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  1. Team Sency

    I dare you to crash this cat’s bait stop…

    Did someone make a request for a Grady??
  2. Team Sency

    Awesome Halibut day today!

    Ennnnnnumscratch!!!!!! Mike!!! You killed it in Mexi and I bet on sturgeon!!!!……you needed a mild set back just to give you perspective you killer you!!!! My team of ninjas are due for Tapps!!
  3. Team Sency

    Precision machine work?

    Before the shoulder damage I suffered from years in the league….I had a bit of a cannon. Opening day of deer season my buddy’s missed three deer in the morning and I gave them a hard time that I could do better. Well part luck and part because I could throw pure fire I took a 4 point down with...
  4. Team Sency

    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    It's a hospital sterile clean Grady you meany! You used to be one of us!!
  5. Team Sency

    Operation Overlord

    Wow!!!! And how for granted our society takes things today! I have two young boys and my biggest fears have been them getting hurt in baseball. The incredible world and life our veterans were responsible for! Thanks will never be enough. I'm sure doesn't even come close to real...
  6. Team Sency

    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    Haha!!! Love it! Steve you anti gull poo supporter you! Hmmm.......lay your hard earned and high cost catch in poo or to not lay in poo?? I tend to agree with avoiding poo if at all possible??
  7. Team Sency

    New Trailer

    Shirley.... You nailed it regardless of warranty, regardless of how new trailer is.... Have a box of all the shit to at least replace one entire hub set up. I learned the hard way and was actually not that rough because I got lucky that Cain's open on a Sunday and had everything I needed...
  8. Team Sency

    Garmin 160S Fishfinder

    By chance does it come with a transfucer?
  9. Team Sency

    Halibut rod for electric reels

    Thrasher 7’6” MH. Double duty as Hali/Tuna bait stick.
  10. Team Sency

    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    Those La Push guys!!!!! Us Neah guys are setting it right!
  11. Team Sency

    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    That’s a no brainer Willis!
  12. Team Sency

    Making CQ Great Again....Hali Style....

    Any of you filthy animals going to be out there this weekend? The Juice will be in attendance and Jeff aka FishPimp is going to put the first Hali's on The RedHeaded TV Blaster!! Fish on!
  13. Team Sency

    Stay tuned...

    The GoatFather has spoken!!
  14. Team Sency

    Tanacom Recommendation

    I use 30# and 8’/9’ rods. I can get deeper with less lead. We use two 500’s and 3 750’s and seem to be same motor. 80# I would go 750.
  15. Team Sency

    Tanacom Recommendation

    I prefer the 500 but I don’t use rope for line or cue sticks for rods so the 750 is the preferred weapon.
  16. Team Sency

    Freshwater Bloody docks 2021

    Baseball has taken over!!! Hate missing the trout opener! They did win the tournament and the boys got sum evening fishing in...
  17. Team Sency

    Old new

    Its an Evil plan to drive me to Facebook! Everyone is oh facebook is where it is at for fishing now...Facebook this facebook that?! And BD is dead?!
  18. Team Sency

    Short Fckr Checking in

    Todd!!!!! What the heck man!!! How have you been? Add pics of some of the East Coast fish you have crushed!!?? Hope you have been great!
  19. Team Sency

    Saltwater Making CQ Great Again!!

    Best buds doing what we love...
  20. Team Sency

    Stereo head unit recommendation?

    Have a picture of your dash Matt?
  21. Team Sency

    Lookiong for info on Sage B390GSH Rod

    Hey Bob! Anything could be clipped into a downrigger clip. I don't think it would make a good rigger rod however at 9' and stiffer butt section. Nice steelhead stick however or diver rod out the rear?
  22. Team Sency

    Stereo head unit recommendation?

    The small Fusion units are tough to beat. The JL Audio head unit is small and a great unit also. Wet Sounds makes some good self powered speakers that use bluetooth. Anymore I just use my phone as the source, so you could nix a head unit all together?
  23. Team Sency

    Knotty Pine for sale

    Tommy??? He moved on to Facebook Super your active BD 2live crew!
  24. Team Sency

    Saltwater Area 5 blackmouth opener

    We are there...
  25. Team Sency

    Knotty Pine for sale

    Then a slight sniff of COVID and Insley shuts you down for who knows how long.....owning a bar/restaurant is risky enough...but in this state during these times???
  26. Team Sency

    Sekiu tomorrow/Saturday?

    Team PimpJuice appreciates your passion for fishing and the little boat that could.....and no doubt will have some seats open for you this year while awaiting new ride...
  27. Team Sency

    Saltwater Razor clam digging on the long Beach Peninsula - big delay

    Hmmm.....I bet if I dig on a closed day I get in substantially more trouble than a BLM protester Randy Johnsoning bricks through multiple small businesses windows?!?!
  28. Team Sency

    Sekiu tomorrow/Saturday?

    I forget did you sell your boat? It would be a CQ killer!!!!
  29. Team Sency

    Saltwater Anything to catch in Area 13 this time of year?

    For a governor who runs on saving the environment.....sure makes us burn a ton of fuel to travel to places that give us half a chance to get a tug on the line.
  30. Team Sency

    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    Yeah seeing that option #3 makes my heart sink?! I get that many fish to fill the freezer.....I love eating fresh catch as much as anyone...but I want OPPORUNITY for adventures more than anything and feeling a King rip line is about as good of music my heart can ever hear. If one King...
  31. Team Sency

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    Don’t hate the playa....2Pat don’t F around!!!!!
  32. Team Sency

    Trailer Bunks PT or Non Treated

    The G$ has spoken!!!!
  33. Team Sency

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    I should have! Will make sure not already given away.
  34. Team Sency

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    I am 6' of pure thundering power!!!!! E's kids will be taller than me by 12!!!
  35. Team Sency

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    Soon I can use your 10 year old’s hand me downs for myself!!!
  36. Team Sency

    9 and 11 year old rain gear sitting around??

    I keep asking my two ninja's to stop growing!!! My wife hates thought of me getting new Grundens for them since they will just out grow it in a blink of an eye. Anyone have kids rain gear sitting in closet I can purchase? Gracias!
  37. Team Sency

    Build It !

    If ever there was a build that could make me question my Clorox Bottle allegiance!!!! This might be a new goal to work towards!
  38. Team Sency

    Trailer Bunks PT or Non Treated

    I redid my bunks on my old trailer. I was told by a few pros to go Doug Fir non treated. I did 4x8's and then put bunk slick cover over them that Happy Days sells. Tried to load picture but BD saying to big?? Anyways, worked great and looks clean.
  39. Team Sency

    Triple Axle Trailer Advice

    I am stoked on my Tuff and supporting local!!!....that MYCO does look next level! next level!!!!
  40. Team Sency

    Fence builders?

    Thanks fellas! I like the West Seattle’s pipe to wood design. All my wood posts are rotted in the cement and makes for a bigger effort/job to replace.
  41. Team Sency

    Fence builders?

    So the last serious winds big bad wolfed our fence that was due to be replaced. Any of you own a fence company or have a good buddy recommendation? Have Rainier Fence quoting. Want a quality and good looking design. Don’t hardly see it, but wouldn’t one with metal posts be better?
  42. Team Sency

    Triple Axle Trailer Advice

    I was told a few weeks ago that my Tuff trailer would be delayed due to Covid shut down of the factory. Would most likely be April when I would see my trailer. Well Beth just called me and said all done! I'm just going with a baby tandem 10k# trailer, went 16" tires and spinners, EOH, they...
  43. Team Sency

    2002 16' Hyde Driftboat

    What does it matter??? It will sell for what it sells for?? To YOU it is $3500(which he would probably take) but my guess is that you are not going to offer him anything so why say shit? I had my trailer for sale for $5k....a dude like you chimes in that no way worth that. I message him...
  44. Team Sency

    Too much ?

    You don’t have a Grady anymore.....I’m crashing the fuck out of that shit!!!!!
  45. Team Sency

    Hope for salmon & Steelhead

    Can they hire the co managers that run the Quinault systems to implement their programs state wide?? Anyone tight with Jeff Besos?? Wholefoods advertises they offer the best salmon....can we get his help in funding programs that rock it for Shamo and also load his stores up with a bounty of...
  46. Team Sency

    Build It !

    Fox for the win!!!! She is looking great and I can’t wait for March screaming Abel’s!
  47. Team Sency

    Which transducer for my Axiom Pro?

    Dany....I will let the pros on the through hull speak up... but I like your combo idea with the RV. The side scan and all the goodies it does will compliment your main 1k well. Congrats on the new toys!
  48. Team Sency

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    Tom.... After dipping trailer in salt they have this thing called freshwater to rinse the trailer off with....replace these parts and going forward give fresh h2o a whirl after each dip.
  49. Team Sency

    Slick Bunks

    I had Surfix and they worked great, but need to through bolt the screws so don’t come up and bite your haul. Happy Days got me his bunk slick covers that have screws attach from the side. Work well but with being black I can see gel coat residue and that bothers me. New trailer being...
  50. Team Sency

    Float On Boat Trailer

    Bumpers! New trailer ordered.
  51. Team Sency

    WTB trailer for 25' Farallon

    I have a 8850# Float On trailer for sale on Wa Classifieds that might be solid long term option.
  52. Team Sency

    School me on travel trailers

    Says $2500 and looks mint!!!
  53. Team Sency

    Float On Boat Trailer

    Float On 8850# Tandem Axle Aluminum Trailer for sale. Electric/hydraulic brakes. One Season on new Wood/Covered Slicks. All new bearing/races and repacked. Guessing 22’-26’ boat length suited. Thanks Fellas!....$5,000 obo. Chris
  54. Team Sency

    Happy Tanacom Tuesday!

    How often do you recommend your love??? We get a few days each year and mine(and my buddies) have three seasons on our batch. Feedback is you do a great job!
  55. Team Sency

    Winter boat projects...

    Farallon considerations after I get to fish on yours next year!!!
  56. Team Sency

    Winter boat projects...

    Jesus! What a slacker! All I nailed on that list was new down rigger and the cutting table!!!
  57. Team Sency


    I slow pitched this summer......... Fun as all fuck!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous rod!!! Great work Mr Champion!!
  58. Team Sency

    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    One of my long time fishing buddies...some know him from fishing with us...Ford Steve..... He, my pops, and I were fishing for Kings in Westport. Steve is an avid hunter/fisher and my dad asked why Steve has never had an interest in getting his own boat... Steve shared that he was lucky in...
  59. Team Sency

    Build It !

    I asked Roger for better pics but you can get the gist of it...Uglybayliner made the portable rack which is killer! Twin 200 Yami’s on the Bella Russian... plenty of pop and fuel economy destroys the JuiceBox.
  60. Team Sency

    Build It !

    Very cool! I really like how Roger has his bait tank in the middle of the stern(28 x 9’6” Crozier) leaving nice open deck. Tuna time he has a two big kill bag rack with several rod holders that doesn’t budge. 28’ is big as I ever want to excited to see this build. Trick & Trick...
  61. Team Sency

    Yeti 20 Roadie

    Sold to Benjamin to help fend off ice melt!
  62. Team Sency

    Yeti 20 Roadie

    Black in Renton.
  63. Team Sency

    Yeti 20 Roadie

    Yeti 20 Roadie in new condition. $125. Boom!!!
  64. Team Sency

    Tuna 10/3?

    Jigga Whaaaaat?!?!!?!!??!!?
  65. Team Sency

    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    Our bait was was hard as metal and heavy and we needed to bomb it out into big ol blue only to have the mean ol tuna to scratch up the bait job!! Jiggga Whaaaaat?!?!!!??
  66. Team Sency

    Westport last night

    Great pic Vance!! Great visiting and seeing everyone! Was a super fun weekend!
  67. Team Sency

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Super fun video Pixter!! Was the red boat and others not helping a brother out??? Didn’t look like they were trying to help give you space. Thanks for sharing!
  68. Team Sency

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Long time Nick! Here is Kmad and my lil killer with a double off Skunk....
  69. Team Sency

    Electric Hunting Bike Rental

    Holy gentle and a sweetheart of a Greg!!! If I can’t give DMax sum shit my life ain’t worth livin!!! Lol.
  70. Team Sency

    Electric Hunting Bike Rental

    Lazy ol fart!!!! Mr Miagi would be so disappointed in you!!!!!!
  71. Team Sency

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    Problem is they are not 8’ tall like your twin powers!!!!
  72. Team Sency

    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    Hey fellas, Live in black diamond and have few things boat wise need done. Anyone recommend trailer bearing inspection repacking place(I have used folks on maple valley highway and they were just ok). Anyone mobile? Anyone good at doing themselves and want side job? My metal fender...
  73. Team Sency

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    All I know has seemed weird with L2 not being a boat owner!! He was having a blast being a ho on Slapshot, but once a captain always a captain. Jeff(FishPimp) was a great firstmate, but knew he was meant to have his own boat back under him. Congrats L2! Can't wait to watch you snap a jig off...
  74. Team Sency

    Custom Fish Thumper

    One for me please!!
  75. Team Sency

    Yamaha temp

    My old and new Yami’s heat and hold to the middle.... The question is....did that motor move up a notch out of the norm???
  76. Team Sency

    Etiquette of selling a boat

    You are good people Kim. You have a sale to close and gave the first fella a shot and is all you can ask for. I remember selling the first JuiceBox.....this one guy is all over it, but also telling me what a rip off my price was(I always start high and work the price down and certainly will...
  77. Team Sency

    Beautiful morning turned in awesome weekend

    Holy Hallmark Moment!!!! Jesus go kill something already Larry2!!!!!! Nice King Carrie!
  78. Team Sency

    Long shot Grady Gel Coat repair kit

    Its not the vintage, but I can't tell after the repair. Although taking a long time to completely harden so that I can wetsand.
  79. Team Sency

