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    Raymarine C120 for sale

    Raymarine C120 display with cover and power cord and Navionics card $300.00. Contact me at [email protected] Item is SOLD Thanks
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    Fujinon Binos filter

    Hey guys, my wife just bought me a pair of Fujinon 14x40 techno stabi binoculars. I want to put polarizing filters on it but now sure what size it takes. I've red some posts that say 49mm with a 48mm adapter will work. I checked with Baker Marine and he said that wouldn't work. Has anyone...
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    Delta Hollow Chisel Mortiser

    Model 14-650 Type 2 Excellent condition only used on one project 20 years ago. Comes with 2 hollow chisels 1/4" & 1/2". This is the the older better model. Not the cheap Chinese made one they sell now. Just $200.00 and its yours.
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    Mobil welder

    I am looking for the mobil welder who came up to my house in Poway and did some welding on my water storage tank a few years back. I got his name through BD. Can't remember his name but he was a cool guy and arrived in a large welding truck. He did a great job too. My neighbor needs to have...
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    Mobil welder

    I am looking for the mobil welder who came up to my house in Poway and did some welding on my water storage tank a few years back. I got his name through BD. Can't remember his name but he was a cool guy and arrived in a large welding truck. He did a great job too. My neighbor needs to have...
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    I was at the Poway Costco today and saw that they just got in a bunch of small chest freezers. I think they were about $189.00. I already have one in the garage just for fish but it's just about empty now. Maybe 20lbs of yellow tail and 10 lbs of tuna left. No more rock fish and just about...
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    Sea sick med

    I read somewhere on BD a while back about a med that works really well and it wasn't Scopack or whatever. Appearently it's not available in the US but over the counter in Mexico. I tried search but cannot locate the medication.. Anyone help me out? I have a friend who gets sea sick and goes...
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    Offshore Great fishing

    Went out again this week with some new fishing buddies. Twice we found boiling schools of tuna under birds with no other boats in sight. Then found kelp patties nearby with Yellow Tails jumping all around and again not another boat in sight all day. We fished them for hours and loaded up both...
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    No luck today

    My buddy Gary and I headed out early today with hopes of finding YT down off IB. Left Mission Bay in some rough water and thought it would get better heading south. Not a bad run down to Pt. Loma where we made mac's. Ran down to IB but found pretty rough conditions. Wind blowing and it was...
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    Re-painting irons

    Most of my irons are chipped and dull. I'm thinking of re-painting them the same colors. What paint should I use? Acrylic or enamel? I was thinking of stripping off the old paint and spraying them with primer. Then using my airbrush sprayer for the painting. Then a clear coat? Haven't...
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    Fished LJ today

    Headed up to the northwest corner or LJ today to fish for YT. Half way out of Mission Bay I noticed my bait tank pump not working. No problem I wasn't planning on using it anyway. I was going to troll Rapalas and jig some irons. What a beautiful day to be on the water. Calm, warm, and no...
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    Lost bait tank

    If anyone at Sea World Marina lost a bait tank from their boat I pulled it out of the water and put it up by the bike racks. Ask Joe. I saw it and a bunch of stuff floating around the marina. Lots of damage to boats and to the docks. Dock lockers blown into the water and lots of canvas and...
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    Lizard fish

    Has anyone found any useful purpose for lizard fish?
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    Offshore Fishing with Capt. Hanson

    My fishing buddy, Gary, and I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Dave Hanson on Wednesday. After 3 postponements because of weather we finally got to hook up and go. 0600 we met at my boat at Sea World Marina. My boat neighbor gave us his half scoop of dines because he just came back in...
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    Weather ap for iPhone

    Can anyone recommend a good iPhone App for local weather and ocean conditions? Thanks
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    Mex License

    Anyone know how long the site has been down? Need to get my license renewed by Friday. Worst case would be to buy it from Dana Landing.
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    Compass heading?

    What compass heading is commonly used? True north or Magnetic north? My auto pilot set on Magnetic north but my chart plotter is set up for True north. I was told that here is a 13 degree difference between the two so I need to figure out which one to use. Thanks, Dave
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    Ever saw this before?

