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    Misc. Boat & Fishing & Other Gear

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    Misc. Life Jackets, including retro/vintage

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    Standard Horizon GX1600 VHF

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    Seaguar Pink 150# New

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    Super Cheap AGM Battery

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    Lawrence Totalscan Transducer

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    Captain's Chair - Cheap

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    Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder

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    West Marine AGM Battery

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    Offshore Offshore and Islands - 4/30

    Had high hopes of pulling on some kelp yellows and maybe finding some tuna, but never saw as much as a scrap of kelp, or any sign of fish in 115 miles of burning my eyes out looking. Canyon > 425 > 101 > Canyon > 226/302 > back to islands at 11:00 to try and salvage the day. Ended up getting...
  11. Baja Belk

    FS - Penn International II 50SW

    Penn INTL II 50SW 2spd - $400 OBO Full of line - appears to be new 50# mono. Might have braid backing. Needs service - some surface corrosion on exterior and full drag stop detent stuck. However, free-spool and drag are good, everything else functional. Includes neoprene Penn reel cover...
  12. Baja Belk

    BNIB Penn Warfare's w/line and covers

    Penn Warfare 30 BNIB with line (appears to be 20# mono) - $80 (MSRP $100) Free Penn neoprene reel covers included. Will sell both for $150 Located in San Diego, could meet up anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 text
  13. Baja Belk

    FS - Shimano Calcutta 400S

    Shimano Calcutta 400S - $100 OBO 6/10 cosmetic, typical rash. Feels smooth mechanically (selling for a friend so I can't speak for it, but it came off a nice well-maintained boat). Full of old mono. In San Diego but can meet anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  14. Baja Belk

    Cheap Trolling Rods

    Offshore Angler Sealion trolling rod 7' Heavy 40-60 roller tip USED but good shape no damage (still has sticker on reel seat) - $40 I have 3 of these. Will sell all three as package deal for $100. Might be a decent rail rod too since they are longer. San Diego Mike Text - 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  15. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta 400 S

    Shimano Calcutta 400S - $100 OBO 6/10 cosmetic, typical rash. Feels smooth mechanically (selling for a friend so I can't speak for it, but it came off a nice well-maintained boat). Full of old mono. In San Diego but can meet anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
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    BNIB Penn Warfares w/line

    Penn Warfare 30 BNIB with line (appears to be 20# mono) - $80 (MSRP $100) Free Penn neoprene reel covers included. Will sell both for $150 Located in San Diego, could meet up anywhere between here and Coachella Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 text
  17. Baja Belk

    Penn Intl II 50SW

    Penn INTL II 50SW 2spd - $400 OBO Full of line - appears to be new 50# mono. Might have braid backing. Needs service - some surface corrosion on exterior and full drag stop detent stuck. However, free-spool and drag are good, everything else functional. Includes neoprene Penn reel cover...
  18. Baja Belk

    BNIB Aftco Harnesses and Fighting Belts & Flying Gaff

    Posted up in rods/reels too but I'll separate out the gear here in a separate thread. Able to meet in San Diego or Coachella/Palm Springs area. Could arrange to meet anywhere in between that commute for a premium. No shipping. Mike - 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4 (text is best) Aftco fiberglass 6'...
  19. Baja Belk

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809 White Cord/Cork Tape

    Very good condition, private boat use only. White cord/cork tape handle. Located in San Diego. $120 Text me - Mike 7 6 O 5 7 8 3 O 4 4
  20. Baja Belk

    Large Lot: Reels, Rods, Gaffs, Aftco Harnesses *NEW*

    Selling for a friend. Most stuff new, the used reels I can only speak for cosmetics. I know they came off a very nice and presumably well-cared for boat. USED GEAR SOLD AS-IS Able to meet in San Diego or Coachella/Palm Springs area. Could arrange to meet anywhere in between that commute for a...
  21. Baja Belk

    Need Sadu Jig Repaired

    I've got an oldie but goodie Sadu marlin jig that got a chunk taken out of the head last year. Any lure makers in San Diego that can fix it? I'd do a cheap epoxy repair myself but want this one done right. Thanks, Mike
  22. Baja Belk

    Need Vintage Marlin Jig Repaired

    I have an oldie but goodie Sadu that got a small chunk knocked out of the head last year. Any recommendations for local shops or guys that will fix it? I know I could easily do my own DIY epoxy repair but I want this particular one done right. Thanks, Mike
  23. Baja Belk

    Large (291 cf) Helium Tank - 90% Full

    Selling for a friend who is losing his business due to almost a year of no revenue due to COVID (was a kid's play and learn center). This is a large tank (Size G or K depending on which size chart you look at). 291 cf. Should be at least 85-90% full. He only used it for one party. Includes...
  24. Baja Belk

    GoPro - 2 Cameras and Ton of Accessories

    Two cameras and a bunch of accessories. Everything perfectly functional unless otherwise described below. - One GoPro 3+ Black (CHDHX-302), plus GoPro battery, plus SanDizk Ultra PLUS 32 GB, UHC Speed Class 1 micro SD - One GoPro 3 Black (CHDHX-301), plus GoPro battery, plus Lexar 32 GB, UHC...
  25. Baja Belk

    Offshore Day of the Dorado

    Late report, sorry. Put the numbers on 'Dope same day and then got super busy all weekend. Jumped on @Fishin_Freeman 's 26' Grady and exterminated a bunch of mahi on Friday, 10/23. Easy limits by 9:30 with a ton released. 3 different paddies (every kelp we found was holding) and an open-water...
  26. Baja Belk

    Offshore October 13, Low Expectations Fulfilled

    I've had this day on the calendar for awhile to take out two good buddies of mine. One has never been outside of the bay and the other just returned from deployment and is moving in November. With the fall fishing somewhat falling on it's face, I was hoping just to get on some fish for these...
  27. Baja Belk

    Offshore Saturday Report - Down South

    Tag teamed with Cody yesterday, we really wanted to check out the temp break around the 101 / Knuckle area. I started looking at gray light in the 7 over 7 area and got a couple football yellowfin on an early double jigstrike on some porpoise. Couldn't get anything to go on bait but chased a...
  28. Baja Belk

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Has anybody taken an older model Seafarer and chopped up the transom to get rid of the seats and build-up a full-size bait tank? I like transom tanks to allow as much deck space as possible. The tank is already here they just made is short and small to allow for the two jump seats, which in my...
  29. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Solo morning run - four baits, four fish, 40 lb class. Left 'em biting. West side Kidney Bank. 66.5 degree blue water. Sardines. 1 min summary teaser: Yesterday really should not have happened. Was out on vacation all last week, and I'm having foot surgery on Friday which will have me out...
  30. Baja Belk

    Alright, who did this?

