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  1. icscommand

    WY Elk Draw

    Drew WY elk tag for general bull elk. Looking forward to horseback wilderness hunt again.
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    AZ CCs Hit for Big Game Draw

    AZ finally drew a week late. How'd all do?
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    AZ Javelina Hunt (Success)

    As has been my routine for the last few years hunting, Javelina in AZ opens my yearly hunt cycle as long as no issues with drawing tags. I spend the first day or so using my muzzle loader and packing a .357 for follow up or quick shots. Leave the .243 in camp so not to be tempted. We...
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    Stolen Toy Box Trailer

    Damn thieves. My 15' 2011 Pace toy box single axel, drop back rear drawer, white, man door and aluminum deck plate storage box on tongue missing from our home owner's storage area in the Dehesa area of San Diego. California License 4LN4462. Last seen yesterday morning in the lot. Lock cut and...
  5. icscommand

    AZ Javelina Success

    I usually hunt them with muzzleloader during the General Hunt as my Outfitter is busy in Mexico with other hunts until mid February. Wind and rain had them holding and not best situation for ML or .357. Nice 60# boar with .222 on 4th morning sealed the deal. Best part of having guide is their...
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    Montana Hunt Recap

    My brother and I booked a 7 day Elk/Deer combo hunt for Montana after we were drawn with an outfitter we've hunted wilderness before. Armed with 7 mags (mine nicknamed the Death Ray) we flew into Billings and drove to meet guide in the Big Timber area for a private ranch hunted butted up...
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    Tarpon Puerto Rico Inshore

    Coming to the end of a 3 month deployment working with Puerto Rico and the Federal Government so figured lets try some fishing. With offshore and inshore to pick from settle on attempt to fill "bucket list" fish (tarpon or snook). A little internet trolling and partner and I got for it. 1/2...
  8. icscommand

    Mothership Black Bear/Fish AK Spring 2018

    Trip originated in Homer with an 8 hour steam Monday around to Prince William Sound area for spring beach black bear and fishing with my brother. 2 years ago we went out of Whittier for a fall black bear/black tail and fish hunt so familiar with what expect. Plan was to hunt the afternoon...
  9. icscommand

    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    The very short version is booked a wilderness Montana hunt that required a 6 hour horseback ride in. Opening morning my guide smooth called in this bull that we never really saw until he walked into an opening 125 yards up hill. The 7mag "melted him" and to was all over. Longer version will...
  10. icscommand

    Alaska Bucks, Bears and Butts Trip

    Mothership hunt/fish trip out of Whittier in Prince Wiliiam Sound with son and brother. Saw black bears but could not get a good shot. Fished for lings and butts with success. One ling weighed 35lb and had 2 butts 90 and 70 all on outfitter's boat scale. Finished up deer hunting and killed a...
  11. icscommand

    Offshore My Tuesday 3/4 day trip

    I put together my brother and friend to do a 3/4 trip from a San Diego landing. Naive in that last Tuesday boats were light and I did well landing 5 nice YFT. Was surprised to see boat nearly full but with counts good day before. I should have guessed. Decide to go any way. We load up and...
  12. icscommand

    So I fished the Liberty 3/4 today

    I can't say enough good things about this boat and her crew. Worked hard every minute and seemed to be a practiced team. 14 paid and Shimano sent down a few reps/deadheards. A little slow getting started with first stop about 1040hr. Started hitting fish about 1115hr and study for next few...
  13. icscommand

    El Centro Dove Opener

    The birds started coming in early with the breeze which was good for them but bad for us. As the sun came up it was study until we limited out on mourning dove. No Eurasian or White Wing for us. Game warden came around so it was time to "tap out" and head for breakfast about 9. Nice breeze...
  14. icscommand

    2007 Triton Bass 186DC SOLD IT

    This boat is near pristine, loaded and always garaged in Havasu. Sold the house so toys had to go. I won't go into a lot of detail here but I have done so in San Diego Craigslist under Boats/owner. 286 hours on smart gauge. $14,800. PM if interested for cash. Sorry no trades, payments or...
  15. icscommand

    Lake Havasu fun SMB

    Planning to sell Havasu house and buy in Boulder City to be near grandkids so spent last week there prepping house. Of course that meant I fished all but one day when wind blew. My son's father-in-law is doing the snow bird thing there from Green Bay so took him out. Water up and algae bloom...
  16. icscommand

    Havasu afternoon action

    I had surgery Thursday on my eyes for lids and muscle issues and looked like a angry zombie when I woke up Friday morning. I didn't want to scare my 2 smallest grandsons so came over to Havasu to hide out a couple of days. Weather warmed up with 50 in the morning and 70 during the day. Shad...
  17. icscommand

    Havasu SNOW and fishing with Shad

    I went over to the Havasu house Tuesday for some fishing, javelina hunt scouting and small house type projects (in that priority order LOL). Storm was coming into town about same time as me. I took my casting net down to dock about 2000hr to see if shad were there and they were. Opened garage...
  18. icscommand

    Hoopin Big Bay and Bait Barge curiosity

    Left the SI ramp with my Nooby partner about 1645hr heading to barge for bait. Get there and it looks abandoned. Lights not on yet (still not dark yet) but pull up to arrow and idle there. No one comes out of house. After a minute quick bump horn and still one. Drift off and call on the...
  19. icscommand

    Muzzleloader AZ tag filled

    After a couple of ER stints, Valley Fever, pneumonia and COPD earlier in the year I figured my tag would die a lonely death in my drawer. Drugs, doctors, luck and determination along with my brothers support and off we go. Weather is perfect in high country and greener that I have ever seen...
  20. icscommand

    $5 dollar knot at Turners!!!

