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    Raymarine C120 for sale

    Raymarine C120 display with cover and power cord and Navionics card $300.00. Contact me at [email protected] Item is SOLD Thanks
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    Fujinon Binos filter

    Hey guys, my wife just bought me a pair of Fujinon 14x40 techno stabi binoculars. I want to put polarizing filters on it but now sure what size it takes. I've red some posts that say 49mm with a 48mm adapter will work. I checked with Baker Marine and he said that wouldn't work. Has anyone...
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    Delta Hollow Chisel Mortiser

    Model 14-650 Type 2 Excellent condition only used on one project 20 years ago. Comes with 2 hollow chisels 1/4" & 1/2". This is the the older better model. Not the cheap Chinese made one they sell now. Just $200.00 and its yours.
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    Mobil welder

    I am looking for the mobil welder who came up to my house in Poway and did some welding on my water storage tank a few years back. I got his name through BD. Can't remember his name but he was a cool guy and arrived in a large welding truck. He did a great job too. My neighbor needs to have...
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    Mobil welder

    I am looking for the mobil welder who came up to my house in Poway and did some welding on my water storage tank a few years back. I got his name through BD. Can't remember his name but he was a cool guy and arrived in a large welding truck. He did a great job too. My neighbor needs to have...
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    Dead whale

    Man I would like to find that paddy floating down here in San Diego. I'll bet it will be holding some good stuff under it.
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    Robbie Gordon @ Boating Dynamics

    I met Robbie over 3 years ago when I was planning on buying a boat. He did the inspection on a boat I was planning on purchasing. The advice he gave me saved me $65k. I bought another boat and had him service it. Perfection! He told me it was a very good boat in very good condition. He is...
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    I'm in for one also.
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    New San Diego offshore fish farm

    I think I saw a bag of Purina Yellowtail chow at Petco today when I was buying dog food.
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    Robbie Gordon, Yamaha dealer?

    I don't know if Robbie is an authorized dealer or not but he is the only one I'll let work on my 2 Yamaha 250 outboards. He's the most honest mechanic I have ever met. His service is fast and complete. He saved me many $$$ in the past with just his opinions and advise. I won't use anyone...
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    My Daughters 2nd grade Dolphin research project (video)

    Very well done and what a cutie. You couldn't be more proud. Will we see her on TV in the future? I learned some stuff from that video.
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    I want this...

    What, no rod holders? What to do with it off duty?
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    Bait Barge Tipping

    I always give the guys at least a $10 tip in adviance. Chat them up and find out where the fish are. They talk to all the boat captains and know where the hot bites are. They are a wealth of information. They work hard in a shitty environment. Would you do what they do for minimum wage?
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    sand dabs

    Actually they are pretty good if you get enough of them. Easy to clean and cook. If I have any left over I'll bring them home and cook them. Goggle how to clean them. Very simple to do. I fry them for about 2 minutes on each side in garlic olive oil. Use a knife and separate the two fillets...
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    I agree. Get out there. I was out with my regular crew on Saturday and we nailed them too. Ended up with 37 quality size fish total for the 4 of us. Nice large rock cods, 3 giant white fish, 3 sheepshead, and my buddy got a very nice 30" ling. We only put 25 miles on the boat from Sea World...
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    CPE 6000 watt Max / 5000 watt Running Generator

    I don't understand why people don't have a generator for back up power. They are not all that expensive considering what you can loose. I had my house wired for an outside power source when I built it. So when the power goes out in So Cal, which is a couple times a year, I just plug my Kawaski...
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    Sea Lion bitten fish

    It should be OK. I heard Sea World give rabies shot to all the sea lions they capture and release. I think that's about all of them now. Just heard they saved another thousand babies found on the beach this week. Can we have an open season on them just for a couple days? Smoked sea lion...
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    I was at the Poway Costco today and saw that they just got in a bunch of small chest freezers. I think they were about $189.00. I already have one in the garage just for fish but it's just about empty now. Maybe 20lbs of yellow tail and 10 lbs of tuna left. No more rock fish and just about...
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    Fish Skeleton ID?

    Pleazzzz. Chuba Cabra. Finally it has been found. Or Jimmy Hoffa.
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    wanted: Rocket launchers

    Get ahold of Tom at PYT in San Marcos.
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    Short Movie "The Gun Fighter"

    That was awesome.
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    Sea sick med

    Thanks, I'm going to try to get some of that too.
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    Reel screw driver

    I got one at Harbor Freight that works for about $4.
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    Sea sick med

    Never mind I found it. Sturgeron Forte.
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    Sea sick med

    I read somewhere on BD a while back about a med that works really well and it wasn't Scopack or whatever. Appearently it's not available in the US but over the counter in Mexico. I tried search but cannot locate the medication.. Anyone help me out? I have a friend who gets sea sick and goes...
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    YT and seals

    Something I tried last week that works is to use a 1 or 2 oz torpedo weight on a light spinning outfit and cast out hitting them with the weight. It's good out to about 30 yards if you practice with it. The torpedo weight slide right through the water an hit them. I've even shot it almost...
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    Offshore going out of O'side tomorrow, anything around the 43? 182? or 209?

    I was out Wednesday on the upper 9. Pretty much dead out there except for a couple Makos jumping. Saw 4 Mola's under some paddies that were far and few between. Lots of bait under them too. Water was still warm 70-72 and a little rough. Wind came up in the early afternoon so I headed to the...
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    Bottom cleaning

    Call Doug Conceicao of Performance Yacht Care. 619-379-0836. He does a great job on my liner. He uses a high pressure cleaner and really make it look good.
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    La Jolla 27OCT14

    Thanks for the report. I was thinking of going out tomorrrow but I think I'll wait a few more days.
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    WTB gun safe

    I bought my Canon safe at the Del Mar fair 3 years ago. Great investment. It was a specially designed safe for So. Cal that Canon made. It has a higher and longer burn rating then any of their other safes. Took 3 guys to deliver it and set it up in the house. Steel plates put down on the...
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    Cedar Plug Tuning

    File a notch in the metal band on the down side of the plug.. Make it deep enough to capture the hook.. Simple enough.
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    Custom Rod Rack for my Penns

    Very nice job with the woodworking. Great idea too.
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    Late post for La Jolla YT

    We all know what a Yellow Tail looks like. Show pics of wife. And I'll bet she caught it too. LOL
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    What Fillet knife do you use?

    There are two problems with the accusharp system that I have found. First is that it is set at a fixed angle that may not be the angle of your blade's cutting edge. You will be changing the edge of your knife if it is not the same as the accusharp's set angle. Secondly the scraping action of...
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    stood up by garage jockey

    You gotta pick your ho's carefully. I pretty much stick with Marines and their buddies. You can't believe how grateful these young men are. They know to show up on time and are hard workers. They pay their share of expenses and are grateful to be on a private boat instead of a cattle boat...
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    Offshore Best day ever.....

    Cool. When mom's away the boy's will play. Your boys will never forget these good times with their dad.. I never will even though my dad passed away a few years ago. Take all the photos and videos you can so the boys will share them with you when you're in "the home".
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    gonzaga baY ? ODILE ????

    Good luck Bert. Be careful. Stay safe.
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    CA city to give free pot to low-income residents.

    You for got transportation. These freeloaders need a car to get to their pot stores and the welfare office. Oh yea and to look for a job.
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    Local weekend weather ???

    Watch the TV weather reports. They will have a better read tomorrow evening. Right now it doesn't look good. They are calling for thunder showers Sunday and Monday unless it peters out. For me I'm going to error on the safe side and stay off the water. If it doesn't hit land it's going to...
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    Welder needed , Coronado Navy Seal Team Related

    Hey Bert can you give me a call. I need some help with the roof on the shed you built for me a couple years ago. Got some water damage and wood rot on the edge that needs fixing. I'm not sure how to do it correctly. Thanks, Dave in Poway. 858-449-4602. I tried your cell number at...
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    Hey Bert are you still around? If you're in SD could you get a hold of me? I need some help on...

    Hey Bert are you still around? If you're in SD could you get a hold of me? I need some help on the shed you built for me a couple years ago. Water damage on the edge of the roof where water is coming in from under the shingle. Got some weed rot. It should be a quick fix. It's not too bad...
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    Bait keeps dying

    If you have the room I would put a bait bag on the transom and split your bait between the two. You can carry two different baits too.
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    Offshore navigation hazard towards 371

    Not from Japan. It would be glowing at night. LOL
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    Cleaning the scales...

    On the grips and rubber reel handles you'll have to wrap a wet rag around it and keep it wet The scales have to re-hydrate then you can rub them off with the rag. With stuck on scales I'll use a rough end of a popsicle stick that's broken in half. I use marine wax on the rods and guides and...
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    Reel Service/Repair

    I took 5 reels over to Tone during the week and dropped them off. Just a couple days later 3 of them were done and the other 2 need parts. I was very impressed with his work and the short time he got them done. I was having a problem with one of my Avets and he knew exactly what was wrong and...
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    Reel Service/Repair

    Just left you a phone message.
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    Reel Service/Repair

    Hey Tone, do you or did you ever work at Scripps Green Hospital maybe 3-4 years ago? I do have a few reels I'd like services real soon if you got time. I'll call you tomorrow. Dave
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    Offshore Aug. 02. Just got in..LIMITS

    What @-EZ said. Forget the fleet and find your own spot. My buds and I did this twice in a week and I'm no great fisherman. We found a spot and almost limited out both times with no other boats in sight all day. Only one boat came within view and they sped off after seeing something farther...
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    Offshore Great fishing

    Went out again this week with some new fishing buddies. Twice we found boiling schools of tuna under birds with no other boats in sight. Then found kelp patties nearby with Yellow Tails jumping all around and again not another boat in sight all day. We fished them for hours and loaded up both...
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    BFT, YFT and Yellow tail 7-13-14

    Good for you having pop and daughter with you. I'm sure they were as stoked as you. Good memories right there. I miss fishing with my dad.
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    YT @ NI

    ?????? That's it?
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    6-9 La Jolla

    Glad to hear the weather is better and water conditions improving. Now if only the fish will show up.
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    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Very well written story. Fantastic job there.
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    No luck today

    My buddy Gary and I headed out early today with hopes of finding YT down off IB. Left Mission Bay in some rough water and thought it would get better heading south. Not a bad run down to Pt. Loma where we made mac's. Ran down to IB but found pretty rough conditions. Wind blowing and it was...
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    My best friend came home today

    I'm blessed with enough property to burry all 6 of my beloved pets under a large pepper tree on a mountain top over looking Poway. I have 2 chairs setting under the tree where my wife and I can sit and reflect back on all the good times we had with our "kids". The passing of the last two dogs...
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    Boat Launch at Point Loma, CA

    I'm with you George. South Shores is where I always launched my 21' CC. Shelter Island was always a zoo with some a-holes always tying their boats up on the dock and wondering off to chit chat. Couldn't tolerated it anymore and started going to SS to drop the boat in. How nice. No lines, 2...
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    Re-painting irons

    Hey Gary, those are some nice looking irons. I'd bite one. What kind of acrylic paint are you using in your air brush?
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    Re-painting irons

    Most of my irons are chipped and dull. I'm thinking of re-painting them the same colors. What paint should I use? Acrylic or enamel? I was thinking of stripping off the old paint and spraying them with primer. Then using my airbrush sprayer for the painting. Then a clear coat? Haven't...
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    Need Help with the Military Kids fishing Trip!...

    I'm in for $50.00. Check in the mail tomorrow.
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    Fished LJ today

    Headed up to the northwest corner or LJ today to fish for YT. Half way out of Mission Bay I noticed my bait tank pump not working. No problem I wasn't planning on using it anyway. I was going to troll Rapalas and jig some irons. What a beautiful day to be on the water. Calm, warm, and no...
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    Lost bait tank

    If anyone at Sea World Marina lost a bait tank from their boat I pulled it out of the water and put it up by the bike racks. Ask Joe. I saw it and a bunch of stuff floating around the marina. Lots of damage to boats and to the docks. Dock lockers blown into the water and lots of canvas and...
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    Tuna bachelor party help!!

    Just go fishing with your buds. Probable the last time. Then call Tommy at Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego and order all the fresh seafood you need. Much cheaper and easier.
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    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Was a cop for too many years. Saw so many "Innocent Bystanders" getting shot in some dark ally at 3AM. "I'm an innocent bystander officer". Common phrase for victims of drug deal gone bad. So that my boat's name.
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    After a day of cod fishing I take my rigs home and rinse the line on the reel. Then I hook up a kite and let it go. You would be surprised how much tension a big kite in strong wind creates. I let all the line out and wait 10 minutes then wind it back in. Dry and tight.
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    Stole my pin from my ball hitch/BAM

    Try sharing some fish with your neighbors or hosting a neighborhood fish taco party. Works wonders. Stops the complaints most of the time.
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    Insurance question for First time Boat Owner

    Call Sherm at 5th Ave Insurance. Saved me money and they know everything about boat insurance and what you'll need.
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    The R.I.P. Round of Ammunition....

