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  1. Fillet & Release

    United Composite blank

    Palomino, I'm off the 5 in Encinitas
  2. Fillet & Release

    United Composite blank

    Anybody need a blank ?
  3. Fillet & Release

    United Composite blank

    Still have it, a couple of people want it but $$ talks
  4. Fillet & Release

    United Composite blank

    Thank you but too bad it sat @ Angler Choice for 2 months waiting to get wrapped. I got tired of hearing excuses so I got it back & bought a factory wrap to use instead
  5. Fillet & Release

    United Composite blank

    No plans to go North at the moment. I could ship it, but don’t know if it’s worth it
  6. Fillet & Release

    United Composite blank

    CU Elite 900 Mega, brand new in wrapper (760) 207-5132 $150. OBO
  7. Fillet & Release

    RCE700xh I'm looking for one of those if you still have that rod (760) 492-0500

    RCE700xh I'm looking for one of those if you still have that rod (760) 492-0500
  8. Fillet & Release

    Penn Fathom 12 FTH12 Star Drag (NIB)

    Does that include shipping to CA ?
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    Chivato fishing 7/28 & 7/29

    Went down for an extended wkend, got great weather after the huricane had gone by on the pacific side. (Thurs. am) Smooth & glassy with 5-10 mph winds, LOTS of do-dos 3-5 mi. from the point. Loaded up by 9 am both days, we where runing away from the little ones & releasing the fem. Feed all the...
  10. Fillet & Release

    Offshore 6/22 Yellows & BFT

    OOOPS, but it starts with a J (sorry wrong month)
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    Offshore 6/22 Yellows & BFT

    Phat Boat- The water was still to warm for the BFT's we where after...
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    Offshore 6/22 Yellows & BFT

    Ran down straight South to the cooler water break about 50 mi., beatiful conditions ran 30-35 MPH down. Found lot's of smaller BFT breaking water, but didn't want to bite anything. Hooked one thowing on breaking fish & got lost to a backlash :104167739 Filled up on small yellows of the...
  13. Fillet & Release

    Mulege fishing 9/30-10/2

    WIDE OPEN MARLIN & SAILFISH maybe 25 hook-ups a day, at least that many knockdowns. 1 dead, (the captain keep it) Went looking for the 40-60 lbs. tunas that were there last wk., NO LUCK, only sm. do-dos. Talked to a few people fishing Loreto on the plane w/ same results. Later
  14. Fillet & Release

    Flying down to Loreto Sept 29th

    Going to try baja again this yr., was slow in June. We're staying @ Serinidad & fishing out of there. Heard they're catching some do-do's & tunas. Anybody have info?
  15. Fillet & Release

    going to coronado islands sunday

    we were surfing of pt. loma last nite & heard some guys on the radio cought some 20 lbs yellows cought @ pukey pt., so good luck.
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    Offshore SW swell coming in this weekend

    Hey Clutz, Thanks for putting the word out, nobody new about it before ! Harbour cruise boats has a special going there sat. & sun. GOOD LUCK. (I'm flying to san juanico tomorow) C U
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    Not fishing this wknd ?

    Went for boat ride last sat.- 181, 30 mi. bank, 182 & around. Very few empty patties, chased purposes, dumped bait on meter marks, put out marlin jigs since we hear of a few knock downs NO love for us, saw 1 boat hook-up on a marlin, 20 lbs. for 2 hrs. before breaking off. Some guys dove on...
  18. Fillet & Release

    >>Funny Condom Commercial<<

    UUUGGGHHH That's sick dude, but funny. By the way how the you change your register name, try a few thing but would not take them.
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    Not fishing this wknd ?

    Fri am, FISHING SUCKS, NO surf, let's go golfing & pure platimun for 19th hole.
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    Offshore 9/6 O-side Marlin blowout 181 209 etc...

