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  1. Tunahead

    Offshore Plunker bite 6/18

    GOOD JOB AND REPORT, PICS Cody. Solid Work as Usual. LOL
  2. Tunahead

    Offshore Light line Bluefin

    Been there, going down in line size and KAWHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the fight is on. Had the KAWHAP when spooled, but not the SNAAAAAP with Calstar Rods Thank God. GOOD JOB NICE FISH Love those Bloody Decks
  3. Tunahead

    Offshore Boner jams 6/18

    Great report and pics Nick and NICE FISH DAD...looks Stoked LOL Some beast bonito for sure. Fun times.
  4. Tunahead

    Offshore PL to the 9

    Good job is fish. Glad you scored some. LOL Better days ahead no doubt.
  5. Tunahead

    Offshore Aztec 1.5 Day 6/17/21

    GREAT REPORT and pics, info. NICE FISH guys. Great trip LOL
  6. Tunahead

    Offshore Drue’s new boat shake down trip

    GREAT REPORT, info and pics and NICE FISH GUYS Nice new ride Drue with the BLOODY DECKS look now LOL LOL
  7. Tunahead

    Islands Catalina 6-16,17,18-21

    AWESOME REPORT and PICS, INFO TOO. GREAT FATHER, SON TRIP for sure. The cabin hatch OWEEEE gonna hurt awhile=ICE LOL
  8. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors, still working. 6/18

    AWESOME REPORT AND PICS...the dogs look STOKED upon inspecting every fish and the dolphins TOO. LOL LOL
  9. Tunahead

    Offshore 302 / Coronado Canyon 06/17

    Great report, pics, info and nice fish. Solid work. One PHAT RED for sure. LOL
  10. Tunahead

    Offshore First Cow for 2021 on the Arjuna, 6-17-2021

    GREAT REPORT and pics, info and NICE FISH Guys!
  11. Tunahead

    Inshore 6-17 Shoe area

    Way to give it go Lal and report in. Windy weird morning today. Even rained a little here this AM Better days/weather and fishing soon hopefully. TC
  12. Tunahead

    Inshore Quality Reds

    That's a beast RED Jason....Good Job and report.
  13. Tunahead

    Offshore 1/2 day on the Premier

    She looked stoked? SO she won JP, you win more Honeydo's? LOL LOL
  14. Tunahead

    Offshore TG 80 3.5 day 6/13-16

    Great report and info Aaron. Glad you guys had a fun trip. WHAT no PICS? Geez. Send some
  15. Tunahead

    Offshore Blue fin on The Old Glory 6/16

    Great report and pics Steve and NICE FISH guys! Right stuff LOL
  16. Tunahead

    Inshore 4 King Salmon in Avila Beach!! VIDEO

    Cool video and NICE FISH
  17. Tunahead

    Islands New Hustler Santa Rosa Seabass

    Great report and pics....NICE load of ghosts . Solid work. LOL
  18. Tunahead

    Inshore 5/23 Capitola skiff doormat

    GOOD JOB Kid, nice Flattie. Great report and pic. Time spent with your kid and brother fishing=Priceless LOL
  19. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacific Halibut Eureka June 2021

    Great video and Flatties. Enjoyed the ride. LOL
  20. Tunahead

    Offshore First time tuna fishing - Quality limit - June 12

    Great report and pics and CONGRATS to you and your friend for getting Bluefin to bite your first ever Tuna trip. Don't be surprised when and if you suffer "Bluefin Sufferage" on another trip some day like the rest of us when the Finicky bastards won't bite. LOL ENJOY eating all that Bluefin...
  21. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/15 mission beach to point loma

    Great report, and glad you and your friend got some fish LOL
  22. Tunahead

    Islands Monster Yellowtail on Fin Fetish 6/12-6/13

    GREAT REPORT and PICS, and NICE FISH everyone. Big load. Those are some serious JACKS for damn sure. LOL
  23. Tunahead

    Inshore LJ 6/14

    Cool report and pics and NICE REDS! Herring a bonus. LOL
  24. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor 6/5 Sausalito Report

    Great report,pic. Nice load of fish. Fishing time w/dad=Priceless
  25. Tunahead

    Inshore 4 June Rock Fishing Report

    You did well, and ALL Lings taste the same. Tasty fish! LOL
  26. Tunahead

    Islands Over night on the Pacific Dawn

    GOOD JOB GERRY....can't beat fresh Halibut on your Birthday
  27. Tunahead

    Inshore Salmon caught

  28. Tunahead

    Panama trip in 2021

    AWESOME REPORT AND PICS and NICE FISH Everyone. Glad you all had a Great Trip
  29. Tunahead

    Who is headed West to A4 this weekend?

  30. Tunahead

    Fishing Report June 15, 2021 Ucluelet, British Columbia

    Nice load of fish. Glad the weather seems to be coming down
  31. Tunahead

    Havasu striper derby only bringing one rod?????? LOL
  32. Tunahead

    Oahu Block Stuff.

  33. Tunahead

    A Couple Slugs at High Tide

  34. Tunahead

    Charleston Salmon 2021

    AWESOME taking your 90yr old Best Partner Salmon Fishing
  35. Tunahead

    Trip notes from Excel June 6-10

    GREAT REPORT and INFO. Nailing 4 Bluefin a good score. No gimmes in fishing these touchy bluefin, for damn sure. Glad you had a decent trip. Bummer some went straight to the parking lot. TC
  36. Tunahead

    Musings of an Aging Angler

    GOOD JOB and Great report and info. Now 75 and 8 shoulder surgeries later (damn tuna) now headed for thumb surgery 7/9. MCP joint has separation. Haven't fished since age 72-3 or so. I realized going out with broken injured body parts only makes it worse. My last trip I was jigging a 250gm Flat...
  37. Tunahead

    Zombie Jig Fishing for Cows - BFT Royal Star trip report

    GREAT REPORT and info...Glad you had a great trip. NOW get some sleep LOL
  38. Tunahead

    live bait hooks for BFT?

    The KEY to using Circle Hooks of any size is, let the fish come tight and take line, put in gear...DON"T swing like bass fishing. LOL LOL
  39. Tunahead

    live bait hooks for BFT?

    No kidding, I started tuna fishing age 14 in 1960. All we had were J hooks. Jigmaster 500, 7ft Roddy rod wrapped by then Leon who went on to start Calstar. Candy Bar Lures was down the street.
  40. Tunahead

    NEW Okuma Prototype HCS 9'6" Shoreline Plugger!

    THANKS just curious. GL fishing with it.
  41. Tunahead

    Offshore Rooster Open Spots June 17 3day

    I'd post in TRIP PLANNING and CHIT CHAT for best results FYI Sounds great but I'm having surgery 7/9 and can't go
  42. Tunahead

    Offshore Pac Queen Barn Burner 6-14-21

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS...and NICE FISH everyone. GLAD you all had a great limits trip. COOL. That boat has always been "Fishy". I caught my 1st everything with the Original Owner, Legend Capt. Eddie McEwen out of the old Pacific Landing in Long Beach. Long History PQ. LOL
  43. Tunahead

    Big bluefin on Kensaki Jig

    NICE BLUEFIN WALT, EVERYONE and jig details too LOL
  44. Tunahead

    NEW Okuma Prototype HCS 9'6" Shoreline Plugger!

    So it's a one piece blank rod I take it?
  45. Tunahead

    Spring Brooklyn Fishing lighting up

    I found it interesting what you catch out of Brooklyn. Thanks
  46. Tunahead

    Too many people and too many droughts

  47. Tunahead

    NEW Okuma Prototype HCS 9'6" Shoreline Plugger!

    So an "Almost Ulua" rod? Cool
  48. Tunahead

    Inshore Dana Point Fishing Report 6/14/21

    Great report and info. Way to give it a go though. Damn fog. LOL
  49. Tunahead

    live bait hooks for BFT?

    I too tend to roll with J hooks 2/0 on down for same reason. Having started Tuna fishing at 14/1960 all we ever had for years was J hooks. LOL
  50. Tunahead

    live bait hooks for BFT?

    I 2nds those. Few times when surface Bluefin were finicky, I found out from a deckhand the Owner chrome ring spooked them. I switched to Eagle Claw black ringed Circle hooks and BINGO. Damn Bluefin LOL. I use Owner circles most of the time. FYI
  51. Tunahead

    Islands May Slow pitch trip out of Oxnard- video is up!

    Nice load of fish and video Johnny...Looks like a great trip
  52. Tunahead

    Spring Brooklyn Fishing lighting up

  53. Tunahead

    Spring Brooklyn Fishing lighting up

  54. Tunahead

    Inshore RI fishing

    Wow some BEAST Stripers. Glad you guys having a great trip.
  55. Tunahead

    Maine Stripers are finally in the surf!

  56. Tunahead

    Inshore Horseshoe 6/14

    AWESOME REPORT and PICS...boy 34 fish kept the dogs busy? Glad ya got a few keeper fish this trip! They'll likely sleep well tonight? Always enjoy your reports. LOL
  57. Tunahead

    Newport Deepwater Halibut

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS and nice load of Flatties!! LOL
  58. Tunahead

    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    Scott on condor ran down almost 130mi on a 1.5 day and found the GOLDEN PADDY, for full limits of Yellowtail and Dorado for 38. With only my 50lb rig left hook ready, HX5/2,Calstar 760L grabbed a big dine and threw off the Port side and KAWHEEE the JP Yellowfin in my Avatar. Crew voted that my...
  59. Tunahead

    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    ON a Pacific Star Overnight 1 day, Mike ran 90+ miles to the Dumper by 10am, and we caught over 300 Albacore in 1hr...and on our way back to Seaforth. So many we ran out of tags, couldn't get to the bait tank, throwing bare hooks over for instant hookup. Left em biting and called in 5 other...
  60. Tunahead

    Great Guides

  61. Tunahead

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing June 12th, 2021

  62. Tunahead

    Zooboys Back From the Bay

    Great report and pics, and great info for all. Nice Yellowtail! LOL Glad you guys had a fun trip.
  63. Tunahead

    Los Barriles Fishing report

    GREAT REPORT...glad things are shaping up looks like! LOL
  64. Tunahead

    Let the 10-Day Countdown Begin!

  65. Tunahead

    Waianae - June 12, 2021 - Back in the Saddle

    Congrats on the rebuild and NICE FISH guys. Great report, pics
  66. Tunahead

    Epic day at Waianae - 6/7/2021

    Great Report and pics and NICE FISH GUYS! Solid Work. LOL
  67. Tunahead

    Waianae 6/12/21 We were there but...

    Good job and meat on the deck. Great Marlin show recap LOL
  68. Tunahead

    Sunday Funday

    Great report and Pics Ron and NICE FISH GUYS! Solid work LOL
  69. Tunahead

    Offshore South 9 Report 6/13

    Way to get out there. "You never know, unless you GO fishing" LOL
  70. Tunahead

    Inshore Local Horseshoe - 6/12

    Great report and pics Ed....nice day bassin' on the big lake. LOL
  71. Tunahead

    Inshore Sometimes Inshore Birdschools aren't only Bones & Cuda

    NICE GHOST JEFF...and cool report and pics. Solid Work! LOL
  72. Tunahead

    Inshore Top of the 9 and La Jolla

    Good report and info....better days ahead no doubt.....
  73. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/13 Long Beach Bassing

    Cool report and pics...couple of PHAT BASS there! LOL
  74. Tunahead

    Offshore The Liberty gave it a shot 6/12/21

    Great report and pic...ONE be MoBetta than None any day LOL Glad you brought home some fish!
  75. Tunahead

    Islands 6/12 Coronado Isl Rescue

    BUMMER....often the cost of Anchoring too close, falling asleep. Hope all onboard were OK. News at 11. LOL
  76. Tunahead

    Inshore 6 -12 long beach

    Awesome bottom of the 9th fish all got to wind on. HEY big enough for dinner for all and some back to Colorado.. Might have been hard to revive anyway. KID'S smiles say it all...they'll be telling Shark stories for years. LOL
  77. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    HUH?? The bloody decks big bluefin pics under the original post long report look fine to me? LOOK AGAIN Mike. LOL
  78. Tunahead

    Inshore Grunions 06/11/2021 Dana Point

    We have miles of beach in Newport and Huntington Beach when the grunion run....more room for grabbers to spread out LOL
  79. Tunahead

    Inshore Grunions 06/11/2021 Dana Point

    Great HANDS ON report. Bet your son had fun the whole time?
  80. Tunahead

    Offshore Thursday 6/10 upper 9

    Cool report, and way to give it a look inshore. Next time! LOL Now get some sleep!
  81. Tunahead

    Watch your fish

  82. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    HINT = IF you want to hook and hand off a fish for someone...USE THEIR ROD! NOT YOUR OWN! Several times I've seen the guy with beer in one hand, rod in the other with reel in free spool thumb down and KAWHEEEEEEEEEE gets BIT, Rod gets launched off boat, then holds his beer HIGH like some badge...
  83. Tunahead

    Offshore Paddy hopping

    MAJOR:"What's your take on Paddys at the 14 bank Gunny"? GUNNY HIGHWAY: "The only Paddy I know about is my 4th ex-wife Patty who like others, stole my truck at Motel 6 in O'Side after a brawl at Oceans Eleven" LOL
  84. Tunahead

    Watch your fish

    Good advice....the sting in the wallet maybe worse than Sculpin LOL
  85. Tunahead

    Offshore 302 Birds, bait, and pattys!