    Looks like minimal penetration and feeding problems to me.. I'd pass on them.
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    That's some scary shit right there. Reminds me of an incident 30+ years ago when my buddy and I were fishing just outside Point Loma in a tiny 10' boat. We were in a school of Bonito and they were boiling all around us. We must have caught 15 each until the bite stopped. Then a few minutes...
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    Lizard fish

    Has anyone found any useful purpose for lizard fish?
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    Anglers Center Got Ripped Off

    I hope you had the serial numbers of the stuff stolen if they in fact had any. Sure makes them a lot easier to find and prove they were your stolen items. I just finished recording all my Penn International reel numbers and will have a copy of them ready whenever some looser POS steals mine.
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    Bigger, Lighter, Deadlier Stealth Destroyer

    Any rocket launchers on the stern? What's the trolling speed. Can you hoop off of it? Equipped with a RSW system? For that price tag it better come with all that.
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    Can you believe this shit?

    Have a walk in closet. Wife now owns both sides that's full of her clothes she'll never wear. I trashed all my suits and business clothes. All I need are the 3 drawers of my dresser for my jeans, shorts, tee shirts, and socks. Now she bitches I don't have anything "nice" to go to dinner in...
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    Catch Big Halibut tips and book

    I just finished reading your book after downloading it yesterday. Very informative and a fun read and I don't read a lot of books. I really enjoyed it and thought it was very well written. I can only suspect that you were a halibut in one of your former lives and now ratting out your bro's...
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    Offshore Fishing with Capt. Hanson

    My fishing buddy, Gary, and I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Dave Hanson on Wednesday. After 3 postponements because of weather we finally got to hook up and go. 0600 we met at my boat at Sea World Marina. My boat neighbor gave us his half scoop of dines because he just came back in...
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    please help me identify this knot

    It's not really a knot. It's just a loop of several twists that's used for making the leader connection to a swivel or hook. Not a clean looking connection. Too much tag end sticking out.
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    Weather ap for iPhone

    Can anyone recommend a good iPhone App for local weather and ocean conditions? Thanks
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    Mex License

    Anyone know how long the site has been down? Need to get my license renewed by Friday. Worst case would be to buy it from Dana Landing.
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    Compass heading?

    Thanks guys. I'll change them to True North.
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    Compass heading?

    What compass heading is commonly used? True north or Magnetic north? My auto pilot set on Magnetic north but my chart plotter is set up for True north. I was told that here is a 13 degree difference between the two so I need to figure out which one to use. Thanks, Dave
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    Ever saw this before?

    Headed out to La Jolla this morning and saw some good meter marks in about 100 feet of water. Dropped down some squid on a double dropper loop rig for nothing but nibbles. Figured it was probably Lizard fish so I'd pick up a few for Halibut fishing. Dropped the Sibiki over and started pulling...
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    Poway , getting a new indoor shooting range...

    It's suppose to be the third largest in the country with a 100 yard indoor range.
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    I need to vent

    What Blackfish said. Couples who don't communicate in a calm and intelligent way do not make it. You two need to sit down and to talk and understand the pressures you both are under right now. Going through hard times together "weathering the storm" makes you come out stronger and able to...
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    Two Laws in the Bible were fulfilled on the same day...

    Give the Washington guys their own section.. I really don't give a crap what goes on up there.
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    let's go fishing. Military and rookies welcome

    It would be nice if we could start a thread for military guys who want to go fishing. I use HirePatriot' when I need help around my house instead of hiring illegals from the Home Depot and 7-11 lots. Several of these guys turned out to be "country boys" who just want to get off the base...
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    Boat decals

    Anyone recommend a BDer who makes the decals for boat names and such. My boat is documented so I need the name and hailing port decals made and installed. The boat is in Sea World marina. Thanks, Dave Ye, I know I can go on line and have them made but I'd rather give the work to someone here.
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    Why 380 Auto?

    The Sig 230 and 232 are fantastic pocket guns. Very comfortable in an ankle holster too. My first choice when going out to dinner. The 45 goes with me to the mall.
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    Have the boy take it to school and show what talents daddy has. Maybe not.
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    So many solar panel businesses starting up now. I remember back in the early 80's the same thing but it was solar water heating. I think there were around 42 businesses selling all sorts of systems. Only 2 survived. Now the same thing with solar panels. Stick with a reputable company that...
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    Jackpot on the Tweekers!

    Get the ropes out boys we got another trial coming.
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    knife jigs literally!

    I've made a couple dozen of them. They really do catch fish. J hooks are better I found. Trebles grab the bottom too often. Also try putting skirts and reflective tape on them. You can buy plastic stick on eyes also. Michael sells plastic eyes that have a pupil that moves.
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    Ronnie the Limo Driver!!!!!!!!!!!

    Same thing happened with the OJ case. Caller was one of the guys from Howard Sterns show. Laughed my ass off on this one too.
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    Wondering if anyone manufactures a semi

    Never heard of one. Not enough power in the short cartridge to cycle the bolt. A pump is your best bet.
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    Lingcod Roe poisonous?

    They are all dead.
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    Yellows in La Jolla

    Hey Doug good to hear from you. Yea I figured they were on the run but we had to give it a shot. We continued north a ways hoping to run across some more but no luck. I'll try the cove next time for macs. Thanks
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    Yellows in La Jolla

    I was out with my son off La Jolla yesterday. We were trolling Rapalas off La Jolla kelp when we saw a lot of diving birds about 300 yards in front of us. As we got closer we could see a bunch of seals splashing in the water. One came up with a nice yellow tail in his mouth shaking the hell...
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    Vacuum Sealer Sale for BloodyDecks members.

    Got one two weeks ago. Damn, I paid more then that. But it's one hell of a vacuum sealer. Hated that POS Food Saver I had.
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    going out for Lobster

    Hey Bobby, I was in the same position as you a couple years ago. The best thing to do is scout out the areas you want to hoop in advance and put them in your GPS. Things look so much different at night. Most important is, if you have a buddy going with you (don't hoop alone) go out a couple...
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    Offshore 09-14 Nados 371-302

    Hey Deno, thanks. That was Gary and I heading toward you. We did find another paddy that was holding within sight of you guys. We fished our limits and called others to share the paddy as we left. Thanks for helping out others. We payed it forward too. Hope everyone got fish. It's strange...
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    After your kids are grown and you are gone they will remember and treasure this special time they had with their dad and they will do the same with their kids. And so it goes on and on..
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    Sea anchor

    Thanks for the responses guys. I did some checking and found out I need a drift sock to control the boat. We really got blown around last time at the Islands. My buddy Gary and I stopped by Charkbait today and picked one up. I also bought an Avet 2 speed and an Okuma rod. My buddy got one...
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    Sea anchor

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me what size sea anchor I should get for my 2901 Sea Swirl? And where's the best place to get it from? Thanks, Dave
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    Plumer needed

    Anyone recommend a good honest, reliable, insured and licensed plumber in the Poway area? Having a problem with hot water pressure. Good pressure for a few seconds then not much after that. Cold water pressure is fine. Sounds like a plugged line? I've needed a good plumber several times so...
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    Okay we don't need a

    Guys at Dana Market said you don't need them and they quit selling them a while ago. Called Sea Forth and they don't sell them either and told me to call Dana. So I guess if you can't find one to buy then you don't need them.
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    206CC Sea Pro for sale

    Sale pending!!!!! Jay is adopting my baby girl. I'm sure he will take care of her the way she is accustomed to. That would consist of a wash and wax after every fishing trip along with a Salt Away motor flush and a wipe down. She's used to being serviced every 100 hours with the highest...
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    Mission Bay terrorist club???

    Hey Guys, don't get your panties all in a wad. This is only a trial test of the equipment so they can evaluate what works and what doesn't. They don't give a shit about what goes on in Mission Bay. It's not a world wide drug hub or terrorist drop point. It is an easy bay to access, set up...
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    206CC Sea Pro for sale

    Evan, Its about 23' 6".
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    206CC Sea Pro for sale

    A couple lookers but no serious offers. Tuna season just around the corner. You won't find a nicer or cleaner fishing machine.
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    Poll:Which Engine Pays off in the End?

    I've found that the 150 Merc Verado that came on by 21'CC is plenty of power. After all how many time do you get a chance to go WOT out in the ocean? Not often around here. I've had 3 buddies in my boat and fished all day without burning a lot of gas. A couple times I got to go WOT with 3...
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    Why do you guys hire these illegals then complain about how they rip off the system? Go to and hire some of our under paid military guys. These guys are either just out of the military and looking to make some money or they are still in the military just wanting to pick up...
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    Protect your self guys.

    I had Basil cell carcinoma removed off my nose several years ago. You've never felt pain until you've had needles stuck in your nose and cheeks and a chunk of meat cut out. When the nurse gave me a hand full off tissues and told me I was going to need them, well I got to admit I was scared. I...
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    206CC Sea Pro for sale

    For Sale..Price reduced I just bought my larger boat and need to sell my CC as much as it hurts to do so. I’m selling my 2006 Sea Pro 206CC and moving up to a larger boat. This boat is in excellent condition and well maintained as is the trailer. Asking $20,000.00. Fantastic fishing...
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    Broken Boat,Broken Rod, and a Fat Skunk!

    Good thing you took it to Hipp Marine. They are the most honest guys and gals I've ever done business with. Maybe because they have "Marine" after the Hipp. Good honest folks there.
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    Bubba Blade infomercial

    I bought both knives last month after watching Tommy's video. They are well made and the handle is the best fitting I've ever found. The blade is very sharp and cuts well right out of the box. I did polish the blade with my Edge Pro knife sharpener system and now the edge is as sharp as it...
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    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Using a BUBBA BLADE is better that a sling blade.
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    3/05/2012: Reds, Asst'd RockCodfish, and Sand Dab City

    What's the best way to prepare them? Do they have scales? Do you just gut them, cut the head and fins off then fry?
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    game cameras

    Mike, I got the Bushnell Trophy Camera last Christmas. I looked at all of them online and for the money I asked for this one. It's a very nice camera and not that expensive. I'm very happy with it and it takes better photos then I expected. I'm still playing with it and most of all it's...
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    Fishing Television Help

    I like Drew's idea. I don't want to watch what they are catching in Florida or some crap hole location I would never go to. Keep it local in our own fishing areas and you'll get more viewers.
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    Drone shot down.

    Hey tree huggers, next the try using and ultra light.
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    Just use WD40. It makes the lure or bait slide down better.
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    Lobster snorkeling question

    Let me know when you're going. I'll set out my hoop nets and just have him fill them up. Tug twice on the rope and I'll pull up dinner for us.
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    What size U looking for? I have several I'm not using. PM me what you need. Make an offer on what I have. I'm in Poway.
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    My 1st boat!!

    If you're going out to the 9 I would buddy boat with someone else who's going the first few times until you feel confident. Definitely have a good GPS and radio with DSC and watch the weather and conditions carefully.
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    need a new safe

    Here is where I got mine. They are US made (I think he said they are made in Santa Anna) and the one I have was one of the new ones designed for southern Cal. It has a 60 min burn rate instead of the typical 30 mins. I had to wait 2 weeks for them to...
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    Generator question

    I have a 5000wt generator I use for power outages. My house is wired so I can plug it into an outlet below my panel. I've used it many times but I noticed the plug that plugs into the generator has 4 prongs but the outlet on the house only has 3 slots and that end of the wire has a 3 prong...
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    Fishing tomorrow

    I'm heading out tomorrow. I can't sit around the house when the weather is so nice. I'm thinking La Jolla kelp or Pt Loma kelp. Anything going on at either? I'm just going to bottom fish with squid and jigs then maybe fish the bay. How is the water? Weather reports are saying large surf...
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    Trail camera

    Looking at trail cameras for my Christmas List. So many to choose from. Any recommendations. I just want to see all the critters that come around my place at night so nothing expensive. OK maybe since I'm not buying it I guess it could be expensive. Something simple. I'm a simple man.
  127. I

    6 Mile bank out of Mission Bay channel 11-11-11

    Hey buddy, I was thinking of going out to the 6 mile bank maybe next week since I've never been and it's closer that the 9. Doesn't sound real productive. What were you using for bait?
  128. I

    Cheap Reel for a Sabiki rod

    Just go to WalMart and get a cheap reel and some Sibiki rigs too. You're not going to fight the Macs. Just hook um and reel them in. 15lb line should be enough.
  129. I

    Bat rays are fun

    The last on I caught off La Jolla had a 4' wing span. I don't know what it weighted because it was to big to bring aboard. I didn't want to gaff it so I just cut the line and let it go. What a beautiful creature flying through the water along side the boat. I was hoping it was a WSB. Never...
  130. I

    Where do you practice?

