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    Inshore 6-17 Shoe area

    Nice job and how crazy cool at the beach. My car registered 123 degrees while working in Palm Springs. Friends in AZ topped that with 130 temp!
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    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Priceless Dad! Good job and your Daughter for hanging tuff.
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    Inshore Point Loma Bonita, 371 no BFT 6.2.21

    Thanks for posting. Yup thats how it was last week at Point Loma. Then the porpoises came in and took over. There so much bait at the point right now and hope it brings back the YT close and the occasional BFT. My Bone spit up 4 sardines when I put him on deck.
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    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    Thanks for post, sounds like same crap all week. bones are fun fighting fish for sure. I was there last Sunday and same area for Bones but there were more porpoises eating the bait then the bones. Only managed one.
  5. J

    Offshore 5/31/21 yellowtail 302-371-425 $500 reward

    Thanks for post, guess you were all packed ready to go no matter what past forecast showed lol. Me too Sunday and reported pretty much same result LMAO. Im not doing that again if reports are crappy.
  6. J

    Offshore No Luv 302/226 Sunday 5/30

    Saw 3 maybe 4 PB"s out hunting the whole trip. Wind and chop made it next to impossible to find any paddys. Cloudy steady wind and Water temps also dropped from previous reports as I was showing 60.2 Saw nada so headed back in hopes to run into a paddy. A skipper called out wide open south...
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    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Thanks for the post, I might just decide to make the long haul down and launch.
  8. J


    Good luck Capt! Please report back as Im planning on towing 2 hours down and hitting 9 mile and 302 but if its not happening I aint wasting time.
  9. J

    Offshore weather forecast link on BD?

    Great resources and I use them all. However do any of you know which app or website tells accurate Fog forecasts?
  10. J

    Inshore Where are the MACS??

    No Macs, No YT, No Bonito, No BFT, see a strange pattern here? Weather and fishing have sucked for the most part so far in 2021. Thanks for posting!
  11. J

    Inshore I was thinking butts

    Too small sir should have thrown it back....nice haul man I have yet to catch a keeper
  12. J

    Not a report but FMM question

    FMM was $45 per person for them to file... Also $50 for membership plus another $65 to file for TIP.
  13. J

    Not a report but FMM question

    Sorry admin please remove if I violated protocol. I have it posted on "planning" but not getting the attention warranted. Decided to spend the money and have discover baja process everything which they did. However FMM came back and was good for only 3 days and reading here many times was...
  14. J

    Offshore 5/18 9 Mile Bank and Coronado Canyon

    Amazing how 2 weeks ago it was alive with YT and past week at least it has completely shut down. Never heard of it shutting down longer then a week.
  15. J

    FMM only good for one trip WTF

    Yeah I just paid $45 for 4 people and didnt even hit the islands over the weekend due to weather and snotty fishing reports. Worst $180 spent for a 3 day pass. Gonna order it online...Hope the guys who recently got theirs this year see this post and chime in. New layout still has others...
  16. J

    Offshore 5-16-21 43 area

    Thanks for posting. We were heading out that way also but my crew was already feeling shitty from the conditions. I made the call 15 miles out and turned around to fish paddys and nada. Off water by 12PM. Couldnt believe all the PB's still deciding to head out to the corner. Hope they had...
  17. J

    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    thanks for report,we were out there fishing patties and nada. Stayed at 9 mile drifting for a couple hours saw fish but no takers. shitty day with the bad weather and should have listened to my gut and stayed home...
  18. J

    FMM only good for one trip WTF

    So I decided have discoverbaja take care of my permits for Coronado Island fishing. Everyone on the forums said it is good for 180 days. But my permit says good for 3 days. WTF! I emailed back and they said yes the FMM only good for 3 days and will need to apply each time again WTF! Did I...
  19. J

    Buddy boat Nados 5/16

    Coronado Islands.
  20. J

    Offshore 5/10/21 Nado's and 226 Late Report

    Thanks for the report, cant believe its been dead for several days now. Shit better turn on Sunday when i give it a shot.
  21. J

    Islands Nados and 9 slow

    Thanks for the report. Heading out Sunday and hope it picks up.
  22. J

    Buddy boat Nados 5/16

    Not sure if private boaters work the islands together or just go drive around which I dont mind. But I will be out for the first time to Nados on my 21'CC this Sunday 5/16 and am if someone else is fishing there and would like can hook up on the radio to help find hot spots that would be cool...
  23. J

    Cigar aficionados, help a brother out!

    I get my cigars from "cigars international" online. solid choices recommended above and I enjoy rocky patel, Ghurka. But check out CI and they have variety bundles you can try for solid prices. Others have not mentioned, sex goes down hill after a few years lmao.
  24. J

    Garmin Bluechart G3 Dumb question

    I have 73SV but with Lakeview. Can I and if I purchase the BC G3, will it show MPLA and also some fishing spots like 302, 9 Mile etc? Currently I just have them manually entered on my waypoints. I am still learning spots when you guys post up and would be nice to know where you guys are...
  25. J

    San Clemente island Wednesday 5-12

    Wow Balls of steel to go that far on a Seadoo. Good luck and stay safe.
  26. J

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    Wow what a beast! Now for a NewB question, what does thresher steaks taste like? Im sure I will accidently hook one etc but should I really take it home and eat it?
  27. J

    Inshore Izors, 5/3: Good day.

    Thanks for the post and cant believe wind has not died down YET! At least water temps are slowly rising and the big fish will be upon us soon.....
  28. J

    Finally decided on boat name...

    Thanks for replies my sons are in their early 20's and think a name would be "sick". I didnt really care if named or not but happy crew happy life.
  29. J

    Finally decided on boat name...

    So my sons and I finally agreed on a boat name 3 years later....but with hundreds of boats on the water in Socal. How would I know if that name is taken? I see boats with Tight line I or II or III etc. Do I just roll with it and have a discussion with another boat if its the same name...
  30. J

    adding a second layer to deck

    My deck gets a little wet and has a semi self drain deck with two holes that drain to the splash well. My splash well is same level as main deck so When swells are up water will go into deck. I minimize that by plugging holes with scuppers and when deck gets a little wet i pull plugs while...
  31. J

    Bio bracelet near shelter island?

    yeah gonna call landing. I really dont care about buying season, but I have 3 other family and friends to think of also.
  32. J

    Bio bracelet near shelter island?

    So Im working at getting all my permits ready for Nados via discover baja. But Im really only going to get to fish that area a max of 4 to 6 times this season and rather not pony up for $75. I drive down from Chino at zero dark thirty and will launch from shelter island so was hoping you guys...
  33. J

    F225 Low RPM temperature alarm

    WTF???Ok sorry but mine does not blow bubbles from lower unit nor does any water spit out from that port. So is your video showing potential problems?
  34. J

    Islands 4/5 Nados report

    THanks for the report and like you said once the water warms up a bit the fish will be on a frenzy. Still looking to get my deck bloody and live up to the website name and also still wanting to make the trip and try the "Younger"
  35. J

    Garmin settings & Ducer setup

    So I upgraded my transom mount ducer and it works wonders over the original. But I am still trying to figure things out and learn. But 2 things came to mind during recent trip. 1. Left dock and my side scan worked fine switched around from Nav scanning and back to side scan and this happened...
  36. J

    FMM Help

    Take all the headache out of it and pony up another $35 for membership at the discover baja club website. Im sick of tyring to figure it out myself. Im told its one and done with fast turn around.
  37. J

    Help w Fathom 2 speed

    I feel like a total idiot now. (I did mention its my 1st 2speed reel right?) Thank you sir that fixed my problem. Cant believe I missed that one....
  38. J

    Help w Fathom 2 speed

    Purchased a brand new Penn Fathom 30 2speed last year but never fished it and it is my first 2 speed. I was at the local tackle shop chatting up a fellow about 2 speeds and he showed me talica and okuma products. I quickly noticed how easy it was to engage the drag on the reels. My new Fathom...
  39. J

    Inshore RPT-Thur.-04-01-21 Local Bass

    DAMN YOU WIND!!! GO AWAY ALREADY!. Thanks for report. Fished Shoe today 4/2 for 1 mackerel. Im done till wind goes away. Good luck all.
  40. J

    FMM Help

    Reviving slightly old thread cause Im confused not only with the STUPID new layout for BD but for filling the manifest out. What am I supposed to fill out the last sections on far right where it says "Número de libreta de mar" translate "sea notebook number?" What that hell is a sea notebook...
  41. J

    Islands South 9 Mile Bank Mar 27th

    Wow what a haul great job and thanks for posting.
  42. J

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    FYI I stopped by Squidco since I couldnt get FMM and they dont do the permits for you, only sell braclets. I did score on a new rod!!
  43. J

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    Mother Nature was not nice to me when I made a trip to both fish and get my FMM across the border a few Mondays ago. Freaking wind and rain killed the fishing and so I decided to try and go across border. Made it to the border, drove around to check things out and freaking rain was coming in...
  44. J

    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    Wow! Thanks for posting up. I need to get busy on all my permits for my boat to go to Nados.
  45. J

    Boat "Trailer" storage available $75

    Dude I'd be all over that if you would allow boats. Aint it your yard and do whatever you want? City wont know if your charging and just tell whoever asks they are all your fishing buddies!
  46. J

    Inshore Horseshoe 3/19

    Thanks for report and wind will not let up! Will be like this next few weeks IMO. BTW I love hook up baits but never tried doubles like you did. Must have to try it next time.
  47. J

    First Boat - Thoughts on Mako 221 and 250 Merc ProXS..

    So glad you didnt get that boat after looking at pics. Also you did your homework so good for you. There are tons of threads on shopping east coast but shipping will be a bitch. (I looked into it also) Just be patient and search regularly and something will come up here in CA. I see a good...
  48. J

    First Boat - Thoughts on Mako 221 and 250 Merc ProXS..

    A MUST DO IS A SEA TRIAL! If you cant get the boat on the water for a couple hours then walk away no matter what the price. If its sound then I wouldnt hesitate on the boat if its your plans down the road are to upgrade. Your going to need tow vehicle immediately.
  49. J

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    Thanks, I turned off all my "auto" features. I will play with the gain by turning it way up, I may recall left the gain low around35-50 so that could be why??
  50. J

    Bow Rail Canvas

    Can anyone please tell me where I can order this? I noticed on my CC that the furthest rear portion of my rail gets a decent amount of splash over the bow/side when its windy. I dont want the full cover like this picture but only want to try covering the back.
  51. J

    Saw your post on motor, word of advice also post on craigslist and offer up. good luck with new one!

