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  1. pukahd

    Rod Reel Tackle for sale classified gone ?

    I gave up searching as I couldnt find a confirmation, but is the rod reel for sale classified section not available anymore or am I not looking in the right places ?
  2. pukahd

    Guadalupe isle updates ?

    Are there any updates regarding Guadalupe reopening ? I heard rumors that the crazy increase with permits fees make it pretty difficult to add to a trip. I read on a other post that it’s the standard $400 plus now a $75-$100 per angler per day additional charge.
  3. pukahd

    Homemade Wahoo Bombers

    Picked up some heads, WTP skirts, collar tape, eyes, glitter, Flexcoat. Drilled out the bottom hole to fit a long crimp snug for a fluoro crimp. Filed off the collar, added shrink tube to make a flat surface. Material cost with a $3 Jobu 8/0, blade, swivel, skirts is about $11 each. (Without...
  4. pukahd

    Is it still summer?

    I haven't heard of Local Dorado's in Nov ever !.. the warm water still looks like summer.
  5. pukahd

    Looking back in the 70's

    Found some of my old BassPro Shops catalogs from the 70's. Intl 6's.......1400 yards of 6 lb = 1.5 lbs of drag ? Then CalSheets steps it up to be able to fish 40#
  6. pukahd

    Shimano TranX500 HG w/box

  7. pukahd

    Patent Attorney recommendation?

    Would anyone have a recommended Patent Attorney contact that they have dealt with previously ?
  8. pukahd

    Sold Accurate 400 Fury

    * Sold
  9. pukahd

    VISX30 flat lug harness

    Does Penn make the Flat replacement block to replace the 2 lug harnesses ? I have no need for the lugs as they get in the way. Would the VISX20's fit the 30 ?
  10. pukahd

    Homemade cod flys

    Over the years, I have tied hundreds of cod flys to pass out on my annual cod charter to target big reds out of Ventura. 8/0 circles using long thick bucktail with heaps of glow tinsel. The packaging was just a joke for everyone on the charter.
  11. pukahd

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Last nite I visited the BPS in Ontario and wow their inventory was wiped out. I asked a employee if they got looted ? I was told with a short staff and no deliveries they are out of everything....this was through the entire store not just the bass section. It wasnt for a lack of shoppers, the...
  12. pukahd

    20VISX handle fit on a 16 VISX ?

    Picked up 3 VISX's. Question : Would the 20 VISX handle fit on the 16 VISX ?
  13. pukahd

    Makaira 20IISEa sold

  14. pukahd

    Calstar 700XH custom

    *** Sold ***
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  16. pukahd

    Used 4-stroke

    Looking for a used 4 Stroke25" preferably Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki with gauges 150-200 hp
  17. pukahd

    South Shores or Davies Ramp open ?

    I wanted to run my boat on Sat as it's been sitting for a while. Does anyone know if the South Shores or Davies ramps are open ?
  18. pukahd

    Cabo216 Repower question

    I have a Cabo216 and I want to repower from my 200 Suzuki 2strokersmoker to a 4 stroker. Im looking at Honda and was thinking about a 150. I was then told it would be too small and I'd need a min of 200. The batteries have been moved forward under the driver seat. With the current Suzuki...
  19. pukahd

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    I have a 200 Suzuki 2stroker and my boat has been sitting around unused for a year or 2. Gas tank filled 100% with 91 Chevron Super Unleaded. I add fuel stabilizer for every fill up. Today, I went to clean up the boat and it started instantly. Restarted over and over and it cranked over...
  20. pukahd

    UC RCX76 Viper

    1 yr old UC RCX 7'6" Viper **** SOLD ****
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  22. pukahd

    1976 - 1990 Bass Pro Shops Catalogs and items from the 17

    Items from the 76' catalog
  23. pukahd

    * Gone

    ** sold **
  24. pukahd

    KR Spinnerbaits from the 70's

    Any Bass guys remember the KR Spinnerbaits ? These were the $hit at Vail Lake !!
  25. pukahd

    IISharp and Copycats 38 and 44's

    Got these from Yo's Tackle back in the early 80's. I heard the Copycats were a joke or a pissed off version of the II Sharps. Dont know the reason for the feud but both these brands worked great on the Horseshoe Yellows back then. These could be the Copycat of the Tady C as the C's had 2...
  26. pukahd

    Vintage Penn YTS

    My +40 year old 4/0 Penn / Newell Yellowtail Special conversion with stainless 4:1 gears and bridge..she spins like a top for about 3 minutes
  27. pukahd

    Replacement for finger wrap tape

    On my recent 10 dayer a friend gave me some of these slip on finger sleeves. Wow what a difference !. I reused 3 pieces on 2 hands for 8 days of cranking and guiding in my spectra wahoo grinding. No build up of the sticky stuff on spectra from the finger wraps. Kept my fingers nice and cut free...
  28. pukahd

