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    Your right Blackfish, it should say 70’s. I was born in 1967 and lived through the 70’s running...

    Your right Blackfish, it should say 70’s. I was born in 1967 and lived through the 70’s running around the neighborhood until the street lights came on. I miss the world I grew up in.
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    Says it all right here!
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    2002 Seaswirl Striper 1851 CC - $27,800

    Very nice advertisement. Well maintained Striper. GLWS
  4. duckdog

    20' Wooldridge Sportstour

    Any pictures of the interior layout would be helpful.
  5. duckdog

    1986 20 ft. Bayrunner

    Pics Please. Send it!
  6. duckdog

    Sturgeon fishing in Sf bay

    What size body is this ray? 24” long or so?
  7. duckdog

    Screws, Fasteners, Anchors, Ratchet Straps, Tie Downs, Bungee Cords, Etc.

    I could use that green strap is it 1 1/2” Or 2”?
  8. duckdog

    Youth Hunt Opportunities?

    Join California Waterfowl Association CWA has many junior hunts also a great way to support the waterfowl and hunters of California
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    Lead and Pouring Stuff

    Great deal. I’m sure it would be to expensive to ship to CA. I would take it if you lived in Comifornia.
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    Thanks Poncherello! That was fun and see you next year.
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    Harley-Davidson Fishing trips?

    Now that’s living in California!!!
  12. duckdog

    Two new Yeti 45 Quart coolers

    Where is the cooler located?
  13. duckdog

    1974 super beetle

    Where is the car located? Are you in the Bay Area?
  14. duckdog

    1974 super beetle

    Send pics of car please
  15. duckdog

    Browning Maxus Semi-Auto for sale

    Where are you located in SD?
  16. duckdog

    Wheel Chair Lift FREE

    Maybe look into donating it to Veterans or a local charity. Those things are very expensive and are a life changer for those that are wheelchair bound. Your are doing a great thing.
  17. duckdog

    Duck Plucking Machine and Duck/Geese decoys

    Do you have an idea of which manufacture this picker is? Nunally possibly?
  18. duckdog

    Swaro NL pure binos

    Very nice and good deal. Not in the cards right now.
  19. duckdog

    Swaro NL pure binos

    Do tell JTC
  20. duckdog

    2000 Parker 2320 w/2013 Yamaha 250

    Can I get a pic of the inside fish hold and if it has macerator pump?
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    Freakin BB gun wars! F’ Yeah! I Shot my best friend right under the eye.
  22. duckdog

    “Kayaker and the Whale”

    Live from the kayak.
  23. duckdog

    “Kayaker and the Whale”

    going to need a bigger skiff!
  24. duckdog

    Draw Results Posted

    Trying out Kesterson on opener Should be a few birds around. Partner drew a #20 there for Saturday. 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
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    Draw Results Posted

    CADFW opening day results are posted! Good luck to all.
  26. duckdog

    Wednesday 9/16 Fort Bragg Albacore

    congratulations!!! Great OTW intel.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    God bless the CHP. The officer will get in trouble by his boss “Newsome” But I don’t think he gives a crap. Awesome!
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    California national forest closures
  29. duckdog

    California national forest closures
  30. duckdog

    California national forest closures

    This is Shaver Lake in Fresno County. Tragic for many close friends.
  31. duckdog

    1 shot 1 kill

    Congratulations! The table fair is the best.
  32. duckdog

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That makes me f’ng hungry.
  33. duckdog

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Generation X !!!
  34. duckdog

    Smith & Wesson 3914/3913

    Are you selling the glock?
  35. duckdog

    Fishing in South Lake Tahoe area any good?

    You won’t regret having a boat on Tahoe. This is a quaggla mussel inspection lake so be prepared.
  36. duckdog

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    Did you look at the Davis Rock Harbor long cabin? One for sale on BD for $80k
  37. duckdog

    Parker 2120 So Cal

    Im also interested Walker. Where are you located?
  38. duckdog

    Radoncraft / Davis Cortez 22' Fishing Boat

    Tboss19 let me know when you decide to sell. I’ve been in the market for awhile
  39. duckdog

    Eastern Sierras open!

    As of midnight May 23 trout season is open in Mono County. Getcha some!!!
  40. duckdog

    Mr Heater Buddy

    How much to ship it to Clovis, CA 93619 I would love this heater in my duck blind!
  41. duckdog

    Morro Bay Salmon 5/17 VIDEO

    Having fun with your boys! "Who needs Downriggers"! LMAO Congrats guys
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    Selling a pair of Zeiss 10x45

    is this a secret answer?
  43. duckdog

    Yuma 4-22-20

    cool post. Takes me back to my high school days of fishing the CA aqueduct at night until the rabbits came out and then it was shoota palooza!
  44. duckdog

    38 cal ammo

    Nickel or aluminum cases?
  45. duckdog

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC

    Is the hull coated if so when was the last time it was coated. many pics on the trailer?
  46. duckdog