    Headed out to La Jolla this morning and saw some good meter marks in about 100 feet of water. Dropped down some squid on a double dropper loop rig for nothing but nibbles. Figured it was probably Lizard fish so I'd pick up a few for Halibut fishing. Dropped the Sibiki over and started pulling...
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    Boat decals

    Anyone recommend a BDer who makes the decals for boat names and such. My boat is documented so I need the name and hailing port decals made and installed. The boat is in Sea World marina. Thanks, Dave Ye, I know I can go on line and have them made but I'd rather give the work to someone here.
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    Yellows in La Jolla

    I was out with my son off La Jolla yesterday. We were trolling Rapalas off La Jolla kelp when we saw a lot of diving birds about 300 yards in front of us. As we got closer we could see a bunch of seals splashing in the water. One came up with a nice yellow tail in his mouth shaking the hell...
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    Sea anchor

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me what size sea anchor I should get for my 2901 Sea Swirl? And where's the best place to get it from? Thanks, Dave
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    Plumer needed

    Anyone recommend a good honest, reliable, insured and licensed plumber in the Poway area? Having a problem with hot water pressure. Good pressure for a few seconds then not much after that. Cold water pressure is fine. Sounds like a plugged line? I've needed a good plumber several times so...
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    206CC Sea Pro for sale

    For Sale..Price reduced I just bought my larger boat and need to sell my CC as much as it hurts to do so. I’m selling my 2006 Sea Pro 206CC and moving up to a larger boat. This boat is in excellent condition and well maintained as is the trailer. Asking $20,000.00. Fantastic fishing...
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    Generator question

    I have a 5000wt generator I use for power outages. My house is wired so I can plug it into an outlet below my panel. I've used it many times but I noticed the plug that plugs into the generator has 4 prongs but the outlet on the house only has 3 slots and that end of the wire has a 3 prong...
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    Fishing tomorrow

    I'm heading out tomorrow. I can't sit around the house when the weather is so nice. I'm thinking La Jolla kelp or Pt Loma kelp. Anything going on at either? I'm just going to bottom fish with squid and jigs then maybe fish the bay. How is the water? Weather reports are saying large surf...
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    Trail camera

    Looking at trail cameras for my Christmas List. So many to choose from. Any recommendations. I just want to see all the critters that come around my place at night so nothing expensive. OK maybe since I'm not buying it I guess it could be expensive. Something simple. I'm a simple man.
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    Trailer tires

    I know I read some posts about trailer tires but I can't find any now. The choices are High Run (Chinese), Carlile, GoodYear. Any opinions on these. My Goodyear tires are 5 years old and one blew out yesterday on the freeway causing slight damage to the fender and boat. I was told trailer...
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    Boat cover

    Anyone have any recommendations for a boat cover for my 206 Sea Pro CC with a T-Top? I've seen pictures of covers covering the entire t top and boat and pics of them fastening just under the top. Any ideas on the cost and what type of fabric would be best? Any good local shops around San...
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    Any whales?

    I have a friend wanting to go see some whales. She said she heard they are just off the coast. Don't know where she heard that. I haven't been out on the water for a while so I can't confirm. Anyone seen them around here? I told her to get her ass over to Sea World and look at Shamu but...
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    Vacuum sealer

    Anyone using Cabela's CG-15 Vac Sealer? I'm looking to replace the POS one that I have now and there are so many on the market to choose from. I'd like to stay in the $200-400 range and Cabelas has a refirbishied one for $350 and it got good reviews. I looked at the Food Saver Game Saver but...
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    Vacuum sealer

    I'm looking to upgrade to a better food vacuum sealer for this coming fishing season. I now have a Foodsaver (:shithappens:) that I hate. I remember reading here about some better ones at Doug Care Equip which I looked up. Does anyone have the Best Vac sealer that they sell? It runs $225.00...
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    Pretty cute

    Penguin Goes Shopping
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    Canopy cover

    A couple years ago I bought a 10' x 20' canopy from Costco. I was thinking of putting my boat under it but then I got a T top and it wouldn't fit.. Anyway the fabric on it was torn off a while back and I need to buy some new stuff but I forgot where I put the name of the company that sells it...
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    What's the problem?

