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  1. tree3

    Tailing sword in the LBC

    Saw a juvenile swordfish tailing at the Mussel Farm yesterday... due to slight chop, didn’t notice it until we were right on top of it - got to watch it slither away on the surface and then couldn’t relocate it. No pic. In other news, trolled 15, 20 and 30 X Raps at mussel, double rig to 150...
  2. tree3

    Monster Bones

    Spent a few days at the island with family. Never knew Bonito got so big, like true little tunas. Found large ones from Long Point all the way to Church Rock and everywhere in between. Only kept 1 and it turned into jumbo poke bowls for 4 peeps. Fun fishing, wish I could find yellows though!
  3. tree3

    Brokeback Yellowtail

    Had a fun fishing trip in the rain Saturday. I broke my back (L1 compression fracture) a month ago, so took it easy as skipper and tactician only. Had some single-day licensee buddies join me and we won the day with a hefty YT. We took our time with a 7:30 departure, skipped Nacho’s, and still...
  4. tree3


    Long morning with decent payoff right at the end... Hit Muscle farm, Elly/Ellen, 150, 105 Green Buoy. Found this one just before calling it quits up towards the top of the Horseshoe. Water way colder than I was hoping - never saw higher than 67 and mostly 65-66. Not too much boat traffic...
  5. tree3

    Friday LB Trolling for 1 Giant Rocket

    Thought the warmer water and big moon tides might bring some YTs closer to us - and maybe I could be the lucky chum to start it off... My pumps aren’t drawing water so I went out with a trusty green/silver Rapala XRap 20. Trolled the muscle farm, ran over to the rigs/150 area, then through the...
  6. tree3

    8.27 LBC - thank you Bloody Decks

    Been a while since I've fished. Read all the local awesomeness on BD last night and woke up early dreaming of tails. Trolled Rapala XRap 20 in light blue/silver - 6kn. Limit of these 5-10lbrs by 930.
  7. tree3

    Cat Calicos

    Made the run Sunday from Alamitos with sardines from Nacho. Straight to Eagle Reef for some guaranteed bassin before looking for YT. Set out a pair of XRaps for a troll up towards the West End, circled Bird Rock first and saw multiple hook ups with YT. Anchored up and fished the rest of our...
  8. tree3

    Palos Verdes kelp fishing

    Left Davies at 615 - 1/4 scoop of squid from Nachos ($30). We hit loose kelp lines off of the Trump area and picked up 6 calico, a skulpin and what I think was a little Cubera snapper? All too small and released. Moved spots to the edge of very tight kelp right off of Royal Palms and my buddy...
  9. tree3

    Long Beach Bugs!

    Had fun going out for season opener. Unfortunately got a little later start than desired, but had nets in by 1245. Hooped until 330. I only had 4 nets and now only have 3 due to sun dried line that popped on one of em, so I'll be replacing all the line on the rest. Used frozen chovies and...
  10. tree3

    Skunked... sort of - Shoe and 150

    Went out Sunday morning with plans to bypass live bait all together and just troll Rapalas. Got a nice, early start, on the water by 630 at Davies. As we're exiting the end of the jetty I remember I need a little gas. No problem, gun it to downtown for gas at Shoreline. Oops, they don't open...
  11. tree3

    Trolling - Green Bouy & the 150

    Found some bonito and 'cuda action towards the green bouy around 730 and then all the fish fell asleep. Ran over to the 150 and picked up these 3 on Rapalas. Back home for tacos by 1130. Fun day, calm waters and cloud cover. Gracias por El Niño.
  12. tree3

    Just Horsin' Around - Finally a great day!

    Launched at Davies 545 am. Line to get in, line to drop boat, holly hell of a line at Nachos (I'm talking 50 boats). Jammed down to San Pedro for a much shorter bait stop (healthy Mack's and dines) then headed for the Shoe. Turns out we didn't need that bait. Started off by trolling Rapala...
  13. tree3

    Oops, I caught another one...

    Still don't really know what I'm doing, but always fun to be on the water anyways. Headed out of Alamitos this morning at 6am. Picked up smallest scoop Nacho would give me; 4-5 inch decent sardines. Gunned it towards the 14 Mile bank and watched as water temp slowly creeped up from around 67...
  14. tree3


    Second post ever. I don't really get out too much to fish. Usually just family touring around Alamitos Bay. And not even that too often. I've caught a few calicos, sculpin, small buts and sandabs since moving out here from FL. Went out solo this morn and got small scoop of dines and macs from...
  15. tree3

    Skunked in PV

    Decent amount of boats on the water, didn't see a single fish on.
  16. tree3

    Hello: new from FL

    BD members. I recently moved to LB from Florida and just got my boat shipped over. I ready to start fishing... However, I've only got a bunch of FL inshore gear (2500s etc). I'm looking for folks that'd be interested in heading out and can bring along worthwhile equipment. My boat is well...