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  1. Hotroddin

    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    And if you do end up with bubbles, fish it like you stole it. Won't keep you from getting bit. "Yeah, better give me the insurance. Cause I'm going to beat the hell out of this rod." :D
  2. Hotroddin

    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    Color preserver is for preserving color. It's helping to reduce bubbles because it's forcing the air out of the thread, which you can do with finish and possibly save yourself a step. If you need a torch, your ambient temp is too low in the first place. I haven't used one in years, although I...
  3. Hotroddin

    Tips on preventing air bubbles?
  4. Hotroddin

    76 Predator, epic fail and recovery

    Quality doesn't need perfection, just the skilled covering up of mistakes.
  5. Hotroddin

    Shamu meets Flipper

    Would like to have seen the underwater view of it making its move.
  6. Hotroddin

    Local Ponds

    Better than the ones I caught yesterday, and I was using real bluegill.
  7. Hotroddin


    Top-notch work. That black/gold/silver is awesome. You know a guy ain't messing around when he shows you the back side of his trim bands.
  8. Hotroddin

    Bumps in wrap

    lol Sorry, just realized I should have been more specific. I apply a liberal coat of finish and give it 10 min or so on the turner. That gives it enough time to soak into the thread and the voids around the...
  9. Hotroddin

    Bumps in wrap

    In the last bad finish thread, several of us talked about a seal coat where we wipe off the excess after the first coat has soaked into the thread a bit. This also wipes away some dust particles and lays frays flatter. Still might need to touch up a bit, but it's another reason why I do it that...
  10. Hotroddin

    Spin rod blanks for schoolie tuna

    My Rainshadow 30# spinners are e-glass, but I think the RX7 line is graphite? Maybe a SW968? I don't know if Batson-Brands is still active but he helped me select a blank a few years back.
  11. Hotroddin

    Just a joke for those of us who think "stripper" when we see a "striper" thread. Get it...

    Just a joke for those of us who think "stripper" when we see a "striper" thread. Get it? Stripper pole/striper pole? lol
  12. Hotroddin

    Hey folks first post, looking to build some striper rods to start.

    When they're for striper, call 'em "poles", not rods. "Striper poles" in a thread title will get you a lot more views.
  13. Hotroddin


    Awesome work. A trio is a challenge even for experienced builders. One of the things I love about BD, our new folks aren't afraid to jump in and tackle anything. FYI: If you want to share your large videos, you can upload them to a file hosting service and then just post the link. I use...
  14. Hotroddin

    Katy perry colors

    lol I love this place.
  15. Hotroddin

    Stigmas such as changing a boat name?

    I'm not real superstitious, but the First Cast curse is pretty real. If I'm lure fishing and I catch on the first cast, I'm likely to turn around and leave. I've wasted days of my life trying to disprove the theory.
  16. Hotroddin

    Need some Gudebrod HT #521 Royal Blue Metallic Size D 9245

    Running out of thread is how we got fade wraps. lol
  17. Hotroddin

    Spinning rod for my granddaughter

    Blessed are the families of craftsmen, they get the best we have to give.
  18. Hotroddin

    New Style Fuji Guide Layout

    I remember the good ol' days when I followed a bunch of guidetrain rules and charts lol Now I just wing it based on the rod and guides I'm using. I don't notice a bit of difference and I doubt anyone else would either. IMO once you understand the fundamentals, you pretty much have to go out of...
  19. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow 4 wt.

    Love those lightweight Rainshadow fly blanks. I built myself 4 crappie rods with them, just sold one to a buddy last week. Very nice marbling. That's how it should look, IMO.
  20. Hotroddin

    Cold Shrink Questions

    Ooops, typed out a reply and then saw "cold shrink". :D Beats me!
  21. Hotroddin

    Seeker ESM 7650 blue iron man

    Ridonkulous. Not many people would pay what I'd charge for that much work. Especially considering mine wouldn't look that good. Nice job!
  22. Hotroddin

    Havasu striper derby

    Said most of us after seeing every striper thread ever.
  23. Hotroddin

    American Tackle build

    Looks good. "It will feeesh!"
  24. Hotroddin

    Cancer Warning on Thread

    Between the cancer-causing chemicals in everything and the stuff made in facilities containing peanuts, it's a wonder we're all still alive.
  25. Hotroddin

    First time receiving Rainshadow Immortal blank...

    This. They have an excellent reputation among most of us. No need to put 'em on BD blast.
  26. Hotroddin

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    Agreed, but it seems highly unlikely that you'd get a partially mixed batch to apply in such a way that 2 guides were fine and two guides never cured. I'd think they'd all suffer the issue to some degree. I heavily suspected the poor mix until Capt. Ritchie pointed out that only 2 guides...
  27. Hotroddin

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    My fault, I didn't notice that it didn't happen on all guides. Thanks for the correction, Capt.
  28. Hotroddin

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    If most of the guys on BD are telling you it's a mix problem, it's probably a mix problem.
  29. Hotroddin

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    That may be the case, but I'm fairly certain that it has nothing to do with the finish not being cured after 4 days. In my opinion, that is 100% a ratio/contamination problem. If it were me and I really wanted to know for sure, I'd do some test batches.
  30. Hotroddin


    LOL nothing like metallic thread to give you the sudden BOING. Happens to me all the time when I cut a tag line too short and it slips out. My current build is all metallic thread, I feel your pain.
  31. Hotroddin

    NOW SHIPPING!!! Hand Crafted Carbon Reel Seats!

    Sweet. Hand-crafted, blow-molded reel seats.
  32. Hotroddin

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    I know you said you mixed exact proportions, but if it hasn't cured after 4 days, there's something wrong with the finish. A warm ambient temp won't cause that. Either your proportions were off (it's happened to most of us) or there was serious contamination going on with your syringes, cups...
  33. Hotroddin

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    You can achieve the same results with the method you described without thinning the finish. The acetone is unnecessary.
  34. Hotroddin

    Daughter’s bday present

    Best part about building for friends and family; you'll appreciate seeing her use it as much as she appreciates you building it.
  35. Hotroddin

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    5 minutes? I ain't got time for that! lol
  36. Hotroddin

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    No issues with contamination wiping them down like that? I don't worry much about bubbles in the cup anymore. I'm trying to maximize my pot life and ensure a thorough blend, so I mix fast and that makes some bubbles. If I apply a thin coat and the temp is warm enough, any bubbles that end up...
  37. Hotroddin

    New to building.

    I've been forgetting to order a reamer for 8-9 years now. I just use a circular rasp I had laying around. It's not great and I need to be careful about maintaining a round hole, but it works well enough that I've not bothered to upgrade. Sometimes my holes get a little lopsided but that's why...
  38. Hotroddin

    Four leaf Clover Rod Stickers

    x2 on the nail decals. Those and the vinyl nail films are so easy to use that I don't do much detailed thread work anymore. Customers are just as pleased with the results and it saves me a ton of time.
  39. Hotroddin

    You can’t buy this one ☝️

    I'd have agreed with this a few years ago. Then, in 2019 I bought a bunch of red lures and had the best early spring bass season of my life. Can't say color was the only (or even a major) contributor, or that color matters much in all circumstances, but it was enough of an improvement that I...
  40. Hotroddin

    Who do we have to blow to get our electronics??

    Chuck. You have to blow Chuck. I'm guessing you're willing to give it a few more weeks, though.
  41. Hotroddin

    You can’t buy this one ☝️

    Crap. Now I have to go paint all my split rings.
  42. Hotroddin


    Nice work! I've had my eye on those grips for a while. After turning my own for so long it's hard to get comfortable with someone else's shape, which has kept me holding off. I do need a swimbait rod though, and they look like a good fit. Maybe I'll put one together soon.
  43. Hotroddin

    Dirty Bird

    Nice rod. I'm more impressed by the quality of that first close-up guide pic. Well done.
  44. Hotroddin

    I prefer Mother's Automotive Detailing Spray. Shines 'em up good without the stink.

    I prefer Mother's Automotive Detailing Spray. Shines 'em up good without the stink.
  45. Hotroddin

    Storing Rods in Colorado

    I store all of mine indoors. Beaters/misfits in a pile in the corner, workhorses in racks, epic rods hang on the walls.
  46. Hotroddin

    Inshore Make sure you have your license.

    If any of my friends straight up lied to me like that, it'd probably be the last time they ever heard from me. I'd be more likely to fish with "screw licenses" guy than with the guy who lied about buying one. At least I know what I'm dealing with.
  47. Hotroddin

    Red Seeker ESM 7650

    Needs a shag rear grip and some fuzzy dice. Nice work.
  48. Hotroddin

    2 splines?

    IMO.... If the rod ain't straight, get a new blank.
  49. Hotroddin

    No more for me

    Nice gesture! A neighbor left a tacklebox on my porch when they moved out. Brand new rig, shiny new Plano boxes, some beginner tackle. Nothing I need, so I'm keeping it in the truck and keeping an eye out to make some kid's day later this spring.
  50. Hotroddin

    Can I cut down a blank?

    Agree and disagree. I certainly wouldn't do it to a customer's rod, and I wouldn't apply the factory spec sticker if I did. On the other hand, I wouldn't hesitate to cut a blank I was building for myself, if it suited my purpose. Probably wouldn't go hacking on something nice, but if I have a...
  51. Hotroddin

    Can I cut down a blank?

    Ain't you supposed to be 'gone fishin'? lol
  52. Hotroddin

    Taking ideas

    Black and any metallic is simple yet has a little flair. Black and gold or silver for a classic look, black with a metallic primary color also looks good.
  53. Hotroddin

    Am I paying too much? Or not enough?

