never failed besides a broken free spool spring last month.
  339. pukahd

    Intrepid JRI 7 Day June 2019

    I was on the Intrepid in Aug and that boat rides smoooooth... I heard that the stabilizers weren't set up at that time but damn it rides nice
  340. pukahd

    6:1 Wahoo speedster

  341. pukahd

    I ended up getting 2 Baja Specials instead of the YTS model. Thanks !!

    I ended up getting 2 Baja Specials instead of the YTS model. Thanks !!
  342. pukahd


    Ohhhh.....the 90 Monster throws the JRI's, 45's ,7X with ease. The lightness and thin diameter blank let's you load and build up rod speed to make the jigggys fly...
  343. pukahd


    I use a US90 and US100 Monsters / 9' and 10' paired with a TranX500 on the 90 and Trinidad20 on the 100 with 80 Maxcuatro with about a 8' piece of 50lb mono.
  344. pukahd

    Japanese fillet knife

    I have the same knife. This is my go to fillet knife.
  345. pukahd

    Fred hall report - Wed

    Paid $15 for their parking +$18 to get in = $33 Bought stuff and saved $30 on a show special and Haha ...... I just paid retail !!! No matter, it's the experience......except for the 1 hour line wait at Turners to save a few cents. Still had a good time.
  346. pukahd

    6:1 Wahoo speedster

    Placed my order for the Valiant 600N with 6:1 gears in silver/blue .........wahoooooo.
  347. pukahd

    Baja Special ... why discontinued

    Why did the Baja Special go out of production ? I had converted a few Penn 4/0's with the Newell Yellowtail Specials spool and bar kitsch with the 4:1 stainless gear and as yoke. It was a good kit but it didn't feel really solid. When I tried the Baja I loved that this reel has all the...
  348. pukahd

    2 cycle tcw 3 oil

    You only have 1 ? I need a case for my 2 stroker smoker
  349. pukahd

    ProGear CS 551 for sale

    Stand by, there are 4 ahead of you.
  350. pukahd

    ProGear CS 551 for sale

    Pro Gear CS 551 ****** SOLD *****
  351. pukahd

    Penn Intl 16S 2-spd

    Sell Penn International 16S 2spd ****** Sold *****
  352. pukahd

    Shimano TranX500 PG

    *** Sold ****
  353. pukahd

    FG knot vs RP knot

    How about testing the FG vs the Bob Sands and Pena knots ????
  354. pukahd

    DIY knot Pulling dowels.

    2 wood dowels say 4-5 ". Cut a amall v groove around the middle and wrap with finger tape. Done $ 0.50
  355. pukahd

    Accurate vs Avet: Which do you prefer?

    Save your dough and get a Penn Fathom. $250 for a 2spd. If you plan on fishing up to 5 dayers and local 3/4 day with 30 and 40 dont mess with a single speed. Hook a big tuna or yeller and your gonna regret a single speed. No doubt a single speed will get the job done but a 2spd helps you out...
  356. pukahd

    My Home made Wahoo bombs

  357. pukahd

    Price Reduced Custom Wrapped Calstar Rail Rods

    Thanks for the Baja Special and for taking time to talk stories of the past. Great seller...
  358. pukahd

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    What size siwash single hooks are you using on the 4's ?
  359. pukahd

    Is Chartreuse ever thrown on the West Coast?

    It's the same color as the early 80's Gardena Police car
  360. pukahd

    Spools of Mono 10-150 lb

  361. pukahd


    I went to a few Dollar Tree stores to get helium balloons for my 2 daughters birthdays at the end October 2018 and multiple stores were all out for a few weeks !!!! Damn them fishermen and their Yummies !!!!!!
  362. pukahd

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Wasn't it Govt Brown or someother Cali Politician that said " Cow Farts" are destroying the planet ??
  363. pukahd

    Uc jigstick question

    Here's a good read.. Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar | Bloodydecks
  364. pukahd

    Uc jigstick question

    I had a few jig sticks and sold them all off after building and throwing my US90 and US100 Monsters. It throws the 7x, 45's and the JRI's surface irons, the Sniper line down to a 42g and large poppers......incredibly far. Added titanium guides single wrapped paired with a Tranx500 PG and HG...
  365. pukahd

    LC Flash Minnow and Braid in the surf

    Hmmmm, I have never broken off any lure on a cast.My set up. Rain shadow 9' 1082, Daiwa Coastal baitcaster, 15 lb any braid, 8 foot or so of 10lb mono..I just use PLine. I'll throw the large and smaller LC's up to 1oz egg stinkers Carolona rigges.
  366. pukahd


    Thanks for everyone PM"s
  367. pukahd

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Research only...ha
  368. pukahd

    Best rod and reel for surface yellowtail fishing

    For the 7X and JRI's what size Owner Trebles are you using ? 7/0 ?
  369. pukahd

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    My buddy swears to crimping on big tuna. Single crimp and burn the tag to form a nub.
  370. pukahd

    Best rod and reel for surface yellowtail fishing

    I have 2 set ups : ( edit update 2020) Local waters : United Composite US 100-10' Monster with a Trinidad 20a with 65 Maxcuatro and short 50lb mono + United Composite US 90-9' Monster with a Trinidad 20a with 65 lb Maxcuatro.... Long Range : US Monster 9 or 10' with a Accurate Valiant 500...
  371. pukahd

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    1992 around there....Shogun departed out of Ports O'Call San Pedro with Norm Kagawa and Father, Monty cooking Johnny and the twins on deck. The price was $595 for a 5 dayer
  372. pukahd

    New 120g Colt Snipers for rockfish?

    Cod and Lings will eat any jig, brand doesnt matter from a PDQ to a tiny heavy. As long as you can bounce it up and down in the zone they will eat it.....just ask my mermaid glued to a 19mm wrench
  373. pukahd

    Problems Hookup baits

    Try the 5" and 6" Gitzits
  374. pukahd

    Problems Hookup baits

    Ha, atleast you got a piece of plastic back. I hooked a skippy and only got back a the lead head.
  375. pukahd

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler? Chit Chat Forum
  376. pukahd

    2006 Honda 90 Power loss issue

    How about cutting off 2 inch off each end of every connection and reclamp.
  377. pukahd

    Refinish worn Coltsniper jig?

    No way Jim....if the fish cant see the word Shimano on it, they wont eat it. Ha ha thats why they have been 100% out of stock in every shop for the past 2-3 month
  378. pukahd

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    I started using silver flux and changed go black flux as recommended. Whats the strenght differences ?
  379. pukahd

    Tow rig ??

    You can tow anything on flat ground even a space shuttle with a Tundra through Inglewood Ca, BUT add in some hills and its a different story where the 3/4 ton trucks .....Duramax / Power Max / Cummings can take you over the hills.
  380. pukahd

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    Im pretty sure that a pump diaphram/s is different than a fuel pump. Well thats the way it is on a Suzuki. I have a upper and lower diaphram. Fuel pump sucks fuel and pushes through the diaphrams to keep a constant pressure to the carbs or injectors. If there is a hole or tear in the diaphram...
  381. pukahd

    2pm-4pm Catalina to Dana Point was it rough?