    GREAT REPORT and pics...and NICE load of fish! Good work LOL
  86. Tunahead

    26 lb. Oceanside Yellowtail

  87. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Sounds great Goose. First things first then we'll see late season.
  88. Tunahead

    Inshore Dana Point Fishing Report 6/11/21

    LOT of GREAT INFO here from others. Good luck bass fishing! Look forward to your report and PICS. Yes the gang likes pics here!!!! LOL
  89. Tunahead


    Nice load of Flatties....way to go. Solid trip there. LOL
  90. Tunahead

    Offshore Mustang 6/4

    NICE FISH EVERYONE...glad you had a great trip
  91. Tunahead

    Offshore Tough Tits - Pacifica 6/10

    GOOD CALL calling it a trip. Been on many rough days like that. Usually gets worse in the PM with more wind/swell too. LOL Glad they passed out vouchers. Better days ahead.
  92. Tunahead

    Local Long Beach Ling Cod

    MAJOR: "What's your take on that launch ramp Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "Looks like another Clusterfukk to me" LOL
  93. Tunahead

    Inshore Local Cod & Sinking boat

    Great report and pics and I smell TACOS TACOS TACOS LOL
  94. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Having started Tuna and other fishing age 4 in 1950, tuna 1960, it's fun helping others catch fish TOO. One thing I can't stand is seeing 1/2-2/3rds of the people on a trip going straight to the Parking Lot. That sucks. LOL Enough
  95. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

  96. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    The limit is TWO BLUEFIN PER DAY. Ae: 1.5 day trip like his trip. A 2-2.5 day trip =FOUR etc ae 2 per day.
  97. Tunahead

    Islands Yellowtail Shootout

    NICE report and pics LOL
  98. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    IF my surgeon wants more tuna again, not likely an option LOL
  99. Tunahead

    Islands Ghost fever

    HA HA HA HA.....Figured so....LOL LOL
  100. Tunahead

    Good maps??

  101. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Well Condor gang and Goose, GO GETTUM this Summer. It's right Meta Carpel thumb joint surgery for me July 9th and 6 weeks in a cast. geez. Gotta get my winding hand fixed 1st before fishing. All I can do. Hope Yellowfin/Dorado show soon too. Wishing you all a great summer of fishing on the Big...
  102. Tunahead

    La Jolla Kelp?

    PS... a good source of La Jolla Kelp info try Bob Vanian's Column IN Western Outdoor News =Private Boaters Report. Great La Jolla info source. I see his info there every week. Just FYI
  103. Tunahead

    La Jolla Kelp?

  104. Tunahead

    Islands Ghost fever

    Great Report and pics and NICE GHOSTS Rich! NOW was the honeydo list waiting when you got back? LOL LOL
  105. Tunahead

    Offshore TR: Outrider 6/4 - 6/7

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS and NICE FISH everyone. Congrats to all on your Personal Bests. Outrider ROCKS. LOL
  106. Tunahead

    MASSIVE Yellow.. on a Paddle Board

  107. Tunahead

    Inshore San Quentin next week

  108. Tunahead

    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    YEP that boat has always been "Fishy". Had some great trips with previous owner, skipper Joel Ralston. Last I heard he and family moved to Hawaii. Great guy. Glad the sick guy is recovering.
  109. Tunahead


    YEP for sure. LOL
  110. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Hell I would too like a kite turn. I wondered if that was an issue. LOL
  111. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Aren't KITE FISH not Jackpot eligible? Or varies by boat/trip?
  112. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/6 dana point report....

    Cool report and pics Adam. At least some Co's to wind on LOL Only time I ever caught Bonito out of Dana Pt, with a GF trolling a feather on a Santan20 Sailboat =Jetty south towards SC pier FYI
  113. Tunahead


  114. Tunahead


  115. Tunahead

    Offshore “Over the Rail and into the Pail” as Dave Marciano would say!

    ATTAGIRL LORI...NICE FISH! Great report and pics, info too.
  116. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    OR MAYBE THAT TOO.....looked like a crew call to me=NEXT
  117. Tunahead


    Late season in warmer water. Hope they, Yellowfin get up here. Dorado just showing bigtime off Cabo San Lucas , La Paz now. FYI I wouldn't book anything based on Dorado until start showing.
  118. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacifica Overnight 6/6-6/7

    GREAT REPORT and PICS Ernie, and NICE FISH GUYS! Solid Work! Nice Yellow of the Coffee Grinder too. Now get some sleep LOL
  119. Tunahead

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Maybe greedy, with 4 fish, let someone else catch one my take. LOL
  120. Tunahead

    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    AWESOME REPORT AND PICS...Congrats to you and dad on new Personal Best Tuna, and helping sick passenger until CG arrived. Solid work.
  121. Tunahead

    Offshore 6/8. 9 mile to the 302

    Well ONE Lost Mo Betta than NONE.? Maybe next trip? LOL
  122. Tunahead

    Passport Purgatory

    Mine expires in July....I'm late to the dance already LOL LOL LOL
  123. Tunahead

    Late Report 5/30

    GREAT REPORT and Read. "Our Ahi grew a nose" LOL LOL LOL
  124. Tunahead

    Offshore Kona 6/2 & 6/3 w/ Hula Girl Sportfishing

    Congrats on you and your wife's PB Marlin. WHAT NO PICS?? LOL
  125. Tunahead

    Just go lucky... Excel 8 day phenix rods June 10th-18th

    GOOD LUCK On your Big-X 8-day David! Slay em! LOL
  126. Tunahead

    Offshore Bluefin close by

    WOW way to duke it out...great read and report LOL LOL
  127. Tunahead

    Islands Worse than skunkt

    Bummer....did high winds offshore cancel some of them?
  128. Tunahead

    Inshore Lost Tool Bag (loaded) Santa Barbara Ramp 5/8/21 6:15 am

  129. Tunahead

    Offshore El Capitan 1.5 day 6/4

    GREAT REPORT and did good. NOW rotate some of those pics. I now have a 45 degree KINK in my neck. LOL LOL Glad you all had a great trip. That boat always been "fishy"
  130. Tunahead

    Offshore Pac Voyager 2 day 6/4 PB BFT

    GREAT REPORT and pics Josh and NICE FISH everyone. Way to stick it out and get bit Josh. Damn Bluefin...LOL LOL
  131. Tunahead

    Offshore 6/6 No luv on the BFT's

    Way to give it a long GO. That's bluefin fishing. LOL Next time!
  132. Tunahead

    Offshore 6/6 9 mile plus more

    Cool report and well rounded box of fish. Solid Work LOL
  133. Tunahead

    Inshore Lost Tool Bag (loaded) Santa Barbara Ramp 5/8/21 6:15 am

    BUMMER....PEOPLE WHO STEAL SUCK. Hope they show up.
  134. Tunahead

    Too many people and too many droughts

    Anyone who states Albacore fishing isn't Sportfishing, had NEVER been in a Baja/Socal wide open Albacore bite for hours. LOL. This Searcher trip filled both holds, slammer, and home LOL
  135. Tunahead


    Islander did a few skiffs, then Kayaks to Cedros and SCI ...don't know their schedule if any for same. Call Fishermans Landing.
  136. Tunahead

    Quick 3 day report

    GOOD REPORT and Info Scott...but WHAT NO PICS???? LOL
  137. Tunahead

    Topwater fishing at Echo Park Lake

    TOO FUNNY...did you hook him or snag him???? LOL LOL LOL
  138. Tunahead

    Inshore Lucky B Sportfishing - Start to Summer BFT, YT, Halibut, and Reds

    NICE BOAT Brandon and NICE FISH everyone. Solid Work LOL
  139. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/6 Tough Slog at a Breezy Shoe

    Way to give it a go guys. Nice fish and nice ducer upgrade LOL
  140. Tunahead

    Inshore Lost Tool Bag (loaded) Santa Barbara Ramp 5/8/21 6:15 am

  141. Tunahead

    Rosa Sunday June 6th

    GREAT REPORT and PICS. Nice Seabass. Damn Sharks LOL
  142. Tunahead

    Islands Anacapa Seabass

    ATTABOY POP! OLD GUYS ROCK. Time w/dad=Priceless. Great report and NICE FISH POP LOL
  143. Tunahead

    Islands BDLA first week of June

    GREAT REPORT and pics. You guys slayed em! Solid work LOL
  144. Tunahead

    BOLA is on fire!!

    GREAT REPORT and PICS... and Helluva Load of Tasty Fish LOL
  145. Tunahead

    Offshore 6/6/21 west side ahi

    Cool report and pic. Nice Ahi."One MoBetta than None" I've tail hooked a couple...WHEW! LOL
  146. Tunahead

    Offshore Limit yellowtails off 2 paddys with gps sunday

    Glad you got Dr.Kim some fish to wind on. You as well. LOL Can't beat 2 paddy stop shopping. Cool report and video.
  147. Tunahead

    Offshore Trip Log 6/5: Paddy Hopping Fun

  148. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/7 Izors: 0 - 150: 25

    GREAT REPORT and pics the Norm. Dogs look STOKED. At least you got some tasty Rockers. Look forward to your reports. LOL
  149. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 on 6/4

    GREAT REPORT and info. I've heard several say just the two hooks on the bottom of flatfalls/knife jigs got bit better....but I guess it's still up to the damn finicky Bluefin what they bite. LOL I also say "ONE be MoBetta than NONE" anyday. LET"S EAT! LOL
  150. Tunahead

    Islands Catalina 6/5/21 LATE REPORT

    Great report and info. Way to give a big look at Cat. Next time as better days ahead. LOL
  151. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor 6/4/2021 IZOR , Sunset Marina / Anaheim Bay charts wrong/outdated, launch lessons

    Great report and updated info for all. Been awhile since there.
  152. Tunahead

    Islands Young’s Tackle 6/6/21 Eldorado to San Nicolas

    GREAT REPORT and Pics and NICE load of tasty fish. Remember lot of fun times on the Eldo with Eddy. Glad you had a fun trip too
  153. Tunahead

    Inshore AM 1/2 day 6/5

    GREAT REPORT...SHE looks STOKED. Time with her=Priceless. She remember these trips forever. My dad had me on 1/2 day Matt Walsh age 4 winding on log cuda at the Horseshoe Kelp...while holding on to my belt loops, keep me on the boat. LOL
  154. Tunahead

    Offshore Fishing with the Fleet

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS...and got some fish...Nice day. LOL Looks like a lake down south compared to up here. TC
  155. Tunahead

    Inshore A day on the shoe - June 5, 2021

    Drop on shoe, never know what you'll bring up LOL Cool video. My dad had me on the Matt Walsh age 4 at the shoe winding on log cuda, holding my belt loops! LOL
  156. Tunahead

    Rapala Charge & Glow For Night Fishing!

    Cool attachment. IC many using little ones on Amazon now too. I always held mine up to an LED light above the bait tank etc. on bigger boats. Great post.
  157. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    A wise old singer said.... "AIN'T WHAT YA GOT BUT DA WAY HOW YA USES IT" LOL LOL Use what ya like and have fun.
  158. Tunahead

    Islands Santa Rosa Tacos

    NICE LOAD...I smell TACOS TACOS TACOS for weeks. LOL LOL
  159. Tunahead

    Offshore Black Pearl Moro Bay 14 hour trip

    Great report and pics and NICE LINGS. Tasty stuff there. LOL
  160. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    YAWN...LMAO You'll likely surpass my 8 shoulder surgeries too later in life? LOL LOL LOL (I started tuna fishing in 1960 age 14)
  161. Tunahead

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing June 5th, 2021

    GREAT REPORT...that Mahi Recipe sounds killer. Good job. LOL
  162. Tunahead

    Headed to cat 6/6-6/7

    SQUID call LB Bait Co. at 562-714-8103 or on CHL 11 Squid boat CARNAGE usually at Cat on CHL 11 FYI.
  163. Tunahead

    Offshore 06/05/21 - Outside Ensenada

    GREAT REPORT and a lot of good info for others. Good Job. Well at least the Skip got one....Better Luck Next Time That's Bluefin Fishing. LOL
  164. Tunahead

    Headed to cat 6/6-6/7

    SWHAT Port are you leaving from?. Mainland Bait and Squid Boats at Cat usually on VHF Channel 11 for current info. Hope this helps? ALSO SEE=Updated Bait Reports up top here under STICKY THREADS for other current updates.
  165. Tunahead

    Offshore Report and Request

    Great report and well said. IF you catch some...SEND PICS The gang here likes FISH PICS and BLOODY DECKS! LOL
  166. Tunahead

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Fishing 6/5/2021

    GREAT PLAN....well rounded catch! Glad you had a great trip
  167. Tunahead

    Offshore Bluefin fishing on the beach

  168. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/5 Catching with a few surprises.