    Long shot Grady Gel Coat repair kit

    You know Fisheries is not bad... But the value at Thrasher can’t be beat!!! A free matching repair kit plus they throw in a Thrasher Gaff!!
  80. Team Sency

    Long shot Grady Gel Coat repair kit

    Anyone have a repair kit by chance ?? I can get one Tuesday at Jacobsens but would like to knock out way before then! Fish on fockers!!!!
  81. Team Sency

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Awesome!!! Will not have missed a thing and have this destroyer for Operation Get To Finally Fucking FISH! Congrats Jay!
  82. Team Sency

    Sekiu halibut opening

    Cooooooooome on you straight up savage killers!!!!!!!!!! Lets see the first 2020 COVID FREEDOM HALIBUT picture!!!!
  83. Team Sency

    Gotta do it
  84. Team Sency

    Gotta do it

    I teared up when sold my first boat.... 16.5 Campion Explorer with 115hp Zuk 4stroke. Many adventures!!! There is something special about the little boat that could even though went to my first Grady.
  85. Team Sency

    Building a couple albacore rods

    Chuck!!! Don’t vigilante my ass if steer you wrong!! For dual purpose I like the Trasher 7’6” MH...... killer bait stick and I actually use it to crush Hali’s along with lings. I have the 7’ and I use it when need to Roland Martin the tuna in and fun hali stick. I use 9 guides plus tip top...
  86. Team Sency

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020

    This argument needs to be put to rest once and for fuck all!!!! NOTHING in the FUCK has been proven fishing is a mass COVID spreading machine!!! Even Ben who knows 3 deaths from this still goes fishing??? Give us some dates and L2 is dead it up and those that have the craft to...
  87. Team Sency

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I blew it!!!! I saw the new poppa chime in and couldn't resist!!!!
  88. Team Sency

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    The fallout and bummer of all this not only hurts small and all business, along with Corona Beer sales......... .......but someone has a boat named the Cornivarous sure is going to get a bunch of radio calls asking for the Corona Virus on the Tuner grounds!!!!!
  89. Team Sency

    Clearing the air clue what your point is? What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Every one on BD is now dumber for having read...
  90. Team Sency

    Clearing the air

    Thanks Dave...good ol wait and see. I struggle when have no plans to look forward too. Anyone got a Bass Attack machine for sale?? Boys crushed and released today off the kayak.....
  91. Team Sency

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    Didn’t know one of our own had a restaurant.....what’s name of your place Jay?...I will gladly go through the extra hoops and try your grub. May have already. I like freedom and for us to make decisions based off honest news, data, and real life observations, versus this massive overreach by...
  92. Team Sency

    Neah Bay Closure Extended to 6/30/2020 this point.....anyone got a Ranger, Skeeter, or Nitro bass boat for sale???
  93. Team Sency

    Allright, which one of you was it?

    There you tin can owners go again!!! Just showing off!!
  94. Team Sency

    Metabo polisher new in box

    PimpJuice in for one! Thanks Vance!
  95. Team Sency


    Westport... I was 17/18 with biggest 18#, my wife was 8/14 with biggest 15#... whoppin my pops ass!! He was adamant to keep his rigger at 8-11’ on the 180’ line yielding him just two bites........40# and a 32#....
  96. Team Sency

    Getting the boat set up...

    Anyone have Seadek or a Whodat or other foam bolster pads on their skiff? Likes/dislikes? Pics???
  97. Team Sency

    Lake Washington Troll

    Matt...I have only caught a few out there(cutts). I didn't want to troll so I just drifted and bombed Panther Martins out and got lucky a few times. I know the 4oz cannon ball and either wedding ring or small herring would increase the action. Awesome on your getting out. We will be...
  98. Team Sency

    No holds barred opinion

    No. If this was 100% on point as dangerous as we have been led to believe, then a mommy and daddy unemployed would have been better than 6 feet under. I'm am essential worker, but humble enough to know that folks can survive just fine without my services. Plenty of business's have fallen...
  99. Team Sency

    Getting the boat set up...

    The older 150 Mercs that actually ran awesome will become new 200hp Yami or white Zuks.
  100. Team Sency

    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    Well all I know is this.... May 5th, 2020.... The Sennert bro’s are gunna be armed with Banjo Minnows!!!
  101. Team Sency

    Let the games begin

    Paul your job is to delegate buddy!! That made my back hurt also!!!
  102. Team Sency

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    Love it John! This was the reel of choice for my dad and I in PA....Daiwa PMF 53H. Direct drive was key and for me was how I preferred to fight the fish also. funny last week I was on the search for a modern Baitcasting reel with direct drive.
  103. Team Sency

    What can we do?

    Wish Trump was a die hard fisher!!!! Certainly know Tribal casinos not paying taxes might get his attention especially when that helps support a sanctuary governor that is an asshole to him...... Trump is only president we will ever see with the balls to challenge bolt decision...unfortunately...
  104. Team Sency

    Fishing closure statewide

    I like freedom!
  105. Team Sency

    Fishing closure statewide

    The dude simply stated a point that fishing safer than a trip to Safeway or trusting strangers making your to go food and yet needs all of you to say you don’t like him or call him names?!?!? And yet he has followed orders to not fish? many thooooooousands hit Safeway this weekend...
  106. Team Sency


    Kevin with the actor and the real life version of the most interesting man on a Westport voyage.....
  107. Team Sency


    Rjack in action...
  108. Team Sency


    Holy Crap!!!!
  109. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Never heard of a Wiper and had to look it up. Heck of an effort to save the fish. Kudos on you! How big of cats do you get into? My dad grew up catfishing and we would catfish when in Iowa for channel cats. Dunk some rubber deal into some orangish looking gunk and cast out into the...
  110. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    I said tell the truck key story!!!?? Lol I lost my favorite sunglasses also and Ryan is do you have a magnet?? Do you have snorkeling gear??? Yeah in my fucking pocket fucker?! Lol. On star actually was connected they just couldn’t make my truck open. The tow truck people were awesome...
  111. Team Sency


    My biggest albi.....
  112. Team Sency


    My first fish on my first knuckle buster set up(Dark Knight)...
  113. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Just had my kids read this and they couldn’t stop laughing!
  114. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Wow Siv!!! Love that story!!! What a fish. You guys had to be so jacked during that fight!
  115. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Oh man Quack!!! I have a locked keys in truck in Westport story also! I will let Doc tell it... A dad story...... Port Angeles 1987ish, black mouth fishing off A Frame on Ediz Hook all same trip.... First ass chewing: My dad mooched and I jigged and he got hung up. He handed me his rod...
  116. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Love it Doc!!! We all could run a series of stories on dads yelling at us!!!
  117. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Holy crud?!!?! One car for all three to share???
  118. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    3??? 3 year olds? Holy cow I thought I had my hands full!!
  119. Team Sency

    Fish stories

    Well we can’t go so thought be fun to hear some fish tails!! So picture’s 1984 and we move from Moscow Idaho to Port Angeles Wa. We were avid trout fishers and it’s now February and my dad and I are heading for first Steelhead trip on the Bogie. I was spoiled by productive troutin in...
  120. Team Sency

    Pursuit Refit

    looks like $2-$3k depending on how many bars. The long hali and tuna runs would see a nice return on improved fuel efficiency. Love the clean install of it and straight line engineering. Trim tabs are like a Scotty, and this looks like a Cannon. I assume not, but be sweet if it could use my...
  121. Team Sency

    Pursuit Refit

    Great work! Sweet machine! Zipwake..... I read that it’s biggest benefits arrive at higher speeds. At slower speeds(just above plane), will it keep the bow down as much as trim tabs? The install shows a plate in the center where I have my transom ducer. To do this system do you need to...
  122. Team Sency

    Fishing closure statewide

    They will extend it....and we can kiss May Halibut bye bye along with tons of jobs.
  123. Team Sency

    All state launches close today

    Scooby Steeeeeve!!!!??? Damn you!!!!
  124. Team Sency

    Flybridge Improvement Project

    I was just about to push the like button before saw Brady???!!!!!?!$)!!!!?!$)
  125. Team Sency

    Saltwater Bennett’s time capsule

    The knife idea was what came to my 10 is when I got my first pocket knife.... $200 and you get a Benchmade with his name and love grandpa engraved! He will have it for rest of his life. I am 49....I still have that 10th Bday gift from my grandpa...
  126. Team Sency

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Goodness T! Tell me how going fishing is going to endanger society annnnnnnywhere close to a Safeway visit or getting take out food prepared by who the fuck knows who???? Gas station....popsicle stick to push buttons....if you don’t have bait you’re stuck to spoons...or jiggawhats?!!! Just...
  127. Team Sency

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Could also just not go to Home Depot...
  128. Team Sency

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    So on Wdwf says go digging? ? Called hotels and they are booked for clammers and not heard of any closure. Is this BS??
  129. Team Sency

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    Fun squishers!!! I don’t care what side of the debate you are on.... This is out of control!
  130. Team Sency

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    Never been there Miles....Paul is my beach guru that recommended it! Excited to check it out and fun field trip for my school skippers.
  131. Team Sency

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    The Sency tribe will be spending night at Grayland Beach Park for Friday’s dig.... Stop by for a Corona!!
  132. Team Sency

    Gloomis bbr 965c

    Sweet stick!
  133. Team Sency

    For all you Grady Pricks

    Grady Prick Bling Love!!! I never leave the dock, but loooook good!!
  134. Team Sency

    Grady-White 265 Express For sale

    Shot through the FishPimp and your to blame!!! give boat looooooove a bad name!!!!!
  135. Team Sency

    Islander service?

    hmmmm....not what you were praising on this day! Now you and Tommy are twinning...
  136. Team Sency

    Islander service?

    Has anyone shipped their Islander to them for general service? Looking at website it seems like a possible pain?
  137. Team Sency

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I fish the Bull 500 and it kicks ass. Now I don’t use a billiard stick so less pressure on the reel, but love not holding a Warn Winch all day! Hit a cool store and buy one!!! I’m certain you have spent waaaaay more than $3hundo on those cats!!!
  138. Team Sency

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    You are one crazy bastard! And we love ya!!
  139. Team Sency

    Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar or Garmin GMR18 HD +

    Don’t yell at me Pat!!!....... ....And maybe it’s because I have a Clorox Bottle....I have a wireless radar and have had zero connectivity issues. installed that sucker myself, so could also be my wicked mad Bob Vila skills!
  140. Team Sency

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Jeff found a gem!!! I’m excited to get my ho on more! You have to force Jeff! He is not a pleaser! Pesco Loco is a bad ass machine!
  141. Team Sency

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I lost me head ho!!!!!
  142. Team Sency

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Awesome Jason!!!!.... Unfortunately....along with the lack of follow through of $$ so has the focus been on wounded warriors for this event. Last two years the focus has been on MO and vet attendance has been way down. Zero organization to match folks with available seats. MO is focused on...
  143. Team Sency


  144. Team Sency


    No knock on your epic project Mark!.... Seeing the pics Tommy posted its hard for me not to think that boat was incredible as was!!
  145. Team Sency


    The Friday Harbor Classic did pay us on the spot which was great. Even better was they cut a check on the spot to Salmon for Soldiers($30k!). If Mission has not paid us, have they put anything towards their programs for our vets? Molina Heath Care, Raymarine, Defiance, Lindell, and other...
  146. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    I only brought two pair !!
  147. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    It’s time...
  148. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    One more sleep!!!! Then it’s on like Donkey Kong!!!!!
  149. Team Sency

    Cannon Optimum Downriggers

    I sense sum rigger envy Matty!!!!! I have a digi troll that I have had issues with. Fixed now but I’m going to sell and stick with non digital sadly. I think the Optimums should be solid, just odd that Cannon doesn’t set them up to work with other makes besides hummingbird?
  150. Team Sency

    Blackmouth Derby Time!!!

    Don’t know if I would fish with that crazy mofo!!!😜 Sophisticated WhiteClaw fishers!!! Hope Crazy Larry’s are accepted!!
  151. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    Thanks Fred! I fortunately am not fully as dumb as I I have 10:20am ferry reservation.... ....grabbing a brew and a ride and dropped off on my ride seems more fun.
  152. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    No real bind and with 5 no reason to stuff a 6th! Just amped for the fishing and fellas getaway! Go crush it!
  153. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    Seems the potential for a great time is in the air! So don’t know Sky Guys flight plan yet so still looking....also have boober ride need for Casey Willis at roughly 230ish.. I’m told the Pearl is going to be my new home away from home?!?!
  154. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    Rodney already will be fishing North so not making him come grab my ass! Still looking for a boober to Friday or to portside of a Coldwater!
  155. Team Sency

    Friday Harbor Classic Uber?

    And I thought I had Thursday the 6th all dialed up!!! Well wife out of town now and instead of meeting in Anacortes at 7am I am dropping my boys at school at 825am in Black Diamond and missing my ride.... Anyone leaving dock from Anacortes late morning or afternoon Thursday that I could...
  156. Team Sency


    I think we get it...Not been paid...agree should have been by me it’s in their court fully and this has been beat up pretty good on here.
  157. Team Sency

    Blackmouth Derby Time!!!

    Team EasyPimpJuiceWalker will be in attendance for Friday Harbor!!
  158. Team Sency

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Is actually an awesome tournament and getting out with Wounded Warriors, fishing with your buddies, and the fun spirited competition is a blast! Let’s get folks paid and move ahead!
  159. Team Sency

    Burnewiin Rod Holder $25

    Dammmmnmm you Scuba Jason!!
  160. Team Sency

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Getting paid is fundamental to who we all are. We don’t have these toys if either our employers or customers don’t hold up to what was agreed to and in a timely fashion. If individuals or an entity don’t show a dedication to making folks whole, then that tells you all you need to know about...
  161. Team Sency

    Breach the locks!

