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  1. freddyloan

    Room for 1 to SQ!!

    Hello, anyone interested in going to SQ this weekend?? We leave tonight at 8pm.
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    Then stay around here, no one is going to try to make you look or sound like you're making the wrong choice. But others have their own choice, and if they want to support a fishing community then that is our choice. You guys have to start realizing that this is an opportunity to view things in...
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    Just go down there and fish!!!
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    K&M Sportfishing. Yellowfin Tuna!!!

    Sweet, cant wait to be there soon.
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    Excellent Fishing!!! WFO Yellowtail!!!

    Good Stuff!! Saludos a SQ y felices fiestas navidenas!!
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    Looking for a ride - for a mom

    im down to go and can help with fuel and bait...... let me know anytime. im looking to go anytime soon. thanks.
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    SQ next weekend

    Im leaving in the evening prob around 6pm. ...... For all the rest that just came back, How was the fishing??? Sea bass still out there ?? I haven't seen any reports of them lately. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Anybody going to SQ?

    any reports??? let us know what you caught if you can. I cant wait till next weekend
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    San Quintin - Awesome

    sweet man Ill be down there saturday evening at the old mill as well......Black tundra w/ a dorado bloody decks sticker! good luck and maybe we'll see you down there!! Ive never had a problem w/ gear or fish at the border.
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    SQ next weekend

    Ill be going down there for the weekend as well. I was also there last month... x2 on what the last guy said. When and what time you leaving??
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    Anybody going to SQ?

    x2 Ill be down there labor day weekend fishing W/ Garcia's as well ..... what a coincidence!! good luck and see you down there
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    san quintin

    sorry, couldn't make the time. Im going there on Labor day weekend and need two more if anyone is interested?? Leaving Friday 8/29 and come back Monday 09/01, same deal two days fishing and same price but i need two!! My roommate and I go there often, so we ready again.... whose in????? Fishing...
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    san quintin

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    011-52(646)177-95-35 cell-011-521(646)171-83-48 [email protected] Im booking him on 8/9 on his big boat and still need a few more anglers if youre interested. 7143950858
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    Offshore Tuesday, 7/15/14

    great stuff and nice dodo, cant wait for one of thems.
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    Wide Open Tuna!!!! K&M Sportfishing

    Nice load.... Is the closure of bluefin catching in effect down there too?
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    Offshore Reel Adventure II Fish Reort 7/13/2014

    Sweet... .nice report. Last weekend, a jetted purple/black daisy chain lure was the hot one for us, so it seems to be the hot color. Also a blue/white cedar plug was also doing its part. Lets go Fishing!!!!!!!
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    Offshore 425 / Islands

    thats an awesome haul, Ive been out twice this season and have a freezer full of meat..... but those dodo's are still missing! Looks like the fishing is only going to get better. Looking for other ho's?? for your rotation? If so im interested... 7143950858. thanks
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    Offshore 7/13 YFT limits and lot of YT on the Swell Chaser 425/371

    Thats great this season has started with great fishing. Everyone should get out there. Nice catch and thanks for posting your report.
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    Anyone have spot on boat to fish out of Ensenada the week of Aug 28th?

    My roommate and myself are always down for a panga. Let us know anytime!! 7143950858
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    07/05/2014 Slay at the 238!!

    0115216461779535 Im planning another trip fishing on 07/26 or 8/2 on his big boat that can fish w/ fifteen but were doing ten only. I have 5 so far...... let me know if you're interested.
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    Try Alex at Azteca Sportfishing, 011 52 646 171 8348 x2 this is our report with him last weekend.
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    07/05/2014 Slay at the 238!!

    Alex is the man I went fishing the first time in Ensenada for the first time in 2001 and he was my captain on his smaller boat and I was in the cabin puffing all day until he came in and gave me a mouth full for not being out on the deck when the bite was on!!! I caught my first of 5 albacores...
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    07/05/2014 Slay at the 238!!

    What up Victor Campos, did you go out that day?? How was it?
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    07/05/2014 Slay at the 238!!

