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    Wa permits

    Anyone draw .I didn't really try with my caribou trip and Idaho trip ..I was only in for oils....but my kid got a coyle doe tag ..his 3rd doe tag in 4 year's...
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    Monkey Math

    In true boredom fashion and general distrust I checked some numbers from WDFW. North coast hali quota update May 6/8......900 anglers 319 halibut, 5186 lbs- 16lb average. Creel checks area 3/4 for May 6/8 from the only open north coast port CQ, 195 anglers, 51 halibut. I know the state...
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    North coast travel alert.

    Just FYI for the guys heading north for halibut. Dot has several planned road projects started or soon to be started on 101, 104, and 113. To include chip seal. Sounds like most of 101 west from the lake will get chip seal starting in the next week or two...and we know what chip seal does to...
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    Alaska caribou closure If you've ever hunted NW Ak for caribou or ever plan on it.... please comment on this attempt to eliminate the ability for non residents and a large portion of Ak residents from hunting public land... Ive got a hunt...
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    Small kicker

    Looking for a good running reasonably priced 4 stroke kicker. 4hp - 9.9hp it doesn't matter... just needs to power a little livingston. Preferably not stolen.
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    Grey Starboard?

    Anyone got some small junks of dolphin gray starboard laying around. Need to make a couple bump stops for my cutting board/ fish box lid so it only will open so far. Hate to buy a full junk when I only need a couple 2" junks . Thanks
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    Left leaning commission This ain't good.... Time for sportsmen/ woman to shit or get off the pot...I suggest you read up on the new appointee and some of her life work..
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    Get your hip waders out .

    Screwed again..
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    Lapush Surge

    Thought this would of shown up by now. Imagine if the marina was full.
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    Killing fish one tire at a time
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    Fall clean up

    Bath vanity. Hickory base. $100
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    Wtb- kayak

    Anyone have one laying around they want to get rid of. Just need to add one for the kid. nothing fancy, basic model is fine.
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    Ma 12 Shrimp

    CLOSED You greedy bastard's caught to many last week and f'd up my plans for next week. Thanks.
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    Fresh Water Options

    I've got room under one of my bench seats for about a 20 gallon fresh water tank. Salt water wash down is great for blood and guts but I want some fresh for the gear and such on long trips. Been looking at Rv style tanks with an external pump. Going to plumb a spray down nozzle to the back...
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    Wa Permit Hunts

    Results are up.. Who's doing the happy dance. Nada for me but kid scored the youth Mason any deer Nov tag.
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    40-20- Free sale

    Like everyone else I'm cleaning shit up.. Open to offers. Meet Seabeck to Bremerton area. Further and you pitch in some gas money. Older over range white ge microwave. Works. Free. Brand new stainless whirlpool microwave..$40(SOLD) Nearly new dog crate $20 Stainless deck rail cable.. current...
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    Log siding

    Going to have about 300-400 sq ft of half log siding..good shape still, just needs it's normal 4 year sand and re stain process. Removing it in the next month or so.. perfect for a small cabin or a partial residence. Free..if you want it I'll take care in removing it. You haul.
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    9.9 trim fluid

    Anyone ever had to add hydro fluid to their 9.9 Yami. Replaced the motor last fall and it was working fine. Now after several cycles it's either got a little air or it's a little low on fluid. Problem is I can't get the damn filler screw loose. I'm worried about heat with the cylinder seal..any...
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    Ak Trip in the works hopefully 2021. What advice do you have. Transporters, location, gear... let's hear it.. drop camp is the plan, self guided. I know this is not Washington hunting...
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    Fs Penn 114

    Penn 114h2 Just a guess but has at least 150 yds of 80lb power pro. Probably more. Has been a back up for hali and only used a few times for tuna trolling. 1 year old. $80
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    Drop hitch

    Andersen solid aluminum 6" drop. 800 tongue 8k total. $40
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    Wtb Simrad Evo 2

    Looking to add to my current system. Anyone unloading a Simrad nss Evo 2 let me know.
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    Sad story Mother nature is unrelenting. Don't turn your back on her. Rip little man. May you stand beside the ocean...
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    Trailer brakes?

    Going through the winter projects and decided to replace all the brakes on my sleazy loader. Original hub assemblies are 7 years old. I replaced pads last year but I'm going all in this go around. Are the Kodiak kits worth the price or should I just stick with oem...I'm religious about rinse...
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    Misc stuff winter sale

    Cleaning things up bunch of stuff needs to go. Whirlpool over range microwave 2.1 cu ft. Wmh53521hz. Brand new. Installed but removed and replaced with range hood. $200.
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    Charter insurance

    Any of the six pack guys want to pm me your charter liability insurance carrier info and any other helpful advice you may think of ... thanks.
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    Wp chovies