    Anyone gonna fess up?
  31. Baja Belk

    Belated Father's Day - Nados 6/25

    Took the old man and my sister out to the islands today. Seas so flat we could have water skied the whole way down. Awesome. Islands were dead. Hit Pukey (only seals), flats north of middle grounds (mackerel and cuda only), Middle Grounds ridge (nothin), Ribbon Kelp (nothin), Lighthouse (fat...
  32. Baja Belk

    Nados 6/18

    Shot down solo yesterday around 0600. No bait, just irons and some Finnish lipped trolly-thingys. Knew SKR was the place to be so I started there around 0700 and was the third boat. Not bad. Picked up lots of life on the finder but personally never metered any of the right kind. Accidentally...
  33. Baja Belk

    72 Radio Show at Work - Thursday

    I have a few buddies on the water today while I'm regrettably at work. Listening to the live feed on Fishdope while I'm working and it's a good entertainment today. - The guy catching barracuda at Catalina and STOKED about it because they are the BEST eating meat - The guy who caught a 43...
  34. Baja Belk

    COVID Calicos - Nados 5/21

    Haven't really fished since December, thought I was going to go insane. Was finally able to get a reprieve from double duty of work-at-home and daddy daycare to take my sister out calico hunting. I got her on one last year and she swears it was the best fish she's ever eaten. Handful of boats...
  35. Baja Belk

    Looking for Upholsterer - San Diego

    Looking to replace 3 seat cushions and possibly a set of coaming bolsters on my '03 Striper for a reasonable price. Not looking for any fancy piping or dual colors, just something simple and clean. Would probably prefer a one-man show vs shop for a better price. I can drop everything off. Mike
  36. Baja Belk

    Torium 30 Service Glitch - Stumped

    Been servicing my own stuff for years. No expert, but I can usually do most of my reels in my sleep now. However, I got one of my older Toirum 30's all serviced and done up, but as soon as I get the star drag on and clicked down a few turns, there is a slight clicking/clunking noise and...
  37. Baja Belk

    Misc. Tackle Bulk Lot

    Cleaned out my tackle hoard. Hopefully another man's treasure: $40 gets the lot. Will not separate. - Suction cup tackle organizer - New pack of paracord - Candy Bar jig wallet - Book - Full spool (3400 yards) Tuna Tuff Mono - 20# - 2 new full spools of Bass Pro fluoro - 20# - New full spool...
  38. Baja Belk

    2 Complete Raymarine Dragonfly Sets - $20

    Caveat - Neither head unit works. I have two complete working transducers, and two undamaged cradles, plus misc. wiring, clamshells, switch, hardware, etc. Would be perfect for someone who has one of these 1st Gen Dragonflys and wants/needs a second 'ducer and cradle for a second kayak, skiff...
  39. Baja Belk

    Okuma Cedros Speed Jig and Quantum Boca 60 Spinning Combo

    Selling as combo only. Rod: Okuma Cedros Speed Jig, CJ-S-701MH, 7'0", 50-100# braided, lure wight 90-200g Reel: Quantum Boca 60 PT Reel is spooled with 65# braid with 30# fluoro topshot - ready to fish. Rod has one very small dent in the support of one of the guides. Otherwise everything in...
  40. Baja Belk

    Ahi Sabiki Rod - 7' - SOLD

    Two piece, 6'10" model. Used one season. Great condition, no damage. SOLD!!! San Diego - Can meet in Clairemont or Santee Mike Text or dm 7 6 O - five 7 8 - 3 O 4 4
  41. Baja Belk

    RARE - NIB Shimano Triton TLD 5 - with Papers!

    Tasty little nugget of history right here for the discerning collector. Google it. New condition, some slight fading of the lettering on one side due to age. Very very minimal (read: microscopic) scuffs from spooling process. Was spooled with line, put back in box, and never used. Includes...
  42. Baja Belk

    Beware of Promotional Subscriptions to Sport Fishing Magazine

    So, my wife alerted me to a suspect charge on our debit card "BNR Sport Fishing Florida". Thought that was weird so I looked into it. The charge was from Sport Fishing Magazine, which many of you may be familiar with. Long story short, I vaguely recall signing up for a promo deal for this...
  43. Baja Belk

    One guy, Two Rods

    Video from my solo trip the other day (12/12 - reported same day). 3 yellows in about an hour. Beautiful December day chasing birds and catching nice-grade surface-iron yellows. I love this stuff. 1 min edit: Solo double: How do you not get bit here?? Fish were boiling at my...
  44. Baja Belk

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    1 mile straight out of the harbor, massive school of yellows under birds. Clearly a very poorly kept secret, the fleet stomped them out quick. I managed a double right away solo (Rapala and surface iron) before anyone else was on them, and then another surface iron fish hop-scotching the fleet...
  45. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Gentleman’s start for my buddy (who legit called in sick to work, and shall go unnamed), and I after dropping off my boy. We were planning to meet up with Cody (Longboard85) on the water but we got an even later start than planned. Cody being Cody, had already limited out by the time we were...
  46. Baja Belk

    Offshore Limits in Minutes and a LDR Marlin - Video from 9/20

    Finally got around to editing all the footage from the carnage incurred a couple weeks ago ( Consider it a hype video for your next trip, or a send-off tribute if your season is over (closer to the latter for...
  47. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    .....BOOM The powder keg south of the border had a match dropped on it today, and we were fortunate enough to align our timing with the fireworks. Kept my skiff parked at home and hitched a ride with my buddy Ben, FreezeYak, on his Skipjack, along with a couple other guys that rounded up a...
  48. Baja Belk

    Offshore Don't You Know You're Not Supposed to Wear White After Labor Day.... might get a little bloody.... Had a short escape window between my son's Pre-K dropoff at 9:00, and pickup at 5:00, to sneak out for some tuna with my buddy. We were met with a mean breeze that was a bit sportier than I thought it would be. Beat up thoroughly on the way out, somehow...
  49. Baja Belk

