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  1. Gary Schulte

    Fish and Game Ticket

    Guys, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question. If not, Mods please move it. Last June a buddy from work was cited for fishing in the South La Jolla SMR. He wants to see the Judge about it and has been to the courthouse twice recently trying to get this resolved. Both...
  2. Gary Schulte

    Garmin combo units. echoMAP vrs Gpsmap

    Guys, My Captain wants to upgrade from a Lowrance HDS5 to a larger screen. The West Marine people just about had him talked into the echoMAP 94sv unit at around $1200. I'm not so sure that this is the way to go. Isn't a GPSMAP unit a whole lot better but also at a much higher price? For...
  3. Gary Schulte

    Lowrance HDS-5. Which chart for San Diego?

    Hi guys, My buddy bought a boat which came with the HDS-5 version 2. I understand it will take either C-Map or Navionics card. Here's a couple questions. Which of these cards is better? I mean, maybe better graphics, etc. Next question. He wants a card that displays the MLPA's. If you can...
  4. Gary Schulte

    Fishing and boating license question

    Quick question. My nephew wants to take his boat out Sunday and bring one pole. He's taking his mom along. He has a license but his mom doesn't and won't be fishing. Legal or not?
  5. Gary Schulte

    Garmin Bluechart GAR010-C0722-10 HUS021R G2 Card California - Mexico

    My nephew's wife bought him this map card for Christmas. It covers California and down into Baja and is the latest edition. She paid around $120 but his machine is an older model and can't use this type of card. He's willing to let it go for $80. Location is La Mesa or Kearny mesa. New...
  6. Gary Schulte

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    I know a lot of you guys are going to jump me on this but I need to report to the forum my experience last night. This is our 7th year hooping on the big bay and every year we buy several full scoops of sardines to chop and fill our bait tubes throughout the six month season. This has...
  7. Gary Schulte

    Lobster. Anyone excited?

    Just a week away and I'm getting stoked about the Tijuana slough area. Heard from the locals that it's boiling over in big bugs. So all you guys please stay away from my hunting grounds.
  8. Gary Schulte

    I know most of you hate divers but....

    Guys, I'm not trying to stir the pot between speros and R&R guys, really I'm not. Please don't take this post for being something that it's not. I just want to bring this to everyones attention before an accident happens. There's a lot of competition for the paddy's so please be aware that...
  9. Gary Schulte

    F150 front tow hitch

    Guys, I have a 2006 F150 and recently started storing my boat in a paid storage yard. The problem is getting the trailer located where it should be in the tight space. Right now I'm over the line into an unused parking space. So, even though I'm pretty good at backing the boat trailer I felt...
  10. Gary Schulte

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    Okay you guys in San Diego. Here's a heads up for what's in store come August 1st. Your City Council has passed a new parking ordinance that prohibits boats from being parked on the street between 2am and 6am. If you do they can issue you a $100 fine. I believe what this means is that unless...
  11. Gary Schulte

    WTB 7.62X51 Ammo (.308 Winchester)

    My Springfield M1A is getting hungry again. i'm looking to buy roughly 200 rounds. Prefer battle pack surplus Nato ammo. Not interested in anything expensive.
  12. Gary Schulte

    Standard Horizon CP180i Chartplotter with C-Map card $500

    I'm selling this for a friend. This is a 5 inch color GPS chartplotter in barely used condition. Comes with the box and manual plus a C-Map card for gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes and rivers. This unit is located in San Diego.
  13. Gary Schulte

    Did you know a permanent trailer Reg. expires every five years?

    Because I didn't and I got two tickets. I bought my boat and trailer two years ago in April 2012. Little did I know at the time that in four months my "permanent trailer tag" would expire. I never received a notice of expiration and never expected one. Fast forward to last month when I got...
  14. Gary Schulte

    Proline 20 Ft T-Top CC w/Yamaha 130 and trailer + much more

    Here is my 1991 Proline 20 center console with a Stryker T-Top and the original 2 stroke Yamaha 130 HP. There are several included items like Garmin 545S chartplotter, stereo, VHF radio, etc. I'll update this listing with a more complete detail of what's included but this is a turn key boat...
  15. Gary Schulte

    My boat got robbed

    Guys, Last night some tweakers ransacked my 20 ft. center console and ripped me off for some crap. What I want to know is do they sell alarms for boats? I'd like to mount a motion sensor up under the console with a siren and be able to use a key fob to turn it on and off. I suppose I could...
  16. Gary Schulte