    Anyone in the know? They still going to be available for a week or two..I remember someone saying they where getting hard to come by so availability was going to be limited soon.
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    Looked around on other forum's and couldn't find any chit chat..I've been watching this monster on Windyty the last few days..40' waves at 10 seconds...wind over 100's current path is riding the shoreline....the east coast is going to get hammered...hope everyone stays safe...
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    Hwy 104 roundabout

    If you haven't been following this it's typical WSDOT stupidity. Stopping hwy traffic because of less used side access roads..if you tow west frequently and disagree with this design please make your opinion known to WSDOT...
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    Saltwater 9-1 tuna

    25/45. Done by noon.. weather sucked but fish are hungry..some troll but most on a 1.5 hr bait stop ..go get em..
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    Saltwater Tuna scraps

    Turn to gold in the hood.. With a touch of silver for the kid.
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    Saltwater Tuna

    Out of respect for tounrey waited to post..we ran to 24/42 on Thursday and did well. Cedars on the troll and weighted chovies to get them down a little..last troll fish ended our day with a good bait stop. We stopped at 16 fish for 3 man crew..great day on the lake.. Back at Port with plenty of...
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    Dont feed the sealions....
  35. tacklejacked

    Shit flavored seafood Who's going fishing
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    Saltwater West of the 126...Eh

    Sweet trip north...good weather and decent fishing. Punched out all our kings and just one shy on silvers. Didn't get the Tyee I was looking for but no complaints. Plenty of scenery when the bite was off.
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    Saltwater Neah Hali...

    Was we bonked some kings.. Go get them they are in...
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    Full kitchen

    Cabinets and countertops... nothing wrong just doing a remodel. Exact measurements upon inquiry. Solid hickory cabinets, corian countertops. Open to negotiation on price. Based on what I'm paying for a new kitchen I'm not giving these away, but I don't want to store them forever either.
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    Time Travel

    SHIT..did I Just wake up in 2010....
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    Misc for stuff FS

    Welder $200
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    Used but working perfectly, 14 years old. Only reason for selling is a remodel in progress. GE Profile side by side fridge/freezer. Full size 35.5" deep 35.7 wide. $200 GE ceramic cooktop oven $100 GE built in dishwasher $50 GE over range microwave $30 ( handle broke a little while ago and...
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    Prayers for the Mason's

    Road was closed into CQ this morning by WSP.Had to go up and around via the airport to get to the launch. Assumed it was a collision as the sirens woke me up early am. I later heard that it may have been Brandon and a young girl in the car (he has daughters). Both taken to different hospitals...
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    FS Toyota 4runner

    Selling wifes 4runner. 2004, Limited . 151xxx miles. V8, auto trans, 4 wheel drive. Garaged since day one. Timing belt already done. Tires at 90% tread. This thing is loaded and super clean. All options for that year. Non smokers. Title in hand. $10,500
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    Intersting Math

    If you like riddles look at the #'s published for halibut catch for opening weekend. 26k lbs north coast...BS. 500 anglers and 1500 halibut??????? You south guys bonked your share as well coming it at around 800 fish or 14k lbs. And 600 fish for 7000 anglers on the inside for 15klbs....HMM...
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    Sad Reminder
  46. tacklejacked

    Kids GT bike

    Just in time for Christmas...20" GT aggressor....2015 model. Light use... $120
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    North Idaho

    3 for 4 on tags...cold snowy...good times.
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    Fuk them and all the pre Madonna overpaid players that have weak knees. Fuk the Seahawks while where at it. That is all, carry on.
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    Saltwater Sun Up, Lights out

    Sun came up, eclipse came and went, and the fishing was lights out. Neah is on fire right now. Longest time between fish was about 1 minute. 8-12lb silvers with some bigger ones mixed in all day long. Some big pinks mixed in, Kings hard to come by. Could of started a bait stoop for coho if I...
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    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    WDFW decided to take control of you. WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 August 14, 2017 Amends Canadian-origin salmon transportation rule Action: Changes method for obtaining clearance number...
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    Saltwater Blue water report

    Ran west of the 122 line. Hit 72 degree water about 2 miles out. Put the lines out and started slaying them. Hot bite all week. Mostly on the troll. Also set some pots out for sand dabs but got some weird form of over size spider looking things with claws. Bring extra fuel, I think Ive burned...
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    Charter License Up for Grabs? Not his first rodeo.
  53. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Since I suck at Tuna

    I stayed local and went salmon fishing with the little man. Area 9 is all you get from me.
  54. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Zero Hero's

    This is the no tuna fish/ fish report for those looking at running. Since most post the feel good reports I will post the I sucked yesterday report. Good bait at 530, cross the bat at 6, troll lines in the water by 730. Worked in and out of the 125 line back and forth between 27 and 45. Not a...
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    Saltwater Tribe's missed some

