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  1. afraser

    Offshore TG 80 3.5 day 6/13-16

    Highlights: Limits of bluefin of either 40-70lb or 25-30lb fish, with 1 fish at 116lb. We didn't find the fish the first night, so first real fishing opportunity was an early morning stop. Okay, there were many stops, the bluefin schools are everywhere. Just not biting much. So, this stop...
  2. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 5/13-16

    Fully booked boat so 28 people, as a result I fished the bow 80% of the time. We did better than most but not as good as a few. Captain Mike really helped the fleet out by calling in others to what was the only biting school in the area on Friday. It was us and 4 long range boats by the end...
  3. afraser

    Trolling planers for bluefin?

    So yet another experiment :). I notice some east coast guys using planers for bluefin trolling. Has anyone tried them out here and what size planers, lures and baits did you use? Probably will troll a #4 or #6 inline planer on a planer bridle so the planer can be removed. What about side...
  4. afraser

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day on May 13th, anyone else going?

    First trip of the year. Hopefully the bite will continue for a few more days. Might try to go "light" on tackle and rods this time.
  5. afraser

    Anyone have photos of live or freshly dead flyers?

    I'm trying to get some photos of live or freshly dead flyers from clemente or catalina. Does anyone have any? If memory serves me correctly, they seem to look a lot more vibrant than the frozen ones.
  6. afraser

    Offshore 11/15-19 Sea Adventure 80, Big bluefin or bust

    Day 1: Lots of jumping bft and non-biting schools, 8-10 bites Day 2: Nothing. Schools were down deep. Saw a few late, but no biters Day 3: AM same as day 2, PM same as day 1 but the kite got going. So, the bad news, only 3 fish caught on the boat, the good news, 165, 250, 280lb all on the...
  7. afraser

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    So on a recent trip we did a bunch of tests on fluoro and mono. I was shocked to find out all, and I mean all, of the fluoro under 80lb broke at less than 50% of the line rating. If you’re fishing 60 fluoro, you’re really fishing 25-28# line, sometimes 15# line. 4 different anglers tied...
  8. afraser

    Will the big bluefin eat the little bluefin that are hanging around?

    I see the reports coming back with 10-15lb bluefin being caught in the same area as big bluefin. Will the bigger bluefin eat a 10-15lb bluefin if used as bait? No regs or other reason not to use them is there? Asking for a friend :) .
  9. afraser

    Little bluefin as live bait?

    I see that they are catching small bluefin in the same area as the bigger bluefin. Is there any reason you can't use the little bluefin as bait? Has anyone tried?
  10. afraser

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    I promise I'll make up for this post with a fish report next week. Meanwhile, I'm going fishing 4 days next week and I already have 100+lb of bluefin in my freezer. With the thick bags from 5star, the bluefin was as good this week as it was when I caught last year. Anyway, I don't have an...
  11. afraser

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    Reduce the load, raise the price. Are there any of these trips now? Normally it is just to have more space, but at least some of us would prefer to go on trips with less than 20 right now, let alone 30. Im sure the demand is there.
  12. afraser

    What is a good small spinning reel, 3000 size, with high gear ratio?

    I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything really fast. Best I found was the abu Garcia rocket 3500, but it only has 40 in per crank. This is for inshore fishing.
  13. afraser

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    So question 1, will skippies or small yft stay alive in the big tanks on a big sport fishing boat? I am hoping to catch a couple of small ones and bring them to the big bft grounds. Has anyone tried this yet? Question 2, if they won’t stay alive in the tanks, is there a way to rig up a few...
  14. afraser

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    So I have an avet hxj and hx, and I'd like to rig one of them up to cast lures to the bigger bft and not have so many spectra backlashes. What is the best mono line strength and type to use at a top shot for casting? I was thinking 60 lb mono of some kind, or should I be using something else...
  15. afraser

    What size top shot for casting poppers on conventional?

    So I've used 100% braid, but the overruns are just too tough to deal with in braid, especially when casting in a run and gun format. If I switch to a mono top shot, what should it be (lb, brand, length), assuming I am fishing a popper or stickbait for the bigger models? Will be on an Avet HXJ...
  16. afraser

    Has anyone fished skippies for the cow BFT?

    Since we fish for cow YFT with skippies all the time, has anyone tried it or seen it tried on these big bluefin? Might need to catch the skippies or little yft somewhere else and put them in a tank, but it would seem these bft would not pass up such a nice meal.
  17. afraser

    Offshore Techniques for cow bft?

    So I'm likely going on a trip at the end of the month and I'd like to discuss what has been tried and not tried for the jumbo bft. Obviously this year drifting with a live or recently dead flyer on the kite/balloon has been great. It worked last year and now everyone seems to be getting it...
  18. afraser

    FG knot tips

    So I didn't see this before, but I accidentally came across an easier way to tie this knot with just 2 hands. Make a loop with a simple overhand knot in the end of your spectra, put the loop over your reel handle and tighten it up. You can do the over under with the fluoro in less than 30...
  19. afraser

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    Since there are at most 2 kites on the boats I’ve been on and only 2 people fishing, is it effective flylining a flyer or a yummy? How would you fish them.? I’ve thought of a few ways. I was thinking of using a heavy duty popping cork in front of the flyer and a thin balloon on top of flyer to...
  20. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 6/26-6/30

    Well, let's just say that the 1.5 day right before this trip was better, and that was slow. Saw more bft schools than I care to count. They were up on top and foaming every day. Every day. Temp was 66-70 degrees. Yes 70. I casted directly into foaming schools using several stickbaits, 2...
  21. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80, 6-24 to 6-26, bottom of the 9th

