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  1. grey goose

    Anchor line.

    Any one have a good source for ordering some Amsteel Blue 5/16 line?
  2. grey goose

    Coalesceing filter- RACOR

    Model ccv4500 filter by Racor. Keep your engine bay clean. $150.00
  3. grey goose

    Complete flow scan system.

    SOLD. Complete flow scan unit taken out of my Blackman always operated flawlessly , Has everything needed to install including paper work instruction manual . $200.00
  4. grey goose

    6 16.5. Galvanized trailer 6 lug wheels with tires

    6, 6 lug trailer wheels 16.5 inch. wheels are good and tires are serviceable . $ 200.00 for all... SOLD
  5. grey goose

    Stainless duo prop set.

    This is a set of C3 Volvo Penta Stainless props. $300.00
  6. grey goose

    Trailer tires and wheels.

    6 - 16.5 inch galvanized wheels with tires wheels are good and tires are serviceable. $ 300.00 OBO. These are 6 lug wheels.
  7. grey goose

    Anchor puller.

    Anybody using a drum style puller on a smaller boat ? my smaller boat is a 26 foot pilot house. I am tired of dealing with a limited chain locker on these boats without enough distance for the anchor rhode to stack naturally and then redeploy. Going to an easy Puller patriot 4. anyone using this...
  8. grey goose

    Devilbis Air compressor

    Air compressor, I think about a 30 Gal horizontal tank , with a Devilbis pump and 220 electric motor, Mounted on a rolling dolly. Tank measures 45" long X 16" dia. Works great Rolls easy, $300.00 in Long Beach area. Can be texted at 714 two 69 46 five six.
  9. grey goose

    2008 Kawasaki Teryx

    looking to sell a teryx 750 CC side by side with very low hours and lots of extras. PM me for a spec sheet and all details. $6500.00
  10. grey goose

    Looking for old reel

    Looking for an OLD Penn 14 or 16 ought reel, need not be in fishable condition as that is not the purpose, Anyone know of something like that laying in state somewhere?
  11. grey goose

    Boat lift in a slip.

    who is using one and what kind or style?
  12. grey goose

    14 size old penn reel or similar.

    Need an old 14 ought conventional Penn reel, or something similar but as large. where is it?
  13. grey goose

    Great white shark replica.

    Lost track. What ever happened to the guy selling the Great white Shark ceiling/wall hanging that was up here a small while ago? Anyone know?
  14. grey goose

    Old reel, PENN.

    Looking for an old penn 14 ought reel can be non working since it will not be used to fish.
  15. grey goose

    Any info on a source for a new

    Any info on a source for a "NEW" starter for my KAD 300 Volvo penta motor? Does it exchange with other models. Just looking around before I hit the usual high price options. could use a torque plate as well.
  16. grey goose

    Navigating web site?

    How does one move from place to place in the forums without going back to the red tool bar and starting over in the forums?
  17. grey goose

    powered hoop pullers no more?

    Had a guy walk my boat on the dock while I was cleaning up today. He saw my hoop puller on the dock and mentioned that those will no longer be legal as of 2014. anyone have any info on this? true? false?
  18. grey goose

    HX52 handle question.

    Got a new HX a while back and going on a long range with it this week. Back at a fishing show recently I purchased an after market handle and took off the factory hand grip intending to put on the new one and was not willing to try and wrench out the handle stud thinking that it is pressed in...
  19. grey goose

    fuel tank for sale

    I think its about 15 gal black poly rectangular shape. Can measure and give more info when I get back to its location soon Any interest? thinking $50.00
  20. grey goose

    Stainless prop.

    Stainless prop off 200 HP mercury outboard 250.00 Quicksilver Lazer. numbers stamped on prop and hub read: 48 11074 A40 23P. Looks to be about a 13" diameter prop at the outer blades.
  21. grey goose

    outdrive noise.

    pulled the boat out of the slip today for routine mantainance, And when flushing the motor at home with the drive in neutral it seems that there is a hell of a clatter coming from the lower unit. It will quiet down some when put in gear, also the props turn pretty freely to the right by hand but...
  22. grey goose

    Hooping in the Long Beach harbor.