    Quick am cruise with the fam..
  56. tacklejacked

    2005 Silverado HD

    Testing the waters per se. 2005 Silverado 2500HD LT Quad cab Short bed. 8.1 big block gasser, Allison trans. 128xxx miles Runs great. All leather, heated seats Bose stereo...etc..6"RCD lift, 35" Nitto Mudders 40% ish tread. Oil changes every 4k with Mobil 1 Synth. $16,500. BD price.
  57. tacklejacked

    Shimano tekota 500lc

    Light use..some boat rash. Mostly a rocket launcher Queen. Spooled with 30lb big game. $130 tyd...
  58. tacklejacked

    Garage Clean out

    Air Purifier $20 Plasplugs Wet tile Saw $20 Hanging Light $40 1 hp Pool Pump $40 Western Crimp Set $20 Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC Welder $350 Prefer pick up but can meet within reason. More to come as I keep cleaning.
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    Yelled this about 100 times over the course of a few days. Wandering around looking at new territory since Wa sucks so bad. Landed in South Dakota for a few days. Birds, deer everywhere and everyone had a gun in their truck. Love it.
  60. tacklejacked

    16.3 Hewescraft

    2002 Hewes for sale. Posting this for my buddy. This is my old boat, he's decided to upsize. This boat has killed a lot of fish, including tuna. 2002 16.3 Searunner 2002 60 HP yami. I had heads rebuilt at 700 hrs. Current hrs 1544. Runs like a champ. 2014 yami 8 HP kicker. Low hours. Has...
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    Maytag Dryer

    Performa series dryer. Works great. Washer started to go and wife needed matching appliances so I don't need this anymore, $150
  62. tacklejacked

    Fed's...Help or Hinder? Not sure how to look at this. It bothers me they want to focus on recovery but still manage to talk about treaty rights.
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    Saltwater Not a Westport report...

    Took mini me out for a couple days of rod bendo line peeling carnage ...limits by 8-9 am..
  64. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Pond fishing

    Ran SW toward Hawaii. One troll fish turned into 1.5 hr bait stop. Stopped to go salmon fishing. The ride out, the ride in, the result.
  65. tacklejacked

    For the kids

    Grundens kids bibs, jacket combo size 8. Light use. $50 tyd or $40 in person. Extra tuff boats. Kids sizes 2 and 3 $20 tyd $15 in person per pair. Hi tec hikers size 3, $25 tyd $20 in person. Columbia sandals $20 tyd $15 in person. All light use or no use. Typical kid grows to fast.
  66. tacklejacked

    Get Your Crab Pots Ready Something to do before the proposed salmon season starts.
  67. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Should of weighed it.....

    Caught this prehistoric beast while loading up on white fish this weekend... Let her go cause she's probably older than I watched her majestically swim away I wondered out loud what the state record is....quick check 130 lbs...I didn't measure the wing span but found a skate weight...
  68. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Get em while you can

    Less bitching, more fishing.
  69. tacklejacked

    Tulalips At it again.

    I heard rumors of this bust. Glad it made the news. Time will tell if the untouchable finally get what's coming to them.
  70. tacklejacked

    Lowrance Total Scan

    So who's going for it. I've been following the design and production of this unit for most of the year and will be getting one when they come out in Feb. Hopefully they have some at the boat show to play with. If you havn't seen it check it out. Chirp, Side Scan and HD Down Scan all in one.
  71. tacklejacked

    Westport to Kitsap-ish Transport

    Anyone running to or from in the next couple weeks willing to transport something for me....(Its legal just in case you are wondering). Need an item from the "Mayor" and don't think I'm going to make it down again until maybe razor clams. Got Elk on the brain so Im done with Tuna this year...
  72. tacklejacked


    Been Chevy guy all my life but this 8.1 gaser in my HD is killing me on gas ..looking at jumping into a diesel but torn between the Dmax and the Cummings...from guys that have run both ur the Dmax backed with Allison but I'm tempted by the Cummings. Looking model year 2005-2009...
  73. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Area 9/ You Gotta know where to look

    Don't post much these days but area 9 has lots of fish. Couple hrs on the water, we lost just as many. All strikes where solid, no fiddle fart playing with bait type action. Avoid the crowds and don't chase Salmon U or BD reports. Think salmon migration, funnel points and you will find steady...
  74. tacklejacked

    Flooring, Pool Pump, and stuff

    400 or so sq ft tile type flooring, (hard laminate)16"x 40" panels. Lock together. With underlayment $200 Pond/Pool Pump $75 Deco Light $50 Kids Bike $40 Cleaning crap up. Will add more later. Off top of my head- Wood 32"Bi Fold door, think I have about 30ft of 12000 lb Nylon 5" web Im not...
  75. tacklejacked

    San Juan's By Boat

    So if a guy was boating up to the San Juans for a weekend, what are some must-do's. Besides fishing....duh. And yes I understand my target audience, trust me I've already taken that into consideration.
  76. tacklejacked