    Is the El Cajon store the only place charging $5 to splice your mono to braid? Just curious. I had the top shots changed on some reals and when the guy told me that, I said "let me know when you're ready and I will do it my self." That's the first time I every had any place charge for the...
  21. icscommand

    4 Stroke 115 fuel mileage...can it be right

    I fill my 20' CC aluminum skiff up on way to SI. Reset my milage to 0 on plotter. Sensor on fuel monitor non op due to who knows what (looking for a Nav 2000 sensor). No need to fill the bait tank because barge has none. Bumpy out to 302/226 trolling once I get on scene. Put 83 miles by the...
  22. icscommand

    El Centro Opener

    Made the early morning drive with my son and got to the spot about 30 min before shooting time for a short nap. A few other hunters came in but not a problem. I started off on fire with two singles and a clean double. Not really fast and furious but steady with morning and euros in the mix...
  23. icscommand

    Offshore 8/25 YFT Limits...Luck it seems

    After reading other posts sounds like "our stars lined up." Finally picked Monday because our schedules lined up. Partner and I hit SD bait receiver about 0600hr and turned down Macs as they were out of good bait. I had brought 4 trollers so west we go into swells that make a Tin Boat owner...
  24. icscommand

    Offshore Limited Load...interpretation...but again its just fishing

    So here's my story. I wasn't ready to take my own boat out yet so was looking for a ride overnight of 1 1/2 day trip. Not much out there and a friend calls and says he can't make his trip on Monday night on a LIMITED LOAD TRIP taking 30 and do I want it. Damn right. So he tells me the boat...
  25. icscommand

    Havasu Shad cast net session ONE and DONE

    Made a quick run down to the Havasu house to prep Jeep and gear for up coming Javelina hunt. No love on stripers and river is awful low until 2/15 for dam maintenance at Parker. Hit the lake Friday for no love but lots of bird activity. Out again Saturday but didn't have much time. Found...
  26. icscommand

    AZ elk tags filled

    Started out in high county but -10 was a bit much opening morning cow season. Everything froze up including all parts of travel trailer my brother brings. Surprise my Jeep started. Moved to lower elevation. Got it dialed in with his yesterday and mine this morning. Pack them to trail head and...
  27. icscommand

    WANTED Down rigger weights 5-8 lb range

    I am in need of one or two down rigger weights (any style) in 5 to 8 pound. Local pick up in San Diego area. PM or reply if you can help me out.
  28. icscommand

    AZ Spring Hunt Results

    For those who submitted by internet check your credit card activity to see if you have been drawn. Results are in!
  29. icscommand

    Kodiak PF-32 (AS NEW) Drift Chutes and bridles

    I have a Kodiak PF-32 tank that is nearly new that I can't use. Bought to use on my skiff but went a different direction. It has the lid and mounting hardware. I like this style because you can decide how much you want to fill/use and will drain over the side. 26"L x 17 3/4"W x 26 1/4"H...
  30. icscommand

    Havasu Stripers (S***T Eating Grin)

    I spent the week at the Havasu house fishing and enjoying the weather (except one day the wind blew). Bass fishing slow in lake and river due to lots of debris coming in following recent storms up river. We did find a little spot of stripers we got to go Monday afternoon and I hit them again...
  31. icscommand

    Lake Havasu to New York BIG ASS STRIPERS

    Couple buddies and I booked the same captain on the NeverEnuffIII 6 pack we've fished before. Early start on Memorial Day morning and first stop was cast net for live bunkers in the East River. 80 plus baits in the 1 pound range and off to shoals above Whitestone Bridge. Seemed odd slinging...
  32. icscommand

    From Havasu to New York BLOODY DECK

    Booked a charter with few guys I'm working with in New York for a shot at stripers in Flushing Bay just off Rikers Island and up to Whitestone Bridge. Using cut bunkers on 5/0 hooks it was a touchy bite compared to how we fish them in the west. More like a halibut pick up. The biggest went...
  33. icscommand

    AZ Draw results are posted.