    Nice tuna from last trip, and Great report/pics inshore now. YEAH I'd say that little Broomtail was a tad lost. LOL. Over years I've never caught a Grouper or Black Seabass in Mexico I could keep. Only 2 monster BSB behind Catalina years ago. Tasty fish. Just look ahead to fishing again, and...
  169. Tunahead

    Offshore I Suck Again - BFT Own Me

    After 60+ years tuna fishing, some simple advice... 1. Never SWING on a Tuna using circle hooks. Just wind tight. Same w/J-hooks, half my life. LOL 2. Never think you have to COWBOY tuna. They will burn out themselves IF your use PATIENCE as your ally. Stay tight/no slack. GL Fishing them.
  170. Tunahead

    Heads up

    I was Lucky all the Sail and Power Yachts I sold were 26-52+ feet and launched in shipyards. No trailer sale epics. WHEW. LOLL
  171. Tunahead

    Heads up

  172. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Cool report and NICE SANDIES! She looks STOKED. Too cool. LOL
  173. Tunahead

    Winter solstice variety pack

    WOW I smell TACOS TACOS TACOS!!! Big GOAT Ceviche TOO. LOL. Nice fish guys...Solid Work
  174. Tunahead

    Convict Lake opener - Monsters!

    NICE PAIR of phat ones who been eating well all winter. LOL
  175. Tunahead

    Heads up

    While selling sailboats in Newport Beach, got a call for 1 of my riggers=also a diver...come to the BB launch ramp pronto. $100 5min hookup job underwater. Seems a Las Vegas resident bought a new 30ft Boat and Trailer, his friends backed it down and got out. He jumped up, fired up the 2 big...
  176. Tunahead

    Eastern Sierra trout fishing

    Bummer....well, guess more than humans needed a time out during the Pandemic. Hope they stock more soon up North.
  177. Tunahead

    Islands 6/4 Long Point & Empire

    Cool report and a goat for dinner! Awesome! ahh Long Point ! Lot of memories there! Before a gazillion fishing trips there, my 1st to the YMCA Camp at Long Point as a kid. Eons ago. Sleeping bags in open air cabins...the wild boar came down to the chain covered garbage cans behind the mess hall...
  178. Tunahead

    Too many people and too many droughts

    YEP trust me...HUNGRY TUNA all fight like hell for baited hooks . I started on them in 1960 at age 13. Albacore even bare hooks sometimes....LOL. GL fishing up North
  179. Tunahead

    Islands West end 6/4 - mixed bag

    Cool report and pics. Like a lake. I smell TACOS TACOS TACOS LOL
  180. Tunahead

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Everyingham Bros. current Bait Report for SD and Mission Bay see Facebook Link Below. GL Fishing
  181. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor Does San Diego bait barge have sardines

    Call them at 619-477-2248 or NOW bait info on Facebook link below..OR VHF Channel 11. GL Fishing...says 4-7"sardines. LOL
  182. Tunahead

    Islands Sci on water

  183. Tunahead

    Bait in newport?

    They've been open 24hrs in Summer for years. Last # I had for them was 949-722-8491 or VHF Channel 11. They have a webpage, but not sure updated via the link below.
  184. Tunahead

    Islands Sci on water

    Way to give it a go. Damn seals. NOTE what Jason posted. Yellows often breezing around China Pt/Pyramid Cove early AM.
  185. Tunahead

    Offshore 6-4-21 first timer fishing yellowtails and boners

    Cool report. FYI Bonita are part of the Tuna family and make excellent POKE if bled and iced immediately after catch. LOL Keep at it. Many of us all grew up fishing bones and yellows.
  186. Tunahead

    Offshore What worked BFT Searcher 3Day...........

    GREAT REPORT....NICE FISH and great info on what worked!
  187. Tunahead

    5/4 Haleiwa Mahis- First Post

    Nice Mahi. Glad your bud got that taken care of at the ER. Mahi and Ono are know jig throwers so LOOK OUT when ya can. GREAT 1st post and pics too. OUCH been there. Had a bull Mahi nail my Zuker 6/0 off San Clemente here trolling past a paddy, JUMPED and threw the jig back thru my right cheek...
  188. Tunahead

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

  189. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    GOOD MOVE, The bluefin are bad ass enough on regular reels/rods. LOL
  190. Tunahead

    Inshore Good luck charms at Izors 6/4

    SEE the dogs belong on every trip LOL Nice triple,report and pics
  191. Tunahead

    Fish processors maxed out

  192. Tunahead

    Offshore I Suck Again - BFT Own Me

    GREAT REPORT AND RECAP. Good info for all too. ONE be mo betta than NONE LOL I wouldn't whine about not fishing til July, I haven't fished since shoulder replacement surgery. Then torn deltoid surgery 2yrs back. Now looks like gone MetaCarpel Joint rt Thumb surgery in July. I might not fish full...
  193. Tunahead

    Fish mounts? Non fishing report...

    Many I know went with Gray's operation. I ate all my fish over 60 years. LOL No wall hangers
  194. Tunahead

    Inshore 6/3 afternoon Daily Double catching report (pics)

    GLAD all of you got out fishing ...lot of old 1/2 day memories! LOL
  195. Tunahead

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

    RENT A BIG 100-200LB RIG WITH 2-3 SPEED REEL/XXXH ROD AT ANY SD LANDING. Or the boat. It's Big Bluefin fishing. Then IF you break one off or don't get any, you didn't break the bank! Just a suggestion LOL HERE'S HOPING YOU GET 1-2!!!
  196. Tunahead

    Offshore Knife Jigging with James! 6-3-21

    PS.....One 10lb Yellowtail is Mo Betta than NONE. LOL
  197. Tunahead

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    Great report and info. I'll throw a SMELT into the hat??? LOL
  198. Tunahead

    Offshore Knife Jigging with James! 6-3-21

    Great report and info. Holy shit, the bugs, balloons are getting bigger LOL
  199. Tunahead

    Offshore 425/371/302/9 mile June 3

    Way to give it a good look. Better days ahead no doubt.
  200. Tunahead

    5/30 Late Report Kbay

    More time on water trolling all summer! Wow Kaneohe Bay...haven't been there since the KYC BBQ after the 1975 Transpac Yacht Race I was in. What a blast, 3 guys in Sabot racing out around the bell bouy and back. Sold a couple Newport 30's to members there who sailed them there from Newport...
  201. Tunahead

    Islands Fish I. D. for a mainlander

  202. Tunahead

    Memorial Day Trip

  203. Tunahead

    Osuna Brothers NTNC, May 5-9, 2021

  204. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/30 kelp paddy bat ray

  205. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/30 kelp paddy bat ray

  206. Tunahead

    Sculpin fishing with a surprise - DP 1/10/21

    TASTY LIL' RATTLERS....only tried to shake one off the dykes ONCE Flipped over with about 5 spines in the middle finger. YEOOOEEEE
  207. Tunahead

    Inshore New SoCal Fisherman/ 6-1-21 Fishing Report (Dana Point)

  208. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

  209. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

  210. Tunahead

    Inshore Inflatable shark fishing

    YEAH AVAOID GREAT WHITES...they might take your inflatable and you for a chunk of floating whale meat. LOL LOL
  211. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

  212. Tunahead

    Inshore New SoCal Fisherman/ 6-1-21 Fishing Report (Dana Point)

    Great 1st post and trip. TIME ON THE WATER will gain you confidence and catch some fish. Dave Hansen has good info, but when you get there, it's STILL FISHING. Spots are Spots. LOL
  213. Tunahead

    Offshore 6-1-2021 Trip #1, 70 miles south, 4 BF

    NICE FISH TOM...Those 2 fill that huge kill bag? LOL Too cool.
  214. Tunahead

    Inshore Point Loma Bonita, 371 no BFT 6.2.21

    Crazy school of crashing bones. LOL They make great poke!!
  215. Tunahead

    Offshore 23 Balloon Salute & 2 YT

  216. Tunahead

    Too many people and too many droughts

    YES I know most Albacore fishing off Oregon is Trolling and far offshore usually. Down off Baja and Socal in summers past on seamounts SW of SD, 1000's of 25-30lb Albacore were tough fighters and 40-60lb Albacore off Morro Bay, etc in late fall were common.
  217. Tunahead

    Inshore Inflatable shark fishing

    TELL ME....when I come home with 2-3 coolers full of tuna, YT, etc the neighbors cats alert them I have fish again LOL LOL LOL
  218. Tunahead

    Offshore 23 Balloon Salute & 2 YT

    GREAT REPORT and READ. You think THAT is a lot of balloons? Wait til all those cruise ships get going again soon up and down our coast. Balloon city again. You should see the floating state of plastic bottles, balloons and other junk floating in mid pacific now! SEE PIC BELOW> GOOD JOB grabbing...
  219. Tunahead

    Inshore Inflatable shark fishing

    TOO COOL...looks like the 1 you got last week will keep you fed for awhile? Thus let the little guy go. LOL
  220. Tunahead

    Islands Cat 6/1

    Way to give it try...ya never know. Like I always say...... "You'll never know....unless you GO.....FISHING" LOL Next time with more current maybe.
  221. Tunahead

    Offshore Islander 6-2 11/2day

    Great report and pics and NICE FISH Dan and GF. Solid Work. LOL
  222. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Me too again. We need to get the old Condor gang together?
  223. Tunahead

    AA Fishing Short Range

  224. Tunahead

    Offshore Dream day BF trip Saturday 5/29

    The neat thing about fishing Bluefin right now never know when your NEXT Personal Best will hit the deck. Go Gettum. LOL
  225. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    GO GETTUM, looks like MetaCarpel joint fusion surgery on my right winding thumb in July....unless the Albacore show soon LOL
  226. Tunahead

    Too many people and too many droughts

    Well, GL up North. Now 75 I doubt Pacific Coast Fishing will ever be the same as the last 100 years. Over/under regulated to hell
  227. Tunahead

    Too many people and too many droughts

  228. Tunahead

    Monkey off the back

  229. Tunahead


    GREAT Report and bendo Pics. Nice AHI and ONO!!!
  230. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Now 75 I'd be asking for help on a cow too! Now having missed the last 3 May 3 day trips, the only thing I don't miss is TALL GOOSE stepping on my toes going down the rail. LOL LOL
  231. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/30

    Yeah I've fished with Gavin there since a few times. I think I caught my 1st "everything" back in the day on PQ w/Eddie, Albacore, Yellowtail, White Seabass, etc. What a teacher for me back then. A teacher for many That was good of Vagabond to "ferry" your fish in for processing. Maybe the...
  232. Tunahead

    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    Way to get out and give it a go. Bones make great POKE. LOL Better days ahead I'm sure. Great report.
  233. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/30 kelp paddy bat ray

    Way to give it a look out there. I think I've hooked every Bat Ray on Earth at SCI in my lifetime. LOL LOL. Agree on the species shown. Open water ray. Maybe next paddy next trip has fish LOL
  234. Tunahead

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS GOOSE and NICE FISH. I knew this would be "Long Read" so I started dinner first. LOL. Sorry I missed this annual trip again, but looks like and sounds like another Big Bird Trainwreck and Bloody Decks. Glad you all got some fish and had another great trip on Condor. I miss...
  235. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/30

    GREAT REPORT and pics Robert, and NICE FISH. Hell I started fishing the PQ with Legendary Owner/Capt. Eddie McEwen when in Jr. High School from old Pacific Landing in Long Beach. Eons ago. That boat has always been "fishy". Glad you had a great trip. LOL
  236. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors 6/1 Tough going

    YEP the clean bathed dogs at home missed bite... gotta be the deal???? LOL LOL. They'll be ready for next trip!
  237. Tunahead

    Offshore Mission Belle 5/30

    HEY for those who can't fork out $1000+ for a 2-3 speed reel and XXXXH rod...All San Diego Landings have 100lb+ rigs for rent. Lot less $$ and you won't be taking a pea shooter to a cow BF hunt. LOL
  238. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/31/21 yellowtail 302-371-425 $500 reward

    Way to give it a GO..and Nice Yellow. One better than none. LOL
  239. Tunahead

    Offshore Memorial Day on the Pac Voyager 2021

  240. Tunahead

    Bluefin boat recommendation

    Yeah Aztec is FISHY, as is Tribute, also at Seaforth.
  241. Tunahead

    Pacific Islander will run.

  242. Tunahead

    Bluefin boat recommendation

    Condor, Tomahawk, PQ, NLA or Polaris Supreme at Seaforth now
  243. Tunahead

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    Holy Shit....that's so funny had to stop eating dinner LOL LOL I'd have compained w/boat/landing for change before leaving.
  244. Tunahead

    CA Yellowtail and WSB setup

    My bigger Yellowtail/White Seabass rig Calstar 700MH/Avet 2-Speed LX Reel. Solid rig. Also great fishing deep for Lings/ School size Bluefin tuna.
  245. Tunahead

    Big Bear Late Report - Flylining Chovy for Big Rainbows

    Trout eating a chovie a new one to me too.....Reaction bite? Like striped bass attack Anchovies and Shad alike. What next? LOL
  246. Tunahead

    Bass Fishing in Mexico

    Seen fishing shows on TV fishing there, EVERY bass is FAT. LOL
  247. Tunahead

    Guatemala fishing report and info on Costa Rica trips

  248. Tunahead

    Pacific Islander will run.

    We look forward to your fishing report w/pics later here then?LOL
  249. Tunahead

    Offshore Royal Star 3 day 5-31 Report

    Great report and info for all. Straight to the facts. LOL
  250. Tunahead

    Catching GODZILLA Sized Sand Crabs For Live Baiting!