    Free cooler seat for center console

    I replaced my captains seat. This one is available for pickup. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Located in Ocean Beach. Send an email to: [email protected]
  17. Gary Schulte

    Dredging San Diego

    Anyone know what these guys are up to near the bait docks?
  18. Gary Schulte

    Year of the lost lobster season

    We're four weeks into the 2013-2014 season and I've been out three times. Opening night we got 7 total legals. A week later it was 5. Skipped a Saturday and last night we got 2. This is San Diego harbor. There was talk of the bugs not molting because of the cold water. I think that may be...
  19. Gary Schulte

    Major changes San Diego Buggin year over year

    Last year: Limits early in the season with big bugs Lots of law enforcement including Naval Security, Customs, Harbor Police, Fish and Game, Navy Seals, Coast Guard, etc. All over the place. This year: Scratching for a few bugs here and there Hardly any law enforcement to be seen. As a...
  20. Gary Schulte

    Online Mexican Fishing license Down

    Posting some info that might help you guys. My Mexican license expired yesterday so I went online just now to purchase another year. The site is apparently broken right now. I was able to get in and see my expired license but there was no way to...
  21. Gary Schulte

    So what's up with

    Following the advice of a long time local fisherman who referred me to, we headed out this morning to the 182 in search of warm water. What we found was that the closer we got to the 182, the colder the water became. I think it was as cold as 66.6 out there. I checked the...
  22. Gary Schulte

    Battery replacement time and a few questions

    Hi Guys, I have a Proline 20 foot center console with a Yamaha 130 2 stroke. Went out today and found battery number 2 dead at the ramp. Got her started on #1 and then flipped over to charge #2 on the ride up to La Jolla. Parked the boat and jumped in for our first dive and when we returned...
  23. Gary Schulte

    What do you call these?

    It's the sidewall gunnel plastic insert for storing rods, brushes, gaffs, etc. Any idea who has them? 1991 Proline 20
  24. Gary Schulte

    SKB Tackle Box

    I'm in San Diego and in the market for an SKB tackle box. Probably prefer the 7100. Please let me know.
  25. Gary Schulte

    Need advice VHF Antenna to buy?

    I have a 20 ft CC with a standard Horizon DSC radio. My antenna just broke and I need to replace it. I was using an 8' Shakespeare but when I did some online shopping I found that there are several to choose from. I don't know anything about how many db's I need or other technical stuff. I...
  26. Gary Schulte

    22 Columbia Sailboat (almost free)

    I'm posting this to help a friend. Good opportunity if someone wants a project.
  27. Gary Schulte

    Cleaning off the black stuff

    Guys, I've been buying a lot of live bait this year and the side of my 20 ft CC is getting pretty ugly from all the tire rash off the bait dock. What's the best way to clean that?
  28. Gary Schulte

    I'm so pissed I can't sleep 1:15 am

    Got home from hooping San Diego bay a couple hours ago. Tried to sleep but had to get back up and write this thread. First, we lay our trap line along the channel near Zuniga and before it was dark here comes the Premier hauling ass, out of the channel on the Zuniga side in about 30 fsw and...
  29. Gary Schulte

    Offshore What you might find south of the border

    We made a run from Shelter Island to the 371 and then the 425 on Sunday 9/9/12. The way back brought us to within 5 miles of the North Coronado Island where we were stopped by the Mexican Navy. The video follows but I had to put the camera down during the encounter so hang with it for a few...
  30. Gary Schulte

    Quick question on the law

    I'm going offshore this weekend towards Mexico maybe 40 miles or so from San Diego. If we catch fish what's the rule about filleting them on the way in? Do you have to bring back the whole fish or can we cut them up? I've heard as long as you leave a small piece of skin on the fillet then...
  31. Gary Schulte

    Offshore What's it look like Sunday out of SD?

    Planning a trip early Sunday morning. Just looking for a weather report from someone who went out to the 182, 9 mile bank, 302, or the 371 and anywhere in between. I'm hoping it's going to lay down.
  32. Gary Schulte

    Several good boat items for sale (San Diego)

    2 plastic rod holders. I'll take $5 for both (sold to EjRuiz) Garmin fishfinder 300C with transducer $150. Includes wire harness. Airmar P23 200 KHZ transducer for Garmin. Part number 010-10118-00 in untested condition. Money back guaranty. $25 Check it out on Amazon...
  33. Gary Schulte

    Garmin G2 Vision Card for Southern California

    VUS021R Prefer something up to date Price is negotiable Located in San Diego
  34. Gary Schulte

    Garmin 2006C or 545S ???