    1.5 day, not expecting too much, but boy are there are a lot of non-biting bluefin schools. We got a couple of smaller yellowfin on poppers and stickbaits, other than that we got bupkis all day. As it got later in the afternoon, we started to pick up a bluefin here and there, mostly that...
  22. afraser

    Sea Adventure 80, 1.5 day, Mon 6/24, BFT, going for sure

    I am on this trip and since they were nice enough to make it a for sure go, I thought I'd pass it along here. Only 2 of us so far, will probably be less than 15 total is my guess, but they are going for sure already. Fishing for BFT. Mike got 29 100-130lb BFT on a 1.5 day just this week...
  23. afraser

    Anyone ever used a zwing on one of the LR boats?

    I was buying something else and came across the zwing, again, and thought it might be useful for trolling lures at depth for bluefin. Don't need a downrigger arm or anything, just drop it over the side (with some padding), and send lures or trollable baits down. We've used shower curtain...
  24. afraser

    Shogun 4 day 4/16, who's going?

    The nice reports made me pull the trigger. Should be one of the only boats going that far and with nice bait (one would hope). Seems it sold out, anyone else going?
  25. afraser

    What's the bait like now?

    Going on a trip on the Shogun this week, anyone know what the bait is like?
  26. afraser

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    Four of fished on the Renegade Mike boat for a full day offshore. Mike was very reasonable with the lunch,picking some up for us at a normal price. However, somehow he forgot the licenses, but offered to pay half the price of the higher priced ones at the marina. all good so far. Went to...
  27. afraser

    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Last time I went through cabo they made me check a fishing rod in checked baggage (instead of carry on- it was very small), but I don't remember if the fishing reels had to be in checked bags. If so, I won't bring high end spinners.
  28. afraser

    Best fishing in Cabo late March?

    I will be in cabo the last week of March and it seems to be between seasons. I’m not too interested but in bottom fishing, but it isnt clear if offshore or inshore would be better for a group of 4. If offshore would it be better to go far offshore or to the finger banks? We would prefer...
  29. afraser

    Are there any 6-8 day late spring trips targeting BFT?

    Seems like most of these trips are going to alijos, but yft are usually scarce then and wahoo nonexistent. I’d really like to find a trip that will target bft, assuming the big ones return, especially since most of the lr boats have so much bait capacity and will fly 1 or 2 kites. I’m skipping...
  30. afraser

    Anyone ever used pre-rigged deadbaits for trolling?

    On the east coast, most trolling that I've seen is done with pre-rigged weighted ballyhoo with a sea-witch on the nose. Catches everything from Marlin to dorado. Has anyone tried any of those in our waters for YFT or BFT? You can buy them frozen, prerigged, so maybe worth the effort???
  31. afraser

    What technique to stop overruns us8ng heavy flat falls?

    I was reading someone’s post about which reel to buy and I recalled my experience using a mak 20 for flat falls, which resulted in constant small overruns. Mostly because it spins so freely, I’m constantly having to thumb the spool or the side plate to take out the overrun. Any suggestions on...
  32. afraser

    Offshore Aztec 2.75 11/8-11 lots of 50-60lb bft and a couple bigger ones

    Showed up early to avoid chaos driving through LA. I hear locusts are on the way. Boarded 10am for 11am departure. Boat loaded massive amount of bait, I brought a light load (for me) of 9 rods this time, 4 cow rods and a 40,60,80# rig, + 2 popping rods, used all but one cow rod. Straight to...
  33. afraser

    How to rig jumbo squid for BFT?

    So, I usually use 1 or 2 glow sliding sinkers, 1-2 oz each with a single large circle hook for 1lb squid (about 14-18" long). Question is, should I be using heavier weights, another circle hook, switch to J hooks, switch to a dropper loop, or pin the weight ahead of the squid 2-3 feet? Not...
  34. afraser

    What's a good bunk on the Aztec?

    I just booked a 2.75 day this week to try for one of those cows, and now super cows, but if I remember correctly some of the bunks are super small and some are extra wide. The landing did not know which. Can anyone make a bunk suggestion? Much appreciated.
  35. afraser

    Considering a 2.75 trip on Aztec, need some info

    So I went on this boat last year and can't remember details and I might go on the trip this Thursday. I had a tiny bunk last time, can someone recommend which ones are the good ones? Last time the guy from the landing said they were all the same and they clearly were not. Also does anyone...
  36. afraser

    Try video on the troll

    I was reading another post and it reminded me of how much fun it was to watch the troll after the fact using a waterwolf (or similar) camera rigged 3-5 feet ahead of the trolled lure. If you use a wire leader, it is easy to attach to the front of the leader with a couple of split rings. A...
  37. afraser

    Offshore 70-100lb yft on porpoise in us waters

    We were on our way from SCI to fish the runt yft and came upon a school of porpoise in US waters (9/27). Captain didn't see much, but I cast a topwater stickbait into the melee and a 72# YFT crushed it, coming out of the water. Brought it to the boat in 5 minutes or so and the rest of the boat...
  38. afraser

    Where but fresh large squid in San Diego

    I would like to bring a bunch on a trip but I don't know the region. Is there any place close to the sport boat landings to buy the larger squid, fresh or fresh frozen? Thanks!
  39. afraser

    If you had 4 fishing days out of SD, where would you fish?