    Saw your post on motor, word of advice also post on craigslist and offer up. good luck with new one!
  52. J

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    Thanks ^^^. I took out boat with new ducer installed and worked great until.....I hit a deep drop about 1/4 the way to Catalina from San Pedro (sorry still learning spots). Went from 300 to DEEP and ducer could not pick up bottom. WTF its rated to 1200', I switched from 50 to 200 traditional...
  53. J

    Buying from Florida

    Just be patient and you wil find one close to home. Had a friend recently spend thousands for boat surveys, flew out to opposite coast and still was not happy. Was patient and found one local. Unless your ready to fly out and pay for survey plus sea trial then do it. Just wait sir.
  54. J

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    Thank you ShadowX!!!! Makes sense now, cause the vids on youtube are almost always freshwater. You or someone can make extra money on youtube by doing an educational vid in Saltwater and inshore and deep water Sonar. How to read fish etc. extra money can sure pay for fuel bait and beer!
  55. J

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    Watched videos and I just dont get it with the frequency etc. Honestly I get more confused and most of the videos are from bass fishing guys. I need help please for us inshore/offshore guys. For now I run a Garmin 73SV and just put in a GT41 (didnt want to pop for GT51) GT41 for traditional...
  56. J

    looking for repower advice

    I forgot to mention that I sold my motor for $2500 within a week and it wouldnt stay idling! I did provide receipts of all I did and showed the printout of what shops did with solid compression which people really liked. So your motor is touted as a really good motor when it runs, you should...
  57. J

    Stainless prop question (Reliance vs solas)

    You will have no problems with Solas SS. I recently took my Solas to add cupping due to prop slip over Hill Marine and talked to the guys there. They know their props and make their own really good props. They educated me on my Solas and said they will get the job done but because they are...
  58. J

    looking for repower advice

    OP I was in a similar situation but had an old Merc. I tried to call and do research to find a shop with an expert at older 2 strokes but couldnt find one and took a gamble with a shop in Whittier. $900 later they couldnt figure it out. Even before that I pullled injectors to get serviced...
  59. J

    Enclose CC or wear proper clothing?

    Thanks guys appreciate the input. I do not have slickers yet but I got a product made from Frog Toggs for a gift. Ever hear of them they are water proof and wind proof.
  60. J

    Enclose CC or wear proper clothing?

    Was wondering what you guys would do to deal with wind/spray during crossing to SCI. Im going to test my balls and hit SCI this season leaving from Huntington on my 22' Center Console. Been doing research of course on BD and I will try for buddy boat, will plan when weather is ideal etc...
  61. J

    Turners Californian Spinning Rods

    Lol, thanks for advice if my kids were little. They are early 20's and bodybuilders LMAO, they can help me crank fish up from the depths.
  62. J

    Turners Californian Spinning Rods

    Great as I could use a couple when my sons go with me and we need rods for rockfish.
  63. J

    Where are the sales in OC/LA?

    Bass Pro Shop is starting their sale March 11-31
  64. J

    Where are the sales in OC/LA?

    Well said sir! I just so happened to swing by Longfin since I was in the area and asked about sales. They said nada till June.
  65. J

    Round trip miles around Catalina

    Thats exactly the intel I was looking for! Thank you sir.
  66. J

    Round trip miles around Catalina

    Was wondering how many miles it is to travel completely around Catalina from HB/LB. I know I've gone 36 one way to south and 42 to north side, but want to know what it is to go full circle? I know my boat can handle it with plenty of room to spare (70 gallons with est. 2.3mpg at 25-28mph...
  67. J

    Where are the sales in OC/LA?

    Like many here super bummed with no FHS this year where I load up. But any tackle shops doing any sales anytime soon as I need to get a couple inshore rods and baitcasters. Also load up on tackle. Great that Bob Sands Tackle started a sale but just too far for me.
  68. J

    DDT Fun off Palos Verdes

    And to think of all the guys fishing off the kelp line there and taking it home for dinner. Glad I never fished it lmao, but I almost did!
  69. J

    2-21 Great day at the Shoe.

    Toad of a bass! Congrats on getting out there and one of these years in a long long, Long time from now I will be retired and fish as often as you guys.
  70. J

    Want to replace factory deck with built in seats and livewell on my 19ft Trophy

    Give Tom a break please as I saw him at his shop at the exact time he was taking the pics of that set up. Which is sweet btw. He is slammed right now, not always on the forums and is taking care of some very important personal things.
  71. J

    2/20/2021 Esther area

    Good job catching. I was out there too from HB to San Pedro more for sea trial on my mods. But never experienced winds that strong before. Came in strong and fast at 1230. Glad I was just leaving bait barge to head back to HB Literally saw the wind coming as it churned up the water. Crazy...
  72. J

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    When I eventually get my $hit together gonna put your buddy's experience to the test. I will have passport, boat reg and ins in separate ziplock. Now when it comes to the TIP, I read online that TIP is only used if you are transporting boat into Baja i.e. trailer or long range boat to go into...
  73. J

    2006 Yama F250 internal anodes

    I watched that DIY video also and its pretty straight forward.....IF you can get them off as they are stuck good. I thought I'd replace mine since I've only had it a few months...installer said it the motor was well taken care of and my anodes do look brand new so i left it alone after I could...
  74. J

    GT51 vs GT54 transducer for So Cal water

    ^^^^You just saved me a few hundy thanks man!
  75. J

    Splash well woes

    My 01 Cape Craft CC splash well leaks and I need some suggestions. First off my deck is treated and painted wood and so is the splash well. I knew that the hatch always leaked since ive owned it and decided this winter to replace the current 8" round pry off hatch. After research on here I...
  76. J

    Bow Nav Light Options

    Truly appreciate everyone's input. Dumb question but would I still be USCG approved cause I will leave my current bow light where its at and add just led strips on my tower for more visibility?
  77. J

    Bow Nav Light Options

    Thanks guys and I will mount wide, but I dont get it how boaters are supposed to see 2 separate lights when most bow lights are right next to each other in the housing...
  78. J

    Bow Nav Light Options

    like this i take it?
  79. J

    Bow Nav Light Options

    Thats kinda what I was thinking since I have wires running up the tower already for lights and stuff. I prefer not to drill holes on the bow if I can avoid it. Just trying to find out if its Coast Guard approved to place on tower.
  80. J

    Bow Nav Light Options

    As you can see my anchor blocks my nav lights. Could use your suggestions on where to mount new nav lights. Read some material online and it just says I need them mounted where they are visible to oncoming boats. Was thinking of mounting them up high on my T-Top where I have highlighted...
  81. J

    Revolution 4 props

    Where you located?
  82. J

    26 gallon above deck fuel tank

    Interested. Dimensions and location please thanks.
  83. J

    GT51 vs GT54 transducer for So Cal water

    Piggy back off your piggy back. I purchased the 73 sv for my kayak at the time as it was/is a great price. But I bought boat and installed it on there instead. Be careful and check what trandsducer it will come with as mine came with a GT41 and also considering the upgrade soon. You...
  84. J

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    Thanks for all the replies. Im trying not go make the 2 hour drive to TJ just to get the permit. I will check online and so far what you gents are saying the docs needed have not changed from last year.
  85. J

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    New year and I dont see any updates or news on what is needed this year? Stuff on the laws are old and want to be updated as I never made it last year but will be going for sure moving forward. Bracelet, Mx license etc.. I've heard there is a place in SD with a one stop shop that will get it...
  86. J

    7'6 Inshore bait caster to match lexa300

    Dont need brand new unless its a very good deal on flip side dont want a beat up rod. LA/OC/IE locations please. Thanks gents and just PM me please.
  87. J

    Repower and Used Outboards

    That be him!
  88. J

    Repower and Used Outboards

    Reach out to TOM FAB online if you are in Socal. Good guy and gets good used motors on trade in. He installed my F225 and couldnt be happier.
  89. J

    *****SOLD***** Power Tech SS Prop 4 Blade 15P $100

    Hi Tito, truthfully prop selection is a darn science to get optimal function and have no clue how it will work on your boat. Its trial and error to be honest but for $100 its not too bad. If it does not work you can always resell. FYI im responding to a possible buyer in SD from our forums.
  90. J

    Catalina 1-16-21

    Nice haul and screw any bashers and haters. Enjoy your boat to its fullest.
  91. J

    *****SOLD***** Power Tech SS Prop 4 Blade 15P $100

    Purchased from a fellow BD'r but will not work for my set up. OFX-4 For Yamaha f225 or other with 15 splines . $100 Firm picked up or ready to ship on your dime.
  92. J

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-12-21 Local Bass fishing.

    Great write up thanks! At least you didnt get skunked and the trip probably cost you more for parking then the gas in the dinghy!
  93. J

    Stainless 4 blade prop power tech

    Super fast transaction thanks!
  94. J

    Stainless 4 blade prop power tech

    Ok cool, please check your inbox thanks
  95. J

    Stainless 4 blade prop power tech

    Id like to come get the prop off your hands this Sunday. How is the hub and is it right hand rotation?
  96. J

    Insulated Fish Bag, bargain.

    Bill, Im interested in offering to buy your bag. What size is the hatch on you fish hold that you were trying to get this squeezed through? I've been looking for something similar but want to be able to collapse the bag, stuff it in my hold and then load with ice and fish. let me know please...
  97. J

    Need to take Dad fishing LB/LA

    Greetings all. 83 year old Dad has been cooped up for months now, took him shore fishing at local lake for nada and he got bored quick and wanted to leave. I fixed some things on my boat and wanted to take her out soon for testing, and want to take Dad. Launch out of HB or Davies and was...
  98. J

    2001 Cape Craft 22CC W/ 2008 Optimax 150

    Good luck with sale! I thought I was the only one with a Cape Craft and will also say the boat is very solid. My friend came along for a trip to 302 in rough seas and he has owned and been on many CCs and he said this is solid. I've been in some rough stuff many times since and boat handled it...
  99. J

    Local OC 12-12-20

    Congrats and HB! Screw the winter mods, gonna take my boat out on Christmas day and Santa Better deliver on YT since I've been mostly good this year!
  100. J

    Which fuel sending unit to buy?

    Wema is now KUS and thanks guys will be buying it once I determine the length needed.
  101. J

    Which fuel sending unit to buy?