    2018 Parker 2320

    What is the remaining balance on the loan?
  47. duckdog

    Kicker bracket for sale

    What hp and weight is this rated for?
  48. duckdog

    Zeiss 3X Rifle Scope 4-12x42

    You still have this scope?
  49. duckdog

    Davis 22' or Farallon 23

    BD has a guy up in the PNW with a CORTEZ willing to travel down. Looks like a nice boat. Page 3 or 4 of this forum.
  50. duckdog

    Penn Fathom-Meter 865 Electric Down-riggers

    Do you happen to have the Penn power connectors to the battery side? Good DR for there year. $100 for the pair correct?
  51. duckdog

    Ammo for older shotguns

    There is a new (to me) shell called Boss Shot shells I believe. They make ammo for the older guns.
  52. duckdog

    TC ProHunter .50 Cal Muzzleloader $400

    Let me know if it falls through. I’m in Fresno.
  53. duckdog

    1990 Cabo Marine Cuddy Con 256

    If I read this correctly the boat was slipped for 10 years? No bottom paint? Or do you live on/near the waterway and the boat is on trailer?
  54. duckdog

    2019 Duck Opener

    Lots of local ducks this year. Should be good opener. Be safe out there!
  55. duckdog

    1988 bayrunner 21

    Can you post more pics? Ttop. Bow of boat. Trailer... Great price if the Hull is solid.
  56. duckdog

    1992 25HP TWO STROKE Mercury outboard

    Can you post picks under cowling and lower units?
  57. duckdog

    MOLDS! jighead and sinker molds

    Haha on the lead duck mold. Probably taste like spoony. Let me know how much shipped to Clovis 93619
  58. duckdog

    MOLDS! jighead and sinker molds

    Might you have a blank mold? I need one to machine into a H weight for duck decoy weights. I let someone borrow mine but can’t remember who.
  59. duckdog

    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    The Autumn Wind is a Raider! Count me in again for the Raiders and the next year and every year after that!
  60. duckdog

    Shaver Lake or Nearby Fishing Spots????

    Skip Huntington fish are small. Shaver has the best all around fishing, if you want to take a road trip head to Courtwright for hold over and planted trout Wishon is also that way. If you are looking to stream fish look at Dinkey Creek and throw some spinners or crickets.
  61. duckdog

    Mercury 40-50-60hp 4 Stroke - NEW PARTS

    You still selling that 13 prop?
  62. duckdog

    Mercury 60hp - Stainless Prop

    What pitch is this prop? What boat did you run it on?
  63. duckdog

    Mercury 40-50-60hp 4 Stroke - NEW PARTS

    What years are the 60hp parts for? Where are you located?
  64. duckdog

    NorCal white seabass head turn in program

    Will do. Thank you for taking the lead on this important issue.
  65. duckdog

    18’ Bayrunner Re-power Weight?

    I would not put a kicker on that hull. I had a 17-6" Bayrunner with a 50hp 4st Suzuki it was a perfect motor for that hull. I added a 9.9 merc 4st kicker and it was a tippy machine. Best bet is to add an 12-24v minn kota bow mount and set batteries up front.
  66. duckdog

    Boat trailer tandem galvanized heavy duty 10,000 pound up for grabs

    Not sure I follow your brake response "Mex MOD"? I was asking if they are disc or drum? two axles or single axle?
  67. duckdog

    Parker 2820

    Look at CL in inland empire
  68. duckdog

    Catahoula puppies- Decoy dogs

    Can you upload a pic of the pup?
  69. duckdog

    2009 GMC 2500 Diesel

    6.5' bed or 8' ?
  70. duckdog

    parker 2120 or steiger craft 21miami dv

    I PM you on your first reply a couple days ago. Is this the same boat sold recently from Santa Cruz? Can you pm with pics
  71. duckdog

    Recommendation for Bison Meat Hunt

    If and when you do the hunt please post pics and experience. I’m thinking about it too for the meat.
  72. duckdog

    AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale

    Those are great looking pups but I think I see 8 pups. What’s the weights on the Dam and Sire?
  73. duckdog

    Online deals right now

    What he said!
  74. duckdog

    2005 Boston Whaler 210 Outrage - 105 hrs - $31,750

    Right on. I replied before your post about location popped up. No foul and GLWS
  75. duckdog

    Youth Rifle Combo?

    6.5 for sure many choices in entry level guns but stick with a bolt action he will learn to think through the steps of loading consider some type of recoil pad too.
  76. duckdog

    Anybody need a good laugh? I did.