    In Memoriam: The Coronados' Bite - 7.10.19 - 7.17.19

    It's August, the ocean is the color of pea soup, people are throwing sinkers at each other, and the island seals are hungry and lonely. How did we get here? Let's all stop for a moment of silence for a time when the fishing was so good, we all got along for a week without killing each other...
  50. Baja Belk

    Offshore Hawaii > Vegas > Bishop > San Salvador > San Diego

    Capping off an adventurous week for me, and even more so for my guests, we sneaked in a trip that unfortunately turned out to be a "tweener" between the bites. I really wanted to fish a day other than Monday, knowing that the fish would have a serious case of PTSD from having 3,000...
  51. Baja Belk

    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    Granted, I'm customarily pretty paranoid, but, historically, when I hear the slightest little noice in my truck or wife's car or whatever, usually ends up being something legit. Been noticing last few trips when flushing my F115 ('03, 1100 hours, serviced in February) a faint but sharp metallic...
  52. Baja Belk

    Mid-Season Synopsis

    It's August, but unless you have a bunch of money to go catch cows out West, fishing kinda sucks, and has for a few weeks now (perhaps even by pre-2014 standards??). I have my own thoughts, but curious to hear from the keyboard meteorologists out there. Fire away conspiracy theorists...
  53. Baja Belk

    Kinked / Damaged Antenna Wire

    Just noticed this while washing my boat yesterday. Radio had worked last time offshore, but I had done 2 quick little bay runs since and not sure if I even used the radio on those days. Boat sat a week in the slip and a week at the shop getting the steering fixed before I received it back...
  54. Baja Belk

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    I've seen some kook moves in my day, but this one takes the take. We were the first boat in a line of 6 or 7 boats almost to the bait barge (like.....100' away, throttling down to slide up dockside), when this momo comes flying in at 20 knots, passes everybody, and cuts right in between us and...
  55. Baja Belk

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Had an opportunity to jump on my buddy's battlewagon mid-week and join 200 of my closest friends at the worst-kept secret in Southern California. Summertime, and the fishin's easy. It took all of 5 minutes to hookup on the Nomad and make sure the fish were still there (spoiler alert: they...
  56. Baja Belk

    Offshore Better Late than Never

    This saga is from July 6, which may or may not be helpful to some now, however, my technical details were posted on Fishdope the same day, and honestly, the news is nothing new. There's lots of tuna here, some bite, some don't, some weeks and days are bitier than others. This particular day...
  57. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the Cazadora?

    Looking back through some old albums with my dad on father's day, and found some pics from my first tuna trip when I was 12. I remember the boat was the Cazadora out of Point Loma (H&M or Fisherman's Landing?). 1997. 6-pack operation with husband and wife, and a deckhand (who was quite the...
  58. Baja Belk

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Recently installed my Garmin 54CV and its big-ass Chirp transducer off my transom. According to everything I have seen and read and experienced in the past, the transducer is mounted where it is supposed to be, however, at cruising speed it throws up a huge roostertail right onto my outboard...
  59. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Second time this year I put a date on the calendar to go tuna fishing, and the tuna go lockjaw the day or two before, only to resume biting a couple days later. Like clockwork, every time. C'est la vie, let's go to the islands and have some fun. Got to South Island, dropped Rapalas back, and got...
  60. Baja Belk

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    My sister is back in town so I took her Aussie boyfriend down to the islands with me to look for some kingies. While we lucked out with beautiful weather after the big blow, I knew the conditions likely took a beating, which was very true. However, we lucked out and scored a very nice fish first...
  61. Baja Belk

    Ft. Lauderdale - June

    Guessing this is the best forum for this... I'll be traveling with my wife for a work conference in June to Ft. Lauderdale (Marriott Harbor Beach). She gets to go to seminars daily while I get to sit on the beach and drink and enjoy a free room. Hooray me! I've done just a tiny bit of research...
  62. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I was going to revive or reply to older posts on this subject (and thus not beat a very dead horse any further), but I thought I would start a new one to share how I prepare for fishing trips to Mexico (mainly Coronados), since there is widespread confusion and panic on this issue. Yes, most of...
  63. Baja Belk

    Navionics Cards ($75 rebate)

    I have two Raymarine Navionics cards (US Lakes and US Canada Gold). If anyone is looking to buy a new Navionics card, they are doing a $75 rebate if you trade in an old card. Make me an offer on one or both of these cards and use it as a trade in to save yourself some $$. - Mike PM or text -...
  64. Baja Belk

    What happened to Trokar?

    I noticed at Fred Hall that none of the tackle shops carried Trokar hooks, except for Turner's discount bargain bin. Are they phasing out of the saltwater market or did they piss off all the local shops somehow? I was a big fan of the short-shank light-wire TK7's for finesse flylining...
  65. Baja Belk

    San Diego Raymarine Repair

    Long shot, I know. I have two first-gen Raymarine Dragonfly units (5.5" screen) which are both dead. My original one (red harness nut on the back) simply died last year, out of the blue. Will not power up. I purchased what I thought was a direct replacement used on eBay (cracked screen), but...
  66. Baja Belk

    Daiwa Lexa 300 Winn

    LEXA-WN300HS-P (7.1 high speed power handle model with Winn grips) Less than a year old, perfect condition. Box, paperwork, everything. 65# braid with 40# fluoro topshot. Ready to fish. Retails for $199 without line. $160 firm. Located in San Diego Mike - 76O - 578 - 3044 Bajabelk @ Gmail
  67. Baja Belk

    Carbon Fiber Gaff

    Offshore Angler carbon fiber gaff, 6’, 2” hook. Less than 1 year old, near perfect condition. Retails for $145 new, asking $100 firm. Pickup in Clairemont (San Diego) or Santee only. Text, email, or PM Mike - 76O - 578 - 3O44 Bajabelk @ Gmail
  68. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta / Okuma rod combo

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 400 with box, paperwork, and reel tool. 8.5/10 cosmetically (very minimal boat rash), and 10/10 mechanically (recently serviced). Spooled with 30# Spiderline stealth braid. Rod: Okuma Shadowstalker swimbait rod, 7’ heavy. 15-30#. Practically new (used one...
  69. Baja Belk