    Sounds like a deal. I'd charge you more and I ain't that good lol
  54. Hotroddin

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Not a sabiki, but I was fishing a 2 pound line with a tiny nano jig for juvie bluegill (bait) when I caught my biggest crappie ever. 18", matched the state record for length. Only crappie I've seen pulled out of that pond in 12 years.
  55. Hotroddin

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    You don't need to put more tension on it. Just think of your first coat as a sealant. Apply, let it soak in, wipe it off, let it cure. Once that's done, the thread can't release any more air to screw up subsequent applications. Then you can start working on your glossy smooth finish.
  56. Hotroddin


    I've quit a lot of stuff in my life, but I never invited a bunch of strangers to participate in a conversation about it. Later, tater.
  57. Hotroddin

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    Same here. I give the first application a little time to fill the voids around and in the thread and guide feet, then I wipe the excess off with my finger. All I'm trying to do at that point is fill everything in and give myself a good foundation for the remaining coats.
  58. Hotroddin

    Where can I find Black Guides?

    It's 2021, you cavemen. It's "Guides of color" now.
  59. Hotroddin

    Where can I find Black Guides?

    Black guides: the unicorn of the rod building world... thanks for the tip, AmTak!
  60. Hotroddin

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    I made 1 post on this thread and ended up getting 23 different alerts about upvotes and achievements and all kinds of crap. I don't need participation trophies, thanks.
  61. Hotroddin

    A Fly Rod & Casting Rod........together???

    Just because you can do something...
  62. Hotroddin

    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Are you guys under contract to do an overhaul every few years? Nothing was wrong with the previous format. Or the one before that, or the one before that. Y'all trying to keep someone's brother-in-law pulling a check?
  63. Hotroddin

    How do truck owners protect their rods in the truck, when they have to leave the truck with the rods in it?

    Rods are always in the cab, which does limit me to about 7'8" without needing to build a two-piece. Occasionally I'll leave catfish rods in the bed, which is covered with a locking shell with tinted windows. It also helps that I drive an old rusty pile and live in a pretty good community...
  64. Hotroddin

    New set mid RCLB70XL’s off the bench

    That there's a pile of work. Nice job.
  65. Hotroddin

    Cooperhead Skin

    I've done it, probably won't do it again unless someone's paying for the hassle. Vinyl film/foil can give you the same look for a lot less work.
  66. Hotroddin

    United Composites CP80HP for Phillip.

    There's more threadwork on that than on my last half-dozen builds combined. Nice job!
  67. Hotroddin

    Wrapper turns counter?

    Neat idea! I'm with gecsr1, though. Measure thread, don't count. Since most threads can compress, measuring is more accurate. I count wraps when using wire though, since the width is fixed.
  68. Hotroddin

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    Just wish they made an aluminum seat. Granted, the DPSH is probably perfectly stout enough to handle anything I throw at it, but Al seat is one of the only things I have to source elsewhere. That and gold guides lol Give us some gold K-frames, already! 8-)
  69. Hotroddin

    might start building rods?

    What kind of finish are you using? I've never worked with anything with a particularly strong or unpleasant odor. Hell, D2 smells almost as good as Hoppes 9. Of course, I ain't got a wife to point things like that out to me. :D
  70. Hotroddin

    Caps for Cancer Raffle Rod

    Holy cow. You could raffle that beaut off at Barrett-Jackson.
  71. Hotroddin

    might start building rods?

    Mudhole kits are a great way to get started. I'm not crazy about most of the components they'll hook you up with, but for someone just getting started, it simplifies the process. The rod will still catch fish. My advice to a beginner on a budget: don't worry about a power wrapper. It might...
  72. Hotroddin

    La Jolla today , anyone out there ?

    31 degrees and 90% chance of snow here this morning. Fishing and BBQ at La Jolla sounds frickin' awesome. :D Good luck, have fun, be safe.
  73. Hotroddin

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    Nothin' wrong with that.
  74. Hotroddin

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    :D Fuji FTW!
  75. Hotroddin

    How do remove Alps aluminum reel seat?

    Unless I could honestly convince myself that the rod would be improved by being shortened a few inches, I'd rather cut the seat off. It's not that hard. Dremel tool, plenty of cutting discs, safety glasses. Take your time, be safe, don't f it up. :D
  76. Hotroddin

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Political stuff: your house, your call. I can take it or leave it. Layout stuff: leave it alone. I'd be fine if it still looked like it did years ago when I joined.
  77. Hotroddin

    Trimming the Butt

    Fine-toothed hobby saw with a miter box to ensure a straight cut, as if it matters. :D
  78. Hotroddin

    Thin epoxy over wraps?

    For the last several years, I've gone as light as I could on the finish and still get a full gloss finish. No issues on any of those rods yet, although it's only been a few years and I ain't dealing with salt. I've also done 2 rods where I didn't go for a gloss finish at all and simply...
  79. Hotroddin

    Any idea on the builder of these

    Those cherry blanks are purty.
  80. Hotroddin

    I HATE the "new" type rod handles

    I like a split grip for an 8-12# rod. I have one that flat fits my arm perfectly and feels great when I'm fighting a fish. Anything under 8 or over 12, I prefer a full grip.
  81. Hotroddin

    Looking to get into rod building...

    Tip #1: Hit up the sporting good store and buy some cheap arrows. They don't usually come with tips, and the vanes are easy enough to cut off. Practice your wraps and finish application on the arrows. You can fit a lot of wraps on one shaft. I still keep a few around, sometimes I've sunk a...
  82. Hotroddin

    Batson In Black

    Looks good! My advice: don't try to keep up with Trelikes. It's rough on the self-esteem. :D
  83. Hotroddin

    SIC Model

    You could try the HG tip. I used 'em on a similar application earlier this year and have been happy with 'em.
  84. Hotroddin

    SIC Model

    Looks like an MC or BP to me.
  85. Hotroddin

    Looking for rod builder..

    Just build it yourself. Trout rods ain't that hard. Everyone's doing it. Just try it once, you can quit whenever you want.
  86. Hotroddin

    Epoxying the entire blank issues

    The greater the coverage area, the greater the headache. My main tips for a smooth finish are D2, clean tools/shop and warmer ambient temps.
  87. Hotroddin

    Abalone inlay rods?

    I did not know that. I tried the old stuff that had to be boiled and swore I'd never touch it again. I'll have to try the 3M stuff. Looks amazing.
  88. Hotroddin

    Replacing broken reel seat

    If you want to go with an arbor beneath the seat, you can ream it out, split it lengthwise and glue the pieces in place.
  89. Hotroddin

    Replacing broken reel seat

    If you're getting ready to remove a reel seat with a hacksaw, it's time to buy a Dremel tool and some cutoff discs. Both are relatively expensive and it's WAY faster than sawing by hand.
  90. Hotroddin

    Replacing broken reel seat

    I've done it once or twice. Biggest thing is you need your grip ID to be closer to the rod diameter than you do when starting from the tip. The rubber cement trick don't work very well going on from the butt end.
  91. Hotroddin

    Do Larger Guides = Better Results???

    Any BD builders sold on these? I've seen a lot of build threads but can't recall ever seeing one with the Micro-Waves. Seems to me like an overly-complicated design with more parts to potentially fail. The concepts of "snagless design" and "passes leader knots of any size" sound good, but I...
  92. Hotroddin

    Offshore I am no expert but

    Can't speak for the sea, but here in CO I've debunked about every theory out there, from temp to wind to moon to time of day, for better or worse. Fish are like women, right when you think you have 'em figured out, they'll give you something to scratch your head about. The only theories I...
  93. Hotroddin

    Alternative to rubber feet

    lol I totally misunderstood what those were for :imdumb:
  94. Hotroddin

    Ripples in Flex Coat

    Worth a try to warm it up if you can. We're dropping from the 90s to the 70s-80s here in the next 2 weeks, I'm hurrying to finish my current build before then so I can lay the finish while it's still hot out.
  95. Hotroddin

    Ripples in Flex Coat

    What's the temp in the room? I won't attempt to lay finish in anything less than 78-80 degrees ambient for that exact reason. I've also had better luck getting smooth finishes since I switched to D2.
  96. Hotroddin

    Alternative to rubber feet

    I don't use a power wrapper, but I bolt my mini-lathe directly to the bench when I'm turning grips. Maybe you could do the same and ditch the rubber feet?
  97. Hotroddin

    Teacher needed... ambitious and patient learner here

    Get to building and keep posting. :D You're already in the right spot. BD's finest build the best and ain't slow to answer a question or four, or provide inspiration with some new build. Heck, even our "new" guys end up cranking out double-wrapped guides and tigers and JDS and stuff lol
  98. Hotroddin

    I screwed up somewhere

    Cheap arrows are a great material to practice some of the advice listed. After my first rod or two didn't turn out as well as I wanted, I laid down about 2 dozen wraps on some arrows and practiced applying the finish. My next rod came out much better.
  99. Hotroddin

    9" Blanks?

    Damn, I was hoping to add another 9" rod to my arsenal. :D
  100. Hotroddin

    Bait tank question...

    This was my first thought, as well. Hopefully the hatch works though, it'll sure look better.
  101. Hotroddin

    New American Tackle CRSD-18-1K & 3K Reel Seat

    Regarding the "increased vibration transmission", any more details? Is that vs graphite seats or other carbon materials? Any data would be appreciated. What's the difference between the 1k and 3k materials?
  102. Hotroddin

    My First Post! Let The Hazing Commence!