    Agree on the line getting dinged up. I use an old iron without the hook so I know exactly what weight I'm throwing. If you can use a park with grass early in the morning with moisture on the grass there should be no issue with the line dragging on the grass. Use your fingers when reeling the...
  131. I


    Good advise. I had a small sore on my nose that wouldn't heal and went to the doctors. It turned out to be Basil cell carcinoma. Got it removed and everything's ok now. That was a very unpleasant procedure for sure. Shots in the nose and cheek hurt like hell. Use sun screen. That's one of...
  132. I

    she had babies in her

    I just got one under my tomato bush today. Got within 4' before I saw it. First time I had one charge me. I got my 410 and blew it's head off. It was about 40" long. This was a close one.
  133. I

    Trailer tires

    Thanks guys, I've been pricing tires from several shops. Costco has trailer tires in the size I need. They are GreenBall. Never heard of them. I'll Google them to see where they are made. Talked to a GoodYear store and was told he couldn't get them. Other stores could go figure.
  134. I

    Trailer tires

    I know I read some posts about trailer tires but I can't find any now. The choices are High Run (Chinese), Carlile, GoodYear. Any opinions on these. My Goodyear tires are 5 years old and one blew out yesterday on the freeway causing slight damage to the fender and boat. I was told trailer...
  135. I

    LJ kelp sunday- Sheepshead, calico rockfish

    I was out there today too. Nothing at LJ so I went to my spot in the bay and got 4 15" sand bass in 20 minutes. Wife was very happy because she was wanting fish taco for weeks and I was out of taco meat. A couple short Halibuts, some sharks, short WSB and kelp. No pictures because the camera...
  136. I

    Could use some Prayers

    If you need a blood donation my wife and I are up for a pint each. Primo blood too. Just let me know.
  137. I


    Hey Paul, I don't have to go looking for them. Had one in the house 3 days ago at the foot of the stairs. My wife walked right by it on the way to the garage. That is her 7th or 8th time being within 2' of a rattler without getting bit. We see snakes all the time at my house but the rattle...
  138. I


    Sorry to hear that. Maybe next time. At least you got out there and tried. Thanks for the report.
  139. I

    Boat cover

    Anyone have any recommendations for a boat cover for my 206 Sea Pro CC with a T-Top? I've seen pictures of covers covering the entire t top and boat and pics of them fastening just under the top. Any ideas on the cost and what type of fabric would be best? Any good local shops around San...
  140. I


    Get your boy some photos of that for bragging rights at school and to show his buddies. He's the man boy now.
  141. I

    My 5 year old son's first Fish

    I have a photo my dad took about 55 years ago of my first fish. I barely remember catching it because I was so young. It looks like a 5-6 lb. bass. It's about half my size. Keep that photo for him. It will be something he will treasure. I do.
  142. I

    slime sticks 6/10

    I think he was nose hooked instead of a mac.
  143. I

    Trailer thief

    Besides locking your hitch get one of the Titanium cables and run it through the rims of your tires it you have dual axles. If you don't run a cable through a concrete block (you can make one with an eye) in the middle of your axle. That way if the thief drives off with your trailer he'll be...
  144. I

    center console eisenglass enclosure

    Hey Brian, that looks perfect. Who did the work and how expensive was it. I was thinking of doing something like that with Acrylic but it's expensive. Yours looks like what I need. Have you had a chance to test it out and if so did you stay dry?
  145. I

    Car theft deterent.....thiefs got our keys

    Hey Steve, the least expensive thing for your vehicles in the Club or one called the Gorilla or something like that. They are only good if you use them every time you park. The only way I've seen them removed is using a hack saw to cut the steering wheel and then slip the club off. Seeing...
  146. I


    I'll drop off a pint and pick up a few tacos. Is there a beer stand near by? After donating a pint my BA level will go down.
  147. I

    Any whales?

    I have a friend wanting to go see some whales. She said she heard they are just off the coast. Don't know where she heard that. I haven't been out on the water for a while so I can't confirm. Anyone seen them around here? I told her to get her ass over to Sea World and look at Shamu but...
  148. I

    Fishing with the Military Kids Day! (Donations gladly accepted)

    I'm in for $50.00. Send me the address to mail the check.
  149. I

    8 foot rod for throwing iron?

    Why don't you buy one when you get here? Ship it back UPS or whatever. You got plenty of time.
  150. I

    Vacuum sealer

    Anyone using Cabela's CG-15 Vac Sealer? I'm looking to replace the POS one that I have now and there are so many on the market to choose from. I'd like to stay in the $200-400 range and Cabelas has a refirbishied one for $350 and it got good reviews. I looked at the Food Saver Game Saver but...
  151. I

    Vacuum sealer

    I'm looking to upgrade to a better food vacuum sealer for this coming fishing season. I now have a Foodsaver (:shithappens:) that I hate. I remember reading here about some better ones at Doug Care Equip which I looked up. Does anyone have the Best Vac sealer that they sell? It runs $225.00...
  152. I

    BBQ Fish

    Try one of the No Stick fish baskets you can find at some of the cooking stores. Spray with Pam and put your fish in. It's sort of spring loaded when you close it and fasten the handle. Makes it real easy to turn the fish over and no sticking at all.
  153. I

    Gonzaga Bay-San Diego ? weather report

    Hey Burt, I hope things are going great for you. Weather wise it looks like it is. We've got 7" of rain here in Poway since last Friday and it's still coming down non stop. The worst is suppose to hit around noon today. So far we have no problems. Another day of this and I'll be able to...
  154. I

    Ed's Jigs

    I always add a piece of squid or fresh cut sardine and they always get hit. The knife handle jigs work just as well. I use both but Ed's jig are heavier so I use them in faster moving current or deeper water.
  155. I

    Pretty cute

    Penguin Goes Shopping
  156. I

    Canopy cover

    A couple years ago I bought a 10' x 20' canopy from Costco. I was thinking of putting my boat under it but then I got a T top and it wouldn't fit.. Anyway the fabric on it was torn off a while back and I need to buy some new stuff but I forgot where I put the name of the company that sells it...
  157. I

    What's the problem?

    I spent $5000 on a boob job for the wife. She was delighted. I spent another $2000 on a nose job for her. She was ecstatic. I spent $2000 on liposuction for her and she was over the moon. I spent $30 on a blow job for myself and she goes fucking nuts.
  158. I

    2010 Darwin Awards

    Got a radio call at 0330 regarding screaming coming from a local high school. Got to the school and found a 16 year old male sitting on top of a chain link fence with his scrotum impaled on the top of the fence. He and his friends were going to pull some prank at the school the following day...
  159. I

    Wounded Warrior Tourney- Boats Needed

    I've been reading all these posts. What a bunch of crap! Why do we need so many GD rules just to take some military heros out to fish? How about taking out a couple guys or gals, let them fish with what ever they have or what we can provide to them with what ever bait they want to use where...
  160. I

    Knife sharpening

    Does anyone have the Pro Edge knife sharpening system. If so how do you like it and is it worth the money? I saw the videos on the internet and it looks like a good system but you know how videos can be deceiving. I didn't see the guy shapren a fillet knife so I was wondering how it would...
  161. I

    Trying for marlin and lings , end up with the tow of shame

    Did you put the trollers out on the way in? Not burning your gas so maybe drag something behind you and have a beer.
  162. I

    Before you give up any more "spare change"....

    I used to work a lot of undercover assignments in Clairemont 10-15 years ago. I got flagged down by a female panhandler one day at a shopping center on Balboa Ave. She had her two little boys with her and told me they haven't eaten in 2 days. She told me she had taken them out of school...
  163. I

    20' Sea-Pro 206 CC Mercury 150hp Verado 4-stroke "New Price"

    That is a very nice fishing machine. I have one just like it but a 2006 model. It is called a Sea Pro 206CC made by Brunswick and it has a supercharged 150hp Merc Verado motor. I love my boat and keep it in just as good a shape as you do. Are you going to a bigger one? That is a good price...
  164. I

    Check this out

    My brother sent me this link. Interesting fish.
  165. I

    No More Stuttering

    Harry, you're killing me over here.
  166. I

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    That's when you want a paintball gun.
  167. I

    Need Help getting my 8 Year old Hooked

    Ditto on the sabiki rig. I watched a boat full of kids catching macs on a sabiki and laughed my ass off listening to them screaming with joy and excitement. Brought back memories of my kids.
  168. I

    MMSI alert

    After fishing on Sunday I stopped by my buddies boat in Mission Bay for a beer and parked mine in the vaccant slip next to his. About 10 minutes later we hear a wailing siren and find out it's coming from my Icom 504 radio. When I looked at the screen it had changed from channel 72 to 16. We...
  169. I

    whale wars tonight!!!

    Hey Tommy, can you get any whale fillets? I'd like to grill some up. Do you think I should wrap it in bacon and throw on the grill or try it sushi style?
  170. I

    close call and lj report 7-12

    If it were me and I haven't figured it out I'd be taking it to a trailer shop and have a professional look everything over. I'll be checking mine out tomorrow just to make sure everything is good and tight.
  171. I

    Catching squid

    I'm reading all these posts about WSB and want to give it a try with my buddy. How, when and where do you catch squid if you're in a smaller boat? Also how are your hooking them? I got the balloon idea and plan on trying that along with using a dropper rig and fly lining. I've never fished...
  172. I

    EFV......... Our young men got a new toy.

    Ah, I didn't see any rod holders.
  173. I

    painting lures

    Hey guys, I remember seeing some posts on painting irons but I can't find them. I have a few old irons in need of painting. I was thinking of changing their colors and I have removed all the paint. I primered them with white Rustolium primer. What type of paint should I use for the coloring...
  174. I

    Jigmaster 500 sideplates

    Call Squidco. That's where I bought one last year.
  175. I

    Del Mar Gun Show

    I have been dissatisified the last few times I've gone. No good bargins and not much of a selection either. I think I'll pass again this time since I have not shot up the ammo I boutght at the AZ show I went to last year. I am in the market for a good safe now and maybe a Ruger 10-22. I...
  176. I

    help save the seals in La Jolla

    I think we should put a rope up down at the border to keep the illegals out. They think it will work at the cove. I love liberal ideas.
  177. I

    Handgun for wife

    I have found that women more often have difficulty with semi autos because of limp wristing which leads to jams. I prefer ladies to use a 5 shot hamerless revolver for their protecton. It can be fired from inside a purse or pocket without the jams. You don't really need much more then a good...
  178. I

    Sling Shot and a Marble

    Hey Jesse, you can do it. I did. After seeing my Sgt. at work quit I decided I could do it too. He came in on day and said "I will not smoke again" and he never did. He explained to me that everyone whined about how hard it was to quit and all the comercials told you how hard it is. So many...
  179. I

    wanna buy a hog?

    Hey Mike, can I hire her to take care of me in my later years?
  180. I

    Kayak fisherman lost in Mission Bay this morning?!?

    I don't know about most of you guys but I always keep a watchful eye out for the yakers when I'm on the water. It don't take much for them to get into trouble real fast and need a helping hand. I helped one a while back who was having really bad leg cramps and another one who just ran out of...
  181. I

    Sometimes life just throws one too many curve balls

    Hey Jesse, I have no doubt you'll kick cancer's ass. You went through a lot with the war. It is obvious you are no quitter. I have friends who have won the battle and I'm sure you will too with your attitude. Stay strong and keep us updated.
  182. I

    Considering La Jolla or Barn Kelp Sunday

    My bud and I are going out th LJ kelp Sunday morning. Don't know what the hell we'll be fishing for but we're bringing squid, macs, Ballyhoos, and anything else we can think of. We'll get something. Weather and ocean conditions look good except for a little fog in the am. See you out there...
  183. I

    This will chap your ass

    What kind of moron carries an empty weapon in full view? That's like carrying a sign saying shoot me first. The whole idea of carrying a weapon is that no one knows you're armed until it too late.
  184. I

    DFG Lobster card summary

    Just like the formulations they use for global warming. Garbage in, garbage out.
  185. I

    Boat Ho Traning

    I hope you have Sea Tow or Vessel Assist just in case.
  186. I


    One day Superman was feeling a bit horny. So he asked his super hero friends for ideas on where he could get a bit of action. 'Hey Batman! Who's good in the sack?' 'Well Superman, everyone knows that Wonder Woman is the best sex in comic land. Why don't you try her?' replied Batman 'I'd love...
  187. I

    Gonzaga Bay...Post Quake...Nada !!!!

