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  1. wils

    Gaffing stingrays to be released

    Do you treat your live squid with proper respect?
  2. wils

    Since most CI batrays are caught on jigs being used by folk who think that CI WSB will take a...

    Since most CI batrays are caught on jigs being used by folk who think that CI WSB will take a jig, will your hook remover work on a treble hook that has been swallowed by a batray?
  3. wils

    Gaffing stingrays to be released

    Since they were on the anchor and the seas were flat calm, why didnt you just go over there and ask them why they were gaffing the batrays (not stingrays)? You could have gotten some actual on the water information from folk who have been fishing for many years if not decades. not to change the...
  4. wils

    boating related......

  5. wils

    Petition to save The Sportfishing boats

    didnt the boats have to change out their motors to cleaner versions about 20 years ago? there was a federal assistance program for the those who kept detailed service and fuel records.
  6. wils

    Fish ID

    How'd it taste?
  7. wils

    Offshore Islander 6-2 11/2day

    Folk were jigging around a deep color tuna?
  8. wils

    Acceptable Tip Amount For 1.5

    this is the first time that i've heard of all crew members staying awake and active for 36 hours straight..... well.... ever since they started testing for drugs, anyway
  9. wils

    Acceptable Tip Amount For 1.5

    One privare charter skipper suggests 50%......
  10. wils

    Drag setting for Surface Irons?

    If you're fishing around structure (rocks & kelp) go with 20# drag
  11. wils

    18' Cat for SB to Channel Islands

    "20 plus mpg"? the ad doesnt say what the boat its made of. the trailer is rusting away while we speak for your "sea trial", go out on a windy afternoon and run sideways to the swell. I love the wierd perspective - size of truck v size of boat - in this picture..... like...... WTF?
  12. wils

    How Long is Braided Line Good For?

    15# braid is cheaper than spending all day worrying about it.
  13. wils

    How Long is Braided Line Good For?

    Any time that you lack confidence in your line, it is cheap enough to replace it so that you dont spend your day worrying about it.
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    Anybody know the name of the vessel?

    Bidne said "NO MORE DEPORTATIONS!" Looks like San Diego just got 20 new residents
  15. wils

    Inshore The San Diego got 100 Yellows and 2 Bluefin

    Are those the mackeral that I have been reading about?
  16. wils

    Shocking Story of DDT Dumping in San Pedro Channel
  17. wils

    Shocking Story of DDT Dumping in San Pedro Channel

    and so do people. in fact, many SoCal fishermen eat the same fish that SoCal eagles eat. So.... in following where this is all heading..... I'll bet you a cold beverage of your choice if I look around for some science on the lasting effects I'll find evidence of malformed young fishermen etc...
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    Shocking Story of DDT Dumping in San Pedro Channel

    wow. I didnt realize that bald eagles nest at the bottom of the ocean. thank you for pointing this out. :-)
  19. wils

    Shocking Story of DDT Dumping in San Pedro Channel

    My "prespective" comes from the scientists themselves. I am specifically atalkinga bout the DDT that settled to tbe bottom and is covered with silt/sediment. If it is left alone, it is doing no harm. Yes, DDT ion the watercolumn causes harm. But I wasnt talking about that.
  20. wils


    Racist cops? My how things have changed. When I was a teen, we had hot rod-ist cops. We used to ALWAYS get pulled over in our hot rods. "yes, sir" "no, sir" "whatever you say, sir" ....and we were back on our way.
  21. wils

    Jinxed Fishing

    Bringing along anyone who believes in jinxes and bad luck. :puff:
  22. wils

    Cryptocurrency Bubble or here to stay?

    Legalized ponzi.
  23. wils

    Offshore Bft Old Glory

    thank you so very much for the "go check someplace else for somebody elses' fish report" report
  24. wils

    Good to eat fish off of la

    "How is it that we are the first people to ever see this with our eyes?" finding a specific 50 gallon barrel over 3000' deep in an area somewhere between SP & CI is sooooooooooooooo easy to find - especially for a professor @ UCSB who went down 3000' to see this with his own eyes. Arent these...
  25. wils

    31 Jersey

    were your storage fees paid up to date?
  26. wils

    About Boat US Towing Policy..... You should know...

    Construction insurance is the same. Buy a policy and it is for 1 year. No less. and non-transferable.
  27. wils

    How do I tell who voted on my post or thread?

    :urno1: and an "up-vote"? or :nutkick:and a "down vote"? or :puff: and a....... hmmmmm...... wheres the "kma" vote option? What are the hours for voting? Can I vote on Sunday? Does "log-in" count as I.D.? Is BD officially "woke"? bieber
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    New BD Is BS

    There was a notification a couple of weeks before this newer version was released. It said that BD would be down for about 2 weeks for the "upgrade". Well, they worked it out so that BD was only down for a minute or two...... instead of 2 weeks. Quithcerbitchin; and get back to being a wallflower.
  29. wils

    Starter Rod Combos For Multi Day Trips

    If "price isn't an issue" get 5 moderately priced rigs for a 5 day trip. The total price would be quite a bit less than your "price isn't an issue" 3 top-of-the-line rigs. All of the upper echelon boats have "rental gear" that is "quality stuff". Consider this before purchasing a rig for 100#+...
  30. wils

    Communism and Socialism quote

    "The two best days of a boat owners life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat." - every former boat owner
  31. wils

    3.5 day boat choice

    The Ranger is a large over-night boat. The other two are good-sized multi-day boats.
  32. wils

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Thats funny right there! what happened to the emojies?
  33. wils

    Boat sale - What would you do?

    How much is the "sales tax" in cali these days?
  34. wils

    Boat sale - What would you do?

    Tell the broker the price that YOU want......and include all the costs that will be associated with the purchase of YOUR new boat. He can then choose to include his "full commission" in the price that he then tells his buyer.... or not.
  35. wils

    Are you tired of Race related issues?

    I like WhiteAssPussy
  36. wils

    Are you tired of Race related issues?

    "peer pressure" in the 'hood while going to & from school, while in school, and after school is the "education" problem. The lack of a "family" style household with a fulltime responsible male is another. None of which am I personally responsible for. For 60 years, I have read about folk going...
  37. wils

    Are you tired of Race related issues?

    For me, no one has effectively told me what the problems are that I need to address
  38. wils

    DDT Fun off Palos Verdes

    Stay safe. Stay home and stay out of the water......... good citizens. If you do, heres your sew-on badge.....
  39. wils

    SMB halibut timing?

    Springtime full moon cycles are nice.
  40. wils

    Would a cal star 800m work for temporary yo-yo setup

    If that is what you have then that is what you use. :)
  41. wils

    Regestering boat and trailer from out of state

    I had to take mine to the Highway Patrol station for a trailer ID plaque
  42. wils

    Funny Stuff From Doonesbury--Non-Political

    My Mom was a "dementia denier" a couple of years back. Now she uses it as an excuse. When the Prevagen commercial comes on, she wonders if it would help with her dementia....... "No, Mom. But it has all those side effects that sound like they would add to the fun"
  43. wils

    Getting rocked?

    if your line never moved in any direction for 20 minutes and if you were fishing the "pipe", maybe you caught the "pipe"?
  44. wils

    Claw Anchor for Channel Islands

    yes. twice the boat length in chain. no....stern anchor unless you are tight to others and everyone else has a stern anchor google: how to anchor your boat. lots of info there. heres one. Boat Anchoring Made Simple [REALLY!] | BoatUS - YouTube
  45. wils

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    forearms are way over rated in todays snowflake world. :puff:
  46. wils

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    You had me @ mobile app. WTF is that? PS: subscription required for separate political board.
  47. wils

    White Seabass Trips

    Channel Islands? 3-4 days before any full moon.
  48. wils

    Shipping Fish from San Diego to Washington

    It only sounds like a hassle when you have never personally done it before. 5-Star has been shipping fish for over 15 years. Call them and they can lay it all out for you. As for "home delivery"? You would have to arrange that part with Uber. or with a neighbor who has extra freezer space. ;)...
  49. wils

    Keystone Pipeline

    The oil that was going to be transported in the now-cancelled NEW section of the pipeline was headed overseas via US ports in Texas. The existing section of the Keystone pipeline is still in use delivering oil to the US. That part has not been "cancelled". That said, SCREW Canada. They provide...
  50. wils

    Fuel cost??

    As the lockdowns are eliminated, people will return to taking vacations. Planes, trains, and automobiles will increase the demand and will naturally push the price for fuel back up. Wasnt it about 6 months ago when the demand was so low worldwide that oil producers were actually paying...
  51. wils


    Joes' Dementia is only going to be getting worse.
  52. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    oh yeah. theres a game on tonight........
  53. wils


    I'm thinking that they are giving him O2 before preplanned "news conferences" that are also timed for completion....and he doesnt do spontaneous non-promptered speeches well. "86 winchester" mentioned above how Joe struts up onto the stage but stumbles as he leaves. This IS getting more...
  54. wils


    When Reagan had Alzheimer's, we learned that Alzheimer patients are given pure oxygen before family visits. Pure oxygen "wakes" them up for a little while and gives them temporary cognitive & memory abilities. But it wears off...... The over/under for Dems removing Biden from office is 12...
  55. wils


    There were no molotov cocktails thrown at LEOs. There were no pre-staged pallets of bricks to be used to throw at LEOs. There were no frozen bottles of waters to be used to throw at LEOs. There were no "fireworks" being aimed at LEOs. There were no baseball bats being used as weapons against...
  56. wils


    The over/under on that is 12 months. 😉
  57. wils


    Gods dont get sick,
  58. wils


    Back during the AIDs hysteria - when we all had sex with at least 10,000 people at a time - I used to make sure that I always put a bandaid on my finger before getting into the jacuzzi at my racketball club in the Valley. :)
  59. wils

    Would You Get The Covid Vaccine?

    Isnt "ZERO results" the purpose of getting vaccinated? :D
  60. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    gonna be a good championship game. over/under on total points scored is gonna be like.... what.... 100? :rofl:
  61. wils


    Gosh... even LR has become a Nanny State - "oooo...... take care of me so I dont prick my prick with a fish hook" Men have been literally dying on LR boats for DECADES. and you ladies are worried about catching a survivable virus. You can die hooked up to a 40# YT. or die hooked up to a tube...
  62. wils


    somebody started a thread about hearing something from somebody about something
  63. wils


    It tells me that we are still short on facts
  64. wils


    My post was direct reply to someone else, not you
  65. wils


    That would only work if that stateroom had its own HVAC/ventilation system.
  66. wils


    Do you have any information in regards the original post? or is this just more of your ranting for the sake of ranting?
  67. wils

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    did that OSB come off the framing in the background?
  68. wils

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    I never mentioned "IBP"s for earthquakes. That was your diversion. You obviously are a fine book-learned paper contractor. Stand strong with that. But until you are hired to work forensics after a real earthquake, dont call other people "ignorant". Even the "experts" arent experts.
  69. wils

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    "here" where? Oregon? :rofl: 1993 Scotts Mills earthquake - Wikipedia
  70. wils

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    Someday you'll live through an earthquake and realize exactly WHO the fool is here. Until then, keep pounding your...... chest.
  71. wils

    Delicate Topic...Manufactured Homes

    I dont know why folk in the PNW say that OSB is crappy. after all, the engineers here in the PNW say that drywall & drywall screws perform well structurally in an earthquake. :rofl: Personally, I have experienced both plywood and OSB floors 6 months after heavy rains. I prefer the aftermath...
  72. wils

    Trips being canceled

    Isnt the Excel - and others - requiring testing before boarding?
  73. wils

    I found a use for my Crocs

    political correct = pepper of color
  74. wils

    I found a use for my Crocs

    Merry Christmas from Central Oregon, everyone.
  75. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    The narrative was and still is "fraud" Narrative PROVEN. Now lets go get more proof.... and convict them, too. :)
  76. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    does the "media, twitter, and facebook" count as a "political party"? Bozell to Levin: Survey Shows 4.6% of Democrats Would Not Have Voted for Joe Biden Had They Known Hunter Biden Story - AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens
  77. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    You are confusing social programs with socialism.
  78. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Ignorance is not knowing stupidity is not ending your ignorance you just double-downed on both.
  79. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Medicare is NOT "socialized medicine". It is medical insurance that we have been partially paying for for decades and pay the balance when we start using OUR insurance. Ignorance isnt a good argument. The facts for everything that you are incorrect about is available via google.
  80. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    and what did the Democrats cause for those 4 years? (besides endless faux investigations, of course) maybe you dont remember, but..... We remember the women’s march (vagina hats and all) the day after inauguration. We remember the 4 years of attacks and impeachments We remember “not our...
  81. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    here are just some........................ Trump's biggest accomplishments, failures from his 1-term presidency - Business Insider just the first 2 years.... Trump Administration Accomplishments | The White House Trump's long list of accomplishments ( Imagine how much more...
  82. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I'm 65. Yes, Trump is the best President of my lifetime. Go ahead. Name one better and explain why.
  83. wils