    Long report short, decided to go out with my roommate after a slow 4th of July. Headed out to Ensenada, docked out at 1am with Captain Pila with the Azteca too. Reached the spot by dawn and started trolling. Bait was pretty bad chovies. It dint take long for the first strike, double, both...
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    who's going tomorrow independence day

    any room anyone, i dint have the time but now i do!! willing to share cost, ect. ect . 7143950858
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    Hey, I read your post, and was wondering if you might need an or would consider taking an extra...

    Hey, I read your post, and was wondering if you might need an or would consider taking an extra guy or two? splitting cost ect. ect. I don't have a boat or planned to go out this weekend, but i have it open now and the bite seems great, so i figured i try. Please let me know either way...
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    Offshore Link to my 10 day trip that returned 10-28-13 on the Royal Polaris!

    Good Stuff that looks like so much fun!! I am planning on taking my father on the new years special!! I hope to land some nice catches too! Oh and next year.... donate some fish to me!!!!!!!!!! lol nice pics too by the way.
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    Offshore Tribute 10.10-11.13 Overnight

    Nice job.. thanks for the pics and report - - - Updated - - - Nice job.. thanks for the pics and report
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    Huatulco Dorado Fishing is Best In Years

    Sweet, I always go to Acapulco.. about twice a year. But I've been thinking about going the extra distance to Huatulco.... maybe its time!! Hopefully in December. Thanks for your reports and pics
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    Offshore 181 Paddy. Late Report

    That is awesome, nice pics and report. Nothing beats a day out in the water with your family!
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  33. freddyloan

    325 lb blue solo in Huatulco!

    nice report and pics
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    Epic Spearing West of San Diego: Dorado, Yellows, and a Marlin

    What an experience that must be, good job. Way to live it up
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    Offshore Made my first Spearfishing video. Hit the 43 with some friends this weekend

    that looks like an awesome experience way to live it up!
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    Offshore 371 on 9-22

    Good job , and thanks for the report
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    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! - - - Updated - - - YESSSS!!!!!!!
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    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    Lets head down south!!! Hope it gets better by Friday
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    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    Lets do it!!! Hope it gets better by Friday
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    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Are we not suppose to encourage newbies ?? Who's going to teach him if we don't??? I personally take someone new fishing every season in hopes to get people out there and enjoy the water, which will then be passed on and on along with proper ethics. If this guy can't hold a rod or chooses not...
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    Nice!!! I guess its time to head south!!! thanks for the report
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    Offshore 8/16 Friday Report, 425, 371 and U hidden triangle.

    i was out there on Thursday out of ensenada on a panga.... same thing lots of life in some paddies including lots of jumping dodos and nada! We only had beat up anchovies.. towards the end of the day we found a willing paddy w/ lots of yellows most around 5 lb range we limited on them. After we...
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    San Quintin -- fishing was good -- 08/11 report

    nice.... good stuff. I've fished w/ pancho before, good captain.
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    Offshore Long day but worth it Sat 8/10/13

    Nice trip ... good job guys. Thursday is my turn!!!!
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    Offshore 8/10/13 Epic day with limits!!!

    thanks for the report. Nice catch and pics.... I cant wait till Thursday to finally be out there!!
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    Offshore Aug 1ST 2013 THE PENS

    Nice trip and pictures. Thanks for the post
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    Offshore That's my boy - Thursday 1 August

    Thats awesome!! Nice on getting your BF back! lol
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    Offshore 1 Dorado near 302-226, Lucky Marlin on the 9, GPS #'s - August 1, 2013

    Nothing better than a day w/ your pops and bro on the water .... Marlin is the icing on the cake!!! Good stuff
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    Offshore Mola riding - it is for real!