    Obviously the captain makes the call, but where would you want to fish over 4 full days? Seems the bft reports from SCI are quiet (the Vagabond hasn't reported its last trip- anyone know about that one?), maybe with the fish moving a bit north toward Catalina I last heard. And the yft are kind...
  40. afraser

    Offshore Roll Call Sea Adv 80 4.5day Sept 23

    Anyone here going on this trip? One spot opened up so I grabbed it. Only 22 on this trip for 4.5 days. Hopefully we can spend at least 2 days chasing bft instead of 4 days of chasing 5lb yft that are better for bait than for keeping. I personally would like a bit of redemption for losing two...
  41. afraser

    How to make wahoo bomb heads bite resistant?

    Seems every trip I come back with heavy teeth marks in the torpedo sinkers I use for the heads of the wahoo bombs that I make. Is there a really hard epoxy or some other surface treatment I could use on the lead portion of the wahoo bombs to make them a little more bite resistant so the wahoo...
  42. afraser

    Line Conditioner?

    Has anyone used one that they liked for spectra or fluoro? I'm hoping this will help with wind knots that I get from not using a swivel on my stickbaits (if I use the swivel, the action is less).
  43. afraser

    Which boat can be chartered for a 3-5 day BFT trip in 2018?

    I know its late in the year, but if I wanted to put a charter together for a 3-5 day trip to target the bigger bluefin, which boats might have availability for this year? Probably late september to mid-october. I see a couple of boats that have completely unfilled spots for a couple of of 1.5...
  44. afraser

    Offshore Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    oh it was almost an epic trip, until a few complained that 11 bft over 180lbs each was not fun fishing. Went for a 3 day on the vagabond Great crew and generally a fun group, but I'll never understand why in the middle of great cow fishing, with even better sign, people want to leave and...
  45. afraser

    Anyone ever used a deps slide swimmer in saltwater?

    I've been looking for a replacement for my favorite stickbait that has been discontinued and came across the deps lures which have a similar side to side swimming motion. Are these lures able to handle heavier fishing such as for tuna? Or do I need to rig some assist hooks off the front...
  46. afraser

    Need rod suggestion for avet jx raptor

    Hopefully I can lean on the collective knowledge on this board. I'm looking for a new rod on the off chance I hook a big fish using this reel again, I'd like to find a rod that can handle 25# of drag, use the rail, and is very light. Preferably 7-8 feet long. Mainly this is for tuna under...
  47. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Went on our annual trip on SA80 for 3.5 days. Always a great group, and the crew was as good as always. They really worked overtime to fix some boat issues and never had a doubt things would go smoothly. I got to the boat early so I could rig the many rods and reels I had (one for each...
  48. afraser

    How much weight is lost from bleeding fish

    From the captains on the Excel, they said after extensive testing they found the fish to lose 10% for being gilled and gutted, but how much weight is lost from just bleeding a fish? I was guessing 2%, but not sure. Humans have 7% blood by weight and I'll assume it is similar with fish, but you...
  49. afraser

    Swivel or not for poppers and stickbaits

    So, after too many wind knots, I'm considering using swivels on my poppers and stickbaits. Question is, put the swivel right on the end of the line with a split ring attached to the lure or put the swivel 2 or 3 feet ahead of the lure? Personally, I've found I get better action with a straight...
  50. afraser

    Offshore Tough 2.5 day trip on Sea Adv 80 this weekend

    Had high expectations. We ran 200 miles south in an attempt to get in on the bft schools that were being targeted by 3 long range boats, but by the time we got down there the fish turned off. Bluefin, go figure. Lots of schools, none wanted to play. So after 4 hours of fishing and only 1...
  51. afraser

    Are they catching any mackerel for bait in sd?

    last year we caught macks while the boat was at the bait barge. Are they catching any this year yet?
  52. afraser

    Slow pitch jigging rod for cow bft and flatfalls?

    Just wondering if this type of rod exists and would it be worth it fishing flatfalls or other slow fall jigs for the big bluefin on the west coast? Up to 250lb bft. Never fished spj style, but willing to try it out if it will fish the lure better than straight yo yo jigging.
  53. afraser

    A couple of underwater photos

    All missed the lure or just watched it. No drag taken on either of the bites. And yes the wahoo ws upside down.
  54. afraser

    Slowest trip in 5 years

    Went on the Red Rooster, great crew, great service, great accommodations. However, the fishing was just sloooooow. Went straight to HB, no stopping along the way, I know a lot prefer that, but with bluefin biting, fish at guadalupe and fish at Alijos, I would have preferred a break in the 4...
  55. afraser

    Which landing is the red rooster?

    I've never been on the boat before, which landing is the boat at?
  56. afraser

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    Has everyone been watching the reports this week? Yesterday there were boats with 40+ 100-200lb bluefin in local waters. If the bite continues, should the long range boats take a day or half a day to stop on the bluefin grounds? I mean compared to the last reports at Hurricane bank and the...
  57. afraser

    RR3 post T-day roll call, Moffat trip

    So final day of packing for me as I leave for socal tomorrow. Who else is on this trip? I started putting tackle together but I swear somehow my tackle box shrunk!
  58. afraser

    Bluefin cows still biting in local waters

    Just in case you can't wait for you long range trip, both the Aztec (7 fish 160 to 225) and the New Lo-An (5 fish 140-200+, I have no affiliation with either) have caught multiple bluefin cows over the last couple of days. If I wasn't going on a trip in 9 days, I'd be on one of those 1.5 day...
  59. afraser