    Finally posted. Muzzleloader elk for me and little brother. Going to upgrade guns. Sell my.50 and get newer high tech T/C Pro FX.
  34. icscommand

    AZ Elk Draw Check your CC statements

    Arizona has completed their Elk draw but not ready for release. If you applied on line your credit card will be "hit." Should have the hunts drawn out later next week. Scored! Now just need to see what and where.
  35. icscommand

    Big Bay Hoopn'

    On the water about five, cruised out and weather was perfect. Set our law prescribed 10 out and started getting active about 8. Nothing fast paced but did end up with 12 for before fog made us nervous. Maybe 60 plus with little or no by catch. On the trailer at midnight.
  36. icscommand

    Nice Valley Morning

    Made a trip to El Centro area for a quick dove hunt with son and friends. On scene and in place as birds started to move. Nothing wide open on our spot but steady till about 0930. Morning dove early and then Euros. Limits around of smallies and a shit load of Euros. No White Wing. Temp...
  37. icscommand

    Bait tank and drift socks/shutes/harness

    I have a collection of boat stuff Bait tank 10 gallon no cracks, cuts or leaks (13" diameter and 19" tall) $30 SOLD Drift sock nearly new about 56" across with dump strap $50 Drift sock NEW in package 30" with dump strap $25 Drift sock USED 30" with dump strap $20 Drift sock harness NEW...
  38. icscommand

    PELAGIC Kill Bag NEW with tag

    I bought 2 of these and only need one. Thought I'd use it in Havasu for stripers but don't really keep that many. Its new and never used. Model is PEL1000-1 and still has the tag on it. Size is 40" x 24". Price is $120.00 with local pickup in San Diego area. 619-520-844nine SOLD and thanks BD
  39. icscommand

    Kodiak PF-17 gallon $125

    This tank is in great shape with no issues. Includes all mounting hardware and the Quick Disconnect Mounting Pads. I had it on my bass boat in Havasu for live shad and always garaged. 151/2" W 261/2" L 17"H. Can't/won't ship. La Mesa area of San Diego. If you need it call me (619)520-8449.
  40. icscommand

    Havasu Bass Action

    I was lucky enough to spend last 3 weeks at river house and wind didn't prevent me from fishing nearly every day. Bass action great with some 20 plus mornings but stripers AWOL in any numbers. Best day was Sunday when oldest grandson here and he wanted to go. Later start than usual after...
  41. icscommand

    Havasu action and cast net Surprise

    I spent 5 days in Havasu prepping the jeep and hunting gear for our up coming elk trip. I had the bass boat serviced and took it out each morning early during good weather windows. A little slow overall but stripers active at times on shad balling up on points and coves. I put the bait tank...
  42. icscommand

    Nados for Sandies

    Out of SI around 0500 and make squid in front of Puky Point. Off to flats for steady pick of sandies 3 to 6 pounds. All CR today. Quit counting at 13 and back on trailer by 1300hr.
  43. icscommand

    Bait Tank New Aqua World Ultra-29 w/pump

    This is a NEW Aqua World Ultra-29 tank including the Pump and installation kit. All the mounting hardware, hose, clamps and Rule 700 gph in the kit and more. You can check websites if you need more details. Dimensions are 27 1/4" Long, 15 3/4" tall and 22" high. San Diego area local pick up...
  44. icscommand

    Havasu Stripers and owl and HOT

    Had a few days to fish and bass were slow and so were stripers. Temps running 110 to 114. I called ahead and had friend turn air on in house. Heard there might be some stripers caught trolling. I usually get on water by 0400hr and still 90 when I left ramp. Caught three at gray light on...
  45. icscommand

    AZ elk and goat draw results out. SCORE!

    My brother and I drew bull tags. Hope others did well.
  46. icscommand

    Havasu On the water

    Sitting in dark am bait fishing stripers. 3 so far in 30 min. Keeping 2 only. In last 10 days bass have been good with stripers where you find them. Caught a nice 4.2 lmb yesterday if photo hours through. Winds have been kind.
  47. icscommand

    Havasu Striper TRIPLE NICKEL

    Worked on the stripers predawn for this threesome. Smallest just 5 and biggest a "bounce" 6. Switched to lmb fishing after daylight. Good action rest of morning. Text from wife breakfast nearly ready so called it off. Tomorrow's another day. Shad out off shallows so pulled bait tank until fall.
  48. icscommand

    Bait Tank 15 gal $80 La Mesa

    Nice little tank. 15" by 22". I have a NIP Directional Water Inlet fitting and a new Thru-hull main drain with filter that I have not installed that goes with it. I bought it to use and then didn't. Not new but plenty good. I have $80.00 in parts and the tank Soooo $80.00 is the price. If...
  49. icscommand

    Lake Havasu

    Not much going on here local so went back to Havasu for a couple of weeks. Shad still available so cranked up the throwing arm and engaged the cast net. Always got bait just at times it took an hour and others 15 min. I would launch around 0500, get bait, cast or troll for stripers then use...
  50. icscommand

    Lake Havasu on Live Bait

    Shad are still in the coves until lake warms up I guess. Have been here off and on for last 2 months. 10 days this trip. Get the trusty bait casting net and off to get bait. Sometimes easier than others. Feel like a relief pitcher and want to ice down my throwing arm when its tough. Bait...
  51. icscommand