    SOLD! Making room for Fred Hall (like everybody else it seems). I'm asking $200 for this entire lot of tackle. I will consider separating specific items or packages of items for $20 minimum (not going to arrange my schedule to meet up for $5 in hooks). Some of this stuff is nice/expensive...
  70. Baja Belk

    Boat Cover - 18-20'

    Need a new boat cover for my 18.5' center console (no t-top). These piece of crap Taylor Made covers from West Marine are good for 2 years max and then they completely disintegrate (even with a 5 year warranty). I need something better, thought I would browse here first to see if anybody has...
  71. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Seshion Success Video

    Quick little clip from my report yesterday. Sorry for the quality, my photographer was busy. - Belk (Also, music ain't great. I only have so many clips to work with on the GoPro Quik software, and I've used most of them already. Wouldn't have been my first choice)
  72. Baja Belk

    Offshore Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    Made plans to drop my kid off at preschool at 9, get out on the water by 10, skip bait, troll up a couple dodos on a big paddy NW of the islands in that fishy-looking zone, hand it off for a pass of bait, find a pod of porpoise right away, toss one of those baits for an instant YFT, maybe throw...
  73. Baja Belk

    Offshore Slaybor Day

    We all have that one friend. The guy who loves to fish, loves to eat fish, and always wants to go out on your boat, but is truly incompetent in every facet associated with fishing. It's always a cringeworthy proposition, taking him fishing, but you do it anyway, because, inexplicably, this guy...
  74. Baja Belk

    Fundraiser for My Sister - Win a Ride-A-Long at a Desert Race

    Hey guys, my family and I have been desert racing for over 17 years. We’ve won the Baja 1000 (twice), the Baja 500, Vegas to Reno, Parker 425, The Mint 400, NORRA 1000, and many more. We race a Class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug, arguably one of the most successful Baja Bugs ever. Well, things took a...
  75. Baja Belk

    Offshore Little Video from the Other Day

    Addendum to original post? Double post? Post-whore? Yikes, oh well. Here's a tidy one minute video of our kelp. Note them eating it off the transom in the second clip. Love when they do that. PS: Davo is staying with us (from Australia) while my sister (his girlfriend) recovers from her...
  76. Baja Belk

    Offshore From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    Been a tough go this year so far. Boat issues galore, and my crazy schedule has not allowed my very few fishing opportunities to line up with favorable biting conditions, which I guiltlessly blame for my moslty lackluster record thus far (Not all of us can afford to be El...
  77. Baja Belk

    Pelagic Shark Bite Polarized Glasses

    Just cleaning out and making room for more stuff. Purchased this year, worn twice. Just don't need another pair of glasses. Great shape, no scratches. $159 new. Asking $50. Pick up in Clairemont. Text me. 76O - 578 - 3O44
  78. Baja Belk

    Offshore A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Monday: Had to fix or replace pretty much everything important on my boat (washdown, bilge, VHF, trailer tires x 2, fishbox drain hose, fire extinguisher, etc.) with the exception of the GPS and the bait pump. Wednesday: Leave the dock, GPS and bait pump immediately die. Facepalm. The GPS was...
  79. Baja Belk

    Nados 6.26.18 - Windy Goats

    Rolled south on my buddy's boat with high expectations of yellowtail gleefully jumping into our boat at will, per the standard of the last week. Started at the lighthouse where I promptly turned a fly-lined 'dine in 60' of water into a 16lb godzilla goat. Go figure. Next up was a 4' log cuda on...
  80. Baja Belk

    Family Emergency - Need Piece Work - 200 ton

    My sister (this one: was in a serious accident while we were racing the NORRA 1000 in Baja last week. She is stable but will have a long road of recovery ahead of her and is looking at an extended stay here at UCSD...
  81. Baja Belk

    Wanted: '05-'06 Tundra Double Cab

    Lemon'd my new Chevy and I will have cash in hand momentarily. I know what I want, just need to find one: - 2005 or 2006 - Tundra Double Cab V8 - 4WD - Any trim, preferred Limited or TRD - Prefer less than 150k miles, but I will consider up to 190k if very well maintained with records - Clean...
  82. Baja Belk

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Follow up to a previous post.... My trailer was totaled via hit and run while parked on my street, and although we found the perpetrator who gave up her insurance information, her carrier (State Farm), only wants to give me their perceived actual market value of the trailer, which they say is...
  83. Baja Belk

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    So the back corner of my trailer got tagged by a hit and run on my cul-de-sac on the curb in front of my house. I obtained security footage from a neighbor (and fishing buddy), so we got the responsible party and am now working with the insurance carriers. The video is gnarly, I'll post it up...
  84. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday Sibling Slay Day

    I see my sister fairly often, and we have a very business casual relationship, but I suppose you could say we're close. Here's her navigating for me (translation: yelling at me to slow down) at the MINT 400 earlier this year: Well, she has a serious poke addiction, and I always get the riot...
  85. Baja Belk

    NADOS - Hammerheads and Other Shenanigans

    (Video shortcut for the reading or attention-span impaired) Had the opportunity this past Saturday to abdicate decision making and helm responsibilities for once and jump on my buddy Ben's new-to-him (and once Moses, sometime prior, I think) '87 Skipjack 24. He got a good deal, and it's a...
  86. Baja Belk

    A San Diego Bay Report (Sort of)

    So, not really a fishing report, since I was sailing (Rigworks' Summer's End Series), with naught a fishing rod to be found anywhere on the boat (damn). However, the amount of life in the bay was striking. High tide, 5:00 PM, water in the marina (Suncoast Marina, Harbor Island East) was as...
  87. Baja Belk

    Pelagic Fishing Boardshorts

    Ambush Tactical, size 36. Lightly used (clean but with some faint blood stains) Sharkskin, size 34. Worn maybe once in the pool. $15 each, or $20 for both. Located in Clairemont (home) or Santee (work). Mike - PM or text me 7 6 O - 5 7 8 - 3 O 4 4
  88. Baja Belk

    Offshore Sunday Funday - 8.13.17

    Photographs, observations, tips, tricks, and other musings from a day on the water yesterday. For your knowledge, I like to use punctuation and pseudo-proper grammar. Now that you've been warned... Shelter Island should be avoided on a weekend at all costs, until further notice. I recommend...
  89. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/9 - Wind Blows

    Went fishing Wednesday. Caught some fish. Threw a bunch back. Took a looooong boat ride home staring at 20 knots. Cleaned the boat. Went to bed. Info below; use it, abuse it, whatever. I'm a non-profit angler, I have no grounds to bitch about BD and the internet ruining my fishing grounds. The...
  90. Baja Belk

    Loreto in October?

