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  1. Baja Belk

    Offshore Plunker bite 6/18

    Nice job! One of those Maritimes would look good with you and Fabio in it......
  2. Baja Belk

    Inshore Sometimes Inshore Birdschools aren't only Bones & Cuda

    Solid!! Is it just me or does that think look like it's momma cheated on daddy with a King Salmon?
  3. Baja Belk

    26 lb. Oceanside Yellowtail

    I got halfway through Page 2 before I saw the date. Somebody owes me 5 minutes of my life back.
  4. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    You can purchase a 180 day visa across the border (Tecate, TJ, San Ysidro), however, it is technically not supposed to count for water-entries or fishing the islands. I'm not sure if anyone has tested this yet or not. Otherwise, there is not an annual FFM available for anglers.
  5. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bluefin close by

    Team Humble Brag has entered the chat...... Way to go man, some fish stories are better than dead fish counts and season stats. You have an awesome story to tell along with fish in the bag. You'll get 'em next time and that fish will be more important to you than a hundred fish that some rich...
  6. Baja Belk

    Inshore Muscle farm yellow

    This post brought up memories of that poor guy last year who went like 0/57 on yellow hookups at the mussel farm over the course of a week. A for effort though.
  7. Baja Belk

    Offshore Mission Belle 5/30

    Please tell me someone at least hooked up on one of the bass spinning setups.....just for everyone's entertainment for about 20 seconds.
  8. Baja Belk

    Enough already, leave a few

    There will be plenty left. The question is, where will they be and will they still be biting? That is the annual bluefin dilemma.
  9. Baja Belk

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    That's a new one! Surface iron catches all.
  10. Baja Belk

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    Whale watching boats are underrated. I got called in by one once in 2016 when there was miles of foamers literally 2 miles outside Mission Bay. We weren't even past the jetty yet when they called out more tuna than they've ever seen. They were only 30-50lbers and of course they wouldn't touch...
  11. Baja Belk

    Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin

    Redemption for the A Team! Just need to find that 250 with your gaff and rod tip trailing from its side for full vengeance...
  12. Baja Belk

    Misc. Boat & Fishing & Other Gear

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Misc. Boat & Fishing & Other Gear - Misc. Boat & Fishing & Other Gear Learn more about this listing...
  13. Misc. Boat & Fishing & Other Gear

    Southern California Misc. Boat & Fishing & Other Gear

    $40 takes everything: - 4 fenders - 6 plastic flush mount rod-holders (45 deg) - Rope and chain - New tube of 5200 - Heavy duty (short) tie-down - Bight Journal Vol 3.1 (had an extra) - Mexican blanket - Large Stanley Mug - Large vacuum bottle - Safety kit with 2 SOS flags and 12 ga flare...
  14. Misc. Life Jackets, including retro/vintage

    Southern California Misc. Life Jackets, including retro/vintage

    6 life jackets: 1 XL adult neoprene 1 Med adult vintage denim Stearns (zipper corroded) 1 Med adult retro Stearns 1 adult L/XL retro America's Cup 1 universal adult retro Stearns 1 new universal adult Overtons $20 for all of them. I'll separate if you want something specific, but still $20...
  15. Baja Belk

    Misc. Life Jackets, including retro/vintage

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Misc. Life Jackets, including retro/vintage - Misc. Life Jackets, including retro/vintage Learn more about this listing...
  16. Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF

    Southern California Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF

    Same model as this but black: Was installed new on a boat I bought in Jan about a year prior. Barely used. I checked it before I stripped the boat and it worked great (I have video of it working on my phone...
  17. Baja Belk

    Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF - Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF Learn more about this listing...
  18. Baja Belk

    Seaguar Pink 150# New

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Seaguar Pink 150# New - Seaguar Pink 150# New Learn more about this listing...
  19. Seaguar Pink 150# New

    Southern California Seaguar Pink 150# New

    Never opened. Was half of a deal at Turners but I wanted 200# and they were out. Retails for $69.99, asking $40 firm. Pickup San Diego, Clairemont Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  20. Baja Belk

    Super Cheap AGM Battery

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Super Cheap AGM Battery - Super Cheap AGM Battery Learn more about this listing...
  21. Super Cheap AGM Battery

    Southern California Super Cheap AGM Battery

    House flooded. Garage full of stuff I need to get rid of to make room for house crap. Been trying to sell this for $80-$100 but I'll take $50 for it now. Battery new in May of 2020. Was put on a boat and then the motor seized and it never saw water. I bought the boat and stripped it. This is a...
  22. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bluefin at the 43

    I believe it. Seems like every year there are a few dumb big ones that fall on the troll. Usually cedar plugs or DTX-style deep plugs. Nice going! Bummer on leaving the phone in the truck!
  23. Baja Belk

    Lawrence Totalscan Transducer

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Lawrence Totalscan Transducer - Lawrence Totalscan Transducer Learn more about this listing...
  24. Lowrance Totalscan Transducer

    Southern California Lowrance Totalscan Transducer

    Transducer only! - Came with an Elite Ti7 that was less than a year old and basically never used. Wiring and bracketed are clean. MSRP is $299 Asking $100 OBO San Diego pickup only Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8...
  25. Captain's Chair - Cheap

    Southern California Captain's Chair - Cheap

    See photo. Came off 1984 Chris Craft. Good to very good condition. No cracks in plastic seat. Does not include cushion. Includes footrest. No hardware. Some minor pitting/corrosion in aluminum but overall not bad at all. $20 firm. San Diego pickup only. Mike - text - 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  26. Baja Belk

    Captain's Chair - Cheap

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Captain's Chair - Cheap - Captain's Chair - Cheap Learn more about this listing...
  27. Baja Belk

    Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder - Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder Learn more about this listing...
  28. Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder

    Southern California Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder

    Lot 1: Vintage Lures and Misc. - 18 total lures - Vintage Storm, Rebel, and Rapala lipped baits. Some in box - Misc. Linen line (new in packaging) - Net - Diamond jig $80 OBO Lot 2: Marlin Jigs - Total of 14 marlin jigs between 9" and 14" (11 rigged, 3 unrigged) - Various conditions from...
  29. Baja Belk

    West Marine AGM Battery

    Baja Belk submitted a new listing: West Marine AGM Battery - West Marine AGM Battery Learn more about this listing...
  30. West Marine AGM Battery

    West Marine AGM Battery

    Group 24, purchased 5/20 (according to sticker). It was on a boat I purchased in January '21, I know the boat never saw water all of 2020 since the motor seized. Holds charge, had no problem running all the electronics on the boat when I purchased it. I removed it since I am stripping the boat...
  31. Baja Belk

    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    I’ve also traded yellowfin for a fully dressed and hot out of the oven lamb shank prepared by a professional chef (different neighbor). That was a good one...
  32. Baja Belk

    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    Had high hopes of pulling on some kelp yellows and maybe finding some tuna, but never saw as much as a scrap of kelp, or any sign of fish in 115 miles of burning my eyes out looking. Canyon > 425 > 101 > Canyon > 226/302 > back to islands at 11:00 to try and salvage the day. Ended up getting...
  33. Baja Belk

    Islands Brief Coronados Visit

    Good head's up, thanks. Haven't seen them down there in awhile. Did they ask for TIP?
  34. Baja Belk

    Islands 4/10 and 4/11 Coronados

    Nice grade! How were the sea lions on the chum and drift?
  35. Honda 2HP 4-Stroke

    Honda 2HP 4-Stroke

    Dinghy, tender, kayak, sailboat motor. Came off a Melgas 24. Air-cooled. This is the long-shaft lower unit version. Unknown year and hours (selling for my dad) but I know it saw very little use and is in great shape. He paid $1500 for it. Fires right up on 2nd or 3rd pull. Unknown how much oil...
  36. MerCruiser 228 and SE106 Outdrive - Complete

    MerCruiser 228 and SE106 Outdrive - Complete

    I'm pulling this out of a 1984 Chris Craft Scorpion 215 (converting to outboard). I know that the boat was bought by the previous owner about a year ago and ran fine. Owner before him took good care of the boat. It sat for awhile and sometime last summer the motor seized up and wouldn't crank...
  37. T-top Bag

    T-top Bag

    Large (about 4'x4') t-top bag. Was on project boat that I purchased. In very good condition. Was on the top of the bimini when I bought the boat, not sure if it could also fit under a t-top like a more traditional bag. Found the link to the actual product below...
  38. Helm Chair with Pedestal and Footrest

    Helm Chair with Pedestal and Footrest

    See photo. Came off 1984 Chris Craft. Aluminum/stainless in very good condition. No cushion. No cracks in plastic. Can text more photos upon request. Local pickup only. San Diego. Asking $60 obo. Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  39. GARMIN Echo 300c Fishfinder - Cheap

    GARMIN Echo 300c Fishfinder - Cheap Model discontinued. Original MSRP was $199 Color fish finder with transducer and mount. Would be perfect for a kayak. Still works fine. Pulled it...
  40. Shakespeare Mariner 8700 VHF Antenna with Mount

    Shakespeare Mariner 8700 VHF Antenna with Mount As described plus with stainless adjustable mount. Pulled it off a project boat, in great condition. MSRP is $179 (not including mount), asking $100. Located in San Diego, local pickup only. Mike...
  41. WestMarine Group 24 AGM Battery - 1 year old

    WestMarine Group 24 AGM Battery - 1 year old

    Pulled it off a project boat I purchased, was bought in May of 2020. Still holds a full charge. MSRP is $249 (see link below). Asking $100 firm. Pickup in San Diego only. Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4...
  42. Lowrance Elite-7 Ti with TotalScan Transducer

    Lowrance Elite-7 Ti with TotalScan Transducer

    This unit is less than a year old. Was put on the boat I purchased by the last owner (motor seized and he gave up the project). I have video I can text to any serious buyer of the unit working. Includes mount and paperwork (no box). Link to the exact model...
  43. Everything But the Hull - Swap Meet

    Everything But the Hull - Swap Meet

    Come see me at the Marlin Club swap meet next weekend, April 3, 6 AM, Shelter Island. I have just about everything you need to build a boat, minus the hull. All the boat parts are pretty new. Plus an enormous pile of marlin jigs, tuna feathers, wahoo bombs, marauders, etc. - Pacific Edge Bait...
  44. *NEW* AFTCO Fighting Harness/Belts and Flying Gaff (handle)

    *NEW* AFTCO Fighting Harness/Belts and Flying Gaff (handle)

    Able to meet in San Diego or Coachella/Palm Springs area. Could arrange to meet anywhere in between that commute for a premium. No shipping. Mike - 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 (text is best) Aftco flying gaff handle (no hook) BRAND NEW NEVER USED - $100 (MSRP $178) Aftco Vallarta XL fighting belt...
  45. BNIB Penn Warfare Stardrags w/line and covers x2

    BNIB Penn Warfare Stardrags w/line and covers x2

    Penn Warfare 30 BNIB with line (appears to be 20# mono) - $80 (MSRP $100) Free Penn neoprene reel covers included. Will sell both for $150 Located in San Diego, could meet up anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 text
  46. Penn International II 50SW

    Penn International II 50SW

    Penn INTL II 50SW 2spd - $400 OBO Full of line - appears to be new 50# mono. Might have braid backing. Needs service - some surface corrosion on exterior and full drag stop detent stuck. However, free-spool and drag are good, everything else functional. Includes neoprene Penn reel cover...
  47. Baja Belk

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809 White Cord/Cork Tape

    I'm in Coachella until Wed but rod is in San Diego. I could do it next week. I commute out Mon and back Wednesdays.
  48. Baja Belk

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809 White Cord/Cork Tape

    Occasionally. Will keep you posted
  49. Baja Belk

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809 White Cord/Cork Tape

    $120 if picked up in San Diego Bump. Still for sale. Willing to meet anywhere between SD and Coachella for full price (ie: Temecula, Hemet, possibly Corona or Riverside)
  50. Baja Belk

    FS - Penn International II 50SW

    Penn INTL II 50SW 2spd - $400 OBO Full of line - appears to be new 50# mono. Might have braid backing. Needs service - some surface corrosion on exterior and full drag stop detent stuck. However, free-spool and drag are good, everything else functional. Includes neoprene Penn reel cover...
  51. Baja Belk

    BNIB Penn Warfare's w/line and covers

    Penn Warfare 30 BNIB with line (appears to be 20# mono) - $80 (MSRP $100) Free Penn neoprene reel covers included. Will sell both for $150 Located in San Diego, could meet up anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 text
  52. Baja Belk

    FS - Shimano Calcutta 400S

    Shimano Calcutta 400S - $100 OBO 6/10 cosmetic, typical rash. Feels smooth mechanically (selling for a friend so I can't speak for it, but it came off a nice well-maintained boat). Full of old mono. In San Diego but can meet anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  53. Baja Belk

    Cheap Trolling Rods

    Offshore Angler Sealion trolling rod 7' Heavy 40-60 roller tip USED but good shape no damage (still has sticker on reel seat) - $40 I have 3 of these. Will sell all three as package deal for $100. Might be a decent rail rod too since they are longer. San Diego Mike Text - 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  54. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta 400 S

    Freaking A. Thought I was in rods and reels. Any mods want to move this and my last 3 posts? :oops:
  55. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta 400 S

    Shimano Calcutta 400S - $100 OBO 6/10 cosmetic, typical rash. Feels smooth mechanically (selling for a friend so I can't speak for it, but it came off a nice well-maintained boat). Full of old mono. In San Diego but can meet anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  56. Baja Belk

    BNIB Penn Warfares w/line

    Penn Warfare 30 BNIB with line (appears to be 20# mono) - $80 (MSRP $100) Free Penn neoprene reel covers included. Will sell both for $150 Located in San Diego, could meet up anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 text
  57. Baja Belk

    Penn Intl II 50SW

    Penn INTL II 50SW 2spd - $400 OBO Full of line - appears to be new 50# mono. Might have braid backing. Needs service - some surface corrosion on exterior and full drag stop detent stuck. However, free-spool and drag are good, everything else functional. Includes neoprene Penn reel cover...
  58. Baja Belk

    BNIB Aftco Harnesses and Fighting Belts & Flying Gaff

    Bump. Everything still available except the 6' gaff
  59. Baja Belk

    Shimano Trinidad 50 Goldie

    Ebay is probably your best bet. That's where I get all my goldies NIB. Most of what you find here is all beat up. I'd expect to pay about $600 for a mint 50 though. I just got mine all set up for flat-fallin and grouper fishing so I plan to hold on to it. Good luck!
  60. Baja Belk

    Shimano Trinidad 50 Goldie

    I have one. Not for sale. But everything is for sale for the right price. Which is why I asked.
  61. Baja Belk

    Shimano Trinidad 50 Goldie

    How much do you want to pay?
  62. Baja Belk

    Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rod - 8' Heavy (old model)

    I have a Lexa 300 and 400 also. The 300 is my go to for calico, bonita, small yellows, small tuna on the popper. It's a little small for surface iron or bigger tuna. The 400 is good for that but a little big for calico fishing. I've found the Tranx 400 to be a little smaller bodied than the Lexa...
  63. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Never had a Grady. Wanted to see if my idea was possible before buying a project. Coincidentally I just picked up my primary project choice - '84 Chris Craft (older Grady was secondary). Thing is going to be awesome. Just pulled the current bait tank and inboard cover and I could practically...
  64. Baja Belk

    Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rod - 8' Heavy (old model)

    Yeah yeah, I know. But I'm OCD to a fault and I hate mixing brands. Looking to pair a new Tranx 400. But I may have to switch it up if Shimano doesn't make a decent inshore bass rod anymore.
  65. Baja Belk

    Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rod - 8' Heavy (old model)

    Why'd they kill it? Love the 2nd gen black Teramars but they don't have a split grip for bass'n.
  66. Baja Belk

    Shimano Teramar West Coast Inshore Rod - 8' Heavy (old model)

    Bump/hijack. I'm also looking for a 1st gen (gold/brown) Teramar in the split grip casting configuration (which they don't make anymore). Anything 8' or longer.
  67. Baja Belk

    BNIB Aftco Harnesses and Fighting Belts & Flying Gaff

    Posted up in rods/reels too but I'll separate out the gear here in a separate thread. Able to meet in San Diego or Coachella/Palm Springs area. Could arrange to meet anywhere in between that commute for a premium. No shipping. Mike - 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 (text is best) Aftco fiberglass 6'...
  68. Baja Belk

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809 White Cord/Cork Tape

    Very good condition, private boat use only. White cord/cork tape handle. Located in San Diego. $120 Text me - Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  69. Baja Belk

    Large Lot: Reels, Rods, Gaffs, Aftco Harnesses *NEW*

    Selling for a friend. Most stuff new, the used reels I can only speak for cosmetics. I know they came off a very nice and presumably well-cared for boat. USED GEAR SOLD AS-IS Able to meet in San Diego or Coachella/Palm Springs area. Could arrange to meet anywhere in between that commute for a...
  70. Baja Belk

    Need Sadu Jig Repaired

    I've got an oldie but goodie Sadu marlin jig that got a chunk taken out of the head last year. Any lure makers in San Diego that can fix it? I'd do a cheap epoxy repair myself but want this one done right. Thanks, Mike
  71. Baja Belk

    Need Vintage Marlin Jig Repaired

    I have an oldie but goodie Sadu that got a small chunk knocked out of the head last year. Any recommendations for local shops or guys that will fix it? I know I could easily do my own DIY epoxy repair but I want this particular one done right. Thanks, Mike
  72. Baja Belk

    Windlass or capstan wanted

    I might have one available next week (don't have time this week to pull it off boat). PM me with your phone number and I'll send you pics
  73. Baja Belk

    84 Chris craft scorpion

    Where is it now? I'd love to give the same treatment to one of these walk-arounds.....
  74. Baja Belk

    84 Chris craft scorpion

    So you ended up with the Barrett Chris Craft?! Still have it?
  75. Baja Belk

    84 Chris craft scorpion

    Where are you at? What shape is the hull in?
  76. Baja Belk

    Trinidad 16N Narrow Special

    Who dropped it?! Bummer!
  77. Baja Belk

    Large (291 cf) Helium Tank - 90% Full

    Selling for a friend who is losing his business due to almost a year of no revenue due to COVID (was a kid's play and learn center). This is a large tank (Size G or K depending on which size chart you look at). 291 cf. Should be at least 85-90% full. He only used it for one party. Includes...
  78. Baja Belk

    Accurate: Valiant 1000/ Shimano: 25ii

    PM'd you on the Speedmaster
  79. Baja Belk

    Yellows off the beach 11/29

    You know it's rude to send fish pics before I'm even awake right?? Nice job!
  80. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yft and Yt 11/17

    Talk to me in December. I have a kid's party and Thanksgiving to survive first. And my boat currently has no working bilge pump or VHF. It was a sweaty 40 mile return last trip out :oops:
  81. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yft and Yt 11/17

    Of course! Time for beach yellows yet??
  82. Baja Belk

    Offshore YT and Dorado 11/17

    Dorado in mid-November, love it.
  83. Baja Belk

    Offshore Liberty 11/11

    Islands were plagued by fluctuating water conditions all summer. Other than some brief good hits, they were pretty slow for yellowtail this year.
  84. Baja Belk

    Offshore North 390 Thursdays 11-5

    I was out there Thursday as well. Figured it was my last chance to score some more yellowfin/dorado. The warmest water was south of the 302, and north of the 371/425. The "hot" numbers from earlier in the week just south of the 371 were now in colder water (67). However I heard at least one hot...
  85. Baja Belk

    Offshore Great fishing!! 10/28

    What Ron said. But at least my new shed looks awesome 🤷‍♂️
  86. Baja Belk

    Offshore Day of the Dorado

    Apparently the secret is to hook them in the head?? Looking forward to marlin limit photos tomorrow afternoon!! 🤘
  87. Baja Belk

    Offshore The GoPro Goes Under Water into Yellowfin Frenzy! (40 Sec Vid)

    That was rad!! They definitely didn't like the camera attached to the 'dine.....
  88. Baja Belk

    GoPro - 2 Cameras and Ton of Accessories

    Two cameras and a bunch of accessories. Everything perfectly functional unless otherwise described below. - One GoPro 3+ Black (CHDHX-302), plus GoPro battery, plus SanDizk Ultra PLUS 32 GB, UHC Speed Class 1 micro SD - One GoPro 3 Black (CHDHX-301), plus GoPro battery, plus Lexar 32 GB, UHC...
  89. Baja Belk

    Offshore 302-371 Friday 10/23

    My bait the last 3 trips has survived really well throughout the day, very few rolled baits, but they don't swim for shit. Lazy. Really hard to find a hot green bait. Just my personal observation of late.
  90. Baja Belk

    Offshore FALL FISHIN 10/24/20

    Nice! We forgot a net once at Cuyamaca on Trophy Trout weekend and had a worse landing ratio than you......
  91. Baja Belk

    Offshore Day of the Dorado

    8-12 actual 10-20 charter/sportie fish report 15-25 newbie kook Facebook pro-staffer report
  92. Baja Belk

    Offshore Day of the Dorado

    Late report, sorry. Put the numbers on 'Dope same day and then got super busy all weekend. Jumped on @Fishin_Freeman 's 26' Grady and exterminated a bunch of mahi on Friday, 10/23. Easy limits by 9:30 with a ton released. 3 different paddies (every kelp we found was holding) and an open-water...
  93. Baja Belk

    Offshore 371 area 10/18

    Nice job! DM sent on the boat
  94. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/17/2020 - Reds, Dorados & Yellowfins

    Best grade dorado I’ve seen all year!!
  95. Baja Belk

    Offshore Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    Was it as bad as the 3rd?
  96. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    That is a good question, and while I may not be able to answer 100% correctly, I can tell you that if you are fishing in MX waters and stopped by their navy, you do not need to provide MX liability ins. I would assume you would need it if entering a port.
  97. Baja Belk

    Offshore Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    GOAT Called it. Thursday > Tuesday
  98. Baja Belk

    Offshore October 13, Low Expectations Fulfilled

    I've had this day on the calendar for awhile to take out two good buddies of mine. One has never been outside of the bay and the other just returned from deployment and is moving in November. With the fall fishing somewhat falling on it's face, I was hoping just to get on some fish for these...
  99. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    Zone heating back up? Thanks for the info!
  100. Baja Belk

    Offshore STUCK TO THE PLAN 10/2

    That's not a magic paddy, that's THE magic paddy..... congrats!
  101. Baja Belk

    Offshore Saturday Report - Down South

    We waited at least 10 minutes just to drop my driver off. Contemplated pulling onto the beach and having him jump off. Then waited another 15 minutes for him to make it to the ramp after waiting in line. At one single point in the basin there were several jet skis, probably 5 boats, some idiot...
  102. Baja Belk

    Offshore Saturday Report - Down South

    Tag teamed with Cody yesterday, we really wanted to check out the temp break around the 101 / Knuckle area. I started looking at gray light in the 7 over 7 area and got a couple football yellowfin on an early double jigstrike on some porpoise. Couldn't get anything to go on bait but chased a...
  103. Baja Belk

    Offshore 371-425-hidden and hollywood

    I've seen a lot of dink yellows and dorado kept this year (and every year), and I could care less. There are rats......but then there are mice. No self-respecting sportsman should ever keep a 2-3 lb yellowtail, let alone make a youtube video about it. I don't mean to be a troll, I keep my mouth...
  104. Baja Belk

    Offshore 371-425-hidden and hollywood

    Please tell me you threw those yellowtail back. Those are like, 2 pounders.
  105. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/28: 302-371-425-Coronado

    Yeah it looks pretty bleak out there. I had a few hours so I did the marlin troll thing down the 9 today. Not much life at all. I’m still holding out for one more good snap.
  106. Baja Belk

    Offshore Marlin hunt redirected by foaming BFT - 9/16/20

    Heck yes. Did you try swinging the marlin jig spread through the foam? Curious...
  107. Baja Belk

    Marlin Reports?

    Good to know! I cleaned out an old-timer who was "retiring". He had more stuff than some tackle shops. $600 got me a still brand-new-in-box-never used Trini 50, Trini 12, and Calcutta 400. Another $200 got me his long-range box, and all the jigs, feathers, line, tools, wahoo bombs, marauders...
  108. Baja Belk

    Marlin Reports?

  109. Baja Belk

    Marlin Reports?

    I think if you really put forth a good effort it would take you way less than 10 tries. My first really focused attempt to get one (Oct '16) I had one knock down my jig 4 times after only 5 min of trolling. He was so lit up and pissed, I was bummed it never stuck. Also made the mistake of not...
  110. Baja Belk

    Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed

    Yes - call Okuma and they'll send you a new cam. The factory cam is a very steep drag curve. You're fine up to the strike detent, but as soon as you push it one click forward, you're nearly at full drag and it's way too abrupt. I lost the first fish (yellow) that I hooked with mine when it was...
  111. Baja Belk

    It's official... La Nina is here

    El Nino = warm and wet winter La Nina = cold and dry winter La Nina impact will not be seen for several months. May impact weather/fishing next year, but not this season (likely).
  112. Baja Belk

    Offshore Liberty dorado 9/8

    No hate on keeping a rododo (rat dorado > rodent dodo > Rododo) if it's your first one. Congrats! Having said that....I have seen some pretty embarrassing photos from charter operations this year with some truly tiny rododos and rat yellows. I get that the passengers can keep what they want...
  113. Baja Belk

    Offshore Fish to Fire | San Diego Yellowtail on our 2021 Parker 2320, plus Risso's dolphins!

    Rad video! I saw some Risso's in June but couldn't get that close.
  114. Baja Belk

    Marlin Reports?

    Yup, Duane hooked a blue on Friday. He would know. Pictures/video to corroborate. I really hope I don't have to eat all my slander against the wahoo-truthers...... :oops:
  115. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    No. There is always the risk (albeit very low) of being stopped but if you do not have lines in the water and explain that you are heading 12 miles out, I am very confident they will let you pass. Worst case scenario they'll make you detour west before heading south again.
  116. Baja Belk

    9/7 SD Fishin' Impossible

    Ha, the only reason I clicked this thread!
  117. Baja Belk

    Offshore Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    I think Mike and Cody would have advised against the 40#
  118. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    The biosphere bracelet applies to the islands only. If you are fishing any of the offshore banks (425, 371, 302), you only need a MX fishing license, though I would bring your passport also just in case. If you plan to fish the islands, the coast, the 101, or the rockpile, you should plan on...
  119. Baja Belk

    Offshore 09/02 Late Post

    “Only kept the big ones” is the best thing I’ve seen in two weeks. Nice going!
  120. Baja Belk

    Yamaha i4 f200

    Dang, that thing got some use in 4 years. Nice motor....
  121. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9.2.20 yellowtail/dorado paddies

    Yeah Craig! Way to not murder babies 😉
  122. Baja Belk

    Offshore 1 and done 8/31

    Should have bridled up one of the baby dorado for marlin bait....
  123. Baja Belk

    Offshore Thursday August 27 - South 9 & 226

    Best PB offshore report in awhile! Nice work!
  124. Baja Belk

    Grande 8/23/20

    Hey he may have mis-categorized it but at least the weight was accurate!
  125. Baja Belk

    Offshore Hidden bank Dorado

    I hope Cody sent Billy an invoice.
  126. Baja Belk

    8/22 nados and MR. WONG!

    Definitely the right kind there!
  127. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yellows 8/20

    Thats probably because Otto was backwards and his outboard was 2” away from Jaime’s props 🤦‍♂️ (Per the video)
  128. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yellows 8/20

    Wait... Otto is this you??
  129. Baja Belk

    Offshore East of Osborn Bank 8/20/20

    Hey at least it's good to hear they're still around. Thought the Catalina F$(*^@#$%@ing Wine Mixer 2020 may have scared them back to Japan. Nice boat FYI.
  130. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yellows 8/20

    Epic! Fall is coming.....the kookery will slow down soon.
  131. Baja Belk

    Offshore 2020 Year of the Wahoo?

    My local wahoo skills were a bit rusty....
  132. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    What year is yours? How's your mileage and GPH with that 225? I had that motor on a Proline 24' CC and the mileage was shit. 1.1 to 1.5 at best.
  133. Baja Belk

    Offshore 2020 Year of the Wahoo?

    If you're talking about this.... ....that report was from September 2015. Sorry folks, they might come back, someday, the oceans and climates are changing.....but they ain't coming back this year. Trust me, I wish. I...
  134. Baja Belk

    Islands trip 8-19-20

    Every yellowtail I hook at the islands is a frantic, panicked game of horse-em-in just waiting for the seals to show up.... Almost ruins the fun of it all.
  135. Baja Belk

    Islands trip 8-19-20

    That poor yellowtail never stood a chance. You could have winched in him and the dog attached to him with that setup lol Nice work!
  136. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Looks like that boat is rated for 300 hp. A Yami F300 is 560 lbs. Two 150's would be about 956 lbs. The current bait tank is 20 gallons, add another 20 gallons to that for the goal of a 40 gallon tank = another 166 lbs. Take away 80 lbs by moving the batteries forward, and you have a net weight...
  137. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    That picture is money, thanks! Helps me see what's in there. I was planning on two large hatches on either side of the bait tank for really good pump access. My boat is a nightmare to work on anything in the bilge.
  138. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    That's one of my main questions/concerns. Moving the batteries to the cabin will help, and I figured the foreward design of the cabin should help offset the stern weight, especially with a bracket. But it will be one of the main things to consider. Especially if I also want to hang a kill bag...
  139. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    I won't be doing it. And by the time this ever comes to fruition, it would only be because cost isn't a factor. Designing the perfect boat in my head now so that when I can afford it, I already know what to do. And because the perfect boat doesn't exist, at least not from a factory. They all...
  140. Baja Belk

    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Nice! Throwing a surface iron and you don't know if you're going to get a yellowtail, cuda, calico, bonita, or bluefin tuna. What a time to be alive.
  141. Baja Belk

    Solo run 8/17

    That's a pretty epic complete day at the islands. Don't see BSB there too often anymore.
  142. Baja Belk

    Offshore New Lo-An wide open dorado Sunday 8-16

    Fun stuff. Glad to hear they reasonably stopped at or near limits. I did a similar trip on an SD boat in '14 and I'm pretty sure we kept near 200+ dorado for about 20 guys :oops:
  143. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Something like this
  144. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Has anybody taken an older model Seafarer and chopped up the transom to get rid of the seats and build-up a full-size bait tank? I like transom tanks to allow as much deck space as possible. The tank is already here they just made is short and small to allow for the two jump seats, which in my...
  145. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sucks lately...