    I spent $5000 on a boob job for the wife. She was delighted. I spent another $2000 on a nose job for her. She was ecstatic. I spent $2000 on liposuction for her and she was over the moon. I spent $30 on a blow job for myself and she goes fucking nuts.
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    Knife sharpening

    Does anyone have the Pro Edge knife sharpening system. If so how do you like it and is it worth the money? I saw the videos on the internet and it looks like a good system but you know how videos can be deceiving. I didn't see the guy shapren a fillet knife so I was wondering how it would...
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    Check this out

    My brother sent me this link. Interesting fish.
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    MMSI alert

    After fishing on Sunday I stopped by my buddies boat in Mission Bay for a beer and parked mine in the vaccant slip next to his. About 10 minutes later we hear a wailing siren and find out it's coming from my Icom 504 radio. When I looked at the screen it had changed from channel 72 to 16. We...
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    Catching squid

    I'm reading all these posts about WSB and want to give it a try with my buddy. How, when and where do you catch squid if you're in a smaller boat? Also how are your hooking them? I got the balloon idea and plan on trying that along with using a dropper rig and fly lining. I've never fished...
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    painting lures

    Hey guys, I remember seeing some posts on painting irons but I can't find them. I have a few old irons in need of painting. I was thinking of changing their colors and I have removed all the paint. I primered them with white Rustolium primer. What type of paint should I use for the coloring...
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    One day Superman was feeling a bit horny. So he asked his super hero friends for ideas on where he could get a bit of action. 'Hey Batman! Who's good in the sack?' 'Well Superman, everyone knows that Wonder Woman is the best sex in comic land. Why don't you try her?' replied Batman 'I'd love...
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    Who was that?

    After spending all morning getting my heat pump fixed I had to go for a drive in my brand new Tundra to get some miles on it and destress. I gotta get 500 on her so I can tow my boat. I wanted to take my wife out for a long drive and then some sushi but that didn't happen. Anyway I was...
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    It came off my 206 Sea Pro CC. 31" wide and 15" high. PM me if you want it. It's gone 3-8-2010
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    Tow insurance

    My insurance with Sea Tow expires in 3 weeks. I'm thinking of switching over to Vessel Assist. Anyone have problems with them? Any recommendations? Thanks
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    Gettin ready

    Well I'm slowly getting the boat ready for this years fishing. Got the 300 hour service done, trailer serviced, washdown pump replaced, new radio, new fishfinder/GPS, new deck lines, made new gaffs, inspected all lures, sharpened all hooks, re-rigged trollers, checked and tested the bait pump...
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    Rod holders

    I have several rod holders, the SS ones that clamp onto the rails, and no matter how hard I tighten the allen screws down the holder still slides. The clamps are the correct size so that's not the problem. Is there something I can put on the rail that the clamp can bite onto? Thanks
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    My buddy is gone

    What a sad day. We had to put our cat down today. What a good little buddy. He was my buddy for 23 years. Always there when I got home from fishing waiting for his anchovies. He would sit on the table while I filleted the catch waiting for his share. He kept the vermin down on the property...
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    Painting lures

    I'm going to paint some of my knife handle jigs and was wondering what paint to use. They are SS and as slick as a titty. Should I rough them up with sandpaper then primer them? If so with what primer and what grit paper? I tried this last year and the primer, Krylon, just didn't stick. I...
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    Sunday in the bay

    What a beutiful day on the water today. Launched in Mission Bay at 0700 and picked up a great half scoop of chovies from Gary at EB. Started off at 4 corners and drifted all the way to the Ingraham bridge. Getting short butts and bass all day. As I was drifting past Ski Beach ramp I thought...
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    Does anyone know where I can buy some Marine carpet to recover the side rails on my trailer? WM wants $30.00 for an 11" X 12' piece. I used some indoor/outdoor carpet last year from HD and it's rotted through already. Thanks
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    Happy customer

