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    All are sold.. thank you!
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    Phenix Ultra MBX Classic & Calstar Rods

    Sold.. mods please delete post, thanks.
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    Talica 16 (2 speed), Avet LX Raptor, Trinidad 16 (Gold), Torsa 30

    Sold. mods please delete post, thanks.
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    Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Black & Gold

    PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME ONLY 949.351.444four Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Gold & Black Star drag, Gear ratio- 6.1: 1 Spooled with 300 yards of 65lb spectra Light scratches -- used but not abused 10/10 mechanically, 08/10 condition- light boat rash on side plate With factory clamp Pick up only $150
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    Daiwa Saltist Black and Gold 35H

    Sold.. Thanks Tony!
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    Penn International 16S 2 Speed

    For sale - Penn International 16S 2-Speed - $250 I just had it serviced in June at Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside. I primarily us it as my back up troller for the boat. Very light use and in good condition! Thanks for looking, Newport Beach – (949) 351.4444
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    Ghost Shrimp Pump $20

    Sold.. Thanks
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    Bass Rods

    FOR A FASTER RESPONSE PLEASE CALL/TEXT OR PM Shimano Calcutta Inshore Series Casting Rod CLCX70ML 7'0" Medium Light - Extra Fast 8-14lb $199 (New) - $130 OBO G Loomis Bass Rod - sold Both rods are in great condition, barley used, not abused and no corrosion on guides...
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    70 QT. White Marine Igloo Cooler $20

    SOLD - Thanks
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    White Kirkland Freezer $60

    SOLD - MODS please delete Thanks Bob
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    ***SOLD***(Gold) Shimano Trinidad 30

    Sold - Thank you Mod please remove.
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    (Gold) Shimano Trinidad 30

    MOD.. please remove. Thanks
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    $50 Electric Mutiny Gloss Black/Grey Lens

    SOLD.. Mods please delete Thanks Bob
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    (4) SHIMANO TORSA 30 W/ 4 CAMS

    Sold - Thank you
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    Old School Sabre Rod ? ? ?

    Thanks in advance for the help. I have this old Sabre Lite SL 16 6-1/2FT one piece rod. The line class is 4-12#. Can anyone give me any history on it? It has two colors the bottom portion is yellow and the top portion is blue. I was told that it means the rod is built for IGFA line class. Any...
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    Calcutta 400TE NEW

    SOLD - Mods please delete..
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    Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Spectra

    SOLD <style></style>Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Spectra Thanks guys,
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    400 TE - Excellent Condition

    Mods please delete this post. thank you
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    Calstar - Custom Wrapped

    Sold <o:p></o:p>
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    NEW - Open Water Reel Bag $45.00

    PLEASE CALL OR PM - ONLY - THANK YOU 949-351-4444 Brand new reel bag that has never been used still with the price tag on it. The price tag say- $71.99. Letting it go for $45.00 The dimensions are 16.25" x 11" x 7.75" High grade 300-denier polyester Oversized corrosion-proof zippers...
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    Water Proof Camera $100

    WATER PROOF DIGITAL CAMERA DOWN TO 10 FEET The Stylus 850 SW is designed for active people who want a tough camera that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles. Incredibly durable, sleek and rugged, the Stylus 850 SW is a must-have vacation and boating accessory. Accidents happen. A...
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    Shimano Tallus Rods

    Sold - Thank you Jason !
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    (2) x Shimano Tallus Rods

    I have 2 Tallus rods in great shape. &#8226; Graphite inner and outer layers with a fiberglass core &#8226; Fuji reel seats &#8226; Gimbals &#8226; Factory wrapped, lifetime guarantee from Shimano. &#8226; Both 7 footers &#8226; 14-30lb Great tuna sticks, the rods are extras on the...
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    TLD 20 ll Speed $180

    SOLD Thank you