    How about support a surplus of feed for the killer whales and near city limit fishing opportunities that are a defining characteristic of the PNW??.....our hatchery system and river habitat restoration to crank steelhead and chinook stocks?? I know multiple groups at odds on this, but I am...
  162. Team Sency

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    I don’t have a dog in this fight and I don’t like to say anything when I don’t have something nice to say. That being said, since you are from PA I want to chime in. I spent a day tuna fishing on this Kingfisher model last summer. From the moment got on it and throughout the day, I felt I...
  163. Team Sency

    Raymarine chirp radar

    WIFI not failed me once....deadly!!!!!!! Like Ninja WiFi!!!
  164. Team Sency

    Taps for the 'Ol Merc

    Congrats John!!! Killer boat is now going to be like brand new to you!!! What a fun season ahead of you!
  165. Team Sency

    Almar takes its first salt bath... in gale

    Jaaaassssson???! You don’t fuck around!!!!! Great job!!!!!!
  166. Team Sency

    Saltwater Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Not sure what factor this plays.... Did a golf excursion from Edmonds to Port Ludlow in November and the Killers were thick and working it hard.
  167. Team Sency

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Why??? You ain’t buyin shit TKS!!
  168. Team Sency

    Saltwater Blackmouth fishing MA10

    If I cut plug or whole herring when shakers thick...I set up with a single hook. No trailer helps avoid hooking as many of those feisty buggers.
  169. Team Sency

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Paul takes crazy good care of his stuff! You need to see his fishing van!! You better get boat shopping Paul!...this wont last long.
  170. Team Sency

    Tuna Dreams

    How do we get an admin that is active?? How do we get Patrick, Dragon Balls, or the wild card Captain Decent ?
  171. Team Sency

    Axiom 12 or Axiom Pro 12

    RT, I got the Axiom right when came out. As I was installing it I saw the announcement....”coming out soooon!!!??...the Axiom Pro!!!” I was like noooooooo!!!!!! Bastards!! I used the Axiom one season and switched to the Pro. Main driver was the built in 1k and ability to run two ducers...
  172. Team Sency

    Wine Barrel Bar

    Solution found.....uShip.
  173. Team Sency

    Sportco/Outdoor Emporium Membership - What's up?

    ?!?!?!? Please teach us how your curb the addiction??!??!? You spend less than $450 a year on fishing gear?!? I have a problem!! So....Amazon and on line is giving us fewer and fewer physical stores. When you get the bug to fish and don’t have these stores for pre trip stock up and bait...
  174. Team Sency

    Latest Thrasher Albacore Build

    Great looking wraps!!! Thhhhhrrrrrraaaaasher!!!!!!
  175. Team Sency

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Gave it a shot Mike!!
  176. Team Sency

    Something wicked this way comes

    Congrats!! That was a spooky movie!!!
  177. Team Sency

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Awesome Mike! Any tips on fade wraps or a video you like? Love these colors!
  178. Team Sency

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    Love it John! I have built them since a kid. I always turned by hand. Now use the same powered lathe you have. Soon as used one....I was like what the hell was I ever thinking??!?!? Gudebrod so much better than anything else on the market now! Smart stocking up on it. Say, didn’t you...
  179. Team Sency

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    One down...a good handful to go....hopefully with better taste in colors! Failure of a Coug father!!!!
  180. Team Sency

    Winter boat projects...

    haha....cracked me up Kim!!! Love it!! Why is this taking you so long Chris??? Um??? Cause I suck?? And nothing is as easy and simple as it should be! Only super easy nice fix I have had was replacing my Fusion head unit this summer. The old one was 5 years old and the new one had several...
  181. Team Sency


    Ok I am sure unfortunately it’s all about getting OLD! I’m 48 and wrapped rods since a kid. Last couple have been serious strain on my eyes to point that have to take breaks. I’m using powerful headlamp even to give tons of light. I am going to make appointment with eye doctor to see if time...
  182. Team Sency

    2015-19 GM 6.5’ BakFlip bed cover

    Came off 2016 Chev. $970+tax new. $450 OBO.
  183. Team Sency

    Downrigger advice

    A couple years back people were basically ripping the top off of their Osprey boats to fix fuel tank issues......I still think sweet
  184. Team Sency

    Downrigger advice

    I agree Steve in the Bud Light vs Coors Light..... The reasons I prefer Cannon are on point with the Swandog and Captain new boat every other year.... Awkward and gravity drop is clunky. Cannon Tournament in non Digi is pretty invincible. In regards to Scotty.....people are very loyal to...
  185. Team Sency

    Downrigger advice

    A lot of fellas don’t want to bring on arthritis or tendinitis fighting lots of big fish.....I get it!
  186. Team Sency

    WTB Sage Blank

    Boom!! Eh!!!!
  187. Team Sency

    Downrigger advice

    Paul and da gang...always say tweekers....there are also plenty of plain ol shit heads that steal shit.... Buuuut..... We don’t know because these shops do not have security systems and cameras to show us the culprits. Why? Because they have this tiny fine print voiding them of...
  188. Team Sency

    Downrigger advice

    New shop... new shop .... new shop!!! Agreed on why leave that shit on your ride?!?!? Of course mine is left sterile after every trip and I get made fun of. I don’t own a shop....but at the extreme rates the marine industry chargers....I think securing extremely high value toys would be a...
  189. Team Sency

    WTB Sage Blank

    Travis....I wish had dislike getting out of Salmon fishing buddy! Thanks Eldplanko...will take the phone number. Gary...I pm’d Jermz but no have his number?
  190. Team Sency

    Custom gaffs

    Where are they made???
  191. Team Sency

    Winter boat projects...

    My head unit has separate sub control....would that not do the job?
  192. Team Sency

    Winter boat projects...

    Thanks T!!! I still have one from my teens! This marine one may actually fit in a hidden side area. Very cool!
  193. Team Sency

    WTB Sage Blank

    I know another long shot.. Looking for Sage SA3106, 4100, or 4110 blank. Pretty please!
  194. Team Sency

    Winter boat projects...

    So I would think re powering before this season that I would be set! Then you start to think and write a list and yep....this is an expensive hobby!! Musts: -Fix water leak in cabin. -Fix on board water pump(I can hear it work/but no water comes out). -re upholstery/replace rear cockpit...
  195. Team Sency

    Checkin in

    Andre? You suck!
  196. Team Sency

    Safe Boats

    Come on Tom!!! Give us the scope!? Pics? Build story? Winter is here! Is Bottom Line going on the market?
  197. Team Sency

    WTB-Cannon Magnum 10 STX-TS

    It’s not street legal!
  198. Team Sency

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    Pretty impressive!!! That thing got the Terry Tate slam of a lifetime and no where near the damage I would have imagined! Tough rig!! .....Rodfather??!?? East Coast tuna to wandering around PA?
  199. Team Sency

    WTB-Cannon Magnum 10 STX-TS

    Probably a hard one to find used... And I imagine will have sale on them at the boatshow, but if someone has a lead on a used one, then please send my way. Gracias!
  200. Team Sency

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    What's the actual regs on this practice??? I have never thought of trying it, but only because the Salmon I catch can barely fit in the boat, let alone the livewell!
  201. Team Sency

    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    Speaking for all of us...pretty sure we are all cool with it. I imagine none of us give two number two's on what you buy. Sorry these folks bothered you with input they had. What A Holes!
  202. Team Sency

    Need some help in Port of Edmonds

    Ali....what’s the scoop on the episode? That is not exactly the prime time of our fishing.
  203. Team Sency

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    I fished all over those docks as a kid!!! Never ever would have imagined a boat that size making its way in there! Crazy! And no joke....that suckers 0 to 20kts is legit!
  204. Team Sency

    Reels, Reels and more Reels

    ??!?!?!?!? No shows and flakes??? Might as well sell on Craigslist to get that treatment! Thats BS!
  205. Team Sency

    Safe Boats

    A Tom sighting???!?!!?!! He is alive!
  206. Team Sency

    2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    No kidding!!! Is tempting!!!! I like to tow and that certainly would be a PITA for that!!
  207. Team Sency

    Coast Guard Escort

    Come on Glenn!!!! No keys up here......piles of stolen kicker motors!!
  208. Team Sency

    Coast Guard Escort

    Classic!!!...... Someone see’s a fur bag and yells pull!!!!
  209. Team Sency

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    I am a returning Yamaha customer after having one grenade at 600 sum odd ours. Certainly no motor is bulletproof. Certainly if they blow again I will go to Suzuki next(or Honda after seeing how performed for Patrick). I have seen folks have good luck with the Etec's, but certainly have heard...
  210. Team Sency

    2008 Skagit Orca SC 24’ with 2010 Yamaha F300

    Love those boats Betty! As much as I think my boat is the perfect NW machine, I can see why your set up really is the year round perfect NW fisher. And truck also? That mean you are getting out fishing??
  211. Team Sency

    Yamaha Outboard Dealers in NW Washington

    Think they all have you covered John. Dave Johnson, at Kitsap, on your side of the water would be my go to. If coming to this side, then I would talk to Tom Ross at Jacobsens in Edmonds. Good people and took great care of me on my new motors. The added big extra the manufactures are...
  212. Team Sency

    Saltwater Westport tuna 10-5-19

    Wow Mark!!! Kinda bummed me to hear losing your urge to fish, but love seeing you back and with a vengeance!!! Great looking boat and can’t beat the feeling of something feeling right(like home). Congrats!
  213. Team Sency

    Tuna Thursday

    Give us the scoop Rodmeister!!! Stand up??? Rail??? Livey or casting at them? Do you get to keep and eat any??
  214. Team Sency


    The bullhead fishing was world class!!! Too bad the salmon were being stuck up and lock jawed on us! And we no pictured any of the mini dragons! The boys had Patrick fire up the Goat livewell and stocked it up. The Honda’s look cool and were impressive! Of course brand new, but they...
  215. Team Sency

    WP live bait - the real scoop

    Doug reporting live from Westport, Washington...... Even a Bayliner can get a scoop!!!!
  216. Team Sency

    Tuna Tuesday?

    I bought 8 scoops this handsome as I am I still paid full price ☹️☹️ Volume gets better pricing ... shocker!?!? Oh...and my Cougs Suck!!!
  217. Team Sency

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    Maaaaaark!!! Is nice seeing you around again. They are both great and really comes down to the size of the reels you got and depth of water fishing. If smaller capacity, then I would get the Max. If fishing deep, I would get the Max(much less water current blow back if jigging). If...
  218. Team Sency

    Saltwater Rod Guide Replacement? Who's the "Go To Guy" between Renton and Olympia that's not too expensive?

    Holy shit exactly and still doesn’t know where to post!!!!! Sweeeeet report!!!! Welcome back and hope life well!
  219. Team Sency

    R.I.P. 007...

    Tisk Tisk..... 1986?? Roger Moore!!! next gout attack and me peeing on my foot better work!!!
  220. Team Sency

    Saltwater Chasing 2019’s summer!

    Straight up stone cold killer!
  221. Team Sency

    R.I.P. 007...

    I got to cleaning and I saw the fracture. You can barely see it in first pic. It did catch a handful of tuna and my shark feeding crew had a decent thresher on for a while with 00. She went in style!! 30+ years of duty. The power of BD may have potentially located a blank of the same...
  222. Team Sency

    R.I.P. 007...

    Got to cleaning all my rods from the weekends trip this evening and discovered 007 met her demise! I don’t typically bring her, but this weekends crew required me to bring all my arsenal. In 1986, 14 years old, I purchased and built the 8’ Loomis one piece blank that came with a 1’ extension...
  223. Team Sency

    2002 Rampage

    Haha!! I couldn’t resist. Good luck with sale John. Does look like a serious machine and you clearly took good care of it.
  224. Team Sency

    2 Open seats Ilwaco tuna tomorrow

    And I’m not a mechanic but found the key to motor problems... Buy fucking new ones!! Lol
  225. Team Sency

    2002 Rampage

    That’s worth $35k at best...
  226. Team Sency

    looking for spot on tuna run

    Dang it Shari!! We are in Westport on the Tuna Attack tomorrow. You seem like good peeps and their for the poor gal that got hurt! Certainly welcome on the Juice when got room! Thanks for being a welcome fisher to BD!
  227. Team Sency

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Free and you call dibs on the catch

    Kai..... well one on here is sticking you with less then their fair share of the costs nor splitting up more then their fair share of fish to enjoy the rewards of the fishing efforts. I love your trips with your family and for a newer PS salmon fisher you are doing great! Have a...
  228. Team Sency

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Aww man Todd!!!??? Best of luck!! I haven’t seen you for a long while, but have always enjoyed shootin the shit with ya. All the best!
  229. Team Sency

    Saltwater TUNA NUMBERS for Sat 9-20-08

    Seeing that those numbers are from 11 years should be ok Greg! Or could be like a hot tub time machine?!
  230. Team Sency

    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    No doubt a hefty charge will end up at the doorsteps of that boat manufacturer.... ...wreckless endangerment to all society for building a boat like a Sherman Tank that mows over shit like a diesel powered combine!!!!
  231. Team Sency

    Saltwater Garibaldi OTC report

    Andre....folks are loving your adventures and just looking out for you. Kicker or Epirb? I don’t have an Epirb, but certainly should get one. If what you hit took out your lower unit, a kicker could have kept you going in right direction. VHF for help. So I lean towards kicker to keep you...
  232. Team Sency

    Saltwater Garibaldi OTC report

    Must be the new boat!!!....but been a lot friendlier and nicer Gpot!!
  233. Team Sency

    Saltwater Garibaldi OTC report

    Andre...I know not my job to spend your $$. My first boat was the 16’ Campion CC and I went everywhere in that sucker! For weight concerns I went with a 4hp Yami kicker and it kicked ass. You really need to add one! I know you know this. Keep up the adventures!
  234. Team Sency

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Pat f’d around with my settings at WTC and it was a huge difference.
  235. Team Sency

    Saltwater 8/25 CR tuna report. Awesome.