    The 2006C has a bigger screen and the 545S in a newer model. Both are in my price range. Which would you choose?
  35. Gary Schulte

    Aluminum Kicker Bracket $100

    This kicker bracket has just been removed and needs a new home. Very heavy duty but not is new condition. Comes with stainless mounting hardware. Make a deal fast. I'm leaving town on Wednesday. Faster response by email: [email protected] or call me at 619-672-9184. I'm in San Diego.
  36. Gary Schulte

    G2 Vision card on Craigslist

    Guys, This guy has been advertising these cards for a rediculously low price. Am I missing something here? What do you think?
  37. Gary Schulte

    Is this bad?

    Guys, Today I took my new (old) boat out for a run and when I got back I noticed a crack in the lower unit near the prop. It's a 1991 Yamaha 130. I bought this boat less than two months ago but don't remember seeing this crack before. If you have some idea of what caused this or the severity...
  38. Gary Schulte

    Older Garmin Vrs newer Garmin

    I've been doing a lot of research on which chartplotter/sounder combo that I should buy and I'm centered on Garmin. Here's my question. Should I get the older Garmin 545S or the newer 546S? I've carefully looked over the specs of each unit and can't recall seeing much difference in them that...
  39. Gary Schulte

    Maybe this question isn't so dumb

    I did a lot of fishing while I lived in Florida and we would always check the weather buoy before deciding whether to go out or not. I live in San Diego and usually launch from Shelter Island. What method do you use to determine if your upcoming trip is a go?
  40. Gary Schulte

    This looks like a great deal

    San Diego CL. Not my boat
  41. Gary Schulte

    Another day and yet another dumb question

    I'm not new to boating but I do have a question. When you have a dual battery system with a selector switch on your boat what's the prefered method of use? For example, select batt 1 for the trip out and then switch to batt 2 for the ride in? Always leave the batts on BOTH? How do you guys...
  42. Gary Schulte

    reseal hydraulic steering?

    I just purchased a used (1991) Proline and the steering wheel leaks hydraulic fluid from the base. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to purchase new seals, where to get them, and how much of a job this is to repair. The leaks not too bad but I'd like to fix it if I can. TIA.
  43. Gary Schulte

    Which Marine GPS is Best?

    Guys, I just got back from my first outing in my "new to me" 20 foot Proline center console. The boat came with a not so bad fishfinder. It's a Garmin Fishfinder 300C. Anyway, I'm satisfied with it but I do need a good marine GPS. I'd like to get a Garmin. So, I don't need a sounder unit...
  44. Gary Schulte

    Aother dumb question

    I just bought a 1991 Proline 21 cc and it has a 130 Yamaha 2 stroke. My question is: "Shouldn't there be a way to turn off the fuel going to the engine? In the past I'd always run my outboards dry while flushing them after use. This boat doesn't seem to have a way to do that.
  45. Gary Schulte

    WTB: T-Top for Proline 21

    I'm in San Diego and looking to buy a T-Top for my 1991 Proline 21. Used or home made will work. I'd like something nice without the high price tag. [email protected]
  46. Gary Schulte

    New boat owner and several questions

    Hi guys, I just purchased my fifth boat and my largest to date. It's a 1991 Proline with a 1991 Yamaha 130 TLRP 2 stroke. I'm a retired airline mechanic and have a fairly nice shop with a complete set of tools so I plan on doing all of my own maintenance up to a point. If you don't mind I'd like...
  47. Gary Schulte

    Sea Tow or Boat US in San Diego?

    Guys, I the proud father of a bouncing baby boat. Just purchased on Easter Sunday. It's a Proline 21 CC with a 130 Yamaha. So, I need to buy towing insurance and was wondering what you guys recommend. I did a search but couldn't find the answer so.... What's the best insurance for someone in...
  48. Gary Schulte

    I know this is lame but... lobster

    Guys, I'm desperate so that has lead me to this post. My normal ride is in dry dock for the rest of lobster season and I still want to go out hooping. If you have a decent boat and are willing to go I have everything else for a night out of Shelter Island. I have 10 hoop nets fully rigged with...