    Doing my winter maintenance and this is one of the many. But its a 70gal plastic tank and looking to replace the sending unit. What is on there now has terminal posts that I screw the 2 wires into and is the swing arm type. Can you guys recommend a solid brand that I should purchase, Thank you.
  102. J

    Rpt-12-09-20 SCI Fun!

    Thanks for all details. Better be on water than confined to house working. May I ask what speed you travelled 2 and from cause 3 hours is a long time. Considering making the haul sometime next year. Thanks
  103. J

    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    I was looking at the ducer just yesterday and was thinking of lowering it as far as possible. There is a little more room on the mounting plate so I can drop it a few more cm's. If that dont work I will McGyver something to drop it even further and also maybe get that splash plate Garmin sells...
  104. J

    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    Thanks, I considered thruhull but for my old boat I'd rather not spend the money and will cope with trans mount.
  105. J

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    Wow, great post. Now where is this fishing spot you keep all to yourself?LOL
  106. J

    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    Was wondering if you gents utilize the Sideview or Clear Vu screens on your Garmin....or other FF with these features when fishing SoCal waters. Reason I ask is cause I am thinking my CV52HW that came stock with my 73SV is crap and I need to get a better one. Or I just still need to learn how...
  107. J

    Bait tank discharge aft or side

    Thanks guys, my splash well is same level as deck with drains for deck that I use scupper plugs to block holes. So rather not put there. I am leaning towards port side of boat now for reasons you all mentioned. Thanks guys.
  108. J

    Bait tank discharge aft or side

    The drain has a flapper and will try that but if it dont work I will install a ping pong. but thats if I go with the transom mount. Thanks.
  109. J

    Bait tank discharge aft or side

    Making the drilling the final hole for my drain for the bait tank with the drain hose now running below deck. I would appreciate your recommendations for the location. After carefully looking at the transom and the port side, I can go either way and both are above the water line. Original...
  110. J

    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    Thanks all. I ordered an atwood all stainless steel with flapper and will give that a go. Research indicates that the ping pong scupper just goes over the drain anyways so if I had to, ditch the flapper and then add ping pong.
  111. J

    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    22' Center Console Cape Craft all fiberglass. Will be off transom, and I better make sure no bait can get through the screen that I currently have on discharge off tank. Will make a baffle to make sure as a back up as I can see a anchovie/sardine go through and clog everything up. If your...
  112. J

    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    Winter projects starting and adding deck drains as well as plumbing drain for bait tank. Scupper will be just above water line where in calm seas will be fine. But when boat moves up and down from ocean conditions, the drain obviously will be above and below water. while under way the drain...
  113. J

    50lb Braided line suggestions

    Interesting as I have no problems with 10/20lb braid but only use FG knots.
  114. J

    50lb Braided line suggestions

    Thank you gents as you all provide great info. Now I am wondering if I should go with 40lb on one and 50lb on the other.
  115. J

    50lb Braided line suggestions

    thought I'd start a fresh post as the old posts here are over 5 years old and manufactures have had to update their lines. Respooling my 5000 and 6000 spinning reels and now that I have my own boat I sometimes fish SD waters to 14 mile and 302 next year Coronado. I primarily fish Catalina with...
  116. J

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    Does suck to blow that money and hope dinner is caught. But charter on overnights or 3 days still cheaper then owning a boat. Now if your on those 5-10 day trips then a boat is definitely cheaper IMO.
  117. J

    bait net scoops

    Looking to get new scooper as old one as seen its days. I know its best to try and use hands but they qet squirly. Question is does it matter what net material nylon or rubber?
  118. J

    Getting through snotty seas

    I learned the capabilities of my 22ft CC the hard/fun way on a trip earlier this year to Catalina. Was warned by bait barge its going to get snotty but my passengers said lets go. Ride out was ok but return was Splash Mountain and surfing the swells. Wont do that again but it tested my nerve...
  119. J

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    Congrats and nice post. Bullshit these boats let obvious wasted people come on a trip while still tied to the dock. Crap like that can easily ruin a boat's mood but glad it did not sour yours. I can guarantee if the fishing was not solid it would have been a different story with drunks on...
  120. J

    SOLD>>>>Helm Cooler Bench/Seat

    they were held with 6 stainless steel hanger bolts.
  121. J

    who lost ALL of their lobster hoops yesterday afternoon? (11/14) and a PSA

    I dont lobster fish....yet. But you guys say you can not leave gear unattended but I fished LB break wall for 6 hours on Sunday. Again a mine field of buoys yet not one boat was tending to any of them. Honesty had to navigate around so many it was annoying. But not really hating just dont...
  122. J

    Offshore The 371 yesterday, you know..

    Thanks man, I think Im done for season but if they are still there Turkey weekend Im heading down. Ya Never Know
  123. J

    who lost ALL of their lobster hoops yesterday afternoon? (11/14) and a PSA

    bummer for the guy who got his nets swiped. but you guys say never leave your gear?? Here in LA/OC there is a mine field of buoys floating around with nobody in attendance. You would think these are the ones that get taken.
  124. J

    Offshore Liberty 11/11

    Thanks for posting and gettting your little hooked! Cant believe the fish are still out there and to think I was getting ready to put the boat away for the season..
  125. J

    SOLD>>>>Helm Cooler Bench/Seat

    Sorry gents not sure that is the name for the seat but its for sale. No rips or tears just a little dirty. Back rest can move forward or backwards and overall very soft and comfy to sit on. 33" L x18" W x 30" T Located in Chino. $200
  126. J

    Seeking places to search for used trailer?

    Call Pacific Trailer as I was there a few weeks ago and asked. They periodically get some on trade in.
  127. J

    Deck plate replacement and gunwale repairs - tips and questions

    ^^ Thanks Alex just ordered the hatch I needed.
  128. J

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Yeah how about once in the past 3 months. Good and bad thing here in SoCalif.
  129. J

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Thanks Captains I should have started doing it last year when I picked up the boat. Still learning and love this forum!
  130. J

    Deck plate replacement and gunwale repairs - tips and questions

    Im am looking to replace my 9" circle access hatches and tried ordering from Armstrong. Got to shopping cart and was shocked by the delivery charge from Florida. Come on Armstrong $38 was the cheapest to shipto CA, thats just pure robbery. Any other recommendations for solid hatches?
  131. J

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Now that the season is over for the most part, I was wondering if you guys leave all your hatches open? For those that are fortunate enough to park boat in a secure location (home, secured yard etc) I have inspection hatch for fuel tank and just in front of outboard and was thinking it would...
  132. J

    11/3 Crystal Cove

    Congrats Capt! Welcome to the money pit crew lol.
  133. J

    Drain Ideas needed

    ?? I've have already moved things around temporarily and it makes night and day difference being able to completely move around the tank and not having to go around.
  134. J

    Drain Ideas needed

    Thanks, unfortunatley I cant run a second deck hatch as the drain is too close to first hatch. I've ordered a rectangular hatch that I was going to replace current hatch so I can have enough clearance to run plumbing below. My only concern is the drain. As the boat sits in flat/calm water, the...
  135. J

    Offshore Tribute 10/29-10/31 - Big BFT

    Congrats Man on gear other then Talica LOL. I just so happen to be a Penn guy myself.
  136. J

    Long Beach Bonito

    Thanks, was gonna hit the wall Sunday off my kayak for a change. They were there last Friday also.
  137. J

    Drain Ideas needed

    Cant step up to fiberglass yet as the repower killed all funds. But I like the idea of adding a deckplate thank you fishBones
  138. J

    Transducer depth question

    Garmin EchoMap Plus 73SV Came with a TD that is probably the cheapest to do the job. What Garmin is telling me is to get a GT51M-TM with these specs as it gives me all the features for my FF such as sideview, clearvu, and traditional.$599 General FREQUENCY CHIRP Mid-band (80-160 kHz)...
  139. J

    Drain Ideas needed

    i failed to mention that i have to move weight forward since repower from light 2 stroke to pig 4 stroke.
  140. J

    Drain Ideas needed

    Looking to move my bait tank forward and give me some space to walk around and fight fish on my CC. Previous set up was bait tank was taking up all the space in the rear but worked great for the plumbing intake/exhaust. Now that I am moving it forward, I have to figure out the best solution...
  141. J

    Fishermans Landing Tackle Day Worth Drive?

    Thanks gents will pass on the event and keep my appointment this Sat!
  142. J

    Fishermans Landing Tackle Day Worth Drive?

    Thinking of rescheduling an appointment that I have down there to coincide with Tackle day. It would be a 2 hour drive down and was wondering if the sales are worth the drive. Are they the typical 10-15% certain items or are they like Fred Hall deals? Looking to score a kill bag and maybe a...
  143. J

    Offshore 100 miles out

    too small should have released it LMAO!
  144. J

    Leaning Post with Back Rest New Price

    Is it 15" between legs on the sides or in the back? Can you measure the back space between posts please so I can see if my bait tank can fit. PM me as I am interested.
  145. J

    Transducer depth question

    Looking to replace TD for a better one to give me better images and views on my Garmin as the one that came with it is great for waters under 100'. But my options are a 1000' for $600 or a 500' for $300. I mostly fish Catalina and have gone to Nine Mile and 302 once so far. Next year I plan...
  146. J

    Which Transducer for Garmin echomap plus 73SV

    Yeah I didnt know the difference when I bought it and it was going on my Kayak at the time, then bought boat a year later. Swapped the POS FF that was on boat to the Garmin. But the 73 does everything else except its loaded with freshwater but I can get by with GPS coordinates of all the...
  147. J

    Which Transducer for Garmin echomap plus 73SV

    I was online searching for a better transom mount transducer then the crap OEM that came in the box. Garmin Outlet customer service recommend GT52HW-TM or 52M-TM as a couple options. I emailed Garmin direct to get a better result but thought I would as a real captain what you are using to fish...
  148. J

    Bad day of catching on the Triton

    Thanks for sharing as I too am tempted to get on a party boat but for different reasons. Yes my boat crew pitch in and help wash etc. But i think how nice it is to just jump on a boat sleep in bunk go fish and return with some nice fish (hope) and go home. Maybe not the same but I prefer full...
  149. J

    Salt / Ice Slush - TOO COLD?!