    Very funny man..... so whats next??? a seal??
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    Offshore Way Offshore - Tuesday 7/30 - BFT and Jellotail

    good stuff and nice pics of the deck!!
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    Offshore Phattys on the Tuna Pens 7/27

    nice catch guys./..... thanks for the report and pics
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    Offshore Bluefin 7/31/13

    Good job on your catch and getting the change to chill w/ your son!!
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    Offshore Jumbo Blufin

    Nice!! cant wait to go out second weekend of August!! Good pics by the way.
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    Offshore El Capitan 1.5 day 6/13-6/15

    Nice job and good pics!! Its nice to start seeing the BFT around. Thanks for the report
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    Death at La Salina

    Sorry for your loss.... ive fished out of La Salina, and im pretty sure i will again, when i do i will definitely have this on my mind, and will drink two beers for your dad on the way out . May your dad rest in peace in fishing heaven
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    Offshore Bluefin 170 miles from Pt.Loma 5-8-13

    Memorial weekend!!!!!!! Lets do it!!!!
  57. freddyloan

    Buddy boat Ensenada offshore scouting trip

    Good luck guys, looking forward to that report!!
  58. freddyloan


    Wow! Nice lings. Thank for the report and great catches man!! Cant wait for memorial day weekend!!! Here we come SQ!!
  59. freddyloan

    Ensenada 4-25-13-Yellows everywhere & Lings

    man Louie that Soup sounds great!! I've never fished w/ you but i can't wait to do so this season and try some food and drinks at your restaurant! and again thank you for the reports.
  60. freddyloan

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Nice catch and thanks for the report! The season looks promising!!
  61. freddyloan

    Ensenada 4-12-13-Reel Adventure Yellows & first Barracuda of the year

    Great catch and thanks always for the reports!! Bring on the Fish BabY!!
  62. freddyloan

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    epic, this is what happens on the off season!! Good stuff though!!
  63. freddyloan

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    Joke or not... at least you're out there! Either way its cool to have a little fun and attract these many comments. I like your shirt too, it makes it even Better. "As long as you have fun and on the water" you doing good!! Thanks for the post and all the entertaining responses a had a good...
  64. freddyloan


    WoW, WoW, and another WoW!!!! Lets go to SQ!!!! Lets do it!!!!
  65. freddyloan

    Acapulco Charters?

    The best time to fish down there is during the months of November and December. I was just there and fished on the 23rd. We dint catch anything though. Ive been going there for about 10 years now and always fished with Cpt. Thomas. He has two boats and usually charges 2500 peson or a little over...
  66. freddyloan

    What to expect in Acapulco next week?

    Im usually down there at least every other year since 2001!! I always go from my hotel to fishing, and maybe a couple of other spots. I usually travel from Mexico city to Cuernavaca, to Acapulco, I guess its easier for me since i have family down there. But one thing's for sure, i always land a...
  67. freddyloan

    What to expect in Acapulco next week?

    Im going down to Acapulco on 2/21!! I wanted to see if anyone has any pointers for me on what type of lures or skirts would be best for down there? I know its Sail Fish and Mahi season for sure. I usually go to the marina to negotiate but if any good boats out there with good gear would be nice...
  68. freddyloan

    No need for a big boat

    Good stuff thats a great catch! Happy holidays
  69. freddyloan

    K&M San Quintin Yellowtail-Rockcod and more!

    Nice, its good to see SQ always has FISH! Thank you and don't stop posting
  70. freddyloan


    Thank you for all the reports and keep posting em!
  71. freddyloan

    This week in La Bocana

    good stuff, nice pics
  72. freddyloan


    not too bad for a nov trip, great job!
  73. freddyloan

    La bocana fish report.

    Nice pictures and Fish!! Thank you for the report, keep up the good work!
  74. freddyloan

    San Quintin This Weekend- you going?

    Sorry for the late Report, was there on Friday, WSB still around, but we dint connect!! One of the other Boats landed a nice 30lb size WSB. We filled the coolers though. I would recommend the high spots they seem to have more bigger models, yt. The beach is full of Barracuda, calico, sand b...
  75. freddyloan

    BOLA Oct. 21-25

    Good stuff!
  76. freddyloan

    San Quintin This Weekend- you going?

