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  1. Baby J

    South Korean electric reels

    After getting my ass kicked all weekend reeling up and down halibut rigs I’m looking at switching to electric reels. I’ve seen very little talk on here about the ones made in Korea but what is reported seems mostly positive. Are the budget friendly Banax or Silstar-Primmus any good for an...
  2. Baby J

    Looking for a marine CB radio

    Baby J submitted a new listing: Looking for a marine CB radio - Looking for a marine CB radio Learn more about this listing...
  3. Baby J

    Bennett Bolt trim tabs

    I have been running Bennett Bolt trim tabs on my 23’ walkaround for five years and absolutely love them. I’m trying to find a set of the Bennett “extra short” actuators for the Grady White 265 I recently purchased but they are special order and it looks like it will be a long lead time to get...
  4. Baby J

    Looking for a good Yamaha mechanic

    I just bought a boat with two Yamahas on it and would like to get them checked out before I try to go out. These are four stroke 2002 225's with 1400 hours so I'm aware of the possible corrosion issues. I want to upgrade to the new exhaust if it hasn't been replaced already. This boat has...
  5. Baby J

    Any advantage to buying a trailer out of state?

    I’m looking at buying a new triple axle trailer. It’s not a huge deal but the manufacturer gives a discount if you buy it at the factory which is out of state. Just curious if you save anything on tax and registration.
  6. Baby J

    WTB Good quality telescope

    Looking for a nice telescope to buy my wife for Christmas. She wants one of the really big ones so it doesn’t really need to be super portable. She really likes the Orion Skywatcher models but they are all on back order due to Covid. Anyone have one they would like to part with? I’d like to...
  7. Baby J

    Just in time before tuna season winds down

    Saw these at Walmart yesterday. Luxury beanbag chairs. They have foot rest beanbags too....
  8. Baby J

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    I know lots of people here like Garmin products and service like I always have but something has changed. I purchased a new not refurbished Chart plotter/fish finder on 1/20/19. It’s had about 8 months of actual use and has performed perfectly up until last week when it just stopped powering...
  9. Baby J

    Freshwater Lake Roosevelt

    Just got back from a week at Lake Roosevelt. Fishing was outstanding as usual. We caught tons of eating size walleye but no monsters. It appeared that the Kokanee were still not biting so I didn’t try to troll for them because my granddaughter gets bored with lots of trolling unless the action...
  10. Baby J

    Spot shrimping closed....

    Perfect timing to ruin a lot of people’s plans.
  11. Baby J

    Kicker motor fuel line with primer recommendations

    I need to replace mine and after reading the reviews on every one I find, I’m a little sketched out. This line and primer bulb will be inside my engine compartment. So many reports of the bulbs falling apart. An explosion or fire is pretty much worse case scenario fishing offshore. Can...
  12. Baby J

    Electric fuel pump to replace primer bulb?

    I’m running a Honda 9.9 kicker and it got a long fuel line coming off the main engine’s fuel filter. I was just getting all the spring maintenance done for this season and remembered last year I got pretty tired of pumping that bulb the first time I started the kicker each trip. It gets air...
  13. Baby J

    Low Temperature aluminum welding rods

    Like most folks here, I’m working on some winter boat projects. I’ve been doing some research and experimenting with these rods for aluminum. Using them is super easy and flame away but the welds are strong as hell. You can hammer the material and destroy it and the welds are still intact. My...
  14. Baby J

    Interesting story This guy would love living here if he’s got a taste for rat fish :D
  15. Baby J

    Holley Sniper Marine EFI

    I’m thinking about converting my engine to EFI and was looking at these Holley systems that are self tuning as long as you mount the special marine O2 sensor. I know Holley has a questionable reputation with their marine carbs but this is a different product line so I’m not as skeptical. I have...
  16. Baby J

    Simrad Totalscan transducer

    Can anyone give some feedback on these? I did a search and didn’t find much. Thinking about getting a GO9 or GO7 unit to pair with the big long Totalscan transducer. I’ve always had a tough time getting skimming transducers to work well at all times. I run trim and trim tabs depending on...
  17. Baby J

    Power out

    I sure hope that the hatcheries are doing ok. I know the Orting area is down hard and not expected to get back power until 10am Monday at the earliest. It would be pretty bad to lose everything on the Puyallup and Carbon rivers.
  18. Baby J

    Chart plotter back light

    The back light for my Northstar chart plotter appears to have failed. I can hear the usual sounds when I hit buttons but can’t see anything as it just a black screen. I wouldn’t mind upgrading but I have years of fishing, crabbing and shrimping cords stored on it. Have any of you guys replaced...
  19. Baby J

    Guess what fish

    Caught a non salmon last Sunday around 2-3pm while fishing for coho. Curious if anyone else has had this happen. Here’s all the info: Trolling about 3.5mph. (30 degree angle on the down rigger with 15 pound ball). 350’ deep water strait north of Port Angeles in the strait. Windy as hell...
  20. Baby J

    Looking for a Tanner team

    Anyone interesting in getting a group together that shares info on tanner crab results? The idea would be to spread out around the San Juan’s and the strait and help each other get dialed in. Due to the depths it’s not as fun to prospect like with dungy’s. I’ll have three pots rigged this...
  21. Baby J

    Close call today...

    Went halibut and shrimp fishing this weekend up in area 6 and had a weird thing happen this morning. We anchored for the night in Discovery bay. I woke up this morning and thought I felt someone board the boat. I jump up and get out of cuddy cabin and don’t see anything. I was trying to figure...
  22. Baby J

    Coastguard Cocktail

    The Coastguard gives folks that are severely seasick a cocktail of Promethazine and ephedrine. Does anyone have any experience with this combination of drugs for sea sickness? I’ve never had any issues that Bonine wouldn’t fix but last year I got really sick on one of our trips way offshore...
  23. Baby J

    Stand up paddle board mounting ideas

    The wife really enjoys riding the SUP while I fish in the middle of the day. I’m looking for a way to mount two on the top instead of the side rails this year so they are more out of the way. Anyone got one mounted to the top on their boat? Ours is a 23 foot walkaround.
  24. Baby J

    Anybody catching any chums yet?

    Thinking about taking the boat over to Hood Canal if they're starting to show up. Not seeing much chatter anywhere yet. I need some for the smoker and bellies for butts next spring.
  25. Baby J

    Saltwater I know this is the report forum but...

    Isn't anyone gonna talk about the 306,000 Atlantic salmon that escaped a pen up in area 7? No limit catch what you can.