    Thanks for posting as I totally forgot this trick.
  150. J

    Bait tank die off

    UPDATE: Tried only 3/4 scoop of dines from Nacho. Asked him if they were cured and he didnt know cause he just started...allegedly. But looked healthy and active. Made the trip to West End in fairly smooth conditions and bait were in good condition. Only a couple of die off. When things...
  151. J

    Offshore Catalina Island Report 10/22-10/23

    thanks for post. was at catalina also 10/23 West end and yes Bonito but lost even more to seals! Sling shot broke so screw it and bringing my expensive Paintball gun and unleash hell on them
  152. J

    Offshore Taking Doctors for some tuna

    Think about it some more LOL. They get tested regularly, wear PPE more then most! Nice to let them breath some fresh clean air without a mask for once?!
  153. J

    Bait tank die off

    Thanks Capts! Too late to make a baffle shooting sideways to promote circular flow after tomorrows trip but will Asap. Gonna try 3/4 scoop this time and see what happens. Maybe 30 gal is just not enough to hold a full scoop. Will also paint the exterior of with a couple coats of black to...
  154. J

    Offshore Taking Doctors for some tuna

    Way to go and get the overworked docs/nurses etc out for some fun. Hard to believe this Covid crap is not letting up.
  155. J

    Bait tank die off

    Thanks, I ended up making a baffle and by looking at your tank, mine too is a Kodiak which will be tested this weekend. I agree with Nacho's bait at times they are not cured but hard to cure when fishing has been really good. Now looking at your tank AND others, I do not see baffles create a...
  156. J

    Bait tank die off

    ON deck
  157. J

    Stringer repair

    There is a shop located in Pomona that quoted me $1k for resurface deck then if there is stringer repair needed could go up to $2k. My boat is a 22' center console. Off season is close so good luck with project as many guys including myself have work to do also. pm me if you want the contact...
  158. J

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    So how many miles would you all say is a trip to fish alot of SCI and not just the east side? One post showed 160 miles. I dream of going some day with a buddy boat but need to plan carefully.
  159. J

    10/12- West End Catalina

    Until something breaks and you have to break out another thousand. Lmao love my boat and OP thanks for the report.
  160. J

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    Did you not see post of miles done from Sebastian as he did 168 miles. Just saying.
  161. J

    Bait tank die off

    thanks man for the offer! If I dont get to making a baffle soon also will take you up on the offer! PM me please when you get around to it and let me know what materials to get for my tank.
  162. J

    Bait tank die off

    Learned alot from you guys and greatly appreciate it. I have always wondered why there are tiny holes with filled with glue up the side where water is pushed in. It is obviously from the baffles that are no longer there as the tank is probably old and they broke. Will be doing a search on how...
  163. J

    Bait tank die off

    Guilty of speeding heading to Cat depending of seas of course, but not like I get air and drive the boat to handle the swells. Will try a 3/4 scoop next time cause thats about how many die off.
  164. J

    Bait tank die off

    Ok, I bought boat summer 2019 and it was like that already so I left it alone. Easy transfer and will give it a try. Should I direct the flow sideways to force a circular flow?
  165. J

    Bait tank die off

    Thanks, again I am not 100% sure what size pump. However it does fill in about 7 minutes. I've also heard that a bumpy ride out to Catalina will stress kill the fish. Maybe I will try a 1/2 scoop next time out.
  166. J

    Bait tank die off

    I have a 35 gallon oval tank with fill from pump at the bottom pushing water flow straight in and Drain is off the top on the long side. I always run pump full open and off the top of my head it is a rule 500gph and fills in roughly 7 minutes like many mentioned.. But at the end of the day...
  167. J

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    Thanks for posting this and people's recommendations. I own a 21 CC with a recent repower to a 4S Yamaha 225 and my mpg has increased by double. On clear days while I am fishing Catalina and can see SCI, I dream of making the voyage some day. However you guys now scared me out of it. Damn you...
  168. J

    Cat 10/7 front side

    Thanks for report! Change of weather this Saturday when I try my luck and hope the fish dont mind conditions. But reminds me to load more lug nuts for sling shot, in fact I will also bring my paintball gun and really send the freaking dogs running.
  169. J

    Offshore Mpa infraction

    Yikes, first time over to Cat last year I fished in MPA and luckily was warned by the Coast Guard I better move on.
  170. J

    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Congrats on the fun and appreciate the post as I hope the fish stick around this weekend when I go. With the weather shifting rapidly I doubt it lol.
  171. J

    Long Beach Yellowtail

    Why cant we get lucky like that lol. Congrats and even better a wife that knows how to drive a boat And understand fish boiling etc. Only thing my wife would be able to handle on My boat is her tanning oil and alcohol.
  172. J

    Fighting Big wish on Walkaround

    How challenging is it to land big BFT 100lb + on a Walkaround? Many used trailer WA’s are 9.6” beam and the walk around is narrow and looks like you have to do a tight rope walk to get up front and fight the fish. I have a Center Console now but entertaining thoughts of having a cabin to do...
  173. J

    2001 Grady White 300 Marlin

    Nice Boat, Hope my buddy Joe has reached out to you already as he is ready to buy.
  174. J

    2 aluminum three axle trailers free

    I take off on Vacation after 7 months and miss the freebie of a lifetime. thanks KingFLU!
  175. J

    CURT trailer safety chains 27" 7k lb break strength

    Howdy and will take them off your hands. Can pick up in Costa Mesa 9/27 if you are avail. PM sent
  176. J

    Twin 200/250 4S

    Asking for a friend who is considering ditching his old twins OX66 for 4 stroke. Please let me know if you or know someone with a repower coming. Would like to keep it around 1000 hours or less.
  177. J

    Cost to moore 30' in Socal

    Thanks gents hes looking at a 28 Grady White dual outboards. I believe he is a member here but if not I will get him to look into joining and reading.
  178. J

    Cost to moore 30' in Socal

    Trying to help a friend decide on a trailer boat vs mooring in DanaPoint or HB/NP/LBC. Boat he is looking at is 10.5 feet beam. I told him just get a 26'w a 9.5' beem so he can trailer. Ideal he wants to moore in DP since its closer to SCI and San Diego. Slips look like they run from $450 to...
  179. J

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    OP sorry to hear and glad you pulled up in time to scare them away....But he came at you with a deadly weapon and If I carried I would have drawn on him for sure. If he still came at me he would be dead. yes i have a carry permit but never take it fishing. Nor would I ever imagine taking it...
  180. J

    Prop Help

    What motor are you taking off? Reason I asked is I recently repowered 22' CC to F225 after running a light weight 200Merc 2 Stroke and had terrible bow rise and had trouble keeping bow down with a 15.5 17P 3 blade saltwater series. I could not get on plane till I was at least 20mph and could...
  181. J

    Catalina on triton

    Thanks for posting, I need to try going out on a party boat instead of my own boat also....but I only been out with my boat to Cat 4 times lmao. Seriously thanks and was the action on the front or back side?
  182. J

    correct prop question

    I have heard about Hill Marine and they know their stuff, but was told by someone they specialize in freshwater boats. But will try regardless as that shop is 15 miles from me.
  183. J

    correct prop question

    Glad you posted, cause i need a good shop in Socal also. Ventura is a bit too far though, but have heard so many good things about the prop gods. Any other prop shops that deal more with the offshore crowds?
  184. J

    Offshore Yellowtail Catalina

    no love for me yesterday. Only saw one boat pull in a single YT in 3 hours all anchored
  185. J

    Proper way to charging dual batteries?

    Wondering if I am charging my batteries the right way. I hook up the charger on one battery and put the selector switch to "ALL" and thought it would charge both till meter shows full and in float mode. Went out to Cat and had switch to ALL during the trip there and was showing 13.5 - 13.8v...
  186. J

    Offshore Bluefin backside 8-3

    Nice haul and glad you were able to go fishing after working so hard....on my repower install lol. Heading out tomorrow for Cat and hope to bloody the deck!
  187. J

    Off market.

    You want $8k a piece?
  188. J

    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Bout time fish are caught. congrats
  189. J

    Offshore Saturday 8-15. 226/302

    Thanks for report. Socal sucks for fishing last week. Good for me since boat still down. Glad my gut said dont go out on cattle boat cause they not doing so well either. Damn you fish..
  190. J

    Offshore Sucks lately...

    Yeah where the hell they go? No expert by no means not even a novice,but you think the storm down in Mexico has something to do with it or just the moon phase? I think both, as I noticed better reports when its around a full moon.
  191. J

    Offshore No mas bluefin

    heard they kept going north and SBI now.
  192. J

    21-23' center console or walkaround?

    Dude you say 80% fishing go with a CC. Unless your wife is one of your fishers but if not you have your answer. Im looking into a few bean bags as I heard they are super comfy so throw those on board, get a bucket with toilet seat and your set. Getting Wet? Leave early and come back by noon...
  193. J

    Offshore Catalina Bluefin 8/12

    Thanks for posting sir! Way to Slay them, next time tell us exactly where you got em LMAO. Yeah gonna be a zoo this weekend for sure especially to escape the heat.
  194. J

    manufacture plate is badly faded.

    Got a 2001 Cape Craft 22' CC currently running a 98 200hp Merc. Ready to go with 4 stroke and the motor dealers want to know the the plate says, but the manufacture plate is sun damaged and you can not read anything. Can not reach anyone from Cape Craft as they only have info for dealer...
  195. J

    Outboard 200 / 225 HP $3-4k

    Still on the hunt for Merc motors, please let me know. Rather stay away from yamaha HPDI or OX.
  196. J

    8/9/20 Catalina YT, Bass and Bonita

    Thanks for the report. Might be hitting up Cat this Saturday
  197. J

    Offshore Newport to the 181-209 and back

    Thanks for report. Yeah I often Kayak fish NPH also for over 4 years and each year more and more kayaks out there. Now more then ever people go get them and fish, problem is these newcomers never properly prepare or know what they are doing. Lots of reports that kayakers have to be rescued by...
  198. J

    Offshore Skunked 226-302-226-corner-182

    happens to the best of them right?! But I've noticed the gents that post here that the bite is in the afternoon rather the AM. Might have to start thinking of a gentlemans launch and stay till sunset.
  199. J

    How dope is fish dope?

    I've yet to pull the trigger though tempted. so far guys have posted they like it since you posted but past post several chime in and say its yesterdays news. Like Radman says people just post here and that is why I follow. I wonder if the spotter planes only fly on weekends cause honestly...
  200. J

    Offshore 8-3 report bf yf yt

    Great post and congrats, thanks for the tip! always appreciated here..
  201. J

    Cat 8/1

    always helps thanks for posting!
  202. J

    Boat draining excessive amount of water?