    Hey Bert, I thought of you right after the quake. I thought you were close to it. I'm glad you're OK. It shook pretty good here in Poway but no damage. Let me know when you're coming back up. Dave
  188. I

    Just added another C80..Really Cool

    I checked out Garys boat today. All the work was done and it looks great. He's been working on the boat for 3 weeks now and what a difference from when we pulled it out of the water. Looks brand new. I wish I had half the electronics on mine that he has on his. One sweet fishing machine.
  189. I

    Who was that?

    Yep, that was it.
  190. I

    Who was that?

    After spending all morning getting my heat pump fixed I had to go for a drive in my brand new Tundra to get some miles on it and destress. I gotta get 500 on her so I can tow my boat. I wanted to take my wife out for a long drive and then some sushi but that didn't happen. Anyway I was...
  191. I

    How prepared are you for a medical emergency at sea?

    That's why I just bought a pair of 12" bolt cutters to include with my first aid kit. The best thing to do is take a first aid calss. You'll probably have to treat yourself before you treat your buddies. Practice, before you need to use it in a real life situation. I've seen too many folks...
  192. I

    FN .45

    Second on the Sig. Carried one for years. The best gun I ever owned. She kept me alive. I'll be burried with her.
  193. I

    Need an Idea - Fish Finder Conversion

    Hey Len, I think the cooler idea is the best. I'd make it so the FF is removable from the top of the cooler by using bolts and wing nuts. Everything would fit into the cooler along with whatever else you needed. And the good thing is that it would float if anything bad happened and act as a...
  194. I

    PT Came Back Positive.....

    Hey Jimbo, you've been trying for four months? Hell, call me the next time and we'll getter done in 2 months. Just kiddin bro. You're gonna have to get a BIG boat now. Congrats.
  195. I

    Pure Fucking Evil X 2

    More Excellent Gun Wisdom........ The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental. 1. Don't pick a fight with an...
  196. I

    Another SOB I want Dead!

    OK boys, finish your drinks and grab a rope. We'll have the trail under the big oak tree in 30 minutes.
  197. I

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    Hey Keith, wise up fool. My wife is contracted with several insurance companies to identify the breed of a dog before they will issue home owners insurance. There are several insurance companies that will not issue policies if there are certin breeds of dogs on the premises. I'm not saying...
  198. I


    It came off my 206 Sea Pro CC. 31" wide and 15" high. PM me if you want it. It's gone 3-8-2010
  199. I

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    You better check with your insurance company if you have a home owners policy. Some companies will not insure you if you have a law suit involving you pit.
  200. I

    Tow insurance

    My insurance with Sea Tow expires in 3 weeks. I'm thinking of switching over to Vessel Assist. Anyone have problems with them? Any recommendations? Thanks
  201. I

    Yak Bugs and Gunfire 2-18-10

    Speaking of military gunfire. I get to wake up every morning to the sound of American military gunfire from Miramar. I live in Poway on the top of a mountain and can hear the gunfire from Pendleton and Miramar. I always tell my wife that we are so lucky to wake up to freindly gunfire and...
  202. I

    El Nino. good or bad for inshore?

    You Fools, NOAA built the Ark. And saved all the fishies 2 X 2. It's in the Bible somewhere. I think it's in the the first part or maybe the middle or towards the end. I forgot but it's there.
  203. I

    Taking Cub Scout Den Fishing . . .

    Hey Deek, I'd be watching the weather for the weekend. Doesn't look real good for the kids. Rain is expected. Unless you have a WA boat I'd postpone.
  204. I

    Gettin ready

    Well I'm slowly getting the boat ready for this years fishing. Got the 300 hour service done, trailer serviced, washdown pump replaced, new radio, new fishfinder/GPS, new deck lines, made new gaffs, inspected all lures, sharpened all hooks, re-rigged trollers, checked and tested the bait pump...
  205. I

    nearly pissed myself

    Were any of their rifles ever fired except by accident?
  206. I

    Fresh Rock Scallops

    Hey Randy, dumb question but where do they come from? I never really thought about it. Are they in the bays or open ocean? I'm not asking exactly where you get them just in general. Do you have to pry them off rocks, hence the name or what? They look like big clams. I'm not overly fond of...
  207. I

    Hipp Marine

    Hipp is the only place I take my boat. That's where I bought it, that's who services and repairs it, and they do fantastic work. Rober, Mike, Sara, Jon, and Marc will take good care of you and your boat. I don't know any thing about those other places so I can't comment on them.
  208. I

    Shit, This is the last thing I needed

    Hey Bill, can you crate him for the 4 weeks? I don't mean 24/7 but some place where he'll be away from the other dogs. That will calm him down some if he can't play with the others. Good luck. I know it's a pain but they are worth it.
  209. I

    Water levels

    I'm going to take the wife shopping Saturday at North County Fair in Escondido just to see if Hodges is full.
  210. I

    Shipping to Baghdad?

    Scott, the USPS has 4 sizes of flat rate boxes. The most expensive one it about $12 to ship. That's the one I always use to ship to my Marine buddies in the sand hell hole. Just pack it full and seal it shut. Don't make any difference what it weighs so pack it tight. Don't forget to ask for the...
  211. I

    Rod holders

    I have several rod holders, the SS ones that clamp onto the rails, and no matter how hard I tighten the allen screws down the holder still slides. The clamps are the correct size so that's not the problem. Is there something I can put on the rail that the clamp can bite onto? Thanks
  212. I

    My buddy is gone

    What a sad day. We had to put our cat down today. What a good little buddy. He was my buddy for 23 years. Always there when I got home from fishing waiting for his anchovies. He would sit on the table while I filleted the catch waiting for his share. He kept the vermin down on the property...
  213. I

    O'Side Whales???

    A little bottom action? That sounds really kinky. Getting her in the mood for a little hump? Dude you got your mind right. Go with it.
  214. I

    Painting lures

    I'm going to paint some of my knife handle jigs and was wondering what paint to use. They are SS and as slick as a titty. Should I rough them up with sandpaper then primer them? If so with what primer and what grit paper? I tried this last year and the primer, Krylon, just didn't stick. I...
  215. I

    VHF Radio Distress test

    Let us know when you find out. I'd like to test mine when it's hooked up.
  216. I

    fishfinder / plotter

    I have the HDS-5 too. I have to get a new wiring harness for it because the one that came with it was faulty. I just got called by WM saying it's in. So far it cost about $250.00 to find out what the problem was. It would not send GPS info to my new Icom 504 radio because of a bad wire in...
  217. I

    Sunday in the bay

    What a beutiful day on the water today. Launched in Mission Bay at 0700 and picked up a great half scoop of chovies from Gary at EB. Started off at 4 corners and drifted all the way to the Ingraham bridge. Getting short butts and bass all day. As I was drifting past Ski Beach ramp I thought...
  218. I

    sausage casings where to buy?

    I used to buy mine at Seisels Meat off Morena Blvd. several years ago.
  219. I


    Does anyone know where I can buy some Marine carpet to recover the side rails on my trailer? WM wants $30.00 for an 11" X 12' piece. I used some indoor/outdoor carpet last year from HD and it's rotted through already. Thanks
  220. I

    Happy customer

    I guess I didn't explain it well. The problem occurred when I was out on the water last week. I went to start and nothing. Fuse by the battery was blown. I replaced it and the motor started. After fishing for about 30 mis I tried to start and nothing. Check the fuse and it's blown again...
  221. I

    Happy customer

    Well it's 1500 hrs Wed. I just brought my boat home from Hipp Marine. Great service as usual. Robert takes good care of his customers. Had the 300 hour service done along with some electrical problems. First problem was the fuse blew and the motor wouldn't start. Replaced the fuse and it ran...
  222. I

    Check out my tree

    I'd tie some 180lb leader on the top and troll it. If nothing strikes you're sure to snag something.
  223. I

    What are boat rails stained and polished with?

    Hey Brian, if your box is reddish color it's probably a type of Mahogany. I would use a good paint stripper after removing the hardware. If you try to sand it off you won't get the finish out of the grain. If it's an open grain wood you might use a stiff bush too to get into the pores. If...
  224. I


    Hey Tommy, if I would have seen this earlier I'd have jumped on it and been down there but I had to do wifie crap all day. See this is what you get when you try to be a good husband. Bahhhh Humbug.
  225. I

    Road Kill + TrailCam = Cool Video......

    Hey Jim, What a bueatiful animal. I have seen a few around my house as well. Why do some guys feel it's nessesary to kill them just for fun. I'm no tree huger and I've killed a lot of game in my time but it was for eating not just for the fun of killing something. Same goes with cyotes...
  226. I

    Fishing today

    Well I headed out today, Thursday, to fish off the kelp bed around Sunset Cliff to Pt. Loma. Great day on the water with flat seas, no wind, and warm sunny weather. Started jigging the bottom with squid for small reds, sculpin and a few small lings. When I decided to head to better spots the...
  227. I

    SD Bay, PL Kelp ish 12-16-2009

    Thanks Jon, I'm going out tomorrow. I think I'll start outside Mission Bay by the OB pier and work the kelp south to the sewer pipe. I'll stick with squid too. Any problem with the dawgs?
  228. I


    Damn Tommy. What do I do with all this bacon now? Why does some douche bag have to ruin a good thing? I'll be watching for your other generous offers thanks Bro.
  229. I

    Bloody Hell !

    Hey Chris, you folks speak pretty good english down there except I can hardly understand you. I'll have to watch Crocodile Dundee a few more times before I go down to visit. Are all your beaches bare titty beaches? You do have some beautiful women down there.
  230. I

    What happened to tidelines online .com?

    Try this for local tides Tide predictions map
  231. I

    A piece of the Empire in OB

    Bolt those down in my boat and use them as fighting chairs.
  232. I

    about cal fishing license

    I have to. I've been stopped at least 10 times this year by DFG and USCG both in the bay and out off the kelp beds. That's who I keep everything together in a plastic zip lock. With that kind of luck you bet I'm getting one. Besides the law requires you to if you are going to fish in our...
  233. I

    Parker 2530

    You need to bring that machine out here next spring so we can check it out properly. I'm not sure it would hold up when tuna bite so if you could bring it out and maybe leave it for a few months we'll let you know how she works out. Oh yea, make sure it's full of gas too.
  234. I

    Jeans: Made in USA

    Hey Scott, thanks for the info. I emailed it to 7 of my family and friends and 5 are placing orders tomorrow as will I. I was hoping to find American made jeans somewhere. I quit buying Levis 2 years ago and will never buy them again.
  235. I

    hooked up outside dana harbor

    Hey Bro, that sounds like a large Bat Ray to me. Been there done that. I can always tell when a Bat Ray is hooked. It takes off like a train then either stops and hugs the bottom or does a does a 90 degree turn and takes off again. I've caught several this year in the 80 lb range and always...
  236. I

    Storm damage

    Well I finished cleaning up the mess from the last storm. Luckily no downed trees this time. My boat lost it's cover or should I say mama nature tore it to bits and scattered it all over property along with my 10 x 20 canopy behind the shop. The boat was partially filled with water because...
  237. I

    Got Caught? Black Sea Bass Dana Point Harbor

    Ignorance of the law is no defense. "Honestly judge, I didn't know she was only 14".
  238. I

    1st Catalina Offshore Products "Invitational" Cooking Class - Heavy Pics! 12-6-09

    Damn, if I had known about the class I would have been there too with my wife. I would like to get on the list if there is one.
  239. I

    Just off deployment...everything has changed and I need help!

    Hey Trey, first off thanks for your service. Men like you keep us safe so we may enjoy our freedom to fish. I haven't fished the Oceanside area at all. I do fish La Jolla kelp mostly and Pt. Loma as well. What I have found that works for me is to use either squid or fresh bloody macs or...
  240. I

    Giant Beaver Bait

    I saw something like that in Star Trek. I think it crawled in or out of someone's ear.
  241. I

    over width citation

    Thanks Art, shows you how much I know about computers. Some day I'll learn how to post pictures. I wish I had grandkids to teach me this stuff.
  242. I

    over width citation

    Anyone know how I get the Edit shark symble off my quick reply thing so no one can screw with it?
  243. I

    over width citation

    That's OK, I have my wife convinced 6" is really 8".
  244. I

    over width citation

    Art, he said 119" at the widest. That's 9 feet 11 inches wide.
  245. I

    Successful Halibut Fishing 12/4

    Damn Bro, it looks like you got every gram of meat off that flattie. Good job.
  246. I

    Motor polish

    What do you guys use to polish your motors? I have a Merc 150 and I'd like to clean up the water spots and put a shine on it. I went ot Hipp but they had to order some product and it has not come in yet. Anything else someone can recommend? I might have to go to West Marine if Hipp can't get...
  247. I

    La Jolla today

    The problem at the ramp was that there was a minus tide and the ramp had sand and alge in the slits of the concrete so the tires can't bite it for traction. I had this happen once but with enough guys on the back of the truck for wieght we got it out. There are barnicales there too which...
  248. I

    La Jolla today

    Got an early start this morning and was in the water by 0630. Got a half from EB with some nice 6-7" Macks included. A little rough going out the MB channel but I've seen worse. Ocean was fairly calm and no wind. Got up to La Jolla at about 25mph. The water on the way up was very dirty and...
  249. I


    I took the wife down to Tommy's Saturday after calling in my order the night before. I don't know how Tommy keeps up his pace all day running around the way he does. Anyway I picked up a healthy 4lbs. of WCB and 2 lbs. Makeo since I didn't catch either this year, yet. God, that WSB is good...
  250. I

    Why in the Hell

    Hey the kids won't have to worry about pressing 1 for English anymore.
  251. I

    Tired of the neighbors fuckn cat on your car.