    Catch what with them? Surf fishing w/sand crabs like Socal??? LOL
  251. Tunahead

    5/29 Kaneohe

    Great report Russ and nice load of fish guys!
  252. Tunahead

    Waianae 5/29/21 Monkey off x 2.....

    WOW NICE AHI....solid work guys. LOL
  253. Tunahead

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - May 2021 wrap-up.

    GREAT to hear all you charter guys booked solid again. Go gettum
  254. Tunahead

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing May 29th, 2021

    As always GREAT REPORT. No Wahoo or Roosters for a week?
  255. Tunahead

    Fishing butts

    Way to give a go, nice report. Some nice butts await next time? LOL
  256. Tunahead

    Inshore LB/PV bassin 5/30

    Looks like a fun day on the water and a few bass to boot? LOL
  257. Tunahead

    Inshore SMBay rockfishing 5/30

    Fine report. Pretty costly being over Rockfish Limits. LOL
  258. Tunahead

    Islands Catalina - 5/30/21

    Great report and pics. Can't beat Father/Son fishing trips. LOL Glad ya got some nice Yellows and Co's too! Fun time for all.
  259. Tunahead

    Offshore No Luv 302/226 Sunday 5/30

    Great report and info..and HEY bones make great POKE! LOL
  260. Tunahead

    Offshore Mexican Insurance

    A few use OR see
  261. Tunahead

    Offshore Dream day BF trip Saturday 5/29

    Nice report and NICE FISH...yes Duane runs a great operation.I need to get healed up and out there. LOL
  262. Tunahead

    Islands Saturday nados

    Way to give it a GO. ONE be Mo Betta than NONE for sure. LOL
  263. Tunahead

    Offshore BFT Strikeout 5/28/21

    Been there, done that. Damn bluefin. LOL Maybe next trip?
  264. Tunahead

    Offshore 43 to San Clemente

    Way to get out there and give a look. Damn Bluefin LOL NICE CO though! Cool report and pics. Nice boat!!
  265. Tunahead

    Inshore Muscle farm yellow

    Good call...nice yellow..and HEY they all taste the same. LOL
  266. Tunahead


    The big bluefin getting bit on the sinker/rubber banded rigs too as well as Colt Snipers getting bit all size bluefin what I've seen on several reports here. Don't forget those either. LOL
  267. Tunahead


    20ft away in the hall tackle closet LOL LOL LOL
  268. Tunahead

    Long Beach abs catalina bait?

    Might be sparse, blowing pretty good all day in Socal. Call San Pedro Bait 24hr bait info at 310-217-7552 or also Call Nachos Bait at 562-455-9928 for info or call back. As for squid on boats at Cat...try San Pedro Bait on Chl 11...all I can offer. GL.
  269. Tunahead


    Plenty of options to those. Go to a decent tackle shop for some, or call first and discuss options before going there maybe? FYI I doubt any in Arizona. LOL PS in my tackle bag LOL
  270. Tunahead

    Rod and Reel

    Just FYI I see a lot of posts here where guys RENTED a big rig from one of the SD Landings...rod reel, spectra pre-tied top shot, and a tackle pack of hooks, flat falls etc. For those who can't afford a $1000 rig to fish bigger tuna, quite a good alternative FYI. Especially out of town/staters...
  271. Tunahead

    Offshore PB Trophy Fish with Seaforth Tribute Thursday night

    Great report and NICE PB FISH guys! You brought out a VERY IMPORTANT POINT. For anyone thinking they're under rigged with the tackle/rigs they have. No need for folks to go out and buy another $1000 worth of big rod, reel, etc for bigger ALL the landings have great Heavy Rod Reel...
  272. Tunahead

    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    Great report and taking your son out for his birthday. Any time on the water w/son=priceless. Better days ahead LOL
  273. Tunahead

    Offshore Hamachi? Maguro?? nope...

    Great report, Info , and DINNER RED. One mobetta than none. LOL Now get some sleep!
  274. Tunahead

    Islands 5/28 Amigo SCI

    Great report. I think over the years I've caught 5 generations of Bat Rays in or around Pyramid Cove. LOL Sparked my memories. Glad ya got some rockfish and yellows. WHAT no PICS? The gang here likes pics. Next time?
  275. Tunahead

    Rod and Reel

    GL out fishing with them You owe us a FISHING REPORT next. LOL
  276. Tunahead

    Offshore Putting in the time for BFT

    Way to give it a go. LOT of GOOD INFO in your great post.
  277. Tunahead

    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Cool report and HEY bonies are fun to wind on if nothing else.LOL
  278. Tunahead

    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

  279. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors 5/28

    Plump Sandies and HAPPY DOGS....a fine combination! LOL
  280. Tunahead

    Offshore Trip Log 5/25: Local Bluefin “Watching”

    Find a school of hungry bluefin and it's BLOODY DECKS...LOL
  281. Tunahead

    Offshore Trip Log 5/25: Local Bluefin “Watching”

    GREAT REPORT Jordan...HA we've all had our days out there too Bluefin "Watching". Nice to see Duane Diego/Client got one on his new boat. Hopefully better days ahead for all.
  282. Tunahead

    5/16/2020 izor's reef, horseshoe report - underwater drone footage

    Cool report/vidoeo and info. Way to give it a go. Next time. LOL
  283. Tunahead

    Offshore Islander 1.5 May 24-26

    YEP...been awhile since I fished it, but always been fishy LOL
  284. Tunahead

    Late Report: Hawaii Kai 4-27

    NICE ONO...your son looks STOKED too. Solid Work. Heal that thumb. LOL . BE Careful, Ono and Mahi can throw jigs at ya too. I had a Mahi hit a Zuccini Zuker and throw it and the 6/0 hook back thru my right cheek. Duct taped it, stuffed paper towels in my mouth...went back and caught that Mahi...
  285. Tunahead

    Hana hou!

  286. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    YES HE DID, fished with Mike since the Davey's Locker T-Bird and then Pac Star there and Seaforth many times. Bummer they lost their boat over rockfish count errors.
  287. Tunahead

    For you Calico guys

    WOW that's ONE FAT CO....good job on your new PB. LOL
  288. Tunahead

    Offshore Islander 1.5 May 24-26

    Great report and read and NICE FISH. Bluefin fishing is like Baseball= gotta fish all 9 or extra innings. LOL Glad ya got one.
  289. Tunahead

    Islands 5/25 Coronado Islands

    Way to give it a go, and some big bones. Better days ahead LOL I use for up to the minute info 24x7 for Temp, Wind, Swell and more. Check it out. Your call. LOL
  290. Tunahead

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    LUCKY never got sick since age 4 in 1950 w/dad on Matt Walsh SO after eons on Sportboats...IC the guys pouring down beers and shots til after midnight,, usually the 1st pukers on deck in AM. FYI Before going, clean your ear canals good with Q-tip/Peroxide. When on deck LOOK at the horizon, wind...
  291. Tunahead

    stealing fish from freezers ?

  292. Tunahead

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    You 2 usually find em and wind em....GOOD JOB once again LOL
  293. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    Albacore open bites even surpassed Yellowfin in insanity I think. God what fun....hope they show....ya never know. LOL
  294. Tunahead

    Offshore Polaris Supreme Epic Bite 5-25-2021

    Great report and pics and NICE FISH Rusty, everyone.
  295. Tunahead

    Islands San Diego 5/26 non report

    MAN THAT SUCKS....what next? Maybe next time. GL
  296. Tunahead

    Offshore Tomahawk 1.5 Day Trip Report BFT May 23-25

    GREAT REPORT and pics and NICE FISH ROD, everyone. Solid work. LOL
  297. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    EXACTLY. Bluefin will always be Bluefin. How it is. Wanna shoot craps for the biggest tuna you ever caught...or not? GO FOR IT. Once you've fished tuna for 60 years you realize it's NOT about The Biggest, The Most, etc. but how much fun you had tuna fishing with 100's of friends from all walks...
  298. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    HELL YES....was trolling that Zucchini Zuker off San Clemente one morn on Freelance and a bull dorado slamed it, jumped, threw the 6/0 hook and jig back thru my RIGHT CHEEK....i duct taped it up, wadded up paper towels and we went back to the paddy. Thru the bloody zuker back and WHAM got that...
  299. Tunahead

    Offshore weather forecast link on BD?

    Try one of many good ones. for up to the minute weather/wind/swell
  300. Tunahead

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    NICE FISH Cody and Michael, SOLID WORK out there. LOL
  301. Tunahead

    Islands Pursuit 5/25

    Nice report and pics. A day on the Lake LOL
  302. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    Hell I love the El Nino Years too...Yellowfin, Bluefin, Dorado, even Wahoo caught in US Waters. Crazy. I remember a Memorial Day 2.5 day on Condor. Us and Shogun left before noon, got dines of few then, and headed south. We got almost to the pens and absolute INSANITY of football bluefin went...
  303. Tunahead

    Islands Pursuit 5/24

    Cool report and pics...Many day on the lake days are like that. LOL At least you caught some fish other than just perch!
  304. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    HA lot of great responses. Here's ONE DAY in Albacore for ya. 1day on Pacific Star w/35. Mike said pedal down, 90mi to the Dumper. Fish 2hrs max...find em and catch em. We did almost=400 Albacore..1 school in 1 hour. Filled the holds. So many on deck you could no longer get to the bait tank...
  305. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

  306. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    DO I QUALIFY? 75 and my 1st Albacore in the 60's my teens LOL
  307. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

  308. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    You never know about the damn Albacore...hit or miss. I'm lucky to have lived and fished all the amazing Albacore years when they seemed to show up every year around June. One year I caught the latest Albacore ever caught on a SD boat=Producer 11/14 I'm told. It's FISHING and nothing is a given...
  309. Tunahead

    Offshore Toronado 58 degree water at Cortez Bank. Yellows biting a bit

    MAHALO....I've had years to accumulate Albacore facts LOL This was a Searcher 3 day came back early.
  310. Tunahead

    Offshore 9 mile BFT busting out!

    Great read,,,NEVER go to a Bluefin Fight with a Pea Shooter LOL
  311. Tunahead

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing May 22nd, 2021

    Geez..NO tuna NO wahoo NO roosters? NO bueno. Windy? LOL
  312. Tunahead

    Mako's on the Fly?

    Is there a 500lb Tipet for fly fishing Makos? Just askin LOL
  313. Tunahead

    Affordable Marine? Anyone use them?

  314. Tunahead

    Islands Pursuit 5/24

    Great report and pics..and nice load of fish! Looked like a lake. LOL
  315. Tunahead

    Inshore 5-24 Long Beach. 5 Dicks in a Parker threw everything at fish that weren’t hungry.

    HEY at least you got offshore and gave it a GO. At least you got some fish for tacos looks like. Next time. Better days gotta be ahead LOL Nice report and pics.
  316. Tunahead

    Islands Fishing SD 5/23

    Great report. Hey...get yourself a Calstar 700M or'll use it likely 90% of the time. I have 2 M's and an MH in my quiver. Great rods for Yellowtail, 20-40lb tuna, WSB, etc, or rockfishing winter. Just my suggestion for more backbone and fun FYI. GL next trip.
  317. Tunahead

    Offshore Bluefin at the 43

    FACE IT....Bluefin have made fools of us some days LOL LOL LOL
  318. Tunahead

    A couple days in La Paz

    NICE Roosters (on my bucket list still) and Dorado! Fine Day LOL
  319. Tunahead

    Apollo Puerto Vallarta March 2021

    Damn NICE FISH, love pics, Mike and the Motley Crew LOL Wished I could make one of your trips. News at 11. TC
  320. Tunahead

    Offshore Bluefin at the 43

    Great report. Glad to ran to the 43 and found some biters. WHAT no pics, forgot camera? The BD Gang likes pics. LOL
  321. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/23 Scratching Bottom

    NICE report and fish. Quality flatties and Reds. Great day I'd say LOL
  322. Tunahead

    Inshore Local Long Beach 05/23/21

    LOT of up-welling now, like a washing machine out there. LOL This big swell/waves supposed to end tonight might help some? The wind is another matter. Seems like it's blowing every day now? GL next time out.
  323. Tunahead

    Inshore Second thoughts

    Well at least you got out, and your macs fought over the shrimp? LOL
  324. Tunahead

    Inshore Where are the MACS??

    Great you got out with the kids. No macs?=fishing sucks LOL
  325. Tunahead

    Inshore I was thinking butts

    NICE FLATTIE....way to work it inshore! LOL
  326. Tunahead

    Offshore Good SoCal Fishing Before Wind Delay

    GREAT REPORT and Pics and NICE fish everyone. Damn wind. It's blowing hard here now on the Mesa. More offshore. Boats tied to docks. No bueno. More better days ahead for all I'd imagine LOL
  327. Tunahead

    Dana Point Halibut Reports?

    WOW lot of good info, and nice flattie. With big swells and wind FC thru Sunday, might think twice about fishing off Dana Pt. ?? At least this weekend. LOL
  328. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/14 - 5/16 Daiwa Pacific 1.5 Day

    That old war boat been to hell and back LOL
  329. Tunahead

    Offshore SoCal Bluefin Are Back & Biting!