    Awesome Mike! What’s crazy is a month and a half ago folks were panicking if they would ever show. It’s so easy now that a Coug can plug a boat over and over!
  236. Team Sency

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    I agree is annoying...100 yards? I have seen these Grady pricks 20 yards off our stops!! And then what happened??? The Juice got plugged with all the albis you can eat. We have the choice to be bugged by shit and at end of day the troll by’s have minimal to no affect on your day....unless...
  237. Team Sency

    Best fish sealer

    I have the VP 215 and has been great on everything but my back! Take it to Neah and make sure have a buddy help move it. I love that the bags are so affordable! I saw something from Benjamin that he uses a make/model even better than the VP.
  238. Team Sency

    Saltwater 4 Day 575nm Longfin Trip

    What a great grandpa, son, and grandson adventure!!! Rylee is 9 and has the motion sickness bug...but really wants to get a tuna. He is now heavy enough for Dramamine and looking for next pond forecast to get he and his lil bro out to them!
  239. Team Sency

    4200/5200 out on ice.

    No!!! I hate it! Great pro tip Pete!
  240. Team Sency

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone

    That sucks!!! How about the Moose hunt episode retrieving it out of a freezing pond! He was pulling the guide in and tipped him in the water...made some comment like his rocket arms put the guide and moose on plane! RIP to an original!
  241. Team Sency

    Saltwater WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    He also actually had to fish! And grasshopper was not too shabby!
  242. Team Sency

    Saltwater La push tuna

    My buddy chipped in $200 to donate to a chovie project. Be sweet if pans out.
  243. Team Sency

    Saltwater WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    Great seeing you Chris! Heard good things about your Charter skills! Kurt! Thanks for stopping by and shooting the shit. Always nice seeing you.
  244. Team Sency

    Rod Dog Arches in Anacortes

    Great looking Glassply! Amazing how much more serious the boat looks with the rack!
  245. Team Sency

    Saltwater WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    What a great weekend!! I knew it would be special with how the weather and the fishing was lining up and would make for great spirits for the event! What I didn't know, is that I would have to bring my boat! Tailwalker blew an engine on Thursday and that put the Juice in the game Thursday...
  246. Team Sency

    Saltwater Great weekend in Westport

    Awesome Rod!!!! Beautiful boat and killer way to break her in! Honorary JuiceBox member for life!
  247. Team Sency

    Saltwater 2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    Wow!!! Is this not shaping up to be an epic and most fun WTC ever??!!!!
  248. Team Sency

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I’m working hard in counseling to be nicer!!
  249. Team Sency

    Saltwater Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today. Great fishing.

    I don’t think G$$ was being a myself I would like to see pics! Specially of the bft next to an albi...... In a wide open bite.....would I be able to easily realize we had one on the deck? Fight any different?
  250. Team Sency

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Make the switch for back cure......... ......Lulu
  251. Team Sency

    Gel coat/trailer help/ideas

    You are a sick puppy!!! I am skin tag free!!
  252. Team Sency

    Gel coat/trailer help/ideas

    So what wood ideally? Is the stainless that Seattle Screw sells quality? And while at it....I like the Surfix bunk slicks but Siv brings up a good point....anyone work with and know of quality slick options?
  253. Team Sency

    Gel coat/trailer help/ideas

    It’s 23’ and that does seam like a feasible option. Adjustable bunks?
  254. Team Sency

    Gel coat/trailer help/ideas

    I have countered....they have crept up on Neah tow trips and bit the Juice!.I am going to counter and bolt all the way through this time with locking nuts. The boat off trailer was the bitch part.
  255. Team Sency

    Gel coat/trailer help/ideas

    Yo fellas! I used the Edmonds sling launch last week and saw gel coat damage from the my bunkslicks(the screws holding it to bunks had come up against the boat... Any ideas on how I access the bottom of the boat to repair? Only way I can think of is to take boat to have put on a sling for me...
  256. Team Sency

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    It’s open! If you can break away from work do it regardless of reports.
  257. Team Sency

    Uh oh !! That might leave a mark !

    That’s what makes most of the folks great here....can dish it and humble enough to take it. We can all F up....great threads to learn from/reminders. Salmon freezer full!!!....Phasors set for Tuna!!!
  258. Team Sency

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    I like FG tied up when not fishing... On boat i like this one...
  259. Team Sency

    Tuna are here!!

    The Juice just got a lil extra pep in her step!!
  260. Team Sency

    2019 OTC Deep Canyon Challenge.

    Thanks for including us Dustin! I’m booked that weekend but sounds like a fun event.
  261. Team Sency

    Just need albacore

    One One of these days L2..... Gunna see you redeem yourself on the art of casting!!
  262. Team Sency

    Nothing to get excited about here...

    Haha!! They really do exhibit a high level of customer service!! What other fish can you have 4 on...get completely wrapped all around one another....take 5 minutes to get figured out...and Shazam!!!! They are still on waiting for you to haul them in!
  263. Team Sency

    Place to crash at Westport

    Watch out for hummingbird size mosquitoes!!!!
  264. Team Sency

    Ocean Chinook

    Fun squishers!!!!!!!!
  265. Team Sency

    This is killin’ Me

    Good on you Gspot! You will love this MR3!
  266. Team Sency

    This is killin’ Me

    Has Swede ever bought shit other than bust balls on price? Pay the $466...but he won’t cause he is cousins with GSpot.
  267. Team Sency

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    Ron....out of curiosity... How did you kick the Tuna addiction?? Tuna Shadle? Not seen anyone give that one up.
  268. Team Sency

    Saltwater Neah Bay for newbies

    Momma gunna knock you out!! No...wait?!... ... Poon gunna knock you out!...Poon gunna knock you out! Poon gunna knock, Poon gunna knock, Poon gunna knock you out!!!!
  269. Team Sency

    WTC. Still room for teams. Lets GO!!!!

    Well I suffer from a serious double whammy... I have a fishing and drinking problem!!
  270. Team Sency

    WTC. Still room for teams. Lets GO!!!!

    Great!!! Now it is going to go to complete shit!! Lol.
  271. Team Sency

    Ice Machine! Manitowoc Series 250. $400.00

    It’s mine!!!! Rodney no longer has a boat....DQ’d. Benjamin buys gold MR3’s...DQ’d. Chris brings a cat to Neah Bay??!!...DQ’d!!
  272. Team Sency

    From under the rock......

    From under a pebble...
  273. Team Sency

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    That is a toad!!!! We fished all day letting the last fish go in hopes of a 30#+!! And low in behold there it is! Nice work!
  274. Team Sency

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    Good call! Will be over 50% after a 4 day weekend. Westport La Push and CQ fishers converged.
  275. Team Sency

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    Awwwwww!!!!! A bit slow!!!!!!!
  276. Team Sency

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    I must have the wrong boat mates if your’s help with the maintenance!!
  277. Team Sency

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    Don't yell at me dad!!! I like the getting it all part....I'm just scared of the fines and jail time I will receive when I recreate the Exxon Valdez disaster!
  278. Team Sency

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    I have a hand pump one that takes forever to get all the oil out. Anyone have a powered one they recommend?
  279. Team Sency

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    It’s official!!!!!!!!!!!! Goat is back!!!!!!!!
  280. Team Sency

    Saltwater Neah Bay Help Please

    A Dave sighting!!!!!!! Good seeing you around. I jigged one King up at green can....gotta keep the jigging skills from getting rusty!
  281. Team Sency

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    We did....Duramax cooked up sum for us Sat night and super tasty! The 7” plugs did not stop them from being caught! Sonar was key to locating Black Cod free territory.
  282. Team Sency

    Burnewiin Rod Holders?

    Matt....Tanacom 500 and 750 fit in both. Not tried the 1000.
  283. Team Sency

    Saltwater I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    Holy seabeast!!!! That would have eaten my Hali!!!
  284. Team Sency

    Saltwater Neah Hali...

    Neah spreading the love!
  285. Team Sency

    If'n it ain't one thing, it's another

    Ohhhh no you didn’t!!!!!!
  286. Team Sency

    If'n it ain't one thing, it's another

    That’s insane! Guy had the worlds slowest reel!! Needed to Roland Martin that sucker!
  287. Team Sency

    Yamaha 9.9 high thrust SOLD

    Your letting Captain Decent down! Two kickers is ultimate redundancy!
  288. Team Sency

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    Why would you want to go beach a boat in the first place??!! All the time spent working....days on the water...the least favorite part of a day fishing to me is when have to be back on land.
  289. Team Sency

    Bad News....Another lost..

    Same thoughts I had G!! If not want ashes spread off Tatoosh, Mouth of Elwha, cliffs above Wawawai, and top of Powder Bowl.
  290. Team Sency

    Nothing to get excited about here...

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!!!!! The Salmon bite is going to be off the chain!!! Good work L!!!
  291. Team Sency

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    We will be without our better halves on this trip.....luckily the Pimp and I have sig others that support our fishing our lil dudes get older our trips will be a full family affair. We get close to going full Ling Cod Todd and those trips are not for everyone. Norm....get well...
  292. Team Sency

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    Well all I know is this.....I’m bonking a #60+ Hali, two dragons G.O.T. Style and a #25+ King...... Super excited!!!!
  293. Team Sency

    Odd break, Cannon dr

    G....take broken one to Larry as Paul recommended and he will give you the new one that is greatly improved. you have original end roller? Bring both down riggers and the old will be replaced with the new. The new end roller is how should have been made. Larry is great people.
  294. Team Sency

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Creative!!!! Looks like if can think of it, that they can create it. I have to imagine a 350 Zuk is a decent fight!
  295. Team Sency

    Curmudgeon Reunion

    A Mo sighting??? Isn’t Mo The Godfather of our NW Forum??!! Blackmouther been too busy making skyscrapers, Goat has been awfully quiet(hope health ok), Too Short must be hunting for red October, Tommy is too cool, Vance is half the man he used to be, Silver Slayer is slaying a new casa...
  296. Team Sency

    Maui Jim’s

    Don’t forget those eyeballs! Bump.
  297. Team Sency

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    Rainshadow-Assasins Creed.... ...deadly!
  298. Team Sency

    Who will be on the north coast?

    I’m getting baseball’d this weekend!!! have seat for Eric?
  299. Team Sency

    Who will be on the north coast?

    Eric...we are planning to run next Saturday out of La Push. Was just going to go three and stay at our buddies house in forks. Cancel your campsite, get off early Friday, meet at my house, and our plan is to head home after fishing Saturday or early Sunday. Since you fucked up my old...
  300. Team Sency

    Crab open dates wtf

    Good point Eli! Certainly don’t want to cater to their paying customers that are also tax $$ generating folks. That would be silly!!
  301. Team Sency

    26 osprey repower

    ..... “she's coming along and figured some of you guys would find the pictures interesting”... Are you kidding me? These are sum of my favorite posts on BD!!! Certainly cool seeing the new boat build threads, but something extra cool about these mods to me. This boat no doubt has meaning...
  302. Team Sency


    Any cool things it might do that maybe not easily stumbled on?
  303. Team Sency


    That wouldn’t make it a podge then Mike! Both the Icon and Standard VHF need chargers. Massive VMC hooks, tons of spoons, reels, rods, great pliars, blower, fishflashes, and what have to clean out garage.
  304. Team Sency

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    Not just good....but dead sexy!!!
  305. Team Sency


    Due to un foreseen more to the podge...
  306. Team Sency

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    I will take them ...sending PM
  307. Team Sency


    More pot sweetener! Needs new spark plug.
  308. Team Sency

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    We should have all pitched in and rented out the Time Bandit today!!!
  309. Team Sency

    Neah Slip for May

    Neah is calling you!!...
  310. Team Sency


    Hey it’s a Triton 200G. Josh....what’s better then one hodge podge is having its twin! OBO as just stuff that won’t be used. Massive VMC hooks that I stopped using once got hooked on Owners.
  311. Team Sency


    The hodge grows.... Box is stuffed with more extras of all sorts. Two rods and another reel added... The podge is reel!!!
  312. Team Sency

    June Chinook Options?

    Geez Gary!??! You dummy!
  313. Team Sency

    Saltwater Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    Your crazy Luke!! You just might be a serious Ling Noodler candidate!!
  314. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    That’s all you think your good buddies gear is worth?? Blue Crusher is actually sold.
  315. Team Sency

    Electric Reel choices

    Tanacom 750’s and 500 Bull.....I’m petite so the 500 is perfect!
  316. Team Sency

    Rods / Reels misc stuff FS (Seeker Loomis Shimano)

    Nick almost broke my Sage inshore bassin!!! Buying this set up for him.
  317. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Bump....the sammies are coming!! Act now and you get what is under curtain #1....yes......a hoooooodge podge of goodies!!!
  318. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    Bump action....if act now.......could find yourself with a hodge podge thrown in!!!
  319. Team Sency

    Neah Slip for May

    Getting my bump on! Killer slip and half the cost!
  320. Team Sency

    Rods / Reels misc stuff FS (Seeker Loomis Shimano)

    Ryan....will take a Stradic and the Loomis spin rod. I work in Renton.
  321. Team Sency

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    That sucks!!!! Sorry Howard!! Everyone wants to pin shit to Meth heads....but there are plenty of thefts from regular shit fucks!!
  322. Team Sency


    Just a hodge podge and trying to de hoard!! $200 obo.
  323. Team Sency

    Maui Jim’s peahi want these....they put the Natives to shame and no offense to Native(glass vs. plastic lense is night and day).
  324. Team Sency

    WTB Cannon Tourny Mag 10 Downrigger

    I’m guessing a long shot...any Scotty lovers have one of these sitting in garage? Figured I would try used before getting a new one.
  325. Team Sency

    Maui Jim’s

    I do Dave!! Steve....I can’t say for sure if is worth someone spending this coin on shades....but in your case...I think it is worth getting a glass polorized lense pair. You are on the water a ton and the reduction of eye fatigue will surprise you. Along with how great the clarity is. I...
  326. Team Sency

    Neah Slip for May

    Bump for Memorial weekend...
  327. Team Sency

    Maui Jim’s

    Mavericks are Benjamin’s.
  328. Team Sency

    Maui Jim’s

    Kanaio Coast-$249 new...asking $125. year old and warn a few times....protect those eyeballs!!!
  329. Team Sency

    Neah Slip for May

    This coming weekend taken. Let me know who wants the next weekend. Crush it!
  330. Team Sency

    Neah Slip for May

    We most likely are done with Neah May fishing, but have slip paid for. Slip is for a single boat, so nice not to have to share. Let me know if interested...chris
  331. Team Sency

    Neah Bean Bag?

