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  1. Caseydmaze

    Parker 2520 w a 300 Yammy

    Posting for y’all. I have no affiliation. Looks Bitchen. Happy Hunting!
  2. Caseydmaze

    Cat 6/24 YT

    Late start, left Newport at 1100. Hit Long Point to Whites. About 2 pm yt’s started puddlin’. Nearly every other boat had left. They chased the surface iron (bird shit and mint tady). 2 bites nothing stuck. Followed multiple times rt to boat. 2-3 at a time. Meter was going ballistic, took...
  3. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Beer Battered Tacos

    Short version only: This guy ate the chunk! As did 3 of his yellowfin buddies!! Between the 182 and 9. Finally! Get this stink off the boat! Oh and he tasted great!!
  4. Caseydmaze

    Question about finding Tuna

    ”Where will they be tomorrow, around 7am?” Thanks.
  5. Caseydmaze

    Wed Weather...

    Mixed 3-5’ at 8 seconds and 2-3 at 17 seconds w/ wind gusts to 15 in afternoon....gonna be a bit too lumpy...might have to wait to make the run to Catalina. Anybody seeing anything different on their apps??
  6. Caseydmaze

    Barn Kelp??

    Hows the Barn Kelp doing after this winter?? Thinking about taking some jr.’s up there outta O-Side next week for some chum and bass fishing. Any intel will help!! Thanks!
  7. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 182, 43

    Ran outta Mission Bay to 182 and 43. 68 degrees outside. Handful of dry paddies Metered nothing. Good color. Maybe another week or two. Cheers!
  8. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    1. Was just curious if I could post a video or catch photo on reports without a Salty Crew T shirt or hat? I’m aftaid I will not be trendy enough if Im not wearing exactly the same shit as everyone else. 2. Can we maybe create a new section called “look at me” that’s seperate from “catch...
  9. Caseydmaze

    Chloro/SST/Temp question

    Got a question. Reading current SST/Chloro and temp charts. I understand the idea of fishing the temp breaks because of nutrient rich cool water meeting warm etc....but is it the same for SST and Chloro?? Looking at the charts below these are not in the same areas so Im confused where to...
  10. Caseydmaze

    Callen Camper Shell

    i have a 2006 (04-06) Tundra w/ 6’2” bed. Searching for a Callen Camper. If u or anyone you know wants to sell one drop me a PM. Cheers, Casey
  11. Caseydmaze

    302 on Thunderbird

    Thunderbird outta Newport got one at 302!!!!
  12. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    Been working on this thing, needed to burn up some old fuel, wind forecast was down, figured what the heck. 6 am Launched Oside Ran down the coast to Lake La Jolla Trolled around for an hour or two...63 deg, off color, dead. Pointed it off shore a bit and ran to the 312...62 deg, water better...
  13. Caseydmaze

    Tuesday weather window???

    looking at NOAA and SailFlow...tuesday wind looks like its dropping off (for one day). Worth a trip to search off shore a bit??
  14. Caseydmaze

    19’ Bayrunner w 4 stroke $6500

    looks like a helluva adeal here for someone. Go get it ! Not mine, jist givin you hunters a heads up this morning!
  15. Caseydmaze

    Will Bait Teceiver guys split a scoop between 2 boats?

    Ive learned that bait lives better, longer when i dont overfill my tank...oygen, scales, stress...tou name it.(duhh). But paying for a 1/2 scoop only to tell the dude...”ok thats all i need” seems like a waste if money. Alot of The bait receivers wont sell you a 1/4 scoop (minimum 1/2) so im...
  16. Caseydmaze

    Simrad Go7 on sale for 2 days

    Just a heads up, not affiliated with em at all but WM has Simrad Go7’s with totalscan transducers on sale for 150 off Fri Sat. I have the same unit and dig it!
  17. Caseydmaze

    VHF Wanted

    Looking for a solid vhf, not a super old faded yellow one. If u have anything with decent power/range that u want to unload for under 100 bucks send me a PM. Thanks
  18. Caseydmaze

    Diesel PilotHouse Deal of the Century???
  19. Caseydmaze

    WTB Skipjack 20' Open

    Trying to find an older one thats ready to be repowered or rebuilt with a bracket and outboard. Whaddaya got??
  20. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Well, I didn't think I was gonna be doing this but here goes: 1980 JonDory Dory Completely rebuilt from the ground up over a 3 year period. 18' Center Console Full Tombstone transom 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke Outboard bracket Built in bait tank Rear built in fish box 25 gallon below deck Moeller Poly...
  21. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    Met my buddy at the launch ramp and we loaded up the 18 foot Dory with all the heaviest of gear. Weather window looked good, so we figured why not take a shot and see if we couldn't get ourselves a cow. Left Mission Bay 6am Headed toward 182. Stopped on a few patties, bait schools...
  22. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Dana Pt. to 209, 277, 279 (267) Thurs/22nd

    Overcast and Wet. Got Sardines, Left at 0600 Couple nice paddys 8 mi. out, empty Lotsa paddys around 15 out, Nobody home. DNA looking jellyfish everywhere. Saw a pilot whale at 20 out. Water Purple Blue near 209. Few boats out trolling around, not very crowded yet. Few more paddys toward...
  23. Caseydmaze

    Carlsbad Kelp 4/7

    11- 2 pm Got windy around noon Quick drifts through the kelp Threw artificials with my 9 &11 year old sons. Fun watching them improve If your kids hate fishing, i suggest scaling back and just letting them wack the calicos! Bass were on the chew. Weedless 5" worked well White Wax Wing was...
  24. Caseydmaze

    Shark Fishing Trailer FS

    Real fishy! Guaranteed to help you catch you the big one!!
  25. Caseydmaze

    Sway Back Cooler Seat

    $150- Great condition
  26. Caseydmaze

    Trailer Winch and Post

    Winch, strap, clip, post. Winch works good. The post is welded. So it cannot be adjusted up or down. It needs a rubber bow cradle thing. $20-
  27. Caseydmaze

    13" Steering wheel

  28. Caseydmaze

    Fiberglass Center Console New!