    NO KIDDING JOE...great read none the less LOL
  330. Tunahead

    albacore gear

    Thought it might be a tad early....soon come June-July maybe
  331. Tunahead

    Offshore California Steigercraft 31

    NICE BOAT, Nice Fish, flat seas...Looks like nice shakedown LOL
  332. Tunahead

    More from Gonzaga

  333. Tunahead

    albacore gear

    Any Albacore caught up there yet? Thought I'd check. God I miss the Albacore many years off SoCal/Baja. LOL By the time we finished off this school on Searcher,they were biting bare hooks!
  334. Tunahead

    Offshore #Hawaii #maui #Ono #Wahoo

    TWO nice ONO what a birthday! Solid Work and NICE FISH LOL
  335. Tunahead

    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    NICE ONE...I'll just roll with it was lost and confused LOL LOL
  336. Tunahead

    BOLA 5/15-5/19

    HOW WAS YOUR TRIP? Report and don't forget PICS LOL The gang likes pics here
  337. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/14 - 5/16 Daiwa Pacific 1.5 Day

    GREAT report, pics, info Jeremy, and NICE FISH everyone! That boat has always been fishy, since the Albacore years. This might be the boat that had 4 Bigeye Tuna hit the trolling jigs & ripped the entire stern rail and posts out into the blue years ago. That or another smaller boat at H&M...
  338. Tunahead

    Inshore It's on at the Shoe 5/19

    Wow nice day of bassin' with the bass retrievers LOL
  339. Tunahead

    Offshore Paddy Yellowtail a Couple Miles North of the Corner

    Way to get out and give it a look. Better days are ahead. LOL
  340. Tunahead

    Islands Catalina report 5/16 to 5/18

    Great report and pics, info too. Seems windy every day? Can't imagine what's inside those costumes LOL Scary stuff LOL
  341. Tunahead

    Islands Islands 5/18 Report

    Great report, pics and info...way to give it look. Next time! LOL
  342. Tunahead

    Not a report but FMM question

    GO to link Darian sent above or post on CHIT CHAT maybe?
  343. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/18 Kelp Paddy Yellows - nice grade of fish

    Great report and pics Don, and NICE YELLOWS everyone. LOL
  344. Tunahead

    Offshore Fishing with the boat San Diego 5/18

    Oh well, way to give it a go. Weather been wacky. That's bluefin fishin. Next time. LOL
  345. Tunahead

    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    GREAT REPORT pics and Info Ray and NICE FISH. Solid Work LOL
  346. Tunahead

    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    GREAT PIC REPORT ...And Nice load of tasty fish guys! LOL
  347. Tunahead

    Loreto 5/16

    Great report and pics. You gonna count that lil' Rooster? LOL Loreto is great for yellows, they must have been jugged. Yeah I still have a Rooster and Grouper on my bucket list too.
  348. Tunahead

    Islands SCI 05/18/21

    Way to give it look Paco! Motor fine now, better days await LOL
  349. Tunahead

    Offshore Game Changer 5/14-17

    LORD HAVE MERCY that's a NOVEL. Great read none the less. Trying to eat dinner, had to stop at a suitcase, but no tackle box or rigs. Then after "Special Dietary Needs" (not unusual) but you had me going with "Lunch was sliders and Bloody Marys' LOL LOL "Cocktails served while bait was loading"...
  350. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/18 9 Mile Bank and Coronado Canyon

    Way to give it a go. Even some big boats cancelled today too. LOL Many better days to be out there ahead.
  351. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/19 to 5/21: 1.5 day on Polaris Supreme

    YES seems like it's blowing more days than not. LOL
  352. Tunahead

    Ono 4.20.21

  353. Tunahead

    Fuel dock in Catalina - Under New Ownership

    Hmmmm sounds FISHY to me? LOL
  354. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/19 to 5/21: 1.5 day on Polaris Supreme

    YEAH sounds like a good call....many better days ahead. LOL
  355. Tunahead

    Ono 4.20.21

    NICE ONO Jimmy, have Wasabi, LET'S EAT! LOL
  356. Tunahead

    Tunas on popp

  357. Tunahead

    Best Baja Fishing "Bottom Critter" Table Fare? (Not a Report...Yet)

    ALL ARE GOOD's a simple easy recipe for all... CUT the fish filets into 2x4 pieces or chunks WHIP 2-4 eggs in a bowl (depending on how many fish pieces) POUR 1/2 -full can of Italian Bread Crumbs in to a 2nd bowl HEAT appx 1/2" of Canola Oil in a large fry pan DIP the fish into the...
  358. Tunahead

    Just got back from Zihuatanejo - again

    Bad day?=that's fishing. GOOD DAY made your trip. Solid Work LOL
  359. Tunahead

    awesome start to the puerto vallarta season

    Cool report and NICE FISH LOL
  360. Tunahead

    San Quintin

    GREAT Report, Pics Jason, and NICE FISH everyone. Great trip LOL
  361. Tunahead

    More from Gonzaga

    Great report and pics. Some yellows and nice flattie. Muy Bien. LOL
  362. Tunahead

    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    SAD ENDING to this Angler's life RIP. Stay safe out there all.
  363. Tunahead

    Inshore Horseshoe 5/17 dad had me on the Matt Walsh age 4 in 1950 at the Horseshoe, winding on log barracuda with Penn Long Beach, holding on to my belt loops, keep me on the boat. EPIC...he'd say KEEP WINDING...KEEP WINDING LOL LOL
  364. Tunahead

    Islands 5-16 SCI Pyramid Cove

    Nice Report, pics, info Ton. At least a nice flattie, some yellows. Way to get out there and give it try.
  365. Tunahead

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    GREAT REPORT and info. Man THAT'S Bluefin being Bluefin. LOL
  366. Tunahead

    Inshore Horseshoe 5/17

    GREAT REPORT, info and pics. The dogs look STOKED to get out. Do they stay away from the Sculpin? Hope so. LOL
  367. Tunahead

    Offshore Excalibur 1.5 May 15th

    Great report and pics and NICE Yellowtail ...solid work Brian LOL
  368. Tunahead

    Islands 5/14 SCI Bluefin and Yellowtail aboard Freedom

    GREAT REPORT and pics, info Dylan..and NICE FISH everyone LOL
  369. Tunahead

    Offshore 5-16 SCI Canyon

    Way to give it look. ONE be better than none by God LOL Curious...HOW MUCH is gas at the Fuel Docks now?
  370. Tunahead

    Offshore or Coronados (which boat) ?

  371. Tunahead

    Offshore or Coronados (which boat) ?

    Libery =15 spots left for Sunday 5/23 FYI. Oh well . GL
  372. Tunahead

    Offshore or Coronados (which boat) ?

    IF San Diego full, LIBERTY would be my next choice. Taro is a born Tuna hunter and that boat is really fishy. At Fisherman's Landing FYI. Good Luck if you get on a boat. LOL
  373. Tunahead

    Offshore 5-16-21 43 area

    Way to give it a look out there. Tuna can pop-up anywhere now LOL
  374. Tunahead

    Islands BFT limits for all on the Tomahawk 5/14-5/16

    Great report and info. Glad you all got limits. Awesome. LOL WHAT no pics? The gang wants Bloody Decks Pics here
  375. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    Damn, like I say "You'll never know, unless you GO fishing" LOL Better luck next time. More damn wind, weird weather still. Geez
  376. Tunahead

    Offshore Stuck to my gut

    Great report, pics and nice load of quality yellows, nice paddy LOL
  377. Tunahead

    Offshore The San Diego at San Clemente WTF

    GREAT report, info and NICE FISH! Solid work out there. LOL
  378. Tunahead

    Offshore AA bottom of the ninth 5-15

  379. Tunahead

    Utter mayhem at Clemente this morning

    THAT'S NOTHING....should have seen it during the Albacore Years LOL
  380. Tunahead

    Inshore A dozen butts. Point Loma 5/16

    Way to give it a go. Go back out and get that FLATTIE!! LOL
  381. Tunahead

    Islands Fish of a Lifetime on Fin Fetish

    Read the Whole trip report and pics in latest issue of WON. EPIC
  382. Tunahead

    Inshore LJ 5/15 Calico Bass

    Cool report, glad ya got out. Cool video too. A load of Whitefish is good eats LOL
  383. Tunahead

    Offshore Excel 2.5 day 5/13-5/16

    Great report and pics and NICE FISH. Solid work. NOW about all the food pics at 3:40PM LOL LOL Yikes!
  384. Tunahead

    Utter mayhem at Clemente this morning

    Quite a mob......Weekends=UGGGG LOL
  385. Tunahead

    Islands West end, front 5/15 - windy

    Way to get out and give it a go. Glad ya caught some fish
  386. Tunahead


    All I can say is....WHAT NEXT? LOL
  387. Tunahead

    Offshore 43 Report - Friday May 14

    Great report and info, and NICE FISH. Solid Work. LOL
  388. Tunahead

    Offshore 1.5 day BFT got my season started

    Years ago I had a Daiwa rod and Spinning Reel on Freelance, T-Bird...endless guff when a Yellow bit on the Coffee Grinder singing away as line screamed off . (or a Bat Ray) LOL LOL
  389. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla Kelp Lessons Learned

    The kid looks stoked catching fish....Great lesson for the future. As for the other lessons learned, I and many have as well...and your info is good for others to TAKE NOTE. LOL
  390. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/15/21 rat yellows

    HEY A gazillion out there, and they all taste the same. LOL LOL
  391. Tunahead

    Offshore 371 area 10/18

  392. Tunahead

    Offshore Wide open yellowtail close to home

    NICE Load of yellows, report and pics. Solid Work LOL
  393. Tunahead

    Offshore BFT San Clemente

    Way to give a go and GET SOME! Solid Work. LOL No FISH PICS? The gang likes fish pics and bloody decks!
  394. Tunahead

    Offshore 1.5 day BFT got my season started

    NICE FISH Duke..and 2 on the Coffee Grinder!! Solid Work LOL
  395. Tunahead

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

  396. Tunahead

    Inshore ID

    Gotta be a snazzy Condom off one of the Cruise Ships? LOL LOL
  397. Tunahead

    Inshore Tough day at Izors

    NICE throwing back bass all morning. LOL
  398. Tunahead

    Inshore Pt Loma Ling 5/15

    NICE LING, Report and pics. ONE be Mo Betta than none LOL
  399. Tunahead

    Inshore The Jewel 5/15

    Straight to the info report...Solid work fun bassin LOL
  400. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/15 OTW to the Local Banks

    Great report and Info. Way to give it a go. LOL Tasty dinner tonight
  401. Tunahead

    Inshore SPJ grocery run to Cat. 5/13

  402. Tunahead

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    HA! I came to the same conclusion at hours ago....LOL LOL...lot of hit and miss schools biting out there IC
  403. Tunahead

    Inshore SPJ grocery run to Cat. 5/13

    Nice report. The pics say TACOS, TACOS, TACOS! LOL
  404. Tunahead

    Offshore BFT northwest of 43

    Good Job. Damn Bluefin. ONE be better than None by God. LOL
  405. Tunahead

    Offshore Foamer Bluefin Fishing 5/14/21

    Great report and NICE FISH Brett and Dad! Solid Work LOL
  406. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/14 Bangkok express

    NICE Load of fish and Great Report. Glad you gave it a go. LOL
  407. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors: lazy to crazy 5/14

    GREAT REPORT and pics. I think the dogs look forward to your trips as much or more than you do?? LOL You wore em' out!
  408. Tunahead

    Fortune!! 1.5 day Roll Call! 5/16 Sunday night. Out of 22nd street. Bluefin biting!!!

    HINT try posting on the TRIP PLANNING Thread under Forums? Good Luck if you all get out. Don't forget to post a report and pics here . The gang here like pics. LOL
  409. Tunahead

    Offshore Freedom and Thunderbird on bluefin.

    WON and other sources report the Bluefin already nearing the area off the Channel Islands. Like Tuna Do...ON the move constantly. LOL
  410. Tunahead

    Channel Islands 11/23

    Nice report and glad your group had a good trip, and a lot of fish. LOL
  411. Tunahead

    Offshore 475 5-12 bigger Yellows with a mako cherry on top!

    Cool report and pics....reminds me of Mr. Bill on SNL. LOL LOL NIce load of yellows. Great intel, and bluefin being bluefin
  412. Tunahead

    Offshore 5/10/21 Nado's and 226 Late Report

    Way to get out, give it a look see Lou and Frank. Still Spring LOL
  413. Tunahead

    Islands 5/12 SCI bass and bluefin

    Great report and NICE Bluefin on the Surface Iron Josh!! LOL
  414. Tunahead

    Islands Coronados and 9Mile 5/12

    Great report and pics Howie, NICE load of tasty fish too! LOL
  415. Tunahead

    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS and NICE FISH everyone. Good Job LOL
  416. Tunahead

    Islands Pacific dawn 5-11

    Great report and pics ..and NICE FISH Tom...Solid Work LOL
  417. Tunahead

    Islands SCI 05-11-21

    Great report and NICE Yellowtail. ONE be Mo Betta than None. LOL
  418. Tunahead

    Inshore 5-11 At the Shoe.