    Hooping SD Bay and lost a hoop

    Weather was perfect so we hit up the bay. Dog followed us all night but numbers were great. Legal bugs elusive. Probably caught 40-50 with one legal. Some hoops came up with 4-9 nine plus the usual suspects in hoops. Packed up to go and a miss count on the hoops on board and one missing...
  52. icscommand

    Looking for a Bait Tank (17-27 gal)

    I'm looking for a good used bait tank in the San Diego area. I need something like the Kodiak Anglers or Pro Flo series. 17 to 27 gallons. Thanks for the help. PM if you have one to sell.
  53. icscommand

    DVL Hot Lake Map Card

    Can anyone confirm the 2010 Hot Lake Map chip for West has the Diamond Valley Lake on it? Web site not real clear on what detail it has for that lake. Thanks
  54. icscommand

    Fog and bugs=adventure

    Met the crew at SI for a bug trip. I don't keep my Lowrance unit on boat and bring it in padded case to RAM mount. I realized I forgot it when launching (Of all nights for no plotter). No sweat. I know the area well. We put ten hoops out along jetty with no lights-just reflective tape and...
  55. icscommand

    AZ Spring Draw-Any Luck?

    AZ 2011 spring hunt results are in. Javelina HAM drawn. Desert pigs beware!
  56. icscommand

    Shorts and lost hoop

    I hit up the the bayside of the Zuniga Jetty for a collection of 'Jail Bait' bugs Wednesday evening. I lost a hoop in the rocks right of the false jetty. Fishing solo and it got hung on the bottom and I couldn't free it and handle the boat at same time. Promar Eclipse with my initials and...
  57. icscommand

    Havasu produces some quality

    With weather poor in San Diego, by comparison to Havasu, I went over to work on the house and get some freshwater time in. Got lucky and fished 10 days straight and never had the wind a factor in early morning runs. Lake was up to near 449' and you could run places upriver with no problems...
  58. icscommand

    Big Bay Bugs (pix I hope)

    Made an afternoon trip to bay to fish and join up with a crew around dusk. We put 10 hoops in the water at dark fished for Sandies while they soaked. Biggest fish about 3lb. As it got later the the stories got better and the Bull Shit-Bilge Pump was working overtime. Regular cast of suspects...
  59. icscommand

    Hoop pulley

    Folbe F0008 open pulley in National City for $45.99. Blue Ocean Tackle.
  60. icscommand

    Lake Havasu

    I had planned to get to the Havasu house this month anyway but took off right away when friend/guide called and said the stripers had been boiling. Not much in size but up to 4 lbs with near limits first few days. It steadily broke down and switched to bass. They were biting on the right...
  61. icscommand

    SB limits and...pan sized T

    Good morning hitting the local rock piles for lots of Sandies to 4 lb and reds for tacos. Trip included a T pup. Not that he was small....but he still had "milk on his breath." Almost pan sized or at least a large wok. Quite the surprise on 12 lb line and mega baits. Tacos for reds and...
  62. icscommand

    Sandies-some bigger than.....

    After spending the last week in Havasu was looking for a trip to SD bay and abouts for some salties. Good Sandie bite and kept 3 for the elder neighbors. Short tide this am but will try it again tomorrow. Weather was perfect to fish.
  63. icscommand

    Good tide and Sandies SD Bay

    Had planned to hit Whistler Buoy area to jig for whatever but wind and swells seemed to be wrong for what I wanted. Worked swim baits and graph until I found a pocket of fish in bay. Lost a couple of baits but did manage a limit and kept some for a neighbor who always wants them. Biggest...
  64. icscommand

    Question-T Shark rigging

    I have a small down rigger with an 8# ball. Plan to troll some BOMs that Joey made for me from Squidco along with either a mackie on the second line or a Rapala CD. Seems like 8# is not heavy enough for the BOM. What depth and speed should I start out trolling it an what is the best weight...
  65. icscommand

    Bottom Jigging bass outside

    Rather than run down to YT possibilities stay near SD bay entrance and worked deep for san bass. Caught six in short time along with usual suspects on bottom. CR all but two for my neighbor who gave me most of his gear when age shut him down. DFG waiting at entrance for check walk thru.
  66. icscommand

    Mission Beach-LJ Kelp and DFG

    Made a late morning solo run to LJ kelp when discovered weatherman was wrong again. No love on bass but short slims were plentiful. Back to ramp and met by DFG doing the meet and greet. A small skiff there was excited about a nice 17" bass and I had nothing to report. He checked my...
  67. icscommand

    MB Cali w/pix

    Nice day and tide so made trip to Mission Bay. Cruised around outside and tried some under some mammals with no luck. Settled on drifting the channel along jetty for this nice surprise. A solid 6lb calico (my favorite scale) on a swim bait. One quick photo and back in he/she went. Ice chest...
  68. icscommand