    Fishing improving quickly. Islands, SCI, southern zone starting to heat up. Save some for me!
  146. Baja Belk

    Offshore On line Mexian Fishing license not working - anybody tried lately?

    Go to Seaforth landing. They can obtain one for you and print it out. The online MX system has been down for awhile.
  147. Baja Belk

    Offshore San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    The green blob around 302 isn't the problem, it's this band of cold water sticking straight out from San Quentin. That's basically a wall for new fish pushing up from the south. Probably won't see a new wave of fish until that breaks up. However, there are still fish around the border line, just...
  148. Baja Belk

    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    That’s the fattest sandy I’ve ever seen....
  149. Baja Belk

    Offshore Skunked 226-302-226-corner-182

    Don’t forget also that your TOTAL bag limit in MX is ten fish. No more than 5 of each species. So if you catch 5 yellowtail, and 2 dorado, you’re done. Or 5 yellowtail and 5 yellowfin. Or 2 dorado and 2 bluefin. Etc.
  150. Baja Belk

    Offshore Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Nice man, I think you’re batting 1.000 on kelps this year.
  151. Baja Belk

    Offshore Anything on the 9?

    Go just past the 9 and work the canyon. Lots of fish there.
  152. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Bummer. Was hoping for someone prettier.
  153. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    FB? I'm not even on FB? I must have a stalker lol
  154. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    That would be me too but my wife is going to chain me to the couch. And not in the fun way..... I took a filet knife 3" deep into the bottom of my foot in Loreto once. Drive back to town, got several stitches for $12 at the local clinic, but a bag around it, went back out and got a few dorado...
  155. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Thanks man, I was overdue for a good one. Honestly I find it easier to gaff my own fish solo. Can lead 'em right where I want 'em. Ha, I was 25 min late but was within my 30 min cushion so it all worked out! Except for when my kid hugs me and says....." smell fishy". Right in front...
  156. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Solo morning run - four baits, four fish, 40 lb class. Left 'em biting. West side Kidney Bank. 66.5 degree blue water. Sardines. 1 min summary teaser: Yesterday really should not have happened. Was out on vacation all last week, and I'm having foot surgery on Friday which will have me out...
  157. Baja Belk

    Offshore 7/18 Striped Marlin and more

    I was wondering when the marlin would show up. Game time!
  158. Baja Belk


    Clap back of the century. We are not worthy of your retort game. :notworthy
  159. Baja Belk

    Offshore Birthday bluefin 7/14

    That's a day right there
  160. Baja Belk

    Offshore 7-10-20 tuna offshore

    Yeah those are funny looking bonita. Definitely not skipjack, almost have some kawa kawa markings. Maybe just the angle or how their stripes faded. I don't see the 60 lb bluefin though?
  161. Baja Belk

    Where'd the giant bones go!

    Yeah that's not my style, at least not out loud. Obviously I'm partially skeptical, but would love to give him the benefit of the doubt and enjoy looking at a picture of a trophy world class fish. Honestly I'd rather see a pic of a 20 lb bone than another 200 lb bluefin.
  162. Baja Belk

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I just realized something. I bet DFG is on the prowl more than usual since charter operations were not legally allowed to run until just recently, due to the lockdown. However, I guarantee you there were a bunch of 4-packs running "buddy" trips for the last 5 months. Not that I fault them, or...
  163. Baja Belk

    Where'd the giant bones go!

    I know. That was my nice way of asking for a pic.
  164. Baja Belk

    Where'd the giant bones go!

    Dang. What does a 20.4 lb bonito look like?
  165. Baja Belk

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Wait. Your friends pitch in for gas and bait? I've been doing this all wrong.
  166. Baja Belk

    Schoolie 20-80lb popper setup....local SD waters

    Mono = stretch = good for your typical jig stick/surface iron combo However, you do not want mono if you are planning to throw poppers specifically. You want braid to a short flouro leader to reduce stretch and get good action from the popper. I tied a popper onto my jig stick once (straight...
  167. Baja Belk

    Alright, who did this?

    Anyone gonna fess up?
  168. Baja Belk

    Offshore nados lately

    You're not wrong, but seems like that ship has sailed this year. We've got islands reports in the offshore section, Lake Hemet reports in the inshore section, and tackle questions sprinkled everywhere. Interestingly, it also seems like there are way more reports in general, and more helpful...
  169. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bookends by 11

    Just watched that and immediately ran through a brick wall. Nice work. Can you make all my videos from here on out?
  170. Baja Belk

    Coronado Islands 6/27

    5 yellows is a big score recently - nice job!
  171. Baja Belk

    Belated Father's Day - Nados 6/25

    66 at north island in the morning 61 at south island 67 at middle grounds end of the day I did see one fish caught at lighthouse in 61 water so go figure.
  172. Baja Belk

    Belated Father's Day - Nados 6/25

    Thanks man, bottom of the ninth save for sure. Good job on your magic paddy too.
  173. Baja Belk

    Belated Father's Day - Nados 6/25

    Took the old man and my sister out to the islands today. Seas so flat we could have water skied the whole way down. Awesome. Islands were dead. Hit Pukey (only seals), flats north of middle grounds (mackerel and cuda only), Middle Grounds ridge (nothin), Ribbon Kelp (nothin), Lighthouse (fat...
  174. Baja Belk

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    That's a rad fish report
  175. Baja Belk

    Liberty 6/22

    That's the spirit! A lesser or newer angler would have bitched about not limiting on yellows.
  176. Baja Belk

    Offshore 06/20 – Offshore – BFT Skunk – YT Saves the Day

    Nice report! Been a long time since I've seen a Blue.....
  177. Baja Belk

    Nados 6/18

    Three, actually.
  178. Baja Belk

    Nados 6/18

    Shot down solo yesterday around 0600. No bait, just irons and some Finnish lipped trolly-thingys. Knew SKR was the place to be so I started there around 0700 and was the third boat. Not bad. Picked up lots of life on the finder but personally never metered any of the right kind. Accidentally...
  179. Baja Belk

    Rockpile and SKR 6/18

    That seemed to be the ticket yesterday. I tried to play hero and bailed to find my own fish.......and didn't find any. Everywhere else was dead, except Pukey, which came to life around 1-2 ish, but dogs were on every single fish. I saw 4 get hooked, and 4 get sealed right away. I had one glued...
  180. Baja Belk

    72 Radio Show at Work - Thursday

    I have a few buddies on the water today while I'm regrettably at work. Listening to the live feed on Fishdope while I'm working and it's a good entertainment today. - The guy catching barracuda at Catalina and STOKED about it because they are the BEST eating meat - The guy who caught a 43...
  181. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sickwide poll ramsnducks vs hookup562

    This made me actually laugh out loud.
  182. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    Nice juan! No shame in throwing a 40lb setup at a paddy. Not like you knew what was there. Honestly, I usually only throw 25-30lb at paddies. I would have been screwed.
  183. Baja Belk

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Nah, I gave it two good drifts, one off it, and one right in it, but that aluma boat was on it pretty tight too and I didn't want to encroach. I bailed and got my token yellow at Pukey on the way home. Took all of 5 minutes so it was worth the slight detour. Skunk-buster. Now I just need to...
  184. Baja Belk

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Also, surfing that gnarly short period south wind swell on the way home and stuffing my bow into the wave in front of me a hundred times was no bueno. I was super worried about you guys on your sled....
  185. Baja Belk

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Nice buddy boating with you guys yesterday. I cried a little too when you made the call. I can verify the length of battle since we were on the horn when I heard Mike screaming in the background like a little girl lol. "Uh, we gotta go" *click* You'll get a redemption shot soon, and you'll...
  186. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bluefin 5-22.

    Yew!! Atta boy! How’s your screaming Banshee Tranx??
  187. Baja Belk

    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    My buddy fished along North Island in the big bay yesterday afternoon on his kayak on the incoming and slayed it on good size spotties. Warbaits and a 3-4" swimbait
  188. Baja Belk

    COVID Calicos - Nados 5/21

    Haven't really fished since December, thought I was going to go insane. Was finally able to get a reprieve from double duty of work-at-home and daddy daycare to take my sister out calico hunting. I got her on one last year and she swears it was the best fish she's ever eaten. Handful of boats...
  189. Baja Belk

    Nados tails 5/16

    Yeah dude! Fished on a Saturday? Brave or desperate?
  190. Baja Belk

    Looking for Upholsterer - San Diego

    Looking to replace 3 seat cushions and possibly a set of coaming bolsters on my '03 Striper for a reasonable price. Not looking for any fancy piping or dual colors, just something simple and clean. Would probably prefer a one-man show vs shop for a better price. I can drop everything off. Mike
  191. Baja Belk

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Million dollar question will be - do they open the ramps just yet or no? They could in theory allow boating, but still not open the ramps. So basically if you're not slipped you're still fubar'd
  192. Baja Belk

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating Last sentence of Paragraph 12
  193. Baja Belk

    Torium 30 Service Glitch - Stumped

    BAM! That was it. I had actually finally had time to take pictures of everything, even shot some video of the binding. Then I came on here to upload them and here was my answer, just waiting for me. I definitely had the pawl plate upside down. Oops. Thanks Brownie! Spins like butter now. File...
  194. Baja Belk

    Torium 30 Service Glitch - Stumped

    Been servicing my own stuff for years. No expert, but I can usually do most of my reels in my sleep now. However, I got one of my older Toirum 30's all serviced and done up, but as soon as I get the star drag on and clicked down a few turns, there is a slight clicking/clunking noise and...
  195. Baja Belk

    original Shimano Torium 14

    I'll take it :) I've had one for about 15 years. Probably killed more fish with that reel than any other.
  196. Baja Belk

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    That's helpful, thanks. From Port Authority?
  197. Baja Belk

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    I understand the city has the right to close beaches and parks, but I feel like there has to be some legality issues with closing waterways entirely. MAYBE Mission Bay since the entire Bay is ran by the city. But SD Bay? Come on. I have a hard time believing the city has the authority to stop a...
  198. Baja Belk

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    So how long do we think the asinine closing of the boat ramps is going to last? Are there enough fishing orgs affected to throw a stink to the right people? I understand the closing of beaches and parks to avoid congregations of people, but my boy and I can't launch at a public ramp to go catch...
  199. Baja Belk

    Sea Strike Irons??

    I have a couple, also from a hand-me-down situation. Awesome swimmers.
  200. Baja Belk

    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    This makes ZERO sense. How is me driving myself or my family to an outdoor concrete ramp and putting my boat in the ocean to drive away from everybody in conflict with social distancing? It literally is the epitome of social distancing. I'm fine with a lot of the other closures which I...
  201. Baja Belk

    Misc. Tackle Bulk Lot

    Cleaned out my tackle hoard. Hopefully another man's treasure: $40 gets the lot. Will not separate. - Suction cup tackle organizer - New pack of paracord - Candy Bar jig wallet - Book - Full spool (3400 yards) Tuna Tuff Mono - 20# - 2 new full spools of Bass Pro fluoro - 20# - New full spool...
  202. Baja Belk

    2 Complete Raymarine Dragonfly Sets - $20

    I don’t mind shipping, and I don’t mind splitting stuff up, but honestly, if I don’t get $20 it’s not really worth my time. You can have it all for $20 or have just a piece or two for $20. Let me know.
  203. Baja Belk

    2 Complete Raymarine Dragonfly Sets - $20

    Caveat - Neither head unit works. I have two complete working transducers, and two undamaged cradles, plus misc. wiring, clamshells, switch, hardware, etc. Would be perfect for someone who has one of these 1st Gen Dragonflys and wants/needs a second 'ducer and cradle for a second kayak, skiff...
  204. Baja Belk

    Ahi Sabiki Rod - 7' - SOLD

    BUMP FOR LOWER PRICE. Priced to sell quick.
  205. Baja Belk

    Okuma Cedros Speed Jig and Quantum Boca 60 Spinning Combo

    Selling as combo only. Rod: Okuma Cedros Speed Jig, CJ-S-701MH, 7'0", 50-100# braided, lure wight 90-200g Reel: Quantum Boca 60 PT Reel is spooled with 65# braid with 30# fluoro topshot - ready to fish. Rod has one very small dent in the support of one of the guides. Otherwise everything in...
  206. Baja Belk

    Ahi Sabiki Rod - 7' - SOLD

    Two piece, 6'10" model. Used one season. Great condition, no damage. SOLD!!! San Diego - Can meet in Clairemont or Santee Mike Text or dm 7 6 O - five 7 8 - 3 O 4 4
  207. Baja Belk

    RARE - NIB Shimano Triton TLD 5 - with Papers!

    Bump for Fred Hall price change. Will sell for $150 this week, or I may hang on to it and use it this season.
  208. Baja Belk

    RARE - NIB Shimano Triton TLD 5 - with Papers!

    Tasty little nugget of history right here for the discerning collector. Google it. New condition, some slight fading of the lettering on one side due to age. Very very minimal (read: microscopic) scuffs from spooling process. Was spooled with line, put back in box, and never used. Includes...
  209. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the TLD 10?

    Make me an offer.
  210. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the TLD 10?