    San Diego lockdown

    meanwhile, in friendly Bend, Oregon..... .... while out testing her windshield wipers Jefferson County teacher placed on leave for yelling at anti-lockdown protestors | Local&State |
  84. wils

    San Diego lockdown

    copied to my FB page. thanks, Chuck.
  85. wils

    Election Fraud - non-political

    ALL words matter....... "TO DATE, we have not found enough voter fraud to overturn the results" You have to be a totally happy little mushroom to believe that there was no voter fraud. (is being honest considered a 'personal attack'? :D)
  86. wils

    Covid 19 idiot free thread

    That is what it was in Jan & Feb for healthy friends in oregon and Cali --- 2 weeks on their asses with a 2 week recovery. Now, it has mutated to a 3 day virus with a 1 week recovery for most healthy people. The media fear-mongered it and the politicians politicized it. 42% of all deaths are...
  87. wils

    San Diego lockdown

    People dont remember - or never learned - that Rudy almost single-handedly brought down the "Five Families" from the 80s' into the 90s. He was Mayor of NYC during 9/11 and the aftermath. Todays political and MSM atmosphere results in Rudy being presented as a bad guy - with ZERO reference to...
  88. wils

    San Diego lockdown

    Back to the OPs' question: If you dont remind them or publicize it on the internet; they wont remember. ;)
  89. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    and vitamin D. vitamin D is also a "mood elevator".
  90. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    you need to read - and understand - all the words in the linked article. ;) the part that I quoted IS verified..... with caveats/spin.
  91. wils

    Managing Free Spool

    If you are intelligent enough to do all of the above, you are presumed to be intelligent enough to know how to not allow your bait to cause an "over run".
  92. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    covidiot? and you want to be taken seriously? Fauci wore a mask, social distanced, got the virus, then stopped wearing a mask and stopped social distancing. then the studies........ "It is true that 85% of people in the study who tested positive for the coronavirus were reported to have worn...
  93. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    Not my ducks. those uniforms are way too gay! :puff:
  94. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    .......and a minimum number of players. see: female soccer player kicking off at halftime. with the head coach getting fired the following day A lot of first string players opted out of this season. Which team has actually fielded a team that played at 100% ? This season for all sports was...
  95. wils

    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    Well... he did say that he wanted expensive. :puff:
  96. wils

    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    Cheap Weber whenever possible for me. Although your Panko crusting sounds like an excellent diversion from the BBQ. 👍👍
  97. wils

    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    Who pan fries dorado? Merry Christmas..... Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790S 36-Inch Propane Gas Grill W/ Side Burner, Rotisserie, & Digital Thermometer - E790S-8E1P-62 : BBQGuys
  98. wils

    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    what is the minimum/maximum for 1 charge... with the rest - if found guilty - to run concurrent?
  99. wils

    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    Jerry Boylan was charged with 34 counts of seaman's manslaughter for "misconduct, negligence and inattention" by failing to train his crew, conduct fire drills and have a roving night watchman on the Conception when fire broke out Sept. 2, 2019, the indictment said. EVERYTHING that happens on...
  100. wils


    note on HP: there is a square metal plate about 4" x 4" that is usually found on the inside of the transom that will tell you the max HP rating for the hull. on your first boat of this style, dont exceed it.... or wear your PFD complete with strobe light
  101. wils


    if that trailer isnt galvanized under that paint, it will rust out 14' Gregor. 9.9 hp. first boat. find some EXCELLENT weather sites.
  102. wils

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    Your Honor. This law is retarded. Cali is retarded. In fact, you are..... Bailiff....... click click. :rofl:
  103. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    Tequila always worked for me. :)
  104. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    No post game celebrations to include beer and GIRLS = whats there to get motivated about? :puff:
  105. wils

    Chartering a sportie.

    Write a check....charter a sportie. The number of anglers onboard with you is then your decision to make.
  106. wils

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    ...and secretary of state. even after you become a private citizen
  107. wils

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    the associated court and newsome fees will easily double the "mail in" fine if you fight it. 8 1/2 years ago, you may have gotten off with a warning......
  108. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    I hope that your Dem mayors & Govs enjoy contracting your STDs..... Enjoy! STIs - Sexually Transmitted Infections | | ( “We know, for example, that gonorrhoea came from cattle to humans. Syphilis also came to humans from cattle or sheep many centuries ago...
  109. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    good morning, RN. now that you're sober, would you care to re-write that into something a little bit understandable?
  110. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    Obama was (still is) the "attention whore". and Faucis' heredity kept him in Obamas' closet. Maybe if Fauci had been allowed to speak, 1,000 Americans wouldnt have died before a National Emergency was declared by the hallowed one
  111. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    Someone can be the best in their field in a classroom and still be considered an idiot outside of the classroom, OT. Fauci has changed his emphasis on wearing/not wearing masks as often as he has been photographed wearing a mask and not wearing a mask. Fauci has been photographed many times...
  112. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    People only want to hear what they want to hear; not what they need to hear.
  113. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    in regards the chinese virus (and remembering the country that I live in), trump has done nothing "wrong".
  114. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    In the context that I presented it.... no.
  115. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    the coming Ice Age in the '70s was a "peer reviewed hypothesis". You DO know what the meaning of "hypothesis" includes...... right? "THERE WERE NO FACTS AVAILABLE... so I made up my own":puff:
  116. wils

    New 14 day quarantine requirement

    Does this include multiday trips returning from Mexican waters...
  117. wils

    Fishing channel islands

    Learn to read weather, wind, and swell direction reports. How big is your 30 kt cruiser?
  118. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    just a couple of points... This virus didnt mutate the same in all points of the world. nor did it mutate at the same time. That explains the uproar in regards New York getting the mutated version from Europe vs ours here on the west coast that came more directly from Wuhan City. This virus hit...
  119. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    how is "extremely contagious" (my words) the same as "less infective" (your words)? I have - over the past year - spoken to the established scientific fact that ALL known viruses mutate to become more contagious but less lethal....... moreso with RNA viruses. This virus has not broken with that...
  120. wils

    Survey! Sorry not a fish report

    There is not much of a demand for marine surveyors here in Bend/Central Oregon but All Seasons might be able to poke you in the right direction.
  121. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    the same folk who are saying "wear your mask" are the ones who are saying "legalize drugs". The inexperienced have always been easily manipulated......
  122. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    currently with todays mutated chinese virus, less than 1%
  123. wils

    Advice transporting 8ft sailfish

    How many pillows do you have in your house? take them all
  124. wils

    Bluefin restrictions

    Is that when I was a total ass bustin' your balls? :puff: Those days are long gone, my friend. :cheers:
  125. wils


    You need to find out what "special closure" means as it pertains to Anacapa.
  126. wils

    cedros island in my own boat???

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the original context, people with real-life experiences in how things work in Mexico when a gringo wants to operate contrary to the locals know exactly what I meant..... it wasnt a threat.
  127. wils

    Shocking Story of DDT Dumping in San Pedro Channel

    wow. previous generations have NEVER known about the DDT off the coast. :eek: I think that you arm-waving young'uns should go off the coast of PV and start diggin' that crap off the ocean floor. Oh. Wait a minute. that was tried DECADES ago. It was then discovered that if the DDT impregnated...
  128. wils

    Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

    Hell YES! great report, dude. :notworthy
  129. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    69 yo Nick Sabin tested positive then 4 days later tested negative. This chinese virus is quickly mutating to an extremely contagious "nothing". obedient citizens are still requested to stay home. please
  130. wils

    Offshore Where to find good kelp patties?

    Find a temperature break and run with
  131. wils

    COVID testing after my Intrepid 10-day

    Get tested just before you get on the boat. You could have it, be asymptomatic, and give it to everybody onboard.
  132. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    You keep inferring that Trump personally allowed too many people to become infected and die. What number of both infected and dead would have been acceptable to you - a practicing nurse who has an education in deadly viruses?
  133. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    It may have been 2.2 million ..... just in America
  134. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    as I recall, the death toll was supposed to reach 2,000,000 by January 1st ........ and OFTEN!!!
  135. wils

    Did i crack my transom

    figure out a way to mount a transom saver.
  136. wils

    Covid IS serious.

    comparing the death rates of a virus with a vaccine vs a virus without a vaccine is not a credible argument, OT. You would need to go back to pre-vaccine years for the flu..... which would take us back to the Spanish flu. Since you have decided to also compare numbers with various wars, the...
  137. wils

    2 Day trip -- Fishing at night questions

    then you're on the wrong fucking boat.
  138. wils

    2 Day trip -- Fishing at night questions

    If you're drifting, talk to the crew as they can see where the fish are on the meter. If you're anchored in a cove, talk to the crew again and get their suggestions.
  139. wils

    Attesa IV. gets a new name? Or is this a sick Joke?
  140. wils

    Leaving Boody Decks

    by a concentrated collection of really tiny teeny weeny dots? :puff: from experience: real life personal/family problems and BD dont mix well. Annual trips to Central America sounds good. My bucket list includes 1 week on the Atlantic side of Costa Rica, 2 weeks crossing through the jungles...
  141. wils

    So...he has it.

    If you can present the evidence of your statement, dont read any further.......
  142. wils

    So...he has it.

    NASA released a recent report about an asteroid going to hit me...... the chance of me getting hit by that asteroid was better than me getting the chinese virus. you would have waited for 1000 Americans to die before declaring a "National Health Emergency"? excellent idea.
  143. wils

    Outing a member ?

    I thought that this drama was supposed to stay on the "classified" boards. :puff:
  144. wils

    cedros island in my own boat???

    dude asked the folk that he needed to ask. and he got an answer that he didnt like so he came here looking to get an answer that he does like. It still doesnt reduce the need for fully paid insurance if he decides to go against the locals' recommendation
  145. wils

    cedros island in my own boat???

    If the locals say "dont do it" but you do it anyway...... is your insurance paid up?
  146. wils

    1974 homemade boat

    your fiberglass guys should be able to give you some advice or help in the total replacement. If the glass is good on the inside of the transom, you might be able to leave that intact and just attack it from the exterior check out - youtube replace boat transom remember that its a beater local...
  147. wils

    1974 homemade boat

    How was the transom "rebuilt"? Was it totally replaced or just repaired? If it was just repaired, it is time to replace it. It might take just as much time to replace as it would to repair it. and not cost that much more in materials. then you will have "no worries" for another 10 - 20 years.
  148. wils

    Bogus fish counts

    At least there was a "fish report" hidden inside your first post and sole purpose for joining. :puff:
  149. wils

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    If it gets infected, its not fun. HibiClens, a bandaid, then finger tape over that and leave it alone for 2 days
  150. wils

    Crew fishing on party boats

    Me thinks newbies' panties are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easily twisted. :puff:
  151. wils

    Fishing with dead heads

    you caught a limit of reds? on ONLY one rod? You are a fucking STUD!!!!
  152. wils

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    you dont have to actually say "Here is my opinion." for folks to know what your opinion is. Your over-generalizations and compartmentalization of folk into two - and only two - distinct categories tells the world your "opinion". "losing his supporters": I'm sure that there are some who are...
  153. wils

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    Fauci was interviewed today and said that Trump met with all the experts at that time. they all agreed to what Trump told the public based on the propensity for folk to mass panic at the beginning of "bad news".....not 6 months later. You can spin that all you want....again..... but my years of...
  154. wils

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    I'm fine with his judgement call to not panic half of America - the half that were clueless as to how viruses are transmitted. Without any panic, look how many grocery shelves were emptied. ;)
  155. wils

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    The owner is also one of Bidens' biggest donors - over $600K to date. It would make sense that she is doing whatever she can to get a longterm return on her investment. only a Biden win would do that for her. ;)
  156. wils

    Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    stay home. stay safe......good citizen
  157. wils

    Eating raw fish not previously frozen?

    stay home. stay safe.
  158. wils

    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    Surfgoose - they make conventional reels with the turny-thing on the left hand side of the reel. :) Sorry to hear about your growing numbness. that doesnt sound like something ibuprofen can easily take care of. We framers get to learn how do things with arthritis in both thumbs, elbows, and...
  159. wils

    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    what do you consider a decent size fish? if you're in a school of 30# fish and you start with 1# drag and increase the drag while the line is exiting at speed.......PING! either while you still have line on the reel or at the point of being spooled. if you're fishing paddies and try that...
  160. wils

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    you just joined and this is your first post is this your first boat, too?
  161. wils

    Newbie to San Diego Salt Water Help

    simple answer....... yes. and get a grab rail that runs all around the boat - not just a bow rail. also, post your inquiry here:
  162. wils

    Political banners on boats...