    Quick change clip

    Anyone use these clips to quick change bombs and iron for wahoo?
  29. pukahd

    Travel Insurance into Mexico

    I booked on a 10dayer coming up and have always been curious about what if ? What if I get hurt 400 miles south on a long range boat or even on a over nite boat and needed to get medivac out immediately? What if I need to cancel due ? Or get hurt on the boat and cant fish for x amount of days ...
  30. pukahd

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    Sorry for asking. Thanks for all the responses.
  31. pukahd

    My old faithful 4/0 YTS

    Spins like a top for almost 3 min. Newell bars, reel seat and spool. Stock it hard and spray with the garden hose and leave mounted on the rod for years at a time. After years and years of abuse, this reel never failed besides a broken free spool spring last month.
  32. pukahd

    6:1 Wahoo speedster

    Placed my order for the Valiant 600N with 6:1 gears in silver/blue .........wahoooooo.
  33. pukahd

    Baja Special ... why discontinued

    Why did the Baja Special go out of production ? I had converted a few Penn 4/0's with the Newell Yellowtail Specials spool and bar kitsch with the 4:1 stainless gear and as yoke. It was a good kit but it didn't feel really solid. When I tried the Baja I loved that this reel has all the...
  34. pukahd

    ProGear CS 551 for sale

    Pro Gear CS 551 ****** SOLD *****
  35. pukahd

    Penn Intl 16S 2-spd

    Sell Penn International 16S 2spd ****** Sold *****
  36. pukahd

    Shimano TranX500 PG

    *** Sold ****
  37. pukahd

    My Home made Wahoo bombs

  38. pukahd

    Spools of Mono 10-150 lb

  39. pukahd


    Thanks for everyone PM"s
  40. pukahd

    US Customs boat 900 hp

  41. pukahd

    Simple mold DYI with silicone and Lego

    At first I started to laugh at this video with this kids mold making materials but after watching his video, this kids idea seems to work great !
  42. pukahd

    Black Pearl - whats the 411 as they moved north ?

    The Black Pearl moved our of Long Beach Sportfishing. I heard they moved up north for remodeling into a 12 pack boat with 6 staterooms ? Any truth to this rumor ?
  43. pukahd

    LG Wall Air Conditioner

    1 year used LG Wall Air Conditioner model LW1214ER with remote > $ 150.00 Used only in a small office for 2-3 hours a day M-F Location ; Torrance / Carson Area Brian (310) 283-1375
  44. pukahd

    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    Wayback, 1988 or so my first 5 dayer was on the Capt Norm's Shogun running out of Ports O Call San Pedro for $595 ! Shogun overnite to San Clemente from Ports O Call was $45 if I recall ?
  45. pukahd

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I was always interested to get on a Long Rod Iron Chucker Only charter. Are there any during the summer ? I guess it would be a invite only. I'm ready with my US 90 and US 100 Monsters rods pared with Tranx 500's. JRI's, Tady 45's and 7x's..... Been throwing the long rods from the T100' then...
  46. pukahd

    Wrench jigs

    "Wrench Fishing ????" I prefer a 12mm
  47. pukahd

    Need a Suzuki 1999 / DT200 lower end unit

    I cant afford a new 4 stroker or a new boat, so Im down to begging to see if anyone has a 1999 Suzuki 200' with a lower end unit laying around to part out ? I found some online but its a bit sketchy without actually looking at the item in person having it shipped from the east coast. Thanks...
  48. pukahd

    United Composite Rod Forum ?

    I have a old school supply of Rods all in the Graphite-tech models, super seeks, & shadow blanks BUT i have been recently introduced to the United Composite rods ! Damn ! Im back to re-building my arsenal after completing my line up 20 years ago. Last month or 2, I wrapped a US90 Monster...
  49. pukahd

    Shimano Where to purchase Max Cuatro spectra ?

    I hate buying filler spools as I dont want to have extra laying around. What shop carries 80lb ? I can travel to get my reels filled.Im in the Torrance area. I have never tried this stuff but I hear the 80lb has the diameter of 65 ? Is this stuff abrasive ?
  50. pukahd

    Shimano My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    For years I have been old schooling throwing the surface iron. My original set up was a 10' Ulua with a 332 "N" reel and then changed to a "P" Fathom and thought that I had my #%% dailed in. I had a opportunity to get a Tranx 500 for a good deal. First thought haha, a giant level wind bait...
  51. pukahd

    Anyone try a bubble and fly?

