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  1. Lundalakan

    Calstar Rod Decals

  2. Lundalakan

    Price of Admission

    It already costs me enough going to cedros
  3. Lundalakan

    Scientific lobster question

    I need to see how well it works for hypalon adhesive
  4. Lundalakan

    Calstar Rod Decals

    Pm me you address. 4 to pescado 2 to you
  5. Lundalakan

    Calstar Rod Decals

    I have 6 of the top pictured decals you want. Let me know
  6. Lundalakan

    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    I’ve been happy with my renzetti lathe. I changed out o rings once on the support wheels and burnt out two motors. The motors were my fault, too lazy to go out to the garage and use my wood lathe on hypalon. I’ve used it hard. It’s been worth it
  7. Lundalakan

    Old FENWICK / Lamiglas salmon rods

    I have 4 unbuilt NOS blanks SP845F 9’ 2pc SH964F 9’ 2pc LB1655XH 5.5‘ heavy bait/trolling MSP721F 6’ 2 pc ultralight interested?
  8. Lundalakan

    Select that rod carefully...

    Did that once on an american angler 10 day. Yellowfin handed me my ass on too light a rod. Cameron had to finish it off. Sam had fun telling me it would have won jackpot on the last night before we docked
  9. Lundalakan

    Free vhs tapes, fly tying, fly casting etc

    I have a box of fly fishing vhs tapes. About 14 tapes iirc. Fly tying, fly casting tutorials, trout and steelhead fishing. I was given this by a BD’er years ago and would like to give it to someone that can use it. Free! pick up in poway, Ca
  10. Lundalakan

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    I’ve called that number a couple times in the past 6-7 years, same thing, answering machine.
  11. Lundalakan

    Shogun - Police

    They have diseases these days that will scare the chit out of penicillin
  12. Lundalakan

    Aluminum Trailer Beams?

    I got some at Escondido metal supply on mission rd. They have, or can get, structural square tube or the lighter stuff.
  13. Lundalakan

    Reprinting Mexican Fishing Lic

    Good to know. I usually buy online and print a few off to cma
  14. Lundalakan

    Splicing 400lb

    I have to ask......what are you using this for? tackle direct has 500 lb hollow spectra. Jerry Brown brand. Like Sawmi said , a sleeved and served connection will be the cleanest.
  15. Lundalakan

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    nothing.....but it’s still awesome to watch
  16. Lundalakan

    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    covid will likely be eclipsed when flu season kicks off next fall and folks start freaking out over the common flu
  17. Lundalakan

    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    I probably have the same risk of dying everytime I transit the greater LA area when I go visit my daughter in Santa Barbara
  18. Lundalakan

    Seattle on fire

    Until we have robotic cops you will always have the human factor involved. There’s no way I would be a city cop in a large metro area. They deal with and take a great deal of chit on a daily basis. It’s not a matter if if a few will’s a matter of when they snap.
  19. Lundalakan

    Seattle on fire

    whatever message you sjw want to get across has been lost and neutered
  20. Lundalakan

    16' Aluminum Starcraft fishing La Jolla

    1999 Lund Alaskan skiff , riveted . Bays and kelp. No leaks. Just watch the weather report
  21. Lundalakan

    Professor Says Human Race Must Go Extinct to Fight Climate Change

    She’s welcome to lead the way and remove herself from the gene pool
  22. Lundalakan

    ID these guides?

    Basic wire spinning guide in stainless steel
  23. Lundalakan

    While California’s Economy is Crashing, Newsom is on Vacation

    How do you think he got elected in the first place
  24. Lundalakan

    While California’s Economy is Crashing, Newsom is on Vacation

    the post title was pretty obvious. Why did you click and read.
  25. Lundalakan

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    costco brand has worked out well for me. Not wrap around though.
  26. Lundalakan

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    He also bought 1 bil worth of n95 masks from china......and won’t reveal details of the deal
  27. Lundalakan

    Scam ?

    I got the flash player pop ups yesterday and a mcaffee or norton AV pop ups using this site . no pop ups on other sites. using iPad. Not saying it’s BD fault....just relating what happened yesterday
  28. Lundalakan

    Renzetti lathe parts, rod support o rings

    Yea it’s not so much 2bucks an o ring it’s that I’ve received crappy service from renzetti in the past
  29. Lundalakan

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    then stay home if you are so scared
  30. Lundalakan

    Renzetti lathe parts, rod support o rings

    Like a tackle shop......I always end up spending more at Marshals than I intended
  31. Lundalakan

    Renzetti lathe parts, rod support o rings

    Yes I can. Hopefully they are open
  32. Lundalakan

    Renzetti lathe parts, rod support o rings

    Has anyone changed the large o rings in the rod supports on your renzetti lathe? Renzetti wants 2 bucks a piece, I’d just like to know the size so I can order a bunch from a hydraulic supply house. Otherwise I can always hit up a local Supply house if they are open
  33. Lundalakan

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    I was taught to question everything. I do and will continue to do so
  34. Lundalakan

    CIH and Ventura opening with crazy rules

    It’s great they are opening....sort of. But with social distancing being the mantra of the day, why close half the ramps and wash stations? Seems to run counter to the rule du jour
  35. Lundalakan

    Californians,You can buy ammo online , no background check

    pretty interesting an scathing read. Thanks for the link
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    Boat Ramps open and usuable

    That’s weird, the beaches in SB and Goleta are open and have been
  37. Lundalakan

    Marking Blanks?

    I’ll use a p touch label printer or decal paper and my ink jet printer
  38. Lundalakan

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    We can offset the costs by seizing a certain countries assets/investments/ holdings in the USA
  39. Lundalakan

    Offshore Fishing is now cancelled

    Check out your local next door app. Neighbors rating on neighbors and business for being outside or open. Pretty pathetic stuff
  40. Lundalakan

    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    I would put my money towards what rigs will be most useful to you throughout the season. I’d consider renting a heavy rig from the boat
  41. Lundalakan

    Alaska with the wife planning.

    If you want salmon you should look up the approx timing of the various seasons/runs in the area(s) you want to visit
  42. Lundalakan

    Bugging SD bay 1/25/20

    I’ve caught lots of sand dollars around ballast Pt general area
  43. Lundalakan

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I agree, that one at SI ramp lunged at me once. Once. Next time I’m swinging the gaff
  44. Lundalakan

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    up to 60’ so far
  45. Lundalakan

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    I considered that. It’s braced underneath in the locker it’s in
  46. Lundalakan

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    yea......but it makes a lot of stupid decisions
  47. Lundalakan

    Help with length of wrap on a tuna rail rod.

    Personal preference. What look do you want to achieve?
  48. Lundalakan

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    Found out last night how much torque that motor has, a lot. Had a net stuck on the bottom and it really pulled things. Lesson learned
  49. Lundalakan

    MacGyver lobster net puller

    Got tired of pulling in deeper lobster nets so I cobbled together this power davit. Mostly because I was bored and needed a project. I already had a folbe block. I picked up a scrap 1.5” steel tube, remnant of 1/4” aluminum sheet, a used wheel chair motor and rim from eBay, weather proof box and...
  50. Lundalakan

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    They need closed captioning in the videos too
  51. Lundalakan

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    That’s a pretty drastic move there super chief
  52. Lundalakan

    Sea Squirt Help.