    POOF! now there is.........
  163. wils

    Political banners on boats...

    ummmmm.......... :puff:
  164. wils

    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    It rains in Washington. When they say "50% chance of rain", they dont mean "maybe it will; maybe it wont". They mean that 50% of the day it WILL be raining. The first year you might think that is "quaint". The second year? "maybe I'll get an umbrella". The third year? "I wonder if the guy who...
  165. wils

    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    yeah. when your flylined bait is looking down on you, thats when it gets fun
  166. wils

    How our Gallagher/Excel Charter is handling the Covid Issue

    chinese virus surcharge. cheap health/life insurance
  167. wils

    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    5' @ 5 seconds - 8' @ 8 seconds with 4' wind waves on top? I think that there will be a few folk who are going to wish that their trip was cancelled if this is what they are going to be spending their trip in.
  168. wils

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    that was done in the process of eliminating the "food source" of the native americans.
  169. wils

    Santa Cruz Island 8/23

    C.I. WSB LOVE 3-4 days before the full moon. ;)
  170. wils

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    In Cali, you can only walk off the boat with your personal limit for the trip. your extra fish will be given to those who were not as lucky as yourself - if that is what THEY want to do. This allows folk who know how to fish to keep fishing instead of sitting on your butt for the rest of the...
  171. wils

    WTF is in my YellowTail?

    I would go with the "old gaff shot on a now-5# yellowtail". :lux:
  172. wils

    Boat adding customers once aold

    stay home. stay safe. stay uncrowded......good citizen PS: grow a set. name the boat that you are talking about or it never happened.
  173. wils

    Worth getting a surveyor before purchase for this boat?

    pay for the fuel and parking for a sea trial.
  174. wils

    Left over 'chovies

    bait costs too much here. stay in socal. please
  175. wils

    New Here, Need Advice!

    sucking dick wont gain you points. :puff: but posting pics of GF/WIFE will. :lux:
  176. wils

    Santa Cruz/Anacapa 8/10-14

    when you anchor up in the evening, chop up your dead bait and use it to chum up the local mackeral. use the sabiki to catch mackeral. put the mackeral on a dropper and set the pole in the holder. enjoy. ;)
  177. wils

    Offshore Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    nice size fish on the 20#!
  178. wils

    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    maybe that's because Trump was a lifelong Democrat..... and they all loved him ---- right up until the day that he dared to speak out and run against the corruption that he had full knowledge of.
  179. wils

    time for college FB trash talk?

    c'mon you guys. dont let the chinese virus get in your way.....
  180. wils

    Offshore Shake down trip successful

    I'm old enough to remember when..... catching just one of those "smaller fish" was a great season. LOL Good to hear that the new boat is working well.
  181. wils

    The Coming Civil War

    ‘In that scenario, California, Portland, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr Trump took office as planned.’ There. I fixed it. It wouldnt be Oregon seceding from the Union. It would be Portland being tossed into the Pacific Ocean.
  182. wils

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    even in neutral, an OB prop can still be "spinning". OB running and people nearby in the water is not a good combination. turn off your motor!
  183. wils

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    I put mine on the dashboard of my truck. The virus dies @ 138 degrees. My dash gets a wee bit warmer than that when the sun shines in. But your point is an excellent one. 👍👍
  184. wils

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Surely you are not inferring that those who are currently fishing arent taking this virus seriously? Personally, I dont think that you are inferring that but it sure could be taken that way by folk who havent followed your posts over the years. In my case, I had to drop off the LR trips due to...
  185. wils

    Washington State Players Supporting PAC 12 Players Movement Dismissed From Team

    if they dont play due to anything other than safety and/or health concerns, they lose their scholarships? go back to the 'hood, bitch.
  186. wils

    I could be wrong here but...

    "joined 27 minutes ago" If you really want to be a stand-up MAN-snitch....instead of just an internet pussy.,day%2C%20seven%20days%20a%20week.
  187. wils

    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    Next time that you see someone doing this, why dont you ask them? Yes on the putting a "load" on the line for re-spooling purposes - both mono and braid. Yes on letting 100 yards or so out of old mono to get the twists and kinks out.
  188. wils

    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    I guess that I missed where he talked about how to prepare the genitals....🙁
  189. wils

    Leaving California? Where Do You Go ??

    if you are not 100% financially funded for the rest of your life, find a place where you will have a job.
  190. wils

    Depoe Bay Advice Please?

    Dungenous crab benedict @ Sambos in Lincoln City (on the 'hwy') is worth the drive up before starting your coastal sight seeing tour travelling back south to Depoe Bay
  191. wils

    Offshore SA 80 Cortez bank

    gosh. that looks more like 70#s than 60#s
  192. wils

    Offshore SA 80 Cortez bank

    that sounds more accurate.
  193. wils

    Boston Whaler listing to port

    in the picture, the transom looks as level as most any boat......not listing.
  194. wils

    Boston Whaler listing to port

    why would a boat list MORE to the listing side when weight is removed from the listing side?
  195. wils

    My first fishing boat - Yay or Nay? Thoughts at discussion appreciated.

    Thats strange. The BD financial experts who drool at the thought of stealing boats from their fellow boat owners told us that because of teh china virus, the market was going to tank. oh well Thats a beautiful boat. Watch out for trailing seas and coming to a stop as the water will come in over...
  196. wils

    Offshore SA 80 Cortez bank

    yellowtail tuna perhaps?
  197. wils

    SC Knot

    "video unavailable"
  198. wils

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    and la jolla & santa barbara dont?:puff: BTW: after growing up in SoCal for almost 60 years, what is this "frisbee" thing that you speak of that you think that maybe 1 or 2 BDers might know about? does chasing one around a golf course - NOT wearing leggings and NOT wearing Venice Beach-style...
  199. wils

    California Rollback

    If (when?) that "law" is taken to court, it would be declared illegal. 1. quarantine is for people who ARE sick; not maybe sick 2. house arrest without due process? if anyone agrees with that, they deserve it now and at any time the government feels like it in the future
  200. wils

    Cal Football Players Make Demands

    I am pretty sure that there are some non-athletic black kids who arent interested in football who would love a scholarship for a college education.
  201. wils

    California Rollback

    Yes, we do have a "national response" plan: The national response plan in our Republic of States is for the Feds to assist each state as legitimately needed - and requested by each states' Governor. The reason why we dont have a nationwide mandate is because one size does not fit all for the...
  202. wils

    Offshore Shogun 1.5 Day 7-15-20

    flat stone. available in most brick and mortar hunting/fishing outlet. keep it in the bottom of your tackle box.
  203. wils

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    after 50 fucking years I absolutely fucking hate it when my fucking feet get fucking sweaty in my fucking workboots all fucking day...:Death_To_Above: personally, I would recommend taking along some shaved ice to place in your deck boots to alleviate your sweaty footage problem. :puff:
  204. wils

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I see that the ME FIRST!!! generation is more widespread here at BD that I could have ever imagined....
  205. wils

    Channel Islands Sea Bass & Yellowtail

    That is the FIRST video report that I like. It contained all the basics needed for WSB. ;)
  206. wils

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    What is the etiquette of writing someone a check and then telling them not to cash it?
  207. wils

    What's the limit?????

    ONE ANGLER CAN CATCH AND KILL THE ENTIRE BOAT LIMIT. at that point in time, the entire boat must stop targetting that species. but that angler can only leave the boat with his own personal limit.
  208. wils

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I must have missed where the OP named the "opperation".
  209. wils

    Offshore Tips on Long Range

    They've been taking checks for at least the 20 years that I have been LR'ing..
  210. wils

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    There is one well known charter guy in socal who leaves the rod in the rod holder for the ENTIRE "battle"... proud fishermen his clients are.
  211. wils

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    My experience on LR boats is that fishermen who have already caught a nice fish... take a pass on their kite so that the next guy can have a shot at one. Many folk would choose to bypass their turn at the kite whether they had a nice fish or not simply because its not really fishing. but that...
  212. wils

    Offshore Charters in time of Covid?

    If YOU wear a mask and make sure that YOU stay 6' away from anybody and everybody on the boat, YOU are guaranteed to by the Liberal Media to NOT catch the china virus. So why the fuck do you care what anybody else is doing? and then the agenda was made clear..... PS: you also get to gaff your...
  213. wils

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    cool. a video of you harpooning tuna off the California coast.
  214. wils

    2 day trip half capacity 16passengers

    $950 for a 2-day trip on an overnight boat? wow. I hope that its working out for you.
  215. wils

    Masks or no masks.

    You would prefer "I loved spending that last month of my life in a hospital bed with tubes running into and out of every orifice of my body"?
  216. wils

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    your "actual science" also includes social distancing while OUTDOORS. your protestors, rioters, looters, and murders were NOT practicing social distancing.
  217. wils

    it's legal to trade whole BF for fishing gear ?

    You can give your fish to anyone. Anyone can give you anything they want.
  218. wils

    Out of State Buyers Flocking to Montana

    "Montana is a non-disclosure state, meaning it can be hard to trace where property buyers are from, " one or both buyers usually have a social media page. Thats how I found out where my current buyers are from - FB our family started coming up here early 60s. family started moving up in the...
  219. wils

    Law enforcement down at the docks

    yellowtail. is that a non-Caucasian hooker of some sort?
  220. wils

    SoCal WSB - Significance of Moon Phase

    Fish the spinning reel upside down?
  221. wils

    Open or closed-San Diego sport fishing.

    get out a tape measure. Put one beer swilling buddy in each corner of your stern. now........ go fishing and tell whoever runs up on you out on the water to go f**k themselves.
  222. wils

    SoCal WSB - Significance of Moon Phase

    After 13 years @ BD, you haven't gotten enough info to go find out for yourself?
  223. wils

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    Any boat in the fleet will sell you hard long as you ride up to the bar on your stationary bike.
  224. wils

    Offshore Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    Would you have rather thrown the rope and not get bit? I'm sure your back wishes that were the scenario. WTG on landing your tuna.
  225. wils

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    I'm registered "Democrat". Do you want to continue on in your follies?
  226. wils

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    ummm…… yes
  227. wils

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    It sounds to me like some guys need this Cali house arrest thing to end...… too much time to watch The View and not enough time to experience the outdoors. We are in a declared National Emergency. The Constitution gives the President powers that would normally get him booted out of office. Live...
  228. wils

    Antifa Getting Their Ass Kicked

    Don't EVER mess with a guy while he is on his cigarette break Back to the subject...
  229. wils

    New boat customer service

    If you want progress pictures, go take the pictures yourself. This should have been talked about with the broker at the beginning. Commons sense would have included a time frame for the completion in writing somewhere....again.... from the broker. Due to the requirement of social distancing and...
  230. wils

    Expired Passport???

    I hope you plan your dives and pre-check your gear a lot better than this.....
  231. wils

    Seattle on fire

    He was trying to pass counterfeit money because he was out of work due to covid-19 and needed more money for alcohol and drugs. Official cause of death = Covid-19
  232. wils

    Copyright infrin

    I'm sorry to hear that you have Mesothelioma. After over 50 years of full time hands-on involvement in every facet of construction, you are the first person who I have actually "spoken to" who has gotten this from construction.
  233. wils

    Copyright infrin

    I'm glad that the original title of this thread had nothing to do with what the OP wanted to talk about. Thank you so much for that.
  234. wils

    Any Long Range Fishing Trips Get Out ? What Terms or Changes ?

    The SDLR fleet will never be 100% protected from ANY disease or virus....especially now that folks from outside the SoCal area are coming in to ride the boats.
  235. wils

    Seattle on fire

    "We". only if you were one of the rioters, also. Nature has its own way of "thinning the herd". ;)
  236. wils

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    if you go into your stateroom wearing a mask and then come out of your stateroom without wearing a mask, they will throw you overboard. problem solved.
  237. wils

    Any Long Range Fishing Trips Get Out ? What Terms or Changes ?

    Indy FB page...…….. Independence Sportfishing 20 hrs · 05.30.2020 Update on future trips The San Diego city council is scheduled to meet on Tues June 2nd. The ability of the San Diego Sportfishing fleet to conduct their business is on the agenda. It is hoped we will receive some good news...
  238. wils

    Ignoring Members

    :lux: :puff: :lux:
  239. wils

    Ignoring Members

    mirror, mirror, on the wall...…...……...
  240. wils

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    run it with the foil and see how your boat runs. then run it without the foil and see how your boat runs. then make your final decision based on what someone else is running on their boat.
  241. wils

    Bath tub regulating for a color change. Worth it?

    If the current color absolutely wont work, pull off all the fixtures and have it re-finished by a professional.
  242. wils

    CDC estimates COVID Infection Fatality Rate

    There is lots of misinformation, contradictory information, fear mongering information, one size fits all information.......and on and on and on......coming from medical experts...and the media.....and the politicians I'm not going to get into what "information" has been available for all of us...
  243. wils

    14’ Livingston raising the floor... ADVICE

    If you have to ask, there is only one way to find out. :)
  244. wils

    14’ Livingston raising the floor... ADVICE

    you will be raising the "center of gravity".
  245. wils

    Research project, interviews about yellowtail fishing in SoCal

    You just went from yellowtail to generic fishies. "fishery collapse risk mitigation" used to be called "lowering the daily take limit". or just flat out closing the fisheries for no certifiable reason. Son, I think that you were probably in Kindergarten during the CINMS closures and MLPA...
  246. wils

    Research project, interviews about yellowtail fishing in SoCal

    It means no fossil fuel powered boats on the water
  247. wils

    Research project, interviews about yellowtail fishing in SoCal

    you are researching as to how to apply future management for our benefit. mymymy. How governmental you are. now just go away.
  248. wils

    Research project, interviews about yellowtail fishing in SoCal

    Have you ever fished for and/or caught SoCal yellowtail? If you have never caught a yellowtail, no amount of interviews would be able to get you even a small amount of understanding of why "recreational yellowtail fishing" needs to remain in place as is.
  249. wils

    California lock down.