    Had to view the thread to see how quickly someone got to it. Post #5, well done sir. :D
  103. Hotroddin

    Left over 'chovies

    Trade 'em to the local pizza joint for a pie.
  104. Hotroddin

    Fish eye problems in finish

    Working time is probably my least considered factor when choosing a finish. In my experience, D2 lays down smoother and holds up better than the other brands I tried. I spend a few minutes dealing with pot life but spend years looking at my finish.
  105. Hotroddin

    Fish eye problems in finish

    Ouch. First thing I would suspect was a dirty cup, that's a whole batch of fisheye. Hope you get it fixed up OK.
  106. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow JDGLB 80M

    "Rod's so bright... I gotta wear shades" :D Looks good!
  107. Hotroddin

    Snook/Redfish/Tarpon build

    Looks good! You must have a lot of patience, tigers under the guide wraps is not something I'd be willing to deal with lol None of my repeat customers expect to get their rod on time. They know it'll be awesome, but they know it'll be late. :D
  108. Hotroddin

    Offshore Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    Never paid anyone to take me fishing, but generally speaking I don't just tip for the service I got today, I pay for the service I want next time. From strippers to shoe shine boys, everyone rubs a little harder for a big tipper.
  109. Hotroddin

    Looking for Discontinued guides

    Since no one else was able to help, maybe check ebay?
  110. Hotroddin

    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    Gotta get those crap days out of the way so you can get to the epic ones. At least, that's what I tell myself.
  111. Hotroddin

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    I don't like the fingertrap-style socks either. I prefer this, heck of a buy for $25:
  112. Hotroddin

    Origin of the palomar knot?

    Same here. When I tie a carolina rig, I run a palomar on the hook and improved clinches on the swivel. 9 out of 10 times the palomar fails first and I only lose the hook. With all the money I've saved on lead sinkers and swivels, I could probably buy a case of beer :D
  113. Hotroddin

    Very impressive grip system from American tackle

    Not crazy about the shapes but the material is interesting. If it catches on and they put out a design I like, I'll try one. Thanks for posting.
  114. Hotroddin

    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    It's definitely more civilized than when I first joined. To be fair ("To be faaair"), almost every other rowdy site I've been a member of is either a ghost town or gone completely. I suppose I can live with what we've got.
  115. Hotroddin

    Building a 180lb. Trolling rod Components

    And Voodoo has 'em in stock! :D
  116. Hotroddin


    Looks good! I have a blank that's been waiting for me to pay attention to it, might have to do something like that black/white.
  117. Hotroddin

    Best price Fuji guides

    I get what I can from Voodoo and the rest from Mudhole. Don't know that they're cheaper but the service is good. I'm more of a "I've got a guy" guy than a "Tryin' to save a quarter" guy.
  118. Hotroddin

    Starter Tools?

    If you tie flies, I'm guessing you have these handy buggers, too:
  119. Hotroddin

    Beginning rod wrapping machine recommendation?

    For me, a hand-wrapper is fine. A power unit would be nice, but I'd rather just spend the money on components for a new rod instead. I spend a lot more time fishing than wrapping. Plus, I mostly build for myself and don't really like threadwork much. If I had to crank out a bunch of rods...
  120. Hotroddin


    I've never heard of spool size being a factor in stripper placement, although I don't doubt someone somewhere takes it into consideration. The most common rule I've heard is an arm's length out but I'm convinced that's a fly rod thing, for maximizing the amount of line pulled with each strip...
  121. Hotroddin

    metallic blue color help

    Don't feel required to limit yourself to thread. I've used paint, wire, acrylic nail film, ... hell, I have a pair of rods with Britney Spears stickers on 'em :D
  122. Hotroddin

    8 Week Wonder Still Around?

    Funny you mentioned that, I have his "Purple Giraffe Blue" thread bookmarked for future reference and see that bookmark every day. I had no idea who "8 Week Wonder" was until you mentioned "giraffe" lol
  123. Hotroddin

    Did I screw this graphite rod over?

    If it were me, I'd just chop it up and use it for test scraps to try new wraps and stuff on.
  124. Hotroddin

    Novice builder

    FIXED :D I haven't used anything else since the first time I got Bullard's Marvel Mystery Elixir right.
  125. Hotroddin

    Novice builder

    Lots of good advice already posted. I especially agree with what Garrahan said about stopping the rod and letting the excess settle, although I do it guides down instead of guides up. I want the excess to have a chance to fill any gaps around the guide feet before I remove it. A few other...
  126. Hotroddin

    About the ring size on top tops...

    I go one size larger than the last guide, although I'll be damned if I can come up with a good reason why. My first instinct is to say it's about clearing the knot, but I would never use guides small enough to crowd a knot in the first place, and a uni-to-uni in the line sizes I fish is pretty...
  127. Hotroddin

    A tale of two cranks

    Clean threadwork, looks good. I wouldn't have put the hook keeper right up against the foregrip like that, although on a conventional rod with that long of a grip it's probably not an issue.
  128. Hotroddin

    Rod creaking sound help

    I have a guide on a panfish rod that clicks when I cast it. Same deal, guide isn't loose at all and doesn't make noise any other time. I need to rewrap and refinish it but never get around to it. Still catches fish.
  129. Hotroddin

    Shrink wrap right on the blank??

    One of my "trademarks" is a wrapped winding check of colored wire. Might be a good solution if you're leaving the guides on.
  130. Hotroddin

    Fix top guide on rod?

    I wouldn't blame the lighter, it was probably epoxied on instead of hot-glue. Seen it on some factory rods and it's annoying as heck. The lower guides are relatively easy to replace if a ring pops, but good luck getting an epoxied tip off of a rod. That's why most of us hot-glue them, and...
  131. Hotroddin

    Shrink wrap right on the blank??

    If I like a rod enough to deal with redoing the handle, I'm going to redo the guides, too. Not a big fan of the other options, just my $0.02.
  132. Hotroddin

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I love BD, but the second half of this thread sucks.
  133. Hotroddin

    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    Hats off to those of you doing the amazing threadwork. I don't have the patience for it anymore, I'm just a rod-assembler compared to you thread artists.
  134. Hotroddin

    Marking Blanks?

    Data for my personal rods is on my computer and in my head, not usually on the blank. If I'm building for someone else, I usually ask if they want the spec sticker applied, and send it with the rod if they don't.
  135. Hotroddin

    Shout out to someone at Mudhole

    When I placed my last order, I left a note: "Draw a dinosaur on the box." This showed up today. Took me a second to realize WTF and then I laughed out loud. Good way to end a long week, thanks to the artist whoever they are.
  136. Hotroddin


    Love the background of the pics, too. Cool to see people's workspaces instead of a lawn or a brick wall for a change lol.
  137. Hotroddin

    How to remove line twist on a spinning reel from a kayak

    How do I deal with excessive line twist? Don't let it become excessive to begin with. If you're draggin 60 yards of line around to untwist it, you did something wrong. Load the reel spool correctly in the first place, for starters. In my experience, the "line-spool on the pencil" thing is a...
  138. Hotroddin

    Thread cutting and pulling tools

    My first post I say nobody uses pliers, but I just realized that's what they call another of my go-to tag tools: the hackle plier. Super useful.
  139. Hotroddin

    Thread cutting and pulling tools

    Guess I should clarify: Tag ends from a trim band, where the thread exits mid-wrap, I pull taut and slide a razor blade perpendicular with the rod to get a clean cut. Tag ends at the end of a wrap, I use the loop to pull the tag under the first 1-2 wraps, then cut off with micro scissors...
  140. Hotroddin

    Thread cutting and pulling tools

    I doubt anyone here uses wire cutters or pliers for these tasks. I use a razor blade for tag ends. I don't do weaves and have stopped doing most other thread design as well, so I can't offer much advice there.
  141. Hotroddin

    Playing With Miter Saw

    lol these guys...
  142. Hotroddin

    Playing With Miter Saw

    You pull off those grips with a chainsaw and I'll bow to you as the Epic Commander of Grip Making.
  143. Hotroddin

    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    Advertisers love it when they pay for a bunch of clicks and no one buys their stuff.
  144. Hotroddin

    Best day in a while!

    Looks like one of those guides is crooked? Just kidding :p Looks like some nice fish-stickers. Get some!
  145. Hotroddin

    Epoxy glue

    Nope. I exclusively use D2 for wraps and Bob Smith's 20 Minute for cork grips, seats and butt caps (EVA/Hypalon, I just use rubber cement). Like plj46 said though, pretty much any epoxy should be fine, as long as you're mixing and applying it correctly.
  146. Hotroddin

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    Bad enough with poly thread. Way worse with metallic thread. BOING - slinky party.
  147. Hotroddin

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    Looks a lot better than when I tried it.
  148. Hotroddin

    Rule for eyelet quatity

    I use 3 guides after the stripper to drop down to my smallest size, then run that the rest of the way (i.e. 20,16,12,10,6,6,6,6).
  149. Hotroddin

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    If your first attempt at rod building involves 3-color multi-band double wraps, you might be a BD member. :D The bar is set pretty high around here.
  150. Hotroddin

    Last one for a while. Seeker CJBF80XH

    They said it all... but I'll say it again. Stay safe and nice build!
  151. Hotroddin

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    I've always wanted to build a multi-rod dryer with an enclosure to control particulate and temp, just never needed it bad enough to get it done. I'm sure there's some cool setups out there.
  152. Hotroddin

    This has gotten beyond stupid...

    I'm as eager for things to return to normal as much as the next guy, but I'm also glad it's not my responsibility to figure out the best course of action for millions of people. No one alive has any experience managing a situation of this scope. You've got half the country screaming "get back...
  153. Hotroddin

    let’s see your personal best

    Some amazing catches, y'all! I'm envious of all those big fish. My best catch ever was 18" LOL (close to our state record... for white crappie).
  154. Hotroddin

    Need guide size and placement help for my first rod build.