    Damn, my old boy Oliver passed away yesterday. Been a long emotional week, he's been sick and we new it was coming, but dam feels like someone punched me in the gut and ripped my heart out. Don't even really care about fishing right now. Oliver- 12 year old Certified Kingsland Lab. Certified...
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    Special Permits Posted

    Naches I come.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  78. tacklejacked

    MA 12 Crab

    Shh....don't tell anyone.
  79. tacklejacked

    Hali quota

    Enough left on the coast for a random drawing fishing day...SUCKS Leaving 13k untouched...
  80. tacklejacked

    Gas Warning

    Filled the boat up at Olsons two weeks ago, land pump behind store. Boat sat in garage until yesterday. Ran to Pillar, got some halibut then motor ran like crap. Idle speed from pillar to CQ in that crappy weather. Dropped boat off today at shop and every filter imaginable is full of water...
  81. tacklejacked

    WTB- Penn Senator's

    Anyone sitting on a couple older Penn Special Senator reels. Looking for US made ones so need to be at least 4-5 years old. Prefer 113 model. Trying to dumb down my arsenal a little.
  82. tacklejacked

    Westport Camping

    Looking for recent reviews...last summer to present. Grayland, Twin Harbors or American Sunset...Or other. Just looking for some recent info for camping this summer.
  83. tacklejacked

    Sardine Closure... Could be bad if they don't want incidental catches. Hate to see total closure of all related fisheries. Including anchovies.
  84. tacklejacked

    Hali Season Now Official
  85. tacklejacked

    F/S Fin Nor MA20

    Marquesa MA20 Topless loaded with 300 or so yds 65lb Power Pro. Put the screws to Hali and Alberts easily with this bad boy. Very little use, minor boat rash. $260 includes shipping in WA
  86. tacklejacked

    Spring Cleaning

    Lamiglass Kenai Pro 8'6 15-25lb (never used) $160 Power Winch 2400lb- $100 Log Bed Fits queen- $220 GE 1hp pool pump- $100 Hex Weights- 90lb $180 pair(great shape), 80lb $150 pair(they show use) Leather couch- Dual recliners $250 (7 of 10 cosmetic) Rivers West jacket- never used-XXL -$40 Kids...
  87. tacklejacked

    Log Bed Frame

    Doug Fir, fits queen size bed. $250
  88. tacklejacked

    Used Trex Decking

    Original style Trex composite. 1 1/4" by 5 1/2". Various lenghts from 4' to 19' .Would be great for a dock or your wesport cabin. .60 a foot.
  89. tacklejacked


    Break away flashers. Two flasher bags included. All for $120
  90. tacklejacked

    Log Bed////Power winch

    Can be used together I guess if your into that kind of stuff. Log Bed, fits queen size. Made it when I built my house, just dont need it anymore....$250 PowerWinch T2400, 12volt. Winch is about 8 years old, cable replaced last year.....$80
  91. tacklejacked

    The New Chapter

    :D Was gunna wait cause she still not fully dressed for the big dance yet. But some asked so here you go. She's complete with most options offered, suspension seats, rear steer, full bulkhead, livewell in transom, transom-floor-and bow fish boxes, sleeper seats, washdown, trim tabs, 85 gal...
  92. tacklejacked

    Farewell Old Friend (pic heavy)

    Since I bought my boat in 2006 it has taken me from the hood canal to sekiu, neah bay, the prairie, lapush, wesport tuna and beyond. For the size of boat it has been a dependable off shore machine, and has probably killed more fish per foot than any other boat on the water. Its tough to say good...
  93. tacklejacked

    Compressor, Planer, Pool Pump

    Devil Bliss upright Compressor, Pro 4000 - 6.5hp 80 gal tank 175psi 2 stage $600 Dewalt Planer DW733 12 1/2 inch $200 Water Ace 1hp Pool pump $150 PM me your number and I can text more pics.
  94. tacklejacked

    SHIT...It happened to me

    Mild foul smell in the garage this last week. Thought maybe a cooler didnt get cleaned well or something. Just got home from work and did some checking. Freezers look good, power light is glowing on the chest freezer. Open her up...shit, just lost several hundered pounds of hali and ling....fuck...
  95. tacklejacked

    RU FUKIN Kidding...Hali quota area 3-4

    2013 North Coast MayDays Fished Halibut Landed (lbs.) Season May 9,11 Caught 62,034lbs Total 62,034Lbs Remaining 45,996LBS Halibut Fishery Well there goes the season...thats alot of 30lb butts or someone with wdfw is poor at math...:finger:
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    Sitting on a bag of ice right now cause I just bought my hunting license, tags, permits I took it up the arse hard this year.:finger:
  97. tacklejacked

    Multi Season. Who drew

    I drew both deer and'd everyone else do. Gunna be a fun year in the woods.
  98. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Shut UP and FISH

    Recenlty there seems to be alot of bitchn n moanin about different things on this site, although I dont do Facebook I would assume this is what Facebook is like. I thought this was a fishing site, BLOODYDECKS. I think everyone needs to just go fishing. And if you need help on how to get it...
  99. tacklejacked

