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  1. italian/chef

    How long until the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate?

    I went on a long trip 2 years ago and I still have some new 130ld Fluorocarbon coil, and wind on leader Leftover I have all my fishing line store in a cooler in my garage. How long before the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate? Its a lot of money and I don’t want to throw it away if I don’t have too...
  2. italian/chef

    Excalibur #kite

    I was wondering if the Excalibur usually flying the kite on a three day fishing trip, for blue fin. Thx
  3. italian/chef

    Excel Father’s Day trip

    Hi I have my ticket for the 6/18/2021 trip on the Excel. I live in Santa Barbara and am driving south by myself. I was wondering if any of you on the same trip might live in the 805 area? Maybe we can drive together to San Diego and share the cost of gas and parking. PM me if you are...
  4. italian/chef

    Daiwa Saltist LD 50HSH

    In good condition $150
  5. italian/chef

    Accurate Tern 600XN for fishing Wahoo

    I want to know if any of you have an opinion or have already tried fishing with it for Wahoo Thx
  6. italian/chef

    Parker 2320, 1994, gas tank Replacement help !!

    My partners and I are looking for any information or help on replacing the gas tank on our 1994 Parker... how difficult is this work? If anyone out there has had this work done to their vessel, I’d love to hear about it.
  7. italian/chef

    1.5 day trip for BFT gear

    First time on a 1.5 for BFT Pacific Queen I don't want to take gear I will not use, I'm not sure how much space the boat has What should i pack ??? Thx
  8. italian/chef

    Daiwa Saltist LD50hsh

    In really good condition $180
  9. italian/chef

    Shimano Trinida D 40

    In good condition, just service A little bit of corrosion on the reel seat $300 Thank you for looking
  10. italian/chef

    Penn 50VISX

    It was used only on my last 18-day trip, perfect condition, 10 /10. Comes with original box and all the pieces. For a better grip of the reel on the rail, the left lug was machine grind off, but there is a replacement lug that comes with the reel. 250 yards of Seagur, 130 lb hollow core, Neon...
  11. italian/chef

    Kite Reel line question

    I’m leaving for my first trip on RP in 5 weeks I have Avet ex 50w 3 peed to use as a kite reel and shipjack The tackle shop filled the reel up to the limit with 600 yards of 200lb Saeguar thread-lock Is that enough line ?? Thx
  12. italian/chef

    Getting in shape for the trip

    I see a lot of threads about preparing gear for long trips, but I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for exercises that can help physically prepare you for a long battle with a giant tuna? I’m going in January on a long trip for the first time. I am turning 50 and am in decent shape but...
  13. italian/chef

    Phenix Axis

    Is Phenix HAX780X2H A good rod for the peen visx16???? Thx
  14. italian/chef

    Please help with Christmas present

    I want to buy myself a Christmas present I have a dilemma. I am looking for 80ld Reel I have three option in my mind : Accurate BV2-800 Peen INT16VISX Makaira 16SEA Which one ?? Thx
  15. italian/chef

    New aver exw50 /3 speed

    Avet exw50/3 I just got this Monster for kite fishing Any recommendation how to best spool the reel?. thank you
  16. italian/chef

    Price Reduced Phenix AXIS 780x2h 7’8”

    Phenix AXIS 780x2h 7’8” Like new, never been fished, only one boat ride $270 Pick up in 93101 Thx
  17. italian/chef

    Daiwa LD50HSH

    In perfect condition, 65lb Power Pro spectra and new 50lb top shot Izorline xxx 200$ shipping available If you pay for it
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    Any fishing report for Guadalupe Island thx
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    Hola Gentlemen I just come back from fishing in Zihuatanejo I want to share with you my experience I went out in a commercial Panga 25 ft 50 miles out. we fish all day from 8 morning until 9 in evening 10 sail fish 80/120 ld 5 tuna 50/70 ld 1 striped marlin. I don't know the weight but...
  20. italian/chef

    Question WIRE LINE rod rating?

    I have PENN CARNAGE BLUEWATER 7' 10" 30-80LB WIRE LINE if I use braided line what would be the rating??? 50/80 lb?? Thank you
  21. italian/chef

    question Wiare line rating

    I have PENN CARNAGE BLUEWATER 7' 10" 30-80LB WIRE LINE if I use braided line what would be the rating??? 50/80 lb?? Thank you
  22. italian/chef

    Okuma Solterra 20 2sp Guadalupe island?

    Hello gentlemen I'm going in September for seven day fishing trip to Guadalupe island I was wondering if Solterra 20 2 speed Would be good enough to fish tuna in the 50/100lb range Thank you