    NICE RIG, seen u @ the docks. must be aluminium welder ?
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    For Pickle Boy

    that dudes hernia is ready to pop
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    Offshore water temp drop

    hey there cardifian, went surf a couple days ago, early am w/ my spring suit & WAOO shocking for summer. got my boat full of gas & itching to go, but @ $ 3 a gal. why go for a boat ride. hope it'll be a late season & if the big eyes come in it'll be fun. years ago i was going out in Oct. for...
  23. Fillet & Release

    Offshore Relentless charter 8/13

    my buddies just got back this AM from a 1 1/2 dayer w/ Joel. 12 BFT & 1 alby (jackpot) 120 mi., glad I couldn't go. it would have a LOOONG boring day. been fishing w/ Joel since the Legend days, he sure loves to kill fish & definitely the funniest.
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    Why do men like blow jobs?

    OOOPPS, maybe not in Alaskass, but good in So. Cal.
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    Pimpin My Ride

    I was checking out your stretch panga down there a couple of wks. ago when I took my in for service. LOOKS GOOD. Good luck on it, Diablito.
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    Loreto trip 6/10-6/19

    We're going 6/3-6/11 w/ 2-19' Bayrunners to San Lucas Cove. There's do-dos & sm. tunas there allready, if you want to go a wk. earlier send me a pm. We go every yr., from Cardiff to Guerrero Negro by early afternoon, & having a welcome cervesa under the palapa before noon. Or look for us on...
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    New Bikinis

    Can you map-quest me to this beach ?
  28. Fillet & Release

    ?? Avet EX 4/02 ??

    Hey Ken-Craft bro, I have the same reel & they all make that gearing sound. Even the old internationals sound like that, think it's the dog spring, or something stronger (anti-reverse) on the better reels. But you can try Angler's Choice in P.L., Luc works on them. I know Ken in Oceanside...
  29. Fillet & Release

    4/8-4/16 San Bruno, BCS

    LOVED your pictures, wherewere you guys making bait ? in front of the SLC opening. i had a tough time last June, the local pangeros told us the comm. seiner are going through there regularly & cleaning up the bait. My buddy was @ Chivato last wk. & found lots of yellows over there...
  30. Fillet & Release

    boat cover

    Max, you can try S & brothers in Enc. (el cam.real) or pm me for info.
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    Oceanside squids 2/2

    Went against my religion out of Oceanside on a PM 1/2 day partyboat 6-10 pm. With a group of 10, though it would be fun. They saidd after 40 people they would put another boat on, well there was 60 on board. Went out about 4 mi. straightout, flat as the bay, beautiful nite. Got 7 & lost a few...
  32. Fillet & Release

    Need help changing user name

    I have changed boats & would like to change my reg., user name but can"t seem to be able to change it. It lets me change every else but that. How to I start a new one ? It says I allready logged in as Silver Bullet, my old boat name.
  33. Fillet & Release

    East Cape Fishing Report 10/9 Wkend.

    Good Tuna Bite Outside 20-40 Mi. On Tinny 'deans & 30 Lb. String. My Buddy Got A 64 Lbs. Slow On All Billfish. Mixed Size Of Dodos Around. Got 3 'hoos To 40 Lbs. Down South Weather Was @ Least 95*
  34. Fillet & Release

    Offshore FRI. Coronado YT

    Easy Limits Of 10 To 15 Lbs. Yt. At S. Kelp Or South End Of South Island. Started Out @ The Rock Pile For A Few Fish & About Noon, Wide Open Bite @ S. Kelp. Had Three Double Hook-up Slow Trolling 'deans. Watch Out For Early Am Fog. Happy Fishings.
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    Raymarine digital FF help

    I replaced my Lowrance FF this season w/ the new DS500x digital technology, BUT it's totally different. Short of trying to read the manual & playing w/ it out in the water, drive & fish & & &. Can't seem to get it to do what I want. The electronics guy @ West Marine tried!, But it's to new...