    Boom!! Nice work Rodney!!!
  332. Team Sency

    Neah Bean Bag?

    Anyone see a bean bag on the road leaving Neah this morning? I left it on the roof!!! Damn me!!!
  333. Team Sency

    Saltwater Area 7 Lingcod and report from April 30th

    Holy Shit????? Travis once apon a time made a report???!!!! .....and Tommy was alive then??!!
  334. Team Sency

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    Out of my league Patty! I’m yet just a junior Padawan! Plus my LuLu’s are banned there!! Go crush em!
  335. Team Sency

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Onnnnnnne more day!!!! Hali fest round #2!!!!
  336. Team Sency

    2 open seats for lapush

    When Mojo sound system blasting....instead of VH’s Panama is it playing Fiiiiiirrrrrreballl!!!!!!???
  337. Team Sency

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    Yes sir! Here is Pimps nice one...
  338. Team Sency

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    We thought had Cape booked for that day.... Anyone have reservations and not going now?
  339. Team Sency

    Freshwater Deer lake carnage volume 4

    Eric....we will try again this week with them...but so far....the Hali have turned their noses to them. Pure Dear Lake Trout Disrespectin!
  340. Team Sency

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Twooooo days!!!!! Anyone Neah bound that prides self in knife sharpening by hand? I have a pocket knife I don’t want to put through my work sharp.
  341. Team Sency

    Boccaccio rock fish

    Holy crap Quan!!! Great job and those barn doors are in trouble!
  342. Team Sency

    Boccaccio rock fish

    ??????? Is Quan actually alive?????!!!!!
  343. Team Sency

    Saltwater LaPush Friday

    This time next week and we are walking into Swains!!!!
  344. Team Sency

    Boccaccio rock fish

    Takes my 15# dr ball to get those suckers back home!!!
  345. Team Sency

    Boccaccio rock fish

    Tom....if you soak fillets in keystone light overnight the tablefair is incredible! Just cause I like you I will trade any I catch for halibut.
  346. Team Sency

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    She has been abused as a ball holder!!!
  347. Team Sency

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    My Ninja!!!
  348. Team Sency

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    And fresh off the big blue will be Neah Hali on the BBQ!!! Can’t wait and look forward to tipping a drink or three back with many of you fine folk!!
  349. Team Sency

    Misguided commitment

    Protectors always look like hero’s! It’s easy low hanging fruit. Those that harvest are easy to paint as the bad guys unfortunately. Look at police versus firefighters.....police hold us accountable to rules and are disliked for it. Firefighters are there to protect us and are always...
  350. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    Thrasher Bumpin!! Use it to haul up the marked Verado!!
  351. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Sami Bump Love!
  352. Team Sency

    ***** RIP *******

    That cuts deep!!!... I don’t mean to pile on.....but twinkies are no more also!
  353. Team Sency

    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    Aaron...I appreciate liking what you like....just sucks if breaks that no warranty! Last year Fishpimp and Ford Steve each had a rod explode... Jeff a Gloomis and now has a new one... Steve a sweet never used Fetha Stix.....R.I.P.!!!
  354. Team Sency

    Eatin’ good part 2

    Neah can’t get here fast enough!!!!
  355. Team Sency

    Eatin’ good part 2

    What the heck Jamie???!!! Next you are gunna tell us if you get a killer steak from Shawn's Meats that you cook it well done???!!! Looks great Garrett! Quality Poke ranks up there with the best eats ever....
  356. Team Sency

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Neah hands down Jeff!!!! Gorgeous scenery and pretty drive to unwind from old job to you new gig. See if can score an open seat with Lingcod Todd!!!
  357. Team Sency

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    54 gallons of fun!
  358. Team Sency

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    Bringing Ling and Black Bass rods!!
  359. Team Sency

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    I just got seasick!
  360. Team Sency

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    Nice Dave!!! Going to do a full day tomorrow! Excited to be back on the H2O!!
  361. Team Sency

    Saltwater LA push is good

    Such a feisty Billy Bob lately!! Gunna give ya a big ol hug at Halifest!
  362. Team Sency

    Painting a Hull? Do what these folks did!!!
  363. Team Sency

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    Congrats Rick!! You are a far better sales person than I!! I couldn’t get Fisher, Hunter, Sage, Gunner, Maximus or anything approved like that!
  364. Team Sency

    Bob Double Stroller

    That would have been handy!!!! Those Bob's are sweet and handy......only if your kids would stay in them!! I tried twice to run with Rylee in it and half way he wanted the F out and was not getting back in. I'm sure you have it on there, but that sucker will sell fast on Craiglist. As...
  365. Team Sency

    Saltwater Winter into Spring...2019

    Awesome KC!!! Great pics and sorry about your Dawgs! Carolina was a tough draw! See you for the Hali fest!!!
  366. Team Sency

    Trailer hitch versus guns...

    Ha!!!! Classic!!! The number of times I was tardy in my loook out!!!! someone rounds the back of the truck coming in hot!!!!
  367. Team Sency

    Walk Around Wooldridge - one word - AWESOME!

    Daaaaaaayaaaaaammmmm Gina!!!! That is no joke!!!! Now you are talking Mike!! A 26ish version and I could be tempted to the Tin Can team.
  368. Team Sency

    New bar in Westport

    I’m sure just like just tastes a bit better after fishing all day... But the Pine Tree serves up a super mean burger!! And their fry sauce is incredible!
  369. Team Sency


    Thanks fellas! Hard to give it back to Jeff!! Jim.... I think the blanks are still sold in Canada. At least they used to be.
  370. Team Sency

    Saltwater 8-2 eats

    Nice Kurt!! Looks like you have slimmed down a bit also. Getting in fish fighting form for the season!
  371. Team Sency

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Fred....what’s great about tuna is not being restricted by a season..... Have you and your buddies set dates that could swing it or take a day to see if the fish are in reach...and when see a gorgeous day on the water coming together...gooooo crush it!! It’s a fun adventure...
  372. Team Sency

    New BD Diamond Jig stickers

    Matt Matt Matt??...tisk tisk don’t you know your jigs??? Barbs can participate in Tuna adventures! I would switch to a stainless single though!
  373. Team Sency

    New BD Diamond Jig stickers

    I like!! Another FYI..... RTIC 20% off sale.
  374. Team Sency


    Ha! Nope The Juice is back in grey!
  375. Team Sency


    So FishPimp picked up an 11’(SA 4110B)Sage King Crusher from Hoghunter last year. Couple of the eyes needed replaced so figured I would give it a rod make over....
  376. Team Sency

    This isn't good...

    Troy, I enjoy BD and many of the folks on here. Both those that are more active now and that were in the past. Everyone seems to pop in much more once fishing kicks in of course. Not sure what point I’m trying to make, but if knocking others and having a passionate know it all one sided...
  377. Team Sency

    The Choice

    Sweet boat Charlie! A bucket holds a turd just fine! a very temporary holding spot for said turd.
  378. Team Sency

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Amazing Jamie!! When was last time we heard of a 50# let alone a 40# in our haunts?? Shoot a 30# has gotten rare.
  379. Team Sency

    WTB Snow Skis

    Today sucked!!!
  380. Team Sency

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    ???? You change boats every 2.34 years??!!
  381. Team Sency

    3200+ sqft House with 22x52 shop close to Seattle

    Sweet place Brian! Hope sticking in the area! I know don't run into you often, but always enjoy shootin the shit with you. The pad come with that killer boat???!!!
  382. Team Sency

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    There is no winning a nuclear arms race......and no matter how cool of a toy...there is someone that has a bigger/cooler one!!
  383. Team Sency

    Splashed the North River 29

    That thing is no joke Bob!!! Love the Commitment to Excellence color scheme!!!
  384. Team Sency

    Defiance 220ex repower

    No doubt Super Pat!! And the biologist testing showing epic biomas just waiting in Westport!!
  385. Team Sency

    Defiance 220ex repower

    All this talk of horse power....halibut...bass...lings....and hauling ass makes a fella want May here on the double!!!
  386. Team Sency

    Washington hits PV and Kicks ass

    That thing is a Sea Monsta!!! Congrats Mike!
  387. Team Sency

    Defiance 220ex repower

    I would have thought Duramax might have chimed in, but maybe didn’t since he went to a 225hp Etec from the 150hp Honda. I don’t know how that old grandpa has stayed in his boat! If you are not holding on that sucker will launch you! Certainly seems you need V6 power and a 250 Honda may just...
  388. Team Sency

    Boat speakers

    Not heard of this brand before Howard....I like the sound bar going under my hardtop on the back and like their sealed subwoofer!
  389. Team Sency

    Boat speakers

    I have been happy with JL Audio marine speakers. They do make some killer water proof portables now like the mega boom speaker. Or I heard that Eric can sing a mean tune or two!
  390. Team Sency

    Smoked Salmon Help

    You broke Benjamin’s heart!!! And now he won’t meet his Big Chief sales quota!!!
  391. Team Sency

    Truck Questions

    That is a ton of truck for the buck! Nice find Rich!
  392. Team Sency

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    City slicker in a country World! Don’t miss that international man of mystery boat show...
  393. Team Sency

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    Thanks for sharing Kurt! How was that 2870?? I sure wish Grady and Pursuit would keep a 28’ in the lineup! 28’ is as big as I think will ever want.
  394. Team Sency

    Loomis BBR 965C GL3 $155.00 EA

    Let’s keep it chill?! Not cool seeing threats one bit. What they get sold for is what they are worth plain and simple. They are nice rods and that cork can be rejuvenated.
  395. Team Sency

    I need a favor in Westport

    Prestige Woooooooorld Wide!!!! World Wide!!
  396. Team Sency

    It Never Snows In Port Angeles!

    I remember my snow days well as a kiddo in PA! My dad took me to the Elwha or the Winter Hole and were VISA Priceless days away from school!!
  397. Team Sency

    Would you turn them in?

    Starts with a robin....then a tabby... then before you know it....puffins!! Cedar River Murderor in the makings!!!
  398. Team Sency

    Winter fishing....

    Fred!! Show pics of the Steiger? Fishpimp on here has that as a contender for next fish killer.
  399. Team Sency

    Oregon wants to ban Derby events

    That's crazy! How do I get in on a coyote derby???? How fun would that be!!??
  400. Team Sency

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    Agree with stuck in the 80’s Doc Holliday....definitely Rad!!! The blood and the shark action has to be a tad bit spooky!
  401. Team Sency

    Halibut Rod holder for Scotty mounts
  402. Team Sency

    Coasties get paid

    True! You are dead on. As of now He has failed at both. I appreciate people trying to back up what they set out to do. We will see how this all comes out. With 3 Mexico presidents being named as taking bribes.....I do believe Mexico has a great deal of culpability to this huge problem.
  403. Team Sency

    Coasties get paid

    Love or hate Trump or the rare to see a President so determined to complete a campaign promise. Many people voted for him in support of this and sure enough he is fighting to accomplish it. I have no expertise to know if Wall a good idea of not.....but I’m certain the $59 billion...
  404. Team Sency

    moorage neah bay

    Fishpimp turned 40.....hand cranking from 600'+ are apart of his athletic lore!! Pro basketball and hand cranking are just memories of glory days lived long ago.....
  405. Team Sency

    rockfish retention area 4 better but still confusing to me

    Gotta wonder about UW educations...
  406. Team Sency

    Avet MC vs non MC are doing it right! It is that diligence that will keep your gear working well for the long run. John means retarded in the nicest way!
  407. Team Sency

    Avet MC vs non MC

    I was sharing my experience and was not a put down on your reels. I have Avets also along with Accurates and the Talicas. If I don’t stay on top of my maintenance, the Talicas have not punished me. When I take them apart they have had very little water intrusion; where as salt deposits made...
  408. Team Sency

    Avet MC vs non MC

    That’s awesome Roger! How many Talicas do you have?
  409. Team Sency

    Avet MC vs non MC

    Eric.....I’m with you on baitcaster for bombing! I think you couldn’t go wrong with a Tranx or Lexa. As far as Avets....I agree that the only one I will own is the Raptor. Just a much better reel....but....the Avets are much more maintenance/fragile than the Talicas. I imagine you have...
  410. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    You know me better than that!
  411. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Are they Shimano Talicas?
  412. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Bump for Yami love! Got a few nibbles, but no hook sets!
  413. Team Sency

    Sortimo boxes

    Thrasher component organization systems!!
  414. Team Sency

    Sortimo boxes

    I have 5 of these. I thought I would somehow use them for fishing, but never found a use for them. Cleaning and organizing and thought see if anyone wanted them before I chucked em. Happy New Year you fish killers!!
  415. Team Sency