    I've never built on a rod that heavy, but the progression seems about right. I'd stick with 8 guides, though. Interested to hear what the rest of the guys have to say.
  155. Hotroddin

    Alps tensioner question

    I mostly use bobbins for trim bands and small guide wraps, especially when wrapping close to the tip. Carriages are much better when it comes to managing multiple threads at once, like with throops. Trying to lay down a long 3-strand wrap using bobbins is a PIA, IMO.
  156. Hotroddin

    Alps tensioner question

    Same here. My tensioner is a bolt, a nut and piece of tack leather lol
  157. Hotroddin

    Raider Colors - Black and Silver

    Cool. My favorite parts of rod building have become turning grips and arbors!
  158. Hotroddin

    Raider Colors - Black and Silver

    Good stuff. You make those grips yourself?
  159. Hotroddin

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    I'll be midnight pond hopping on my bike if it comes to that. I don't mind doing whatever necessary to minimize the chances of spreading anything, but it's a different story when it poses no risk to anyone.
  160. Hotroddin

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    I feel for those of you who can't get out. Here in CO, we're still good to go for fishing and hunting season. Spring turkey is still on, although they are refunding the license fee for folks who opt not to go out.
  161. Hotroddin

    What to do with old Silaflex?

    Single-foot Fujis. I tried to figure it out several times because it's my favorite light-action rod for panfish. None of the guides feel loose, no stress showing on any of the wraps.
  162. Hotroddin

    What to do with old Silaflex?

    I have a rod that "clicks" during the cast. It's a loose guide but I can't figure out which one, it only makes the click during the cast. It's been semi-retired to "guest gear" cause if I fish it again myself, it's goin' in the drink.
  163. Hotroddin

    What to do with old Silaflex?

    I'd just hang it on the wall as-is.
  164. Hotroddin

    Blackout 100j

    That black on black looks awesome. Guess I gotta go looking for a new blank to build on now, thanks a lot. :D
  165. Hotroddin

    WTS SS C ULUA - Glow in the Dark

    I've done lots of "tagless" wraps (some because of the transparency thing and some because a tag came loose) with a needle and a near-microscopic amount of cyanoacrylate. Might be worth a test wrap or two, not sure if it would cause any issues with the glow thread.
  166. Hotroddin

    WTS SS C ULUA - Glow in the Dark

    Outstanding! Regarding the tag ends, are you talking about where it tucks under the rest of the wrap?
  167. Hotroddin

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    I have some of that stuff around here somewhere. I know a lot of guys have used it with good results, I tried several methods and the stuff always just cracked and fell off and looked awful. I'm sure it was the indian and not the arrow, just sayin...
  168. Hotroddin

    My FIRST bird!

    Nice! I saw a hen strut across the street and into the park the other day. If it'd have been a tom, I'd have considered running home for the 11-87. Cops are all out looking for toilet paper, anyway. :D
  169. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    Thanks! Not sure if you remember, but you gave me some advice on the blanks back in March of last year. Yup, I build that slow :D
  170. Hotroddin

    Fish stories

    We really only get channel cats here in Colorado. Our state record is just over 43#. Once I figured out the two main "secrets", I've been able to get into 20-28# fish pretty regularly. Summer of 2013, I believe, I caught 400 pounds of cats in the 25# range. I've set a goal to break the 30#...
  171. Hotroddin

    Fish stories

    I was catfishing one night at my home lake, hucking big chunks of sucker meat (16" suckers, chop off the head and the tail and cut what's left into 2 halves). Planned on fishing until 11pm since I had to work early the next day. Almost 11pm, I'm getting ready to call it, when one of my rods...
  172. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    Interesting point. Is that what happened on the custom you repaired? The adhesive failed and the whole thing was like a sleeve rotating around the blank? Or was it some other sort of failure?
  173. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Nirvana, was the failure with masking tape a full arbor or were there gaps between? Good to hear the customs hold up better. I'll use that anecdote next time I'm trying to make a sale :D
  174. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    How many of us have ever actually had a reel seat come loose? And how many of those have seen it happen more than once? I'm thinking we're overthinking this.
  175. Hotroddin

    Where to get a Fishing License?

    Yup. Got mine (and a few boxes of Power Pro) at Wally on Friday.
  176. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    I wish I had some more spare stock laying around, this test would make for a good video!
  177. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    To be honest, I don't think the grooves matter one bit. Again, a reel seat simply is not subjected to the twisting forces the grooves would be helpful in resisting. Looking at a few Fuji seats right now and these tiny grooves are not going to make a significant difference. I'm also basing my...
  178. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    I disagree. Again, if the surface is prepared correctly and the adhesive is mixed properly, even an end to end arbor of tape isn't going anywhere. Rods simply aren't subjected to high torque load under normal conditions. I had a similar comment in one of my YT videos, I offered to glue up a...
  179. Hotroddin

    Metallic thread any good

    I use mostly thread designed for rod building, but I don't limit myself to it. I bought a few spools of black nylon thread from a sewing store years ago and have been using it ever since, it just seems to wrap smoother than the other blacks I have.
  180. Hotroddin

    non-tape arbors ......... when and what..........

    I've tried tape and foam/graphite arbors, with a couple different types of epoxy, and I'm of the opinion that any method, as long as it's done right, will create a seal that is dang near foolproof under normal conditions. Prepare the surfaces correctly, make sure the epoxy is mixed and applied...
  181. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    Nope. :D It's foil transfer film used in the acrylic nail industry. I got like 12 different colors/styles for about $5. I used up about half the tiger and leopard foil for these two rods, and still have 10 other metallic colors for future projects. It's non-adhesive so it's kind of a pain to...
  182. Hotroddin

    Online ordering

    I always assumed the notes were LaDonna's work. If not, Casey's got real purty handwriting. :D
  183. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    Dang man, good call.
  184. Hotroddin

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    Voodoo rocks. I've gotten notifications of shipping labels being created at like 1am lol
  185. Hotroddin

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    Nice work! I figured this was going to be a report on TP. :D
  186. Hotroddin

    Online ordering

    Not sure how long they'll be shipping, but I buy as much as possible through Voodoo and Utmost Enterprises. Best service of any companies I've dealt with for anything.
  187. Hotroddin

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    Cool! I built a rod in memory of a big flood we had on the river. It was during wildfire season so the river had lots of ash and cinders in it. Accent colors I used were black/white/gray for the ash and blue for the water. River still hasn't fully recovered 10 years later, but I fish it with...
  188. Hotroddin

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    Practice arrows are cheaper than rod blanks. Buy a half dozen or so and practice wraps on those. Strip down and re-wrap one or two of your existing rods. It's a pain in the neck, but it's good practice, too. Don't settle for stuff that ain't right. Redoing some wraps or what not will help...
  189. Hotroddin

    Offshore Fishing is now cancelled

    I'm low-risk for most of the effects of this mess, but missing fishing days in April/June, THAT'S starting to worry me. If I can't get to the lake, I'll bust out the BMX bike and black hoodies for some midnight ninja pond bassin'.
  190. Hotroddin

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    From humble beginnings... My wrapping station is the same POS I cobbled together from an entertainment center shelf and some scrap hardware about 35 rods ago. Kinda reminds me of my pickup: old, dented and scratched but also cheap and still gettin' 'er done.
  191. Hotroddin

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Big difference between "will not comply, I'm going to go wander around a hospital for no reason" and "will not comply, I'll be fishing by myself 10 miles from the nearest person".
  192. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    Thanks, guys. Any praise is partially due to the BD building community, y'all taught me how it's done right!
  193. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    I'm a good 1,000 miles from the nearest tuna spot, so I have to settle for the biggest channel cats and wiper I can find. The old Zebcos were getting pretty creaky after 7 years of hard use, so I had Utmost and Voodoo send me some stuff so I could put together a proper set. Made sure to make a...
  194. Hotroddin

    10’ Seeker blank question.

    Ah, sorry. Glad you spotted my error right away lol Hope someone who actually knows what they're talking about can help you out.
  195. Hotroddin

    10’ Seeker blank question.

    This help?
  196. Hotroddin

    Fishing or not during covid-19?

    Based on a meeting I had this morning, it looks like I'll get more fishing done than I usually do in March. Avoiding crowds won't be an issue, I do that even when we're not all about to die. :D
  197. Hotroddin

    Coronavirus A Must Read

    Dr. Varshavski addresses some of the 'information' posted here. Starts @ 5:25 but the whole video is worth a watch.
  198. Hotroddin


    I won't begrudge anyone the right to inform themselves on the subject through fishing forums instead of the Center for Disease Control, but I do wish folks would stop spreading misinformation. It's not like dropping bunk intel on the hot bite, lives are on the line.
  199. Hotroddin

    First build post

    I use Meguiar's Detailing Spray to shine up blanks after the build and at the start of the season. Guess I should probably get on that, now that I mention it.
  200. Hotroddin

    Coronavirus A Must Read

    Forum posts about corona virus are entertainment. CDC posts about corona virus are information.
  201. Hotroddin

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    You pretty much forget how much it cost once you land that first nice fish with it.
  202. Hotroddin

    Saved by iPhone

    Very nice. Mine never look that good. :D
  203. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    Fair argument. I work in a mixed-use shop so I'm always watching out for dust. I clean up the space pretty good before I start finishing and haven't had any issues. Knock wood: I'm applying some final coats this weekend lol
  204. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    Heat gun works great for smoothing finishes in less-than-optimal finish drying temps and for removing bubbles. Unfortunately, heat gun sucks at cleaning brushes.
  205. Hotroddin

    Rule for eyelet quatity

    1/foot +1 is the general rule. Production rods, especially cheap ones, will often reduce the number of guides to increase the profit margin. As a builder, I typically go with 1/ft +1 for customer's rods and 1/ft +2 for my personal rods. No data to back it up, just my personal preference.
  206. Hotroddin

    Calstar 90j build for some dude I met

    Not sure why anyone would be disappointed in that, looks like a pretty clean build to me.
  207. Hotroddin

    How to remove fresh, incorrectly mixed guide finish ?