    21' Striper WAC w/175 Great Boat $12,000

    Sold 1997 2100 Seaswirl Striper Walk Around Cuddy with 175 Johnson Ocean Runner (400 hrs on motor). Boat, trailer, and motor are in great shape with no alibis. Smooth ride out and dry coming home!! There are a lot or things to list so may miss a few: 2 axel trailer with spare radar arch with...
  69. icscommand

    Lake Havasu Morning

    Out on water at 0630 hr before wind came up. Birds everywhere as daylight came. Some short lived boils requiring run and gun tactics with swim baits. Good grade from 2 to 4 lbs. Here at Max Marine in Havasu for new pump and story time.
  70. icscommand

    Just a little help on Oahu

    Here on Oahu for a month or more and picked up a "whipping" rig for fishing rocks/shore. Staying in Waikiki (there's a surprise) and looking for a local shop for supplies and info. Fish mostly San Diego and Colorado River. Anything constuctive helpful. Thanks
  71. icscommand

    Need hook-up on game meat processing please

    Heading off to Idaho for Elk wilderness pack trip and may need to have the meat (if we score) processed locally. Looking for someone in the East county area. Alpine used to have a guy, not sure now.
  72. icscommand

    Offshore Good Dodo day.

    Got a late start by hour and half due to faulty alarm clock (he claimed). Organized confusion at SI and 45 min. at bait barge. Out to 371 because Fish Dope info looked good there. 7 YFT with 4 on bait and 3 on X-Rap Macs. Back up to 302 with no luck or kelp. Start back to SI looking for...
  73. icscommand

    Havasu boil over

    I have been here for 5 days and stipers not showing. Partner called me last night and said they were going off. Only had 2 hours this morning before heading to Vegas. We started with a near 4 pound smallie on the troll and then it turned into a wide open striper bite. I don't usually count...
  74. icscommand

    No Bones-Round up the usual suspects

    Tried the Bonnies yesterday with no love. This time planned to fish SD Bay with hopes action would improve outside. Lots of questions on radio for skippers looking for same. Slow but steady action for dozen or so nice Spoties, couple of Sandies, 5 butt with 2 legal, 40" Sting Ray all on dines...
  75. icscommand

    Big Butt from the Big Bay

    Decided to go solo. Nobody I wanted to invite could go. Caught this butt on a trap hook rig/dropper look thing I make up on a sardine. After 20 minutes first gaff attempt came loose. Second attempt held. Quite a show I'm sure when it started flopping and I started trying to save the rod and...
  76. icscommand

    SoCal to Venice, LA trip story

    Had business in New Orleans so flight was free. Friend lives in Kennar so we took his boat to Venice for weekend. Stayed in the Marina Hotel. Lots of new things to see and experience. Amber Jacks, Snappers, Blackfin Tuna, Cobia, Reds, Drum.... Quite the sight in PM when privates and...
  77. icscommand

    Big Bay morning for butt

    Took grandson and brother. On the water about 0730hr and bought some bait. Set bottom rigs for butts and worked swim baits for what ever came along. Steady pick of nice spotties (C and R) on gulp and plastic. 2 legals on sardines. Weather perfect. Great day on the bay.
  78. icscommand

    Havasu Slooooooooow

    2 mornings trolling for 2 stripers. Carp are rolling due to KHV. Koi Herpes Virus. No one can explain why stipers have been off for 3 months.
  79. icscommand

    Nados for Cudas

    Took an early morning run to the islands with son from SI. Saw some of the reports here guys were kind enough to post. Did the once over on the bait before I bought it. Mixed bag and looked ok. Nothing happen except watching the pens and seiners. Ran back to where the 3/4 fleet was working...
  80. icscommand

    YT love in LJ

    Waited 2 days too long to chase the 'cuda. Didn't want to deal with crowds on weekend and missed the bite. Took boat and son out anyway for short shake down run. Fished off LJ trolling rapalas for 2 shorts. Went to swim baits on kelp edge. Son hooked and landed 9 pound YT on 5" blue and...
  81. icscommand

    Havasu Hook-ups and fish also (me and pigeon)

    Spent a few days in Havasu and locals complaining of "transition" and fishing in tank. I would launch at 0430 and look for marks with shad and targets. Found a spot of fish and worked it each day my friend suggested. I was getting 3 to 5 strippers in 1 1/2 to 4 lb. range trolling until...
  82. icscommand

    Stripers on Havasu

    Spent a few days at Havasu following Javelina HAM hunt. Fishing slow but a little work and it was on. Nice fish 2 to 4 lbs. Best fishing was to launch at 2030 hr. before moon come up and throw and troll pointers and rattle traps. Back on trailer by 2300 hr. and up again at 0530 hr. to troll...
  83. icscommand

    Havasu Stripers and 1 coot EARLY

    We launched at 0400 and quit at 0645 when bite shut down for 12 fish. Went solo this morning with launch at 0330 and limit (1 1/2 to 4 pounds) by 0540 along with one coot. They must have been rafted up and I cast into them after moon had gone down. The front wide gap hook gets the job done...
  84. icscommand

    Early bite at bridge

    Partner called to say stripers were "on" at bridge chasing the shad. On the water at 0500 with local friend and first in boat at 0515. 0615 bite shut off with 10 (2-4lbs) in boat. Out to Thompson Bay to troll up 3 more. Breakfast at Peggy's Cafe by 0800. A little cool but warmer than last 2...
  85. icscommand

    Need seals to rebuild Power Lift transom plate

    I talked to Power Lift and they just gave me the "you have to replace it" story. The unit has a slight leak and I want to replace the seals. Anyone have a source for the two seals on the lift? The one I have is rated to 300 hp. I down loaded the manual but seals are not discussed.
  86. icscommand

    Havasu is DAMN cold....