    We were on the Truline coming back from Clemente and it was the roughest ride that I have ever experienced. We had to slow down a few times to avoid a swell. There were some hard core guys on my trip who never ever get sick that were also feeling queezy. Some how all weather reports missed...
  382. pukahd

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    Woo hoo, throw the water bubble and bonito fly off the bow !!! Its more fun just watching the bone bust out of the water on the fly than it is to catch them !
  383. pukahd

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    Sell them all and get JRI's. I have a shitz load of 45's, Salas, II Sharps stored away deteriorating away. Now all I throw are JRI 3's and they all Ok> correction. I love my II Sharps and put them away because I dont want to lose any of them.
  384. pukahd

    Shimano How to fish the Flat Fall

    Here is the photo in 2015 with my broken hook from a yellow and when I unraveled the top layer of (black colored) spectra or cord on the hook (top photo) all thats holding the hook to the cord was a single (green) over hand knot.....there was a layer of cord over the over hand knot ?
  385. pukahd

    US Customs boat 900 hp

    Remember seeing this photo going around ?
  386. pukahd

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    Sell them all and get JRI's. I have a shitz load of 45's, Salas, stored away deteriorating away. Now all I throw are JRI 3's and they all swim niceeeeee. Only issue the paint chips away but nothing some clear nail polish cant fix.
  387. pukahd

    Best price on anchor chain? ICON in San Pedro...behind Waste Marine
  388. pukahd

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    I had the same problem with my 200 2 stroker. It was the fuel pump diaphram. There are 2 in my motor and 1 had a crack in the rubber diaphram. This led to not being able to keep a constant pressure in the fuel lines....
  389. pukahd

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    F this ! Any LR boat that I ride that dumps their shit in the ocean is off my list ! Just store it in the bow. Fricken A. I'll spend my thousands$$ on another boat Ocean Pollution Awareness" on YouTube
  390. pukahd

    Offshore I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    I was on a 5 dayer in Aug and observed the cook and crew dump a entire trash can filled with large metal cans from making dinner and a shit load of trash right over the side. It left a such a horrible image of that boat with my bunch of guys. This action which was actually a tipping point of...
  391. pukahd

    US Customs boat 900 hp

  392. pukahd

    2006 Honda 90 Power loss issue

    For all your fuel line connections using hose clamps, cut off the portion of the clamped area on the hose and reconnect to a fresh rubber portions with the clamp. Had the same issue a while back and it was because of a pin hole leak under a clamp allowing air to leak in.
  393. pukahd

    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    With my Kodiak 32 or 30 gallon ? Poly tank, I painted the tank black with vinyl spray paint after scuffing up the tank with sand paper and beige paint on top of the black. On the ends of where the paint and poly seperated, I used silicone to keep water from going under the paint. The diference...
  394. pukahd

    Shimano Trinidad 20a OR Tranx HG? Surface iron/versatility info!

    300yds of 80 MC is about correct. I think i was a bit confused with the 65# that I first mentioned but i swear I think it was advised that 400 yds of 65/60 MC would fill.
  395. pukahd

    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    I had 2 Montauks. Both mounted with a 32 gallon Kodiak. I think my pumps were the 850 or 1000 transom mounted with the Rule transom quick release mount. Drain was a hose into the splash well. The 500 was too small for my 32. Mounted to the floor flush to the rear seat. Kodiak mounts used and...
  396. pukahd

    Shimano Trinidad 20a OR Tranx HG? Surface iron/versatility info!

    I have both the HG and PG filled with 80 Maxcuatro for max capacity and a 8 foot leader connected to 50 mono leader for local and island fun and 100 lb for the big boy tunas with the poppers offshore. I can throw jiggys and poppys a looooong way....both using the Bob Sands / Pena knot. No hang...
  397. pukahd

    What are those damned tuna feeding on?!?!

    Feed them a 3-4 in fly.......
  398. pukahd

    Shimano Tranx 400 what a bad design.

    Some of you really baby your reels. I have always just blasted all my Accurates, Penns and Shimano Tranx's with fresh water as I rinse down my tackle at the wash down ramp. Load in truck and rack them in the garage. Never ever had issues. Add a few drops of bearing oil and im good to go for many...
  399. pukahd

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    Its just a bad camera angle of my giant yellowtail
  400. pukahd

    Shimano How to fish the Flat Fall

    What about the guy that hooks a +200 lb'r 300 lb'r My stock hook broke on a large yellow. I unwound the connection and it was a simple spectra overhand knot with spectra cord wrapped over it.
  401. pukahd

    Simple mold DYI with silicone and Lego

    This same application can make a swim bait
  402. pukahd

    Wrench jigs

    Here one I put together for a Charter Trip home made jig contest. 19mm
  403. pukahd

    Simple mold DYI with silicone and Lego

    At first I started to laugh at this video with this kids mold making materials but after watching his video, this kids idea seems to work great !
  404. pukahd

    Anyone make a good sea lion proof bait receiver?

    You can add some "white colored" denture cleaners that do deter seals biting on my lobster containers. Line up your bait with some "zip tie denture cleaners" with a little edge
  405. pukahd

    Shimano Tranx 500 HG VS. PG for iron

    I have both the PG and HG. US90 Monster 9' with the HG for speed with small heavy irons and poppers US100 Monster 10' with the PG for slower speed amd power fishing surface irons.
  406. pukahd

    What's up with Newell C model220

    Stand by
  407. pukahd

    What's up with Newell C model220

    If anyone is interested shoot me a email. My buddy has a $hit load of Newells that he want to get rid of after upgrading all his reels.
  408. pukahd

    20# Class Reel

    My choice Okuma A-5NIIa, 40 lb solid. I had the Newels 220, 229, Progear's for 20 for many years. I ended up blowing out the bearings on the Progear after 5 BF's in the 25-50lb range. The 50 lb'r was a bit of problem with a tuni that had a lot of heart. How about 10x around the boat for a hr...
  409. pukahd

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    Personal Limits....why.....we were on a 2 Channel Island cod trip a few months ago and us 4 were all jigging targeting larger cod and lings so as you know we had a blast releasing short lings and catching big reds. Mean time these 2 old guys hogging both corners of the boat were fishing small...
  410. pukahd

    Camping at Catalina
  411. pukahd

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Nice cold Kentucky Fried Chicken !!!!!!!!!
  412. pukahd

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    Harry Kojima Let's go fishing! Holo'Holo Hawaiian style? lol" on YouTube
  413. pukahd

    Jig advice for Bottom Fishing

    Lots of hot glue to strap her down and she weighs 10 oz....
  414. pukahd

    Jig advice for Bottom Fishing

    Actually, rock fish will eat any jig no matter what kind, especially lings. Lings are pigs and like flash, bulk, noisy jigs like my "Ling Ling 19mm Wrench jig" . Locally near the coast, I havent had much luck with the jigs but at the outer islands, its game on ! I use long rods and pop the jig...
  415. pukahd