    Some of us screw up 1:1, now you want us to do MATH? :D
  208. Hotroddin

    How to remove fresh, incorrectly mixed guide finish ?

    Getting the measurements slightly wrong ain't that bad, at least you had A and B in the cup. One time I mixed up 10cc of hardener and 10cc of hardener... talk about slow drying!
  209. Hotroddin

    How to remove fresh, incorrectly mixed guide finish ?

    Pretty sure the correct ratio is determined by volume and not weight.
  210. Hotroddin

    How to remove fresh, incorrectly mixed guide finish ?

    Probably the same way I know it can work... cause we've both tried it. :D Mike, I'd suggest trying another coat on a guide or two to test. If it doesn't turn out OK, you'll have to strip it down. Nice part about guide wraps, if you can work the tag end loose, you can unwrap it and a lot of...
  211. Hotroddin

    How to remove fresh, incorrectly mixed guide finish ?

    Mix a proper batch and put on another coat.
  212. Hotroddin

    Testing newly built rod. How?

    Looks good! Just go fish it, IMO. Since you've already wrapped and finished the guides, it'd have to be a pretty big screw up to be worth stripping the rod and redoing it. If it's not perfect, just start rod #2. Next time, tape the guides on and test before doing your threadwork.
  213. Hotroddin

    Seeker booth shenanigans lead to my first UC blanks at Fred Hall 2020

    2 kinds of products out there: 1: Good enough to put up with some crap 2: Not good enough to lose any sleep over. Sounds like the OP ranks Seeker as smack dab in the middle.
  214. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    LOL Sitting here watching Rawhide and I heard a noise that reminded me of another useful benefit of DA: When the temp gets up to 79 degrees (minimum temp I'll apply finish at) my can builds enough pressure to push out a slight dent and makes a 'ding' noise. Guess I can go apply another coat...
  215. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    lol We need Bandit and Snowman to make a run for the CA boys.
  216. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    Myself, I use DA for brush/spatula cleanup, mostly. I also use it as a thinner when I'm doing invisible wraps.
  217. Hotroddin

    Rod finish necessary?

    How do you handle the blank and get it into a dryer without messing up the finish you just applied? Sounds like a pain for something that's not necessary in the first place.
  218. Hotroddin

    Don't vote Democrat.

    To be fair, that's not the definition of insanity and Einstein's name only gets slapped on it to make it sound smarter.
  219. Hotroddin

    Seeker 530

    White's tough but that's pretty good. How's the powdercoating hold up? Can't recall seeing that before.
  220. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    When your livelihood depends on fixing problems but you're not actually qualified to handle the big stuff, just make up a new problem and solve that. Beats actually working for a living.
  221. Hotroddin

    Rod finish necessary?

    Probably don't need to finish the blank itself. Might be some blanks out there that need it but I've never come across them. I can barely do a decent job on a 6" butt wrap, if I had to try to get a smooth finish on a 7'6" blank, I'd quit. :p
  222. Hotroddin

    question about denatured alcohol...

    That darned DA is a menace, I tell you what. :D I envy your weather and your ocean access, but at least I can still buy DA lol What's next, H202?
  223. Hotroddin

    Should I double or triple wrap

    First time I've heard of the underwrap not counting. The vague terminology is probably a good thing to consider, though, when you're taking/placing an order for a rod. "I said I wanted it TRIPLE-WRAPPED, dammit!"
  224. Hotroddin

    RodGeeks SGTR90MM2

    The gold/cork looks really nice. I'm going to have to remember that combo.
  225. Hotroddin

    Fuji triple foot

    I'm seeing quite a few on eBay...
  226. Hotroddin


    Them guides are purty... Looks good.
  227. Hotroddin

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Nice! Hope you get it back without any hassle and that the motor isn't hurt too bad.
  228. Hotroddin


    Just got another Voodoo package delivered. Quick and accurate, as usual. Feel bad throwing out the hand-written note which was included, so it goes in a box with the rest. Also felt bad that I only needed some D2 and a spatula, so I figured I'd bump this thread and maybe get them another...
  229. Hotroddin

    GP90 Mega and GP85 Phantom for Lance

    Awesome, as usual. I always envy your glass-like finishes and these are no exception! I really like the accents below that Alps, too.
  230. Hotroddin

    Getting started with rod building--equipment + learning options in/around SF Bay Area?

    Heck, don't let that stop you. I've had to mail order virtually everything since the day I started and wouldn't trade my favorite customs for any factory rod. Once in a while I'll end up with something slightly different than I wanted, but I adapt. "OK, this isn't a crankbait rod anymore, this...
  231. Hotroddin

    Epoxy on graphite reel seat

    I'd try a few other solvents before I spent any time scraping or sanding. My trifecta is DA, acetone, naphtha. Not sure why the DA didn't work but I'm not familiar with Pro Paste.
  232. Hotroddin

    new website sucks balls

    Fishin' stuff still here, fishin' chicks still here, threads like "new website sucks balls" still here. Still BD.
  233. Hotroddin


    They've changed everything like 3 times since I joined and it gets worse every time. :D
  234. Hotroddin

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I barely log in anymore since the last major update, so I can't consider this one much worse. Nearly all of the forums I participated in over the last 10 years have either switched to one of these new formats or shut down altogether, I guess the changes are better than not having the forum at all.
  235. Hotroddin

    2 More Finished

    My personal rods are the ones I have to get perfect... the people I build for don't know what they're looking at anyway. LOL Nice work!
  236. Hotroddin

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    I've built probably 30-40 rods on the same wooden wrapper I cobbled together from entertainment center shelves years ago. Full of holes from me moving stuff around to get it dialed in for different setups, but it works just fine. I've looked into power units from time to time, but I won't get a...
  237. Hotroddin

    “Best” finish?

    I tried most of them, until I tried D2. That's all I've used since.
  238. Hotroddin

    Question for a pro rod builder!!

    Never understood those interchangeable deals. By the time I've re-rigged my rod with the other section, I'm wondering why I didn't just bring two rods. Even in travel, one less butt section ain't exactly streamlining your packing job.
  239. Hotroddin


    Definitely a kinder, gentler site than it was when I joined. I miss the craziness but still appreciate the wealth of knowledge.
  240. Hotroddin

    Matching Rod Sets

    For those of you who have experience with building sets of matching rods, can you shed any light on your process? Do you build a rod from start to finish, then build the rest to match? Or do you complete a step on each rod before you move on to the next? Any other tips for keeping them all...
  241. Hotroddin


    Those tiny brushes are all good until you're trying to cover an 8-12" wrap!
  242. Hotroddin

    Fuji bnog

    Agreed. Building a pair of rods with NOGs right now and they're plenty stout.
  243. Hotroddin

    Question for a pro rod builder!!

    Make sure the reel seat is big enough to accommodate your reel foot. I built a matching fly rod/spin rod set to split with my brother for our birthdays, used the same fly reel seats for both and I can barely get even a small spinning reel to fit in mine. The fly rod seats I've used on fly rods...
  244. Hotroddin

    Shoutout to Utmost

    Thumbs up to Utmost Enterprises for being a great Batson vendor to deal with. Literally every time I've ever ordered from them, I hang up the phone thinking, "Damn, that was easy." Good prices, fast shipping, great personal customer service, etc. I just solved a 2-week issue with a 45 second...
  245. Hotroddin


    I don't like re-using brushes. Unfortunately, I also don't like cheap disposable brushes. I burn 3-4 good brushes per rod but I'm happier with my results.
  246. Hotroddin


    Both bobbins and carriages have their uses for different jobs. I wouldn't want to be limited to either/or.
  247. Hotroddin

    DIY Travel Rods

    Most rod supply companies will have the slip-in ferrules. Can't recall seeing any of the threaded ones for sale but someone's got to have them.
  248. Hotroddin

    Question about travel rods

    I've built a few Japanese blanks which were 3 piece rods sectioned and fitted with internal ferrules. They work OK, but don't seem to fit as securely as slip-over sections of my 2 piece rods. As easy as travel rods are to come by, I'd just buy one before I monkeyed with chopping one up. Unless...
  249. Hotroddin

    Adding a reel seat

    That looks like a pretty well made piece of equipment. Nice job.
  250. Hotroddin

    Adding a reel seat

    Do you mean the FS6 plate-type seat?
  251. Hotroddin

    Adding a reel seat

    If you're an experienced builder and the guide wraps aren't crazy intricate, you could just cut off and re-wrap all the guides after replacing the seat. With some effort, the rod can still look very nice. I've stripped down a few Shimanos and rebuilt them, just gotta get the guides back in the...
  252. Hotroddin


    Ordered some thread and marbling pigment from Voodoo last night at about 8:30pm. Received a shipping confirmation at 12:03am this morning. Thanks Casey, but feel free to sleep at some point. :D
  253. Hotroddin

    Integrity of blank with bent/crooked rod tip?

    If it was a special build or for a customer, I'd replace it. If I was bored and it was sitting in my shop, I'd wrap it up and it would still catch fish.
  254. Hotroddin

    Great Community

    That's BD for you. I couldn't begin to list all the members who have helped me with parts, materials, advice, inspiration and info. I'd be hard pressed to find a build in my rack that this place didn't contribute to somehow. Rod looks good!
  255. Hotroddin

    Help needed: rod build for Broncos fan. Stuck.