    It's been 8 years since I've fished in Loreto. Many a good memory made there before we took a break after an incident with our plane and the airport. The grudge is lifted and we're ready to go back. I wasn't aware until just recently of the missing dorado and slow fishing these last few summers...
  91. Baja Belk

    Talica Rental?

    I called up Dana Landing to confirm that they were renting Talica's again, and I spoke with a lady who offered me a $10 "ocean rod". I politely implied that I thought we were not talking about the same type of rental, and she asked someone in the background and then got back to me with a "we...
  92. Baja Belk

    WTB - Looking For Gold Trini 16N BOX ONLY

    Random one here - I added to my mint gold Trini collection with a beautiful ebay 16Narrow, but it didn't come with a box/paperwork/tool. Anybody willing to part with their box and accessories if they are planning to keep their reel until the end of time? Long shot, but let me know. Willing to...
  93. Baja Belk

    WTB: SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    The big one. Decent shape. Let me know. Mike PM or Text 76O - 578 - 3O44
  94. Baja Belk

    Trini 16A

    ***EDIT*** Rod gone. Reel still available Rod: SOLD Reel: Shimano Trinidad 16A, NEW IN BOX! (one small scratch) I picked up this reel from a private party who took it with him on one long range trip but never pulled it out of his reel bag and never put line on it. That's it. There is one very...
  95. Baja Belk

    Offshore Popper in the Pooper

    Was pitching plugs near the pens and pricked a preemie in the pooper with a popper. And then we were walloped by wind waves the size of Winnebago's in our wee watercraft and were waylaid while working our way back home to our women. An August 14th fish report by Mike Belk. The End.
  96. Baja Belk

    What Happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    Where is Chris Dunn? I really enjoyed his weekly SoCal fishing weather report videos the last couple of seasons. His website seems like it hasn't been updated in awhile.
  97. Baja Belk

    Offshore Right off the Boardwalk - 7/14 PM

    Had time yesterday to run out for an afternoon run after work, launched Mission Bay about 1:30. Was planning to shoot out 10-20 miles NW but less than a mile from the jetty a whale-watching boat called out numbers for "bluefin everywhere". I looked at my GPS and figured it was a BS call since...
  98. Baja Belk

    Please Tell Me You Guys Saw This.... Good thing they weren't looking for swordfish....
  99. Baja Belk

    Offshore One Stop Shop - 6/25

    Was planning to enter the Shootout, and decided against it a week ago when the yellowtail fishing sucked. Go figure. Launched out of SD and beat the cluster at the ramp to the bait barge. The bait buffet had choices. We chose dines, but we were told as they were loading us up that the dines...
  100. Baja Belk

    Insurance for MX Waters

    Better late than never......I decided I should actually read my policy (up for renewal), and discovered I'm not covered in Mexican waters. Can't say I'm surprised, but I was not actually aware of this. Does any US insurance carrier cover Mexican waters? I'm going to ask my agent as well, but I...
  101. Baja Belk

    Berkley Off-shore Tackle Bag and Sumo Rod Mounts

    *EDIT* Crap, posted this in Boat Accessories. Meant to put it in General Fishing Crap. Oh well, sorry. Berkley off-shore bag. Very good condition, except zippers are a little sticky. Needs some WD-40, but I have not put any effort into it. Should be able to fix with a little TLC. Good deal for...
  102. Baja Belk

    Bimini Top

    Great condition, like new. Was on my boat when purchased, I immediately took it off and put it into indoor storage. Boat was stored indoors before I purchased it. Includes all mounting hardware. Unknown which brand it is. 7' wide at base. Zipper functions perfectly. EDIT - NEW PRICE - $100...
  103. Baja Belk

    Minn Kota Riptide RT65/AP Trolling Motor with Co-Pilot For Sale

    Minn Kota Riptide RT65/AP 24 volt Saltwater Trolling Motor with Co-Pilot 65 lbs thrust 55"-60" shaft (not sure how this is measured - it's 55" from top to center of prop, or 60" from top to bottom of skeg Co-Pilot feature with 2 remote controls, includes 2 wrist lanyards and 2 mounting...
  104. Baja Belk

    Is this a Decent Bino? I know 7 x 50 is preferred (for those who can't afford a second mortgage for gyro's), but this seems like a good deal on good binos. Thoughts?
  105. Baja Belk

    Offshore Blood Moon Bait Blues

    Feverishly checking the EB bait updates every 5 minutes or so all week, like a crackhead during an opium shortage, I laid my head down to rest Saturday night with the last update burned into my head: "NO BAIT IN SAN DIEGO. CHOVIE AND SMALL DINES IN MISSION BAY." Phew. Launching at Mission is out...
  106. Baja Belk

    Offshore Bananas, Bozos, and Broken Vows

    Late report, been a busy week. Backstory: My regular crew is pretty small, so more often than not I go out with one regular and one guest. And more often than not, that guest is an enthusiast, but not exactly a purist. I’m far from good enough to call my little skiff a charter operation…..more...
  107. Baja Belk

    MX Fishing / Passport Question

    I always have all the proper and necessary documentation, but I will be taking a newbie friend this weekend who is a Mexican National, dual citizenship, but he does not have a passport. He will have his MX fishing license. How does that work with the MX Navy if we get checked?
  108. Baja Belk

    Gonna Need a Bigger.....Prius?

    Anybody see this? I apologize profusely if it's a double post, but I didn't see it anywhere else. The news report is one giant facepalm ("Kyle Chang, sailfish hunter").......
  109. Baja Belk

    Offshore Afternoon Delight - Pt. Loma / 9 Mile

    Had an opportunity to borrow a slip at Harbor Island for a couple weeks so I put the boat in after work around 4 PM. Decided to grab a happy-hour half-scoop of bait from EB and poke around offshore before slipping the boat. Literally grabbed a few poles and some pliers and threw them in the...
  110. Baja Belk

    Offshore Solo Venture - 7/11

    Decide to run Han Solo on Saturday, 7/11. Launched at Shelter at 3:30, just barely beat the zoo at the bait barge. Loaded up on great 'dines (finally) and tried to make some macs to no avail. Got to the Middle Grounds right at sunrise, and got picked immediately on the flyline for 3 Bonita...
  111. Baja Belk

    Offshore Better Lucky than Good?