    Fishing has been very slow and cold, ice cold. Launched at Windsor north ramp and stepped on the white docks and damn near slid into water from ice. It was still dark thirty and am sure I looked like I was hook sliding into third. Its been in the high 30's and low 40's each morning (water 56...
  87. icscommand

    Need bulk Johnson XD-50 in Diego

    Could use some help on location in San Diego area to buy Johnson XD-50 oil in bulk (1-5 gallons). Have spot in Havasu for bass boat at $20 plus tax but don't want to haul it back for the other boat. Thanks in advance
  88. icscommand

    AZ Spring Draw-Any Luck?

    Lucky enough to get pig HAM tag. Son is working off his "Javalena Hat Trick" and trying for number 4. Being young and in shape is overrated!
  89. icscommand

    Offshore Six pack of Chickens

    Left SI at 6 and ran to 182 with lots of stops with no love. Worked our way towards the 302 and came up a big damn shark. My buddies boat is 22' and this thing was just creeping along and was at least have has long as the boat. Finally got Albie love with 6 smaller size including a triple jig...
  90. icscommand

    Havasu heat, bugs, stripers....

    Came out to Lake Havasu for week. T-storms had already gone through. Saw a lot of dove down on the CRIT area. Stripers slow so reverted to trolling anchovies. Lots of 1/2 to 2lb fish. On the bench for afternoon. 111 degress and the ignition switch needs some professional help. Max Marine...
  91. icscommand

    Sad But True

    Took a solo run to IB Flats and Bull Ring area after seeing posts and reports. I threw a swim bait in "Christmas Tree " color until the Sandies wiped out my supply. Lots of company but all seemed to play well. Hearing radio traffic from boats outside made me envious and thankful. Those guys...
  92. icscommand

    The Scoop on scoops

    Want to give Butt fishing in SD Bay a serious effort. Does EB receiver sell the "kayak" scoop or is 1/2 scoop the minimum? Just looking for some input on catching the halibut.
  93. icscommand

    Big Bay Today

    Kelp slow so hit SD bay for anything that would hit plastics. Steady morning pick of spots and a few sandies. DFG came by and "carded" us and Navy put on Rotor Show. Great day to live the dream. Highlight was a 36" bat ray that hit fire tail. 20 min. of fun on 10# bass rod. Thought for...
  94. icscommand

    $$$Back on the Water$$$

    Shake down cruise and the results: One of the bearing buddies missing (who knows where it went) Two of four tires tired and cracking (Discount tire $90 OTD each) Wind caught boat cover and broke antenna mount at base Screws rusted through behind inner hull holding jump seat Check engine...
  95. icscommand

    La Jolla AM 6/2

    Took son and striper for shake down trip to La Jolla. Fishing study on the usual and did see a few YT caught. None for us. A few swells but no problems. All on iron and small tuna feathers trolled for bonito. Just a great day. Have short list of things needing attention (Money and Time)...
  96. icscommand

    Are the bonito still there?

    Have been on East coast all week and would like to maybe run to Nados or out for bonito? Are the schools still there and maybe some general numbers.
  97. icscommand

    AZ Spring Draw in

    Spring draw for AZ is ready. Scorrrrrrre
  98. icscommand

    Havasu Fishing

    Spent the week there and was on water before daylight for 5 days. Fishing was very good with limits each day and biggest of week going just short of 7 lb. Began trolling swim baits and top water chuggers and casting when hits and meter marks looked right. Run and gun to breaking fish. Limits...
  99. icscommand

    Report from Havasu

    On the lake before 0600 and limits to 6 lbs for buddy boaters (3) and self. Swim baits and crank baits the trick. A few on top water also. Stripers chasing shad and moving up the lake heading for the cooler water in the river ( I guess).
  100. icscommand

    Top Hot at Havasu

    Came down for a week before return and bird scout on Fri. Local friend gave me some "numbers" on morning topwater bite after I trolled up a limit. Left Windsor solo while eclipse still going. Not much working at dawn bite but a 3.5 lb small mouth. The "fleet" started to show about 6:30 and...
  101. icscommand

    Havasu Still Hot

    On the water before 0530 yesterday throwing pencil popper-5 stripers to 4 lbs and a weighed smallie (3.14 lb) before sun hit water. Trolled and cast white swimbaits outside west entrance to channel for rest of limit. Didn't really matter because I didn't keep those who could survive. Air got...
  102. icscommand