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    I see two ways of doing it. One, just like a single bait, but 7-10 feet below with maybe 2 or 3 feet legs for the double trouble. Or, put a weight just above the double trouble and then set the baits down 10 or more feet below the balloon. I'm not worried about tangling with bait fishermen...
  60. afraser

    Looks like the RR3 found a few at the bank

    No supers, but a few cows and plenty of high 100 fish it seems. Complete kite rotation on day 1. I'm not saying I'm ancy, but....11 days and counting. Last few days to buy gear I don't need. Intrepid is also there and picking away at cows.
  61. afraser

    Circle hooks on jigs

    So for flatfalls, I have had good luck rigging a circle ahead of the jig but I'm wondering if it might not improve the hookup rate to have a second circle hook on the back, especially in low light conditions. Clearly, the preferred hook is the leading circle hook, but on a retrieve, sometimes...
  62. afraser

    Change out hooks on iron for long range?

    So I have a bunch of new iron, both heavy and surface, and I'd like to know if I should switch out the stock treble hooks for use on long range, assuming we are targeting wahoo and yellowtail with these (I will definitely change out those for large tuna). Any suggestions on how to decide...
  63. afraser

    500 mile drive for a 1.5 day shot at bluefin mini-cows on Aztec

    I have a 16 day trip in 3.5 weeks, but I just could not stand the local reports any longer. Sundowner of bluefin to 100lb today on the Aztec, half the boat bent at once. Anyone been on the Aztec fishing for these bluefin in the last two weeks? I realize it is an evening and morning bite, but...
  64. afraser

    Why don't we bridle our big baits and kite baits?

    Especially with the skipjack, is there a reason we don't bridle them other than it is more difficult to do? Even macks on the kite, maybe we should bridle those too?
  65. afraser

    Red Rooster tackle rack area, anyone have a photo?

    They redid the tackle rack recently I believe and there are no photos that I can find online of the tackle area. Not on the boat website, not in videos, can't find them. Anyone have a photo of it? Thanks!
  66. afraser

    Power handle on Avet sx raptor?

    i often fish this reel for wahoo but the handle is reallly small. Can I put the large avet power handle on th existing so rapto arm or do I have to replace the arm too, and is that possible?
  67. afraser

    Tackle Box stands?

    So, I have a very high boarding number (on the RR3, like 19 or 20). With tackle space limited, especially top rack space, it seems I will likely have to use the deck if I want to have a place for my tackle box and a couple rods. What type of stands, if any, are suggested, or should I just use...
  68. afraser

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    The ranger just decked a 270lb bluefin. Maybe some boat should do a hardcore 5-7 day trip exclusively for big bluefin??? Might have a better chance at a cow without the ride... All day drifting for bluefin or trolling yummees, folowed by gray light and just dark flat fall fishing.
  69. afraser

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    I'm looking at going on one of two trips and need some advice. I took the Intrepid trip last year and would consider this year again, but I've never done a fly back trip and not spending 4 days riding back is appealing, but so is an extra day of fishing. So my questions are: 1) Is the flyback...
  70. afraser

    Offshore Stop crowding the sport boats! Grande report 8/31 & 9/1

    Okay, first the rant. Bluefin schools were everywhere, you just had to find one that would bite. I was on the Grande on both 8/31 and 9/1. On both days, we'd finally get a school to go, like 1 out of 10, and within an hour we'd be encircled by private boaters, some within 50 feet (not yards...
  71. afraser

    Which boats for back to back 1day trips this week?

    So, I have a dilemma. I have 2 days I can fish, but no 2 day trips are available (fishing thur and friday). I'm primarily interested in bluefin or bust trips, so which boats are best? Options: Grande back to back, only 7 on wed night, but already 29 for thursday up to 36 new lo-an back to...
  72. afraser

    What type of fishing recommended in Cerritos area?

    Going for a week to Cerritos. Is it worth surf fishing? What is best bet to catch in August? Or should I just scrap it and take a panga out of Todos or La paz? Thanks!
  73. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 day june 30-july 3

    It was good and bad. Very first night, captain stops on a school at 2 am. A few fishermen got up and at 230am the bft bit! Everyone that was out just about got a bite or got tangled before they got a bite. I think only 2 fish came out of that though. Many tangles. I got up at 3 and saw all...
  74. afraser

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?

    I posted this in the long range forum and they suggested to post it here instead. Since the bluefin are taking flatfalls quite regularly, I'd like to rerig them with better hooks. I've rigged some with large j-hooks on the back, but that means I need to use really heavy leader for abrasion...
  75. afraser

    Flatfalls and circle hooks

    Since the bluefin are taking flatfalls quite regularly, I'd like to rerig them with better hooks. I've rigged some with large j-hooks on the back, but that means I need to use really heavy leader for abrasion resistance. I know I could rig a circle off of the front of the lure with a...
  76. afraser

    If you take 2 overnight trips in a row, can you leave fish on boat?

    I'd like to go on 2 overnight trips in a row, but wonder if I have to offload fish from day 1. If I don't, do they count towards my daily limit on the second trip? If I do have to offload from an overnight trip, are the fish processors around at night? Anyone have any advice on this...
  77. afraser

    Roll call Intrepid Dec 28, 14 day

    Only 11 passengers booked so far on this guaranteed to go trip, anyone here going? Reminds me of a trip I took on the Excel where half of the passengers stopped fishing after getting their fish for the day leaving the boat to 10 or 11 of us for the remainder of the day. 24 days and counting...
  78. afraser

    Inline kite fishing or trolling possibilities?