    Cat on Sportking 5-12-18

    We were out there on Sat and the water conditions was poop. 9 sec mixed swell. Got beat the $%%^ up from Pedro alllll the way to the west end but we still had a great time. Rounded the west end and it washing machine conditions. About 11am you guys dropped the hook right next to us in the...
  416. pukahd

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    Josh, here are some pictures of the Tsukiji Fish Market from March 2002 when I got married in Japan. One tunee taps out at over 600 lbs...Heck you can even pick up a Fugu - Puffer Fish there
  417. pukahd

    How to Kill a Fish

    Slice the throat and bleed. Simple
  418. pukahd

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    My wife insisted at 1 time to sell a old rice cooker for $10! . I was pissed that we will waste a few weekend hours for this exchange. This guy in a BMW came by and he said that he drove from Beverly Hill to pick it up. He said how about $8. I said noooooo. He drove off and I threw the rice...
  419. pukahd

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    I have a lot of pictures right after the fish market auction where tuna from all over the world were just purchased. i swear some were 400 lb's. I will dig up those pics that I took posting next to all the headless Blue and Yellowfin tunies...
  420. pukahd

    What Tranx should I pirchase the 500 PG or HG

    I have both the PG amd HG on a US90 and US100 jig sticks. There is a significant difference with both of them. I throw the PG slower ratio on the 10' because you wont need a high speed gearing on surface irons. Plus if I hook a big fish on the 10' the PG would be much easier. For the HG, high...
  421. pukahd

    Black Pearl - whats the 411 as they moved north ?

    The Black Pearl moved our of Long Beach Sportfishing. I heard they moved up north for remodeling into a 12 pack boat with 6 staterooms ? Any truth to this rumor ?
  422. pukahd

    What’s your earliest memory of Fishing?

    Beach camping and surf fishing on the Camp Pendelton Marine Base in San Diego on the weekends back in the 70s' .Camping would be sleeping in the cars back seat. My dad and my uncle fished all throughout the nite for barred perch. I remember when driving through the fields at nite and hundreds of...
  423. pukahd

    If You had to catch a meal???

    Go to the local park for duck and geese for meat and dessert on the blvd to get the "crabs"....oh meal.....sand dabs soaked in 50/50 soy sauce and Mirin > pan fry rolled in potato starch.....
  424. pukahd

    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    By my wife's and kids calculation..... Daddy spends on a 5 day trip $2450 + $500 misc + $500 tackle + $100 gas + $100 for ice, have to cut my own fish = $3150 / 5 days = $630 per day for his fishing trip. Daddy could have bought a lot of stuff at the mall spending $600 a day for 5 days...
  425. pukahd

    LG Wall Air Conditioner

    1 year used LG Wall Air Conditioner model LW1214ER with remote > $ 150.00 Used only in a small office for 2-3 hours a day M-F Location ; Torrance / Carson Area Brian (310) 283-1375
  426. pukahd

    What happened to our squid!?

    If the Asian markets are advertising Fresh Dead squid haha. They neva would spend the dough for fresh dead. They just defrost the 3lb boxes of frozen from the frozen squid shelf.
  427. pukahd

    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    Wayback, 1988 or so my first 5 dayer was on the Capt Norm's Shogun running out of Ports O Call San Pedro for $595 ! Shogun overnite to San Clemente from Ports O Call was $45 if I recall ?
  428. pukahd

    Trolling Motor Thrust Questions

    The Montauk in the water is light and moves smoothly !!!!!! You can swim and tow the boat around. On my variable speed control i kept the control to the lowest possible setting just enough for the prop to spin. Variable speed give you a ultra low setting
  429. pukahd

    West Marine Price Matching

    If in San Pedro, you cant beat ICON INTL which is located right behind WM San Pedro. Sometimes stuff are about 50% cheaper...just saying from experience buying rolls of wires, Perko shit - huge difference in pricing which we all know are highly over priced, spools of 600' rope, chain...
  430. pukahd

    Boston whaler console screws?

    You are talking about a few screws. Dont try to save money at HD or some hardware store. Just go to a Marine store like Waste Marine (West Marine) and get a very accurate length and width SS replacement. You would hate to have a few faulty $2.00 screws break loose and having to deal with a...
  431. pukahd

    Trolling Motor Thrust Questions

    I had 2 17' Montauks many years ago and fished the wall for bass inside amd out. I had a bow mount Saltwater Motor Guide Great White foot control. If I remembered correctly, it had 35 lbs of thrust i never needed that much thrust fishing the wall. Most of all my fishing was done with the...
  432. pukahd

    Help, I need a new fuel tank for a 18ft Outrage

    I had IMCO MARINE build me a 105 gallon tank form my Cabo. Aint cheap but it fit like a glove about $950 some 10 years ago.
  433. pukahd

    Little bit windy...

    With this 3 day holiday this weekend the Mylar Balloons will be schooling up.
  434. pukahd

    Spectra for surface iron

    I came from the old school with the Penns and full mono. Gotta take advantage of new technology. Changed I now fish the US90 and US100 pared with Tranx500's ones a PG on the 10' and HG on the 9'. 6 foot top shot of 50lb connected to 80lb Maxcuatro flouro via Pena knot. I can get much more...
  435. pukahd

    Vessel assist?

    I have Boat US and a few years back I towed my 22' with a t-top and radar dome up the hill to Lake Pyramid on Super Bowl Sunday. Bear with me because all this info went against me. When I reached the lake I noticed that I blew a oil seal as I had oil all over the tire and boat. Being it was...
  436. pukahd

    9'0 for big tuna and YT on the iron?

    Hey guys, Considering a UC wahoo 90 30-60 as my first jig stick. As this will be my heaviest rod, I want to be able to use it for the bigger BFT, but still kill yellows with it. Will the big tuna kick my ass with the leverage? Thanks - Drew
  437. pukahd

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    You guys have it all wrong....its who has the most "Likes".......i like myself...1 point
  438. pukahd

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    I had 2 Montauks of different year models and i mounted a poly Kodiak 32 gallon tank and hose drained into the well. Ride was no issue with a full tank of water. The boat did bunny hop and i added a whale tail to the motor which eliminated the Whaler bunny hopping of the bow. Putting extra...
  439. pukahd

    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    You got to check out the tackle shops. Image 6 rows with each row with 3 layered walls of sliding shelves. Got busted by workers and was told "no photos!!" So pretend to talk on your phone and fire off some pics. I picked up some interesting items..
  440. pukahd

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    I have wide Flintstones feet and I love the Muck Boots. Easy on and off and super comfy. My ole Xtra Tuffs were great rolled down but were a pain to get them off. Arctic Excursion Ankle Boot | Muck Boot Company
  441. pukahd

    JRI Jigs

    Can you post a picture of the 2 ?
  442. pukahd

    JRI Jigs

  443. pukahd

    JRI Jigs

    My small collection of 3's, 7's for yellows and yellowfin & 4's for da big bluefin and yellows. My preferred color, white back, gold with green sides
  444. pukahd

    JRI Jigs

    I fished 45's for a long time and I do have at least 70% that don't swim. I moved on to the 7xs and they work great. Now I fish only the JRI 3. They are shorter than a 45 but with the JRI's they all swim awesome. The only big issue is that the paint chips off like crazy. My only counter action...
  445. pukahd