    Avet Lx

    Avet Lx 6.0 Single speed, blue. Has 300 yds 65lb test power pro. A little over a year old.Been on few hali trips and tuna trips. $ price
  100. tacklejacked

    Lamiglas Kenai Pro

    One year old, never used. Been in the garage waiting for a reel. Now its gotta go. 8'6 Kenai Pro G 1342T, 1/2-2 oz, 15-25 lb. Red in color. Paid over $250, dont want to lose to much on it. $210 takes it.
  101. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Quick Trip on the HOOD

    Beware Seabeck Blackmouth seem to be infested with Crabs. Quick trip on the canal on Friday with the kid, great weather, good fishing and lights out crab....
  102. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Seabeck Snow Crab

    Snow brings out the crab.... Got a couple easy limits...Although for some reason 5 where a little rummy.:finger:
  103. tacklejacked

    Nuclear Tuna

    LONGVIEW, Wash. (AP) - Oregon State University researchers have found traces of radioactive cesium from last year's Japanese nuclear reactor disaster in West Coast albacore tuna. The amount is far too small to harm people who eat the fish, the scientists said. Scientists from the university...
  104. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Year In Review

    Well it occured to me I have not posted a fishing report all year..So Ill keep it short and to the point...:finger: From the Canal to Westport, with stops in between at CQ, Neah and Lapush it was a good year. Ill be back at in Dec. after hunting season.:finger:
  105. tacklejacked

    Bye Bye Wolves

    WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE Print Version NEWS RELEASE 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 September 21, 2012 Contact: Dave Ware, WDFW, (360) 902-2509 Bruce Botka, WDFW, (360) 902-2262 WDFW plans to eliminate wolf pack to end attacks on livestock and...
  106. tacklejacked

    Okuma Reels - sold

    Pair of Okuma Titus TG15S reels. Bought from TT couple years ago, have never used. Got the Avet bug... Guessed to have a couple hundered yards of 65lb Tuffline. $150 for the pair. Cash talks. I dont do Paypal:finger:
  107. tacklejacked


    SO....a month away from the Salmon Smackdown...Who's money am I taking....:finger:
  108. tacklejacked

    Affects On Hali's

    Just saw this on the news. Wonder what affect it will have on the Hali fishing in the area. Thats alot of silt.
  109. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Lazy Summer Day at Lapush

    Been itching to get to the coast this year. All this crappy weather has got me very un happy. Well it appeared we had a two day weather window this weekend so we went for it. Skipped the crosby derby(maybe next year) in search of grocery store fish. Headed up friday night and stayed in Sekiu...
  110. tacklejacked

    $5 Gas and Your Plans

    With $5 a gallon gas right around the corner is anyone changing plans this season. Im lucky cause my boat sip's gas, but my truck on the other hand suck's it. If it hits 5 bucks im leaning towards less but longer trips to the coast. Last year it was alot of short 2-3 days trips, this year I...
  111. tacklejacked


    With all the fishing tourneys today I hope everyone stays safe. Gale warnings throught the sound and its blowin like hell at my house right now.
  112. tacklejacked

    Who's In?

  113. tacklejacked

    DR Line

    Time to Re-spool the DR's. Have been running SS cable for years. Lasts two to three years on average. Now since DR braid has been out long enough for others to test its longevity, whadda you think. BRAID or SS CABLE?????
  114. tacklejacked

    Your Best Oyster Eats

    So with this being the "slow" time of year Ive been killing the oysters out here on the canal...Winter oysters are the best. Most get eatin right out of the shell...but a few make it home. Ive cooked them just about eveyway I Im looking for some of your best recipes... Give me...
  115. tacklejacked

    Commi's on the Loose
  116. tacklejacked

    Swakane Report

    Well, when I got drawn for the Swakane quality hunt I obviously formed some ideas of monster muleys. I knew the area puts out some moster deer, but I also knew the hunt was weather dependent. Headed over last Wed. Weather report said a slight chance of snow all week, increasing as the weekend...
  117. tacklejacked


    This is exactly what I was thinking as I was wearing out boot leather hunting Taneum ridge Fri. The I heard it....crack......WAIT....Snap..... WAIT for it.............Crack Snap.... Elk...shit a herd of Elk.....20yds. Lead cow, cross hairs trigger...
  118. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Windy Wesport 10/16

    Quick report from Tuna town. Went to wesport with my brother Reel Bait, (who said he wasnt ho'n anymore casue hes got a boat)...anyway. Got into town, met up with Titan who had intel from the tuna slayers from the prior day. Rolled across the so-so bar and head SW with Titan. After 30 miles...
  119. tacklejacked

    Whats BD Come to?