    We all know how effective the kite can be, so I'm wondering why we can't use them more often. That said, has anyone tried trolling a bait or yummee flyer off of an inline kite? Of course the kite would get destroyed on a fish, but if we don't care about that (eg. the kite is cheap), any way to...
  79. afraser

    Offshore Constitution and Aztec got 35 80-120lb yft today

    its not my report but i did see the fish counts on the landing sites and all I can say is wow. When have we had such a good shot at big fish in one day range? And that is with a lot of casualties. If you thought the bluefin liked poppers, wait until you try with yellowfin! Think we are...
  80. afraser

    Offshore I dare you to bite this one (Sea Adventure 80 report)

    Went out on our annual 3.5 trip on the Sea Adventure 80 on June 30. As usual I brought way too much stuff (or so people tell me), but I always seem to use most of it. The fishing was particularly slow for everyone it seems, but we had a fair trip. Day 1 we are out hunting for bluefin...
  81. afraser

    Yellowfin topwater strike at Clarion

    Almost worth the price of admission.
  82. afraser

    Water wolf underwater wahoo and marlin

    Here are a couple of photos from the water wolf video. Because the camera was attached to a marauder, the video is just a bit shaky :). The marlin pics were over about 15 minutes. He just kept coming back to check out the marauder. Guess it didn't look natural enough.
  83. afraser

    What is the best way to setup line on a surface iron rod and reel?

    Just bought a high speed reel to use as a surface iron reel (Penn Hi-Speed Fathom Lever Drag Reel, 40N, which is 60 inches per crank), but I am not sure the best way to set this reel up. Either I go with: 1) Straight braid (which lb test?, either 60 or 80 hollow) 2) Braid with a 100 yd??? top...
  84. afraser

    Choosing a 15/16 day trip

    Obviously you can't go wrong with eithe but I was considering going either on the 15 day trip on the RR3 or the 16 day trip on the excel right after thanksgiving. Pros and cons with each. Only a max of 19 on rr3 but up to 25 on the excel. The extra day is nice but last time I took a limited...
  85. afraser

    Indy 13 day log 11/14

    Okay days 1,2, and 3 are in the books and the anticipation is terrible. Mostly just rigging or actually not rigging, but by Monday we will be at clarion to start and move to hb after that. The other boats are doing well at hb, but we'd lose a fishing day if we went there directly. The rr3 will...
  86. afraser

    Wifi on long range, does it work between devices well?

    I have used the wifi last year on the excel for basic communication back home, but didn't try to use the wifi on board for any device to device connection (eg. camera to laptop). Has anyone tried this or know if it works well enough or not to pass video from a wifi camera to on onboard computer...
  87. afraser

    1 spot left on Independence 13 day leaving Nov 14

    I had a buddy that had to back out because of a family issue so there is one spot left on a trip that has been sold out since June. Probably going to HB or Clarion.
  88. afraser

    Offshore Fortune 2 day 8/7-9

    Initially went out on Sea Adventure 80, but generator blew 5 hours into trip. We wake up to go fishing and "whaaaat? Why are there lights on land on the right of the boat?" Needless to see Capt did the right thing and returned to port and refunded everyone without question. He tried to get us...
  89. afraser

    What's the bait situation?

    Do they have enough for 2 day trips or are they rationing? Landing says they aren't but I had a buddy who went on an overnight and they were rationed. What's the real word?
  90. afraser

    Is there a good wahoo reel with 60+ inches retrieve?

    I've looked around and found a couple of reels, but they are both too big. I'd like to add a high speed reel this year and most of the "high speed" reels only pull in 45-50" per crank. Seems like some enterprising reel maker would make an avet HX size reel with 60-65" per crank on high gear...
  91. afraser

    Why is there not more bait rationing on the boat?

    I read report after report of the large 'dines for bait and a resulting bait crunch before the end of the trip. I think there has to be more early bait conservation on a trip so you have bait for your entire trip, at least to chum. I for one would be willing to have bait rotations on each kelp...
  92. afraser

    Makaira 20 or 30 sea on a3x5?

    I picked up a 3x5 on sale a couple months back and it is about time I pair a reel with it. I'd like to get one of the okuma makaira reels but not sure which one, the 20 or 30 sea. Obviously the 30 has more capacity, but how much bigger is it? Can anyone tell me about what diameter the two...
  93. afraser

    Islander 2.5day leaves tomorrow, 1 spot left

    Just FYI. If I only could get away....
  94. afraser

    Anyone on Indy 13 day Nov 14?

    Its a bit early, but just thought I'd ask.
  95. afraser

    Great trip on Big Tuna 2 out of Punta de Mita

    Took my 12 year old son on a trip out of Punta Mita on the Big Tuna 2. Turns out not much happening at the bank so capt Caldo goes all the way to Maria Magdelena. It was a long ride, but worth it. The capt and mate were great. I introduced them to my favorite top water stickbaits for...
  96. afraser

    Looking for a PV or punta mita charter Apr 21-24

    I don't want to spend $1500 but I'd like to charter a boat for PV for one day next week. Something for tuna, or some other top water species that is available. Is any charter available, or does anyone want to share one? Staying in Neuvo Vallarta.
  97. afraser

    16 day Excel nov 23-dec 8 log

    Days 1-4. Might as well group these together as they pretty much seem the same. Rigging tackle, swapping stories, having a couple of drinks, listening to football, having tackle seminars. Amazing weather, feels like we're on a cruise ship as the ocean is virtually flat. Outlook is good too...
  98. afraser

    Roll call: Excel 16 day Braid trip on Nov 23

    Another new boat for me, just wanted to see if anyone here was going on this trip too. Since I'll be there one night early, it's only 11 days away... Exactly how are we supposed to get work done with the cows already jumping on the boats? 16 days, that makes what? 8-9 days in the cow zone...
  99. afraser

    How are the sleeping cushions on the Excel?

