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    Panama City Fishing Suggestions

    Heading to Panama City tomorrow for a week. Anyone have good beach fishing tips/advice or offshore trip info? thanks, dave
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    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    Just got back home from fishing an overnight we on The Mirage. Was hoping for WSB and maybe a halibut but that was not to be. Caught some good whitefish and some really good reds and rockfish. Nothing amazing but some good 3 to 6 pounders. This was my first trip out with them after having...
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    Fishing in SLO

    Taking our camper and Heading to a KOA in SLO with friends and family for my 40th. Any places to sneak away and fish that are worth while? Tried searching on here but not much info. Thanks guys
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    Upcoming trip to Destin

    Hello all and wishing you a happy new year to come. My family and extended family will be meeting in Destin, Florida the first week of June, COVID permitting. While there for approximately a full week I interested in getting into some fish whether from the shore, kayak, or charter boat either...
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    Fishing 2 Harbors

    Anybody have any knowledge of fishing 2 harbors this time of year? on a getaway with the wifey and she is happy to sleep in since the kiddos are with my outlaws and I am ready to go before the sun comes up. The kayak/boat rental guy doesn’t start u til 0900 and he seems less than enthused to...
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    Bugged in LBC

    Bugged on the yak last night. 6 legal and 6 shorts
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    Bugging on my yak tonight

    Hello all Heading out of Long Beach on my kayak tonight to find some flap, flap, flappers. If anyone else is planning on being out there tonight come hit me up and share a shot of Makers with me. Dave
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    Hello all, The family and I went camping at Crystal Cove Moro Campground this weekend. Got there late Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning. I have driven through there numerous times but it was my first time getting out there. The place is soo friggen beautiful and we had a great trip...
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    Big Bear for the weekend

    What’s up guys and gals? I’m up here in Big Bear for the weekend with my family and it’s looking like I may be able to sneak out in the early am for some fishing. Brought my pole and some GULP but really wasn’t expecting to get out, however, it looks like I may get a small window tomorrow and...
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    What a wonderful world

    I recently got off an 8 hour OT shift that I had to (and got to) work today. Finally sitting in my back yard with my dogs, wife and kiddos and just heard Israel’s version of Somewhere over the rainbow followed by Louis Armstrong singing “What a wonderful world” while enjoying this beautiful...
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    Possible Positive Unexpected Consequences

    Like many of you I have had some free time to think, read and jack around a bit lately and have been trying to think days, weeks and months ahead to best position myself and my family for the long haul. While working, thinking, day dreaming and waiting for the next BD post I can read to take my...
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    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    First lobster trip of the year for me on the kayak. I’ll keep you guys posted. I like lobster a lot better than turkey, I don’t care how you cook it. hoops are in and just popped a top
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    WTF is up with the 976 website?!!!!!

    Have tried looking at what’s going on and all I see is singles websites. I’m not single nor have I looked for that. Anyone else having this issue
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    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    sorry for the late post but I finally found a little time. Havent been out for over a year and I think the last time it had been over a year as well. Work and home with the kids (4,2 and 10 months) have kept me busy and I always feel guilty leaving them when I have the time to spend with them...
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    Fresh water fishing Long Beach???

    hello anglers and anglerettes!!!! I am asking for some advice if ya can help me. I have an amazing 3 year old little girl that is CRAZY excited to go fishing. We bought a set up at BPS that has a zebco type reel and light up princess rod with some cut out fish molds and fish all over the...
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    Thunderbird - Late Report

    Sorry for the late report guys. I always appreciate you guys that do on the water reports and the ones loaded with Intel. I always began the day saying I'm gonna do one of those amazing posts like Corey and a few other people on here, but I end up getting a mile or two off the coast and all...
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    Seriously, how?

    I don't contribute as much to this site as I would like because I really don't get out very much anymore. I work a good amount and have a couple rug rats running around keeping me busy when I'm not on the job. I just left the show with my oldest daughter and looked at all of the latest and...
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    Looking for a paddle board

    Looking to buy a used SUP. Nothing fancy just something to paddle around in long beach with and maybe cast a plastic from time to time. Anybody have anything?
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    B.O.B. Stroller and Baby Stuff

    Single seat BOB running stroller. Stroller is in great condition. Bought new for $350 and selling after one child's use. We have the double BOB now. $200 Great Deal for this amazing stroller. Text me for pics Dave 562-619-8713 Also have other baby items if interested. Strollers, high...
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    WTB hard top for Jeep

    Looking for a hard top for a 4 door Jeep Wrangler
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    Cast net

    Just finished watching "Local Knowledge" building life. Really like the show and I am going to add some of the life building to my arsenal this year and see how it works. In watching the episode and having lived in south Florida for a short time in my late teens I used the cast net all the...
  22. C-4 Fishing

    Slow for me in LBC

    Went out bugging last night with 2 buddies in one of their 20 foot center consuls in Long Beach. Got on the water by 3:30 and at our first spots by the Harbor police station near the lanes by 4:30 and began setting. First hoop that hit the water sank down about 10 feet before it was ripped...
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    Jetty Bugging

    Only had a little bit of time last night. Not enough to get the kayak and gear ready and hit the water. Thought about walking to the end of the Los Alamitos jetty and throwing a couple hoops in to see what I could catch. Has anyone done this, if so any luck? I would think pulling at an angle...
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    Late Post:YT on the Patriot

    Hey guys, Sorry for the late report, been a busy week. Went out on the patriot on the 2nd. We, like everyone and their mother hit the 150 for the local school of yellows. About 25 boats out there and this was according to the regulars a very light day. Fished the area for a little while but...
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    Advice:Fishing Destin Florida

    Hello fellow BDers, I have a family reunion/vacation coming up at the end of July, beginning of August in Destin. We are coming from Southern Cal, Texas and Kentucky. I was hoping I could talk with someone about fishing options when we are down there (Surf, Reefs, and Offshore). Any help...
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    My person best lobster

    Caught on 3/17/14
  27. C-4 Fishing

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    The thunderbird is doing better than the regulars Jeff knows how to get it done