    Two of the top classic comedians. Straight up Raw Thanks for the post.
  77. duckdog

    2006 Parker 2320 with 2014 yamaha 250hp

    Is that boat yellow or is it a dark pic?
  78. duckdog

    Channel Buoy Salmon

    That’s a Toad!
  79. duckdog

    Glock 23. Excellent condition

    what is the clip capacity? Still available?
  80. duckdog

    Heading to Wyoming

    go get em!
  81. duckdog


    Old fashion Victor traps work the best. Set them on the walking paths like fence lines or near fruit trees. Peanut butter for bait. Check them in the morning daily as you may have one tail caught or foot caught then you get the pleasure of a good head spike.
  82. duckdog

    First Archery Bear

    Nice job on the Yogi.
  83. duckdog

    Road trip for Coos Bay Albi's,

    Hell yeah! Awesome your spouse is down on a whim. Good times
  84. duckdog

    2018 draw results

    Try Brent Dolby with Modoc Waterfowler Guide Service. He lives in Alturas. Good dude.
  85. duckdog

    19’Gregor center console

    Maybe add horsepower for Evinrude. Should sell quick.
  86. duckdog

    Still Frothing For A 16 Bayrunner, Someone Kick Me A Deal So I'll Stop Pestering!

    Nice 2012 17’ in Long Beach they are asking $10k but you may get em down closer to your number. No affiliation
  87. duckdog

    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    whats the manufacturer of the canopy cover?
  88. duckdog

    New 2018 Parker 2320 Build

    Wow! Super Jealous
  89. duckdog

    NorthRiver OS considering down sizing will consider TRADES + cash or sell

    I’m about 15k short but dam that’s a dream skiff for me. GLWS!
  90. duckdog

    24 radon

    To educate myself and others what would i look for in a private hull up build? I would hate to buy someone else work if I thought I was buying a Radon boat. Sorry if there is an obvious answer. Thanks!
  91. duckdog

    Virg's Landing vs Morro Bay Landing

    Are you picking up the D8 near Morro Bay? If not there are other places that have great access to great fishing. Salmon is also in season here if you like the other pink meat. Read Bayside Marine reports out of Santa Cruz if your interested. Port San Luis has been catching some early salmon...
  92. duckdog

    2007 Parker 2120 in SC

    Deck, cabin pictures?
  93. duckdog

    Parker 2320 sl 05

    Opening bids??
  94. duckdog

    CA aqueduct and San Joaquin River report.

    Great job dad. You don’t see these type of reports SJR/CA anymore. I grew up fishing those spots years ago.
  95. duckdog

    Fishing on the Delta

    I like to use a bait runner type or clicker/free spool on a bait caster.
  96. duckdog

    Decoy Mushroom Weights, cheap shipping or P/U in SB

    You might be better off selling flat strap weights. I don’t know many guys using mushroom weights unless they are a club hunter. Think tangling of lines in a bag. Straps can be bent around the keel or neck.
  97. duckdog

    Anybody have ideas for trolling motor on a bayrunner?

    bow mount for sure, I had a 9.9 Mercury 4 stroke on my Bayrunner and it made the boat very tippy, plus the Valcos just are not made to carry that kind of weight on the transom. You can set up a 24v bow mount and set your batteries up front too which will disperse the weight. You may have to...
  98. duckdog


    Gatecrashers with capt Zach check out the website
  99. duckdog

    What is your dream gun?

    Hands down best .357 made. Although I prefer the deep blue for my Python but 6" for sure.
  100. duckdog


    That’s a dam nice GW and priced right.
  101. duckdog

    1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Can we get an engine / transom pic? Nice Grady!
  102. duckdog

    Grady White 22'

    Who installed the Armstrong bracket? Price would be good too.
  103. duckdog

    Grady White 22'

    Who installed the Armstrong bracket? Price would be good too. :cussing:
  104. duckdog

    Monterey Salmon reports???

    check Bayside Marine in Santa Cruz daily fish report.
  105. duckdog

    Duck Hunting Stuff, calls, jackets, wader, etc

    let me know if you want to sell just the calls and the bag.
  106. duckdog

    Dog hunting riverside?

  107. duckdog

    1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    Yamaha HPDI 2 strokes correct? Nice ride!
  108. duckdog

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    That is correct for that D16 or any Restricted/Premium zone
  109. duckdog

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    download the big game booklet and it will be under "whats new for 2018" I believe.
  110. duckdog


    Eberlestock J34 "Just One" pretty tough to beat for comfort/hauling meat unless your going with a framed pack. $300
  111. duckdog

    Monterey Salmon - April 14th

    thanks for the Salmon report! great job.
  112. duckdog

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    Looks like B zone changed to Restricted. Things are getting crazy.
  113. duckdog

    Mercury 30HP Longshaft - F30ELH

    ok I have a 2008 9.9 Mercury I was going to talk trade+. Thanks for the reply.
  114. duckdog

    Mercury 30HP Longshaft - F30ELH

    Your boat looks lIke it may need a short shaft?
  115. duckdog

    Moss Landing 4-14-18 lots of Jellies...and was

    Congrats! Thanks for the report.
  116. duckdog

    Osprey Diesel Fisherman 22' 1996 $35,000 "Price Drop of $4500" OBO

    Awesome boat right there. You stated new bottom paint in 2016 do you have any current photos?
  117. duckdog

    CA Big Game Regs 2018

    Its that time again. Big Game regs are available online. Who is doing what?
  118. duckdog

    Gun Collection F/S No trades

    What year is the BAR? Made in ?
  119. duckdog


    Very nice Defiance Can you give estimate on fuel consumption and WOT mph
  120. duckdog

    Frontier Buck Knife

    Hi Gerry Can you pm me a clearer pic of the knife and sheath. Looks like a birchwood handle or maybe red micarta. Any stamp pic would help. Thanks.
  121. duckdog

    Recognize These lures?