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    Wow..... the New Del Mar fishes 127 !! What a jackpot !!!
  446. pukahd

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I have a box full of II Sharp 44's , 38's, s%#t load of 45's and 7x's
  447. pukahd

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    Oh ya....JRI 3's. These mothers can swim !!!!!
  448. pukahd

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I still read your "Surface Iron Rod Shootout" posting and enjoyed all your info provided...
  449. pukahd

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I saw this video many times. This video is why I have always wanted to join a group like this.
  450. pukahd

    squid dip net suggestions

    Call T at Fisherman's Supply in Lawndale. She caters to the commercials guys and she does have mono Crowder and dip net replacement netting. She also has various size dip net rings to mount. As for the seals blasting through your squid, I noticed that this happens with white lights more often...
  451. pukahd

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I was always interested to get on a Long Rod Iron Chucker Only charter. Are there any during the summer ? I guess it would be a invite only. I'm ready with my US 90 and US 100 Monsters rods pared with Tranx 500's. JRI's, Tady 45's and 7x's..... Been throwing the long rods from the T100' then...
  452. pukahd

    Offshore Bluefin on the Old Glory 10/8

    Dont be afraid to fish 20 flouro. With the right long parabolic rod you can pull pretty hard on 20. I got a 45lb'r bluefin and many big yellows heading for the rocks and kelp while palming the line against the foregrip.
  453. pukahd

    Offshore Oside-95 11/5 report Bluefin

    We were on the Freedom at the same location that day nd all we heard was the Oceanside 95 ? Loading up on the tuna. We hit monster size paddies all day long and all were empty. One paddy I swear was a hotel size about 100' x 150' wide !!! Nada, zip, notting to see here folks. We ended up with 1...
  454. pukahd

    1 hour limit 10/23

    Try this. Denture cleaners for the seals
  455. pukahd

    Aztec-Super Cow

    That big fish or bust must mean one thing......skip skip skip the flyer all day with 2 guys at a time staring at a rod.
  456. pukahd


    Picked up a few JRI 3's over the weekend from Sands and they have the largest selection of JRI's that I have seen so far.
  457. pukahd

    300lb test leader on a 250 glow flat fall. too much?

    These were Izorline (Long) aluminum sleeve crimps. Picked them up at Island Tackle. I actually needed one more crip in the middle.
  458. pukahd

    300lb test leader on a 250 glow flat fall. too much?

    On your crip here is just a recommendation. Before crimping, burn the tag end to mushroom the tag. Pull up the mushroom snug against the tag and crimp. That little nub can save a day from any slippage of the crimp.
  459. pukahd


    US 90 and 100 Monsters with my Tranx500 PG and HG, 8 ft of 50lb and im good to go !
  460. pukahd

    7 Days on the Rooster

    Awesome write up. My kids were trying to talk to me and wanting to go home from the pool. I couldnt stop reading your write up just as I was reading day 5.......
  461. pukahd

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    US100 and US 90 Monster......most awesome jig sticks !!!!
  462. pukahd

    Izor 09-13-17

    The mutant one with the tiny head and the crack on its back looked like it strained and pooped out a white something
  463. pukahd

    Shimano Rod for Transx 500 HG

    You know, I looked at my reel again and it did take 400 yds but it was 65 lb!!!! I have 2 Tranx. I juatfilled my other one with 80 and it took like 330 yds to the rim.
  464. pukahd

    Shimano Rod for Transx 500 HG

    For throwing 45's and JRI3' , poppers i have over 400 yds of 80 maxcuatro and only 10' of top shot. I keep the Pena knot connection juat outside of the level wind.
  465. pukahd

    Shimano Rod for Transx 500 HG

    I have 2 of the 500's and mounted them on a US90 and US100 Monster jig sticks / 80 lb Maxcuatro / 50 lb mono.....luv it !!!!!
  466. pukahd

    Need More Torque

    Penn 4/0 narrow or yellowtail special. Taller spool is the key with high gear ratio. Using a lever drag and putting it in 2spd in +200 feet of water will take a long time. Saltist star drag and Penn 40 YTS is my set up. The Saltist High speed has tons of torque.
  467. pukahd

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    Well here is your first photo of mines. Shimano Flat Fall hook "broke" on a big yeller.
  468. pukahd

    Calstar Rod Advice - Larger Tuna

    I use a 700XH with a 600N Accurate
  469. pukahd

    Eisenglass vs Strataglass

    I have my strataglass on for 15 years or so and its still super clear, it outlasted the canvas that I replaced around it.
  470. pukahd

    welding ring shops

  471. pukahd

    Less expensive speed/knife jigs

    Wrench Fishing ????" I prefer a 12mm
  472. pukahd

    welding ring shops

    Island Tackle in Carson will do them. $5 a ring
  473. pukahd

    Wrench jigs

    Heres my 12mm
  474. pukahd

    Wrench jigs

    "Wrench Fishing ????" I prefer a 12mm
  475. pukahd

    Custom Rigging Flat fall jigs

    On the largest 250g , not sure about the 200g but the weight of the hook doesnt seem to hurt the action in my opinion
  476. pukahd

    Up Riggers

    I have same ones that I purchased in 2014. They work great.
  477. pukahd

    Need a Suzuki 1999 / DT200 lower end unit

    I cant afford a new 4 stroker or a new boat, so Im down to begging to see if anyone has a 1999 Suzuki 200' with a lower end unit laying around to part out ? I found some online but its a bit sketchy without actually looking at the item in person having it shipped from the east coast. Thanks...
  478. pukahd

    Looking to upgrade after 17 years.!

    Im in the same market looking for a dedicated GPS Plotter.
  479. pukahd

    06 Zuke 175--anything I should look out for?

    There are not many shops that work on Suzuki's. I have a 200 and I can only find 1 shop in my area. Check around for your local zuk repair shop.
  480. pukahd

    9'0 for big tuna and YT on the iron?

    As my kids it do it.... oh yes you will get your @$$ kicked on a 9' heavy rod but thats part of the price to pay to fish and get distance throwing the iron and poppers... fun fun fun !!!! Im 52 and I love it .... I also have a 10' US100 Monster. Hell, if you are younger than me you...
  481. pukahd

    what adhesive to use for Pacific Edge bait tank installation ?

    I have the same thought and yes my tank also sits above the gas tank. I did also build a riser around the hole on the floor.
  482. pukahd

    Shimano What rod for Tranx?

    I have the 500 on a United Composite US90 and US100 the 90 Monster much much more.
  483. pukahd

    My Phenix 909h, not working as a jig/popper stick

    I have the US90 and US100 Monsters with a Tranx500 and I can throw the small Yozuri Bull Popper a country mile. This set up can make small poppers fly.
  484. pukahd

    How do you guys fish Shimano Flat Fall?

    Heres my overly done set up. I use my kids braces rubber band to hold the hooks flat to the body
  485. pukahd

    Shimano Where to purchase Max Cuatro spectra ?