    I had same problem and learned it was my bilge going out. I tested at home by jacking up the hitch so all water will drain aft. I have a hatch just forward of my motor where the pump is located and watch it fill with water to see if bilge worked. Sure enough it was not working even using the...
  203. J

    SCI trip planning info please

    Furthest I've gone with my 22 Center Console with a gas hog 2 stroke is Catalina from LBC or 302 from SD. I dont have fancy gauges to tell me how much fuel Im burning just a fuel gauge. 70 gallon gas tank and i was getting 1.1 to 1.3 mpg fully loaded (self calculated) but that was before going...
  204. J

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Follow me mode is pointless as is follows you behind your boat. Your looking ahead and to the sides not water you have already crossed lmao.
  205. J

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Aint that what people pay fishdope for to spot the fish for members? Never tried it but I think they cater to the wayyyyy off shore fleet.
  206. J

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    The net thing is exactly what i was thinking, screw trying to catch that damn thing with four blades lol.
  207. J

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    I see why some gents are worried about cost cost they like to buy brand new and its expensive . But with the used prices of drones, just go with used cause it wont last that long anyways. Yes it might take a drink but more just the salt water mist or the occasional splash on the drone. Now I...
  208. J

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    I've always wondered about having a drone do all the boiler hunting. Wait that could be the next million dollar idea. Have a drone that you can program with waypoints and when the camera detects a boil, it sends an alarm and GPS location instantly! Man great Idea no money to fund it lol.
  209. J

    Boat Storage..

    Generally speaking, SD is a freaking expensive place to live. I would imagine so is realestate for storing. Expect to pay a minimum of $125 a month.
  210. J

    My first fishing boat - Yay or Nay? Thoughts at discussion appreciated.

    Nice boat for sure and will do the job. Hope they stepped up their game over the last couple decades cause they were the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality. IMO you Must go for a sea trial in open water with some chop as you will be able to see how she truly handles, flexes etc. Dont...
  211. J

    Reading Birds Offshore: when are they over tuna?

    Oh G great now I have to take on another hobby and become an Ornithologist. And I thought anything flying in the ocean is a freaking seagull. I am barely getting the hand of this fishing of my boat thing!
  212. J

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    So Basically to each his own lol. I cant wait for non stop action on my boat and having the deck full of blood. Prob stick to what i am doing.
  213. J

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    I've yet to have extreme bloody decks on my boat and have gone barefoot or water shoes. I see alot of guys wearing rubber boots so guess they are to keep feet dry and blood free right? But 2 things come to mind, those boots dont breath so feet can get sweaty? Second is why cant you just bleed...
  214. J

    Would i regret 200hp to 150hp

    Thanks Gents, yeah will save more and get at least a 200. Gonna live with the 2 stroke for a while.
  215. J

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Please help me figure out what to put in the sections I highlighted in red. ES i am assuming is Spanish for US. So is Port of depature correct? Port of Arrival shows now Isla Coronado where I plan on fishing. Finally what Itinerary codes do I put down?? Thanks
  216. J

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    string(100) string(2) [ISO2] string(100) string(10) [dd/mm/yyyy] string(5) [hh:mm][24hrs] string(20) string(10) [dd/mm/yyyy] string(5) [hh:mm][24hrs] Whole string [100] abrevs Mexican ports separated by commas Company *Country of departure or arrival *Port of departure or arrival *Date of...
  217. J

    Would i regret 200hp to 150hp

    Top speed in calm water is 38 before having injectors done. I still am working out the kinks and having a shop look at it as it wont idle now after injectors and reeds. the injectors were basically all clogged according to the report card so I am confident I can get to 40mph. BUT I dont care...
  218. J

    Kastking braided line

    I have it on my inshore reels and like other say it is a little thicker and more rough vs Jbraid or powerpro. Casts Ok and holds up well to fish up to 25lb that I have landed. I have not hooked up to anything heavier yet but I wont be scared to try unless the big boys are playing then I would...
  219. J

    Would i regret 200hp to 150hp

    Looking into a great deal on a 2013 Merc 150HP 4 Stroke run in fresh water all its life. It would replace a 1997 Merc 200HP Black Max EFI. I realize 2 stroke punch which I like and dont mind smoke and sound. But hate the fuel consumption of the motor. Obviously the 4 will have better gas...
  220. J

    Offshore Terrible offshore fishing

    Gee wasted your money for not much. Next time invite a HO so they can at least cover some of the exuberant costs going soooo far out from HB. Break out the violins
  221. J

    How often replace Fuel/water filters?

    Thanks Gents, ordering new ones now.
  222. J

    How often replace Fuel/water filters?

    Hey gents, I replaced both my external and internal filters last June when I bought the boat. 1998 Merc 200hp 2 stroke that had about 500 hours when I got it and only put about 75 hours on motor since. Was wondering how often you guys are replacing yours. I always run fuel additives each fill...
  223. J

    Download service manual wanted for Merc

    Which site do you gents recommend to get a download for a full service manual for my 1997 Merc 200HP EFI. Google gets so many different results and none are what I need. Thanks for the recommendations.
  224. J

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Great post! Funny I was fortunate enough to hit Nine Mile and 302 with an experienced angler and he showed me the ropes cause I was new to boating and offshore fishing. Taught me alot how to approach kelp, but we stopped at several with no luck on way out and low and behold as we were about to...
  225. J

    Outboard 200 / 225 HP $3-4k

    25" Can you elaborate on agencies in auction? Is this private only to dealers?
  226. J


    Sorry man but 2 words. Long Beach. But if you must, like others said pull valuables AND batteries, invest in a good trailer tongue lock
  227. J

    Mobile Trailer Service in OC

    OP, there is always a premium for someone to come out to you and fix something when you add the word Mobile. But the quotes he gave is robbery and probably more for the big rigs. $250 is a significant savings by taking it to local shop. But if you ever replaced a tire on a vehicle, replacing...
  228. J

    Offshore 371 / Hidden Hunt - Found em / Watched em

    Thanks for the report. Frustrating Im sure but I am sure you will get them next time. But your report just made me feel so much better as I had plans to go same area Saturday but I had motor issues. Seems like the hot ticket is Nados.
  229. J

    Outboard 200 / 225 HP $3-4k

    Lets see what you got, please PM me details thanks.
  230. J

    Outboard 200 / 225 HP $3-4k

    Its a stretch but looking for an outboard newer then 2003 either 2 stroke but 4 would be a dream. Im ok with hours up to 1200 depending on use and maintenance of course. No big rush but if you got something please let me know. Tons of motors in FL or East Coast but trying to stay local in...
  231. J

    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    I should have looked into Aftco but jumped on the banner for 20% Hook and Tackle and got 2 of the hybrid shorts. quick drying, has stretch and also the fishing pliers pocket and cell phone pocket. Will also get Aftco soon as I like they have pliers pockets on both sides as I am a lefty.
  232. J

    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    So wife and kids asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day and Birthday, of course fishing stuff right?! Always wore swim trunks with pockets for fast drying, but wouldnt it be better to get water repellent instead? Not like we go jump in the water and scare the fish away unless its freaking hot...
  233. J

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Damn, Im there in RC often for work and stop by when I can and never seen it like that. Crazy. Too funny about the Toilet Paper post.
  234. J

    Outboard Fuel Inj service center in S. Calif

    I asked a few weeks ago for any shops and now you chime in??? Just kidding I am happy it was done. Mattanza, its $25 per injector. Youtube RC and they have a couple vids on their cleaning process which is impressive.
  235. J

    Outboard Fuel Inj service center in S. Calif

    Oops I ended up using RC Fuel Injection in Torrance.
  236. J

    Outboard Fuel Inj service center in S. Calif

    Just got the injectors back. they were busy but still managed to get them done in 3 day. Wow awesome report print out, 6 plugs total, 2 were in fair condition, 3 dripping and one poor. Fuel cc were night and day once done for all but 2! So happy I got these done and should have much better...
  237. J

    Any ideas on yellowtail and small tuna reels under 200

    I know you said preferred is conventional or baitcaster, but I've easily landed 5-20lb with my Penn Battle II off party boats. Those can be had for under $125
  238. J

    Offshore Any 302 and 226 reports

    Exactly what I was looking for thanks Bro! Yeah hot bite one day and very next day can shut down, Damn fish why cant it be easier lmao. Tight lines!
  239. J

    Offshore Any 302 and 226 reports

    Heading out to fish the area this Saturday and monitoring the bite. Lots of action from the cattle boats around the islands with limits of YT which I am targeting. But I dont have all the paper work yet to fish the Nados so praying the fish are also at 302 zone. Weather looks stable all week...
  240. J

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    I've searched and gotten no clear answers. How long does it take to get the documents needed. I already have the Mex fish permit and know the bio is quick but wondered if the turn around is a few days or weeks? Thanks
  241. J

    Buying a boat in Florida

    Set yourself up for looking at several boats while out there if you are ready to buy out there. many folks will say and tell anything on ads just to unload what ever they are selling boats included. That way your not wasting your time and funds. I wanted to buy a boat outside of CA for the...
  242. J

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    :gaygroup: you guys crack me up. nobody has answered if fishing 2 depths is a good idea, guess its a try and find out kinda deal.
  243. J

    Offshore How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    Its fishing. I fish all over Newport harbor and out to the CDM beaches on my kayak over the years. Like others they eat anything that crosses their path. Caught several shorts, got a beast next to my kayak at CDM and freaking forgot my gaff and net and it went crazy shortly after and lost it...
  244. J

    Offshore Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    awesome! everyone's goal right land a big fish...shit land any table fair for that matter.
  245. J

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    Thanks gents good info. Guess I will go purchase a 15 and 40 and give it a try. Lucky Farther's Day and my Birthday around the corner and will ask for them as gifts lol!
  246. J

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    Socal waters I often hear gents landing YF/YT and Bonita trolling these lures. I'd like to get into the mix so would appreciate any pointers. My boat is not a troller but has port and starboard rod holders. Should I be trolling say a Mag 10 and a 40 to cover depths or 15 and 30 etc? How much...
  247. J

    Offshore 6/4 371 YFT and YT

    Great job and thanks for report! Hope it starts to pick up sooner rather then later lol
  248. J

    Offshore Off shore report 6/7/2020

    Thanks for the report. Been looking for any posts for those zones and it seems like the fish are not there yet. Going fishing in 2 weeks and was planning to fish 302 but if things dont pick up will go to Catalina. 2 hour drive with truck and trailer to SD or 35 mins to fish Catalina that is...
  249. J

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    Able to get out to Long Beach for some local fishing but white caps kept us in the bay. Not ideal at all to test due to the weather but boat was full of gas 70gallons, 4 anglers bait tank full. I hosestly could not tell a significant difference getting on plane, maybe psychologically it took a...
  250. J

    Where are the larger Mackeral?