    I have a TLD 5 for sale, basically brand new in box. Anyone interested?
  211. Baja Belk

    Beware of Promotional Subscriptions to Sport Fishing Magazine

    Well, it did this time, thus my concern. Otherwise, mea culpa, cancel and move on.
  212. Baja Belk

    Beware of Promotional Subscriptions to Sport Fishing Magazine

    Never asked them to charge me for a separate and different magazine without my knowledge. If you started getting HBO all of a sudden for 6 months and then found out later your cable company sold it to you without your knowledge, would you simply cancel it and eat the money or would you demand...
  213. Baja Belk

    Beware of Promotional Subscriptions to Sport Fishing Magazine

    Definitely guilty of giving up my CC. But pretty sure the magazine taking my money for secondary publications I didn't sign up for is on them.
  214. Baja Belk

    Beware of Promotional Subscriptions to Sport Fishing Magazine

    So, my wife alerted me to a suspect charge on our debit card "BNR Sport Fishing Florida". Thought that was weird so I looked into it. The charge was from Sport Fishing Magazine, which many of you may be familiar with. Long story short, I vaguely recall signing up for a promo deal for this...
  215. Baja Belk

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    I just found this thread also. Kudos on admitting your mistakes for the benefit of others' safety. On the subject of open transoms, I love the Cabo's design, along with the old ChrisCraft Scorpions and Sea Hawks. Something about a 21'-22' bow-forward small cuddy really calls to me as being the...
  216. Baja Belk

    Skipjack 24 Flybridge w/ Diesel Power - $16K

    Bump for a great deal on a fish-killing machine. I know that Ben sunk a bunch of money into the boat, making sure it was running perfectly before he listed it, knowing he wasn't going to recoup that money. It wouldn't be on the market if it wasn't perfect. I'm gonna miss roping surface-iron fish...
  217. Baja Belk

    One guy, Two Rods

    I always wear my PFD solo, but I think I took it off with my sweatshirt when I got hot, but got distracted by a spot of birds that popped up right off my bow. It went back on later. The good news is, there were so many boats, if I had fallen overboard someone could have free-gaffed me within...
  218. Baja Belk

    One guy, Two Rods

    Yeah, I think it looked worse on video. Wasn't really ever in danger of going over, but even I flinched when I watched the playback....
  219. Baja Belk

    One guy, Two Rods

    I bought the boat from the original owner (or the bank that took it from him rather) with a trolling motor on it. The rail was cut out to accomodate.
  220. Baja Belk

    One guy, Two Rods

    Video from my solo trip the other day (12/12 - reported same day). 3 yellows in about an hour. Beautiful December day chasing birds and catching nice-grade surface-iron yellows. I love this stuff. 1 min edit: Solo double: How do you not get bit here?? Fish were boiling at my...
  221. Baja Belk

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    Yellows also tend to bite well coming up to the full moon and then fall off quickly on the backside of it. Full moon was yesterday.
  222. Baja Belk

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    I don't eat much fish. I take as much as I can give away to friends and neighbors so nothing goes to waste. Fish to the neighbors pays for my boat parking and security system.
  223. Baja Belk

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    I made the decision to post based upon the fact that the secret was already out. There was a gazillion boats out there yesterday, severely impacting the bite. If you're a local hoping to take advantage of a "secret bite"'s too late. Anyone who decides to pile on the fleet based upon my...
  224. Baja Belk

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    There were 90 boats out there today.
  225. Baja Belk

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    1 mile straight out of the harbor, massive school of yellows under birds. Clearly a very poorly kept secret, the fleet stomped them out quick. I managed a double right away solo (Rapala and surface iron) before anyone else was on them, and then another surface iron fish hop-scotching the fleet...
  226. Baja Belk

    Offshore November 2019 YFT Limits

    Nice! Man, that launch ramp and bait line though......
  227. Baja Belk

    Offshore Catch Report - YFT 11/17

    I know that guy! Prospective buyers may contact me for a reference. So many fish died on that boat this year...... #budlightlimeforthewin
  228. Baja Belk

    Offshore 11/15 Offshore

    Day salvaged by a late porpoise-pod jigstrike......been there. Nice going!
  229. Baja Belk

    Offshore Full Day offshore the San Diego 10-26-2019

    Nice video! Question..... did that sportfisher literally follow you guys all day???
  230. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yft 10/23

    A-team doin work!
  231. Baja Belk

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    What did he get it on??
  232. Baja Belk

    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Holy smokes.......... A 240 something was caught off Oceanside a couple years ago by a guy trolling for marlin. I guess lightning does strike twice.
  233. Baja Belk

    Offshore Phenomenal morning

    Ha, it wasn't the camera censoring me. At first I thought they had called out the numbers, which made me head that general direction before I saw the splashes under a lone bird several hundred yards away from them (which they were completely oblivious too). But then I thought it was weird that...
  234. Baja Belk

    Offshore Phenomenal morning

    Last hijack of your thread Cody, promise lol. Here you go sumcatch, a clinic put on by your buddies as to what NOT to do.....
  235. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Full scoop. Stopped on a paddy SW of the islands heading down and made bait on it hoping it would be useful if we did find some dorado. Dumped a ton of our bait on the first stop. We had about 8 pieces left when we started heading home from our last stop.
  236. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Man, I was definitely a lot nicer than I wanted to be. I thought maybe he was the one who had called out the numbers and I didn't want to yell at him if so. Now I'm thinking he never got anything at all and was simply running over everyone who hooked up on their own in the vicinity. Someone tell...
  237. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Been a long time since I've gone all summer without seeing any. Definitely not their year for sure. Hope you find yours!
  238. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Gentleman’s start for my buddy (who legit called in sick to work, and shall go unnamed), and I after dropping off my boy. We were planning to meet up with Cody (Longboard85) on the water but we got an even later start than planned. Cody being Cody, had already limited out by the time we were...
  239. Baja Belk

    Offshore Phenomenal morning

    Hell yes man! We were late to the party but stuck it out for an afternoon ripper. Got my dorado!
  240. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/1 371It

    That's a fantastic day. NE of the 371? Canyon area? We hooked and lost a marlin in that area a couple weeks ago. I'm heading back out tomorrow to try and track him down again. Nice job!
  241. Baja Belk

    Offshore Limits in Minutes and a LDR Marlin - Video from 9/20

    Finally got around to editing all the footage from the carnage incurred a couple weeks ago ( Consider it a hype video for your next trip, or a send-off tribute if your season is over (closer to the latter for...
  242. Baja Belk

    Offshore Multi-species limits

    Dude, you and me both. The only species to elude me this year....... (not counting billfish or WSB). Killer job, as always!
  243. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Re-living the moment I took that picture and got picked up with the rod in my other hand at the exact same time lol. Video coming soon.....
  244. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    .....BOOM The powder keg south of the border had a match dropped on it today, and we were fortunate enough to align our timing with the fireworks. Kept my skiff parked at home and hitched a ride with my buddy Ben, FreezeYak, on his Skipjack, along with a couple other guys that rounded up a...
  245. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday 9/15

    Nice! I got two small yellowfin on the troll last week (cedar plug daisy chain). There were also several big BFT caught on the 9 on cedar plugs the same day (9/12). Chumming up surface fish didn't work for us, so go figure. I think it's still worth dragging jigs if you're in the zone and looking...
  246. Baja Belk

    Offshore Deep Drop Swords

    Did Larmo change his profile name???? LOL
  247. Baja Belk

    Offshore Deep Drop Swords

    Well that escalated quickly......
  248. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Awesome! And we didn’t even have to pay for the seminar!!
  249. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/6 - Wide Open @ the 425

    Awesome, love it. September and people are starting to cooperate with each other. Local’s summer rocks. Curious to see how this weekend goes....
  250. Baja Belk

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Pretty disappointed that our Border Patrol failed to intercept a boat traveling in the dark from Mexico to a cave in OB.
  251. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/4 Yellowfin

    Nice! Be glad you actually fished 9/3 and not 9/4. Was a bit sporty for Ben and I Wednesday morning. These mean fish are fun on the light gear, and I usually like fishing lighter anyway, but man it's stressful. 45 min on a 35 lb fish is too long!
  252. Baja Belk

    Offshore Don't You Know You're Not Supposed to Wear White After Labor Day....

    Freezeyak with the clutch double gaff! Where’s my bait net though?? :finger:
  253. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9-5-19 offshore fishing report El Sueno

    Nice! (I need a sponsored bait tank....)
  254. Baja Belk

    Offshore Don't You Know You're Not Supposed to Wear White After Labor Day.... might get a little bloody.... Had a short escape window between my son's Pre-K dropoff at 9:00, and pickup at 5:00, to sneak out for some tuna with my buddy. We were met with a mean breeze that was a bit sportier than I thought it would be. Beat up thoroughly on the way out, somehow...
  255. Baja Belk

    Offshore lost your boat?

    Ha, I posted this on TheQualifiedCaptain. My sister sent me the video, they passed it on their way to meet me in PL. With how much is wrong in this picture.......that's the first thing I noticed too haha. Man, I once had some weird guy on a moped come up to me at SI while I was coming out of...
  256. Baja Belk

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Dude, no offense, but can you please leave the ambulance chasing and sensationalizing of a tragedy to slimy billboard attorneys? You did the same thing on the Prowler tragedy, and you're licking your chops on this one already. This situation is sad enough as it is without your callous and...
  257. Baja Belk

    Friendly Reminder

    Only 2?! You should be grateful it wasn't 20!
  258. Baja Belk

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    Just now circling back to this, some really good info here, thanks. I've always ran the flush hose with the motor off for 5+ minutes, and then turned the motor on to idle for a few minutes, which was based on mixed opinions from mechanics and other outboard guys. Sounds like that has not been...
  259. Baja Belk

    In Memoriam: The Coronados' Bite - 7.10.19 - 7.17.19

    We got there late, maybe 7 or 7:30. Put out Rapalas and got bit in about 5 min. While the guys were working on that fish, I walked up to the bow and made a blind cast with surface iron, and got bit. That's when I knew it was going to be bonkers. At one point I had hooked 3 fish in 5 casts...
  260. Baja Belk

    In Memoriam: The Coronados' Bite - 7.10.19 - 7.17.19

    It's funny, everyone on the radio was citing yo-yos, but the only fish I got on the yo-yo were a barracuda and a giant halibut. No yellows. Go figure. Surface iron only for me. Never even changed out my jig or had to tie a new knot. Efficient day.
  261. Baja Belk

    In Memoriam: The Coronados' Bite - 7.10.19 - 7.17.19

    It's August, the ocean is the color of pea soup, people are throwing sinkers at each other, and the island seals are hungry and lonely. How did we get here? Let's all stop for a moment of silence for a time when the fishing was so good, we all got along for a week without killing each other...
  262. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    My boat mate caught an 18lber last week on a 2500 spin reel, and a 6-12 lb medium light spinning rod...... Got it in about 5 minutes too....
  263. Baja Belk

    Offshore Hawaii > Vegas > Bishop > San Salvador > San Diego

    That’s my sister. Racing accident in Baja last spring. Only been on her stick less than a year.
  264. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/19 Yellowfin Were Scarce

    I was out Monday as well, spent most of the morning at the Knoll and came in to the 230 before coming home. Super dead. Only saw one paddy in 117 miles. Pretty sure that's the first time ever that I've failed to find less than a half-dozen or so. I only saw fish on the meter once all day and we...
  265. Baja Belk

    Offshore War Heroes

    Report of the year!
  266. Baja Belk

    Offshore Hawaii > Vegas > Bishop > San Salvador > San Diego

    Capping off an adventurous week for me, and even more so for my guests, we sneaked in a trip that unfortunately turned out to be a "tweener" between the bites. I really wanted to fish a day other than Monday, knowing that the fish would have a serious case of PTSD from having 3,000...
  267. Baja Belk

    Offshore Tunas. 226. Biting.

    Thursday > Monday Killer!
  268. Baja Belk

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    If I need a whole new unit, I'm gonna have to switch to my kayak for a few months......
  269. Baja Belk

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    Who do I look like, Billy K??
  270. Baja Belk

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    No line on prop, noise is coming from further back. Sounds metal on metal. Fingers crossed is just low on gear lube. Unfortunately I realized late last night in the dark that I have a problem I need to address, and I'm currently stuck at work. If it's prop shaft or pinion, how bad is that...
  271. Baja Belk

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    Granted, I'm customarily pretty paranoid, but, historically, when I hear the slightest little noice in my truck or wife's car or whatever, usually ends up being something legit. Been noticing last few trips when flushing my F115 ('03, 1100 hours, serviced in February) a faint but sharp metallic...
  272. Baja Belk

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Blue marlin have only been caught here in 1 year. Ever (or in recorded history). We are 3-4 years removed from that anomaly, the water temps are 10 degrees too cold, and even colder between here and Hawaii, and here and Mexico, the two places these fish would have migrated from during the...
  273. Baja Belk

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Exactly. Blue marlin possible 2015. Not 2019. Was either a striper or maybe a blue perch that got mislabeled in the office.
  274. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    Thank you to all the guys who gave me great advice! Pretty awesome fishery you have here....
  275. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    Super long overdue (been a busy summer), but we had a blast in Ft Lauderdale 1st week of June. My first morning of fishing was the most exciting. Woke up at dawn to a balmy 80 degree morning, went down the elevator with my 8' travel rod and a Lexa 400 geared up for some West-Coast style...
  276. Baja Belk

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    How long was the trip? No possible way it was a local blue marlin. Landing probably typo'd.
  277. Baja Belk

    Mid-Season Synopsis

    It's August, but unless you have a bunch of money to go catch cows out West, fishing kinda sucks, and has for a few weeks now (perhaps even by pre-2014 standards??). I have my own thoughts, but curious to hear from the keyboard meteorologists out there. Fire away conspiracy theorists...
  278. Baja Belk

    Offshore The Four B's at San Clemente Island / Saturday 8/3 Report

    For a guy who hates catching sure are catching a lot of tuna.
  279. Baja Belk

    Offshore Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Yo mods, is this guy on payroll for traffic generation or can we just ban this doofus once and for all and be done with it? I have a small stroke every time I click on the thread and then realize who it is. Making everybody around here look bad for letting this guy continue to exist. Some people...
  280. Baja Belk

    Kinked / Damaged Antenna Wire

    Just noticed this while washing my boat yesterday. Radio had worked last time offshore, but I had done 2 quick little bay runs since and not sure if I even used the radio on those days. Boat sat a week in the slip and a week at the shop getting the steering fixed before I received it back...
  281. Baja Belk

    7/19/19 Coronado Islands report

    I was in that red circle :D
  282. Baja Belk

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Nope, quicksnap. Prefer the black ones, though I use whatever’s in my box. Love those things, makes changing up jigs a 5 second operation.
  283. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    I comprehend sarcasm, actually thought it was pretty funny. Was actually referring (sarcastically myself) to his larger recent social media activity. Go check it out.
  284. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    From your mouth to God's ears.
  285. Baja Belk

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    South wind. Probably a short-term slow-down.
  286. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I believe you are supposed to have the FCC operator permit for traveling into any MX waters, however, it is not really something they check for. I got it just to have it and to cover all possible bases, but as long as you have everything else, I wouldn't stress too much on the FCC portion.
  287. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    Correct, the FMM is only good for the day you purchase it for. If you are unsure about going, I would fill out the manifest first, and wait to pay until the last second. The email to the port commandant is the least important part of the process. I have gone many times having sent the email at...
  288. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    If you stay outside of 12 miles, you should be fine with just a MX license. You are also unlikely to be stopped and checked by anyone other than US DFG upon return.
  289. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I don't believe so but you may want to ask around before planning a trip.
  290. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    That's what cell phones are for.
  291. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Dave, you're on a troll spree lately - fishing been slow? :finger:
  292. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Oh they all saw it. The radio was blowing up. Guys behind us were honking and yelling at him. It was a spectacle.
  293. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Dang. Missed opportunity for sure. Honestly we were all kind of in shock at his boating incompetence and were all watching him like a trainwreck that you can't look away from....
  294. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    There was only one guy working this side of the dock, and since there were no other boats there until we got there, he was working on something up by the cabin when this guy rolled up. When I talked to him about it, he said he didn't see the guy cut in, and seemed legitimately caught off guard...
  295. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    I've seen some kook moves in my day, but this one takes the take. We were the first boat in a line of 6 or 7 boats almost to the bait barge (like.....100' away, throttling down to slide up dockside), when this momo comes flying in at 20 knots, passes everybody, and cuts right in between us and...
  296. Baja Belk

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Had an opportunity to jump on my buddy's battlewagon mid-week and join 200 of my closest friends at the worst-kept secret in Southern California. Summertime, and the fishin's easy. It took all of 5 minutes to hookup on the Nomad and make sure the fish were still there (spoiler alert: they...
  297. Baja Belk

    Offshore 182-43-302-9

    Thanks for the intel. Water has cooled off big-time offshore....wonder why?
  298. Baja Belk

    Offshore Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Really need to change your name to "Yellowfin's Bane". Always killing 'em. Epic.
  299. Baja Belk

    Offshore Better Late than Never

    This saga is from July 6, which may or may not be helpful to some now, however, my technical details were posted on Fishdope the same day, and honestly, the news is nothing new. There's lots of tuna here, some bite, some don't, some weeks and days are bitier than others. This particular day...
  300. Baja Belk

    Offshore Lots of Show and Some Go - Newport Beach Bluefin Report

    Mike Long'd one myself this weekend, but pulled the hook. Some of us have all the luck ;)
  301. Baja Belk

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    Best possible outcome: SD and Riverside lakes (under pressure), remove all of his lake records. DFG cites him for snagging and imposes lifetime CA fishing license ban. He moves to Montana where he lives out the rest of his days on a quiet ranch, snagging trout and panfish by his lonesome...
  302. Baja Belk

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    I read the article this morning and it had me engrossed all day. Insane story, definitely something straight out of Dateline NBC. There should legitimately be a Netflix documentary made about his decades of cheating, lying, and bullying. Very curious to see if the local lakes will invalidate all...
  303. Baja Belk

    Offshore 4 species on the way to ensenada with video

    This guy again? Didn’t he get banned last year? #kookoftheday
  304. Baja Belk

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Really good info. So, scrape/wire-wheel bottom paint, fill existing holes, put on stern saver/starboard piece, Move 2" right to be dead center between strakes, and 1/2" up to be level with inboard bottom of hull, re-paint, and affix Garmin spray shield for good measure, and I should be golden.
  305. Baja Belk

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Great information, thank you! Definitely going to look into that Garmin plate. West Marine has a transom saver plate, basically Starboard with permanent epoxy adhesive that you stick on and then drill as many holes as you want. Might look into that also.
  306. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the Cazadora?