    With the big bluefins keying in on the micro baits, has anyone tried the Bonito Bubble and fly technique ? This was the set up back in the days fishing Redondo Harbor for the bones. Largest water casting bubble with a 10 ft leader or so and a small fly. The popping of the bubble drove the...
  52. pukahd

    I'm ready for them beast !

    My Torque 40 on my 10' Ulua....the Cork Puppy reel clamp fits like a glove. 80 solid serve to 80 hollow serve to 60 lb for throwing the poppers and iron. Makes one smooth connection for casting. Gonna take my set up to the park to see how it cast with a old Tady. If it doesn't cast well with...
  53. pukahd

    Shimano TN30a clamps fit on a Ulua ?

    Im thinking of getting a TN30a for my Super Seeker 10' Ulua. Single wrapped cork tape. Question : Are the screws long enough to fit with the stock reel clamp ? Brian
  54. pukahd

    Yamaha 704 dual Binnacle for sale

    For sale : used Yamaha 704 dual Binnacle for sale. Missing one trim button and throttle side caps. $100.00 Around Carson / Torrance Ca Brian (310) 283-1375
  55. pukahd

    Newell P229-M

  56. pukahd

    Recommend welder on Outboard

    I have 98' 200 Suzuki. Last year or so I bumped into a log and I received a crack around the prop housing. No oil leaking and I have run the boat hard over the past few months. Can you guys recommend a experienced person who can spot weld a 1 in spot on my lower unit ? Better yet, if he can...
  57. pukahd

    Lure making material supplier

    Have you guys checked out Barlows for lure making supplies ? They also sell bulk soft plastics which are dirt cheap in larger quantities. I found about then 30 years ago looking for perch surf grubs. A long time ago my friend bought the compound here to make molds...
  58. pukahd

    2 Dog Portable Metal Crate Cages

    Dims : 24" x 17" x 20" Small Popup "Iris Ohyama" cage > $40.00 Dims : 30" x 22" x 24" Large Cage > $25.00
  59. pukahd

    Home and Trailer stuff

    Top to Bottom Prodigy Electric Trailer Brake used 1 month then sold off truck #90185 > $50 Magntek New never used Pool and Spa pump > $50 4 foot light fixtures with 2-T12 bulb with each Florescent Light > $ 25.00 each set > I have (updated 8) sets, very slightly used between hours of...
  60. pukahd

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    BIND! I have see using the search function cation for a 50lb YOYO reel narrow spool that has the "least" amount of binding. I had a Avet HX...sold it after a few uses I had a Accurate 30N....sold it after a few uses. Pretty much no binding and maybe I shiuld not have sold it. I currently use...
  61. pukahd

    Slim pickings on the Yellows but they are still here in Nov

    I took the wife out because she wanted to catch a yellowtail...hmm... November local Long Beach yellow in Nov ? The local counts have been just a few each day. Picked up a scoop of the most beautiful green and healthy sardines from Nacho. NOT a single dead bait all day. These baits were hot and...
  62. pukahd

    Steering wheel lock or removeable

    It sure will suck to come back to the ramp or anywhere in fact to see my truck gone. I have a Chevy diesel. Besides a Club style lock....useless vs a hack saw.....are there any recommendations for a removeable steering wheel or system lock that I can get to prevent my truck from getting stolen ?
  63. pukahd

    skunked !!!

    As the word dog and I got skunked. My doggy was going about doing his dog business and on the leash lunged into the bushes. He was going after something so I peaked in the bush and there it was....a big a$$ skunk tail and she blasted us. I took the dog and myself in the shower and...
  64. pukahd

    Selling Newell P, S & G series

    Selling Newell P229-M $150.00 S332-5. SOLD G332-F. SOLD location Torrance / Carson . No shipping pick up only Brian (310) 283-1375
  65. pukahd

    Sesco band Saw

    $ 300 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017 Location : Torrance
  66. pukahd

    Snap On Bolt Grip Puller Set

    Snap On Bold Grip Puller Set $ 100 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017
  67. pukahd

    Craftsman 20" 2-hp Drill Press

    Craftsman 20" 2-hp Drill Press $ 500 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017
  68. pukahd

    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P -Price reduced

    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P $Reduced to $800 Contact : Brandon (310) 200-1017 Location : Torrance, behind Wilson Park
  69. pukahd

    as the title says...ripped

    As in ripped off ! Some piece of $#&t jumped on my boat parked on the driveway and unclipped the aligator clips from my portable battery charge, unplugged the charger and made off with my old batter charger. If i replace the portable the pos will just come back and take my replacement. I'm...
  70. pukahd

    WTB Salas PDQ's

    Anyone wanting to sell any Salas PDQ'S jigs ? I have enough TNTS for now. thanks guys ! Brian
  71. pukahd