    Looks like a nice ride. I’ll say this....I have an 18‘ tin skiff with a 40 Honda. It does fine with 2 adults, 3 would really tax it. Sea trial it with 3 200 lb guys and see what you think
  53. Lundalakan

    What size anchor rope? 24 Skipjack

    I like 3 strand. More stretch which you want in an anchor line. 1/2”
  54. Lundalakan

    Slack tide bugs

    You can’t catch bug sitting on the couch. While I like moving water......I pretty much go whenever I have the time.
  55. Lundalakan

    Bait/chest freezer

    Whoever gets it.......put some vanilla extract on a paper towel and close it up for a few days inside the chest
  56. Lundalakan

    Truck Shell's

    I have a snug top on my f150. Fit and finish is good. Paint match was good. I do get a tiny amount of moisture on the floor when it rains , Nothing to stress over though. Its six years old and the only wear is the decals on the back window are curling.
  57. Lundalakan

    Prototype rod rack

    Nice job
  58. Lundalakan

    Any advice for choosing a Long Range boat?

    Wsb and halibut can be had at cedros, have caught both there.
  59. Lundalakan

    Where to buy Elmer's rubber cement 1 qt.?

    The red can weld wood contact cement is handy for Eva inlays.
  60. Lundalakan

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Bugs and homeguards
  61. Lundalakan

    The Giveaway That Keeps On Giving! $360 Donnmar Pliers Up For Grabs!

    Not sure if I’d use those or put them in a display case
  62. Lundalakan

    Is this your hoop net?

    Looks like the one I lost in sd bay last week. That’s quite the drift
  63. Lundalakan

    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    If they add a line in the fish reports on released fish, like they do with calicos, I don’t think this would be an issue
  64. Lundalakan

    Cedros confusion

    What is the equip and are there weight restrictions out of brown ?
  65. Lundalakan

    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated!

    By looking at your avatar/pic......yes
  66. Lundalakan

    Cedros confusion

    We have used brown field as a parking spot for our vehicles. Cheaper than CBX parking I’ve been told.They leave an envelope on your windshield and you mail in your payment. Depending on where you fly out of, Ensenada or CBX airport, we’ve parked and taken shuttle vans to Ensenada or just uber to...
  67. Lundalakan

    Question about what operation at Cedros.

    In five trips we’ve used COA or Baja Fishing Convoys. Both were good. There were minor issues at both but nothing insurmountable. One place I had to reseal half my fish when I got home, another place a boat didn’t have enough gas to run very far one day. Not to whitewash anything but it is an...
  68. Lundalakan

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I get a 3’ wide roll of 1/2” hardware cloth. Cut it into 10-11” wide by 3’ strips. Fold it in half and hog ring the edges leaving the end open. Zip tie it to my nets, bait it and zip tie the open end closed. Cheap, good scent dispersion. They also lay fairly flat and don’t take up much room in...
  69. Lundalakan

    Stainless steel Sink 22”x25”

    Remodeling the she shed/laundry room. Good shape, an sos pad would clean it up. Faucet works fine. 22”x25”x 6.5” deep. Good for fish cleaning station whatever. Thought I’d throw it out here before it goes in the trash
  70. Lundalakan

    Lobster...u tell me..

    I had one warden tell me the give you to the hairs on the back of the carapace. I’m not testing that out though. When in doubt, throw it back
  71. Lundalakan

    Solo mission tonight

    Good going. I solo frequently. Tends to be easier to get limits
  72. Lundalakan

    How rare is this

    Did you catch that off IB? By the river?
  73. Lundalakan

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    Bug quality does seem to be up a bit this year.
  74. Lundalakan

    First Boat Klamath 16ft Aluminum

    The side lockers/ benches are foam filled? Maybe when you get the console and front deck off you can put foam up there and clean out the lockers? You can get a variety of plastic hole plugs to fill in any extra holes you have. Not perfect but gives a finished appearance. Splash guards? Get...
  75. Lundalakan

    Who remembers this

    Yep, had a Raytheon LORAN in the 80’s
  76. Lundalakan

    new unpriced and unspecified rods and pickup in Feruary

    Oh......make sure you make a new post for every single GD thing you have to sell. Don’t do something obvious like group everything under one post. BD is starting to look more like craiglist
  77. Lundalakan

    Who makes the best Stainless boat guide?

    I can’t imagine not grinding a boat guide and having the wraps turn out looking like anything but chit
  78. Lundalakan

    Limits of bugs a derelict and an abandoned net

    Bugged SD bay yesterday. Nets in about 5 figured I’d eat dinner and float a bit. Drifted a bit and was hailed by a dude dragging a dingy in about 1.5’ of water along N island by the chopper base. He’s pulling a lazer sailboat hull, with a makeshift wood mast but no boom or sail, piled high with...
  79. Lundalakan

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    We have Alexa in the house. I’m sure the NSA has alerted the fish cops
  80. Lundalakan

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Well.....then I’m consistently in violation. When I get home I tail em and vacuum seal the tails. Will continue to do so.
  81. Lundalakan

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    In addition to the above .....certain areas are prone to higher tidal currents. If you have nets that are walking a lot look at the bottom contours and remember that for the future. I’ll pass up certain areas that I know have ripping currents during a big swing.
  82. Lundalakan

    Acid Wrap trolling rod problems

    Once loaded up the line will rub every guide, does on every rod conventional or acid. ......or did you mean rubbing the blank.
  83. Lundalakan

    Bugging 10/6 SD Bay

    Didn’t sex it. Too stoked on the size to pay attention
  84. Lundalakan

    Bugging 10/6 SD Bay

    My wife likes bugging now
  85. Lundalakan

    How not to pull your boat out

    H He was tuning the skeg
  86. Lundalakan

    Another SD Bay Lobster Report

    Lots of keepers are a disappointment for sure but they point to good fishing in years to come
  87. Lundalakan

    Bugging 10/6 SD Bay

    Bugged the bay for four hours last night. Got a bugzilla, pictured, one slightly smaller and nine other average legals.
  88. Lundalakan

    Grundens weather watch bibbs

    Grundens wether watch bibbs XL size. Bought last year, worn twice, too big. Paid $90, yours for $50. Very good condition, no tears no stains except some tiny marks around cuffs
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  91. Lundalakan

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    Did opener once, it was a cluster fuq. Never again, mid week crew here
  92. Lundalakan

    Box of flakes

    Aaaaand we get the rest of the story
  93. Lundalakan

    San Diego area heli-arc

    Need 2 sections of 1.5 “ 6061 tube welded. Simple, straight forward, I’ll already have the angles cut. Any recommendations in San Diego for a welder will ing do a small job. I’m in Poway, willing to drive a bit
  94. Lundalakan

    40 hp Honda mechanic recommendations

    Got it all squared away. Fresh gas, sea foam no bueno. Took it to Oceanside Marine and they had carbs rebuilt and sync’d in short order. The tech there installed a carb drain system that works well. Thanks for the replies.
  95. Lundalakan

    G.C Lure Company, “The Hooker”

    A friend has a purple one. Loves it for wahoo
  96. Lundalakan

    40 hp Honda mechanic recommendations

    have 99 Honda 40 hp tiller OB. Got the dreaded ethanol carb issues I think. Any recommendations for a good mechanic in the greater San Diego areas rebuild and sync them. I’m in Poway, don’t mind trailering a bit to drop off.
  97. Lundalakan

    Real world Cedros gear info?