    Thanks guys...I will try bigger hooks and large chunks of squid. Looking forward to it.
  251. J

    Outboard Fuel Inj service center in S. Calif

    I found and called RC fuel injection (Torrance) and they specialize in high performance FI but also handle marine injectors. Beats the down time having to ship out of state 3-5 day service and ship back. I should have done this off season lol. Hope this helps others.
  252. J

    Outboard Fuel Inj service center in S. Calif

    I called a few marine service centers and all send their injector work out for cleaning. Can any of you recommend a place that can handle marine injector service prefer to stay in-state but if need be I will send out once I pull them? Thanks
  253. J

    Where are the larger Mackeral?

    My Dad got me started 45+ years ago fishing off the rocks at Cabrillo and we would catch good amounts of nice size macs. Well here we are today and Dad still loves eating his Mac and wants to go out fishing for mac. He's now 82 and I will take him out this Sat for local fishing around LBC...
  254. J

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Wow! and you even posted where you caught it! Congrats man!
  255. J

    Newport Bait Barge?

    They got set up last week Wednesday and was loaded up Friday Memorial Weekend.
  256. J

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    best live report lol! Sounds like the yellows are making there way around the island. Damn to go or not to go this weekend....Fish or Golf.
  257. J

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    Its off the boat now and hope to try it this weekend. I should know immediately how it feels.
  258. J

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    Search function shows very old posts several years ago.
  259. J

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    Purchased my boat last summer and it has a hydrofoil on it. I have noticed now at the launch that nobody else really uses them. Boats of all shapes and sizes so is this thing obsolete and should I take it off?? I have been reading the pros and cons and people should get trim tabs (I have non...
  260. J

    OC/IE/LA Older Mercury repair experts out there?

    Thanks for reply. Motor runs solid, I will be installing a smart gauge soon after I fix a few other essentials for boat. Installing new regulator so I can see what rpms are at as the old one was fluctuating so bad. I was going off of trim tilt by feel and sound.
  261. J

    San Diego full day boats $200

  262. J

    OC/IE/LA Older Mercury repair experts out there?

    I've been searching for a shop that knows how to service older Mercs.. 1995 Merc Black Max. I dont trust any shop just cause they are an authorized dealer as they mostly work on newer stuff. Tired of getting shit mileage and wanted to make sure there is nothing wrong with my fuel system. Only...
  263. J

    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    Sorry to hijack, but what does the Carnage charge for Dines there at Cat?
  264. J

    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    Thanks for the report and your Dad able to fish with you. my Dad is 82 and bugging me to go fishing but I dont know if he can handle a trip to the island. Last time he was on a boat to fish was probably 18 years ago and we stayed along the LB break wall. I too hope this is a sign of good...
  265. J

    Cat 2/21

    Nachos was out again?! Nice catch as I'd rather catch YT for dinner then rock fish.
  266. J

    Dive boat conception investigation

    I pray that is how they passed and did not suffer burning as that would have been unimaginable suffering. RIP
  267. J

    17 pitch for 200 Merc 2stroke (SoCal Only)

    Thanks for the response Robert! I unfortunately have to put a temporary hold on buying as my regulator and bilge pump went out and took the funds lol. Will PM you once I am ready if you still have it. How many splines and where are you located?
  268. J

    17 pitch for 200 Merc 2stroke (SoCal Only)

    Looking to try a change in pitch. Currently running a 15 Stainless. Engine rated at 5000 - 5800 RPM at WOT.
  269. J

    Safe to tilt outboard for tach gauge test?

    I have determined it is my voltage regulator that is giving me the problem with my tach. Ordered the new one and will test it out next Friday. The diameter is 14.5, but more research shows that a 15 pitch should be raising my rpm's to the max or even more. I've not heard back from the prop...
  270. J

    Older Merc Regulators Known problems?

    My 1998 Merc 200hp EFI is giving me more problems again with the regulators. First was charging so I replaced them with cheap regulators. Now the tach is not working properly now so I researched online and learned that the old merc regulators are troublesome. A parts search reveals many...
  271. J

    Safe to tilt outboard for tach gauge test?

    Thanks guys, Im sorry so if I increase from the current 15 to a 17 I will lose even more rpms? I thought you guys said I am overpropped. I have just sent a couple prop shops emails for more clarification.
  272. J

    Safe to tilt outboard for tach gauge test?

    Thanks guys, I am starting to think I am over propped also. It is a 3 blade prop and I just swapped it out to the 3 blade 17pitch aluminum one that was on there previoius to see what happens. Forgive my ignorance but if your saying I am over propped, going to a 17 or 19 will start to get me...
  273. J

    Safe to tilt outboard for tach gauge test?

    Running a 1995 Merc 200 efi pushing a 2001 22' Cape Craft with appears to have original merc tach. I either have the wrong prop Solas 14.5/15 SS or have a bad tach. I am starting to pay more attention to how the motor is sounding when at cruising speed and full throttle. Recent trip to Cat...
  274. J

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    OP would not have started this thread if he could not afford it. He's been around boats for a long time so he is doing his due diligence. $3000 a month is no joke but IMO thats is too light especially for his monthly payment and should be more like $4000. Good luck sir and enjoy it.
  275. J

    Newport Beach Jetti Fishing Tips n Tricks

    Went for a sleigh ride last year inside the harbor from a bat ray that hit a sardine. Man that was fun being pulled around but sketchy when boats were approaching.
  276. J

    5/15 Catalina

    Tracked the weather on willyweather and several days before the trip and even the final evening before. Both calling for strong winds and swells but dying off at 3am. Not the case! swells were a good 4-6' every 8 seconds or so heading out with good wind but no white caps. I was...
  277. J

    5/14 Cat 3 B's with a special Ghost

    Excellent!! Your lucky you didnt go out day after 5/15 like we did....Nasty!
  278. J

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    I have only begun the research but glad you brought it up as that is sketchy. Maybe just use a credit card that you know has solid customer support to dispute any fraud??
  279. J

    5/10. Good fishing no bait!!!!!

    Just called and recording says there is plenty of anchovies no squid. Tight Lines!
  280. J

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    Thanks for the clarification
  281. J

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    Im doing my research to get licensed to fish Nados and followed the BD link the "how to"...But I am confused and can use clarification please. The link for obtaining the FMM says how to apply but also says FMM for 7 days is free. So how do you get the free one online or do you guys just pay...
  282. J

    5/10. Good fishing no bait!!!!!

    Thanks man! Will call Thursday and report what I learn unless someone beats me to it.
  283. J

    5/10. Good fishing no bait!!!!!

    Is that the same number for Nacho's??? I dont know who Mike is....last I heard Newport is not even up.
  284. J

    5/10. Good fishing no bait!!!!!

    Fu$K!!!!! I am so pumped to head to Cat this Friday and will suck with now freaking bait!!!! WTF!!!
  285. J

    Education on Chartplotters/Maps (S. California)

    Thanks guys, Im the original owner and the unit does not come with a card. I will try doing more research on how to load them. But again appreciate any help as Im not the most tech savy person lol.
  286. J

    Education on Chartplotters/Maps (S. California)

    New guy fishing and I fish mostly Catalina Island and working towards getting the permits to fish Nados. I have a Garmin echomap 7" FF/GPS and trying to learn more about charts. When I fished Cat one day, I was warned by the Lifeguard boat that I was fishing real close to the MPLS zone and...
  287. J

    SoCal Prop shops

    Thanks Kid!
  288. J

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    I sure hope they were not targeting those awesome eagles!!! The eagles were probably just startled. Wish I could be there when F&G and sheriffs pull up to their dock with a warrant and arrest the idiots.
  289. J

    Update - Shelter Island Launch ramp CLOSED sat 1 Pm

    Today was Mother's Day and what a great way to celebrate then being on the water with social disntancing. On the flip side if they were all anglers, I expect a whole bunch of reports for the spots down there.
  290. J

    SoCal Prop shops

    Looking to try a 4 blade prop on my 200hp EFI 2 Stroke Merc. Currently running a 3 blade stainless 14.5 15pitch from Solas but reading and learning more from forums is that I can eek out a little better fuel savings AND get out of the hole better. I dont mind losing top speed which is 36 WOT...
  291. J

    Gilled and Released!!!

    thanks for the report! Nice fish, water is nice and warm and clearing so where in the world are all the YT?? Hope they show up by next Friday when I head out.
  292. J

    Seriola ensalada

    Sick haul biggest i've seen posted! Damn boat and truck gassed ready to go, but Im forced to go next week. Warm waters I am hoping is slowly drawing them in and the red tide dissipating.
  293. J

    San Diego Boats opening

    LMFAO!! I learned once the hard way also with a post. This is the internet and a forum full of crazies who are dying to bend a rod!
  294. J

    Red Tide Longevity

    Is the algae still dying off or has is stopped and how long will it take to clear out? Its in the bays where I like to Kayak fish but also around Catalina and I believe some spots of Coronado.
  295. J

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    Have to revive this post cause I now have a question about Passports. Last year I brought along my passport and bought the Mex fishing license online. But 2 family members do not have their US Passports and are interested in joining me this year to fish the 302. Will stay way clear of the...
  296. J

    Big halibut surprise

    I think his face was a grimmace lifting that sweet catch lol. Nice haul for sure.
  297. J

    Conventional Casting Help Please.

    Well yes....till I watched the above video on how to cast sardine. Any other help would be appreciated. I just got back from the park for another practice session with better results. I poured water on the lines and went to a 2 oz. Much better results but work in progress. Brought along my...
  298. J

    Conventional Casting Help Please.

    Thanks I forgot about that video and he reminded me to wet line so thanks Gents! I got the conventional set up with 65lb braid and is my 50lb set up. I will try the heavier weights and wetting line and report back.
  299. J

    Conventional Casting Help Please.