    I fillled up my Tranx500 with 500 yds of 65 Maxcuatro. My buddy's Tranx500 only held 300 yds of Power Pro Slick. WOO HOO, its expensive stuff !
  486. pukahd

    United Composite Rod Forum ?

    I can throw a JRI3 or Tady C or 45 a country mile also with the 90 Monster. I tried throwing a smaller 2.5oz Yozuri popper and that damn thing flewwwww. Mines is pared up witha Tranx500. On my new 100 Monster, im ready to get my @$$ wooped. I finished the 10' last nite.
  487. pukahd

    United Composite Rod Forum ?

    I have a old school supply of Rods all in the Graphite-tech models, super seeks, & shadow blanks BUT i have been recently introduced to the United Composite rods ! Damn ! Im back to re-building my arsenal after completing my line up 20 years ago. Last month or 2, I wrapped a US90 Monster...
  488. pukahd

    Shimano Where to purchase Max Cuatro spectra ?

    I went to talk to Sam at Island about the Maxcuatro....I ended up walking out with a US100 Monster blank with Titanium Guide set
  489. pukahd

    Shimano Where to purchase Max Cuatro spectra ?

    I hate buying filler spools as I dont want to have extra laying around. What shop carries 80lb ? I can travel to get my reels filled.Im in the Torrance area. I have never tried this stuff but I hear the 80lb has the diameter of 65 ? Is this stuff abrasive ?
  490. pukahd

    Shimano Tranx 400 spool loading up,,,,

    My buddy has the 500 with 65 spectra (pink colored) and his loads up on the left and right leaving a V in the spool. We cant figure it out. Only difference is he hand loaded vs mine loaded by a line machine. My Tranx500 has 50lb JB (bottom in blue) and another 500 with Power Pro Slick 65 (top...
  491. pukahd

    July 01, 2017

    On Sat the yellows at Clemente wouldnt touch the squid. All of our yellows were hooked on the dine afternoon. Even those who fished the squid couldnt hook a single yellow.
  492. pukahd

    Where to buy heavy krocodile spoons?

    Best Tackle in Inglewood has a lot of crocs and large knock offs
  493. pukahd

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    Wow these shops let you take pictures ? I got off 1 shot and right when I took this picture , I heard a voice in the store saying "no pictures" in Japanese. Yup, you can spend hours in these stores. Behind each rack in this photo there are 2 rows behind each row in this and most of all the...
  494. pukahd

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    San Pedro Fish Market ...Shrimp Tray
  495. pukahd

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    Great write up. I have a few T100's, T90 and a Ulua 10'. After a recommendation from a local shops owner I built a US90 Monster for my Tranx. All I can say is my T100 and T90 are now sold. Im now thinking of building a 10' Monster. The 90 Monster is awesome rod.
  496. pukahd

    Jigs painted in Red Crab

    I bought the pink Yozuri in Japan as a joke jig and it sure caught me
  497. pukahd

    How do you guys remove a name on a custom rod

    Is the writing on the blank or on the threads wrapped over the blank. If on the wrapped portion cut off a corner of the wrap and grab the thread and unwind. Sand down lightly and apply a think layer of flex coat. No trace
  498. pukahd

    Shimano My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    This clamp works like a champ. 2 sets of screws.
  499. pukahd

    Shimano My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    oh shitz.....the Yugo I meant was a rod that I had laying around like my T100. I still love my Ulua.
  500. pukahd

    Shimano My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    The "Pena Knot" goes through the guides with ease. Look it up. I use that knot with all my bait reels with 15 feet for flouro from 20-50lb as a top shot.
  501. pukahd

    Shimano My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    By the not related to Shimano this is my first Shimano since my 1988 TLD20
  502. pukahd

    Shimano My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    For years I have been old schooling throwing the surface iron. My original set up was a 10' Ulua with a 332 "N" reel and then changed to a "P" Fathom and thought that I had my #%% dailed in. I had a opportunity to get a Tranx 500 for a good deal. First thought haha, a giant level wind bait...
  503. pukahd

    Shimano How to fish the Flat Fall

    Here's a tiny video when we were diving Catalina and I asked my buddy to drop the Flat Fall next to me so I can film how it sinks. If you drop it with any line tension it will look like a torpedo sinker with no wobble. Drop it on a very slack line as in the video you can see a very distinctive...
  504. pukahd

    Flat fall set up

    I unraveled the "cover" over the original flat fall assist hooks knot and discovered that the only thing holding it to the hook is a simple overhand knot ! could atleast been a snell knot
  505. pukahd

    Flat fall set up

    Heres a picture of a factory broken Flat Fall hook by a large yellow. I had Island Tackle put solid rings on all my connection points and I swapped out for aftermarket larger hooks.
  506. pukahd

    BD'S Best Jig Restores

    Shawn, I received mines.....just the canvas that I to start prepping. By the way, what is the story about this wahoo jiggy ? Have you caught anything with this old school set up ?
  507. pukahd

    17' BW montauk re power

    I had 2 Montauks back in 2000-2010 or so and both had a Yamaha 90hp 2 strokers. The weigh was perfect. The only other suggestion that I recommend is that the Montauks bunny hop a bit, meaning the bow is light and it bounce quite a bit. I used a whale tail or wing added above the lower end wow it...
  508. pukahd

    BD'S Best Jig Restores

    Im in please
  509. pukahd

    Custom dive boarding ladder

    Here are some ideas...
  510. pukahd

    Purple Newell 332 (1st gen. colored reel)

    Dont forget about the Clear Newells :)
  511. pukahd

    SOSuspenders Auto Inflating Personal Floatation Device Warning

    Does anyone remember the incident of a big 29' Defiance Pilot house that turtled going down the Mission Bay channel during stormy day for a halibut tourney a few years back ? When the pilot house rolled and filled with water, the auto inflate kicked in and the crew got trapped afloat inside a...
  512. pukahd

    Service before selling?

    I had a Newell 332 up for sale a while back during the time when Newells were selling fast and started my post first with adding a picture and contact ino. While editing the post my phone lit up with multiple text responding to buy it. Now all my reels when selling I always service and clean...
  513. pukahd

    How to make PVC bait tubes for lobster.

    QUOTE="Johnlgarrison, post: 4224284, member: 116610"]Add some 1 1/2" Drywall screws so the look like a Porcupine. The seals will only mess with them once. Heres my colorful porcupine from a recommendation from Flomar :)
  514. pukahd

    Pro Gear Violators?

    I got these bad boys on the smallest Progear I think it was a 551 ? on 20lb. It was good until after I got my 2nd one / limit and goofed off. I tightened my drag tightttttt and siezed a bearing.
  515. pukahd

    Braid to Florida connection

    The Pena knot is great because the tag end is facing backwards and there is no tag end to catch through the guides when casting.
  516. pukahd

    20# setup for yellowtail

    When the bluefin bit 2 years ago near Santa Barbara Island they wouldnt bite the 30 too well. I did land one about 50lb on 30 first thing in the am but from the morning till noon the bite was a pick. As soon as I switched to 20 it was like a light turned on and got 4 more. By the end of the day...
  517. pukahd

    Maker of 10 foot jig

    Calstar Graphiter T100J
  518. pukahd

    Maker of 10 foot jig

    The butt looks cut. is it 10 feet exactly ? Look now loke a cut T100 Calstar
  519. pukahd

    Mint colored surface iron...