    Sunscreen, an spf hoodie, brimmed hat. Take some of your own favorite snacks. Boat lunches are ok, nothing to write home about. Lodge food is generally good. Remember, it’s Mexico, it’s an island with few services. Roll with the snafus. The lodges do have WiFi. If you can get Alejandro as a...
  98. Lundalakan

    1936 Ford Hotrod

    If I bought it I’d be getting divorced. Weighing my options......
  99. Lundalakan

    Jackpot nightmare.

    I don’t think it’s losing that’s the issue. It’s the manner in which some lose
  100. Lundalakan

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Bloodyyelp.........just roflmao
  101. Lundalakan

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I doubt many businesses give a sheet about what you post on bloody decks. Over the years its been known as whiners central. Still a good site but it’s got the rep
  102. Lundalakan

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    The jettys are always in the same place
  103. Lundalakan


    The same neanderthals that value rhino horn, ivory, bear gall bladders. Therin lies the problem. People that drive the market for their black magic potions
  104. Lundalakan

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    With SALE prices.
  105. Lundalakan

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    At some point it makes more sense to go to Catalina Seafoods for fish. At some point
  106. Lundalakan

    Outfitting boat for fishing

    VHF, safety gear
  107. Lundalakan

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    Read your policy and see what it says about after market parts. There’s your answer. If it doesn’t say anything then you have a beef
  108. Lundalakan

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    That kind of bullshit deserves to be outed. Name the boat and deckie
  109. Lundalakan

    who needs side scan when you can just take a look for yourself?

    Just needs some speargun turrets
  110. Lundalakan

    Embarrassing question but, how do you spool a baitcaster with braided line?

    Don’t try to put it on as tight as you would pack a conventional reel. You can warp the spools of some baitcasters. Not that I’d know anything about this. I use flex wrap too, never any slippage
  111. Lundalakan

    Hudson River Stripped Bass

    I went out of sheepshead Bay years ago on and open party boat. Great bite on strippers and bluefish. It was a bit different in that the decks were littered in tubs and half barrels to keep your fish, real tough getting around deck. Lures were basically small irons with colored surgical tubing...
  112. Lundalakan

    fishing yacht joyride?

    Go big or stay on the porch
  113. Lundalakan

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Everything looks long as the top wrap is black
  114. Lundalakan

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    With a cattle prod
  115. Lundalakan

    Who makes the largest floating stick bait

    A lot of Muskie lures get pretty big
  116. Lundalakan

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Many will see the increased dock space as a great place to eat lunch
  117. Lundalakan

    Small Boat my friends wife says $450.00 come get it

    Paint it black....stealth bug poacher right there
  118. Lundalakan

    Anybody ever pull up your boats deck?

    Did you by any chance use PT ply the last time you redecked? That can cause corrosion in aluminum
  119. Lundalakan

    That Guy Strikes Again

    He was cleaning up seaweed....umm yea, ok
  120. Lundalakan

    Storing Lobster in a ice chest

    I wet some burlap bags with sea water, throw them on top of the bugs in the cooler and then process them in the morning. Bugs stay alive
  121. Lundalakan

    Broken Rainshadow - Input/Advice Needed

    When you send it back strip the guides. Manufacturer won’t need them
  122. Lundalakan

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Bumping 38 years here. “Yes Dear” works well.
  123. Lundalakan

    New Braided line finger protection.

    If I use anything it’s vet wrap I get from the feed store.
  124. Lundalakan

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    I wouldn’t know ......but it wouldn’t surprize me. Root around the Internet, I’m sure there are forums
  125. Lundalakan

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    They really look like Muskie lures. Mostly topwaters. See my pic
  126. Lundalakan

    Shorter trips during the December Timeframe

    I’d be inclined to fly to PV and fish for YFT even if it’s just a 12 hr charter
  127. Lundalakan

    Reel seat replacement

    Get a reel seat that fits over the butt section.
  128. Lundalakan

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    My thought too. North island is ringed with concrete debris rip rap. It doesn’t take an Einstein to think they put rubble under the breakwater as a base
  129. Lundalakan

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Two captains not paying attention
  130. Lundalakan

    Lobster Hooping: Is this normal?

    Not time you might limit in 2 pulls
  131. Lundalakan

    How bad did u do? Lobster opener...

    Went to glorietta bay ramp Saturday about 4pm. Watched boat ramp follies while waiting. Finally launched only to find my preferred spots were taken. Managed 2 nice legals, a couple shorts . Returned to ramp at 10pm, watched more launch ramp fails. Went home. I usually don’t hit opener night but...
  132. Lundalakan

    Hoop net line management with line hauler

    Splice the loops.
  133. Lundalakan

    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    Of course whatever happens the natives won’t be affected by it. They will continue doing what they want
  134. Lundalakan

    Hoop net line management with line hauler

    Put Loops in your lines and do a loop to loop connection when you need longer lines. Make your loops at least 12” long so you can pass the coiled rope through the loop
  135. Lundalakan

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Nah......HUK is the stuff they are wearing there now
  136. Lundalakan

    Shimano Why can't I use wind-on leaders on spinning gear?

    Put a wind on and go cast it. That’s the best way to evaluate it
  137. Lundalakan

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Well yakkers, bug season is approaching. Hopefully you all have some nav lights rigged . I usually see a number every year, out bugging at night, with little or no visibility to others. Be safe
  138. Lundalakan

    Catastrophic Coctails

    The worst was in high school when we would nick a bit of this and that from our parents bottles, mix it all together and get buzzed at the river
  139. Lundalakan

    Rewrapping old Trulines

    I couldn’t tell you if old rods with shot out wraps are worth more but.....they are FISHING RODS and it sounds like you fish them. So..rewarap em, make em look good and go fish them. I have some bamboo rods I’m re doing and I intend to fish them
  140. Lundalakan

    Where do you stow your throwable PFD

    If fish solo a lot. Frigging good my throwable will do me....I wear an inflatable though
  141. Lundalakan

    See lion prove bait cage? Does anybody know who sells a good one?

    Ive been using the basic black cages. I secure the lids with 4 zip ties. Works well for me, 3 cages messed up in the last 5 years but I was able to straighten then out and still use them.
  142. Lundalakan

    Upside down reel seat. Only upside advantages.