    Just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt: I built a rod with a similar seat and I never fish it. It looks good, but I hate the way it feels in the hand compared to a more traditional seat. Unless the client has experience with and requested that model, consider ditching it altogether...
  256. Hotroddin

    How to cut off butt section

    Cutting from the butt should change the action very little. I use a miter box and fine-tooth saw to ensure a square, flush cut.
  257. Hotroddin

    Need help choosing guides on first build

    I was considering defending the single-foots since you only plan on fishing up to 30#, but Robert makes a good point about the required durability of a travel rod. The extra $ spent on the double-foots will be forgotten after your second or third trip, IMO.
  258. Hotroddin

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    Thanks for mentioning the previous thread. I was dying for more info but it looks so dang good, I felt bad for even asking. :D
  259. Hotroddin

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    I rarely see a marbling job that I like. Yours are phenomenal. Very well done.
  260. Hotroddin

    Seeker ESM 7650

    More work per inch than I have into most of my builds. Another nice rod, JT.
  261. Hotroddin

    Ultimate Road Warrior?

    The whole rod looks good, I feel bad for being focused on the grip :D Where did you find that color of EVA?
  262. Hotroddin

    For some creative inspiration....

    Thanks for the reference pics, Casey. Regarding CP: whenever possible, I test thread combos with and without. Sometimes I prefer the colors from the untreated sample.
  263. Hotroddin

    The Ultimate 40 pound stick UC US 80 Terminator

    Came to BD tonight looking for ideas for a matched pair of rods I'm planning. The fore and aft of that Fuji seat fits the bill nicely! :D
  264. Hotroddin


    I use 1/ft for blanks under 6'"6. 1/ft+1 for anything longer.
  265. Hotroddin

    Mudhole blanks question

    I tend to buy other brands, but I'm not sure why. My MHX 8'6" is one of my favorite rods and has drug in some trophy channel cats without breaking a sweat. As others have said, the decal comes separate. I think they put them on the display blanks for ID purposes.
  266. Hotroddin


    Casey and LaDonna provide awesome service. Very appreciative that they helped keep the Bullard line goin' after Silvia hung it up.
  267. Hotroddin

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    Looks good. I call 'em "tool-grade" builds. Started with a rod I was building for a trip that was only 3 days away, now I build a few per year. Decorations don't catch fish.
  268. Hotroddin

    Upside down reel seat. Only upside advantages.

    I've built in both orientations. I think uplocking looks better but sometimes to maintain specific grip lengths and properly balance a rod, downlocking is a better option. As for the nut working loose, if I don't have a locking nut I use a few wraps of that non-adhesive sport tape stuff.
  269. Hotroddin

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    An old favorite and one of my recent builds...
  270. Hotroddin

    Custom build for less than a factory wrap??

    When you consider that components for factory rods are usually purchased in bulk/wholesale and probably assembled by a team, it's tough for a custom builder to compete on price. Most custom rods will be more expensive than a comparable factory rod, and most of them are worth it, IMO.
  271. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB80M "Godzilla"

    Freakin' awesome.
  272. Hotroddin

    Just Starting

    The wrapping station can be as simple as a cardboard box with notches cut in the top. I use one I put together out of scrap wood and some hardware I had laying around. I've been improving and modifying it for years. Nice ones like in that kit you linked are handy, but not necessary. At the...
  273. Hotroddin

    Calstar 700L for Travis Lindahn

    Don't you ever sleep? It takes me longer to pick out my components than it takes you to build 'em :D Looks awesome, as usual.
  274. Hotroddin

    First acid wrap and first dragon scales

    Looks good. That luminous stuff is awesome.
  275. Hotroddin

    Calstar 800L for Michael

    Love the subtle color combo, looks great!
  276. Hotroddin

    Just Starting

    Looks like a pretty complete kit if you have the cash to burn. If money's a factor you could probably get most of what you need to build your first few rods and only spend half that much.
  277. Hotroddin

    One for the wife

    Those grips are beauts!
  278. Hotroddin

    Calstar BTG196-7 with winn grips

    Wow, that turned out nice.
  279. Hotroddin

    The finished spinner

    Looks good! Need a fish pic to go with it.
  280. Hotroddin

    Wanna learn how to build rods

    Half of what I know I learned from the BD gang, half I learned by doing it wrong :D I guess there's a few tidbits on the rest of the internet, too.
  281. Hotroddin


    My guess, too.
  282. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow RCJB106XH

    One of the simplest schemes I've see you go with and I still couldn't pull it off :D Nice work, Jim.
  283. Hotroddin

    MeatEater is on Netflix

    I pretty much never watch hunting shows anymore but I marathoned both seasons this weekend. Good show, has me wanting to find some cranes this fall.
  284. Hotroddin

    Gearing up for next year.....

    I was wondering when I saw the gloss. Thanks for filling us in.
  285. Hotroddin

    Recent Rail Rod and a Question

    Oh, a WEBSITE question. I saw the title and thought "What the heck doesn't Doc know by now?" lol Rod looks great, as usual.
  286. Hotroddin

    Gearing up for next year.....

    Looks good, Casey! I almost went with white grips for that salamander reel seat you just sent me but I chickened out lol get him a box of nitrile gloves to go with it!
  287. Hotroddin

    More wasted time on Experiments

    I played with blotchy CP and spatter CP a few years back but never with a tiger. Nice work, thank for posting!
  288. Hotroddin

    just killing some time, todays project

    Pretty cool. I live just up the road from a place called the Swetsville Zoo where a dude has been making dinos out of scrap for a long time.
  289. Hotroddin

    Tying down guides for wrapping?

    I buy the 1/8th inch, cut in half for micros.
  290. Hotroddin

    Tying down guides for wrapping?

    Blue 3M vinyl tape. The stretch lets you get the guide tighter than regular masking tape.
  291. Hotroddin

    Cross Wrap Tie Down Question !

    BOING! lol If I had a nickel...
  292. Hotroddin

    First build Calstar 775H

    Nice work for a 10th rod, much less a first. Now go put a bend in it!
  293. Hotroddin

    Purple JTDS & Neon Green Throop

    Purple's poppin'. Nice job.
  294. Hotroddin

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    Keep it on the boat and tell new guys it's a jig washer.
  295. Hotroddin

    Large Rod Builder Decals/Logos

    I typically apply a very small logo on the underside of the blank, but if someone asked me not to, I wouldn't have any problem with it.
  296. Hotroddin

    Another Calstar 700m

    Nicely done!
  297. Hotroddin

    Reworking a commercially made rod

    I've rebuilt a few Shimanos since you can't get blanks. It sucks, but it's good experience for future repair jobs, etc.
  298. Hotroddin

    Calstar GF700M for Walter

    Super nice. That wrap is hypnotizing, I've been here for 5 minutes lol
  299. Hotroddin

    Calstar 800ML w/ abalone inlay

    Bummer! Beautiful rod.
  300. Hotroddin


    Wow, that looks good. Well done!
  301. Hotroddin

    Why so many rod holders?

    I got 6 on my 9' inflatable pontoon lol If I had a real boat I'd have 15-20. Different rods for different stuff.
  302. Hotroddin

    I hate flex coat!!!!

    Strip it, rewrap, finish with something else. The mark of a craftsman is dealing with crap like that lol
  303. Hotroddin

    Cat Fishing

    I thought it was gonna come up with a carp or something. That cat ain't messin' around.
  304. Hotroddin

    Denver in the Super Bowl

    Hope Peyton's got one more left in him. It was awesome to see Brady wearing grass stains!
  305. Hotroddin

    marbled 19 rod boat set

    Show off. LOL
  306. Hotroddin

    Need Fugi Reel Seats

    I've seen some Fugli reel seats. LOL Is there an 28mm? Or did you mean ID? DPSM24 is 27 and the DPSM26 is 29. Here.
  307. Hotroddin

    Phenix PSX 808 rod from hell

    Really nice rod. IMO, the mark of a skilled craftsmen isn't building it perfect every time, it's fixing all the crap that happens along the way.
  308. Hotroddin

    My first.....

    Looks good. Thread caught me by surprise, it's not often you hear JT and "My first" in the same sentence.
  309. Hotroddin

    Question on U-40

    I'm just a hack, but I slap on 1 good coat of U-40 CP, wait about 2-3 hours, then put on the first light coat of finish. Haven't had issues yet. *I should mention, my first coat of finish is nothing but a sealer, I apply and then wipe off the excess. If I'm rushing the CP, this might be why I...
  310. Hotroddin

    This amazing resource

    I haven't bothered to visit any other rod building site in probably 2 years. If it's top-notch, it'll show up here.
  311. Hotroddin

    Hello, my first 2 builds

    You picked some tough techniques for your first few builds but they came out well. Nice job.
  312. Hotroddin

    Looking for a left handed rod

    Don't remind me! Last rod I built, I accidentally built a lefty and had to tear it all apart and start over.
  313. Hotroddin

    Not My First Fly Rod......

    Nice work, as always. Very interesting grip. Reminds me that I've got a fly rod festering in the shop that I really need to finish and deliver...
  314. Hotroddin

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Crazy thing, they don't post a lot of videos on YouTube of the thousands of times a day the cops don't punch or shoot every idiot who deserves it.
  315. Hotroddin

    Another K2 Completed

    Maybe if I find someone to buy some of the ones I need to unload. :D
  316. Hotroddin

    Another K2 Completed

    Very nice! I want one now :D
  317. Hotroddin

    The Pile! A story of survival!

    Anytime I try to eliminate the piles, I can't find shit.
  318. Hotroddin

    Went to Sato Custom Rods for my first custom build and....