    Jardines is actually very nice, also there is other nicer boats out there, but don eddies is pretty cool too.
  77. freddyloan

    San Quintin This Weekend- you going?

    im fishing there tomorrow, wont be able to report till Saturday morning around 10am. Ill give you the heads up, i will be fishing with Garcias Pangas. Lets hope the fish gods are with us!! Good luck
  78. freddyloan

    Offshore Late Report Sat 10-20

    Good stuff im thinking on heading out this friday and your report just makes me want to go already. Great job on sticking it out there.
  79. freddyloan

    Offshore 1067 Knuckle for YFT,YT, and Dorado

    Thats great im glad fish are still out there!! Im going to give it a go and see what happens on Friday.. Nice load and pics.
  80. freddyloan

    Offshore What is this!

    Great catch and pics, im going to give it a go on Friday and hope the fish gods are with me! Good job..... thats a lot of meet!!
  81. freddyloan

    Offshore 1010-1067 Still there, where are you? Weds 10/17

    that looks like a great trip!! Im going to give it a go next friday and see what happens.
  82. freddyloan

    Offshore 10-19-12 1010 area

    What were the tuna biting on the troll?
  83. freddyloan

    Offshore 10-19-12 1010 area

    Great report and pics, im thinking on heading out This Friday! Hopefully it keeps up
  84. freddyloan

    fun in san quintin mexico

    That looks like a great day in the water. SQ is the best fishing town in Baja Norte!!
  85. freddyloan

    Ensenada 10-12 & 10-16-12 -Big Tuna, Dorados & Yellows

    its good to see the fish are still out there, Great job on the reports and pics, Keep up the good fishin!!
  86. freddyloan

    Offshore 371 YFT

    Catching some is better that none! Great job on getting out there. Im sure those moments will be forever imprinted in your children's life memories. Your'e a good dad, cant wait to take mine out some day! 2 yr n 2mo old!! Soon....
  87. freddyloan

    Offshore 10-5 -12 hidden

    Thats some good stuff right there. Great job
  88. freddyloan

    Offshore Fished the Hidden on 10/02!

    Yeah i know man, but the little sucker swallowed my "dine" and he died wile trying to get to the hook!! Oh well hes in fish heaven now, lol We had a good time though fish are still out there. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  89. freddyloan

    Offshore Fished the Hidden on 10/02!

    I fished with Campos out of La Salina for the first time,it was very convenient and really close drive from the border, heres his report on 10/02, with bd er escalanterich . Thank you for making our day out in the water! Ive never fished with anyone more passionate about fishing then Vic Campos...
  90. freddyloan

    La Salina- Campos Sportfishing

    Victor, Thank you for the Experience!Fishing out of Las Salinas for the first time was great, very convenient and close drive from the border! Ive never met anyone thats so into fishing like you, keep up the great work and we will definitely see you sooner than later. If you want to fish with...
  91. freddyloan

    Offshore Legend 1.5 day Slayfest 10/2/12

    sounds like you had a great day, good job and nice pics.
  92. freddyloan

    Offshore 10/2 Hidden Bank

    I was also there yesterday, in the same area went out with campos out of salinas. The fish were really hard to find, we managed two yellow fin and three nice size yellow tail (which are every were!) also released all the smaller ones, about 15 of them hitting on everything off the paddies. Never...
  93. freddyloan

    Offshore 60 t0 70 yellow fin tuna disappear

    This is going to be on the next season of "Decoded" lol:rofl::rofl: Or how bout a drama tuna fishing show? Oh never mind its already out there!!:rofl::rofl: and all of this smells a little like:shithappens: Anyone want to go fishing the 1010 out of salinas with campos on Monday? 7143950858
  94. freddyloan

    One more for SQ

    spot filled. Will be back on Tuesday with report. Tanks.
  95. freddyloan

    Offshore 213&1010 Fishing 9-25 Tuesday..

    Well at least you caught a few, it could of always been worse! Good pictures too
  96. freddyloan

    9/21-9/22 DreamWeaver - Jessica

    Nice it looks like you and your wife had a great time. Good to see girls fishing.
  97. freddyloan

    One more for SQ

    If anyone is interested, my dad and i are heading down to San Qintin on Sunday evening, Arriving there in the early morning (2A) sleep for about 4 hrs and go fishing!! The trip cost of boat, tip, cleaning and Gas/quotas is about 540 witch will be divided into 3. All other cost is on you, food...
  98. freddyloan

    Offshore Chickens of the Sea!!!