    Personal preference. I’ve put a number of reel seats on jig sticks for use with the TranX. They are downlocking to keep the heel of ones hand off the seat
  143. Lundalakan

    Quick report mission bay to the whistler

    launched out of Dana landing at 6am today. Was hoping for some calicos but no nada. Hit a number of spots that turned up whitefish and ok sized rockfish. Nothing special but it’s better than a poke in the eye. Back on the trailer at noon. Water temp was 60-61. Water was still kind of dirty...
  144. Lundalakan

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Looks like a couple sumo yo-yo irons I have with welded rings.......too light of a gauge welded rings
  145. Lundalakan

    Dropper Loop vs. 3-Way

    I usually go with swivel above everything to help avoid twist Roy rose knot for droppers 20 lb breakaway on sinker
  146. Lundalakan

    Cedros Sportfishing - 6 days

    Large zip lock full of swimbaits, 4” + Lead heads, phenix weedless, 1-2 oz Flat falls A Few surface iron Your bass rod/reel should be able to handle YT Some sabiki rigs Sun mask for your face, wide brim hat
  147. Lundalakan

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Subway or a Mikes on my boat. Burgers on up on a sporty depending on length of trip
  148. Lundalakan

    Increased crime in Baja?

    Just spent 3 days in San Quintín. No problema
  149. Lundalakan

    Shimano scorpion 1501 FS

    Used shimano scorpion 1501. Left handed. Comsmetics 7-10, some rash on top see pics. Mechanical 9-10 Works fine. $60. Located in Poway, Ca.
  150. Lundalakan

    Cancun charter recommendations

    I know you want to avoid the drive but I’ll second fishing the lagoon. About 10 years ago flyfished for tarpon there in the mangroves. Nothing huge all smaller models but it was a blast.
  151. Lundalakan

    Downhill madness!!!!

    That’s what I was thinking , nearing the lower portion of #38 before the river
  152. Lundalakan

    Tough fly rod guide placement question.

    1 I’d leave a small gap....but whatever you like is what you do 2 I’d wrap that guide on the ferrule if i Wasn’t able to fudge the spacing to acceptable spots
  153. Lundalakan

    What trips are you on this year?

    4 months in N Minnesota on a 110 k acre lake. I’m driving, that’s long range
  154. Lundalakan

    Is this mean ( video )

    Gramps is savage :appl:
  155. Lundalakan

    Drift net ban

    I’m thinking more along the lines of..... What other bs will be attached to this law What other laws will be in the works down the road they may be emboldened to go for At face value I like the law. But I thinks it’s pretty clear there is plenty of power in this state to chip away at req...
  156. Lundalakan

    Drift net ban

    Be careful what you wish for. In the end these laws cut both ways. Sometimes it takes a few years to feel it.
  157. Lundalakan

    Saltwater New Guy post BEWARE

    That went great with my morning coffee
  158. Lundalakan

    Any words to the rookie?

    Check the marine weather report before you go. Start out on relatively calm days. Spend sometime on your boat before venturing offshore 40-50 miles. GET TOWING INSURANCE
  159. Lundalakan

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Yep, the tax revenue is just too attractive to the powers that be
  160. Lundalakan

    Best beginning LR trip?

    The longer the trip the more patient the folks generally are. Long trips tend to weed out the butt heads
  161. Lundalakan

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    I love the larger baitcasters. Last cedros trip we were primarily using lexa, Komodo and revo toro 60’s. Yellowtail to 30 lbs. bait ,flat falls and yo-yo iron
  162. Lundalakan

    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    Another option is rent one of the Seaforth skiffs in SD bay or Mission bay
  163. Lundalakan

    Constitution and Legend

    Shawn’s driving the legend again?
  164. Lundalakan

    What makes a good radio

    If your shopping for an antenna the higher dB of gain the better but you are still stuck with antenna height . This link will give you a good idea of the distance your antenna can transmit under ideal conditions
  165. Lundalakan

    Questions about fishing the Coronado Islands...

    Passport and license. I like to get my license online that way I can print out a couple extras. There is no provision for getting a replacement mx license, you have to pay full boat if you lose it
  166. Lundalakan

    Fishing Pant Options?

    Grundens Guage pants have worked well for me. I probably have 6 seasons on a pair fishing and bugging. Still going strong. I did replace the suspenders last fall as The elastic lost its spring
  167. Lundalakan

    Komodo level wind damaging spectra?

    To be sure you could check out the level wind guide with a magnifying glass or pull a piece of your old panty hose through it and se if it snags on anything
  168. Lundalakan

    Misc Trailer parts for sale

    Winch with post , needs strap and ubolts. 40 bucks Set of roller bunks , needs ubolts. 40 bucks Notice the back right is slightly bent at rollers, heat it up and bend it back Tongue jack , needs bolts, I have backing plates not pictured. 15 bucks Bunks and post are NOT galvanized, have...
  169. FF6BA094-B37F-4012-9839-FD31712678A5


  170. Lundalakan

    If You had to catch a meal???

    Torrey pines. Catch a mess of surf perch and yfc
  171. Lundalakan

    Soft cooler for airline travel

    Our cedros group has been using Costco type soft coolers for several trips. They work well and pack pretty good in a Cessna Caravan
  172. Lundalakan

    MCRD Boat ramp reopens

    My aren’t you optimistic
  173. Lundalakan

    Cedros late June?

    Go, have fun. Yellows and calicos are there year round
  174. Lundalakan

    Pawn shop catches

    Over the years ive checked pawn shops from time to time. Fishing stuff, construction tools etc. the ones I’ve checked out in the SD are usually asking stupid prices
  175. Lundalakan

    best way to get bubbles out of epoxy

    Some will think I do it the wrong way, but it works for me. I mix the shit out of my epoxy, I get bubbles in it. I coat all the guides etc and get it on the dryer. After a couple minutes turning I hit it with the heat gun, keeping the heat gun about a foot away AND keeping the heat gun moving...
  176. Lundalakan

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    My ford truck was assembled in Kentucky or Tennessee.A lot of the parts are offshored though. By some of the logic here I should just buy a horse to get around
  177. Lundalakan

    American Airlines Puerto Vallarta

    I used a bazooka tube once. It’s 3 or 4” abs homemade tubes now.
  178. Lundalakan

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

  179. Lundalakan

    Shimano Why has Shimano not pushed slow jigging here in USA?

    Been there. There’s ice in the boats at COA
  180. Lundalakan

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    Percentage starts at 2O%. It goes up or down depending on attitude/service NOT catching. Attitude is king
  181. Lundalakan

    Surface Iron Storage Tray?

    The more beat up they are the better they seem to work
  182. Lundalakan

    Does this ad look suspicious to you?

    “I have those reels for sale” um yea, right
  183. Lundalakan

    Straighten a bent pole?

    Put a spinning reel on it. Fish it reel up. No one will notice the bend
  184. Lundalakan

    how far can you push the komodo

    Was in cedros last summer. Panga skipper had one and it regularly caught #30 yellowtail. Lots of fun on that reel
  185. Lundalakan

    Charging a Recycling fee...... really!!??