    Never drive a car again. please.
  250. wils

    Albacore within range

    150 miles out with no multi-day trips available? How big is your private boat for this to be "within range"?
  251. wils

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Where are you getting a 20 year loan for an old boat?
  252. wils

    Montana - checking in safe from Corona Virus

    MANY businesses are discovering the same thing. There will soon be a lot of office space available for new businesses to start up. Owners of parking structures and local restaurants are crying about "no customers" but as new businesses move in, parking and meal prices can go up. Then...…...When...
  253. wils

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    ok. I was thinking about them doing this in the harbor. my bad. about a decade back, boats weren't even allowed to have bleach brought onboard at the docks.
  254. wils

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    all deaths are being declared "coronavirus related". One NY hospital tested their "casualties" and came back with less than 30% positive for coronavirus. Cuomo buried the report and called them all "coronavirus related"
  255. wils

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Has this been approved by the Clean Water folk?
  256. wils

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    That $600 bonus only applies for about 4-5 more weeks. Then lets see how many (and which) folk start crying for more "opening". Dems wont listen until their voters start complaining.
  257. wils

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    my comment on the masks was tongue-in-cheek. but since you went there.... masks don't work with ANY facial hair. if there are droplets in the air defying gravity and modern HVAC systems, they will also get in your eyes. so using a mask without proper googles is also useless.
  258. wils

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    no shooting. just another point of view...…... info gleaned from 1. actual folk who have been sick with the flu. 2. doctors' reports... factual reports that have been poo-poo'ed by MSM and docs who get paid BIG BUCKS by big pharmy for long-term "clinical studies"...…... 3. personal experiences...
  259. wils

    NY, NJ and Ct organizing against fishing industry

    more fear mongering...…………..
  260. wils

    water getting in boat

    This happens all the time with small boat outboards. Your boat doesn't have a splashwell.
  261. wils

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    no. stay home.
  262. wils

    Refund Policies On Trips COVID-19? Lets have the conversation and not radio silence.

    you changed the subject of your own rant, now.....pick up your phone and call your boat. and be glad that you are not a business owner.
  263. wils

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    DOCTOR Fauci told us that the virus would not affect the US
  264. wils

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    and then there's this mans family..... this virus over-lapped the flu season. states and hospitals don't get extra fed funds for listing the...
  265. wils

    Single hook surface iron?

    crimp the barb flat and it makes releasing them that much easier.
  266. wils

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    I would use that particular presentation.....duh.
  267. wils

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    most of the country - via governors and mayors - were told that the closures would end at the end of April. I can understand how bars and such need to get things figured out for "social distancing" for the rest of your natural lives, but open private boats? Plan your protest for May 2 - to be...
  268. wils


    cut the skin at the barb with a razor blade, pull out the hook, put on a bandaid, and get back to jigs that fall off the table.
  269. wils

    The day is fast approaching...

    May 1st is quickly approaching for me..... May 7th is the full moon for you SoCal WSB & halibut peeps. ;)
  270. wils

    The day is fast approaching...

    thousands of those are "maybe" and/or "probably". Cuomo added 3500 "probably" yesterday. over 5500 from long term care facilities. again, many of those are "maybe" Why? States get Federal money for coronavirus deaths. But then again, there are a lot of folk dying at home that aren't recorded as...
  271. wils

    The day is fast approaching...

    That's because they cant run fast enough to get out the way. :puff: <I know. I'm going to hell for that one.>
  272. wils

    The day is fast approaching...

    It sounds like you will be quarantining at home until a 100% effective vaccine is created. Have a nice couple of years.
  273. wils

    The day is fast approaching...

    "The Economy is in the Tank" After only 3-4 weeks of social separation, has anybody seen the existence of the economy tanking in the real World? I have read about how contagious this virus is, and that it deos carry a larger-than-the-flu death rate. Add in that it came in to our house at the...
  274. wils

    Oregon fishing closed to non-residents

    wow. you went WAY off topic on this. And then finished it with per the Constitution the Supreme Court made a ruling that you personally disagree with. This is not a "no travel" regulation - which would arguably go against Constitutional interstate commerce laws. It is a decision by a State to...
  275. wils

    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    "fish report" - in the context of BD - is supposed to include either pics of fish or pics of wife/gf. just sayin'...……. :puff:
  276. wils

    Processor leaves the skin on?

    which species are you talking about specifically?
  277. wils

    3 hours left!!!

    Did you post this while sitting at home?
  278. wils

    I’m a newbie

    Since you are being extremely shy about the boat...... Buy life insurance and name me as the beneficiary. :puff:
  279. wils

    New boat for use in so cal

    smugglers have been making that run - and much further - in pangas for decades. It all comes down to: its not the boats abilities you need to worry about. ;)
  280. wils

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    Definitely. :puff: Now take a deep breath and remember where you are ---- BLOODY DECKS
  281. wils

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    yes. it was a mutated AIDS virus.
  282. wils

    I want to trust the government, really

    Remember: with 10% of the workforce not working, 90% of the work force is still working. And we expect the govt - such as it is - to keep working, also.
  283. wils

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    Maybe you can get a discounted rate for grocey delivery if you pay 18 months up front? Zinc kills this virus. Is there naturally occurring zinc in the oceans' waters?
  284. wils

    SUP fisherman arrested

    the virus being spread from human waste to sewer line to sewer treatment to discharge pipe to ocean to surf line to surfers' lungs is so easy to see...... It follows Italys' declaration that the virus is spread from sneeze to droplet on the grocery floor to the bottom of my shoe 2 hours later...
  285. wils

    SUP fisherman arrested

  286. wils

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    Trump will be ok'ing a treatment for this virus soon. Similar in principal to Tamilfu (and other varieties) for the flu. The vaccine can come later.
  287. wils

    I want to trust the government, really

    The Judicial System has the final say. That's how our system is set up to work. as for trusting our government? I don't trust half of them. and the other half is questionable.
  288. wils

    Offshore Didn't stay home

  289. wils

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    Todd lived in SFV cowboy country and kept getting popped for guns.
  290. wils

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    When your reason for going fishing is "I have to feed my family", the immediate response is "did you walk down to the water with a string, rock, and a safety pin to try and catch dinner?" or did you buy a boat - and all the $$$ that that includes - buy a truck to tow that boat, buy gas for the...
  291. wils

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    for the money that you spend to catch a few polluted fish for your family, you could have gone to the grocery store and bought enough food for the week......instead of for just one meal. the "I need to fish for my family" is old and ridiculous. and it sure don't fly amongst fishermen. We KNOW...
  292. wils

    Offshore just stay home

    I'll write my autobiography for you. You'll read a lot about folk like yourself. :puff:
  293. wils

    Covid-19 : How it kills you

    The virus doesnt go directly into the lungs. It works its way via the esophagus. It could be why many folk also have diarrhea as a "symptom". A highly regarded virologist who studied SARS and MERS discovered that the virus "doesn't like" zinc. He recommends throat lozenges with zinc as its main...
  294. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    you're one more person I wont have to worry about when I go fishing on easter. :D
  295. wils


  296. wils


    are we moving into "reasons for impeachment" today? :puff:
  297. wils

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    A Mayor can not call out the National Guard. The Governor can.
  298. wils

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    Did I miss something? your video is of Cuomo yappin' his lips. and speaking of Cuomo and ventilators and pandemics Cuomo could have purchased the additional 16,000 needed ventilators for $36,000 apiece or a total of $576 million in 2015. It’s a lot of money but less than the $750 million he...
  299. wils


    you need to learn the difference between "public health emergency" and "national emergency". google will help.
  300. wils


    Seeing how Nancy Pelosi is the leader of really stupid people, do you not do anything each day until Nancy Pelosi tells you what to do? Personally, I think that Trump should have told all Americans that we were ALL going to die. Followed immediately with "suck it up buttercups". Then...
  301. wils

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    hmmm.... I spoke to one specific item to clarify whatever point you were trying to make. moving on - I guess..... "high rental cost" is both arbitrary and "location specific". For example: If one must live in todays' SF, one must expect high rents. If one chooses to live outside the City, one...
  302. wils

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    Taxpayers can deduct mortgage interest on up to $750,000 in principal somebody else can fact check the rest of your post...…….....
  303. wils

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    5+# native on a popper
  304. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    This Doc used hydroxychloroquine along with zinc and an antibiotic. 500 patients all "cured" in about 5 days and no hospital stays.
  305. wils

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    As long as I am not put under house arrest by our Gov, I will be giving half to local groups here in town helping kids and seniors.
  306. wils

    Social Distancing trip For Bass

    from now into May. While targeting halibut If you catch a WSB you have throw it back.....non-targeted species cant be retained. :D (j/k folks)
  307. wils

    Social Distancing trip For Bass

    with the party boats shut down, it should be a good spawn this year.
  308. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    you just keep proving what a youthful doomsayer you are....and sounding even younger with every post you make. :notworthy
  309. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    now I understand why youre so up in arms in regards those of us who are "allowed" to go outside. Your are a nonessential person. :eek:
  310. wils

    Can’t find my bilge pump

    do you have a bilge pump switch on the dash? in 1988, bilge pumps were an option
  311. wils


    Average annual flu numbers: "The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide, annual influenza epidemics result in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths."
  312. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    so tell me, hung over person..... how many red states have ordered statewide house arrest for their non-lawbreaking citizens?
  313. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    You are absolutely correct. This is nothing like 9/11 and/or 2007/2008. I have no idea your personal history with either of those events or what business you OWNED at either of those times. closing down for but a couple of months is a great big nothing compared to how long it really was. Those...
  314. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    anxiety isn't the end of the world, either. its a time for personal growth. its also a time to experience what more than one or two of us have had to do at some time in our lives. You can either cower and fear. or you can "figure it out". There are MANY job opportunities out there today...
  315. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    I bow to the man who has never been unemployed.:daman: but trust me on this: unemployment is not the end of the world.
  316. wils


    The best guestimate from the best Doctors around the world places known cases at 20% of all cases. So the 1.3% drops to 0.26%. Still, it's more than "the flu"....but fewer than "known abortions". And I still have to watch out for drivers running red lights
  317. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Learn OUR lesson from China? China and their cockholsters - W.H.O. - told the World that there was no "human to human" transfer of the virus through early January.......and some folk even believed that crap. right up until the wife of a US citizen got it from her husband from "close, personal...
  318. wils

    Cannot buy ammo?

    I believe that it is a 2A issue that - if pressed in the courts - would also open up the "stay in your house or we will put you in jail" issue. I'm sure that an agreement was reached real quiet-like
  319. wils

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    I took a BIG HIT on my pot stock. :rofl: ……………… :hali_parkutuli: I'll sell it and realize the "loss" when I need the tax deduction. Hopefully, that will be this year. :) Who knows. Maybe it will turn into Tesla. :puff:
  320. wils


    and her husband…. Rosie O'Fat
  321. wils


    Semanitcal weenies are alive and - hopefully - well. Yes. It is the CHINESE virus; not the CHINA virus...….. sigh
  322. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    ….and tailgate in the parking lot. :) doesn't unemployment $$$ still run for 6 months?
  323. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    as always, everyones' true colors come out when given enough rope. Youre a hater, we get it. and now youre complaining about OTHERS posting "faux news"? Trump did NOT call this virus a democrat hoax. He called the politicizing of the entire situation by the Democrats a hoax. You're a relative...
  324. wils

    Covid..... and your beloved pets...

    aww crap. I was told NOT to touch myself. :eek:
  325. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    The problem in Italy is their failing socialized health care system. It was already over run with migrants from Africa before this virus came into their country. Another problem that no one has mentioned is the availability of respirators. In Washi State, they were adapting the few respirators...
  326. wils

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    This is good info but you should have stopped right there. Italys' socialist health care system - as well as the rest of Europe - was already being pushed to its limits due to migrants from Africa before this virus came in. That is the reality in Italy and the rest of Europe. The rest of your...
  327. wils

    Ban Coronavirus

    Post pics of the closet that you are self-quarantining in. Wait til you get to be the sole provider for YOUR loved one. A couple of weeks of inconvenience will then seem like a God Send in comparison. But I don't foresee you volunteering for that job
  328. wils

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    ….and wannabe Dictators are popping up along with this virus. Personally, I was NEVER worried about contracting HIV/AIDS.
  329. wils

    Don't vote Democrat.