    Now, I have thick skin, nothing really bothers me, as long as its about me. So if someone wants to bash me, go right ahead. BUT, when someone attacks my friends, family, or SON in this case, they(ANGIE) have crossed the line, and I cannot site back and bite my tounge. ANGIE recently bashed me...
  120. tacklejacked

    Anyone Have reading glasses I can borrow

    More side bar adds. Hey guys, buy SEAGUAR.... I can barely read the main page now. I know its takes money to to run the dark side but really. Hell Ill pay a reasonable memebership fee if needed, but I think its becoming a little much. Rant over.....Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  121. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Sekiu 8/31-9/2

    Quick CQ report. Took the mom up for her annual fill the freezer salmon trip. Had the kid in tow and moms new hubby. Headed up Wed morning. Hit the water by 12 with the kid and boat a couple of pinks right off the bat. Grabb mom and new hubby at the docks and head back out. Find a good...
  122. tacklejacked

    TUNA Anyone

    So I was thinkin about trying for tuna this weekend....But Ive never seen Magicseaweed and NOAA so different.....2'ers at 19 seconds and 8'ers with 3-4 wind are about as far apart as you can get. From the reports after the WTC it still looks like fishing is hit and miss. I saw a few goose eggs...
  123. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Westport Road Trip

    So watching the weather last week it looked like Sunday was going to be the best day to be on the great Pacific, searching for things to kill. Was hoping for some good tuna reports but not to be had. So decided to get some nookie redemption.Been looking for big kings all year, but havn't got out...
  124. tacklejacked

    Saltwater My Week In Review

    Ok, this aint a Wesport Salmon Report or the big Tuna slaughter. Its my week in review report from Sekiu to Jeff Head. Since it was just the wife, kid and I, I opted for Sekiu. Being the wife is not a huge fan of ocean swells, and we have a place to stay in Clallam bay, sekiu was the choice...
  125. tacklejacked

    Wind and Tuna water

    Was hoping for some good reports and more consistent numbers from the boys fishing Tuna this weekend. Was looking at running out this next week......BUT the winds are (supposed to be) steady from the North/ North West all week. Looks like a Fall weather pattern. Obviously you never know for...
  126. tacklejacked

    Saltwater MY New Favorite Color is PINK, well sort of

    Heard good reports of decent King fishing at CQ over the opener. Decided it was worth a try. Although a little early for good fishing, but what the hell. Head west last Thur with the Kid in tow, and brother coming later. Roll into town and the wind is howlin. Get the boat in the water( side...
  127. tacklejacked

    Freshwater Kettle Falls and North

    Heading east to Roosevelt for a little R and R in a couiple of weeks, launching(hopefully) at Evans, if not then Marcus. Staying at friends in that general area. Any intel on the wally's in that area. China Bend is supposed to be good, but anything else been productive. Also any thing else worth...
  128. tacklejacked

    Saltwater REDEMPTION DAY( Laush Report)

    So after nearly getting skunked at CQ a couple of weeks ago, Mother Nature took her meds and the weather looked good for a Redemption Day on the coast. Loaded the truck Wed and headed west with a couple of friends for the 6/2 opener. Landed in Lapush late and grabbed a couple hours of sleep...
  129. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Sekiu Report(Chicken Tastes Better than SKUNK

    ( NOT PIC HEAVY) Im not shy, Ill post up even when I suck, or the fishing sucks. All in all this weekend at Sekiu was a humbling experience. Went up on Thur with high hopes with the kid in tow and a buddy. Fished Thur evening for two hours, nothing but a rat fish. Fished hard Friday, all...
  130. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Neah Report/Didnt even need the Brass Balls

    With the weather looking iffy I left the brass balls at home, loaded up the common sense and near shore knowledge. After getting our shrimp limits on the canal on Wed I loaded the boat and the bro and I headed west. Landed in sekiu and listening to the NOAA weather knew Neah was going to be...
  131. tacklejacked

    A blew up BD for Two days

    Holy sheet, guess right place right time, just got lucky when BD was reborn....Glad its back, neede some fish porn. Bring it you slack-ass-rs.:finger:
  132. tacklejacked


    Just a reminder, and since we are all semi bored waitin to fish...Get your huntin special permits done:2gunsfiring_v1: and you won't have to worry once the slayfest starts in May.:finger:
  133. tacklejacked

    Hurricane is comin

    Guess fishing is out of the question :finger:.....Might be cool to watch. Wish I could head west to see this in person. 36ft seas...bitchin National Weather Service NWS Marine Foreca <!-- main content --><HR> Hazardous marine condition(s): Hurricane Force Wind Warning...
  134. tacklejacked


    Sounds interesting. Guess Ill wait for further info but just curious. Areas 4-12, thats alot of realestate. Where is the shotgun start going to be and wheres the weigh in. My boat doesn't go fast enoug to get from area 4 to a weigh in at area 9. Im sure all the specifics havn't been worked out...
  135. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Area 5 Sekiu Report