    There is no shortage of stupid voters in CA
  186. Lundalakan

    Boat trailer for 18’ skiff

    looking for a used galvanized boat trailer. Single axel. Boat is a 18’6” Lund Alaskan skiff. 40 hp Honda. I’m not against something that needs some tlc but the wheels and bearings need to get it home.
  187. Lundalakan

    Boat US help put the boat on the trailer?

    Ive seen them put numerous boats on the trailer over the years. But I imagine circumstances, size boat, etc may come into play
  188. Lundalakan

    First big game reel, why not an Avet?

    I don’t have a problem with my Avets. Never needed anything other than regular cleanings like the rest of my reels.
  189. Lundalakan

    Fishermans Landing Parking ?

    I get dropped off.
  190. Lundalakan

    It's now illegal to boil lobster....

    Don’t ask don’t tell
  191. Lundalakan


    Or competition or customer
  192. Lundalakan

    Anyone have good luck ordering from Mikes Reel Repair

    I ordered a couple bearings and oil about 12 years ago.....still waiting
  193. Lundalakan

    Shelter Island launch ramp update pictures

    In other might be open for lobster opener
  194. Lundalakan

    Is 16 gauge wire good enough for two Lumitec under water lights
  195. Lundalakan

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    Bitch coins
  196. Lundalakan

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Glue a cap on one end and tape a cap on the other end. OR glue a cap on one end and glue a female adapter on the other then screw a male plug in.......then you have a forever rod tube
  197. Lundalakan

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Black abs in whatever size you need. Never had one broken
  198. Lundalakan

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    Check websites and such and learn the regular prices then make your decision
  199. Lundalakan

    Where Should I Try Next In Alaska

    Been to Kodak a few times. You don’t need to stay in the town of Kodak. I know Larsen Bay has a couple of lodges/ guides some of the other settlements probably do also.Fly into Kodak and take one of the regular scheduled small planes to the outlying settlements. Best small plane flight you will...
  200. Lundalakan

    Guide wrap - writers block

    Bottom pic left wrap is my choice.
  201. Lundalakan

    New Agency: San Diego Ocean Planning Partnership

    Transparent......hahaha roflmao
  202. Lundalakan

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    I’d put my money on September
  203. Lundalakan

    Line test: how high is too high?

    I guess it depends on what your fishing for and technique too. When dropping down bottom fishing smaller diameters mean less sinker weight to get down and stay down in a drift
  204. Lundalakan

    Monofilament question

    Big game or pline here. The others mentioned work fine too
  205. Lundalakan

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    I use a 50 lb shimano scale.
  206. Lundalakan

    what will you in the new year.

    Boat trailer
  207. Lundalakan

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    Yep.....looks like another pu truck
  208. Lundalakan

    barn find id it?

    The pilot house is nice when you are running, it sucks when you are fishing. But I had a 20 not a 24.
  209. Lundalakan

    Medical insurance in Mexico, tourist.

    I have Kaiser insurance. Spent a night in a clinic in Cabo after really hosing my knee. Paid 3k bill Amex. Had a check from Kaiser abt 1 week after I submitted it. Ymmv. I really need to look into evac insurance for my trips though.
  210. Lundalakan

    Braid under mono?

    100 yards or so of mono on top of braid for surface iron. Everything else is straight braid with flouro leaders of varying short lengths. No mono under braid ever
  211. Lundalakan

    Theives on a party boat

    One can only “feel like they stole it” if one did the stealing.
  212. Lundalakan

    Boat rewire tips?

    Tinned wire, crimp and solder, heat shrink
  213. Lundalakan

    Aging fishermen and equipment choices.

    I agree with shorter rods. 6’ for bait/bottom maybe drop down to 8’ for surface iron. Lower gearing or 2 speeds might be good for some but I seem to stay in high gear most of the time and pump n grind. But that’s just me
  214. Lundalakan

    Winter camping spots needed - family friendly

    I second Joshua Tree. If your a little more self sufficient, carry water, the boulders north of the campground make cool spots. Go mid week though, it’s pretty popular with climbers
  215. Lundalakan

    attorney needed

    Of course, its CA, the only ones with rights sre the scumbags
  216. Lundalakan

    attorney needed

    I’d be looking at getting a suppressor
  217. Lundalakan

    Mexican Fishing Licenses for 6 guys

    And print out multiples in case you lose one or get it wet etc
  218. Lundalakan

    Drones...which one?

    So long as your present drone is cool with you going fishing, golf, shooting etc. I’d keep her. Finding and breaking in a new one is costly, frustrating and time consuming
  219. Lundalakan

    Help me identify a blank please

    Could be a Fenwick also. Is it one or two piece? Not sure they made one piece 9 footers back then though
  220. Lundalakan

    Free thread GONE

    I’ll message you if the first guy bails
  221. Lundalakan

    Free thread GONE

    Yes, embroidery thread does have silicone on it. That’s why one needs several coats of cp and put a piece of the thread in the finish when you mix it.
  222. Lundalakan


    I’ve pretty much given up on it. Too many flakes, set up a time to meet then no show no phone call.
  223. Lundalakan

    Some Words About Depression

    Sadly the guv cut funding for mental health decades ago. That and aclu and other groups that have made it harder to compell someone to get help. Couple that with the fact that depression without threats is pretty damn hard to 5150 someone let alone 5250 them. Even if you can convince someone to...
  224. Lundalakan

    Free thread GONE

  225. Lundalakan

    Free thread GONE

    I have about 50 assorted rolls of embroidery thread. Free to someone starting out in rodbuilding. It’s embroidery thread so you’ll need to coat well with CP and throw a piece in your finish for good results.. I’m in poway, pick up only please
  226. Lundalakan

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    Not only do the skb’s take up too much room, they fall over in rough weather with rods in the frigging launchers and the owners tend to push other bags to the back so they can have the upfront spot. It’s more a “horay for me fuc everyone else” attitude. I get by fine with an old medium WFO...
  227. Lundalakan

    Who rebuild their own reels? Or do you send them off to a pro?

    I do my own. Take pictures with your phone as you go if in doubt
  228. Lundalakan

    Cedros Sportfishing .v Cedros Outdoor Adventures

    I’ve done 4 trips to cedros using COA. Always a good time, good fishing, good food, decent accommodations. I’ve no reason to change. Jose will take care of you
  229. Lundalakan

    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    Look at some of the LR boats websites schedules. Some do have early season short trips. Iirc the American Angler used to do several. The problem is that early season does not hold a lot of promise for Pelagics normally. You might be better off if you fly Southwest to Cabo or PV if you want...
  230. Lundalakan

    9 ft Jig Stick fit completely inside F-250 Crew Cab?