    You are assuming that American Soldiers would not second guess an order to mass-kill fellow Americans.....especially if they felt the same way as those they were told to kill. Our military is not a "tyrannical military". Not everyone is a Liberal mushroom.
  330. wils

    covid-19 and sport boats

    People have been known to infect the entire boat with flus and colds due to the close quarters and recirculating air. If you are worried about the coronavirus but not the flu, you need to get a little more educated on the issues. To my knowledge, no one has died from the flu on a LR trip. But...
  331. wils

    Why You Test Bilge Pumps

    good on your for testing the pumps with actual water. Many folk (me included) just turn the switch on to hear it runs.....without seeing that leaf stuck on the bottom/intake.
  332. wils

    Don't vote Democrat.

    The money that ANY business makes is NOT YOUR TAX MONEY. and they probably "contribute" more in a quarter than you'll contribute in your lifetime.
  333. wils

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Heres the Sniffer/Hilly scenario: If - in November - we somehow prove to the World that the Dumbing Down of America is complete...... and a hypothetical Sniffer/Hilly ticket wins the election..... with Hilly as vp, she runs things fom Day 1 while the Sniffer is allowed to go about his senile...
  334. wils

    Don't vote Democrat.

    I'm fine with that.
  335. wils

    Don't vote Democrat.

    that's how Trump won in 2016. :rofl:
  336. wils

    Don't vote Democrat. 100% mortgages became available again 6 years ago
  337. wils

    1st time making pipes

    just in case that cotter pin situation has a failure, the treble will still have a positive connection to the swivel
  338. wils

    1st time making pipes

    spectra from the swivel to the hook eye.
  339. wils

    I care about your health

    Life has really gotten tough for the current generation. Today, they are being told, "Don't touch yourself, you'll get a virus and die." Hell. I only had to worry about going blind!
  340. wils

    I care about your health

    We jubilantly kill babies every day. just sayin'
  341. wils

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    Yes. Total "possession" limit in your freezer at home varies from species to species. If you go out on a 3 or more day trip, you can bring back 3 days maximum limits. unless you are in Mexican waters. Then they have their own daily limits....but still 3 days max. Private boaters need permits to...
  342. wils

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    "bag limit" includes fish in your freezer. if someone - ANYONE - is bringing a "commercialization" number of swordfish to the docks without a commercial license, someone is going to take note and report it. It may be a big ocean out there, but the docks are quite tight.
  343. wils

    Offshore BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    The planet is doing what it has been doing for the last 4.5 billion years...…. give or take a million
  344. wils

    Tillamook or Yaquina?

    Tillamook smells strongly like a dairy farm..... not that there's anything wrong with smelling like a dairy farm.... if you're a cow.
  345. wils

    It’s Coming Bernie

    I did. Asked a "disagree-er" about surf fishing on the coast The snowflake over on the coast never replied.
  346. wils

    Seasick on Sports Boat

  347. wils

    Short wives, girlfriends or kids. Car question.

    girls love BMWs......
  348. wils

    Safety Class

    find the Coast Guard Auxiliary for your neighborhood. the required "boating safety card" is the same one that is required for a PWC on a lake. I'll bet if you google "coast guard auxiliary" you may find it.
  349. wils

    Don’t be that guy!

    and make sure that you put up a permanent sign on your secret spot so that others wont make it their secret spot on the days that youre not out on the water. Maybe post the days and times that you will be fishing your secret spot. If people would do this, maybe you would realize that your secret...
  350. wils

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    make arrrangements for Mom to send you "soap on a rope" when they put you in General Population for the next 5 years. :puff:
  351. wils

    Don't be this guy...

    This is exactly why native Oregonians aren't allowed to pump their own gas.
  352. wils

    Frozen Fish Going Bad?

    you've been here since 2007. there have been a multitude of these exact same posts. your situation is not new - nor is your freezer malfunctioning from its original design and purpose. You killed your fish, not your freezer.
  353. wils

    Only turn 40 once…

    Costa Rica for a month. one week on the atlantic side, 2 weeks crossing through the jungle, one week on the pacific side.
  354. wils

    Kobe bryant

    talent and money can buy anything....except escape from karma. my heart goes out to his daughters for the loss of their sister.
  355. wils

    How many batteries on a small boat?

    where are you mounting your batteries? how much weight and HP is your boat/transom rated for? is this a CC or tiller one battery will easily work in your situation even if you add a FF
  356. wils

    Registration Question

    temporary registration docs are valid until they expire.
  357. wils

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    The first month is still ok for sushi. after that, toss it on the BBQ
  358. wils

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    Until now, I didn't realize how much the classifieds had taken over here at BD. Will this new software eventually have the "block forum" feature again?
  359. wils

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    the 'quote' thingie aint workin'......…………. just sayin' My question: why wasn't the new BD absolutely perfected before going online?
  360. wils

    How was the fishing condition 2 days after cold front? Here is my report

    just a heads-up.
  361. wils

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    "there's a pathway for us to cohabitate with these precious marine mammals," Yeah. Its called "harvesting". 100% of the seal is "recyclable" as for a pellet being "uncool"? Have you ever seen a seal with its ass bit off and left to die by a great white or mako? Now THAT is cool.
  362. wils

    Determining battery needs

    you have a 40HP 4-stroke on a 13' skiff and NOW youre worried about weight?
  363. wils

    BD Freezes

    things are good here...
  364. wils

    BD Freezes

    all's good here
  365. wils

    40lb test tackle suggestions

    40# rig for trolling? salmon?
  366. wils

    June 10 day trip?

    BajaDreamer used to do regular 8-day trips early-mid June. YT & YFT and the weather is a crap-shoot. our tuna from Alijos got so beat up do to the pounding for 2 days that 5-Star apologized for less than 50% of their normal yield. If the weather is good, you should have a wonderful time.
  367. wils

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    the only "breakthrough" would be having the assembly line workers coming in and - in Chinese - telling whiney entitlists to "fluoockoff, whiney'melicahn! we do hour best to get you cheep chit!" it sounds like various folks' "feelings" were already "cemented" loooooooooooong before this second...
  368. wils

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    sounds like its time to close this thread..... ok..... REDTSUNAMI 2020!
  369. wils

    I was brought back down to Earth

    full moon = multi-limits new moon = not as good. slack tide and no current = not so good. go figure.....and remember for the future.
  370. wils

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    It sounds like some folk have never ordered anything online.....except this one time from PENN.
  371. wils

    Groundfish bottom trawling To reopen Jan 1

    I thought that I read a while back that the new "bottom trawlers" are NOT bottom DRAGGERS. Anybody? edit: "NOT" bottom draggers
  372. wils

    Building a new home

    If you have carte blanche in regards your check book, hire an architect to do all of your background checks at the building department. If you want to save a few thousand $$$ and actually get educated in what is ahead, go to the building department yourself. Start at the "check in" and tell...
  373. wils

    Building a new home

    Local building department. see if "some land" is "buildable" water? sewer or septic? electricity? any endangered animals living nearby? then off to an architect and/or general contractor. 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.... do you have ANY idea what you want your house to look like?
  374. wils

    Lab grown yellowtail !?

    no blood lines to work around...….
  375. wils

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    I ordered a reel on line.....once.....about 15 years ago. It came the wrong color with cheap Chinese braid on it. I don't mind paying a few dollars more to be able to talk with a real person and putting my hands on exactly what I am buying....after playing with everything else. :) The added...
  376. wils

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Does anyone remember when you could go to a brick & mortar store and chat with fishing folks while playing with your new toy?
  377. wils

    How is This

    wow. a tutorial for dorado out of Cabo on a million dollar sportfisher. thanks unnca dave. :-)
  378. wils

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    Talk with the deckies on the ride out after getting bait and they have the deck organized. Skipper should/will have a seminar about that time, also, to let you know the possibilities. They may keep an eye out for schools in the 20-50# range on the way, also. Guadalupe is famous for its 100# YFT...
  379. wils

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    that is what these Christmas Trips were originally set-up and priced for. First timers, families, folk who just want to get away. But that was also when Cedros & Benitos were open to fishing. You're going to have a great time.
  380. wils


    man overboard: anyone on my boat who says that I didn't use the proper internet word while fishing.
  381. wils


    bucket mouth = large mouth bass
  382. wils

    Mom fell again

    Put this in your house freezer/refrigerator for EMTs. They know where to automatically look for it. Its called the "pink sheet" because..... its dark pink. others: check your own state regs in regards "advance care directive". Here in Oregon, the Doc fills it out during the annual check-up. No...
  383. wils

    What scale for setting drags

    This site is not secure This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.
  384. wils

    Mom fell again

    Sorry to hear about your Moms' fall. Hoping for a quick recovery to get her back home again. Moms HATE to be away from their own homes. The time is NOW for she and your family to prep for the future. While she is in the Hospital is the best time to talk with her personal doctor and the...
  385. wils

    Conception: new safety regulations?

    Di Fi proposes 2 emergency exits...…. no placement, mind you. just 2 emergency exits There are other proposals, also.
  386. wils

    Is this decafe??

    we're gonna need a bigger pastry. just sayin' advance.
  387. wils

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    foreign country = their laws.....not ours argali = wild sheep.
  388. wils

    Marine life/ fish threatened b/c of lose of O2

    favoring low-oxygen tolerant species like microbes, jellyfish, and some squid ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hmmmmm...… new commercial fishing opportunities. Maybe they can partner with Martha Ray for recipes.
  389. wils

    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    run a dedicated circuit for the fridge in the garage....just like the fridge inside the house is required to have
  390. wils

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Check out me You will never get skunked again.. :rofl::rofl::rofl: or seasick...…. barf
  391. wils

    Offshore Handlining a yellowfin

    that entire video is funny as fuck in a cringeworthy way....
  392. wils

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    taxes, perhaps? inshore fishing closures, perhaps?
  393. wils

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    why should we? PS: a rec fishing boat is NOT an investment. well.... unless you compare it to the same "investment" I made in a pot stock I made last year...….. :rofl::rofl:
  394. wils

    How to take Children fishing

    #1. Find out if your kid gets seasick.
  395. wils

    Stardrag for 25# bait?

  396. wils

    Islands visible from shore

    Its all a mirage. that is actually Japan.
  397. wils

    Sewage spill

    Aw, c'mon. They are just trying to make the illegals from third world countries feel right at home
  398. wils

    Keep fishing or not ?

    I closed my eyes and...… do you really want to know what got stuck around your adams apple?
  399. wils

    do people ever fall off their boat

    in a panic situation.... like the tether being caught in a spinning prop.....have you ever been there?
  400. wils

    do people ever fall off their boat

    some folk don't worry about how other folk choose to live their lives.
  401. wils

    Fishing spots between San Pedro and Ventura
  402. wils

    "Congestive Heart Decease/failure"

    don't do what the docs are suggesting......and put me in your Will when you update it TOMORROW...... My "roadie" died from this in 1994. He didn't change his lifestyle as the Docs suggested either. 33 years old.
  403. wils

    Trying to move down south?

    Do you have a real good friend who is a realtor? They can show you the houses that are currently for sale in your price range and location.
  404. wils

    Trying to move down south?

    does socal include ventura area? are you retired or looking for a job? are you worried about school districts for your kids?
  405. wils

    Best On board fish handling??

    what do you consider "so-so" fish handling?
  406. wils

    Offshore Sorry about the language.THIS GOT ME BANNED FROM FACEBOOK FOR FOUR MONTHS

    whining about other websites here on BD is soooooo 1990s. I suppose now someone is going to chime in with an allcoast political board experience from 20 years ago... :Pillow_Fi.................:rofl:............ :puff:
  407. wils

    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    If you let the crew know that you want to release the fish BEFORE the fish comes into gaff range, they will be better prepared to release the fish. If they say you cant release it, tell them you haven't decided on tip amount yet..... Knowing before you even step on deck that you are only going...
  408. wils

    Thawing our bluefin

    Holy snowflake! Its 2 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving. Have you maybe thought about pulling out one package NOW to see how long it will take? "but what will I do with the thawed piece of tuna, wils?" ummmmm……. I could tell ya. but then i'd have to kill ya.
  409. wils

    Aztec BFT or Bust Strategy - Day 1 of 3 Day Trip

    a lot of us were raised on gunny sack fish stored in summer air temps. so if one or two of your three day limits of fish are "only" held in water temp holds...….. suck it up buttercup.
  410. wils

    Crustaceans near me?

    steamers at Rincon or pismos south of CIH. fishing off the rocks in and around Ventura Harbor makes for a nice day.
  411. wils

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    the fuel hose will have writing on it. I wont try to remember the exact wording but somewhere along the lines of 'marine approved'
  412. wils

    Mexican Stand Off on a 1/2 day boat (photo)

    It sounds like your granddaughter had a great time. It sounds like the Premier and the Mexi Navy had no problem with each other out there. It sounds like "That guy" needs to re-think his phone app being more accurate than what the Mexi Navy has available.
  413. wils

    Starting a fishing podcast?