    Just a heads up for the scores of lobster fishermen in the Harbor, While it is legal to hoop inside the breakwater area. It is not or has not been Ok to do so in the inner harbor west of pier J or in the various basins and inner harbor. It seems that in the latest few nights Fri, Sat, Sun. We...
  23. grey goose

    New tank done.

    maitanance issues have kept this boat dry for most of this season pulled it out in May to address out drive paint and zincs, while sitting my shop the tank failed and I had to pull a 100+ gallons of diesel off and remove the 9 year old tank. turns out the bait tank was leaking on it and salt...
  24. grey goose

    Automatic identification system.

    anyone using an A.I.S on thier boat, I have it in the big boat at work and like it a lot, now I think I would like to stick one in my own boat, I know that standard horizon makes a VHF with the ais in it but it will recieve but not transmit. I think a class B that goes both ways would be the best .
  25. grey goose


    Which head unit works out the best / simplest for a boat application? The reason I ask is the unit in my boat is totally overkill and does not work wortha damn. units that are suited for limousines that can control dvd, satelite,CD, Ipod(with separate unit for that) and do one or all at once...
  26. grey goose

    Anchor retrieve.

    where to look at the self loading Anchor fair leads for the bow pulpit. Want to replace the fair lead in my bow pulpit for one that has the sliding style roller that the anchor contacts and rights itself while being pulled up. Any ideas?
  27. grey goose

    yup I'm bringing up thr Qualifier.

    Mods dont crush this one just yet.... I currently have the old phone numbers for the Q but does'nt seem to get an answear, What I would like is an email address to JK or some email that he may read so that I can attempt to settle my delima there. It is true that I sense a loss on this one But...
  28. grey goose

    Swap AVET MXL 6/4

    looking to trade a MXJ 6/4 two speed reel brand new in box. Never been used or spooled up. would like to trade same model blue for gold. I have blue.
  29. grey goose

    marine grade hardwoods

    Any suppliers for M.G. Hardwoods in the greater Long Beach San Pedro areas?
  30. grey goose

    Carbine raffle.

    I have tickets for a raffle on 9-3-12. The gun being raffled is a LWRC TRICON 556. it has on it a Night Force scope and comes with extras making this package a $5000.00 value. It is 1 of 500 made and has a certificate of authenticity and has never been fired. Tickets are $50.00 each and 2 for...
  31. grey goose

    Windlass parts.

    Anyone know of a place local to Long Beach that stocks Maxwell 500 windlass parts?
  32. grey goose

    Plumbing tips.

    I am putting in a couple of new systems below the water line of a boat that lives in the water. Everything will be Bronze and reinforced hose, with the exception of one Maralon valve which will be above the water line. Question is, What is the correct joint compound for assembling the bronze...
  33. grey goose

    Rule bait pumps.

    Any one use the Rule 1600 gph bait pumps? can they be rebuilt? is there a kit for that?
  34. grey goose

    trailer position

    Just rebuilt a trailer and loaded the boat on it for the first time, Question is, How much boat overhang past the rear of the bunks is acceptable? The bunks end right even with the rear of the trailer and I got it hanging about 6 1/2" past that. Too much? not enough? the boat sits really well...
  35. grey goose

    Local Bouy data.

    What are the popular sites to check local bouy data? Free, Subscription,?
  36. grey goose


    Where to get an oil sample annilized local to the Long Beach area?
  37. grey goose

    Mexico activity.

    Tons of boats on the banda bank area all this week. I was down at the Mex house all this week and have never seen this many boats show up about sunset and stay congregated all night long to begin to disperse back toward Ensenada at day break. My front windows look straight out to that area and...
  38. grey goose

    DAMN KAD 300.....

    So what could be going on with this Volvo Penta KAD 300. It is eating belts on the alternator. I redid the mounting bolt as the P.O had the wrong one in there causing the alt to sit a bit askew in the mount . No big deal I machined a new stainless bolt to keep things aligned and put it all back...
  39. grey goose

    Trailer needed.

    Any one got a line on a used trailer that will take an 18 FT. aluminum Bay runner?
  40. grey goose

    Drum brake flushing.

    Anyone here recomend going through the trouble of drilling the backing plates to install a fresh water flush port, or is that a thing of the past that did not do much good in the long run?
  41. grey goose

    Volvo Penta alternators

    What is the fix for a higher output alternator on the volvo diesels? I know there is a gm conversion but it is of poor design, anything else to consider?
  42. grey goose

    soon to be leaving for Cabo

    Heading out wed night from SD on a sport fisher for Cabo to deliver a boat with all the goods aboard just need to bring my paddy tossing gear. after reading a few late posts here I guess I gotta go get some red and white jigs just to be safe, Thanks for the heads up all. I will go to the...
  43. grey goose

    Mexican fishing permits.

    Hello all. I got a call recently asking if I would be interested in helping crew a sportfisher down to Cabo from SD. in July and I will need the appropriate permits to fish our way down. Where do I get em ? I am in Long Beach but willing to go somewhere to get em. Thanks DWS.
  44. grey goose

    CA. West coast trailers, Where?

    I am able to find a lot of trailer manufactures from the midwest to the east coast but shipping is out of the question with fuel prices as they are, Where do I turn here in Ca. for a good trailer for a 17 foot boat? galvanized with 15" wheels but aluminum is not out of the question.