    Well it's 1500 hrs Wed. I just brought my boat home from Hipp Marine. Great service as usual. Robert takes good care of his customers. Had the 300 hour service done along with some electrical problems. First problem was the fuse blew and the motor wouldn't start. Replaced the fuse and it ran...
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    Fishing today

    Well I headed out today, Thursday, to fish off the kelp bed around Sunset Cliff to Pt. Loma. Great day on the water with flat seas, no wind, and warm sunny weather. Started jigging the bottom with squid for small reds, sculpin and a few small lings. When I decided to head to better spots the...
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    Storm damage

    Well I finished cleaning up the mess from the last storm. Luckily no downed trees this time. My boat lost it's cover or should I say mama nature tore it to bits and scattered it all over property along with my 10 x 20 canopy behind the shop. The boat was partially filled with water because...
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    Motor polish

    What do you guys use to polish your motors? I have a Merc 150 and I'd like to clean up the water spots and put a shine on it. I went ot Hipp but they had to order some product and it has not come in yet. Anything else someone can recommend? I might have to go to West Marine if Hipp can't get...
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    La Jolla today

    Got an early start this morning and was in the water by 0630. Got a half from EB with some nice 6-7" Macks included. A little rough going out the MB channel but I've seen worse. Ocean was fairly calm and no wind. Got up to La Jolla at about 25mph. The water on the way up was very dirty and...
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    Well I'm going to have to upgrade sooner than I was planing on. I was looking at several units in the $600-$800 range and was looking hard at the Lowrance HDS 5, Humminbird 788, and the Garmin 540. Anyone have any input on these. Or any other suggestons. I've researched all the post here on...
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    Something wrong?

    I just paid my DMV registration on my 06 Sea Pro 206. Only $20.00. Is there something going on with our politicians? Why aren't they screwing us on boat registrations like they do with cars and trucks. And to top that when I got my new registration it was for 2 years. Expires in Dec. of...
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    Got new radio

    Well I just got back from WM and bought a new Icom M504 and the Shakespear 5225XP antenna. Couldn't find the problem with the old radio so I didn't want to risk it. Questions now. Where to put the new radio. The old one was down by my knee and you couldn't see it. But the instructions on...
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    Radio problem

    I have a Ray Marine 48 radio in my boat. When I put on the T top I moved the antenna to the top. It's a Shakspear 8' antenna. I also shortened the antenna cable and reattached it to the back of the radio. I cut and re soldered the connection so it's OK. Now when I transmit you can hardly...
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    Xmas list

    OK guys it's time to start thinking about Christmas so it doesn't sneak up again. I've already started my shopping. For my list I'm asking Santa for a Sabiki rod and a reel. Are there different sizes of rods. When I was at Squidcoa whle back one of the guys said the ones they had there were...
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    I forgot

    Did anyone else see the boat on the Fiesta Island beach across from Sea World? Looks like it was waaaaaaaaaaaay up on the beach with the anchor line hanging off the bow. I looked like a 26' maybe Stripper. I think high tide is around 9 tonight and it had better be pretty high to lift it off.
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    Bad day fishing

    Well it just had to happen. After 3 fantastic weekends on the water fishing in perfect weather we had to have 1 bad one. Left my house in Poway at 0545 and headed to Missin Bay. It was clear and about 78 when I left and I could see the lights on Mt. Soladad so I knew it was going to be great...
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    Washdown pump

    Well my third Shurflo Pro Blaster washdown pump broke. The paint on the top is blistering. Looks like there is corrosion inside but I haven't taken it apart. The last two leaked too. Every year I have to replace it. I'm thinking of switching to the FloJet 4325. Do any of you guys have...
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    Broken pole

    Well I snapped 2' off the tip of my USA Graphite jigging stick. Now what? Thorw it away. Any other use for it now? I hate to throw any fishing stuff away but I can't think of a use for it now. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Broke my pole

    Well I"m pissed. I was getting everything ready for tomorrows offshore run. The boat is all packed and ready to go so I thought I'd set the drags on my poles. Everything went well untill I tried setting the drag on my favorite jigging stick. It's a USA Graphite8'6" that I got at Noah's...
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    Painting tip

    I have to paint a 6" long area on the lower unit of my Merc O/B where the paint has come off. Do I need to prime the aluminim with something before I apply on the black paint? I asume I have to scuff up the metal first also. I'm going to pick up some black paint at Hipp Marine tomorrow.
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    Hey Guys, I just ordered one for my Merc 150 Verado. It should be here in a week. Any tips on installing it? It looks straight forward to me but I am a little hesitant drilling into my outboard and don't want to screw it up. Also the directions say to put some Marine 5200 around the holes...
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    MB bait?