    BD Rule #1: Newbies must post pics of gf/wife. a new yawka podding about socal fishing? Have you ever been to SoCal?
  414. wils

    Please dont touch my drag

    Its more of heads up to everyone on the rail to wake up, pay attention, and - if need be - GTF out of the way.
  415. wils

    Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

    The one big difference in salt from freshwater: Keep your mouth shut when doing a face plant --- that shit is SALTY!
  416. wils

    Please dont touch my drag

    Who is going to question the tactics of an Asian fisherman? We're talking gringos here, Fishy. :rofl:
  417. wils

    Please dont touch my drag

    I have only had one deckie do that. In my case he claimed that my drag was too tight and backed it off.....into free-spool. Have you ever seen what happens when a fresh triple digit Lupe YFT gets thrown into free-spool? He stayed away the rest of the trip. I reflected my disapproval via the...
  418. wils

    New Guy - Ifish Refugee here

    oh, sheeeesh. another washi-googan. is it true y'all shower with WD-40 to keep from rusting? or just for the lubricating qualities? welcome to BD! :finger::finger: PS: newbies must post pics of gf, wife, or both.
  419. wils

    This is going on my next cat...

    is there a reason why the seat needs to flip up? do todays' wireless helms come with a handheld remote for when running solo?
  420. wils

    Page jumping?

    its just the required ads loading.
  421. wils

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    If they still havent changed the height of the dining tables in relation to the bench seating, bring a phone book to sit on at meals.
  422. wils

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    are you on the east coast?
  423. wils

    Offshore Fishing in Orange County

    no mention of albacore? Sounds like you started fishing about 7 or less years ago.
  424. wils

    Sport boats and trash

    Get ready for our "trash reclamation fee" to be added on to the ticket price. Thank you, internet whiney guy
  425. wils

    Buying cheap boats...

    That's a good idea. Bad things & people dying only happen offshore.
  426. wils

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    How long do you think that fight would have lasted if the Skipper handed it off to a newbie? Sometimes just seeing a fish come over the rail gives others the motivation to keep fishing on a slow day....especially newbies. Other times on a no-biter day when the skipper sees plenty of fish on the...
  427. wils

    Lucky Kayaker GW

    no pic of the chomped kayak?
  428. wils

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    It sounds like the OP got skunked and needs to blame it on someone else.
  429. wils

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    That right there is why they didn't even think twice about charging you $13 for a burger.
  430. wils

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    $13 for a burger? I guess that price would include the entire galley tip for the trip. ;)
  431. wils

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    advice #1 for your #1 post: call the landing and find out.. advice #2 for your #1 post: whining doesn't get you very far in life. advice #3 for your #1 post: longstanding BD Rule - newbies must post a pic of GF/wife
  432. wils

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    How was the fishing?
  433. wils

    How not to pull your boat out

    yeah. If the outdrives were up, it may have slid all the way back in and started floating again.
  434. wils

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    It was an exercise in "How to squeeze the moisture out of soggy dryrot hull and deck"
  435. wils

    What happened to the Chief

    Yes. I know that. The insurance adjuster knows that. The insurance adjuster also can see the same thing that I'm seeing and will be "talking shit" in his off-hours about this. sheeesh. its Friday...………...
  436. wils

    What happened to the Chief

    I can hear your insurance guy now... "Mr Lift Operator. You DO know that lifting 100% dryrot requires special pre-cautions so as to not displace the CASES of 5200 that we have been insuring"
  437. wils

    Aluminum 16ft Electric advice needed

    normally, this works. the problem in this specific case is the size of the motor hanging on the transom: 90 HP. the batteries need to be as far forward as possible. OP: it looks like you have 2 batteries in the center console for motor & house. Then there are 2 batteries up front for the...
  438. wils

    Aluminum 16ft Electric advice needed

    the 24V trolling motor needs......24V of dedicated batteries. If you are going farther than "rowing distance" offshore, you need 2 batteries - 1 for the motor and 1 for everything else.
  439. wils

    Limit out or keep looking?

    don't gaff it.
  440. wils

    Limit out or keep looking?

    keep a 1 day limit of YFT then go looking for YT and BFT. release any additional YFT for that day. It happens all the time.
  441. wils

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    SteveK recommended these guys. We may disagree a time or two but I wouldn't hesitate to call them for my next trip....
  442. wils

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    oh jeez. just fish on the side of the boat with no view of land. Plus, as others have alluded to, you wont have to sit on your ass for at least 2 of those 8 days. Have you ever travelled 24++ hours uphill into 12'-15'+ seas? and then have the processor tell you that 80% of the fish are so beat...
  443. wils

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    ^^^this^^^ x2
  444. wils

    for you married guys....

  445. wils

    Offshore I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    are you going to re-name the boat to Swordfish Jihad? :puff: You saw it! You baited it!!! You caught it!!!! HUGE CONGRATS on your dream-come-true!!!
  446. wils

    California Fishing News

    What are your reliable resources for fish reports from "all over the state"?
  447. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    ......extensive use of power strips and extension cords
  448. wils

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    don't forget to kiss the nose before the safe release. :puff:
  449. wils


    about a mile north and east of Gina oil rig. look for birds and/or puddling on the surface. We used to load up 5 gallon buckets for lobster bait.
  450. wils

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    GW wanted your bait....
  451. wils

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    GWs and makos have been doing this for over a dozen years. They have been taught by the shark diving boats to feed on gaffed tunas and yellowtails at the boat and out of the water - to get "action shots" for the divers in the cages. The trip I was on, a grander mako chased a gaffed yellowtail...
  452. wils

    Timing of 2.5 to 3 Day Trips

    nope. it doesn't matter to me at all.
  453. wils

    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    why is that not a surprise.
  454. wils

    Calstar 700H capability

    How strong is your back?
  455. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    PSA: anyone who cant hear a smoke alarm when it goes off needs to get their hearing checked....and add more smoke detectors throughout their house :D receipt for the smoke detectors. what do I win?
  456. wils

    Portable charger and vape pens

  457. wils

    Offshore Grande 9-13

    the next time you go out, watch the hands of the guys who "had their game on". ;)
  458. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Due to sleeping people, nobody knows how fast this fire grew.
  459. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    because no one involved has specifically said that they that did go off. oft times, what is not said is huge. the crewman who awoke to the fire said that he heard "something". Not "the smoke detectors woke me up". It was a peacefully quiet night in a cove. If a smoke detector had gone off, it...
  460. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Books and cigars don't need batteries. :D
  461. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    The timeline and type of smoke detectors that one of the crew said were recently installed fits this scenario: Manually testing a smoke detector ONLY tells you that the battery is good
  462. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    DOG WHISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  463. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    fire code requires an egress/fire escape for any and every bedroom. usually via a window with a minimum size requirement. a broken ankle sure beats a burned up body
  464. wils

    Pls help I need info

    You will never be good enough to NOT get a backlash. If ANYONE tells you that they never backlash when casting, tell them that you are not referring to spinning reels. :D
  465. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    just as you didn't need to start chasing ambulances hours - not days - after this tragedy. is you house void of mirrors? why are you staying away from the smoke detectors? You are working pro-bono to recover the boat insurance, but what about the eventual lawsuit against the manufacturer of the...
  466. wils

    Pls help I need info

    ^^This^^ Go to the surf (or lake elsinore), take the hook off one of your jigs, and practice.
  467. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    you are absolutely correct, Joe. Good for you. :appl:
  468. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    If the sleeping people died from smoke inhalation, the smoke detectors did not activate.
  469. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    isnt one required by the CG for this trip? or is it just 2 captains that are requried?
  470. wils

    What happened to the Chief

    and dry rot
  471. wils

    too soon?

  472. wils

    Care for your catch after trip?

    This was NOT the boats fault. Just leaving fish "on ice" wont guarantee that they will remain cold throughout the packages. next day will usually work. within a day or so? not so much.
  473. wils

    Hvac question

    what makes you think it was from the furnace?
  474. wils

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    sounds like the skipper should have found some nicer water for you..... less wind and 1-2' rollers perhaps?
  475. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    A PI attorney cant very well go after "pain and suffering" if there was no "pain and suffering". ;) Lucky for the victims who died in their sleep that NOT ONE SMOKE DETECTOR was activated by a boat full of smoke.
  476. wils

    H&M Landing bait & switch

    when one or both boats are low on anglers, they quite often combine the two.
  477. wils

    Smoke Detectors

    uh, oh...…. for 13 months, these were coming off the assembly line. God only knows how long they were being sold for. or how many households they are installed in. the test...
  478. wils

    Tax man came to play

    One of Keith Poes' buddies? Keith tags them and feeds them. He was probably waiting for you to throw him a tuna carcass...
  479. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Why didn't the "Home Depot-type" smoke detectors go off? Pushing that little button to "test" them only tests the battery. Isnt there one person/body still unaccounted for?
  480. wils

    Sad news, boat fire.

    I'll let the forensics guys figure out HOW the fire started. My concern is why NO smoke detectors went off.....
  481. wils

    Sad news, boat fire.

    It sounds like the boats need to hire an electrical engineer to let them know exactly how many battery charges can be in use at any one time on each circuit. and to start installing those breakers that "break" at less AMPs than what they are rated for. From what I have read in the various...
  482. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    This time 34 people died...not just a bunch of sand crabs
  483. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    make sure you know where the escape hatch is and make DAMNED SURE that the bunk under it isn't used for storage of any sort.
  484. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    in all fairness, he wasn't onboard and doesn't know what happened. Plus, he's had a few days to talk with his lawyers about a public statement
  485. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    somebody has to run the galley. and clean the heads. and change the sheets in the bunkroom
  486. wils

    A little piece of bloodline...

    Be careful about the pics you post online. The enviros might decide that there should be a limit of how many you can kill
  487. wils

    Smoke Detectors

    Thank you for the reply and the background info. Moving past the battery itself, my main thought involved the circuitry inside being susceptible to the salty environment. Does pushing the test button verify that the entire unit is operational as designed? or is it merely testing the battery...
  488. wils

    Smoke Detectors

    I never thought about this much before, but I have this week: Are Home Depot-type smokies certified for marine environment/ocean boat usage? I read an article where a crew member of the boat that just burned said that the smokies that were installed on the boat were "Home Depot-type". I googled...
  489. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    oh..... I'll let someone else go there. LOL sometimes folk wont actually pay attention until they are scared. and when that time comes, its usually after-the-fact....but at least they are still alive.
  490. wils

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    go ahead and take it. if fishing goes WO and the boat is nearing limits and/or you have your limit, pull it out and see what you can do with it. Worst case? you lose a hook and some inexpensive line.
  491. wils

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    good thing they got out before the tide came in.... It doesnt look like that tower had much more clearance to spare
  492. wils

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Whats the line capacity? I almost got spooled by a pissed off 25# YT on my Calcutta400 with 20#
  493. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Jorg (Armenian. not Mexican American. about 5' 2" not 6'+++) was my roadie. Masry was the Godfather of the SoCal Armenian community. and when the files that proved "lawyer wrong-doing" by "someone" went missing that Easter Week? Guess whos house they were at.... :puff:
  494. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Yeah. But he's fun to mess with.
  495. wils

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    nothing will change until there are criminal charges AND prosecution..... even if it winds up as "suspended sentence". As long as insurance companies are paying off the families (blood money) and the lawyers (40%), nothing will change. Insurance companies don't pay for criminal defense...
  496. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I've been on sportboats that have shut down their gensets --- overnight-class that also run up to 3 days --- granted, this has been over 6 years ago now. maybe for about 4 hours from midnite to an hour or so before sun-up. Its not that big a deal if you know your batteries are in good condition...
  497. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    hmmm... first paragraph: no yes, I know no no that's called "blood money" second paragraph: I was going to ask "are you a child?" but then I see that youve been @BD for 12 years..... so I guess that you're just being overly emotional and rambling third paragraph: you are being a cockholster to...
  498. wils

    In light of the Conception fire, which boats are equipped properly?

    some boats access the escape hatch over a forward bunk. some of those boats load that bunk with misc sundries/supplies effectively limiting its accessibility. some boats' escape hatch exit to original or added on storage closet at the bow. here again on some of those boats, supplies are found to...
  499. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    No. Not all. Here is your quoted question: "Is there any type of accelerant on the boat?" In that context, the diesel being referred to by the Owner is not an "accelerant". You and I both know that that detail would be cleared up in deposition by lawyers from one or both sides.
  500. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The only thing that will wake up the Sportfishing Owners is if criminal prosecutions start taking place. As long as there are folk whose only concerned is with getting paychecks via insurance, nothing will change.
  501. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    In the context of the Owners' reply, the Owner is referring to the house/galley area. Your attempt at it meaning something else just shows what kind of an asshat you really are.
  502. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    This is truly a tragic event for the entire sport diving/sport fishing community. Reports are that most if not all of the divers were down from the city of Santa Cruz diving community. 3 birthday parties. Rarely does my heart get sad these days. This is one of those sad days. :( Thinking back...
  503. wils

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    It sounds like you should have had the angler back off on the drag, allow the sword to sound, and then tie up the next 8 hours for everybody onboard trying to get it back to the boat to allow for PERFECTION to take place. Let me guess.... 15# flouro with #1 hook, a tiny sardine, 80s-era...
  504. wils

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    clip a couple gill rakes and you don't have to worry about hitting an artery or not
  505. wils

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I'm glad that I worked all day and missed the ususal BD crap speculation. This is such a tragic event. :hali_parkutuli:
  506. wils

    Offshore Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    Double guessing Bruce Smith = bieber
  507. wils

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    sportboat party boat are these your local boats that - at the extreme - run to Coronadoes/Catalina with 25+++ of your new best friends? If so, you can fish your braid all you want. While you're getting untangled due to "DONT CUT MY $$$$$ BRAID!" Me? I'll be the guy tieing a new hook on freshly...
  508. wils

    Equipment Check for Full Day Trip

    Get OFF the internet. QUIT thinking. Go fishing. Your GEAR will be fine. All you need now is time on the water OP is obviously not experienced for 100# fishies, so don't worry about them.
  509. wils

    3.5% credit surcharge or service charge ?