    I've found that a .22 short HP works very well, and the buzaards appriciate the donation to the food chain.
  252. I


    Well I'm going to have to upgrade sooner than I was planing on. I was looking at several units in the $600-$800 range and was looking hard at the Lowrance HDS 5, Humminbird 788, and the Garmin 540. Anyone have any input on these. Or any other suggestons. I've researched all the post here on...
  253. I

    Something wrong?

    My property tax (the pleasure of allowing me to own a boat in the county of SD) runs about $250.00 and I don't know what that entitles me to. Maybe free launchings at the bay?
  254. I

    Something wrong?

    I just paid my DMV registration on my 06 Sea Pro 206. Only $20.00. Is there something going on with our politicians? Why aren't they screwing us on boat registrations like they do with cars and trucks. And to top that when I got my new registration it was for 2 years. Expires in Dec. of...
  255. I

    Got new radio

    Well I just got back from WM and bought a new Icom M504 and the Shakespear 5225XP antenna. Couldn't find the problem with the old radio so I didn't want to risk it. Questions now. Where to put the new radio. The old one was down by my knee and you couldn't see it. But the instructions on...
  256. I

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    I always go out of my way to pick up the trash either in the bay or out in the open ocean. It's amazing the crap you find floating in the water. I've picked up air mattresses, boxes, clothing, large cans, gas cans, balloons, booze bottles, and plastic bags just to name a few. I know some of it...
  257. I

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    I always go out of my way to pick up the trash either in the bay or out in the open ocean. It's amazing the crap you find floating in the water. I've picked up air mattresses, boxes, clothing, large metal cans, gas cans, balloons, booze bottles, and plastic bags just to name a few. I know some...
  258. I

    Radio problem

    Thanks for the reply. The cable is still about 8' long and I did re-solder the connection again. All the power wires are in the same place they have always been in when the radio was working well. Which solderless connector should I get? WM web site show a couple ones. If I decide to get...
  259. I

    Radio problem

    I have a Ray Marine 48 radio in my boat. When I put on the T top I moved the antenna to the top. It's a Shakspear 8' antenna. I also shortened the antenna cable and reattached it to the back of the radio. I cut and re soldered the connection so it's OK. Now when I transmit you can hardly...
  260. I

    Xmas list

    OK guys it's time to start thinking about Christmas so it doesn't sneak up again. I've already started my shopping. For my list I'm asking Santa for a Sabiki rod and a reel. Are there different sizes of rods. When I was at Squidcoa whle back one of the guys said the ones they had there were...
  261. I

    What the hell is up with peeps

    If you're in Mission Bay call the Harbor Police or SDPD on Ch 16. I'm sure they have someone working nights to get these drunk A--Holes off the water. Yea, I've seen them too but usually during the day. Haven't been hooping yet.
  262. I

    I forgot

    Did anyone else see the boat on the Fiesta Island beach across from Sea World? Looks like it was waaaaaaaaaaaay up on the beach with the anchor line hanging off the bow. I looked like a 26' maybe Stripper. I think high tide is around 9 tonight and it had better be pretty high to lift it off.
  263. I

    Bad day fishing

    Well it just had to happen. After 3 fantastic weekends on the water fishing in perfect weather we had to have 1 bad one. Left my house in Poway at 0545 and headed to Missin Bay. It was clear and about 78 when I left and I could see the lights on Mt. Soladad so I knew it was going to be great...
  264. I

    Rough Water Hooping

    Good post Jason, I had the weather go from fantastic to shit in 10 minutes last year. I checked the reports and knew bad weather was coming late in the night. It showed up 2 hours early and caught us between the kelp line and shore. That was the scarriest night I've had on the water but got...
  265. I


    Hey Rich, I have a 21' Sea Pro CC and ran it for 2 years without a T-top. When I had Pacific Yatch Towers put a T-top on mine I did not see any difference in the MPG or speed at all. You will find that wieght and trim will effect your MPG more than the top. You're not going to run WOT all day...
  266. I

    Washdown pump

    Well my third Shurflo Pro Blaster washdown pump broke. The paint on the top is blistering. Looks like there is corrosion inside but I haven't taken it apart. The last two leaked too. Every year I have to replace it. I'm thinking of switching to the FloJet 4325. Do any of you guys have...
  267. I

    Broken pole

    Well I snapped 2' off the tip of my USA Graphite jigging stick. Now what? Thorw it away. Any other use for it now? I hate to throw any fishing stuff away but I can't think of a use for it now. Anyone have any ideas?
  268. I

    Broke my pole

    Hey Rick, you're right and I didn't mention that. I did have on safety sunglasses when it snapped and the broken part shot right by my face. I no I'm lucky and thankful about that. That could have ruined my weekend real quick like.
  269. I

    Broke my pole

    Well I"m pissed. I was getting everything ready for tomorrows offshore run. The boat is all packed and ready to go so I thought I'd set the drags on my poles. Everything went well untill I tried setting the drag on my favorite jigging stick. It's a USA Graphite8'6" that I got at Noah's...
  270. I

    Painting tip

    I have to paint a 6" long area on the lower unit of my Merc O/B where the paint has come off. Do I need to prime the aluminim with something before I apply on the black paint? I asume I have to scuff up the metal first also. I'm going to pick up some black paint at Hipp Marine tomorrow.
  271. I

    LJ Report anyone???

    Hey Doug, I was out last Sunday fishing the kelp. Saw a yaker pull in a YT not 50 yards from me around 10 lbs. I had several YT bump my bait and lures but wouldn't commit. I saw a bunch of YT's swiming under my boat in the 20-25lb range but damn if I could get one to bite. Hopefully you and...
  272. I


    Hey Guys, I just ordered one for my Merc 150 Verado. It should be here in a week. Any tips on installing it? It looks straight forward to me but I am a little hesitant drilling into my outboard and don't want to screw it up. Also the directions say to put some Marine 5200 around the holes...
  273. I

    Need mobile Suzuki Mechanic

    Give Ray (AquaHunter) a call, he's mobil. Do a search on this site for his number.
  274. I

    Offshore No fish for us Saturday

    Thanks for the report Bro. I was planning on going out Sun but maybe I'll stay a little closer now. I was hoping the 9 would be active by now. I might try it if La Jolla is dead tomorrow.
  275. I

    MB bait?

    Thanks forthe reply guys. Yea the spill was in Quvira Basin. Don't know how much but Coast Guard said it was not going to be cleaned up so I'm hoping it wasn't a lot. It'll probably just coat everyone's boat. Maybe if I can get some on my bow I can go faster. Later
  276. I

    MB bait?

    Does anyone know if the diesel spill affected the bait at EB in Mission Bay? I emailed them and got no response. Plan on goingo out tomorrow.
  277. I

    Unsecured marine property tax?? Are you FIN kidding me??

    Good God Travis, don't give these dildos any ideas. Next they'll be taxing puntang and then what are we gong to do?
  278. I

    Coronados 8/26 YT, Boners, and Logs

    Hey Ron what were the water conditions out there today and the wind?
  279. I

    Jury Service in Compton

    Everyone tries to get out of doing their civic duty. I know it's inconvienent and a pain in the ass but do you ever wonder why people don't get convicted? If you don't know how the system works you need to go down there and find out first hand. Then when you bitch to your friends you can talk...
  280. I

    Great fishing today

    My buddies Junior and Suds (USMC) and I were planing on going Mako fishing today in spite of the weather reports that weren't really that bad looking at the NOAA forecast last night. We got to South Shores and saw a couple larger boats leaving the parking lot on their trailers. Not a good sign...
  281. I

    Offshore Bad weather 8/22

    We heeded the warning and stayed in the bay. Saw a lot of the big boys coming back in to fish the bay too. Heard a 36 Bertram say he was getting water over the bow. That convinced us. Had a fantastic day in Mission Bay catching over 40 various fish and 8 different species. Nice firecracker...
  282. I

    Lowrance hds7

    I was at West Marine yesterday depositing my monthly $200.00 and was looking at the Lowrance HDS7 GPS/Fishfinder unit and listening to the sales pitch. It looks like a nice unit but the on line reviews rate it from a piece of crap to God's first choice. Anyone here have one and what is the...
  283. I


    Couldn't have said it any better bro.
  284. I

    NOAA Questionnaire

    Anyone else receive a letter advising them they have been selected to be included in the Souther California Sport Fishing Survey from the U.S. Department of Commerce? I remember being asked over a year ago by one of the DFG ladies who checks your fish and asks you some questions if I would be...
  285. I

    Offshore Fishing the 182

    Headed out with my two buds SSgt. Junior Perez (Fishin Buddy) and Gunnery Sgt. "Suds" Sedweeks USMC to the 182. Long ride out from MIssion Bay with a nice scoop of deans from EB Mission Bay. Saw three good bait boils with porpoises and diving birds but no fish for us. EB needs to get out and...
  286. I

    Good by Mugsley. You were a great dog.

    Bro, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know what you are feeling because I've been there too many times. Luckily I have enough property to burry my beloved friends under a giant tree close to me knowing someday we will all play together again. I get to go out every day and be with them.
  287. I

    hey hey I was on KGB radio this morning !

    Hey Bert, are you banging her or what?
  288. I

    Offshore Otto

    I think the kid just got his first shot of smack. He'll never be the same again. Bitchen pics Bro.
  289. I

    Cash For Clunkers Works

    I want to know when they will apply this to boats too. But I don't want an Obamma boat with an electric motor.
  290. I

    I don't care how tuff you are

    Bro I know the pain too well. Here is something to help ease the pain. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so...
  291. I

    I don't care how tuff you are

    Bro I know the pain too well. Here is something to help ease the pain. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so...
  292. I


    Hey Nate, I had Bert do some work for me a few months back. You won't find anyone better. I'm going to have him do some more in a week or two. You can't find someone who'll beat his price and quality of work. Give him a try, he's fast and gives a good price to BD folks.
  293. I

    Knife sheaths

    Thanks Guys, yea I'm using cardboard with duct tape now. I thought I'd upgrade to a Nylon sheath. I'll keep looking. There is a place on the net Blade Tamer I found and will keep in mind.
  294. I

    Knife sheaths

    Anyone know where to get some sheaths for my Forschner knives at a decent price? I've seen some places on the net but would like to stay local if possible. Thanks....Dave
  295. I

    Need help with family outing

    I'm in for $50.00. Let me know where to send the check Jason.
  296. I

    Need help with family outing

    I'm in for $50.00. PM me where to send the check Jason.
  297. I

    La Jolla Cove Seals

    OK, did I hear this right on the news? The city of San Diego is going to spend $100,000.00 minimum to scare the seals away from the cove with a recording of dogs barking. I'll do it with real dogs for half that price. Anyone want to join in? Good God, no wonder the city is broke.
  298. I

    Wash Down pump

    Hey David, I had the same problem and it was the new pump I bought. It was bad right out of the box. Had me stumped for a while. Took it back and got another. SurFlow, you would think they would make better products.
  299. I

    Slow day fishing

    Launched out of South Shore with my neighbor and Gunny Sgt. Suds. We picked up some so so deans at EB and headed out. Started just south of the OB pier and worked our way down the kelp line to the green tanks. A couple good hits but nothing would stick. I picked up a 14" calico when we...
  300. I

    Killed it

    Maybe a dumb question but are blues good to eat like the makos?
  301. I

    Good day fishing

    Hey Tony, the water temp along the kelp line was 66 degrees. I think I might try to get out again this week if it stays this hot. Dave
  302. I

    Good day fishing

    I had to go fishing solo today none of my buddies could make it. Got to South Shores at 0545 and only about 6 trucks and trailers in the lot. Droped the boat in and headed to EB for some so so bait. I was number 10 in line. They sure don't give you scoops like the boys in SD bay do. Followed...
  303. I

    South Shores closed?

    Does anyone know if the city is closing South Shores boat ramp because of the OTL games. I can't remember if it was closed last year but I think it was which created a real mess. I was planing to get there before 0600 to launch. Thanks......
  304. I

    OK,you guys! If ya dont hear from me by Monday morn...send the marines !!!!!!