    So with all the options that where available last weekend, it was a tough choice. Do I fish the Canal Derby, the Townsend Derby, or do I go West in search of big fish and no crowds. Easy decision, West it was, as I'm not a fan of big crowds. I headed up Friday afternoon. On the way up the...
  136. tacklejacked

    Anyone for Tuna

    Looks like good water just off the coast. Who's in........ OK....Maybe the winter blues have set in and Im just bored..........:finger:
  137. tacklejacked

    Lost A Loved One

    BD Brothers..I thought long and hard about bringing this up in the forum. In the end I figured what do I have to lose. I lost a family member last week, and the world lost a great guy. My cousin fell while doing what he loved, tree work. With all the sadness and devistation the family is...
  138. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Area 12

    Crabbing in area 12 sucked......:finger: It took 1hr to get six crab last Sunday with the Kid. Soaked the pots and trolled a while for some fishies, but no fishies where biting. Lots a bait, just no takers. Grabbed our six crab and re set the pots for the night. Checked them Monday morning. 4...
  139. tacklejacked

    More Salmon News

    Interesting read..Lets see where they take this now. Probably more recreational restrictions. Local News | Scientists worry salmon may run out of food | Seattle Times Newspaper
  140. tacklejacked


    So Im at home earlier this week minding my own damn buisness when my phone beeps. The suttle sound that I have a message. Its a pic of my buddy at CQ with is 20lb ho. So he proceeds to continually hound me with is updates over the course of the next couple of days, fishing is hot, big fish, you...
  141. tacklejacked

    Attention. AREA 4 Revision plan

    Read attached link if you havn't and send comments to the state..AGAIN. This just came out. Not sure if anyone has seen it yet. Looks like they are trying to sneak it in when everyone is fishing. From the looks of it even the revised closure areas are to benefit divers. Everything they still...
  142. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Someone Call the Coroner

    Sekiu Is dead. Coroner is enroute. Took my mom for her annual sekiu coho slaughter. Not to be..Went up on Thurs and fished the evening. Really slow. Only action was alot of shakers, and small blackmouth. Picked up one nice mid twenties King in the shipping lanes:finger:....Back it went with a...
  143. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Got LAID, TUNA STYLE

    ALBACORE TUNA, Thunus Alalunga,,,,Has many defintions, but mine is simply a fish that was designed by big boat builders so people will buy their boats when they get off shore fever catching their first TUNA:finger: Lost my virginity this weekend at Wesport. Planned the trip last week when...
  144. tacklejacked

    Tuna and Rain

    Since Im by no means a Tuna expert I was curious if the Tuna act/feed the same when its raining, or does the fresh water in the top column turn off the bite. Was thinking about heading to Wesport on Sunday trying for a few fish but they are forecasting rain. Is it worth it or not.
  145. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Epic Trip To Sekiu

    EPIC TRIP, CQ HOG....... So I started the drive west to Sekiu on Sat 8/7, I know the WTC was in full swing.... I was wishing I was down hammerin the tuna, but had hopes of good salmon fishing on the coast. As I was driving I did a quick glance in the rear view mirrow to see how the boat was...
  146. tacklejacked

    Banks Lk

    I know.....I know....Im headin east for some family fun time.:hali_olutta: Bringing the boat to Banks Lk for some fun in the sun...The question is anyone have intel/experience on Fishing there. I would like to put the kid on some Wally's or Bow's. General area and or gear recommendations would...
  147. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Neah/CQ

    Head west last Thur with a buddy and the kid, as always. High hopes of an improving Nook bite. Not so....:finger: Landed in CQ and fished the evening.Not much action so called it a night. Treated to a nice Sunset and hit the rack.... 3am comes early. Wake the kid, he's ready to go (side note...
  148. tacklejacked

    Fish at Neah

    Anyone headin to the north coast (Neah/Sekiu)this week, or an even better question anyone fished the north coast the last few days. Im trying to decide if I should make the annual trek for the July 1st opener or give it another week... Seems from what reports are out there its still slow...
  149. tacklejacked

    WDFW Permit results

    Take a few minutes from the madness and check your Special Permit apps....they are online now....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  150. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Sekiu To Neah, 17th-19th

    Loaded up the truck and boat and rolled west Thur. morning. Landed in Sekiu and got settled. Water looked pretty good so launched the boat and headed to the hali hole. Dropped the lines and 15 minutes later bam, rod bounces and first hali is hooked. A few minutes later and the mid high 20's...
  151. tacklejacked

    Success inside closure

    Anyone fished the inside of the closure this year. I have a few spots marked but havnt tried it this year, so dont know if its producing. I have the plan already for thur,(sekiu for hali) and fri,(neah for kings) but Sat. is up in the air. Ill have the kid on the boat and dont want to make the...
  152. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Sekiu Hali Derby

    Hauled ass to Sekiu Yesterday to find nasty winds. Got out for the afternoon and got our lings. Tried for hali but backing down into 3-4ft wind chop sucks ass...Took our lings and jammed to the docks. Had the kid and he was beat so didnt get a chance to stop for any BD BS and:hali_olutta:. Next...
  153. tacklejacked