    Those are great size Albies!! good job
  99. freddyloan

    Offshore 9-25-12 D220 to 1010

    Nice catch and its nice to see the fish are still out there!!
  100. freddyloan

    Offshore Late report 9-22 south of 390

    Well it sounds like you had a good time on your boat and got some fish witch is the plus of your trip. Seems like a great day to me! good job on those chicks
  101. freddyloan

    Offshore Yellowfin Limits On The Pegasus 22Sept2012

    All of those are nice quality fish but it must feel great to have the best one!
  102. freddyloan

    Offshore How does the Legend lose my YT?...

    Saw the video, That chick knows how to fish and caught like 3 fish just in the video. I think someone is just mad a hot chick caught more fish then them!!
  103. freddyloan

    Offshore How does the Legend lose my YT?...

    Well maybe shell be back, and bring some of her Friends with her!! lol
  104. freddyloan

    Offshore They are getting bigger and closer!!!

    Sounds like it was a great trip, Great pics
  105. freddyloan

    Offshore YFT, & Dodo's

    Great haul, nice job
  106. freddyloan

    Clean the Playa and get a Fishing rod!

    It all starts with the children. Stan for President!!!!
  107. freddyloan

    Heads up on Mariam

    Thanks for the heads up, i was planning on going down to SQ again this week!!
  108. freddyloan

    San Quintin 9/17-9/21

    Nice report, i was just there last week and im going back on thursday!! SQ is awesome!
  109. freddyloan

    SQ. What are you waiting for??

    i was out in the water there last week. Action was great, heading down there again next friday. Hopefully the tuna gods will answer this time!
  110. freddyloan

    Offshore Dodos = Dinner

    Well its good to know theyre are still out there, nice report and good dodos
  111. freddyloan

    Offshore 1010 area 9/22 BFT YFT YT DODO

    Nice report, its nice to see the fish are still out there! Good job
  112. freddyloan

    Offshore Nice Albacore at 1010/213 Area

    Nice report and pics. Its good to see fish are still outthere
  113. freddyloan

    Offshore Call in sick tomorrow !

    Nice pics and great haul. Good job
  114. freddyloan

    Fish are outthere!

    Hola gordo gracias for the report as promised. We had a great day out with you guys on Thursday. Were home enjoying the catch now. Thank you for the great fishing and we will see you soon. everyone who hasnt been there this season youre missing out on good fishing, good people and a great time!
  115. freddyloan

    Can you get back across the Border with just a CA drivers license now?

    Just got back friday morning from SQ, with my two friends that i go fishing with all the time. Everything was great at the border as usual, and all my friends use is a birth certificate and CA DL. I use my Passport but they been using that ever since i can remember and we never had any problems...
  116. freddyloan

    Ensenada 9-14 & 9-19-12-Yellowfin, Dorado & Yellowtail

    What a great day it looks like you and your wife had. Good job
  117. freddyloan

    San Quintin Berry Farmers & wide open Tuna

    That looks awesome!! cant wait to reel me some in!!
  118. freddyloan

    K&Ms Capt "Bird" 240SLUGS&TUNALIMTS!

    Wow,nice haul ill be there tomorrow. Tuna Baby!!!
  119. freddyloan

    San Quintin- Now is the time

    Sweet cant wait to be there tomorrow. woo woo
  120. freddyloan

    San Quintin 9-15, 9-16 with Capt Jaime Garcia

    nice fish, i hope you left some for me! Ill be there in the morning, planing on hitting the tuna.
  121. freddyloan

    San Quintin September 17

    Wow, Wow, WoW, SQ bound! I be there in the morning, to hunt some tuna baby!!
  122. freddyloan


    Cant wait to be there tomorrow in the morning! YFT is happening down there too! Garcias reported last night.
  123. freddyloan

    No Country Club For Old Men (Pic heavy)

    looks like an awesome adventure, good job.
  124. freddyloan

    Offshore Tuna slay ride on the Perro Grande.