    If the rear window opens put some pipe insulation on the rods and stick em out the rear window
  231. Lundalakan

    Offshore Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    Looks like a dog shark. Most folks shave their butts and teach them to walk backwards
  232. Lundalakan

    Calstar Orange Thread

    It’s going to be gudebrod thread. Can’t recall which number. If it’s for a repair cut off the guide and match the color from the underside of the thread. It’s a red not orange
  233. Lundalakan

    Wtb hoop davit

    Some thick wall aluminum tubing from recycling resale yard, and a 45 dollar folbe block. Take the tubing to a muffler shop and have them put a bend or two in it
  234. Lundalakan

    favorite way to hook a sardine?

    Generally I’ll butt hook a dine. I think it swims away a bit better
  235. Lundalakan

    KUIU Merino 210 Zip Off BottomsVerde XL $50 SHIPPED

    What happens on the boat, stays on the boat.
  236. Lundalakan

    FYI Costco has their FOODSAVER on sale 99.00 newest model

    Food saver is great if you remember it’s not a commercial machine and will need to cool periodically if your processing a bunch of stuff. Got about 8 years on mine
  237. Lundalakan

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    As it is now the gd seal boat gets access but no one else does. They pretty much act like they own the ramp when it is open
  238. Lundalakan

    Now that the Chargers have moved. Are you hate watching?

    What’s the NFL? And why should I care
  239. Lundalakan

    Poached hard by divers.

    It’s just the way some people are. They can’t or won’t find their own fish, patties, structure etc. it’s sad. I set up on a small rock pile Sunday nite, 15 minutes later someone dumps three nets 30 feet from mine. No respect for others and it wasn’t that busy Sunday on SD bay.
  240. Lundalakan

    Need one so we can drop 10 hoops Sunday San Diego

    I got 2 . Not the early season numbers I like but hey.....that’s fishing
  241. Lundalakan

    Someone chime in, is this for real?

    If this is global warming I'm all for it!
  242. Lundalakan


    Plan on motor ,outdrive, wiring, stringers?, trailer tires, brakes, fuel tank?, deck.
  243. Lundalakan

    Shelter island ramp update?

    Been out of town for a few months now. Planning on hitting the bay weekdays after opener for bugs. Any update on the ramp? Closed completely? One lane or should I plan on using another ramp?
  244. Lundalakan

    Where To get an FFM Visa at the Tacate Entry

    We got free 7 day card at otay in august
  245. Lundalakan

    How to Apply to Become a Warden Cadet?

    A good freind is retired F&G. Retired because he got so GD tired of writing EIR's, environmental impact reports, and not doing any real F&G enforcement. It's been 3 years since I've seen an officer on the water or at the ramp. There was a time when you'd get checked a couple times beginning of...
  246. Lundalakan

    Avet MX-L Raptor Line Suggestions

    I'd go with 65 spectra.
  247. Lundalakan

    Cedros jig stick

    Either will work fine. The tranx will be great. I used a lexa 400 and a revo toro 60 more fun and comfortable than a conventional reel.
  248. Lundalakan

    Aftco rod butt lengthening ideas?

    Iirc the unibutt lengths only change according to the ferrule size. #1 being shortest and smallest dia ferrule up to #4 being largest and longest. A different size unibutt will run you $240 bucks or so.They are all heavy as im sure you know. I'd just get another rod to use for casting
  249. Lundalakan

    Aftco rod butt lengthening ideas?

    Is it a unibutt, store a butt, or just the slotted butt cap?
  250. Lundalakan

    Cedros Sickness!

    Oh bullshit. It's a fly in panga fishing deal. Of course it's not long range and who cares. Boycott away......I'm going again in 2019
  251. Lundalakan

    Follow the sport boats?

    The vast majority of private boaters don't crowd the sporties just as the majority of sporties don't drop anchor next to private boaters. But it happens ,both sides need to give respect to get respect. Until that happens nothing changes. No one owns the ocean but some think they do wether they...
  252. Lundalakan

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    Hopefully if you buy a one ton your smart enough to get a class 5 hitch.
  253. Lundalakan

    Saltwater Be safe out there.

    Name that boat...... Shame them
  254. Lundalakan

    Least amount of rods for SoCal fishing

    if I was really limited I would pick 3. A 10 lb rod for bay fishing. A 7'6" 20-50 with a lexa 400/ revo toro for kelp/islands. A calstar 6480 or similar with a fathom 30 or similar for yoyo-surface-bait for islands offshore. Is this but it has the most common bases covered.
  255. Lundalakan

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    It's all fun and games until the tail starts wagging the dog
  256. Lundalakan

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    I'm going in the opposite direction in the ho-dom kingdom. I know what I use for x,y or z and much of it crosses over to different species/ techniques. I'm slowly thinning out the herd of dust collectors.
  257. Lundalakan

    Need a good, trustworthy maintenance shop

    Get on you tube. Tons of vids for about any " how to" maintenance stuff.
  258. Lundalakan

    Rod Clamps? Yes or No.

    In general...if it comes with studs for a clamp it gets a clamp. I don't find a clamp gets in the way or is a hassle to set up
  259. Lundalakan

    Fishing the Jumbo's, use Rail or Fighting Belt/Harness?

    Find what works for you. I could never get used to a harness and plate, using the rail just feels , and is,more comfortable and mobile for me. Going round and round a boat, over under 24 other fisherman ,all trussed up in a harness ,is too restrictive. The times I do find a harness useful is on...
  260. Lundalakan

    Old Lexa 400 Vs. New Lexa 400HD Vs. Komodo 450

    Do yourself a favor and open it up and at least give the roller clutch brg a spritz of oil or corrosion x. Like my curado, this seems to be the first thing to eff up if it's not maintained
  261. Lundalakan

    Mag Bay or Cabo San Lucas?

    Mag bay no question
  262. Lundalakan

    Cedros 7/21-7/25

    It was our groups third trip to Cedros through Jose and Cedros Outdoor Adventures. Once again we were not disappointed. The fish cooperated, the food was great as was the weather. We met the vans at Brown Field at 5 am, loaded up, and went across at Otay crossing. Drove to Ensenada and met...
  263. Lundalakan

    Strange catch....

    Caught on a pencil popper
  264. Lundalakan

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    I have 2 small chest freezers in the garage. One for fish and such and one for lobster bait and overflow from the other freezer.
  265. Lundalakan

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    Just a thought. I had a sort of similar issue with my skippy with a 350 motor. Turns out the carb needed the thick gasket between it and the intake manifold. Carb was getting too hot.
  266. Lundalakan

    Thinking of going all Braid next year.

    It was always my understanding that the moving line cuts the stationary line. Freespooling mono will cut spectra
  267. Lundalakan

    Buying a car in Kenya

    Cutting the gas tank with an axe.....priceless. notice the cane poles?
  268. Lundalakan

    Losing bottom on my Garmin 7607 xsv using a gt51 transom ducer

    I'd remove the ducer. Get a 6"x2' piece of 3/4" hdpe, cut it to conform to the bottom profile of your boat screw and caulk it on. That way you can move that transducer all over until you find an acceptable location. This way your not drilling up your transom finding the right spot
  269. Lundalakan

    California fishing license reform

    Done. I'm not holding my breath though.
  270. Lundalakan


    Tampons don't fix PMS
  271. Lundalakan


    Before websites took off we had usenet/newsgroups. You found the same folks there that you do here and other social venues. You have the good folks and you have the douche nozzles that sit behind keyboards and jerk people around but wouldn't have the stones to act that way face to face
  272. Lundalakan

    What color flat falls are currently working?