    LHC Topwater

    Came down for the week to learn the topwater action has begun. On water at 0530 and tried Pencil Popper first and then carnk baits. Picked up 5 with largest about 3 pounds. Trolled to a spot to bottom fish and picked up 2 more. Finished limit. Word at dock and shop the larger fish are down...
  103. icscommand

    .243 Sako Custom w/2-7 Leo Scope

    Real nice rifle for sale. Check out Classifieds if interested. Price is $1000.00
  104. icscommand

    Waypoint change: 182 to Lake Havasu

    After joining the SD private boat fleet and hosing and scrubing "bloody deck" tuna and yellow tail blood on Monday headed to Havasu Tuesday. Nice weather (no wind) and didn't break 108 degrees. No top water action so just dipped the cut chovies. Steady pick of 2 pounders and then rod bends...
  105. icscommand

    Offshore Swap Meet Jigs Score YT/Long Fin

    Planned to go out Monday but needed some jigs to match the bite. Stopped by Santee Swap Meet on way to Lakeside. Mex flags and Zucs were 3 for $10.00. I rigged them up and good to go. Cleared the jetty at MB with my son heading for the 182. About 8 mile short we stopped to watch a whale...
  106. icscommand

    Downrigger questions

    New to the damn thing. Maybe a little help in T-trolling. How far back for the Bait-O? How deep for the weight? Tried an eight pound ball but seemed light. What about a 12# What is the best boat speed. Thanks
  107. icscommand

    Havasu warms up

    Spent the week at the Havasu house and fished every morning. Started out 100 degrees on Monday and finished 116 on Friday. Stripers were a better grade with a few reaching 6 lbs. Had my grandson with me. He is just six so when 2 of the 3 rods went off with bigger fish, it was on. He's not...
  108. icscommand

    Lake Havasu Monday

    On the water at 0530 but no love on the top water. Hit a couple of spots using anchovies in the trees. A nice steady pick with a couple of nice fish to keep it interesting. One went six even the other just under five. Steady wind chop but not enough to be concerned about. Water temp 72 and.
  109. icscommand

    Mini-Stripers at Havasu

    Came over to the house on Tuesday evening. Locals said the stripers were spotty and not running big. Fished both Wednesday and Thursday. Just a couple on Wed and limit on Thur. No size but just a small fillet on them. Cut bait in Thompson Bay. South ramp at Windsor being restriped so all...
  110. icscommand

    Javalina HAM Results 2 for 2

    My son and I drew tags for the AZ HAM hunt and were lucky enough to fill them yesterday AM. Short version: Hunted hard the first day and saw 4 out ouf range and spooked. Left area and made plan to be in the same area before daylight. Hour to walk in and caught them feeding in the cactus. He...
  111. icscommand

    Squid on the Aztec

    Three of us took the 1630 hrs. Axtec out of Seaforth. They were deep and alot of work at first. 1000' was the report. I hung the first one at around 999' I'd swear. Only 19 of us on boat and after 2 hours of catching all had enough. Crew was great and weather the same. First class boat ran...
  112. icscommand

    Havasu 42 pound striper

    The wind blew on upper lake so didn't go out last Sat. My partner called me that night to tell me a guy fishing off the rocks at San Point Marina caught a 42 pound striper and was driving all over town trying to find a certified scale. I wonder if he was using a "rent rod." Good for them and...
  113. icscommand

    Havasu Fishing

    Just fished for a couple of hours before wind came up and ran us off. Caught 8 between three of us with local guide Sam Manning. All on 4" white pearl swimbaits with 1/2 ounce heads. Try again tomorrow if wind dies down.
  114. icscommand

    Lake Havasu Turkey WKND

    On water about 0700 MT and limit on 1-3 pounders by 0900. Steady and no wind. Very few boats out and all fish caught on swim baits. Out again on Friday with son and friend. Cooler and a little wind. 15 or so by 1000 on SBs and cut anchovies in trees. Off site seeing for friends benefit and...
  115. icscommand

    Havasu Stripers

    I hit the lake last weekend for a nice limit. Not much in size and the top water action wasn't happening. As always happens, my guide buddy called Monday to say a "boil or blitz" came up and lasted 30 minutes.
  116. icscommand

    Bucks, Bucks, and more Bucks

    Preping for a solo muzzleloader hunt in AZ next weekend, and went for a short morning hike this morning. I reached the top of this rock cropping and thought I could smell "stock yard." Looked over the edge and damn if there weren't deer some 150 yards below me. Three deer together around here...
  117. icscommand

    Lake Havasu Top Water

    Early bite on topwater at Havsu Sat. Near limits for myself and guide. Biggest went about 5 pounds. Kept the smaller for BBQ and released the bigger fish. Pop-Rs, Pencil Poppers, and Rattle Traps the ticket. One photo (if they show) friend buried hook from Pencil Popper. They looked in...
  118. icscommand