    Does anyone know if the diesel spill affected the bait at EB in Mission Bay? I emailed them and got no response. Plan on goingo out tomorrow.
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    Great fishing today

    My buddies Junior and Suds (USMC) and I were planing on going Mako fishing today in spite of the weather reports that weren't really that bad looking at the NOAA forecast last night. We got to South Shores and saw a couple larger boats leaving the parking lot on their trailers. Not a good sign...
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    Lowrance hds7

    I was at West Marine yesterday depositing my monthly $200.00 and was looking at the Lowrance HDS7 GPS/Fishfinder unit and listening to the sales pitch. It looks like a nice unit but the on line reviews rate it from a piece of crap to God's first choice. Anyone here have one and what is the...
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    NOAA Questionnaire

    Anyone else receive a letter advising them they have been selected to be included in the Souther California Sport Fishing Survey from the U.S. Department of Commerce? I remember being asked over a year ago by one of the DFG ladies who checks your fish and asks you some questions if I would be...
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    Offshore Fishing the 182

    Headed out with my two buds SSgt. Junior Perez (Fishin Buddy) and Gunnery Sgt. "Suds" Sedweeks USMC to the 182. Long ride out from MIssion Bay with a nice scoop of deans from EB Mission Bay. Saw three good bait boils with porpoises and diving birds but no fish for us. EB needs to get out and...
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    Knife sheaths

    Anyone know where to get some sheaths for my Forschner knives at a decent price? I've seen some places on the net but would like to stay local if possible. Thanks....Dave
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    La Jolla Cove Seals

    OK, did I hear this right on the news? The city of San Diego is going to spend $100,000.00 minimum to scare the seals away from the cove with a recording of dogs barking. I'll do it with real dogs for half that price. Anyone want to join in? Good God, no wonder the city is broke.
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    Slow day fishing

    Launched out of South Shore with my neighbor and Gunny Sgt. Suds. We picked up some so so deans at EB and headed out. Started just south of the OB pier and worked our way down the kelp line to the green tanks. A couple good hits but nothing would stick. I picked up a 14" calico when we...
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    Good day fishing

    I had to go fishing solo today none of my buddies could make it. Got to South Shores at 0545 and only about 6 trucks and trailers in the lot. Droped the boat in and headed to EB for some so so bait. I was number 10 in line. They sure don't give you scoops like the boys in SD bay do. Followed...
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    South Shores closed?

    Does anyone know if the city is closing South Shores boat ramp because of the OTL games. I can't remember if it was closed last year but I think it was which created a real mess. I was planing to get there before 0600 to launch. Thanks......
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    Fished La Jolla

    Took the wife out today for some bass fishing at La Jolla. Picked up a horrible half scoop of chovies from EB. First time I was ever disappointed. Only about 3 dozen chovies over 4" long and the rest were about 2" to "3 long. I didn't even have hooks small enough to use on them. My fault, I...
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    I was visiting Tony (Crazy Hawiian) and he was showing me the hydrofoil on his outboard. I thought of getting one last year but wasn't sure if it would help with controing the boat at slower speeds and smooth out the ride at higher speeds. Tony said it really helped his boat and his son's...
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    Fishing La Jolla

    Went out with a new Marine fishing buddy Rithy. Stopped by EB and got some deans since there were no chovies. I knew I should have picked up some squid at the Asian market. Anyway headed up to La Jolla in bumpy conditions and tried several spots for nada. Rithy managed to get a red and that...
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    Repair question