    I have a long trip coming up on the Excel and wanted to know if the padding on the beds of the Excel is sufficient or should I have an extra pad ready. Not trying to be a princess, just have a sore shoulder that bothers me a bit at night and wanted to know if the padding is a little light or not.
  100. afraser

    Why don't they do bait rotations while the bait is bad?

    Seems like a no brainer and keeps the boat from dumping 20-30 pieces of bait on every stop that turns into a dry hole. Just do it like troll teams, but only 2 teams get to start with bait each stop until they see if there is a bite. Lures are fair game for everyone. That way you only use the...
  101. afraser

    Which boats don't offer loaner gear?

    I'm curious as it just came up as an issue for me. I have 2 cow rigs and usually try to get a loaner rig from the boat as a backup. I've been on 4 boats long range and they all offered a rod as a loaner for the trip. This year I booked on one of the newer boats and they don't offer the loaner...
  102. afraser

    Considering Excel trip after thanksgiving, anyone going?

    Haven't pulled the trigger yet, just wanted to see who is on the trip. I did have a question for anyone that has been on this trip in the past. Does the Excel tend to stop on the way back (or the way down) for a couple hours of YT or paddy fishing? Last year I took a 12 day trip on a...
  103. afraser

    Cow rail rod with ring guides

    Calstar 760h or heavier, Seeker 2x4, or something similar. PM me. Thanks!
  104. afraser

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    I could only book a trip by myself so couldn't afford the $850-1000 boat options ust by myself. Went with who said their boat could go out to tuna grounds for about $500. Well, I arrive at dock and first boat is broken. Captain Chuy says he tried to call but didn't have my number...
  105. afraser

    Anyone here that can suggest a boat in Puerto Vallarta?

    Hopefully someone here has some experience on a trip. Looking for a panga or not too expensive boat that goes out to el banco as it is just me going. Some of these pangas want $1000 for a full day (with tip, etc.) and I just know that can't be right. Any help would be appreciated. I'll be...
  106. afraser

    Charter share Aug 1-5?

    Anyone looking for one more or would like to share a charter next week? Got a last minute vacation planned, now I just need a last minute fishing trip :).
  107. afraser

    Looks like its on at the lower banks

    2-3 fish per day per angler 50-250#. Looks like fun! RR3 Nov. 15, 2011 Good evening folks. We had a great day today. 54 tuna and what a great grade of fish. Average is about 150 pounds with some bigger and some smaller. Fish up into the 190's and one fish 245 caught by Denny Hill. His...
  108. afraser

    Pictures of Royal Polaris???

    Hey, does anyone know where to find pictures of the actual boat? Tons of pictures of the fish, but I don't see any of the boat, namely the tackle area, not even on the RP website. I'm going on the RP for the first time on the Thanksgiving 12 day and I am not sure if I will need to put my...
  109. afraser

    Why are the boat reports so slow to update?

    I often wonder why some of the boats don't update their boat reports at least every day if not twice a day? Anyone know why many boats do not? I know they are busy, but it is easy enough to relay the info back to base isn't it, where certainly they could post the info on the boat's site...
  110. afraser

    What new lures are you going to try on your next 10-15 day?

    If nothing else, I am trolling for ideas. I have bought nothing new for this year's trip and its killing me :). So what is the new hot lure that you have to have for wahoo, tuna, etc...?
  111. afraser

    Anyone need to sell their late Nov LR trip spot?

    I just got a late okay to go on a 10-15 day trip after thanksgiving and thought I'd ask if anyone needs to sell theirs before I book directly with the landing. I had to sell a trip myself in the past and appreciated having someone to sell it to. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but it...
  112. afraser

    Where do long rods go at bow of Royal Polaris

    I am looking at taking a long range trip on a new boat this year and the RP was a possibility. However, when looking at the boat, there seemed to be an overhang over the rod holders on the sides of the boat. Is there a place for long rods near the bow or no? 8-10 feet rods. I'd hate to nix...
  113. afraser

    What lures are used for Wahoo in Hawaii?

    Anyone using Marauders/Bonita or bait-o-matics on the troll? Both are popular off of Baja and I wondered if that translated to the islands. What color lures are usually best? Also, does anyone fish wahoo bombs or raider jigs for wahoo, especially after an initial strike or hookup? Thanks!
  114. afraser

    Do everyone just troll in Hawaii?

    Almost every report I've read has people picking up fish on the troll, including mahi mahi. Is this really the most productive way to fish? Especially if you are marking fish or seeing working birds? Is there any access to bait, cause a handful of liveys has always brought up a tuna or...
  115. afraser

    Which hooks & How much drag for 2004 hooks?

    Just curious, what will people be using for hooks when fishing for cows this year when fishing live bait? I have mostly used eagle claw 2004 or 2005 hooks, but wondered what the max drag that could be put on these hook for 8/0 and 9/0s? I have super mutus as well, but haven't used them on the...
  116. afraser

    Angler's got em too. Get on a boat!