    Stripers on LHC

    Been working in PHX and ducking to house in Havasu for weekends. When wind is down, rattle traps and topwater lures have been working early. Bait on bottom after that. On Sunday morning I did see some poor bastard's bass boat high and dry, some 30 feet from water. It had ran ashore on Grass...
  119. icscommand

    Havasu top water going off

    Got a call from my guide buddy on LHC to point out the fact the stripers have been on the top early in the morning. Chasing the shad to casting and trolling. Some triples on the troll to 6-7 pound range. Most locals release these and take the 1-3 pounders. Might have to mix the dove/striper...
  120. icscommand

    HOT Striper Bite LHC

    Down to Havasu for the week. Slight wind today and nothing happening on the top water at 0530 hr. Limits around in trees on bait in 45 minutes and then its off to Parker to play golf. Slight over cast with temps in the 110 range. Back to salt water next week. Still not great grade of fish...
  121. icscommand

    Run and Gun Bones

    Son and I left Dana Landing about 9:30 for some Bonito action. Avoided the weekend at all costs. Did't bother with bait. Radio check return told me they were catching bones of the tanks area. We ran out there to see the privates crack sniffing the PBs. Thanks to some report I saw on BD we...
  122. icscommand

    Javalena Shootout in AZ

    My son wanted to try pigs with hand guns. We drew for the Feb HAM hunt in AZ. Only had 1 1/2 to hunt. No love on day one so pushed a sweat are referred to as Devil's Half Acre. No one else wanted to hike down in there. Jumped a group around 10 am and started shooting. 45 ACP and 44 Mag...
  123. icscommand

    WSB to Feast On

    Took my son to LJ for a late morning shake down trip. First time for salt water this year. Throwing chrome and catching Macs lamenting it was too bad Bones died out. Get hung off the La Jolla Hotel and it starts moving out right away. Short boat rod with 25#. Son started boat and we swung...
  124. icscommand

    Stripers at Lake Havasu

    Made a run to River for golf and fishing. Temps in low 100s and NO WIND. Hooked up with local guide Sam Manning. He had the tackle shop there for years and has guided Havasu for past 20 years. No much to brag about in size, but plenty of Stripes. Predaylight for top water and then to bottom...
  125. icscommand

    Dove Opener in Imperial Valley

    Checked some spots last Sunday and made early morning runat 3:00. Started shooting at 5:50 with limits at 6:30 for us using 28 ga.. Lots of white wing. Shot DFG area with numerous other combatants. No victums except dove when we left at 7:00. No red tide and didn't have to check in with...
  126. icscommand

    'Late' Havasu Report

    Sorry for the late post. Down to LHC last weekend for family get together at the house. Fished Fri and Sun. Out 'butt crack' early with friend. He owned the local bait and boat rental near Windsor for 20 years. Still guides part time. Stripers chasing shad just past buoys at Windsor...
  127. icscommand

    LJ Calico Trip

    Left South Shore in MB at 7am. Bait at EB looked like DGF stock trout (5 to the pound). Visibility less than 1 mile with slight drizzle. New radar made it a snap to run to middle west side LJ. Seas were perfect. Backed in and dropped hook. Party boats were leaving??? 3 other privates...
  128. icscommand

    Slime on TJ Flats

    Launch at SI and bait at EB (waste of money-never used it) then off to TJ at 0645 hr. A few privates there but PBs enroute. Action took off in 85' at South end of flats. WFO under birds. Chrome "floaties" were the best with any light color w/dark strips second. Limits around for the three...
  129. icscommand

    How you do dat? Need hints/tips T-Sharks

    Finally have some time and looking to take friends out and try for Ts. I could use some general locations or numbers for areas to try. I pikced up some bait-o's. I usually launch out of Dana in MB. Should I buy bait or just work on Macks on troll? Any real help or ideas? Thanks
  130. icscommand

    Maybe Luck Monday

    After a week of work on a repower, taking the Bombero out to LJ and maybe to Torrey for T action. (HOPE) I changed the motor myself.
  131. icscommand

    Flirtin' w/ Squirts on New Seaforth 2/8

    Tried to get my boat out last week but didn't work out. "Boards" kept talking about jigs and prices so I found a web site in Auburn WA. Ordered the 8" jigs that glow in dark. $4.50 apiece. He also carries the 25oz for alot less than $20.00. Used mono leader to attach 4 oz lead. The boat...
  132. icscommand

    I can't be the FIRST!!! Cheap Wind Screen

    I have a Wellcraft 19 with T top and no eisenglass. I play golf and have a couple plastic portable windshiels. Looks like eisenglass to me. Unrolled it and stretched with bungees and life was good. Don't know what the real thing cost, but mine was less than $20.00. $13.95 on ebay.
  133. icscommand

    LJ and PL Trip

    Had to move boat from storage due to seal coat operation so dedcided to go fishing. Took son and fried out of DL at 9am and got bait (wish I hadn't). Chovies were PH and dines big. Jetty was calm and seas were flat. Ran to LJ but nothin happening. Ran down to Green Tanks off PL and watched...