    OK, put down the rod and reel for a day and get your special permits in for hunting. I know hali is in full swing and the kings are a coming, but you gotta have plans for the fall :2gunsfiring_v1: and tomorrow is your last day......gett'r done
  154. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Shrimp, lings and Hali

    Well this is late , but hell, ive been busy. Last Wed morning picked the boat up from the shop, finally done, rebuilt head, new prop etc.. Figured I wanted to splash it for a while before headin west, get a good test run in. Run home, grabb the shrimp pots and hit the canal at 1130. Drop the...
  155. tacklejacked

    Maximum Capacity Reminder

    For all us headin west this week, just a reminder watch your maximum capacity on your boat. Give some leeway for fish. My sources tell me the coasties will be watchin this closley.:finger: Dont be at ur max before leaving the docks.. C ya in between swells.....
  156. tacklejacked

    Boat in the Shop

    Well had some performance issues so... A last minute tune up revealed a bad valve:finger: So for now Im screwed. No shrimping for a week or two, maybe not at all. The head is being rebuilt now and My goal now is to be ready for the Hali opener. Dont want to be on the coast knowing I have a bad...
  157. tacklejacked

    How Tall is Your Boat

    As the pennies are being saved for a new bigger ride in the next year or so, I need to add the appropriate storage. I have always dry stored my boat in my garage. The problem is my biggest garage door right now is 10'. So an addition is necassary before the boat. My question is easy. How tall...
  158. tacklejacked

    Say Hello to my little friend

    Have been lurking on alot of the recent posts on reels. Have been in the market for one for a while and was considering electric. But then I figured my friends would think I was:gayfight:.....if I became to much of a pussy to reel my butt's in by hand......So I went and picked this up...
  159. tacklejacked

    Good Website

    For those of you that fish the Ocean alot this website is great. Ive used it for years and it actually has been more accurate than NOAA's website. And its easier to read. Just bored waiting for May and thought this might be new for some. If not, well whatever:frehya2: La Push Surf Report...
  160. tacklejacked

    Boat Mods

    Well finally got my projects done on the boat. Its not the Tin Lizzie but it will work. I was gettin antsy since Travis kept posting his tower pics... ADDED - New Dual batteries Second bilge pump Helm switch and stern power outlet for pot puller Fresh water washdown New/better fuel water...
  161. tacklejacked

    Salmon Forecast

    Salmon Season Outlook..........Sucks... Should I grabb both ankles or just touch the floor....... State Considers Expanding Selective Fishing Practices Kitsap Sun
  162. tacklejacked

    Hali Dates

    Hali Dates: Im not sure if I missed this or if it was just announced but just saw an article that posted the Hali dates for this year, with a decreased quota of 15% for catch. Area 4: May 13 and 15th, 20 and 22nd. Thurs and Sat's. Propsed opening of Area 5 is May 27th. I think its safe...
  163. tacklejacked

    Fresh Water Washdown

    Fresh Water Wash Down.....Have been bored this winter just watching everyone else do their boat mods, so I got the bug. Besides I bought a new truck and kinda fucked up the new boat fund for another year or so, So I want to make my Hewes the best it can be. So I spent about $50 and got 7...
  164. tacklejacked

    Latest from WDWF

    Heres the latest from WDFW about their meetings. Try and attend if possible. I also see they are now looking into a "BAG LIMIT" for recreational Albacore Tuna fisheries starting in 2011. What next, are they going to add in leader length restrictions for trolling for salmon.:finger:<TABLE...
  165. tacklejacked

    I nominate Cornfed

    OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is seeking nominations through Dec. 2 for membership on its new Puget Sound rockfish advisory group. Up to 12 qualified individuals will be chosen to serve on the ad hoc advisory group, which will meet periodically through the...
  166. tacklejacked

    EMail WDWF reminder

    Im just sitting here, blood boiling. I need to do somthing to blow off some steam and its to early for Wiskey... As the fishing rights post above stated the WDFW is trying to close some of the waters west of Neah Bay to the cape for bottom fishing. AND the propsed 20 fathom restriction rule...
  167. tacklejacked

    Saltwater Sekiu Silvers

    Drove to Sekiu Thur 9/17 with the kid in tow. Fished the evening bite and slammed the native coho, releasing several in the 12-15 lb range. Ended up keeping three legal hatcheries, one being a nice 14lbr. Fished Fri and again released some nice natives, a couple approaching 20lbs. Kept a...
  168. tacklejacked

    Lapush Tuna

    OK. Ive seen some chatter about Lapush Tuna. Terrafin looks good today, at least the warm water part. Water forecast sucks this weekend, but Im lookin at headin up on Monday when the water lays down. Anyone headin up this weekend that could give me an update. Or, anyone have any intel on the...