    Saw this: "Went to Sato Custom Rods for my first custom build..." and pretty much knew how the sentence was going to end. Sweet rod.
  319. Hotroddin

    PEI Giants - Avo Catches a Grander Tuna

    Great write-up! Sounds like a great crew and trip.
  320. Hotroddin

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Posters to this thread? Anal DoubleTroubleII Anal TunaFin Anal Aggro Anal MikeyLikesIt Anal Hotroddin Anal Kareem Korn
  321. Hotroddin

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Sports teams? Anal Rams Anal Pirates Anal Pistons Anal Heat
  322. Hotroddin

    Abalone and Dragon

    Like it was born, not made. Well done.
  323. Hotroddin

    Bullards Diamond II Rod Epoxy

    Love it. I do have other finishes I'm comfortable working with, but I typically stick with D2 to support a good company.
  324. Hotroddin

    harbor freight coupon sale

    lol was in there the other night picking up some stuff, the "Key-shaped folding machete" was right up by the counter. I know a lot of their stuff is cheap, but I don't really need top-shelf clamps or magnets.
  325. Hotroddin

    Cleaning Eva?

    Hate when that happens. I usually try to put shrink wrap over the grips before I start installing to keep the junk off.
  326. Hotroddin

    The Duck Bite

    lol I need one of those lures for duck season. Put a little motion in the spread, maybe catch a fish...
  327. Hotroddin

    Saltwater Wanna see my butt??

    Nice fish! I knew you meant halis but I still got a little nervous as the page loaded...this is BD after all LOL
  328. Hotroddin

    What rap has done to Canadians lol!

    TPB rocks. Just finished watching start to finish for about the 5th time lol
  329. Hotroddin

    New to this forum and new to rod building, here are some pics of my first build.

    I've been really impressed by some of the "First Rods" I've seen posted up here. Even the noobs are bad-ass at BloodyDecks. :D I've lost count of my builds but the rod I just finished yesterday is half-assed compared to that.
  330. Hotroddin

    Decal Help

    [email protected] Charlie/Golden Touch has done a few print jobs for me and I've been really pleased with the results.
  331. Hotroddin

    Re-wrapping a Teramar 100 XH

    Sure wish Shimano sold blanks! I love the ones I rebuilt but the tear down is a total PIA.
  332. Hotroddin

    Rollo rod 2014

    Wow, very nice.
  333. Hotroddin

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    "Jim, you got a sun roof, don't you?"
  334. Hotroddin

    Help: weird finish issue

    Sweet! Thanks for the tip, Bill!
  335. Hotroddin

    Super Seeker

    If I put that much time in on a rod, it'd come with a leash. Great job!
  336. Hotroddin

    Help: weird finish issue

    Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately, I couldn't use CP on this one since I wanted the thread to darken when I applied finish. Guess I learned that with Madeira, you'd better buy the right color and CP it lol I vaguely remembered something about putting a piece of thread in the finish, so...
  337. Hotroddin

    Help: weird finish issue

    Madeira thread. The more I think about it, I think I've always used it in weaves or trim bands before, not whole guide wraps. I turned up the heat and pulled out some U40 I had laying around. I'm also going to clean out the cup well, so if none of that helps, it's definitely the thread!
  338. Hotroddin

    Help: weird finish issue

    I'm about to fire this rod out a 4th story window :D I'm using D2 as always, same bottles as last build. On this rod, though, the dang finish on the guide wraps won't cooperate. Bunches up in spots, won't level, sags to the middle of the guides, pulls away from the ends leaving them bare, etc...
  339. Hotroddin

    Is silk thread necessary?

    Haven't done anything with bamboo, but the only thing I use silk for is the transparent white wraps. Unless the customer asked for silk, I wouldn't worry about it.
  340. Hotroddin

    Surf Rod Build

    lol looks like surf rod weather. Nice work.
  341. Hotroddin

    Simple Jigger

    Nice job matching up with that reel. Looks good.
  342. Hotroddin

    Batson Giveaway Rod RCLB 70M

    Holy cow, half that rod is wraps! Impressive work.
  343. Hotroddin

    Fade to Black (or blue)

    Fades x4. I like the trim wraps, too, they look like cigar bands.
  344. Hotroddin

    Twin Batson RX-7s

    After seeing the stellar work some of you do with multiples, I thought "Hey, I can do that!" LOL I had no idea what I was in for, with multiple steps taking a lot longer as I made sure everything matched up. The guide wraps especially, took some re-dos. And that's while keeping it simple and...
  345. Hotroddin

    My 2nd for the Batson LB Raffle

    It'd take me a year to get that many things right on a rod, nice job!
  346. Hotroddin

    Seeker 2x4 Green Blank

  347. Hotroddin

    Need a little help

    You learned better after only one time? You're way ahead of me.:D
  348. Hotroddin

    Need a little help

    Elbow grease and determination.:D The reel seat can be carefully cut lengthwise with a dremel (like removing a cast) to remove. The cork is the worst, I usually work with a utility knife and a pair of pliers, being careful not to damage the blank (I'm guessing EVA would be even worse). Compared...
  349. Hotroddin

    White Nightmare

    Nice work, especially those grips! White wraps is on the long list of shit I haven't gotten right yet, should probably take another stab at it soon.
  350. Hotroddin

    Whats a Custom Rod Costs Nowadays?

    x2 I take way too long to build a rod to pay the bills doing this :D Luckily I consider the time spent as entertainment and not labor, so the math on the profit margin works out a little better lol
  351. Hotroddin

    Saltywater Tackle El Maestro 710 with burl handle and Matagi Bling

    I like the grip, as well. Nice build!
  352. Hotroddin

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Spinning rod in the wrapping rack, no reel, guides straight down at the 6 o'clock position. Add the reel, and the whole rod rotates a few degrees clockwise due to the balance of the reel. Guides and spline are no longer at 6 o'clock, but a few degrees past. Does this bother anyone else besides...
  353. Hotroddin

    New Format

    Ali: thanks for the info about the update. I guess I'll stick it out a while, since it turns out you guys aren't just screwing with us :D
  354. Hotroddin

    New Format

    Well, since you asked... Can't stand it, don't know why they changed software. Used to visit several times a day, see what the Westies were up to, read articles, check sponsor stuff, etc. Now I'm down to once a day to check rodbuilding and that's only if I forget they screwed it up.
  355. Hotroddin

    Grip mounting question

    Was the I.D of the grip close to the O.D of the blank? Maybe it wasn't stretched enough to hold well. I mentioned the cork grips doing that to me, they were kind of 'floating' on a layer of epoxy. Sounds like you got it whipped though. Adapt and overcome.<label for="rb_iconid_14"></label>
  356. Hotroddin

    Grip mounting question

    The whole grip moved? I've had one end of long grips move, because one end of the grip wasn't lubricated and the material was stretched when slid into place, then retracted when released. I've had cork grips move when reamed too much, but not EVA. If it's not a delicate blank, you could just...
  357. Hotroddin

    T Russel Grit Tale 8.2H Popping Rod

    Hope you're making a bundle on that one , cause you earned it. <label for="rb_iconid_10"></label>
  358. Hotroddin


    What's the record for blown games in the playoffs? I still expect him to break that one at some point.<label for="rb_iconid_10"></label>
  359. Hotroddin

    Finish Question

    Bottle inserts! They have great thread, also, so I usually pick out a few spools when I order finish.
  360. Hotroddin

    Question for Rebuild rods

    I'd just go with a new rod. The only time I've chosen a rebuild was with my Shimanos since you can't get the blanks.
  361. Hotroddin

    Inshore Assassination

    WTF is this fish? Sorry, I'm an inlander LOL
  362. Hotroddin

    red marble shark rod

    Nice job! Your rods always make me wish we had some coastline in Colorado.<label for="rb_iconid_10"></label>
  363. Hotroddin

    clean abalone shell shark rod

    Wow. Good stuff!
  364. Hotroddin

    Bar cod rod

    Nice rod and really nice ramps. I've been using them on some rods this year but yours are definitely on another level.
  365. Hotroddin

    Kabuto spinning rod

    Yasuyuki Kabuto from Japan has these blanks made and builds them into very nice flyrods, which made it a bit intimidating to build on, actually. I contacted him this summer about purchasing a blank and then had to wait a few months until he had another batch made. All of the blanks are 3 pc...
  366. Hotroddin

    Kabuto spinning rod

    I waited anxiously all summer and received the Kabuto blank in September. Softer action than I'd prefer, but an interesting stick to work on. Not being a fan of fly fishing, I ended up with one of the super rare Kabuto spinning rods (hopefully Yasuyuki will still sell to me after this <label...
  367. Hotroddin

    graphite arbor material for rear grip?

    I've made several trim pieces out of arbor material and it doesn't soak up much at all. I just throw on a nitrile glove and smear a thin coat of epoxy onto the material. I found the first coat of paint looks better if I seal it first. Granted a grip is a much larger section, but the material is...
  368. Hotroddin

    graphite arbor material for rear grip?

    Give it a shot. Arbor material is cheap and easy to work with.
  369. Hotroddin

    PHENIX TITAN Poppin' Rod

    Those keyring looking white trim bands to the left of the decal are awesome! Not that the whole rod isn't nice, I'm just always looking for subtle details.
  370. Hotroddin

    Phenix black diamond

    Nice rod. That's an interesting reel seat, any details?
  371. Hotroddin

    factory rod sticker

    Was it a Phenix decal? <label for="rb_iconid_10"></label> The obvious issue would be contamination of the adhesive or rod, but some manufacturer decals can be problematic. If you aren't already, you may want to try brushing a thin layer of finish on for your initial coat over a decal. Too much...
  372. Hotroddin

    Batson RX-8 5wt

    Thanks, all. They wouldn't be turning out this well if it weren't for BD.
  373. Hotroddin

    Reel seat installation with masking tape arbors, Video

    Nice demonstration, thanks for taking the time to put that together. I'd never realized how useful a power wrapper would be for stuff besides thread work, might have to pick one up.
  374. Hotroddin

    Batson RX-8 5wt

    Nothing teaches rod-building humility like some macro photography (I'll touch a few things up before delivery tomorrow). Batson RX-8 blank, EVA grip and Bullard thread and finish. Seems to be a popular combo, as this is the third request I've had for this style.
  375. Hotroddin

    White Seekers....