    Hey guys, I need to fill in 12 holes in the gunwhale of my boat where the fittings for the Bimini top were. The holes are about 3/16" to 1/4". I was told to use either 5200 or a two part epoxy. Any thoughts on either one? I also have a couple dings and small chips here and there. What...
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    Aros Trailers

    I had some brake problems with my trailer like rusted out rotors, pads shot and calipers shot too so I called Aros Trailers in El Cajon and talked to Scott and Tony. I saw their ads on BD and figured they've been tested and passed. Anyway when I talked to Tony he had me bring the trailer in...
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    Tried Ray

    I needed some maintance work done on my Merc and some lights wired up so I decided to call Ray after reading about him on BD. Very cool guy and did great work too. Had the oils and filters changed in no time. The lights were wired up exactly how I wanted. His price is very reasonable...
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    Flood lights

    I'm looking at putting 2 lights on my new T top fore and aft for hooping. What kind do you guys use? I was looking at the 12vt off road lights at the auto part storts but I can't find the flood type just driving lights. Also they come in halogen and fog. I don't have to light up a large area...
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    Halibut class tonight

    I assume the Halibut class is still on tonight since I haven't heard of any cancelation. Are there very many guys going? Dave
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    T Top

    Hey guys I picked up my boat from PYT today with my new T Top. Tom did a fantastic job on it and I'm really pleased with it. Gotta get someone to install the new antenna mount and a couple flood lights. Can I use the cheap lights from Pep Boys or Wal Mart or should I get some nice ones from...
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    Tommy's WSB

    OK it's 8:23 PM and my wife and I just finished the WSB we picked up from Tommy this morning. I started off with one Martini, OK it was a double, but I made it with extra ice. Anyway, I started looking on BD for a quick recipe for WSB but ran out of time. I found an unopened bottle of orange...
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    T top question

    OK I went to the boat show today and decided that instead of buying a new boat I'll keep my Sea Pro 206CC and put a T top on it and upgrade the electronics. I talked to Tom from PYT and got an idea of what it'll cost. My question to you guys that have them is, are there any changes you would...
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    Boat Silhouette

    Does anyone know of a web site where I can down load a silhouette of a center console boat so I can have a decal made for my truck's rear window? I'll put it next to my BD decal. Thanks.....Dave
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    Brazing question

    I think I might have the wrong stuff. I made some rings for my jigs out of SS Tig wire and bought the only silver solder and flux I could find without going to a welding supply store. The stuff is Alpha Fry 53982(Home Despot) and is labeled as 98/2 silver solder and silver soldering flux. OK...
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    Yakers safe?

    I heard on the news this morning that Life Guards or Coast Guard were enroute to two yakers 2 miles off the coast of La Jolla. They said they were caught in rough seas and wind and could not get back in. They called on their cell phone for help. Anyone else hear the news and are they OK...
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    Impeller question

    Might sound dumb but. I'll be coming up on my 300 hour service for my Merc Verado 150 and I know I have to replace the impeller. However at about 100 hours I had to have the lower unit replaced with a new one because of a rock that got in my way. Someone told me that the impeller is in the...
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    Sat at La Jolla

    Left Mission Bay late this morning and headed to La Jolla. Fantastic weather again and flat seas. Made it up there at a steady 28mph. Decided to use the home made jigs and squid again since I've had good luck with them. Baited up the wife's pole and immediate hit as she reached bottom. It...
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    La Jolla today

    Got to the bay and saw that there was no wind and flat water. Hit the water with my son and cousin at 0700. Left South Shores and picked up some deans at EB. On the way out of MB we were treated to some dolphins in the bay playing with their babies. Left the channel and headed north at about...
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    1-10 fishing report

    Left my house in Poway at 0600 in hurrican wind conditons thinking fishing today was going to suck today. Watched the trees blowing all the way down to Hwy 8 and I 5 and it wasn't looking too bad as I got closer to the coast. Got to South Shores and no wind but a little cool. Junior...
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    What's in season?