    Looking back through some old albums with my dad on father's day, and found some pics from my first tuna trip when I was 12. I remember the boat was the Cazadora out of Point Loma (H&M or Fisherman's Landing?). 1997. 6-pack operation with husband and wife, and a deckhand (who was quite the...
  307. Baja Belk

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Recently installed my Garmin 54CV and its big-ass Chirp transducer off my transom. According to everything I have seen and read and experienced in the past, the transducer is mounted where it is supposed to be, however, at cruising speed it throws up a huge roostertail right onto my outboard...
  308. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Also, for the record, the last time I was stopped and checked by the DFG coming home, they took a look at the yellows in my fish box, and then nicely pointed out the lone cuda we had forgotten about in the transom. Without any explanation from me, the senior officer explained to the junior...
  309. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Wow, tough crowd. Didn't see anybody in the back of my boat with a tape measure, you guys are sneaky. Seals are gonna either eat the yellow on the end of my line, or a dead barracuda. Either way, they are going to get fed. Pretty sure the ship has sailed on the root cause of the sea lion...
  310. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Second time this year I put a date on the calendar to go tuna fishing, and the tuna go lockjaw the day or two before, only to resume biting a couple days later. Like clockwork, every time. C'est la vie, let's go to the islands and have some fun. Got to South Island, dropped Rapalas back, and got...
  311. Baja Belk

    Cat 6/9

    I think I just got tetanus from merely looking at the console of your boat..... Nice job on the fishing.
  312. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    Been doing a bunch of research and getting pretty stoked. Looks like great opportunities this time of year for snook, jack, and tarpon in and around the beaches, jetties, and harbor. Just bought my week non-res permit. SaltH2O tackle shop is about a 30 min walk from my hotel, I'll hit them up on...
  313. Baja Belk

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    Not the sardine pattern X-rap in the background, but a blue mackerel pattern similar to it. I think it was a 20 or 30.
  314. Baja Belk

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    They are shorter and tighter in person.....
  315. Baja Belk

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    I think you're looking for the guys in the SeaPro? We heard you on the radio out there, but we definitely didn't give away any ice. Ended up having barely enough for our fish and beers.
  316. Baja Belk

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    Not necessarily. I wouldn't normally throw that lure for larger yellows. My mistake was not buttoning the drag down tighter to slow the fish down. I had it "calico firm" but not as tight as it will go. I had picked out a bird's nest earlier and there was a pulled loop in the 50# braid way down...
  317. Baja Belk

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    My sister is back in town so I took her Aussie boyfriend down to the islands with me to look for some kingies. While we lucked out with beautiful weather after the big blow, I knew the conditions likely took a beating, which was very true. However, we lucked out and scored a very nice fish first...
  318. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    Looks like my hotel is less than a mile up the beach from the jetty. That may be a good early morning option. Surface stick baits, spoons, poppers?
  319. Baja Belk

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    But, I mean, it was a Parker, so obviously they know what they are doing.......right?? :rolleyes:
  320. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    That's super helpful, thanks. I hadn't really considered surf-fishing options. Being right on the beach, that may be a better bet, especially if I need to rent a car to find some bass. Thanks!
  321. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    Guessing this is the best forum for this... I'll be traveling with my wife for a work conference in June to Ft. Lauderdale (Marriott Harbor Beach). She gets to go to seminars daily while I get to sit on the beach and drink and enjoy a free room. Hooray me! I've done just a tiny bit of research...
  322. Baja Belk

    Cinco de Mayo Yellows

    Basically what I should have done instead of chasing bluefin ghosts all morning in Timbuktu. I told my boat partner to kick me in the nuts next time I told him I want to go after bluefin instead of a nice easy yellowtail day at the islands. Well done!
  323. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    Fixed and added some links (including the DFG re-entry form, which I was not familiar with). Also, update: I received a notice back via email that my TIP application was rejected due to some upload error. I am waiting on my refund (which they said would be coming but I haven't seen yet) before...
  324. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I believe the Navy on patrol has a list from the port authority of all FMM's applied for that day. If you're not on that list, they will ask for your paperwork. The FMM is only good for one day and is time-stamped (I'm not familiar with the annual version you can buy at the border).
  325. Baja Belk

    Coronados pvt. 4/23

    We were out there yesterday too. For a Tuesday in April, the crowds were insane. We saw every daily sportboat, a bunch of 4 and 6-pack charters, 3 dudes in a 12' bathtub, and even several internet-famous guys right in there with everybody else. Must be the only bite in town.
  326. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I was going to revive or reply to older posts on this subject (and thus not beat a very dead horse any further), but I thought I would start a new one to share how I prepare for fishing trips to Mexico (mainly Coronados), since there is widespread confusion and panic on this issue. Yes, most of...
  327. Baja Belk

    Navionics Cards ($75 rebate)

    I have two Raymarine Navionics cards (US Lakes and US Canada Gold). If anyone is looking to buy a new Navionics card, they are doing a $75 rebate if you trade in an old card. Make me an offer on one or both of these cards and use it as a trade in to save yourself some $$. - Mike PM or text -...
  328. Baja Belk

    BNIB Trinidad 30DC **PICS UP**

    I would sell my wife's car but I have a feeling she would notice.... Good luck! Someone will be very happy soon.
  329. Baja Belk

    BNIB Trinidad 30DC **PICS UP**

    I stumbled across a neighbor at my office's industrial park who had just sold his boat and had a 1500 sq ft shop completely full of gear. Scored a BNIB gold Trini 50, Trini 12, and Calcutta 400 for $600, and then gave him $200 to basically fill my truck with irons, marlin jigs, line, terminal...
  330. Baja Belk

    BNIB Trinidad 30DC **PICS UP**

    Who do I look like, Billy K? I can barely afford gas for my skiff, let alone a $1400 reel. One can dream though.....
  331. Baja Belk

    BNIB Trinidad 30DC **PICS UP**

    My captain in Loreto has a couple, to him, they might as well be a couple Jigmasters. They are so banged up they look like a Marauder coming home from Mag Bay.
  332. Baja Belk

    BNIB Trinidad 30DC **PICS UP**

    Just curious where guys find unicorns like these? Estate sales? Random tackle shops in Guatemala that still sell *new* Sabres and Bill Dance VHS tapes?
  333. Baja Belk

    Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    Box and paperwork for the 20?
  334. Baja Belk

    What happened to Trokar?

    I noticed at Fred Hall that none of the tackle shops carried Trokar hooks, except for Turner's discount bargain bin. Are they phasing out of the saltwater market or did they piss off all the local shops somehow? I was a big fan of the short-shank light-wire TK7's for finesse flylining...
  335. Baja Belk

    San Diego Raymarine Repair

    Long shot, I know. I have two first-gen Raymarine Dragonfly units (5.5" screen) which are both dead. My original one (red harness nut on the back) simply died last year, out of the blue. Will not power up. I purchased what I thought was a direct replacement used on eBay (cracked screen), but...
  336. Baja Belk


    Well this took a turn... Nice reel, would buy it in a heartbeat if the budget allowed.
  337. Baja Belk

    Daiwa Lexa 300 Winn

    LEXA-WN300HS-P (7.1 high speed power handle model with Winn grips) Less than a year old, perfect condition. Box, paperwork, everything. 65# braid with 40# fluoro topshot. Ready to fish. Retails for $199 without line. $160 firm. Located in San Diego Mike - 76O - 578 - 3044 Bajabelk @ Gmail
  338. Baja Belk

    Carbon Fiber Gaff

    Offshore Angler carbon fiber gaff, 6’, 2” hook. Less than 1 year old, near perfect condition. Retails for $145 new, asking $100 firm. Pickup in Clairemont (San Diego) or Santee only. Text, email, or PM Mike - 76O - 578 - 3O44 Bajabelk @ Gmail
  339. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta / Okuma rod combo

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 400 with box, paperwork, and reel tool. 8.5/10 cosmetically (very minimal boat rash), and 10/10 mechanically (recently serviced). Spooled with 30# Spiderline stealth braid. Rod: Okuma Shadowstalker swimbait rod, 7’ heavy. 15-30#. Practically new (used one...
  340. Baja Belk


    Right?! Wish I had some Banjo-minnows.......
  341. Baja Belk


    Hat says 58 CM. I typically wear a large and it's a tad small for me, so I'll call it a medium. I have no idea where it came from. Probably from some long-lost garage sale tackle box smorgasbord. Who knows, maybe it's yours and needs to be reunited!
  342. Baja Belk


    SOLD! Making room for Fred Hall (like everybody else it seems). I'm asking $200 for this entire lot of tackle. I will consider separating specific items or packages of items for $20 minimum (not going to arrange my schedule to meet up for $5 in hooks). Some of this stuff is nice/expensive...
  343. Baja Belk

    Boat Cover - 18-20'

    Need a new boat cover for my 18.5' center console (no t-top). These piece of crap Taylor Made covers from West Marine are good for 2 years max and then they completely disintegrate (even with a 5 year warranty). I need something better, thought I would browse here first to see if anybody has...
  344. Baja Belk

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    I know nothing about the Invicta case, but find it hard to believe there was a second fatality on the Prowler that has not been reported yet. The news would be all over that one. Either way, I hope that's not the case.
  345. Baja Belk

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    I believe Larmo is referring to the past and separate Invicta incident. Should have clarified that so as to not cause any more undue alarm. RIP to the angler killed on the Prowler. So sad and tragic, and hits close to home. Incident report will shine light on what happened in the months to...
  346. Baja Belk

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Any information on the deceased or the other injuries? Seeing that rescue footage brings back some painful memories from my sister’s accident in Mexico. You never think it’s going to happen to you....until it does.
  347. Baja Belk

    Offshore Big Eye near the 302

    Catch of the year!
  348. Baja Belk

    Offshore Easy limit 10/9

    Killer job, as always. Went to this area yesterday with 100 of my closest friends (seriously felt like a Saturday in July), and it was a desert. Found ponies (only pod all day) NW later in the day, but they only gave up a couple skippies. Radio reports had YFT biting much further south. Getting...
  349. Baja Belk

    Offshore Short video from solo trip this weekend

    That makes more sense. I've got a 62 gallon tank and rarely come home less than half, even going down to Upper Hidden and back. But my boat is slow AF so longer trips are out of the question just due to time restraints.
  350. Baja Belk

    Offshore Short video from solo trip this weekend

    That's good mileage. Similar to my F115. I'm surprised you almost ran out. How small is your tank?
  351. Baja Belk

    Offshore SW of Lower 9

    Glad you got one!
  352. Baja Belk

    Offshore Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    I always wear the pfd when solo. There’s absolutely no reason not to. My kid happens to like me a lot and would be pretty bummed if didn’t come home.
  353. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/18 Sea Adventure 80 Trip Report

    Nice job! Just need to work on the gaffing..... ; )
  354. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Seshion Success Video

    Tuna weren't off the troll. Got one on a sardine tossed into dolphin, and the big one on a 7" popper thrown in front of the dolphin. I dragged the MX flag jet-head daisy chain, a marlin jig off the port corner, and a cedar plug way back all day. The cedar plug got hit once coming back home a...
  355. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Seshion Success Video

    Thanks Danny! I knew right where to go....
  356. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Seshion Success Video

    Oh man, definitely spelled "Seshion" wrong. That's embarrassing. Help me Ali, you're my only hope.
  357. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Seshion Success Video

    Quick little clip from my report yesterday. Sorry for the quality, my photographer was busy. - Belk (Also, music ain't great. I only have so many clips to work with on the GoPro Quik software, and I've used most of them already. Wouldn't have been my first choice)
  358. Baja Belk

    Offshore Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    Definitely a great half day (more like a 1/4 day). Wasn't quite as easy as it looks though. The popper pulled out of the big one's mouth during the fight, and when I got him to the boat it was stuck in it's side by a singe hook. When I made my first swing on the gaff, I missed and snagged the...
  359. Baja Belk

    Offshore Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    Made plans to drop my kid off at preschool at 9, get out on the water by 10, skip bait, troll up a couple dodos on a big paddy NW of the islands in that fishy-looking zone, hand it off for a pass of bait, find a pod of porpoise right away, toss one of those baits for an instant YFT, maybe throw...
  360. Baja Belk

    Offshore 425 Short Report - 9/17

    Shoulda borrowed my marlin jigs! Now I'm gonna go catch that sleeper tomorrow..... Was Rob responsible for the tangle?
  361. Baja Belk

    Offshore Slaybor Day

    Not to take away from clear talent, but you might be the luckiest angler around, at least on a reporting basis. You're like Zach, without the technical ineptitude. Nice haul this weekend, congrats on the new ride! (Still waiting for an invite.....I'll bring Zach!)
  362. Baja Belk

    Offshore Slaybor Day

    Ha, I can't let anyone borrow him, he's my biggest fishing asset. I've taken him 7 times in 4 years, we have killed it 5 of those trips, had one mediocre day, and only been skunked once (coincidentally, I had Zach's kryptonite on board that day - my neighbor Jeff, who owns a boat and is a...
  363. Baja Belk

    Offshore Slaybor Day

    We all have that one friend. The guy who loves to fish, loves to eat fish, and always wants to go out on your boat, but is truly incompetent in every facet associated with fishing. It's always a cringeworthy proposition, taking him fishing, but you do it anyway, because, inexplicably, this guy...
  364. Baja Belk

    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    How many stupid posts before this guy gets banned?
  365. Baja Belk

    Offshore U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Thanks Google, but that’s not what I was referring to. I was merely expressing my surprise that there were a bunch of internet armchair experts jumping down this guy’s throat about going over limits (which he didn’t), and nobody was commenting how none of these fish were over 20 lbs when he...
  366. Baja Belk