    Brand new fiberglass center console, beautiful smooth finish! Rough Water Products 31height X 21wide X 23length Includes large water tight hatch from West Marine, installed. Too small for my needs. Paid close to $500 for these two. Sell for $300obo Check it out below...
  29. Caseydmaze

    20' steering cable NEW!

    Brand new, never used. 20' SeaStar Solutions (Teleflex) Quick Connect style Came with No Feed Back helm...too long. Paid $112 Sell $50 My loss, your gain.
  30. Caseydmaze


    Just wondering, Has anyone tried chunking and drifting in the zone like the last two summers??
  31. Caseydmaze

    17 g. Fuel tank

    Moeller 17g. Below deck poly tank. 18 1/2" W x 36 3/4" L X 7" H. Brand new never used. $50
  32. Caseydmaze

    17' Crestline Boat

    never mind...its in its new home
  33. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Quite a long history, now Im bringing it home. This boat was left for dead, then partially resurrected. "Number Nine" is the ninth of 18 boats built in San Pedro called "John Woody's". As the previous owner Mike described it, its more of a classic '69 VW than modern day off the shelf piece of...
  34. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console

    SOLD 1996 Klamath 18' Off Shore Center Console 20 in. Transom 1996 Suzuki DT-55 2-stroke Super clean runs great!! 1996 Pacific Trailer (galvanized) New Raymarine Dragonfly 6 FF/GPS/Sonar w/ SoCal Chip New VHF New Shakespear antennae 28 gal. Aquaworld Bait tank New tires New steering cable New...
  35. Caseydmaze

    No longer searching...

    Im looking for an 18ish ' boat to fish so-cal inshore, 10-15 miles off shore and make crossings to Catalina to hoop for Bugs when conditions are right. It has to have a high freeboard and a nice transom...not a whaler style surfboard with rails to keep the water out. I'm not opposed to wood...
  36. Caseydmaze


    21'Starcraft Mariner Center Console This boat has been absolutely awesome for our family. Wide with very high gunwales. Very safe for kids. I'm 6'2" and it hits me at the waist. Lots of fish landed over the last 3 years. Launched out of MB, Oceanside, Dana Pt. and SD. Fished from Point...
  37. Caseydmaze

    DP 8/9

    Watched a boat burn up at the fuel dock. Bought a half scoop of itty bitty anchovies. Aimed out and South...toward 279. Lotsa boats, lotsa kelps, didnt see fish. Went straight outside about 15+ miles, finally no boats. 71.5 degree water. Suddenly aerial show like no other. 40-60lb. Yellowfin...
  38. Caseydmaze

    DP 7/28

    0430 - 1630. Skipped bait receiver. Went to Domes, made bait. Found a paddy 4 miles off with pair of healthy Dorado...wouldnt eat breakfast. Zig zagged offshore further toward 209...Blue Whale, gray whale, lots of paddies. Small yellowtail...wouldnt eat mackerel lunch. Turned and headed toward...
  39. Caseydmaze

    Summer moorings, slips or side ties.

    Info: I launch out of Oceanside, Mission Bay, Dana Pt. and that preferred order. About an hour drive from each. Normally trailer it back home to storage facility. Questions: Anyone leave their boat in the water during the summer months? Whats it cost? What do you tie it up to...
  40. Caseydmaze

    4-Stroke, Best Fuel Choice??

    Switching from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke. Reading about all the ethanol problems with fuel injectors. What is the best solution?? 1. fuel additives or 2. pay the price for gas at the fuel dock (supposedly doesnt contain ethanol)? Also, how much more can I expect to pay per gallon at the fuel...
  41. Caseydmaze

    Lets all go to BOX Cyn!!!

    It'd be rad if we left some YT's behind so they could re-populate for future fishing. I know, I know blast away. How many months of hauling 20+ lb.ers out of the same general area is sustainable though? I don't wanna see the DFG pull out the MLPA zone map for 2016 and see any more great spots...
  42. Caseydmaze

    'Domes to 267 Sunday 10/19

    Left Oceanside Harbor 0730. Sardines and Macs. Headed to zone outside of San O'nofre. Birds, dolphin, kelp paddies, 73 degree water...but.... No Fish! Worked out to 267 and zig zagged a the way back to harbor. Lots of good looking paddies, only one HUGE yellowtail to show!
  43. Caseydmaze

    Robalo, Invader or Proline

    Trying to decide on my next boat. Looking at 18-20 foot Center Consoles. Anyone with experience (good or bad) please drop a line. Mostly looking at older (less $$$$) Robalos, Prolines, Invaders, but want something with good quality. I know about the Invader fuel tank issues, but heard they...