    Ok, the plan is to head out to the kelp beds tomorrow with Fishnbuddy and his boat for a shake down cruise and some fishing with his family. We'll be buddy boating incase something goes wrong with his new used boat. I was looking up what fish we can keep if we do catch any. A little confusing...
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    Spectra question

    I have an Avet JX on a Graphite USA 8'6" pole rated 20-40lbs & 1-5 oz. Currently it is spooled with 30lb mono and I was thinking of replacing it with about 350 yards of 65lb Spectra for jigging bottom dwellers off La Jolla. I have Sectra on my light and medium spinning rigs and I'm not all...
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    Got bait?

    I've been checking the EB web site every day now and no signs of them having chovies. Anyone seen any out there off shore? The last time I talked to the bait man he said their bait boat cannot find any chovies off shore, just deans. They think the bonies and berries chased the chovies out...
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    Back up radio

    Christmas is coming and I would like to put a back up handheld VFH radio on it for my boat. Which is a good one for around $100.00-150.00 or so? And who has the best prices? Santa needs to know. Thanks
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    Paintball Gun

    Can anyone reccomend and decent paintball gun for my Christmas list and where to get it? I've had it with sea dawgs and I can't hit shit with the wrist rocket. I'd like something medium priced (for my wife, Santa, to buy) so I can get the rest of my fishing gear for Chirstmas. I don't need a...
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    Nov 19

    Headed out of Mission Bay at 0630 this morning for the kelp beds south of OB pier. Slight wind, slight swells but a good ride at 28mph. Trollers out, mini jet heads, but no takers so I tossed in a scrambled egg iron that caught come bonies last week. Nothing except a few macs that were...
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    Rock crabs

    Went hooping with Junior aka Fishnbuddy on Friday and picked up some nice crabs along with 9 bugs. I thought I'd try the crabs but never had them before. How do you guys cook them and what parts do you eat? Those claws look good but is there anything inside and are the legs worth the effort...
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    Anyone get shot?

    Friday, fishnbuddy and I were fishing Mission Bay when we heard some radio conversation from a war ship to some other boat warning them to change their direction. No response from the unknown vessel. A few seconds later the warning was broadcasted again with the additional warning "change...
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    Hooping lights

    I've been hooping with my good friend Junior (fishnbuddy) and we've gone through some of the flashing light used in the jugs. WalMart no longer carries them and I could not find them anywhere. Glow sticks are $1.89 each at the Depot and that's a lot to spend for 10 hoops every week. I found...
  104. I

    Red worm fishing

    Went out solo Sunday in Mission Bay and had a good time catching bass and halibuts but all just short of legal size except the one butt that broke off at the boat. At the end of the day I give my left over chovies and deans to whoever looks like they could use some especially if they have kids...
  105. I

    Truck thefts

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. My neighbor called 2 days ago to tell me his truck was stolen from Dana Landing. The thieves unhooked his trailer, left it, then took his 4X4 diesel dually. Sombody called him later in the day and told him they found some papers belonging to him...
  106. I

    Wash down pump reccomendation

    My Shurflo Pro Blaster wash down pump quit. I was going to buy another one of the same brand but after reading the poor reviews of them on the West Marine web site I think I might want to try another brand. Anyone have any other brand they have used and are happy with and where can I purchase...
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    Offshore Good day fishing

    Talked my Marine buddies Junior (Fishnbuddy) and Ricky into taking a day off from protecting our country to go fishing on Thursday. Launched out of South Shores around 0545 in the Innocent Bystander Sea Pro 206CC. Got half way to EB and noticed the bait pump not working. The boys got down to...
  108. I

    Charging batteries

    In my Sea Pro 206CC I have a two battery system set up with a selector switch so I can run on battery #1 or #2 or both together. When I charge them up before going out I charge them one at a time with the selector switch set to the off position. Is it possible to charge them both at the same...
  109. I

    Offshore Passport required?