    Offshore U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    All these Limits Police, and no Weight Police.....interesting. The internet is a funny place. Killer day regardless, well done!
  367. Baja Belk

    Offshore Football season has begun... on the Malihini 8/17

    That's not a light load, that's a skeleton load....
  368. Baja Belk

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    This guy again?? o_O
  369. Baja Belk

    Fundraiser for My Sister - Win a Ride-A-Long at a Desert Race

    Hey guys, my family and I have been desert racing for over 17 years. We’ve won the Baja 1000 (twice), the Baja 500, Vegas to Reno, Parker 425, The Mint 400, NORRA 1000, and many more. We race a Class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug, arguably one of the most successful Baja Bugs ever. Well, things took a...
  370. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/ 8 371 425

    That'll work! Pics of the dodo?
  371. Baja Belk

    Offshore Little Video from the Other Day

    Better every day! Still a long road. Hoping for knee surgery soon. Thanks for asking.
  372. Baja Belk

    Offshore From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    Sounds great, when do we leave?? :rolleyes:
  373. Baja Belk

    Offshore Little Video from the Other Day

    Addendum to original post? Double post? Post-whore? Yikes, oh well. Here's a tidy one minute video of our kelp. Note them eating it off the transom in the second clip. Love when they do that. PS: Davo is staying with us (from Australia) while my sister (his girlfriend) recovers from her...
  374. Baja Belk

    Offshore From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    What he said. The fish on kelp paddies right now are not at all interested in the 3" weak sardines that you can buy at the bait barges. But if you catch your own mackerel (running 5"-7" right now), it's game on.
  375. Baja Belk

    Offshore From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    Been a tough go this year so far. Boat issues galore, and my crazy schedule has not allowed my very few fishing opportunities to line up with favorable biting conditions, which I guiltlessly blame for my moslty lackluster record thus far (Not all of us can afford to be El...
  376. Baja Belk

    Pelagic Shark Bite Polarized Glasses

    Just cleaning out and making room for more stuff. Purchased this year, worn twice. Just don't need another pair of glasses. Great shape, no scratches. $159 new. Asking $50. Pick up in Clairemont. Text me. 76O - 578 - 3O44
  377. Baja Belk

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    I need wealthier friends..........
  378. Baja Belk

    Offshore A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    I'm 50/50 on the shark. In the video where it buzzes the boat, I had a pretty good, albeit brief, look at it with my polarized lenses. The snout was not exceptionally pointy like a makos. And it was veeerrrry fat and round. I would not have been able to wrap my arms around it. Not that I would...
  379. Baja Belk

    Offshore A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    It's true. I've had worse days. The shark was cool. And we didn't sink. Or catch fire. (Tune in next week to Baja Belk's next gripping thread: "Today we caught fire and sank" *eyeroll*) Don't get too excited about the stripper. She looks as good as she drives...... o_O
  380. Baja Belk

    Offshore A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Definitely wasn't a basking. It rolled over on our last pass and had a white belly. It was fat and round but still streamlined. Baskings are front-heavy. Was either white or mako for sure.
  381. Baja Belk

    Offshore A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Monday: Had to fix or replace pretty much everything important on my boat (washdown, bilge, VHF, trailer tires x 2, fishbox drain hose, fire extinguisher, etc.) with the exception of the GPS and the bait pump. Wednesday: Leave the dock, GPS and bait pump immediately die. Facepalm. The GPS was...
  382. Baja Belk

    Offshore Tuna and Tails

    Well done! This was exactly 1000% better than my day yesterday in the same area.....
  383. Baja Belk

    Offshore I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Ha! So coy. You're the antithesis to Shea McIntee... Erik Landesfeind: "Reasonably Perturbed on Fishing"
  384. Baja Belk

    Offshore Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    What an odd post. I stopped watching Whale Wars early on when the Captain pulled a smashed up bullet out of his plastic sheriff's star over his bullet-proof vest after rubbing up against one of the Japanese whaling ships, and declared to the world (ie: internet) that he had been shot at by...
  385. Baja Belk

    Nados 6.26.18 - Windy Goats

    Cool, I live on a small canyon so if I can find a way to secure it so the coyotes don't carry it off, sounds like I can just leave it there for a month or two.
  386. Baja Belk

    Nados 6.26.18 - Windy Goats

    Rolled south on my buddy's boat with high expectations of yellowtail gleefully jumping into our boat at will, per the standard of the last week. Started at the lighthouse where I promptly turned a fly-lined 'dine in 60' of water into a 16lb godzilla goat. Go figure. Next up was a 4' log cuda on...
  387. Baja Belk

    Issues with FMM Website

    Bump. I had trouble Sunday. Website security issues.
  388. Baja Belk

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    This is the saddest fish report I have ever seen. I miss El Nino.
  389. Baja Belk

    Family Emergency - Need Piece Work - 200 ton

    Thanks for looking out, but I think he found a boat gig.
  390. Baja Belk

    Family Emergency - Need Piece Work - 200 ton

    My sister (this one: was in a serious accident while we were racing the NORRA 1000 in Baja last week. She is stable but will have a long road of recovery ahead of her and is looking at an extended stay here at UCSD...
  391. Baja Belk

    Wanted: '05-'06 Tundra Double Cab

    Yeah, they are amazing trucks, will last forever. Which is why they are so hard to find. Nobody wants to give their's up! Case in point: a nice one went up on Craigslist last week on Sunday at a pretty low price. The guy had 4 people look at it on Monday, I was number 5 and he sold it to number...
  392. Baja Belk

    Wanted: '05-'06 Tundra Double Cab

    Lemon'd my new Chevy and I will have cash in hand momentarily. I know what I want, just need to find one: - 2005 or 2006 - Tundra Double Cab V8 - 4WD - Any trim, preferred Limited or TRD - Prefer less than 150k miles, but I will consider up to 190k if very well maintained with records - Clean...
  393. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Fishy cul-de-sac. The tin boat that didn't get hit is owned by a fishing buddy of mine who thankfully had just installed that camera system which just so happened to look at my boat too. 2 houses over from me is another BD member whom I've taken out on my boat as well. It's a great, safe...
  394. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Yes. Thank God she missed the corner of the transom by 3 inches. The skeg hit the ground and drug but I got a small payout from her insurance to have it repainted. Here is the video: My insurance will pay me what they've valued the trailer at if her insurance doesn't budge and will...
  395. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    I'm trying desperately to avoid litigation, or even small claims. As much as I try to mind my own business and keep a low profile, I am well-known in my circle for having hilariously and historically bad luck. I'm currently in a lawsuit with a contractor who badly botched my house, then asked me...
  396. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    "RE: CA Dept of Insurance Fair Claims Settlement Act Section 2695.8 Maybe I read through it too quickly, but I saw no mention of trailers, just automobiles, which do have a vast market to do comps with. A 15 year old trailer probably has a 3rd of the value of a new one, maybe akin to writing...
  397. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    I disagree - there is a viable and robust comparable market for most automobiles. If my 2003 Honda got totaled and they cashed me out for the value, I could easily find another used 2003 Honda to buy with that money. I can't do that with a trailer. If they found me a legit comparable trailer...
  398. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    I appreciate that, I'll keep you posted.
  399. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Geez, my trailer was in better shape than this one....I would feel better if they gave me $2750 instead of $1600!)
  400. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    My insurance gave me an appraisal at $1600. Her insurance comp'd it at $900. My repair quote is $6000. My replacement quote is $5000. It's a tandom axle galvanized 2003 Trail Rite for a 20' boat.
  401. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Follow up to a previous post.... My trailer was totaled via hit and run while parked on my street, and although we found the perpetrator who gave up her insurance information, her carrier (State Farm), only wants to give me their perceived actual market value of the trailer, which they say is...
  402. Baja Belk

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    It was a she. New tenant that just moved in next door. The cops had to call her place of work, a local strip club, in order to forcibly obtain her insurance info. I had confronted her earlier that day once I saw the damage to my trailer and observed matching damage to her car. She bluntly denied...
  403. Baja Belk

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    So the back corner of my trailer got tagged by a hit and run on my cul-de-sac on the curb in front of my house. I obtained security footage from a neighbor (and fishing buddy), so we got the responsible party and am now working with the insurance carriers. The video is gnarly, I'll post it up...
  404. Baja Belk

    Offshore Ocean Octoberfest

    BRATS! Did you remember your gaff?
  405. Baja Belk

    Offshore Narrowly avoided a skunk - 9/18

    The guy I paid (up front, with tip, like I always do) looked at the guy scooping and said "is that it?", and the guy said "yep", and set the net down and walked away. I wasn't really given the opportunity to complain without making a scene, which is not my style. We killed a bunch of fish and...
  406. Baja Belk

    Offshore Narrowly avoided a skunk - 9/18

    MB bait was poor for me on Sunday too, however, it was really snotty on the way out, so that didn't help. It really hurt us though since we couldn't chum very much (chunks weren't doing it). I was more disappointed in what they gave me - only 3 passes for a full scoop? Typically it's 4 or more...
  407. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday Sibling Slay Day

    Right on! Did you call in that big gray CC with the triple outboards? The second boat to show up right before us? They made a beeline toward you from pretty far away. It's crazy how quickly it went from 2 boats to 20. The San Diego actually helped us with their chum - I was able to cast poppers...
  408. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday Sibling Slay Day

    I see my sister fairly often, and we have a very business casual relationship, but I suppose you could say we're close. Here's her navigating for me (translation: yelling at me to slow down) at the MINT 400 earlier this year: Well, she has a serious poke addiction, and I always get the riot...
  409. Baja Belk

    NADOS - Hammerheads and Other Shenanigans

    (Video shortcut for the reading or attention-span impaired) Had the opportunity this past Saturday to abdicate decision making and helm responsibilities for once and jump on my buddy Ben's new-to-him (and once Moses, sometime prior, I think) '87 Skipjack 24. He got a good deal, and it's a...
  410. Baja Belk

    Offshore I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    Doesn't matter how improperly the sails are trimmed, if you turn the wheel, the boat will go where you want it to in an emergency, more or less. Apparently she knew how to use the radio, but not the steering wheel.
  411. Baja Belk

    A San Diego Bay Report (Sort of)

    So, not really a fishing report, since I was sailing (Rigworks' Summer's End Series), with naught a fishing rod to be found anywhere on the boat (damn). However, the amount of life in the bay was striking. High tide, 5:00 PM, water in the marina (Suncoast Marina, Harbor Island East) was as...
  412. Baja Belk

    Pelagic Fishing Boardshorts

    Ambush Tactical, size 36. Lightly used (clean but with some faint blood stains) Sharkskin, size 34. Worn maybe once in the pool. $15 each, or $20 for both. Located in Clairemont (home) or Santee (work). Mike - PM or text me 7 6 O - 5 7 8 - 3 O 4 4
  413. Baja Belk

    Offshore 181 report

    Hmmm.....I think I should post up all my marauders and wired-up jigs for sale today........
  414. Baja Belk

    Offshore Swordies

    I ran one over once on my boat. Seriously. What are those odds? Didn't hit it or hurt it. Was scanning the horizon for paddies when my passengers started yelling "Shark!" and then said I hit a shark. I turn around and there is a 3' bill sticking straight out of my prop wash. Righted itself up...
  415. Baja Belk

    Offshore Dorado Dreaming

    Good job Rook! Slayed it!
  416. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/12, 9 mile nothing, 182 4 dorado 1 yellowtail

    Dude, we really need to work on our buddy-boating, I would have called you in to our paddy first thing. Also, nice gaff shot on your dad's fish!
  417. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday Funday - 8.13.17

    Hm...what time did you bait up? We arrived around 4:30 and were the first boat to open up a new slammer. On Wednesday I got a half scoop at SD and lost 3 pieces all day, in washing machine conditions. 3"-5" dines, were still beautiful brown, no scale-loss or blood spots when I dumped the...
  418. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday, the 13..

    Damn. I knew we should have stopped on those trash can lids.....
  419. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday Funday - 8.13.17

    Photographs, observations, tips, tricks, and other musings from a day on the water yesterday. For your knowledge, I like to use punctuation and pseudo-proper grammar. Now that you've been warned... Shelter Island should be avoided on a weekend at all costs, until further notice. I recommend...
  420. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/9 - Wind Blows

    Went fishing Wednesday. Caught some fish. Threw a bunch back. Took a looooong boat ride home staring at 20 knots. Cleaned the boat. Went to bed. Info below; use it, abuse it, whatever. I'm a non-profit angler, I have no grounds to bitch about BD and the internet ruining my fishing grounds. The...
  421. Baja Belk

    Offshore Lazy Sunday trip to South 9

    Oh man. Like flies on shit.
  422. Baja Belk

    Loreto in October?

    It's been 8 years since I've fished in Loreto. Many a good memory made there before we took a break after an incident with our plane and the airport. The grudge is lifted and we're ready to go back. I wasn't aware until just recently of the missing dorado and slow fishing these last few summers...
  423. Baja Belk

    Doradol in Loreto - July 9

    Man, this is sad to hear. My last two summers there were 2008 and 2009. As you can see, the dorado fishing was spectacular.... How is the billfishing? We used to bait anywhere from 1-10 sails a day, usually hooking a couple. Some of my fondest fishing memories were made in Loreto...
  424. Baja Belk

    Doradol in Loreto - July 9

    I fished this tournament several times years and years ago, shortly after its inception, when I was in high school. It has been at least 10 years since I have fished in Loreto, and I've only heard bits and pieces of the rumors of poor fishing the last couple years. I thought extremely warm (too...
  425. Baja Belk

    Offshore 7-8 181-182

    Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost of appreciation for the bait guys, it's not their fault so this is not a dig at them, but the bait was horrendous yesterday. In a weird way. I've had a higher percentage of immediate die-off before (only about 25% rolled on the way out, which still was too...
  426. Baja Belk

    Offshore 7-8 181-182

    What the heck, I got bait from Mission Bay on Sunday and it was some of the worst bait I've ever received. Almost seemed diseased. What a difference a day makes?
  427. Baja Belk

    262 # bluefin

    I approve this re-post. This was one of my favorite videos from last year. Who else has a cast-to-catch of a local cow on light gear and a popper? Didn't think so. Such a rad story, I just watched the whole thing again.
  428. Baja Belk

    Offshore Cow wrangling at 182

    The important question is, what time of day were the bites? Coincide with the slack?
  429. Baja Belk

    Talica Rental?

    Well, I've got the same cheap-ass budget boat as you do, so you should assume my rods and reels are not exactly Stella's and Talica's. If you went out and spent your kid's college fund for blue marlin and wahoo setups like the rest of these El Niño kooks, I'll gladly borrow a couple of your...
  430. Baja Belk

    Talica Rental?

    I should have clarified, looking for something to rent for a private boat. I just went to FL and they confirmed their rentals are only for charter boats leaving the landing. I may try Dana again or Seaforth since we're launching out of Mission anyway.
  431. Baja Belk

    Talica Rental?