    They should just jack up the ticket price 5% so we don't have to hear whining about a 3.5% fee. Do you like how they raised the prices 20%+++ and there are no posts about fuel surcharges any longer?
  510. wils

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    was this a deckhand in florida on a florida sportboat
  511. wils

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    I recall intentionally fishing right next to guys like you. Ya cant catch attitude if you don't fish for attitude :rofl::rofl::rofl: I can imagine the look on your face when seeing a group of rockstars stepping on a LR boat …. each carrying a full set of "price tag still on" rods and...
  512. wils

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    one last question: Are you going to put BD on Yelp! now? :puff:
  513. wils

    WSB advice needed...

    If you have no idea where they are, fish for fish that you know about and just put out an extra rod with dropper loop and leave it in the rod holder.
  514. wils

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    oh for the days of the REAL Bloody Decks. BrownEye would have threatened to annaly penetrate and Saluki would have sent gay porn. Thread closed before a 2nd reply ever had a chance to exist. :D
  515. wils


    I agree. And anyone who disagrees with me has a mental health issue. :D That said, I was always the guy who said, "If you cant hit the other guy with the first clip, your sorry-ass aim deserves to die anyway."
  516. wils

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    memorial day 2003 :puff: yippee......
  517. wils

    Shoulda got the long bed

    Pretty simple: no need to worry about the bike falling over...saving the need for about a half dozen straps. :D
  518. wils

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    the more you pull that dust cover off and then re-install it, the more un-cylindrical it becomes. now think about how water can get into your hub..... as for heat vs cold.... the hub gets really hot when traveling on the freeway. being the really thick piece of metal that it is, it retains the...
  519. wils

    Tips on my first long range trip!

    3 days and 6 days are totally different trips. If youre going to do a 3 day as an intro to longrange, make sure its on a longrange boat. ;)
  520. wils

    Poor experience with Fisherman’s Processing, anyone else?

    Holy Change of Plans, BatMan/BatWoman/BatThey! Why am I NOT confused? I'm not the biggest fan of Fishermans Processing, You intentionally had your fish frozen and then complained about not getting it as fresh as possible a week - instead of a few days - after it was flash...
  521. wils

    How many miles is the 230 from Mission landing (SD)

    paper charts of the region are a nice thing to have
  522. wils

    Offshore Limits Yellowfin 15 pound line Slow Trolling (video)

    that looks like a lot more fun than laying a broom with a winch on a rail all day….and maybe catch one fish full of accumulated mercury. :D That bow without a rail cracks me up. Good thing you have a low center of gravity. KAG2020
  523. wils

    Offshore So, I went fishing again...

    I'm thinking that the expert who brazed those rings never allowed the hook to get warm....
  524. wils

    Hook and Hand

    When did this become such a hugely mandated requirement? I don't recall it being a requirement before this millennial generation came of age. Or was it always just a San Diego thing?
  525. wils

    Indy Rusty Hook 7 day 8/3 - 8/10

    0130 grouper looks like a halibut! thanks for the report. :)
  526. wils

    Offshore taking a poll

    sometimes when the fish "aren't biting", the skipper will have his crew toss a bait to see if its actually the fish that don't know what they are supposed to be doing. They will then also know if "hook and hand" will simply result in a busted off fish. This way, everybody had fresh filets to...
  527. wils

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    It sounds like the guy NOT taking the carcasses home for his own neighbors to smell IS being "respectful of others".
  528. wils

    WTC results 2019

    The "quote" feature hasn't received the censorship memo yet...… :D
  529. wils

    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    TIP 50% and you WILL be promoted to CEO of Amazon. :puff:
  530. wils

    Offshore taking a poll

    crew member caught a huge cow on 30#? Impressive. YET ANOTHER WHINE POST from a virginal BDer? not so much ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so your underlying complaint is that you didn't get invited in on a group tug? after all, his line WAS right next to your line....not once; but TWICE. that whine...
  531. wils

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    1/2 day? yup. first half of the day at the stern on a LR boat @ the Lupe. :rofl:
  532. wils

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego Are there any special considerations when using wood with a copper-based preservative? Following the safety rules (below) regarding cleanup should be sufficient. However, these newer products are extremely corrosive to steel and aluminum.
  533. wils

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    thank you, Jason
  534. wils

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    the link comes back "Bloodydecks - Error" I don't know about anyone else, but as of yesterday my New Posts are now about 80% classifieds. The blocking of them was fun while it lasted. But now? not so much. Help? Please?
  535. wils

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    the original link doesn't work? I get "error"
  536. wils

    Question about tip

    do you have a spreadsheet of all of your current projected expenses? Maybe post that and we can then get a better feel for your actual quandry in regards your drop dead "$500 left for tip". Just as there are enough threads on BD to accomplish a reasonably accurate expense sheet for your "10...
  537. wils

    Question about tip

    first post is asking how much to tip? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::puff:
  538. wils

    Wanted- licensed plumber

    you're in escrow. call a plumber and its done. oh that's right, that was original request. :) Congrats on the sale!
  539. wils

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    First post is supposed to include pics of wife/gf. Please start over. :D
  540. wils

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    Since you're new here @ BD, there is a LONGstanding rule around here: newbies must post pics of wife/gf. :D
  541. wils

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Don't just turn it on and listen. Put it in a bucket or put in the plug and fill the bilge until the pump is submerged. Then test it. All it takes is one leaf stuck on the bottom of the pump where you cant see it to ruin your day.
  542. wils

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    No. I am suggesting that if YOU are worried about 5' seas in the waters that you mentioned then YOU need to walk away until you have enough experience to realize that 5' seas are nothing.
  543. wils

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    EXXXXXXXXCELLENT! :lux::lux::lux:
  544. wils

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    if youre worried about how a boat will handle 5' swells....walk away. for what you are talking about, you want to start thinking about heading into 10'+ swells + another 2-4' wind chop on top.
  545. wils

    Monster from the deep...Yellowtail or Seal?

    If you never saw it, I'd call it a black marlin. :D
  546. wils

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    Both. Plus porn mags At least 15.
  547. wils

    Choice of 4 boats for my first time.

    or staying to fish longer. :rofl:
  548. wils

    Torium 20 potential 50# reel?

    you can put whatever line # you want on it. It still is 40# max reel in regards reliability.
  549. wils

    VIDEO: The association of Bluefin Tuna and Bryde's Whale in So Cal

    Dude lost my attention at: "Despite this not being perfect footage," the whale was perfectly cool, though.
  550. wils

    Fishing the Intrepid San Diego

    What so you consider "short"?
  551. wils

    Fish hook removal

    oh HELL no!. look how far they pulled that hook before literally ripping it out. 1. get a razor blade 2. cut your skin on top of the barb 3. rip that sumbitch out with your dikes while yelling FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK as much as you danged well please. :D 4. drench wound with HibiClens 5. you were...
  552. wils

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    We already know how to fish...….. sonny. :puff:
  553. wils

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    Pretty much whenever I damned well please. :D
  554. wils

    Out of Country Health Insurance

    Does it include health care, Steve?
  555. wils

    Out of Country Health Insurance

    found out about that with my Mom vacationing in Canada. no medicare coverage. they wanted 1500 up front and then we had to send that bill to her supplemental carrier.
  556. wils

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Did you ask him how the entire rig wound up overboard? and how a 10# yt pulled 300 yards of spectra off the reel?
  557. wils

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    Target smaller fish. or get your body in better shape. or both Backs. knees. elbows. thumbs. everything starts fading after 45 for those of us who have worked our entire lives. 45-55 you rebel. 55+ you start to accept your bodies limitations. and if your ego hasn't been fed enough during your...
  558. wils

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    Send the damn thing to the same place you send your tighties to be laundered. sheeeesh. Cant you ladies figure ANYTHING out for yourselves? bieber
  559. wils

    Greatest Out of Context Quotes . . .

    I thought that Politics was banned....
  560. wils

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    Don't they still have guys with skiffs picking up tourists on the beach? You don't even have to pay the airline extra $$$ to take your own tackle with you.
  561. wils

    Kill em' all big and small

    yeah. but Greenpeace is stating that they are over-fished. I'm merely wondering how that works?
  562. wils

    Kill em' all big and small

    How are farmed fish over-fished? :puff:
  563. wils

    Kill em' all big and small

    because its against the law to kill homeowners and snowflakes. :D
  564. wils

    Yellowtail Rig

    Cacutta400 is a 20# reel max. Torium 20 or Shimano 20/40 work well on a 700m-class rod. This should keep you inside your budget. Service the drags and use fresh mono.
  565. wils

    Kill em' all big and small

    PewTrust is a big supporter of ending human presence on the water. that said, they are promoting that the current regs are what is needed to RESTORE fisheries. "Fishery managers should continue current catch limits to help threatened species recover"
  566. wils

    Kill em' all big and small

    are you related to AOC? PS: how many tortoises did you run over today?
  567. wils

    How Us Old Guys Can Appear Modern

    wear a dress and use the Ladies' restroom. duh.
  568. wils

    OK for "kids" to out-fish you, or not?

    If a kid.....or out-fishing me, i'm going to pay attention to what they are doing...and then thank them. If a kid....or out-fishing me, i'm not going to hook and hand to that person. but that's just me.
  569. wils

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    The worst time in a diesels' life is when it is started cold. If you want it to have a long life, it should be warmed to running temperature before usage - like running to the store or pulling a boat out of the water. Since you will be making long journeys, go with the diesel. let your wife...
  570. wils

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    How far will you be towing? If less than 20 miles a gasser in a truck that is rated for 12-13,000 towing will be fine. Or if you are only going to tow once or twice a month, a gasser is fine. If you are going to use it a lot and your regular commute is 20 miles each way. pay the extra money for...
  571. wils

    Offshore 7/7&7/9 Offshore tuna

    try a small Hopkins with an upgraded hook when theyre eating tiny baits.
  572. wils

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    WOW! Since every year fishing is exactly like the previous year, I wonder why they aren't going there?
  573. wils

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    ….was presented during the CINMS/MLPA/MPA hearings. I believe the annual gross receipts were into the billions(?). Maybe someone else who was there can refresh my memory on that. When Politicians are owned by enviros and commercials, good luck with anything "recreational" in it. But then...
  574. wils

    Considering Indy 5-Day Xmas Special for first LR Trip?

    That's what those 5-day Christmas trips were originally started for - families and newbies.
  575. wils

    Crew Members Fishing

    and sometimes....when the paying customers cant seem to catch their asses with both hands and are complaining about the captain and crew causing them not to be able to catch a fish....the captain will have the cook go out, make ONE cast, and immediately hook up.
  576. wils

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    scopolamine is given in heavy doses for days on end by nefarious people and various intel agencies to get people to do and say "things" that they would not normally do and/or say. Afterwards, they have no memory of what happened.
  577. wils

    Can you prospect lobster?

    wow. you asked a legit question that has been asked many times before and I gave a legit reply. now you want me to take your wife to a strip club and buy her a lap dance? cool. got pics of your wife?
  578. wils

    Tank or Tankless Water Heater

    ACK! I hope the folk with tankless heaters in Ridgecrest are praying that their water doesnt get shut off..... Those with tanks? they got 50 gallons minimum in storage
  579. wils

    Can you prospect lobster?

    If crabs are ok to take, then you are hooping for crabs. if not?
  580. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    brings up the joke of the destroyer skipper arguing with a blip on his radar to move.... "We're a lighthouse. Your call..."
  581. wils

    Does California Offer Temporary Fishing Licenses?

    aren't the lifetime licenses still available?
  582. wils

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

  583. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    well, stevie, the CG needs to know so that they can complete their investigation and their subsequent report. I was replying inside that conversation.
  584. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    For some reason who was driving is a mystery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CG safety inspection before leaving and upon returning for every OTHER boat on the dock every day of the week might loosen some mouths.
  585. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    ok PS: stand up guys fall down all the time.... more often than boats in channel islands ground themselves
  586. wils

    Docking ethics?