    Fished Saturday 6/13, all day long for nothing, nada, not even a sniff. Called it at 3:00, threw in the towel, buttoned up the boat to head home when I just so happened to notice the meter was lit up like Christmas. Grabbed the yo-yo rod, dropped down to 75', crank, crank, flutter....BAM. BFT...
  112. Baja Belk

    Penn 535 Graphite on 8' Custom Coastal Classic - Rod and Reel FS

    BUMP FOR LOWER PRICE Reel: Penn 535 Graphite High Speed 6:1 Capacity: 400 yds of 15 mono (would guess about 350-400 yds of 50 lb braid) 4 ball bearings Purchased last year from a private seller, was either never used or only used once. Was in box in great condition. I have not taken the reel...
  113. Baja Belk

    Fred Hall Fire Sale - Rods and Reels and Tackle Boxes

    Off-loading junk that's been lying around for too long so I can make some cash to spend on more junk :) Located in central San Diego - Jigmaster 500 (needs service - drag started to slip last outing) - $20 - Martin fly rod combo with fly line - $20 - Fenwick Pacificstik 7' ML 12-30lb (a...
  114. Baja Belk

    Shimano 8'0" Terramar West Coast Jig Rods For Sale (Three)

    EDIT: All rods sold!!! EDITED - I would like to trade my 3 Terramar's for similar models with reel seats (purely preference). Probably going to be looking for Phenix or Maikaira replacements at Fred Hall, but I would need to offload my Terramar's in order to fund new replacements. They are...
  115. Baja Belk

    NZ Fishing Recommendations Jan 2015

    Finally getting to visit the birthplace of my grandmother with my family. We'll be all over but have an opportunity for a guided trout day for myself, my dad, and my buddy near Rotorua. Seeing as we are all experienced fisherman but novices with the fly rod, I'm inquiring several guides about a...
  116. Baja Belk

    Offshore The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    What a great summer it was. As is always the case, I couldn't fish as much as I wanted, but I was blessed with the opportunities I did have to take the little boat out, as well as jump on an epic 1.5 day on the Voyager with my company to end the year on a high note. The boat is parked and tucked...
  117. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/5 - Swan Song - The Dorado Chapter

    Amazing how fine the line is between total defeat and sweet victory. Without a working GPS, we used the compass and a cornucopia of iPhone apps to get to numbers provided to me yesterday from a buddy. Fog was absolutely brutal today offshore. Visibility was maybe 50' at times. At one point we...
  118. Baja Belk

    Budget Leader Material

    Anybody use P-line Floroclear or CX as a leader material in the 20-30 lb range (tuna fishing)? Not a true fluorocarbon but both seem to have similar abrasion-resistance and low-visibility factors without breaking the bank. Sorry but I just can't justify spending $30+ for only 25 yards of some...
  119. Baja Belk

    Offshore 9/21 - We Were Due

    .......for a dud. Lots of good trips this summer, but not yesterday. Lost a GoPro chip, broke my GPS, threw a trailer bearing, fished all day for crap, super rough ride home, Niners lost (wtf guys), Seahawks won. What a terrible Sunday. Guess I'll just post a mediocre underwater video of a...
  120. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/23 - Holy Mackerel

    Launched Shelter at 3:15, bait barge by 3:30, sat for 45 minutes while the bait boat unloaded. No more sardines = "house-cat-sized" mackerel only. Fished just west of the 226, northwest of the 302 swap meet. Got an early strike on the purple Rapala, and the mini-cedar plug got hit while winding...
  121. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8.16 - Rough Day but We Scratched it Out

    Up at 2:30, at the bait barge before 3:45 (just in time), paid for a full scoop and got 4 small passes of terrible sardines - same number of passes as my half scoop 2 weeks ago. ???? Got organized and made my chunk bucket while waiting for my sister and her boyfriend whom I picked up at 05:00...
  122. Baja Belk

    GoPro Accessories

    I've got a bunch of GoPro stuff listed on eBay but I am willing to take down eBay listing and sell locally if interested: - GoPro accessory bundle for Hero 3 and 3+ - GoPro Dual Hero system (for 3D or simultaneous video/photo): - GoPro Dive housing (beefier version of regular housing - good...
  123. Baja Belk

    Hammerhead Sasquatch?

    How is it that every other fishing report lately mentions hammerheads everywhere, and yet nobody has managed to post a picture or video of one? You take 34 pictures of your limits of 2 lb yellowtail but no photos of the 10' freaking hammerhead shark that bit off your bluefin tuna at the gaff...
  124. Baja Belk

    Offshore 8/2 - Why Me?

    Don't get me wrong, we had a good day on the water - I caught 3 species (YFT, YT, Dodo), including my first local dodo and first on the new boat. But we had a frustrating day on tuna and I'm pretty sure we managed the impressive feat of being the only guys NOT to limit out on YFT that day...
  125. Baja Belk

    Offshore 7/27 - Say No to Combat Fishing

    FINALLY had time to fish this weekend (first since May). Reports have been killing me. Took the step-father-in-law John and first mate Peter. We were a Matthew, Mark, and Luke short of the first supper. John doesn't swim - wore the PFD and he was happy. Up at 02:30 and at Shelter at 03:30 to...
  126. Baja Belk

    Gunwale Rod Storage

    My 18.5' Striper CC has 2 gunwale rod storage ports per side (port/starboard), but it seems very tight. I can't seem to fit anything over 6' (all my rods are over 6') without the tip getting stuck in floatation foam, and then not wanting to come out. I'm trying to come up with ideas on enabling...
  127. Baja Belk

    MPG and RPM on an 18.5 Striper - F115

    2003 Striper 1805 CC with an F115. I've had this boat for a little over a year, and without a Floscan or working Trip Meter, I've estimated my mileage at about 3.5. Huge improvement over my old 24' Proline with a 225 that got about 1.5 mpg. My only concern is that I think I can get much better...
  128. Baja Belk

    Nados - 5/30 - Agony and Ecstasy

    The agony: Grenaded a reel on my second cast, lost my jig. Caught a few 'cuda. Stopped the boat to drift, motor wouldn't fire back up. Shut everything down, poke around, motor fires up, forget to flip switches back on, all bait dies. Doh. Find the fish, hook a yellow, jig pulls out. Hook...
  129. Baja Belk