    I’ll take them if your giving them away. Salmon opens in two weeks. Cool looking lures.
  122. duckdog

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Yep Hi Kirk! I’ll send you a pm
  123. duckdog

    4 Year Old GSP Needs New Home

    You might want to clarify if you are selling him or giving him away?
  124. duckdog

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    I checked this boat out in Paso Robles Monday . Such a clean boat. Somebody buy this!!!
  125. duckdog

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    Being that you are 6'-6" causes head room issues with most boats. The 2320 Parkers wont work for you, also the low gunnels MAY come up to your knees.I believe the 2520 gives slightly more head room and gunnel height. Defiance has slightly more head room also over the Parker. My opinion is to...
  126. duckdog

    Les Baer Custom Carry no fcs

    Is there a sale price or trade only?
  127. duckdog

    Moro Bay in April

    I wouldn't worry about being "that guy" as you may want to have a high speed reel with braid for horsing up the bigger lings and less work on the long drops. I don't typically fish these boats but have in the past and found there to be a lot of rental gear being used. Go with a open mind and...
  128. duckdog

    2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    Hands down. The Ultimate trailer boat.
  129. duckdog

    The search is over parker 2520

    Congratulations! Bad ass boat with so much deck space.
  130. duckdog

    The search is over parker 2520

    Thanks Mahi I’ll check it out.
  131. duckdog

    The search is over parker 2520

    Thanks Andrew. Yes I live in North Clovis. I would really appreciate that info. Looking forward seeing your Parker in town. Congrats again Matt
  132. duckdog

    The search is over parker 2520

    Congratulations on the find! I’ve been looking for a 2320 but keep coming up a day late. Looks like rear helm station too, nice for the troll and maybe add a Yamaha kicker. Simrad Auto pilot too.
  133. duckdog

    Anybody running a 2540 yet?

    Saw one at the ISE show in Sacramento over the weekend Great dual purpose southern Cali boat if you have a family.
  134. duckdog

    Baja bayrunner cuddy cabin 22

    what year is the hull? Nice skiff!
  135. duckdog

    Xmas venison

    Anything with a bow is a trophy. Congrats!
  136. duckdog

    Lowrance Accessories

    Glen Can you pm me a pic of the TM-150 only. Thanks
  137. duckdog

    River Salmon Derby

    Really Nice salmon guys! I would like to see more derby pics if possible?
  138. duckdog

    Pacific galvanized 10k trailer

    I'll take the Cortez w/outboard!!!!! Dream boat right there
  139. duckdog

    Half day boat in Monterey? Next week

    I've fished Chris' fishing in Monterey but only gone out with them when water was flat enough to run to Point Sur where the big lings and rocks live. Deck hand Dave is awesome if you get him on your trip. Plenty to see and do in Monterey. Have fun!
  140. duckdog

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    Bring that Radon to CA and will sell today!
  141. duckdog

    Help with Morro Bay

    I think you will Need to rent a mooring ball for Morro Bay. Not sure what to do with trailer though. Call harbor master they typically have info.
  142. duckdog


    How about some pics of the actual boat? I think deck, engine, cuddy etc... Trailer?
  143. duckdog

    Ruger Recall

    Thanks Awesome little .22 right there.
  144. duckdog

    Fish finder recommendation for Santa Cruz

    Since your fishing Santa Cruz stop into Johnson Hicks and check out the different units. These guys are a wealth of knowledge. I do agree with Mullet in regards to transducer. Your unit would work great with a P66 Airmar transducer which wont break your budget it is a transom mount not a thru...
  145. duckdog

    New 2320 cabin door improvements.

    Congrats on the sweet Parker
  146. duckdog

    Golden State blowing out Cleveland

    4 and DUN! WARRIORS
  147. duckdog

    Browning B-78 for sale

    Bump for a nice rifle.
  148. duckdog

    extended marine forcast

    FishWeather app. Free and accurate
  149. duckdog

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Click on his Avatar name and click on Start Conversation. I have purchased two different custom colored gaffs from Darryl and they are beautiful
  150. duckdog

    bunch of kids first time

    Great job. Good to see newbies out on the boat.
  151. duckdog

    ***Sold***2007 Defiance Yellowtail $21,500

    Thanks! Ill keep looking for the RIGHT boat. Would like the Admiral 22 but not many used ones for sale.
  152. duckdog