    His boat didn't hit your boat? I guess that is "post-worthy" nowadays.
  587. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    5. eliminate lake-like conditions at night. 6. eliminate hypnotic sleep-inducing drone of the engines. 7. eliminate humans.
  588. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    If there was a big swell, would the crew and passengers all have been able to sleep so soundly? As I recall, running uphill is "kinda bumpy" and very difficult to sleep through. So lets blame Mother Nature for the lake-like conditions that allowed everyone onboard to get a good nights sleep. :D.
  589. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    hmmm..... Frank is financially responsible for USCG-certified Captain failures because: A) He is the Godfather B) He holds the "paper" on many boats C) He holds the "paper" on the leases or D) He has the deepest pockets for the lawyers to go after
  590. wils

    Offshore 6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    If you want to maximize your odds of keeping your job, fish whenever you can
  591. wils

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    You contributed your opinion. You were given an opposing opinion. and now you want to close it. excellent. you're better than that. This just keeps getting better........ You better stay off ANYTHING that floats and has water on the deck. and please turn in anything that you fish with that has...
  592. wils

    Any plumbers here? I think my mom got ripped off unfortunately at 81 and not knowing she signed th

    Read it and see what it says. This will be a better source for assistance:
  593. wils

    Any plumbers here? I think my mom got ripped off unfortunately at 81 and not knowing she signed th

    What does the original signed contract between your Mom and the Plumber say?
  594. wils

    Music on deck

    charter with regular guys - they all know what they want. open party - not so much Tracer used to have a theme song that Steve played when the boat got stopped....
  595. wils

    Mike Long big bass fisherman a fraud

    Idolizing anyone will always result someones dick flapping in the breeze
  596. wils

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    They should just do what the financial wizard BDers had them do in regards fuel surcharges: jack the price MORE than what the surcharge would have been, declare that there will be NO FUEL SURCHARGE, and BD financial wizards will be happy once more. and just as with the fuel surcharges, when the...
  597. wils

    Thoughts to Admin.

    I opened the Mexi Board to read a report and now I'm getting an ad in espanol…….
  598. wils

    Port San Luis Lighthouse - Halibut and Lingcod

    I usually don't like videos in place of pics in a report but that one was cool. Thanks
  599. wils

    Thoughts to Admin.

    if there are fewer ads, will there be an "fewer ad surcharge" added on to my monthly subscription? If so, then I'm good with BD as the owners see fit, thank you very much. :puff:
  600. wils

    Catalina closures

  601. wils

    Catalina closures

    since you were able to find that on line, try finding a page that has all the closures on it. hint: google "cali mpa" and then read for yourself the regs for EACH MPA as they are all different
  602. wils

    Not a fish report-Are Cast Nets Legal

    DUDE! This is BD. MAN UP!!!! Gary has been around awhile and has good info.... is a good resource..... and has real thick skin. :) BUT...… Gilnets are placed @ about 3.1 miles. Why? Because they are illegal at 2.99 miles and a tide swing can adjust the net from legal to illegal. If you PB...
  603. wils

    Gerber knife add sucks

  604. wils

    Oxnard Mirage 2 day trip

    if its 3-4 days leading into the full moon, WSB are a no-brainer @ slack tide. toss in halibut and maybe yellowtail. with limits of rockfish. Have a good trip.
  605. wils

    Steak Knife Blades - smooth or saw-edged ? Why ? Thoughts...

    if you buy quality meat, a dull serrated knife works just fine. Think about it..... just sayin'
  606. wils

    Steak Knife Blades - smooth or saw-edged ? Why ? Thoughts...

    left hand right hand grab steak with both put steak in mouth rip apart with teeth. seriously? now its designer steak knives that don't disturb the fiber before your teeth rips it to shreds?
  607. wils

    Gerber knife add sucks

    wow. all I get on my phone are calls, texts, and pics.
  608. wils

    Offshore PB on the Polaris Supreme 2 day 6/16-17

    By the tail, it looks like a fresh school of fish. I hope for you socal guys that they get settled in
  609. wils

    Offshore Any reel suggestions?

    Trolling for schoolie tunas. 4/0 or larger reel loaded with 80# mono
  610. wils

    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Why, yes, Steve. In comparison, the Rooster IS a bargain to be able to fish all day.….when compared to the boats you listed.
  611. wils

    Yellow Banks WSB June 12

    How many beers did it take to cross back? :D
  612. wils

    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    $440 + 50% tip to fish all day?
  613. wils

    Wsb beat chances

    Aloha Spirit 3 days before any full moon
  614. wils

    Yellow Banks WSB June 12

    slack tide leading into the full moon @ the Channel Islands. EXCELLENT!
  615. wils


    Looks like BD is going to need a whole new board: Stanks' Great Adventure.....alla "Money Pit". Is this a house that you bought? PLS brand is popular in the field because they can take a beating. You'll spend whatever you NEED to spend. Youre in Cali so you'll automatically spend 10% more than...
  616. wils

    Ventura Jetty Fishing (small halibut and bass)

    funny looking sand bass
  617. wils

    Offshore Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    How may times have you gotten skunked? Posting when the fish don't bite is a better report for many people who can only afford a couple of trips a year.
  618. wils

    Strange forcast

  619. wils

    Offshore 2.5 day trip advice

    Constitution gets my vote. Capt is "fishy" and the Legend is an old overnight boat.
  620. wils

    stun gun for halibut

    I'm thinking you stunk in little league as a batter.
  621. wils

    stun gun for halibut

    maybe practice on sand dabs....
  622. wils

    Educate me about braid

    load the 6/0 with 80# mono for trolling and dedicate it just for that purpose. lose the 50 and go to 60. "if they'll bite the 50, they'll bite the 60" rockfishing: 65-80# braid to swivel to enough 30# mono to tie a double dropper. enough weight to keep your line straight up and down while...
  623. wils

    Offshore BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    there is usually logic in your opinions.... but why do migrating BFT need to wait until a specific volume is reached before proceeding across the border?
  624. wils

    Which processor arranges shipping

    will Customs in Mexico keep your fish in a freezer while they process the paperwork and inspection?
  625. wils

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Those taxes create more Made in USA jobs.....
  626. wils

    Misorderd reel

    "Do you guy think Accurate would exchange it ?? " hmmmm..... I wonder who you should be asking that question....
  627. wils

    It this legal?

    If nobody else knows that it happened..... did it happen? :puff:
  628. wils

    How to safely get rid of old fishing hooks?

    why are you getting rid of them? didn't they work?
  629. wils

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    FOX supports them both all the time...… be prosecuted and sent to prison. :D Cable tv "news" has become nothing more than cable talk shows.
  630. wils

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Maybe NOW folk will STOP buying that cheap Chinese braid that breaks at maybe 50% of its rating
  631. wils

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Specifically - what day? how much of a recession? and for how long will it last? :puff: How much $$$ did you make when they told you on Monday that the market would be up about $750 on Wednesday?
  632. wils

    It this legal?

    Does the boat have commercial tags? Do the deckies have commercial fishing licenses? Selling calico bass is illegal for anyone to do.
  633. wils

    Looking for input on set ups for bluefin

    If they'll bite the 50, they'll bite the 60. ;)
  634. wils

    The Myth That the U.S. Leads the World in Mass Shootings

    "school shootings" include "domestic violence" in the parking lot, security guard dropping his gun and it going off, and drive-bys as they drive by the school. "mass shootings" require 4 or more people get shot - not dead. Heck. That's a typical party in "da hood".
  635. wils

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    now that people are releasing them, they are.
  636. wils

    Catalina or Channel Islands

    double your fuel least.
  637. wils

    'Memorial Day'

    My mom was 95 yesterday.....jer pup :puff:
  638. wils

    The MLPA is just another bs leftist power grab...and it will get worse.

    nothing beats an 18 year-late political rant on a Memorial weekend Sunday afternoon. Way to stay right on top of things.....Albert.
  639. wils

    What’s a Penn 6/0 good for?

  640. wils

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    its not rocket science.....
  641. wils

    Buying boat in Oregon - need help

    California requires trailer registration. Oregon doesn't. If the trailer has an ID/VIN stamped on it, good to go @ DMV. If it doesn't, AAA wont touch it, off to the local CHP for inspection and ID/VIN plate, then back to DMV for registration and license plate & tags. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  642. wils

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    moving up from a kayak to a 15' boat so you can fish offshore? Just do it.
  643. wils

    War on non-native fish species in California

    Striped bass were declared a native Cali fish about 5-6 years ago so that MPAs could be placed in SF Bay.
  644. wils

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    This 5-7-8 day trip has been talked about in the past: Head out to the cortez & tanner banks. Then inside Clemente up to SBI & San Nic to the upper Islands. Then back down around Catalina. Actual time spent in each area would be pending conditions and fishies. Save on Mexi permits and local...
  645. wils


    "What happens on a Long Range boat, stays on a Long Range boat". or have things changed over the past dozen or so years?
  646. wils

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Dave Hanson. From what I understand, he will teach you how to use your boat and how to use/figure out all the equipment/electronics on it. Your new boat does come with a recent FF/GPS/Chart Plotter? Having someone teach you all the things that it can do will save you YEARS in figuring it out by...
  647. wils

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Is thinner braid better than mono at fucking up the shaft seals on a prop?
  648. wils

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    Science research in a nutshell. insert "agenda" for "equation". :D
  649. wils

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    I wonder how this worked out for the OP...... almost 10 years ago now
  650. wils

    Constant request for “My Location”

    hmmm.... they obviously don't care where I'm at...… :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  651. wils

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

  652. wils

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    If you only using 30#s of drag, go ahead and use the 40# line. I don't see a problem with that.
  653. wils

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    if you're buying - the new 4wd systems are slick. if you already own the truck and buying a boat - watch the tides and know your ramps
  654. wils

    Guys Can you jig for squid by cavern point Santa Cruz Permitted/Prohibited Uses: Take of all living marine resources is prohibited. google takes less than 30 seconds. just sayin'. plus you get all sorts of stuff to read.
  655. wils

    Make my Bayliner cuddy foul weather capable?

    I think that boats are designed for getting water on the floor - especially freshwater ski-type runabouts like yours.
  656. wils

    Realisticaly, what can you comfortably pull up with 50# test?

    "if they'll bite 50#, they'll bite 60#" lose the 50 and double up on the 40
  657. wils

    What exactly was it you were fixing yesterday?

    will our subscription $$$ be pro-rated for the past two days?
  658. wils

    It's JUST another $20....sheesh...

    $175 for all day...not overnight?
  659. wils

    Question about fishing Channel Island Harbor area on a boat.

    take a few rides on the day boats and chat up the deckies and regulars.
  660. wils

    Stocked Trout Fishing

  661. wils

    Stocked Trout Fishing

    Stop asking questions online....and over-thinking. Ask the people who are being successful at catching where YOU are fishing.
  662. wils

    Can Newells fish a higher line rating?

    as with any reel..... can you max it out? fish it over its rating? yes you can.... probably for at least one fish. but what are you going to do in a hot bite and the drags heat up and start dying? in other words, using 40# line on a 30# reel is perfectly fine.....until you think you can set the...
  663. wils

    Just got my first center console boat

    Launch and retrieve at a ramp that has a dock. Prep your boat in the lot so that all you have to do is back in, stop at the water to unsnap from the winch but tie your bow line in an accessible place on the back of your truck, back in a bit more to push the boat off the trailer and tie off to...
  664. wils

    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    If you have a 21', don't move up to a 23'. go directly to the 25'. with your experience and respect for mother nature, any size would be safe. A rookie can sink a 30'er. and rogue waves have been known to humble even the most experienced of skippers.
  665. wils

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    you are very welcome. :D
  666. wils

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    "offer any real information that is relevant to the present," Pay for a haul out and hire a real mechanic.
  667. wils

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    Well, there ya go. Fix the leaks THEN take the boat out. This should have been done before purchase. Now you friend gets to find out how much "guess work" costs. Good luck.
  668. wils

    Offshore 4/24/19 1.5 day Topgun80 Small but fun grade bft

    hooks are cheap. break them off and you were going to cut off 5' of line and re-tie anyway. right? Then use your dikes and cut a couple of gill rakers for the bleed out. gaff shots this early in the season are sketchy at best...especially on a hot fish Offer a fiver for a head shot. it works. ;)
  669. wils

    Offshore 4/24/19 1.5 day Topgun80 Small but fun grade bft

    That's really too bad that you're only catching 22-30# BFT in April......or at any time. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  670. wils

    1.75 day trips limits

    if you have more than 1 day limit on your first day.....good luck with telling the DFW guy about your legal 'theory'.
  671. wils

    Line color changes at depth

    legalize 'shrooms. whats the worst that could happen.
  672. wils

    Line color changes at depth

    so red rockfish aren't invisible when the color red disappears at depth? wow...………… education - what a wonderful thing.
  673. wils

    1.75 day trips limits

    The boats office would know?
  674. wils

    Bluefin INSIDE San Diego Bay!

    SD bay is one of the worst polluted due to Navy heav