    I called up Dana Landing to confirm that they were renting Talica's again, and I spoke with a lady who offered me a $10 "ocean rod". I politely implied that I thought we were not talking about the same type of rental, and she asked someone in the background and then got back to me with a "we...
  432. Baja Belk

    WTB - Looking For Gold Trini 16N BOX ONLY

    Random one here - I added to my mint gold Trini collection with a beautiful ebay 16Narrow, but it didn't come with a box/paperwork/tool. Anybody willing to part with their box and accessories if they are planning to keep their reel until the end of time? Long shot, but let me know. Willing to...
  433. Baja Belk

    WTB: SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    The big one. Decent shape. Let me know. Mike PM or Text 76O - 578 - 3O44
  434. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    Bump. Trini still available.
  435. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    Bump. Lower price. $380 for the Trini
  436. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    BUMP. Reel still available.
  437. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

  438. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    You are correct in your math. It was actually $379 and change. I'm offering a limited production special edition rod that may not be available anymore for retail purchase. So offering it at retail price to someone who missed out on it, seems pretty fair to me. I just need to get my money back...
  439. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    Bump. Willing to separate rod for $380
  440. Baja Belk

    Offshore Marlin Dope Saturday 10/1

    Some dope to add: I got a blind jig strike on Friday near the chloro break halfway between the 9 and the 182. 32*39'.92 117*34'.47 to be exact Fish came back and knocked it down like 4 times but it never stuck. 12" flying fish pattern Zuker. I could see him clear as day slicing back and...
  441. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    Bump. Lots of interest in rod. Find a seller for the Trini, buy the combo, and keep the rod only! Still only interested in selling as combo for now. Really busy and only want to deal with one buyer.
  442. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    ***EDIT*** Rod gone. Reel still available Rod: SOLD Reel: Shimano Trinidad 16A, NEW IN BOX! (one small scratch) I picked up this reel from a private party who took it with him on one long range trip but never pulled it out of his reel bag and never put line on it. That's it. There is one very...
  443. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/18 Sunday - Voyager out of Seaforth

    Great crew on that boat. My company chartered it 2 years ago and we landed their first wahoo, 90 miles south. Great trip. Never seen so many dead dorado in my life.
  444. Baja Belk

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    Nice write up! Would love to see a side-by-side comparison of the Lexa, Komodo, Tranx, and the new 13 Fishing Concept A3 (30 lbs drag in a 300 size reel). I think the better sealed thumb opening might make a big difference over the Lexa. I have a 1st gen Lexa 300 and the reel is great, but it...
  445. Baja Belk

    Offshore Decided to stay away from the crowds

    Funny how dorado are notorious for not biting until you are getting ready to bail. Happens to me all the time. "Lockjaw" dodos often just need a different approach, or additional patience. Well done!
  446. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/23 Success at the grounds

    This is my dream. You are my hero.
  447. Baja Belk

    Offshore Popper in the Pooper

    I really need to start proof-reading these things out loud.... To be fair to this particular fish's preference for where it likes to take plugs, it was actually hooked in the mouth and at some point came unbuttoned and hooked again in the tail. I stand by the notion that it's better to be...
  448. Baja Belk

    Offshore Popper in the Pooper

    Was pitching plugs near the pens and pricked a preemie in the pooper with a popper. And then we were walloped by wind waves the size of Winnebago's in our wee watercraft and were waylaid while working our way back home to our women. An August 14th fish report by Mike Belk. The End.
  449. Baja Belk

    Offshore Got. Two

    How does the hook not tear out with that kind of drag and no-stretch braid? Unreal catch, congrats!
  450. Baja Belk

    Offshore Late video report from the ridge 8/10

    I dig the report, the video, the boat, and the profile pic. Nicely done!
  451. Baja Belk

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    .....all except the Excel and Top Gun 80. (I was watching the AIS too, for giggles)
  452. Baja Belk

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    When racing (pre-running specifically), stickers are pretty much as good as currency. I have paid for gas out of milk jugs, entry through locked ranch gates, expedited passage through military checkpoints, and pretty much anything else you could possibly need with a large pile of racing...
  453. Baja Belk

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    How much can an average seiner wrap in one set? I think I've heard 40 tons? Let's call it 10 tons on the low side. If there were 50 seiners making one set a day for a week, that's 7,000,000 pounds of fish. At an average of 20 lbs, that's 350,000 fish. Maybe my numbers are way off. But if not...
  454. Baja Belk

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    I agree that the US captains need to respect the local authority, especially in a country whose government is so notorious for sudden and severe rule-changes. Remember when they decided to ban bluefin take basically overnight? Or the 2003 Baja 1000 when police decided to pull over and ticket...
  455. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    Bummer! I wanted to ask him why this [email protected])($#& wind won't stop. It's August for crying out loud....
  456. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    Where is Chris Dunn? I really enjoyed his weekly SoCal fishing weather report videos the last couple of seasons. His website seems like it hasn't been updated in awhile.
  457. Baja Belk

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    Mexico. If there was ever a country populated by such a great people, so undeserving of the absolute worst example of corrupt and incompetent government.
  458. Baja Belk

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    I completely sympathize with the stance of the panguero's, and I think the US sportboats should respect their requests to limit their take in a concentrated area technically under the jurisdiction of the locals...... BUT ....the irony is not lost on me that the Mexican/Japanese commercial...
  459. Baja Belk

    Offshore Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Wait....I thought only Striper owners pulled googan crap like this....:rolleyes:
  460. Baja Belk

    Offshore Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Seiners suck. But the real problem?? SEA LIONS. Ugh, F*** sea lions...
  461. Baja Belk

    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    Probably a Bernie sticker. What's yours is mine right? Share the wealth comrade!
  462. Baja Belk

    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    Just Another Pompous Parker Owner? Seriously what's with the Striper hate? I see goons and a-holes on all makes and models of boats. I've had kelps ran over by Parkers and Grady-Whites and totally tricked out tournament Cabos and Hatteras'. I also know of guys who can kill fish at will in...
  463. Baja Belk

    Offshore Right off the Boardwalk - 7/14 PM

    Had time yesterday to run out for an afternoon run after work, launched Mission Bay about 1:30. Was planning to shoot out 10-20 miles NW but less than a mile from the jetty a whale-watching boat called out numbers for "bluefin everywhere". I looked at my GPS and figured it was a BS call since...
  464. Baja Belk

    A Shark almost ate Keith Poe

    Surprised he didn't pull out his Glock and shoot it.....
  465. Baja Belk

    Please Tell Me You Guys Saw This.... Good thing they weren't looking for swordfish....
  466. Baja Belk

    Offshore Yellowfin @ the 277

    Look at that water. Gorgeous.
  467. Baja Belk

    Offshore One Stop Shop - 6/25

    Bloodbath photo was taken back at the house while we were cleaning. I add saltwater on the water to make a brine. Those fish were ice cubes when they came out.
  468. Baja Belk

    Offshore One Stop Shop - 6/25

    Oh no. I think it was a Grady. Sorry man! We thought about you all day... How'd you do?
  469. Baja Belk

    Offshore One Stop Shop - 6/25

    Was planning to enter the Shootout, and decided against it a week ago when the yellowtail fishing sucked. Go figure. Launched out of SD and beat the cluster at the ramp to the bait barge. The bait buffet had choices. We chose dines, but we were told as they were loading us up that the dines...
  470. Baja Belk

    Offshore BFT tues Coronados

    From NOAA: Potential Deterrence Methods for Pacific Harbor Seals, California Sea Lions & Eastern U.S. Stock Steller Sea Lions Updated November 2015 The following list of “potential methods” and “deterrents to avoid” is not an exhaustive list of non-lethal methods or techniques. If you have...
  471. Baja Belk

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    Damn! Guadalupe fishing has come to San Diego!
  472. Baja Belk

    Offshore Trophies only 6/8

    Now we're catching amberjack off Pukey???????????? Tarpon next? Great report.
  473. Baja Belk

    Offshore 2 for 4 BFT 80#-90#; Some Nifty Angling

    I always enjoy your videos. Thanks for taking the time to put them together.
  474. Baja Belk

    Offshore 1st Offshore Shakedown 05/30

    Damn I needed to hear this. I had jigs bouncing off the backs of stupid tuna for hours on Friday, in crap seas. So frustrating. Glad I'm not the only one. I think you really have to get lucky and find the right school. Thanks for posting - you're a humbler man than I!
  475. Baja Belk

    Is anyone fishing?

    I was throwing a purple and black Sumo Jr with a tuna hook. Figured that was chovy enough. Guess I figured wrong. Had Colts in the box, but didn't get enough opportunities to change it up. Too rough for skiff fishing yesterday. Better than being at work though!
  476. Baja Belk

    Is anyone fishing?

    Story of my life! I get to fish maybe 8 times a year, and 6 of those get blown out. Here's a report: I baited a small marlin yesterday on the Finger in 66 degree water. I was gonna post about it, but who would believe me? I also had plenty of 100 lb bluefin laugh at me as my...
  477. Baja Belk

    Giant yellowfin tuna leads their return...finally

    I always enjoy these reports. Thanks Gary. Any more info on the Loreto YFT? I've fished there for years but have never considered Loreto to be known for big tuna. Yet it looks like that guy was prepared?! Did a school of giants get lost and swim up the wrong side of the peninsula?
  478. Baja Belk

    Rockpile/Finger Bank Mexican Navy Tow

    Rumor or true, I'll take anything to keep the crowds down. I've always had my paperwork in order (I even got the stupid VHF operator permit laminated in my console) and have had boats next to me checked, while the Navy waves at me and moves on. It's stupid, it's a mordita, and it's a...
  479. Baja Belk

    430 lb. Yellowfin caught, filleted before certified weighing?

    Are we sure that thing was caught off Loreto? I fished there every year for years, and we never saw any tuna over 20 lbs ever. Didn't know the big fish went up that far. Crazy! Any articles on the details of the catch?
  480. Baja Belk

    Drone fishing for Blue fin

    Oh don't worry, this exact application was my first thought when drones became popular a few years ago. :) I have the boat....just looking for someone to fund the drone!
  481. Baja Belk

    Drone fishing for Blue fin

    Basically just a fancy kite....
  482. Baja Belk

    Insurance for MX Waters

    Better late than never......I decided I should actually read my policy (up for renewal), and discovered I'm not covered in Mexican waters. Can't say I'm surprised, but I was not actually aware of this. Does any US insurance carrier cover Mexican waters? I'm going to ask my agent as well, but I...
  483. Baja Belk

    Bimini Top

    Bump, price reduction!
  484. Baja Belk

    Minn Kota Riptide RT65/AP Trolling Motor with Co-Pilot For Sale

    Bump - Need cash for Fred Hall, make me an offer!
  485. Baja Belk

    Bimini Top

    Bump - Need cash for Fred Hall, make me an offer!
  486. Baja Belk

    Bimini Top

    To be honest, I never even set it up. I took it off as soon as I bought the boat. However, it is 54" tall folded up, so if you have at least 18" of gunwale height, it should have ample room for anyone 6' tall or so.
  487. Baja Belk

    Berkley Off-shore Tackle Bag and Sumo Rod Mounts

    *EDIT* Crap, posted this in Boat Accessories. Meant to put it in General Fishing Crap. Oh well, sorry. Berkley off-shore bag. Very good condition, except zippers are a little sticky. Needs some WD-40, but I have not put any effort into it. Should be able to fix with a little TLC. Good deal for...
  488. Baja Belk

    Bimini Top

    Great condition, like new. Was on my boat when purchased, I immediately took it off and put it into indoor storage. Boat was stored indoors before I purchased it. Includes all mounting hardware. Unknown which brand it is. 7' wide at base. Zipper functions perfectly. EDIT - NEW PRICE - $100...
  489. Baja Belk

    Minn Kota Riptide RT65/AP Trolling Motor with Co-Pilot For Sale

    Minn Kota Riptide RT65/AP 24 volt Saltwater Trolling Motor with Co-Pilot 65 lbs thrust 55"-60" shaft (not sure how this is measured - it's 55" from top to center of prop, or 60" from top to bottom of skeg Co-Pilot feature with 2 remote controls, includes 2 wrist lanyards and 2 mounting...
  490. Baja Belk

    This season really THAT good

    This is pretty telling, isn't it?
  491. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/11/15 56.5lb Wahoooo on 25lb fluro!!!

    2015 - the year we caught wahoo from ski-boats.
  492. Baja Belk

    Is this a Decent Bino?

    Sounds great, wire me the $5000 and I'll send you a thank you card!!!
  493. Baja Belk

    Is this a Decent Bino? I know 7 x 50 is preferred (for those who can't afford a second mortgage for gyro's), but this seems like a good deal on good binos. Thoughts?
  494. Baja Belk

    Offshore Strike 2HOO

    Sounds like my afternoon yesterday. Dropped in at 2:30 and fished till 6:30. I did find a large area of terns (first I've seen in any number for awhile) in the middle nine due west of Pt Loma working a large school of boiling tuna. May have been small YFT or skippies. I trolled in and around...
  495. Baja Belk

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    I would have released that mako....... ....only because he's bigger than my freaking boat and would have destroyed me!! Nice fish!
  496. Baja Belk

    malihini bigeye

    I hope you're not wrong. I did great last year. Kinda crappy this year. Maybe next year I'll be catching roosterfish off Hotel Del.
  497. Baja Belk

    Offshore Blue Marlin Reports Here

    No worries, that was not my intention. Just curious. Edited my original post. Carry on!
  498. Baja Belk

    Offshore Blue Marlin Reports Here

    Edited - got just enough responses to fulfill my curiosity. So now I know. Report away!
  499. Baja Belk

    Offshore Epic Season

    So jealous. So mad I drove north to get crappy bait from Mission. Way to go!
  500. Baja Belk

    Offshore Blood Moon Bait Blues

    Feverishly checking the EB bait updates every 5 minutes or so all week, like a crackhead during an opium shortage, I laid my head down to rest Saturday night with the last update burned into my head: "NO BAIT IN SAN DIEGO. CHOVIE AND SMALL DINES IN MISSION BAY." Phew. Launching at Mission is out...
  501. Baja Belk

    Offshore thursday dodos 9/24

    Nice! So Mission Bay had 'dines yesterday?
  502. Baja Belk

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    I saw it on IG yesterday and couldn't believe it. So awesome. And from a skiff - I love it when the small boats score! Matt's gonna be pissed when I go out solo on Saturday and catch a 700lber!!! :D So at this point are we officially on grander watch?? Wouldn't be surprised.
  503. Baja Belk

    Offshore Wahoo on the 226

    Yes! Awesome! Do you have a photo of the home-made lure?
  504. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/19 Wahoo

    So apparently the secret to catching a wahoo is to bring your dad on the boat..... I know who I'm calling this weekend!!
  505. Baja Belk

    Offshore Killed it out of Dana

    20-30 lbs more than I caught yesterday, sitting at my desk. Way to find some fish.
  506. Baja Belk

    Offshore Marlin 9-12

    How far out? Just curious.
  507. Baja Belk

    Offshore Marlin 9-12

    Hooray for correct fish ID!!! That's amazing, great job.
  508. Baja Belk

    Offshore A photo of Saturdays rough weather

    Hey now.........................don't be a dick.
  509. Baja Belk

    Offshore Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    So this was actually in Cabo right....... Unreal, sweet report and photos, thanks.
  510. Baja Belk

    Offshore marlin 10 miles no we of la jolla

    I'm pretty sure that's a blue marlin.........
  511. Baja Belk

    Offshore That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    I heard you guys out there on 72. Beats my day - I took the anchovy but never saw a fish all day. Worked from the 226 all the way up to near Encinitas for nary a sniff. I chunked all those anchovy on approximately 1,567 different large paddies, but one thing I never found - terns. Seriously, I...
  512. Baja Belk

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    But did you catch any blue marlin?
  513. Baja Belk

    Offshore Voyager 9/3

    The San Diego 3/4 out of Seaforth has been killing it lately....
  514. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bananas, Bozos, and Broken Vows

    Late report, been a busy week. Backstory: My regular crew is pretty small, so more often than not I go out with one regular and one guest. And more often than not, that guest is an enthusiast, but not exactly a purist. I’m far from good enough to call my little skiff a charter operation…..more...
  515. Baja Belk

    Offshore BIG local yellowfin! Maximus 2day Report much going on on that Wellcraft.....
  516. Baja Belk

    Weighing your fish...