    Hey Bert, let me know when you get back and we'll do some fishing. I need someone to fish with during the week. The shed you built for me looks fantastic especially after I painted it. I still need you for some more work so I hope you get back safely soon. Dave
  305. I

    Watch out for Scammers!

    These idiots have been here since the 80's when I worked undercover at the SDPD. I spent a whole day following these fools around waiting for them to lead me back to their base if operation which was on Miralani St. just north of Miramar Rd. Long story short the speakers and electronic...
  306. I

    First my dryer, now my washer.....

    Dude, your main problem is not letting a woman do the laundry. These are complicated machines that only a female mind is capable of figuring out. Stick to hunting, fishing, and gathering. If all else fails have a lady show you how to beat your pants against the rocks down by the stream.
  307. I

    The Kid and I hit the Bay but first .......Pumped Ghost Shrimp

    Bro, she is going to grow up to be a real heart throb. What a lovely little girl. You are one lucky guy. Take good care of her and keep her fishing.
  308. I

    What was the water temp last year when the dorado showed up?

    Hey Ethan, are you going to be able to get out this season with your two wrists all busted up? If not you're welcomed to fish with me if you want to come down to SD. I hope you can take a leak and dump by yourself cuz I'm not touching your weiner or wipping your butt for ya. Dave
  309. I

    Fished La Jolla

    Took the wife out today for some bass fishing at La Jolla. Picked up a horrible half scoop of chovies from EB. First time I was ever disappointed. Only about 3 dozen chovies over 4" long and the rest were about 2" to "3 long. I didn't even have hooks small enough to use on them. My fault, I...
  310. I

    Flea treatment for dogs - where to buy

    Hey MIke, If your dog has fleas you should also treat your yard and inside your home. I'd watch out for other dogs if you alow yours to mingle with them because that's where it might pick up the flea. Don't forget that the product you are putting on your dog is a POISON so watch for adverse...
  311. I


    Thanks guys. I'll be looking at the Permatrim on their web site. Looks like the M9 for my application.
  312. I


    I was visiting Tony (Crazy Hawiian) and he was showing me the hydrofoil on his outboard. I thought of getting one last year but wasn't sure if it would help with controing the boat at slower speeds and smooth out the ride at higher speeds. Tony said it really helped his boat and his son's...
  313. I

    GOT 'EM! (Thieves that is.)

    I see 3 trees and 2 suspects. Anyone got some rope? We don't need repete offenders.
  314. I

    The Family Garden Is BOOMING in 2009 !!!

    I had some friends over a while back and they brought their 3 little girls. They got to walk among the plants and pull put some carrots and raddishes and onions. Then they picked blueberries and boysenberries and ate them. They had know idea where their fruit and veggies came from except the...
  315. I

    Fishing La Jolla

    Went out with a new Marine fishing buddy Rithy. Stopped by EB and got some deans since there were no chovies. I knew I should have picked up some squid at the Asian market. Anyway headed up to La Jolla in bumpy conditions and tried several spots for nada. Rithy managed to get a red and that...
  316. I

    Offshore Rpt 5-30&31 Day 1-Limits of Tails Day 2 Snotty Conditions

    Dude, you should write a book about you trips. Outstanding report as usual.
  317. I

    Grass Hopper has died

    Can we all say "autoerotic asphyxiation". Seen it many times. In Bang-cock of all places.
  318. I

    What the F is this?

    I think I'd be looking for it's spaceship. I always knew that they were here among us.
  319. I

    Custom Salas 7X surface iron

    I like to fish the Coronado Islands. Can you print thm in Spanish?
  320. I


    Hey Nellie, do you have insurance? And is the crack large enough where it can't be patched? I just had to replace mine last week after a metal nut bounced off the pavement right into my windshield. I had a $100.00 deductable and my insurance company had a list of glass shops near where I...
  321. I

    Seal attacks shark and toys with it like a cat and mouse

    Hey, payback is a bitch. How many videos have we seen where sharks are eating seals. Don't get me wrong. The more dead seals the better. I think we need to import some Eskimos down here for the summer and solve this problem. They can camp out at the La Jolla cove. I'd love a pair of seal...
  322. I

    white shark off carlsbad canyon?

    Better get a hold of Ray (Aquahunter). I think he has a score to settle with the great white.
  323. I

    Repair question

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't tape the bottom because I can't get to the underside. Also the surface is textured so I can't sand it smooth. I was thinking of using the epoxy and as it starts to set up maybe scribe the lines in it to match the surounding area or just use the epoxy...
  324. I

    Blood drive donation from Happy Ending Lures

    I'll be there and maybe my wife too. I gotta get there cause the blood bank called last week and said it's that time again. I don't want to walk around with too much blood in my body. This next pint will make 5 gallons that they recorded. I'm pretty sure it's more like 8 gallons.
  325. I

    Repair question

    Hey guys, I need to fill in 12 holes in the gunwhale of my boat where the fittings for the Bimini top were. The holes are about 3/16" to 1/4". I was told to use either 5200 or a two part epoxy. Any thoughts on either one? I also have a couple dings and small chips here and there. What...
  326. I

    Aros Trailers

    I've been using Salt Away on everything. Where do you get the corrosian X and can I use it when I flush the outboard motor?
  327. I

    Aros Trailers

    I had some brake problems with my trailer like rusted out rotors, pads shot and calipers shot too so I called Aros Trailers in El Cajon and talked to Scott and Tony. I saw their ads on BD and figured they've been tested and passed. Anyway when I talked to Tony he had me bring the trailer in...
  328. I

    Tried Ray

    I needed some maintance work done on my Merc and some lights wired up so I decided to call Ray after reading about him on BD. Very cool guy and did great work too. Had the oils and filters changed in no time. The lights were wired up exactly how I wanted. His price is very reasonable...
  329. I


    I'm trying to get him out to my house to service my boat and trailer too. Busy man. He must be good.
  330. I

    Flood lights

    Thanks guys, I gotta go to West Marine tomorrow any way so I'll just get some there. I'll post photos of the new T top from PYT when I get the lights on and figure out how to post photos. Ethan, we didn't get to the island because of a late start so we hit up LJ and picked up some bottom...
  331. I

    Flood lights

    I'm looking at putting 2 lights on my new T top fore and aft for hooping. What kind do you guys use? I was looking at the 12vt off road lights at the auto part storts but I can't find the flood type just driving lights. Also they come in halogen and fog. I don't have to light up a large area...
  332. I


    Let's try waterboarding the bitch.
  333. I

    Shop build, Update

    Hey Bill, I just had Bert build me a large (9' X 16") garden shed last week after he demolished the old one. The man knows his stuff. Fast, cheap, and knows everything about building. I'm going to have him back for more projects when you and my neighbor are done with him. If anyone else...
  334. I


    We'll probably find it on the beach around Torry Pines or La Jolla in a couple days.
  335. I

    Halibut class tonight

    I assume the Halibut class is still on tonight since I haven't heard of any cancelation. Are there very many guys going? Dave
  336. I

    T Top

    Hey guys I picked up my boat from PYT today with my new T Top. Tom did a fantastic job on it and I'm really pleased with it. Gotta get someone to install the new antenna mount and a couple flood lights. Can I use the cheap lights from Pep Boys or Wal Mart or should I get some nice ones from...
  337. I

    Tommy's WSB

    OK it's 8:23 PM and my wife and I just finished the WSB we picked up from Tommy this morning. I started off with one Martini, OK it was a double, but I made it with extra ice. Anyway, I started looking on BD for a quick recipe for WSB but ran out of time. I found an unopened bottle of orange...
  338. I


    I just finished re-hooking mine too but shit I don't have that many. I had to drive up to Airgas in San Marcos to get some more silver solder.
  339. I


    Picked up mine this morning and getting ready to grill then now. Damn these are nice looking fillets. First an ice cold martini or two and a little chit chat with the wife. My two dogs are lined up drooling thinking they are going to get some. I'd liked to have chatted with you this morning...
  340. I

    I would like to thank congress for my new boat!

    You can do it bro. I stopped 8 years ago and have not had anything to smoke since. I quit cold turkey and just told myself no more. I can't believe all the commercials telling you you can't do it because it's so addicting. Bullshit!! You don't need the patch or the gum or any of that other...
  341. I


    Hey Tommy, I called you tonight and left a voice mail. Then I forgot to ask where I pick up the fish. Address please. Thanks I've been trying for two years to catch one so I guess this is the next best thing. $5.50 is a lot better that $400.00 it will eventually cost me. Thanks again. I...
  342. I


    Mike, try this site. If you need part time or full time. They are active and non active military guys and gals. I stopped using "non American" helpers a couple years ago. So far all my helpers have been currant and former Marines who turned into fishing buddies too. Hire Patriots: Military...
  343. I

    T top question

    OK I went to the boat show today and decided that instead of buying a new boat I'll keep my Sea Pro 206CC and put a T top on it and upgrade the electronics. I talked to Tom from PYT and got an idea of what it'll cost. My question to you guys that have them is, are there any changes you would...
  344. I

    Court quotations

    It's even more funny when you're sitting in court watching the show.
  345. I

    Boat Silhouette

    Does anyone know of a web site where I can down load a silhouette of a center console boat so I can have a decal made for my truck's rear window? I'll put it next to my BD decal. Thanks.....Dave
  346. I

    Weird Fish of the Week

    That's a comb back sucker lip fish. They taste good wrapped in bacon and grilled. Take off the comb and lips first though.
  347. I

    Brazing question

    Read this post and you'll see why. Tutorial on ringing hooks -
  348. I

    Brazing question

    I think I might have the wrong stuff. I made some rings for my jigs out of SS Tig wire and bought the only silver solder and flux I could find without going to a welding supply store. The stuff is Alpha Fry 53982(Home Despot) and is labeled as 98/2 silver solder and silver soldering flux. OK...
  349. I

    Dinner Party Opinions

    More importantly, what are you going to be wearing?
  350. I

    Happy Abalone

    Bro, those look so good I'd eat one myself.
  351. I

    Yakers safe?

    I heard on the news this morning that Life Guards or Coast Guard were enroute to two yakers 2 miles off the coast of La Jolla. They said they were caught in rough seas and wind and could not get back in. They called on their cell phone for help. Anyone else hear the news and are they OK...
  352. I

    Anyone else weirded out by this add?

    On a fishing site? No I don't find it wierd that one guy is getting ready to noodle for trouser trout. What's the problem?
  353. I

    getting back on the water

    Hooked up some sheephead, bass, sculpin, and ling cod two weeks ago off La Jolla using a jig with squid. Everything tossed back in. No seals which was nice.
  354. I

    Another thug bites the dust......

    Do you think a guy who gets shot in the shoulder can't return fire? All it takes is one lucky or well placed shot from the dirt bag and you're dead.
  355. I


    As I read the DFG section I see no reason you cannot use a paintball gun to "protect" your catch from the dawgs. You just can't use them as target practice. I use one when fishing the kelp beds andwhen they start stealing my bait. I do not intentionally hit them in the head either. Most of...
  356. I

    What do you think of my new boat?

    I see no bait tank or rod holders. You couldn't give that POS to me. You couldn't even hoop off of it.
  357. I

    Impeller question

    Thanks guys, that will save me a bunch of money. I'll do the oil change myself.
  358. I

    Impeller question

    Might sound dumb but. I'll be coming up on my 300 hour service for my Merc Verado 150 and I know I have to replace the impeller. However at about 100 hours I had to have the lower unit replaced with a new one because of a rock that got in my way. Someone told me that the impeller is in the...
  359. I

    1/28 I might need to borrow $30...America dosent have any.

    OK, from now on I will consider all seals CCW with the "stolen" paint ball gun. I only carry my PB gun when I'm fishing live bait. They seem to leave me alone if I'm usnig squid of jigging. I wish they would all just go to Kiddies beach at La Jolla and die. Then make the tree huggin, PETA...
  360. I

    Sat at La Jolla

    Left Mission Bay late this morning and headed to La Jolla. Fantastic weather again and flat seas. Made it up there at a steady 28mph. Decided to use the home made jigs and squid again since I've had good luck with them. Baited up the wife's pole and immediate hit as she reached bottom. It...
  361. I

    How to stop my Grandpa from Driving???