    ***Sold***2007 Defiance Yellowtail $21,500

    Can you post a pic with an adult in it for scale? I know that sounds weird but I am trying to wrap my head around this boat being 19.5' it looks more like 22' . I am 6'-2" and pilot houses become head knockers for me.
  153. duckdog

    1998 Parker 2530 26,000!!!

    Nice Parker. Engine and out drive pics?
  154. duckdog

    Lowrance 3G Issues

    Keep blowing up there email and phone. Upload issue on all fishing forums also may embarrass them enough to react. Bad press costs them in the long run. Its BS they dont repair units, their was a time they would at least give you credit towards a newer unit if yours was not produced anymore...
  155. duckdog

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    Do you buy this in Riverside just before Fred Hall LB? You beat me to it looked like a clean boat. Good luck with your outboard hopefully it is a minor repair.
  156. duckdog

    26' livesay pilot house for sale $30,000 OBO

    Thats one bad A$$ boat. Whats the weight on the trailer? What year is the boat?
  157. duckdog

    Thinking about Relocating From San diego to Rio Vista (age 55+) - Fishing Tips??

    Actually Rio Vista is on the delta, not being a smart ass but didn't want anyone to get confused. So much to do around that part of CA. You can drive to the ocean in less then an hour north or west. The delta holds excellent bass, sturgeon, American Shad etc... Plenty of upland bird, waterfowl...
  158. duckdog

    Shaver Lake or Huntington Lake

    Shaver is the way to go for an extended stay. Shaver Lake level currently at 40% but will be up for summer fun. If you want semi-seclusion head to Huntington they have a store and a couple small restaurants with very week fishing opportunities. You could always run up to Huntington it takes 30...
  159. duckdog

    Finally, First Salmon

    Congrats on the other pink meat. Nice skiff also
  160. duckdog

    Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

    Capt SanDab Either check Bayside or go fishing one of the two.
  161. duckdog

    Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

    Reports show some first year fish south of Bodega. Santa Cruz and Moss held some #10-20 fish for the opening weekend. Had to be in the right place and depth.
  162. duckdog

    New Bloodydecks Hats & Shirts

    always top shelf quality for a good price! Keep up the good work BD
  163. duckdog

    San Fran 1/2 day trip?

    If you can get on board try Kahn owner of north cal sportfishing. He may be fishing Monterey/Santa Cruz area though.
  164. duckdog

    San Fran 1/2 day trip?

    Salmon and rock fish opened yesterday. Many good party boats in SF bay or Berkeley area.
  165. duckdog

    Moss 4/1 Beautiful Day !!

    Congrats. you did better then most.
  166. duckdog

    Looking for a Glacier Bay 2670.

    2005 26' pro sport on San Francisco Craigslist. Might be what your looking for. Not mine just trying to help. Good luck!
  167. duckdog

    WTB Baja Bayrunner

    Check Sacramento Craigslist seen a couple yesterday. Not sure what length your looking for though.
  168. duckdog

    Rod for rockfish/lingcod with 1-2lbs cannon balls

    Match your ugly stick with a 6:1 Torium 16 for the $200 price range your in. Theres some good used ones selling on BD.
  169. duckdog

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    Fuckin sucks! Is how we feel about it. Been a Raider fan for 40+ years, the whacked out freak show named Davis can eat shit.
  170. duckdog

    Post your screenshots

    Had whales all around the boat. You tell me!
  171. duckdog

    First D16 buck (late report)

    Congrats on your buck! Now you have true surf and turf to enjoy.
  172. duckdog

    Bloodydecks Apparel 25% Off

    That is a Central Coast Cali hoodie! Ling,Hali,Albi get comments on mine all the time keep em coming Michelle! Nothing replaces my one eyed Lobster though
  173. duckdog

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    Your dealer is installing after market fish holds off either Port or Starboard side Gunnel. Saw them on a 2320 at the FH show. Finally a decent fish hold for the Parker.
  174. duckdog

    Bloodydecks Apparel 25% Off

    I know maybe sell some long sleeve shirts and ditch some of the sun soaking black/navy colors. Just saying.
  175. duckdog

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    Call johnson hicks they are straight shooters. I believe they are at Fred hall too
  176. duckdog

    2010 Radon Signature 22 or DR22

    $100k is your selling price? Diesel?
  177. duckdog

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    There's a dude selling a 2016 in Huntington Beach Craigslist. Fyi
  178. duckdog

    Weather for 3/3/17

    get fishweather its a free app
  179. duckdog

    Wifee put the Boom on the ditch chickens

    Vizla-might just be my next dog. Great day right there.
  180. duckdog

    WTB 15 - 25 hp Outboard

    I saw a 25hp Honda on Sacramento Craigslist Feb.2 also a brand new 20hp Merc same area Good luck
  181. duckdog

    Stuff for sale , pack and stuff

    Is the field line bag xl size? How much $ shipped?
  182. duckdog

    Parker 2120 Fully Loaded 2003 44000.00

    Nicest one I have seen in awhile. Out of my price range but worth a BUMP!
  183. duckdog