    I have always fished spinning reels but purchased a Penn Fathom 30 conventional on a 8.5' Terramar MHF. I have watched tons of videos on youtube and I have made the proper adjustments with the fall. I went to the park and tried casting and only using a 1 oz led weight and can not cast it...
  300. J

    Offshore Looking for a buddy boat (San Diego)

    Im tempted but will pass and let the mayhem die down opening weekend. But there will be tons of PB's out there at all the ramps, so just ask them or hell just follow all the wakes heading out. Good luck!
  301. J

    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Love the Fish Porn! way to slay them.
  302. J

    4/29 COVID CAT

    Thanks for the report and nice haul!!! Balls for hanging in there with low battery alarms lol. Time for a new battery or two!
  303. J

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    LMAO but what if they ask to prove it by asking for a nice juicy kiss between the two! This is good news for sure and it was only a matter of time. ONly bright side of this is there should be tons of fish without all the pressure!
  304. J

    Rpt.-Thur. 04-30-20 Catalina.

    Thanks for the report! typical fishing hot bite one day and nada the next few.
  305. J

    San Diego Beaches Reopen Today

    Thanks for passing along. Might hit up the bays off my kayak soon but I wonder if the red tide has pushed into SD bays. I kayak fished last weekend in Newport and red tide was nasty. But good sign for private fishing opening soon, I just hate to see all the boaters flocking down there the...
  306. J

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    LMFAO!!! Never heard it described like that.
  307. J

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    OP you said you launched NP? I kept the boat at home and went Kayak fishing and at 6:30 the fog was so thick! Probably 75' Visability and the wind and that was where I launched by the coast guard station. Man that fog was pretty bad but glad you made it out safe. Fog did not lift till around 10...
  308. J

    Do it all Baitcaster size?

    Thanks, I do have a Lexa 400 and I think its too big for fishing the bays or kelp beds for Calico's but yes it could be done. I will look into a 300 also, thanks.
  309. J

    Do it all Baitcaster size?

    I run mostly spinning gear and primarily Target Bass to Yellowtail and Bonita and whatever else turns up in local Southern Calif waters. Also have a 2 speed 50# set up should I ever get that lucky on my boat and come across the big boys. But my son who gets out with me sometimes now wants...
  310. J

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    OP what time was that as I was there yesterday from 10-2 didnt see any large boats. Caught some dinner which was nice. Weather was incredible at the island for sure and probably could have stayed past 3 or 4. Got back to HB/LB and wind was shit!
  311. J

    SBI attempt and Fail 4/11

    AT least you go out and so glad I didnt go to Catalina. Yeah freaking Sailflow showed a forecast of 6-8 so I thought perfect, but was shit. I might look into the live option.
  312. J

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    What I miss? when did they close the launch ramp?
  313. J

    Buddy boat 4/11 DP -- MX for Bluefin

    Thanks for update Fishbone! Sorry to hear but yeah long ass haul for dolphin watching. I did not get out afterall due to the shitty weather. Hoping to get out this week as weather looks excellent next few days. Tight lines!
  314. J

    Hey Jordan, thanks for reaching out. Sorry I am new to owning a fishing boat and learning the...

    Hey Jordan, thanks for reaching out. Sorry I am new to owning a fishing boat and learning the fishing grounds. Unfortunately my center console only has a range of about 100 miles safely so I will not be able to join you. Good luck fishing and post up. My buddy and I decided to hold off till...
  315. J

    Vessel Assist or Seatow Open?

    According to VA website the towing services have not been effected and would let members know if it effects members otherwise. It is too vague of a response and was wondering if you guys have heard otherwise. Thinking of heading out this weekend to stock up the freezer with food.
  316. J

    Buddy boat 4/11 DP -- MX for Bluefin

    My buddy and I are going crazy also and planning on going out to Catalina launching from either Newport or Davies for Rock and YT, But BF sounds tempting. Can you PM me as I would like to get some logistics from you if I were to change plans and join you.
  317. J

    Offshore Stolen Boat San Diego

    Like everyone says F*@#! all thieves! Seems like the idiots steeling boats are after the motors which is understandable as its $10K and up. Glad your friend got the hull back an thats where the blood sweat and $$ went. Hopefully it was insured and he can get a new motor.
  318. J

    Long Beach 3/29

    nice catch and ty for report. Yeah was out at San Pedro for some food and ate at the bluffs over looking the Pacific and yeah water clarity was nasty!
  319. J

    Davies Launch open as of 3/31/20

    I drove by Davies on Tues 3/31 and there were plenty of trucks/trailers in parking lot and a few boats at the dock. But water clarity is shit out there all the way up to horseshoe.
  320. J

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    ^^^That freaking blows!! My sister text me that latest news was they are closing all the beaches, but come on the boat launch is no place people hang out at. Lucky the weather is keeping me indoors cause I'd love to hit the water...Last resort Im taking the kayak out!!!
  321. J

    Hull speed?

    Please school me on what the hell is hull speed. I read a post about dialing back to "hull speed" to increase fuel consumption. So it got me thinking how much money it will save. One internet search said ideal fuel consumption is between 3400 and 3800 rpm. I get that each boat is different...
  322. J

    Deals Thread

    Im with you man, many other forums offer deals thread. FYI Hook up baits may still be having a 15% with free shipping!
  323. J

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    Good to know thanks!
  324. J

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    Prayers to all from this nasty situation we are in. That said I am going crazy like others having to stay home. But might as well go fishing right?! I called all the local lakes and they are closed. I picked up the boat from the shop on Wednesday and well, want to go fishing and was wondering...
  325. J

    Offshore Trip cancellation 3/18

    Good call for all sportfishing to close. I was close to booking for next weekend. Oh well, glad I just got my boat out of the shop for regular maintenance and she's ready to go. Less pressure from the fleet is good news to private boaters! Now if the freaking weather would just clear up some!
  326. J

    Serious Fishing Hoe Seeking New Friends

    This post was cool till he got picky on size of boat.
  327. J

    Catalina Yellows and More!

    Booking for last trip of month!!
  328. J

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Thanks for report and heck any day on water is a good day....Cost alot for fuel but again neither does our hobby. At least you take your boat out off season, mine has been dry for almost 4 months now lol. Agree with bonito being bled and iced right away. Pretty tasty sashimi and poke for sure!
  329. J

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers for you and family sir. I am in a similar situation with my Mom who vascular surgeon said she is a walking miracle. He advised against doing surgery due to complications your beautiful wife is going through. So no my family has to live life one day at a time with her and will not go...
  330. J

    Inline fuel pump

    115hp to push a 21' boat? I have a 21' CC with a 200hp and I wish I had more HP. Good luck, not certain about a fuel pump.
  331. J

    Who was the idiot that broke his trailer?

    Bummer but shit happens. I had a bearing seal pop off going down the 57 to hit the water. Drivers honked at me and looked in rear view, saw smoke and ended my trip. I had to use AAA which was ok but 6 hours later my boat arrived on a full size low boy trailer as they had to winch it on and air...
  332. J

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    No I knew it would start Shit! And yes they have stolen many of my fish. Yes there is a population explosion which needs to be addressed. Yes I hate them but if your gonna shoot them then fucking do it right and take them out with a real gun, not no pellet gun. With so many likes from the...
  333. J

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    ^^^Thank you very much for posting this. Im a new boat owner and found some of the things allowed very interesting...a few I thought would not be allowed but according to this, it is. Its a new year and things may have changed, time for some more research.
  334. J

    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Glad you posted this cause Im getting this reel next few weeks but will ask the shop what rod to pair it with. But follow this thread!
  335. J

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL! We all hate it when they eat our bait and fish, but come on shooting them with a pellet gun? That is seriously not cool.
  336. J

    Honey Hole for reds! Near MLPA and Dana Point

    Nice spot. Aint the Christmas spirit all about giving GPS? LOL Happy New Year all
  337. J

    Older boat transom max weight

    I guess next time i fish inshore with 4 adults i will stand back by transom and see how much we go down.
  338. J

    Older boat transom max weight

    Sorry I failed to mention, but its a 22' CC and have no clue on what it came with new. You guys are bringing up weight concerns I have....newer motors are 100 lbs or more heavier then whats on there now. So can I safely add 100lbs to the back of my boat without dropping my low transom closer...
  339. J

    Older boat transom max weight

    Not sure if the title is correct but Im trying to do some preliminary research on a possible repower (new or late model) for my 2001 Cape Craft CC which currently is pushed by a 1995 200hp Merc Blackmax. My search has gotten me a max HP of 200 for the boat with weighs 2700 dry. but I've...
  340. J

    Offshore Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    Thanks for educating a novice. However last year I fished on the Liberty and was limited by the crew once I reached 5, gave 3 more YT away.....IM confused but I do like the idea of 10!!!
  341. J

    Offshore Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    Correct me and I may be wrong but aint there a 5 limit for YT??? Congrats by the way.
  342. J

    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    Wow, huge tank. I get gas at Costco also and last fill it didnt stop at $150 but early this morning it did and I had to restart. Had to wave 2 cars that were parked behind me for a while to move over lol and this was at 5:35am on a Friday.
  343. J

    Huntington Harbor Edinger launch ramp closed

    Thanks for the post! Im launching Sat the 9th so Im good.
  344. J

    11/1 Catalina Cherry Popped

    Yeah I remember getting the boat back in June saying IM going to hit the Cat. Even posted up on here for a buddy boat but after chatting with a few here, I got the balls to say "go". I mean thats what seatow is for right! If Tuna are still biting this Saturday Im heading back out for another...
  345. J

    11/1 Catalina Cherry Popped

    SoCal Native never been to Catalina and finally made the journey with a buddy Friday. Clean water with water temp at 64. I looked for any fishing boats but didnt see any coming in so turned left and headed over to back side (South East?) Again only boat out there some some boilers and hung out...
  346. J

    Where do take your Merc 2 stroke?

    Thanks guys, I dont mind a drive to those locations. But I just want to make sure they Really know 2 stroke Mercs. I have a good shop 1/2 mile from my house but most of the boats I see they service are more of the speed boats that go to the lakes or rivers. I did ask the shop if the mechanics...
  347. J

    Where do take your Merc 2 stroke?

    May have to take my 1995 Mercury 200 2 stoke to a shop for a gremlin I cant find. There is a Merc repair shop in Corona but I dont trust just any shop. Id rather have shop recommendations to a place that is honest in the IE or OC, thanks.
  348. J

    200hp Merc Outboard only getting 1.2 mpg??