    Saltwater 12-1 Blackmouth

    The world is right when we got our T in da house!!!!!
  416. Team Sency

    Tanacom 750

    Jeff and I also use a 500. I have the 500 Bull and he has a fancy one. I like my 750, but love the size of the 500. I extend the cords so can go all over the decks. Having extra cords is a good idea. Is it Hali time yet???!!!!
  417. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Hey thought was easiest is to keep controls and pop off old and pop on new. But certainly open to sell with controls. The controls are for twins.
  418. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Bump train!! Looking to see if any real interest in someone needing the port motor($6k obo). And the Starboard as parts or project. I took on lake to test, and crazy enough ran like a champ(still one bar hotter). Clearly something is wrong with it, but seems like someone with time and...
  419. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Loomis Sammie Crushing Combo Love!!
  420. Team Sency

    Osprey Northwind 22

    My guess is just a good dude selling a good boat. I have no clue what my fuel burn is for my boat, truck, car, lawnmower, weedeater, etc. Always topped off ready for an adventure. Now my dad??? All his life keeps a book and writes down every fill up! Accountants I tell ya!
  421. Team Sency

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Jason....for the needs you listed....make sure you check out a Grady 228. Pound for pound a trailerable fishing force and family craft. .....and those that can’t hold it...make sure the bucket is filled 1/ dry docking!!
  422. Team Sency

    Good news for tunaholics

    Millennials are in luck!!!!.....China fishing fleets will rid the earth of tuna.
  423. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    Ha! No way! You just moved two killer blanks! So far the 7'6" has been my favorite. I put the electric on it for halibut and is a kick in the ass also!
  424. Team Sency

    Gloomis SAR1265C/Tekota 500

    Another rod and reel that doesn’t get love. I will take better pics, but assume most know what rod and reel this is. $350 obo for the combo.
  425. Team Sency

    Boat Sinks

    CSI gots shit on Rod!!! Well this sucks all the way around! I don’t like seeing a local builder getting mud slung at them and hope they are doing the right things to provide a safe quality product backed up by great service. To see your favorite toy like that would be a kick to the gut to...
  426. Team Sency

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    Note to self......think twice before fingerlifting a thing from Greg!!
  427. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Piston walls and motor were clean. Strainer and filter caught that all. I currently don’t know what is wrong with it after repair. Just know I waived white flag at spending more $$ on it.
  428. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Frick Dave........we were scheduled to go to Rivers Inlet.....we changed plans....later did family Johns Island trip in the Juans and the balance teeth got chewed up and had to limp in..... We would have made it to Rivers Inlet only to have had this happen! That been a bumma!
  429. Team Sency

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    Ha! They could have saved tons of times if knew how to push a lever on a Burnewiin! What's worse??? DR's stolen or getting married? lol Sorry for the hassle, but is a reminder that you just can't leave shit on your boat. I have been tired and dumped the boat into storage with all the shit...
  430. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Oh I have no doubt that it didn't fix itself Stevo! Yeah would not turn over on the water. Just surprised me that fires up now and the oil is clean as can be. Just frustrating to throw $6k+ at it when should have just repowered. We replaced the balancer and cleaned that sucker...
  431. Team Sency

    FLIR input

    That's amazing! Do you know.......can the images be sent to a smart phone? If so, then I think would be perfect to get the VR head deal and have it on your co pilot.
  432. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    The short block did not come with the new balance assembly. The assembly is what went out on me in the pics above and we replaced. I have not had a chance to take motor apart. The odd thing....I decided for shits and giggles to fire it up...and sure fired up and purrs like a...
  433. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    Its a sweet stick! My issue is that I bought more of them then I ever use and then my buddies all come with their arsenal. If need a different Thrasher...then I could make that work also.
  434. Team Sency

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    ***SOLD*** Never used. Jason’s rear tuna cord wrap. Titanium guides. ALPS Seat. Killer Blue Tuna Machine. $400 OBO. ....yes need better Talica not included.
  435. Team Sency

    Recommendations, nuckle buster rod

    So Fishpimp and Nick(Kicknit) bought a few Trophy Rods last summer. I forgot what they paid, but was a great rod for the $$. Great action and quality components.
  436. Team Sency

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    Where is Evil Knievil for us to watch that stunt pulled off!!!
  437. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Ryan....this is the same motor that I had a bearing failure with. We put a new short block in and then at 60 hours down again. Opened up, and bam the harmonic synthetic gear chewed up. Replaced. Took on Lake Wa and ran like a champ. Good oil pressure....but..... When did the short...
  438. Team Sency

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    The first one.....Dukes Of Westport!!!!!
  439. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Good question Mike. I will research what it’s value is and chit chat with you over it. Is a bummer but how it goes sometimes!
  440. Team Sency

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    So my Yami took a dump on me in August. Magic Mike Stryker took apart and the harmonic balance assembly was toast. New one, oil pump, gaskets, and back in business. Out at Grady Prick Derby....she bites the dust again. After original short block purchase and all parts......the moral of...
  441. Team Sency

    If you guys are missing the tuna and good weather

    Travis you bastard!!!!! That looks awesome!!
  442. Team Sency

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    Eric....I had borrowed 2 Lowrance Head units from Chad(master chief). They worked awesome and my guess they are still sitting in his garage.
  443. Team Sency

    EV100 Autopilot

    EVO 150 with PWalker install help & guidance..... Multiple buddies saying their most favorite addition by a long shot....I was skeptical.... ......but they were dead right! Love it!!
  444. Team Sency

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    That's cool that Tim(Deviant) loans out his trailer to that Michael fella.
  445. Team Sency

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    This combo gets the job done...
  446. Team Sency

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    One for the Juice please!!
  447. Team Sency

    Used MR2 Islander for sale

    Sorry Tom....did sell.
  448. Team Sency

    23’ north river

    Cooooome on!!!!! Sweet machine and once sold there be only one Juice!!!!
  449. Team Sency

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    Keep it going!!! Cooooooome on 50 cent!!!!
  450. Team Sency

    Looking for small 4 stroke

    $770 is my best so far on a new Suzuki. $790 for Yami.
  451. Team Sency

    Looking for small 4 stroke

    Anyone by chance have a solid running 2.5hp or 4hp 4 stroke they might like to sell? We have a 90 year old family friend with an old tender with a long in the tooth motor. Thought suprise him with a repower. Thanks in advance....Chris
  452. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    Ok next there a thingamajig suction cup adapter deal or something to hook hose to and test pump out on trailer??
  453. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    It was same screw pattern as my old 4.0 gpm ....I’m hoping to say pull.... And blow a seagull out of the sky!!!
  454. Team Sency

    New Member to the site

    Awesome Bob and Mel! Welcome and sure passed you by in Neah before.
  455. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    Thing is a beast compared to the old one! So Steve brought up the wire connectors....are those better than just crimping with the heat shrink connectors?
  456. Team Sency

    New electronics advice needed

    Coke or Pepsi....blondes or brunettes.... All the new gear is sweet and will be has been gear in 3-4 years. I love Garmin and currently decked out In Raymarine(Axiom Pro, Evo 150, Quantum) Pete said the Pro is legit but so is the 7612. Go with your gut and any new gear is gunna blow...
  457. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    Easy E....if the 2-day Prime actually doesn’t turn into 2-week prime, then might take you up on a Black Diamond run for you Sat! Will let you know and appreciate the offer to fix my weak stream!
  458. Team Sency

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    I will be at John's Island for 4 days next weekend....doesn't look like much of a run to get sum suds!
  459. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    Well fuck!!! Putty?? Who has super go go gadget long arms???? Dealer is $200 for install. ....Thanks Steve! Those are what are on it currently. Will get new ones. So that door on the starboard side....the pump is mounted to the transom and about 6 inches out of my reach.
  460. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    This the ticket?? My guess is I need screwdriver extension with strong magnet to not lose screws. I bet Centercut has pump in same location that is out of arm reach! Maybe not Fishpimps reach???!!! ...Eli...what are deutch connectors??
  461. Team Sency

    Some Canadian Porn

    Awesome Tom! We did one trip there a few years ago and the vibe of that town! May I suggest.....getting you ass into the gym!!!! That Salmon lift looked like the death of you!!!
  462. Team Sency

    Washdown pump replacement

    Anyone replace one on a Grady Gulfstream?? I can’t reach that sucker and don’t know how could? It has a weak stream(IT not me!). Also...power? How powerful of one can a fella go with? I like blasting the Seagulls away from the bait.
  463. Team Sency

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    I might need to get the sniffles next week!
  464. Team Sency

    Saltwater It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of your attitude! You make a good time no matter what!
  465. Team Sency

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    I honestly have zero clue what your point is Tony... “I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul”. Neah Bay closes the 13th....I guess congrats you win??? ...we are pro coho....just want a full summer to enjoy the big blue is all...I am actually fine with one King...the no...
  466. Team Sency

    Saltwater My Daughter sets New Record!

    What an adventure!! So you fling it in the boat with kiddos all clear.....what was the danger factor of this bugger?? doubt you had under control. I have not caught one of these and was curious how fiesty ?
  467. Team Sency

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    T??? No clue what you are talking about.....coho are consistently located off shore until they migrate in for their mad dash to the rivers..... Kings....kicker boats motor mooching cutplugs along the kelp lines or along the beach doesn’t require a mac daddy boat like yours...... Skill...
  468. Team Sency

    Neah 10-13 Aug

  469. Team Sency

    Costco tire service

    The torture we put on tires and travel we all do I think Les is the choice.....consistent killer service and will rescue your ass when in need and almost anywhere.
  470. Team Sency

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    Saaaaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeet!!! I have next Friday off and time to crush sum Kings!!!!! Oh wait???!!! I guess Tuna it be!! So glad I spend $80x4 on licenses this year....
  471. Team Sency

    Saltwater Not sure can run 50 miles

    Kerry....just bring some extra fuel and go crush them!!! There will be days they are a bit closer and days that have nicer cruising water(if you have flexibility time wise). Just jam out in your most efficient mode.... And later on, you won't need to troll as much or at all. Its a fun...
  472. Team Sency

    Used MR2 Islander for sale

    Cosmetically in fair condition(one main rash)/solid mechanically. $250 OBO.
  473. Team Sency

    Unofficial WTC Results

    If we ain’t first......
  474. Team Sency

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    My first goatrolls.....daaamn tasty!!!! Thanks Norm!! No better way to kick off a great trip!
  475. Team Sency

    First run on Pit Boss Copperhead 5

    T doesn’t mess around! And clearly want to stay on his good side!!! Snipe my slow ass from a long ways out!!!
  476. Team Sency

    WTC Weather

    Here is the latest WTC forecast.... A large group of ocean fishing loving folk are gunna gather to enjoy the bounty of the sea and the comradeship the great event brings.... Great people...on the big blue...for a great event and cause.....Priceless!!! See you fuckers there!!!
  477. Team Sency

    Boston Whaler 17’

    Wow!!! Love it!!
  478. Team Sency

    Saltwater North of Kingston

    Frame those pics Kai! That's what it is all about!
  479. Team Sency

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Mark??? A guy can’t rant his frustrations?? There is no give or take. It’s one groups way and that is frustrating. No crystal ball needed....7 days is feesable now, or weekend given for us travel folks. And your bitching about a guy bitching. What good is that doing??
  480. Team Sency

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    I haven’t fished Westport this year until Wednesday and will be for Tuna. My salmon fests have been to Neah. I would have been happy with Saturday open only. Sunday ratfucks me. I believe fully in democracy and regardless if Westport charters are correct, I don’t care seeing a super small...
  481. Team Sency

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    You know what else Erik knows and loves?????.... wait for it ...waaaaaait waaaait.... Tire Kickers!!!! Make him sweat it for a while!! And how have we not seen pics of fish on the new ride????
  482. Team Sency

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    Surfix slicks is what I use and work great. The other issue with carpet is it captures small rocks and causes damage to gelcoat. I use the Weight Safe hitch and is by far best I have used. Worth the spend.
  483. Team Sency

    Saltwater Took home some $

    That is a gorgeous fish!!! Great job Kevin! How was the battle??
  484. Team Sency

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Dumb question I’m this synthetic?
  485. Team Sency

    Saltwater Ten days in Sitka

    Nice to know you are still alive!!
  486. Team Sency

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Why I just don't text you first! I have wondered is the oil in a Yami jug actually any different. The Wix filter is same as the Yami Filter?
  487. Team Sency

    Down rigger Repair.

    I dropped mine off to Larry just last night and will pick up tonight. I forgot his card at home with his phone # and can get it for you later. But he is still our guy for Cannon and he is planning to do Canada week long trip next week. So get in soon...
  488. Team Sency

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Hey gang! So I get the oil change box kits each time and they are kinda spendy(I get from Jacobsen's and that might be my first mistake). Anyone have a place they get better pricing or do something different that is more cost effective?? Thanks in advance! Chris
  489. Team Sency

    The day has arrived!

    Congrats Jaime and thank you for your service! Go crush em this summer!
  490. Team Sency

    Anacortes boat launches

    Datsun and October
  491. Team Sency

    Radio silence being observed

    This boatless L2 is sure a meaner variety!! Darn right fiesty!!
  492. Team Sency

    Anacortes boat launches

    I use Cap Sante for my annual fam trip to the Juan’s...... Truck is the most safe in my opinion there. Zero issues over 15 years.
  493. Team Sency

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    JuiceBox sad!! Can’t call him Larry!! But at least I won’t lose all my jigs...
  494. Team Sency

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    I just saw this and knew with number of responses that G Bizzle had to be doin WORK!! All I can say is that Ring’s video quality is legit!
  495. Team Sency

    Dildos by Yamaha!