    Beretta 12 gauge For Sale

    I assume the AL391 is a 12 gauge? Whats your asking prices?
  184. duckdog

    best offshore fish finder under 2000 bucks

    call Johnson Hicks in santa cruz if your up this way.
  185. duckdog

    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    Thanks. Still for sale?
  186. duckdog

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    Its not even fun to say anymore! Dammit
  187. duckdog

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    Perfect boat! Fish cleaning station is the deal and that davit anchor block is sweet too!.
  188. duckdog

    Northern ca duck opener

    Congrats on the opener. Northern opener can be great but then again what road trip isn't! Cut Em
  189. duckdog

    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    Is the fish box you list shown in any of the pictures? Is that it on the front step? if so can you tell me if its insulated and how big?
  190. duckdog

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    Theres one posted on Craigslist Fresno.Canyon Runner No cabin
  191. duckdog

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    There's a 2310 in Santa Cruz CL.
  192. duckdog

    2005 Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner

    I've fished this Cat and it is awesome, dual bait tanks and huge fish holds in the deck. Good luck with the sale Jeff!
  193. duckdog

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    Check out the 2320 in Santa Barbra. It has the cut transom which makes it much shorter. Guys asking $45k
  194. duckdog

    SOLD 22' C-Hawk Pilothouse

    Is this without kicker motor or main motor?
  195. duckdog

    WTB 21 Parker or any WA boat

    check out Oregon Coast CL there is a 2120 for $35.5k. Good luck!
  196. duckdog

    Wtb: Parker 2120 ready to buy

    Did you get the one up by Folsom? I told the dude to check out BD. If so I'm glad it worked out. Great Parker 2120. I'm looking for a 2320 or I would of snagged it.
  197. duckdog


    I PM you. Thanks
  198. duckdog


    Harold has a long cabin at the Shop but I'm sure you know that already.
  199. duckdog

    2004 North River Commander Jet - NorCal

    Awesome boat priced to sell. GLWS!
  200. duckdog

    Offshore .............Don't be a Dick....

    Dam I want your boat! Very nice
  201. duckdog

    Please delete thread

    Nice ride! Fish Holds?
  202. duckdog

    WTB Gaff

    Darryl does great work. Good dude too.
  203. duckdog

    2004 steiger craft 25 chesapeak pilot house

    Any chance to see the interior pilot and deck pictures? Thanks
  204. duckdog

    93 Marlin Chinook! SUPER CLEAN 11,500 LOADED

    i PM you Tuesday any progress on the pics?
  205. duckdog

    what happened to the parker with the 5.7 in/out

    I PM asked for pics from dude never sent them???
  206. duckdog

    Wtb Davis Cortez 22wa

    You selling this Cortez???
  207. duckdog

    Holy shit parker on th market.

    I dig this boat except for the transom and loosing the fish holds with the full transom. What did you experience when you fished one? Thanks for the input.
  208. duckdog

    2006 North River 19 Mariner

    Tapout any luck getting those pictures I PM you about?
  209. duckdog

    1994 Stratos 2250 WA Cuddy

    How about some of those interior pics? Hours on motor?
  210. duckdog

    2005 Parker 2120 Pilothouse

    sent you a private message
  211. duckdog

    2005 Parker 2120 Pilothouse

    Can you send deck and interior pics? Where are you located????
  212. duckdog

    2008 Parker 21 Deep Vee Center Console

    Great skiff. Any pictures of the interior deck etc... Thanks
  213. duckdog

    20ft Hewescraft SeaRunner Deep-V - Location: Woodinville, WA

    Great Boat! Whats the boat weight and trailer capacity? Any photos of the interior fish live well, is that a wood splash well (wood blocks at transom as well), hours on main motor, which Lowrance unit???
  214. duckdog

    Offshore type 1 life jackets for sale.

    Ron Let me know if not sold. Ill be next in line
  215. duckdog

    Big Agnes sleeping bag for sale

    is this the long bag also does it have the slip for the pad?
  216. duckdog

    Go Chargers...

    Dont worry Charger fans its going to happen!
  217. duckdog

    2005 Sea Pro 21 CC - SOLD

    Can I get a pic of the front deck?
  218. duckdog

    Crescent City razors/salmon combos

    Nice job. NorCal getting it done.
  219. duckdog

    2004 Parker21se for sale

    What model Klamath are you selling? I'm in the market. Thanks Sorry plattapu
  220. duckdog

    Minn Kota Riptide 24Volt Trolling Motor

    Is this an I pilot? What year?
  221. duckdog

    seat. prop. fish finder. boat stuff

    What motor does the prop fit?
  222. duckdog

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    I just received the 6' gaff in the mail. Asked Daryl to color match a particular green and he nailed it. The gaff is a work of art. Thanks Again!
  223. duckdog

    F/S G&H Snow Goose Shells

    Do you still have these dekes? Are you stuck on the price?
  224. duckdog

    Custom Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    I would like to get a 6' in the green wrap. How do we do this?
  225. duckdog