    When I was out on the queen I got one on a glow. Blue was working too. The guy in the shop at the landing recommended glow also
  273. Lundalakan

    Offshore Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    Some kind of sucker/parasite. Someone mentioned sucker shark
  274. Lundalakan

    Offshore Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    Casualties......break offs, some got spooled. I got a #75 on #50 lb test a buddy got a 100+ on #50 also. He got worked! 40 wouldn't do it and 50 was iffy. I'm guessing 20 were lost. Late in the day capt wanted 60 minimum 80 if you had it. I don't think anyone got bit on 80, not sure though...
  275. Lundalakan

    Going on Constitution PV First Time

    It's real hard to get a 100 lb yellowfin on 2 or 3 day trips it of SD. Up your length to 10 days and you got a real real good chance! PV is great too, better chance on a shorter trip.
  276. Lundalakan

    Offshore Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    Capt Gavin and the crew were great to fish with. Started fishing abt 6:30 am. Had a slow but steady bite on bluefin till about 3:30 when we headed for home. What worked, flat falls 160-200 gm. 50/60 lb line, 80 would have been better. Some hooked up on dines fished deep. Fish were anywhere from...
  277. Lundalakan

    Non-diesel trucks

    I've had two ford v-10's . F250 and 350. Not a lick of problems. Towing horses , boats.....plenty of power.
  278. Lundalakan

    How to fix a bent fishing rod.

    Just fish it as is
  279. Lundalakan

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    free e-tampons available here ‍❤️‍‍
  280. Lundalakan

    Looking for Definitions of Terms to Screen Rods

    7 ' rods help keep the line from rubbing the boat hull when you have the fish at color and it's doing circles.
  281. Lundalakan

    WTB Travel rod tube

    This.....get yourself some ABS pipe in the diameter you want. Get a cap, female adapter and threaded male plug. Cheaper than most any thing you'll buy in a shop, more rugged
  282. Lundalakan

    Legend reputation

    Yea......he was a major douche
  283. Lundalakan

    Less expensive speed/knife jigs

    Oh....I'm sure Braid has a knockoff
  284. Lundalakan

    LA Harbor Lobster report

    Nice bug..........they make good chowdah
  285. Lundalakan

    Shimano Curado 70 - OK for Saltwater?

    If it's anything like my 300 the large roller bearing is prone to seizing if you don't strip it and oil it after every other trip
  286. Lundalakan

    Cedros this summer, which month?

    I've gone twice. Will be there again 8/21-8/25. Cedros Outdoor Adventures, good outfit! August has always been yellowtail and calicos
  287. Lundalakan

    Cedros this summer, which month?

    I've gone twice in august. Cedros outdoor adventures.....good outfit! At that time its been yellows and calicos.
  288. Lundalakan

    $190 average Charger ticket price

    190 to watch the chargers or about the same for a 3/4 day with lunch.......not a hard decision to make
  289. Lundalakan

    need help with LS Supreme "light stable" (new user)

    Room temp is a factor too. If your working in an Un heated garage stuff will take longer to kick. In run a space heater in my room and get it up to 75 ish. Epoxy flows and kicks well at that temp. Light formulas always seem to take longer. If I use light I'll top coat with high build.
  290. Lundalakan

    Regency radio

    Nice poachers radio.
  291. Lundalakan

    How much is my boat worth?

    If your present boat is a financial burden a larger boat is going to bend you over x10.
  292. Lundalakan

    How much is my boat worth?

    I started with a 12'. Jumped to a skippy 20. Now I have an 18' skiff and couldn't be happier. Keep your skiff, use it awhile.
  293. Lundalakan

    Anyone Fish A Phenix PSW-809H or PSW-809XHJ???

    I take a cal star 6480 with JX for yellows, bait Yoyo surface. For calicos I use a psw809h with a toro 60.....,because the yellows can and will bite swimbaits. Flying out of Ensenada we were limited to two rods 8' or less.
  294. Lundalakan

    Remind me never to fish there: crap

    It's a small narrow inlet to the intra coastal waterway. Small boats only. Pretty good current runs on tide changes. Game fish, snook redfish, cruise the inlet for looking baitfish. Sheep head and such would hang around the pier pilings. Most folk were fishing out to the center for the gamefish...
  295. Lundalakan

    Remind me never to fish there: crap

    Redfish and snook. Boats have drifted that inlet for years with no problems. I lived there from 76-89. No one had a problem with each other
  296. Lundalakan

    Where to find wooden tackle box hardware???

    McMaster-Carr has what you need
  297. Lundalakan

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    Well, got an august trip planned with cedros outdoor adventures. 3rd time with them. Sucks for the fleet though, I enjoyed stopping there on the way back from 10 dayers
  298. Lundalakan

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    That pretty much shuts out the SD fleet
  299. Lundalakan

    Coronado boat ramp closed

    Weren't they supposed to move the SD bay break wall out and do ramp work about 10 years ago?
  300. Lundalakan

    Motorflush/boat wash locations in SD?

    The ramp at glorietta bay in S San Diego bay had a hose bib up towards the street at one point. Havent been the in a couple years so I don't know if it's still there.
  301. Lundalakan

    Building without GC savings

    One other thing. Become farmiliar with the lien laws. Not complicated but good to know. If you pay on time not an issue. If your subs don't pay for materials it can come back to bite you. Suppliers can lien you. Get releases. Get proof of insurance, license and bond. Look the subs up on your...
  302. Lundalakan

    Building without GC savings

    Retired GC here. Good Subs have GC's that keep them busy. You won't nessesarily be priority. You need to know every step of building and how they mesh You won't nessesarily save on materials or get good pricing from subs Change orders can eff up your scheduling It will probably take longer...
  303. Lundalakan

    50% chance 2017 El Nino. 100% weatherman doesn't know shit

    Hindsight......ain't it great
  304. Lundalakan

    My first Bloody Decks salute. . oops

    I gave the salute last week to some mofo with the sticker on the 15 that cut me off, almost took my front bumper off. It wasn't to say hi though
  305. Lundalakan

    Saint Thomas US VI

    No worries. Beautiful place. If I didn't live in SoCal I'd live in the AVI !
  306. IMG_0300


  307. Lundalakan

    Saint Thomas US VI

    I winged it on bareboat sailboat charters we did in years past. Sailfish and barracuda on the troll. Snappers and such on reefs. Bonefish on flats west side of anegada island. info on charters and big game
  308. Lundalakan

    Thinning the herd, rods for sale

    IMG_0299 by Lundalakan posted Feb 7, 2017 at 3:56 PM[/GALLERY IMG_0298 by Lundalakan posted Feb 7, 2017 at 3:52 PM [GALLERY=media, 189454]IMG_0297 by Lundalakan posted Feb 7, 2017 at 3:53 PM Forecast e-glass SWB80H 8' #20-40. wraps holo butt wrap $150 Forecast e-glass SWB80XH...
  309. IMG_0299


  310. IMG_0295


  311. IMG_0293


  312. IMG_0297


  313. IMG_0298


  314. IMG_0299


  315. Lundalakan

    Big Bear Snow Report (pics)

    We used to have a cabin in Moonridge. Only used it in winter. Renters were inconsiderate twits and management companies not much better. Sold it.....wish we had it this year though
  316. Lundalakan

    alaska 1st time

    I throw in a vote for Kodiak too. Not only do you have halibut you also, depending on your timing, can get several species of salmon. King, silver, pinks. The town is nice. Air transportation from ANC is seamless. If you rent a car you can access several spots for salmon or atv it to a river...
  317. Lundalakan

    Bare Minimum Electronics...?