    Nothing tempts fate like starting with a white blank LOL but that looks awesome. Well done.
  376. Hotroddin

    Free is Better Than Not Free

    LOL Spoken like a man who's done this before.
  377. Hotroddin


    Best thread in weeks. Dip dip potato chip.
  378. Hotroddin

    New NFL "Clear Bag" rule for stadiums.......................

    We don't need a clear bag policy for the fans, we need one for the PLAYERS. LOL
  379. Hotroddin

    Saltwater E P I C ~~ B A I T S T O P ~~

    Damn, that looks fun! Congrats and nice gaff work.
  380. Hotroddin

    Some Jobs

    Great work! That first red/white one is sweet. I also like the way you displayed the pics. I'll have to remember that if I ever get around to a website. Thanks for sharing.
  381. Hotroddin

    Offshore Down from Idaho...first trip for my boy

    Way to get him out! He looks like Rusty Griswold in that last pic. LOL
  382. Hotroddin

    Than-Dee-ego, thuper-chargers....

    Most likely. Our QB is focused on rapping now.LOL
  383. Hotroddin

    What's on your bench?

    Just finished up a a 5wt sissy stick for my bro last night...
  384. Hotroddin

    how to do camo on rod blank

    Thanks, Bob! I replied to your PM, but for the rest of those following the thread, I use Parma water-based paints designed for painting Lexan bodies for RC cars and trucks. They have a pretty good selection of wild colors and wash off with a little warm water. I've redone a few pieces 2-3 times...
  385. Hotroddin

    how to do camo on rod blank

    My method: Pick 3-4 colors for your camo. Spray/brush your lightest color as a solid layer. Get a big rough bath sponge and slice it into cubes. Use the sponge chunks to apply the next darkest color in irregular blotches (the holes in sponge are awesome for granite effects, as well), then repeat...
  386. Hotroddin

    Custom Boat Set for NYATI - 80# Class

    Building a kick ass rod is one thing. Building them in multiples is quite another. Nice work!
  387. Hotroddin

    clean grafighter 800m

    Great thread and finish work, as usual.
  388. Hotroddin

    Shikari SW808

    Super impressed with the level finish moving from the tiger to the label and final wrap, I always have trouble there. Great job.
  389. Hotroddin

    Forecast RX6 F9010-2 Centerfold Rod

    I freaking love that black/grey EVA. I used it on one of my favorite builds and might have to hunt up some more. Great work!
  390. Hotroddin

    Ghetto (and temporary) aluminum boat repair

    That's not 'ghetto'. That's 'adapt and overcome'.
  391. Hotroddin

    Had to Share!

    That's a lapful of lovin'! Best part of rod-building: art that actually does something.
  392. Hotroddin

    So this is how it all starts.....Is there an end to the madness?

    Many things to remember; avoid contaminants, use several thin coats, mix your finish exactly, start with the smoothest surface possible and above all, practice practice practice! For longer stretches, you may want to try a brush as your applicator, if you aren't already. Oh and like Fat Cat...
  393. Hotroddin

    A few new Muskie Rods

    Tight guide wraps. Nice job.
  394. Hotroddin

    Enterprise: Good times and bad...

    lol Well spin the wheel then, *&*^.
  395. Hotroddin

    As Mother Earth once said.............

    Nothin' runs like a Deere. Great looking rod.
  396. Hotroddin

    Mike, Josh, & the hookers

    Damn, awesome fish!
  397. Hotroddin

    3rd Grip Style Rod Holster

    Those are pretty slick. Bet they would make great float-tube rodholders too.
  398. Hotroddin

    BTG90J with lots'a Bullard Inca Gold

    That's a cigar and scotch kinda rod. Very nice.
  399. Hotroddin

    Magazine article

    Congrats! You'll be up to your ears in work now lol Surprised to see you don't fish anymore, you're missing out. It's a magic moment when the fish you built the rod for gets to try to wreck it. :cheers:
  400. Hotroddin

    stud 450gram blackhole jig rod yellow shell inlay!!

    Sweet, as usual. Great color!
  401. Hotroddin

    critique please

    Tough to find any flaws, it all looks very good. If you put a coat or two of finish on low-lying areas (bare blank, single-wrap vs double, etc.) first, you'll get a more level finish moving up the blank. I've been working on that the last few weeks after noticing how smooth of a transition some...
  402. Hotroddin

    Good Day For Makos and a Dead Seal!!!

    Woot! A bloody deck:beerbang:
  403. Hotroddin

    polka dot question.

    I was going to suggest that. Or a shell casing might work too. I expect the pencil cuts cleaner, but needing a shell casing gives you a reason to go shooting.
  404. Hotroddin

    A pair of Rainshadows

    Like that barberpole, Mr. Dawg!
  405. Hotroddin

    Fore grip wrapping

    I recently finished a build with a ramp; I chucked a reel seat arbor into my hand drill, shaped as necessary, then slid it down to the grip and finished with 3-4 coats of finish. Turned out great.
  406. Hotroddin

    Thread finish

    I use U-40 or D2 depending on the task: I find that the U-40 has a slightly longer pot-life for application so I use it on long wraps, etc., but the D2 seems to be 'ready to fish' sooner. Either way, I'm always stoked to grab the D2 since Silvia sent me some bottle inserts, those things kick ass.
  407. Hotroddin

    nice set of shark sticks!!

    Sweet! I always look forward to seeing your latest creations...
  408. Hotroddin

    Kencor Poppin' Rod

    Looks good!
  409. Hotroddin

    JTOB video

    I'll be bookmarking this one! I've tried about everything I've seen y'all do but the OB gives me trouble. Thanks!
  410. Hotroddin

    Phenix sticker

    Email Wilbur [email protected] I had the same problem on the last one I built.
  411. Hotroddin

    CLAG 4's

    I somehow ended up with a set of CLAG 4's...damn these things are tiny (one already went AWOL on me just pulling them out of the bag). Anyone used them and if so, what kind of build? They aren't going to work for the current project but I'd like to make use of them somewhere.
  412. Hotroddin

    Fuji BRCG25 over Aftco #3

    Mark from Acidrod answered this a while back: The whole cap is only 2" and the gimbal is 2.25", for one.
  413. Hotroddin

    Anyone know a good rod rapper

    Impressive work being posted in the Rod Building section on a weekly basis. Maybe look through some posts and send some PMs?
  414. Hotroddin

    Phenix X9 in Core colors

    X2. I'm on the verge of just writing 'Phenix' on the blank with a Sharpie.:rofl: Rod looks good!
  415. Hotroddin

    Batson 822.5

    Very nice work.
  416. Hotroddin

    Set for a guy from Thailand

    Always good to see a nice set.
  417. Hotroddin

    Extremely boring, don't look at it

    Looks good. I've got a few like that, usually built the night before a trip. All I do is seal the threads on the wraps though, and skip the top coat, so you could have gone even lighter. :)
  418. Hotroddin

    Need some labels printed

    PM Wet-Flyrodder. Charlie helped me out recently and I'm very happy with the work.
  419. Hotroddin

    blacktip challenge 2013 rods

    Badass, as usual. I'm still partial to your white/purples but the blacks will do.
  420. Hotroddin

    Trout Rod

    Sweet. I like the hookkeeper wraps on top of the throop.
  421. Hotroddin

    Abalone/decals swap?

    Done deal. Thanks.
  422. Hotroddin

    Abalone/decals swap?

    I've got 2/3 sheet of White Angel Wing Paua from Anglers Envy, measures about 5.25"x6" (full sheet is 5.25"x9" and runs $35). Only needed a small amount and don't need the rest. I need some simple but rod-quality decals printed out (clear). Just text. Can't imagine it'd be more than 10 minutes...
  423. Hotroddin

    New to this

    You should be able to see a pic of the assembled kit, and if you like all of the parts it contains, then go for it. The pricing will probably be equal to or less than buying all of the individual parts. If you see a reel seat, or grip, or guides, that you like better than what the kit comes with...
  424. Hotroddin

    New to this

    You've already been given good advice, so I'll offer a tip: When I was starting, I had some cheap aluminum (some were graphite, i think) arrow shafts that I used to practice on, since they are very similar to a rod blank (and since I had them laying around anyway). I'd come up with an idea for...
  425. Hotroddin

    replacing old grip with ergonomic one

    I've replaced top grips without removing guides by making a slice in the new foregrip (EVA) to get it on the blank, gluing it up, and covering with shrink grip. Usually put shrink grip on the bottom grip to match. To remove a grip, I usually make slices lengthwise, carefully so as to not damage...
  426. Hotroddin

    Gold Abalone on Hercules

    I like it. Good stuff.
  427. Hotroddin

    GF 700M

    This replaces my current desktop pic to remind me that I have no idea what I'm doing. Nice job!
  428. Hotroddin

    Reel Seat Backwards???

    I'm with Cast Gold, uplocking seats always unscrew on me. Might be a lefty thing.
  429. Hotroddin

    What do you do when?

    NOT always the best option for building. :rofl: "Where the heck are those scissors?" "Did I just add hardener or resin to that cup?" "How long was I supposed to be cutting this?" "Crap, I put my loop in backwards!" "Crap, I just wrapped that stripper on backwards!" "Does that wrap have 1...
  430. Hotroddin

    Remove hair from finish

    Another vote for redo...and shaving the cat.
  431. Hotroddin

    Finish Application tool

    I haven't touched a brush to epoxy/finish since the day my stainless steel spatula was delivered. Haven't taped off guide wraps for a straight edge since that day, either. Not the "best" option, just what worked for me.
  432. Hotroddin

    Have you asked them? I had a little trouble a few weeks ago, but after an email it got taken care of right away.