    I was talking to a friend who stated you are not required to have a passport with you when returning from fishing in Mexican waters as long as you have not stopped at any ports in that country. Here is the section he quoted. I think it might be wise to have it in case you are forced into port...
  110. I

    Corvina size limit

    Can anyone tell me what the legal size limit is for Shortfin Corvina and the number of fish you can keep. I've look in the DFG reg book and can't find anything regarding Corvina. Thanks
  111. I


    Can anyone tell me if Corvina is good to eat? We have caught several along with WSB in Mission Bay and released them because we were not sure what they were. I now can tell the difference between a WSB and a Corvina and might want to try one but I don't recall seeing any posts about them. Are...
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    Fishin with USMC

    What a lucky guy I am. Got to take 2 Marines out fishing Saturday and 2 more Sunday. Started out Sat. with Joe (JoeDirt) and his buddy Ricky from Camp Pendleton. Joe and Junior (Fishnbuddy) have been coaching me for the past 6 months and Junior couldn't go. Anyway we were going to the...
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    Newly weds

    Billy Bob and Mary Sue checked into the honeymoon cabin at Skeeter Lake. A short time later the manager spots Billy Bob heading down to the lake with a fishing pole and a can of bait in hand and does't see him return until after dark. At 0500 the next morning he see BB heading to the lake...
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    Trailer side rail

    I need to re-carpet the side rails on my trailer. Where is a good place to buy the carpeting? Also do I use 1/2" regular staples in my staple gun or something else to fasten the carpet to the boards? And is there anything else I should know before doing this. I'm pretty sure the wood is OK...
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    Need Lingcod information

    Hi guys, I've never fished for Lilngs before and was wondering what is the best rig and bait for them. Does tide movement affect them and what time of day is best and at what depth? I have some frozen squid, jigs, irons and everything else except for some of Ed's lures. I sent him several...
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    Bouy readings

    I've been trying to figure out what to look for when checking the bouy readings. How can I tell if the ocean is calm enough to venture out in. Is it the swell height to seconds or wind wave heights or what. What numbers are good for a 20' CC boat at the Coronado Islands. Most of the time...
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    Tax question

    Just got my 2008 tax assessment notice for my boat. Do they assess the boat only or do they include the motor and trailer also? The notice states that if I disagree with the assessment, and I do, to send in some proof of the value other than what they claim. You can do this with for sale ads...
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    Cheaper gas

    For those who don't belong to Costco they have a good deal going on. If you get an Amnerican Express card through Costco you get a refund on your total years purchase using the card. They are now offering 3% back on gas. So that equals to 9 cents off per gallon at the $3.00 per gallon price...
  119. I

    Brake question

    I had to replace the actuator valve on my trailer because it was leaking where the line exited. Everything went well. I bleed the farthest wheel cylender first and expelled the air out of the line. When I tried to bleed the other cylinder I could not get the bleeder nut to turn and didn't...
  120. I

    Nee new prop

    Well I bent the prop on my Merc Verado 150 last night and now I have to find a new one. Can anyone tell me a good place to get one. The one it is a Merc Mirige 17P Stainless Steel. What should I look for in a replacement. My boat is a Sea Pro 206CC. I would like to get one locally so I can...
  121. I

    GPS for Christmas

    Got a new hand held Garmin GPSMAP76Cx for Christmas along with a BlueChart CD. I asked Santa for a just a basic backup GPS for the boat because I have one on the dash. This one is better then the one in the boat and I think it's kinda overkill for a back up. I'm thinking of returning it and...
  122. I

    Opinions needed

    Hey guys, it's time to make out the Christmas wish list. Can anyone give me any recomendations on these two out riggers. I'm looking at E-Z Out-Rodder and Flat Line Boom. Does anyone have either of these and how do you like them or are there any others I should consider? I'll be using them...
  123. I

    Fishing on Sunday

    I'm thinking about going out to the 9 mile bank or the 182 this Sunday but the weather report is calling for strong Santa Anna winds. Have any of you guys gone out in the off shore wind conditions. Will the Santa Anna's reach out into the ocean. I live inland (Poway) on a mountain and they...
  124. I


    Has anyone tried the Flatline Boom outriggers? I saw them advertised in a magazine and they look like they might work for my boat. I seem to get a lot of tangles when I'm trolling 3-4 lines and would like to spread the lines farther apart. Thanks