    That's every boat that's given it a try. RP, RS, Excel, AA, Intrepid, Independence, and RR. I think the Q105 is in the area too. Let's hope they stick around through the bumpier weather coming up. Damn, hours seem like days when you're leaving in 5 days with reports like this: Angler's...
  117. afraser

    Cows on Nov 7th too

    That's it. Work is shot for the week. Leave this weekend on 10 day and have no hope of concentrating, updates from boats for yesterday so far: Independence <TABLE style="BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" class=MojText border=0 cellSpacing=1 borderColor=#000000 cellPadding=3 width=520...
  118. afraser

    AFTCO Maxforce Bucket Harness any good?

    I wanted to get one with clips already in the end instead of hooks and this one has them. Is it a decent harness for fighting bigger YFT or a waste of $?
  119. afraser

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80, up and down

    3 day trip started out with the lack of tuna reports. Idea was to move south and fish San Martin Island if there were no tuna offshore. First day we get one stop for 3 YFT on the troll, got one myself. Whew, the tuna skunk is off. Unfortunately there are no more stops, so off to SMI, ugghh...
  120. afraser

    Offshore Anyone slow trolling swimbaits in front of porpoise?

    I did a search on this forum and didn't see the word swimbait for at least a month. If I remember correctly, the last couple of years, slow trolling swimbaits in front of the porpoise that were holding schools of tuna worked pretty well. The deeper you got your swimbait the better. Just...
  121. afraser

    Reel seat for cow rods

    I was looking at having a cow rod made and I was trying to put together lighter components and wondered if I can get away with Fuji's heavy duty graphite reel seat or something similar? I mean if you are using a bracket on the other side of the reel anyway, would it be necessary to have...
  122. afraser

    Vagabond mag bay special?

    I wonder why more boats don't do trips like this? I'm tempted to change my plans from a 10 day in November to this trip. Any thoughts??? Here are the details (and I have no skin in this): Mag bay special: Looking for a few Trophy Tuna Anglers 6 full days fishing Cow Town in only 7 days...
  123. afraser

    Cow rail rod with ringed guides

    I have a second cow reel but no cow rod :(. Thought I would ask to see if anyone had one to sell before having one built. Preferably one of the lighter blanks (eg. no all glass rods). Thanks!
  124. afraser

    Shortage of 2.5-3.5 day trips?

    I understand that currently no one has any reason to set any of these up, but there sure seems to be a shortage of these types of trips this year. Plenty of 2 and 1.5 day trips, but ugh, if I'm going to go fishing, I'd like at least 2 full days, especially with the long runs needed. Anyone...
  125. afraser

    Any idea of impact of La Nina on Cow tuna fishing in fall?

    Just thought I would ask. Seems last La Nina was in fall of 2007 and before that 1998, 1999 and 2000, although 2005, we all know that year, and 2008 did have small la nina years. See the data here:
  126. afraser

    Offshore What worked

    Went on a 2.5 day last week. Lots of troll fish and a few good bait stops, but not many. Over 100 fish but it was slooooow for much of the trip. Interesting though, best trolled lures were swimbaits, go figure. Purple black with red head and rootbear color swimbaits. Also working were...
  127. afraser

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    I had a rod made last year for 100-200# fish, but wondered if I couldn't use it for cows too, at least as a backup rig. It's rated 40-100#. Will it have enough backbone for 25-30# of drag on the rail?
  128. afraser

    Buy Mexican fishing licenses directly?

    So while looking up the thing about the kids and mexican fishing licenses, thanks for your answers, I noticed that you can buy your mexican fishing license online for a year for $48 (at . Is this the same as the permits needed for when going on most 2-3 day trips? I know you need special...
  129. afraser

    Mex permits needed for kids?

    Since I am going to be taking my son on a shorter trip this year (2-3 days), I was wondering, do I need to pay for mex permits for him? I believe there is an age minimum for cal licences so he doesn't need those, but I didn't know about mexico. Anyone know for sure?
  130. afraser

    Anyone know a kid-friendly trip in 1.5-2.5 day range?

    I have looked at everything I could find, including older posts on this board, and there doesn't seem to be any boat that offers some decent introduction to long range fishing for kids. I'd like to take my 9 year old out on a relatively short trip (1.5-2.5 days would be best), but I don't want...
  131. afraser

    Does the Avet Raptor HX cast well?

    So I am considering using a conventional for casting 2-3oz popping and swimming plugs for cow tuna and I would like to know if the HX does a good job at casting these size weights? Probably would be on a 7'6 or 8 foot rod. Anyone tried casting with this reel?
  132. afraser

    How long should crew fight your fish?

    So, on almost every big fish, the crew usually has to hold the rod for a little bit to get a rod around the anchor, get untangled with another fish, or get around the bow. However, I've seen on many occasions where the crew keeps the rod (with the angler's consent), and fights the fish up to...
  133. afraser

    Success with daisy super bar on long range boat

    Just thought I'd give a little feedback. I was on a long range trip recently and was able to try out the Archer bar on school sized tuna on the troll. I used the 4.75" daisy super bar in purple teasers with a same sized pink chase bait and it was bit on 3 out of 4 stops, with 2 of those being...
  134. afraser

    Cow on a Spinner on Q105

    Just got off of an 11 day trip on the Q105 and it was a great trip. Seems all of the boats did well. I imagine if we had more than 15 anglers, we would have had a bunch more big fish, but everyone on the boat got a big tuna. Before getting to the cow grounds, we warmed up on WFO 20-30lb...
  135. afraser

    Chasebait connection?