    Nice haul, i guess the tuna are still everywhere! Im heading out to SQ this evening fishing tomorrow morning! Hope to catch me some of those bad boys.
  125. freddyloan

    Huge Seabass, Tuna & Clowns.......K&M

    Wow cant wait to be there on Thursday.
  126. freddyloan

    Offshore Out of bait just as we found Blue Fin school

    All in all, sounds like a great day, nice report/pictures. Good job
  127. freddyloan

    Offshore Seasons Sportfising *GRAND SLAM* Report

    Looks like fishing is still going, lets get out there one more time!!
  128. freddyloan

    Offshore Deformed Dorado

    Crazy fish but even crazier trip sound like it was a great trip.
  129. freddyloan

    Offshore 1010/d220

    Nice haul sound like it was a pretty good trip. Nice job
  130. freddyloan

    Offshore The Magic Paddy

    WOW, WOW, WOW, Great trip, and awesome pictures. Those last two bull must have ended your day just right! Congratulations.
  131. freddyloan

    Offshore 9/14 & 15 Surly Mermaid Dorado and YT

    All in all, sounds like a great adventure. Nice job
  132. freddyloan

    Isla de Cedros September 3rd to 8th

    Everything is huge! great fish and pictures.
  133. freddyloan


    great job for such a short trip.
  134. freddyloan

    Offshore West of the 302

    good job hunting them, thats a good bloody looking dodo!
  135. freddyloan

    Offshore Late 1010 Go The Distance report 9/14

    Nice haul, good pics looks like a fun trip.
  136. freddyloan

    Offshore Underwater Clips from the 181 & 182

    That was a great video, looks like a lot of fun. Good job
  137. freddyloan

    Offshore 1010 trench 9-14-12 in snotty weather

    Sounds like a good day after all
  138. freddyloan

    Offshore 277 Area 9/14/12

    Good report and nice DODO
  139. freddyloan

    Offshore Dorado fishing near the 182

    Great job and its nice to see the fish are still out there.
  140. freddyloan

    Tuna yet SJDC

    Those bastards!!
  141. freddyloan

    Offshore Offshore Weather Update 9/12/2012

    thefishingweatherman is the man!!
  142. freddyloan

    Offshore 2 1/2 Day Big Game 90 Huge Dodo.

    That thing is huge !!!!! Cant believe it. Great job that must have been exiting.
  143. freddyloan

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    wow what a monster but it doesn't surprise me.
  144. freddyloan

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey 9-10 with video of shark chasing tuna

    Great video and awesome pictures. That water looks so calm. It had to be a great trip! Thanks for the report.
  145. freddyloan

    Los 3 Oscars,

    very nice as usual.
  146. freddyloan

    San Quintin this weekend SLOWED DOWN

    Big fish for a slow day
  147. freddyloan

    Offshore Bluefin, Albacore, YT, Dodo's

    Good stuff on the release.
  148. freddyloan

    Offshore DO DO's at the 267

    Any day on a boat is a great day.
  149. freddyloan

    Offshore Nine Seven Twelve Kelp Hunt Dorado

    Thats some quality fish right there, nice job.
  150. freddyloan

    Offshore EPIC DAY @ THE 1010

    All in one trip! What a day, great job.
  151. freddyloan

    Offshore What you might find south of the border

    But what happened to the fishing report?
  152. freddyloan

    Offshore What you might find south of the border

    Those guys are always cool down there.
  153. freddyloan

    Offshore 182 ON THE "ON ONE" 9/10/12

    Nice fish! Glad you had a great time. Cant wait to go next week
  154. freddyloan

    Offshore Tuna Pens 8-31-12

    Good video, good fish, great fishing day! Nice job guys.
  155. freddyloan

    Offshore Nine Seven Twelve Kelp Hunt Dorado

    WoW, what a great report. Glad you gad a good fishing day!
  156. freddyloan


    yeah save some for our kids kids! lol . No, but even keep a few if no big ones are around but for sure "throw the smalls back" to ensure our fishing. P.S. The sailfish in my avatar, dint make it n thats why we kept him.
  157. freddyloan

    voucher on condor for sale overnight trip

    What boat is it for? Expiration date? And whats the least you'll take? I haven't been out yet and i think this might be a good chance for me. Let me know, thank you
  158. freddyloan

    Offshore My Kids First Fishing Trip!!!!