    Lowrance 50/200 transom mount transducer new

    1kw Airmar on your lowrance, how do you like it? Thats what i am leaning towards for my HDS8 Gen 2.
  226. duckdog

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Tinslayer do you have an idea on shipping cost? 93619 zip code? Thinking two 6' gaffs.
  227. duckdog

    Lowrance 50/200 transom mount transducer new

    I'll take it if Sale falls thru. What did you upgrade too?
  228. duckdog

    For Sale. 2002 Parker 2320 Pilothouse

    It's about time someone grabbed this Parker. I just wish it wasn't 1000 miles away. I have been slobbering on this since it post. Congrats to both of you.
  229. duckdog

    2004 SEAPRO 206CC $18K

    Hours on outboard? Fish hold on the bow? Some more details would be helpful. Nice riding boat.
  230. duckdog

    Scotty downrigger manual

    No problem thanks for your honesty. Good luck with the sale
  231. duckdog

    Scotty downrigger manual

    I'm really only interested in the black box. If it's the digital with red numbers ( model 1201) not the LED bar read out (older) type. I'd give you $80 and pay for the shipping. Let me know if we got a deal.
  232. duckdog

    Scotty downrigger manual

    Can you mail this out. If so I'll take them
  233. duckdog

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    See honey I told you I was going fishing with the guys from work.
  234. duckdog

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    Hi oh silver! That ain't the Lone Ranger!
  235. duckdog

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    You think the game warden will notice?
  236. duckdog

    Lowrance HDS 5

    Ben Do you know if a Hds8 gen 2 transducer will work with your unit? If so I might be interested
  237. duckdog

    2006 Striper 2301 W/A with Hard top

    That's a super clean Striper looks well taken care of. Good luck with the sale.
  238. duckdog


    You guys must have larger jails then us, our finest have to release for these offenses. We had an auto thief arrested twice in 24 hours here. Anybody see a problem with that? I hate thieves! :Dynamite:
  239. duckdog

    WTB Center Console

    Camp do you have any photos of your skiff?
  240. duckdog

    1997 Parker 21 Center console

    Nice ride! Any pictures on the trailer, fish holds, storage etc...?
  241. duckdog

    2003 Pro-line 20' center console

    can I get a couple more interior pics? fish box size? picture of the counsel. How wide? Fuel tank size?
  242. duckdog

    2005 Gregor 21' Super Seahawk For Sale

    Thanks Ryan. Good luck with the sale.
  243. duckdog

    2005 Gregor 21' Super Seahawk For Sale

    where are you located? I am heading down to SD this weekend.
  244. duckdog


    Go higher. you will be shopping in a busy area around those two areas.
  245. duckdog

    Downriggers Electric

    Im interested. What year did you buy these?
  246. duckdog

    S&W 357

    excellent pack gun. I have a Python or I would be interested. Someone snag this machine!
  247. duckdog

    Saltwater Halibut & Ling Limits!

    Wow we dont get that grade down here. Nice job!
  248. duckdog

    Waterfowl Ammo

    Great looking Vizsla.
  249. duckdog

    Duck Hunting WA - Young Guns Tame Cornfed Greenheads

    Hats off to you again. Keep up the good work men. Arise, Kill & Eat
  250. duckdog

    WA Duck Hunting - Young Guns take it to Columbia River Ducks & Geese

    Great job Dad. Putting up a full blown effort for those boys, nice spread of G&H decoys, shoreline breakfast and comfortable waders.Those daughters will be in there soon as well I bet. Excellent job!
  251. duckdog

    21 ft Bayrunner Baja

    PM me some pics of your ride, I am interested as well. What shape is the hull in?
  252. duckdog

    A Little D-16 Luck!!

    Nice 3x. Any Archery Buck is a good one in my book. Congrats.
  253. duckdog

    NEW Boat Covers

    I got a 17'6" bayrunner with side rails and center console without windshield. Do you got one that will fit?
  254. duckdog

    WANTED 21' alum center console

    Jason, What are you asking for the 23'? I thinking about upgrading from my 17'6 bayrunner. Got pics? Thanx
  255. duckdog

    Bayrunner Open 21, with Suzuki DT55

    Confused, is it sold or can I write you a check for it?
  256. duckdog

    Dog aint doing too well

    Definentley give the old man the time to see if he recovers, then make the hard decision. Only you can make the decision the vet is just Practicing Medicine not so sure they really know. Good Luck. Ive been there a few times with my hunting dogs, sucks!
  257. duckdog

    The Wister Mud from hell.