    Dorado and halibut are the worst.
  517. Baja Belk


    Jason, can BD adopt a "1 Strike" law?
  518. Baja Belk

    MX Fishing / Passport Question

    I always have all the proper and necessary documentation, but I will be taking a newbie friend this weekend who is a Mexican National, dual citizenship, but he does not have a passport. He will have his MX fishing license. How does that work with the MX Navy if we get checked?
  519. Baja Belk

    Mastering the art of chunking

    Two words: bait shears. Snipping bait at the bottom of a bucket with one hand while holding a rod or beer in the the snot out of messing with a knife and cutting board.
  520. Baja Belk

    Offshore Stupid tuna ruin a sea trial

    I hope the price went up!
  521. Baja Belk

    Offshore Saturday and Sunday offshore from Long Beach

    Nice grade tuna! I dream of seas as flat as your first picture. If the ocean knew I was fishing that day, it would have been a washing machine......
  522. Baja Belk

    Offshore magic paddy on the hail mary

    Good fishing, but might I recommend a period or two next report? Paragraphs are our friends.
  523. Baja Belk

    2015 BIG (100lb+) Bluefin/Yellowfin tuna!!

    HA! Better hope NOAA doesn't see this post.....
  524. Baja Belk

    Tackle for big SoCal bluefin

    Care to share for the purpose of education? My biggest rig is a Trinidad TN50 (gold) with 600 yds of 80 lb Seaguar Threadlock with a finger-trap connection to a 50-100 yard 60# mono topshot. I suppose I could cut off the topshot and put on a shorter 100# fluoro topshot, but I think the...
  525. Baja Belk

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    That's the biggest Zucchini Zuker I've ever seen......
  526. Baja Belk

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    I'm a small business manager. So I ALWAYS have to work so the owner can go fish on a Tuesday with you lol! I prefer fishing Mexico. Lots of guys won't go. Some of my best days have been on the 425/371/302 circuit practically by myself while people run over themselves in a cluster up north...
  527. Baja Belk

    Gonna Need a Bigger.....Prius?

    Right? 90 lbs. Thats about as small as they come. I wonder if they put 5 gaffs in it or if he bounced it. "No fighting chair"......Gawd I hope not!!!!
  528. Baja Belk

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    The overall volume and limited, sporadic "special" catches (ie: BFT over 100#, marlin at the 150, big YFT) are the story this season. It's the consistency in one area that has lacked, when compared to last season. Lots of chloro swings and fish moving around. The 9 was hot for a week, then Dana...
  529. Baja Belk

    Gonna Need a Bigger.....Prius?

    Anybody see this? I apologize profusely if it's a double post, but I didn't see it anywhere else. The news report is one giant facepalm ("Kyle Chang, sailfish hunter").......
  530. Baja Belk

    Offshore Dana Point 8/1 & 8/2: Las Vegas Boys Killed it

    That first picture - instant classic.
  531. Baja Belk

    Offshore Afternoon Delight - Pt. Loma / 9 Mile

    Hmm...I was 10 years old in the mid-90' probably not. Sorry! My dad's Beneteau will be on it's way back from Honolulu after completing it's first Transpac (4th overall!), so my little tiny boat is taking up partial residence in his 42' slip. I hope the "yachting folk" don't mind the...
  532. Baja Belk

    Offshore Afternoon Delight - Pt. Loma / 9 Mile

    Had an opportunity to borrow a slip at Harbor Island for a couple weeks so I put the boat in after work around 4 PM. Decided to grab a happy-hour half-scoop of bait from EB and poke around offshore before slipping the boat. Literally grabbed a few poles and some pliers and threw them in the...
  533. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sauerfish YT and Dodo limits.... And a Whale Shark...???

    Looks like I'm not the only one who finds the factory drag curve of the Metaloid way too steep!
  534. Baja Belk

    Offshore Anybody know whos boat this is?

    Dang, what am I gonna do with this bowl of popcorn? Was all worked up expecting a picture of a boat parked on a paddy gaffing a marlin hanging a stringer of cowcod while throwing irons at the photographer's boat with the Gail Force running over someone's trollers. Nice photo though!
  535. Baja Belk

    Fury 7-25-2015 Bluefin tuna spooled Trindad 30 with 40#

    Have these 200 lbers been verified and documented? 180ish is biggest I've heard of/seen this season. Would love to know that a confirmed cow has been caught.
  536. Baja Belk

    Offshore San O Dodo

    Beautiful dodo! Are you sure that's not a 35 lb fish? This is Bloodydecks, after all......
  537. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Venture - 7/11

    Decide to run Han Solo on Saturday, 7/11. Launched at Shelter at 3:30, just barely beat the zoo at the bait barge. Loaded up on great 'dines (finally) and tried to make some macs to no avail. Got to the Middle Grounds right at sunrise, and got picked immediately on the flyline for 3 Bonita...
  538. Baja Belk

    Mexican Navy - watch the gringos run 7/5

    So what happens tomorrow when they board me and I show them the screenshot (in Spanish) of their website saying that they cannot process my payment due to data error? My manifest is filled out, my boat is loaded and ready to go pre-dawn tomorrow, I've done this a dozen times, but if their...
  539. Baja Belk

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Having an issue with the website today (see photo showing data error). I've purchased an FMM multiple times before with no issue, this time it won't let me pay. Any ideas?
  540. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9 Mile Blank 7/5

    Copy that. Sneaky bastards. I watched a guy actually board another boat at the SD Barge in the middle of the hot bite last summer when there was an hour plus wait by 4:00 AM. They opened up the other side and someone tried to cut, this guy started screaming and actually jumped from his boat onto...
  541. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9 Mile Blank 7/5

    Kinda surprised the bait guys would let that fly if it was that blatant. They do have some semblance of responsibility to enforce the line. I know if someone tried that at the SD bay barge there would be fireworks. If I see that guy I'll ask him how the walleye fishing was.....
  542. Baja Belk

    Offshore YFT & YT July 3 (GoProVideo)

    Well done! Nice turnaround on the video. Takes me about 6 months to get my GoPro footage edited.....
  543. Baja Belk

    Offshore A day to remember! Hat trick.

    What color jig did the whale prefer? Was it Mint? I knew it....Mint catches everything.....
  544. Baja Belk

    Offshore Local Paddy Yellowtail

    Nice slugs! That clearly did not take place this weekend.....
  545. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bluefin limits for two

    Um. Guys? Pretty sure the limit on the SOUTH 9 is Not judging, don't get me wrong. Just...yeah. Arguing about limits and all.
  546. Baja Belk

    Offshore Better Lucky than Good?

    I know it was the anchovy one, I think 80 or 100 g. Straight 40 lb mono on an old back up rig. Mono was chewed pretty bad, lucky it wasn't a bigger model.
  547. Baja Belk

    Offshore Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Incredible photos and video, thanks for taking the time to "document". Oh and then casually jump in the water to shoot one. :daman:
  548. Baja Belk

    Offshore Better Lucky than Good?

    Oh that's Wilson. Picked him up a couple trips ago. Now he chills in the cooler every trip. Tried to gaff a couple mylar's at speed from the driver's seat on the way in. New sport. Boat balloon jockey. But seriously, "Mylar Ballon" is a great boat name. Will never sink. Ever.
  549. Baja Belk

    Offshore Blind squirrel bluefin report 6/14

    For what it's worth, I trolled a purple/black Halco 130 and a blue/black/white mini cedar plug right in front of, alongside, and right through the middle of schools of bluefin on Saturday without a hit. Those are pretty anchovy-looking plugs. I think it's all about finding that one fish or that...
  550. Baja Belk

    Offshore Better Lucky than Good?

    Fished Saturday 6/13, all day long for nothing, nada, not even a sniff. Called it at 3:00, threw in the towel, buttoned up the boat to head home when I just so happened to notice the meter was lit up like Christmas. Grabbed the yo-yo rod, dropped down to 75', crank, crank, flutter....BAM. BFT...
  551. Baja Belk

    Offshore 6/7 went long on Miss Fitz

    We must be spoiled if a 25 lb yellowtail is a "trash fish".
  552. Baja Belk

    Penn 535 Graphite on 8' Custom Coastal Classic - Rod and Reel FS

    BUMP FOR LOWER PRICE Reel: Penn 535 Graphite High Speed 6:1 Capacity: 400 yds of 15 mono (would guess about 350-400 yds of 50 lb braid) 4 ball bearings Purchased last year from a private seller, was either never used or only used once. Was in box in great condition. I have not taken the reel...
  553. Baja Belk

    Nados Sunday, smaller yellas. wind and mex navy

    I was down at the RP getting sloshed to death in the washing machine when the Navy rolled up. There were 3 other boats in a line, I was number 3. The number 4 boat turned and ran full speed back North when they stopped on the first skiff. They were with those guys maybe 15 minutes, then slowly...
  554. Baja Belk

    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    I had porpoise today grab and chew through my braid 50' in front of my jig on 2 different occasions. Almost like they were offended by green line in their face. Super weird, never seen that before. Not really sure how that applies to this conversation. I'm super tired. Maybe it was a...
  555. Baja Belk

    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    Wow, that's a big skiff to go boiler rock fishing off of.....
  556. Baja Belk

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Ha, my Mango buddies. We share the same radio frequency (randomly). I've done the pre-run/fish week in Loreto before the 1000 before. One of the best weeks of my life. Try to look up Rigo (panguero callsign "Sorry"). He's the best captain in Loreto. We gave him our old Welcraft CC. He'll...
  557. Baja Belk

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    The NOAA sheet is nice. Might laminate that and keep it on my boat so when I cattle prod that stupid big ass seal in front of 50 spectators at SI I can pull it out for reference. My question is, if we are allowed to use such deterrent methods, does that fly in MX also? I'm not worried about...
  558. Baja Belk

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Steeeeeeekers... I for one appreciate the intel, thanks. I've always bought all the proper permits, FFMs, visas, passports, kitchen sink etc, and I've never even been approached by the MX Navy. It makes it very tempting to say screw it and take the risk. Now I'll probably ensure that I continue...
  559. Baja Belk

    Fred Hall Fire Sale - Rods and Reels and Tackle Boxes

    Bump for updated inventory. First $30 takes the Jigmaster and the training fly rod
  560. Baja Belk

    Shimano 8'0" Terramar West Coast Jig Rods For Sale (Three)

    FINAL BUMP!! Bringing these rods with me to Fred Hall. One is sold, one is spoken for, and one more will be available at the show. I'm there tonight and all day Saturday. PM me for a phone number.
  561. Baja Belk

    Fred Hall Fire Sale - Rods and Reels and Tackle Boxes

    Bump for edited information regarding shipping, etc.
  562. Baja Belk

    Fred Hall Fire Sale - Rods and Reels and Tackle Boxes

    Off-loading junk that's been lying around for too long so I can make some cash to spend on more junk :) Located in central San Diego - Jigmaster 500 (needs service - drag started to slip last outing) - $20 - Martin fly rod combo with fly line - $20 - Fenwick Pacificstik 7' ML 12-30lb (a...
  563. Baja Belk

    Shimano 8'0" Terramar West Coast Jig Rods For Sale (Three)

    I have two rods pending to sell at Fred Hall, but all 3 are still available until Friday. Would prefer to sell these before the show. Bump.
  564. Baja Belk

    Shimano 8'0" Terramar West Coast Jig Rods For Sale (Three)

    Bump - still for of them might be sold, pending. I'm in San Diego, btw.
  565. Baja Belk

    Shimano 8'0" Terramar West Coast Jig Rods For Sale (Three)

    Bump for edit - prices and model numbers added.
  566. Baja Belk

    NZ Fishing Recommendations Jan 2015

    Well we fished with Miles Rushmer out of Mt Mauraungi who was fantastic. I have to say the experience was amazing but highly humbling. Not being a true fly fisherman, we relied on spinning tactics all day. Our best luck came at the confluence of a gin-clear stream and a larger stained river...
  567. Baja Belk

    Shimano 8'0" Terramar West Coast Jig Rods For Sale (Three)

    EDIT: All rods sold!!! EDITED - I would like to trade my 3 Terramar's for similar models with reel seats (purely preference). Probably going to be looking for Phenix or Maikaira replacements at Fred Hall, but I would need to offload my Terramar's in order to fund new replacements. They are...
  568. Baja Belk

    NZ Fishing Recommendations Jan 2015

    Finally getting to visit the birthplace of my grandmother with my family. We'll be all over but have an opportunity for a guided trout day for myself, my dad, and my buddy near Rotorua. Seeing as we are all experienced fisherman but novices with the fly rod, I'm inquiring several guides about a...
  569. Baja Belk

    Offshore The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    What a great summer it was. As is always the case, I couldn't fish as much as I wanted, but I was blessed with the opportunities I did have to take the little boat out, as well as jump on an epic 1.5 day on the Voyager with my company to end the year on a high note. The boat is parked and tucked...
  570. Baja Belk

    Historic Bite - Wahoo Reports Only

    We got a big one on our Voyager 1.5 day charter yesterday. Flylined sardine on straight 30# or 40# in the middle of a wide open dorado bite on a paddy. I also fought a very large fish for about 10 min the crew believes was another wahoo. Hook pulled at deep color. Fish took about 150 yards of...
  571. Baja Belk

    Offshore hooping at its finest!!!

    I believe the bug report before I believe the crack abstinence or the 45 lb local dorado..... :rolleyes:
  572. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/5 - Swan Song - The Dorado Chapter

    Thanks! That cooler was merely for house-to-house transportation of well-chilled fish. The smaller size makes the fish look bigger.
  573. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/5 - Swan Song - The Dorado Chapter

    This was in the general area NE of the 226. The dorado would only hit slow trolled dines, or larger baits. The only 2 horse dine's we had both got bit. They were also eating chunks, except the ones with hooks in them. We did hook a couple on live smaller dines, but only when another fish was...
  574. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/5 - Swan Song - The Dorado Chapter

    Amazing how fine the line is between total defeat and sweet victory. Without a working GPS, we used the compass and a cornucopia of iPhone apps to get to numbers provided to me yesterday from a buddy. Fog was absolutely brutal today offshore. Visibility was maybe 50' at times. At one point we...
  575. Baja Belk

    Offshore Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    Where at? I think the majority are fishing pretty deep into Mexico??