    Islands Intel MIA

    Boards are really quiet on Nado's reports lately...........Mexican Navy secretly sinking private boaters without visa??? Sea lions stealing everybody's fish??? Mass exodus to drink the Fishdope koolaid instead?? Hot Opah bite off Oceanside pulling everybody away??? Heading that way Friday 30th...
  130. Baja Belk

    Throttle Slippage - Yamaha F115

    While at pretty much any RPM on plane, my throttle tends to slowly slip backwards dropping the RPMs. I have to manually hold the throttle lever in place pretty much at all times to keep my RPMs. This gets pretty tiring on long sloppy trips back. I know there is adjustment at the motor and at the...
  131. Baja Belk

    Offshore Tuna Pens GoPro Video

    This is a late supplement to my original post for our overnight trip on the Seeker on 10/5:! If this makes me guilty of double should probably sue me. Video is...
  132. Baja Belk

    Offshore 10/6 Overnight Charter on the Seeker - Great Trip!

    Fished an overnight charter with my company on the Seeker on Sunday at the pens - weather was perfect, crew was great (gasp!), food was good, fishing was completely satisfactory - 36 BFT and a skipjack for 16 guys, mostly newbs - who were all stoked with whatever fish they caught. With all the...
  133. Baja Belk

    Offshore Close to Home Bluefin and a Surprise - 9/21

    My parents are involved in a cousin's bridal boutique charity whose proceeds go to breast cancer research. This is the second year they have auctioned off a trip on my boat. My cousin's uncle was actually the one who won the trip and brought along his two sons for their first saltwater trip. It...
  134. Baja Belk

    Saturday Nados - Half Lucky

    Awesome weather, cruised down on glass at 22 knots. Just passing the north side of S. Island a lone cuda jumps straight out of the water right off our bow. I throttle down and toss out an iron into no-man's land, and almost instantly hook up with a slimer. Big school with cuda swimming around...
  135. Baja Belk

    Cuyamaca Photo Album - Trophy Trout 2013

    Not much of a fish report. Fishing was very slow all around (from my observations and talking with many people). I saw one boat have a good flurry on mini jigs, my buddy managed 1 4lber and 2 dinks, and I only got one, which matches my worst day there ever. I did have a good time on the new...
  136. Baja Belk

    Nados - First Blood on the PG2 - No jello, jumbo checkers

    Was sad to see the Puro Grande go but it was time to downsize, and I've been dying to get the Puro Grande Dos rigged up and in the water. Usual insanity at the bait barge at 6:15. Ride out was bumpy at 16 kts but overall not too bad. Started slow trolling around the middle...
  137. Baja Belk

    Furuno GP1850WF w/Airmar P66 Transducer

    For sale here, thought perusers of this folder may be interested:
  138. Baja Belk

    Furuno GP1850WF w/Airmar P66 Transducer

    SOLD!! Just pulled this unit off my new-to-me 2003 Seaswirl. Boat was immaculately maintained by previous and only owner. Unit appears to be in excellent shape. The unit powers up but I never had the boat in the water before having the unit removed to install something newer. Includes: -...
  139. Baja Belk

    2005 Pro-Line 24' Sport CC w/F225 FOR SALE

    ***EDIT - LOWER PRICE - SOLD!! Ok, here it is. I have been unsuccessful in trading down to a smaller boat, which is still the end-goal, but in the meantime the boat is actively for sale. I have a few little ticky-tack pieces to replace and a final professional detail to perform prior to handing...
  140. Baja Belk

    Would you take this boat to Coronados? Can't find dead-rise...
  141. Baja Belk

    Downgrade Feeler - 24' CC for 18' CC - Trade

    Not in a position right now to put her up for sale but in the near future I'm hoping to trade down to a more practical (for me) bay boat. This is what I've got: 2005 Pro-line 24' CC Sport w/ Yamaha 225 4-stroke This is what I want (or close to it): I need to do my comps...
  142. Baja Belk

    Yellowfin slow in moving up?

    We've had dorado for well over a month now, all the way up to LA. Water's warm, no cold-water finger coming out of Ensenada, lots of tuna south....shouldn't they be closer than they are by now? Just a thought.
  143. Baja Belk

    Offshore Late Report - 8/4 Nature Cruise

    Short: Missed a monster marlin, almost ran over Elvis, flying sardines, paddy party, mucha gasolina. Long: Took out a group of guys for a charity auction trip that my parent's sold. Really wanted to get them on some good fish. Skipped the islands in the morning due to the drama and headed...
  144. Baja Belk

    302 - MX license required, no visa?

    Just to clarify, fishing the 302 area would require a MX license but is far enough out to not require the FFM visa? What about 425? Rather be safe than sorry, thanks!
  145. Baja Belk

    Small Reel - Big Butt

    Fishing for spotties with my new hand-made heads and a Stradic 1000ML with 5lb micro-braid and of course I hook a new PB halibut. Took a while to get her up with a trout pole. Just under 30".... Rest of the day:
  146. Baja Belk

    To everyone who stayed home and slept in on Saturday...

    ....this is what you missed: Can't say we didn't try. We did the long soak, we yo'yo'd, we threw the surface iron, we trolled Rapala's, fly-line, dropper loop, middle grounds, South Kelp, boiler rocks, the Lee.....we gave it everything we got, but the weather...
  147. Baja Belk

    Gaff Cam

    Though larger fish were in mind, sometimes you just gotta STICK something...
  148. Baja Belk

    Offshore What's up with all the seiners?

    I've only been regularly following reports for a few years now, but I don't ever remember hearing so much grumbling about seiners. Has there been an increase in the number of them operating around here this year? Are they local or foreign? What are their regulations? Do they actually impact the...
  149. Baja Belk

    Where to get chum bucket (shark fishing)?