    Priceless!! you all look so happy. A moment hard to ever forget and its just the beginning of you and your boys fishing adventures. Cant wait to take mine too!!! Congrats on your experience
  159. freddyloan

    Offshore Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    What a great report/pics. gotta love this season!
  160. freddyloan

    Ensenada 8-30 & 9-1-2012-Inshore & Offshore Yellows, Dorado, Bass & Halibut

    good stuff over there, cant wait for them yft!!
  161. freddyloan

    San Quintin 9/1-2 good times, small tunas

    Captain EDDY is one of the best in SQ including his Brother Gordo. I fished with garcias many times in the past. Never had a bad fishing day there and with the bite going on right now SQ is any fisherman's dream. SQ the best fishing spot in Baja Norte, And if you dont know NOW YOU KNOW!!
  162. freddyloan

    HO's List

    Im also a HO!!
  163. freddyloan

    Offshore Pigs at the Pens 8-29-12

    Nice fish and what a great season!! Keep up the good fishing
  164. freddyloan

    Offshore 8/29/2012 - Pens and Offshore

    Great trip, great fish, great fishing and what a great fishing season. Keep up the good fishing boys!!
  165. freddyloan

    Ensenada best trip of my life

    great day, you couldnt ask for more. Keep up the good fishing boys
  166. freddyloan

    Big 240 Yellowtail K&Ms Capt Oscar

    you cant ask for a better day
  167. freddyloan

    K&M Tagging WSB with PIER

    good stuff down there:2gunsfiring_v1:
  168. freddyloan

    Any one have room for 1 more on Monday?

    Hey im planning a SQ trip around the middle of Sept. But i really want to get out to the action soon/now!! Please contact me if you have room and what the cost would be for me. Thank you and keep on FISHING!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  169. freddyloan

    LA SALINA- off shore

    Hey captain what do you charge for an off shore trip during the week?
  170. freddyloan

    Ensenada 8-24 & 8-25-12-Dorado!

    good fishing!! Cant wait to real me one in!!
  171. freddyloan

    SQ this weekend

    great fishing cant wait to go!! What are tiburon's fares?
  172. freddyloan

    Awesome San Quintin Fishing with Captain Jaime Garcia

    great fishing capi im planing a trip down there during the week of Sept 10, What do you charge for a tuna run? Is it true the weather is getting windy and cold?
  173. freddyloan

    San Quintin Anyone? 2 more

    wow serious? Im not planning on going till around the week of Sept 10 so hopefully it gets better. Ill keep my ear out for the weather though And thank you for the Intel.
  174. freddyloan

    Fishing South

    Do you have room for two? What are the cost for this trip?
  175. freddyloan

    San Quintin Anyone? 2 more

    were going out two days one for WSB and a tuna run. It Might be more like 250 PP.
  176. freddyloan

    good fishing in August 2012 by

    Nice Fishing Gordo! Looks like a fish Buffet over there. I will C you there in the next couple weeks. Save some of tunas/WSB for us.
  177. freddyloan

    San Quintin Anyone? 2 more

    Hey im putting a San Quintin trip together for sometime in the next week or so. The trip is for 4, my friend and myself are ready to go as soon as we get 2 more. Cost of trip including ride there and back (we drive), boat, tip and fish cleaning should be around 230 pp. You provide your drinks...
  178. freddyloan


    Ive been loyal to another fishing family since i started fishing SQ 5 seasons ago. But im a huge fan of your post C Kelly. I might have to change it up a little and go out with you sometime. I will contact you the week after the tourney. Good luck and keep caching Em!!
  179. freddyloan

    muy buena pesca by

    Que buena pesca gordo!! Ahi nos vemos pronto, despues del torneo para que nos echemos unos sarandeados y un sashimi!! Y que siga la pesca!!