    When in doubt gun it, Right? You can pick your friends but not your family. Good luck killing the patos, they seem to make us do stupid shit.
  258. duckdog

    Texas rig for decoys

    Check out the Rig'em Right sliding set up with egg weight (cabelas, Macks), Keeps the lines from getting tangled with weight setting against decoy and could be made with mono or tangle free line. Also if you use tanglefree you can run longer line and make a half hitch to take up the slack when...
  259. duckdog

    Four Officers Murdered in Tacoma

    The other MAJOR crime was this POS was granted clemency from prison by Gov. Huckabee whom after being released was being charged and out on bail for "child-rape". This is one of the many things wrong with this bleeding heart country we all live in, my prayers go out to ALL law enforcement personnel.
  260. duckdog

    The secret to Sluester & Kurt's success revealed!

    You think those deer know the old man is eating bambi and eggs for breakfast?
  261. duckdog

    Fishing For Catfish

    Baitrunner/clicker set up with a 1 or 2 oz. slide sinker, Gamagatsu 3/0 circle hooks. Fishing at night don't be afraid to fish the shorelines maybe one short and launch the other setup. like others said stink works. Chicken livers, mack etc.. Good luck to you and your son
  262. duckdog

    Goin' to The National Championships!

    Beautiful dog- congrats to both of you. May your shots be true and the wind be right.
  263. duckdog

    They grow so fast...

    great looking dog good luck with her, but why does the dog have to share the front seat?
  264. duckdog

    New toy i wana get.....

    Nothing wrong with the 45 long colt for a hunting sidearm BUT not first choice. 44 or 357 have great hunting rounds factory loaded and the 45 colt ammo is expensive. Dont consider the 410 for anything out of that short of barrel maybe wacking lizards in AZ.
  265. duckdog

    Diaphragm calls

    try sports authority/mart they usually have the basic d-call you can also use elk d-calls in a pinch.
  266. duckdog

    My daughter (7) went Hooping for the first time

    Thats the stuff right there! Enjoy it and take her as much as she will go, you may end up with the best lifelong fishing partner a dad could ask for. Great job.
  267. duckdog

    My boat has a new home....

    the kids a pro! Every crew needs a good quarterback. Congrats on the project looks like a great place.
  268. duckdog

    Mo Stripers

    Hey Man thanks for the information I missed the Port Costa area qoute. Congrats on the fish.
  269. duckdog

    Mo Stripers

    Don't know anything about being "homo". Tell me oh great one.:frehya2:
  270. duckdog

    Mo Stripers

    are those delta fish? Come on man give up a little info.
  271. duckdog

    Junior Waterfowl Hunt Success...

    Great job Cory! Those are some toad honkers.
  272. duckdog

    Remington 870

    you might check out the 26" barrel they will swing a little faster and with the screw in chokes the patterns are not really affected.
  273. duckdog

    16 ga 1100 rem shot gun

    The purple shells are a great round for all upland. WalMart has upland loads usually in stock. Check out online for rounds also they seem to carry some of the off calibers/gauges. I am not sure who makes steel loads maybe Kent.
  274. duckdog

    21' Bayrunner

    sweet tuna can Check the intake for the bait tank. I have an '84 with some pitting went to Wally World and they have the two part epoxy pretty cheap, sand the spots and apply with small scraper. Also had leakage in one of the two drain plugs because of pitting through the years of salt.
  275. duckdog

    Remington 870

    You might want to look at the browning BPS for a few more bucks. Bottom load/eject top tang safety works for both right and left handers also have the invector plus chokes which tend to pattern better then the remington chokes. If your serious about the waterfowl be sure to get a matte finish...
  276. duckdog

    Reading up on our new President may offer us Fisherman a hand...

    Are you guys kidding me anybody out there NRA members? Do you read what is written in American Hunter about our new President? I agree with jiggInIron we must stand together but lets keep the leash short until Obama proves he has a changed his stand for our gun rights. I find it hard to believe...
  277. duckdog

    Bad ass Muley pics..

    Funny theres no dog to be found defending his grub. Great set up for a arm chair ambush.
  278. duckdog

    Christmas ducks/good cigar

    Great post bro, like you say its always a great time being with your brothers in the blind.
  279. duckdog

    The Ridge

    great day on the pond. I am digging your boat, I have never seen a 23' bayrunner. I have a 17'-6" and fish the crap out of it. Do you have any other pictures of the 23'? over
  280. duckdog

    Offshore 302, 371 6/26 Report 9 Albies w/numbers

    Dig the vessel, looks like a fishing machine. Congrats on the fishies.
  281. duckdog

    In Canada as I type!

    Looks like your still put the spurs to em. One question, does your mojo duck work with the honkers? I always seem to leave mine home when I am shooting for the just honkers. Keep it up, shoot where you are, and kill em all.
  282. duckdog

    In Canada as I type!

    Looks like your slammin em. Kill em all!
  283. duckdog

    Vicarious motives 4/13/06

    Great job girls. Life is good!
  284. duckdog

    Tejon bowhunt report

    Great pics. I hunted Tejon with my bro years ago for turkeys thru DFG, what a place. What kind of gravel did it run you to hunt for the porky's? Is spring still the best time to hunt Tejon?
  285. duckdog

    Killer Day in SD

    Thats my nephew! Way to get little man. Now we need to get him killing a few ducks.