    I buy local, try to avoid chains such as worthless Cabelas, and support BD folks when can...these were purchased from Brother Dave at Kitsap Marine and yes at full pop. Paul, unless someone is jumping for both, no problem selling one. I will be back to Driftwood weekend of July 14th....
  496. Team Sency

    Dildos by Yamaha!

    So I bought 4 of these when only need two...I knew this, but liked having 4...buuut turns out that having on starboard side could break something on motor. So...I have two available that we’re used once. They cost $60 each so will take best offer. They are by far best way I have seen to...
  497. Team Sency

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    Waiting to hear if Patrick wants the La Push Prime Delivery Service or just wait until next week. Thanks for the offers to help!
  498. Team Sency

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    Anyone La Push bound that could deliver a package for me to Patrick? Or if have a seat Saturday I would bring myself!
  499. Team Sency

    Tarpon- not Washington!!!

    Damn Mike! My biggest Tarpon landed is 40#ish in PR. Live bait?
  500. Team Sency

    Alcohol and boating

    I think the issue we are all missing here is the grave irresponsibility of General Motors to produce the massive torque monster of the Duramax!! This has me contemplating selling mine after seeing this...too much power to contain!
  501. Team Sency

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Keep your paws off my AREA 3/4 Flatties!!! But crap...I only have one spot punch left to play anyways.
  502. Team Sency

    Saltwater Lings from shore

    I was gunna say that Randy! Jeff..I know going boatless...but man..if you could pick up a decent kayak on Craigslist or something....take it and hit the access points off would be in some decent ling/bass spots in a short paddle. And gorgeous country! I'm too lazy with a...
  503. Team Sency

    Spinning rod input It’s been a month or two since I got updated on Thrashers he may have a rod like the Trevala. My Thrashers are sweet....but massive overkill for black bass...
  504. Team Sency

    Need a Jigging rod for Salmon

    Did you end up selling off your Backbounce IMX rod??? If not, then that is a killer jig stick! Have you not learned that doctors don't know shit??? Don't start listening to them now and keep defying them Greg!!
  505. Team Sency

    Well I made it another year.

    Happy bday Pat!! Too bad you suck and don’t go to Neah!
  506. Team Sency

    Misc rod/reel and reel

    Kellen ghosted me:eek:! If someone can use....
  507. Team Sency

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    Anyone have a Polaris connection?
  508. Team Sency

    Seaqualizer locally available

    We all drops ass loads on our boats, trucks, gear.......just spend the $$ before this weekend and save some fish please.... Screw waiting on a free one...
  509. Team Sency

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    The Juice is down!!! W/ O.P.P.!!!
  510. Team Sency

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    The Ace 150 just might be the ticket!
  511. Team Sency

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).
  512. Team Sency

    Any Garmin experts?

    I don't know shit....but doesn't the 7607 have built in GPS? I would start by taking out that Lowrance puck.
  513. Team Sency

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    I figured one of you might have had a good experience with a quality on/off road go kart for kids. A few weeks ago, my lil dude lost control of his Suzuki 70 and 10 stitches later there is no talking his mom out of it being sold. We have a 50cc Quad, but looking for something that is a blast...
  514. Team Sency

    Misc rod/reel and reel

    Sold to Kellen!! Need my paypal for the $350???
  515. Team Sency

    Misc rod/reel and reel

    Just sitting and will never be used. $50 rod/reel. $40 reel. OBO.
  516. Team Sency

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Kurt...I tested it for a salmon trolling scenario and was awesome! Also....was sweet for pee breaks on the long runs....just slow her down and you can get your #1 on while boat keeps to its destination!!
  517. Team Sency

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Patrick helped and guided me in completing my Auto Pilot install. What a serious pain in the ass as far as getting behind the helm pump! The day before Halipolooza...we stopped by Pat's Boatyard and he helped us bleed all the lines with fresh fluid and no air. Back on our way to Neah to get...
  518. Team Sency

    Defiance Delivery Day

    I extra extra can't wait to see pics of this team out on the water getting after it!!!! Rooting for you guys!!!
  519. Team Sency

    Messing around in the rod shop

    Power to the Thrasher!
  520. Team Sency

    Roughing it tonight!

    As Spicoli once said.....”Yooooooooou dick!!!”
  521. Team Sency

    Weather determination

    Juice is ready to crush it!!! Can’t wait!! See you fine fellas out there!
  522. Team Sency

    Saltwater Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    Sorry Jaime! My father not getting any younger so days fishing are very special. He is fishing with us in Neah, just for the Friday, and will make sure I take in the moment. When we started doing the long run hali trips...... with the long boat ride and my driving habits(Mach 6) he...
  523. Team Sency

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Lee...when you asked them if could return and be refunded what did they say??
  524. Team Sency

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Awesome part is the native commercial folk head out for a 30 hour fish in 8 minutes...
  525. Team Sency

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Is brutal!! But....perfect timing on a reminder for all of us embarking to the coast to chill and engage our defensive driving skills! I think we get comfortable and drive like we would normally not towing and as been said....take it easy, focus, stay in middle lane and switch as little as...
  526. Team Sency

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    The survey did note that the lone chiropractor was indeed Sammy!!
  527. Team Sency

    Navionics Chip to buy or borrow?

    Thanks Ryan! Let me know when around to pick up. I sold my chip with my Axiom and thought I ordered new one with chip...negative
  528. Team Sency

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    9 out of 10 chiropractors who are anglers recommend the drive to Westport over Neah!!
  529. Team Sency

    Navionics Chip to buy or borrow?

    So my Axiom Pro ended up shipped with no chip... Anyone have a Navionics + or Platinum they are not using that I can borrow for Hali or buy? Gracias
  530. Team Sency

    Saltwater Area 4 Fun

    Thanks Ed!!! Gets me even more amped up for Neah!!
  531. Team Sency

    Maui Jims

    Sold to Dave.....his eyes are happy now!
  532. Team Sency

    Maui Jims

    Bump and price drop... $100 ea Or $140 for both.
  533. Team Sency

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    D dock and man that plain salmon was tasty!!
  534. Team Sency

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    Allen nailed it....this is vacation and one of my favorite ones of the year. Lets all take it easy and have a blast!!
  535. Team Sency

    Some extra gear, most for free if you can use it

    Kurt...nick will take bait table also for me.
  536. Team Sency

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    They don’t make ho’s like they used to! They are crafty now...we do all the work and they fish their ass off!
  537. Team Sency

    Saltwater New Guy post BEWARE

    Midget complex!!!! That made me spit my lunch out!!! Awesome! And really not that short!!!!!!!
  538. Team Sency

    Maui Jims

    One pair down...
  539. Team Sency

    2015 Parker 2320 for sale

    That thing is awesome!! Someone needs to snatch that up and get their Hali on!!
  540. Team Sency

    Autopilot Help Please

    This little $1.99 purchase is handy!!! And I get a whistle and thermometer. The speaker is no joke! Sensor not going near them. I think have a few hidden spots now to choose from. Thanks L2 and Kim!
  541. Team Sency

    Maui Jims

    Got all the goats I need from last year!! I'm getting concerned for you fellas!!...I have had no nibbles and I am worried you all are not nearly as concerned about your eye care as you should be!! It's sunny those eyeballs....Maui Jim!!
  542. Team Sency

    Autopilot Help Please

    Great!!! Pro installation still has issues!!?? After my install the boat is going to do the Macarena!! So I picked a spot I like buuut would be next to a stereo speaker. Would the magnet of the speaker mess with sensor??
  543. Team Sency

    Neah Bay Memorial Day weekend lodging needed

    Two JuiceBox on D dock??? Can the marina handle it?? Casey hanging with us back to backs! Just tent at cape and you can cook, shower, vac pack, and what have you at our cabin.
  544. Team Sency

    Auto pilot install advice

    That is classic!!! dare you!!!!
  545. Team Sency

    Auto pilot install advice

    So doesn't sound like this gadget has to be at the bow or even center line?
  546. Team Sency

    Auto pilot install advice

    Starting on the install of Ray Evo 150.... The sensor.....says 3’ min away from compass. Can it go on the roof? Best spots(shows bow, but don’t have great open flat spot for it). The ACU...says vertical. Can it be mounted in my box that has rest of my electronics? I think have good spot...
  547. Team Sency

    Maui Jims

    Time to thin the heard! 1st-Kanaio Coast-matte soft black frame w/neutral grey lens($249 retail). Week old...$175 obo.....***SOLD*** 2nd(now first pic)-World Cup-matte green stripe rubber frame w/Maui HT lens($229 retail). 2 years old. 10/10 condition $129 obo. 3rd-Waterman-titanium color...
  548. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    Will go direct to th RVX Mike. Gear supposed to be here today and will install this weekend. Only a smidge excited!!!
  549. Team Sency

    Value rods and reels

    Norm!!!!! You are gunna need a batch of those shiny things to compliment your new shiny thing!!
  550. Team Sency

    Tuna Predictions...

    Can't wait!!!! Fishing gear ready....Juice waiting on electronics to install and then will stop sweatin it again this year!
  551. Team Sency

    Saltwater They didn't get this one!

    Might not have much choice then to go Roland Martin on those fuckers...... Son!!!! Crank that blackmouth across the top of the water Lake Okeechobee style!!
  552. Team Sency

    Tuna Predictions...

    Now that the world is recognizing Facebook blows you are finally being cool enough to bless us with your company???? A group overnight would be a blast!!
  553. Team Sency

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    Working together is just that...working TOGETHER. If only one weekend day, then I would like Saturday to avoid Sunday I5 traffic and beable to be ready for work Monday. I am out for the experience and not to fill the freezer. Do I love eating my harvest? Yes!! But if creative ideas were to...
  554. Team Sency

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Congrats Keith and sweet king! Your spending this Jack and know have your budget....but massively cheaper to upgrade electronics over repower. Pete, Duramax, Juan, and sure a few more folks have your boat to chime in on 200 ponies. I forget what Duramax used to have, but it was a dog(might...
  555. Team Sency

    1997 Yamaha Saltwater 150 C/R Pair

    I don’t miss it Chris!!!
  556. Team Sency

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Shoot Pete!! could have bought a junker and made plenty more friends. Pete is a genuine nice dude.
  557. Team Sency

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Awesome Pete!! Their 27’ is my favorite in their line up! Congrats on both new ride and position!
  558. Team Sency

    Saltwater Detailed A7 Report

    That’s all the report I need!!! Juice is waiting for electronics and off she will go!!!
  559. Team Sency

    Tag Along?

    That would not hurt!! Camo!!
  560. Team Sency

    Suzuki DF 350-300

    That 350 sounds awesome!!!! Counter rotating prop would be sweet hole shot. If they offer their longer warranty on it why not? Just don’t see much dissatisfaction with their products and is a solid company.
  561. Team Sency

    Tag Along?

    Matt....well put and nice way to get yourself out there. I'm typically full with the same fishing buddies have fished with forever...but if that changes this summer will keep you in mind. Chris
  562. Team Sency

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Love the shop seats!! Charlie...I have the same seats and would be nice to have spare set to overhaul if ever up for selling. Although as a shop seat is kinda sweet conversation piece!
  563. Team Sency

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    Most likely will take you up on the ride Mike!
  564. Team Sency

    Is this Craigslist??

    Sounds like best to stear clear of “Franks”!!!!
  565. Team Sency

    1997 Yamaha Saltwater 150 C/R Pair

    She is looking great Chris!! What are her new power plants?
  566. Team Sency

    New Truck Detailing

    Kim....I get not washing your new car strategy.....but wash your cloths!!!!!! Leave the blue behind with the washer for goodness sakes!! Oh....welcome home!
  567. Team Sency

    Haul Skiff from So Cal to Washington

    Shad last summer was a great sounding board and resource on my motor issues and helped steer me to right solution. No surprise he kicked ass for you! We should have loaded that skiff up with Cali priced Grey Goose!!! And sum Cali BD classified Tuna sticks!!
  568. Team Sency

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Great thing about are free to not be a part of a site that just doesn’t barf instant gratification to someone none of us know at their request... Casey politely said go fucking fishing dude??!!
  569. Team Sency

    Shore fishing in Maui

    So when snorkeling.... I see these guys set either frozen peas loose or squirt cheese wiz and a frenzy commences..... ...Gotta work I would think??
  570. Team Sency

    T-mobile coverage

    If you fish and love to rock to pandora at the grounds.....then Verizon is the only choice! I often think I should submit a commercial idea to them.....if we cover you 40 nautical off of Tatoosh....imagine how we support you everywhere else??!! ....and T-Mobile.....if you don’t want wife to...
  571. Team Sency

    Plenty of good reasons to renew fishing and hunting licenses soon like Greg is an agreement that is shitty.... That’s the really F’d up foresight by these people.....setting up family opportunities should be among the top priorities. Parents to introduce, teach, and share adventures as a family is life at its best.
  572. Team Sency

    New trailer

    Ken....could you share info and specs on it? Rated for? Fit to boat? Cost? I keep fiddle fucking with my trailer and wonder if just not enough trailer regardless if is rated for my boat. I don’t think factors like roads traveled on like to Neah Bay get factored in.
  573. Team Sency

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Baby steps Steve! Baby steps! Our own Blackmouther is still accepting of my ways!
  574. Team Sency

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Rick you motor boatin sum biatch!!! Read my post a few after that one....I have seen the error in my ways grasshopper!!..... ....and experienced it from a Crozier Craft owner!!!
  575. Team Sency

    Salmon forecast not great news

    On a positive note...... new fishing gear I was so excited about will stay in pristine condition!!!
  576. Team Sency

    Spring cleaning “value” combo’s...

    Oh snap!!!!! I am getting way more action on it now that is sold!!
  577. Team Sency

    Spring cleaning “value” combo’s...