    Haha I when through the same mint phase and ended up taking my fav mint jig to Home Depot. They took my jiggy under their paint match thingy machine and produced a very close color in a tiny $10 can. Its a house paint and I just spray primered and brush painted my old Tadys and Salas. My kids...
  520. pukahd

    Maker of 10 foot jig

    Measure the width of the butt of the blank and you can kinda narrow down some options. For one its not as fat as a Calstar 540 and I dont think they have a black 540 or T100 nor does Seekers Ulua have the Uluas in black. If its a some what thin or a narrow butt there are a few new mfgs that...
  521. pukahd

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Nice post. I get sick 100% of the time on any over nite boat only on the way out. Once arriving to the spot and on the way home I have never gotten sick. I always just stick my finger down my throat and purge everything in my gut. Works well but it sucks. On my own boat, as long as im driving...
  522. pukahd

    Angry squid Tady 45

    How about a "Angry Bird" :)
  523. pukahd

    Any suggestions for a brand name on new led deck flood lights?

    I have a single LED TACO brand Spreader light and that light is super bright and had a very low power consumption. Changed all my lights to LED and it made a huge difference with my batteries.
  524. pukahd

    Making Squid

    What color is your light ? I have found that seals love a clear white color and will crash right on through your squid party but with green they tend to stay only on the out side edge of the lights.
  525. pukahd

    Gettin' it done again.

    What ! 28 feet ....Not 280 feet like some have been doing ?
  526. pukahd

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    I have and had both reels. Its all about the feel when cranking the reel. I cannot stand the "binding" feel of the Avets. Its like having to use extra effort just to turn the handle even with the drag set under factory recommended settings. It can take a toll on your cranking arm if you are...
  527. pukahd

    LB report and trailer assist

    I have the trailer assist but when it came time to use it, i was advised my boat sits too high because of the t-top and radar. Now this was a few years back in the parking lot at Pyramid Lake on Super Bowl Sunday at noon. I though I was f$$^@ with a blow ln oil seal. Im thinking what mechanic...
  528. pukahd

    12/4 Limits within 2 Hours

    I love this !!! Camping out on the betta than sleeping in the parking lot !
  529. pukahd

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Thanks Al - SeaHawk IV for your help with my transom board !
  530. pukahd

    Which reel for ULUA 93h?

    I just put a Penn Fathom 30 on my Ulua and its the shitzzzzzz. I can get the same casting distance as my Newell 332 and Daiwa Saltist 50. This set up is super light and of course I have the 2 spd ready to go. I filled mines with 60 braid and 100 yards of 50 mono.
  531. pukahd

    Lack of lobster reports

    Yes but dont you also make your nets and sell them ?
  532. pukahd

    wtb narrow plastic spool 505hs

    The plastic spools from that era will pop once you fill them up. The plastic deteriorates after 30 years. All of mines on the Jig Master and Squidder all have popped with the last one in 1988 or so.
  533. pukahd


    Torque 40 2-spd throwing with 60lb 30 size would be great for surface iron Update...I purchased a Fathom 30 with 50lb for my 10' Ulua and its F#$%%^& great. Light weight, awesome free spool and I can fly a 45
  534. pukahd

    Forkies at Seal Beach warm water jetty

    Here's my little forkie the size of a fork
  535. pukahd

    Yo-zuri Fluorocarbon ON SALE!

    I tried the pink flouro this past summer using 20 and ended up throwing them all out. Terrible abrasion. Went back to Seaguar pink and never looked back. I tried the Yozuri because of the cheaper price and paid for it with lost fish.
  536. pukahd

    Anyone try a bubble and fly?

    I used the large water bubble on a 10' Ulua at Alijos Rocks after watching big yellowfins explode only on the kite rigs while others weren't getting bit. I wanted to get the bait far and away from the boat. The nose of the hook was butt up against the bubble with no swivel. I could launch the...
  537. pukahd

    Anyone try a bubble and fly?

    With the big bluefins keying in on the micro baits, has anyone tried the Bonito Bubble and fly technique ? This was the set up back in the days fishing Redondo Harbor for the bones. Largest water casting bubble with a 10 ft leader or so and a small fly. The popping of the bubble drove the...
  538. pukahd

    Torq reels that will fit Ulua rods

    No problem on my Ulua with a Torque 40. I used a Cork Puppy largest size. Only problem is that the bolts that I used bottomed out so I had to add a layer of cork under the Cork Puppy. Now it fits tight.
  539. pukahd

    La Jolla Yellow and Calicos----New Seaforth without class

    The decky wanted his fish cleaning money and tip. He could care less about the count.
  540. pukahd

    Offshore Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    I changed out my split rings and put the larger rings on with bigger single hooks. The hook also adds weight to the lure for distance on my Ulua. Every inch counts. I left 1 plugs with trebles as I ran out of singles.
  541. pukahd

    Offshore 240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    These may be your spearo's buddies 2 cows from Pedro
  542. pukahd

    Bassboat to catalina?

    One wave over the low bow in a swell and you are doomed.
  543. pukahd

    I'm ready for them beast !

    Williamson Popper Yozuri Pencil Popper I took both poppers to try out on the Ulua / Torque 40 combo and this combo will work out great. Zero wind. With a little wind behind my back, I could probably hit the island at Alonda Park. I could easily throw a tiny 100g/80g Colt Sniper on this 60...
  544. pukahd

    I'm ready for them beast !

    I'm going to the local park lake tomorrow Sat.rigged with a T90J / 600 with same line set up and my 10' Ulua with the Torque 40. Gonna fling some poppers and see if they will fly with 60 lb.
  545. pukahd


    The day my wife mistakenly used my old bait from the freezer by mistake. A few foot long Octopus. One time after coming home from a ling cod trip using octopus, I threw my ratty old stinky, sitting on rod and deck used octopus in the freezer to reuse on future trips. Some time later, I came...
  546. pukahd

    I'm ready for them beast !

    I was thinking the same thing....
  547. pukahd

    I'm ready for them beast !

    Let's see....1:40 spool spin right out of the box..
  548. pukahd

    I'm ready for them beast !

    My Torque 40 on my 10' Ulua....the Cork Puppy reel clamp fits like a glove. 80 solid serve to 80 hollow serve to 60 lb for throwing the poppers and iron. Makes one smooth connection for casting. Gonna take my set up to the park to see how it cast with a old Tady. If it doesn't cast well with...
  549. pukahd

    Shimano TN30a clamps fit on a Ulua ?

    I met a guy at a shop who came in with the Tiburon clamp for his 20a to fit the Ulua because of the narrow width, but their screws were also too short
  550. pukahd

    Shimano TN30a clamps fit on a Ulua ?