    Looks like some fun bassin' on the Lake? Til' 10am at least LOL
  419. Tunahead

    Islands Fish of a Lifetime on Fin Fetish

    A couple of BEASTS! Great report and pics and NICE FISH! LOL
  420. Tunahead

    SI parking shut down for Bear/Cox?

    Cox isn't worth shutting down a parking lot for damn sure. LOL
  421. Tunahead

    Islands Nados and 9 slow

    Strange day....great report and info, pics. Maybe Next Trip LOL
  422. Tunahead

    Offshore Double A Vaccine "First Shot"

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS....NICE FISH ALL Gotta tell ya that Tuna Vaccine has got me 8 shoulder surgeries since 2008, having started in 1960. LOL But God what fun we have offshore. Like no other.
  423. Tunahead

    Offshore Sashimi for Mom 5/9

    GREAT REPORT nice fish Eric and Son. Solid work out there. LOL
  424. Tunahead

    Islands Cat 5-9

    Nice report and NICE CO there Aaron! Solid work! LOL
  425. Tunahead

    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    AWESOME Report and pics Michael. Solid work out there. LOL
  426. Tunahead

    Inshore Calm, clear water Izors, 5/11

    Another fun day bassin on the lake it looks like? Cool report LOL
  427. Tunahead

    Newbie out of Huntington

    WELCOME TO SOCAL...we look forward to your future reports. Be sure and attach some pics too. GO FISH I grew up fishing the horseshoe kelp age 4 with dad in 1950 on the Matt Walsh. Hooked for life. Your son will follow hopefully.LOL
  428. Tunahead

    Great day in Long Beach

    NIce Bass Rob, guys...Looks like a fun day on the water LOL
  429. Tunahead

    Inshore 5/8 late post Long Beach

    Great report and fat bass pics. Your pop looks STOKED LOL My dad had me age 4 on the Matt Walsh at the shoe in 1950 winding on log Barracuda already. Hooked for life, like you.
  430. Tunahead

    Inshore Lost Tool Bag (loaded) Santa Barbara Ramp 5/8/21 6:15 am

  431. Tunahead

    Offshore Rough day offshore 5/8

    Great report...and way to give it a go other there. Like I say "You'll never know, unless you GO fishing" LOL
  432. Tunahead

    Inshore Blackjack in Redondo

    Can't beat bassin' vs. working, unless retired like me I guess? LOL
  433. Tunahead

    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    BEAST...SOLID WORK LOL...Nice load of fish
  434. Tunahead

    Mother's Day with the wife out of la playita

    Great report and NICE load of fish Steve. Made the wife Happy! LOL
  435. Tunahead

    Glow in the dark lures.

    ALL glow jigs from Flat Falls to Tady Blue/Chrome/Glow back 8/0, many others..... should hold up under the deck lights above the bait tank or along the cabin sides before each drop for Max Glow. HOT TIP
  436. Tunahead

    LR rock cod methods

    When I was younger LOL come winter I'd de-spool all my reels so the short mono topshot on the bottom, and Spectra all the way to the top. Tie on a barrel swivel to the Spectra, then take about 10ft of 30-40lb mono and tie two loops, leaving 1-2 ft below for tieing on sinkers.Then add J hooks or...
  437. Tunahead

    30# Inexpensive 6 or 7' Rod

    Agree...Ugly Stick Tiger rods hard to beat for the price=Big 5 has others too on sale often.
  438. Tunahead

    Polaris Supreme 4/23 - Nothing to report.

    Damn bluefin...I'm still waiting for the ALBACORE return LOL
  439. Tunahead

    Inshore Couple butts

    NICE BUTTS...and no help needed this week getting boated? LOL
  440. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 day 5/8/21 Report

    Way to fish to the end....Solid Work LOL Nice load of fish!
  441. Tunahead

    Inshore Sometimes you just have to switch mid....column

    NICE ONE....for sure Meter Mass LOL LOL Solid Work
  442. Tunahead

    San Clemente island Wednesday 5-12

    GOOD LUCK fishing at SCI..check the Navy for closures first. Hint
  443. Tunahead

    Offshore 2021.05.07 offshore 226 and beyond, paddy YT

    Great report and pics...and your own buddy "dog dragger"! LOL Glad you scored some Yellowtail!! I was on a LR boat at Benitos, we woke up to 1000's of those little yellow birds on the entire lower/upper deck, stairwells, bait tank pecking away on a gazillion fish scales on rods in racks. Etc...
  444. Tunahead

    Islands Pac Dawn 5/7

    Nice report and info. HEY one be better than none anytime LOL
  445. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors 5/7 getting warmer...

    Some fat Sandies there...looks like a fun time at Izors! LOL
  446. Tunahead

    Offshore Big Lings on the Sherminator

    Nice report, pics, info Jim, and NICE LING Sherm. Nice load! LOL
  447. Tunahead

    Offshore Bluefin on troller

    SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE....Solid work, Tuna on deck! LOL Great report and info Dan.
  448. Tunahead

    Offshore 1.5 Day On the Polaris Supreme 4/5 - the “Unicorn” Trip

    GREAT REPORT and Info Jim, glad you guys found em, wound em LOL LOL
  449. Tunahead

    La Paz & Loreto, 4/12-19th

    Nice report and tons of info. I miss fishing the La Paz area. LOL Glad you had a great trip.
  450. Tunahead

    Lost a great rod builder this morning Steve Tomiyama

    RIP Steve....Our condolences to his family
  451. Tunahead

    Inshore Dinner and a show

    OH yeah...that Tiger Rod was bent in a U-turn for 2hrs LOL That was back in the 80's
  452. Tunahead

    Offshore 1.5 day on the American Angler

    Nice report and info. Glad you guys scored some Bluefin
  453. Tunahead

    Offshore Offshore SD

    Way to get a few yellows....sounds like fun hunting. LOL Where's the pics? The gang wants pics????
  454. Tunahead

    Inshore Dinner and a show

  455. Tunahead

    Inshore Dinner and a show

    Nice load of fish. Been there on the Black Seabass...1st on 20lb Ande on a Tiger Rod/Jigmaster 500 at Cat. About 150lbs. (PIC) LR vet Sonny Jones helped me get up for pics, deflate and release. On T-Bird..80's I got a monster close to 300lbs on Seahawk with Rick...released. Fishing for White...
  456. Tunahead

    Inshore Dinner and a show

  457. Tunahead

    Texas Tuna

    NICE SPOT! Could be...never noticed at the bottom. Some records post different versions on Google. Only noted one big Bluefin from same. Wonder if the 9hr Texas fish was rod in holder, or electric reel? Plus "netting" it? Fishy LOL
  458. Tunahead

    Texas Tuna

    Fully aware of that. I said the Biggest Bluefin ever caught on rod and reel shown. Stand up with a fighting belt and harness. LOL
  459. Tunahead

    Fully aware he said that....but they're a LOT bigger in Nova Scotia, than Texas FYI. I SAID AND...

    Fully aware he said that....but they're a LOT bigger in Nova Scotia, than Texas FYI. I SAID AND SHOWED THE BIGGEST BLUEFIN EVER CAUGHT ON ROD AND REEL STAND UP. NOT ROD IN HOLDER. LOL
  460. Tunahead

    Offshore First time offshore in my own boat

    ONE be better than none....way to get in, give it a GO For lot of my years, 64F water meant one thing=Albacore LOL
  461. Tunahead

    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Tight lines to YOU TOO John...Enjoy your Retirement
  462. Tunahead

    Offshore Great weather and fun fishing

    Great report and info,and NICE FISH Cody! Way to downsize LOL You got them to BITE. Great article in latest PCS on fishing lighter tackle. Good Stuff.
  463. Tunahead

    Texas Tuna

    NOT SO FAST That's a big Bluefin, but NETTED? LOL Gonna need A LOT OF POPCORN to hear this one Biggest Bluefin Ever Caught on Rod and Reel is Newport Beach's Ken Fraser off Nova Scotia in 1979. 1496lbs standup with a fighting belt/harness rig...amongst several commercial tuna boats hooked...
  464. Tunahead

    Texas Tuna

    Texas? Let me guess, rod in holder with Electric Reel? LOL LOL LOL
  465. Tunahead

    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    NICE load of fish, info, and pics guys. Solid work LOL Especially fishing more Cruise Ship balloon junk out of ocean.
  466. Tunahead

    Offshore 9 mile, kelps & the corner

    Way to give it a look. Like I always say... "You'll never know, until you GO fishing" LOL
  467. Tunahead

    Inshore 5-5 Izor’s and the Shoe on Taxfree

    Some nice bassin there. Solid work guys! LOL
  468. Tunahead

    Offshore 226 Yellows and Bluefin 5-5

    NICE Bluefin dad, and some nice Yellows Men. LOL
  469. Tunahead

    Inshore Wed cinco de Mayo

    Sounds like a Cinco de Mayo rockin' fun time today! LOL
  470. Tunahead

    16 day Indy report

    GREAT REPORT Pop Soda and pics from Harddrive Min LOL LOT of nice fish, helluva load of Hoo's on deck. Solid Work
  471. Tunahead

    Back AGAIN from CABO 4/26/21

  472. Tunahead

    Inshore Whistler 5/4

  473. Tunahead

    Inshore Whistler 5/4

    Well at least you took the wife along. I guess bonus points? LOL
  474. Tunahead

    Islands Just saw this posted today

  475. Tunahead

    Islands Just saw this posted today

    Either way NICE load on a school of White Seabass News at 11. LOL
  476. Tunahead

    Offshore Paddy Yellowtail 5/4/21

    NICE load of Yellows. HEY they all taste the same=AWESOME LOL
  477. Tunahead

    Back AGAIN from CABO 4/26/21

    WOW nice Smorgasbord of Tasty Fish. Great report and pics. Tough going home again after so much fun fishing I bet? LOL
  478. Tunahead


    WOW Some nice Grouper and Cabrillo . Great report/pics Wish I were there now! LOL
  479. Tunahead

    Cedros Island report

    GREAT REPORT pics, and Info for all. Glad you had a fun trip. That boat on the rocks=NO Bueno. LOL
  480. Tunahead

    Inshore Big day at Izors! 5/4

    Great report and pics...and NICE BASS> Izors is loading UP LOL
  481. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors, 5/3: Good day.

    GREAT Report and pics....the dog looks STOKED to be out there LOL
  482. Tunahead

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

  483. Tunahead

    Inshore What in the actual Fuck

    ABSOLUTE BEAST....will feed many mouths....LOL
  484. Tunahead

    You Better Check Your Insurance

    Good Intel for all. I'd say $24 add. for Mexico Coverage a bargain
  485. Tunahead

    Offshore Shogun 168 Bluefin this weekend Report - Thanks Rivergil!

    Nice load of Bluefin tuna for all anglers. Three day limits for all LOL Do the math. LOL
  486. Tunahead

    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    Way to get out there. Glad you got some yellows...More to come
  487. Tunahead

    Inshore MB tough 5/1

    I guess if nothing else, CLEAN 64 WATER OUTSIDE rocks!!! That's Albacore Water....LOL Where the hell are they????
  488. Tunahead

    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    MAJOR: "What's your take on these tattered tails Gunny"?? GUNNY HIGHWAY: "All 4 of my ex-wives have stolen one of my pickups in the Oceans11 Parking Lot in O'side now. " It tatters my tail every time it happens". "The court told me hands off" LOL
  489. Tunahead

    Inshore Holy flat fall Batman, these things really work!

    Quit the bass....GO catch a bluefin tuna with them LOL
  490. Tunahead

    Inshore 4-30-21 NP to HB to Laguna

    Way to give it a look, I heard Red Tide and PM wind everywhere LOL
  491. Tunahead

    Inshore Dana Point half-day 5/1

    Way to give it a go...and good luck with your son tomorrow!
  492. Tunahead

    Offshore YT limits local banks 4/30

    Nice load of yellows! Solid Work LOL
  493. Tunahead

    Islands Cat front 4/30 sunny am; windy pm

    Great report, glad you made it home. Find the cause yet? LOL
  494. Tunahead

    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    Great report , pics and info. Cruise ship balloons LOL Way to give it a long look out there. ONE be better than NONE I say!!! LOL Better days ahead!
  495. Tunahead

    Inshore Friday bassin with Big Dave and Mark

    You got the BUG now Lal, glad ya got out again LOL
  496. Tunahead

    Inshore Thursday on the Ducky

    Glad ya got out ...wound on some Lal!!! LOL Sounds like FUN. Your wing man Cory stuck in the office doing month end accounting likely? LOL
  497. Tunahead

    Offshore Long Journey, no results

    Way to get out there and look around. Great Input. Like I say "You'll never know...unless you GO fishing" LOL
  498. Tunahead

    Another what the heck is this post

    MAJOR: "What's your take on this MV Mystery Fish Gunny'? GUNNY HIGHWAY: "Well, It's Friday and I've had a few beers, but it looks a lot like my 1st ex-wife if I'm not mistaken". "She stole my pickup out of the Motel6 lot in Oside 6 times!!"
  499. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor Rare catch in Mission Bay...