    Long Range bait situation

    With the Sardine MIA how are the long range boats loading up on the bait since there are no dines around ? Are the carrying chovies to catch larger scads, cabs, mackerel ?
  72. pukahd

    BX2 - 30N capacity and drag

    How much drag does the BX2-30N get max ? I will have 80 solid filled with a short top shot of 60 F.
  73. pukahd

    What your longest run for a private boater under 35'

    What's the longest run for boats under 35' have you ran ? Last weekend on a buddies 35' Tiara we ran up and back 240nm from Huntington Harbor. Started at Catalina to sleep on Friday. Ran looking for dodo's ended up at Clemente to sleep and get out of the Labor Day victory at sea conditions...
  74. pukahd

    "Spot Tracker" or something better

    This past weekend we ran to Catalina, Clemente, 43, 182 and back to Huntington Harbor. We got dodo's and had a great 2 days on the roughest ocean that I have been on this year. My buddys boat is a 35' Tiara Sportfisher and it tackeled the biggest of swells with no worries. It was ok running...
  75. pukahd

    Need after market Makaira15 knob handle

    I just put together my long range jig stick set up. Full length Ulua 10' with a Makaira 15-II SE. Backed with 65 solid / 65 hollow / 75 yds of 40 or 50 mono. Will use this to kill time and have fun and hopefully hook a large tunee:rofl:. The studs to mount the reel for the reel seat are...
  76. pukahd


    Over the few years I've noticed and have experienced last August and on other 7 day boats are now adding to the trip to stop to fish cod and halibut at Cedros. We went straight to Alijos and arrived on a Monday late morning. We hooked and lost many fish 70-90 lbs. There was only 1 other boat...
  77. pukahd

    30 and 30 dawgs

    If i heard the Accurate video correctly the bx 30's with the triple dawgs will only have the triple dawgs and no anti reverse bearings? Only the 600's will have both?
  78. pukahd

    Stripped screw in my BX2-500

    What to do now ? I stripped out a screw holding the right side plate on. Was told to use Loctite ? Are there any other options besides buying a new frame ?
  79. pukahd


    Last year i picked up a my first designer reel a Bx2-500, loved it so much i picked up a 600n for Alijos. Loved my Accc's soooo much I ordered a 30n w da dawgs for hoos / yoyo and soon after that im gonna pick up a 600 to replace my 600n for Alijos. After my rocks trip I felt a little short on...
  80. pukahd

    Dp squid intel

    Can anyone nod yea or nea if the squid are still around in the Dana Point area ? Im bored and wanna play with the bass. Thanks,
  81. pukahd

    Avet HX5/2 - 2 spd

    #### SOLD ######
  82. pukahd

    4/0 size reel in the near future?

    I have the 500 and 600n for bait but are there any plans in the near future for a 4/0 narrow spool size for yoyo fishing on the LR trips reels in the works? I have the other guys hx and its no bueno for me. Way too much binding and a bearing issue.
  83. pukahd

    Penn 16s 2spd & Newell C338-5

    Selling Newell C338-5 Newell C338-5 > $ SOLD thanks Sol
  84. pukahd

    Free Heavy duty Plastic pallets / skids

    Come and get them.....stacks of pallets needs to be removed. You pick up. Great for getting stuff off the floor. Skids are between 45"x 60" and are heavy duty. Someone inquired about the weight limits...none on the pallet but it weighs about 100 lbs each. The were used to transport round...
  85. pukahd

    Squid in Marina Del Rey ?

    I heard a MDR boat got these eating machines in the Santa Monica Bay this am ???
  86. pukahd

    Launching a trailer

    Found this, its looks like this was at Marina Del Rey, Ca...... That Will Buff Out Something Is Amiss
  87. pukahd

    Its gonna Blow Friday

    There goes my weekend plans.... California Marine Weather, Buoy Reports, Swell & Wind Forecasts, Water Temperature | Buoyweather
  88. pukahd

    Mexico regs...

    Ok, this question has been asked over and over but there have been a new change recently from what I was told. No longer need a boat permit. Only need the fishing permit. Do I need a Declaration to fill out when coming back ? Where do I get one ? Thanks in advance..... Brian
  89. pukahd

    SMB 42.6lb / 48" halibut Sunday 7/01/07 w/pix

    Went out Sunday 7/1 on the Santa Monica Bay with my halibut partner Brandon to try and catch a nice halibut. Its been a few years since I fished for butts but Brandon insisted that we go look for a few keepers. Stopped by Inseine for some nice dines and chatted with John. Went out and...
  90. pukahd

    For your entertainment while the fishins slow
  91. pukahd

    La Jolla squid

    Are the La Jolla squid still around ? How deep ? I will hopefully be out there Tues and Wed. Brian