    Im thinking of getting a TN30a for my Super Seeker 10' Ulua. Single wrapped cork tape. Question : Are the screws long enough to fit with the stock reel clamp ? Brian
  551. pukahd

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    Them's sure look good enough to fry up! !
  552. pukahd

    Home and Trailer stuff

  553. pukahd

    setting up a trailer to

    Change all your lighting to LED......
  554. pukahd

    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    Silver !!! I also cringe looking at my gold Torque
  555. pukahd

    Catalina 5-15

    LED lights....
  556. pukahd

    Yamaha 704 dual Binnacle for sale

    For sale : used Yamaha 704 dual Binnacle for sale. Missing one trim button and throttle side caps. $100.00 Around Carson / Torrance Ca Brian (310) 283-1375
  557. pukahd

    Newell P229-M

  558. pukahd

    Home and Trailer stuff

  559. pukahd

    Looking for a 9ft and 10ft blank

    I have a Calstar T100J that's ready to fish or strip down for yhe blank. I had 3 -T100's at one point. The rod is in good condition to use as is. Cork tape and perfection guides. Selling it for $75 Located in Carson/Torrance area Brian
  560. pukahd

    Recommend welder on Outboard

    Thanks Ed for your advice. I'LL pull off the lower end this week. Im finding it's a bit tough to locate a prop shop who does welding repairs. I'm in the Gardena / Torrance area and are willing to travel to get this to the right person who can fix this and put it all back together. Any...
  561. pukahd

    Torque/ Fathom rod clamp

    The suspense has ended.... Aluminum Clamp on the Torque 40
  562. pukahd

    Recommend welder on Outboard

    You are way would be to take it off and I might as well change the impeller and seals. That lower end is mofo heavy !!! I still needs a shop that can do some welding Thanks Brian
  563. pukahd

    Recommend welder on Outboard

    I have 98' 200 Suzuki. Last year or so I bumped into a log and I received a crack around the prop housing. No oil leaking and I have run the boat hard over the past few months. Can you guys recommend a experienced person who can spot weld a 1 in spot on my lower unit ? Better yet, if he can...
  564. pukahd

    Making a master mold for swimbaits Here's where my buddy started getting his plastic mold making supplies
  565. pukahd

    Lure making material supplier

    Have you guys checked out Barlows for lure making supplies ? They also sell bulk soft plastics which are dirt cheap in larger quantities. I found about then 30 years ago looking for perch surf grubs. A long time ago my friend bought the compound here to make molds...
  566. pukahd

    Torque 40NLD

    I went through a few reels looking for the perfect grinding reel and honestly I have never considered a Penn non Intl reel UNTIL I felt the Torque. My intention was to find a reel for yoyo grinding with a tall spool / high speed / 2spd because im old and most importantly a reel with the least...
  567. pukahd

    Torque 40NLD

    I just picked it up and filled it to the brim with Izor 80 spectra. Actually, Im going to off with 50 lb xxx Izor mono as this reel will be my go to yoyo set up.
  568. pukahd

    Torque 40NLD

    Right out of the box. +1:30 sec and change spool spin.
  569. pukahd

    2 Dog Portable Metal Crate Cages

    Dims : 24" x 17" x 20" Small Popup "Iris Ohyama" cage > $40.00 Dims : 30" x 22" x 24" Large Cage > $25.00
  570. pukahd

    Home and Trailer stuff

    Top to Bottom Prodigy Electric Trailer Brake used 1 month then sold off truck #90185 > $50 Magntek New never used Pool and Spa pump > $50 4 foot light fixtures with 2-T12 bulb with each Florescent Light > $ 25.00 each set > I have (updated 8) sets, very slightly used between hours of...
  571. pukahd

    Nachos bait

    Who owns the bait barge where Nacho is ?
  572. pukahd

    New TRQ 40NLD2 good to go?

    I just picked up mines yesterday. Filled it to the brim with 500 yds of Izor 80 solid. Gonna use on a short top shot as this is my yoyo rig. Set the drag and cranked the handle...very very very little binding but it the least binding of all the brands that I have and have tried. Free spool for...
  573. pukahd

    Thanks Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I just got under the tree!

    I have to order my Torque 40 !!
  574. pukahd

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    Correct...every lever drag feel will bind but there are reels that do not bind "as much" with standard drag pressure. I have found "that" reel
  575. pukahd

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    Decision made : I stopped by and looked and tried the Avet Raptor, Penn Fathom 40, Penn Torque LD40 and BAM !!!! PENN Torque LD40 has almost no binding. Felt almost simular to a star drag ! Yes I did crank up the drag pressure and almost zero binding. If I had to rank the binding pressure...
  576. pukahd

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    BIND! I have see using the search function cation for a 50lb YOYO reel narrow spool that has the "least" amount of binding. I had a Avet HX...sold it after a few uses I had a Accurate 30N....sold it after a few uses. Pretty much no binding and maybe I shiuld not have sold it. I currently use...
  577. pukahd

    MDR Area Boat Mechanic / Electronics Recommendations

    I'm going to keep this info 98' Suzuki 200 - 2 stroker won't die. It just keeps on running.
  578. pukahd

    MDR Area Boat Mechanic / Electronics Recommendations

    After 2 months I finally gave up trying to start my 200' 2 stroker I gave in and tried Regency Boats and Motors 13468 Beach Ave, MDR. 310-833-8618. Good work but double check the linkages under the cowel when you get the boat back. One of mines was cracked after the repair BUT they fixed my...
  579. pukahd

    Reel For Wahoo Iron?

    Jim My buddy has a few nice Penn Master Mariners from the Wahoo o'le school days. He is willing to probably part with some
  580. pukahd

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    I do most of my Codding between 250 and 300 feat and I always wondered what kind of light penetration gets down to that depth during the midday hours on a sunny day. Do you have any footage around that depth? Thanks for sharing your videos !
  581. pukahd

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    I'm not in the Wahoo Caught club but I formed my own Wahoo Lure Collection club this year !!!
  582. pukahd

    Slim pickings on the Yellows but they are still here in Nov

    That was probably me. I have the blue t-top
  583. pukahd

    Slim pickings on the Yellows but they are still here in Nov

    I took the wife out because she wanted to catch a yellowtail...hmm... November local Long Beach yellow in Nov ? The local counts have been just a few each day. Picked up a scoop of the most beautiful green and healthy sardines from Nacho. NOT a single dead bait all day. These baits were hot and...
  584. pukahd

    Boat hasnt been started in 7 years

    What city has it been stored in? My garage cooks and the heats up!! Garaged for 7 years is great for the weathering but the heat in a garage will eat up rubber lines and seals. My garage in Torrance in the summer is hella hot !
  585. pukahd

    Offshore What every Maruader needs...