    MAJOR: "You've got more to add on the MV Mystery Fish Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "Now that I'm sober, it looks like the rare Oside Harbor Mudshark I caught once, while my 3rd ex-wife was stealing my pick-up in the Oceans Eleven Parking Lot up top"
  500. Tunahead

    Offshore 4-29 on the 475

    Great report and intel, and way fo find the "ACTION" YT LOL
  501. Tunahead

    Inshore 04/25 Fishing Report

    Looks like another fun day on the water to me Dan. LOL
  502. Tunahead

    Inshore 4/28 lajolla 15 year anniversary

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Looks like a fun day on the ocean! LOL
  503. Tunahead

    Offshore BFT US Waters 4-27-2021

    Great report and info, glad you got fish. Solid work! LOL But HEY, the gang wants PICS here??????
  504. Tunahead

    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    Great report, Info and nice fish Don. Always see what they're biting! One trip fishing the damn pens for footballs, one guy must have caught 15-20 almost instantly. I got bit off, and while tying a new hook on, noticed a small scissors on a neck chain. He'd pin a dine on his hook, gently hold...
  505. Tunahead

    Inshore PL lings 4/28

    GOOD EATS FOR SURE.....solid work! LOL
  506. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors 4/29, Calicos to the rescue!

    Looks like fun. The Co's were dog approved , but I think they sought Turtle no avail? LOL LOL
  507. Tunahead

    Inshore The San Diego got 100 Yellows and 2 Bluefin

    YEAH...GET OUT THERE "Booger" is a fish magnet" !! LOL LOL
  508. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors 4/27 cold but decent

    Cool report, and the dogs loved the trip. Life is good! Warmer weather and water hopefully soon. LOL
  509. Tunahead

    Inshore Another Great trip on the Black Pearl

    Great report and pics, intel. NIce fish. That boat is "Fishy" LOL
  510. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor Rare catch in Mission Bay...

    MAJOR= "What's your take on this Cloudy MB Sierra Mack Gunny"? GUNNY HIGHWAY "Looks like it hitched a ride in a panga bottom for a 6 week ride to Mission Bay". "Very fishy catch"
  511. Tunahead

    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

  512. Tunahead

    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    Went with friends, Tucker ran the boat that night, dense fog, I grabbed a main bunkroom bunk, went to stow my gear. Went down to crash, and the COOK was in my bunk, said it was his. That's a 1st all time. My bunk and stuff in a bow bunk. Say WHAT? Spent the night crashing over 10ft swells to...
  513. Tunahead

    Islands Brief Coronados Visit

    I was on Indian at the Finger Bank 1 time, 3-6am wide open BIG Humbolt squid. On my last and biggest one, the Patrol Boat pulled up and boarded. I had 2 soldiers with AK weapons on both sides of me laughing as I was getting my butt kicked on 40lb, probably thought I was nuts? The officer went up...
  514. Tunahead

    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    It's a real fishy boat and crew, but the 2x4 bunks are bruisers LOL
  515. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor A-rig killing it

    FISHIN' IS FISHIN' glad you had fun with the DP Harbor Co's LOL
  516. Tunahead

    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    Glad you scored some fish on MIrage. That boat is "fishy" LOL
  517. Tunahead

    Islands Brief Coronados Visit

    Yikes...good to have everything in order. LOL
  518. Tunahead

    Inshore 4/25 long beach rockfish report

    NICE LOAD of Rockfish...think you made the most of it!
  519. Tunahead

    Inshore 4/25 SD bay to La Jolla

    NEXT TIME....seems to be a common tale about Sunday on here? At least you gave it go! LOL
  520. Tunahead

    Islands Shakedown, Calicos, and Bait Tank Setup Courtesy of BD

    Cool good Plum Job...and glad you wound on some nice Co's
  521. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Way to give it a I say.... "You'll never know....unless you". LOL Next time!
  522. Tunahead

    Offshore Current Bluefin stomach contents ?

    Seeing lot of intel saying Red Crabs, Saurie, Anchovies mostly.
  523. Tunahead

    Islands Saturday Coronados

    Way to give it a go...those yellows must be jugged full now? LOL
  524. Tunahead

    Inshore 4/25 La Jolla

    Glad ya got out there. Nice new Finder and Taco Rattler! LOL
  525. Tunahead

    Islands Coronados 4/23

    Way to get out there, at least some Sheep and a Nice fat CO. LOL
  526. Tunahead

    Inshore LB 4/24

    Glad you got out, and got some fish. Poor Skippy all fried up. Bummer.
  527. Tunahead

    Islands Not a midshipman...

    Himosa or Salmon Grouper with it's tail bit off LOL LOL LOL
  528. Tunahead

    Inshore 04/22- Horseshoe and the Harbor

    Great report and Info..glad you got out, and hooked a few Like I say "You'll never KNOW, unless you GO fishing" LOL
  529. Tunahead

    Inshore Rockfish Redondo canyon 4/22

    Nice report and info. Glad you got some fish. Damn wind LOL
  530. Tunahead

    Catalina, Different Predictions About Swells?

    Try too...up to the minute info. GL fishing
  531. Tunahead

    Islands Favorite way to cook rock sole and sand dabs?

    Sole not very big...hell give it a try cooking whole=report back LOL
  532. Tunahead

    Inshore Early Spring Bass & Barracuda

    Too too cool, boy are they fun too. Glad you got out there. My dad had me on the Matt Walsh in 1950 age 4 with a Penn Long Beach on a FG trout rod winding on wide open cuda at the Horseshoe Kelp... holding on to my belt loops LOL LOL HOOKED For life!
  533. Tunahead

    Inshore 2021 Salmon

    Lotta nice grade Salmon being caught in Central Cal IC..Awesome
  534. Tunahead

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 4/19-4/21

    I'd imagine a 40lb, 60-80lb two rigs would be used most, unless you have 100-150lb rig for really big bluefin =BRING IT LOL
  535. Tunahead

    Islands 4/19 Nados report

    Way to give a go Art...Good Intel... Spring hit or miss all over IC Yellows or Bluefin LOL At least you got some bottom grabbers.
  536. Tunahead

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 4/19-4/21

    Way to give it a go Nick. You said it...That's Bluefin Fishin' LOL
  537. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacifica 04/23/21

    Good Luck on your trip....take some PICS
  538. Tunahead

    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    I'll take the 5th here. With all the reports of Captains seeing "Massive" schools of Bluefin offshore now for 2-3 years... I wonders WHAT is the ratio of Bluefin CAUGHT vs. # that escape, keep right on going, blowing us off??? 1 in 100? 1 in 1000? That would be a more accurate measure of how...
  539. Tunahead

    Offshore Upper 9, non-report

  540. Tunahead

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    ALL TIME NEWPORT FUNNIEST= A part time rigger/diver works at a Yacht Dealer I sold for, got a call, COME QUICK dive to sunk boat and car! Seems a new boat owner backed his Uniflight into the back bay, started, reversed, pulled his Caddy into the bay still hooked to the boat/trailer. The diver...
  541. Tunahead

    Inshore 2021 Salmon

    Cool Video....Nice grade of Salmon being caught now Solid Work LOL
  542. Tunahead

    Offshore BFT scores 1.5 - 3 day

    GREAT REPORT and pics..and NICE FISH Chuck/Everyone. Epic LOL
  543. Tunahead

    Islands Full Day Coronado's on the San Diego - 4/18/21

    Great report Miguel...glad you got some reds at least. Good Job
  544. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla 4/17/20

    NICE LING and report. One-Two better than none. LOL
  545. Tunahead

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    WAY TO ENDURE. I did selling Sail/Power Yachts in Newport Years. Try tacking 40-50ft sailboat back into the harbor upwind with customers on a Sunday afternoon. Like Dodge Ball. LOL Zoo Navigation! I would Imagine with the Pandemic over a year now, many boaters of shapes and size hadn't been out...
  546. Tunahead

    In need of WSB samples for mercury analysis

    Hopefully most everyone will catch WSB and contribute samples
  547. Tunahead

    Islands Solid Coding and not so hungry yellows - South 9 and islands - Saturday 4/17/21

    Way to give it good look for the yellows, catch some reds. Bummer on the broken drive shaft coupler-things happen! There will be tons of biting yellows soon with temps rising. Hopefully= LOL
  548. Tunahead

    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    MAJOR: "What do you think of the Klamath 19 guy's saw job"? GUNNY HIGHWAY "You can't fix stupid, road or ocean" LOL
  549. Tunahead

    Offshore Polaris supreme 4-19 roll call

    I gave up Roll Calls at Ft. Hood, TX in 1967 when discharged LOL Good luck on your PS trips!
  550. Tunahead

    Inshore Point loma 4/17/21 limits for 3

    I think SQUID STRIPS gave it away=ROCKFISH. LOL If it were Yellowtail, they'd been all over the sardines.
  551. Tunahead

    Islands Grande 4-16 Coronados -

    Great report and load of reds Erik....Solid work LOL Can't beat those light load trips!
  552. Tunahead

    Inshore local bonito

    Nope. The only Bonito catches I've heard about have been at Catalina. Usually right off the Quarry. Not any inshore bonito. LOL Those were caught on Freelance & Aggressor out of Newport Beach Landings.
  553. Tunahead

    Inshore Izors SandBass tacos

    Well like they say...Some be better than none=Taco Time LOL
  554. Tunahead

    Inshore Mission Bay 7 Gill

    HA Been down that road....often ends up a Bat Ray or Blue Shark, etc. fishing for White Seabass at Cat/SCI A least you got some other fish. TC
  555. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 4/14

    Great report and intel...glad you at least got some yellows. Pretty typical Bluefin fishing most any day...Some bite, some full of red crabs, sauri, chovies. The bite should improve soon
  556. Tunahead

    Offshore Polaris Supreme BFT Thursday 15 April

    Good input....but with Bluefin, things can change QUICK.. Hope they don't get lockjaw on your upcoming trips LOL GL
  557. Tunahead

    Inshore Mission Bay 7 Gill

  558. Tunahead

    Offshore 4/14 Shogun 1.5 Report

    Way to get out I always say.... "You'll Never Know...unless you GO fishing" I'm sure these tuna will eventually move further North LOL
  559. Tunahead

    Cowcod Photos repsonse from DFG.

    MAJOR: "What's your take on this Cowcod reg Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "Sounds like releasing more seal food?"
  560. Tunahead

    Islands 4/10 and 4/11 Coronados

    Solid work Mike...NICE grade of Yellows, and things to come! LOL
  561. Tunahead

    Fish ID yellow snake eel?

    RIGHT....and Trump now has proof Obama a Navajo Indian too...and he lied about Kenya. LOL
  562. Tunahead

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    AWESOME REPORT and pics...GREAT READ!! Glad you guys got out in the game, and some fish Lot of good Intel there as well. GOOD JOB. LOL
  563. Tunahead

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    Great Report and Pics Ray...and nice load of fish. Solid Work! Like I say..."You'll never know....unless you GO fishing" LOL
  564. Tunahead

    Eldorado SBI 4/11

    Great Report and great to see Eldorado back on the water. That boat is fishy, many days spent, tuna to lingcod on it. LOL
  565. Tunahead

    Offshore Bft Old Glory

  566. Tunahead

    DDT Fun off Palos Verdes

    "The Corp. heard it's pesticide runoff from Trump's golf course" Gunny Highway
  567. Tunahead

    Islands Santa Barbara Island late report 4/2

  568. Tunahead

    Fish ID yellow snake eel?

    "The only time I went fishing out of O'side with a hangover, I caught 1, tossed it over the side while I tossed it over too. Went back to CP to recover" GUNNY HIGHWAY
  569. Tunahead

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    YOU DID RIGHT-least line, and hook left to rust out eventually! Leaving a mile of line on is no bueno. Damn Seals and Sea Lions are everywhere, sucks. I had a big yellow, 40-50lbs on at Cedros on BG90. Almost to gaff, then a 500lb Sea Lion wanted lunch, Near spooling my Avet HX 5/2. Capt Mike...
  570. Tunahead

    Islands Coronado yellows 4-10-21

    Nice load of Yellows guys, Solid Work...Glad you got out. LOL
  571. Tunahead

    Inshore I've Got a Problem.