    Whats going on with my fuel consumption gents. Had the boat since June this year so I finally got to learn that my fuel consumption is total crap at 1.2 mpg. I dont know exactly what motor is on there cause the mount plate SN pulls up a non fuel injected motor as it shows its a 2005 according to...
  349. J

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Any loss of life is a tragedy for sure. But to go out like this is unimaginable. Prayers to them and their loved ones. This almost scares me enough never to try an overnight or multiple nights where I am down below and sleeping.
  350. J

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    Wasnt planning on fishing anywhere within 12 but I want to make certain that its ok to just pass through until you get out far enough. I wont even take a chance if there was a hot bite going on as Mexico jail aint worth the headache.
  351. J

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    I tried searching info on your post just to be 100% assured. Can anyone else confirm?
  352. J

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    Thank you for this post as Im wondering the same thing.
  353. J

    Drain Plug How much water?

    Thank you all for your help! Its a 2002 22' Cape Craft self bailing cockpit. I will try all your recommendations out starting with ^^^ as I have an access "splash well" i guess you call it right in front of the outboard. This is where I discovered I have access to my bait and bilge pump and...
  354. J

    Drain Plug How much water?

    This is my second boat and I realize there will almost always be water collected and once you remove the drain plug at the dock to drain. But how much is too much? The dock was too busy this weekend to sit there and time it but there was a solid stream coming out. I ask cause what if I have a...
  355. J

    Catalina Thu 8/8 2 Ho's needed

    I'd love to fish weekdays too but this is very temporary and will be back to weekends only soon. I thought it would be easier to get some guys out but not the case....maybe "I need a bigger boat!" lmao
  356. J

    Boat Buddy request for Catalina

    ^^^ 22' CC with 60 gallons of fuel. The Ho's Im trying to hook up with have been on ocean numerous times but never on a PB. Im not new to boating just never been. Here's a link to my boat info with pics from my post requesting a crew.....Planning on launching from Davies but willing to launch...
  357. J

    Boat Buddy request for Catalina

    Anyone heading out to Catalina week of Aug 6-10 that I can buddy up with? I've never been and would feel more comfortable following a boat over. I cant seem to get an experienced crew for a weekday trip that have been out there on a PB. Thanks in advance.
  358. J

    Catalina Thu 8/8 2 Ho's needed

    Sir thank you very much as I did not know that. I just saw guys posting for Ho's and they mentioned the same with weed. Im gonna edit post right now and again thank you.
  359. J

    Catalina Thu 8/8 2 Ho's needed

    Hi Guys, Weather permitting, I've never been to Catalina and Im hoping to get 2 guys that can show me around, teach me a thing or two and share the costs of bait/fuel/ice and of course have your own gear. plans are to launch from Davies Harbor launch at 5am, grab bait and head over and start...
  360. J

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    After all the pointers, Im will change plans and look into mooring at two harbors and even think of sleeping on the deck depending on how meany guys are coming along. Never camped in the open before always had at tent or slept in my toy hauler lol.
  361. J

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    Thanks again and thats why I ask so I can learn and decide if I should do it. Im open to other ways of camping at the island. Im researching if I can moor at 2 harbors and walk over to camp site.
  362. J

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    Thanks guys, cant believe nobody has done this and responded. Anyhow I was gonna go weekday and checked online for reservations and dont need any as its empty.
  363. J

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    I have a 22ft CC with a fluke anchor and am researching how to anchor and tent camp at Little Harbor. Plan is to head over in AM, fish all day then moor and camp at LH, then fish a little more following AM then head back. I see that LH is on the West side of the island so am I correct to say...
  364. J

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    Hey gents, I was wondering what you guys do as far as bait for a trip to Catalina. Im hoping to get my boat ready for a trip soon (and probably open it up to anglers who know the island) But my experience with fishing is limited, so far mainly fishing swim baits or live bait. That said...
  365. J

    Looking for new people to fish with

    Congrats man on a successful trip!!! Man I had no idea all I'd have to do is post up here for a few Boat Ho's and you would have that many takers with only one smart ass lol. But seriously this forum is cool and once I work out a few little kinks on my CC I might just open it up like you did.
  366. J

    25W Radio minimum?

    No Lat/Long is showing up anymore. I looked for any external DSC for GPS but did not immediately see one. I dont know what model it is yet but will dive into it again asap. I realized that it stopped working after I pulled a new transducer cable through so it must have disconnected something...
  367. J

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Not too far out from the mouth of either NPH or MDR. I've gone out to La Jolla a couple times but never landed YT. I miss kayak fishing as much as I want to take boat out lol.
  368. J

    25W Radio minimum?

    Never thought of that and glad they are close enough to me to have them at least check it out before I drop the coin on new radio. Thanks a bunch!
  369. J

    25W Radio minimum?

    I can get the weather channel, but thats about it. GPS worked fine last few times out and could even listen to ch 16 for chatter but now nada.
  370. J

    25W Radio minimum?

    ^^^^Shakespeare Galaxy 5400 XT, (50watts) mounted vertical alongside tower underneath canopy. I wish I knew how old antenna and radio are. But I feel radio is gone as I was trying to access other features and cant. So In now looking at a new radio
  371. J

    25W Radio minimum?

    2 part question, My Standard Horizon Eclipse may be going out. I turn it on but I get no radio chatter on any channel nor does the GPS register anymore. Radio check on Ch 27 gets me nothing. I learned this while I was on the water and also tried tinckering with it at home. Any tips on a...
  372. J

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Sativa for me!!!! But seriously sounds like FD is more for offshore trips. Thanks and I do hope to make some friends here to show me around. Thats actually why I posted a while back if hiring a Capt for a few hours is worth it. FD is $170 and I can get a local Capt for $300 for 6 hours.
  373. J

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Glad you were ok and a 2 hour wait was not bad being all the way at the island. I thought I had 2 good batts and got stranded at CDM kelp beds. I called SeaTow and was told an hour wait. Well 45 mins go by and I call and they said the help is almost at the dock. Well at the hour mark I said...
  374. J

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Thanks and thats what I figured (offshore and Island) trips, which Im hoping to have the boat ready for a few trips later this year. But I was thinking how useful is it closer to shore.
  375. J

    Help ID weird Merc 2 stroke issue.

    Thank you all for all your help and suggestions. I have already replaced the only filter that I can see which is an external fuel/water separator and emptied the contents into a glass jar. Wow, didnt know a marine fuel tank can accumulate that much junk and may have a nastier fuel problem and...
  376. J

    Your experience with Fishdope

    New to fishing and so far inshore only (mostly OC&LA counties) but was out there last week on a Thursday and no boaters were out so I wasted gas driving out to horseshoe, flats, reefs and kelp along Corona Del Mar. Only caught 2 Calico the whole time with live bait. So I keep hearing their ads...
  377. J

    Help ID weird Merc 2 stroke issue.

    Im new to outboards and recently purchased a 22 cc Cape Craft with a 200hp EFI Merc which I was told is a 2005 with about 400 hours. 1st two trips out boat ran great. took it out and had a 2 mile no wake zone before I hit open ocean. Boat fires up ran great that time till I applied throttle and...
  378. J

    cool emergency rescue device

    That is a great idea. A few weeks ago I heard a mayday call to CC vessel taking on water with 5 souls on board. Heard the whole communication but the boat must have finally gone under or all electronics failed. CC was continuously hailing the vessel but with no luck. Scary to say but I kite...
  379. J

    Help ID Mercury 2 Stroke

    Here's my dilemma, I tried to order a SS prop from my nearest Mercury service center (Corona) and gave them the serial number on mounting bracket. Well turns out that it does not match the actual motor as the SN says it is a carb model. I told shop it is not as it says EFI on cover and on...
  380. J

    21' Center Console $10k

    THanks but already secured a 21'
  381. J

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Thanks gents for helping. The seatrail went great and boat ran fine, even took it out of harbor and got wet with the crazy 15+ knot winds to get a feel how it handled. I asked Capt about private hire and he said sure and has a very reasonable rate to take me out to Catalina for a few hours of...
  382. J

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Sealed the deal on a 01 CapeCraft 21' CC and gained a wealth of knowledge talking to the capt at the boat dealer I got it from... and by the time most of you read this, I will be taking posession and seatrail (tomorrow morning). Im not new to boating as I had a 21 open bow family I/O I took to...
  383. J

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    Great input guys...lets see panties, ball busters, fruit of the loom, g strings, pasties. LMAO. So dont go off NADA which now makes sense. Your right I see deals in FL that are have what they want here in CA. As far as deals, then it depends on the boat and what deal both parties can agree on.
  384. J

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    In my quest to buy a used 21' CC, I've come across several if not all boats that are way overpriced according to NADA. This leads me to believe that I should only use NADA to suggest a starting point or go by what the boat owner knows about boat and how it looks and feels (seatrial) I realize...
  385. J

    21' Center Console $10k

    Thanks for the help. Im on CL daily as well as here. There are some boats out there but not what I need. I need something that will get me to Catalina Island not having to pucker up.
  386. J

    21' Center Console $10k

    Maybe a long shot and will get some wise guys to post, but Im Tossing this out there as the season is upon us and you or someone you know just be on edge ready to trade in their boat for bigger and better. Im not interested in anything below 19' sorry. I would like a sea trial before buying...
  387. J

    Crystaliner 21’ $7000

    Nice boat and would be all over it, if only motor would run and sea trial offered. glws
  388. J

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    Thanks gents for all the replies and have learned alot from this forum and google. And I have been researching for months and is why I have not bought a boat yet without a sea trial. As far as surveyors go, I've learned there are also good and bad ones. So more research on that as well. I've...
  389. J

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    I've been looking at buying a CC in the 19-22 foot range with a budget of under $15K to fish inshore and the occasional trip to Catalina Island. So that puts me out of the high end newer boats that have no wood. Seems like many of the boats Im looking at have wooden stringers. No google...
  390. J

    19 ft mako cc. For sale.

    Finally got in touch with seller. Good communication after all and dont blame him after reading his above posts. Gonna see boat next few days and cant wait.
  391. J

    19 ft mako cc. For sale.

    Sent you a PM again. Please check and or send me a pm with you contact number thanks.
  392. J

    19 ft mako cc. For sale.

    Sent you PM also, never got reply
  393. J

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    Thank you all for the posts and much appreciated. I was kayak fishing in Huntington Harbor today and spoke to a guy with a Center Console SeaSwirl trophy I believe and he had duck tape over gas cover as he said they are not made anymore so he could not find a new gasket. Guess he dont use...
  394. J

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    Been reading for hours on the forums about used boats and learned much but still trying to learn more. I am doing research before I buy a used Center Console that can handle off shore and turn around trip to Catalina and other islands. Budget is under $20k and plan on putting $1k aside for...