    Ditto what Max said. I did the same with my dad but to everyone's surprise the DMV passed him. Unbelivable so have a plan B ready. If he is under a Dr.'s care you can have the doctor notify DMV that he is a risk. My dad excepted it when the Dr. told him he could not drive anymore and we got...
  362. I

    Top 10 Reasons to not eat Tuna

    Beat your meat not your fish.
  363. I

    La Jolla today

    Got to the bay and saw that there was no wind and flat water. Hit the water with my son and cousin at 0700. Left South Shores and picked up some deans at EB. On the way out of MB we were treated to some dolphins in the bay playing with their babies. Left the channel and headed north at about...
  364. I

    Link to Declaration Forms

    Todd, try this site. Dave
  365. I

    Got a Virus a shitty one

    I got no idea WTF you guys are even talking about. I just take my computer to my local computer repair shop and tell them to deal with it and call me when its done. Every time I've tried to fix something I just screw it up worse. I've been told by three geeks (trained tech guys) that they've...
  366. I

    01/10/09 The Islands

    Hey John, we had a fantastic day too. The weather was great, the fishing could have been better but OK. We had trouble pulling my boat out at south shores. Water level was so low and there was way too much slime and crap on the ramp I almost didn't get my boat out. I had to stand on the rear...
  367. I

    1-10 fishing report

    Left my house in Poway at 0600 in hurrican wind conditons thinking fishing today was going to suck today. Watched the trees blowing all the way down to Hwy 8 and I 5 and it wasn't looking too bad as I got closer to the coast. Got to South Shores and no wind but a little cool. Junior...
  368. I

    What's in season?

    Ok, the plan is to head out to the kelp beds tomorrow with Fishnbuddy and his boat for a shake down cruise and some fishing with his family. We'll be buddy boating incase something goes wrong with his new used boat. I was looking up what fish we can keep if we do catch any. A little confusing...
  369. I

    best fish are iced

    Hey Tommy, is there anything you don't know about fish? I doubt it. Thanks, you are a world of info and even more knowledgeable than goggle.
  370. I

    Wife had surgery

    Two different words: No Bra
  371. I

    Spectra question

    I have an Avet JX on a Graphite USA 8'6" pole rated 20-40lbs & 1-5 oz. Currently it is spooled with 30lb mono and I was thinking of replacing it with about 350 yards of 65lb Spectra for jigging bottom dwellers off La Jolla. I have Sectra on my light and medium spinning rigs and I'm not all...
  372. I

    Looking for a family in need for Xmas

    My wife and I always participate in the Secrete Santa project at the ASYMCA at Camp Pendleton. You submit your name and they will assign you a Marine family of an E-5 or below with children and a Christmas wish list. Since we don't have grand kids this is the next best thing for us...
  373. I

    Too many shorts

    Bro, I know your pain. I've done that several times too. Two months ago Fishnbuddy and I pulled up close to 300 shorts and not one legal. Next time.
  374. I

    Military question: specifically army but all will do

    Hey Aaron, God bless you for your commitment. You could become an attorney and join the bottom dwelling scum sucking ACLU a--holes but you decided to server your country. I commend you for that. It shows me what a fine young man you are. Good luck and I'm sure you'll make a fine officer.
  375. I

    SDPD surrender your weapons

    Anyone who has a gun they used to wack someone with should turn it in now. The cops will destroy the evidence for you so you won't have to worry about that anymore.
  376. I

    Importance of eye makeup

    You're right, I never looked at the eyes.
  377. I

    Got bait?

    I've been checking the EB web site every day now and no signs of them having chovies. Anyone seen any out there off shore? The last time I talked to the bait man he said their bait boat cannot find any chovies off shore, just deans. They think the bonies and berries chased the chovies out...
  378. I

    Beware of the dog house this Christmas

    Shit, I'm taking the rice cooker back.
  379. I

    I need some manual labor

    Go to and hire a Marine or other military person. They work hard, are trust worthy, speak Egnlish, and you are helping a fellow American. I use them all the time since they started this service and will never hire another illegal alien for anything. I also have met several...
  380. I

    Glamis Thanksgiving - Car Vs: Quad

    A good example of booze and testostrone. Thank God nobody was killed this time. Holiday drinking and driving always kept us busy.
  381. I

    Back up radio

    Christmas is coming and I would like to put a back up handheld VFH radio on it for my boat. Which is a good one for around $100.00-150.00 or so? And who has the best prices? Santa needs to know. Thanks
  382. I

    Paintball Gun

    Can anyone reccomend and decent paintball gun for my Christmas list and where to get it? I've had it with sea dawgs and I can't hit shit with the wrist rocket. I'd like something medium priced (for my wife, Santa, to buy) so I can get the rest of my fishing gear for Chirstmas. I don't need a...
  383. I

    Nov 19

    Headed out of Mission Bay at 0630 this morning for the kelp beds south of OB pier. Slight wind, slight swells but a good ride at 28mph. Trollers out, mini jet heads, but no takers so I tossed in a scrambled egg iron that caught come bonies last week. Nothing except a few macs that were...
  384. I

    DFG in LaJolla out of control!!!!

    Hey Buttchaser, thanks for posting the regulation. Do you guys know that DFG monitors this site? This is one of the best ways to educate fishermen on the regulaton and get the word out about what is and isn't legal. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to enforcing the law. That's why the...
  385. I

    Rock crabs

    Well we finsihed the lobster and crabs. The bugs were exceptionally good as usual. The crabs were another story. I steamed them with the bugs. The claw meat was very bland and the legs weren't worth the effort. There was nothing insidethe body that even looked like meat or anythng edible...
  386. I

    Rock crabs

    Thanks for the help everyone. Them crabs are headed for the steamer within the hour along with two bugs. I hope the gut stuff won't gross out the wife. Hey if it doesthat means I get more. That might be a good thing.
  387. I

    Rock crabs

    Went hooping with Junior aka Fishnbuddy on Friday and picked up some nice crabs along with 9 bugs. I thought I'd try the crabs but never had them before. How do you guys cook them and what parts do you eat? Those claws look good but is there anything inside and are the legs worth the effort...
  388. I

    Anyone get shot?

    Friday, fishnbuddy and I were fishing Mission Bay when we heard some radio conversation from a war ship to some other boat warning them to change their direction. No response from the unknown vessel. A few seconds later the warning was broadcasted again with the additional warning "change...
  389. I

    Hooping lights

    I bought the bag of 15 4" glow sticks at WalMart the week before I found these at Costco. I PM'ed Phil with the item number so he should be putting out the info soon. Thanks Phil
  390. I

    Hooping lights

    I've been hooping with my good friend Junior (fishnbuddy) and we've gone through some of the flashing light used in the jugs. WalMart no longer carries them and I could not find them anywhere. Glow sticks are $1.89 each at the Depot and that's a lot to spend for 10 hoops every week. I found...
  391. I

    Red worm fishing

    Went out solo Sunday in Mission Bay and had a good time catching bass and halibuts but all just short of legal size except the one butt that broke off at the boat. At the end of the day I give my left over chovies and deans to whoever looks like they could use some especially if they have kids...
  392. I

    Truck thefts

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. My neighbor called 2 days ago to tell me his truck was stolen from Dana Landing. The thieves unhooked his trailer, left it, then took his 4X4 diesel dually. Sombody called him later in the day and told him they found some papers belonging to him...
  393. I

    Sea Lions Piss me off!!

    Having never shot a paint ball gun can someone reccomend and inexpensive one and where to buy one? I assume they work with compressed air canisters. Are they refillable or are they like disposable CO2 cartridges? What is the range on them and are they very accurate? I would like to get one...
  394. I

    Bar Stool Economics

    Hey Billy boy, does your boss have to pay business tax, business insurance, workman's comp, health insurance, 401K, office space rental and whatever else it costs to keep you employed? If I were you I'd quit and start my own business. I'm sure you can make the 3 Million a year too. I think...
  395. I

    Engine shuts off on low idle and missfires...

    Hey Ramil, take it to Hipp Marine. See Robert the service manager. He's really good people and always treats me very well. They do good work there. I bought my Sea Pro there and they are the only folks I let work on it. Jon is one of their head mechanics and does great work. Dave
  396. I

    parking a boat on a graded driveway

    Hey Jimmy, I have mine on a slight slope too. Since it's a dual axle trailer I chock all 4 wheels and put the wheel of the trailer jack in a bowl like device that keeps it from moving. Make sure to turn the jack wheel sidways so if it does roll it will turn. I use 2x4's with a 30 degree cut...
  397. I

    Troubles hooping Mission Bay, slow night also.

    Hey Junior, you forgot to mention those idiots who had to drop all their hoops (without lights or tape on them) within 10 feet of all of ours and the additional idiot that came in and dropped his hoops in between those ones. Try driving between all that rope. Dave
  398. I

    Wash down pump reccomendation

    My Shurflo Pro Blaster wash down pump quit. I was going to buy another one of the same brand but after reading the poor reviews of them on the West Marine web site I think I might want to try another brand. Anyone have any other brand they have used and are happy with and where can I purchase...
  399. I

    Offshore Good day fishing

    Talked my Marine buddies Junior (Fishnbuddy) and Ricky into taking a day off from protecting our country to go fishing on Thursday. Launched out of South Shores around 0545 in the Innocent Bystander Sea Pro 206CC. Got half way to EB and noticed the bait pump not working. The boys got down to...
  400. I

    Charging batteries

    In my Sea Pro 206CC I have a two battery system set up with a selector switch so I can run on battery #1 or #2 or both together. When I charge them up before going out I charge them one at a time with the selector switch set to the off position. Is it possible to charge them both at the same...
  401. I

    Offshore Full Limits BIG YFT,YT and DORODO 8/22

    I can tell from the background exactly where you were. Great day on the water. I'd like to find me a spot like that.
  402. I

    Offshore No love/life @ 182

    Thanks Mark, We're heading out there tomorrow. Maybe to the 181 then south to the 182. How was the water conditions and weather?
  403. I

    Open Carry gun movement in your state (Californians please read)

    I don't like the open carry idea much. That is putting a target on your back. My weapon is always concealed and loaded. I've arrested and interviewed many hardcore convicts who have told me that if they are going to take down a store or whatever, they case the place for UC's (under cover and off...
  404. I

    Offshore 6/27 Tried to head out this morning cut short

    I feel your pain. Fishnbuddy (Junior) and I launched out of South Shore early this morning and as I was telling him about the motor dying several months ago in this exact spot the motor died. Damn carma. Could not get it running again. Pissed offdoes not describe the feeling. Got Sea Tow to...
  405. I

    Offshore Passport required?

    Damn, all I wanted to do is go fishing
  406. I

    Offshore Passport required?

    I was talking to a friend who stated you are not required to have a passport with you when returning from fishing in Mexican waters as long as you have not stopped at any ports in that country. Here is the section he quoted. I think it might be wise to have it in case you are forced into port...
  407. I

    Corvina size limit

    Can anyone tell me what the legal size limit is for Shortfin Corvina and the number of fish you can keep. I've look in the DFG reg book and can't find anything regarding Corvina. Thanks
  408. I

    Offshore 425, 371 and beyond 6-14

    Sorry to hear about the crappy conditions out there and nothing for pops. I'm taking my son and pop out tomorrow and staying in the bay again. 1 gallon of gas, a half scoop of chovies, some beers, some food, some bull s--t, and a lot of fish. It will be a good Father's Day.
  409. I


    Thanks for the quick reply. I've read all the posts about how to tell the difference between the two and just to seal the deal I mailed two photos of the fish we caught the last time out to Hubbs Sea World Research They did identify one as a WSB juvenile and the other as a short fin Corvina...
  410. I


    Can anyone tell me if Corvina is good to eat? We have caught several along with WSB in Mission Bay and released them because we were not sure what they were. I now can tell the difference between a WSB and a Corvina and might want to try one but I don't recall seeing any posts about them. Are...
  411. I

    Does Lojac work?

    The only problem with Lojac is that is not activated (trasmitting a signal) until after you file a report with the police and the VIN or HIN is inputted into the computer system. Once that happens police vehicles and police aircraft can locate the vehicle or boat. If the unit is located...
  412. I

    Question on Mex caught Lings

    Download the forms from this site. Remember to put them into a zip lock bag with a pen so they don't get wet. The ink will run and ruin the form and then you're screwed. Put in two pens to be safe.
  413. I

    Proud new dad

    So Joe, are we taking her fishing with us next week. She should be just about ready. I think I have a rod and reel that just might fit her. Congrats my friend, you and Hanna got some mighty fine looking kids there. Great pics and Hunter looks happy with his new playmate.
  414. I

    Sucked in.

    Looks OK to me. Tell her the thread is to sew he mouth shut.
  415. I

    Fishin with USMC

    What a lucky guy I am. Got to take 2 Marines out fishing Saturday and 2 more Sunday. Started out Sat. with Joe (JoeDirt) and his buddy Ricky from Camp Pendleton. Joe and Junior (Fishnbuddy) have been coaching me for the past 6 months and Junior couldn't go. Anyway we were going to the...
  416. I

    Caught me a tweaker today 5/19

    Shoulda gaffed him.
  417. I

    Poway 05 14 08...finally got the double digit.