    Handheld waterproof vhf in addition to your mounted radio. And EPIRB is also a good idea if your going outside very far. If things go south quickly you'll wish you had them
  318. Lundalakan

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    It's not modern cast control but......tightening the spool tension has worked as CC for decades
  319. Lundalakan

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    Okuma contoura.
  320. Lundalakan

    is this newell side plate real

    I guess anything possible but ......I'd find it a bit of a stretch that someone would go to the trouble to counterfeit side plates.
  321. Lundalakan

    Help! Need Tasty Tuna App recipes!!

    Got a tri tip in the smoker. Should be ready about 4
  322. Lundalakan

    Help! Need Tasty Tuna App recipes!!

    Sear it for a minute on each side. Drizzle with thinned wasabi Better yet. Pick a poke recipe that appeals to you.
  323. Lundalakan

    "That Guy", now it's me

    Nice ride.......were you short changed genetically in some dept?
  324. Lundalakan

    Braid to Florida connection

    I've had very good luck with the double uni up to and including #40. After that I prefer a sleeved connection.
  325. Lundalakan

    Crazy fish

    I wish mine would do that. They always seem to try and head to clipperton
  326. Lundalakan

    How do you set the hook fishing sardines?

    Wait 5 seconds or so , point rod tip at fish, ease drag to strike, hang on.
  327. Lundalakan


    You can bet it's going on in every state. Even yours
  328. Lundalakan

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Some things never change on BD. Another dick measuring contest
  329. Lundalakan


    Nice collection!
  330. Lundalakan

    Shimano 300 EJ Discontinued ?

    Good to know! I kind of expected shimano would put a rediculous price on it
  331. Lundalakan

    Shimano 300 EJ Discontinued ?

    And the trans 300 will cost how much more than the 300 ej?
  332. Lundalakan

    Official Chargers Post

    Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., said he, too, has lingering questions about what the announcement could mean for the workers. You may as well name that dog "LA"
  333. Lundalakan

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    More guv agencies getting their hands on the money. Just like the usa
  334. Lundalakan

    Fish Vacumn sealer

    Ditto on the food saver. Mine does a good job. The only drawback might be that if your sealing a large quantity you will need to let it cool down occasionally
  335. Lundalakan

    FloScan 5500 series question

    Correct, always hot by design for the totalizer.
  336. Lundalakan

    FloScan 5500 series question

    IIRC when I installed one in the skippy I had I needed to install a toggle switch as one of the hookup wires was hot all the time. Switching it off did reset the totalizer, not a big deal if you go with a full tank each time , might be an issue if you make multiple runs without filling up. I...
  337. Lundalakan

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    I can understand getting burnt out after multiple trips during high season BUT, customer service IS the gig these folks signed up for. Help, tie, bait, untangle, endless "step right, step left". That's the deal, customers are not paying chump change for trips these days, boats lively hoods...
  338. Lundalakan

    Stadium Referendum

    You want heartless.......try Philadelphia any sport
  339. Lundalakan

    Be Safe Out There

    I'll add to the pfd wearing.......check the weather, marine forecast, surf report sites, cams etc. takes less than 5 minutes. THEN when you get outside pay attention, boat near the bueno
  340. Lundalakan

    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    Shuffle off to your safe space. You'll get over it
  341. Lundalakan

    Sea Tow Or Vessel Assist?

    Fwiw.....I saw Sea Tow out twice this year in SD bay. Both times they were diving for bugs.
  342. Lundalakan

    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    I've had the opposite experience. I've always done better with fresh bait , frozen or not. Fish heads, bonito, carcass from cleaning etc. I'll usually jig a sabiki or drag around a scrap of squid while bugging and catch macs to supplement my supply
  343. Lundalakan

    Buggin SD bay 10/23

    Well, I guess that settles that!
  344. Lundalakan

    Lobster report for Friday 10/21/2016.

    Meteorologist........the one job a person can be consistently wrong and still remain employed
  345. Lundalakan

    Buggin SD bay 10/23

    Hit the bay and fished the falling tide. There was a lack of kelp fouling props and nets unlike last trip. Fished fairly shallow structure with bonito for bait for 3 keepers , many shorts, a bullhead/horn shark and a real pissed off moray eel. You never know what comming up in a net! I don't...
  346. Lundalakan

    Sea Tow Or Vessel Assist?

    I have had both, have not used either. Price is similar. That said VA is the one I see doing the tows. At one point one supposedly had an agreement with mx to hand off with no charge to the owner. Maybe both do now. Since downsizing that's not my concern as I stick in the bay's and kelp. I have...
  347. Lundalakan

    What Else Can I Fish with a Popping Rod?

    You can fish it anyway you want within the limits of the rod.
  348. Lundalakan

    Buggin the bay 10/16

    . Hit SD bay last night. Had a bit of a long period swell rolling in. Along with more kelp than usual. Breezy but still fairly nice. Put 2 keepers in the well then noticed one of my nets wandered off. At the same time I noticed a dude paddling a small whaler type skiff. Turns out he was out of...
  349. Lundalakan

    Sd bay on the water bug report 10/6

    Find your structure and work it. Bugs move, they will repopulate
  350. Lundalakan

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    Whether the folks want fish or not, when I spend 1 k for a charter I decide what happens with the fish. Since regional customs occasionally dictate otherwise, I go golfing and don't support the local customs
  351. Lundalakan

    Friday night bugging - Quality over Quantity

    I store bugs in an empty live well with a couple burlap sacks soaked in salt water. Always have live bugs in the morning to process and vacuum seal
  352. Lundalakan

    2016 SoCal desert Buck

    One usually has to go waaaay north to find one of those!
  353. Lundalakan

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort?

    I second Puerto Vallarta, paradise village. Plenty for the family to do, world class skippers and boats for you
  354. Lundalakan

    Preferred Kill Bag

    They all work well if you gill and gut and keep some ice in them
  355. Lundalakan

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    Go to a plastics supply place. Get a scrap of HDPE, 3"x10" or so. Take a deep breath and drill some holes to mount it on the transom. Standing out side the boat facing the stern mount it on the right side, unless your OB rotates counterclockwise. Pop rivit or stainless sheet metal screws will do...