    Looking at the new Archer bar that I received, I see that the chasebait is connected to the rest of the rig with a snap swivel. Would it be an improvement to use a heavy split ring as the connector instead? Say a 250 or 300# split ring? Also, do tuna shy away if you use wire on the...
  136. afraser

    Recommendation for a long range boat?

    I've looked at your online shop, but to be honest there seem to be a lot of choices on color combinations and sizes without enough suggestion on what to buy for a particular fishery. I would like to buy 1 archer bar of some kind to try when trolling on some of the long-range boats out of san...
  137. afraser

    Does 900 yds of 100lb on a 30w sound right?

    Well, I think its 750 of 100# JB with about 150 of 130# JB spliced on top. Does that seem right? I know I originally had the 750 spooled up originally, but I don't remember if I cut some out or not. I just want to make sure I'm not crazy thinking I have 900 yds of line on an Avet pro 30w...
  138. afraser

    BX2-500 separating from base?

    What is the recommended way to fix or avoid this problem? Seems there are 2 instances of it happening while fighting fish. I have a brand new bx2-500 myself and want to avoid the same problem. Here is the snippet from another post As I was fighting the fish up and down while it was doing...
  139. afraser

    2 spots cancelled on Q105 Oct 16 trip

    I don't have a dog in this hunt, but on their website they have 2 cancellations for this 15 day trip. Here's what is on the website: "Crap we just got a call with a cancellation of 2 for the Rusty Hook Trip Leaving next Friday 10/16 They want what ever they can get for their spots. Call the...
  140. afraser

    Anyone else on Q105 11 day trip in Nov?

    So, what, month and half out too soon to start a count down? Seems both too far away and really close at the same time. [email protected]! Better order something else online. I hope Q105 has enough rod racks :).
  141. afraser

    Offshore Don a hook, or bait, or light fluoro. & BFT on spin

    Went on a 3 day (more like a 2.5 day since the first half a day was first) on the Vagabond. Great trip. Think we caught about 120 total fish for 19 anglers, but I think 4 of us caught about half the fish. Not WFO but steady fishing for most of the time with several notable catches. At one...
  142. afraser

    Offshore Anyone going on Holiday 3.5 day July 1-5?

    Couldn't decide whether to go on this one or the earlier trip, but based on previous years, it usually seemed best to wait for July for better tuna fishing. Looks like a light load too, but it is a July 4 weekend trip, so there will probably be a lot of late signups.
  143. afraser

    Anyone tried toad/fender teaser on Long range boat?

    I can't count the number of times being on a 3-5 day boat where the school just doesn't want to bite, albacore and school YFT. My question is, has anyone tried using the toad/fender teaser on a long range boat to see if it will work (or be accepted - which may be harder). Any suggestions...
  144. afraser

    Anyone seen a fender/toad teaser used on a LR boat?

    I can't count the number of times I've been on a boat where the school of tuna has a case of lockjaw. I wonder if using one of these deep running fender/toad teasers would unlock some of these bites, especially on the troll. Seems to me like it would work. These are the 16-20 inch weighted...
  145. afraser

    Which trip? Fish HB in april or cowtown in Nov?

    I really planned to go late this fall, but I might consider switching the trip since something came up that would allow me to take the earlier trip to HB. Looks like HB is doing well now. What do you guys think? I can only take one 10+ day trip this year.
  146. afraser

    Have Catamarans been used for long range fishing in SoCal?

    I ask about it because I have fished on a couple of high speed catamans up in SF area and they seem to fish just fine. Last time I was on one for albacore, we were going pretty fast into 8-10 foot seas and is wasn't that bad of a ride. Seems like a run to alijos could be made in 1 day given...
  147. afraser

    How will warmer water affect cow season?

    I just looked up some forecasts and after June water temps are forecasted to be warmer than average. Anyone have an opinion on whether this helps or hurts early cow season trips? Or has no effect...
  148. afraser

    Which 10-12 day trip to take?

    Decision time approaches. What would you recommend to take: 1) 10-11 day trip ending just before thankgiving 2) 10-12 day trip starting right after thanksgiving (that friday or sat) 3) 10-11 day trip starting right after #2, starts around Dec 8-10. Would like cows, but also would like...
  149. afraser

    Best/worst gadgets for fishing?

    Okay, just to show that its not only the fish that get hooked, what are the best and worst gadgets you have bought recently? Any untried ones you think have less than 50% chance of working out? I'll go first, I bought several "maybe it'll work" things this year: 1) Chum king for night...
  150. afraser

    Offshore YFT on swimbaits under mammals

    If you are out of good bait, try slow trolling very heavy swimbaits (3 oz or more), 'chovy color, 4 or 5 inches. We did that last week and it was a hookup everytime we circled in front of the mammals. Biting 50lb flouro no problem, so you can lock down the drag and bring the school up too...
  151. afraser

    Max weather to hunt tuna?

    I just read the report from the independence today: 06-03-2008 - Well here is a quick update from the last few days. We made a fatal attempt to fish offshore yesterday in 30 kts. of wind and needless to say we came up empty handed. We did see some tuna, but they kept on going in the sloppy...
  152. afraser

    Weather, high seas question

    Does anyone know what conditions must be like for a long range trip to be cancelled or do they just go and make the best of it? I ask because I am going on a trip on an 8 day this Saturday and the forecast through friday says 10-17 feet seas on friday, with sustained 25-35 mph winds.