    Shit Kevan, that's bigger that the fish I've been catching in the ocean. Good job.
  418. I

    New to SD

    Justin, shoot me a PM and let me know what days you can go fishing.
  419. I

    Took my daughter fishing

    Hey, I believer her. It looks 10 lbs or better. Tell her not to hold it so far from the camera.
  420. I

    Need some Advice

    Ditto on what all the others said. I would go cash only and have someone else there with you who can jot down the license number on the vehicle they come in and what they look like. Some crooks use this as a method to check out the location and you along with the boat. Later they come back...
  421. I

    Big Halibut

    Dude, that's as big as your boy! That is some serious eating. My dream is to hook something that big. Good job.
  422. I

    Stupid Tip?????

    I wish I caught that many fish to have that problem. When I clean my fish I put the carcasses out in the field next to my house and the cyotes, crows, and buzzards take them. Now I have buzzards flying over the house every day looking for their next treat. A win win situation.
  423. I

    Just bought my first boat ever!!

    Ethan, I also got my 206CC Sea Pro from Hipp too Fantastic folks there and I have never been disappointed with them. The Sea Pro is a fantastic boat. I found the best place for us newbees to launch from is the South Shores ramp right off Sea World drive. It's only about 1/2 mile from Dana...
  424. I

    opinions on 4 cyl. Verado?

    Asron, I have the Verado 150 on my 21' CC Sea Pro and it pushes it very well to 40 MPH in the bay. I've have no problems with it and get about 3.5 MPG. I'd buy another one.
  425. I

    Limits WSB Sons 13th d-day trip WITH PICS 4-10/11 WSB limits four 4

    Boys, boats, food, and fishing. Don't get no better thatn that. Great pics and story.
  426. I

    Newly weds

    Billy Bob and Mary Sue checked into the honeymoon cabin at Skeeter Lake. A short time later the manager spots Billy Bob heading down to the lake with a fishing pole and a can of bait in hand and does't see him return until after dark. At 0500 the next morning he see BB heading to the lake...
  427. I

    Fishing Poem

    Print it up on some nice quality paper and frame it in a nice frame. Good gift for gram and gramps too. Boys got some talent there.
  428. I

    Doctor says no fishing for me

    Wrap some bacon around it. It that doesn't help dangle it over the side and see if it will attrack Mr. T.
  429. I

    Trailer side rail

    I need to re-carpet the side rails on my trailer. Where is a good place to buy the carpeting? Also do I use 1/2" regular staples in my staple gun or something else to fasten the carpet to the boards? And is there anything else I should know before doing this. I'm pretty sure the wood is OK...
  430. I

    Need Lingcod information

    Hi guys, I've never fished for Lilngs before and was wondering what is the best rig and bait for them. Does tide movement affect them and what time of day is best and at what depth? I have some frozen squid, jigs, irons and everything else except for some of Ed's lures. I sent him several...
  431. I

    Local ling hunt Sunday 4-6

    Hi guys, I've never fished for Lilngs before and was wondering what is the best rig and bait for them. Does tide movement affect them and what time of day is best and at what depth? I have some frozen squid, jigs, irons and everything else except for some of Ed's lures. I sent him several...
  432. I

    "End of Watch"

    Sean, I was on the SDPD for 35 years and I can't even count how many good friends I've lost. We just burried another one two weeks ago. It never gets any easier watching your brothers and sisters die. God bless everyone in law enforcement.
  433. I

    Don't know if this counts she really is a little blonde

    You might want to update your life insurance. That was pretty cool.
  434. I

    Lake Hodges 04 02 08...

    Damn Kevan, whats that thing weigh? Looks like maybe 12 lbs. What no gaft?
  435. I

    She's a Brick.......................... House!

    Banging one of them would be like gay sex with the head on backwards. No thanks
  436. I

    South Nine 04/01/2008 No April's Fool

    I just e-mailed you so I can get some of those jigs. Would you mind leaving some of those monsters so we can get some? Thanks
  437. I

    Caption competition here

    Dude, 20 pound test.. I ain't bull shittin
  438. I

    Bouy readings

    I've been trying to figure out what to look for when checking the bouy readings. How can I tell if the ocean is calm enough to venture out in. Is it the swell height to seconds or wind wave heights or what. What numbers are good for a 20' CC boat at the Coronado Islands. Most of the time...
  439. I

    Tax question

    Just got my 2008 tax assessment notice for my boat. Do they assess the boat only or do they include the motor and trailer also? The notice states that if I disagree with the assessment, and I do, to send in some proof of the value other than what they claim. You can do this with for sale ads...
  440. I

    Stolen boat

    We used to hang thieves when they stole our horses. I think we should be doing the same thing when they steal our boats. The Coast Guard will probably find it drifting off shore with 10 illegals in it. Or it will be found on the beach somewhere in La Jolla.
  441. I


    I won a gift certificate for a pair of GATORZ sunglasses. I would never spend $150.00 on a pair of sunglasses because I'm always scratching them. These are made here in San Diego out of aircraft aluminum and the lenses can be replaced in about 10 minutes for $30.00 which I have already done...
  442. I

    Hittin La Jolla in the morn 3/6

    Eric, I was out there today. No bite at all except macks. Didn't see any squid but the trawlers are still there so they must be there. Saw a lot of bait and the seals, dolphins, and whales were eating well. I caught a lot of macks on cut squid. I fished dead squid on jig heads for nada. I...
  443. I

    Cheaper gas

    For those who don't belong to Costco they have a good deal going on. If you get an Amnerican Express card through Costco you get a refund on your total years purchase using the card. They are now offering 3% back on gas. So that equals to 9 cents off per gallon at the $3.00 per gallon price...
  444. I

    Any police officers on this forum?

    Davis. My wife and I just retired several years ago from San Diego PD. I did 35 years and she did 32. She worked background investigations for many years and knows all the scoop you'll need to know. Shoot me a PM and we'll answer whatever questions you might have.
  445. I

    Trailer Care - Weed/Bug sprayer?

    Dave, I bought a cheap 1 Gal. sprayer and spray the wheels, brakes, and tounge jack every time with Salt X after I drop the boat in the water. I have minimum rust on the trailer after 16 months. I saw someone doing this to their trailer and I asked him why. His was two years old and no rust...
  446. I

    Trailer connection blues.

    Dave, I've had the same problem too. Clean the male plugs with steel wool or 3M synthetic wool. Do the same with the female end and brush the Dielectric grease onto both ends. Make sure not to use anything but Dielectric grease. Don't over do it with the grease either. Like Pat said cover...
  447. I

    Yacht insurance vs boat insurance- Are you properly covered?

    Having insurance is a must now days. My wife and I have our house, boat, and car insurance all with Allstate. Our agent is a BD member too. We have him review and update our policies at least twice a year. Read your policies and if you have any questions call and talk to your agent. I had...
  448. I

    Brake question

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll try using the liquid wrench method again and let it sit for a day or two since it's raining. I tried using a socket, 7'16", but I could feel it starting to round the points so I stopped. I think I'll try the vice grips and if that works I'll replace the valve...
  449. I

    Brake question

    I had to replace the actuator valve on my trailer because it was leaking where the line exited. Everything went well. I bleed the farthest wheel cylender first and expelled the air out of the line. When I tried to bleed the other cylinder I could not get the bleeder nut to turn and didn't...
  450. I

    La Jolla 1/20/08

    I would love to go with you guys as soon as my boat gets out of the shop which should be late next week, in time for the next storm. Good luck and let us know how you did.
  451. I

    cool toys

    Can you reprogram that to track seals? I'd like to put one on my boat by next season.
  452. I

    Ok we needed rain but.....

    I'm enjoying the rain. The boat had to go into the shop for a new prop and prop shaft. Maybe a new lower end I don't know yet. So I don't fell like I'm missing fishing because no one else is going out in this crap. I don't have to sit here and read about all the fun everyone else is having...
  453. I

    Hooped last night...12/27

    Hey Junior, you and Joe left some beer in the jug so I'll drink it for lunch. You forgot to mention I bent the prop on the Merc. I'm looking for a new one. I posted a message for some help in finding one. West Marine wants $380.00 for a new one. I'll check with others first before I go get...
  454. I

    Nee new prop

    Well I bent the prop on my Merc Verado 150 last night and now I have to find a new one. Can anyone tell me a good place to get one. The one it is a Merc Mirige 17P Stainless Steel. What should I look for in a replacement. My boat is a Sea Pro 206CC. I would like to get one locally so I can...
  455. I

    GPS for Christmas

    Got a new hand held Garmin GPSMAP76Cx for Christmas along with a BlueChart CD. I asked Santa for a just a basic backup GPS for the boat because I have one on the dash. This one is better then the one in the boat and I think it's kinda overkill for a back up. I'm thinking of returning it and...
  456. I

    i need some help with outbords

    I've got a 150 Verado pushing my sled. Great engine with a 6 year warrantee. I've had no problems whatsoever with it.
  457. I

    trailer storage...

    Hey Junior, the VIN (vehicle identification number) should be located on the trailer between the hitch and the bow mount. It's usually either stamped on the top or side. On a lot of the older trailers the VIN was on a thin metal tag that was either rivited or spot welded to the trailer. They...
  458. I

    Opinions needed

    Hey guys, it's time to make out the Christmas wish list. Can anyone give me any recomendations on these two out riggers. I'm looking at E-Z Out-Rodder and Flat Line Boom. Does anyone have either of these and how do you like them or are there any others I should consider? I'll be using them...
  459. I

    blak widow's

    Having lived in the rural area for a number of years I 've sees many of these critters and kilt many. You can always tell which webs are theirs during the daylight because they have very strong webs. Mama is usually hidden in a crevis nearby. I usually will go out at night with a propane...
  460. I


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder if we taste like chicken too.
  461. I

    11/5 La Jolla

    That must have been the same dawg that got my giant Bineto Sunday. Lots of bonies and macks out there. Did manage one 16" sand bass. Lots of fish out there so my son and my 86 year old pop got to catch some big fish. Weather was great, calm winds and flat water. I think we caught more...
  462. I

    Stolen rod and reels

    Hey Paco, if your reels don't have serial numbers, you don't know the numbers, and you can't get them make sure the person taking the police report uses you name as the serial number. That way if they are pawned (slim chance) or and officer comes across them while in the field they will pop up...
  463. I

    Fishing on Sunday

    I'm thinking about going out to the 9 mile bank or the 182 this Sunday but the weather report is calling for strong Santa Anna winds. Have any of you guys gone out in the off shore wind conditions. Will the Santa Anna's reach out into the ocean. I live inland (Poway) on a mountain and they...
  464. I

    PETA Pics - Hooks hurt! lol

    Ready made bait. Just hook up some 100# line and lets troll for some makos. Bag the face first.
  465. I

    USCG is bored and....

    I've never been boarded by the USCG but had their machines gun pointed at me one day when four of them were escorting a sub out of the bay. I decided to slow down as they approached to view the sub. Bad decision. Luckily fishinbuddy was with me and set me straight. "No slowing down and...
  466. I

    Point Loma Kelp and Mission Bay

    Steve, I went out to the La Jolla kelp today with my buddy. Caught lots of bonito and Barracudas but no bass or yellow tail. I didn't see or hear of anyone catching anything but B&B's. Lots of them around on the southwest edge line. Use sardines and anchor. Seals were plentiful but didn't...
  467. I

    Point Loma Kelp and Mission Bay

    Steve, I'm going out tomorrow with my buddy. I'll let you know if we score anything. Last time I was out (3 weeks ago) we caught maybe 30 bass and only kept the 4 largest ones. They were hitting anchovies and sardines. There were several bones and barries caught and released. The dogs...
  468. I

    Offshore Wide open xtra bloody decks on the 226...well kinda

    Mark, glad you made it OK. This is a good example why everyone should take a Basic or Advanced Red Cross First Aid class and have a good up to date first aid kit handy. The main reason is to take care of yourself first and then anyone else who is injured. Also with a cut bleeding dark blood...
  469. I


    Has anyone tried the Flatline Boom outriggers? I saw them advertised in a magazine and they look like they might work for my boat. I seem to get a lot of tangles when I'm trolling 3-4 lines and would like to spread the lines farther apart. Thanks
  470. I

    Offshore 7/7 chickens at the 302

    Thanks for the info Martin & Onoeric. Hope to catch my limit in the am. Dave
  471. I

    Offshore 7/7 chickens at the 302

    Sounds like a good time out there. I've never gone to the 182, 302 or the 371 and I'm reading a lot of good reports for these locations. I'm heading out tomorrow to LJ with my cousin just back from Iraq for a little R&R for him. Can anyone give me the numbers for the these locations and maybe...
  472. I

    Take a Soldier Fishing

    Karl, I hope you got the e-mail I sent you. I don't know if I sent it correctly. Anyway I just bought my 206CC Sea Pro a couple months ago and I'm still in the process of learning the ropes of ocean fishing. I've been out about 15 times so far so I'm no longer a danger to myself or others...