    NO Halibut Howie? You're slackin' get back out there. LOL The honey-do's can wait. You'll get guff from her either way!
  572. Tunahead

    Inshore Quick trip Oside

    NICE HAUL Josh....solid work. Glad you made hay today. LOL
  573. Tunahead

    Inshore Lajolla today 4/11

    Some fish is mo betta than no fish...Glad you got out today! LOL
  574. Tunahead

    Inshore Young Boater Update and Question about Izors

    LORD HAVE MERCY....HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL..... GOOD YOU GOT OUT...Practice, Practice, Practice
  575. Tunahead

    Avet HX 5/2 Raptor/flatfall vs 100#+ Bluefin tuna

    ME TOO...My original HX 5/2 has new bearings, good to go. Now if only I could heal my old parts as easily as the HX. LOL Hope to BB on Condor again
  576. Tunahead

    Avet HX 5/2 Raptor/flatfall vs 100#+ Bluefin tuna

    Wide or Narrow? Mine's a narrow but still holds a lot of 80lb Spectra. Should be good for Tuna into the 100's . I love my HX 5/2. Great casting reel too. GL fishing LOL
  577. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 4/14 1.5

    Viewing the only known Sportboat I see fishing, is Thunderbird from Newport Beach, tucked in tight/Lee side of San Clemente Is. Looks like everyone else cancelled. As others said. Hope you guys get out the 14th. GL fishing.
  578. Tunahead

    Islands 4/8 Chasing Yellows on the Legend H&M at Coronados

    Way to give it a GO. With all this wind and up-welling colder water, a LOT of bait in the water these days...maybe just an off day. Go again soon! LOL
  579. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla today 4/9

    Nice afternoon! Muy bueno. LOL
  580. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla today 4/9

    SO Treefish/Whitefish Tacos and Beer???? That works! Glad ya got out. LOL
  581. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla today 4/9

    GO GETTUM....glad you can get out there! LOL
  582. Tunahead

    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    LOL having started tuna fishing age 15 in 1960, fully aware of that...LOL THANKS
  583. Tunahead

    Islands 100 F line off Mission Bay 4/7/21

    NICE LOAD of Reds Howie....tasty stuff. Solid Work LOL
  584. Tunahead

    Islands Santa Barbara Island late report 4/2

    NICE grade of Yellows Tim...Good Job...I miss fishing SBI on the old BG90. LOL
  585. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    ME TOO....fishy boat too.! TC
  586. Tunahead

    Inshore oceanside buoy question

    Well, make sure to avoid the Blonde Buoys at Oceans Eleven in O'Side. TWO have stolen my pickup truck in the last 3 years. They're tough bouys. Gunny Highway
  587. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    I remember those. Three of us on Indian with 20 firemen from Arizona with Rent Rods/Rail Plates at the Finger Bank one morning. I thought I saw a boil, had a jig rod ready and let er' fly WHAM...10lb Bonito....COMING DOWN COMING DOWN. Oh boy a log jam. The clueless firemen=HUH???? Beer in one...
  588. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    The real problem fishing 400-600ft down is, you can hook a 2lb fish, and it feels like 20lbs+ winding it up with it's bucket mouth wide open pulling water. LOL As for deep Lings, like winding up a wet rug from that deep. Use ALL Spectra, then 6ft mono with 2 loops tied to a swivel. A 2 speed...
  589. Tunahead

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

  590. Tunahead

    Islands Yellows at Coronado 4/7

    Nice load of Yellows for April Josh/Guys....Solid Work...LOL
  591. Tunahead

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

  592. Tunahead

    Islands 4/2 Friday night Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing roll call!

    NICE bag of fish, THANK Capt.Ray for saving the Day...LOL
  593. Tunahead

    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    GOOD SIGN of things to come...some nice sized Bluefin heading North. LOL
  594. Tunahead

    Islands San Diego 4/6

    GOOD JOB Blaine and NICE FISH to take on the long ride home. Solid Work LOL Nice report and Intel as well.
  595. Tunahead

    Offshore Half Day AM on the New Seaforth 4-6

    NICE....boy that's one totally lost Salmon in the cold NW current. LOL LOL
  596. Tunahead

    Offshore Am I missing something here

    YES WE SAW IT........LET'S EAT
  597. Tunahead

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

  598. Tunahead

    Inshore Dana Point - March 28 - Not Much Life

    No kidding, hard to keep a decent drift going, when the boat blown by wind...LOL
  599. Tunahead

    Inshore Dana Point - March 28 - Not Much Life

    All this damn wind causing up=welling =cold water inshore....warmer soon LOL
  600. Tunahead

    Islands 4/5 Nados report

    Way to give it a go Art. "You'll never know....unless you GO" LOL
  601. Tunahead

    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore

  602. Tunahead

    Islands Easter fun on the San Diego

    Great Report and Intel David....ONE be better than None any damn time! LOL
  603. Tunahead

    Inshore Huge red deep dropping

    NOW THAT is a RED worth the winding up from 585ft...LOL NICE FISH
  604. Tunahead

    Islands Catalina 4/2/21

    Way to give a go. All this wind causing upwelling of cold water. Damn wind. LOL
  605. Tunahead

    Inshore Finally Got Out On My Boat PL To Whistler 4/4/2021

    Way to give it a GO. Glad you got out.. Got a few fish for tacos. All this wind almost daily is getting crazy. Like I say "You'll never know, unless you GO" LOL
  606. Tunahead

    Inshore Half Day at the Shoe 4-4

    Great report, pics, and Intel for all. Winding up 81 Bass quite a 1/2day NOW go find and catch the big "Mystery Fish" on the Meter. My dad had me on the Matt Walsh in 1950 age 4 at the shoe winding on log cuda. LOL
  607. Tunahead

    Inshore Long Beach 4/2

    TIME WELL SPENT w/Dad Rob...Good Job....NICE SANDIE DAD! What a day!
  608. Tunahead

    Offshore Easter Day North 9

  609. Tunahead

    Bay / Harbor 600 ft, the Reality !!

    Well Walt, after years out all winter too deep fishing, afraid I'm done with it. I could see you going to electric reels for 600ft drops. LOL My thumb carpel joint is shot. The latest old part to wear out. I'll save it for tuna on Condor this summer, or surgery. LOL Glad you got out though. Hope...
  610. Tunahead

    Inshore 4/2 LJ

    FUN TIME on the YAK. Too cool video LOL
  611. Tunahead

    Islands Catalina 4-1 thru 4-3

    GOOD JOB Robert and daughter! Time well spent. NIce pics TOO. Those big Black Seabass will rock you for sure... shallow not a problem for them going back down. LOL
  612. Tunahead

    Islands 4/2 Coronado Islands

    Damn wind....well great report and glad you got out south on your own boat. Nothing like experience. Yeah Ryan Bostian and the SD are Yellowtail magnets LOL
  613. Tunahead

    Inshore RPT-Thur.-04-01-21 Local Bass

    Yeah another scar infection, almost healed hopefully. Other repairs healed should be ready to fish again this summer.News at 11. LOL
  614. Tunahead

    Inshore Fun Day Rock Fishing LJ...

    Nice fish, good haul on the Yak's....Solid Work LOL
  615. Tunahead

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    Yeah just spotted them heading towards Ensenada @9kts. On Marine Tracker Looks like the area off Colonet holding more Bluefin these days. News at 11. LOL
  616. Tunahead

    Inshore RPT-Thur.-04-01-21 Local Bass

    TOO COOL...I was wondering when you and Lal would take the Ducky out again. LOL All this wind causing upwelling and cold water temps.
  617. Tunahead

    Offshore Swing and a miss deep drop.... and some weird shit happened need explanation

    Sounds like everything on the boat was LOADED UP with Static Electricity . >>>>>>>HIDE! LOL
  618. Tunahead

    Offshore 9 mile Rockfishinnnn 4/1

    NICE LOAD of Reds from the 9 Matt...Solid Work LOL
  619. Tunahead

    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore

    IF all this damn wind causing UPWELLING would cease awhile, Water temps inshore/offshore warm up! News at 11. LOL
  620. Tunahead

    Islands Rpt.-Sat.-SCI 036-27-21

    N NO KIDDING....I've had 8 shoulder surgeries, and the 5th Cellulitis Infection in the large scar from Titanium Shoulder Replacement few years ago. I now have the packing and everything to treat at home, w/anti-biotics via my surgeon. Hope to god I get back on the water again this summer. On...
  621. Tunahead

    Islands San Nicholas Eldo Charter 3/26-3/27

    GREAT REPORT and Pics Logan....the kid with the Goat looks STOKED! Nice fish Glad you all had a great trip, Eldo has always been a "fishy" boat. LOL
  622. Tunahead

    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore

    "We're waiting until the Albies reach the Dumper Again like the good old days"
  623. Tunahead

    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    I'm holding out til the ALBACORE get here.....
  624. Tunahead

    Islands 3/31 surface iron yellow

    NICE Yellow Josh...Solid Work. That's the right grade..good to see in March! LOL
  625. Tunahead

    Islands 3/29. The San Diego

    GREAT REPORT and PICS Ray...nice load of fish. Glad you had a great trip. LOL
  626. Tunahead

    Inshore South 9 Mile Bank 10/27: Big East Wind

    NICE REDS and report. Tasty! Glad you got out w/daughter and 1st Mate. LOL
  627. Tunahead

    Inshore Ling lings!

    NICE LINGS Jayson....Solid Work.....For Lings/Reds I whip up 2 eggs in 1 bowl and Italian Bread Crumbs in a 2nd bowl. Cut the fish in to cubes/strips, dip in egg, then roll in bread crumbs and fry in shallow Canola Oil. Great for meals or Tacos too.! LOL Ready to EAT!
  628. Tunahead

    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    Great report and pics Jim...your son looks STOKED! Quality time w/him spent for sure.
  629. Tunahead

    Islands 3/29 surface iron yellows

    Nice Yellows and Solid Work/Pics....good to see quality yellows biting LOL
  630. Tunahead

    Islands Rpt.-Sat.-SCI 036-27-21

    Nice fish and SOLID WORK Cory. Damn Cory you beat me to the thumb surgery! With a 5th Cellulitis scar infection almost gone, my right thumb Carpel Joint is SHOT! I may be next thumb under the knife. LOL Great to see you 2 got off the dock and put fish on the deck. All this damn wind causing...
  631. Tunahead

    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    GREAT REPORT and intel Ray, nice haul of Yellows for March. Solid Work LOL
  632. Tunahead

    Inshore La Jolla 3/17

    During the 1975 Transpacific Yacht Race, we had an Albatross follow us all the way to Hawaii. Of course we nicknamed him Albie. LOL They know where meals are. Just like Pelicans, Seagulls, Crows and all the rest. LOL
  633. Tunahead

    Offshore BFT 2/26

    NICE FISH Kyle and Brandon....and great report and Intel...Solid Work LOL
  634. Tunahead

    Wind, wind, wind!

    Here's one (of two RSW holds and the slammer) FULL of Albacore and 2 Bluefin on a Searcher 3 day....we came home early back in the 80's. Insane wide open fishing. Here's ONE ...note the long fins....easy to tell Albacore. Pure white meat too.
  635. Tunahead

    Wind, wind, wind!

  636. Tunahead

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 day February 26th-28th, 2021 fishing report

    GREAT report and pics. Glad you all had a nice trip, I'm old as dirt now and grew up a teenager on PQ with the late Eddie McEwen out of old Pacific Landing in LB That boat is "fishy" always has been. TC Memories galore LOL
  637. Tunahead

    Offshore barracuda in Long Beach Harbor in March

    EONS ago we even caught Cuda off the Anchored San Pedro Barge...LOL
  638. Tunahead

    Offshore New year bluefin

    NICE FISH Guys....Solid Work....LOL
  639. Tunahead

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Not yet Jer, Yam Fuhrer, Jr.,Eric,Kushner, Stone, Manaford, Flynn and Qoozalani in line first for TREASON. LMAO. Happy Holidays PS=NPP NoPartyPreferred...a Vet who served, no fake bone spurs. LOL
  640. Tunahead

    Election Fraud - non-political

    ELECTION FRAUD OCCURED in 2016 when Traitor Trump paid Russia to rig Election Computers in 4 States late, trailing Hilary Clinton by over 3.5M votes. Kushner and Eric Trump met w/Russians at Trump Tower. Flynn and Manafort paid the Russians
  641. Tunahead

    Offshore Pac Queen 1.5 day trip

  642. Tunahead

    Offshore Great way to end 2020

  643. Tunahead

    Offshore She ain't singing' yet!

    Great report and noble effort LOL Like I say, "You'll never know..unless you GO"
  644. Tunahead

    Offshore New Lo-An Charter Trip Report 2.75 Day 11/14 - 11/17

    Great report and read. Way to make the most of tough conditions. LOL Knarly seas and wind at the Tanner or Cortez is never a day at the beach, and tough fishing.
  645. Tunahead

    Offshore Aztec 11/15-11/18

    GREAT REPORT and read...and NICE FISH LOL Aztec is a fishy boat for sure!
  646. Tunahead

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    Great report and glad you all made a trip out of it sans the drunk Roast Master LOL
  647. Tunahead

    Offshore 11/12 San Salvador knoll

    GREAT REPORT and nice load of fish....Solid Work!! LOL
  648. Tunahead

    Offshore Weekend on the CONDOR

    GREAT REPORT GOOSE, and glad you and your brother got out on the Bird. Sounds like a decent load of fish for all, for this time of year. Good job. I miss the gang, but steadily healing the shoulder still. Doc said not yet. LOL Hope to be back next season again. Stay safe, and Happy Holidays...
  649. Tunahead

    Condor or Pacifica??

    YOU ARE CORRECT....The Pic crossed me up. LOL Pacifica is the ex-Dominator....fished it a few times too. LOL Poseidon the ex=Pacific Star Mike Bullard owned, fished for years out of Newport, and Seaforth SD. Thanks for waking me up. LOL
  650. Tunahead

    Condor or Pacifica??

    The pic crossed me up The ex-Dominator is the Pacifica. The Pacific Star is now the Poseidon. Yes Mike Bullard brought Pacific Star down from Alaska and owned for years at Davies Locker, then Seaforth, some winters in LB for Rockfish Trips. FYI.
  651. Tunahead

    Condor or Pacifica??

    I've fished on Condor umteen times over 15-20 years. Big, wide, steel, great platform and wide side paths fishing tuna, etc. Great crew and boat. Capt. Scott or Jimmy both top tuna hunters. Very experienced.
  652. Tunahead

    Offshore 09-13-20 surprise