    Where can I get a pre-prepped off the shelf chum bucket in the San Diego area? Squidco? Angler's Choice? West Marine?
  150. Baja Belk

    La Jolla 6/25

    Took my brother-in-law who was visiting from Reno and his buddy out for a few hours in the afternoon. Caught one on my second cast and ended up leaving fish to find fish which was a mistake, but I did stick a nice one at our second stop. I ended up with 6 or 7, my brother in law got one...
  151. Baja Belk

    MS Challenge Walk 2011

    Last year, 3 weeks before my wedding, I was at the Del Mar Fair with my beautiful bride-to-be when my legs started feeling pretty sore. I thought it was merely a result of all the walking around we had done, and wrote it off. Three days later, on Monday, my legs and lower back hurt so bad I...
  152. Baja Belk

    Late La Jolla Report - Hungry Calicos

    Late report from Saturday. Lots of bait in the water, but then again, everyone's already told you that. They were biting the skirt:
  153. Baja Belk

    Boat wash down areas - SD bay?

    I've got a fresh coat of Petit Protect anti-fouling on the hull on my dad's Proline 24', but my trim tabs and misc. hardware around the transom are growing quite the ecosystem on them. I'm looking for somewhere with a pressure washer that A) I can fit the boat in or under, and B) is near an SD...
  154. Baja Belk

    Trim sticking?

    24' Proline CC ('04 or '05, something like that) I went to trim down the Yamaha 225 4-stroke the other day and the motor didn't budge. The hydraulics were whining like normal, but no movement. (Trim support strut was not down) I ended up cracking the manual release screw open and the motor...
  155. Baja Belk

    SD Bay Lately (A Pictoral Report)

    And a couple bat ray clips: <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed...
  156. Baja Belk

    Looking for Kenai River Guide, May

    Gonna be back in the AK May 6-13 for a wedding, and we'll be staying in Kenai so I'm hoping to get away for a day and get myself a King. Any suggestions?
  157. Baja Belk

    Random Landscapes

    Alaska, San Diego, Loreto, Fishing, Sailing, etc And Cuyamaca:
  158. Baja Belk

    Yes, the sand bass were biting!

    Calicos, sandies, whatever, maybe they're all biting: SD Bay, 3.28 Water temp 59.3-60.3 Coast Guard is checking vessels for PFDs, fire extinguishers, flares, etc. They'll print out a receipt for you if you pass so you can show it to the next guys and not have your time wasted...
  159. Baja Belk

    Mantis Shrimp Mayhem

    Maiden voyage of the newish boat, and we pull up this monster: Wow, there's an early check off the fishing bucket list (not on my line, but I'll count it). Also bagged a few nice spots and sandies that day and the next morning:
  160. Baja Belk

    Fishin' and Racin' - Loreto, Baja

    Got a call from my race partner about a month back regarding the upcoming Baja 1000. Said we’re going to Loreto a few days early before the big race to prerun and eventually wait for the race to come to us (starts in Ensenada). Typically we prerun our respective legs a couple weekends prior...
  161. Baja Belk

    Places to fish around Denver?

    Going to Denver for a wedding next weekend, I have a day to myself while the girls are partying - would like to go fishing somewhere near Denver. Trout, bass, pike, whatever. I'm looking at the CO Division of Wildlife fishing reports but it's hard to tell where the specific bodies of water are...
  162. Baja Belk

    Redondo Beach Bull Shark???

    Tell me this is a typo: Redondo Special 1/2 Day AM 22 18 Rockfish, 1 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Bull Shark Redondo Sportfishing - Redondo Beach, CA
  163. Baja Belk

    Offshore Daiwa Pacific 1.5 Day 7/13

    Rough rough ride out on Monday night, a couple guys got ejected from their bunks, not much sleep for anyone. Got up for first lines out at 5 AM, weather was much better when we woke up. Kept heading west to find better water, found blue water and a few stopped boats at about 8-8:30. I had been...
  164. Baja Belk

    Any 1 day Reports?

    I've got a 1 day on the Daiwa Pacific next week, but I'm starting to get nervous and wish I had done a 1.5 day based on reports. The 1.5'ers are killing um and I don't see any reports for 1 days. Anybody?
  165. Baja Belk

    Camping/Fishing Santa Ana River @ Big Bear?

    Anyone know if there are any camp spots ON the river, or just nearby? I'm heading up that way this week and would love to camp out on the water but don't know of any spots. For fishing I hear small spinners or salmon eggs? Sound about right?
  166. Baja Belk

    Line Recommendation for Tuna Trip

    So I'm chartered for an overnight trip this July. I have some standard tuna rigs I'm bringing, but I'd like to bring my lightweight rig too. I've got a Torium 14 on a 8'0" Medium Terramar spooled with 15lb mono, mostly for schoolie dorado in Loreto. Obviously 250ish yards of 15lb mono isn't...
  167. Baja Belk

    1.5 Day Recommendation for 18 people in July

    Any charter recommendations for about 12-20 guys for an overnight trip in July? Just based on price and capacity I'm looking at: Coral Sea, Jig Strike, Relentless, Orion, Voyager, Pac. Voyager, Indian, and Daiwa Pacific. At least half the guys will need to rent tackle. Thanks!
  168. Baja Belk

    The Legend of the Lucky Lure - A Tragedy

    One cast - two fish, a topwater surprise, and the one that got away. A fish tale. So I go to Indio every year for the Stagecoach country music festival. Not that I enjoy country music, in fact it's my least favorite. Instead I escort from San Diego my fiance and her posse who go to the...
  169. Baja Belk

    San Diego SNOW Fishing!!

    Yup. I was THAT guy today. Shot of the day: Was expecting the possibility of snow but not 5-8 inches of fresh powder and snowplow conditions on the 79. I was in 4wd and still sliding all over the place. Even had to stop and help a guy that spun off the road. Totally worth it though when...
  170. Baja Belk

    Little Su King Run?

    I'm gonna be up at a buddy's place on the Little Susitna River sometime between the dates of June 25th and July 7th. Anyone know when the kings run on that river? Or any other fishing info there? I'm still waiting to hear back from him on the exact location of the house, since that might help...
  171. Baja Belk

    Shore Fishing Lake Mead?

    I've got a day to kill this Saturday near Vegas and since I would rather give my money to the DFG than the casino's I'm gonna try my luck shore fishing either at Mead or Willow Beach. Any hot spots/tips/suggestions? I've never fished this area so I'm relying basically on forums and GoogleEarth...
  172. Baja Belk

    DVL Shore Fishing 9/1

    Better late then never.... Was working in Hemet about a month ago and I got off early so I decided to try some shore fishing. My only previous experience at Diamond Valley was an epic bust - 1 boat, 4 guys, 11 hours - 0 fish. Well, ok, two of these: Needless to say the last trip left a sour...