    Here is mines. My little orange and black Marauder was also purchased 20 years looks beat up but has never gotten bit....
  586. pukahd

    Craftsman 20" 2-hp Drill Press

    Bump $500 OBO - text or leave a message. Thanks.
  587. pukahd

    Sesco band Saw

    Bump and price reduced $300 obo
  588. pukahd

    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P -Price reduced

    Sorry, been busy and not able to follow up with the sale. Price reduced for fast sale and Available for pick this Friday 11/13 for ONLY $800!! Text or leave a message 310-200-1017
  589. pukahd

    How can I stop my backlash problems? Mono topshot over Spectra

    Are you getting the backlash with the mono still on the spool or right when the mono spectra connection goes through the guides ? If back lashing the spectra then your connection could be the problem. I have just started to use the Pena Knot connection and I to admit this is one of the...
  590. pukahd

    Steering wheel lock or removeable

    It sure will suck to come back to the ramp or anywhere in fact to see my truck gone. I have a Chevy diesel. Besides a Club style lock....useless vs a hack saw.....are there any recommendations for a removeable steering wheel or system lock that I can get to prevent my truck from getting stolen ?
  591. pukahd

    Newell Size help

    I have a nice 229 with metal caps and handle
  592. pukahd

    SportKing 9/20

    Back in the early 80's I caught my very first yellow on the Sporting out of San Pedro long before the Shogun arrived there. I hooked my 12 lb yellow on a chovie on 15 lb using my jig master and Sabre 196-6. I'm pretty sure it was Capt Bruce running the boat because it was so much fun hearing...
  593. pukahd

    Shimano Flat Fall Hooks?

    What a great response......"Shimano response (from Dan) is 》》》》》 that the hooks are from Owner and we should take it up with them"
  594. pukahd

    Shimano Flat Fall Hooks?

    Wanna see how the spectra is tied to the hook ? Overhand Granny loop with the tag wrapped with thread or spectra.
  595. pukahd

    Offshore WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    ×××××××× Note ....this is not my tuna nor did I keep any tuna. Our boat only kept around 10 or so. The other boats claimed limits......I picked up someone's tuna when they were unloading the trips catch ××××××× Here is the size of the tuna limits that were caught this past weekend from the San...
  596. pukahd

    skunked !!!

    This seems to work. I used it to clean his collar. Tomorrow another bath with this stuff
  597. pukahd

    skunked !!!

    I saw this recipe last nite and I didn't have any of those ingredients.....I'm gonna try this today to get the stink of my dog and the kids bathroom !!! Plus keep some ingredients on hand as we have a lot of skunks around.
  598. pukahd

    skunked !!!

    As the word dog and I got skunked. My doggy was going about doing his dog business and on the leash lunged into the bushes. He was going after something so I peaked in the bush and there it was....a big a$$ skunk tail and she blasted us. I took the dog and myself in the shower and...
  599. pukahd

    Offshore WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    I got off a 2 dayer on the Pacific Star out of Seaforth on Sunday and all the boats besides our boat claimed limits. At the docks i saw passengers putting 3 lb tunas in a grocery bag. Yellowtail were about........1-4 lbs. How sad even on the reports on 976, called in fish reports from the...
  600. pukahd

    Two eyes and a wiggle?

    How big were the tunies ? The tuna biting off San Diego for the party boats are all 5 lb'rs
  601. pukahd

    Selling Newell P, S & G series

    Did you just send me a text ? I will take a faded crumbled torn up a$$ $100 and $50 in worn out quarters though.....
  602. pukahd

    Selling Newell P, S & G series

    The S screws were Allan head screws in the pic but I will replace them with the original Newell screws.
  603. pukahd

    Selling Newell P, S & G series

    Stand by...I'm having posting issues
  604. pukahd

    Selling Newell P, S & G series

    Selling Newell P229-M $150.00 S332-5. SOLD G332-F. SOLD location Torrance / Carson . No shipping pick up only Brian (310) 283-1375
  605. pukahd

    Sesco band Saw

    $ 300 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017 Location : Torrance
  606. pukahd

    Snap On Bolt Grip Puller Set

    Snap On Bold Grip Puller Set $ 100 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017
  607. pukahd

    Craftsman 20" 2-hp Drill Press

    Craftsman 20" 2-hp Drill Press $ 500 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017
  608. pukahd

    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P -Price reduced

    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P $Reduced to $800 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017 Location : Torrance, behind Wilson Park
  609. pukahd

    Shimano Counterfeit Flat Falls

    While diving at Catalina, I had my buddy drop a Flatfall down and I filmed the fall on my Gopro. If there was the slightest tension on the line the jig would sink like a torpedo sinker with no flutter. In order to get the flutter you would have to make sure the jig sank with zero tension. Either...
  610. pukahd

    So I was playing around again "Red Crab"

    The Yellows liked my red crab Flat Fall.
  611. pukahd

    Horseshoe shakedown 8.14.15

    [Qdon't what ="StagecoachHB, post: 3872968, member: 139903"]35 min wait for 80% dead bait on a weekeday. Man my motivation to fish tomorrow just took a shit.... just cant beat the squid boat at Cat. My last time over i ran my bait tank for 3 days and never found one dead squid. Anyways nice job...
  612. pukahd

    Weighing your fish...

    I go the opposite way when asked about my fat body weight... I always take OFF 10 lbs......
  613. pukahd

    Weighing your fish...

    Bingo bingo bingo.......a 30 lb yellow is a beast. All of the biggest local yellows that I weighed on my Manley scale were estimated by my buddies as. 30 lb'r. I pop their 30 lb fish on the scale and they have all weighed 22-23 lbs max for these local fish.
  614. pukahd

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    I was at the Marina Del Rey bait dock this past Sunday taking my buddy and his kids out for a half day fishing.I asked for 1/2 scoop and all I got was 1 pass of monster dines. I said $25 for 1 small pass ??? Lesson learned.....should have went across the Insein Bait still on...
  615. pukahd

    Shimano Flat fall jigs

    Here are my finished jigs. I added solid rings to the top and bottom. You see what a big yellow did to the hook and I'm sure those tiny split rings on the bottom that comes with the jigs aren't much stronger. The top ring diameter in my opinion is too small and will have a much higher chance to...
  616. pukahd

    Shimano Flat fall jigs

    This past weekend fished 50 lb and hooked a big yellow on a brand new first time I'm the water 100g. First run......pow ! the hook broke !!!! Today, I cut off and trashed all 5 of my Flat Falls assist hooks. I found a HD replacements...non Shimano set at the shop. Actually, don't know who...
  617. pukahd

    Offshore Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    I hooked a brusier yellow this past weekend on a flat fall and the damn POS hook broke !!!! Never in my life have i broken a hook on any jig or any hook on a fish ! Upon closer inspection those hooks feel super light and cheapo as if the material were aluminum !!! I'm gonna make all my own...
  618. pukahd

    Yellowtail on the shoe Sunday 7/22

    There is a thru wire and that thing just ripped off. Could be because of almost no stretch on the cord and dragging a big fish was too much stress on the wire.
  619. pukahd

    Yellowtail on the shoe Sunday 7/22

    I was trolling a new x rap last month on a boat line off my boat. Tuna Cord / 5 lb weight / bungee and a big yellow broke off the rear hook. The eye bolt holding the rear hook broke off the lure.
  620. pukahd

    Half Day Dolphin- Quality Yellows On the Iron!!

    You are too cool to let her fight her first yellow. I vote you fishy guy of the month !
  621. pukahd

    Yellowtail on the shoe Sunday 7/22

    You sure did better than we did. Drove down to Dana and launched at Good job !