    Wow!! Look at this VALUE gear flyin off the shelves!!!! Why isn’t Swanny swooping it all up??
  578. Team Sency

    Rod storage options

    These have worked well for wall storage for me.
  579. Team Sency

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    I have purchased 2 from he knows I’m a member of the Tanacum Pussy Club! What was I ever thinking before!!
  580. Team Sency

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Electric reels are for pussies!!!!
  581. Team Sency

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    Good hooks and good to use when faster spin desired for presentation. Correct game plan that line, terminal tackle, and hooks should never be compromised.
  582. Team Sency

    Value rods and reels

    First???? Who are you??? Name sounds familiar like a long lost friend of ours?? lol Sportco was loaded up with these Cousin rods. They had nice wraps on them(custom look), and nice components and the pricing was fair. I had heard of Cousins, but never seen them in person. Seem like a...
  583. Team Sency

    Value rods and reels

    The debate is fun to read, but the reality is that VALUE means something different to people. To me, if the item does not kick ass, then I don't find value owning it. Now I would like to find that item at the best possible price, but at the end of the day it has to be a well built item. I...
  584. Team Sency

    Value rods and reels

    Leif....let’s keep this discretionary cash thing on the DL from the wives!!!
  585. Team Sency

    26' North River 130kOBO

    Cool. Guess your not a contender to buy this sweet boat. Glad you like your boat and someone is going to love this boat.
  586. Team Sency

    Puerto Vallarta on the Apollo

    I choose.......Poooooooooooooooooorly!!!!!!! Awesome! Could you have stayed for catch and release? Would be vary hard to leave that. Was it basically tying a line to a Ford Ranger(or Prius been popular on another thread) and telling your buddy to hit it???
  587. Team Sency

    Spring Cleaning!!

    Ryan....Nick, Kickinit...will take pictures 3,4, and 5. edit....Fuck Brian is fast!!!!! Nick will pick up and use this thing called cash!!!!!
  588. Team Sency

    Puerto Vallarta on the Apollo

    Mikee!!! You bastard!!! That is Awesome!!! Not 100%, but I think Jeff, aka Fishpimp, and Nick, aka Kickinit, are down to join next year! I was close to jumping on this...but did coin flip for this trip or autopilot...
  589. Team Sency

    Anyone fish the Islander Mooching Rod?

    My two knuckle buster rods, Dark Knight and Gladiator, are both 3106’s. I have had people say what difference can a rod make?? I can’t really explain it, but when they fight a fish on one of them they totally get it. This is Nick’s(Kickinit) biggest king caught on Dark Knight.
  590. Team Sency

    Value rods and reels

    Eric...I get what your saying, but I look at overall costs, value , and enjoyment to use. Value gear that I have experience with has been the Shimano Tekota and Calcutta reels. Fair priced and last and are enjoyable to fish with. Yes the fish don't know, but you aren't the needs...
  591. Team Sency

    Furuno 1k sounder ETR - 6/10N

    Are you trying to fist fuck us????? Max that is worth is $72 bucks!!!! Come on John!!!
  592. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    Thanks guys! I don’t know why the hole bugs me. I’m ok with the size of the TM275 since under the motor bracket. I get to bottom fish the halibut days open, and then rest of my time is spent on chasing Kings(hopefully state let’s me do that more than Hali) then Tuna. So, I like the wide...
  593. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    Dave, just to help you out....the Pro S has high frequency only. The Pro RVX has 1k chirp dual band built in. Our Westcoast RayMarine Rep has the Pro RVX with the TM275 and happens to have my same boat. He loves the set up and that made me go holeless in Seattle.
  594. Team Sency

    Hodgman XL Neoprene Chest Waders

    Used 2 times and just don’t use them. Cabelas shows $79.99. $40 obo.
  595. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    You bastards!!! I had my mind made up!!!! Lol
  596. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    So I had the P66 and at Mach I had bottom to 1000’. I borrowed masterchiefs lowrance with the skimmer ducer and it rocked. So I think TM 275 is gunna be my friend.
  597. Team Sency

    Ducer help!

    Ok!!! I’m being super indecisive on ducer selection....running Axiom Pro with 1k sonar Grady 232 Gulfstream. I am comfortable installing transom mount and the TM 275 seems clear choice for that. Thru Hull I have had suggested B275, 265, and 175. All 1k and I am not educated on them to...
  598. Team Sency

    Islander tr3

    Two folks I know using the TR3 love it. I hoped they would have more color options, but it’s just the silver and red and then silver and blue sometime this year. I’m excited to break the Abel in!
  599. Team Sency

    Islander tr3

  600. Team Sency

    Sonic hub

    So my buddy got a used boat with the hub. We got Bluetooth set to the Garmin but no sound out of the speakers....any trick to it?
  601. Team Sency

    Ap project

    Sweet! I will even go by Christopher!!
  602. Team Sency

    Ap project

    That offer good to your Favorite Chris??
  603. Team Sency

    Shotguns for Kids

    A fellow Coug and hunted the same ground! Loved the chuckar hunting there! I stay in fair shape but don’t know if I could billy goat those hills like I did then. I still have my side by side also. My dad let me borrow his 1100, in college, and I loved the extra shot for those birds. When I...
  604. Team Sency

    Couple little projects

    Thanks guys will check those. Now pump 10 years old? Could it just be time for new one also?
  605. Team Sency

    Couple little projects

    Yes Captain Decent recommended a powered coater in Monroe..... Just hope red is not the only option!!
  606. Team Sency

    Couple little projects

    So I need to find a shop that can make me a new stainless bar that goes on the fold down seat on back of boat. Apparently I have been feeding the crew to well and it is bent! Also, where think I can find these LED rope lights? And while at raw water washer hesitates and never gets to...
  607. Team Sency

    Raymarine axiom ? need the RV Ducer to get all the fancy stuff. The 275 is just chirp(well killer chirp!!) Get both Ducers and you will have serious system! The Axiom is fast and sleek and lots of great customizable set ups. I think anymore they are all really good and is just your preference...
  608. Team Sency

    Shotguns for Kids

    I started with a side by side 20ga and loved it! I am still a 20ga upland guy.
  609. Team Sency


    Josh basically now has two 250 horse power Minkotas!!! Looks killer Josh!!
  610. Team Sency

    Westport has ..NO clams...

    Well no clams left after that haul!! Shouldn’t you be snow machining versus decimating the clam population??!!
  611. Team Sency

    WTC Starting Lineup

    You guys are making me want to sign up!!! It’s an awesome event and supporting Aloha BBQ is smart move and great grub! I loooove their hot sauce wall!!
  612. Team Sency

    Washer and dryer set

    Thread Jack!!!.........Dave.....can you send me your Traeger Wing recipe again please?? I want to Wing it for Sunday! And Allen was at least taller than Jeff’s(Fishpimps) belly button!!
  613. Team Sency

    New Duckworth PAC Nav 215ASAP

    Gorgeous area Chris and great boat and deal! I’m cabinless and is in 5 year up sum pics of your place and of course dock!
  614. Team Sency

    Go no Go

    I had to search for it! You reminded me of it and agree with the moto to live to play another day. That is what makes our set Hali dates so dangerous...we all want to go so badly and sum will push their luck/capabilities.
  615. Team Sency

    Go no Go

    Greg learned well from his Uncle..... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  616. Team Sency

    Go no Go

    No Go!! You won’t like it and Grady’s will torment you! ....charter a tuna trip on one of the 6-packs and get a hands on education. Well worth the small investment in my opinion. See them run the bar and talk to them about best practices.
  617. Team Sency

    Shout out for J&G Marine

    B? What model have? I’m about to order Ray AP.
  618. Team Sency

    Shout out for J&G Marine

    Damn Chris!! You gotta be rollin in the $$ to miss a $1k over sight!!! J&G good folks and serious expertise.
  619. Team Sency

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    I'm not the best at riddles batman!!..... so why are they not selling you the boat you want??
  620. Team Sency

    33' North River for Sale

    Once Mike moves those two Lami rods he is down!!!
  621. Team Sency

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    I think we can find threads that talk about how much Mark loved his Mercs. I assume that changed? Tommy's 300's seem pretty wicked and they are crazy quiet. They just get knocked, and even by me, yet I don't have specifics to justify that they are the inferior motor.
  622. Team Sency

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    So I am pro Yamaha even with mine shitting the bed, and I had great experience with a Suk 115 4stroke 15 years ago. I like the Boston Whaler 285, but not the Mercs. Yet I don't remember anyone being dissatisfied with these newer motors and I think I don't like them because of feedback like...
  623. Team Sency

    Crab pots

    $2225 for Axiom with Ducer....$2000 without ducer and come with the pots. Boat show pricing is $3k w/ducer plus tax.
  624. Team Sency

    Crab pots

    If you act now!!!!....I will through these pots in with a sweet Raymarine 12RV Axiom on sale! Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by!!!
  625. Team Sency

    Crab pots are free to comment and be the asshole you consistently are and I’m free to say you are an asshole. The seller said asking....if someone likes the pots make an offer. You knocking his items for sale adds jack shit to the post and to me is a shitty way to treat people. Just my opinion.
  626. Team Sency

    Crab pots

    Here is a crazy idea....if don’t like price don’t buy it.
  627. Team Sency

    New Truck Detailing

    Terry for fucks sakes!!! You know the rules!!
  628. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

  629. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    Here fishy fishy
  630. Team Sency

    anybody going to puyallup from bellevue

    My employee lives in Puyallup and works in Bellevue.
  631. Team Sency

    Mfd question

    Pro puts a ton of expectations on you Brian! Very stressful! Lol
  632. Team Sency

    Mfd question

    There is a 12” Axiom for sale in the Classifieds....would look amazing on an Osprey!!
  633. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    Axiom Love!!
  634. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12RV

    Still for sale.
  635. Team Sency

    My boat's turn at "Bob's Boat Bottom Spa"

    Really does make it look like a new boat!! Great work and great looking boat Matt!
  636. Team Sency

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    Kill bags are on my list. Reliable seems to be the standard, anyone have good luck with other makes? There is the one guy that always has a booth as you leave the main area to the tunnel. His look solid, anyone try them?
  637. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12RV

    16” arrives this week.
  638. Team Sency

    Westport boat ride time...

    Utah....on two...
  639. Team Sency

    Saltwater Pretty long odds

    Where you listening to Phil Collins??
  640. Team Sency

    Saltwater perch fishing

    Ok ok!! If you buy my Axiom in the next 7 days I will not erase my Perch cords!!
  641. Team Sency

    Oregon Fisherman Demonstrates New Right of Way Rules

    Curt.....your a bit behind in your news reporting! Seriously 2000 and late!!
  642. Team Sency

    Saltwater perch fishing

    The docks with a muscle on the hook always worked well for me as a highschool kid. In the summer, I would fish the mouth of the Elwha with a Panther Martin and would hit these surf perch that were really good sized and a blast to fight! Tasty suckers also. Just get out and give it a shot...
  643. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    New one on order. $2,000 obo without ducer.
  644. Team Sency

    Shop Build

    Damn Tom!! That is awesome!! Excited for you and I want one!!!
  645. Team Sency

    Saltwater Rod/Reel Advise

    They really are something special to be had for a very long time. My only concern on the rods....and not much we can do since cork has gotten extremely expensive...but those Winn grips will wear out, where cork would last forever(obviously if take care of). I keep searching and researching...
  646. Team Sency

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Took his ball and went home... Always possibilities, but reality is a low return for your time and investment. Need either a wealthy investor doing it for the love of the place, or the right family that pictures that being their life.
  647. Team Sency

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Greg I do love how much you think you are the total shit!! But I agree with Tony....if you have a successful business plan that others have failed at, then why haven’t you bothered to execute it?? The place is a serious trek from Seattle for weekend getta ways and there is not enough of a...
  648. Team Sency

    Saltwater Rod/Reel Advise

    Congrats!!! You are going to love the MR3! Who making the rod and what stick is it?
  649. Team Sency

    Saltwater Rod/Reel Advise

    Hooooooooooward???????? Please say it is you?????
  650. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    Price Drop...$2250 obo.
  651. Team Sency

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    I’m defending BD more than Patrick but know he is a cocky fun shit talker that makes you want to beat him that much more so! We exist in a shit talking forum and big part why I enjoy BD! I see Patrick has a bit more teeth to his message, but still know makes you guys want to crush him at the...
  652. Team Sency

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Jay...get what you are saying and appreciate your pride and maybe you don’t know Patrick....but he is being funny and shit talking for not backing up victory of last year like the BD way! Now the pressure is on for that stacked team to win the next!
  653. Team Sency

    Need a bigger boat, this one needs to go 1st

    GLWS Jason! And congrats cause Noorlander Enterprises must be kicking some ass! Love it and deserve a sweet toy!
  654. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    had a solid fish on and slipped off just before the net!!!
  655. Team Sency

    Fucking cancer...

    Steve....I put a like only because to let you know sending condolences to you and your family. Don't beat yourself up!
  656. Team Sency

    Neah Bay halibut moorage

    Ground hog day!!! Its like I woke up and it was last year, and the year before, and the year before that... Goat wins...everyone show support and head to Westport!!
  657. Team Sency

    Neah Bay halibut moorage

    Cooooooommmmmmeeeeee onnnnnnnnnn May!!! Get our Haaaaaaalllliiiiiiii on!!! I could give two rats ass's where anyone is going you 2018 grumpy bastards! All I know is some Hali are gunna get toasted and a population of Silver Delights will get decimated. First sum Peninsula Chrome Crushing...
  658. Team Sency

    Christmas Project!!!

    Has Ray fixed their AP so you can also steer with wheel when engaged? Is what had stopped me from getting theirs.
  659. Team Sency

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    Nothing brings the new year in like 12 inches!!!